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Contacting U-Haul Customer Service Center

U-Haul is most commonly recognized as a moving company. The business rents out moving trucks of various sizes to customers moving short or long distances. Rental contracts are generally easy to obtain, but large deposits and per mile fees may be charged for the rental. U-Haul also sells older truck models to consumers and businesses.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

U-Haul customer service is ready to answer customers call by phone. The customer service number is not the same as the number customers use to book a U-Haul vehicle. We’ve listed the booking number as well for your convenience. The customer service department is open from 4 AM to 11 PM daily, MST.

  • U-Haul Customer Service: 1-800-789-3638
  • Book a Truck: 1-800-468-4285
  • Emergency Assistance: 1-800-528-0355
  • Accident Reports: 1-800-528-7134
  • Equipments Impounded or Abandoned: 1-888-886-0782

Mailing Address

The U-Haul corporate office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Customers can address communication to corporate headquarters pertaining to all aspects of renting and buying U-Haul. If the letter has anything to do with monetary issues, including payments, credit card transactions or similar, do not send financial details by mail.

U-Haul International2727 N Central AvePhoenix, AZ 85004

Official Website

U-Haul’s website is at The site tells customers about current U-Haul products and services, connects them with customer service via chat and lists all available U-Haul customer service departments. The contact page is a fantastic source of information, especially for renters who’re driving the equipment long distances.

You can also find U-Haul on Twitter at

Customer Service Email

U-Haul customer service is available via standard email address or email form. You can access the general customer service email form at

Our Experience

Our call to U-Haul customer service was not as quick as we’d hoped. If you press 0 the list of options will be restarted, so listen to the options. Press 4 for roadside assistance or emergency help. Press 1 for rental rates, 2 for drop-off locations or 3 for customer assistance. We pressed 3 for customer service and the call was moved directly to an agent named Zach. Zach was extremely helpful locating the nearest U-Haul locations and even offered to update our U-haul account with the new address we’d be moving to. The trouble with the call was that Zach tried to push us for information to book the truck today. Did you have the same experience?

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23 Comments on “Contact U-Haul Customer Service
  1. I tried to rent a car caddy and was told that I had to rent one of their TRucks in addition. I was told that my 97 Mountaineer with a towing capacity of 6500 lbs wasn’t good enough to tow a 4700lb vehicle. Ford motor company advised me that the Mountaineer was quite capable. I feel this was just an attempt to get me to rent a truck in addition to the car caddy. After many years of using U-Haul, this ends our relationship.

