Contact Toshiba Customer Service

Contacting Toshiba Customer Service Center

Toshiba is an electronics company that specializes in computers and televisions. It is also one of the few companies that publishes tons of customer contact information. If you need product support, customer support, or support downloads, you can find them on the Toshiba website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are Toshiba customer service phone numbers for all Toshiba products. We also found contact phone numbers for international Toshiba offices.

  • Computers: 1-800-457-7777
  • Televisions: 1-800-631-3811
  • Projectors: 1-877-523-8324
  • Camileo Camcorders: 1-888-592-0944
  • Dynadock Docking Stations: 1-888-592-0944
  • Accessories: 1-888-592-0944
  • USB Hard Drives: 1-888-592-0944
  • Argentina: 0 800 666 3701
  • Bolivia: 800 100 684
  • Chile: 800 64 6526
  • Colombia: 01 800 912 0539
  • Costa Rica: 0 800 011 1123
  • Dominican Republic: 1 888 862 3225
  • Ecuador: 949 587 6834
  • El Salvador: 800 6601
  • Guatemala: 1 800 624 0114
  • Honduras: 949 587 6836
  • Panama: 00 8000 44 7813
  • Paraguay: 009 800 441 0059
  • Peru: 0 800 5 3817
  • Uruguay: 000 411 002 2297
  • Venezuela: 0 800 100 8819

Mailing Address

In addition to the phone numbers for customer service support, Toshiba also accepts customer service requests at the Irvine office.

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc
Digital Products Division
9740 Irvine Boulevard
Irvine, CA 92618-1697

Official Website

Customers and potential customers can access the official website for Toshiba at The official website offers customers a means of researching consumer and business products as well as support for Toshiba products they already own. If you click on the Services & Support link at the top of the page you can access customer service.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email listed on the Toshiba customer service page. We have contacted Toshiba via Facebook to find out if there is a dedicated email address or a contact form for customers to use online.

Our Experience

The Toshiba customer service line was answered by an automated response. We had to wait for all the options to play out before we could choose one. When we pushed 0, it directed us to a representative. It took about one minute and 20 seconds for us to be connected. The representative spoke in clear English.

Have you bought Toshiba products? Have you experienced trouble with Toshiba? Tell us your story.

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86 Comments on “Contact Toshiba Customer Service
  1. :i would like to know does the Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5540 15.6 -Inch Laptop (Black) has a built in microphone?? thanks.

  2. I recently bought a toshiba laptop. I had some promlems in creating recovery discs. I contacted Toshiba and the customer service people were very discourteous,rude and no help at all. I am thinking of returning the product and getting my money back.In my experience I have never come across such bad service provided any big companies.

  3. i have toshiba satellite c660-162 windows 7 i tried to get wireless drive definition but i am failed can you help me in that please

  4. I bought a C655 Satellite laptop for my Mother. It has had very little use and has been freezing up to the exten that the battery has to be removed to shut down. It is 18 mo’s old and the main board is bad. Is this an issue with this model?

  5. My friend has given me one of her old computers and I see a web camera on the laptop and it says 1.3M on it so I’m assuming that means 1.3 megapixels but the system doesn’t detect it. It’s a satellite A2O5-S6812 (Black). So I was wondering is it really a camera? And if it is how do I get it to work? And also I have no web camera software on the laptop. My friend said she never used the camera so maybe it’s never been installed? Please help me.

  6. hi i bought satellite l755-m1go
    i donotknow some key of my keybord is not working i buy from dubai airport but in india they are saying in india dubai warranty is not working i just want to know whom i show my laptop bec right now my key bord is mess there is so many key is not workng please let me know as soon as possibal

    • I bought a toshiba satellite A500-14F (89407462K) at the end of 2009.
      Broke down the screen in 2011 Thoshiba has repaired (?) Warranty
      In June 2012 the screen no longer worked (black)
      TOSCHIBA Italy would not consider taking any action.
      It ‘very serious that a notebook has this problem after 30 months.
      The notebook has never fallen and is very well preserved.
      I had to incur high costs to repair your computer.
      This is not right, you sell shoddy merchandise that works as long as the warranty runs out.
      This practice is unfair, you have no right to do this, it’s like stealing money to your customers.
      I have never come across a service so poor.
      This case must be known in order to avoid being acquired your products.
      I am very dissatisfied with Toshiba

      Mauro Pellegrino

  7. I am trying to get repair in India. I have been waiting 10 weeks for parts. The customer service number is always busy, and the warranty center just says to call them. my repair number for US laptop from Office Depot but Indian repair is 80284, serial number 9B084807R.


