Contact Treyarch Customer Service

Contacting Treyarch Customer Service Center

Treyarch is the design company responsible for Call of Duty Black Ops & Call of Duty Black Ops II. Though Call of Duty fans may not believe it, Treyarch has also designed Spiderman, hockey, surfing and baseball games as well.

Contact information for Treyarch customer service is very well hidden because Call of Duty players tend to blame Treyarch for problems that occur in game play. All it takes is a small hiccup in online game play and Twitter and Facebook light up with activity. We’ve managed to find a small amount of contact information for Treyarch customer service, but customers will likely wait a long time for a response if one comes at all.

Contact Info

The contact information for Treyarch is not traditional customer service information. The phone number, email address and other contact information is for the main Treyarch company. There is no formal customer service department as Treyarch is just the designer for other companies who sell the games.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Treyarch Direct Contact: 1-310-581-4700

Mailing Address

The physical address for the Treyarch company is:

3420 Ocean Park Blvd. #2000
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Official Website

Treyarch’s official website is dedicated to the video games the team designs. You can look through the website at, but finding contact information is literally impossible. Not even the employment search page offers contact information. Even the terms and conditions and privacy policy are located on the Activision website.

According to fans, the best way to get in touch with Treyarch is through Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

You can email for information on Treyarch products, games and general information. If you are a formal Treyarch customer you will have dedicated contact emails for the design team and other employees of Treyarch. We’ve heard that emails to this address are never returned, so we’ll send a question along and see what happens.

Our Experience

When we called the number we found for Treyarch customer service the call was immediately answered by a live person who just said, “Treyarch.” We were immediately startled, so we asked when Call of Duty Black Ops II was expected out and the gentleman said November. There is NO automated system and no customer service agent ready to listen to our qualms. There is just a Treyarch employee on the end of the line.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info
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  1. bonjour des tricheurs ont envahi le classement general de mw3 est aucun nest banni du jeu tout les jours on perd des place a cause de personne qui on 2h de jeu est qui sont 1er mondial infinityward ne repond meme pas au message

        • Treyarck been a fan for years even black ops2 but theres some stuff u need to do. 1. NERF THE FREAKING REMINTON ill tell u why how do u expect people such as ure fans or players to get that nuculaur medal or high score streak if u always have a douche bag in every lobby u join and have ethier a gold or diamond remington im fine when ure trying to get it diamond or gold but when u already do u are a douche bag 2. Were’s the zombie campaign u said u would with the trailer and if ure making it and bring out a suprise update that would be awesome 3. Master prestige hacker douchebags, why would u not patch it. 4. Banning, i reported many people for the prestige hack and boosters who are completely gay as hell and nothing happened to them why would u put in a reporting system if nothing happens to them? 5. Wonder weapons, i remember playing world at war or the first black ops and there would be a little easter egg to get the thundergun or the raygun in world at war so is there a easter egg to get a wonder weapon in black ops 2 6. U guys should play with ure community and make friends with your fans and players of your game, why u ask, because first you could find those little douche hackers and just have fun playing the game YOU guys and girls made. Thanks for reading this long message and please reply and i hope u guys and gals make another COD soon, btw i am a fan for life keep ure fire burning. Thanks you all at Treyarck!

          • black ops 2 is not that bad yes the Remington is waaay over powered and the master prestige hackers need to go but the game is awesome other than that xbox should not be getting the dlc before playstation 3 that is ridiculous we both pay the same amount for the season pass but no xbox which is the worst system ever gets the DLC before playstation users treyarch needs to fix that asap I love call of duty and treyarch but if some things are not fixed I will stop purchasing treyarch products

          • i put my time and money into black ops 2 and these littile glitchers and hackers need to go i was about to get my dsr gold and i had my pdw combat knife and fhj gold before i was hacked the first time then the second time i was deranked and lost absolutely everything i bought the season pass and on ur last 3 games black ops black ops 2 and world at war i have been hacked several time now if u took ur time to read this then i applaud u if u have a ps3 my psn is saintsfan2000

          • i hate activision back up support because i was a level three prestige with 49 unlock tockens and three permenament unlocks and lost everything. i told activision they said they would post it to treyarch but nothing happens all they are doing is passing the buck because if they back up the servers or u get hacked they dont do nothing about it.

          • hey treyarch can u please bring back the commando to black ops2 to atleast in zombies in the wall it would be so cool to have a black ops 1 commando or put it in a new dlc but if u do make more realistic looking p.s put new game modes like infected like in mw3 thats a cool game mode also if u do the next dlc bring more guns why only one gun wtf treyarch

          • Treyarch fix black ops 2 there is way 2 much lag switching and hacking going on with your game im begning to lose faith in you treyarch for letting hackers waste great games more 2 the point you will end up losing great players and fans if you don’t fix the problems with the game

          • I found like 7 of those in 1 game and i reported them each like 2 time and nothing happend please help us out from al the cheaters.

          • There is nothing wrong with hacking. As long as you are not hacking other people. I mean, i mod my zombies. There is nothing wrong with that

      • First of all. Your wife should be making you a sandwich. Second, its because the servers are getting raped by everyone being on zombies

      • Hey treyarch everytime i try 2 put funds in my wallet it never WORKS it always says an error has occoured! SO i am trying 2 by 1 of ure map packsand it want money i would suggest FIXING IT!!!

    • Sorry didnt finish but after revolution u should do a back in time map pack by putting in the old maps for the first black ops and please bring back radiation that was my favorite map for muiltiplayer, but if u cant do it for muiltiplayer please do it for zombies that would be a AWESOME ZOMBIE MAP please reply, thank you all for ure hard work!

    • Look guys if you dont like the game ok nobody cares treyarck is working hard to patch all the stuff u guys always complain about but really just shut up

      • First of all,I have every right to complain!!! I paid for a game that and had expectations. I didn’t pay for constant glitches, lag, poor game play!!! This GAME SUX! I have bought every edition of COD and this one sux as bad as MW3. Maybe even more! Battlefield actually got it right by having servers that hosted the game and the only lag you had to worry with is your own, not the lag because someone has a poor connection and gets host!

        • bring the famas back to zombies commando gun and aug atleast bring the comando to multyplayer please you should atleast make vote put it online so everyone could vote that way u could see how many people love that gun i would be so pleased if u brought it back but if not i wouldnt even be interested to buy another cod if u do make one because thats not even showing me that ur trying to make it better so ya for xbox and ps3 make a vote for commando as new gun or famas or atleast put as a wonder weapon hopefully u make black ops 3 im lookking forward to play it if u make one . bring so ya it would be cool to have he msmc for zombies and peacekeeper commando since i have ps3 and xbox gets there maps early and its boring playing the same maps bring all the guns to zombies and multyplayer . but commando in multyplayer would be so cool to have a bo1 gun bringing new game modes u should make the maps like bf3 big and with vechichles its suppose to be the futuristic so yea trearc make a vote whether to bring commando to multyplayer or bring it to both it would be better if it was on both and having famas in multplayer and zombies

          • also u should make the smr and s12 better those are the top weakiest guns u made atleast put commando to multyplayer

    • Is the new map pack gonna be playable on hardcore?????? Cause thats all i play !!! There need to be a hardcore play list!!!????

    • Hello Treyarch i have a new map idea, and i know you’ve heard this and this a thousand times but listen. I Have a new multiplayer map idea. Its a map called “Graveyard”. But if you want to hear more more you should really contact me on my Xbox 360, my gamertag is SomeRandomCobra. Me and my Xbox friends are still thinking of ways of making the map more interesting. So please if you can contact me.

    • Hello treyarch .. I play ur game black ops 2 and I’m a prestige master rank and I was wondering if u can delete my stats and de rank me back to level 1…if u an my gamer tag is RaW x NaRCo. Plz help me

  2. Yes I’m trying to buy the OPS 2 hardinition but GameStop is sold out. My ? Is if I buy the regular Black OPS 2 can I buy later the Muketown Zombie map packs. Or is it just for the hardinition

  3. the map packs are region locked!

    why the hell are they doing this to us?!?

    bo2 is coming out in 2 weeks! cmmon treyarch DO SOMETHING!

  4. I’m have lock -ups really bad . For the ps3 ..Why in the hell did you releas the game if your unable to play it??? I preorder game and can’t get any Ex points

    • Mine doesnt work either!!! The code that comes with the games instruction booklet doesnt work and I also bought the season pass ans that code doesnt work either!!! Anyone know how to fix this???

  5. Whoever created black ops 2 should be ashamed of themselves. The online play is awful. It promotes camping and spawn trapping. Seriously do you expect people to enjoy this. I’m disgusted with it. I was looking forward to this game but was extremely disappointed. That is just the beginning of the downfalls of this game.

  6. what the hell if you want to play zombies you might as well plan on a hr wait while you have a ful room it just says waiting to balance teams I have sat in rooms for over a half hour and still doesnt start, and I am sick of hearing well the servers are busy, these people sold this many games so they know how many people are playing

  7. I would like to start of by saying I love black ops but last night i was playing black ops2 and i got put on probation for the host leaving a game. Now i know it was for only 5 min but thats not the point. Say im in a room with someone that is being a jerk to either me or someone else and i leave the room to get away from hearing that i get put on probation for it that is STUPID of if the host has bad internet and loses connection once again ill be put on probation. As a dad for my kids to have to stay in a room with someone using profanity towards them you all are making them stay in the room with that and if they leave they will get put on probation. You guys should have thought about putting that in the game be for you did that because if that keeps going on I will not buy myself or my kids any more of your games.

    • ur talkin about profanity and ur kids playin well last time i checked u have to be 18 to buy the game so that would make it bad parenting if your kids are on here and most of the profanity come from the little ones thats what gets me so think about what you say next time before it back fires on ya

      but the game it self i cant stand it it turned me away from black ops for good now zombies is just horrible if someone backs out or gets kicked your rounds dont count well u can never stay in a game with out someone leavin the connection is horrible i cant join half my friends it freezes my hole system it nothing but a proble and they should do a back order and fix there problem befor republish it its alot of bull for $72.00 if u ask me and i paid 3x that cause i got 3 systems talk about feeling like an idiot

      but yea back to you Erick Huff your kids shouldnt be playin if there not old enough enough said

  8. get your act together and sort out black ops 2 game freezing on start-up and online just as bad amateurish to say the least.this hardened edition will be going back fo a full refund

  9. bo2 i love it me my brother and my husband love it but what is makeing us mad and considreing not keep it is how there is still spawn campers and every time we come back to live someone is standing there and kills us … i wish it could be fixed there are alot alot of other people that play this game that agree with me … some one please think about fixing it … it would make alot of people happy to play this game ..

  10. hi, ive had alot of problems with black ops 2, lots of freezing ect. like everyone else, however today when i tryed playing the game i got an update for it then started playing for a little while.then it crashed and froze again i had to restart my ps3 but when i tried turning it on it wont work, your game has broken my ps3!!!! which im obviously not happy about especially seems i bought the game, hardened edition and the season content.over 100 pounds worth of game. what am i suposed to do now?

  11. Long time loyal fan, however just to be direct, u really dropped the ball on the new BO2 zombies. I was so excited to see and play it, but
    was really disappointed and upset with what you guys have done with it. Instead of evolving, the game went backwards. Less guns, perks, smaller maps, fewer Windows and doors, lava sucks, and the 8 person zombies players should be like the 4 players all should be able to play together not like the mode you have it in. Whoever designed it and approved this cannot possibly be long time players of this game.. hope you can save it, honestly not one person I know likes it..that’s a shame : ( sorry just being honest.

  12. Here’s something for customer service….this game is terrible. Worst Call of Duty ever. Entirely way to many bullets to get a kill, maps were made for campers, and the score streaks are stupid. You guys ruined a once prestigious product. You guys don’t care because you put up all this hype and all for nothing. It doesn’t matter because either way you got your money. You should not release another call of duty next year because I as well as many of my friends have lost faith in this game. Hopefully you greedy people take into account on making another COD that’s worth playing and actually give the fans there money’s worth.

  13. Where’s the zombie campaign treyark I’ve seen the trailer and yet there’s not one just a bus that takes you from Map to map with no story line. What the hell!

  14. Awesome game treyarch!!!…..Until you got your hands on it. What an absolute waste of $80 (hardended edotion). I thought you guys would have your f*cking act together this time. Actualy gane play and theater are COMPLETELY off. I put 6 rounds dead center in enemies chest as he comes around the corner before he shoots but SOMEHOW on theater it shows him killing me without me firing one shot….nice update.

    I really bought the game for with nuketown. when I saw a dedicated nuketown link with nothing but nuketown 24/7 I was ecstatic. I thought damn treyarch actually did it right this time…..WRONG! Thanks for taking it off and putting chaos mosh up instead which we can get from all the other boards. Ie, core….you f*cked up, your better listen to your fan base otherwise your going to lose a lot of money
    you already got my 80 dollars for me purchasing the game but I guarantee you won’t get any more money from me purchasing the dlc or any other treyarch games!

  15. I like how bad this game is i get invited to a boosting lobby and i didnt even know what it is i barley did it and im on some website called LIKE i like how my friend got offensive emblem because hes wrote treyach bad ITS CALLED FREEDON OF SPEECH AND IM SUPPOSIBLY GETTING BANNED WHY DONT U DO A POLL AND SEE WHAT PPL SAY DO … BOOSTING OR OVERPOWERED SHOTGUNS AND LETS SEE WHAT SHOULD REALLY GET BANNED FROM THE GAME

  16. I. Feel that calling treyarchs is stupid there were 55 callers ahead if me and a wait of 1 hour they helped me not at all I can’t join any zombie game or my system freezes after the patch

  17. shut up you lot its a great game wow you havent maps grow up the person that created black ops 2 his daughter died of cancer thats what the teddy symbols so you should be ashamed

  18. great game, zombies not what i hoped 4 but still doable, and thank f’ing god for a solo leaderboard ! now,save the leaderboards n patch the pile up glitch in the power room below broken walkway n find a way to delete cheaters from the leaderboards ,EVERY game is recorded , so if it looks fishy , plz chk it ( ie. moon solo run,guy has 3810 kills in 12 mins n NO POINTS!??) chk ur game n keep it proud,i cant hold out against the bitches on glitches 4ever…

  19. well I’ll start this off by saying im disgusted with this game i cannot play multiplayer or zombies waste of my money and time treyarch made so much money off this game i will let everyone know not to waste their money.

  20. So this is just a place to complain treyarch never actually responds just let’s people hang out to dry! Great service no wonder this will be your last game your a joke!

  21. so i wasted 5 hours of my life standing in line to get the new Black Ops 2 game. im VERY disapointed with the game, the spawns are rediculous in the game, and i use a hole clip with hit markers on someone and they don’t die but yet i get hit with one bullet everytime and get killed. its BY FAR the worst call of duty game yet. the cheap target finder, which works with no matter what perk the other person has, so for the campers and snipers its there dream, and the multiplayer maps are straigth trash. im probably goin to take it in the store and trade it for Assassins Creed 3, a game thats worth it. i can’t beleave i wasted $60 of my money. (which by the way is all i had as i am a combat veteran and i just went through my 2nd shoulder sugery and haven’t worked in over 3 months). VERY disapointed

  22. My only issue is with zombies. One of the most frustrating things for zombie players in Black Ops was the game ending when the host got tired or pissed off and just ended the game. So you guys did host migration in zombies for Black Ops 2…good idea…however, what is the point of host migration if when a person leaves a game that is the highest round your leader board will show. My friend and I made it to round 35 but since the two people we were playing with left very early…cuz they sucked…now our progress doesn’t count!! This I feel was a mistake and I am praying for an update.

  23. First I have to give you guys props for the game it is well executed. My only grip is that you punish the host for their connection giving them basically no kills. Black ops one was wonderful on the connection and know you guys jump on the infinity ward/ obama care band wagon to appease the poor with crappy Internet. Go to school graduate from college and be able to afford 60 down and 15. Up(cox Internet SoCal. ). But people won’t they are always looking for free hand outs. this game is not a right but a will of being able to afford to play by all means I don’t drive a Ferrari but just cause t pay 59.99$ for a game does not give me entitle to. Treyarch please help me turn America back to the way it used to be working for what is owed by removing the lag comp. and let people work for the things they love.
    Robert Koepke

    P.S. this game is way worse than MW3.

  24. Wish I would have rented this before buying. Wouldn’t recommend Black Ops 2. Multiplayer takes like an hour to join in a lobby. And if your “lucky” enough to actually join a lobby, the game is not team friendly at all, it promotes camping, and spawn killing. Overall the game is NOT as advertised. Best multiplayer my ass. Overall it’s garbage, and I’ll NEVER spend my money on another Treyarch game. That’s for sure. This company is a freaking joke! BE WARNED!!!!!!

  25. I love the game but because my internet provider (suddenlink) sucks, I can’t even play it after 4pm. Why is it so hard to get on the game when the internet signal is weak. I put my search on any. I’m about ready to through the game away.

  26. Black ops 2: im having problems playing green run tranzit i can do all the other maps but not tranzit it always freezes at the loading screen

  27. Im afraid to say im appauled with black ops 2 as it has repeatedly let me down i am a smaller youtuber i have lost countless clips and gameplays through theatre also the smg’s are completely over powered

  28. Yeah… to start of with on Zombies your MONKEYS dont even work 50% of the time also your online is laging way too much… Until you guys fix this bull I will not even touch my consle

    • Ican get nuketown from the season pass i can even downloud nuketown again really all i have heard about is this sucks that sucks

  29. Ok, 1st off the lag issue kills this game! when you watch the kill cam and it don’t even show you shooting “when you put 1/2 your clip in the guy” that’s just sad! Today I got 2 messages saying i’ve been timed out for leaving games early….I never did?! But, here is the real kicker….I got reset today for no reason!! But, My tokens and etc. were there I just had to re-unlock stuff and etc. I also got some gun playercards that I never earned? I have been going for diamond camo for my smg’s and now I think this has made it so I can’t get them!! I could go on & on with the issues with this game….Real sad what this series has become 🙁 If I could get a responce to these issues, I’ll be amazed! Please….shock me & respond!

  30. I think it is pretty sad when you pay 60+ dollars for a game and you are put on probation for exiting too many games in a certain timeframe…… come on for real that should be my perogative and further more when I got probation it was the host that kept jumping games not me but I got a longer probation than them! !!!!Further more when the game session ends it should not be charged as an exit and probation it the punishment! REALLY!!! That is completely unacceptable!!! If this isn’t fixed I just might own your company!

  31. This game is hands down the BIGGEST waste of money and the WORST Call of Duty EVER!! The mulitplayer is a freaking JOKE! The maps are a campers paradice. And if your lucky enought to not get spawn killed, it takes a clip or more to kill someone, that is if they dont turn around and kill you with one shot. The newest update made it so that there is NO respawn time, HORRIBLE!!!! As if getting spawn killed didnt already make you wanna smash your TV, its 100 times worse now! And last but not least, where does Treyrak get off putting people on “probation” for “leaving a game early.” Are you guys retarded!?!? Our clan members are always getting “punished” for one of two reasons. One- They have a killstreak that kills teamates (by accident) and they get kicked and put on freaking probation. Two- we are getting spawn traped and killed so we back out..No one in their right mind would EVER stay in a game that they cant take more than one step in with out dying!! So i warn anyone, spare yourself the annoyence adn the $70..DONT BUY THIS FREAKING GAME!!!

  32. Quit putting people in probation for leaving early in black ops. We overpaid for your game , we over paid for xbox live , and we should be allowed to quit if we want too. God knows we pay enough

  33. black ops 2 is really starting to suck the probation for backing out ect sucks because if u lagg out due to a bad connection to host and it tells u that you should not get probation. in all honesty i do not recomend this game to anyone for online.

  34. I really didn’t think that, after all these years and this being your second chance at a multiplayer game platform could be such an epic failure. Black ops 2 is the third failure in a line of failures.Every multiplayer lobby has serious problems. You would think that after the billions of dollars that they could get a smooth running game. Between PlayStation network and treyarch they both have a lot of problems to deal with. Good luck I don’t think either employ people with enough knowledge to complete this task. Total waste of money, and they will not get any of mine again.

  35. This is jus a shame u kno people all over the world waited an some of us even pre ordered the game an then ur being put on probation cuz the host leaves that’s awesome I swear if this game wasn’t for my kids n boyfriend I would have never wasted that my money ! An I think u guys suck I’m a GEARS FAN !

  36. Couple things this whole probation thing is ridiculous, way to have friendly fire also that is so stupid, more people leave games because they were kicked not because they chose to because of friendly fire, stop changing what was already working get some tips from infinity ward, a little hard core Dom would be nice also

  37. please give us back NUKETOWN 24\7 that “bogus” or “bonus” is not why me or any other loyal COD players wanted….what are y’all trying to do lose ALOT of supporters cause honestly i t the modern warfare 3 just as well…..false advertisement is another phrase that comes to mind and my slip on inside of game says her is your pass for NUKETOWN 24\7…..NOT BONUS…….that’s really a good but put back the option of the nuketown 24\7 gameplay……i can give y’all some good feed back as well you have my e-mail…….give it back before somebody starts more than just a petition fellas…….

  38. This game is really a bad joke,the freezing problem still exists after 1.04 update….it freeaez every time,now i am having problems with outher games,… after playing black ops 2 my sistem won°t work properly at all reading disc eror,freezing,this game broke my 1 ear old ps3.This is the first time I feel really bad spending money on a game,and the last I°M BUYING A CALL OF DUTY SERIES OR ANNY GAME FROM TREYARCH…so now dear Mark Lamia Where should I send to you this game?

  39. So treyarch you really need to change your unlock system for BO2 i get to lvl 55 but cant unlock everything? I know if you prestige to 10 you can but not everyone has time to do that, completely unfair to your dedicated fans that dont have as much time as a teenager to prestige ten times. You really dropped the ball on that and before purchasing another game from you i will do my homework to make sure your not just rewarding the people who play 5 hours a day. Dissapointed

  40. This probation needs some adjustments. When people dash and end your game, it should not count against you as quiting early. Also, when you get kicked for team killing you should not be getting punished for two different things. Getting kicked for team killing is not quiting early…

  41. I just took the game out of my Xbox and broke it. Lag lag lag. The lag u get when your one on one is just rediclous I don’t understand. Well then again I do it’s about the all mighty dollar and not about the consumer. They update the game a boat load but what they should do is update the servers. With all that money this game should flow like water not like an 1990 IBM. What a shame.

  42. Good day…..I have purchased black ops 2 for an obsurd amount of money and I can’t search or properly play any games I have never had this problem with activisions modern warfare 3….I ask please for assistance on a better server for players or my money back please because I can’t play online and that’s the only reason why I baught this game thanks

  43. Plain pathetic!!!!!!! If this game isint properly updated with nuketown zombies a zombie campaign and better servers you will be receiving a f****** messege from my laywer seuing you to give back all the customers money and will be shutting down treyarch once and for all!!!! I was a huge fan have all the call of duty games but now?? I barf in my mouth when I even look at the online

  44. I would just like to know when your going to fix the problems with this game i like the game but im sick of your servers going down every time i play zombies and losing all the money ive saved up or the good guns ive gotten. Im done with your game till you fix the bul crap. And what is with getting probation if the host quits and i get kicked out. I didnt leave why do i get probation.

  45. i am tired of getting banned for boosting. boosting is not cheating because the person could not be playing or they could just suck so fix this freakin crap

  46. I wish someone from customer service would call me about an audio problem Im having with black ops 2 while online. My phone # is 7572638752..

