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Contacting Tucson Customer Service Center

Tucson is a major metropolitan city located in the Southwest US. The city is the second largest in the state of Arizona with an estimated population nearing 1 million. Aside from the residents, Tucson is a premier travel destination due to the relatively mild climate during the winter months, the shopping and the breathtaking scenery. Individuals visiting or residents need to know who to contact in the event you have questions or concerns.

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Contact Info:

You can contact the customer service department, tourism department or governmental offices by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media. Customers wanting to connect with a live agent will need to call Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm; Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm MST.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 520-624-1817
  • Customer Service Toll Free: 1-800-638-8350
  • Customer Service Fax: 520-884-7804
  • President & CEO: 800-638-8350 ext. 149
  • Executive Vice President: 800-638-8350 ext. 132
  • Chief Financial Officer: 800-638-8350 ext. 154
  • Director of Convention Sales: 800-638-8350 ext. 174
  • National Sales Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 120
  • National Sales Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 130
  • National Sales Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 166
  • National Sales Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 156
  • National Sales Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 150
  • Director of Convention Services: 800-638-8350 ext. 144
  • Convention Services Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 152
  • Director of Public Relations: 800-638-8350 ext. 143
  • Director of Tourism: 800-638-8350 ext. 147
  • Tourism Sales Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 148
  • Director of Sports Development: 800-638-8350 ext. 170
  • Executive Vice President: 800-638-8350 ext. 132
  • Mexico Marketing Manager: 800-638-8350 ext. 171
  • Film Office Director: 800-638-8350 ext. 126
  • Production Coordinator: 800-638-8350 ext. 151
  • Community Relations and Visitor Services: 800-638-8350 ext. 133
  • Partner Services Manager” 800-638-8350 ext. 131
  • Visitor Center Supervisor: 800-638-8350 ext. 142

Mailing Address

Tucson Visitor Center & Administrative Offices100 S. Church Ave. Tucson, Arizona 85701

Customers needing assistance from the Pima County government can contact use the Customer Support page to find the department and address.

Official Website

When you visit the Tucson website or the Pima Countywebsite, you will find the services you need to enjoy your stay. On the tourism site, you can plan vacations, find local events as well as explore the sights and scenes. When visiting the Pima County site, you have the ability to sign up for services in the event you are planning to move to Tucson or you currently live in the city.

We recommend visiting the Pima County FAQsto find information relating to services prior to contacting the customer service department.

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Our Experience

We called the tourism department and reached a live customer service agent in less than 60 seconds. The agent was helpful with our questions and concerns. We have to say the customer service department was on top of things. What was your customer service experience? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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