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Contacting Toyota Customer Service Center

Toyota is one of the most recognized names in auto sales. Despite the fact that Toyota is a foreign company, sales and customer retention are excellent. Toyotas are known to run forever and the financial services division is recognized as one of the few places people with less than perfect credit can find financing.

Contacting Toyota customer service is simple, but if your communication has to deal with financial matters, it is best to communicate by phone. Never send financial information via email or mail unless you are certain the communication is secure.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info

Contact information for Toyota customer service is broken into several categories. Communication is available by phone, email and snail mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service departments are available from 5 A.M. to 6 P.M. Monday to Friday and 7 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on Saturday. All hours are PST. The customer service department is not available on Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-331-4331
  • Customer Service Fax: 1-310-468-7814
  • Financial Services (24-Hour Automated): 1-800-874-8822

Mailing Address

Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc.
19001 South Western Ave.
Dept. WC11
Torrance, CA 90501

Official Website

There is very little about the Toyota company and customer service department you can’t find on the official website at All new models, clearance events and contact information are simply a click away. Customers may feel slightly overwhelming by the sheer volume of contact information, but sorting through the contacts is simple when you know who you need/want to talk to.

If you have financing with Toyota you will have online account access other Toyota owners do not have. This means you can log in to your account and communicate about financial matters in a secure manner. Never share financial information using general contact information.

Customer Service Email

The email customer service page for Toyota is a survey, of sorts. The page asks one question, which leads to another and so on. We asked for the address of the nearest local Toyota dealer. The form did not require personal information, which is extremely helpful for general questions. We’ll let you know how long it takes for a response and if the promise of contact within two businesses days is accurate.

Our Experience

Toyota customer service is answered by an automated system. You can press 3 to move to the general customer service area of customer service, but the automated system offered six options. Choose option 6 for general customer service. You are then moved to the waiting queue. Our call was answered quickly by Todd, a customer care representative. We asked Todd if used Toyotas are disinfected and cleaned out thoroughly before being resold. He assured us that they are cleaned professionally, but he could not promise all traces of food allergens or other allergens were removed during cleaning.

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258 Comments on “Contact Toyota Customer Service
  1. Hi,my name is Ajayi oluwafemi michael,a student of lagos state a products have been my for decades have been giving to the world,i think it is time we give to toyota back,on the 12th of this month,i woke up with an idea on how toyota can improve lives,it has been on my mind for so long.i have an idea for a new shape,look of a branded toyota,named (Toyota ghegezuzu),i also have the drawings with me,that i drew so perfectly drawn.i hope u will contact me,to get my idea.your company and product is the 24yrs,a nigerian,although snme nigerians are known to be fraudulent,i stand to be idea and view is a good one.pls contact me,so we have a deal,ghegezuzu means ‘lightening”.reply to my email,you know these idea is useful to you,your competitors may want it.but your product is my best.pls if you cotact or reply to my emails,i will send the drawnings to you.remember many companings want ideas that will promote their companies.

  2. I am writing this mail from Mexico DF. My Toyota Carolla is under accident repair with M/s Toyota Polanco {Lago Alberto No. 320, Col.Granada Del. Miguel Hidalgo, 11520, Mexico, D.F., Tel (55) 2581 1010}.
    I have only one car and i want that car to be repaired on priority, request to please ask your dealer to do the needful as earliest.

    Jagnesh Adlakha
    Car Registration Number : 231 YDJ
    Contact Number : 0055 1 5554065333

  3. I am 83yr old,trying to find out about your prius driver assist packages. Are there options available for prius 2 and prius c? I have a 2010 prius 2 {my third prius} it is a great car, but as I get older I feel some help would be good. I have become very interested in Ford’s driver assist packs but i can’t find the same info from prius. I am interested in a new prius 2 or C without nav, blue tooth, but do want smart key. Can you help? don’t refer me to a dealer they aren’t interested. thanks

  4. My new Camry transmission had to be replaced and I had to pay for it. I complained and was told someone would contact me but no one has and it’s been 2 weeks, you call that service?

  5. I have just been told that the Toyota position is that “soda” seeped through the rubber around the gear shift causing the plastic mechanism to disintegrate. Customer error. Soda? Really?

    The Customer Service rep refused to refer me to the supervisor. It is my understanding that dealerships prefer to not do warranty work because they get poorly from Toyota.

  6. In the year 2012 (the 21st century mind you), a multi-BILLION dollar company (Toyota) not only WON’T provide a customer service email address BUT they are unrelenting in trying to justify their position in that “we choose to not be set up that way” is their mantra. Might it be that they have soooooo many disgruntled customers that they choose to distance themselves from them?

    • so true , i am having carpet problems on a brand new avanza,everytime i took the car for a service they said they will sort it out in the next servicenothing done yet

  7. Yesterday I received an invitation from a research company Toyota hired to survey it’s customers. Today, upon entering my code to access the survey company’s website, I was immediately told by the website that someone else has already taken my survey for me. I think someone should let Toyota know that their survey company (Gongos Research) is answering busy people’s survey questions themselves instead of the real person who is an owner of a 2010 Prius. This research company’s invitation to me to complete their survey is false advertising. Does Toyota really want to be known as a false advertiser?

  8. Dears
    I have Toyota Camry 2009 model(chassis #6t1be42k29x582283) I sent to agency to repair it but the parts was damage again with less than 5000 km I was return it back to agency again and they delay me since 4 days ago .they deal with me on bad way
    As you manufacture I need your support to help, since I like too much Toyota cars
    My car in Saudi Arabia Riyadh -al nasim branch

  9. How u guys haven’t put a recall on sun visor,this is crazy pay for something u guys made so cheap. And is not fair to pay for ur mistakes

  10. The worst ever!
    I bought a 2013 Corolla SE from Kelly Pak at World Toyota just a week ago (DEC 9).

    And my car is not working at all.
    When I bought the new 2013 Corolla, I asked her that any major problem on this car. She said this is the newest car and has no problem at all.

    It has been just 6 days since I bought a car from World Toyota and I am so afraid of driving this car.

    When I put on D to drive, the car does not speed up than 35, yet the RPM goes up to 7 or 8!!!!!!!!!!!! I drive this car only to go work!!!!!!

    They sold the the WORST LEMON CAR and I was almost killed on the HIGHWAY because of this awful car they sold!

    I cannot believe they were fraud. You better not believe what they say seriously.
    And you should watch out the car they sell, your car may not be the new and good car at all.

    I am not going to buy from WORLD TOYOTA AT ALL!!!!!
    Indeed any car made by TOYOTA.

    TOYOTA should replace my car right away!

  11. I currently own a 2005 Sienna. I live in the northeastern US. As the weather has gotten to the winter months I find the sliding passenger doors freeze shut. I have tried letting the car run with full heat for 30 mins and they will not open. It takes about 45-60 mins to thaw them so they will operate normally. As I have done my research for a remedy, I find this is a very common problem with this model. My Toyota dealer can only recommend spraying the weather stripping with silicone. This has not helped at all.
    I believe this is not only a nuisance but a very serious safety concern for obvious reasons.
    Is there any type of weather stripping replacement offered to repair this problem that all Siennas(in colder climits) have.
    I’m sure by the looks of the Toyota blogs that Toyota is very aware of this problem.
    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I owned a 2007 Toyota Prius with 43k miles.When will I need to replace the radiator hoses?? Inverter coolant hoses?? I ask cause the Toyota dealer tried to sell me the radiator hoses due to age and will cost me $700+. Do I need it?? Coolant is due 100k miles.Why hoses due 5 years??
    Please help..

  13. I have recently moved to Charlotte, NC from Southern Illinois. While living in IL. I always took my vehicles to Coad Toyota and NEVER had an issue. Since moving to Charlotte I have been taking my 2010 corolla to Town and Country Toyota. There is ALWAYS an issue with the service. The first time I scheduled my car for the first available oil change time on a Saturday thinking I would be in and out since there shouldn’t really be any appointments ahead of me. WRONG! A twenty minute oil change took them one hour and 15 min. No one cared to explain; I had to track someone down to see what the hold up was and then I was told they “just forgot about your car” Really? What made me even more upset is that I know all Toyota dealerships send out surveys. I worked as a Finance Manager at one for four years. When I received my survey in the mail, it said “if you wish to complete your survey, please contact your local Toyota dealer” I think they are cheating, especially if they are recipients of the President’s Award. Then about a month ago, my husband takes the car in to get another oil change and declines the changing of the cabin filter. He always changes them for me. When he went to change the filter, there were paper towels and receipts shoved in with the filter as if they had shoved in what they found because we declined the service. My car is kept clean and one of the receipts dates from July. So in the event that one piece of paper got away, the receipt is from July. I got an oil change a month ago. It would have been in there for a while since nothing has been thrown in the floor. They don’t get so angry they shove stuff back in with the filter, do they? Surely not? Charlotte is a very large city and this dealership is unfortunately the closest to me. It upsets me that is offers such poor service time and time again.

  14. Toyota Garden Motors Pakistan, Lahore has given me wrong Car:

    I bought my Toyota XLI car in Jan 2010 through Orix Leasing in Pakistan –> Lahore from Car dealer Toyota Garden Lahore. For the delivery of the car I had verified my papers at Toyota Garden Lahore when car was parked on the roof top of Toyota Garden. After the verification and identification of the vehicle I was asked to wait in the waiting room to allow the car to be washed for delivery. Once the car was washed, it was handed over to me outside the Toyota Garden Motors Gate. The registration number of the Car is LEA-10-6504 (LAHORE). But after the car wash, Toyota Garden Motor gave me the wrong car whose papers did not match with the car. The registration number of the other car is LEA-10-5708.
    Since that time I had been driving the wrong car unknowingly and have never sold it and finally recently paid off Orix Leasing. I now came to know that the car delivered to me by Toyota Garden Lahore was not my car according to the papers I hold and in fact my car was delivered to someone else. It got exchanged with someone else due the inefficient standard operating procedures implemented by Toyota Garden Motor Lahore. I say this because the mistake is committed only once whereas Toyota Garden missed out on two occasions, once delivering the wrong vehicle to me and 2ndly delivering my car to the other person. If it was a mistake it would not have slipped the 2nd time and the issue would have been resolved very early but I am sure there is something seriously wrong with the Toyota Garden Motor’s delivery procedure which caused this mess. It was Garden’s responsibility to validate the Car before delivering it to the customer on both occasions which they missed out.

    Toyota International has given 3S rating to Toyota garden, I am seriously concerned that how that dealer has 3S rating in the absence of very serious deliver SOP.

    As this is purely Toyota Garden’s mistake so it’s your duty to resolve this issue and compensate me.

    Toyota garden accepting their mistake but not willing to compensate me, Please suggest which i should do for this?

    Both Chassis numbers are given below.
    NZE1402039112 –> LEA-10-5708 (These papers are my original papers of the car I am driving but these are with some other owner)

    NZE1402039015 –> LEA=10-6504 (These papers were given to me but the car was given to some other party)

    Sale certificate number given by Toyota Garden = 0530838

  15. I own a 2004 toyota tundra and just read about the recall lawsuit. I never received notice of any recall. What models are affected? who do i contact..acceleration issue.

  16. Dear Sir.
    As you know that you have manufacture design problem with Toyota Corolla 2009 mad in South Africa and I am facing real problem with automatic gar (Model steptronic). I went to Toyota Egypt but no support so I need your help and support to solve this Gar problem otherwise change the complete car
    BR/Ibrahim Mousa

  17. To Toyota Customer Service: We own 4 toyotas. 1 was bought in May 2012, a toyota camry LE 2011 from fitz mall in gaithersburg Maryland, mileage under 30 thousand. bought the other 2 in august 2012, 1 toyota camary 2011 and 1 toyota corolla 2011, both cars under 30,000 mileage and both from the same location. The 1st camry, is now in the shop get 4 new tires and alignment fixed, costing $756.00. I am appalled!!! The tires were rubbing wrong, which caused the wear and need for new tires and alignment. As of today, the mileage is @ 42,703.
    There is NO reason that we should be paying for new tires and alignment!! We purchased this car only 6 months ago. And even took the car to be check at the Fitz Toyota location in Frederick, Maryland, where their techs said all was good. So, they were so wrong too. I demand someone from Toyota Customer Service contacting me as soon as possible. And on top of this, at the fitzmal dealership in Gaithersburg, not one person told us that we needed synthetic oil. ANd we now have two new cars that do and they did not give us a manual for one of our new cars either. Please contact.

    • The tire ware problem is common. I had 2 2012 Highlanders. BOTH showed excessive tire ware at less than 1000 miles. Sold one at 4800 miles before having to buy tires. Second one has 8600 miles and have to buy tires NOW.
      Service writer at Fred Anderson Toyota of Charleston agreed that something was wrong. Checked alignment and it was correct. Said he would talk to regional rep in November and call me to bring vehicle in for them to check. As of now, middle of March no call. Have left messages on this writers voice mail and he will not reply. Went back to Fred Anderson Toyota of Charleston. Only answer I can get is they don’t know why writer did not follow up.
      In talking to tire dealers all know Toyota is installing tires that are SOFT to improve ride for test drives. The Toyo A20 tire is manufactured to Toyota specs. On the Highlander if you can get 15000 miles out of them you are lucky. Toyota will do nothing to help the consumer.
      The last 5 vehicles I have purchased have been New Toyotas. Never again will I deal with Toyota. I will advise any and all potential Toyota customers of their lack of concern for this problem. They got my money and won’t even return a phone call….

  18. I went to Magnussen Toyota in Palo Alto, CA today for a 4pm appointment. I was on time (even a bit early) but nobody could help me. They said they had “walk ins” that they didn’t expect and that they would “get to me”. I was ready to buy with cash. They were extremely rude and dismissive, until I said I was ready to buy. Then they said they “might” be able to get a sales person for me after all. Does Toyota really make so much money that they don’t need customers? I will email everyone I know about this lousy service and suggest they buy a Ford Fusion, like I will buy tomorrow. Don’t wast your time with such losers.

  19. I purchased a used 2010 RAV4 Limited AWD on 12/22/2012 with tow package, rated to tow 3,500 pounds USA.

    The dealership I purchased the vehicle from did not have the knowledge to answer my questions about the RAV4 and the difference between using the OEM and the after market receiver. My understanding from what the dealer said there is not a difference between the two receivers mounted on the RAV4, except OEM cost over 3 times the aftermarket receiver at $150.00.

    I was told from a hitch installer that the Toyota receiver PT228-42060 was made from light weight material and required 16 connection points to equal the strength of the aftermarket receiver using a welded design with four connection points for $150.00.

    Can Toyota provide the details on why the PT228-42060 OEM receiver is better than the aftermarket receiver for my 2010 RAV4? I will be towing a 17 foot boat on a single axial trailer fully loaded 2,500 pounds.

    Thank you,

    Bill Stratton

  20. I had a 2007 Toyota Camry. I was in an accident on Dec 6th, and the car was deemed totaled. The airbags did deploy, this Camry had knee bags, they are to help in an accident,however…
    My legs are so heavily bruised(still 3 plus weeks out). Orthopedic dr had me on bed rest for 2 weeks, and went back again this past Friday(Dec 28) still not allowed to drive or work and again mainly bed rest with legs propped up.
    Has this happened to many others due to the knee airbag deployment?
    Thank you,
    Ee Ee

  21. I bought 2011 toyota Sienna only 15500 on friday (1/4/2013)drove back from Boston, MA to FLORIDA on the way home to Hampton, VA stay overnight and next morning start up the van saw cooling on the ground and the van got overheat , I the time near toyota dealer 3 miles away took me an hour to get the van there. they checked out confirm is RADIATOR is cracking (1/5/1013) . They said have to order the part and wont be done until later (1/9/2013) They give me rent car for local but im drive back to FL . my van still there I call talk to customer care they will call me back on Monday(1/7/2013). I would like some how they bring my van back to FL. and i want return can location near my town. any suggestion ? I need my van to got o work and car rent is for only 3 day now im 800 mile away? What should they do to bring my van back here in FL AFTER THEY FIXED.

  22. I bought 2011 toyota Sienna only 15500 on friday (1/4/2013)drove back from Boston, MA to FLORIDA on the way home to Hampton, VA stay overnight and next morning start up the van saw cooling on the ground and the van got overheat , I the time near toyota dealer 3 miles away took me an hour to get the van there. they checked out confirm is RADIATOR is cracking (1/5/1013) . They said have to order the part and wont be done until later (1/9/2013) They give me rent car for local but im drive back to FL . my van still there I call talk to customer care they will call me back on Monday(1/7/2013). I would like some how they bring my van back to FL. and i want return can location near
    my town. any suggestion ? I need my van to got o work and car rent is for only 3 day now im 800 mile away? Toyota some how have to transport my van back to Florida AFTER THEY FIXED. This is nightmare for my family to Im scare to drive long distance
    just think if you have child or children’s travel up North on Winter and broke down middel at night some where ? What will happen?

  23. I have a 2008 toyota camry in nov 2012 i was driving interstate 64 from newport news va to williamsburg va the water pump failed while driving in the passing lane it was 5 p.m. rush traffic,i couldn’t get in the pull off lane.due to the oncoming was some called neglegence on my behalf because the vehicle over heated,causing engine damage.I guess this is a ploy to keep from paying a warranty claim.the warranty company says it was my fault,and refuses to fix my car.If this is the kind of company toyota wishes to affiliate themselves with they should carry thier asses back to japan where they belong. Michael Campbell

  24. I went to your Toyota Service Centre at Jln Gagah Larkin Johor Bahru Johor Malaysia on 05/01/2013 to service my car. Before hand over the car the the service advisor, i inform them the front tyre of the driver left hand side seems like got problem and the service advisor named Cik Nurul has promised they will looked into & tell the mechanic to check.