  47. Black Ops 2 is an absolute disgrace to video games. It is funny how the knifing system just gets worse and worse every new Call of Duty. Teyarch, Activision, and Infinity Ward put so much effort into making the games different instead of making them better. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the best Call of Duty and that was like 8 years ago. And they are sitting there in their wealth, not feeling any shame for ripping off millions of people. This world doesn’t need people like them around. Its companies like Treyarch that are ruining the world. They have no integrity and rob people of millions of dollars, just so they can be rich and live a lazy life.I will never buy a Call of Duty game ever again. Also, for all those people that think MW3 is good too, pull your heads out from in between your cheeks, and open your eyes for once. One more thing…I remember back in the good old playstation days, games came with ALL OF THE CONTENT, but now its $30 just to get maps? Total bs. Nobody likes people that only care about money.

  48. Ilove b ops 2 so u guys talking mess about it go somewhere else this game is amazing i love the new boss on zombies the campaign and new multiplayer league play so good job treyarch

  49. Not even flopper on zombies, and they should have kept nuketown 24/7. Thats the only reason i bought the game and zombies has only 4 maps that you die on with lava. Zombies has definetly been downgraded. Treyarch definetly needs to fix this!

  50. why would you make a game like blak ops. give freedom to create playercards and ban people from expressing there creativity. that is downright stupid.not only is it wrong.its condescending due to the fact that u give people the choice to make innapropriate pictures an ban them. with not so much as a hey u should remove that or suffer the consequence. i would like access to my playercard as would everyone else who had experiece your unfair treatment

  51. Having played on Black Ops 2 non stop (almost) since release date I had achieved Prestige 2 level 30 I have been on today and for some unexplained reason I have been demoted to level 1 again. I cannot understand thIs and am most annoyed I have lost all my hard work . Please advise on how I can return to my previously attained level.

  52. black ops 2 sucks chodes. stop banning people from our emblems. its rated M for mature. you gave us the option to do it. NOW GIVE IT BACK.

  53. can you fix the sprint ..i cant make my player sprint..or and while you are at it fix the spawns. its rediculas spawning right behind the guy who just made a great kill on you and vice you guys even play this the spawning is the worse of any cod yet

  54. i pre ordered Black Ops 2 and when i recieved it on launch date i didnt get what i paid for just a copy of the game i didnt get my nuketown 2025

  55. Im prestige 3 and i got reset for nothing. First it sayed the online servers are down, so i went into local and made a class, then i tryed again and i got the message “Your online profile has been reset” and all of my weapons was gone and almost all of my titles are gone,. Im still prestige 3 but i don’t have any challenges left. I haven’t glitched or boosted but i reported a guy for boosting.

  56. I bought this game with the usual excitement…That all ended very quickly…The multiplayer is a huge downgrade from every other COD title…The spawns are ridiculous…the lack of registered hits with any gun is a joke…I’d really like to know how I can get my $120 back seing as this game isnt even close to that value…maps are tiny and already completely bored with them….either treyarch largely steps up quality or I will never buy another treyarch game again…actually if I’m not refunded I will not buy again because that means they dont stand behind product

  57. Hey i still cant connect to the online servers and honestly im really annoyed. I have bought the game and cant even play it. Ive been calling your support ilne non stop for the past week and no answer. Please help me. I Really want to play the game.

  58. This game sucks major you know what ! I got derancked for no reason no wonder infinity wards is better you guys suck

  59. hi my acount(psn)death_angel99,i always get disconnected from black ops 2 servers very often when im playing online games. Im really getting tired of this problem and i just wanted to check my account and fix it for me so i can play BO2 without a problem.

  60. First i was level 55 prestige 1 and a couple of hours later i was level 34 prestige 1 because black ops 2 had take 21 levels frome my account, can you fix it back cause i’m really pissed of.

  61. YouR ranking system for bops2 is faulty. If the team drops out of grief. It’s counts as a lose. This is not cool. I don’t even want to play anymore because I have 0 downs and get a lose because people drop out. This is so gay. I must have 30 drop outs witch means 30 loses. What are you guys going to do about this. ????????????????

  62. I like playing this game but there are multiple problems. one there are loads of camping still which shouldn’t be allowed. also when trying to delete emblems will just show ‘please wait while emblem is being deleted’ and just shows the treyarch sign going round and round until I dashboard it. there is also a lot of hackers that I have come across. you would think a game like this would be able to stop hackers but nothing has been done. one last thing on hardcore td its good there is no spawn delay but the spawn is stupid. u mainly get spawn killed 24/7 which really isn’t fair. apart from that I enjoy the game.

  63. While playing black ops 2 every 2 games i play my play station automatically freezes. As i play other games nothing happens. I am starting to get worried if my ps3 will get ruined because of the game. so i need you to contact me in regards of this issue so i am informed of what is happening.

  64. i just put blackops 2 in and it said i have been banned but i didnt do anything all i did is play nuketown 2025 so please could you put me back to the prestige i was i was 7th prestige level 51 my name is swiperflex

  65. Black Ops 2 is getting me PISSED I can never join my friends it always says Unable To Join Game Sesion ALL THE TIME NO MATTER WHAT!! all your other games never say that so 2 stars unless you fix this im fine but if not then idk
    oh and the Freezing randomly is CRAP! PLEASE FIX IT ALL!!!

  66. i was playing call of duty black ops 2 and the game froze so i turn it back on and i was de ranked back to level 1 prestige 0 i was Level 8 prestige 4 HELP ME PLEASE my psn name is THE_559_NiNJAH HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Ok guys i was thinking for a new DLC for BlackOps two it would be a DLC for a Zombie’s map for a christmas special i don’t know how to do this but call me at 801-272-3776 and ill talk to you then.. i think it would be a big hit in the Zombie’s maps it would be a big hit just call and well talkbout it and im 13 and its a good idea

  68. yes i have a problem im a call of duty gamer an my system got hack by a german an a account i never use when i decided to play on it bc i wanted to start fresh i was at a master prestige i had a message saying youll thank when u play . idk what todo an i dont wanna get in trouble can you please rsvp i need to know what to do other than that i love call of duty black ops 2 an will continue to play there are just some rumors going around that we will be banned i dont want that i just want my account to be back normal please help i wouldnt be doing this if i didnt want treyarchs help please please fix it

    • My create a class was hacked and treyarch you cant get a hold of them, if you dont fix this their gonna lose money cause nobody wants to play a game where you get hacked this is ridiculous please fix this i was 4 th prestige lvl41 now i lost all my classes and my diamond camos on my specials that i got legit unlike those master prestige hackers please fix this all i wan to do is have fu with a game but how can i when all these hackers that should be deranked and banned from multiplayer are always being a pain and hackin people for no reason

  69. Your guys SERVERS SUCK BALLZ!!!, four bars and I still lag, sub machine guns over powered, if your not ready to handle the masses playing multi player don’t release the game you corporate money hunger bastards. We all paid a lot of money to be able to play lag free. That is all

  70. ive been demoted from prestige 1 lvl 12 back to the beggining ? can you please tell me why? i havent cheated or anything!

  71. i was hacked to level 15th prestique i didnt want to get in trouble so i reset my stats now im a level 1 and i was a level 2nd prestique 29 what do i do

  72. I must say i am disapointed with black opps 2 especially when i read the bit about cheats will be kicked off I am amazed at hte way you just put a lag on the controls and call it another level when you stand face to face with an oposition empty 6 to 8 rounds into him at point blank and he shoots you with one shot or how the opersition can through a grenade the length of a football field with pin point acuracy and you can only through one half the distance or get shot wit a weapon from a distance you cant hit them with so i think you are the cheats here and we are the one getting cheated with third race games there hasn'[t been any thing decent since modern warfare 3 your games are half as long but still the same price what a shame hope the next call of duty step up a bit .

  73. way to many glitches yesterday i say a kid out of the map on bo2 and just recently some kid placed down 5 gold riot sheild then pulld out a m27 and a dimond b23r

  74. i want to show u my idea to support cancer i have a facebook group for black ops 2 and i thought u could go over and send me an email to so heres my of black ops 2 join me next year to raise money for cancer and i will see that next year the makers of black ops 2 make a week of x2 xp after we have a fundraiser by selling chocalate or a lemonade stand or whatever u want but it will all go to st. judes research center.

  75. Dear treyarch I was level 40 in black ops 2 prestige 10. The next time I went on to play it said my profile was corrupted and it could only put me back to prestige 10 level 31. I have been trying to get a gun gold to get diamond camo for the sub machine guns and now that time has been wasted that I’ve played I am not happy, can you some how bring my stats back up please??
    Thank you
    Laurence Timpano

  76. Can you give me back my account back please I didn’t no you can get deranked I’m serious I’m very sorry about it please give me it back 1st prestige level 55 I’m so sorry please give it back my account awesome_cody55

  77. hello, ive just bought your wonderful game black ops 2 the game is great both zombies and multiplayer,i have one suggestion for zombies you should implement killstreaks into zombies and make like a killstreak box like the mystery box, this will cos 1,000 points. thank you for your time.

  78. If you see a Master Prestige with 5 days played, 2.60 or higher K/D and a low W/L record Report them. Not to mention they think it’s cool to use their diamond weapons….

  79. Hi treyarch I have been with you guys since the first call of duty and I love the games but on black ops 2 the things I hate are one I hate when you search for a game and when you get into a game your team is getting smashed by the other team and number 2 is I hate the prestige master glitch I would like you guys to reset those players back to level one thank you and on the first thing u should put the person searching for a game in a new lobby and not into a game that u are getting smashed in thank you so much for taking time time to read this and fixing these problems?!!!!

  80. How does the matchmaking work I am currently a platinum rank 2 On a 42 game win streak of 130 season wins. What do you have to do to rank up divisions. Do i need to go on a 50, 60 or 70 game win streak to be considered for division jumping. Please respond back. Thanks and happt holidays

  81. Hello,
    I was only wondering why Black Ops II only has clan ops for Core. I’m in a hardcore clan and have to do core to help the clan out. There needs to be more for the hardcore players. I did like the HC kill confirmed. Just a friendly not and to say keep up the awesome work.

    • Hey treyarch team I just wanted to know if u would give me something I really wanted but can’t get that’s all u can call me or I can call you maybe thank you and have a good day

      From,your fan

  82. how about adding recoil to gun fix the crossbow its terribleyou try upgrading it its terrible you have to sticck the to get a kill yet if they stand on the bolt they dont die fix it so they die

  83. Hi,

    Just want to ask about Black ops 2 multiplayer lag. I have played all call of duty games and I find this the the worst for lag. I do appreciate that there will be lag but its unbelievable. I have fired lots of bullets into other guy but he kills me. Checked kill cam and it shows me that I have not even lifted my gun. I am shooting at the opposite team and it feels like the person or persons have lag switches as it all slows down shooting them and then I get killed. I play on xbox 360. I have a 30mb connection with virgin media any help on sorting this problem out as losing serious interest in the game.

  84. To who it may concern black ops 2 zombies is very annoying when trying to play with just two people, if you play custom games it doesn’t count to highest round on the leader-boards, i would like to know if you are planning on making the custom games count to highest rank. I suggest that you do an update so custom games count towards highest rank but only if nothing is changed. You could also bring a private match option to the game so you can play with 2 or 3 people without random people joining in. I have heard a lot of people complaining about this problem. I know a lot of people that try to play with just 2 people but cant get it to count on the leader-boards when on custom games, me and my friend have been trying to play just me and him for almost 2 hours can you please update this as it would improve the game a lot. Reply to my email as i dont have a published website. Sincerely Liam bircher.

  85. can u put my round on the leaderboards coz i was playing with my friends daddys on one and knickyb and it counted for them and not me we all got to round 33 and you can even look for yourselfs if u dont believe me coz u can look on there theater im in there game all the way through and my name is F34RLESS 97 by the way plz fix this

  86. I wish you guys can make it easier to level up in zombies or make it so we can reset our stats because many zombie players including myself are stuck on skull with blue eyes please it will be a blessing

  87. Hello trey arch, I love call of duty but I had a question are you guys making a black ops 2 zombie map hospital , you guys are going to release it January 1 2013 thanks and write me back as soon as you can

  88. I mean where to begin? Honestly this is te worst multiplayer game in history. I seriously can not believe treyarch released this game with this many glitches. Let alone for how long the game has been out and still have not fixed the glitches. It’s te only game out of my collection of ten or more games that constantly freezes my system. And don’t you dare say it’s my system treyarch because I have tested that theory with other games and does not freeze my system. You created this game knowing the glitches that you left and just sat back and collected your money. To that I say F*** YOU!

    I mean come on. Your going to sit there and receive all these complaints and still not do a damn thing to change it. Were your customer for f****** crying out loud. We pay your bills, put on that horrible table of yours. And you just toss us to the side like were nothing. I mean you don’t even send out thank you letters to any of the players saying “thanks you for your feed back. WE APPOLOGIZE” no you just collect another check and go on with your day. Pitiful f****** pitiful. If treyarch has anything to do with another call of duty, I WILL NOT PURCHASE IT! and here is a list of the reasons why, keeping in mind that no other call of duty had any of these problems
    2. Constant loss of host which leads to lost connection of the game
    3. Sound glitches on both zombies and multiplayer ( seriously W** if that treyarch?)
    4. Still will have a full lobby and take more then five mins to start a match
    5. The allowment of spawn campers and total upper hand of moded controllers
    6. Feezing of console
    7. prestige hacks
    8. Constant loss of party members when starting or ending a game
    9. Ps. I’m sorry but if you already have this many problems why did you release the game. I hear halo is flawless right now.

    I can go on and on and on but this is really starting to frustrate me. Even as I play the game now I was kicked from the party I was playing with, TWICE! I sincerely hope you get your f****** s*** together treyarch, because this is starting to become absolutely ridiculous.

  89. Call I duty black ops 2 ps3: the call of duty black ops 2 in playstation3 keeps freezing an having an annoying fuzzing sound it’s not just me I googled it and every one has it and all my mates have it to it a piss take

  90. Also, what the he’ll is up with being put in matches where the team you are on is already loseing, by ALOT! and have you read your reviews treyarch? Not a single one of them is positive. Speaks alot about your companies character.

  91. Zombies is horrible when you get past level 20 it lags too much and kicks all players out of the game. That honestly needs to be fixed ASAP. We need to creators or something.

  92. Hey I would like to say on zombies black ops and at waorld at war to make our deaths less easy to be killed by zombies it’s simply not fair for two hits and we are dead:( pls make it at least 3 or 4 hits pls

    From: Antwan and Nachelle

  93. Hey I have a great idea take the auto lock aiming system out of the game so people can’t quick scope it ruins the game and is the reason I am taking it back. I don’t understand why it is difficult to figure out. I will no longer preorder or purchase any call of duty game now until it gets fixed. Also the spawn camping on nuketown is ridiculous it shouldn’t be hard to spawn somewhere relatively safe and not immediately when we’re back in the game have a red screen from spawning into bullets. It would be a great game if it weren’t for these issues that seem to be in every call of duty game. Hopefully you try to fix these problems with this game or at least the next game.

  94. Easter egg: After you turn the power on then off do you then have to; make navcard reader thing, power up with jet gun, put nav card in: then will the bus stop in front of the blocked road (one just before diner) and you have to clear it. then it continues and that is the second route. Please reply

  95. I keep getting disconnected and it is irritating. I have reset my router and ps3 and it still is disconnecting. i moved my ps3 closer to the router and it was fine until a little bit ago. I was playing and I needed 4 Bloodthirsty medals, I got them, finished the match and disconnected and lost everything. I am tired of it.

  96. May you guys make black ops 2 zombies for the iPad,iPod, iPhone , I posted a video on YouTube telling if you want black ops 2 zombies for the iPad iPod or iPhone they all wanted it
    I’m begging you guys please you will make double the cash if you make black ops 2 zombies for the iPad iPod or iphone

  97. lag lag. i just took out black ops 2 and cruched it into small peices.the multiplayer sucks all i get in every match is a level 9 no perstige that has a golden gun and they get 50 kills every game and only 9 deaths. plus the guns suck i shot at one guy 5 times with a shot gun head on and he just walked right up to me and knifed me. who ever reads this do not get any of treyarchs games because they barly watch their games!!!!!!!!!

  98. PS3 server!!! Your server suck, I paid 70 euro for a game that you cant play online without problems… last time I spend money on your games.

  99. In the upmost respect for your black ops games I still am very disappointed that the black ops zombies level mission moon has screwed me and other people and numerous amount of times. The thing that disappoints me is that in later rounds in the game the perks such as max ammo and Insta kill and double points, they occur less often and they they come up with crappy perks like firesale which we don’t need and then and then when we get a max ammo then it stays for about two seconds and leaves right away it it pisses us off. But if you could come up with an update in blackops one that could fix all this it would be perfect and lastly if you could also do like flopper in blackops 2 because when you get Mustang Sally and like the Raygun it downs you easily and it makes it less fun and that is why a lot of people I think play blackops 1 on zombies over blackops 2 zombies

  100. Where did my Diamond Camo and like six of my levels go. Ive put a lot of work into getting gold for all of my sub machine guns. And the other day I finally completed all of them had my diamond skin played a few games then got off. I Get on today and its like I never even got on or did anything, I was down maybe four levels from where I was and still have to complete my scorpion skins to get diamond? WTF?

  101. I am selling 2 copies of your game bops2 because i am SICK of playing with hackers and glitchers. This is hands down the worst game i have seen for rampid cheating. All they do is ruin our stats and our gaming experience. Whats the point of trying to build a good combat record?? No patches and obviously nothing being done about it. I will NEVER buy one of your games again. 80 friends of mine and myself have been playing C.O.D. for years now and we are all very dissapointed. I bought the hardened edition for me and my wife and i am sick to my stomach that i WASTED my money. I feel like iv’e been cheated by your company. This game has some of the Worst issues i have seen on a C.O.D. game EVER. You people make me sick, you release the game before its ready and make us pay. You are nothing but theives stealing our money. Never seen more spawn killing and general hacking in one game, and the host lagging and matchmaking is a joke. I am encouraging EVERYONE to return your copy of bops2 and help me to make a statement that we will not be taken advantage of and cheated. All you hackers and modders and glitchers, you make me sick to my stomach. So what are you going to do about it Treyarch and activision ?? I doubt anything. What a waste of my time and money. Not to mention, my ps3 system has frozen 32 TIMES!!! since i’ve had this game and most of those times had to do a system restore. So are you going to replace my system when it fries itself because of your game?? I highly doubt it because you don’t care do you Treyarch? I tried to give it a chance, but it has gotten rediculously worse. Sincerely, Irate customer.

  102. I,m couldn’t agree more. This will be the last Treyarch game I will purchase!!! I,m disgusted to say the least however, I can not believe they did not incorporate HC Domination.

  103. WTF?!? I would say I am not a hardcore player but after playing a couple matches with my son online while he is visiting from cali, I go to play by myself and receive the message saying my profile was corrupt and have been reset back to lvl 53. Ok fine whatever but I now have zero unlock tokens and all perks and attachments and kill streaks I had need to be unlocked again. If my account was truly taken back to we’re it was why in the world don’t I have all the stuff I had unlocked with my tokens? This is getting ridiculous and customers will be taking their. Usiness elsewhere if this doesn’t get fixed and of course customer support is zero help

  104. Vorrei Sapere per cortesia i Motivi per il Quale il mio LIVELLO chiamata do del dovere black ops 2 has been azzerato???

  105. I’m writing in hopes you actually read this review. Your most recent mistake you made black ops 2 is the biggest piece of crap game I’ve ever played. Tell me please where it’s okay to have the player with the worst signal be the host for the game. What the hell were you thinking when you thought of that idea. Please I’m really anxious to hear your answer on that one. I’ve been playing this Francise for quit some time and this is definitely gonna be the last game I purchase from your crap developers. So please respond I really want to hear the answers you have to the question. Finally one more suggestion please have an update that actually does something to correct the issues in the game.

  106. I love black ops 2 zombies but please make black ops 2 zombies for the iPad iPod or iPhone please you made black ops 1 zombies for the iPad iPod or iPhone can you do black ops 2 zombies

  107. Black Ops 2 isnt bad, innovative and definitely changed the style of gameplay, but there are definite issues that you need to work out. Till you guys get your issues fixed this game is still inferior to MW3 and will result in the same 4 to 6 months of BLOPS then back to MW/series.

    My biggest problem with black ops 2 is that you guys changed from selecting the person with the best connection to be host and now its the person with near the worst. What is the point in having fast internet connection if you are never host? In MW3 i was host at least 75% of the time, noobs are host and they leave, then it migrates hosts like 3 times a game. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP, follow MW3 host migration/selection. If its not broke dont fix it.

    Lag compensation, this one pisses me off alot but i deal with it. I’m so close to down grading my internet like a poor person so i could get the advantage like all these noobs, i shoot first and go through half the clip, only the last 3 bullets may register and i get taken down by a hand gun? I didnt know five-sevens can beat the FAL?

    If you truly listen to your customers and value their opinion please address these issues. I’ve been playing the COD franchise for the past 6 years and purchase all map packs for each. Please fix this game or trust me, you will see a decline in players.

  108. I like this game but there are too many glitches like some on tranzit that really annoy me and the big one on multiplayer the master prestige glitch. People ask for peoples passwords and emails and they go on there account and give them master prestige which really annoys me because they have every thing unlock and heaps of unlock tokens. I could go on and on about all the glitches in this game. I like this game but it’s a shame theres so many glitches for people to do and to get in to. I also hate people going and modding black ops 2 because I have joined lots of modded lobbies and it gets very annoying and needs to be fixed.

  109. My Black ops 2 game is glitching really bad I have tried to reset my system and it won’t work I keep getting green and black and white screens and it affects of my experience with the game and is a big disappointment I wish you guys can fix this as fast as possible or probebly give me another copy or my money back.

  110. Please can you improve the zombie severs because today when i was on a high round its sign me out of the treyach servers and game over. second can you put invite only back on because noobs join my party. thank you for your time please get back to me as soon as possible and change the servers thank you.:D

  111. call of duty black ops 2 keeps frezing, i thought it was my playstation so i sent it off for repairs, thank goodness it was still under warranty but it still cost me $15.90 in packaging at ups plus being without my playstation for two weeks. i could have bought a dlc pack with that money! i am Drankins_213

  112. if you are the people that control call of duty elite then could you please tell me why the legit champions of the clan ops are not getting there badges… people are getting there life time conferms? please tell me thanks.

  113. ive been playing bo2 ever since it was fist releast. im going on my second prestige and a few weeks ago i got my perk unlocks, tokens, sixth create a class deleted and challenges deleted. the second time it happened, witch was just a few days ago you gave back the sixth create a class but nothing else was restored. i dont want to go ashead and prestige again until this is resolved. please get back to me asap please, and thank you for you time.

  114. So, I bought the season pass for BO2 when I bought the game when it came out awhile back. Nuketown zombies was suppose to be included in that pass. I paid $50 on top of the $60 I paid for the game. I have the code and reference number on my receipt. Please contact me and fix this issue. I paid for this and have not been able to play it. I should NOT have to pay for it again

  115. My friend got deranked on Black Ops 2 to rank 1, no prestige when we got on Black Ops 2 today were on my PS3 he is so mad right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Black opes 2 was the best war game but on zombies you guys should of made a free roam mode but thanks for all the games hop you use my idea in the next zombie games you mack

  117. hello im writing to u today because im really pissed, i was a level 54 with a gold CQB that took me forever to get gold and you take it away, now i don`t care if you keep me at 52 i can get back those levels but i want my gold CQB back that i earned and DIDN`T cheat for, i don`t boost!