  9. DEAR SIR,







  10. Worst customer service ever seen, that too by a brand such as Toshiba!!
    I have been following up with them regarding a complaint no: 102512-484, since october 25th. 2012. Till date no one is able to resolve it.
    To make the matter worst the senior members are not ready to pick up the phone and respond. I bought a piece of Junk for sure

  11. es increíble que tenga un problema con una toshiba e studio 181 y no exista un centro de soporte para dar solución aquí en honduras y los teléfonos que aparecen para llamar no sirven a veces pienso que sera mejor resolverlo de forma legal tal vez así pueden dar soporte a sus productos que venden porque llevo tres meses desde que tengo un problema con e studio 181 donde el proveedor me dice que la fuente esta mala y hay que comprarla y cuesta un tercio del producto antes mencionado. alguien sabe si existe alguna responsable en “toshiba” que pueda dar solución a los problemas de sus equipos o es mejor obtar por otras marcas mas responsables

  12. Hallow . on 8/2011 i bought laptop satellite c660 . tow month ago ther was a right hinge failer . i contact the israeli customer service and got negetiv answer. then i contact the urope customer service and got the same answer. and asked for expensiv cost (laptop cost 2500NIS repair cost 1000 NIS). i bought the hinge on ebay aprox 16 USD . this messeg is for your knoleg . i am not going to bay toshiba next time thank for this experience

  13. Dear Toshiba,
    I am a user of toshiba external portable hard drive, Canvio Basics 3.0. Serial number of my device is HDTB110AK3BA Now i am facing a problem on the pin on the above device and i asked for replacement at the service center. But they are telling that warranty cannot be provided. But the problem of device was not caused by my improper usage. I bought it before 7-8 months before and initially itself there was some problem with USB cable and pin on device. They were not suiting well and this caused the problem and now device is not getting detected. So that the authorities at service center says that i have to obtain a approval from toshiba. So kindly give me a approval, otherways i will not get warranty of 3 years and my 6200 Rupees will be gone since mine is 1 TB harddisk. So please do me this favour by mailing an approval letter for obtaining 3 years warranty for above mentioned device. Hope you will do this soon.

    With Regards
    Ajmal Kareem

  14. I have a Toshiba Satellite P755 Series Laptop. I Am looking for the Network Controller Drivers. I Have looked everywhere. I even bought an online repair service, which wound up not working anyways. Hopefully ill get a refund. Is there any drivers for this that are available to me as a consumer. So i can be done and over with, with this headache ??!!

    Thank You, Christopher L. Schoon

  15. i bought a thoshiba tv after 8 month a line formed on its display i returned to the shope where i bought it for reppair {lulu al barsha dubai u a e}i waited 20 days thay didin,tgave my tv even they dont know when thay can give my tv what would i do?

  16. I bought a Toshiba Satellite in October 12. One day before Christmas the computer screen went black. I took it the Best Buy Geek Squad, now they are telling me that the computer is dead. Called customer service. They are not helpful. Hopefully someone will get back to me soon. I am already fustrated with customer service.

  17. I purchased new Toshiba Satellite L755-S5161 on 9/13/12 in USA. I haven’t been able to use it as it is requesting a pass word. I called customer support and she could not help me. I told her I was leaving for Philippines and would not be returning to USA until June. She advised me to go Tricom Dynamics in Makati, Metro Manila for warranty and they told me I had no warranty outside USA. If I had known this I would have returned the lap top for credit. I need help

  18. I’ve been using Toshiba for years. Bought a wide screen Satellite last Black Friday from Best Buy. The system crashed a day out of warranty. The first two Toshiba reps I talked to would not do a warranty repair. When I spoke to someone in customer relations in the US it was taken care of right away. They replaced the hard drive and system board under warranty. I’ve has three other people buy Toshiba’s since and they have all been good.

  19. We saved up and bought our little boy a toshiba satelite c655d-s5300 in november 2011.It lasted 1 year and 2 months it does not work anymore.I thought toshiba was a good named product to buy.Now my 8 year old has no laptop.I think your product should have lasted longer than 1 year and 2 months.