    After 5 hours later i was informed the car is ready to collect. The car was return back to me with their assurance that everythings is in order nothings wrong on the front tyre. I was charged with “RM276-95”. However during driving back the car back there is an accident happended. The cover for the tyre is dropped off during driving and it was accidentally hit another driver’s car.

    In view of Sunday is a off day, i called the said service centre on 07/01/2013 and asked for the service advisor for explanation and she had promised will call me back shortly. After waiting for 3 hours still no reply from her, i called again. This time she just transfered my line to her superior Named WILLIAM.

    During the conversation, he had get all the facts which i had explained to him. He & the said service advisor had both said that is the car owner’s duty to check before they return the car to the car owner. He must be MAD & out of his mind!!!!. If i the car owner known how to check, i no need to send the car for servicing and i might as well service the car myself. He is trying to push all the responsibility to the car owner by saying that their mechanic has fix back the cover correctly. His service is a SUCK. I demand an explanation and compensation on the spoil tyre cover. THE MONIES for RM276-95 paid for nothing but an accident for me.

    I sicerely wish your management will look into the matter seriously in order to provide better & quality service.

    Johor Bahru Johor

  25. i have a problem with my 2011 venza. the steer turns to the right on its own and i am unable to get it fixed. any help?

  26. I purchased RAV4 model 2012, car no. JTMBD31V8C5288088 full option from abdul latif jamel- riyadh- saudi arabia after some time i discovered that the cassette is differnt compared with the same model, then i went to abdul latif jamel many times but no any responce from them, realy i’ll not purchase toyota again because this bad customer service

  27. I was wondering if they train you at the plant in georgetown ky because im considering applying for a job there thanks!

  28. Extremely poorly. I was astonished as to how one of their representatives (Tom from A1-Toyota in New Haven) treated not only their coworker but their own customers. He was extremely rude, yelling & avoiding to assist customers and not helpful whatsoever. I, unfortunately had to accompany my mother because she barely speaks English, so I was one of those customers that was yelled at. I advice anyone who wants to be treated with respect to not be attended by this guy.

  29. I drove a 1987 Toyota 4×4 150K miles without a single problem. I drove a 1989 Camry 100K without a problem. I drove a 2004 Camry 100K with no problem. As you can see I have been a loyal Toyota owner for many years. I now have a 2006 RAV 4 with 80K on it. My dealer says, and I agree because I can hear and feel what he is talking about, that the steering column needs to be replaced. Really, the steering column? I understand that the engine, drive train, tires, brakes, etc. all need maintenance. The steering column on this vehicle is sealed amd is clearly intended to last the life of the vehicle. This is obviously a factory defect. The vehicle has been perfectly maintained and never abused. I called the customer service number, told them of my loyalty, this part requires no service and should last the life of the vehicle, and it took the representative all of 2 minutes to say “it is over 36 months or 30K miles”. Period, no discussion, cannot help you. I also told them that I am unemployed and unable to have this repair done at my expense, so I will have to continue to drive this potentially dangerous vehicle because I have no other choice, so if I get killed I hope you are happy that your complaint has been resolved. Sorry, we can’t help you. So let me state clearly, I will NEVER own another Toyota as long as I live. Though I have had some good service in the past, if you have a problem that is clearly a factory defect all you will get from Toyota is arrogance and denial. You are on your own no matter what quirky, unusual factory defect arises. Screw Toyota, I’m done. From now on it will be Hondas or Nissans. Toyota has too much attitude for my taste.

  30. i went to Motorcars toyota in Cleveland hts ohio a few days ago because my check engine light on my 2006 toyota went on. I was told it is the charcoal canister and that I was 6 months and 6000 miles too late to have it covered under warranty.That was a bummer , but it get better.
    They told me that there was a recall of a computer within my car and they would need it for 5-6 hrs. I arranged with them for me to drop it off tonight at 6 pm and they would derive me back to my hospital(whewre I work) and then I would pick it up between 11- 12 tonight.( i had already checked the city bus schedule to see what time i could take a city bus back to the dealership.
    When I got there, they told me they made a mistake and they can only take people to a limit of 5 miles(my hospital is 7 miles). They said we are sorry- we screwed up. They then stated that they could “make it up to me”,by splitting the cost of a rental car.!

    I can afford the 17.50 -but the audacity to say that it is their fault and then to say that i should split the rental car with them is just nothing short of audacious impudence.
    i await your response. I will then post this complaint and your response on as many web sites and social media as I can. Really, for 2 miles and 17.50, you lose a loyal customer?

  31. i bought a used ’02 forunner a while back and recently had a “check engine” light event. i took it to rivergate toyota in madison,tn. i waited for 3 hours. i was told it was an evap problem and it would cost me $800 to do the repair. i took the car to another mechanic that installed the evap cannister/filter for $500. soon however, the engine light came on again so i figured i would go back to rivergate toyota. today i took the car back. we sat there for 5 hours after calling ahead for an appointment. during these 5 hours nobody came out at any time to describe what was going on. finally a service tech supervisor came out to inform us that the system needed a small valve that they would have to order. and could we return at a later date? by this time my face is red with disgust.we scheduled for next week. hope this type of issue could be addressed at some level. my family will never purchase any toyota products in the future.

  32. I’m a Toyota Matrix 2009 owner. Although I have always praised that Toyota is the best vehicle to purchase, I am very disappointed with mine. The tailing of the front headlights are the worst I’ve seen. They have a worn out appearance that I am very shamed of. When the car was still within the 3 year guarantee I mentioned it to the dealer and nothing was done. Will effeminately think about it twice to purchase another Toyota.

  33. About a year after I bought 2009 Tacoma 2 wheel drive, it began to have a buzz/vibration noise when I decel from 70 mph to approx 55 mph. I took it to the dealership several times with no success. First they replaced the drive shaft. No difference. Then I had the wheels road force balanced. Still the same. Then I went to the other dealership and was told the engineers were working on a fix. It has been more than a year into this without success. Can you help me?

  34. I have a 2009 Toyota Tacoma 2 wheel drive that I bought new. It has 22,000 miles on it. About 2 years ago it developed a buzzing/drone/vibration on decel from 70 mph down to approx 55 mph. I have had it to the selling dealer several tines with no fix. They even replaced the drive shaft to no effect. Since then, I took it to the other Toyota dealer several times. They tell me the engineers are working on a fix. Is this true and what is the prognosis? Can you help me?

  35. Brought my Toyota Avalon to Temecula Toyota last week for oil change and filter change.
    I was told I needed resealing of timing cover and this would cost me $2000.00.
    And that my car could conk out anytime because of this.

    I had it checked by 2 mechanics .Both of them did not find any leaks. My fillter was not changed either.

  36. I have a 2001 Toyota Camary LE, 4 cylinder. This car has performed more than anything I’ve ever experienced. I am a computer service engineer and do a lot of driving. I bought the car brand new and as of today I have 400,500 miles. Never had any problem until last week I suddenly started having a lot of oil leak. This started all of a sudden. What should I do. The car still runs great. Is this something that can be fixed? Please reply

  37. Dear Sir
    I have a 2007 4 door Yaris that I bought new in Panama Rep of Panama. On Saturday 16 of March I tried to lower my windows and only the frivers side worked. It was at night time so I did not think about it at that time. In the morning I tried to lower them again and the one window that would work was the drivers side. I went to google to see what could be the problem and they say that they had a recall on switches for this make of car. I want to know what I need to do to get this fixed and is this going to be payed for by Toyotas?.
    Thanks for your time and please respond. Robert

  38. I will not ever recommend the Go Toyota dealership in Centennial Colorado to anyone. In my first year of ownership of a new Toyota Tacoma pick up, they have not managed to do much of anything. The door seal leaked but they couldn’t find it so I went to my regular mechanic and had him replace it. It doesn’t leak anymore.

    My last oil change, they left an oil can in the engine and the serpentine belt cut it in half and slung oil all over the engine. They wiped it off and assured me that my belt was OK. I will have that checked by someone else as my faith in them is lacking.

    I have been waiting for the last nine months for a replacement rear access door latch but it never seems to get ordered. Who needs the extra doors to work anyway? Must be my fault.

    Please feel free to call me anytime with questions.

    Mike Hall, Kiowa Colorado 720 272 3196

  39. I have a 2008 Avalon with 30,000 miles on it. It has a bad rattle which I had my personal mechanic look at. He says it is related to the exhaust system but wanted to have the experts at Green’s Toyota in Lexington, KY look at it. I attempted to call 7 times one day and either no one answered or they hung up on me. Finally, I took my car in and was told I had to make an appointment. Tried to call today, then tried the Service Manager, and finally the General Mgr. still have not talked to anyone. I have been a Toyota owner since 1984 and rarely have had to take my car in for service but this is ridiculous. How do you get a car serviced at this dealer?

  40. VERY disappointed with lack of communication from dealer and follow through on our 2007 Tundra for “check engine” light. After contacting, Beck Toyota, Indianapolis, Indiana concerning our check engine light, the dealer asked that it be towed in for a service check. This was noon 4-8-13. They said they could get to it later today around 4:00PM and that they would be calling us back. At 6;45 PM, after hearing nothing from them we inquired and talked to the cashier who switched me out to the service department with NO answer . . . . THREE times. She obviously did not know no one was there. She called the service manager at her home and the service manager told the cashier she did not know anything about our vehicle, but she was sure it was locked up and secure. We were suspicious and drove to Beck Toyota to check on our vehicle. It was parked outside along the rear fence UNLOCKED and no one working on it. I am furious!!!!! Inside is my brand new Yaesu Amateur Radio and JBL stereo radio and everything else open in the interior. IT WAS NOT SECURE AT ALL!! We found the cashier and told her. She was very apologetic for the dealership and we requested that she call the Service Manager back @ home and tell her our vehicle was NOT secure!! Two Beck employees saw me at the truck opening the doors and paid no attention. What would they have done if I was a thief illegally stealing the truck or it contents? WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS????????????? We locked up our truck and went back home VERY disappointed!



  43. About 2 weeks ago I purchased a Prius V, model 3. Love the car — absolutely hate the GPS. In downtown Cincinnati, OH it consistently tries to turn you into buildings that have been in existence for at least 30 years. The time to travel any distance is always wrong. For instance from Lexington, KY, to Dayton, Ohio is 2.5 hours, yet the GPS estimates 6 hours. Even when you are only 30 minutes to a destination it is estimating 3 hours. I contacted my local Toyota dealer and was told there is nothing that can be done, and when the new update comes out next year it may or may not fix the issue and even then it is not covered by Toyota Care and would cost me roughly $160. This is truly unacceptable. Toyota should fix this problem under Toyota Care. The cost would be minimal and is probably a firmware fix where Toyota could supply the dealerships with the software via an email attachment, the dealerships could then load it onto a CD and the install for customers could be done in the parking lot not even occupying maintenance bay space. Come on Toyota — Your customers buy an upgraded model for the GPS (among other things) and it is wholly unreliable. Is Toyota awaiting the bad press coverage like Apple did for Apple Maps? I will be taking a car trip out west this summer and I am reluctant to rely upon the GPS because I may end up in the middle of the desert. This really should be promptly addressed through Toyota Care.

  44. my wifes 2006 toyota rav4 all wheel drive with 78000 miles on it the rear differential crapped out on it,totally shot.been making noise for over 10000 miles and could not find problem, cost $3200.00 to replace will not buy another toyota.domestic car makers have a 100000 mile powertrain warranty must be why toyoyta does not their vehicles do not hold up!this vehicle has never been abused like i said it is my wifes. googled the problem many i mean lot of the same complaints on the same problem,toyota should go good for this!

  45. I just had to let you know about a little 1988 Toyota that has been in our family for 25 years. We live on a really rough, rugged ranch in SW NM. We have used the little pickup for everything, putting out sale, feeding, hauling wood. The body parts fell off of it yrs ago, but the rest of it just kept on chugging along. We could take it anywhere on this place. We didn’t take it to town anymore cause, even we kept insurance and registration up to date, the license plate fell off yrs ago…all that was left was one corner and a screw. The door handles were baling wire, and the tailgate was held on by a bungee cord. One time I hauled a yard of washed sand in it from town, 1 hr. away, and that little toyo was sitting up in front like a boat in water, but it made it. Our grandkids learned to drive a stick shift in this PU and when in 4 wheel drive could go anywhere…The engine went out last week so it is now officially retired, but I just wanted to tell you that if all vehicles were like this one it would be a great world….Thank you so much..RIP toyo…

  46. in kenya the car before you beside you and behind you is a Toyota now these may be every car manufacturers dream but for my country its a nightmare because it comes with a cost for Toyota car owner, mostly Toyota NZE and Toyota fielder owners these owners keep loosing there side mirror. in kenya side mirrors are stollen every day in traffic,packing zones its a catastrophe its so bad that both side mirrors can be vandalized at a go and its done so fast by the time you get out of your car both mirror are gone and so are the thugs . hence its my request to Toyota to redesign side mirror in a way vandalizing them is impossible.hope we get a solution to this problem.

  47. This happened to me in Ecuador. I left my car for a brake check-up. When I pick up my car they told me the car has two problems: old brakes fkuid and a ring was hittdd (WHY DIDN’T THEY CALL ME TO GET MY APPROVAL TO FIX BOTH PROBLEMS????) instead of telling me thaf the car has problems why don’t they fix them?????

    It sure makes me feel so frustrated!!!

  48. Oh! And I almost forgot….the next day I went on a road trip….and the brakes failed….YES, THE BRAKES FAILED AFTER A CHECK UP IN TOYOTA!!! It wasn’t a total failed I still was able to brake slowly and nothing happened to me

  49. This is my second and last try to get my wife, Norma, Toyota Tundra pickup airconditioner repaired. Hixon Toyota in Leesville LA where we bought the truck appear to not know how to get it fixed. They have tried twice by putting in Freon. We have taken it in three times so far and they told us nearly three weeks ago that they had ordered parts that would take two weeks to get from California. We live 66 mikes from this dealer and they have had 3 chances, kept it for a week the last time and I am totally dissatisfied wiyj Hixon and Toyota. Is it necessary for me to hire an attorney to get this resolved as no one appears concerned at Toyota. Clyde Brewer

  50. Have 2010 camary nothing but problems ,springs when brand new popped thru seats,recall on gas pedal,foot getss caught inder console,,when driving it ecelerates onn its own ,door panels felloff then when I was driving visor just fell in my lap. Come to find out my vin number is in the lawsuit for peoblems. Cant sell car its worth nothing

  51. I’d like to find out how the San Diego Automotive Museum could get a copy of the Camatte 57s car for our display.
    We are doing “Car Toys” presently, and Toyota’s kid car would be perfect for our visitors.

    Can you direct me to the address where I can discuss this with the corporate level?

    Thank you


  52. On June 16 2013 I bought a new 2013 Corolla from Hurlbert Toyota in Epping NH. I received multiple manuals and associated paperwork when the sale was complete. Upon reading the manuals I found one area that the information is wrong (in my opinion) and could possibly cost Toyota money. I would like to discuss this with a knowledgeable person.

  53. I have a 2011 Tacoma iam disappointed because I had to replace the tire an u at Toyota would not pay for any off it

  54. dear sir,
    I have Toyota Prius 2010 , i want to buy the DVD Navigation of Jordan map ,
    and i call my local dealership but they do not have it. please E-mail me the details how can i get it ,
    Best regards
    your sincerely
    Mohamad Alissa

  55. Dear Sir,
    I just purchased 2013 venza from Elmore Toyota 2 days ago, I was giving internet pricing and I went there but the person quoted me wasn’t there. They didn’t honor the price of course, then they try to negotiate with us ( which I hate it, they r so tricky)and we were agree on a price. The sale person tricked us with loan bracket and my vehicle price is higher than the MSRP !!!( Can you do that ???) We were told if we get a higher loan that we will get cheaper payment but we were mislead on that. Can Toyota help me to solve this issue ???

    Sincerely yours
    Lien Cheng Jen

  56. I am your best customer. You know who I am talking about. I’m the one who never complains, never shouts, never performs or causes a scene when I am unhappy with your service. I don’t ask for the manager either.

    I don’t even say anything when someone who came in after me is served before me. I am patient and polite and I am prepared to wait even longer for your attention.

    When I come into your store, or business premises, I don’t act the arrogant, belligerent, or sarcastic customer who tries to draw attention to himself because I consider myself more important than anyone else present and expect you to jump to my every wish and whim. In fact I am very polite when you get upset because I want to look at more than one product before making up my mind.

    I am not like so many other customers who wouldn’t hesitate to get nasty with you if they are kept waiting or don’t get the answers to their enquiry. NO, my dear friend, I am your nicest customer you will ever meet, in fact, I’ll tell you what else I am !! I am the CUSTOMER WHO WILL NEVER COME BACK!!!

    You see, I have a different style of behaviour. This behaviour is also far more deadly that screaming and shouting to vent my anger. A customer who never comes back will lose you profits, respect, a bad name, as well potential business from other customer who I speak to regularly. I start to amuse myself when I see the vast sums of money being spent by your company to entice me to come into your store, when you could have saved your company that expense by providing good customer service.

    Consider the customer who complains and criticises you for the bad service you meet out. You ought to be grateful that he is giving you the opportunity to correct yourself and make amends in some tangible way.

    Always remember: The customer, who knows he gets good service, becomes very forgiving when mistakes are made.

