Contact Trulia Customer Service

Contact Trulia Customer Service

Contacting Trulia Customer Service Center

Trulia is an online search engine helping visitors locate homes for sale, homes for rent and real estate agents in the local area. Many of the listings are for apartments from management companies and businesses in a given area. Trulia started out with a company headquarters in San Francisco and eventually added offices in New York and Colorado. Each month the Trulia website earns more than 30 million visits from unique users.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found the contact phone number for Trulia customer service at a corporate level, but there is no customer service phone number for the Trulia website. If you’ve tried to use the Help page and you’ve emailed customer service to no avail, you may be able to find additional help at the corporate office.

  • Trulia Corporate: 1-866-787-8542 – No Longer in Service
  • Trulia Corporate 2: 1-415-648-4358

Mailing Address

If mailing a letter of concern, compliment or question is your aim you can address your letter to Trulia corporate at:

Trulia HeadquartersAttn: Customer Service208 Utah St. San Francisco, CA 94103

Official Website

The official website for Trulia is located at You can start searching Trulia immediately from the front page of the website by entering a city and state and choosing For Sale, For Rent, Sold or Estimates. You can also find an agent using the search engine. If location services are turned on for your personal computer your front page may show local listings based on your current location.

Customer Service Email

Trulia customer service is available by email, which is the only contact information listed on the official website. You can request information about features, website usage and report issues or non-working links using the feedback form. Additional information about a specific listing should be addressed by the listing company, not Trulia.

Customer Service Email:

Our Experience

We gave Trulia customer service a call to help you skip the long, drawn-out wait and automated system to reach a customer service representative more quickly. The first phone number we found was no longer active. We found a second number and that did connect us with the customer service call center. You can press 8 to skip the list of automated options, but you will be taken to a voicemail system to leave a message. The next best option is to choose 0 for the general mailbox or pick the option that best suits your needs. We were not able to connect with a customer service agent for general customer service.

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48 Comments on “Contact Trulia Customer Service
  1. NOTE:
    Here is my correct e-mail; I use an e-mail blocker “Don’tTrackMe” but the following one is correct & not to be used for any other purpose than direct correspondence between YOU [Trulia] & me. AND any other “EYES”. “”
    Re. #1 above, should say it all. I’m 81 y.o. and handicapped [in a wheelchair] & type with one finger on each hand. So you may say I’ve some difficulties overall. Obviously I missed one (hidden) of your rules burried in the privacy, etc. section somewhere that most people ‘say’ they’ve read & haven’t. But it wasn’t obvious.
    I do (did) a lot of business with a handshake, which isn’t true today – too bad. There’s so much money to be made honourably rather than have a lawyer put his impramater on every document. No more comments – If you need help with any type of question, maybe I can help – ? Try me!

  2. Your search engine in finding a home is horrible! I put in 3/2 pool home and everything comes up but what I ask for (in Florida) Listings that come up shows a line going thru of my criteria. (crossing out) I sent an email, try to get in touch with a cust. srv. rep and still NOTHING! I don’t have a problem with Zillow or Realtor but do with your site. A waste of my time and your site is pathetic!

  3. The map location on my property for Trulia property listing is incorrect. My MLS listing id # 10262081. The correct GPS coordinates for my property is: 37.76037 -90.256751 if this helps with making the correction. My property was listed through ForSaleByOwner and located at: 10751 State Hwy F, Farmington, MO 63640…thanks for your help

  4. You have my home listed on your site and I am adament about having you remove it. It is 8598 saint George rd. Hartville, mo.

    You have cost me a sale of this home two years ago .

    Please remove it You do not have my permission to have it ..

  5. I have been trying to get through for 1 week to change information for our account to no avail. I have been on hold pretty much all day with the phone number that was emailed to us 844-640-8710. I have yet to speak to a representative. Repeated to hold for next representative that my call is important however no one ever picks up.

  6. Your system deactivated me. I am running all over your website to simply reactivate myself, How simple that must be BUT the only link was a tech requesting a fee to tell me. Is this your customer support? I would think I should be able to find this simple request. M. Christian

  7. I was told my house was listed with you on your website as foreclosed and bank owned. This is not true nor do I know how you got the info or pic of my house. I’m going to contact a lawyer. I’m very upset for this interrogation of privacy and putimg my house on your website when it is owned and in my name.

  8. Trulia has listed my house for sale. Address 3420 Attica Drive, Eastover, NC 28312.

  9. I’m extremely frustrated and am ready to stop using Trulia! Every time I reach out that I’m interested in a property I NEVER get a response back. Why bother using you!!!!

  10. You have my house on up for sale on your listing, take it down or I have to take further action on it. Trying to rip people off

  11. The Trulia website to view homes has not been working for months. You cannot click on the homes to view the inside details. I thought that I would let you know this error. Thank you..

  12. Why can I not receive value estimates without giving out my personal info…it is MY HOME! Zilllow can do this, why is it that Truila cannot?

  13. I am writing to see if Trulia can remove the price and pictures of my home that I purchased over 3yrs ago off and like other residents that have been sold?

  14. I am writing to see if Trulia can remove the price and pictures of my home that I purchased over 3yrs ago off and like other residents that have been sold?

  15. It is impossible to get help with Truilia – I want to remove my add and do a new one and you cannot get anyone to answer questions or to help you. I ended up with someone who wanted to charge me 75.00!

  16. This will be addressed by the customer care team, right? I am writing to get action, not to just vent frustration.

  17. Worthless waste of time. I’m unsubscribing. Its been a month and no one gets in touch with me. Must not need the money. Some one will take my money. This site is worthless.