  2. I flew to Hawaii to help my son move, and we rented a truck from Uhaul on the 9th of July. I drove since my son doesn’t have a license. When we first started out, I noticed that the steering was very hard to turn, and that the brakes were shaking some and making a noise. Never having driven a truck before, I didn’t know that there could be a problem. We spent the day loading the truck, and it was packed to the top and in a specific order since we had to take some of the stuff to a locker, and some to another location, and some to his new place. When we left his old apt to go to the locker, the steering was very hard to turn, and I nearly couldn’t get it out of the parking space. We didn’t have far to go, but about 2 blocks from the storage place the truck would not turn at all without a great amount of pressure, and the brake pedal was shaking a lot and making a terrible noise. There was no place to pull over, so we crept into the driveway of the storage place. I noticed a long trail of fluid coming along with the path we had taken. Later on at the old apt there were big pools of liquid that they had covered with sawdust to try to soak up. I believe that the steering and brakes were not checked before I took it out, because when we got the replacement, the steering and brakes were fine, and seemed like a whole different experience to drive. There was no indication that anything was wrong on the dashboard, and no warning lights ever came on.
    So we called uhaul, and around an hour or so later, we were told that they would have to tow it and bring out another truck. That truck finally arrived in about another hour or so. At this time we had lost a couple of hours already of moving time. The people who delivered the new truck went back to the vehicle they had come in, and I thought they were doing paperwork, but they just drove off. My son had 3 interviews set up to try to get an apartment, and it seemed like he would get the first one. He had been on many other interviews trying to find a place to move into, but there are so many people trying to rent now, that he hadn’t had any luck so far. He ended up being 10 minutes late for the first interview because the truck broke, and even though he called, they gave it to someone else and he lost it. In the mean time, I had to move all the things from the first broken truck, to the new one by myself. I am 65 years old, and that truck was so full and there was no one to help me. I had assumed that since the broken truck was the fault of Uhaul, that at the very least they would provide some help to change the contents. REALLY!!! It took me something over 3 hours to move it alone. By then we didn’t have time to complete the move, and they did give me an extra day, but that day was pretty useless because we had to clean out the old apt and had more appointments to go to, and couldn’t complete the move anyway. And we had to pay $25 to park the dumb thing overnight as well. Then we had to go back the next day and rent a van to finish the job.
    After having driven the second truck, I am absolutely sure that no one checked the old van to see if it worked properly. The steering and brakes were not in good working order when I took it out. I could tell that by comparing it to the replacement. We could have been killed or seriously hurt. And to have a broken van and then leave someone – no matter who it is – to move everything out of it all alone seems to be reprehensible and unacceptable. Especially a female senior citizen. It was not any fault of our own that the truck broke, and it should have been restored to the condition that it was in when we had packed it up the first time. We have used Uhaul many, many times when we have needed a truck, and I understand that things can break, but I would hope that you would have a policy to help people when that happens. Not only did I not have any help to move it all, but there was no financial help offered either. And then the extra day ended up costing us even more money because of the parking, and we had to turn around and rent another vehicle later to complete the move, and no one seemed to care. That is not good customer service, and in fact it is not at all acceptable. I was hurt trying to move the king sized mattress – had blood all over my face when it fell on me when I tried to get it out of the truck. It seems like there should have been some concern for both the safety of the vehicle, and the personal safety of the renters in having to deal with the broken truck that should have never been rented in that condition in the first place.

    an update from when I wrote that 10 days ago;

    I was contacted by customer service and a very nice girl took down the whole sordid story and said that Albert would be calling me to sort it all out. He didn’t call, so I finally called him, but he was on another line and I was told that he would call me right back. A week later I still hadn’t heard from him, so I called him today. The second time I called I was told that Albert had written in the file that the case had been resolved. How that could be since he had never contacted me is a mystery. He was extremely rude and non-caring. He said basically that it was too bad, he would give me $20 for the 20 minutes I had lost. Really!!! I told him that it was a lot longer than 20 minutes, it was 45 minutes just for the first call that resulted in another wait of an hour to be told that they would have to tow it and again another wait while they actually brought a replacement van. And THEN I had to spend over 3 hours transferring everything myself!! Pretty much the whole moving day. So when I told him that, and that obviously he hadn’t even bothered to read the complaint, he said he would have to check to see that all that really happened because he had no record of having to get a new van delivered. He called me back later and said that because there was a “little longer wait” than he had counted on, that he would give me $200 in all. His attitude was very snippy and he really didn’t care at all about any of it. He said take it or leave it, so I left it. I called back to see if I could talk to someone else, and was told that I should call the manager in Oahu to see what he could do because I should have called him first. I had not been told that by Albert or anyone else, but I called him and at least he was nice, but told me that because I didn’t purchase the insurance they had no liability or reason to help me move anything. So let me get this straight, I have TO purchase their insurance to protect myself from their van breaking down through no fault of my own?? Somehow that just doesn’t set right with me. IF that is really their policy, you can bet that I am going to fight. You don’t just leave a senior citizen alone to re-pack an entire van and then walk away. Of course if I had damaged the van, or the contents, then of course I should be out the money and time and contents. But when I was given a defective van and then it breaks down, I will not be told that they won’t step up and compensate me for it or even agree that someone should have helped move the contents after having lost a whole moving day. Gilbert in Oahu is checking into it for me to find out if that is actually uhaul policy. I appreciate his help, but you can bet that this is going to be all over every news venue I can find if they won’t give me any help on this. I have never sued anyone in my life, but I am about to consider it because of the shoddy treatment I have gotten from uhaul. I did talk to a couple of really nice people too, but the management and customer service seems to be totally out of it when it comes to trying to give anyone customer support. If Albert is the kind of person who they put in charge of dealing with the public, there is a great lack of integrity involved, and no thought of customer service at all. Had someone just contacted me at once and at least told me that there would be some compensation, or at least that I would not have to pay for the disastrous move, I would have been happy. That seems to be beyond the realm of customer service over there. I will await Gilberts findings with great interest.