  57. Dear sir / Madam
    I purchased a new hylux from Maitland toyota and accidentally deleted the survey from my emails. Could you please resend the survey so we can fill it out
    Regards Phil

  58. To Whom it May Concern,
    Good morning, I am writing to detail my experience with Toyota of El Cajon.
    First and foremost, the buying experience was not a pleasant one. When I initially went in to discuss the purchase of a new car I personally feel that I was not given close to the Kelly Blue Book Value of my car. After doing careful research I was given way less for my trade in considering the fact that the car was in pristine condition and the add ons that I invested into said car which by the way is a 2010 Toyota Yaris. I also found it ridiculous that with my credit score and the condition of the Yaris my APR was still a bit high.
    The next thing is the sales accociate that handled the sale. i think ( Sharif ) and the manager (david clark ) handled my paperwork with negligence as he had lost my social security card in the process. I was forced to take a day off without pay just to be able to report this to the Social Securtiy administration. (Sharif ) was very unprofessional as he sent me text messages bribing me with drinks and partying so that I would not report this because it would hinder his promotion.
    Then the company called me about the service but I was really stressed because I am worried about someone maybe using my social security card. Identity fraud is a serious issue in the U.S. and I couldn’t stop thinking about what might happen. Toyota El Cajon called me saying sorry but that’s not going to change the fact that they lost my social security card and my personal information can easily be compromised.

    These events has greatly impacted my trust in Toyota and this will probably be the last time that I will invest into your products.
    Thank you for your time.
    Omar Alasaeedi

  59. I have a 2013 Venza 7 mos old with 4K miles. In the last 2 mos, there is a terrible mildew smell coming from the
    air vents and air conditioner. The dealer pull my car apart and found nothing. The ordered a new cabin filter
    that will be in next week. I found 9 pages on google of this complaint from multiple owners. Seems like Toyota is not even trying to fix this issue. I had a 2008 Highlander for 5 yrs and never had the problem. This doesn’t make me want to buy another Toyota in the future til they fix this HUGE problem.

  60. I have bought a Toyota Auris Car in Turkey at 22 August 2012. Unfortunately, as a result of bad event our car has damaged by the dogs. I have taken my car to be repaired to the Toyota Authorized service which is TOYAN Ankara Turkey. They said me that the cable of the fog lamp broken and they had to change it. But there is no cable at their warehouse and neither the other Authorized service’s warehouses, even at the Toyota Turkey’s warehouse. According to the customer care responsible, that cable arrival time to Turkey from Japan can take 3 or 4 weeks. However it is very long time to repair my car, they don’t give me any car until they give me back my car. And also, I offered that they can give me the car after repair only the fender and just repair only broken cable, they rejected it and said me that the car will be out of guarantee. Briefly, they closed all the ways to solve the problem.

    1)However, there are many Toyota Auris Cars in Turkey, Why there are no spare parts of all at the Turkey warehouse?

    2)However it is possible to arrive in Turkey from Japan just in 14 hours by flight, why that product can arrive in 3 or 4 weeks? I think that it can arrive at Turkey 2 or 3 days with customhouse period.

    3)If there is a problem about spare part, and you are not able to repair my car in a short period, why you don’t give me a car temporary? Why I have to be without car because of your spare part problem?

    4)What kind of materials you are using at the fender? So, only dogs can damage it easily.

  61. I do not like the run around I have gotten trying to send an email to Toyota. It is so frustrating and it makes me so angry that I just can’t contact customer service without going through all this red tape.

    Also, I am not happy with the service, because I was told that my problem with my car is the catalytic converter. I went to Advanced Auto and the reading they gave me had nothing to do with it.

  62. just last week,i noticed a harsh transmission movement in my Toyota corolla S (2005)whiles driving.i realized that,if you start moving and it changes,it moves in a harsh manner like some car has hit my back.any time it changes ,the automatic moves harshly in a manner that could hit a car in front of me as though i stepped on the accelerator.I took it to a repairer for diagnosis and he said it a solenoid valve issue,what do i need to change? could it be circuit control board or gear box?

  63. I just want to know how to send an email to someone in the customer service department. Believe me you don’t want me to post my review on here, so I’m giving y’all a week, if I don’t hear back from someone I will post it.


  64. We leased a 2013 Rav 4 about 2 months ago. The salesman told us several times that we would not have to pay over mileage on our 2010 lease if we leased another. I was also told by a Toyota representative on the phone a couple of months before the lease that this charge would be waived if we leased another. I can not prove this. If I was dealing with honest people they would tell the truth. We had to pay the overmileage charge which was around $1,100. I hope Toyota figures this money was worth losing a good customer.

  65. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I have owned a total of 6 Toyotas since my 16th Birthday. 2 of these I purchased from Lombard Toyota beginning in 2008.

    I got my 2007 Camry exclusively serviced at Lombard Toyota and in February I purchased a 2002 Camry and a 2008 Enclave also from Lombard Toyota. That is 3 vehicles I have purchased since 2008 at Lombard Toyota.

    I purchased a 2008 Buick Enclave CXL for $22,000 at the end of February 2013. We financed it through Toyota Financial. (Just like my other cars) I purchased my 2002 Camry in February from Chuck Cruscial and came back 2 weeks later to buy an Enclave from him. The Salesperson Chuck Cruscial told me the carfax were clean and there were no issues. I asked them if they offer a warranty, he said no but promised me if anything happened to the car in the next few months, he would absolutely repair it no questions asked. I asked if we could get that in writing and he said not to worry he is a man of his word and I should trust him as I just purchased another car from him 2 weeks ago. He will make good on his promises. Chuck then said mechanics checked the car and it was in good condition.

    So with the clean carfax and with the assurance of help, we purchased the 2008 Buick.

    My 1st non Toyota purchase ever. But with Chuck’s WORD and GUARANTEE and assurance of CLEAN CARFAX we said ok! We knew we could trust Toyota.

    Within 2 months the transmission blew, a belt exploded, and an engine Valve had to be replaced. My husband and I contacted Chuck Immediately. We called and emailed. He said he would get back to me and see what they could do. He never did. We spent 2 thousand dollars on repairs, we asked him for help, he said there was nothing he could do. 1 month later another belt and valve needed to be replaced. I again contacted Chuck to his WORD and again he said he would get back to me. This time he said sorry Nothing we can do but bring it in and we can trade it for a RAV4.

    My husband tried to drive the Rav4. My husband is 6’3 280lbs and he was extremely uncomfortable in the seats so he was unable to consider a Rav4.

    At this point we needed to find a new car for our growing family. 6 months and 4 thousand dollars later. We are at this point 4k in the hole. We started shopping around to trade in and found out the car was valued at 14k. We owed $18700 on it. How could this be? (!!!!) We only owned the car for 6 months! I questioned the dealership, their reason? There was a reported accident 3 years ago. (!!! WHAT!!) So the value is 2 thousand less than “excellent condition” which is what we expected! They showed us the TRUE CARFAX I immediately called Chuck about the falsified carfax and lies. He said he didn’t remember. I told him I would never have bought a car without clean carfax! I made this clear when I bought my 3rd car from Lombard Toyota! Clean carfax ONLY.

    This is UNETHICAL. He LIED and made us to believe something in order to sell a car. We were loyal customers for sales and service for over 6 years. We purchased 3 cars from Lombard Toyota and exclusively got our cars serviced there.

    How can your business allow fraud and unethical behaviors? The Lies. The falsification.? This is NOT the quality of TOYOTA nor LOMBARD TOYOTA!

    I can understand CHUCK not being a man of his word and not assisting with any of the $4000.00 of repairs even though he PROMISED. We did not have a warranty. But LYING about the carfax? This affected our trade in value? We lost $8700.00 in 6 months because of your dealership. As a Loyal customer, I can not believe this. I have referred many people to your dealership. I have been a repeat customer not once or twice but 3 times!

    After 3 purchases, We trusted you.

    I am a school teacher. I make 45k a year. I have a 10 month old child. $8700.00 is a TON of money for us. I am in tears living in this nightmare. That $8700.00 sits on our credit cards because of this mistreatment and unethical policies of your dealership.

    I was TOLD my they would help us and they have not. The dealership isn’t calling us back…where can we go?

    Please get back to me ASAP. Please help rectify the situation.

    Elizabeth Robertson Kincanon and Richard L. Kincanon

  66. Reminder:
    Dealer is wasting time for the past 2 years but there is no proper response nor any improvement on the complaint. Each and every time he visits the vehicle take photographs to console me and there is no improvement. This is the sixth time they have done the same manner. My hard earned money has gone waste.Hence i request you to change my vehicle as early as possible so that i can enjoy your product.

  67. I bought 2007 toyota Sienna 75000 miles last Saturday morning want to start my car its completely dead I called towing took my car to DAYTON TOYOTA SOUTH BRUNSWICK new jersey till now they don’t touch my car when I call they talks nonsense even I had warranty still they don’t want to give rental car its so bad for the toyota company giving job for these kind of people damage company reputation

  68. I have purchased 2 cars, and have had service work done at Broadway Toyota for years. I had my oil changed 11/16/13. The following day I drove to Salem, by myself, and when I got home I saw that there was at least a quart of oil on the floor of the garage. The service person, Dan, was great about helping me, but it still remains that I drove a 90 mile round trip drive by myself in a car that had a serious oil leak, and with the very big chance that my engine could have burned up and I would have come to a rolling stop at 70mph on a very busy freeway. This is not just sloppy it was downright dangerous. I was told it was a defective oil pan plug. Excuse me, but are they pushing cars in and out so fast that their technicians don’t have/take the time to be sure the job is done right before they send the car back out to the customer? From now on I will have my service work done at Beaverton Toyota or Wilsonville Toyota, which I have heard great things about, because I just can no longer trust that I am safe with Broadway Toyota. I don’t usually write things like this, am pretty forgiving, but the more I think about this, the more upset I get and I thought you should know about it.

  69. I am fed up in addressing the issue on my LIVA at Mysore delear. They are not in a position to address the issue from 2 months. this is not the response a Toyota customer can expect globally. please intervene and fix the problem. I can wait for today max. take all the mail conversations from your delear and revert.

  70. Buyer beware!!!! I encountered a mistake in advertising. In their brochure it clearly states that a 2014 Tacoma access cab with a sports package 4/4 comes with a auto dimming mirror and compass/temp gauge.
    The dealers Webpage also actively displayed this feature. Buying my truck unseen I trusted toyota to deliver this truck with these options. A big mistake. Customer service said they made an error and they could do nothing about it. They also said they could not upgrade my truck because the wiring was not designed to accept this option. The strange thing is my brother has a identical vehicle with this option. So that was that and I am out of luck. Be careful buying from these people!!!!

  71. A shocking experience with TOYOTA-Etios.

    I purchased Toyota-Etios in December 2011 (Registration No: DL-10CE-0926) from Galaxy Toyota, Moti Nagar, New Delhi, with an understanding that Toyota is a global brand and it will be a good decision to go with Etios. But I had to face a life threatening incident/accident as described below:

    On 27.12.2013, when I was going to my relatives (from my residence at Maidan Garhi, near Chhattarpur, New Delhi) near Nazafgarh (we had a plan to visit a place in Haryana quite far off) early in the morning. On the way, I felt some foul burning like smell which I ignored for a while. But when the smell increased, I stopped the car aside and went out to look out. This was the shocking moment when I saw the bonnet emitting flames. As the car was on CNG (installed by Galaxy Toyota, Moti Nagar), I immediately moved away from the car due to the fear of blasting of the cylinder and could do nothing except looking it burning. In the meanwhile, the Fire Brigade and the Police were informed, but the Fire Brigade could not save the car. The car got burnt thoroughly, alongwith the original documents (viz. Registration Card, Cash amount Rs.2000/- kept for emergency, Insurance Policy, Receipts, Pollution Certificate etc.) in front of my eyes and I was left in a state of shock.

    Thankfully, I could move out of the car in time, else it might have proved worse for my life, had I not taken a timely action.

    What can Toyota do to help me????

  72. Lets go back many years ago, last Toyota I ever purchased, it was her 16th birthday and it was a Paseo, red in color. shortly after purchase, the rear spoiler dropped and under warranty, local dealer installed another and the paint did not match. local dealer didn’t do nothing and so as your customer service. as angry father I traded a new Paseo to Nissan Altima with over $3000.00 loss. We purchased many cars there after but never another Toyota. she is now 45 years old and with very good job and at the new years party told me Dad, I want to buy a new car for my daughter and Toyota is not one of them.I couldn’t believe it. she remembered the ordeal and told me that she will never buy toyota and if anybody asked, tell them how she was treated. she now have BMW325, VOLVO XC90, NISSAN MAXIMA and PATHFINDER.
    DO YOU REALIZE WHAT KIND OF DAMAGE YOU CREATED FOR NAME BRAND TOYOTA. I just wanted to let you know.01/02/2014

  73. My daughter went to buy a Sequoia today at McKinney Toyota in McKinney, Texas. The sales person was very nice and respectful but cannot say the same about the manager! She was there to buy with cash in hand and was treated very disrespectful. She is one that gets all her facts together before buying a vehicle. Our family has bought numerous Toyotas over the past 50 years. In fact, we just bought another Camry in May, 2013. If we were treated as our daughter was, we would not have bought the Camry! Your company is losing money with people like this and makes us question should we be giving Toyota our business. My only answer is we like the security of it being a great product. The fact is that the Toyota company lost a sale today, and any going forward from her.

    How many other customers has he run off? Not good business!!!

    Regards, Pat

  74. I brought my 7 year old Rad 4 to Gateway Toyota in Toms River NJ for an oil change, and a recall. I was also looking into buying a new car. Throughout my dealings with JESSICA ANACKER, the Team Service Manager, I felt as if I were a “cash cow”; She talked to me disrespectfully, in that your employe seemed merely interested in running up the bill. As a result of my experience at your Toyota dealership, which is 15 miles away from my home, I have decided to buy another brand of car at a closer dealership.

    • I went to Toyota in coconut creek fl a year ago. I was looking for a truck for my small comp was sold a truck and my credit was not so good. I got loan at high interest rate and high payments. But was told I could take advantage of loyalty program. Make 12 payments on time and I would get tear 1 credit from Toyota would be able to buy new truck no money down half the payment and lower interest Well I made all. 12 onetime not a day late. Sometimes early. Was there today we’ll guess what seems I was only one who was loyal they had all kinds problems was told need 4000.00 down and payments almost doubled My credit score improved since last year so it can’t be that. They let me get as far as almost signing and then dropped bomb on me. We work very hard to run our comp right and always keep or word even if we break even or loose some money. Shame on you Toyota

  75. I own a 2006 Toyota Tacoma and the frame is rusting out. My mechanic tells me it won’t be long before it won’t pass Pennsylvania inspection. I’m worried because I haul wood with the truck. Will Toyota fix this problem? Please email me with the answer. Thank you, Tom

  76. Dear Sir
    I purchased a Toyota etious top model 1.3 years back vehicle is running 8000 (eight thousand )km. back shocker is give more problem
    to me i fill shocker is not working so what shall i do this is my personal vehicle..please short-out my problem i am a new customer in Toyota brand.

  77. I purchased a Toyota Avalon in 1997. It has over 350,000 original miles on it and still runs as well and as strong as when new. I want to say that quality and durability are alive and well in the USA. Original drivetrain and most major components as well as interior instrumentation and radio/cd, etc.
    Thank you for building a magnificent automobile and I have NO doubt that 400,000 is in my future!

    Sincerely and with great appreciation,

    John Busha

  78. Dear Sirs,
    I am using TOYOTA, all the models, for the last 20 years as one of the TOYOTA’s best customer.
    About a month ago the I went to Toyota Plaza TOYAN (ÇETİN EMEC BULVARI No: 75 ÖVEÇLER / ANKARA/TURKEY) for 2012 model Avensis (06 D 5241) 10,000 KM care for my vehicle that taking care of a’ve made. Care after the way I did about 800 KM.
    Both deformed and both 3 – 4 linear was broken. Date 23/01/2014 Time 11:45 ‘t go to the tapioca, I have said that this filter from the current filter.
    I’ve used more than 10,000 miles old (ie in the vehicle as the original ones) Pollen filter did not throw my (now the old / original filter I use). When I compare it to what is NEW in a visible form;
    Yesterday, my vehicle Pollen filter (CABIN AIR FILTER, 87,139-YZZ16), incidentally, could not believe my eyes when I remove to clean. Filter is; very delicate, thin, very thin, fragile and too flimsy ( very thin, fragile, perishable) saw that;
    1 – Durable,
    2 – Very poor
    3 – Very delicate,
    4 – Very thin,
    5 – Porous and as much as I’ve understood from these;
    A-This product is in production under ladders and / or
    B-SECOND HAND is a urea, or
    C-Used or discarded is a product I have apprehended.
    Mr. AUTHORIZED, I’m asking you, PLEASE, taking the SECOND HAND filter, and give me such a fitler as good as the original one.
    Thank you in advance for your attention to the subject.

  79. I have had to replace headlights twice this year on my Prius V and it is only a year old. There seems to be a problem with the lights. Also, one of my hubcaps came off and had to buy another one. After the mechanic showed me how the hubs were attached, it seems to me that there needs to be something more to secure them. After a year or more it only takes a bump or a kick on the hubcaps and they will fall off. This is a design flaw and needs to be corrected.

    • I have had to replace y headlights twice this year and my Prius V is only a year old There must be something wrong with the lights or wiring. Also, I lost a hubcap and had to replace it. The mechanic showed me how they were attached and they are not very secure. After a year or more, a slight bump or a kick on the hub will cause it to fall off. Looks like a design flaw.

  80. what type of oil should use in a manual transmission of Toyota hiace van 2007 ? and for how long should change it or for how many km ?

  81. I had worked for 2 months to get my new Samsung Note 3 in sync with the blue tooth in my ’09 Prius. I finally called customer service and ‘Christopher’ spent at least 45 minutes with me until we got the blue tooth on the phone. He was not going to hang up until we had the problem resolved. I have never been more impressed with a company’s customer service, as I was with this phone call. He was courteous, helpful and seemed to be familiar with both devices.(car and phone) I was very impressed.

