Contact Tupperware Customer Service

Contacting Tupperware Customer Service Center

Tupperware is a brand of food storage introduced into the marketplace in the late 1940’s. The company is known as a direct sales company, meaning customers would have to make purchases from individuals instead of a retail location. The company currently has approximately 2 million sales representatives across the US. In the event you have a concern with a product or an order, contact the customer support department or the corporate offices by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You will need to connect with the customer service department Monday through Friday 8:30am to 9pm.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-366-3800
  • Customer Service Spanish: 1-866-476-4425
  • Argentina 5411 4715 4900 or 5411 4715 5100
  • Australia: 61-3-9758-1111
  • Austria: 0043(0)2236-3142-0
  • Belgium: 02-627-0130
  • Bolivia: (11)4313-1033
  • Bosnia: 00-385-1-482-6951
  • Brazil: +55 (11) 3054-5900
  • Bulgaria: 02-958-3650
  • Canada: 1-866-376-7521
  • Chile: 56-2-293-7961
  • China: 86-20-8363 4378
  • Colombia: 571-520-3636
  • Costa Rica: 506-224-4000
  • Croatia: 01-482-6951
  • Cyprus: 00357 22 336044
  • Czech Republic: 420 255 709 111
  • Denmark: 8030-1835
  • Ecuador: 593-2-280-1384
  • El Salvador: 011-503-2242459
  • Estonia: 372 601 4228
  • Finland: 0800-114-577
  • France: 0810-88-55-85
  • Germany: 069-768020
  • Greece: 0030-210-36-79-300
  • Guatemala: 502-485-7652
  • Herzegovina: 00-385-1-482-6951
  • Honduras: 504-556-5220
  • Hungary: 00-36-1-309-7880
  • India: 91-124-234-6978
  • Indonesia: 62-21-526-1461
  • Israel: 1800-780-800
  • Italy: 39 02 72 2271
  • Japan: 81-3-5485-6460
  • Korea: 82-2-704-3773
  • Latvia: 371 738 2175
  • Lithuania: 370 231 7931
  • Macedonia: 02-254-9085
  • Malaysia: 60-3-7804-5500
  • Malta: 02-1444089
  • Mexico: 5-257-7600
  • Montenegro: 011-288-6294
  • Netherlands: 0900-2358877
  • New Zealand: 64-9-836-5953
  • Norway: 8001-0077
  • Paraguay: (11)4313-1033
  • Peru: 58-212-992-2922
  • Philippines: 63-2-888-5521
  • Poland: 48-61-86 49 385
  • Portugal: 0800201411
  • Puerto Rico: 787-782-4444
  • Romania: 385 1 4826 959
  • Russia: 7-800-200-6000
  • Serbia: 011-288-6294
  • Singapore: 65-6-285-3988
  • Slovakia: 420 255 709 111
  • Slovenia: 00-385-1-482-6951
  • South Africa: 0800-600-891
  • Spain: 34 90 290 1100
  • Sweden: 02-0795-277
  • Switzerland: 0-800-800-809
  • Taiwan: 886-332-73111
  • Thailand: 66-2-750-2190
  • Tunisia: 071-717-482
  • Turkey: 0212-256-80-22 23
  • UK & Ireland: +353 1848 4676
  • Uruguay: 598-2-711-33-11
  • Venezuela: 58-212-951-0850

Mailing Address

Tupperware CorporationAttn: Customer CareP.O. Box 2353Orlando, FL 32802

Official Website

Customers can visit the Tupperware website order to learn about the company, especially what the company does to promote sustainability. You can locate business opportunities and even learn about the other brands under the Tupperware moniker.

Social Media

Additional Facebook pages can be found here:

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking of there were fees associated with being a direct sales representative. After we sent the message, we received an automated response stating a customer service agent would respond within 24 hours.

Our Experience

We contacted the customer service department and reached a live agent within 90 seconds of calling the hotline. The agent addressed our concerns and answered our questions without hesitation. We enjoyed the call due to the professionalism and the care displayed by the customer service department. What was your customer service experience when you called Tupperware? Comment below with your experience.

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16 Comments on “Contact Tupperware Customer Service
  1. To whom it may concern’
    Words cannot express the hopelessness I feel about the sores management and logistics of Tupperware Australia. I have words I want to use but I prefer not to. Tupperware Australia warehouse, thank goodness you are not the logistic centre for the control of goods and services for the Department of Defence. In a word USELESS’ your treatment of agents is aborant, the accuracy for packing orders pathetic. Then after making a complete stuff up of orders you have the nerve to make agents pay for your blundering mistakes. Tupperware Australia you need a rocket up ya! A complete overhaul and stores management training for all your warehouse workers. Smarten up your act and stop stuffing around your agents and customers. . . . Bloody useless lot

  2. Sept. 13, 2014
    I have a complaint with the non-service I am receiving from two of your consultants. Contact me I will gladly give you their names.

    I have tried for over a year now to get replaced (2) 1 gallon pitchers. The first consultant gave me a bunch of bologna about the weather and warehouse problems in shipping replacements. She actually had one pitcher on hand and had me buy it from her at $14.oo, which she said was her cost. Had I not needed it so desperately I would never have bought it. Then I kept getting the run around from her for the next 10 months.

    So by unexpected luck I find, on Facebook, another consultant. I message her and she says she would be glad to help me as Tupperware stands behind their products. I told her I knew this as I have used the product for over 31 years. That was 3 months ago. Now she tells me she is getting out of Tupperware and can not help me. After promising to at least take care of my problem before she quits the company.