  20. I bought a toshiba laptop on 21 desember 2011. Since i got this laptop i had to send it in for repairs 3 Times. A laptop cant break that easy. I will never in my life buy or reconment toshiba to anyone.

  21. Dear Sir,
    Recently one of my friend gifted me a toshiba LCD “32HV10E1” who had to purchased in Gulf. I want to wall mount this product through TOSHIBA Eng. So,I contacted Toshiba and request to customer service people and he generate a ticket “021713-214” against this request. On a same day one a your Eng. come in my home for this work and asked me you had not purchased to this product in INdia. So, he needs some extra approval. After a day i just followup and no result. But in todays they asked me your request is refused and if you paid @750 for wall mount and @250 for service, they install wallmount in my home.
    Sir, i just shocked, I am thinking of returning the product and getting my money back. In my experience I have never come across such bad service provided any big companies.

    Kindly resolved my issue.

    With Regards,
    Sunil Chadha

  22. I have 3 toshiba tv’s and the other day I called for a simple question and was told that it costs 35 dollars for them to answer my question, is this company for real or what, thats the last toshiba item ever to be bought by me my friends or family. Today is March 3rd 2013. Nice company????

  23. I will never buy another one of your products in my life. I was so close to calling mt local retailer and have them come back for my new TV. Your people were rude to the installing service guy that was trying to help me and when he finally got a supervisor on the line was when he finally got the help needed. This should never have happened! Your product may be good but your company REALLY needs CUSTOMERSERVICE training! I waited over eight hours to write this as I was hopping mad at the time. The installer was being called by the retailer since this should have taken no more than 30 minutes. I am very unhappy with Toshiba!!!!

  24. We purchased this DVD player because the description indicated that it would play in all regions. Today, I received a IRL DVD/BlueRay and this particular DVD/BlueRay was considered a “mix match”. Subsequently, upon speaking with Toshiba tech support it was determined that this “All Region” DVD/BlueRay player was unable to play this DVD/BlueRay. I feel as if this product was deceptively marked as “all region” as it is not ALL REGION. I am now not only in possession of a blueray/DVD player that it NOT all region, but I am out of the funds that I paid for a DVD/BlueRay box-set that I can not even be used/accessed via this player. I would like a refund or some sort or an actual ALL REGION DVD/Blueray player. Please expedite this request ASAP.

    Thank You.
    Janice Gavenda

  25. 4 years ago I bought a Toshiba laptop at currys in England and paid 675 pds for it with it being Toshiba I thought don’t need extra warranty 3 weeks after the 12 mth warranty ran out it went off took it to currys the said they would look at it but it would cost more than the laptop and I needed 250 pds just to look at it.i contacted Toshiba and they said they couldn’t do anything I took it to a local comp shop and they said the main board had gone and I hardly used itthe comp shop said they would have to wait a long time because toshibsa wouldn’t supply a main board ive kept it in the cupboard till now as good as new now the comp shop said they would never be able to get aboard how can I get my money back or get it fixed it was my last 700 pds and thought it would last

  26. I bought a 65HT2U television that is dead. Not even two years old. Hardley used it, stopped working, won’t turn on. No lights or sounds. Only thing it could be is a storm, it was not on but I hear they have a “standby feature” apparently it does not ever turn off. Not a smart tv.

  27. I bought a Toshiba computer a little over a year ago at Office Max. It has been in to be repaired twice and it continues to have the same issues. I have become VERY frustrated with their service and product. I bought this computer to do my college classwork on. I cannot afford to buy another one and the texts, words and letters jump around on the page as I am writing. I will never buy another computer from Toshiba and I will do everything in my power to send the message to as many people as I come in contact with that they don’t stand behind their product and continue to give me the run around when it comes to addressing my issues. I am a calm, easy going person but this has infuriated me immensely. If after 2 times being in repair, it continues to act the same, then something is definitely wrong with the computer. I have worked on MANY computers with my job and have NEVER once had these problems. So I am very certain it is not me but the computer!!! Think before you buy Toshiba. I will not recommend it to anyone.