  82. I brouht2008 Toyota camry LE from suburban Toyota ,Troy, MI. I was driving my car on highway suddenly engine stop.took to dealer.
    Total mileage on car 86000 .warrenty upto 200,000 miles. Dealer said not WARRENTY IS coverage. What I need to do .

  83. I purchased a new Toyota 4 wheel drive in 1990 and was very happy with truck. I have recently thought about buying another but after trying to check the weather on accu-vue and being interrupted by unasked for advertisements that do not go away, I will NEVER EVER purchase another Toyota for as long as I live. I bought the truck and also had two friends buy within a week. STOP THE ADS…One person, thru the magic of social media… CAN have an affect on lots of others. STOP . . . PLEASE.

  84. 200K …whoot…whoot!!! we just hit it on our 2008 Yaris. Next goal 300 k. Never spent any money on this car except general maintenance, only paid 10k for it new and it simply rocks!!! Thanks for giving us such a wonderful commuter car, we live in Pahrump an hour from Vegas and those miles are basically getting to and from work!

  85. Within the last 2 weeks I have had MAJOR mechanical daily with both of my Toyotas! 1 1/2 weeks ago I was told that I need a new engine in my ’01 Camry with ONLY 113k miles. Hence we opted to sell at a significant loss. Today we found out that our’06 Vienna with 72k miles needs a new transmission! Seriously this has happened over the course of 2 weeks. We bought both of these vehicles brand new with the intention of driving them forever! This was absolutely nothing close to forever! I am a stay at home mommy who thought I was making the right decision to buy Toyotas that would last. We even wad cautious of how many miles we put on them. I have to say which I never thought I would say…..that I am completely not happy with my supposedly lifetime products. I seriously doubt that I will ever buy another toyota and I was there #1 fan.

  86. In 2007 I purchased a 2005 Toyota Camry XLE. Although the car was two years old, it only had 18,000 miles on it and was in very nice condition. My husband and I still have the car and it now has over 190,000 miles on it. We have had wonderful service from this car and have been so happy with it. It is comfortable, economical and I still love the style of it. I am sorry to report that I have one complaint, however. Several months ago our sunroof stopped working due to some plastic parts breaking that guide the roof as it opens and closes. We took it to two shops to see about getting it repaired, but they said that even though the parts were not very costly, the labor for the repair would be very expensive. We only occasionally used our sunroof due to our rainy winters and hot summers, so the breakage definitely was not due to overuse. I feel that this was a very poor design, and am hoping that the newer models do not have this problem. We originally purchased the Camry because of it’s great reputation and good recommendations from acquaintances. We are planning to purchase a newer car soon and I am hoping that this problem has been rectified.

  87. This is my third Toyota. My 1985 and 1997 vans were great. I purchased a 2007 Prius and apparently all the things that Toyota was famous for went out the window with this car. It is planned obsolescene at 100,000 miles. As soon as I got 100,000 miles the battery and everything else went out. Repair is $6,000. The car is not worth $6,000. DO NOT PURCHASE PRIUS. It is a rip off. I purchased the 10 year warranty on the battery. Now they tell me they have a 6-year, a 7-year but no 10 year. They tell you what they want to get you to buy. I am a widow stranded in Florida. I will never buy Toyota again and encourage you also to not buy Toyota.

  88. My family and I have owned since 1991 5 Corollas, one RAV4 and a 4Runner. The reason we have been repeat customers is because of Toyota quality and reliability. I do have a complain about my 2006 Sport Edition 4WD 4Runner. This has been a nice vehicle so far and except for oil changes, one battery and tires the truck had been very good. Recently it was discovered that the two front shocks need replacement, but because of the X-REAS system, all four shocks plus the hydraulic cylinder need to be changed. The Toyota dealer estimate for the repair was for over $2000!!! In other vehicles you can change two shocks only and with the difference you can still buy a used car…Shame on you Toyota for a bad design that does not allow partial changes and shame on you for the outrageous cost of this repair. Bad engineering and bad business. I never thought I would be disappointed on a Toyota, but regretfully I am…

  89. I have a 2013 Avalon that when I turn it on the A C smells like mold I have 8 Toyota none ever smelled like this.2 were Avalons
    service Dept. said it was normal.

  90. We took our 2012 Toyota Corola in to Vislia Toyota/Scion B.A.R. # Ard171231, E.P.A. #XLOOO337500 4/24/14 TO BE SERVICED and rotate tires. My husband watched as they drove the car and parked it. He watched the car for about 45 minutes. It never moved until they brought the key to him with the paper work & said it was good to go. The car is still under warenty. Just so you know you are paying for work that was not done.

  91. Dear sir/madam, I feel very much sorry to let you know that the poor quality of your customer care service of your Guwahati based Dealership leads me to jot down a few words to you.On16th t April of this year I bought a Fortuner Vehicle from your authorised Delear.Already I have bought another two Innova vehicles from the same dealer.Naturally my expectation was to receive some extra preferential care from the customer care department.But to my utter astonishment this time they paid no attention towards me.Such as nobody was there to explain the minimum characteristic features of the newly buying vehicle,what are the due time of maintenance
    & servicing,how the power windows are working,which are the parts excluding from warranty peroid and so on…They just taken the Bank DD from me & handed over the key of the vehicle.Everything was going as good as anything till the DD was given.Once they received it delivered the vehicle after that they even not bother to make a feedback call also.It is unexpectable from a renowned company like you.On 21st April I have sent a mail to you regarding this issues as a reply of which on 22nd April you wrote to me that you are going to discuss this matter with your topmost managerial staff.After that I got a few numbers of ph.calls from the said dealer & Banglore.Except this no initiative have been made from your side to resolve the matter to my minimum satisfaction.As I reside in a very short distance from that dealer so they can make it happen to send some executive who can explain me the minimum characteristic features of the vehicle.I think it
    is the proper way of handling a dissatisfied customer like me.Am i wrong?? Let me know.

  92. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Shane Pustam and I purchased a Toyota Corolla last month, today May 6th,2014 I brought the car in for service and I wish to advise of my experience.

    I brought the car in at about 8:30am and was told that the service check for the 1000km check up should take about one hour. I left and returned at 9:20am to be advised that the vehicle would take about an hour again to finish. I gave my contact number to the service desk and left.

    I was not called for the entire day and on my return at 2:45pm the car was finished but not cleaned. After paying for the service of getting the car cleaned and receiving my invoice, just as the guy brought the car he realized that it was not washed.

    This was my first service experience at Toyota, I have been left with the feeling that I made the wrong choice.

  93. I would like to know why Toyota has not recalled the 2007 on Camry’s that have a MAJOR oil consumption issue as documented all over the internet (I own a 2009 Camry). It is not NORMAL to be 3 quarts low on oil and still almost 2000 miles to go before required oil change.

    Everyone takes their cars to the dealership and hears the same story of it being normal to burn oil. It’s not and I had no idea how wide spread this was until my frustration made me search the internet.

    I’ve never owned any other car than a Toyota but I’m mighty afraid this will be my last.

    Shame on TOYOTA!!

  94. pls,i need to speak with one of your manager,i want to do businee with you from nigeria.pls reply through my mail,thanks.

  95. I took my 1995 Toyota 4-Runner to Panama City, FL. to get my engine light that was on checked out, as my truck was running rough. They replaced the ignition coil, so the paperwork said. When I went to pick it up, it was still running rough and the engine light was still on. Doug Davis informed me that the Nock sensor may need changing and it was on the top of the engine and my boyfriend could probably change it. I went up to toyota the next day to get my part so I could see what they changed. It was spark plugs wires, which I had informed them had already been changed. They charged me $321 to change spark plug wires, which still did not fix my vehicle. I am now without a ride as it will not run or idle. It is smoking bad and the engine light is still on. I am scared to take it back to toyota in Panama City.

  96. Just purchased 2014 RAV4 Limited, following are suggestions for improvements…


    L. M. HELNER

  97. I own a 07 RAV4 Toyota and have just today received my 8th recall and am already waiting on a service date to have a recll fix on an earlier recall. Let me tell you this is starting to really get annoying not to mention an hours drive one way and gas at my expense. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER TOYOTA! I think Toyota needs to replace my Rav4 if is so unsafe. I purchased my Toyota at Fannins in Ashland,Ky.

  98. Dear Sir
    I have a toyota vitz car (model-scp90).While i was driving there is a abonormal heat happen in my starter key and around the key sclot/switch area.I need to know how it happen and what is the error type?And also advice me how it repair and cost

  99. dear Sirs,

    I have very serious break problems with the Toyota Fortuner year 2012- it’s never stopping especially when it’s raining- it’s sliding- My friend has also a Toyota Fortuner with same problem-
    Toyota in Beirut refuse to help-
    it’s a dangerous situation- please take this matter very seriously-


  100. I give up. I leased a corolla S from Frank Toyota the first week in April. I was promised floor mats as the vehicle was delivered with out floor mats today is may 27th with no response-you need to work on customer service

  101. I have a toyota s 2016 i got in california i am VERY happy then i moved to Florida Palm Beach Gardens on 2007 since then i served My car on Toyota Palm Beach 551 south military trail(big mistake)lately service stinks,they made a lots of mistakes,on april /08/14 i replace 4 tires brand new.,uniroyal 195/65r15 total 459.95 fine,The problem is The tire stings everybody smeled,so,today 5/28/14 went to tell then to Mr Mike Adkins general manager,and parts manager mr joe linch,and they told me smell like rubber,as a regular smell!!! This is not My first time got New tires and i know The smell,My cuestión is why that SMELL.???and The poor attention of this two managers,My advisor MR LANDA WAS VERY POLITE,AND FEEL SORRY THAT HE CAN’T help me,not going back again,Andrew m.BE AWARE OF PEOPLE LIKE Then.

  102. I owned 3 toyota products prior to my 2005 toyota 4-runner.And is garage kept.I have cracks all through my dashboard and was never so disapointed with a toyota product as I am today.I cant beleive toyota would put such a poor product in there vehicles.
    This will be my last toyota.
    Sincerely: Ronald O’Brien

  103. Dear Toyota, I would like to share a great success story with you!
    My girlfriend drives a 2002 Toyota Solara that she bought new & has 259,000 easy miles on it! On many occasions I have tried to convince her to buy a new vehicle but she loves this car (Scarlet, as she calls it!), despite the high mileage & desperate need for a new paint job! Scarlet has been her “rock” for 12 years & has never let her down…how can you give up on that! Unfortunately we live 400 miles apart, which sometimes requires her to drive to Maryland to see me. On those occasions I worry about her breaking down somewhere on the highway while driving a car with 259,000 miles. Scarlett burns a little oil but has not let her down yet! My girlfriend is a loyal Toyota owner & will buy another when the time comes!
    Thanks for building a great vehicle & listening to my story!
    Sincerely, Gary

  104. In Feb 2014, the lock/unlock fob for my 2005 Camry stopped functioning. Got a new one from dealer in Weston, FL. Last week (6/6/14) that one stopped also. Was replaced under warrantee. Worked good until I put keys, etc., into my pocket with wallet. Now doesn’t function. Is it possible that magnetic strip on credit cards can affect fob. Sounds unrealistic but wallet was only difference in pockets. Has anyone else has a similar experience?

  105. I purchased a new Toyota rav4 in December of 2013 the vehicle has less than 5000 miles on it and had a after market alarm system in it, I was on vacation in new Hampshire when the alarm system started going off randomly. took the vehicle to local dealership in Manchester NH and was informed the system was after market and they could not fix it. at this time I called the dealership in Moreno valley ca. where I bought the vehicle and they said they would not do anything about it!!!I had to pay $110.00 out of my vacation money to have the system disconnected!! no matter what the situation may be with the dealer! the vehicle I purchased was a Toyota!! and as far as I am concerned it is a piece of junk put out by Toyota and this will be used in my consideration for the replacement of my 2010 venza I have, and believe me Toyota will be the last place I intend to go!!!

  106. just bought 2011 camry on 6/2/14. asked dealer i better not find you overpriced car. sure enough im a sucker. on 6/5/14 noticed cold start rattle in engine with 46500 miles. contacted dealer and was told oh well fix at no charge under toyota sevice bulletin 0041-13 or 0146-10. let us ck. it out first. 2 days later they called its fixed. not asking me beforehand is it ok to tear into engine. picked up vehicle and immediately same noise but louder. they said just drive it will be ok. wife drove home 65 miles later in evening i returned and was shocked at this loud noise now every 4 hr. on start up. returned vehicle to dealer via wrecker. next day late they call and say nothing wrong and all camrys make this noise. then why did you promise me to fix noise? waiting now for engine to come apart on this expensive 10000 mile oilchange. this is my first toyota and my last. what kind of junk are they making nowadays.

  107. My car model- hard jeep Honda CRV 2005,Engine no-RD71004805,2400cc
    its remote Key do not work properly..
    now What can i do ?

  108. We find it sad that Toyota will be moving its operations to Texas.
    Do they not know that Texas represents the antithesis to a modern, civilized state?
    Is corporate profit the only thing that matters? In good conscience, after 25 years with Toyota,
    we will be purchasing a different brand in the future.

  109. Sir This is with utter anguish n despair i am writing to you about the calouse affair metted out to me from dsk toyota wakad and dsk toyoto hadapsar . i am a handicapped person owning the vehicle toyota innova bearing the no. MH-12-GZ-1876 having not run even 25000 kms. whilst buying the vehicle it was said and confirmed the engine warranty stands to 1 lac kms. To explain in short , while going to a picnic with my family i filled diesel from pirangute from a hp fuel station , i started towards diveagar ,o on the way the engine of my car started giving loud noise and jerky motions on the gear shift, i about turned and came back reported the matter to dsk toyota wakad they took the sample of diesel and said that it is adulterated and due to which the fuel injectors had to be replaced because of its high volume as per Mr. Bhatt, the service manager at wakad. I had 30 ltrs. of diesel in the tank when i handed over my vehicle to dsk toyota, they said it would take some time to inspect all the parameters of the vehicle and for that i have to leave the vehicle for 6 days and finally when i asked my car to be dropped at my house they asked for drop charges and the replacement of filter and filling of gas 10 ltrs. and maintenance charges which came to 2300Rs. and having not solved my problem one bit . my question to you is ,1. WHY UNDER WARRANTY THE INJECTORS WERE NOT REPLACED ? 2. WHEN TOYOTA HAS INVENTED THE INJECTOR CLEANER WHY THE DIDn’T SUGGEST FOR IT ? 3. WHAT IS THE REASON FOR HOLDING MY CAR FOR 6 DAYS ? . now, the last but not the least similar incident happened which is my regular dsk service station near my house at hadapsar i explained the same problem to the engineer of dsk toyota hadapsar they carried out all their experiments with using the injector cleaner which cosst me 1600rs. and having no positive result as of now i have to pay 4600rs{approx.} to take the possession of my vehicle and back to ground zero with having no positive outcome , now for instance i have a chevrolet beat which has run 43,285kms. to be precise having its diesel pump failed. the company replaced it immediately having taken only 70 minutes and costiing me no money i think all the renowned brands of car have their policy spelled correctly towards the warranty of engine to the customer and complete the customer’s work to their satisfaction and keep the brand name undiminished / i am at complete loss to understand why i have to shell out money to buy fuel injectors which is costing me 30,000rs. per head . i request you to look into the history of my car and find a reasonable conclusion . why this treatment is meatted out to me . i have great faith in your brand and hope i will get justice from your company

  110. I have a 2004 Sequoia. I have had to replace the back door handle every year since I’ve had it at about $400 each time. Toyota dealer tells me that it’s all because I live on a dirt road. So if you live on a dirt road DO NOT BUY A TOYOTA. Wish I had known that only one mile down a dirt road was too much for a Toyota to handle.

  111. Toyota has an internal policy of “managing” warranty claims. While I can understand the need to track claims, there is a downside to the customer experience. I recently needed warranty work done on my 2013 Avalon. The local dealer had to decline taking care of it because it would put them over their warranty allowance. The result was having to drive an hour each way to a Service Department that could do the necessary repairs. Shouldn’t warranty coverage be available where convenient to your customers rather than reliant on an arbitrary internal policy? Any way to prove this scenario?

  112. Have had a less than satisfying experience with local dealership sales ways only. Decided to go with Toyota in 2013, impressed with ratings and really liked the new look on the Avalon. Went to Conklin Toyota in town and really limited on selection and demo. Had dealt with Ford locally since moving here in 1976. They were generous with demos, could take vehicle of choice home for several days to try out, one of the reasons I had dealt with them until I started having problems with their service and reliability. I found what I wanted without any help from Conklin. Went online and found what I was looking for at Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Ks. Conklin had told me what I wanted wasn’t available, when I told them about the one in Hutchinson they checked according to them and said it had been sold? I called Midwest and found that not to be true, drove down and traded with them. Then a few weeks ago we decided due to family needs we needed more passenger capacity, started looking at the Toyota Highlander. Thought our experience with Conklin was a abnormality so again tried to deal through them. Again they showed little interest in getting what we wanted. Explained to the salesperson (Kim) what we were looking for, again told none available and if they did get one it had to be white? No effort to find us anything, acted like we were a bother. Said he would get back to us but never did. So I went looking on line again and behold I found what we wanted at Ernst Toyota in Columbus, Ne. Got immediate response from them on Monday of this week, and unlike Conklin really seemed interested in dealing with us. Drove up Wed. and got what the vehicle we wanted! New 2014 Highlander Limited, we love it!! One of the best car buying experiences ever, great dealership, wish we had it here. Really enjoyed our salesperson J.J. and Mike the manager and Jeanie who did the paperwork. Wish we had same here, what difference in dealerships! Then after deal was made the salesperson from Conklin found out(by whom?) and called me and gave me heck. Hadn’t heard a thing from him last several weeks, then he thinks I should be chewed out for finding someone that will deal with me. Threaten to with hold service here, when I told him I knew they couldn’t do that, changed threat to making sure they didn’t do as thorough a job as they do for their customers? Been buying vehicles for over 45 years, this has been a new experience for me! If I had to deal with this, would not be driving a Toyota today.

