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Contacting TravelZoo Customer Service Center

TravelZoo is like a vacation or trip planning intermediary. The company claims to have lower prices and special deals, but so do other sites offering the same services. We could not find dedicated customer service information without digging hard into the website. We finally found what we were looking for on the Suggestion page of the TravelZoo website. The TravelZoo customer service contact options are minimal, but at least we were able to find some form of contact.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info

You have a couple of options if you need to contact TravelZoo customer service. You can call the company during normal business hours, between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. CST during the week or you can send your communication via the Contact Form.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service Team: 1-888-636-0894

Mailing Address

No mailing address is listed on the TravelZoo website, but we found the mailing address in the Privacy Policy for the site.

TravelZoo, Inc.
590 Madison Ave.
37th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Official Website

You can access the official TravelZoo website and start searching for offers on The website does not directly handle any bookings, so you are not sharing financial information with this company. TravelZoo simply offers deals and a search engine of sorts to make finding deals easier.

Customer Service Email

You can’t email customer service directly, but you can use the Contact Page to send a message along. We used this contact form to ask a simple question about where money is sent when we purchase an offer. We hope to receive a quick answer, but we’ll let you know how the customer service team works for us.

Our Experience

The TravelZoo customer service line was answered immediately by an automated system. Press 4 to reach the general customer service line. We asked the agent, who answered within one minute of us placing the call, about local deals in the Raleigh, NC area. She was happy to tell us about travel offers to major city destinations. The call lasted about 15 minutes, but only because we chose to listen to all the deals. There was a slight push to find out more personal information and to buy an offer, but the push wasn’t too strong.

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62 Comments on “Contact TravelZoo Customer Service
  1. Hi I purchased this voucher but my life has changed dramacally. My husband of 36 years just passed at the age of 54. I am still reeling from this, and of course today I find this voucher, I hoping you can honor this. Please let me know. thank you

  2. I booked a trip through travelzoo to Vegas and just returned. While I was there, I needed to get a copy of my itinerary, which was supposed to have been sent to the person who was joining me, but was not. I contacted, what turned out to be expedia for a copy of the itinerary, they then forwarded me to a company called lextel who would have handled my itinerary. I first requeste to have them fax my itinerary to me at the hotel in Vegas, which they agreed to, that didn’t happen, so I called again, they then told me that they could email it to me at home..i informed them i was at the hotel and needed it faxed there. After several calls, I was then informed that the hotel has all that information to give me. I went to the registration desk only to be told that they don’t have that information, only the website would have it and should provide me with it. I got on the phone at the registration area to call them again and inform them of what the hotel told me…they put me on hold and called the hotel, the person they were talking to in the hotel was the manager that I had just spoken with and he was trying to explain to them that they should provide me the info. the hotel doesn’t have that info. They refused to give me a copy and seemed concerned that one was needed and didn’t want to send it to the hotel. This has been a big red flag to me. The fact that they didn’t want the hotel to see the room charges shows me that they may have had something to hide and were actually over charging. I will be looking into this further. I will not go through any websites again. I will only work directly with the hotels.

  3. Right from the start the server seemed to be in some rush (there were only 2 tables occupied).She would walk away literally and reply back with her back towards us.Our two glasses of red wine came completely COLD! Another server was nice enough to come check on us and when told, he quickly fixed that. The beef tartar had so much seasoning that it was overwhelming. I told the server and offered to take it back and replace it with something else. Rib eye was a poor quality of meat, beef short ribs lacked in taste-it was boring after 8-10 bites. Banana cheesecake lacked finesse.At the time of the cheque she tells me we comped ur first glass but charged u for second. We only had one glass each-what comp? You served cold wine that I sent back!!
    I came to the restaurant to celebrate my birthday – forget about wishing me I didn’t even get proper service. The server told me to pick meat over the arctic char and later she tells the table behind me that fish is our specialty? Pathetic service!

    Moreover I tallied up the the worth of my voucher and the max of the shared appetizer, 2 entrees, 2 desserts. I would’ve never fully reached the amount that I had purchased – $45 for $90 worth of food. I mentioned this to the server and she said well its all Travelzoo’s fault – they created the coupon and we can’t do anything about it. Just the mannerism and abrupt answer that I got threw me off.