  28. Having problems with my Toshiba, it is not new but i call the support line than to the Tech support, they told me my hard drive needs to be replaced. I spent $49.99 for a service that was wrong my gpu is gone needs to be replaced , so these’s tech do not know what they are talking about and they make you feel you are bothering them. I want my money returned poor service.



  31. I had some important papers to download on a 16GB Toshiba flash drive, and it only gave me 14.5gb. Went back and bought 2 more and they also gave me 14.5GB. We as customers are paying for 16gb, why is Toshiba taking the other 1.6GB. I’m a very dissatisfied Customer will let all my friends in and out of Facebook and Twitter know about this product and not to buy it for its a fate and rip off.

  32. Very dissatisfied customer. I bought a 16Gb flash drive so that I could download some important papers and I only got 14.5GB out of the 16GB that I bought. Went back and bought 2 more of the same Toshiba 16GB flash drive and they both gave me 14.5,what happened to the other 1.6GB I paid for. I’m telling all my friends in and out of Facebook and Twitter how Toshiba is stealing money from them on this product, for it is a fate And lying about what you are getting.

  33. My Toshiba laptop Satellite C8750 had keyboard problems from the start, August 2012.
    This unit had a hard drive replaced TWICE, August And December 2013, and was
    declared hopeless by my local repair shop last week. Aside from the lengthy DOWNTIME
    and loss of considerable data and Purchased Software each time a drive failed
    this Toshiba was in your Indiana repair place and in transit for more than 3 months.
    At 18 months of ownership it is evidently Dead. Will you acknowledge that this
    has to be a Toshiba Defect and make some compensation or prompt replacement?

  34. I purchased a new S55A laptop from Staples. Out of the box it had a bad battery that would not hold a charge. Staples would not take it back. I contacted Toshiba Tech Services and they said they would send out a new battery (although it is not meant to be user replaceable (I am former tech person so this was not a problem for me to do) The battery they sent was bad! called them again and they said a service manager would call me in 3 days…they did not! called them again they said that They were going to connect me to a service manager,(bur never did! After a long wait they came back on the line and said the battery was not user replaceable and I would have to send in the computer. They indicated that I would have to pay for repairs because the battery had been replaced and seemed to indicate that I would have to pay to ship the computer. It was defective at purchase and should not have to pay. They said they didn’t know if I would have to pay the shipping and that I would Be getting an Email in 24 hour explaining everything. I never heard from them!

  35. Hello ladies and gentlemen.
    I have a TV TOSHIBA 32HV10E1
    T-Con 32HD05S4L V0.0
    No voltage generators, power 12V there
    I’m the master himself, I need a circuit.
    TV just 4 months
    I realized that does not work BD8193MWV
    if you can send an electrical circuit
    and possible failure?
    I will be very grateful
    with respect

  36. I got a new Toshiba Leading innovation laptop in December last year and it’s saying preparing automatic repair.I didn’t use it even for a month. (No disk came with it.) i would like to speak with a representative.

    Hoping to speak with someone ASAP.

  37. Hi I have toshiba satellite a500-1f4 I want to download driver for this laptop I download driver pack solution and don’t solve this problem especially usb\vid_0079&pid_0107 or approximately plz help me

  38. I have not had my laptop for a year and you fix it and to it fixed its gonna cost over 300.00 I’m very unhappy with your help there was none

  39. Toshiba allows up to 10 dead or always on pixels on all of their displays when brand new. They refuse to repair any displays with 9 or fewer bright red, green, blue, white, or black pixels that are always on or off. What a horrible customer service experience.

  40. Have you ever notice that Toshiba items on sale always have deeper discounts than other brands? There is a good reason for that, their products are inferior and their service is worse…

  41. I have tried several times to buy a three year international warranty only to find that the payment method is impenetrably obtuse. Does the company not wish to sell this product? There is no available email contact point and I do not wish to use expensive phone contacts to UK from New Zealand. All extremely unsatisfactory.

  42. I bought a Toshiba satelite lap top less than a year ago. It has been sent back to the factory twice. I took it back to best buy for the third time today because it doesn’t work. I have 3 H.P. lap tops that have been in service for as much as 5 years with only routine service. Trying to get in touch with Toshiba is like trying to catch light in a bottle. They don’t seem to stand behind their product. I recommend you avoid toshiba like the EBOLA virus.

