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TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA handles all security at airports and has been the subject of quite a few heated debates since the terrorist attacks that occurred on 9/11. After the planes were hijacked, strict rules were put in place for air travel that aimed to protect travelers against further possible attack. The TSA is free to detain and search travelers who appear suspicious.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can reach a TSA customer service agent between 8 AM and 11 PM Monday to Friday or 9 AM to 8 PM Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-289-9673

Mailing Address

If you want to write to the TSA about a problem or praise for your travel experience, you can address your letter to the Department of Homeland Security.

Department of Homeland Security
US Department of Homeland Security
Washington, DC 20528
Attn: TSA

Official Website

If you need to learn more about the TSA and any/all guidelines for travel, you can visit the official website at At the bottom of the Contact Us page you will find helpful links for special travelers, including links for people with disabilities and medical conditions and the Pre Check system for faster screening.

Customer Service Email

There is a dedicated email address if you want to contact the TSA:

However, there are dedicated contact forms for many of the most common issues visitors could be facing. For a complete list of contact forms visit the Contact TSA page. Some of the more commonly used forms include:

You can also contact the TSA customer service department through the Talk2TSA link at This page is attached to the TSA blog. We were told to use this form to comment on TSA travel-related experiences rather than call the TSA.

Our Experience

We called the TSA customer service line in hopes of learning how you can move through the system faster. If you’re calling about a threat, press 2 as soon as the call is answered – otherwise you have to stay on the line for the list of options. There is a lengthy message before the list begins and you cannot press 0 to bypass the list. If you want to comment on your TSA experience, our agent advised us to visit the TSA blog. The blog can be accessed by clicking the Talk2TSA link at the bottom of the main TSA website.

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51 Comments on “Contact TSA Customer Service
  1. When traveling out of Redmond/Bend airport on February 26th, I lost a scarf with jewelry on it and one of your employees hunted it down for me and ran to catch me before I boarded my plane to Salt Lake City. His name is Heidt and I wanted to thank you for hiring such a helpful employee. He did not give me his name – someone else gave me this information. I do not know his full name.

  2. I was part of the orginal TSA Team that was rolled out in 2001. Customer service was a large part of our training. Passengers should always be in sight of thier belongings, that was expressed to us. Today, 03/31/2013 I went through Terminal C, was flying Jet Blue out of c-36. I was told I couldn’t hold onto me wallet that it didn’t to be xrayed. I requested that to have a physical search be made and was told by a Supervisor no, I didn’t have a choice. What could possible be in my wallet? Meanwhile I was never questioned about the two pounds of frozen sauceages that was in my suitcase. This guy was rude and shouldn’t be in that capacity. I fly all the time and have never had an issue. Please bring back that customer service training and treat the customers of the airlines with respect.

  3. My wallet was stolen, along with credit cards and my drivers license, on a recent trip to California. I called the local TSA manager at the Ontario airport to ask what I needed to do in order to get on my return flight. He was very kind and told me that this is not uncommon and gave me instructions on what I needed to do. First, I needed to get to the airport at least 30 minutes earlier than normal as I needed to fill out a missing ID form, also needed to answer specific questions that TSA would ask me and then there would be a more extensive search of my person and my belongings. I was fine with all of that. Well….
    I got to Ontario airport early and proceeded to the security line. I explained in detail my situation to Joe Latham (TSA officer)and he very condescendingly told me that I could not get on the plane without an ID. I told him that I knew that but I had had my wallet stolen and was told to come and talk to them and go through the process I outlined about. He snapped “You’re not supposed to call the airlines! You’re supposed to call TSA to find out the protocol”. I had just told him that I had called TSA and further explained that I had talked to his manager. But he had no interest in listening to anything I had to say. I kept my composure as I knew that I was at his mercy. After going back and forth a few times with him, I told him I needed help and stop being so rude. He said and I quote “Hey lady, I’m not the one who lost their wallet”. I replied, “I didn’t lose it, it was stolen”.At that time, another TSA officer came by and took over in a very professional manner and was extremely helpful and pleasant. In fact, with the exception of that toad, Joe Latham my experience with TSA at Ontario Airport was great. Every TSA agent I spoke with mentioned that not only was Joe Latham rude and abrasive with travelers, he was disliked by his fellow employees.
    Can you help me understand how a man like that continues to get complaints against him, is disliked by his fellow employees, and is able to keep his job?? Where do I sign up?? Furthermore, Joe Latham might well be reminded that without tax paying travelers like myself he doesn’t have a job and technically works for me. Thanks for listening, Kathy