  4. Nothing but professional and courteous service!

    Your customer service must go through training twice because they really emphasize need to keep happy customers. I’ve been very happy with travelzoo from small to large purchases. ONly once did I have the need to contact customer service and the problem was immediately resolved to my liking.

    Thank you for your site and your great employees.

  5. Recently, we spent 2 nights at the Hilton Niagara Falls. I bought the “special” package on Travel Zoo. A site I had never used before. However, I have used many travel sites and had always been satisfied with my purchases. Some show all costs up front (like Expedia) and some don’t show all the taxes and fees until just before one pays by credit card. So, that, once you have paid for the travel package on line, no more costs are billed.

    We assumed the great rate was a result of the deal being offered off season (a particularly cold March and April) and mid week. I have travelled to Las Vegas about twenty or more times over the past 38 years and know that casino hotels offer better deals mid week.

    So, I thought we would take a little “stay-cation” and have a mini honeymoon. Well, we drove to Niagara Falls. The weather was as awful as predicted. We were surprised, however, to see the lobby of the hotel enclosed on the street side by scaffolding.

    We entered a driveway and a parking attendant greeted us. We said we were checking in and he handed us a tear off section of a parking chit. The attendant exchanged pleasantries but mentioned nothing about parking fees. In fact the casino portion of the hotel across the street had large clear signs declaring $5 for self parking and $20 for valet parking. There were no signs to be found at any time on this side of the street, in the driveway or the parking levels declaring a charge for the parking (we later learned that parking fees are a new charge).

    We wandered through some back tunnels to the desk. Another cheerful employee greeted us. I gave him our names, credit card and specifically said, I had “prepaid everything.” The clerk did not correct me to say anything about charges.

    We settled in our room which looked lovely. It looked like it had already been renovated. We weren’t thrilled with the glowing red Casino sign between the US and Canadian falls but as our views were otherwise unobstructed, we were pleased.

    The first night, en route to the casino, we made reservations at the Brazilian restaurant for dinner. An interesting new experience. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a drink after dinner at the top of the building so we wandered back over to the casino. The little (second floor?) lounge there had the falls view obliterated by steam. That night from our room we could see clearly the steam was not mist from the falls but steam or smoke from a very low building between the multi-plex car park and the casino tower. Later that night and by the next day the steam/smoke obliterated our view of the horseshoe falls. Not even the coloured lights could be seen through the steam/smoke.

    Also, that first night my husband had cramps that continued for the next day and night. He had eaten small (quail?) eggs and sausage at the Brazilian restaurant. Otherwise, we had eaten the same things all day.

    The lousy weather the next day continued as forecast so we stayed indoors at the casino and at a nearby mall and were pretty happy except for my husbands cramps and the view of the falls concealed by the steam/smoke gushing from the small brown building.

    The morning of our check out I was stunned to see a bill totaling $131 for taxes and parking for our two day stay. We paid and checked out. All the staff were as pleasant as always. But, we will never stay at Hilton Niagara Falls again and we will never use Travel Zoo again.

  6. Hi, We have several deals on your site…a client is unable to find her voucher and would like to redeem it with us. Is there a way either she or I could find her voucher number?

    Thank you

  7. I bought a voucher for a houseboat trip on Lake Powell and then reserved a houseboat for 24-27 October.

    As of now, the State of Utah has provided funding to keep access to Lake Powell open until the 21st or the 22nd (10 days of funding which started on the 11th, or perhaps the 12th). There is no resolution to the current lack of a budget/appropriations deal for the federal government. As such, neither the State of Utah nor the Federal Government has made a commitment to fund access to Lake Powell past the 21st or 22nd of October. Based upon this current reality and the need to plan our lives according with reality, I and my houseboating crew have decided to ask for a refund of our deposit rather than keep hoping that funding will materialize to stop a closure (and we already have the precedent that the Federal government will close access to this and other national parks) on the 21st or the 22nd of October.
    Communications with the Marina indicate that there position is essentially is that we’d have to drive up to Lake Powell and then, and only then, be able to get a refund if Lake Powell. That simply is not feasible nor reasonable.