  43. We bought a Toshiba TV (serial number E396J0Y08615C1) on the 4th December last year online from PC World Currys. I registered the TV that day on-line. The TV worked fine until we had to move it briefly, then move it back to its original position. When it was switched back on there were vertical coloured lines on part of the screen.

    We took it to our local PC World Curry’s store on the 23rd December. After inspecting the television and stating that the screen was cracked, the sales assistant said that the television was ‘out of its 7 day guarantee’. He also stated that the television screen had been cracked by ‘thumb pressure’. No offer was made to exchange the television or for a refund to be made.

    After further discussion, it was suggested we contact Toshiba.

    I find it difficult to believe that ‘thumb pressure’ can crack a screen so I contacted Toshiba (reference number 73365309) who stated that it would probably cost as much to have the screen repaired. I believe that the screen could have been faulty before we bought it and that if goods are ‘faulty’ then it is the responsibility of the retailer. Again, no offer was made to exchange the television or for a refund to be made.

    I am extremely disappointed that a product costing nearly £200 can be damaged so easily. This does not say much for its quality.

    Yours sincerely


  44. Hello! Dear,
    This is khaza nazimuddin from Bangladesh. I have a note book toshiba portege z830. It was donated by a Canadian person. May be it was purchased from Canada. Actually it was donated to CRP.
    About CRP:(CRP-Savar is the head office for the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed(CRP) and occupies approximately 13 acres of land. CRP has been operating this centre since 1990. CRP’s executive and administrative offices are located at the centre, together with the main medical departments, service units, hospital and operating facilities. Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (BHPI), CRP Nursing College, William and Marie Taylor School and various other activitiesalso operate from this centre.
    CRP’s sports and recreational facilities at the Savar centre are used by patients and staff, as well as students from the various academic organisations on the campus. A large multi-purpose hall provides facilities for cultural events, conferences, meetings, sports events and patient activities. A halfway hostel, where patients prepare for return to their home community, a plant nursery, the CRP-Aware Shop and a number of other CRP initiatives operate from the centre.
    CRP originally began its operation in 1979 from two cement storerooms in the grounds of the Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital, Dhaka. The size and complexity of the current CRP-Savar centre, establishment of the 9 additional CRP sub-centers across Bangladesh and the extensive range of high quality services now provided to Persons with Disabilities, exemplify the progress made by CRP in this, the anniversary of its 35th year of operation).
    Now this product is used by present Executive Director of CRP-SAVAR.
    No Power/ no display, Make a noisy sound by internal cooler.

    We tried to solve this problem by Smart Technologies Ltd. a local Authorized Distributor of Toshiba Laptop. But they returned the product and message me it is not possible to repair due to parts availability and problem in motherboard. So i would like to send it to Toshiba Head office/ Service Centre and waiting to get a super solution support by Toshiba Service Team.I am ready to send it by courier.
    In this regard, pls guide me how to send it to you or make a solution asap.

    thanks & regards

    Mohammad Khaza Nazim Uddin.
    N.B: i am waiting for your further information. i hope your kind cooperation will help me to solve the above mention problem.

  45. i sent my satelite pro50 serial no ie133029s back to toshiba on the 11 february 2015. disspite all my efforts to contact them i am still in the dark. can anybody supply me either a email address or free phone number, i would be very gratefull.

  46. Tried to get toshibacustomer to fix my laptop,they are very useless.they want you to pay for there services even though your laptop is still under warranty.How stupid is this?I I have only had this laptop for 8 months ,never have gotten any use out of it til this day,Sent it back ,they said it was fixed,what a joke that was.Still can not use this computer.I will never buy another toshibacustomer.

  47. I have had a horrible experience with Toshiba customer service for my television. The customer service people have heavy accents and are difficult to understand and they read from a script and can’t help you. Never ever will I spend my money on another Toshiba product and I would suggest you do not either.

  48. called to ask about a recovery disc to run windows 8.1. Got a wed site to go to. Web site no help. No contact with a HUMAN. No Help.