  4. I have one simple question that is not addressed anywhere on the website. I tried several times to email my question using the contact TSA email link but there is no SEND button to send the message. I even tried going into the settings, finally found the send button, put it on the tool bar, and then it was greyed out and didn’t work. What is up with that? Very frustrating. I tried calling but was never able to get a person to answer my question. Just need to know the regulations for e-cigarettes.

  5. I am a resident from Oregon and go to Arizona every Memorial weekend bird hunting.I follow all the rules transporting my fire arm in a hard case with three locks applied one in the middle and one on each end. When I check it in and sign the proper release form it then goes behind the counter for your T.S.A. Officer to re-open the case and double check. FINE. On my route home from PHX Phoenix Sky harbor September 4th Flight #663 to Medford via Portland,One combination lock PSA approved was missing and for the second year running. I didn,t complain about it last year but now this is a bit much. I expect you to reimburse me with two combination locks due to your employees carelessness. There is no excuse for this if the job being performed is being done cautiously. Your response is appreciated. Peter M Calabro. September 5 2014. USA CITIZEN.

  6. My luggage was inspected 3/16/14 and my KindleFire tablet is now missing. The Tablet was not returned to my luggage.

  7. Well, I’ve read the other comments (apparently this sort of thing happens a lot), but I notice that the TSA apparently does not read the comments. None have received a reply. Speaks volumes for the TSA.

  8. Please read and respond with a personal response, as the complaint we sent in yesterday (7/11/15) and you responded to, you either did not read or understand. My husband and I were entering the airport from the tarmac, after landing. We were not at a security checkpoint, as you eluded to in your previous response. Our next stop was baggage claim. My husband was walking a short distance ahead of me and got to the door maybe 5 seconds ahead of me. He opened and held the door and waited for me. The TSA officer was rude and nasty as he jumped all over my husband for holding the door open for too long. Really? Is it not ok to be courteous at the airport? Remember, this was about 5 seconds. And not at a security checkpoint. I don’t recall seeing doors at a security area. Holding open a door is common courtesy. Wouldn’t you expect the same good manners for you or your spouse?

  9. Willful disregard for the public.
    I experienced a total lack of planning and coordination by the TSA on August 27th.That included a willful disregard for SERVING the public. My wife and I arrived at Phoenix Arizona’s Sky-Harbor Airport at 7:15 AM to catch a 10:25 AM US Airways flight. We had planned for and indeed had a leisurely breakfast before proceeding to the A Concourse at 8:25 AM to go through security. I want to specifically state that the public areas of the airport was almost totally devoid of travelers; UNTIL we reached the TSA operated security screening area (I should better stated not-being operated by the TSA)! The site was bedlam with a four deep coiled and snaking line of travelers that appeared to be resigned to TSA mal-treatment.
    One should ask why? The answer is easy there was only one agent checking and validating traveler credentials and he was training another individual who was not in uniform. Another female agent stood nearby looking blankly into space doing absolutely nothing, accomplishing nothing. I should also note that only one of the many X-Ray and Backscatter lines was operating, the many others were turned off. We are in our 70ies, at 9:00 AM after thirty-five minutes we were still crawling along on the line with my wife’s hips and legs hurting.
    Suddenly as if “freeze dried agents” were defrosted; a bevy of at least four new agents with certification equipment showed up and started processing the frayed travelers in parallel.
    How about coordinating with the airlines to adequately staff security sites. How about being sufficiently flexible to increase the staff immediately when it is clear that there is a major back log. How about directing the many ”managers” that were idly standing around ding nothing to start processing travelers; just like profit making corporations respond when their clients are in a backlog.