    I would appreciate any help you might be able to provide to resolve this issue in favor of a customer who has purchased many items through TravelZoo, both for myself and as gifts for others. I realize these are extraordinary circumstances, but I believe we should receive a refund since there is no legal commitment, at this time, for Lake Powell to be open past the 21st or the 22nd of October.

    I realize TravelZoo is in a difficult position as a third party, but I do consider that you are acting in part as my agent when I purchase vouchers through your company and my continued status as your customer is certainly influenced by your ability to assist me in such matters.

    Best regards, MJD

  8. I have to say I am very disapointed with the customer service number, I lost (or cannot find) a restaurant voucher I bought and each time I have rang CS I have been “number 40” (or worse!) in the queue… Lord knows how long I would have to wait for a reply. Each time I have left my number as requested for CS to call back, each time I have not been called back. Very frustrating. Why do you do??!

  9. Long time travelzoo user, however disappointed with customer server. I had a voucher that the merchant could not honor. I asked Travelzoo for my money back. Instead they said that the merchant was sorry and I should just try again! I don’t want to try again, I already wasted 1 afternoon. I’ve emailed Travelzoo customer service back several times and no answer.

  10. visiting myrtle beach Feb. 23-March 3. We have our hotel/motel BUT looking for deals in entertainment, dinner theatres, attractions, carriage rides,

  11. On Monday, March 17, 2014 2:30 PM, Connie Charocopos wrote:
    I recently purchased a package from you for Brookshire Suites in Baltimore. What a mistake. When we arrived the room was like a sauna although it was freezing outside. We couldn’t use our phone in the room because it wasn’t working. We called from our cell phones and someone advised us that at this time of year the air conditioning is not working. Okay so we open windows. No protection on windows and although we told the children not to go near them, my 5 year old granddaughter lifted herself up to look outside. I can not imagine why the view was a tarred roof. Immediately closed windows.Now we call and ask for fan. They brought up one and I advised them that since we were sleeping in two rooms to sleep we needed another fan. In comes fan 2, it is broken. Called again from our cell phones and in came fan #3. We advised them of the phone not working and the tv in the bedroom also not working properly. They said they couldn’t fix either. What a terrible disappointment.

    As far as the room goes, sheets didn’t fit beds properly, large stains on bathroom floor, burn marks on kitchen counter and horrible sofa bed. All which we were told were going to be renovated. Shouldn’t we have been told this hotel is under renovation. My daughter and I have bought many things from travel zoo and were very satisfied. This was a disgrace.

  12. Thank you Travelzoo! We had a wonderful and much needed vacation in Myrtle Beach.The accomodatios were better than expected and had we NOT seen this offer on your site,we would’ve missed out on one of the best trips ever.Keep those deals coming!

  13. Inquiring about travel deals to Myrtle Beach Sc, Branson, MO and Pensacola, Florida. Does Travelzoo offer travel deals in these locations? Looking for 5 to 6 people.

  14. I tried tour phone number, as listed, and told it was “a non-working number”. How do I get ahold of you; hopefully you are a legitimate company!!!

  15. I tried contacting you and you had “a non working number.” If you are a legitimate business you will write me back and tell me how to contact you.

    Alice C. Turner

  16. I am extremely annoyed with your e-mails and want them stopped. I mean absolutely no more trash from you at all.
    Marjorie Harper.

  17. I don’t want to moderate anything with you::::::: I did not sign up for this and I don,t want to be bothered by you.
    Marjorie Harper

  18. we stayed at doolan’s shore club this past Wednesday thru Friday. We were very disappointed to learn there was no wifi in the rooms. You had to be in one of the lobbies in order to get wifi service. The food was quite good. On the whole I would not recommend this hotel

    • Extremely disappointed not able to use Spa Vouchers purchased in 2013 because of illness and hospitalisation. Travelzoo not honouring these vouchers so I have lost £90.I thought they would be more understanding?

  19. My computer crashed recently and I have been unable to locate my reservations for next week in San Diego, CA on Shelter Island. Will you please email them to me ASAP. Due to illness I will need to cancel them and I am running out of time.

  20. I’m an Indonesian passport bearer with a valid US visit visa. To travel to the Caribbean countries, do I need to apply also visas of all these countries? – Williem T.