  118. My nuketown 2025 map is green the complete map is green and all its features i dont know what to do could you please email me A.S.A.P. thanks

  119. I recently logged into my account on Black Ops 2. After I signed into my online multiplayer account I recognized that my account has been reset back to level 1, prestige 0. Yesterday I was a level 41-43, prestige 1. I would like to know how that is possible and if there is something you can do to get back my account stats.

  120. my black ops 2 classes for multiplayer keep getting reset and i do not cheat or anything and its realy frustrating because i loose all my unlock tokens any way to help out?

  121. if u make blackops 3 can u have alex mason as a general and bring back tank demaey in the zombies that will really boost up ur sales and everthing u need to complete the call of duty games thanks and good bye

  122. Black Ops 2 is a great game full of cool new weapons & gear. I only have 1 problem with it- the online multiplayer is lagging out on me 3 times EVERY SINGLE DAY. It may happen more, but after the third time I quit & play something else. I have MW3 and there’s no problem when I play that. Now I understand the game is relatively new so I try to chalk it up to inexperience in the online gaming arena, but it’s getting out of control. Black Ops 2 is the hottest game out right now, & us diehard gamers can’t enjoy the game when these kinds of technical problems wreck game after game, day after day. I’d just like to see Treyarch do something- whether they upgrade their servers or whatever they need to do to fix this problem. I’d hate to have spent $60 on a game that I love but can’t enjoy. PLEASE TREYARCH, HELP US!!! your loyal fans everywhere..

  123. Hey Treyarch, I’ve been reset to prestige 0, level 1 from 9th prestige. I know the reason why, that is I Boosted. I am begging for another chance to get my rank back. I will never boost again I promise. I am begging my heart out. I am begging so much, please give me another chance. You don’t know how time I spent in this wonderful game. If you can help me, contact me at my email. or on Xbox Live Monkeyyysss.

    Please, Please, I promise you I won’t boost again!

  124. Everytime they “fix” or “adjust” something the game gets a little worse not a little better, so asking them to fix anything is just going to make it worse

  125. I have a serious problem with the Leaderboards in Zombies and would like very much to get it worked out. Could someone please respond back to my attached email so that we might get this resolved. I have all the same problems with multiplayer as those above me, but I have given up trying to play it and have resorted straight to Zombies. I am now starting to have serious problems with it and am getting very discouraged. I have received multiple error codes and my game freezes up in the middle of game play. When it comes out of the freeze, if it doesn’t kick me out of the lobby, the map becomes pixeled and all objects look like they are in Binary code. It’s like something out of the Matrix. I’m not a designer nor engineer of the game, so I know I shouldn’t be seeing that. I look forward to some help in these matters.

  126. I would like to say that I believe there is a problem with the black ops 2 game mode : kill confirmed.

    its unfair to those who kill that the tags are worth 100 points to everyone, because team mates run and beat us to our own tags, stealing our points.

    I think that the points given for picking up someone else’s tags should be dropped to 50, while picking up the tags of someone you killed should still be 100. Also, when someone else picks up your tag it should also give you 50.

    It is plain annoying trying to get a streak, watching a teammate race you to a tag, and then dying right away, so the score streak points were wasted.

  127. Please fix the all the nonsense on COD BLK OPS2 the game a become a joke to allow so many people to have hacks and cheat codes you guys are to big of a business to allow this to continue.

  128. cod bo2 is the best war game in my opinion but there is a few flaws like the knifing and lag but i had an idia about a zombies map i want one dlc to be in a prison but it should be like the style of the first zombies and also there should be a map in a high school.

    plz plz plz plz reply

  129. Blackops 2 spawns in domination is terrible. Also 90% of guns are either over powered and the others i cant tell because there are to many over powered guns.

  130. So i was playing local with my friend and then i go online and all my stats are gone i was prestige 2 level 10 now im back down to level 1 cmon please fix this problem

  131. treyarch give something bk to the gamers!! stop putting the $$$ in your pockets!!!!! but u wont. so everybody dont buy the thing they bring out. i have so many times, not worth it. sell ur game and go on bf3.

  132. i have been a loyal cod owner since cod 4 ps3. i would like to that your search and destroy on black ops 2 is turning into trash quick, with team killing. i am almost done with this game if something is not done about this issue. suggestions are do what ward does, as ricochet kills

  133. I have a problem from downloading the season pass like I have the calling card but it didn’t give me nuketown zombies map

  134. Please tell me why the hell I payed extra for hardened? if I had known I was goin to have to pay extra for future dlc I would have got normal game and got season pass. im so angry why was the suppliers not informed and they could have worned people in shops. to hell with nuketow 2025 and nuketown zombies which is crap. give me my future dlc.

  135. Dear Treyarch,

    You guys seriously need to fix the multiplayer for xbox live. Everytime i join a game im either put onto the losing team or the game ends/starts when i join. Its starting to piss me off. And you guys need to make a system to where if an enemy tries to spawn camp the other team, you make them die instantly because i have been in multiple games of where that happened and i get probation for leaving. You guys also need to fix the knifing system because i have been in multiple knife battles with people and it took my nearly 5 mins to kill the guy. Get rid of the lunge-ing. and fix the online play. it would make a lot of people happy.
    P.S. you should make a poll on the game to see if anyone else agrees with me.

  136. Multiplayer unlocked carbon camo for type 25 used it on gun in game.Next day I still have to unlock carbon camo please explain why !!!

  137. Ok i admit this but i accidentally reset my stats when i was prestige master and i had a back up account that i did the prestige master glitch on and when i reset i did the glitch to get my stuff back but now my stats are screwed up my career was 3518275 and my other stats were pretty high (especially SND ) now everyone calls me a hacker can you please at least give me average stats please that would be healpfull

  138. There is no need to say anything else.Treyarch, you guys need to send out a major update fixing all issues with BO2, this game is a BIG let down especially when you think about B01. BO2 feels like the game was designed for campers just like MW3 but worst, the big stages, hiding spots every where,smg’s with so much advantages bigger ammo clips,more mobility and quicker aim.and gun attachments like target finder and mms u guys only promoting camping. Is like u guys forget about the real COD fans and sold out to new gamers who can’t handle multiplayer and kids, y’all Messed this game up.Advise Infinity Ward and Treyarch, get back to MW1 and B01

  139. hi was wondering when i am gonna get my nuketown zombies i payed for the season pass and its still a no show want to know what the hell is going on and when im getting them seems like everyone else has theres

  140. My friend is having a hard time trying to get in to elite on black ops2 . He can’t join my clan if it not working. It won’t let him join

  141. When is HARDCORE free for all returning to black ops2 ?????
    Us older players no not play kids core rubbish
    Please return hardcore free forall

  142. Hi, I was banned for using the emblem creator forever, but that was only my first offense and my emblem wasn’t even that bad it was a “Nazi Emblem” I’m pretty sure you get a lot of those haha, but I was reported by a guy because he was mad that I was winning an my emblem just gave him a reason to report me. Its been a little over 4 or 5 weeks since that, but my thing is, is that was my first time ever getting reported an I should have gotten 2-3 weeks of ban from emblem creator and I would’ve learned my lesson, but I can’t ever use it after my first offense. I’ve been trying to find a way to contact someone to resolve this because I’ve seen people with profanity like a penis or even a black man hanging from a tree and they get reported an they get banned for 2-3 weeks, but my Nazi emblem got me banned from emblem creator completely. So if someone could please get back at me I’d much appreciate it. Thank You. Ohh an I’m on pS3: Nef-SiN is my PSN name.

  143. Hello good morning it`s the third time I fall or I mistakenly prestige that but I upload that game costs very little due to time and I`m sick I want to rise to the level it was at least like me that ye would contact me carefully Ander greetings
    PD:If I would speak in Spanish better

  144. You really need to make an update to fix the horrible connection, and underpower the try hard guns (SMGs) also you need to make a sniping game type where only snipers can be used, im sick of playing games where im sniping and people spray me with an automatic, battlefield does it you should try

  145. dear Treyarch first off I want to say I love your game and on xbox I prestige 3 times in black ops but my stats were reset on saturday and I would like to get them to the previous level The reason I believe my stats were reset was due to one match when I got into a search and destroy match with a hacker and he changed my war machine stats to numbers that were negative and letters this frustrated me but I did not pay much attention to it since it was my war machine stats but then you reset all my stats and made me into a level 1 prestige zero the only thing that saves my stats are on the leader boards my kills,points,deaths,score and time played all show up on the leader boards so Treyarch I love your game black ops 2 is amazing but please set my stats back to my 3rd prestige as soon as possible my xbox gamer tag is vG wolfpack please message me back thank you vG wolfpack

  146. Treyarch what trully happened to Viktor reznov unlike…some Americans yo u think its great…that you insult you country men characters to die as if they had no importance…very prejudice….if you killed Reznov in any disgraceful way…I’m never playing another damn call of duty clan and so will my clan…so stop riddling and making secrets…wtf happened to Viktor Reznov

  147. I love call of duty… However I wasnt a fan of blackops I thought guns were over powered, the spawn system was shocking and ghost was terrible. You have sorted the perk ghost brilliant….

    The spawn system still is rubbish. I seem to spawn take one step and bang!!!! Dead again its so frustrating.

    Also I can’t seem to win a gun fight I get beaten more often then not even when I shoot first. I get how certain guns act differently but iv tried all of them doesn’t matter I die first.

  148. I know its probally really hard to do but I liove it to be able to make Custom Zombies on PS3?! If it was for COD WAW or Black ops 1 or 2 i wouldn’t mind any of them working I love being able to play custom zombie maps I know there not made by you but I still think you could charge money for people to be able to do it and make a lot of money. Just think you get paid and don’t have to do the work of making the maps. I know it would be pointless fun maybe a leader board separate just for custom zombies? I know I pay whatever to get custom maps on PS3 and I know lots of others would too! Please reply..

  149. There are many friends i play w on black ops 2. Out of these, we all have various types and speeds of internet ranging from 6-50 meg download speeds. One match wont lag but the very next will. And sometimes in a row this happens to us all. So its not our internet its the COD servers. There is a large group thats deciding not to get the dlc or anymore cod games for this. Its sad because it has potential. I have bought roughly 200 xbox games, cod performance lacks so bad im considering giving up on gaming. I kno what the excuses r for the lag but its not all our internet because of the inconsistency in our connection. 95% of the people ive talked to agree. Please message me if this ever gets fixed or if theres a date to fix this soon so i may continue gaming. A better lag copensation by supressing the amount of dload/upload would be sweet. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Carroll

  150. I agree. I dont work for them, but First thing this game needs is better servers. Theyre horrid n they blame it on our internet but no other games give us this much problem.

  151. Hey Treyarch …
    I have a problem i didnt become my extra class when i go a prestige up and i didnt become my Durable Unlockable. Soo i hope you have a answer for me …

  152. i have bought every cod game that has come out and this black ops 2 is awful, im on my 6th prestige, and i have completley tested out this game by now, and i tell you what, this lag,glitchuing, and hacking that is continuing needs to be fixed. this game was released in november, its almost febuary, this is nonsense at this point. i just wanted you guys to know i will never buy another treyarch call of duty game, and because the gameplay is so horrible, im not even purchasing any map npacks

  153. Treyarch could you please make a custom zombies so you could just play for fun and have unlimited ammo and health etc.

  154. Hi, I bought Season Pass for Black Ops ll, it costs 50 dollars, sorry about my english I live in Mexico, but, when I bought Season Pass, the Bonus Calling Card, I think is called the Deuce, I didn’t got it, and if you alredy know, Nuketown Zombies alredy came out, I just throwed 50 dollars to the trash, please help me, i have it for PS3, please help:(

  155. ok on blackops 2 i used the code for nuketown 2025 then my account got deleted so i made a new one and no i carnt go on bouns and get double xp so please can u send me another code for ps3

  156. Give a real gaming company the rights to call of duty because you suck at it. There is no realism in this game besides knifing you botched everything else. I still have yet to comprehend my bullets and rockets disappearing after I die while they are in mid flight. Also a headshot is a headshot for a reason! It only takes one bullet to the face to kill someone not three. Chest shots usually kill people considering thats where vital organs are! so tell me why leg shots kill people faster. Please explain these for me and if you can not give call of duty to a gaming company who will do it right!

  157. I am trying to get diamond snipers but all of the people using machine guns are preventing me. Is it possible to make a game mode JUST for the players to use their custom sniper class and only allow snipers?

  158. Hi,I just presteiged for the second time on black ops 2 but when I entered it i was put NO PRESTEIGE level 1. I played a few games and i ranked up a little-12.If you can put me to my rank what I should be I would be more than happy. my XBOX LIVE gamertag is xXaerorapidzXx and proof is in my recent games.

  159. I was 3rd prestige level 54 in BO2 and then the game froze so I turned of my Xbox and when I got online again I was level 1 no prestige everything got reset and I did not reset my stats because I do not have the eraser title my Xbox Gamertag is Jesus Christ13 please help me

  160. I got question that its really bugging me. Why on trazit or other zombie maps I play I get This red instint kills and a white instint kill markers at the same time but the red marker goes out before the white marker


  162. i signed in to play bo2… my scorestream count was reset. i had over 174,000,000 kills with the lsat… got new titles that i never had before. had 10 creat of classes know i only have 5 and i lost all the unlocks plz reply and help if possible

  163. This game is a joke, I’ve played cod since cod 4 and am a hardcore player… Why is it core gets everything? Why can’t hard core get a league play and everything else core had? I downloaded the new map pack and everything is in core, this game should be realistic, it shouldn’t take a whole clip to kill someone!

  164. we just got to round 19 20 on call of duty black opps 2 and then the game ended say update required, and it ends the game an dose not save the record!!! if you dont berlive us we have it all recorded my gamer tag is cold kysu xbox 360

  165. I have found myself frustrated with black ops 2 just waiting for the disc to be able to load in game menus. After selecting a menu to be the default I have been unable to access any other mode in the game. When I select them my game will freeze causing me to have to restart my console. I will never recommend any game that treyarch has a hand in simply due to the lack of effort put forth to have menus that function properly. I am disappointed with the lack of true customer support by this multi-million dollar company. If you are thinking of getting any games by treyarch spend the money on Halo instead, it will be better spent with 343 industries

  166. Treyarch team:

    I must say I’m sincerely disappointed in your allowing your negative opinion on sniping play a role when constructing the balance to your game Black Ops 2. Not trying to offend but I’m an avid player and out of any COD you have embarrassingly underpowered the “sniper” in comparison to shotguns/assault/sub machine guns and I’m not specifying on just the power of the sniper.. I remember reading an interview from a member on your team just after the release of BO1, and he compared the cheapness of a quick scope to being the equivalent of a shotgun blast. It is very obvious that those opinions within your team have sadly carried over into BO2. You guys don’t think your shotgun in BO2 is overpowered and cheap? How about your target finding sight that can even see through walls on an already overpowered assault rifle…is that not cheap? It’s amazing to watch an assault or sub machine gunner run at almost sprinting speed and shoot with precise accuracy where if the sniper moves one step his/her shot will be off. I’m not saying that should change for the sniper but it should affect the accuracy of any automatic weapon. There’s a lot I would like to suggest but out of all of my suggestions, to keep up with the ridiculous speed (movement) of the players, QUICKDRAW should most definitely be an option for at least the bolt action snipers. I hate to rag on you all, because you have made an amazing game here. But allowing your opinions to distort the possibility of true/real balance to your game is a complete disappointment. Thanks for your time.

  167. Whats with the hosting system in public matches? I’m tierd of connection inturupted through the entire game without a host migration or the host disconnecting. Why does host migrate to the worst connection in the lobby? Make Host migration only for connections With a 20 mag download speed or to the fastest persons internet in the lobby just like in MW3. Or atleast get the hosting system u had in black ops 1 for black ops 2. Slow internet connections should be aloud to host lobbys. It’s not fair. If u want host get a good connection. Please fix thanks.

  168. you guy are so dumb why would you have it so you get a hit marker with a sniper rifel and any other guns. But its a one it kill with a knife it is the dumbest thing i have ever seen you guys are a dumb for doing that.

  169. The black ops 2 game reset me may you please put me back on prestige 2 rank 13 I would really appreciate it!! 🙂

  170. Dear treyarch
    A few hours ago I was playing bo2 on my ps3, a game I enjoy very much… I was creating an emblem and I was kicked off of the server. It wouldn’t let me get back online to play any matches or mess with my emblems so I played off-line for little bit and when I got back on all my stats were reset. I do not understand why my stats were reset but I’m extremely pissed. I was level 39 prestige 4 my online ID is rebelcross ….please fix it… I spent a lot of time unlocking all that I had and would hate to see it had been for nothing

  171. Call of duty black ops 2 sucks you managed to become the first call of duty in history not to win shooter of the year not even close. This game is so bad and horrible and stupid! Pistols are the strongest guns in the game shotguns one shot and ksg, really across map kills how stupid are you people. The migration host every 2 seconds is bad. Lag you give host to people with the worst connection. Search and destroy is completely ruined. Only good thing out of this whole game is demolition. Take notes from infinity ward and create a good call of duty ones that people like and listen to people that send you guys messages like these it helps dumbies!

  172. Why is it that the guys that pay for quality connections and quality service get the bad end of the stick? Its as if the people that three bar or lag get the advantage over us every time. Please work on this. Oh and campers should get there own lobby! Ha, ha, can’t live with em, but you can definitely shoot em in the head!

  173. I got home from school to play BO2 but the controllers have been changed for me. I can’t see stick layer that is up is up and down is down. All I can see is up is down and down is up. Would you please change this or help me fix it ?

  174. Here is the most annoying part of this franchise. Waiting for 10 plus minutes just to play a match! It never used to be like this until the new DLC came out for Black Ops II. Your servers must be crap, or is it that 500,000 people are all playing at once huh? Come on, the amount of money people pump into your empire, it should run smooth. From a concerned fan who is looking forward to Battle Field 4

  175. Hi I’m a game player of call of duty black ops2.I have been seeing some people with 12th prestige hack .so I’m just letting u no this because it a disgrace to all Call of Duty players so please try to keep that in mind. I know you patched it for 360 but I’ll be better if you also patch it up for PlayStation 3. The,12th prestige name is RYAN-_-KING thank you for Ur time

  176. i have prestiged twice on black ops two and both times i have not got prestige tokens.Why didnt i get my two prestige tokens.Please treyarch can i have my 2 prestige tokens.because at the moment i am really annoyed.i love all the games u have published so please let me enjoy the black ops experience.So please may i have my two prestige tokens.From frodo026

  177. Hi love the game but i cant connect most of the time and i cant use my new zombie map for revolution. keeps telling me 2 error(s). it dosnt tell me what they are just that there is 2.

  178. Hi Treyarch i have been playing BO2 since the release and all the gamemodes ive played i dont like so i was wondering if you could make a new gamemode this is the idea:

    Name: Protect the base.
    Score limit: 250
    Map size: Small and medium.

    The idea of this mode is for example if your playing on Nuketown 2025 both houses will take turns in being protected and you would have to defend the house for 1 minute then the base advances to the second house then it repeats again in a time limited of 15 minutes, also tactical insertions would be disabled.

  179. I happy with black ops 2 no complaints except can yall fix my stats its said that i have 1098373665 kills with concussion granades and things like that ndd i don’t even use equipment like that please fix

  180. Theres somthing wrong with ma xbox360 acc on black ops2
    some things that i got calling cards that i didnt earn, stands that i used like 2.301471489751 concusions and ma zombie rank got back to the beggining so i hope this isnt banneble or somthin and if it is how can i change it ??

  181. I love Zombies but I’m tired of playin the same thing over and over again, So I buy the Revolution Map Pack n I get 1 Zombie map as usual but It gets OLD QUICK!!! Can you guys figure a way to come out with a Zombie Map PAck with 4 or 5 maps or better yet, MAKE A ZOMBIE GAME for all the zombie fans out there. Just another way for you to get even more RICH and make alot of people HAPPY 🙂

  182. Dear Treyarch I am a big fan of all of your games. I have a big favor to ask…please tell me about the knocking on COD Kin-De-Toten. I have tried many things but cant do anything special. I know you can probably let someone out. Please tell me how to do this. Thanks Kevin

  183. I’m so pissed off I had everything for online all the guns, perks and scorestreaks then 4 days ago it said “f*** you your gonna have to go back to level 39 and deal with it” then today it did it again im never playing online again or buying anything that says treyarch I hate them the first black ops sucked but this is really bad

  184. Please can you help my son Josh get back his presige as it was stripped from him overnight by some kind of bug? Others have had the same experience also, please help as he has worked hard to get where he has by playing a lot of man hours as im sure you understand.
    Kind regards,
    Andrew Brook.

    • The same thing happened to me it has been very stressful getting everything I worked on striped away from me I just need 2 more bloodthirstys to get my sub machine guns diamond.

  185. i dont know y we bother you guys make millions off of us and dont care what we have to say about the sit game that comes out so please tell me why do we bother

  186. Please I just want my rank and gold guns back I was prestige 1 level 35 with golden R870 and type 25 also I was only 2 bloodthirsty awards from getting a gold MSMC

  187. An issue with Black Ops 2.
    I would just like to inform you that there are many players exploiting the game mode Hardpoint. They are using the points from capturing in and out of the hardpoint over and over again giving them constant vsat, dogs, and swarm. Please reduce the amount of points a player can get from capturing a hardpoint. Thanks.

  188. @Treyarch I got ban on Call Of Duty Black ops 2 when I am legal prestige master with 1.90 of kd ratio and a friend told me to do the glitch but I tell him I will got ban for that I Reach Prestige Master LEGAL and he do the glitch and he isn’t ban… he’s psn is ItxtrX Please ban him and give me back prestige master

    I am going buy Season Pass but when i notice that I got ban for any reason I will think to never buy any sh*t of treyarch if they dont respond this comment

  189. Treyarch has stooped down to the lowest level in my book. COD: BO II is horrible. The only fun aspect to the game is Zombies. Even then, a lot of stuff is very bad:

    1. Multiplayer is the most unrealistic representation of gun-use I have ever seen. I’ve shot guns, and none of which was shown in the game is how it really is in reality. You can’t survive a shot to the freaking head with an XPR-50. You just can’t. You can’t survive an RPG projectile tothe ribs or kneecaps, yet Treyarch says you can. It clearly shows on the game. I’m surprised guns can even kill people on the game. Seriously, I am.

    2. I love how on all the Zombie Modes, if you get trapped in a corner, you’re absolutely helpless. In real life, you wouldn’t just stand there. You would at least try to throw a few punches or something. At least put a pushing sequence in the game for God’s sake. Seriously. At least let the player have the option to push the zombie away from you. I think it’s pure laziness from the developers to add in new options or character actions. Fix the sensitivity problems you guys have created. In real life, I wouldn’t just randomly slow down if I’m spinning around to see what’s behind me. I would spin around at one continuous speed. Fix it.

    3. Your internet and online network settings flat out suck. Everyone I know all around the world always has host issues, connection issues, and random back-outs. Infinity Ward has always done a better job.

    4. The game randomly freezes. The quality of all your Black Ops games are very poor. I will not purchase another COD game due to all the continuous issues and quality, not to mention the realism aspect.

    For the record, Infinity Ward has always done a better job. No question.