  10. Question about carry on food items: I understand the 5 types of liquids which must be less than 3.2 ounces or 100 ml. Actually, most TSA agents have no idea what the maximum liquid amount is in ml. My items have been thrown in the trash even if I show them the TSA guidelines. The happens frequently at the MSP airport and I have been told to keep the paperwork to myself, TSA agents know the guidelines, be quiet and do not ask anymore questions. If I continue to talk, police will be contacted and I will be arrested! End of discussion! I have severe food allergies. If I eat something I am allergic to, I will need to be taken to the nearest ER, ASAP. Therefore, I travel with food because there is not a safe food place to eat at. Sometimes, I can go 24 hours without any food because of my severe food allergies. The TSA agents just laugh at me and do not believe me. Usually, they say, yea, ha….ha….ha. This evening, September 18, 2015, I went thru the TSA screening @ MSP and my suitcase was questioned. I said, “great, what new rule will I learn today”. Multiple items were called into question because on X-Ray, the items looked like contraband. Those included dry soup in a paper cup, 2 of them, cotton balls in a plastic container about 1 inch diameter and 2.5 inches long. NO LIQUID present with the cotton balls. The guy asked me what those were, and I responded, what do you think they are? He said well, I think they might be cotton balls. I said, yes you are correct. Then I learned this evening that any food item, in a carry on bag, looks suspicious on X-Ray. The TSA agent did not believe my soup was soup and had to test the contents of the soup & determine if explosives are present? The worst part of the testing is the agent used their dirty gloves to touch my food/dry soup. Furthermore, the little white cloth touched the food and nothing was found to include explosives. But as a result of the TSA agent using their dirty gloves & touching my food, I had to throw out the item. I could no
    Longer consider the food item safe! Believe it or not, that was my dinner. So this evening, I had no dinner. On top off everything, my flight eventually cancelled about 8 pm. By the time the people were processed and given vouchers for food & hotels, the airport food venders were closed. I can not eat Subway or McDonalds and they closed at 9:15 pm. Eventually, by 11:30 pm, we made it to the hotel and no food was available to eat let alone purchase. I can tell you, I am/was starving and the shuttle was finished for the night with no way to get any food. The breakfast items are not available until 6 am and I had to leave at 04:50 for the airport. No room service available after 11 pm only the bar and I can not drink because of food allergies. Now, it has been more than 15 hours since I have eaten. No place to eat at the airport as places are closed and no food available for purchase. I am getting sick of learning any type of food is suspicious and considered contraband. Even specialty food items. Then if the TSA agent tests the food for explosives, I have asked them to change gloves and I am told to be quiet as the police are going to be called. Something needs to be done so I can bring food and not have it contaminated. Also, I was told my grapes were illegal as they contain liquid. They were thrown out! The TSA agent was not sure they were grapes so he said he had better be safe & throw my food out! I was told my cotton balls looked suspicious, dried soup, muffin, prescription eye drops and other items. The worst part of medications, they get tested by TSA agents and the eye drop is contaminated and useless. Each eye dropper with liquid is $5.00. Once the end is touched, the item can not be used but must be thrown out! Multiple times my prescriptions are tested and the opening of the ointment touched by a TSA agent’s glove, and no longer considered safe to use. That ointment is contaminated or unable to be used. Unsafe and cause me to be very sick! There has to be a better way, so that I can eat food at the airport. Even be allowed to bring my own food. I have also been told that only diabetics are the only exception for bringing your own food item. No one else can or is allowed to! Please give me suggestions of what to do. Salads are not acceptable and will be thrown out if they contain salad dressing. It is considered a liquid. Of course no peanut butter or yogurt. You can not buy it on the other side as no figure in the airport is gluten free. Has imitation ingredients, therefore not gluten free.