  113. My wife, Kathleen, bought a Toyota Sienna in the year, 2000.
    It was great. She recently decided to buy another Toyota.
    She decided to give her 2000 Toyota Sienna to our church to help a member with no transportation. She turned in the tags to Maryland Motor Vehicles. However, she has been unable to get the lien release from Toyota Financial Services. I have made 3 calls to them with no result. I called as recently as yesterday, 7/14/14. I received an apology and a statement that the lien release would be sent “overnight.” As in my previous 2 calls I was told we would receive the lien release in 3 to 5 days. After almost 3 weeks, I don’t trust these promises. What is the problem? My wife paid off this car years ago (2000). What is the delay? This is poor customer service. Can you help us. Carlton Cox

  114. It sickens me to write this letter. Toyota was at one time the company with the highest quality and customer service. Now however, toyota is worse than GM.
    I am one of the unfortunate people who owns a 2001 Tundra. I know it is old, yes things wear out, but, some things should never happen. I have never seen a pumpkin rust out on any vehicle.
    A year and a half ago, Toyota replaced the frame on my truck. The dealership did the minimal amount of work to the truck. I had asked them to let me know if there were any issues with the truck since the body was going to be completely off of the frame it would have been easy to fix or replace anything. I agreed to pay for any thing the truck needed. Since the new frame was installed. I have had to repair and replace a multitude of parts that were completely rusted out. I did not get angry until the rear axle, pumpkin rusted completely through. SHAME on you Toyota. You have learned too much from GM

  115. I left my car with Star Toyota in N.Y. on Sat. 7/19/2014 and my GPS was stolen. The Service manager was so rude he brought me to tears, he told me they are not responsible. Anyone that has that clause in their documents, has thieves among them.And who reads what they are signing? I asked the customers in the waiting area and no one read what they signed I Will not go back again, even though I need to service my rear struts.This GPS was a gift to me from another Toyota dealer when I purchased my vehicle, and I need it back, no questions asked.

  116. I recently purchased a toyota raum with a multi AV station NHZH-W57 model, the problem is that it’s all written and audio are also in Japanese.
    How can I change the language?

  117. I had the Toyota Venza in to get a new key. I waited for two hours and they finally decided they had a bad part. With them trying to program the key, they have now lost my Blue tooth, on my cell phone it says connected but it is not connected to the Blue tooth. They have really messed up things. It really makes me bad that it took that long for them to realize it was a bad part. I have learned my lesson that I will not buy a Toyota again. The service was at Heart City Toyota-Elkhart IN

  118. I bought a brand new Toyota Corolla in 2008, so it’s only 6 years old!!!It has over 74,000 miles on it. It quit on me, so we bought a new battery. After the new battery was put in, we drove it for one day before it quit again. This time the battery light came on, indicating the alternator was shot. We took it to Avondale Toyota to get an alternator, was charged $756!!!!!:( Then was told that the transmission was falling apart. So that could be another $3000 to $4000 depending on new or used. Now I’m driving a rental car. This was the fourth Toyota that we bought because we believed that it would be a reliable car, but instead it turned out to be a lemon.

  119. Hi, I’m Kalai writting from Malaysia. I just got my Toyota Altis on 10th July, and I took to Service centre for the 1st service maintenance on 15th July. I have complaint at the service centre on the faulty of my rear speaker. After being checked, the service advisor has confirmed that this is a manufacturing defect and will be replace once they got the replacement stock. Since then, until todate, no action being taken for the replacement. It is almost one month I could not play the music and I have not receive any update from Toyota service centre.

    Previously, I’ve drive other brand of cars, I’ve been keep updated on my complaint

  120. I have a 2013 Prius. Until the 15000 mi. service, I averaged 45 t0 47 mpg. After the service which included a software recall update for motor generator ECU and power management, I have not be able to reach 42 mpg. My driving habits have not changed at all. I’m not very happy about it, since I previously owned a 2010 Prius that consistently gave me 47+ mpg. The sticker on the window claimed 50 mpg combined city/hwy. There seems to be a discrepancy in what is claimed and what is real.

  121. Dear Srs. Need please suggest me which is the page or Japan toyota mail to tell anomalis with my Toyota Corolla 2009 origin Brazil with brakes.
    From 15000 km report to the dealership braking problems had to drive 2 to three vecez pedal to achieve slow the car more squeak (November 2009)
    Dec.-2009 becomes make mention of the front brakes squeal in reiterating that since the 10000 km is the problem.
    Continuous problem unsolved until September 2010, April 2011, September 2011, envista have no solution to problemapresente formal letter of complaint dated October 17, 2011.
    At 35000 kms. agreed to change disc brakes and cookies (brake pads), the car stay operationally well, they had to spend almost two years to solve the problem. While the car was still rolling with the anomaly.
    Approximately 65000 km noise problem or squeak in the clutch every time it powers up to this day he commented and commented that it was something reseqquedad did not give me solution, posteriromente to 70000 km problems presented in the brake listening one fuda air by foot switch for which spolicitye appointment to review and I got the diagnosis that was faulty servo brake (Hidrobag), I think it’s because of all the problems mentioned above to operate many vecez pedal brake to stop the car which caused the premature wear of diaphragm and internal parts and not addressed the problem early and wait almost two years to resolve.
    Ask the dealer to check whether the item applies guarantee that the car does not have 100,000 kms. to which they replied no.
    Acccione I ask is that I will replace the item in poor condition.
    Yotengo also one Rav4 2002 (11 years), the clutch and brake to this day have anomalies of this type.

  122. I own 3 Toyota tundras- 1 I just sold- I hav a 2013 tundra that I need to get the oil changed in. Normally I take my truck to DeMontrand Toyota in Houston, tx- the last time it took over 1-1/2 hr to just get my oil changed- I contacted them today and was told it would probably take atleast 1-1/2 hrs again – I said no – that is ridiculous to just get my oil changed. I just contacted a Toyota dealership in Galveston that told me they could do it in about an hour- i do not want my tires rotated- so I’m writing u guys to tell u I love my truck but it taking over zn hour to get my oil changed only is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!

  123. I have a 2009 Tundra pickup which was recently modified with a factory safety feature which cuts out the fuel when the brakes are applied. This has resulted in intermittent driving problems which I find disturbing. I have asked my dealer if this modification can be removed, and was told that now it is in the computer, and cannot be changed. I love the truck, but wish this so called safety feature had never been installed.

  124. Dear Sir’s
    I am an owner of a 2007 Rav4 2.2 D4D Toyota.Recently I started to hear change of sound of my engine. I live in Croatia and am servicing my car at oficial Toyota dealer, Toyota Rotus. I went for a checkup and got the answer that 3 of 4 fuel injectors are to be changed. The reason they told me is probably poor quality diesel fuel. My toyota is 7 years old and it has 130.000 km. It is regulary maintained and I put inside strictly Premium diesel fuel of best quality. Also, I own a Volkswagen Golf and a Audi A6 Avant and did not have similar problems aldough I am using the same fuel.
    The thing that insults me most is the fact that this malefunction was presented to me as a normal thing. Please tell me if it is a normal thing that fuel injectors that are suposed to last at least 500.000 km before being replaced, broke after 130.000 km?
    It is discrase that things like this happen and you should be discrased to sell sutch a bad car. The replacement of injectors is some $2.000 and the final line is that it will never cross my mind again to buy Toyota again.

  125. Dear Sir,
    I had an accident from 2 months ago by the work car Toyota HILUX 2014 DBL. Cabin,
    so as for the safety manners you put in the car (AIR Bag) that am talking about .. unfortunately it didn’t open as for i had injures and the car from inside the hall part moved from it’s places and the Airbag didn’t open … so i need an explanation for that come a new car with all the features inside and the Airbag is not working ..
    thank you in Advance

  126. I have received 3 recall notices from Toyota about my 2009 Rav4 the estimated loss of my time for these recalls is up to 6 hours. The dealer I just spoke to about the last recall which was a prior problem that I was told I was all set with just informed me they will need my car for at LEAST 4 hours on Saturday morning. this is unacceptable. I was told Toyota will not supply a rental for recalls. I think my next car will be a Nissan.

  127. I bought a new Toyota Sienna from Duluth, GA dealership. I have been servicing this car as per plan. I was just told that some time the service has been just to rotate the tire. I was shocked that balancing the tires is not part of the service. HOW CAN YOU ROTATE TIRES WITHOUT BALANCING THE TIRE; even Costco balance the tire as part of the rotation. Now I see a very uneven wear on my tire. This practice is a disservice to your customers. I hope you reverse it ASAP.
    Ed Haque

  128. I purchased my Rav4 in April of 2013 along with that purchase I was promised 5 free maintenance visits. When I went this past Sunday to have my final free maintenance visit I was told by the check in service person by the name of Dennis Marangu that I was being charged for the visit. The reason Dennis gave was that I was over the allocated mileage by a 100 miles. All of the other oil changes were over on the mileage so I’m not sure why I was being penalized. I’m very disappointed with Boch Toyota South in North Attleboro, MA. I will not be returning for any other service nor will I purchase another vehicle from that dealership as I feel I can’t trust the dealership to keep their word on what was agreed upon at the time of purchase. I did complain to Dennis but it fell on deaf ears. Not sure if he makes a commission on that type of thing or he is just didn’t care if that was the agreement or not. He did not work towards resolving the issue.

  129. I am very displeased with the 2012 Toyota Prius V. Major complaints: compared to my 2012 Prius 2; too much wind noise, poor gas mileage, driver seat difficult to adjust on the fly, electronics inferior vs. Prius 2, costly recommended service, paint chips on top, many more. I have driven the Prius V for 2 years and will trade it as soon as I can afford to. I am not recommending this vehicle to my colleagues, friends and lending institutions I meet in business connections. I have had several people referred to me and I do not recommend this vehicle and tell them it does not meet sales claims and expectations. Compared to the Prius 2 the Prius v is quite inferior in performance quality.

  130. I have attempted to get a vibration issue resolved with I-10 Toyota in Indio Ca and they have managed to accomplish nothing and give me a run around for 3 plus days. I informed them I am moving from Ca. to Arkansas on the 27 of October and needed the repairs done. I have contacted Toyota Customer service and spoke to a person yesterday who was going to contact the dealer. As of today Thursday 9 am I have not herd anyone from either Toyota Case manager Dialna Theleoy or the dealership. I again have the customer care from Toyota on the phone. I was asked if I wanted to do a survey on Tuesday and the phone was hung up and last night some one called from Toyota Total care and asked again if I wanted to do a survey and I said yes and then she said her computer has hung and she would have to call me back. Also no call back what is happened to Toyota and has it became like American Auto makers and don’t care after they get your money! My concers are that if their guess it is tires does not fix the problem I will be still in the same place and have to travel with it like this. 2012 Toyota Tundra I paid almost 30k for thos used PU and would expect better service.

  131. I’ve heard on your automated phone line that when you make a
    Payment over the phone it says it will be credited to my account
    The next business day…… I’ve noticed that it’s not happening. It’s
    taking you people 7 days and by then I’ve paid my bills and so
    When you go to process my payment the money isn’t there……so
    My bank takes more money out cause you people are waiting to long
    To process my payment….. If I make the

  132. I would appreciate if my payment was processed the next business
    Day instead of you people waiting 7 days…….that’s why I’m behind

  133. What wold any of you do if you go to a toyota dealership to purchase a Toyota, you find out about a year later, that your car was involved in a head-on collision? No one at the dealership mentionned anything…It sounded like i was getting the best car…Not even a month after purchase I went to the dealer for a major repair, and almost every other month after that. I mean what would you do it that were you?

  134. hi,i am janaka from srilanka.i just need to know is there any institute which teaching about hibrid technology. b,couse hibrid vehicle very popular in srilanka but technically we are very poor. if someone willing to give us sound knowledge about hibrid technology we prefer to learn them at any cost

  135. As a long time owners of two Toyotas vehicles, we were hoping to buy a new 2015 SE Camry. After visiting several local dealers, we were told that the vehicle with the interior trim is not available. The exterior color is Creme Burlee Mica with the interior color Black/Ash 2 Tone Fabric. I was told that this combination of colors is not available in the SE Camry. My do not like the all black interior color and do not understand why this interior color is not available with the exterior Creme Brulee Mica. Just having the choice of just the black interior trim is not good. Will this SE be available later with a different interior color? WE really like to purchase a 2015 Camry, but the interior color is the deal killer for now. We will be looking a some other brands for the color that we like. We are willing to wait for a period of time if the color becomes available later. We like the vehicle, but need another interior color trim.

    On Nov 15 , we went to Tulsa Fowler Toyota. We dis finished al doc, and deposit $1000 nonreturnable for a Gray siena XLE. Mon nov 17, that vehicle was sold to someone else. Dealer offer a red one, but we have to pay more. We asked to go for Sandy beach one, with similar options. And finally nov 24th, we stop by dealer; floor manager (Thad) told us their doc is just a trash. And walk a way!!!! We just want them to keep promises to customer.

  137. Please help,I have 2003 model of Toyota Camry,for the past 6months I have changed up to 6compressors for the ac to be fixed all to no avail.I have equally changed condensers up to 2.Till now I can’t enjoy the car because is not cooling.Is there no way such problems could be solved.The mechanics have tried.The last one had a good cooling effect but I ended up by the roadside because the compressor was not that of Toyota and the poly torn about5 fan can I drive without ac in this part of the world

  138. I have 2 Toyota car .my camery le 2007 I have problem with oil .The engine lit was on twice .i check the oil there was no oil in car.theres no leack under the car is very clean . I was very disppointed by Toyota car .my mileage is 141.0000

  139. my drivers side seatbelt buckle does not work or click in my 2002 camry,which i love. is there any one in the corperation i can talk to about toyota fixing this for me? loyal toyota patron!

  140. I am totally frustrated, waiting for some response from Toyota about a problem documented in case #1412042113. No one even wants to talk to me about it.

  141. As a long time (15 years with 6 Toyotas) customer of Toyota, I have depended on their product quality. But in he last few years, I have first hand witnessed Toyota quality and customer care taking the turn for worst among all consumer goods providers. I had been proud of owning Toyotas, but I am to the point now that I will not purchase any Toyotas even if they are offered free for me primarily because of how lousy their customer service has become and how they have lost their attention on quality.
    My recent communication with Toyota customer care was due to a problem I experienced with the tires in my Toyota Sienna 2011. I only have 32,000 miles on them and these Michelin made tires are already down to the surface. The Toyota dealership themselves were shocked when they realized that they quoting me the same identical tires with 65,000 miles warranty and so they suggested to me to contact Michelin and Toyota care to inquire about these tires. When I called Toyota care on 12/18/2014 at 9:27 EST the trained individual named Rose was not helpful. She kept on repeating that they do not purchase any parts in the headquarters, reminding me of calling Comcast for a service on cable and being dropped in a bottomless pit.
    Basically, the attention, care, and the long term commitment and image of standing behind what they offered by Toyota has completely gone to the toilet. I am not happy with Toyota and will make a point of publicizing my bad experience with Toyota to everyone and at this point I will not purchase another Toyota for the rest of my life. By the way, due to the fact that my job demands meeting large groups of people from various industries, I will make sure to share this bitter experience with them (about 250 different people every month in person). I hope Toyota can use a does of its own medicine and get back to the basics of Taichi Ono’s principles of Toyota Production System (or as we know it Lean practices) by making it right for the customers who have trusted them and their quality for a long time.

  142. I think Toyota is going downhills and they better rethink their principles that has brought them to the point of leading industry. because if they do not, their success will soon turn to failure as it has already begun the slow motion.
    What is the point of offering products to the consumers and not standing behind them? This was never Toyota’s motto or nowhere Toyota ever slightly referred to such an approach of producing products and selling to public, then having the attitude of: “We do not care what happens next.”
    I am just requesting that please do not go deep in this wrong path because what you have presented thus far to the world is nothing short of first class company. To witness Toyota going to the pits is heartbreaking.

  143. Happy New Year 2015
    Dear Toyota,
    I felt it was important to write you and tell you how pleased we are with George Jackson Toyota, Renfrew, Ontario. We have been dealing with Warren and Dave Larocque for over a decade and wanted to comment on how well we are treated. I recently bought a Tacoma and my husband bought his third Toyota. I feel my truck is being well looked after and the customer service is stellar. Wanted to say Thank you and Happy New Year to Warren, Theresa, Dave, Dan and all the staff.

  144. I send my car for service at your alor setar branch at 8.45 am on 24.1.2015 and would like to thank you for a very satisfying service given by your personnel over here. Ms Lim who took my booking was very courteous and friendly, Ms Durga who inspected my car was very thorough with the checklist and Mr Surendran was very explicit with his explanation of the service on my car for the day and for the next service. Together, they certainly make my day with their cheerfulness and service with a smile. Overall, your branch here is very conducive and the personnel from the guardhouse to the office is very courteous and friendly. Lastly not forgetting Mr Kamal and Mr See who never fail to greet me whenever I took my car for the service. Syabas from a very happy and contented customer.

  145. I have a brand new 2015 Toyota XSE Camry. The pointers for the tachometer and odometer are very hard to see during the daytime. The red dials almost disappear. You should have made the pointers white instead of red. Is there any way to replace the red pointers with white ones?