  190. I got deranked from you lot for apprently cheating on black ops 2 i done it all legit And you lot derank me that’s wet and cold REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  191. Was prestige 5 level 49 logged on and guess what base level 1 thanks treyarch for great game but means nothing now thanks!

  192. Dear Treyarch,

    I have been deranked for no apparent reason. I was level 55 prestige 2 and one day I was level 1 no prestige. I worked very hard for my gold guns and I was about to get diamond smgs please fix this and help everyone else that also have had this problem.

    B. from a concerned gamer.

  193. i am particuarly upset at the probation period you have put iin place for people who leave a game early. honestly if this is what you are going to do i will not buy anymore treyarch products. you still have all the random disconnects and glitches you had on the original blackops but you are now punishing us for leaving a glitching game to play one that isnt glitching. get your act together before you start punishing other

  194. HI i was wondering if this has happened to any one else i was playing Bo2 i went to go have dinner then when i came back to my PS3 it said i was signed out of the PSN i said oh i just must be my internet then i signed back in and it said i was 9th level 36 i said to myself i feel like playin FFA so i looked for a lobby then found one and as soon as i joined it said host migrashion even though we were in the pregame lobby a said oh ill just wait for it to find a new host it got up to 11 and then disconnectr me from the lobby i went back to the main menu then went back into a party and as soon as i got into the party it said i was level 1 like i just stared the game but i still had my showcase and my emblems but level 1 is there anyway i can be ranked back up to my old level and all my diamond and gold guns plzzz help me my PSN name is Retro_PulSe-

  195. I am very disappointed in this game and Treyarch especially. I bought this COD:BO2 two months ago along with my ps3 and it was nice at first until it wouldnt let me hear anything unless I was in campaign mode. I stopped playing that til my internet got hooked up. Now that I have went prestige for the first time on this version of COD it wont let me CReate A CLass?>> I will never buy another lame game from you guys with this reputation you wont be in this industry long. Ive gotten lied to from someone who posed as an employee through email,,got the run around, and now that Ive done a couple searches on google im sure there aremillions others with the same or similar problems. So dont tell me its too much info for my ps3 to process

  196. this game has so many probs When some newb can run through your bullet fire over and over and then you get you kicked and put on probation WTF?????? I s this the answer to rage quitting TRY HARDER all YOU did was make playing with strangers a pain it seems like there is one in every lobby that is just out to mess with the team effort. Hell i have caught team mates shooting my bouncing mines,as well as score streaks why dont you kick them.EXAMPLE= this gamer stands on my bouncing betty and shoots it three times in one game(true story) i get kicked. He then follows me to another lobby does it again and then again same results each time now im on probation WTF???????????????????????????????


    station- xbox 360
    gamertag Easy JLahh
    prestege 0 level 53
    now at rank one
    plz help if u can i have had a golden DSR 50 and a tacbase 45 siberia

  198. i think if people quit out of the game not due to internet connection the amount of kills they had should be taken away from the team they were on that way people cant just win with only three people after starting with 6 people

  199. Hi treyarch I lm reporting something buggy that happened to me and i went to go play zombies online because I had Internet problem and signed out but I went to connect to online service and it took a couple seconds then…… It said u stats are now erased! I was surprised when I had only a bone! It was very hard work with getting blue skull! I have all my kills on the leaderboards I’m still in the spot I was but I wasn’t a blue skull I hope u some bow get me back to blue skull my Ps3 account is Crystal_Crusher2 And no joke but THIS REALLY HAPPENED I Swear to god! Please don’t think it’s not I lost all my money in bank but I don’t care but my level Yes!!! Please fix it thank you I hope u read this treyarch I’m serious about this btw I love bo2 zombies and multiplayer maps and map packs

  200. i need a review on my current problem that is my account reset problem, i entered a local match versing bots only and left the game to play multiplayer again only to find everything of mine had been reset apart from emblem, clan tag and calling card which were left the same please reply..

  201. I’m just wondering when you guys are going to fix the sever problems…for the last month the servers have been nothing but junk…over half the players have 2 or 3 bars only…it really screws the game play really bad…it’s getting to the point where I’m about to say forget BO2 and go to halo…and before I do I’ll make sure I let everyone on my friends list know to jump ship along with me and to let their friends know also…I mean come one we all pay good money for the game the map packs and the service the least you can do is keep the severs up to par…hell even infinity ward kept their stuff running good…no point in playing if the servers are nothing but junk…

  202. this is one of the most worst game makers that i have seen in a while. I have had nothing but problems with almost all of there games. black opps 2 is the worst of them all i must say im very disapoitned in the way u tend to your games i have been hacked 4 times and friends of mine have been deleted because of ur game black opps 2. now either you guys do something about or i will have you shut down and now you zombie part of black opp2 is messing up once again i am very disapointed in treyarch u really need to pay attention the next time u decide to make a game and do a better job to keep hackers out of it. Make more mainframes if needed but im tired of this happening. thank you for ur time to reed this but hopefully next review is alot shorter.

  203. Black Ops 2 was a waste of my money,has to be the most hacked game since MW3.Sick of all the hackers and those using modded controllers with rapid fire,god mode,permanent vsat,auto aim etc.Every second player in a lobby I have encountered in the last 6 weeks have been using ALL of these things at once and reporting them does nothing.Also sick of watching level 1-3 level not even prestige 1’s running round with gold guns etc.
    It’s easy to tell they are using these things as the entire game goes into warp speed or lags when there are 3 or more hacks/mods in a game.I dont mind losing to guys that are genuinely better than me but all the cheats have made the game virtually unplayable.Sorry I wssted my cashon the season pass as well.I can name at least 6 clans alone that all use mods/hacks in fact it is a requirement of ‘membership’.Cant believe Treyarch won any kind of award for this hacked out game that only brings satisfaction to those who cheat

    • totally agree,you have no prob taking our hard earned money and make us look as if we are the ones cheating….selling everything i own from treyarch…unacceptable

  204. here is a list of people that i have seen stand on a team mates bouncing betty and shoot it with the intentions of getting the other player kicked this is B.S TREYARCH do something these 4 idiots are from one 3 hour game period WTF!!!! GAMER TAGS ARE- EmperorMills,J motil,MasterOfDisaster1,HoldenMFHarper

  205. Hi, I have encountered make a fresh start on my black ops second So I wonder if you can do so that I will be in prestige 6 again. Thanks in advance. I had diamond SMGS. xbox 360

  206. Wtf! Is up with the bug glitch that sent me back to level one, I was level 47 2nd prestige ik it’s not a lot but I had a gold skorpian and Remington both prestigeiskey twice! You should fix that and get our levels and scores back

  207. I have been playing C.O.D. since MW2. Black ops 1 was a descent game but I got kicked out of games a lot. Fine, no big deal. Black ops 2 is freezing my entire PS3 constantly. especially on maps Cargo and Carrier. WTF! I spend $60 to play this game online and have to deal with this! TREYARCH, leave the C.O.D. games to Infinity Ward so we can actually play the game right.

  208. i got hacked and i was in master prestige on black ops 2. I didn’t do the hack or anything i just signed in my account and i started in level 1. What can you guys do?

  209. YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR SERVERS! why the hell am I paying for the best internet if im going to lag and skip across the sceen when it says I have 4 bars! If it keeps up I will not get the next game u make. Unacceptable!

  210. treyarch is one of the worst game makers in the world. I am upset with them tried to call there customer service and all it did was send me to the main intro to the treyarch company. Dont bother trying to call treyarch cause its not worth it thank you for your time.

  211. Can you please fix your complete garbage servers!? I don’t pay for xbox live to get booted all the time for a crappy server connection. It happens all the time. And its not like I have slow internet. I am so tired of seeing a kill cam the is nothing like what i saw on my screen. Even in a zombies match ill get booted from a game. Fix your garbage this is defiantly the worst game you guys have come up with. Huge waste of money. And patch the game to get rid of the stupid glitches in the new zombies. If you’re going to release something, make sure it work first!

  212. Dear treyarch, I played call of duty blacks ops 2 today and for some reason I got deranked I was prestige 8th level 35 and now I’m level 6 non prestige.would sure appreciate if you guys gave back my progress and my diamond guns thanks ,LousyEoin

  213. Hi my name is Brenden. I play call of duty black ops 2 ALOT and have finally completed my zombies map idea. I have been working on for a while I would like to show you my idea and that you would consider it in a new DLC I have Revolution and I love it, however I would like my map to be created. I already have a story behind it and everything. details, weapons, Pack-A-Punch, Mystery Box, boss zombie and all. I would also like to thank you for your FANTASTIC ideas and please consider mine. Please reply. Thank you.

  214. This a compliant to treayarch the creator of call of duty black ops 2
    I’m writing this because you don’t know how to make a military game with logic and fairness e.g. the multiplayer and the stupidaty is when I shoot some one 20 times and they still livedosent make sence I know its a game and all but you got to make it acuret and logical and I know you get a lot of hate mail and I don’t care but the fact is that your game sucks and inaccruet
    Sencirly : unitedcommandos of the psn user

  215. I’ve been deranked on your guyses game (blackops2) five times in the past two days I was wondering if you could rank me back up my gamer tag is XxNoVAScOp3sxX I’m on xbox360

  216. i think my black ops 2 account got hacked becuase i had 3 golden shotguns and then they disappered 1 day. I would appreciate if treyarch fixes this. My xboxlive is Mr Waffles 993

  217. I just got diamond snipers and my stts got reset. I have never hacked any cod. Personally I love cod especially black ops 2 but since this happened I can’t be bothered with it. I play on Xbox and my gamer tag is ItsTomato382058. Please send me an email if you can restore my stats I was level 55 prestige 1 and I have worked up again to level 40 no prestige. Please can you help

  218. Hey, I know you guys get request after request but I have a big request. I know it won’t be done unless I got like 2 million signatures on a petition but I am requesting a cleaning of COD4, World at War, and Modern Warfare 2. What I mean is to get rid of all the hackers. The games are no longer fun because hackers have taken over. If hackers were no longer on the games maybe you could just do a big update for all the Call of Duty games. I know my request will probably just be glanced at then forgotten, but please, fix these games.

  219. Ok- So heading thru a map and some jerk wad that you never even see hits you one time and down you go. Try again, same thing, again…yep, same thing. Ten year old kids running around master prestige and every weapon diamond, 20,000 kills with only 200 wins, unlimited grenades, across the map kills with open sights. Hackers, boosters, spawn killing. For god sake people: I play this game as it is a risk free environment to play in; I ‘play’ in a risk intense environment and can tell you that there is no way an open sights beat a scope; never no way. Please fix the hacks, strip them out of the game, even the playing field. There is no way that anyone should have the advantage due to internet connection speeds. I paid my hard earned money for this game and will not purchase another until I KNOW that these problems will not strip me of the enjoyment I have had with previous games you have designed. Thanks

  220. Come sort them hackers that’s on black ops 2 on Xbox 360 there has already been 3 in the past 4 days and there is one on top spot that’s number one in the world been reported and there he is still number 1 in the world his gamer tag is sizeablefever29 he’s a same hacker even lookin at his combat record I his score is 2.004371e+008 come these guys are freaks and should be band from playing cod and band from Xbox

  221. i am doing this because today i turned on my ps3 and started to play black ops 2 then it said violation of posted security and enforcemeant policy can you ckeck it out please uesername hockeyair

  222. When i was playing, all my classes and permanent unlocks were gone, now i have just prestiged and i can’t get an extra create a class or permanent unlock, my ps3 acc name is sisiowner, i hope you guys from treyarch fix my problem.

    Kind regards


  223. i got deranked i dont know why but im thinking it was because one time i was searching for s&d game and people were spawn trapping

    dear trey arch i am extremely displeased with your probation that you now have instated into black ops 2. i payed 60 dollars with a game i hardly like and you recently added a probation if i leave from a match early, disconnect, or get kicked. it is stupid to add on new ideas after the release which the beta is meant for. i will never purchase any product you release ever again. i have beta tested many games and loved many of them but your games i receive no enjoyment.

    i hope someone actually reads this and not just ignores it like 90% of profitable organizations.
    thank you for your time.

  225. This probation takes the pi55,i payed over £40 for this game.I have the season pass and this is what i get for my money.treyarc you are a bunch of robbing bellends.

    Form a PAYING CUSTOMER!!!!!!!

  226. you make me so mad. every time i play zombies i dont level up because freaks always leave the game. please fix this problem. make us level up even when someone lags out or leaves the game. it will make alot of people happy.

  227. I finally got so tired of the lag in the game that I sold it back to game stop, this game has potential but it’s sad how things are being left unnoticed, so now you have one less customer :(.

  228. I am in 5th grade and not allowed to play video games on school days.i am only allowed to play on fri,sat,and Sunday.i was a glowing skull 5 and over the week when I couldn’t play it deranked me to a skull would be helpful if u could make people stay the same rank.thanksPS. U should make a ALKATRAZ or some kind of jail for ZOMBIES and why did u patch the die rise glitches like the bar glitch

  229. I am having issues with the game connection interruption issues. I am wondering will it get fixed soon. I own a ps3 and I’m guessing it has something to do with the new dlc comming out

  230. This lag as officially gotten out of control, I can understand it takes some time to fix problems but don’t be releasing new stuff if your are not going to fix the old problems. I’m so sick of playing this game cause of the lag and constantly being killed by the same shots I lose to, I’m sick of watching player with the same gun put 2 shots in me to get a kill and watch as it takes 8 hit markers to kill them. Don’t think it my fault either because I have four bar connection and I make sure to connect with parties that your system considers “the best” connection. I bought this game to play with my military friends across the country but now I’m seriously reconsidering finding another multiplayer game for us cause this is in no way enjoyable for anyone who choose to try and play multiplayer without hacks, modification, cheats, or boosting.

  231. Im a wiiU player n we still havent gotten nuketown…i know the wiiU is the least favorite of all the platforms but we still payed jus like everybody else…its not fairu show favoritism to the ps3 n xbox360… My cuz has it for ps3 n he has way more opition than me…wassup wit that

  232. Hi, I was previously playing COD Black ops II and I got a message saying I was weapon hacking, and he told me my weapon stats were F**ked up, so I looked, and i found out i had 123454321234532.089665 kills with the smaw and other guns. But a week before I came on it after a while of inactivity, and my extra CaC slots were gone and so were half my stats. Someone actually hacked my account and boosted my stats. I don’t want to get banned or reported so I wanted to let ppl know I an NOT a hacker and I wanted to not loose my level or my diamond subs 😉 my gamertag is RAIDENxXx1337.

  233. turn off lag compensation just for a weekend lets see what difference it makes the game is crap with a 100meg turn it off stop messing with my broadband asssssssssshooooollllles

  234. Hi I have payed 20 dollars for the black ops 2 map pack but now whenever I try to play on the new maps it doesn’t work it comes up with a checkered screen and I have to sight out to get off it.

  235. please fix the lobbys because i want play die rise on two players but i cannot play only two player game =/
    and the lobbys please fix them to somthimes i cannot get lobbys at all thanks .

  236. Why is it that when you play zombies with your friends in your party you can never find a lobby please fix this problem it so so annoying

  237. hey me and my friends were playing zombies on the great leap forward and halfway of the game one of my friends left. but we kept playing, we then got far as 30 rounds then we all died. when we went to look at the stats it said we didn’t make it to 30 and non of our stats we there. i was wondering why this is doing this and can it be fixed. i have the video of us doing it. thank you for your time and i hope you could help me.

  238. ive had black ops 2 for a while now and i got deranked on multiplayer for no weird reason so im asking for a soulustion my name is KTM x Parts on xbox thankyou

  239. Do you have the power to put everyone in one clan back to level one for “CHEATING” the clan Im in I need to throw under the bus bus because they have done it to me many times because im not worried about my K.D and i don’t cheat. I say about 60% of the guys got master prestige by cheating and or lag switching and need to learn humility . and they think there is no way that they can be taken out of the equation. if you guys review this please send me an email back so I can give you the clan name and the people responsible thank you

  240. This is the worst game ever made. Not because the graphics or player options, but more so because it has destroyed my PS3, and I can not even play the game on anyones PS3 or it freezes the PS3. If you wanna play a war game do not buy Call of Duty Black OPs 2 because it will destroy your PS3 as well, and you wont be able to contact them because they do not seem to care once you buy the game. You will just end up with a game that does not work and a broken PS3.

  241. Playing black ops 2 online is bullcrap. 5 minute probation for “quitting” games is stupid and im never buying a treyarch game again. Hell the servers timed out and I got freaking probation. Then the next game my killstreak accidentally killed teammates and got booted and got probation for that. U have to be kidding me!

    • I boosted and I want to play with my friends and I can’t I’m sorry that I boosted can I play with my friends plz the gammertag is HAWAREDBEY

  242. I have been reset on BLACK OPS 1 from prestige 1 level 41 to NOT PRESTIGE level 4…… WHAT THE IS TREYARCH DOING……………

  243. I paid $60 to play a game, NOT hackers. With all the money made off BO2 you would think they could control the amount of hackers but they do not as one out of every ten games there is someone with over 50 kills and less then 5 deaths. I would also like to k ow how people kill me with one bullet from a handgun, and why certain people won’t die, even after putting an arrow in there head and watching them turn around to kill you after it’s exploded. And finally, I’ve Max prestige all my specials with gold camp and diamond never came, same with launchers and smg’s all maxed with gold camos

  244. I was lvl. 55 and I wanted to prestige and I thought fresh start was prestiging. But I found out it wasn’t from my friends so I need help if u can please help my system is ps3 and my gamertag. Is gokuubeastt101 help please

  245. Hi my name is ben and I think a DLS map pack that would sell is a chernobyl reactor 4 where you are in side of chernobyl’s own reactor 4 or just the power plant because like include places like the control room and one of the reactors I hope you make this happen thank you bye

  246. So your customers pay you billionsright. And you repay them with horrible connections to play the game. How about taking the billions wen provide you and make some dedicated servers and get rid of this horrible host base system? Think about it maybe?


  247. This would most likely be considered hate/disappointed mail. Only if you would like to enjoy my ravings, read on:

    Why oh why did you mess up this game so bad? The graphics are great, the class selection design is wonderful. Still, how could you mess it up so bad??? I’ll tell you how. One, you have not updated the target finder so that there is a delay before it targets enemies. It needs at least a 1/2 – 1 full second before diamonds pop up. Did you ever consider that your aim assist and this bs attachment work together to give the cheater finder too much of an advantage? It bends bullets!!! You don’t have to even aim to kill an enemy. Just be close, is that your idea of fair??? you can cater to noobs but don’t be overindulgent to players who are not good at all. If they can’t compete, they CAN’T COMPETE. That is life. My idea of a delay would balance this situation. Give it a thought.

    On to my other complaint. You screwed the pooch on zombies. I had followed every detail you shred up to the release of BO2 covering zombies. You were gonna make massive towns, areas where you don’t need to follow a linear path to evade zombies, smarter zombies that will learn “you” as you go. The only way I can describe your attempt is a fail. Simple fail. For one, you give us one actual play arena(extremely linear – BUS???? enough said). Sure you broke it up into minute play areas for survival that don’t come close to reaching BO1 level’s. Your financial advisers probably regressed the game style more than any of your developers believed you could in creation. Ask anyone of the level designers for the truth and I bet they would agree that their effort into making zombies a whole game by itself failed because there isn’t enough. Are you so money hungry that you push a piece of crap zombies version onto us so that we buy your map packs hoping, I mean truly hoping, that the next installment will get better? I figured I would purchase the packs just for the new zombies because the originals were worth it unlike to MP’s. All MP maps are the same routine anyways, just new textures and terrains, but zombies was supposed to be a new story in each level. Yet all you give us is a one go-round where all it is is infuriating to deal with. The story is lost to begin with, too much ambient and vocal noise to decipher when it comes to the main points (if there are zombies around which is, well, always), do you not believe developers would be able to lower specific volumes in order to present main plot points to players? I’m getting sidetracked by so many failures to stay on focus. My apologies.

    To fix zombies, you need to go back before your launch and develop several levels, not just two (Farm, Town) stand alone levels where it is fun to play. You should know that your two pathetic stand alones failed. They are boring and way too small for the correct feel of zombies. They need escapes and routes that can’t get overly clogged. I have put 100+ hrs into bo1 zombies because there is always another way to attack you situation, these new maps seem to only allow you to go one way and die or run for a bit and die in another location. Again FAIL. Tranzit has a good feel but there is way to much of a delay between points. If it isn’t too long of a wait, its too short and that isn’t just me. I know you can travel on your own through sections but your Online play isn’t developed enough for every player (except host) to defy the flying vermin. That is a problem with xbox as a whole, the player hosting which ruins your TDM and such.

    Main points: Target finder needs adjustment, you screwed up zombies. Next time, instead of hyping the zombies, put more effort into making your release good enough to play multiple times and most will purchase you follow up so that they may enjoy (or hope to enjoy) the same quality you put into the original.

    I have always frowned upon treyarch for the less than adequate online TDM work and have always believed that IW surpassed you in that aspect (except collision detection in BO2 which BO2 seems to have screwed even more than MW3: I hate humping a trashcan when all I want is to maneuver around it) yet I reserved the idea that your easter eggs and zombie work was creative enough and entertaining enough that you nearly balanced out. After hearing the next installment was to be developed under you, I still held on to the fact that you were going try to over achieve your earlier zombie experience and looked forward to it (You can most likely check that I was online with you less than an hour after your release in CO – DemonicIRISH) but I hold fast that you either lost what you had or are holding out to release the best with your DLC, which I probably will not purchase. I wish you would have stuck with the old school and made it better. Many levels, all separate yet contained to a story, but expanded, larger, more sandbox style. That was my hope. I regret to write this as I usually take it all with a grain of salt but enough is enough. Please make a better contribution to the gaming community next time.

    Thomas Ostdiek

  248. Black Ops 2 has proven to be completely ridiculous. First and foremost, the knifing system. In multiplayer, when I try to knife someone, I either fly straight past them and get knifed myself, or I don’t lunge at all and get shot. I’m just wondering if knifing was overpowered, or if other complaints were filed, or if you just completely gave up on quality programming. Second, zombies is disappointing. I’ve taken to switching back to regular Black Ops to play zombies. I realize that the game is still in production and will be updated, and maybe since it’s taking so long for this one to come out it will be better; but based on what I’ve seen, I’m not holding my breath. Finally, your customer service isn’t all it could be. It took me ten minutes searching through your website before I gave up and found this using Google. Although, given how apparently little effort you put into Black Ops 2, you may have purposely removed such conveniences to protect your lazy backs. In short: I recommend either improving greatly in programming and design, or conceding and giving the rights to Zombies to InfinityWard. They’ve always done an exponentially better job than you. As an unimportant side note: I shan’t be buying your products again.

  249. hello my gamertag is SKY 4 ShotZ and someone has stolen my account and has reset my black ops 2 stats could fix me up please the hacker is ImLuckyDetox

  250. This is so racism!!! there is no Puerto Rico calling card on black ops I’m tried of you “people” with this racist s*** you have to fix it or I’m done with black ops I already have to deal with them racist pricks on black ops every day now you give them a other reason to pick at I know you people in trey-arch are all white never seen a Puerto Rican kid before in your life this makes me so mad I live in Chicago nothing but Puerto Rican kids we play the game every day get in to fights with kids cuz of our race I know you guy just are going to push this to the side cuz you guy don’t care but I hope just one person in your work place reads this and takes action

  251. What is up with this stupid probation thing. I got put on probation because my ps3 froze? That’s just bull you need to fix that and also for lagging out because someone is lag switching come on seriously fix this game!