  11. September 24, 2015
    Dear Sir or Madam
    Tuesday September 15, 2015 I arrived at the head of the concourse for gate E44 one hour before my flight was scheduled to leave.
    When I went through screening I was pulled for secondary screening. I thought no problem since I still had 45 minutes before my flight was to leave.
    After the full pat down personal search my bags and shoes were twice screened with the explosive detector wands. Then some articles were x-rayed again. All was well since I still had 25-30 minutes to make it to gate 44. They then swabbed my cell phone again and the machine alarmed a false positive.
    They then decided to call in the “explosives expert.” 5-10 minutes later Nihcholas Tritto showed up. He took my wallet and started going through it with his back turned to me. I objected by saying you guys have your nerve going through my wallet where I cannot see what you are doing with it. Mr. Tritto responded “You got a problem”, In a very sharp tone! At this point I had only about 15 minutes to catch my flight. I pointed out that my time was very short. Mr. Tritto then proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes searching my four articles of clothing and my laptop and cords. Once he was done with his through search he decided that all my belongings needed to be x-rayed again. He took everything including my wallet and walked to the other end of the building to x-ray everything again. I cannot say if any of the money was removed since I was not sure how much was in the wallet. I do not know if he copied my credit card numbers and all my personal information since he had my wallet to his self for about 5 minutes.
    Finally just a few minutes till the airplane pushed off he returned with all my belongings and threw them in a big pile on the table along with hair burshes from some other unlucky person’s luggage. The result was of course the door to the plane was shut when I got to the gate.
    Mr. Tritto’s parting words to me were “you should have showed up two hours before your flight! He has obviously lost sight of who he is hired to serve and is really getting off on a power trip treating the public like they are criminals. I in no way fit the profile of any terrorist! There were no more flights to Charlotte that day so the cost of Mr. Tritto’s arrogance and power thrill was an extra round trip for me to the airport. The hotel at my destination was pre-paid with a no refund policy and an extra night in Washington. Also I had to cancel my credit cards since I have no idea if my identity was stolen while my wallet was out of sight. That was so wrong! This is the United States of America!
    All the Blue Shirted TSA personnel were relatively courteous. It is this TSS-E employee Nicholas Tritto that is giving TSA a bad name and will keep me from ever using Ronald Regan airport again if I can avoid it.
    Regards, Thomas Greer

  12. We experienced the worst TSA screening ever at JFK last Thursday. It is absolutely shameful the way the flying public is treated by this organization. We arrived over two hours early for our flight from Edinburgh to NYC (connecting to LAX). The lines for security were horrendous with few checkpoints in operation. My friend and I were TSA approved but that made no difference — we were told that screening area would not be open until 1:00 p.m. During the entire time in line, that area NEVER opened. What is the point of having a TSA pre-approved ticket if it is not honored? I was embarrassed as an American knowing that visitors to our country who were perhaps traveling to America for the first time were greeted with this type of inhospitable, callous and downright appalling service although what the TSA provides certainly cannot be called service — it is a disgrace!. Many passengers were missing their flights due to the slow, poorly-manned security checkpoint and it was obvious the employees simply did not care. IS ANYONE LISTENING OUT THERE? In future, please take some steps to provide the type of efficient and courteous service we, the taxpayers, are paying for and deserve.
    Sharon Smith

  13. Classic ‘Good news, bad news.’ I’m traveling to visit a friend (OH to CT) – we are foodies. I intended to not check a bag, and wanted to bring with me a commercial US product called ‘Better than Buillion.’ It is a concentrated Food Stock, an 8 ounce jar, never opened, with its original factory seal. The TSA rep I spoke to (using the provided online phone number) was very professional and efficient (good news;) the bad news is the powers that be at TSA are apparently so ignorant of the world that my concentrated food stock qualifies as a ‘gel,’ and so I am limited to the 3 ounce rule for gels. What incredible, ignorant bureaucracy. I am a retired US Naval Officer, and am appalled by this deliberate stupidity. Apparently logic is subverted for the need to make things ‘simple’ for these cretins (TSA reps.) I am disgusted with this supposed ‘security.’

