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Contacting Toro Customer Service Center

Toro is landscape maintenance company that manufactures and sells equipment to consumers and professionals. The company operates throughout the world with major hubs in the United States and Canada. The official website offers customers information on the newest Toro products, old favorites and the customer service team backing your purchase. For the sake of this piece, we are including contact information for the consumer side of Toro.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service in the Irrigation Department is available from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday to Friday from Nov. to Feb. During prime land maintenance months, Mar. to Oct. Toro extends customer service hours to 6 P.M. All hours are in Central time. The Toro customer service department is not available on weekends.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-345-8676

If you own a Toro mower, snow blower, electronic or tractor, you can contact customer service between 7:30 A.M. and 5 P.M. Monday to Friday.

  • US Customer Service: 1-888-384-9939
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-800-544-5364

Mailing Address

Toro is also available by mail for customers who’d rather write a letter than contact customer service by email or phone.

The Toro CompanyConsumer Division8111 Lyndale Ave. SouthBloomington, MN 55420

Official Website

Toro products and services are explained at If you click on Contact and Homeowner, you can find a complete list of contact information. Toro customers can also request information sent by mail for a particular product. At the bottom of the consumer contact page there is a Product Info Request link.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Toro customer service using the Contact Us form on the official website. This form sends a message to a representative by email, but you are not given the direct email address. You will receive a response via your email account, so double check the email address you provide before sending the form.

Our Experience

You cannot press 0 to speed up your customer service call to Toro. You need to choose one of the options listed. Press 1 for customer, 2 for retailer, 3 for dealer or press pound to enter an extension. We pressed 1 and we were given another list of options. You cannot press 0 to skip these options either, but you can press 5 for all other options and that connects you to a customer service representatives. It took nearly two minutes just to be placed on hold and the estimated hold time was up to five minutes.

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18 Comments on “Contact Toro Customer Service
  1. My story is simple I bought a toro 2 stage snow blower in 1979. It still runs today, got some sad news today seems I need a valve job. But not bad for 35 years. Would recomend a toro to everyone. It still runs lost some power but I will runs I will run it until it dies. You should know I live in Chicago this blower has got a work out. Thanks for making a wonderfull product.

  2. I am using toro for my irrigation system, unfortunately one of your distributors, Home Depot no longer carries your product, tha leaves me with a problem , the system needs repairs and I’m unable to find replacements parts , I’m using 570 pop up sprinkler I’m looking to replace the sprinkler heads
    There seems to be a 570z on the market is it compatible

    Thank you

  3. When I purchased my Toro Blower/Vac, I was impressed with the 2 year warranty, at the time I didn’t realize the hoops one would have to jump through. I purchased said blower in May of 2014, used it a couple times, then stored it in the garage, took it out in late Oct., early Nov. to clear the leaves in the yard only to have it lose power and emit a burning smell, took it back to where I bought it only to be told it was the motor and would cost more to fix than it was worth, BUT it was under warranty so I needed to contact the company, called the number and was given a couple places that would be able to assist. Called one of the places (Mpls. Saw Co. on Central Ave.) called them only to be told they don’t work on electric items, the next place I called was willing to send it back, (as I was told by Toro Customer Service, they don’t fix them since the part plus labor is more than the machine is worth) but nobody mentions that it will take a few weeks to get the new one, WEEKS? by then there will be snow and I won’t need the blower. I was always under the impression that Toro was a good product, was proud to buy something American made, it makes me sad to have to admit that that is obviously not true and the customer service is HORRIBLE
    I will definitely be telling EVERYONE about the lack of customer service

  4. i purchases a toro recycler 22″ mower brand new on april 2014. Had to pull cord 7-8 times to get ir to start all summer. did everything according to instruction for winter storage but this spring it would not start. put on new air filter, plug, changed the oil and still no go. Mower is a piece of JUNK! Dealer says it because of the small fuel jets in the carburetor that are mandated by the EPA. Still a piece of JUNK!

  5. Toro22″ Recycler bought 5/15/13 for in-between-mowings of lawncare service. since doing total job myself,frustration level for newer fuel cap = 110%!! Design EXTREMELY difficult to properly secure, and still tends to leak fuel if tank close to full and/or on an incline. Seriously contemplating getting rid of mower– takes longer to secure cap than to mow . Also, starting to take more than one pull to start. Bring back old designs–were better!!