  252. Dear treyarch you need to update black ops 2 or do something because this game is outrageous at times I feel like I am shooting blanks with these shotguns. No matter what I do for some reason the game wouldn’t let me hit the person also the knifing in the game is just horrendous please change it.

  253. I have a clan right now on Black OPPS 2. WE cant find a single match in any game mode without someone hacking or modifying your game. I didnt preorder this game from you guys just to get moded on. An you next game dont expect me to buy it cause if you cant fix your newest games them im for sure not buying the next games your company relases.

  254. I will not buy another Call Of Duty game again. I payed over $150.00 for the “Care Package”. Not only do i have complaints about hackers,they have made it way too easy to hack. When there are 12 year old “hackers” with extreme hacks in BO2 you know its too easy. Also the Dragonfly i got with the one i pre ordered DOESNT WORK! One would think with money in the billions from ONE game you could afford quality. Nope just more junk. Welcome to the Hollywood type greed in new age video games.

  255. i go on solo zombies on ps3 and it doesn’t let me play on solo it just says creating lobby for ages what shell i do?

  256. Hello about the second week this game came out i put a Swastika on my emblem and it was just the first and i got permanently banned from using the the title and emblem feature its get me irritated how i see people with there swastikas and dont even get banned now that all new titles and things are coming out its get me more frustrated. can i please get that privilege of using the emblem and title feature.

  257. Sort your games out, lag compensation has wrecked the games for me, flops 2 is unplayable with the slow ping times especially against the french i play with a 100meg broadband i might aswell have a dialup what right have you got to mess around with my broadband which i pay for treyarch you are the biggest cheats on the game you are pathetic you couldnt organise a pee up in a brewery turn lag comp off for a weekend and let gamers choose if we need it or not.

  258. Hey, I was wondering if you guys would consider lowering the price on the original black ops map packs. I really want to go back with my friends and do these easter eggs but I don’t think it’s worth 60 dollars. You guys should consider dropping these prices or even putting all of them in a bundle package. Just an idea. I am a die hard zombies fan but I don’t think I will spend over 60 just to play these maps. Sorry

  259. i want to know if theres any way to get a digital copy of black ops2 since i brought 2 cd copys and they dont work on my ps3 system i miss playin please HELP.

  260. PLEASE find more ways to detect and eliminate cheats! The game is overwhelmed with aimbots and other punk ass cheats. Why people would find it more fun to cheat i’ll never understand but the game is becoming non enjoyable for those of us who dont cheat. Please do everything you can at any cost to eliminate these cheats including modicontrollers. If i can do anything to help let me know. Thank you

  261. Help me reset my zombies please all my game stats are messing up seems like I’ve been hacked gamer tags Vara Bendah

  262. Treyarch i love Black ops 2. But when I bought the revolution map pack i can no longer play revolution only. Ive only played downhill once after several hours of playing. Can you please put the revolution option back so you can only play revolution if you want.

  263. Hi i would like to no how to speak to a member of treyarch i think it is joke you pay for the game and you can’t speak to anyone about it the contact number doesn’t work how can i get hold of someone i buy all dlc content but getting sick and tired with this game

  264. Competitive gaming my ass. The lagging, mods,hacks,glitchers are worse than anything! I like how you can’t talk to anyone from Treyarch about these issues and activision ( a multimillion dollar company ) can’t figure out a solution either. Spent 100’s of dollars on this game for myself and family. I think its about time to contact the better business bureau about this DEFECTIVE product!

  265. Hi there I am a very fond player of call of duty but I have recently downloaded revolution and I can’t seem to get an online game with any of the dlc content can you please help me in any way as to get it up and running

  266. Why is trearch putting people on probation? Half the time it’s their servers dropping people from games, or leaving to go play with it not an option that they give you to leave a game? If its that much of an issue,take it out of the game! Quit wasting everyone’s time and start going after the people that are dash boarding or worse.!! I’m an adult and should be able to affect my stats as I see fit, not trearch!

  267. I am really disappointed!
    Can you tell me the reason why the new maps from the black ops II extension pack aren’t available in the “free for all” mode. I bought the maps, but i am playing free for all only, cause I hate the team-matches.
    Is there a change in the near future possible?
    Please answer my question

  268. everytime i go on zombies solo play it will say creating lobby but the option of start match will not come up i have just downloaded the dlc map pack and have not yet played die rise please help me with what to do. Thank you

  269. Hey treyarch i really love your old characters in nazi zombies and i know that im a young kid but i really want to make a comic about them now im smart and i know that copyright is important.So if you let me do this 10% of what i get goes to you and i need and illustraiter and publisher
    if you can help me with this stuff i will be thankful to share and give you the rightful respect you want me to do by the way contact me through the youtube:
    mynameis notcameron thats exact words plz be helpful and let me make people happy about the comic i will make 803-665-0816 ask for cameron thx 🙂

  270. I Have An XBOX LIVE Account And On Black Ops 2 When I First Prestiged I Chose The Permanent Unlock Token And Now Every Time I Prestige I Don’t Get Any Othe rOptions For Prestige Awards Besides My Unlock Token “What Do I Do???”

  271. hey we need more double xp weekends cause ive been hacked and was a master prestige and now im 3rd prestige and for 5weeks ive waited for a double xp weekends and there was none at all

  272. I am from Guam and you know how you guys put all thoughts flags on for the calling card i was disappointed because you guys have Iraq and all thoughs foreign places but you don’t have the Guam flag and Guam is a us territory so I would be happy and all the other gamers from Guam if you but the Guam flag on the calling cards please

  273. You people are garbage. I loved the first black ops and World at war. But this is trash. The zombies suck. The multiplayer sucks. Shotguns are used like sniper rifles in this game. And for some reason you thought there should be a fully automatic shotgun. Because one shot one kills were not enough. Even the ballista, a bolt action sniper rifle has less damage than the KSG. And then there’s your pistols. They are ridiculously overpowered. I have shot people with the SWAT 556 9-12 times but the b23r can kill on its first burst. And then there are target finders which ruins the challenge of the game. It makes your light machine gun into what used to be FAIRLY accurate into something with as much accuracy as the M8A1. That’s rediculous. A weapon has to have its drawbacks. And somehow the knifing is worse. I have seen my knife go across someone’s neck and it did not kill them but I’ve seen people knife the air and get kills. I hate this game with a passion. I loved world at war. The campaign was very detailed. The zombies were good and the multiplayer was good. Same for the first black ops. Black ops 2 is garbage and if I knew ahead of time what was in store for me, I would not even consider buying the game.

  274. Dear Treyarch
    My name is Rodolfo cupa and I am an 8th grade student at Romig Middle School. I am researching video game design and I was wondering if I could use you as an expert source. I would like to ask any video game designer of treyarch some questions through email. Please let me know if you are willing to help with my project and the best way to communicate with you.
    Thank you
    Rodolfo cupa

  275. Black ops 2 is a total flop. Soon after buying season pass the game is unpalyable. I would like my money back please pronto.

  276. It took me awhile to get playing the games but since I have I have grown to love them. What I dont like is getting cursed out for not doing good. its a game to enjoy by anyone or everyone. When you report them nothing is done and then the players harass you. Also I am tired of having my awards taken away. I prestiged again and thins time recieved no award. and yet all my tokens and everything else was reset. I am tired of e-mailing the company to have this fixed. Please do something or I am done with your products and som are the people who introduced me to it.

  277. Treyarch listen, I think there are a couple things that you need to fix. First of all i was on a 60 win streak and i went to get food and came back and it kicked me from the game losing the win streak i think you should change that so it doesnt count as a lose. also why did you nerf the pdw? that gun was so good and now its garbage. You cant nerf guns, just leave them the way they are. I believe mw3 was WAY better than black ops 2 by far.

  278. Hey Treyarch, just thought I’d report this to you. I was checking out the leaderboards on Black Ops 2 for the Team Deathmatch gamemode, and the number 1 player appears to be a hacker. I’m not sure whether or not I should mention his Xbox Live Gamertag, but as I said he is currently No.1. The evidence I have, is that on his Combat Record his stats don’t add up at all. For example, It says that he’s only got 3 kills with the M8A1 Assault Rifle, but somehow he’s gotten billions of headshots with it. Another Example, is that his stats for most guns are showing a minus (-)sign before his false stats, sometimes the stats even have letters in them. Finally, according to his combat record he’s only called in 1 Scorestreak his entire career, despite being prestige 15, and that he somehow got the “Decimated” medal which requires the Death Machine Scorestreak.
    There are a few more examples, but I wanted to keep this as short as possible. If you guys get this message, please reply via my Email account. Thank You.

  279. Can u guys make DLc map pack 2 all my friends have been waiting.i know u guys just made the first one about 1-2 months ago….I think but I know it wasn’t a long time ago so, ya. I was thinking it could be in Paris and I’m not sure if your leaving people hints for new maps or any thing but the is asome and the game is WOW I play all day 🙂 but sadly I’m getting board and not playing that long any more. The new gun can be called…killer…? And is a Assault rifle and can be better! Than the peacekeeper best gun ever. When are the new camps coming out for ps3 or pc
    The new guns date will I hope be soon but iv waited so long kind of

  280. i had my dsr 50 nearly gold and then it reset it to bloodshot and i lost

    delta 6
    art of war
    cherry blossom
    carben fiber

    please may you give me all of them camos back thank you my name on
    xbox is m0dz x pur3

  281. Hi my name is brad and I want to work for treyarch without
    Getting paid. I’m 12 and want to make this my future.
    I will go above and beyond for you. I have a special
    Talent for video games and would want to make my
    Carrier making videos. I know u just read and
    Reply but please show it to someone that could
    Make the decision. Please because this is all I’m
    Good at.

  282. I join games online and instantly start playing. I then get disconnected from Treyarch with an “error message” this has happened so much that i have now been placed on probation. Please fix this so other people don’t suffer.

  283. …im kinda getting really pissed off because i cant join or invite anybody on my ps3 for black ops 2 and its kinda well really getting annoying because i have friends on the ps3 for a reason and i think i would like to play black ops 2 or any other game on the ps3 but i bought black ops 2 for the reason to play with my friends and paid 60 dollars for this game i think i should be able to at least play with my online friends.

  284. iv got black ops 2 and it keep coming up with the call of duty:blackops 2 server is unavalible it dose this on mw2 and mw3 and black ops 2 black ops 1 is fine i can get on that as normle sory for speelings my keebord idont work so good but please sort this out treyarch

  285. COD Black OPS 2 – Hi I’m constantly on probation, even at the start of the game? I play 3 games without backing out, pop to toilet….kicked out and back on probation again? I never rage quit or leave a game on purpose…think something needs sorting here…can you help please?

  286. Treyarc is ripping everyone off by some probation period. They dont tell u anywhere that your buying a game u could be kicked out of at anybodys request just think its downright scandleless and robbery [JUST SAYING]

  287. can you make multiplayer loads better by making it more realistic because i got killed though 3 walls and the spawn system is crap you need to spawn players away from the oppiste team instead next to them inprove all of these soon

  288. Ok so here is my response to the recent “banning” I was given. I contacted Activision who owns the COD name, Treyarch is just a developer as is Infinity Ward. I was told by Activision that the developer sets the standards for policy and procedures in banning. I was banned from using the emblem editor and player cards for life for having a WW2 German Flag as my emblem, yes a Nazi flag. Some may think it’s offensive and some don’t give a hoot. In Dec 2012 I had a major stroke and lost the use of my left side. Apparently I was still using the flag emblem when I was transported to the hospital. I was in physical rehab for 4 months and just got home in late March 2013. I was excited to get going on a legal and fun prestige tour and get new player cards and emblem perks. I bought the season pass and a new xbox live gold and turned on my COD BO2 and BAM!!!!!Banned for life! WTFreak?
    Activision Customer Service said that swastikas are considered life banning material and no reason to be used, this was Treyarchs rule, Activision just enforces it. Ummm Hello! Treyarch created COD World at War and it’s littered with Nazi flags. However they are allowed to use it because it represented WW2 and all that happened with Germany made that flag evil. War is War….no body wins. I use a Nazi Germany Flag on their game and I get banned for life because I left it as my emblem for to long…Oh wait! I was in physical rehab for 4 months because I couldn’t use my left side.
    Activision CS said that because Treyarch sees the swastika as negative and they are not government rated that players cannot use the WW2 German flag as an emblem. But wait it get better….Treyarch even feels that a Marijuana leaf is also permanent banning because it represents Sloth. However several US states have made Weed legal, Treyarch says no way. If COD is developed by Infinity Ward, Weed is OK for them and Activision because they have a player card that resembles Marijuana leaves. So what I’m trying to say is……If you spend your money on any COD game, Treyarch or Infinity Ward, know that whatever you do is illegal. They want you to buy their games but they don’t want you to have any freedom of speech because they are not a Government run developer so the law doesn’t represent them. True I can still play the game, but I can no longer use the emblem editor or player card again on my current gamer tag which has a 33205 gamer score. If I want those back, I have to start a new account, a new xbox live gold, and a new season pass. All my xbox live gold is renewable 5-3-2014. BTW I never received any warnings or any kind of probation for having a flag as my emblem. Activision CS said that the old COD BO a swastika was a permanent ban forever on all levels of play, so I was getting a break by losing the emblem editor and player card. TREYARCH IS A HYPOCRITICLE company and from this day forward I will NEVER BUY their games again and Activision games are running a fine line too.

    Don’t bother calling the above number as it goes straight to Activision corporate HQ and they can do nothing.

    Good luck Treyarch! I will crush your future by word of mouth. Enjoy unemployment as I predict it will fail by 2014. Time is not on your side.

    • That’s just pathetic and unfair if treyarch are allowed to continue making cod titles i will stop buying activision/treyarch/infinity ward titles.. as im sick of there dictatorship of the game but won’t the many problems with it… people have to relize that these game companys are taking our money filling there pockets and producing crappy games… would any of you pay for rotten produce and food would you goto to a nice place for dinner and pay for crap food no i don’t think so.. so why give these bastards $100 of your hard earned money for nothing but a dodgy incomplete product….

      In short game company’s need to be sent a message that players will not keep handing out money for no service and bug n hacker ridden games

  289. there is a black ops ps3 user that is modding and trolling people ps3s to where their cod points are negitive 190000000000 it has happend to me their gamer tags are DroiiD_Hackz
    DroiiD_ThugLife please ban these users

  290. hi i am just saying thet could u put a night map like very night with like bats and more Please Treyarch.

  291. I am having a problem on die rise every time I get who’s who and when I go down the elevator shaft with juggernaut i go down and im tired of it

  292. You guys need to fix some things in black ops 2 zombies. Everytime I go to get the AN-94 down the elevator shaft I die because of a death barrier you put so people wouldn’t do glitches…I always hit that death barrier when I go down there and so do other people I play with. So I please ask you to fix that

  293. Hi I was just thinking of a new map Idea you could based on carrier it do with 2 ships batteling and there both slowly sinking making the map go from very big to really small I think this would be good because there has never being a map that moves as such like this .

  294. Hellow Treyarch MrTryHard720 Is cheatiing on blackops 2 he is a prestige master and he hacked his snipers diamond gold and his kid is 2.97 I think and also kyelwhite did the exact same thing and liveORdie908 threaten to band me on blackops2. Will Treyarch will you please help me and fixed these problems for me please I do not want to be band from blackops 2

  295. I paid good money for the revoultion map pack
    I download it and I go to play the new maps but it won’t let me
    It gave me the peacekeeper and the zombie maps then I go to find match on multiplayer and it doesn’t give me the revolution option
    I’m like WTF
    Please fix this trey arc
    I love the game it’s just that one reason

  296. Treyarch, one of your so called moderators he claims to be said he is going to ban Me for 33 hours I asked him what for then he started cursing at me and then deranked me on cod4 and where the message of the day was it just said cock repeditly and it say I have to wait utill ireach private 1st class to play any online game. Any ways I thought this was suspicious and wanted to see what you had to say. Please help the guys gt was David Da OG thanks

  297. Treyarch, you are crap round corner kills, lag kills, if you play with a 100meg, dont bother you have got no chance i see someone shoot but hey i’m already dead usually playing mainland europe the sad thing is when flops2 came out it was great i was killing for fun then came the update treyarch, being treyarch ruined the game now if i win 1 game a night i’m lucky, i back out of most games now i would’nt have bought this crap but someone bought it for me mw2 started it with lag comp this is the last cod i buy i hope everyone who said they wont buy another cod will stick to it people get banned for cheating but what happens to treyarch or cod in general, when they are the biggest cheats in the game nothing , double standards or what. Oh and who’s pathetic idea was bringing tactical insertions back what an idiot anyway treyarch stick it. i hope you go bust or at least sack the technical side what a joke they are and who can you talk to at treyarch take your cash and stuff the rest not anymore.

  298. this probation is the dumbest thing ever. i have been playing cod ever sense the very first one and if this probation is on the next game black ops 2 will be the last game i ever buy in the cod series.

    this probation needs to stop now! there is no point.

  299. Why have i just gone on to black ops 2 and caprture the flag has been taken off hardcore? I only play on hardcore capture the flag because i dont like playing core! So now what am i supposed to do? Ive bought a £40 game £12 on a map pack and cant even play the bloody game!! So what are you going to do? And while im on the subject you should also reinstate headquaters back to hard core aswell!! And please dont ignore this i would like a reply! Thanks.

  300. So Ive been playing black ops 2 ever since it came out but its got so much lag its unreal By the way its ps3 so please could you fix the lag please it got nothing to do with my connection
    thanks rez

  301. I’m sick of the cheating.. the mod programs like “aim-bot” the hardware used like lag switches. and most of all… I pay good money for my internet connection so I shouldn’t be used by the online servers and other online gamers to compensate for weak connections of my peers. I swore to NOT buying another call of duty game what so ever because of this after black ops 1, simply because i feel trey-arc isn’t taking the hackers and cheaters seriously enough. Black ops 2.. is obviously a modern warfare black ops 1 combo. yes I’m sure that the programmers and the graphics department did some work. But that still doesn’t stop the fact within one week the cheaters began to run free on PS3 and XBox online. I promise you this. I am no longer am a supporter of trey-arc much less the useless crap entitled “Call of Duty.” I don’t see spending MY! hard earned money on something that brings frustration instead of enjoyment. To the creators of this game I say thank you for your intended efforts, but I’m sad to say they were all in vane due to weak servers, and the huge amount of dis-honest people in the gaming community.

  302. I love black ops 2 I just wish that on the competitions there would be a place for hardcore. My friends and I play hardcore more than anything and would love a division just for hardcore players. Do you think this is possible?

  303. Why did you guys take hc ffa and ctf off the list? If people don’t like it then they don’t have to play it. I think you guys are smarter than that.

  304. ok i cheat the first time around, did the master prestige glitch then got reset. i admit that and accept that. then i quit for 2 months and got back into playing. i got to 3 prestige level 54 and i go to play yesterday and i got reset and banned for 13 days?!?! i did NOTHING wrong this time so WTF?!?! i didnt cheat and i put a lot of time into it and for you to ban me for no fuc.king reason???????

  305. please may you review the position of G1LL3Y97 he has being boosted several times online and needs to be banned straight away

  306. if you look at G1LL3Y97 theatre mode then you will realise he boosted for some games without getting banned seems unfair as the other players did get banned and he didn’t sort it out Treyarch.

  307. Hello i am a very happy buyer of cod bo2 but I bought the game for zombies I mean I still like zombies now but i wish I could fresh start like off multiplayer because my brothers play it and no one plays the game with me cause I only have a skull. And also I am Ver disappointed that people alway quit during games and it does not save it cause me to have to quit or commit suicide because the game stops counting on the leader boards please message me back about this hope to see bo3 alot better

  308. i am really annoyed about the fact of me being deranked on call of duty black ops 2 the day after i got my specials class diamond. Is there a possible way of me getting my stuff back? Thank you.

  309. Hey love the game hate your service.Ive never seen a game that disconects and looses party members or lags as much as this game. Stop trying to make your elite page look pretty and do something about your severs. if your gonna be money hungry and make ppl pay for each individual pack after byuing the season pass then get yoursevers working properly.

  310. I LOVE Treyarch and all the awesome things they have done with this game. I don’t know why people complain so much about lag and bullet bending cause it doesn’t exist on this game. This game is the epitome of FPS games. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK TREYARCH!!!

  311. Hey treyarch I like you video games but why you do this stuff to the ps3 you don’t fix the lagging and all the stiff pleas treyarch help us

  312. I am very upset with this game. First they take hardcore capture the flag from the play list which is a all time favorite.My next issue is the overall game play with people from experiences with major lags per game and ranges of fire on weapons that shouldnt even be able to reach as far as they do . Tretarch has upset me for the first time and possibly the last. I am a diehard CoD Fan and honestly with this game it makes me not want to play any more . I Havent even purchased the Seasons DLC Because of my disappointments. I would like a full refund for my money and time wasted playing this game .

  313. your games are ridiculus , u keep jump people into games in bo2 , wtf, sort it out , i want to play a full game of bo2 not half !!! RIDICULUS !!

  314. now having trouble with the audio makes a humming distorted sound you got to shut down the whole game and then restart it both on zombie and team deathmatch on black ops 2, can’t get through costumtor service at all.

  315. black opts2 was completed by me wining the game in the storey mode and i tell ya its awsome and scarey because there is some wild stuff in the world just like real world at wars and on how the news is covering it all up and stuff and also treyarch make a black opts3 guys and more fun just like the storey mode but more weapons and a good story to listin to while playing the game so think about it and do it you guys are awsome nice work 🙂

  316. Can someone help me. I bought the Season Pass on the 14th of April. And i didn’t get the Map Pack called Uprising!!! I woke up to get the map pack for free with the Season Pass. And when I got online. The Deuce is gone! Now it says it cost 4000 Microsoft Points! I just bought it for 3200! And I try to dwonload Uprising but it cost 1200. WTF I bought the Season Pass. But somehow my Season Pass don’t work! It shows that I donwload it on my History Download. I tried to redownload it. But it just won’t work! Please help me!

  317. I have a problem with my black ops 2 sever.the problem is that parts of the map turn green and my weapon is invisible help please. Thank you from RuThLeSs1324

  318. My game keeps freezing.! And it only does this to black ops 2! I reset my ps3 and my internet connection and it still freezes me out of games. And now because of this crap I’m on probation!!!!-____- how do o fix this? Cause I know a week ago I was being hackedand ever since Ive had nothing but problems with BO2n

  319. every few games in black ops 2 xbox 360 half way through the game it host migrates and then agian and then agian. im sick of it im a sniper and i go for feeds but i cant live record because i dont have enough money to buy a pvr or capture card. so when i hit feeds people dog and leave the game and the theater doesnt show the film. i only wish that it would atleast show the amount of time you have played in that game instead of showing that you didnt even play in that match. make theater as good as mw3

  320. I buy season pass of BLACK OPS 2 in my brazilian account and I install. When I go to the STORE on MAIN MENU, I will install and I cant play.

    Thank you. I wait your answer.

  321. Treyarchs pathetic probation cràp is extremely unfair to hardcore players i get probation because a bouncing Betty kills a teammate wtf?? this is not fair hardcore is no longer fun because of this

  322. hello first of all I love bo2 and zombies I have a lot of fun but my friend has shown me some glitches in the zombie map die rise where you can exploit the trample steam to put you in the walls, in the air and many other glitches to the map. I rather dislike glitching and that he is using this along with his friends to make it to high rounds. It is probably none of my business but can a patch come out for this?

