Contact U-Haul Customer Service

Contacting U-Haul Customer Service Center

Contacting U-Haul Customer Service Center

The concept of U-Haul was born out of necessity and filling the void in the market. The founders had a long distance move and could only move what could be fit into their vehicle. After a successful move, the founders visited local welding shops and purchased second-hand trailers. By the end of the 1945, the first trailer was ready to rent. As of 2013, U-Haul assists more than 20 million customers move each year.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available everyday of the week 6am to 1am EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-789-3638
  • Customer Reservations: 1-800-468-4285
  • Public Relations: 1-800-528-0361
  • Equipment Damage: 1-800-528-7134
  • Credit Department: 1-800-826-9633
  • Payments: 1-888-886-0782
  • Impounded Equipment: 1-888-886-0782
  • Roadside Service: 1-800-528-0355
  • Supply/Purchasing: 1-800-223-6218
  • Real Estate: 1-866-873-1584
  • Become a U-Haul Dealer: 1-800-528-0361
  • Corporate Sales: 1-800-528-6042
  • College Boxes: 1-866-269 4887
  • Portable Storage: 1-877-468-4285
  • Car Share: 1-866-323-4591
  • Sustainability: 1-866-963-0286
  • Propane: 1-800-528-0361
  • Moving Help: 1-866-748-4110
  • Moving Supplies: 1-866-277-6855
  • Trucks for sale: 1-866-404-0355

Mailing Address

U-Haul International2727 N. Central Ave.Phoenix, AZ 85004

Customers searching for the closest U-Haul location should visit the store locator here:

Official Website

Customers visiting the official U-Haul website have the ability to rent vehicles, plan moves, purchase moving supplies, as well as find moving assistance. The company informs customers on ways to save money while planning and subsequently moving. If you have questions or concerns you need to address with the customer service team, we recommend visiting the U-Haul FAQs prior to connecting with a live agent.

Social Media

Customer Service Email

There are several ways to connect with the customer service department; depending on the department, you are attempting to reach. We sent a message to the customer service team asking about the required personal information needed in order to rent a vehicle.

Our Experience

When calling the customer service department, we encountered an automated system. We listed to the available options and subsequently selected zero (0) to reach a live agent. After the customer service agent answered the call, we asked several questions relating to canceling a reservation. By the end, all of our questions were resolved. Our experience was better than expected. What we want to know is if your experience was any better. Take a moment and share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. terrible customers servive no response to calls uhaul wants you to use on line questions will never be answered

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