  21. I received a Travelzoo advertisement on Friday, Jan. 16 for an all inclusive vacation to Cancun. It was at the RIU Caribe at $849.00 per person with air for six night/7 days from Atlanta. I immediately booked it through Vacation Express and received my confirmation number. The next day I received a call saying it was no longer available, and they offered 5 other resorts that were not as nice. As a result I cancelled my booking.

    Today, Sunday, I went to the Vacation Express website. They were still offering the same deal although I knew it was not available. I truly believe this was a bait and switch tactic. I have lost faith in Travelzoo as a result of this poor experience.

  22. I have bought TravelZoo in the past ( specifically 5 days ago) for some reason now when I try it says “access denied”. I called customer service and they were TOTALLY unhelpful. Her advice to me was maybe go on another computer and buy it from there. When I again explained that I had just purchased from THIS computer, and would like to resolve it so I can purchase things from my own computer ( not to mention print the vouchers) she was like, sorry sometimes our website doesn’t work with all browsers. AGAIN…..I tried to tell her I just used this computer as I have done in the past to go on Travelzoo. I asked for technical support and she said they don’t have one. Customer service gets a 1 out of 10!

  23. I tried to book for The Producers at Birmingham Alexandra Theatre, what a nightmare! I have used the theatre web site several times attempting to book with a discount but the web site did not appear to recognise the Travel Zoo code. It only offered full price tickets.

    I telephoned to book tickets, only to be told that I could only book’ on line’! I have wasted a great deal of time and effort on this and have left my family disappointed.


  24. I was downloading vouchers for Vegas, the show. Mine was printed, the screen the disappeared and I didn’t get the voucher for my wife

  25. when I lived in coldwater Michigan I received four free stock shares but trying to claim them keeps running me in circles from scam page to scam page ?

    jerry simmons

  26. Paige, Thank you for taking the time and having the patience to help me navigate the Virgin Wine website. When I first called my expectation was to cancel my order because of previous difficulty with the site. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to help me complete my order. You are an asset to your company.


  27. Email to Sinorama asking for info about a tour purchased through TravelZoo:
    We have booked a tour of China (China Imperial + Yangtze River (Three Gorges) 15 days 2015).
    (1) Booking number: A002-V00781
    (2) Departure Date: 01-Nov-2015
    (3) Departure City: USA-Los Angeles (LAx0
    (4) Number of days: 15
    (5) Return Date: 15-Nov-2015

    We purchased the tour on 31-Jul-2014. That’s over a year ago but since then we have received no further information. We emailed Sinoramaholidays for information but the email response directed us to email Sinorama Vancouver. We have emailed Sinorama Vancouver twice but have received no response. In the last email, we asked for the date on which the Pre-departure meetng was to take place and when we could expect the Pre-departure-meeting package which we paid for. We received no response.

    Last week I called the Vancouver office to ask for info about the package and I was given a vague answer that the meeting would take place in early October and the package would be sent to us in early October. We are now two months away from the departure and we would like more information such as:
    (1) What airline(s) will we be flying on?
    (2) Will we have a seating choice?
    (3) Will we be seated together on the flights?
    (4) We know we must get our own travel insurance and visas. Do we need to get medical insurance too?
    (5) When will the pre-departure meeting take place?
    (6) When will we receive the meeting package?
    (7) Information about exchange rates

  28. The price advertised for cruises is never the price you have to pay. To many hidden charges such as luggage, transfers, daily service charge.
    Seen a cruise today for £399, not the price you pay. You have to take luggage, hidden charge. Pay daily service charge on board and transfer to hotel……. Come on Travelzoo get your advertiser to be honest you have the power.

  29. I have a 59$ credit with travel zoo and am booking a $2500 trip advertised through them but cannot apply my credit and cannot te fend my $69 pretty poor service

  30. I booked a holiday yesterday with a company called Holiday Gems whose advert is shown on the 18 September email that you sent me. I booked with Paul who undertook to email me with an invoice for the £1058.00 I paid and details of the holiday within half an hour of our phone call ending. To date, more than 24 hours later, no email has been forthcoming. Furthermore I have not been able to contact Holiday Gems on 03301240424 which is a number I acquired from your email.
    From the brief investigations I have done it is abundantly clear that Holiday Gems is incompetent and dishonest and I should be grateful if you would provide me with their postal address so that I can initiate legal proceedings against them for the return of my money.