  323. First of all I would like to tell you guys that BO2 is awesome, and I enjoy playing hard core search and destroy every day. With that being said, can you please, please put richochet on hard core search. And not just for the first few seconds?

  324. my emblem got permanently banned for having a German flag I have seen more inappropriate emblem’s like a picture of a kkk white power emblem and one saying nigg*rs should die and the haven’t been permanently banned so why have I been banned for a German flag my Xbox live name is XUJu5tGotPWNDX so please unbanned me and I will not do that ever again so please thank you.

  325. I have been an Xbox gamer and Call Of Duty fan for a long time but I’m really sick of not having host migration whenever the opposing team leaves in grief. 100% of my losses in cell block grief is because the opposing people get mad and leave, then the game ends and it counts as loss. A lot of my friends and I are not happy about this and we will just stop playing and buying products if this continues. The winning team should not take a loss just because the opposing team doesn’t finish a game.

  326. You took my brother into the freaking call of duty series now I almost hate him. You took part of him away from me. Curse you

  327. hello trayarch im a fan of your games but they need a little help. 1. you need to fix the spawns because me and my friends and many other people get spawn killed like crazy.This reason almost makes me not want to need to NERF ALL shutguns.Im always on a really good killstreak and then some loser with a shutgun comes up a barrel stuffs me. 3.My wifi is great, that i know for a fact.It might be the host but my bullets never register. thanks you for reading this message.

  328. Regarding Black Ops 2: OK, are you guys cutting PS3 out of the plans? If so… I want ALL my money back for the season pass and the game. WHERE IS THE DLC???

    PlayStation should have you by the balls now!


  329. Hey Treyarch huge fan and i was thinking of some new camos for Black Ops 2. Like it or dont i just have some new camos i want to say. I dont know if u have thought of these before but here are some. There could be a Platnium/chrome camo. That would be so beast. Like A Mirror camo. You could see your playersself in the gun. Thats all i have and please i insist you to Do these. Mainly the CHrome/platnuim camo. You could purchse them like you did for the personalization packs. 1.99 for each they dont have to have a rectile for them. But please Do them I truly insist and it would be a big profit i think.

  330. Welcome. I do not know whether I manage e-mail, but I was zbanoway, cbyha forever, serwey Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 I am an honest player, I never cheated in multiplayer games if you get to the scammers, reported them to you. The Zombies mode, I just wanted to see if the hacks work, but it did not work, and immediately turned off the game, even without killing the enemy, which means that I do not cheat, even if you downloaded this file. I ask you, you to removed the ban. Really, I will not try to download any file. I’m not the best player, but I try to play tactically. Such a situation will never happen again. I just want to play with other players and shared honest report cheaters. We ask you to give favorable consideration of this appeal.

  331. I wish Treyarch knew the meaning of customer, but they make enough money that they don’t need to take their customer’s feelings into consideration. Every time I try to contact them through e-mail I get absolutely nothing. Calling isn’t any better either. They tell you to hold and then hours later you have to hang up because there is no one there and there will never be anyone there. Their company is practically a giant middle finger to the world.

  332. I was wondering if it were possible to get rid of probation in Blacks Ops II. I know that you probably could care less about me or the other few customers with the same complaint, but it would be nice if you would take this into consideration. I get on probation because my internet occasionally shuts off. We are working to get it fixed but the “technicians,” if you can even call them that, can’t figure the problem out. Well, I was playing the other day and I got disconnected one time, and when I got my internet back it said I was on probation. I see this as a serious issue.

    Thanks for your time.

  333. there is a cheat in grief alcatraz that people are using to win the game climing up the rail and hiding behind the cage killing zoobies that can not get you right out side the warden office see xbox cheater xzmuch4ux that is not right and all should be kicked out of the game and out off x box

  334. why does my screen freeze at the main menu when i sign on i got injuried on my job not able to move around that much and this game is the the only thing that keeps me in good spirt yes there is a lot of lags,glitzes and bs that you got to deal with i just want to no why cant i play my oldest son plays under my account sometimes when i dont no about just found out about is it something he done

  335. they got me for something it dont tell me nothing my screen just freezes up when i sign on i have backed out of games exspiecally when it t5hrows u in a lobby that already got the swarm,k9,wart hog who wants to stay in that crap

  336. As a frequent player of Black Ops 2 and all Call of Duty games, you need to seriously fix your connection problems. This is ridiculous that every time I try to play, I always have a connection problem and it certainly isn’t from my router because I have perfect internet connection. You need to seriously fix this problem because I am sick of always getting a connection problem and having it prevent me from playing.

  337. this isnt a review but treyarch in the next game and u put zombies u should put a whole zombie map creator with full customization like the guns and what guns are in the box and the prices and the whole map and the amount u start with and gun u start with just full customization i know alot of people will like it just dont make like a rounds leaderboard u can put kills and i mean u could put a rounds leaderboard u should also put a hud customization and make ur own perks and if u want it to work with your DLC then only use the zombie maps u make but we can fully customize the stuff i said earlier and again i know alot of people will like it and i would verey much appreciate it

  338. These are some issues I have with Black-Ops 2:

    1. The lag on multi-player games is terrible at times; most probably due to the lag compensation feature for those with poor connections.

    Solution: Stop “dumbing down” the connection for the players who are too cheap to pay for a reasonable level of Internet connection. If they can afford the cost of the console and game, they should also be able to afford decent Internet service.

    2. Too many players who use modded controllers, lag switches and other cheating devices are a major problem for those of us who want to play an honest game.

    Solution: Actively seek out and console ban anyone who pulls this sort of B.S. In the past, I’ve reported players who were obviously cheating; but it seems that nothing is done about it.

    3. The “spawn camping” (also a form of cheating) happens in every game I play. It’s frustrating to be killed by an opponent as soon as you spawn.

    Solution: More random spawn points besides the two that are featured in the game. It’s easy to figure where they are, and too easy to exploit.

    4. The practice of placing players on probation for leaving a game early (for whatever reason) is questionable. If the designers give the player that option, it makes no sense to penalize them for doing so.

    Solution: Stop the practice; all it does is alienate a paying customer who can take his money elsewhere.

    5. Finally, why have you eliminated Capture the Flag in Hardcore mode? This is one of your most popular multi-player games. To me it’s more realistic than the core mode; and forces the players to function as a team to prevail. Yes, one or two players on each team will “camp the flag” to defend it; this is a legitimate tactic as long as the rest of the team makes an honest effort to capture the flag. The object of the game is to capture the flag, not build a higher kill to death ratio as if you were playing Team Death Match!

    Solution: Bring this game mode back! To do otherwise will again aggravate paying customers; some of my on-line friends have stated that that they will no longer buy any Treyarch game is this game mode is not re-instated. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, fix whatever problems there are and get it back on-line!

    In closing, I believe that Black Ops 2 has great potential, but was rushed to market too early with too many problems left unresolved. This post is probably falling on deaf ears; but at least the biggest problems have been aired for the gaming community at large to see.

    • Dont buy treyarch crap, treyarch couldn’t organise a pi$$up in a brewery, no more cod for me lag compensation and a 100mbps dont work, treyarch the biggest cheating tossers in the game. treyarch are pathetic i hope they go bust.

  339. hi, I have a problem about my code for new dlc. I buy this code in the gamestop and I write in the black oops 2, but the playstation network sad: the code are in error. YOU CAN HELP ME?

  340. Black ops & black ops2 are both fun games but on black ops 2 I got deranked I was prestige master & I was hoping treyarch could help me all cod games r fun but my favorite is black ops

  341. I have several issues with Black Ops 2.

    1. When you que for lets for instance Team Death Match. You’re placed in a game already in progress and your team is getting destroyed. But you get penalized for leaving the game. This is a joke. You’re going to lose anyway. Then you reque and it places you back into the same game you just left…Really.
    2. All most all the Maps are SMG friendly only. Sniping in this game sucks unless you are quick scoping. When a SMG and Assault Rifle can shoot across the map and your sniping is ridiculous. Same with pistol the range is crazy. Make the weapons more realistically ranged.
    3. Guess nobody at Treyarch though about changing time of day during game place. For instance Twilight, Daytime, Nighttime, Dusk. Night vision scope would be great if there were and darkness.
    4. Giving away kill positions is crazy especially for a sniper. I know play hardcore….really. There are so many offensive languages, racist, sexist talk on chat. Yes I can mute them which I usually do.
    5. The emblems are out of control… then text and the pictures a pornographic and very offensive. You report players and of course nothing happens.

    I love the concept of the game but there are many things that need to be fixed to be an enjoyable game.

  342. Also, this voting for which map comes up next is B.S. Everyone votes for run and gun, small maps. I played the game for 4 hours and never seen Yemen (Which I prefer). Maps like Yemen, Drone, Meltdown are hardly ever voted to play. I am so sick of run Nuketown, Raid, Slums, Hijacked! Make the next map the actually map. If players dont like the map let them reque. I rather wait in a que for a preferred map than have to keep leaving seveal games because I hate the map.

  343. Also, you need to adjust Gold Camo standards to type of weapons. Bloodthirsty’s of a Sniper rifle is very difficult. On a SMG and AR they are a breeze. WTF is up with headshots for camo. I agree with head shots for snipers but SMG…really! AR and LMG are debatable.

  344. I think it’d be really cool if you cud make black ops 3 and mix multi-player and zombies together. Think of a map, then put guns on the wall and the mystery box in the room and a packer punch machine in the middle of the map. Three waves of zombies at street, mid and end points of map.

  345. I am thoroughly dissatisfied with Black Ops 2. Trayarch has done little to address the ongoing boosters, scammers, modders, cheaters, lag, etc etc etc… i have repored to many people to count for rude and crude or racist emblems and keep seeing this over and over and over… I would say fix the problem, but you can’t fix something that is so broken that only putting it out of its misery would be the justifiable thing to do.

  346. I’m sick of looking one way forever then getting up and running and get shot from the same way I was looking. People appear out of no where and its annoying. It’s not my connection as I pay 70 just for Internet and can watch 10 movies on 10 devices w/ no problem. Thanks will never buy another one of your games. Have a smelly balls day!

  347. I just want the colectors edition digital camo. How can i get it whitout buying the whole game again?…. :/

  348. How can I report people boosting when I report them then it says it sent and it won’t do anything and I have the proof on theater mode

  349. yesterday I bought the season pass for black ops 2 for my ps3, so I download the map packs and Nuketown zombies. After I install them I go to the game and they won’t appear, I’ve tried it 3 or 4 times and nothing.
    I would really be thankful if you can help me out with this problem as soon as posible, send me an e- mail please

  350. Hi ! I have a problem , my ratio (I’m french and i don’t Know if we must say This in English) doesn’t move 🙁 I can Make a 0-14 but it doesn’t move and if i Make a 39-20 it doesn’t too ! Help me please !

  351. This probation thing is ridiculous. I accidently kill a teamate and am put on probation. After the probation was up. i try to join a friends game and without even joining, it kicks me and resets my 5 minutes of probation. i had to turn off my xbox in order to join a game again. This feature needs to be removed.

  352. call of duty elite is a piece of crap i cant even acces it and ive tried 4 different emails so sort it out!

  353. Why am I bloody getting put on this silly probation period when the game migratess hosts and closes the lobby? I mean itz not my fault that connection is lost. I paid for the game to be played and yes win or loss I complete the whole match. This is ridiculous and I hope u do something about this honestly this is taking the p at the moment. Infinity ward didn’t do this crap so why are you?

  354. I paid my dad 50 dollars to buy the season pass and he has to download it on his profile cuz of a family account so I went to download that plus the map packs then I went on my profile and it said I never downloaded it now I’m out 50 dollars and I bet another 50 that this is just people complaining to nobody I doubt this will be read by u guys. I will never buy another black ops game EVER again unless something is done it might just seem like 50 dollars but I can’t even download anything with my live profile so i out 50 dollars and couldnt get a map pack if i wanted to and I know u don’t care cuz u guys get millions of buyers and u guys as of now are lieing thieves but u guys get away with it. So that’s what I think

  355. i was just recently hacked by and angry player on call of duty black ops so now im a 15th prestige with negative cod points and i need a couple million exp points to level up to level 2 and all i want is for my cod account to be reset to level 1 because i dont care what prestige i am just so long as i can play the game. please help

  356. This is the sorriest excuse for fAir matchmaking I have ever seen also I find it annoying that league play is based off of wins not actual skill. Thank you for listening like trey arch won’t

  357. okay,so this is getting me really stressed now. I would love to play black ops 1 on my ps3 but when i insert the disc a black screen appears and does nothing but stays there. i have to turn my system of by the back and ive deleted my gamed save for the game the disc itself has no scracthes and ive recently just bought my console after bieng from xbox i had no issues with black ops 1 on xbox…
    i read on the internet about this and this happened to loads of people out there and apparntly it was this download thing please help as i have no idea what this download is so please someone help fix this problem
    Many thanks thisismynameonly

  358. Why do y’all show so much hate for snipers!! quickscopers an trickshotters really hitmarkers!? who’s gonna survive a sniper bullet y’all under power the snipers an over power the lmg for ex an you make the sniping sad. IT’S A GAME AN TRICKS AN QUICKS ARE A STYLE QUIT HATING ON US SNIPERS AN FIX THI ASAP!! INFINITY WARD ALL THE WAY!!

  359. BO2- y can players lag switch? it make the game f***** hard to play. it makes this came suck balls. fix this crap! and wtf y did you take ctf off.

  360. I got banned from Call Of Duty Black ops 2 for no reason. I was playing and the screen said that im banned of Call Of Duty Miltiplayer and I have no clue what happened. Can you somehow let me play multiplayer again so I can play. And also get my stats back. Please respond back

  361. I wasn’t boosting a guy was using bad language because I kept killing him so he reported me a lot of times I am sad bc I got deranked I was master prestige on bo2

    • Please un reset my stats because people are calling me names like faggot booster try hard u suck and I am very sad

  362. Can you guys please fix this in Call of Duty Black Ops 2: When a care package is near a sentry gun, holding square button should always be used for grabbing that care package first instead of trying to move or even worst control the sentry gun …so dumb. Thank you

  363. Humiliation is the stupidest thing on planet earth when it comes to sticks and stones!It takes all your points instead of just a few like 15 or 20.

  364. i just recently got my xbox changed over from a ps3 and of course got black ops 1 and 2 i played black ops 1 for 1 day then the next day it said something about the server and go see on the website could you help plz what have i do and how can i get back playing online with my friends on black ops 1 thanks

  365. I have download and installed camo pack party rock and I have download and installed revolution map packs and I have downloaded and installed nuketown zombies and it hasn’t worked yes it is on the right settings and I have downloaded the conversion for all of them and it still don’t work this is cost me quit a bit of money so I would like you to help install them for me get back to me and I will give you my account details thank you

    • I can help you with that, it happened to me b4 and i got it working, i can show you how to do it, just give me your account details and i will see if i can fix it for you

  366. Treyarch please reply to me by my gmail or something…I am a huge fan of your work and would die to see y’all in question is simple and please answer it ..Did Reznov die a Heroes death or as a Prisoner? Please it kills me inside to think he died unnoblely..unlike some people who should respect others and not be jerks..please treyarch I created a map of vorkuta where in zombies you play as Mason Reznov Sergei and a Russian doctor..or you know just an idea.. I would love to know reznovs to fate and it would be cool to bring him back in a final time thanks for listening and reading. Your fan Dimitri

  367. I just played a 2 man zombies match until round 39 and your server kicked me off for no reason and now nothing counts no kills no rounds nothing and I’m really mad that all that was for nothing. And it all counted for him and it didn’t kick him off!!! I would appreciate if u would do something about that thanks

  368. Terrible . Played the game on Harden beat it in a hour and a half. Then the Multiplayer, where do I start, hmmm.. Well lets see snipers that fire better then an automatic machine gun, shooting ppl in the chest from 3ft away and no hit or death and they run right through you. LAG LAG and when you call support they tell you it not them it must be your Connection, always NEVER YOU!! Lobbies that dont match plays right , meaning it will be all Prestige masters on one team(that are not partied) and all lower ranks on other. WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!

  369. Can y’all please boost up the PDW because it is complete garbage and I think y’all should give it some more power it can’t shoot worth a crap at medium range or long (don’t even try it)it’s only good at very very close range and reduce the recoil or make it where fires faster and please give it more range and damage
    Dylan bass

  370. Hi Treyarch!For not just me but many other people, I’m having trouble linking my ELITE account to redeem my GHOST camo. Can you explain to me why it won’t work.(Info. you might need to know: When I pre-ordered, I used my dad’s e-mail. But for my XBOX, I used my account. Does that affect this in any way?

  371. why do u derank people for boosting cause i cant get my riot shield gold and i reall want to boost but i cant because im prstege master and dont want to be deranked

  372. My black ops 1 server isnt working and im mad because im trying to play and it wont let me do any online gaming

  373. Hello Treyarch,
    You should SERIOUSLY consider removing the probation on Black Ops 2. I backed out of a game and the probation timer for 5min went off, after serving my 5 minutes it then restarted the timer an extra 5 more minutes. It has gone off 6 times in the past 45 minutes, and seems to go off everytime someone farts. Please fix this problem.

  374. I love all your games. But you guy’s should make another black ops and base it off the Iraq war that’s going on now, and upgrade all the weapons to what they are today, and make it more realistic.

  375. I assume the dev team had played combat training with Veteran difficulty bots in Black Ops before? Picture an AimBot. Now picture that script put on steroids. The AI knows where you are at nearly every waking moment, and they can, and will turn without any given reason to open fire at your upper body or skull, decimating you in less than two seconds. They cannot even be snuck up upon, as the bots will make an immediate 180 degree turn and stab their assailant. Spawning isn’t even safe anymore, as bots will spare no second in regarding your existence as you spawn within twenty feet of them, directing their fire to you. More often than not I have been spawnkilled. Granted this happens often in multiplayer in general, but not as often as it does against veteran bots on free-for-all. It’s like throwing a small child into a ring full of rabid dogs, and you are the boy. Death is not expected. Death is guaranteed.
    There are no excuses to Veteran Bots. You. Will. Die.

    No I will not lower the difficulty. I could if the lower levels had the intelligence to THROW A FRAG GRENADE

  376. Bigdaddy12388 is a booster
    I want you to d rank him he says that treyark
    Can’t do nothing will you help he gets big boosting lobbies help me

  377. I’m sick of call of duty black ops 2 always freezing. I can’t believe I’m constantly being placed on probation for a problem you can’t resolve. I had 6 months no problems and then I can’t play 3atches without it messing up. Is there any kind of solution to this problem on ps3

  378. i got tolled that somebody would stick there balls up my but and somebody tolled me to keep talking because it turned him on. there xbox live names are Lucid Virtue JonathonCain and Ru216animal

  379. if you could like try to get rid of the booting people offline i get kick offline like 2-3 times a day in league play and is kind of annoying.

  380. BLACK OPS 2 by treyarch is the easiest game to hack I have ever played.It is the last treyarch product I WILL EVER BUY.I hope and pray they go out of business .

  381. Well I love treyarches games but there this one kid name tmg the hulkx saying he will rape all the time and I want to treyach to kick him for 2day and derank him to to pristege one of I’m don with tryarch

  382. Treyarc, obviously you don’t want your next game to sell. I’ve read numerous comments about the lag issues and, came here myself to complain about lag issues. You worry more about coming out with camos for guns than you do the gameplay. Connection interruptions occur on a gamely basis. Along with people getting redidulous kills where they didnt even come close to hitting the guy. That shows on the killcams. Ive been killed by people who were looking the complete opposite way from me. The concept to your game is good. But the game itsself is terrible. The same problems have been occuring. Youve pissed off a lot of people. And wasted a lot of hard earned money.many people have even opposed you and started playing halo because your game is so terrible. You need to go back to the basics of designing a game before you push forward in it. I will never buy another treyarc game after reading all these comments. And you still doing nothing.

  383. i have downloaded from the playstation store the call of duty zombie map packs and for a while i had them,but now they are gone,even when i download them back they still won’t get in my list.and its not that i downloaded them illigal i purchased them from the store.can you helpme onthis topic.

  384. This is a type of company that makes a heavily flawed game, then instead of cleaning up their garbage, they squeeze more money out of the game. UP YOURS GAYARCH

  385. these assholes don’t listen they never have and they never will, as long as us mugs keep buying the crap laggy games, I wish people would stop buying this crap. I have!!!

  386. I have recently installed Mob Of The Dead (zombies) and i am not happy, whenever I get about 20 minutes into a game my full PS3 freezes. It concerns me because it could be damaging my Playstation, I’ve re-installed it and still there is not a change it is very annoying as I pay Zombies often. It is not my PS3 because every other Map Pack and all the Custom Camos work properly, i have die rise and that works great. I am very annoyed as I have paid £11.49 for a few maps and an annoying zombie mode, sort it out Treyarch. Also it would help if you had a phone. I am sick of faults in Call Of Duty. If I were you Treyarch I would fix them quick before you lose your customers

  387. you people are very wrong when you put people on probation for leaving games when your garbage servers are the reason people back out of games. we pay alot of money to play online you should cancel that probation garbage.

  388. I play grief.i enjoy it.but I can’t stand all the losses I get from people dash boarding.thats awesome u fixed te leaderboards an got rid of most of the there any way u can fix the loss from dash boarders?pretty please

  389. I have been trying to play my black ops 2and it keeps coming up with downloadable content removed please could you advise me on how to get this sorted

  390. im am a competitive gamer and my internet right now is a little bit below par but when i get singed ou tof psn for league play it should not count as you backing out because your internet is bad thats unfair for people who cant afford high speed ive been singed out 5 times each day with in 15 minutes of each other and i went from platinum rank 3 to 25 and i was on a 11 win streak now this really pissed me off i would seriously like you to do some thing about that for next months league because I’m very upset about this

  391. I DOnt know how to send this to treyarc or what to do. but I had a good idea for a zombie map for black ops 2. Its quite simple. A Army Base theme with the perks such as juggernog, quick revive, speed cola, double tap, tombstone, dead shot, stamin up, and mule kick all skattered around an army base with a care package looking mystery box. the map should enclude the training facilitys, barracks, mess hall, and everything an actual army base would have. I think its a very cool idea. I also have another idea for a Highschool with the cafateria vending machine with the perk drinks you can buy from them.

  392. I should stop playing cod bo2

    the 3 kick Limit us RETARTED…ppl keep running in front of me am I get kicked…bullcrap…the reason I wanted to say this to you retarted is bc every time I play I’ll be doing so good and then..NOPE…some idiot have to get in my way!! and then I get kicked…
    I’ve got probation 10 times I’m the last 2 days bc of the kick limit…and my stress level is beyond out of control….so gtfo

  393. Hello tryarch i am fan of your AMAZING games especially black ops 2 i have bought all camos uprising and revolution too and i am waiting for the new camos. However i am writting you this letter because i need your help very very much well here’s the problem… a friend of mine enter the 5th prestige and after that he accidentaly used the fresh start so i am asking you is there any solution for bringing back his lost stats and stuff (guns, camos, eblems…)?

  394. Haven’t played Blck ops 2 in several months due to being put in a probation time ban (5:00 min) after every game, yet I am somehow still being penalized….WHY?!?