  49. We purchased a Toshiba flat screen TV (Model 50L1400CU) in July, 2014 from HH Gregg In Macon, GA. It was our first Flat Screen TV as we are both disabled and on a fixed income and we really could not afford one so we saved for it for quite a while. We chose Toshiba because of its long standing “quality” reputation as we considered this to be a major investment for us. We elected not to get the extended 2 year warranty as a result of same. We were pleased with TV but now, just 14 months after purchase, the bottom of the screen is suddenly darker than the top. We have bought many cheap tv’s over the years and they worked fine for years. We just wanted to let you know that we are very disappointed at this stage and we are not even sure where, how or if we can afford to get it repaired. We fully understand that it is 2 months beyond the 12 month limited warranty, however, we just felt compelled to share our experience with you.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Bob and Marilyn Carruthers

  50. hello sir
    I had a Toshiba satellite that had been stolen in my i want to trace or block or can tell me its ip address.

  51. DO NOT BY ANY TOSHIBA PRODUCTS!!! We purchased a Toshiba 50 inch led TV less than 2 years ago and about 4 months ago the picture when out!! We paid over $800 for the TV on sale at Sears. I called the customer service center and the guy told me to take it to a repair shop in Lawton, Ok and I live in freaking Texas!!! I asked to speak to a manager and just got a promise to call me back. Never received that call. We ended up taking it to a local repair shop that said he is getting a lot of customer complaints on Toshiba 50 in TVs that are having this problems and the cost to fix it would be more than buying a new TV. So we have to purchase a new TV AGAIN which I cannot current afford !!!! I filled a consumer complaint on Toshiba because I want my money back. Terrible product and terrible customer service.

  52. I allowed the tech access to my laptop and then got nervous when she wanted to access my network and wanted to update my laptop. Is this an official Toshiba number? Please tell me it’s not a hacker!!!

  53. Just wanted you to know how disappointed I am with the support I received on my new computer today. Satellite Prrt-B5154 s/n 1f057639s. Case # 201601163238503
    After your technician tried shaking me down for $199.00 to help me fix my issue with my first day out of the box computer. I decided I’m better off returning the computer, And buy a laptop form a different company. Last Toshiba I buy!

  54. Worst customer service I have ever experienced.Just need to purchase a LAN accessory for the usb port on a BDX 2000KU DVD. It would be easier getting a phone number for the queen of England.
    Absolutely disgraceful.

  55. I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite E45w-C4200 from Best Buy on September 23, 2015. On February 28, 2016, the right hinge broke and will not keep the screen up in a 90 degree position. I contacted Toshiba Customer Service Repair department to learn that the hinge is not covered under the warranty although the computer is only 5 months old.
    I was informed by the pleasant representative the broken hinge was a “minor repair”, however the cost will be $252 for parts, labor, shipping etc. Or I can have it repaired at Best Buy or Office Depot.

    Unbelievable! This is unacceptable.

    I am highly disappointed with Toshiba and sadden. After much research over the past 12 hours, I have learned this is a highly common issue, you, Toshiba fail to acknowledge and correct. You are a billion dollar company and will not do right by your customers by simply correcting the manufacturing defect issue or repairing the defect at no charge to your customers. Instead of accepting there is a defect in your design, you, are insisting customer are damaging or dropping their computers or applying too much pressure. I and others have paid well over $500 for your computer that has failed us within the warranty period.

    TOSHIBA YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! The hinges breaking is such a big issue there was a class action lawsuit settlement in 2010.

    Toshiba it would be great if you took accountability for the defect and repair your customer’s computers at no cost.

    Unsatisfied customer.

  56. I have been trying to get my rebate of $50.00 since October 2015. It is March 2016I I have called several times and sent an email, Email will answer in 48 hours that was a joke. Had to email back. Last call beginning of March oh we have changed our computer system you must have gotten lost in system. Rebate will be in the mail .Nothing. I suppose this rebate I will never see. Last time I will buy a Toshiba product. False advertising in my book, a bunch of excuses. Maybe I should try some government agency.

  57. ive been trying to find out if recovery media is covered under warranty and couldnt. windoes upgrade to 10 erases 8.1 recovery so something happened and couldnt recover. i honestly dont think i should pay 40 dollars for media for tablet that i already bought and microsofts update to 10 and toshibas to small of drive to keep any kind of recovery after update isnt my fault. i love the tablet but the rest of it isnt right. ( in my opinion ).

  58. Your customer service is a joke. There is no way to resolve issues when you can’t be contacted. Your menus loop around and when I thought I was getting somewhere your telephone software ended the request. I seriously doubt I will every buy another to shiva product.