  31. How about some trips “on a shoe string” (inexpensive travel, airfare, maybe a 3 star hotel or room to rent for your frills..nothing posh…just a decent place to hang your hat, while you tour….some suggestions for inexpensive meals..
    and transportation..
    something for retired folks or students that don’t have thousands of dollars to spend…

  32. I’m writing concerning a trip that I’d paid for to NYC with both my children. When I got there they gave me a different price and I tried to hold on for customer service bur I was holding up there line at the hotel. Who can I speak with concerning this. Also it cost 55.00 a day to park the car, which was not stated. We stayed for 2 days.

  33. Stayed at queens hotel in exeter last night bad experience we upgraded to a better room which was worse than the standard room dirty bathroom toilet hanging off wall lights faulty was cold in bedroom when we arrived food was very good wont be recommending this hotel to anyone waste of money

  34. We booked the trip from Boston to Terceira we were supposed to arrive at 7 am this morning. After a missing plane and then a delayed plane we didn’t get to Terceira until 8 pm once we arrived we found out half the travelers bags are in Lisbon and will probably. Be here in the morning. At this point I do not believe this as so far everything has been a lie. I just want a refund and to go back home to Boston tomorrow. This was the worst experience I have ever had traveling in my life. We also had a transfer from the airport to the hotel included as well which we did not get. I will be sure to share this experience with every travel site and social media I can unless this is somehow rectified.

    Dean Cooper

  35. I have booked a tour with sinorama to china in march, & have mislaid travel confirmation & details etc, I have emailed them, but no reply, would it be possible to get my details for me, the booking is for two under the name of Wallace Brook. Regards Wallace…

  36. I have booked tour to china in march & have mislaid my details etc, emailed sinorama but no reply, could you try to get the details for me, Regards wallace

  37. I used a Travel Zoo partner named Fresh Trips in October successfully. However, I re-contacted them today after seeing Travel Zoo prominently listed as a partner on their website. They had hotel/air trips from Orange County to Nueva Vallarta advertised. But when I contacted them—they said they were no longer available even though they are still advertised (even specifying there are 16 seats available). I know that they the object of some negative attention recently and, frankly, the way this was handled made me question their reliability. The only thing they have going for them is their association with Travel Zoo. Are you still affiliated with them and if your not I suggest you stop letting them operate under your reputation.

  38. Just a little thank you for all the lovely holidays you have sent and the ones we have taken espcially the one we have booked for September in Austria
    Kind regards

  39. My vouchers showed expired on the last day . The restaurant said they just needed barcode but my vouchers just came up under expired and wouldn’t show bar code. They didn’t expire until then end of that day. Restaurant had to charge full amount but will give us credit once they see bar codes
    Help!! I had two vouchers for this!!

  40. Voucher was or expire April 28. We dined that evening and couldn’t use it for our meals as it said expired and wouldn’t bring up bar code. Restaurant said it was good til end of April28. We had to pay for entire meals!!! I need to get bar code up so restaurant will credit us.
    Where is a phone number for your service!!
    Please respond ASAP . I had two of them and were out with another couple

  41. I have purchased tickets for the D.C. After Dark Sightseeing bus tour via your sight. So far I have not received a confirmation… I can pass on to Gray Line Tours for the date my family and I will be in Wash. D.C. July 14th, 2016 is what I would like to have…..PLEASE ADVISE

  42. Hi,

    I have a booking reference 7265-0965-0791 and is marked for The Derbyshire Hotel for 09/10 July 2016. I originally booked 1 night 09 July ’16 then decided later to book 08 July ’16. When a got myself around to printing off the invoice I found that it was reading 09/10 July ’16. I was travelling and needed to adjust my schedules. It was not working as well as I would have liked and after some time went back to my original schedule of the 08/07/2016 and booked the 8th July. This last manoeuvre was today. After booking the hotel I had concerns and telephoned the hotel reservation line and was told I had now made 2 room bookings for 2 people for the 8th July, 2016. There is only 2 of us, me and my wife. It is bank holiday here and there is nobody to take customer service calls. In this event Travelzoo has presented me with a nightmare situation and I would appreciate a speedy response. Regards HH