    Probation is absolutely ridiculous for any Call of Duty game…

    thanks Treyarch

  395. ok.. I just like to start and say that i love Black ops 1 and 2 i have been trying to get a platty on Black ops 2 for a while and the giant aaccoplishment trophy stands in my way… Harddest trophy to get ever i sware.. but ne way i wanted to ask treyarch to please put the Kap 40 the way it was b4 this damed update… i need the kaps to have more power an its a pistol so it should have more power then it has rite now…i play multi player all the time and use a diamand peacekeeper with Diamand Dual Kaps
    they are my favorite gun in black ops 2 and the dual scorps in BO1. least make em a lil more effective at close range.. but thing is b4 up date they were just rite perfect i think… i am a loyal black ops fan and i just am askin this one thing or i may go to battlefield i dont want to but if i keep dying in the ways that i am now theres no reason to play black ops..
    please i haven asked u guys for nething ever just give me my Kaps back b4 update.. dont nerf them cuz those are my favorite… i went threw the trubble of getting diamand pistols jus for my Kaps to be diamand now u take the power wtf treyarch…or just make it to where with the secondary gunfighter u can have two attachments with dual wield like… for exampale if u could put secondary gun fighter on the Kap 40 dual wield and extended clip or long barrel that would be tits y didnt they think of that for next update? Over powerd i guess but no more so then ksg one shotting everyone with long barrel.. its messed up… people use all kinds if other guns and i just want to use the Kaps.. so if u guys could do something that would be awsome thx trayarch and keep up the good work on Zombies.. LOVE IT.. and thx for reading.. and u guys have my email..
    thx agian
    Pati G

  396. Hello trearch i got de ranked and banned from your game and was wondering if you can give me my rank and diamond guns back i spent 9 days 13h 31s and i got banned becaus emy firends fell out with me so they reported me then i got banned this is really unfair so if u could look into it to prove i wasnt doing anything wrong please do my gamertag: TurtleStuff please please please give me my rank and guns back would mean the world took me a very long time. Yours Sincerly Jared Smith

  397. I think of an entire new map pack called well you can name the map pack but i thought of the maps and also new camos the camos are called Death,Pink panther,Croc,and bunny’s the camo Death is supose to be abut all these skulls and and cross bone’s,Pink panther is supose to be about the pink panther movie,Croc is supose to be about the camoflauge and scales,bunny’s all these cute little bunny’s smileing and eating carrots.the maps go with all the camos,maps,grave yard,Swamp,flower patch,laborty. And a zombie map the map is gonna be a sand based map with a sand based weopon it will be called sandstorm it slow,s down the mini boss the exterminater and it will kill the zombie’s if you really like my idea send ma a message on Face book my name is jarrod Bushman thank you very much all these map’s are for Black Ops 2 i love your games and there is a hacker that steals ppl’s name so if you can do smething about that that will be great and yet again thank you

  398. way to go. I am sure your tired of all the remarks and comments to you about black ops 2. but here is another one. why in the world would you make tact inserts?! every game I am in now has someone boosting. and it kills the game. now people cant sit there and play without havening to make a class to see and destroy ti’s. and then sit there and deal with the multiple people team killing because you attempted to stop the issue. would have to if you guys would get rid of ti’s, or more easily “boosters”

  399. Hi my name is todd and I was wondering why I cant level up to the skill on black ops 2 zombie I been playing this game for 7 month now and I am still at the same level it would be nice if you send me an email thank you

  400. hello i am very disappointed about the boosting that has been going on lately….i would like to get in touch with someone too help me banned these booster. I have a lot of videos to send in. contact my email or my psn account : Death__Keeper there is two under scores in the name

  401. How you guys should make a kill streaks how when you get 7 kills you get a jets pack and you can fly a round with it kn your back my Xbox name is TURBO SUPERMAN I love your cod games keep them coining out and stay awesome 🙂

  402. I kept on getting a probation for being able to play online because I keep getting disconnecting from online services even though I don’t leave the game. Can you please fix the problem?

  403. Your servers are not responding. I’ve tried restarting my router. The website the failing server message took me to said everything was functional and operational but it still doesn’t work. I pay money to play online. This crap should be free if it’s not going to work. Many of my other friends are reporting that your servers just flat out kick people out. What’s that about? They pay extra money for more bandwidth and your servers still fail. Are you just messing with people? Manage your servers better, everybody is getting used to Black Ops 2 on the Ps3 because their sick of it but me personally I can’t stand the Ps3’s controller. Fix it before you lose anymore customers, and before I lose anymore good people off of my friends list.

  404. i am just thinking can you ban my brother off call of duty black ops two plz he has been hacking to get to prestige 8th level 53 his name is Visible power

  405. Treyarch sorry if i spelled your name wrong but my sons account got stollen and he says a kid named baddog stole it and his pasword got changed the account name is Outanbad and badog play blackopps2 socan u pplease band him and get my sons account back please

  406. Treyarch should seriously fix their game. There are so many hackers that you guys dont ban but yet treyarch bans legit player. Another issue i have noticed in multiplayer is that: my ironsights were right on target, i fired the weapon but there was no hitmarker on the player at all, even though my ironsights were literally on target. When i get a new bo2 update i go online, test out your new “update”. Turns out the update is not even an update, there is nothing new except for a new event, you guys call that an update!? Also one last thing, whenever im in a team-based match, when ever someone leaves it resets the teams again, and whenever someone joins it resets the teams. P.S you guys say its a skill nased matchmaking system, that is full of bs, my overall s.p.m is 435 but yet you still put me with and against people who are 190 spm. Please fix all this, you probably wont because you guys havent even done crap with the game

  407. Wtf bo2 I joins my friends session and I have all of his titles and calling cards and is league play record ima master he is a silver , I try contacting your crappy customer service but the number doesn’t work . Do something about before everyone gets battlefield 4

  408. Thers kno way in hell when I play with a double shotgun rank on zombies that their should be over the Normal limit then when I’m with lower ranks. It’s on black ops 2 zombies and if this does not get fixed to a lower and easier level when a master and blue eyes and just skull have to go thro that much trouble. I will make sure ps4 wins

  409. Treyarch is a very informal company by deranking me because I got hacked. Let me tell you the story, I was playing online and it said someone with the same account info has logged on to your account. So then my ps3 shuts off. I turn it back on. And for some reason I’m master prestige. Then I’m thinking to myslef why would somebody make me master prestige? I was a little happy and confused but mostly satisfied. A couple days later I was disappointed to see that I was all the way back at level 1. First off Treyarch didn’t even write a message saying that you were banned. And second I was almost prestige level 3. Third I was working hard for my peacekeeper diamond camo and I finally got the 100 headshots. But my peacekeeper had lost all my camos and stats. All that work to get deranked. Wow thanks alot Treyarch. Glad your not making the next COD game.

  410. I keep being put on probation for no reson and I always complete matches also I dont see the piont of probation because people can just join matches half way into the game. I get disconected from my game right after the match ends and I still get put on probation it also freezes and I have to turn off my xbox. It has only happened since I was put on probation warnning.

  411. I really hate the fact that just because you rage from a game you get PROBATION! That is the dumbest thing ever I swear . Black ops 2 is the worst just for that . I really think you should update it and change that feature PLEASEEE. A bunch of other people probably think the same thing. I really hope Call of Duty: Ghosts is NOT like that cause I doubt anyone will keep the game . Just re-think it PLEASE . The game experience would be SOO Much better .
    Thanks Treyarch (:

  412. 2 newww zombie maps one is a junkyard were u can build vehicles weapons and equipment 2nd idea is a graveyard

  413. Hello,
    I have a question.
    The people on xbox already have the new map packs.
    Can you guys release the new map packs a little bit faster on Ps3 because i love mob of the dead and i watcht burried on youtube and this new map is awesome.
    I hope you read this

  414. Hey in black ops 2 zombies die rise the game keeps glitching like i put down the trample steam and it starts to fly away and when i try to jump from the roof back to the place to get a trample steam it comes back and launches me please fix that its really pissing me off

  415. You guys should make it so you can get stuff like perks and turn on power by looking in a sniper scope but make snipers a little hard to get like a rpd

  416. Every time a host migration occurs, i get kicked and put on probation due to your new system of ‘probation’. Which absolutely does nothing, but want people to stop playing black ops 2. Nobody wants to be put onto a ‘punishment’ due to your terrible system of host choosing.

  417. Every time I try to play with my friend on black ops 2 it will not let me. Even though it says joinable. Please fix.

  418. about Black Ops 2.
    can you guys remove CAMING!!!!
    all they do is sitting in a coner and wait until you srint pass them i am sick of camper and cheaters on LEAGUE PLAY!

  419. Im sick of the probation black ops 2 has. i play with friends that leave 98 percent of the games and if a follow them i get probation and the person who leaves the game has never even got any probation. Treyarch if you read this get rid of the probation period that black ops two has. it is pointless and i perfer not to play if this keeps going the way it is. i will highly not recomend black ops two untill this problem is fix.

  420. i don’t know what hell causes this error but im tired of wasting time playing zombies and trying to rank up when i just keep getting reranked to lvl4 after i already passed it this error keeps popping up saying: “it appears as though the persistent rank data for (myself) has been corrupted. your rank has been restored to the most recently stored backup: lvl 4” i have no idea why it keeps doing this i would love help on how i or treyarch can fix this ongoing problem its really pissing me off… this is almost the 10th time this has happened

  421. i think the call of duty franchise has gone completely down hill from bad to worse, you need to stop promoting quick scoping and focus on how the game was originally played.please make a game mode where you cant use sniper rifles or camp in any place. also please please phone me back I’ve bought every single cod that has came out and made a rather big commitment to your game and i would appreciate it if you didn’t ignore this message/comment

  422. Ok treyarch ya’ll invented black ops 1 & 2 and believe me the game is trash, fix those problems and we will not have a problem, and they are joining session lagged connection which does not host and all other ridiculous small problems. Thanks

  423. I hade a booster bosters on turbine thay are sittining in the back and you could sea there names pop up and it was the same ones every time and also watched it in theaeter it really made me mad my profile is po_po_308

  424. I played a game and went 44 kill no perks for my pdw-57 and it showed no progress but the game before when I go 14 kills

  425. crap, crap, crap, cheating treyarch scum, you couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery stick your games up your cheating bullet holes, you charge to play your games stealing my internet which I pay for to give it to people who have dialup, give them a better chance, stick it you pathetic morons.

  426. This message is to treyarch I wanted to tell you people that I got temperolitiy banned from multiplayer can u please give my profile back on black ops 2 I will never repeat the mistake again by boosting please I will appreciate it

  427. dear treyarch I would like you to remove Target finder, dual band and mms removed from the game because it makes it unfair how someone can see you from across the map, also I would like C4 removed from the game because C4 is not allowed to be used like that in any form of war, I would also like you to bring the power of the ballista up because I keep getting to many hit markers and is making it impossible to get one shot one kills. I would like you to add a new game mode for snipers only, this will help people bring their sniping skills. I hope you take these problems into consideration and fix them

  428. There was a guy hacking hard core it was so bad it would say things up on top of the screen while I was playing. And he changed the name of people. He was blocking his name so I couldn’t read it. It said Unamed Player in-game. In theater, it said god mode activated and invisble mode. And he was running fast as soon as the game starts when it was counting down. His calling card would be in the recent players. “Not his name..”but when me and my friend clicked on his name it freezed up our Xbox 360s and we had to restart the systems and then his calling card was gone and the other people’s names were red instead of white and said something bad. I have it saved on my films. My Gamertag is MiseryMinister. Thanks.

  429. Hello, I am a owner of a copy of black ops 2, I recently got your latest update of black ops 2 this morning at 10:00. When the update was finished installing, I got on the multiplayer menu and it froze. I couldn’t do anything. I tried and tried, but I couldn’t go on multiplayer or zombies online. I can go on campaign with no issues at all. Other friends can go multiplayer with no problem. Please email me with a solution to the problem. Please.

  430. hi I am experiencing problems after you put the new camo dlc update on black opps2 it has made me crash as soon as I try to go on multiplayer with a black screen can you patch this as it may have affect my other games from loading thanks

  431. Every time i go into multi player and zombies my Xbox freezes and it deleted all my dlc including camo dlc and if you don’t fix this you have lost another customer

  432. Yea that stupid update of yours screwed up not only my xbox but quite a few other peoples. Why don’t you get your heads out of your asses and get this stuff right. I know some of us are a little old to be getting this pissed off but we payed for these systems and we don’t want your employees breaking them or hindering some of our days off from work.

    Sincerely, one pissed off customer

  433. I will not buy another game this company makes. Takes forever to get into a game does not care about the customers

  434. Black Ops 2 is literally killing my PS3. It freezes every time I try to play any form of Zombies, requiring a hard restart of the whole system. I hear this is really bad and based on the dates of other complaints posted it seems that it will not get any better. Even after a brand new update, nothing is better. Can I have a third of my money back? Since I can’t play a third of the game? Good job wrecking peoples PS3’s

  435. Complaint about Black Ops 2
    So you guys decide that you will reduce the fire rate of the Dsr50 and the Ballista. You advertise it as slightly reducing it when it is blatantly not a small amount of reduction when it is a major amount of reduction witch gives people using Sub machine guns Assault Rifles and other weapons an un president advantage. It makes me very angry when I have put a lot of effort into learning how to snipe and I really thought you guys had done an extremely good job with the sniper mechanics in this game. its a completely different way to snipe and requires a lot more skill to snipe in then Modern Warfare 3. But you guys decided that you would be stupid and change a few things hear and there and play around with a few things because people say the two guns are over powered when they are not even over powered! people that snipe and have a positive Kill Death ratio are just good snipers! nothing about the guns being over powered! just the simple fact that people put time and effort into learning how to snipe well and be efficient at sniping but yet you think every gun in this stupid game is over powered so you decide to nerf and reduce factors of them. Im done playing your bitch ass game seen as you continue to do this BS. Im of to play Modern Warfare 3 ( a game that doesn’t nerf its guns and is made with a company that is actually smart) thank you Treyarch for your pitifully attempt at trying to make a good game.

  436. Hello dear Treyarch team, I would like report a player in Black Ops 2. He is often associated with other players in a hack lobby and boosts itself points. Then he has a glitch exploited to bring he on prestige to 10th The name of the player is henny-2000. Thanks you for your time

  437. Hi I want to talk about why there is no DLC for the Wii U. I don’t have the Wii U. I have a Xbox 360. But I think it’s not fair that Xbox, PS3, and PC gets DLC. Maybe you guys and Nintendo can make a deal so the Wii U can get DLC. I think it’s not right that you guys sell Black Ops 2 for the Wii U and not give the DLC. I hope you guys make a deal with Nintendo

  438. Hi, i have figured out a way to stop hackers you can protect your PS3 by doin such a simple step i may only be 14 but i would like to stop the hackers please tryarch let me help you stop all this hacking i will give you there online Id and you can do what you would like. This is my acc ID zomslayshardhaha

  439. Hello Treyarch i am a fan of your games but i find it icreadably frustrating that i have paid over 100 dollars to enjoy your game call of duty i think that grants me the permition to quit a match full of hacker and boosters without getting penalized sincerly my ass.

  440. please allow more people like up to 6 in one zombies game at a time ( not that silly versus mode , in the next game you make

  441. I luv Alcatraz its good but i was hoping u could fix zombie maps cause i got on the plane and a zombie got on with me and kill me so fix it

  442. You need to fix the spawns I joined a game on nuketown and they were watching all the spawns they all had 60-80 kills u need to fix the spawns because I’m tired of getting spawn trapped I might not buy the next game for that reason

  443. treyarch i want to get my master prestige account back pleaz it had been hacked and some one reset me i was legit and i worked very hard for it pleaz help me to get it back my psn is joelk109

  444. Hi I thought of a great idea for a dlc map the map would start out with both teams on ground level in between them would be a 20 story building where both teams will run around the in the building to get kills collect objectives etc I think that the map will be challenging for people playing call of duty and will be a well enjoyed map
    Thank you for your time
    Bryce Hodges

  445. Why isn’t there anything being done about the players who are boosting, the last three days i’ve played my clan & i caught 7 boosters & reported them. Apparently nothing has been done, it is unfair to the players who actually play fair. Look over the leaderboards & see for yourself how & ban the players who are boosting.

  446. I want to know why every game of buried i play ….Exceeded maximum number of Anim info…. pops up and my game kicks me back to the title screen. Please fix this problem.

  447. Doubt anyone reads these but here goes. Black ops 2 is by far the worst online gaming experience I’ve ever had. The lag makes it impossible to play and it is not on my end. Spawns suck too. Seems like those are pretty damn important. Stop making camos for people to buy and fix this crap game. I will never give treyarch another cent of my money.

  448. Dear Treyarch, I’m writing to you to thank you guys on how well you guys did on call of duty zombie maps. I’m a huge call of duty fan and zombies never gets old in my opinion! In return i’m hoping that you guys continue to make awesome map packs and make black ops 3 in future, that is if there will be one. Thanks

  449. i have found a booster now playing black ops 2 he is boosting in hardcore mode his account on ps3 is called killer_jay-_- there are no spaces or capital

  450. I hate your connection!!!!!! I can’t play with my friends on league play without lag, this means I can’t use my msmc because it doesn’t go to work when it should!!!! Can you make some better connection when I play with my american friends, or you could make dedicated servers like battlefield which would be better so I can play with my american friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  451. Hey can make you on treyarch make a better probation system for League play? Im not surrpose to get probation if Im leaving and i am the only one left!

  452. As an avid player of the Call Of Duty franchise, personally my most favourite was World at War because of its successful multiplayer aspect and the popular zombie mode. So because of this I would like to see a HD or anniversary edition of world at war so people won’t hack the servers that remain on the old game and so I can then enjoy the multiplayer which is better than any of the other call of duty’s.

  453. Some of the worst programming and servers I have ever seen.

    I have played at least 45 games of grief that I won, but the system counted them as a loss. Treyarch sucks ass.

  454. can you please fix league play in COd?
    i get paired up with masters and im only a silver, and the guns are getting unbalanced, fix them.
    thank you

  455. and if you have a team in league and someone leaves, it shouldn’t count as a thing for your team. jesus fix this bs

  456. Hello Treyarch,
    I’m a fan of your work for Black Ops Zombies work and recently wanted to share an idea for a possible game map for the upcoming map pack. Seeing your work devoting for us fans by combining imagination of creatures with real-life locations, I believe this location would be a magnificent place since it has history and can be great for a map. Chernobyl. This power plant has been home to many deaths by radioactive atoms. I’m sure fans will like to see another real-world location filled with radioactive zombies!!!

  457. After I updated my profile on black ops 2 for the new skins theres a huge glitch in my game where everything is green and shiny and I cant see my gun or look through the sight I would like it fixed please

  458. I think it would be a good idea to have a mobile speedboat on cove and the players would be able to go around the island, but with a detonation time for the boat to blow up then respawn in random spots around the island

  459. This was THE worst customer support experience i have ever had. I’ll keep it short, but pretty much this is how it went. I wait and hour and five minutes to talk to an actual person. He finally answers and says, “Hello? Helloooooo?” The rest of the two minute conversation he talked in a completely rude, pissed off, mono toned voice and tells me the issue is on me. This didn’t surprise me, almost every customer support person i talk to says this so i wasn’t to surprised. This time it just really flustered me because i waited and HOUR and five minutes. I am completely disgusted on how Treyarch’s customer service treats people. At least next time i know I am not going to waste my time calling them. You will get no support from them, the wait time is unbelievable. I realize the wait time isn’t on them, but they could hire more, happier, people that don’t hate their job, workers. Just unbelievable, do not waste your time people.

  460. Every game, literally. This happens to me EVERY game. Its not my fault. I actually stayed in the game. Obviously you aren’t going to win just by your self. Staying in the game is a waste of time and you’re getting punished for it. I don’t know about you but i get -150 and probation every time this occurs.

  461. I have been playing cod nearly all my life and now am getting sick of it because of league play I was on search and a team mate backed out so it was 3v4 and I lost 150 because of it u need to sort it out because it is unfair on the people who lose because of people rage quiting

  462. dear treyarch I would like you to add something into black ops 2, I think multiplayer would e better if you could make it that you can use a prestige token to increase the amount of attachments you can have like on custom games you can have 17 attachments, I think this would increase the popularity of multiplayer and make people more eager to reset their stats because I also think their are too many prestige masters in the game.

  463. i was playing call of duty black ops 2 and i got hacked by a booster it messed my kill death ratio up i dont think its fair i worked hard n put hours into it can i please get help or a reset i didnt do anything so maybe you can help me out

  464. Great work. Just a quick opinion I think treyarch should add a build able jet pack for die rise that would be awesome. Thanks for black ops 2 excellent game. Hope to see a third!! Wink wink

  465. Hi, i got banned earlier today for boosting. I didn’t want to boost but my friend said he would delete me if i didn’t boost w/ him. He was my best friend so i didn’t want him to so i did. i was wondering if you could set my stats back to before i started boosting. If you can i promise ill never boost again, ill tell you what i had at that time if so. Email me with your response.

  466. Okay guys, i love you’re games but you have to fix the servers trying to join a game with a full time of 6 and takes 20 minutes and some…

  467. I have a complaint, I always seem to be cheated out of a kill, ever time I shoot at an enemy I always get the shot out first and I always get a ton of hit markers and never end up getting the kill. For example I was using the swat(tri-shot) gun and it normally takes two bursts for a kill and every time I go around a corner and run Into a guy i hit him with at least four bursts and I still end up getting killed. It is getting to the point where it happens every single game. I have just about had it. I am not sure if it is just me having these problems but it gets irritating because I am a ver competitive person. Am I the only one with these problem? Or is it called in enough? And if possible is it able to be fixed? I would love some feed back about my problems I know y’all are a very busy company but something just can’t be left in the game like that.

  468. my gamertag is nwg war and I got perma banned from making emblems when I wasn’t even playing blackops 2 for at least four months can u fix this plz

  469. I am not sure to how many complaints you get about call of duty black ops two on the matter of online hardcore probation time. I have received this in the last week multiple times not only from the game lagging me out but a teammate running in front of me every two seconds. I find it very ridiculous that you can go onto probation from this happening. I do not like the idea at all and think it should be removed. That’s speaking from my experience from this in the last week or two. I think you gave it a nice try but it just doesn’t work and makes customers unhappy and not want to at this game, if they encounter the same problem I have.

  470. hey,I have a idea a zombie map .
    it should be the white house.We can relate to five on blackops. The first two Charactors I think Presidant Obama and Joe Biden should be the 2 of the 4 Charactors in the zombie map in blackops2 .Please reapond


  471. Hey I was thinking that for a zombies map you guys should put Outnumbered by The Devil Wears Prada as the hidden song.
    please respond
    Thanks: Malik’s Cousin

  472. The treyarch staff is rediculous! My friend and I found two hackers with the same stats and black ops 1 prestige symbol, so we tried calling on Friday night, but they said working hours were only Monday-Friday, which is when we called! Seriously, if your going to have work hours, at least follow them! And like everyone else is saying, patch the fricking Remington for gods sake! Op to the max!!

  473. I have some game ideas and I want to share them with you!! Plz contact me at my email address if your interrested in hearing abt them…., think you bye

  474. black ops 2 live stream it says that if your bandwidth is less than 1.5mbps you cant use it well that sucks as it is there to be y cant you lower the bandwidth so not just me but every body can use it so plz sort this problem out as i want 2 use it just like every body else

  475. cant wait for black ops 2 origins i hope its not the end of zombies as it is the only thing that i like at the moment keep up the good work at treyarch and make some more zombies in the future

  476. i think this game is great, a much better improvement over black ops 1. online has it’s moments, and zombies is great. Why are people hating? Just because you can’t kill someone, doesn’t mean it’s treyarchs fault, it’s yours.