  14. On Sept. 26th, I went through TSA screening at LAX and I would like to say that everyone I encountered was so nice and efficient. I had an article in my carry on that was not acceptable and the TSA agent personally walked me over to someone who could help me put it on the plane with my luggage. Never once did he treat me unkindly. Thanks for the great service.

  15. Please call/email to educate me how I can use pre-check after I get my flight boarding pass. Just paid the $85 & would like to benefit from it. Was told at the airport it’s still a random selection.

  16. Lead officer Bryce Miller was a life saver tonight. Halfway to my gate I realized my new iPhone had fallen out of my pocket. I rushed back to the security line and they had found the phone and secured it for me. He (and his team) saved me 200s of dollars and hours of hassle. Thank you! Thank you!

  17. Hi I have been hearing that if my daughter and I are flying to AZ Jan that she would need to get a passport, is this true?

    Thanks Jodie

  18. We were going through JFK security check with TSA employees flying Delta airlines flight 446 on Dec 15, 2015. I noticed that TSA employees acting like drill sergeants in military training. I am retired U.S. Air Force and had been through basic training and believe me your employees have no manners at all. They should be nice and respectful. I fully understand that they should follow and do everything necessary to make sure that we have a safe flight home. There’s always a way to do their job right and at the same time have a good attitude about it. They all look like that they hate being there or hate their job.

  19. I went through the tsa pre certification. I paid my money & went to your office & answered all your questions & got a known traveler number. I entered this number with all my airlines & have enjoyed tsa ore since…until today. I travel often so I didn’t even notice my boarding pass didn’t have tsa pre on it until I checked into a flight with my travel companion & tsa sent me to the other line. My travel companion had already gone through so started to panic when I didn’t follow him through security. I had no way to tell him they rejected me. I was stuck behind multiple people who had no idea what to do but couldn’t contact him to tell him I’d been diverted. Both of us were panicking but not sure what do do. Why is it that I paid to get tsa pre & went through all of the requirements to get this service that I didn’t get it& how can I assure I get it in the future??

  20. Last Friday, January 1, 2016, my wife and I were returning to our California home from the Seattle area and a TSA agent checked inside one of our carry-aboard bags with a slip of paper. While making this check a black “Fitbit” bracelet he must have been wearing apparently came detached from his arm and fell into the bag. When we arrived at our home to unpack we found this bracelet and since we know the young man must be missing it, we would like to return it to him. We were on an Alaska Airlines flight scheduled to leave for Palm Springs at 8:30 AM. Please advise if one of your agents there lost such an item that morning, and any instructions needed to return it to him!

  21. The TSA exists to protect Americans, not harass, belittle, or display rude and unprofessional behavior as I experienced on 1/5/16 at 3pm at the BWI terminal by two of your employees. The entire BWI facility seems to perform below standard and I question whether there was a racial bias in the treatment I received. I was sufficiently upset by this treatment to be requesting a Congressional inquiry through my state representative. I was compelled to travel because a family member is dying, the last thing I needed was harassment from poorly trained or substandard TSA personnel.


  23. My husband and I have both paid for the TSAPre service as we are frequent travelers. In checking in at 5:30 pm local time, we were told by TSA staff “there is no TSA Pre tonight…just normal line up – take everything out of your laptop bags. Please explain why/how those of you that travel extra, and pay extra for this pre-screening advantage do not receive it? The same thing happened to me earlier this year in Denver going to Wyoming – “No TSA Pre”.

    Not great customer service and would like and explanation.

  24. On December 20,2015 me and my wife were schedule to fly to Cozumel, Mexico for our Christmas vacation on UA flight 1204 at 11:55 pm. from San Francisco, California. We checked in two suitcases, one suitcase had TSA approved built on lock other had TSA approved padlock with TSA approved commination locking belt around it. According to Covenant Aviation Security which is a contracted security company hired by US government to perform security checks at SFO, our bags were opened inspected and a inspection card was placed in only one of our suitcase at 10:16 pm right after we checked them in. One suitcase had items missing other had all items upside down in it. When we called the TSA to file complaint, their answer was, they have no control over Covenant Security Company because it was a contracted company, we should file a claim and complaint with the security company. Yes we did file a claim we the security company before we contacted TSA but security company refused to do anything about our problem. What I like to know is, how is that US government hires a contractor to work for them but they have NO control over the contracted company ??? Fact is, our bags were opened at SFO by Covenant Aviation Security and our belongings were stolen. What is the purpose of locking our suitcases with TSA approved locks, if TSA workers can opened it and take what they want ?