    I had big Tupperware parties in 1982-1983, before I was married. Enough to earn most of my Tupperware and a bbq grill along with other major prizes.

    Yes, in the past I have had to exchange a lid or bowl with no problems. I DO NOT understand what the big deal is to replace these two pitchers. They are literally coming apart from on the inside and one you can’t pour from it as it leaks all over the place. The lids are separating at the seams as well. One is an older yellow pitcher the other one is a fairly newer ice blue in color. I don’t care about color replacements just that I get my pitchers and Tupperware stands behind their word.

    Thank you for your time and I would appreciate a phone call at the given number above.

    Donna Wright, Frustrated Customer of 31+ years

  3. I went to one of your stores in Kokstad,I rushed from my office,and managed to get there at 4pm,they made me feel so unwelcomed because I was delaying them as they were in such hurry to close,I asked them if what time do they close,they told me @ 16:30,I was so angry ,I left the store without buying what I came to buy,I have never in my life been treated like that. I told myself I will take my business elsewhere,I went straight to AMC,and joined them,I am well renowned saleslady,I am not worried at all about stupid Tupperware,and the incompetent branch managers.You will lose out,,just watch the space…

  4. I recently received – as a gift – a thermal cup. I cannot secure the top!!
    I tried to send this information to the Tupperware Customer Service website, but it would not send – too many weird security codes that I apparently could not copy. What a waste of time!!!!!Product info: 3329A-3 Tupperware 5.

  5. Attempts to contact customer service via website were unsuccessful. Tupperware used to have a good name in the marketplace. Hopefully they will be able to get their service back on track. Very disappointed.

  6. Attempts to contact customer service via website were unsuccessful. Tupperware used to have a good name in the marketplace. Hopefully they will be able to get their service back on track. Very disappointed.

  7. I called the customer service department to tell them of a problem I am having with a $25.00 Fridge Smart Container. What a joke. No help at all. Tupperware products have gone done hill as far as quality and I am so sorry I bought this piece. I will not be buying any more Tupperware.

  8. Thanksgiving of 2016 will mark the one year anniversary of TRYING to get replacement lids for my large Tupperware salt and pepper shakers. I have been ignored by local representatives repeatedly. So: where can I get the lids without having to book a party or attend a party? I’m not willing to beg to get these replaced.
    Tired and Disappointed

  9. I used to get great costumer
    Service untill I just called for the replacement of 2 of my pots and find out that there is a shipping fee now. I have replaced so many products for no charge. Now I’m so disappointed.

  10. I placed a order with Shasta Gibson on 4/17/2016 still have not received my order. When I ask she said she is still waiting on 1 box has the tracking NUMBER SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM. I WOULD LIKE THIS RESOLVED A D MY ORDER SHIPPED IT WAS $232.00 ORDER PLUS TAX AND HANDLING SO PLEASE CHECK IT OUT

  11. I need to get a seal replaced on a container ; #2 / 25c /6 litres / mold# 1719-3
    the seal needs to be replaced. It is cracked along the edge in 1 corner .
    I would appreciate it if you could replace this seal. thank you

  12. I bought tupperwear and I am not happy it has melted in the micerwave and the plastic got all over my food!!!!!!! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!!

  13. I keep trying to make contact. I,v seen that you have spanish number. But l don’t seem to be having much luck with that either. I,m looking to replace some items lost in transit. Harvester set l bought in mid 70,s!and a black oval shaped dish for the microwave l bought in early 90,s. Would appreciate your help. Yes l was in UK,but last couple of years in Spain

  14. I have tried numerous times to reach you by phone, 1-800-887-7379 and also via the internet, nothing works. Waiting over 30 minutes one time. I sent an email and it bounced back. I tried a second 800 number and was told it no longer worked (why was it still listed on the internet?)

    I need a replacement lid, very simple, but pure drudgery trying to contact you.
    Please reply. And now I find no where to click to send this message to you.

  15. I have loved Tupperware for many years, but I’m sad to say I will never, ever purchase another Tupperware product because of a completely non-responsive consultant and Tupperware customer service.

    Three weeks ago, I was at a Christmas Barn Sale and passed a Tupperware booth so I stopped. I chatted with consultant, Amber Czech and ended up buying a canister set from her. When I got it home, I found that the lid on the smallest canister was missing. I know it was at her booth and assumed it had fallen before it hit the bag. I emailed Amber with the email on her business card thinking I didn’t want to call her as she was still at the sale and assumed she’d get right back to me when she found the missing lid.

    Wrong. Now it is 4-5 emails and 1 phone call (left VM) and 3 weeks later and I have yet to hear from her. I contacted her 3 of those times via her website and the last time I said if I didn’t hear from her, I would contact customer service. Well, they are just as bad.

    Initially, it was we’re here to help, blah, blah, blah. When they found out I had no order number because I DID NOT order, I bought on the spot, they said they couldn’t help me. They said I had to solve this through the consultant. After 5 attempts to contact her and hearing nothing, I doubt that is possible.

    I asked if they could treat it as a “broken” product and just send me a lid. Nope, couldn’t do that. She said it is totally up to the consultant. Well, Tupperware, you have one consultant who is making your company look mighty bad and I for one will never purchase from you again. You need to take care of your customers.

    My last attempt at contacting Amber said I want to return this product.I’m sure there will also be no response.

    How hard would it have been for customer service to say, we’ll send you a lid, we’ll contact Amber, we can sell you a lid, but nope, contact Amber. Believe me, I will never buy another Tupperware product and I am shouting this to the rooftops I’m so angry.

     

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