  59. I lost the remote for my 2012 TV model 24L42004 I would like to purchase another one.

    Your site makes it impossible to submit a question other than those listed

  60. I purchased 40PU200ZE model TV during Sep 2013…Now it has been confirmed by its technician that it has been damaged. They took photograph and collected copies of Warranty and Bill details which was just an eyewash.

    Plz take steps to replace the TV with a new one


  61. My Toshiba TV panel has been damaged within the Warranry period….now they are denying justice..
    Plz help

  62. The battery in the Toshiba Satellite laptop I bought less than 1.5 yrs ago is dead.
    Toshiba has acknowledged their batteries are bad and can melt and destroy
    laptops. They tell me my battery is not covered under the recall and I am out
    of luck. They blame me for not informing them of the bad battery sooner. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. I have spent the day posting bad review on every forum available. I am warning anyone thinking of buying a Toshiba laptop to buy any other brand. Toshiba sells a bad product and does not have any interest in setting things right. They care nothing about the consumer once they have your money

  63. Your C55 A 5245 laptop was recommended as the best for our needs. I spent an hour on your site trying to find a way to order a computer, which doesn’t offer a place to ask a question, unless I’m willing to give you my credit card information and pay $44.Your website was frustrating and made me feel incompetent. And angry. I finally found this site to send an email for free and thought I would get direction on how to buy it. Instead, we have decided we aren’t going to buy Toshiba products any longer. A company that doesn’t make it easy to do something so simple does not deserve our business. I wonder how much business Toshiba loses. I will always remember this feeling when I hear Toshiba.

  64. I keep trying to contact customer service, I just need to speak to a human. The automatic answering system keeps hanging up on me. Please just hire some people to answer the phone calls. This is silly.

  65. Our television only lasted 8 years a toshiba. It sucks. Our panasonic is on longer and sometimes we forget to turn it off and it still works. I will never buy your products.

  66. Sir,
    I have have purchased a Toshiba Laptop in Indian market model No. TECRA 50-C 1035 PART NO. PS563G-00C006 SERIAL NO 2H144797H FCC ID PD93165NG ,But I had no drivers get in this model from the site, and I could not have for registered for guarantee

  67. I have a Toshiba 55 inch Flat Screen for about 5 years. I paid over 2000 for it.
    Yesterday I turned it on and it flashed and turned off. The green light stays on and I hear a slight hum. It is trying to come on, but remains with no picture. How can this be after only 5 years. I work every day so it isn’t on all the time, only at night for a few hours. I am VERY disappointed and would like to know if you have any idea what is wrong.

    ORDER # 4401884236206

  69. just purchased your premium care package to have a remote connection try and fix drive problem on my laptop just to have him reset my computer costing me $300 in one time down loads very disappointed to say the least now hours to do reinstalls over a driver problem which by the way reset didn’t fix .let alone having to repurchase software because one time down loads from oem site at gm website . use this at work pretty much a paper weight now thanks to your tech support will be hours getting it back to where I had it let alone cost of down loads . been 2 hours now he never called me back no way for him to reconnect to my device your so called premium support says no ones at work

  70. To whom it may concern,
    I’m not normally a bitter person: however, being tricked into purchasing a years package from your staff in the Philippines and then having them screw up my computer totally. Well, I”M PISSED !!!!! You took my money, I’m disabled, then you took 3 days of my time and ruined my past. I write Children’s Books, their all lost. all my old family pictures, gone. ILL be 60, I just can’t get back those precious memories. I WANT MY MONEY BACK , not a portion of it .I WANT ALL OF IT T BACK $134.90.

  71. I am not a angry person by nature ; however, your staff in the Philippines made me blow my top. Thanks to them I no longer have my work that I’ve been doing for years. I write Children’s books. All my work was lost. Your Tec’s told me that I Had something wrong that I needed to go and have the information taken off the Mother board and then they could fix the problem. Isn’t that having someone else do the work because you can’t or won’t? 60 years of family pictures are gone too. They tried to pacify me as if I was a Child. Yes, I lost my temper, I was promised that they could fix anything. Well, they can’t! I WANT MY MONEY BACK, ALL $334.90 OF IT !!!!! THEY DID NOT KEEP THEIR END OF THE CONTRACT.

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