  18. I am trying to have a listing removed from the Trulia web site. Property is 751 Robert E. Lee Parkway Jonesboro, GA.. This property is no longer available and if you do not remove it. I will call the authorities and tell them you are running a rental scam.

  19. Awful !! I’ve been tryin to cancil my room for rent it’s impossible and I already rented it out. Ow I get calls all day and no way to cancil very hard to contact trulia will never use again please help me get my info off ur site !!!

  20. Hi there, I am not sure whether you are aware that your certificate online needs to be updated. I don’t believe it is good for business to not have it updated. The problem is with BlackBerry. It is not possible to look for properties through their browser.

    Kind Regards,

  21. My name is Jerry Ayres, Assoc. Broker of Coldwell Banker in Leavenworth, KS.
    You have me listed but my phone number is all wrong. Any use of the phone number you have listed goes to another person….party….country or whatever. Please change to my correct phone number. Thank you

  22. Hello, I’m actually receiving two emails each time you send one out and I checked emails on each one you sent me! I thought maybe I have two email accounts set up but I don’t because it is the same email add.! Can you please respond on this matter soon? Thanks!

  23. I have been trying to view photos of homes on your side. I can see the initial photo but when I click on other photos of the home, they will not load and the little green icon twirls and twirls. This has been going on for at least a week. I am having no other trouble with any other sites so I believe this is a problem unique to Trulia.

  24. I think that this site is for those of us work only make $ 45,000 a year or less. This site only wants people who are rich. I want to know why this site hate the working people of the city of New York. I have been searching for a 1 bedroom apartment (I want to love alone) in midtown or lower Manhattan and the only apartments I am find cost over $ 3,000 a month. Where are the apartments which cost $ 1,500 a month or less. Do these apartments xis or does Trulia only care about rich people. Well frankly this site should be shut down especially when they advertise apartments of 1 or 2 bedroom for $10,000 and above. Who are they kidding I say drop dead.

  25. Please remove my address
    5 Hobart Court Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 from your listing. This is not accurate. I’m getting harassed by strangers knocking on my door.


  26. For days now, when I receive emails from Trulia with homes for sale in the Indianapolis area, I click on the green bar to view photos of the homes and nothing happens. I am not able to see additional home photos. Frustrating!!! Please fix! I’m sure others are experiencing the same problem.


  27. There is a property located at 26 Captain Carlson Way #26 in West Bridgewater Massachusetts that keeps being emailed to me as available and then the next day I receive another email saying it’s off the market. This happens at least twice a week for several weeks now. Is it or isn’t it available.

  28. Why dont you CLEANUP YOUR SITE and get rid of the houses that are SOLD,, You have houses on there with pics that are 4 yrs old, or older ,Pics now dont show the roofs that are caved in or broken windows. How in the hell do you expect people to buy a house from you with pics that DONT show the latest pic of the house? House looked good, went to see it, roof fell in, windows broken, porch rotted out. Called about a house, waited for an answer,, days,2 weeks went by, Went by that house, people were moving in. Agent to damn lazy to call me back, i could have had that house, i had CASH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  29. I want to know who gave your Agency permission to put our Apartments for sale when we are the ownwers of our property. We need the persons who supply your Agency with our informations , Name , Address, and phone numbers of this perpetrators.

  30. My name is Lori Cairns, I live in, Worcester, MA
    Trulia – listing agent is Tracy Barber. He has my house listed as a “sale pending”. However, We are still living in the house and am currently litigating the case.
    the listing doesn’t mention that occupant are living in the house, nor that the title is clouded.

    I need this pending sale stopped today. It is illegal for an agent not to notify any buyer that would be adverse to it’s interest.

  31. The listing doesn’t make it known that the title is clouded or that occupant live in the house and are currently in court to win the house back. Henceforth it is adverse to the interest of the buyer.

    the sale needs to be stopped today

  32. My home 120 laney court McDonough ga Silk said foreclosure can I get the word foreclosure taken off and the sale date

  33. Lighthouse Point is a city in south east Florida; the next one to the north of Pompano Bch. Although the main post office zip code is 33064 Lighthouse Point has its own post office and zip, 33064-7112. Typically residential properties in Lighthouse Point are valued a lot higher and unlike Pompano, the city does not have any low end areas. If Trulia wants accuracy Lighthouse Point should be listed.

  34. Things have certainly changed. I can’t look at houses on your site anymore because the pop up ads won’t let me!
    Not your best idea.

    PLEASE RESPOND, 504-858-3443

  36. I am having a difficult time posting my listings ;they all get flagged ,and I have not being able to reach a representative ,can someone please email me at the email below… is it the size of the pictures and how can I remedy that

  37. I am very upset with Trulia! I wrote to customer service pertaining to a problem I am having and still no response! They house they have listed as mine is not my house. This is a horrible way to run a business!

  38. I am not receiving any response from Trulia. I was informed if I sent a request for pictures to be removed from my previous listing they would be removed from Trulia website. But I have made several attempts for several days and none of my requests have received a response, nor have the pictures and details been removed from my property on the Trulia website. Terrible and disrespectful customer service.

  39. I am requesting info about 2 apartments and i
    they have no contact info. 57 Bank st. and 178 COUNTY ST. AND 70 Elizabeth ST. #12 Attleboro Ma

  40. There is somebody on your website scare me people for money for an apartmentI would have been one of those people that have been scammed please do something about the scammer

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