  3. Worst customer service in Albany Georgia! Two rude customer service reps and a glib manager lost a long time customer today over $25 and a person trying to cover their own mistake behind fine print. Worst experience. Never rent from U-Haul of Albany on Oglethorpe!

  4. I rented a uhaul for a one way trip to North Carolina from Pennsylvania as I am oh hold for a very long time I am delaying my departure time! I am currently on hold now to complain about the cig lighter fuse being blown, I finally got ahold of a customer service person in roadside assistance who was very helpful but I will be asking for compensation for loss of time for replacing the fuse, a crucial necessity for travel as I need my phone to be able to charge and to use my GPS device for a 700 mile trip!

  5. I have never done business with such a bad company,in every way from the renting to the vehicle to customer service and to the “manager” if he even is the manager kevin at the saddle brook nj office,i rented a 26 ft truck from the saddle brook nj office,i thought at first that it was pretty old but whatever im not much of a complainer,as im driving down the highway i first realize that the steering is very loose and off alignment so you had to hold the steering wheel to the right in order for the truck to drive straight,whatever i can handle a little awkward driving then i load up the truck only to have the truck struggle to turn on,after about 5 minutes the truck turns on then stalls when i out it in reverse,fine it starts right back up,i go for my second load,i get to the new place to unload and it bottoms out in the driveway,completely stuck and the wheels wont turn no matter how much gas you gave it,finally between a friend and a neighbor they get it going,we go to unload and the inside cab lights dont work,so we unloaded in the dark,i needed to do a 3rd load but decided to drop off the truck and do the rest of my move in my honda odyssey,(which was about 8 trips) (with a full 26 ft worthless truck sitting in front of my house) i then go to return it at 1 am and i go to put gas in it and the gas gauge is bouncing up and down,all over the place i have no idea whether i have a full tank,empty tank,nothing so out of pure frustration i just return the truck and figure,i would just speak with uhaul in the morning,i call them the next day,the customer service rep sounds polite and understanding like he is supposed to and tells me he is going to submit a report and have someone call me back,a male from the saddle brook nj office calls me back,who sounds like he is a 17 yr old kid and tells me well i wont charge you for gas and i will give you a 20$ coupon off your next truck rental,very dissatisfied with his offer (i almost felt insulted) i ask for the manager,he asks me to please hold,someone comes on the line saying he is the manager,but he kind of sounds like the same guy,so i ask is this keven? He says yes,so i then told him that i needed to speak to a manager,he said i am one,feeling played i called back customer service who then said they would submit another report and someone would call me back from a higher office….5 days later still no call,i will never give these people another dime of my money and wouldnt recommend them to my worst enemy

  6. I rented a self storage room from this company for 16 months, I paid in excess of my required payment and made all of my payments but one prior to the due date. However I received 12 delinquent notices, and the emergency contact on the account received 5 delinquent mailed notices, 5 pre-lien notices, 1 fourth stage delinquency notice and was locked out of the storage at least I time! Their accounting procedures as well as customer service indicate a level of incompetence I have not been involved in thru-out my 40 years of doing business with various companies. I’ve made numerous attempts to get the issue corrected and ended up going around in circles. This experience is not only involves the clerk, but customer service and management as well. Therefore I would definitely recommend you look elsewhere for your storage requirements! I stopped renting from them 30days ago and as of today I am still waiting on a refund.

  7. Thank you uhaul staff for the exellent service that I received today .
    You all were such a help with full of explination from the begining to end.
    Sure I have no hasitat ion of recommending to friends and family’s.

    Thank you.

  8. this will be my last rental unless I can obtain a new rental company yet tomorrow and cancel this one. I have been on hold a total of 2 hours and told many different instructons about simply changing my drop off location. I refuse to be told yet another version. I simply want to choose a different drop off location as provided when I checked in online. you never offered me the closet location. My guess is they paid extra to have their address populate first. what a joke, just a simple request and given the royal run around

  9. The people at the Westway location in Wichita, KS were friendly and profesional however, when it came down to needing to talk with one of the employees… forget it. You will sit on hold for 30 minutes or more waiting to talk to a real person.

