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Contacting Turtle Beach Customer Service Center

Turtle Beach is a gaming accessories company. If you need headphones, adapters, battery covers or anything else to complete your Xbox, PS3, Wii or other gaming system you can find it at Turtle Beach.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Some of the products sold by Turtle Beach require a Bluetooth or wireless connection to your gaming device. This can lead to technical issues. Check the knowledgebase before calling Turtle Beach customer service as you may find the answer you’re looking for.

Phone Contact Numbers

We didn’t find a dedicated customer service phone number, but we were able to find a number for the main office. This is the number listed for contacting Turtle Beach customer service, but that doesn’t mean technical support is available at this number. Tech support is primarily online as a support knowledgebase.

  • Customer Service: 1-914-345-2255
  • Fax: 1-914-345-2266

Mailing Address

You can grab a pen and address that letter to Turtle Beach customer service to:

Turtle Beach

Attn: Customer Service100 Summit Lake DrSte 100Valhalla, NY 10595

This is not a technical address. Just like the phone number we’ve listed, Turtle Beach claims this address is for customer contact only – not for tech or returns. You can use the address to contact customer service about your return, but don’t send your package to the address.

Official Website

The Turtle Beach official website is located at The support knowledgebase, which is more likely the Turtle Beach customer service page you’re looking for, is available at

Turtle Beach is huge with the online gaming communities, so there are social media sites where the company connects with product fans. These pages can be used for customer service.

Customer Service Email

The customer service team is more than willing to accept your email about Sales and Website Issues, but if you want to contact Tech Support, you’re going to have to use the knowledgebase to contact customer service.

Our Experience

The customer care team at Turtle Beach is a unique bunch. After selecting the correct options to connect with the customer service department, we were immediately placed on hold. We waited for more than 8 minutes before speaking with a live agent. The representative that answered was cheerful, bright and friendly. If they stated once, they stated 1,000 times how sorry they were for the wait time.

When the apologies ceased, we asked the customer service agent how does a customer return an item which was given as a gift. The agent explained customer will need some sort of proof of purchase or proof that the item was registered on the site. Aside from those two instances, customers cannot return items. The overall experience was something interesting, but provided information we could use in the future. When you contacted the customer service team, did they offer useful information? Comment below.

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23 Comments on “Contact Turtle Beach Customer Service
  1. I have been a fan of Turtle Beach for years. I own the MW3 Limited Edition and The Black Ops 2 Limited Editions. No problems so far.

  2. Website forum having trouble but need help with replacing XL1, mic don’t work have 2 yr replacement plan bought on 4/13/13. Done everything website says to do to see if they work but they done for.

  3. Was told to send in my x32 headset to get repaired and they sent me back a x12. What’s going on?. They are implying that I sent them in something I didn’t..Turtle beach is trying to scam me.. That is fraud what they are doing

  4. Turtle Beach has horrible customer service I would advise people to never purchase these products. In the last 3 years I’ve purchased 2 headsets and they both fell apart. I contacted customer service only for them to tell me that they can’t help me thanks you guys suck you will never get a dime of my money again!

  5. The customer service process with this company SUCKS! You have to email, chat and confirm your alive before they will even contact you…Shameful practice and poor customer service! What happened to calling someone on the phone and talking…since we’ve spent a boat load of money on their product…the least they could do is have the respect to talk to their customer base! Bad business…

  6. getting to turtle beach support is a waste of time. if they had balls to back up their product and have a phone # that would be one thing but my problem seems to be a common one. everybody asks what mic do I have is it turtle beach and I say yep. It appears they have a lot of junk floating around out there.