  146. I have a Toyota Corolla CE, a 2006, The odometer turned to 299999 miles about 400 miles ago. The odometer is stuck at this mileage but the two trip odometers work fine and everything else work fine. I read that this is a common problem. I called the local Toyota dealer and they said I would have to pay $650.00 to $750.00 to have the cluster replaced.
    I also read that another person having this same problem contacted the Toyota Corporate office and they had this person go to the Toyota dealer and have it replaced with no charge.
    I am extremely happy with my Toyota and it is still going strong but I want to know how many miles I am putting on my car and brag on the quality of this car. I brag about the car now all of the time and this is one of two problems I have had with this car. The other problem is the air bag indicator is on and it will not turn off.
    So if Toyota Corporate can help I would appreciate it. I am on a very limited income and I cannot afford to pay the money the dealer wants. So if this is a common problem of the odometer at 299,999 miles I think this could be a recall problem. I would think that Toyota would want it known that their cars can go more than 300,000 miles. I know I want people to know this car can go that far and more.
    Thank you from a proud Toyota Corolla owner. (Please help if you can)

  147. i cant wait four five months to have air bag tixed in my 2003 matrix i need my car now not four or five months from now i had my tocoma truck recalled and taken away.sed parts to fix my caror get me aloaner. how do i know if it is safe any where in the car if bag expoldes .

  148. I purchased my 2007 Tacoma brand new. I have been very satisfied with the vehicle until recently. In February, I was coming to a stop when the vehicle suddenly accelerated as I was braking. This acceleration was unintended, and not commanded. I, at no time, had my foot on the accelerator pedal. As I applied maximum force on the brake peddle the vehicle began to hop but still accelerated. This unintended acceleration resulted in an accident. I had the Tacoma towed to the Toyota dealership where I bought it and explained what had happened. I was told by the service manager that he could not touch the vehicle, that it would have to be inspected by a company inspector. He also told me that my vehicle was “grounded” until the inspection was completed. It took over two weeks for the “inspector” to conduct his inspection. I was then told that it would be another 30 days before Toyota gave me the results. It has now been over 6 weeks and my truck is still sitting in Toyota’s service lot. I have been denied use of my vehicle by Toyota and their customer service reps have done nothing to find the malfunction, repair it, and return my truck to me. Toyota’s customer service is deplorable. I am scarred to death to drive this vehicle again. My wife refuses to do so. This is a dangerous vehicle and I doubt I will ever drive it again.

  149. I brought my car that i just purchased 1 week ago to the dealer to install the remote starter and it was money in my car and when i got it back the money was missing i cannot believe how that happened and when i talked with them they just said nothing we can do for you that is never happened with us .it is not about the money i am a physician it is about the convenience and honesty how i deal with you again and feel safe and feel my car is in safe when i drop it to you please try to fix this problem and save your reputation because that is some how will affect on you more than me. thank you .the dealer car service is in Elmhurst , IL .

  150. I have a 2012 prius 5. I bought it new from a dealership. In 2 years I have had to have the regular battery replaced. They both went completely dead. I had warranties to cover the first 2 batteries. Why do you not design the hatchback so it can be opened from the outside when the battery is dead. I think this is the most ridiculous design error ever. You should have a manual override of some sort. My 2006 corvette at least had a pull cord to open the hatch from the inside. Crawling into the back to replace the battery is just a stupid design. I also want to know why the regular battery doesn’t last. These are hybrids that should provide durable regular batteries as well. My old 2000 dodge dakota has a battery that has lasted 3 years in AZ.

  151. Have a 2006 Tacoma in for a frame recall that was supposed to take a month and is now working on six months. Toyota has supplied a rental vehicle during this time but I didn’t buy a car, I bought a truck that now I cant drive because the rusted frame makes it unsafe till fixed. The dealership estimates another 2 months before they can even get to it.
    Toyota…you have lost a loyal customer forever.

  152. The toyota Altis which I bought from your authorised dealer in JOhor Bahru, Malaysia has given me one problem after another- noise from underneather car, absorber, alarm, gear box noise, radio player and all these happen within a span ofless than two years! Though all have been fixed except the underneath noise thatpersist from a year ago until now, despite making numerous trips to the workshop in Larkin, Johor Bahru, Johorj Malaysia. Obviously, this is not the quality product the company has promised. Will Toyota Motor Japan take remedial actions to rectify my problems? Your prompt actions are appreciated.

  153. I am the proud owner of a 2004 Toyota sienna. I purchased it brand new based on the safety ratings and Toyota reputation. I have NOT been disappointed. My van just reached 300,000 miles. Between traveling as a single mother with my two girls… (now 17 and 19) and working as a home health therapist my van has offered me a sense of security and safety. I am slightly ashamed yet astonished to admit that i have only performed routine oil changes (reliogusly), changed out the brakes (uncertain how many brake pads I’ve been thru!), worn thru multiple new tires and repaired the ac once.

    In the last 6 months the van has been slowly falling apart … windshield wiper squirter doesnt work, hood holder upper broke off, glove box no longer closes and the dashboard has become cracked and gummy, control panel lights no longer work AND every warning light is on. Despite these issues I made the goal to make it to 300,000 miles…and WE did it.

    Thank you Toyota for building an amazingly safe, comfortable and most importantly reliable vehicle. I cannot afford a brand new vehicle but I promise you I will be purchasing a used Toyota in the near future. I hope to write you another success letter when the next one hits 300K.

  154. she had no clue what i was asking and i finally asked to speak to someone who might be more knowledgeable. she put me on hold and never came back,

  155. Honorable Representative of Toyota, I am writing to provide you a satisfied customer example worthy of being an international commercial. The case communicates “the” superior, well won image of everything your corporation could ever hope to deliver.

    My brother, Childs Michael Harper is a successful business man who lives in Marietta, Ga, USA. Mike is profoundly proud of the Toyota 4 Runner he has owned for some years. He still drives it. Mike’s odometer shows he has accumulated, with almost no major repairs, more than 500,000 miles. Mike is still driving it; The 4 Runner looks brand new!

    Mike is articulate and passionate about his Toyota vehicle; You should seriously considered contacting him. He is a grass roots customers with reality based praise of Toyota no actor can provide. He finds his vehicle beyond compare. If you took a picture of that truck, interviewed him, and published his story, you would offer the marketplace what only a testimony of long-term, lived experience can furnish.

    Sincerely and Respectfully,
    Rev. Dr. Harper

  156. Just a short note to say I love my Prius C class. I’ve had it four months and could not be happier. What a great and fun car with 56 mpg how could you not love it. My baby Boomer friends go crazy over the orange color and I wish Toyota realized this is the group they should be marketing to. Customer service at my Salisbury Md dealer is amazing. I will be a Toyota lover forever
    PS My husband just bought a Toyota Avalon.

  157. Hello Toyota.

    i have been a long time customer of Toyota. I currently own or lease FOUR Toyota cars, all purchased at Longo Toyota in El Monte CA. Before I owned or leased another FOUR cars for a total of EIGHT Toyota cars that I had for the last 20 years, you can check my records at TFC. I am planning to replace my old Toyota with a new car but everybody is telling me to get a different brand. What kind of an incentive you can offer me so I will get the ninth car from you.
    Thank you,
    Jacob Kalfus

  158. I own an exclusive transportation company. Two years ago, I was in the need of a van, I decided to buy my first Hiace for its comfort and individual seats, nine months later the car broke in the middle of a tour. The gas pump was damaged, the same year i got a second Hiace, same thing happened. Today we own 3 Hiace in the last 3 months I had to replace the gas pump to all of them. One of the pumps I had to pay 1000 US Dollars because the warranty had expired one month ago, the second pump broke with 42,000 Km and Toyota did not respect the warranty because one of the services was done out of the period (This is not a reazon why the pump should give problems)In short, I want Toyota to reconsider my case and respect the warranty. Who should I contact in Mexico City or Japan ? because the local manager in Cancun is not doing much.

  159. I called Springhill Toy for an oil change appointment this morning. I took the 1:15 instead of the 1:45 or the 2:15. Arrived at 1:00. At 3:15, I tracked down my ‘advisor’ who advised that my car was not done. I asked him to check. He did, and said they were running late. I asked him to get my car if service was not started. He did, and gave me a $15.00 discount written on the back of his card for my next service visit. This was the same amount of the mailed coupon I handed to him when I arrived. I wasted two and one-half hours for nothing, and apparently would have wasted far more if I had not checked. I started to leave, saw the plastic mag sign on my Sequoia, then went back in to tell an owner how upset I was. I did. He said sorry. I left. ‘Walter’ called my home but I was not home yet. I returned his call, but he is helping another customer. I left a message. Now I am sending this email to Toy Corp with the hope someone cares. This could have been handled 17 better ways. What lousy customer service. I saw the waiting room crowd turn over at least twice while I was there. Maybe my vehicle just got miss-placed. Phil Flesher, Spanish Fort Alabama.

  160. Just wanted Toyota Motors to know that I am and will be extremely grateful for having built my 1990 Camry Station Wagon.Since the day that i bought it brand new to the present time, my car has performed extremely well with just the basic service requirements and never required some major repair service. The present mileage as of today (june 20,2015)is 320.935 miles and looks and feels like being new., not only any damaged but any dents! I do not remember installing any brake shoes or repair work for the last l5 years! Of course, my other two family cars are also Toyotas (1993 and 2002) and still running like a dream……. I would like to add that they all were made in Japan, which I believed to be the reason of their success. Thank you Toyota for a life of good service and no expenses/repairs. O Romanelli

  161. Case #1506253003 handled by Tina

    Faulty injection air pump on my Totyoa Tundra, 2008 with 158K miles. Toyota had extended the warranty for this pump up to 150K.
    I pleaded my case and mentione that sinse 1990s, I have purchased 6 new Toyota cars and trucks. Toyota offered $500 toawrds the reapir cost ($2600 by dealer). I refused to accept it since my 5 star auto mechanic shop (Monty’s in Vacaville) can do that for $1900. Toyota just lost an old customer for good.

  162. i am writing to let you know about the outstanding service i always recieve at team toyota in schereville IN. i have been a toyota customer since 2003. the great service staff, who i will mention by name, dan, juan, mike, greg,paula and lionel the entire service staff and the car service techs.
    calley and stephanie at the cashiers desk. they all make my visit to team toyota a pleasure. everyone i come into contact with provides me with highest level of service. mere words are not enough to express their professionalism. toyota, you have raised the bar, no other product line outside of toyota is fit for me. i only ask that you let the entire service and cashier staff know of my gratitude and appreciation.

  163. I had my new car for only 5 months now and three times the Toyota finance company has find a way to draft payment on their own w/o my approval and has cancel a good check making my not late for which I sent 2 weeks ahead of due date. I am so sorry I have to deal with them, I am not happy with this matter.

  164. I am very disappointed Russell Toyota dealer ship in Baltimore MD they gave me the run around on a Toyota sequoia because the price were lower then others they change the stock number then they change the price. after talking back to the sales manger
    they could not find that vehicle. very unprofessional on them

  165. To Whom. In introduction, I am deaf with a cochlear implant and unable to hear electronic or digital/phone sound With no avail my wife has been trying by phone for a year to get a “fool” on your customer service phone line tot assist with corroborating data to bring a Rav 4 from Spain bought in Greece to the US

    I simply need the help of an intelligent informed Toyota person to respond to me by email that I might resolve this endless and frustrating issue.

    Please respond as soon as possible as I return to Spain in the hope of returning to the US with my vehicle.

    HELP. HELP. HELP. ! ! Wayne. Lynch

  166. Horrible experience purchasing a brand new 4Runner. It has already been in the shop 3 times with less than 5k miles and concerned about the actual safety of this vehicle. Concerned about driving the vehicle and having a roll over. Will never purchase another Toyota! Every time I try and get ahold of someone in service I am sent voicemail. It takes them over an hour to get back to you and then end up playing phone tag. Can’t even say how disappointed I am with Toyota.

  167. Owner of 2011 Tacoma love my truck,but had the worse experience ever at a dealer that carries your name. Ira toyota of danvers ma.the dealer stated my vehicle was ready found grease on my seat and two bungee cords on my front suspension.GM stated no safety risk with bungees. Then told me he cant help me because I don’t spend enough money there. Would like to report these people but don’t know where?

  168. Dear
    I have the land courser 2005 vxr
    Its good car. But I want to state the dvd screen for the child
    What’s the type of the CD and what’s the language that I should use

  169. Hello, I’m from New Zealand the “Land of the Long White Cloud” as the saying goes…. Please find the following information that I needed some help:

  170. I have just spent 11 minutes trying to get an email address for someone in Customer Service to discuss a complaint with my Toyota dealer in Rockwall, TX using the 800-331-4331 number. At the conclusion of this time I was told they could not give out any phone number or email address to Customer Service. Seems a bit odd not to be able to communicate with a department that is set up for customer communications.

  171. I went to the Toyota dealership on 10/3/15 due to my AC leaking water in the inside of the car. I was told a drain was clogged and I needed to leave my windows down in order for the water to dry out. Two days later and the car is still saturated with water in both the passenger front/back floorboard. Went to Beaman and they told me to leave the car windows down and let the sun dry the car out. With that being said my car is under warranty and Beaman needs to provide better customer service versus not being solution focused. I have invested and spent a great deal of money as well as buying Toyota products. I would greatly appreciated if my vehicle is serviced appropriately.

  172. I have a 2011 RAV4 with 49,000 miles on it. I live in Indiana. On September 25 &26 we drove to the Outer Banks, North Carolina to meet several family members at a vacation rental house. The vehicle performed perfectly on the drive which is about 800 miles. We drove a few miles on the first day of vacation and then parked the vehicle at the house without driving for two days. On Thursday evening, we were going to dinner and the vehicle would not start. It acted like it was out of gas but the tank was above 3/4 full. It was not driven through water or any other hazard. On Friday morning, the vehicle was towed with all four wheels not touching the ground. It was towed from Corolla to Elizabeth City which was the nearest dealership for a total of 69 miles. The service adviser said the techs could not determine what was wrong. He said they had to wait until Monday to call Toyota corporate. I said it was 3pm on Friday and they should call corporate then. Jeff said they tried to call and got no answer. I explained that we would have no place to stay. He insisted that there was nothing he could do about that. We asked for s loaner car and he said he could not give us a loaner because it was raining. So we were left with no place to stay and no transportation. I told Jeff that I was supposed to be at work in Indiana on Monday. He said he couldn’t do anything to help. Saturday we went to the dealership to remove some personal belongings from my vehicle and we met the opener of the dealership Fil Catania. Fil gave us a loaner and said he would contact someone at corporate Toyota on Monday. We called again on Monday and talked to John Painter who was the manager. John said the ECU a computer part was the problem. John said the part was coming from a flooded area in South Carolina and he could not get it until Wednesday. John said he would contact someone at corporate and ask that they pay our hotel and other expenses under the power train warranty. John said he would call us on Tuesday to tell us what corporate said. We did not get a call on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we called the dealership and asked for John Painter. We were told that he is no longer with the dealership. I left a message for Fil and got no response. We called again and got Jeff Burns the service advisor. Jeff said he had papers that said the ecu was there. He said he would check and call us back. At 4:30pm Jeff called and said the ECU is not the problem. Now he thinks the problem is a security system that was not installed by Toyota. I said it is not a security system. It is an auto start that was installed by Toyota in Muncie Indiana. He argued that the tech said it was sloppy work and it could not have been done by anyone at Toyota. He said they will uninstall that and it could take three hours or more at $100 per hour. We have been here for five days waiting on the repair and they still don’t know what’s wrong. We have been incurring a hotel bill and food bills that I cannot afford. Now Jeff said the cause is an after market part and they are not helping with my expenses. He said the extended warranty that I purchased when I bought the vehicle will not help us either. I am desperately seeking help with this problem. Please if anyone has a contact at Toyota who could help us please help us to make a connection. My email is

  173. We at the Credit Union paid off a loan for Chad Viegut in May of 2014. We have not received the Title and Lien release for this Member. Your phone system will not help me. Can YOU?

  174. I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla which was brand new when I purchased. Less than 1 year into driving the car the compressor went completely out. The car was still under warranty and the compressor was replaced. Now we are a little over 1 year since the initial replacement of the compressor was completed and now that compressor is no longer working. Toyota offered give me 50% off which was okay if this had not been the second time this issue has surfaced. It now appears to be a trend that this compressor will continue to go out each year. I am not suggesting that they pay for the replacement each year but certainly they should replace this one since this is an exact duplicate of the previous issue.. I have been a loyal Toyota customer for years and currently own 2 of their vehicles I am disappointed that a customer service representative (Phillip) would tell me that there is no one else I can speak with, this is the final decision take it or leave it. This will be my last Toyota purchase.

  175. To whom it may concern:

    Hi, i would like to know if IRTOYOTA is your exclusine representative in IRAN ?If so i must say that their customer services are terrible.In case the IRTOYOTA in IRAN   is your sole representative please check their mangemant capability in order to keep your company’s reputation high.


  176. just wanted you to know how OUTSTANDING Service department is, Scott Boito was a true pleasure to work with and solved our problems with ease. This 2000 Celica was purchased from your dealership and has been serviced there numerous times thru the years, always to our complete satisfaction, which is the very reason we came and purchased our 2014 RAV4 from you. We have also had outstanding sales professional deal with us. Charlie Dillard sold us the 2000 Celica and was so very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Ty Singleton sold us the RVA4 and did and continues to go way above and beyond with help. He spent hours with us AFTER the sell explaining all the different functions and the systems. Ty continues to call and check in just to make sure there are no issues.

  177. Have an 2006 Corolla with airbag recall notice. Just found out from Elk Grove Toyota in Elk Grove, CA that parts not in yet. I have to have surgery in 2 weeks and someone will be driving me in my car to and from hospital. I do not want to be in the back seat advising someone how to drive my car. This recall is not my problem. It is yours and I am damn sick of being treated like nothing. No more Toyotas for me. I have owned 4 of them.