  25. dear tsa i want to know your fax # so i can send you info from my dr because when i was coming home from the vi i was going through the search i had my diabetic supplies and i was treated badly like a common criminal so let me know thanks

  26. To whom it may concern

    I want to notify u that I just got through airport screening at LAX by terminal 63 at about 11pm

    I just want to say that you have a very professionally fun and polite crew working at this time

    I had to have a complete pat down and an extra search of our bag. The gentleman who did this was very thorough and was polite but kept the mood calm.

    Just wanted u to know that crew deserves a shout out.

    Peter A Davison

  27. I was a service tech for an Xray company. What I noticed is the techs are just interested in getting the machines fixed good enough to get their ticket signed and get out of there . The machine operators will take the xray techs for if the machine is fixed . There should be a definative test run before tickets are signed
    this test should test all areas of possible input.

  28. Thank you so much TSA manager Joe Soto from DFW. You helped is through a very tough situation when my husband lost his wallet. You were very professional and did everything right. You are a hero in my book!!

  29. What is the telephone number, fax number, email address, and address of the office to send reference checks to for people who have worked for the TSA and are applying for new jobs?

  30. On June I was flying from JFK ti WPB amd had checked my luggage and forgot to packa bottle of moisturize cream .went thru security and was stopped by Prisscila Rumnut I explained that i forgot to back it’ She went with me to retrieve the bag which i packed into the bag and helped recheck bag. She gave me such good customer above and beyond.I hope this comment is included in her file.

  31. On July10,2016 at Los Angeles International Airport, my wife and I were told there is no separate line for PRE TSA . Six months ago at the same airport we were directed to the First Class / Premier line to expedite our checks.
    Is there a regulated guide line for PRE TSA procedure at approved Airports?

    At Honolulu International Airport there is a separate PRE TSA line which confirms the advantage of purchasing PRE TSA.

    N & C Murata

  32. The TSA personnel at Newark International Airport were TERRIBLE, rude and surly. The flagged my carry on bag after the bag had been through the machine three times already then took out my glasses and eye glass case and did not return them – now they are ‘lost’ at the airport! The also did a ‘random’ check on my husband after he had been through security three times and were rude and carried on their conversations with no sense of urgency.


  33. I just went through TSA pre check at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Guzman was the female TSA agent that I witnessed saying the following to other passengers, “come on people think about this, it is not hard.” She commented to her coworker that she has lost her patience with people today and is “over it”. She was very rude and condescending to everyone I saw while I stood there for five minutes witnessing this behavior. This is unacceptable and if she does not have patience she needs to get a job where she does not deal with the public every day. I fly about four to six times a month and I have never witnessed such behavior from a TSA employee. I believe TSA can do a lot better than this!

  34. When inspecting golf club shipping bags you don’t re-buckle the straps. This causes damage to straps and clubs.
    You should instruct the inspectors to re-strap and click bags. Clubs and bags are expensive.

  35. My middle name is on my flight ticket but not on my passport. Will that pose a problem traveling overseas? My middle name is also on my GOES.

  36. I need help. I wanted to talk directly to a person with no luck. I need to fly my mother with me to Dallas Fort Worth, she has an expired ID/less than 2 years and will have a temporary Id when we fly. Will this pass through security. My mother has advance Dementia, and I want to make this trip as easy as possible. Any ideas on how to talk directly to a person?

  37. On Feb 13 at 2:00-3:00 at the north security area a small knife was discovered in my carry on luggage ( I forgot it was there.) A nice TSA lady helped me mail the knife to myself so I would not loose it. She even accompanied me up to the 6th floor post office so I wouldn’t get lost. I thanked her for going out of her way to help me. I failed to get her name but I want to let all to know how nice and kind she was. I hope her supervisor receives this.