  7. I can’t believe how pathetic your customer service is…
    1st your product is defective
    2nd you sound like you care
    3rd i send my son’s headset back
    4th we wait for 2 weeks
    5th then were told, we don’t have it in stock
    6th will contact you when we have it in stock?????
    lastly your product, customer service is horrible, thanks!
    I will make sure everyone we know will not purchase your products on Facebook, tweeter, and other media, and of course word of mouth
    never heard of Tritton….but they’ll get our money

  8. Horrible! The absolutely most inefficient company I have ever dealt with. For more than 3 weeks I have been trying to get my issue resolved. I purchased a headset in March along with the extended warranty; it worked perfectly but suddenly I cannot hear the game through the headset. Turtle Beach wants to do everything via E-mail; I DON’T! I want to speak with a person to trouble shoot my issue or get a replacement product sent to me. I was warned NOT to buy your product because there were tremendous issues but that was all Wal Mart sold! So against my better judgement I purchased it! NEVER again will I waste my money on any of your products! Your customer service department needs serious help!

    More Than Frustrated!

  9. When out a year ago and bought the XP 500 for 360. For a grand total of 250 bucks. Recently upgraded and bought the Xbox one. Just to find out that my $250 XP 500 does not work with it… And by the way, the lady on the phone who told me that it wouldn’t work really sounded like she cared.

  10. their customer service is atrocious. they take forever to respond by email and they make you pay to send their defective product in and offer no solution besides waiting an indeterminate amount of time before possibly receiving a replacement. my headset lasted 2 months before the left speaker just stopped working WHILE I WAS USING IT. garbage.

  11. Will not be buying any more turtle beach products.I’ve had three in the last yr.none have lasted more than 3 months.Can’t talk to a real person have to do everything by e-mail.Bad co. bad products and poor service.Nothing but junk.

  12. Bought a set of ear force x32 headset for my daughter for xmas the wire that goes between the headphone and the controller is has a short in it.can you please replace this wire.
    thank you

  13. I bought a headset for my son for Christmas. The headset works fine but the superhuman audio device does not work. I sent it in because that is the part that is defective. They will not send me another one because I did not send in the headset. In what world does this make sense. Your company makes more than enough money. Replace the part please it is pretty simple. Last product being purchased from me if they cannot stand behind their product

  14. Hi there i was told to expect my headset to be sent to me soon but ive been waiting over a week and still had no headset or a reply back to my email from your team.

  15. Hey everyone thanks for the info! I ve been trying to settle this mic problem since jan 2016. Now that I know its not me, Turtle Beach products SUCK. And so does their public relations. My TB XOFOUR STEALTH Head set lasted 3 hours. Not kidding. And the fact that the Turtle Beach 360 headset is not compatible just sent me over the edge. My son was crying, we both were crying. Turtle Beach ruined our Christmas.Never buy Turtle Beach anything.

    The End

  16. I got my headset 3 weeks ago, and the mic is not even working, I tried leaving it out for the day on my bed and it still would not let me use my mix, I can use it for any other device though

  17. AWFULL COMPANY who hide behind an alleged support email address. I have been trying to have my Sons defective headset replaced since 2017, Turtle Beach unable to respond with common sense when answering emails, their last Customer Service agent replied “I cannot help you I am in Customer Service”, which confirms it all! Purchase elsewhere its not worth the diabolical frustration that will ensue when the ludicrous overpriced cheap crap they sell, malfunctions.

  18. just the fact that im jumping through hoops to reach a customer service rep or chat,lets me know that t.b doesn’t respect my $150.i will never buy another turtle beach product.ever.

  19. On Xbox One Recon 50 x gaming headset wired I tried to plug it in to my remote control for the game to different remote controls it didn’t work I tried to plug it into my telephone and it didn’t work and then we tried to plug it into my are other telephone they’re both Android phones and they had said still doesn’t work so that was per the number of the guy we called I went he went through it with me trying to see if we could get it to work what do I need to do to get a replacement headset for this thing I just got it so I can play with my grandkids in California I’m in Mena Arkansas and I’d really like to have a working headset so I can play their YouTube video game on whatever that game is called that they’re playing they have their own little army of 6 7 and 8 year old that play this thing and they’re trying to teach me how to play so it’s kind of cool any help would be appreciated Merry Christmas guys and thank you

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