  178. Received recall letter 06-2015…. Have not heard from anyone since… I am elderly and this is my only transportation, and it needs to be repaired… Why was this letter sent if Toyota does not have the part.., shame on you folks…. 270-634-3354…

  179. I wanted to rotate my tires at home to save some money. I have worked on my own cars and trucks my hole life no big deal to rotate my tires (right). So I try to remove my lugs nuts 4 out of 20 came lose. I was using air powered impact gun the same used at the Toyota. This was the first time I ever did any kind of work to the truck. Every thing was done by Toyota before all services. My Tundra is 4 years old and like is said all services was done by Toyota. I called the Toyota and asked for service department. They told me to bring it up so I did and after I took and dropped my truck off. I said that wheel lugs nuts was over torqued. Then told them they was the only ones that ever did any service to my Tundra. Then told them that over torqued lugs nuts stretches the wheel studs and lug nuts. so I think they should replace them at there cost. So the man at the service center put it down on the repair order. He said they would need to order them be in tomorrow morning. I told him that’s fine call for a ride left my truck there. At all most 5 pm I got a call from the service manager they was not responsible for over torqueing the lug nuts. I asked him why is that I told him they did all the service on my truck from when I bought it new until now (4 years). His answer was we use a torque bar. So I asked if he did my last oil change and tire rotation he said no. So how do you know then for sure I answer. The next day I went and asked to talk to the GM there all he told me was that how do I know we over torqued them and said new studs and lug nuts would be $300 and would half to pay 50% of that. What I said why should I pay half for some thing done here. Then he left the office and cam back and said the mechanic said torqued right but this was like three months ago. Wow that mechanic must have a super memory knowing doing me truck. So after all this I just wanted my truck fixed. So this what I got my 4 factory locking lug nuts replaced by used lug nuts and a free truck wash. Lucky me right LOL. As I was waiting for my free truck wash the GM was walking by were I was standing. Had the need to tell it was his idea for the free wash and told me when I wanted a truck come see him really. My question is how safe is my truck to drive. With this done and not fixed right. The GM asked the mechanic he said it was fine. The Toyota garage was Colonial Toyota Indian, Pa. (GM I talked was C.J.) and the (Service Manager was Tom) and Tom was rude on the phone. But wasn’t there any of the times I was there in the day and half. To get used lug nuts and told they did not over torque my lug nuts. P.S. If any wants to get hold of me I work away from home for 14 days so I hope its safe to drive my truck like I was told and I would stay away from Colonial Toyota in Indiana, Pa.

  180. I have a 2000 Toyota Camry Solara. When I purchased this car from Milton Ruben I only received one key with a computer chip ( I requested an additional key but never received one). I recently misplaced the only key and had it towed to the dealership in the hope that they would be able to cut another key and “trick” the computer into reading the key which didn’t work. I was told I would need to replace the computer at a great cost. Is there any way to get around this or at a lot lower cost then what the dealership is asking for?

  181. I just purchased a new 2015 Rav-4 and did not notice a scratch in the paint . We did not notice the scratch until the dealer’s detailer reported it when we took car in for paint protection. I know we did not scratch the car and the dealer refuses to repair the damage. I am hopefull we can resolve this issue before I am forced to file the paperwork requesting third party arbitration.
    Thank you,
    Mike Grimm

  182. Hi,

    I drive a 2005 camry and I only like driving with the air circulating in the cabin to avoid exhaust fumes from coming into the car. I don’t know what is wrong. But I seem to keep getting in my car and the settings are not how I left it when I was last driving it. Sometimes I think I do press something but not always. I get really angry because I can’t smell very well and I’ll be at the end of my drive with the windows up and suddenly get a whiff of fumes and realize that I’ve been breathing in heavy fumes in an enclosed area for the whole drive. When I realize it I switch it immediately. Now that it’s cooler and I need the defrost I believe the air is set to go in to the cabin when you have that button on. Can you use the defrost with out having the exhaust fumes go into the car. Also is there anyway that it could have been reset to have the gas fumes go into the car instead of just have the air circulate around the cabin. I think sometimes I hit it by mistake but I know at least some times I don’t and it drives me nuts.


    Amy Focht

  183. I live in Scotland, about 4000 miles from Palm Beach. I do not own a Toyota and I have never been to Florida or shown any interest in Palm Beach Toyota.
    I wonder why I am getting emails from Palm Beach Toyota about me recent service experience, and how I ended up on their mailing list in the first place.
    I also wonder why I have to unsubcsribe from a mailing list I never subscribed to in the first place.
    This is more than a nuisance. This is another example of someone (Toyota) illegally procuring my contact details, and blindly pestering me with junk emails.
    Please respond.

  184. i leased car at Liberty Toyota in Burlington New Jersey . I have been trying to contact sales person Jonathan Narine and left message for him too. But he doesn’t reply to my phone calls and text messages. I also left a message with the operator to have him call me and asked to be connected to customer relations but neither I got connected with customer relations nor I got call from him. What can I do at this point. When I left message on sales manager Greg repose phone also but didn’t get response. Who can I contact at this point for my questions.

  185. Dear consultant,
    I am unable to my debit order this month due to not paid a bonus as a result of the bad economy. Can I have my debit order not to go of End December but in January 2016 My account number is 86116174296 My ID No is 520626503 send me your decision via e-mail
    Kind Regards

  186. Dealing with Toyota Financial Leasing Services has been the absolute most worst experience I have even encountered with a corporation. Toyota you would thing large and strong – not so much. I have had to make numerous calls for a refund check. Was advised it was mailed on Dec. 8th, called back and told mailed Dec. 11, still no check, called again today and now it was mailed Dec. 21st. Hum??? No explanation other than sorry you wont have your check by Christmas. Good job Toyota – you have lost a customer for life. Will be Happy to share my poor service with anyone that will listen!

  187. My key gets stuck in the ignition all the time and there is no recall for this and my dealer ship want s 500 minium to fix it have a 2012 crewman 4×4 with only 60,000 miles it’s embarrassing when I drive it and key won’t come out take s several minutes to get it free

  188. Today I am great to be alive.. Yesterday my 35 y/o sister, 13 y/o nephew, 12y/o, 7y/o and 6 y/o was involved an a rollover in my 2002 Toyota Sequoia.. I the attempt to avoid hitting a car that backed into my path on RT 2 in Norwich CT after leaving the Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods, instead we rollover multiple time landing on the passenger side.. We all had on seatbelt sand my two youngest were secure in the booster seat.. Despite the wreckage we were all able to walk about with only minor scrapes

  189. The interior on my SUV was completely intact.. Unfortunately, my kids and Nephew will never forget the day after Christmas of 2015.. Bought my truck Brand new in 2001.. Never had an issue with it and it protected all of us when put to the test.. I hope this post is forwarded to the CEO of Toyota.. Now it’s time to find another Toyota..

  190. Buenos dias
    Compre Un toyota Rav4 2012 el 29 de octubre 2015
    Y lo lleve por que le salieron 3 luces,y ellos tambien me dijeron que tenia que alinearlo,siquiera completeba los dos meses,pense que lo cubria la garantia pero me cobraron $128.80, no lo creo justo y deseo mi Reembolso
    MI NOMBRE:Isabel Aparicio
    79 waller ave white plains ny 10605
    914 5275690
    Toyota Rav4 4X4
    Comprado en la toyota de Mamaroneck Ny
    Muchas gracias por su colaboracion

  191. Regarding Gatorland Toyota in Gainesville, Fl. service department

    Took my 2013 Tacoma in for 35k service. Service reported there was a nail in the left rear tire that could _not_ be repaired and the tire needed to be replaced at the cost of $200 for one tire, with two tires recommended to be replaced.

    I then took the vehicle to a local tire shop and they discovered another nail that Toyota serve did not see … And…. they repaired the punctures FREE.

    IF … the service department can’t fix something as simple as a punctured tire then what dies this say about their expertise – but if they could in fact fix the tire, then they lied to me in order to sell me extra service and parts I did not need!

    Either way I have lost my trust in Toyota service and subsequently Toyota, which is a shame as I had made a move over to Toyota after a lifetime of being Ford customer. My next vehicle will not be a Toyota based on this experience.

    If this was simply a one off circumstance I might be more understanding, but this same service dept. did the same thing with my daughter’s Highlander, telling me the tires (with 50% of the tread still intact) was suffering dry rot and all 4 needed to be replaced. Again this turned out to be unsubstantiated upon second expert opinion.

    Such a disgrace.

  192. 20 Jan 2016
    HORRIBLE DEALER EXPERIENCE! Please make contact as soon as possible.

    Mr. David R. Huff is authorized to speak on my behalf .

  193. I am reaching to customer service t let you know how disappointed i am from the Alexandria VA Toyota Location. Everytime I have been going there I had issues. I decided to give it a last try because of the great follow up they had but this is the cherry on the cake. I scheduled an appointment for my 40,000 service along with the state inspection. I had an appointment at 11am and drop my car this morning, I did not have a choice to get car to go back to work and usually the work is done between 1 to 2 hours. I was smart enough to have a friend of mine driving me there as I did not want to wait at least two hours and the person told me that it will take a couple of hours however when I call today to check on the status at 1:30pm, he told me that it will take another two hours meaning that I will get my car back at 3:45pm which is almost a 5 Hours maintenance. I believe my car was put in the back and untouched until I call. I am very upset and I can guarantee you this will be my last time using Toyota Services and i will make sure everyone I know will not use their services anymore

  194. My daughter and I purchased a 2010 Toyota Camry in Madison WI. Had terrible service there, took the car in to have it checked over and they fixed a couple of things and I told them not to rotate the tires, to save the extra expense, but they did it anyway, and when I complained I was told they could take off those charges but would have to put the tires back the way they were before rotating!!! Really???
    How is that for a smart mouth???!!

    Now we are taking it into Toyota Schaumburg, IL, and they are terrible also. Every time we take it in it’s 1100.00, or 650.00 or 453.00, unreal. They have a huge service center to benefit the people working two jobs and so everyone can bring thetheir car in during their really great hours, BUT, that being said, they do not fix the car problems, they never really itemize the work properly, AND really never take care of the problems we bring it in for. Last month it was 453.00 and I gave the service manager a 10% discount coupon for service or labor, never took it off, and when I called they said bring it in next time, really??? That is exactly why people do not trust dealerships. Now we are bringing it in again this Friday afternoon, the 26th of February, for the car smelling hot and the surging when we are driving it. Why can’t they look at what we are telling them, and not trying to charge us exorbitant prices for things we could take care of at a later visit. I think, like most people, they don’t care about the customers, just charge as much as you can and as much as you can get away with.

    Very unhappy and very mistrustful.

  195. I recently had my 2010 Toyota Rav4 serviced at Cherokee Co Toyota for a water pump replacement and front brakes. After the repair the car was picked up and drove home. The power steering stopped working driving in the dark to our bus stop in Acworth, GA. We had to leave our vehicle at the police station to be towed. Cherokee Toyota advised us to have the car towed back to shop last evening. After talking to the manager, John Shuford, my alternator has stopped working and the replacement cost will be on customer. The alternator was working when the car entered the shop to have the water pump and brakes replaced. The battery and alternator was checked by the shop attendant and found to be in working condition. We suspect foul play on the shop personnel that caused this problem which is costing the customer over $500.00. This dealership has not had good result when repairing Toyota vehicles per the on- line reviews. This is poor customer service and a disservice to the Toyota name and brand. I personally own two Toyota vehicles and have for the last 20 years. I am being to rethink what Toyota stands for and their dedication to customer service. I will take this matter public as I have moved to Atlanta in the past 6 months from VA. I have the name of the gen manager Dennis Zullo and owner Mike Perrin- who owns three dealerships- Cherokee, Cobb and Kennesaw Motor Sales. Once I pick up my vehicle today from the dealership at Cherokee, I will not return. I do find it interesting upon visiting the shop area that the mechanic stated that they work with equipment that does not work and testing equipment will not work on new items such as batteries. It is a shame this has happened. I will have to consider my next car/suv buying experience to be with another car brand. I will warn other folks in the Atlanta Area and other states not to visit this dealership or have anything repaired due to ripping off customers due to faulty workmanship by mechanical staff in Canton, GA.

  196. My car was towed to Wolfchase Toyota on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 because my check engine light was flashing constantly. My brother went to Toyota and spoke with Chuck Brawner. My brother was notified as to what the problems were with my car. He called me to tell me what the service advisor told him. I authorized Toyota (through my brother) to make the necessary repairs on my car. I picked my car up from Toyota on Friday, February 26, 2016 after the repairs had been made. On Saturday, March 5, 2016 my check engine light came on again. I immediately went back to Wolfchase Toyota. After a diagnostic test was done on my car, a service advisor stated that a senor had gone bad and it had nothing to do with the repairs that were made on my car between February 24 and 26, 2016. She said that Toyota could replace the sensor in about an hour for $246.00. I then got angry and told her to bring my car to me and I was not going to pay for a sensor because I felt like it was something that Toyota had messed up on my car.. I then called my brother and told him what the service advisor told me. I was very mad about the situation and I was cursing while I was talking to my brother. At that point another service advisor asked to stop cursing and leave the premises. I told him that I was not leaving the premises until they drove my car back to the front. I am very disappointed in the service that I received from Toyota. It seems very strange that a sensor would go out 7 days after my had been repaired for $709.00. Also, did the technician recognize that the sensor was bad when they repaired other things 7 days ago and not say anything so that I would have to bring the back to Toyota for further repairs? As I stated earlier, I am very disappointed in the service that I received from Toyota because I believe that previous repairs that were made caused the senor to go bad.

  197. My father Eddie Wong who had leased a 2016 Rav4 from passed away on 2/1/2016. He was recovering from surgery at the time and still in covalence care. What little he had was not enough to cover his funeral expenses and outstanding medical bills. We contacted Toyota and was sent documentation the car will be auctioned and we will be responsible for the balance! My father left no will and named an no estate, we were operating on a partial will we found while cleaning out his apartment that he printed off legal zoom. This partial will has no witnesses and is not notarized thus did not qualify for returning the vehicle.
    According to the documentation sent by Toyota in order to return the car I had to submit a notarized document “Affidavit of Successor” making me responsible for any remaining balance in place of the missing will. I refuse to produce this document and am offended it was a requirement. We have no control over the situation and are left entirely at Toyota’s mercy.
    I did finally returned the vehicle to Hooman Toyota on 2/28/16 after speaking with a Toyota representative who said just bring in the vehicle and don’t worry about any missing documents. The dealership only looked at the death certificate and took possession of the car without giving me any receipt or paperwork. I was relieved at the time they did not demand the “Affidavit of Successor” and left before they changed their mind. I later find out today on return trip to the dealer 3/9/16 that I had done a “Voluntary Repo”. I feel mislead and tricked by Toyota as now you have both the vehicle and we are getting collection calls for $21,000 the full price of the vehicle.
    We are a Toyota family. My mother has a Venza from Hooman our local dealer and my sister bought an identical Rav4 based on my father’s recommendation. I believe maybe she is getting calls from collections because she is in your database and currently making payments to Toyota.
    The number I call on the repo paperwork goes to voicemail and the lady I spoke with regarding the return is unreachable. I feel toyota is avoiding my inquiries. I cannot get any information on what is happening or what the next step is. I am having trouble sleeping and worry about this all day. The way Toyota is trying to make a profit on our family tragedy is shameful. A representative from our local dealer warned that Toyota collections is very aggressive and I fear they will damage my sisters credit.
    I have sent numerous emails and voice messages. When i got get a hold of someone they don’t have the authority to do anything.I would like someone from Toyota with the authority to help with our situation to contact me ASAP.

  198. Del Toyota in Thorndale, PA, salesman Al is a liar and unethical. I was told many prices and options, they kept us there over 2.5 hours waiting for 5 minutes to sign papers. Then the “deal” wasn’t what we were told. The payment is much higher and I was so confused and tired I signed the papers when I should have walked out.
    I went back and tried to reverse the deal but they would not do it. They tried to sell me another vehicle at a higher monthly payment. They kept us there another 2 hours and when the finance person told me that Al set the deal up to have the van reposessed instead of traded in, I walked out!
    The van I bought was not handled correctly and has ruined my credit rating. They did not pay off my trade in, they added to my debt and the total is $5800 more than the van lease/loan, whatever it is.
    Please, help me. I am going to have to let you repo the van and I will lose what is left of my poor credit rating.

  199. Three ago approximately my daughter and went to Bristol Toyota in Swansea,MA to buy two vehicles.I was going to buy a well equipped Tundra.I went to website, build a Toyota and picked what I wanted.I was told by Kerry Parkos(Salesman)that toyota could not accommodate me with that vehicle,even though build a toyota said I could get it.I showed him what I printed out.Kerry said no again,so I told my daughter to show Kerry her car she wanted to trade and buy a sporty Scion.They went outside to look at car, Kerry said the car would not start.My daughter informed him that you have to put your foot on the brake to start a push button car.He jerked the keys out of her hand.My daughter came back inside and said Kerry Parkos was very rude and wanted to elsewhere.I asked Kerry”I quote, what did you say or to her”He just shrugged his shoulders at me. I’ve had Toyotas all my life, that one bad experience cost Toyota my business and my friends. The manager watched all this and did nothing.I informed him I would contact Toyota Headquarters on this rude behavior from one of his salesman,he didn’t seem to care about the customers he just lost in 10 minutes.I bought a fully loaded Ford F-150 FX4,and my daughter bought a loaded Mazda-3.I wanted to share this complaint with you in hopes of this not happening to anyone else, thank you

  200. Wow…I have a 2016 Tacoma also, and haven’t had a chance to mount my GoPro because it just got it.

    I am appalled that Toyota never tested them out properly. Even GoPro apparently from there own emails admits this mess.

    Class Action Suit maybe?