  43. I am having a nightmare experience with travelzoo. I was booking a break for mine and my husbands birthday and clicked on the wrong hotel. The site said I could cancel within 14 days. I tried immediately and when I reached give a reason it would not allow my response and would not proceed. I have tried unsuccessfully for four days to resolve this problem. Also the terms of the voucher say no money will be taken from my pay pal account until I confirm a date with the hotel. Lies!!! This was taken today and I want it back immediately. Phone numbers are useless. One was not known. Next was wrong number followed by emirates airline book in number. Very poor service indeed. I expect a prompt reply.
    Monica Frayne

  44. Travelzoo and Safari West are crooks. Nonetheless, I have an email stating a full refund will be issued within 7-10 days. They are holding tight with my money. The 10 days are over.

  45. i will be travelling in San Miguel Azores in Portugal. We booked the trip from your agency leaving march 15th from Toronto airport connecting there for San Miguel
    Do we pick up our luggage from the To airport and then register to Sata airlines?
    Custom will be in TO?
    Thank you.

  46. I have the opportunity to talk to Madison today Thursday April 13,2017.
    Like Randy ,Madison is courteous, professional,knowledgeable and helpful.
    Madison and Randy represent Customer Service . They turn me into a loyal ,happy and satisfied Travelzoo’s customer .
    I have bought 2 restaurant vouchers with the Ritz Carlton 5 years ago and gave up on using them. Randy walked me through and i had a wonderful dinner with my physician husband at the Ritz Carlton 3 weeks ago using my past due vouchers.
    I only get Fantastic experiences with Travelzoo.
    Randy helped me in booking a nice honeymoon stay in Cancun, Mexico for an incredible price. I have researched many sites and their price was triple Travelzoo deal.

  47. I took advantage of Travelzoo’s introductory wine offer.The transaction date was 24/08/17 & allegedly posted on 27/08/17.I am still awaiting delivery. There has been no communication/explanation for the delay.

  48. I am contacting you,to say my wife and I went to the Bear inn in Shopshire in England.It was awful time .IT was a small room ,very noisy ,small bed ,very uncomfortable.Room carpet needs replacing, poor shower .The heating was old fashioned.It was so disappointing ,we good not wait to get home.I took pictures of the room if you want to see.I have taking quite a lot of breaks through travelzoo but this one was just dreadful.I would like you to reply to me please.I will be very careful and not rush to book a deal now with Travelzoo after this awful experience.It was meant for a rest for my wife and I and we came more tired.

  49. Abby at Travelzoo spent a considerable amount of time solving a problem from 2015 for me with excellent satisfactory results. I am impressed not only with Abby, but also with Travelzoo for being a company that is dependable and shows customers the utmost respect.

  50. Book your holidays all the time. Just realised how difficult it is to e-mail you and not impressed. Why do I want to? To complain! The latest offering on Cruises offers South Africa for £2199 then at the bottom has a ‘View Details’ option. No matter how you navigate there are no more details only a ‘Book Now’ option. Otherwise its all about destinations especially of course EGYPT !!
    If I need to find the cruise myself I don’t need Travel Zoo?

  51. I was not very happy with being on hold for half an hour just to ask if the Boston Tea Party voucher was refundable. I still did not get an answer. It’s not very fair for people with medical conditions to have to either hold it for that long or go to the bathroom and go to the end of the line again. In other words it’s not fair for people with medical conditions to have to wait twice as long as everyone else. Also, people have things to do and cannot be on hold for ridiculous periods of time. In addition, some of us have limited minutes and if we’re on hold for ridiculous amounts of time, our cell phone minutes would be depleted very quickly. So please consider changing the system so that it lets us know how many people are ahead of us, about how long the wait time is, etc. so that if we feel the wait is too long, we can try again later with a shorter wait time. Another option is for us to receive a call back when it’s our turn. That way it would be more fair for people with medical conditions, limited cell phone minutes, etc. Also, if the only other option is to wait a whole week for an email response as to whether the Boston Tea Party voucher is refundable, then who knows if it would still be available that long.

  52. I booked a voucher for tea at Cafe Rouge to be sent to my daughter as a present but it came to me instead. Can she still use it even if my name is at the top?

  53. My voucher for tea at Cafe Rouge was supposed to go to my daughter but was sent to me instead. Can she use it even with my name at the top?

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