  10. To whom it may concern.I keep an apartment in fort smith Arkansas just so I can be back and fourth to help my mother,because we have a lake property in mo.we were gone for a week and drove into our parking lot and saw a uhaul van sitting almost off of the curb.did not think to much about it until we noticed it had never moved for about 5 days.i called the u haul in fort smith on towsand ave.and asked her if she was missing a van or if it was rented.the whole reson for the email is this ,and after giving her the #off of the van she said it had been stolen.i am very perceptive that way because of being in the hotel and property management for 45 years. but I must add !!!!!!! she was about the worst at customer service I had seen in awhile!!!!! she did not even tell me thank you ,and from the looks of things it took them all day to figure out how to get it back to the shop.the whole reason for this email is that I did not even get a thank you for letting her know.i have used uhaul in the past ,and I always had nice service.after meeting her it scares me to deal with that company!!!!! she was rude!!! and did not even say thank you .randall green have a nice day

  11. I was given a reservation to pick up a 15 ft truck for rental at the U-Haul near my home. I chose this location to reduce cost of gas, mileage, etc. However, at the last minute I was notified that I had to pick up the truck at a different location. I feel I should had been offered a discount for the inconvenience placed on me, and to make up difference to drive to the new location and gas for truck.

  12. So I requested a truck and a tow dolly on 05/09 to be picked up in Jenks, OK on 05/31. On 05/30 received 2 auto texts from u haul; one text confirming my order would be ready for pick up in Tulsa, OK and one text confirming my order would be ready for pick up in Glenpool, OK. So I called Glenpool to let them know they were 40 min closer than Tulsa could I just pick up my reservation there. They said “oh no. We just have you tow dolly here you have to pick up the truck in Tulsa first.” Glad I called first. So I drive to Tulsa to pick up the truck then drive off to Glenpool for the dolly. When picking up the tow dolly they say; oh by the way we didn’t have a tow dolly so you are getting an auto transport instead. Would have been good to know. So we go to hook up the auto transport and we notice a sheared off carriage bolt and they say it’s seven tive and I can’t have it. So go back to the office for a 20 minute game of phone tag to find another tow dolly/auto transport. Then I’m off for another 30 min drive to Oakhurst, OK for an operative auto trailer. So instead of a 5 minute drive to my preferred u-haul dealer I spent 2 hours driving to 4 different towns to obtain 2 pieces of u haul equipment, 1 of which I never ordered. How is this right?

  13. I loves working for your company. I want to get an application. I need a fulfillment of job specifications. Contact email p

  14. Have been told 2 times that my issues will be taken care off! Still 3 weeks later there has been nothing done about $302.32 charge that was to be removed for over charging me! On hold for 1 hour each time i called!

  15. Chris in your brand new Palmer Alaska store goes above and beyond unbelievable after the negative experience in your Old Seward Highway to come across a guy that loves his job. He should be elevated within your company to go around the various locations and teach the staff how to deal with customers.

  16. Your Hanover MA location on Frank’s lane totally screwed us this morning. My daughter had made a reservation for today, 9/1, and was told that he reservation could not be filled because the truck she was supposed to get had not been returned by the previous family using it. It seems that they hey were unable to move their kid into college until 3:00 and so extended their reservation, tying up the truck for the day.

    My daughter had also tried to extend her reservation and was told no. The franchisee made no attempt to help us and was quite dismissive on the phone. I will never rent from U Haul again and will trash you guys every chance I get.

    Tom Harrington

  17. altheia taylor
    U-Haul moving & storage of Inglewood
    964 s la brea
    Inglewood ca 90301
    erichardo hernandez uhaul key are missed out house
    drive down Saturday / robbery house

  18. I want to Commend U Haul for the help that they gave me.
    Although I’ve used U Haul on a number of previous occasions,
    this last rental was different in unexpected ways.
    We had an extreme family emergency. U haul was very understanding,
    and helpful
    I will recommend U haul to everybody.
    Thank you so much.
    Steve Williams
    5 Stars

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