  201. I recognize Toyota has weathered through some tough times and I appreciate having a little fun now and again but I find your Prius commercials where wanted criminals fleeing authorities offensive. I would think in light of past events tarnishing your company name you would have a sympathetic ear to our law enforcement

  202. I purchased a 2016 corolla s and leased a 2016 rav4. The issue is with the lease. To put the deal together the sales manager whos name is George Yanke offered if we took the lease miracle toyota of Haines city florida would pay the first 2 payments. They explained the first one was do on start of the lease ok understand and they said the 2nd one would be mailed to us well that was back in middle of Feb. Yes I have been to the store but never seems like the one I need to talk with isn’t there. I don’t have the paper work they wrote the offer on my fault but my word is always good guess theirs isn’t. To this day I wished I had never walked into the dealership my mistake won’t happen again, I have always been. Ford customer and can’t wait until this lease is over so I can go back to a Ford, Would appreciate some follow up on this if possible. The only good thing about my buying experience was with Freddie the salesman he was great to work with,

    John Windish

  203. Please help me???

    I have send my 3 D-4D for engine repairs’ to a Engineering works.

    After it was repaired completely, new turbo, injectors, pistons everything, there was a slight Krrr sound in the engine, you could here it very good when you drive in third gear on a constant speed. It was not the valves because they shimm the valves three times and assure me it is 100%
    The engine temp is normal on the heat gauge, but according to a heat sticker on the side of the engine, the engine was running to hot. After 15,000 – 17,000 km the 4 new injectors was defect and the new turbo’s exhaust side was burned.
    Krrrrr Sound:
    Could it be that the 4 new injectors was not mapped correctly with the computer ?

    Could the problem be that the injectors was giving to much Diesel, running to hot and burned the turbo?

    How does 4 new injectors only hold for 15,000 – 17,000km?
    Why does a turbo burned it’s exhaust side blades?

    Please help!!!!

    Kind Regards
    Hannes Grobler

  204. I have a 2015 toyota corolla i had purchased last year in 2015. I have had it serviced now for the 3rd time. last service was in March of 2016. I always tell the counter i do not wish to have a car wash after service has been done i my car because i have an outside detailer maintain it for me. He has put a teflon on it for me last year, now, since the toyota service center in carlsbad ca, ran it through the automated wash service, my detailer has to reapply the teflon which costs me over 400$. I have repeatedly emailed customer service at carlsbad location, they will not cover the money i am putting out to having it done again. They told me that there “state of the art” car wash system does not strip teflon off. they were willing to give me an exterior detail, which does not include a teflon, for free. That is not at all fair, since i have paid over 800$ total to have it done for the second time in over a year. I am not happy at all, i feel that they made the mistake, so they should cover the cost i pay my own detailer. The person i have dealt with is Amber Morris- Customer Relations at Carlsbad service center. I am a loyal toyota car owner, so is my family. I really wish we can resolve this soon, it has been 3 months now. Thank you for your time. I do have proof of the swirls and scratches it has done to my vehicle, i took pictures the day i picked it up from the service center, and to top it off, My passenger winshield wiper is bent because of the automated wash they put it through. I feel i am in the right just because i always state i do not want it washed. Thank you for your time.

  205. I had a very good customer experience with the 2 people who handled my call today, Tues 6/28/2016. They were very professional and courteous and seemed knowledgable about how to solve the problem. I have faith that the problem will be solved as the customer rep told me. She was excellent.

  206. In May 2014 I purchased a @014 Camry from Lustine Toyota. (My first biggest mistake) I was informed by the salesperson (I have forgotten his name) with this purchase came “Auto for Life.” Meaning I would get ALL of my maintenance done for FREE as long as I brought the car to Lustine Toyota for the maintenance. Today, July 8, 2016 I take my car in for its 25K maintenance and I’m told I will have to pay for today’s maintenance because my 2 year FREE service plan ended May 14, 2016. WHAT THE HECK!!! I proceeded to explain to the gentleman that I had “Auto for Life” which included ALL maintenance for FREE. No that is incorrect I was told. It only covers the powertrain!! This is not what I was told at the time of purchase!!! Lustine Toyota has ripped me off and many others. I’m surprise such a reputable company like Toyota would allow their name be associated with this type of actions. I have filed a BBB compliant against Lustine Toyota and will be contacting the local news in order to warn other consumers of Lustine Toyota’s business practices.

    All I want is for Lustine Toyota to honor what their salesperson sold me!!!!

    Ms. Sonia Serrano

  207. We just bought a used 2015 Toyota Camry LE from used car dealer that came without owners manuals w. Could you please provide us with a set of the manuals for that model without charge? We are retired individuals with limited discretionary hen they bought it at auction) and the manuals we have seen on internet are just too expensive for us at this time. We have been loyal Toyota owners since 2005 when we bought our first and only used 2004 Toyota Camry which now has 237,000 miles and needs to be replaced. We would very much appreciate your consideration of this request since we have been begging the dealer to find us and he says he has not been successful.

  208. I have a 2014 Toyota Camry models, and from the beginning I was faced with a problem where the slippery slope
    if fuel tanks car is full, especially in high-temperature air,
    just stop and turn off, then I open the door of fuel tank for 15 minutes then close and turn on the car, so would be good.
    I went representation in Iran and still not solve my problem.
    please help me, if mail me i can send film from problem and details that i have.
    thanks a lot

  209. Team,

    My front glass has cracked and needs to be replaced. Also the left side doors are badly scratched and needs to be painted. I am assuming the cost of these activities will be around 18,000 INR. I have an insurance policy (facilitated by Toyota itself) from L&T Insurance. I request you to help me out in getting my car repaired and cost of the same settled through the insurance.


  210. I recently had several mechanical problems with my 2003 Toyota Tacoma. My Service Advisor Alan Bostley at Toyota of Richardson along with the mechanic (Don) did an excellent job in helping me to get my truck back in the road again. Their customer service went beyond my expectations. They were very concerned and caring as to how to best approach the needed repairs to my vehicle. They kept me informed all along the repair process during May of this year. Don took the time to personal go over the recommend repairs with me. Alan and Don were also very empathetic as to how the costs of repairs would affect me as a retired person. I have purchased Toyota vehicles and will continue to do so. My truck has 185,500 miles on it and with Alan and Don’s help, I hope to get many more miles on it. I know that most of the feedback you normally get back might not positive but Toyota needs to recognize these two exemplary employees.

  211. Hi: I have leased a Toyota corolla which ended up total loss. My insurance complains you do not provide them with documents they need( signed ownership by Toyota and form of proof of loss signed by Toyota). It has been one month I have been talking to my insurance and your company but problem is not solved. Two incompetent employee in your company and in my insurance can not solve this problem and point their fingers at each other. Is there somebody in Toyota credit who is capable to fix this? I can not even lease a new car. Don’t you think this is ridiculous that I do not have a car for one month because you don’t know your job ?

  212. I have no complaints about the people in the service dept. at Lakeside Toyota in
    New Orleans, La. They are the best. But when I went to get an estimate on a door issue I was having I was surprised. The saleperson came out with a mechanic to inspect the damage to the door. He stated what he thought and then the salesperson started feeding him issues like well won”t you have to take off the whole door and then get in the side panels. It was so disgusting to see her rack up a huge bill for me and egging the mechanic to agree with her. I could feel I was being taken by this salesperson. Since when is money more important than a satisfied customer. It was at the collision center on west napoleon avenue in New Orleans.

  213. Hello,
    I have left phone messages twice with Toyota Lodi (CA) regarding my problem, but no one returned my calls. My car is a 2017. I had some wipes left from cleaning my Honda so I went ahead and used them for my Toyota. When the wetness dried grey patches were left. They are on the driver’s door, steering wheel, etc. Can you tell me what I need to do to remove these ugly patches on my new car?
    Thank you,
    Karen Stokes

  214. again round and round your feedback is just to frustrate the customer especially my age 87,you want me to drive 100 miles for a radio code a customer 23 years your nuts your customer service the most evasive i ever seen

  215. Dear Maam or Sir: we purchased a new 2013 toyota 4 runner our fist Toyota.not to long after purchase our drivers seat bolster on seat base the stiching started comming apart apon notifacation to the service dept we were told they couldnt do anything about it so its just gotten worse. also the power locks on drivers door and other doors have gone out twice in one year the warranty coverd the fist but now they want to charge us a diagnostic fee. the more grief we get from the serice end of toyota it makes us less likely to buy again anouther toyota could you please help. Cheyenne Wyoming Toyota .

  216. toyota customer service all bs i need the radio code and i get nothing but pass the buck,you can bet i want it known your customer service is bs ….. 1993 T100 good truck bad customer service

  217. qhar contact rhey shur you down>oks like you got my info,appreciater you follow through with your customer service i bought a t200 in 93 euns good iam goncerned however with the drain on the battery,as i just changed it and dont have to code fot yjr casstte radio 51704 not one reply was helpful iam 87 a ret engr lic any hp eng and fiddle with me you are all bs in the staes i lived ans workrd in asia many years japan and korea as a supt engr and you to me are far worst i have ever encountered eound and round doe that xtre $ home toyota should dump you a poor example of gustomer service

  218. my opinion is: you need an email address for customer service not everyone can call and when you try to call you wait for ever for I am a customer and my account is locked out because I didnt remember my password when I gave all the CORRECT information to unlock my account Im told you cant find my account now what? perhaps someone can email me and tell me what to do next my customer ID is mamagypsy

  219. We were a little disappointed due to our interest rate was told at one rate for a month. We traveled 3.5 hours to Jim Norton in OKC to get the van. We decided to go ahead and purchased the van. On top of everything else, they had to detail the car and we had to wait for almost 2 hours for the whole detailing to be done and they didn’t even do a good job on it. I called and told the sales man about the detailing job not being satisfied and he had the nerve to say, “when you guys come back to OKC give me a call and I owe you a cleaning.” I mean, “really…like I have the time to drive another 3.5 hours back to OKC to have them to do another cleaning for me when they should have gotten it done correctly the first time we bought the car.” The van is not cheap and the time we wasted there is valuable. We could have gone to a dealership closer and had them to match the price for us but because my dad knows a guy for years, he decided to go to his work place and help them out and in return that was the kind of treatment we got. Not very happy with the service.



  221. I have a 2002 camry that has developed an engine defect of head bolts coming loose. I know you are aware of this defect because a TS B has been written about it .I have have been a loyal customer of Toyota for years and would like to know if you offer a incentive package for buying a new or used Toyota?

  222. hi,i eally like toyota products .i want a car for me i am a school teacher in pakistan ,do you give concession to special persons becase i am suffering from polio ..please reply to e mail.thanks

  223. I have been reluctant to write reviews on a subject in a complaining attitude but I have just opened my mailbox this morning and have found a mailing from Toyota Financial Services. Now I had purchased this 2011 Corolla in good faith and it is an excellent product. However, I reach a point in about a year or so where I was in a financial bind and could not catch up to payments. I call them expressing my concern and they gave me that attitude on the phone to Not Worry. I fell behind four payments and got hold of them on the phone and told them I was sending then three payments and the fourth would be sent the second day of the following month because that is when my retirement check comes into my mailing. I sent them a check for $801.00. However, they send to me a tow truck in the evening hours and repossessed the vehicle. They wanted four hundred odd dollars to get it back to me. That was way over what I owed in back payments. I only owed that one monthly $227.00. I got in the mail this morning on this Saturday of March 25, a demand for $4.234.17, To pay for a car I no longer have to drive and I am a triple By-Pass survivor that recently went through that operation. And to top it off I have recently Lost my wife and daughter that have passed away from various illnesses. I am only 85 years old, am behind in more than what Toyota is demanding with other obligations that I have. Not to complain, but I really have not forgotten Dec. &, 1941. There is no doubt that Toyota is looking into this site. They are not stupid. But neither am I.

  224. My name is Igor. Now I live in Birmingham AL. I have RAV4 Platinum 2017. Now my car passed about 10,000 miles. I need next service for myu car. Where is the nearest official Toyota service?

  225. Toyota Sunnyvale was very good auto care but recent visit to Toyota is very unhappy. They make mistake change front tire and nail actually punch on back tire. When I went back the service manager and leader team still proud them self, they don’t care how customer feeling and keep say they did all and you are ready to go. How Toyota Sunnyvale service went so far, much less customer than before, They better hire best qualify person doing real job instead have person sitting office stare on line or just proud themselves. do real good job please. Don’t make simple mistake and charge so much for best new car. one nail punch on tire cost $560.00 to change four good tire. Leader team no one admit wrong doing. big mistake and completely wrong that is why customer drop so much.

  226. don’t blame customer just fix car and doing real good job. No proud and brag your self. That is not help Toyota business.

  227. I have a 2016 Toyota Corolla. When i purchased it we didn’t realize that the headliner was coming off we noticed it a few days later and called the dealer to let them know and they had us take it in. The service department rep stated that warranty should cover for it and that they would place the order because they didnt have it in stock.I was told we could take it in during the week and that they would provide a loner car for us, well it never happened i waited about a week or so and nothing no call no email nothing. With in 2 weeks of purchasing the car my windshield cracked out of no where right from the top. There was no chip nothing to indicate that something had chipped it (we parked inside a port) We woke up one morning to find it cracked. When i called my sales rep in regards to it he said they couldn’t do anything about it because the car was no longer theirs. When i called about the headliner turns out nobody knew what i was talking about nobody had ordered it. So here we go again calling back and forth with no solution what so ever. My car was never fixed but they were real quick on sending a threatening letter stating that they would take legal action if the down payment wasn’t received. I had been informing the that i was still waiting for the check from my previous car loan. They were the ones who told me i needed to claim some money that would be left over from a warranty that i had. I love my car but so disappointed with their service and the fact that my car was never fixed. Manhattan Toyota was not good to us.

  228. Toyota’s online services suck. Poorly designed, broken links/pull down menus. My wife’s car payment was initially established via auto bank account withdrawal. When the online services were accessed to supposedly make things easier it somehow created a second bank account withdrawal. I tried to cancel one and was assured TWICE that one and only one withdrawal was terminated. Of course both were and after trying online several times and receiving encrypted BLANK emails I gave up and demanded everything go back to regulare old fashion mail service. I had two out of five conversations with you customer service people that didn’t leave me feeling like I should slam my head into the desk surface.

    Toyota you need to fire your IT staff and most of your customer service people.

  229. I just traded in my hybrid 2014 Camry for a 2018 hybrid Camry. I spent extra for the navigation system. I thought the navigation would be the same or similar to the one in my 2014 car. Was I wrong. The new one is is totally different, needing a smart phone to use. My smart phone has a better navigation system than the car. The main menu is awful looking. And the car doesn’t offer Sirius XM which I really liked.

    I like the car and the safety features, but, overall, I’m sorry I traded it in. I was much happier with my old car.

  230. Toyota Sunnyvale service center manager Dan Kelly says customer write bad review for him than refuse to do service for customer. This is the place to take care of customer? They made mistake and never admit it.

  231. Sunnyvale Toyota service manager refuse to service my 2013 RV 4 car. It is paid mantainance. That is not fair to keep customer out

  232. Good day Sir/Madam

    Can you please help me and sort the issues i have with Toyota in Welkom, i traded in my Etios which i bought from them 5 years back, i drove 5 years and never had any issues, i traded in i got myself Demo RAV 4 on the 05/04/2018, As i stay in Johannesburg but i have family in Welkom which i go to visit twice a year,i drove the car to Johannesburg the same day and within a week a had a problem with brakes as there was a noise from the car and i was told to take the car to TOYOTA in Rivonia and that was fixed, last week i started to hear another funny sound from the back of the wheels i then called Welkom branch asking what to do , i was told to take the car in Rivonia, so the problem is they cant fix my car here in Johannesburg and they must drive it to Welkom where i bought it to be fixed which i dont like the idea for them driving my car as my KILO will be high and which i try to control that for now, i have extended warranty on this car, i have no other means of transport for myself and my kids , my question and concern is if another problem occures my car must be driven to Welkom all the time to get fixed??Please respond as im not happy at all with the service and RAV4 its an expensive car that was not suppose to give me problems within a year , now i dont know what to do as i believe the car was not checked properly all they wanted was them to gain commission, when i got the car the fog light was not working too,please help me as i need assistance urgently or if i can trade this car n buy a car in Johannesburg once.

  233. I am complaining about Dealership Herrin-Gear Toyota in 6100 I-55 N Frontage Rd Jackson, MS 39211.
    They put cars online for sale but people who handle online sale don’t exist. I put an inquiry offer to buy one of the car three weeks ago. Three days later I receive an email that someone will get back to me shortly then I waited another three days; No call; then, I called the dealer and try to get hold of the person who handles online sale. I told him that I am interested to buy the car, he was in the car he said he will call me back soon he gets back to office. It’s been another 10 days passed and I didn’t get any call then I called again and left message to have someone call me. Again 2 days have passed and no one called me.

    I don’t know how they are in business when they incompetent team working for this dealership who cannot even manage online department. I can not walk in to this dealer ship since I live in different state. I hope Toyota take some action to set some standard

  234. My 2014 Toyota Camry XLE has a battery drain problem after 3 days of inactivity, Toyota of Pharr, Pharr, TX, cannot fix this problem after 3 days checking electrical systems> HELP!! BEN VILLALON

    • I already told you my problem with battery drain on 2014 Toyota Camry XLE, after 3 days inactivity, Toyota of Pharr, Pharr, TX is looking into the problem???

  235. Hi. My name is John Seales. I purchased a certified 2015 Camry last month from Mitchell Toyota in San Angelo, Tx. When I picked up the car, the gas tank was empty and the car wasn’t clean. Just wondering what has happened to customer service? Also I was trying to get a battery warrantied for my grandmother, who purchased a Toyota battery from another dealership. They really didn’t want to help because it was another dealership. When you buy from Toyota, I would expect to be taken care of, no matter which dealership you may need help from.

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