    • I agree, i very much like this game, especially with the new patches that “in a way” balanced out the guns. I love all the things you can do in the Buried map on zombies. I love to play league play, the only thing i would have to say that needs to me fixed is the balance of pairing people around your skill level. Sometimes, because i am gold, i get put with masters. I don’t really care because i only play for fun, but i would prefer if i got paired with platinum’s on the other team. Other than that, i really like this game and can’t wait for the others.

    • worst call of duty ever the guns weak.. all of the wall can be shot thru.. the dogs one bite you die.. one guy can beat a whole team with that scoresteak set up

  477. Hey, Ive put in my Nuketown 2025 Code. And it’s not coming up in the playlist. Could I possibly have a different code. Or how do I fix it? Thanks

  478. Can you please put an end to all the cheating and boosting its making the cod almost impossible to play. I’m just about done buying and playing your games even though I love the call of duties the online play is becoming increasingly frustrating to play with the never ending mortar strikes and all the other cheats and boosts. It devalues the game play!

  479. This is the worst game… treyarch has so many lag issues its ridiculous. They are makings millions of dollars off of us and cant even fix the lag. Prolly gonna be my last treyarch game.

  480. I love your mmo games such as Black ops 2 and constant others but i have a problem with the DLC that comes with the peacekeeper because the peace keeper has some bugs with me meaning off and on use but over all great game.

  481. Why was i set back a level? I just leveled up & i lost the attachments i earned!!! Wth TREYARCH stop screwing with people who actually play fair & start looking at the players that are boosting everytime i see boosters my team sends a booster report but you guy dont do anything about it apparently. You’ll let other players cheat but you screw around with people who play fair this is the 3rd time i’ve been set back levels. STOP being UNFAIR!!!!!

  482. Ok so me and my husband were playing COD BlackOPS 2 we were on Nuke Town 2025 on the same team all of a sudden in the middle of the match my screen loads again and then I’m on the opposite team I don’t know if it was something the game did or something the another player did but I’m not happy about it!!!!! It’s been doing it to me when I’m split screening with my little sister too so y’all should really check that out

  483. hello.i played whith one who cheat i think,i couldnt see him at online game black ops,i look when i died and he stand just on front of me and i dont see him,and he kill everyone,him nick name is:Jte_Shoot-Izi,can u check him and block him if he cheat?

  484. Black Ops 2 is the worst call of duty ever!!! i will never by rent or own a treyarch game ever again… all the guns shoot threw walls even if you dont have the FMJ bullets… the guns are weak.. shoot the enermy in the back he will turn around and kill you…. the Knife is to deadly a gamer can empty his clip and a person with the ballistic knife… and the ballistic knifer will still cut him… the respawn is so incorrect.. if you kill some one they will spawn some where within 2 seconds of where you killed them… the dogs dont bark they just attack leave a gamer helpless and what dog you know Treyarch can kill with one bite… as a call of duty player Black Ops 2 is garbage.. and i know you have heard this over and over.. the aim assistance??? if some one is shooting at you and you attemp to run the BO2 AI helps the shooter aim.. thats trash… i have more and more reason not to ever support treyarch.. and there are thousand of us…

  485. Dear treyarch i am writing to you because of a problem, i got the seasons pass 5 days ago and we did a cloud transfer to a new X-box but my brother used the seasons pass before we did the transfer and it new gave us it. so i was wondering if you may to give me a new seasons pass for what happened please. P.S I love that idea bringing back tank Dempsey.

  486. dear treyarch I would like you to fix black ops 2 because half the time I try to join a domination game it is half done and unwinnable, I always join games that are unfair such as me joining a game where they were winning 138-11 and I was on the losing team this is really annoying and is extremely affecting my KD ratio aswell because im always up against prestige masters who are miles better than me making it impossible to rank up.

  487. Hello gamertag frostbite545 on Xbox and I want to know why I was banned and was reseted as I have not breached the terms

  488. I was playing black ops 2 one of the best call of duty games i have played and i went 27 & 4 and a guy thought i was hacking what should i do?

  489. thought of a fab idea i dont know if its been mentioned but what about a game for the party games. a full on sniper match. you’s know how many people play 1v1 sniper matches its very popular so just a match with a choice of using dsr or the ballista would be idea and reckon alot of people will be joining the lobby.

  490. second ps3 i bought second game i bought wasted my money cant play the game freezes black screens thanks treyarch for the headache

  491. Dear Treyarch,
    Thank you for ruining my zombies experience your new dlc map has made me the most mad I have ever been at one of your games and you have also screwed up this time, and I have a lot of reason’s why I dislike your game but I’m not going to list all of those, in other words i have no further reason to play your horrible zombies maps any more thank you for your time.

  492. Hey answer fast i bought uprising and vengeance then when i went to play on them they were deleted ! Plz i lost 30 dollars on those dlc maps treyarch need to give them back and for some reason only nuketown zombies carried over plz help me

  493. Probation?
    I want to know why I’m on probation when the game throws me into games where I can’t connect to the host. I do not rage quit, but this is really annoying not being able to connect to the host and having the game tell me I can’t play for quitting games. Ridiculous.

  494. well for me my only problem is over the years one thing call of duty can never get rit is the spawn system you aloow player to spawn trap over n over wit ever call of duty want comes out ppl r getting sick ove that pls fix the spawn system n the orbital vsat is over power there now way to stop it if u up against a team that does spawn trap n it make no since if u have on ghost u still be seen what the since to have on a perk what dont allow u to get seem by uav etc but not for a orbital vsat

  495. I don’t have another prestige token and I don’t know how to reset my stats and I’m prestige master! Someone from Treyarch help me reset my stats please.

  496. Well, I just spent 2 hours on the easter egg for origins. We got to the 6th step, and one of our members lagged out of the game. Well discovering this, I figured he could come back and get the thunder fist and upgrade them like normal like your supposed to. Well, when my friend tried to go to the reward box and collect his thunder fist reward, the game had glitched, and he couldn’t collect his reward. On discovering this as well, I’m outraged because I’ve been cheated out of buried 3 times already. Everytime I get to the last part everyone hits, but no achievment. Please tell me why you all try to make this an impossible thing to do because I followed every step accordingly to how you all set it up in the game. I spent my hours doing the combinations for the staffs and everything else. I at least would like an explanation of why my friend couldn’t collect the thunder fist like everyone else could. The zombies were still white in the pack-a-punch area where you build the staffs, so please explain to me why this happened.

  497. This game is terrible. They decided to ruin ever gun accept of course the most noob gun ever, and im talking of course, the Remington 870. It acts like a sniper it’s almostalways one hit one kill and there is no way you can ever survive one shot. The maps absolutely suck, you can rarely ever get a headshot while trying to gold or diamond any gun. The guns are way to fast and way to over powered. Lets talk logic now, i shot a guy in the head six times and magicly because he shot me 45 feet away with a remington i was dead but he remaind standing. One knife one kill oh yeah thats logical. Nobody is going to die from stab to the toe come on. And of course it is rated M. So why does this mean you can get banned from the simplest things. Thats because there are 5 year olds that play this. 5 YEAR OLDS!!! These kids think they are halarious talking about oh your mom this and your mom that. Thats not even funny its super annoying and means that you have to talk bad about somebody all the way across the world then that means you suck and are itching for a fight. In my correct oppinion i rate this game a 1.5/5 stars this game absolutley sucks do not buy it!

  498. I have hated all of treyarch games they do not make any of them realistic and all of the gameplay is rubbish alltogether I think they should let infinitie warfare make all the call of dutys I haven’t found one good thing on black opps 2 yet I know that lots of people agree with me that treyarch are bad

  499. Treyarch I’ve been playing call of duty for years I’ve notice that in black ops 2 there seems to be a problem with the servers I tried to get online and it says the connection to the servers is down and I go to the website provided and it’s still at defon 5 when I’m not the only one having difficulties and I’d also like to add that there are entirely way to many boosters and there’s also boosters that are using split screamers on opposite teams which makes it severe difficult to enjoy the game when your being destroyed by score steaks that people don’t truly earn. The lagging and server connection needs to stop ASAP I understand that there are lag switches out there that should be able to be blocked by the treyarch community please fix these problems I’m starting to loose faith in treyarch and not becoming a fan or it thanks to these problems in which I will not be purchasing any call of duty after this I suggest stop focusing on new maps and new guns and focus on fixing the things that are wrong with your game

  500. Black ops2 has so many issues I don’t even know where to start , First the probation when the server lags out and when you join a party before probation is up it resets to 5 min. And you start again. Your programing of this game is the worst I have ever seen , it is laggy ,connection sucks . I promise you one thing this WILL be the last of your games I waste my money on even if you say you have fixed the problems

  501. Treyarch your servers for bo:2 have went to hell. For the last week it’s almost impossible to find lobbies for me and my entire clan so its not just our connections. Keeps throwing me in empty lobbies for 20 minutes straight when there’s 11k ppl in domination?!?? Yea right please fix it its making your online play just horrific.

  502. I reach level 4 (colossus computer) and it keeps asking for D or right arrow. I’ve pushed each one 100 times and nothing happens. Activision is of no help whatsoever. HELP!

  503. Why do we get booted everytime on round 29 or 30 in the Origins
    Zombie game. Everytime, we get a “You exceeded your time slot” or
    something like that. It doesn’t matter who the host is, where the host is, it happens.

  504. I love your zombie maps and all my friends on Xbox live love them also..It made me start a design on a new zombie map for you all to think about and maybe you all will love the idea on my design and was wondering if I could get some contact info like a certain email address or so to send my idea and designs to..I’m pretty sure everyone would love this design it has the excitement and the scare factor to it that everybody wants..also my gamertag is EG QUANCHI

  505. call of duty black ops 2 SUCKS!!!! ive had it since it came out back in November of 2012. have all the dlc content for the game. huge fan of the zombies since I first played it on black ops. but when bo2 zombies came out so much stupid game play ive noticed. I think the levels themselves are fun and cool. but a lot of gameplay and how the zombies work and different powerups and all suck. countless times me and friends have gotten instant kill shot a zombie 2-3 times and not die weve knifed them a few times and not die. but instead we go down because of trying to knife or kill them with instant kill on while trying to revive someone or trying to do something. I love how freaking quickly zombies spawn now after we get a nuke powerup! in origins I throw a monkey bomb and the zombies still come after me!!! the monkey bomb isn’t thrown out of ‘bounds’ to where it disappears. thanks for putting jugg so far away in origins. the jet gun sucks and stupid, the sliquifier is stupid and can kill yourself or someone else very easily by falling off a ledge or elevator.
    love how the zombies have a 2-3 foot reach and can knock you down in 1 hit!!! even with jugg sometimes!
    thanks for maing origins so freaking hard! the mud, how far stuff is, 3 giant robots that can step on you, and the big daddy. that’s what me and my friends call the zombie in the iron man suit. why make him spawn so quickly. he comes at round 8 then 11 then 14??? what the hell? I love how I put a ray gun or shotgun literally in his face get off about 5-6 shots and hes still standing even after taking a considerable amount damage already! who the hell would put sniper rifles in this game!!!!!???? what am I going to do with that!!!! and that stupid SMR!!! that’s worst then the snipers! id figured the smr being pack a punch would make it slightly better. hell no its worst! why in the hell for the so called last dlc for origins wouldn’t you guys put EVERYTHING in it! I mean everything. all the guns from world at war black ops 1? why not put all the wonder weapons it? thanks for the so called NEW perks in it too!! same damn old ones! we wanted NEW perks! for possibly being the ‘last’ zombie map I was VERY disappointed! overall I was very excited for tis game to come out but was very very disappointed instead.

    thanks a lot treyarch or whoever the hell makes this crap game!

  506. Hello treyarch today I went to play call of duty black ops 2 then I couldn’t play cause I got banned i have no idear why I got banned can u please tell me

  507. I think it is absolutely pathetic how you run your hardcore games. I am on probation because some moron gets killed on my claymore or grenade. You guys are retarded!! Guys team kill players with score streaks and stand in the way of the care packages and I get a death. Figure it out idiots!

  508. Hi, I have a complaint to make about the new abundance of “ghost mod” hackers on Black Ops 1. I have been generating a list of screen names who use this hack in hopes that some sort of consequence would be taken against them:


    Now, these are the hackers I’ve come into contact with within the last HOUR. This is getting completely out of control and I would appreciate a course of action to be taken against them. If you need proof, contact me by email so I may provide it. I will continue to write down screen names for future reference. THAT IS A HEADS UP TO ANY HACKER READING THIS. IT WILL END SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY.

  509. The matchmaking system is the worst I have ever seen in my entire life, it had worked decently up until yesterday when it decided that I was not fit to join any matches in the entire world. I tried every possible thing I could to try and fix this problem. Get better matchmaking, I will not be purchasing any further call of duty games that you are a part of.

  510. Your BO2 game is garbage!!! You add things too the game ruins it like orbit vsat, target finder, quick scoping, and throwing C4 like its a football. I will never buy another COD black opps game or another trey arch game again. You guys create garbage.

  511. I have a list of over 4000 names that will not be buying tryarch games anymore. seems like they mess with the difficulty on a daily basis. Who ever the genius was that decided to make easy mode on zombies way too easy and normal mode way too difficult has ensured that I will never buy another game that tryarch has a hand in. Used to enjoy zombies, not any more. Here is an idea, how about three difficulty levels, easy, normal mode (that is the same difficulty as it was on day one of release, and a impossible mode.

  512. I have several issues with bo2. However I am not just going to bitch about the infinity ward shadow. I have an honest inquiry as to why when new maps are released the playlist options are only available for core players? I have grown tired of these recycled maps but I still wasted 60$ on top of the game to get the “elite” pack. Seriously, make a freaking playlist for HC players

  513. Besides World at War this is the worst call of duty which your company is responsible for both. Pistols are overpowered, quickscoping doesnt even have to hit you to kill you and the lag host compensation that you guys did to try and even out the playing field is just insane. You should be ashamed to call yourselves a gaming company i have been a loyal fan and player of cod but the more i play this game the more im appauled at your company and the games development over the years.

  514. My xbl gt is Deso Toys I had been reset a while go for a reason that is unknown to me was master prestige and then suddenly was no prestige level but I just ignored it and then I start playing again n my stars stay the same so I decide to prestige n I have no tokens to be able to reset my stats and I am outrages I have played this game since it came out and I am know appauled at it and thinking of cancelling my subscription n going to ps3 please let me know if there’s anything u can do for example compensation thank you Ben Freeman/Deal Toys

  515. So annoying my game keeps freezing when im in the middle of a great match. My service is fine and so is the disc. So zombies just sucks.

  516. Why make leaderboards for one player 2 player 3 player and so on if ya can’t make a 2 player match with your friend as it doesn’t count on private match winds me up trying to get a 2 player match you need to sort

  517. Hey Treyarch, stop putting me in timeout for leaving games. Actually, stop throwing me in hopeless 85-10 games that others left and I won’t quit as soon as I’m put in there. And stop putting me in timeout for killing “allies” in hardcore that decide to jump in front of me while I’m firing my weapon. I don’t need a timeout. I need programming that understands stupid stuff like spawning me on top of a grenade, or in front of a sentry gun, or allows people to so realistically use a sniper rifle by halfway throwing it up to their face and hitting anything that is within their vision. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

  518. i was wondering, how long does it usually take for you to get a placement in league? I have been waiting three days know and it still says awaiting placement. Thanks

  519. You guys suck! Black ops 2 just sent me away from first person shooters. All you care about is selling copies. The ranking system, sucks! The maps, suck! The servers, suck! The only reason people play the game is because it’s the only one! Battlefield takes intelligence so know wants to play it. Maybe infinity ward will change the game but I’m pretty sure your sorry ass is apart of ghost! Someone please rise to help gamers over the age of 12! iIii

  520. By now I’m sure this is old news to you all. I think it is very clever how you made the Hazard map on Black Ops. It is a very nice remake of Cliffside from WaW. Nicely done! Also, Treyarch games are WAY better than Infinity Ward, just saying. And it would be nice to load or purchase maps to play from older games. Old maps with the current weapons. Come out with a game like that. Where you could play any map from any game and make a playlist of maps you want to play. Then match that playlist with other similar playlists and off you go. It’s probably a million + dollar idea so I want royalties when your lighbulbs go off.

    A loyal fan

  521. You want a review ok i will give my review. I dont mind playing the game however i am sick and tired of other players that like to hack the game as they make it not so fun. Not to mention how many CHILDREN i have encountered meanwhile you must be 17 to buy the game should mean same thing to play as well. I can not count the times i had to hear a childs parent complain about us swearing when their child was playing the game. My main issue is the freaking hackers, isnt there a way to prevent the use of cheat programs?

  522. I cannot believe you guys did not fix the sniper crap on this game. I have guys killing me jumping off of buildings and running full speed and shooting and killing me. This is crap. If you look through the scope and can see then I can believe it. If you pull the RIFLE up and shoot without looking through the scope and kill me it is BS. If you cant see me you cant shoot me. This is supposed to be life like!!!! You should make a game just for snipers or make special games without snipers.

  523. I have a question about black ops 2 zombies, how does the Zombie Ranking System Works if you have an answer please reply to me at my email

  524. like the game overall but absolutely hate the probation. I have a job and kids. I don’t exactly have a lot of time to play so if you guys could take this off it would be appreciated. its a game. lets leave it that way

  525. I enjoy playing your games but this is going to be my first and last post. There is no such thing as quick scoping! this little extra you think is funny that is put in the call of duty games is actual B.S. it is now starting to piss me off b/c it is unfair advantage to the gamers why it is because after watching over and over again replays of deaths there is no actual aiming but a aiming in a general area of opponent. it is not even shooting from the hip action. when i play the sniper mode my hard scoping can not even produce the kill shots this supposedly quick scoping can do. now that is a B.S. move. so is this a glitch that the gamers found out or is this a trick that one of your jackass creators came up with to give the sniper a chance to be in the battle besides lying in the outskirts and waiting for the kill. Either way it needs to be fixed. I am sure i am not the only one to post something about this lame ass move. anyways this is my only complaint about call of duty games. overall i think it is a fun game but the serious issue to be fixed is the cheaters and this quick scoping B.S. hopefully it is resolved in the ghost series if not this will probably be the last game purchased from you guys. i know it probably doesn’ t mean much to y’all but thats what it is.

  526. Ok so im like amazing at zombies now but I used to suck so my rank is just the skull… can u guys just like at least reset my account so I can get a higher rank because no one on public match will ready up with me because of my rank and im sure I can definitely get the skull with shotguns and spikes on the shield so can u guys please reset my stuff so I can get to a higher rank?

  527. So I got the hardened edition preorder for bo2 back before the game was released, how ever much money that was but long story short I got this package mainly because of the extra zombie map, well I just recently found out there is a code on the back of these pointless coins included in the deal that give me a sound track a weapon camo and calling cards. I’m really disappointed that because I don’t get my weapon camo or calling cards because I’m too late on entering my code which is rediculous because no matter what time I enter in this code I should get it no matter what because I paid for it. I would love a little help here

  528. Hello, I don’t know if you could help but call of duty world at war for the ps3 has just been ruined by hackers and it’s sad to see that this was a good game that I like to go back and play from time to time but it’s just pointless playing due to hackers I would like to see a update/patch put in place so this game could be enjoyed by many again thanks.

  529. I have been watching some youtube vids and i came across this one video discussing the possability of creating a new COD game but with ONLY the zombies on it. Looked from every angle this is a good business propersition and could benifit the community massivly. In the game you could include every zombies map in order with the weapons from that game. It should be in chronilogical order as many people get confused with the timeline and the story due to the DLC packs jumping back and forth through time. As it is only zombies, it should sell for about £30, as it is affordalble but also not too cheap, after all all youre doing is compiling it all on one disk. The game could be called “Call Of Duty Zombies The complete Collection”.
    If this concept becomes possible and does happen may I and “MrBossFTW” from youtube get a free copy of the game or merchandise by bringing this to your attention.
    Please consider this and thankyou for your time.

  530. Please fix ghosts. search and rescue defeats the purpose and fun we had in search and destroy. also putting points on perks kills how unique players can be and can be confusing to new players. Please update.

  531. The zombie shield in origins has gotten weaker because i was in round ten with a fried on split screen and i just built the shield and too one hit from behind with it and was downed while it was on my back and i had juggernog so i would like to see something changed as soon as possible because i like the map itself but if that defensive weapon kills me for using it then i will never buy a treyarch game again

  532. Treyarch if you get this message/review I kinda got a virus in bo2 Every 1 minute a thing pops up and says the data has been corrupted and every time i play bo2 it says your stats have been reset but it hasn’t Can you please tell me how to Fix this bug To get outa my PS3

  533. Big fan of call of duty, but me and a clan member are experiencing some issues on elite. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on how to fix it, cuz I can’t run my elite clan iAnd enlist us in ops if I can sign into elite. It’s stuck at the loading profile screen. And it sits there now. It was working perfectly fine last night, but this morning when I went in to check for new ops and what not, it did it. If you could, Either email me, or you can send my account an message with an idea, I have a mic, so I can talk back. Gamer tags is CLiiCK x CLACK

  534. Can you please find a way to fix the mob of the dead issue please every time I go to play it, it freezes 2 seconds in the loading screen

  535. hey me and my nephew wanted to know if you could have a neighborhood to buy more house/doors and run around go into house and get new guns and new traps in you get to drive a car I would really appreciate if we got get the twin towers on BO2 thank you for your time to read this message it truly means a lot do us. 🙂 Do a really good favor for the BO2 fans.:)

  536. Your game is a POS every time i go to do the eater egg for your map origins when im on the last staff that i have to put in the robot to break the seal it never blows out so i can get inside of it and you need to put less power on your overpowered panzer soldat or what ever you call it cause that thing will not die from your new mg-08 light machine gun and in my conclusion you guys at treyarch studios or what ever suck and you put way to much money into your games that become complete krap from you people not knowing the right power for weapons and other stuff and you guys are worse video game designers than 343 industries

    • What you have to do is throw a lemon against the wall, then put a baby in a blender, Finally you have to staple a from to a kids FACE. Then Mob of The DEAD will work again

  537. PLEASE HELP my ps3 copy of Black ops 2 Mob of the dead map keeps on freezing before I even start playing. My disc is clean, and I have no corrupted files on my system and I restored all my files just in case. I tried to play it on online match it freezes, I tried to play it on custom match it freezes and I tried to play on solo it still freezes. Every other map and zombie map loads fine except for Mob of the dead. Please respond back I really like that map and I payed fifteen dollars for that map and now it’s freezing, please help me!!! PLEASE.

  538. I hate y’all s game now, I was a master prestige and now I am a level one. Can y’all please return my rank because i worked had to achieve that goal.

  539. Hey treyarch, im just wondering why did u guys reset my friend killatone19? hes not hacking,boosting, anything like that if anything hes the one who has been reporting hackers for you guys.

    he also said after a match against little kids he wooped em, and they reported him for hacking, next day hes banned for 7 days?
    All i am askin can u just give him his lvl back? he litterly just got dimanoned not to long ago.. Don’t you think its a little unfair?

  540. Can we please get something done about the champion league points in australia its getting old we cant get ladder points

  541. Ya I agree with the guy that sent that his friend got banned so did I and I was wounded can we doth have are stuff back please please I am asking nicely