  38. Over the years I have had my suitcase opened many times and have never complained. I have always used TSA approved locks. I believe nothing has ever been taken from my bag. Last Saturday I arrived in Miami from Panama. When I got to Cleveland, the lock on suitcase was on my suitcase in the right place. I once again had a Notice of Baggage Inspection. The annoying thing was that someone had put in my suitcase a very small metal lock that had clearly been forced open. That was not my lock. I have never had a lock like that. Inspectors should not be putting in suitcases locks that were not there to begin with.

  39. The last two times I have flown from Sioux City Iowa I have found items in my luggage that were not mine, The first time was in November of 2017, there was a charging unit. I returned home yesterday and there was a pair of ladies panties, fortunately I live alone and didn’t have to explain anything. I don’t know if I am missing anything this time, but the first time I was missing an handicap parking plate and had to order a new one from the DMV. You may want to let the people inspecting the luggage to be more careful.

  40. My customer service experience could not be worse.
    I’m begging for someone to help me. The customer service number claims to have people to help by phone from 8am to `11pm. But that’s not true. There are a dozen (probably more) possibilities to hear information. But none of them pertain to my situation. My situation is that the TSA agent in CLT entered my info for my global entry permit into someone else’s file and couldn’t change it. Only DC can change it, I’m told. But nothing has happened. The supervisor in CLT gave me a number to call if I didn’t hear, but no one answers that number and it doesn’t have voice mail set up (according to a recording). What can I do to get someone to look into this?

  41. My husband and I flew from the Austin Airport on 5/5/18 and went through the TSA Security at 1:45 p.m. through Checkpoint area CP3. ALL 3 of the TSA agents were very friendly, positive and helpful in getting us through the checkpoints. This is the first time we have experienced such great service from ALL staff. Their demeanor was so exceptional, we felt compelled to relay our experience.

  42. Lots of edible /valuable items were confiscated from my wife today at Ohare Chicago Airport via United Airlines today but were never seen heading towards the trash.We begged and she cried uncontrollably they stood their ground and took the items which I guess they clearly understood the value.Our God is in control period.

  43. Flying from Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Stockholm Sweden. 2 Checked Bags, 1 with TSA Approved locks, 1 without. I didn’t have time to buy another. In all essence, that specific bag was opened/inspected which is ok but Polo Ralph Lauren socks and underwear garments were taken out ? My baggage met all specific weight requirements. I will make my own assumption when I say within living in this era my luggage was deliberately opened without reasonable suspicion in addition to my clothes disappearing. I will never fly out of that airport again hence the rating on google/yelp etc. I will be contacting the TSA Director in efforts to make sure this experience never happens to another innocent traveler. No Firearms. No knives. No weapons. Of any sort were present and as I see medications are included within these complaints, my next step will be contacting my lawyer to ensure my privacy and rights are not violated again.

  44. The agent in Oakland airport allowed a lady to have bottled water in her carryon luggage. She told him it was in there and he said it was ok. What’s up with that?

  45. I am extremely frustrated by a flight I just took today and on Tuesday. The first trip from Reno/Tahoe to Long Beach a security agent went through my baggage and left a bottle of body wash open. I opened up my suitcase that had 15 ounces of body wash on the bottom of the case, in my clothes. When I left Long Beach to Reno/Tahoe, I took the time to put all of my stuff in ziplock bags. My medication was gone through and left all over the bags loose, my shampoo and conditioner were left open and I have lost a lot of money in product as well as the frustration of the clean up. I would like to be contacted so I know how to keep people out of my luggage.

  46. your customer service sucks. all you get is automated prompts. Your agents removed $250 worth of products from my bag in IAH and I want to be reimbursed. If they would have read what it was they would have seen the items were not prohibited. I even had copies of the MSDS and Tech data sheets in the SEALED pelican case.Hire some people who can read!!!!!!!

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