  6. I just picked up my new Toro928 OHXE. I have been shopping for the last 30 days for a new machine and finally decided on the Toro.
    I have to say that I was extremely disappointed when I found that it did not come with a starter cord for the electric start.
    I have bought 3 Craftsman blowers previously and they all came with a cord. For the price I paid and the actual cost to include a cord left a very bad taste in my mouth. The excitement of getting a new machine was totally dulled by this small low cost exception on the part of Toro. Unfortunately, no matter how great the machine is, I will not be recommending Toro to anyone and all because you decided to cheap out on a starter cord.

  7. I bought a toro lawnmower two years ago, and it has been the worst investment I have ever made in my 73 years!!! I have had it in the shop 3 times since I owned it and now it won. start again!! so you have just lost another customer and I will make sure to tell everyone that you guys make pure garbage!! so go ahead and make your profits of us guppies and you will be out of business soon enough!!


  8. I bought a Toro Personal Pace Mower less than two years ago where we lived when I bought the Toro the lot was level we recently moved and part of the lot at the new house has a steep hill my Toro Personal Pace Mower will not go up this hill without me pushing it and it is still hard to make it go up this hill my neighbors have the same hilly lots and they have lawn boy mowers and their lawn boy mowers go up these hilly lots with no problem my advice to someone buying a new mower would be to consider buying a lawn boy mower if your property is not level.

  9. That was years ago. Toro is no longer quality. Post on the new stuff. Consumer report 1 star stuff. Get real.

  10. I am so disappointed with this mower. This is the 5th time I have had to have it fixed and I have used it less than 20 times. I bought this particular mower because I know of 3 people that have this exact same mower and have had no problems with it. It says right on the front of the mower “Guaranteed to start”. It does not. If you look at my previous complaint, when I purchased this mower it did NOT have an air filter in it. I am not a mechanic nor am I mechanically inclined so I did not check to see if it had an air filter. The first time it stopped working I brought it into an Ace Hardware store and they told me “well no wonder it’s not working, you need an air filter in it”. So needless to say I am so mad that I got a lemon Toro. My uncle looked at it this past week and he said that the needle valve is stuck and that I needed it replaced and there is no filter in the gas line either. How much more money is this mower going to cost me??? I am going to put in a bad review and let all of Facebook know what a piece of crap this mower is and that Toro is no longer reliable and customer service would do nothing for me. How can you advertise right on the mover itself “Guaranteed to start” and when it doesn’t you won’t do anything about it?

  11. I purchased a Toro lawnmower model #20378 5/2017. The worst lawnmower I’ve ever owned!! It tells you one pull and it starts. It did do that for 3 months…now it takes two pulls to start. It does cut the grass. But the one thing that aggravates the hell out of me is every time you have to empty the bag out you have to spend 3 times as long to clean all the grass that is left on the ground and at the opening before to put the bag back on. Also when the bag is on and your cutting…grass clippings are flying out of where the bag makes contact with the mower and now you have to clean the top of the mower where the engine sits. Never…ever…again would I purchase any Toro product!!! Toro and their engineers are laughing at us every time they go to the bank.

  12. Toro is clueless on small engines, no primer, no choke equals not starting, these engineers are morons, a 330$ pile of junk,1st and last toro product

  13. I bought a snowblower from you and needed a part so I went to your replacments parts on your website and it said model not found power clear 38272 serial number 312000001.Then I try to call customer support no answer.i went and found the part on replacement very disappointed in your company trying to get parts.

  14. I have used toro mowers for years. I recently changed to husqvarna as you started using hard plastic drive wheels on your power drive wheels. And they dont drive good they mostly slip. Go back to rubber please.


  16. I bought a Toro Ultra leaf blower from Home Depot a year and a half ago. It is a blower/vacuum/mulcher combination. I have never used the vacuum or the mulcher. Just the blower. Problem is it quit working. I could not believe it quit only after a year and a half. I use it for blowing clippings from the driveway after mowing and blowing leaves off the yard in the fall. Very disappointed that it only lasted that long. I went and bought a new one. Same make and model because I love the blower, however if this one doesn’t last any longer, I will go and switch brands,

  17. A friend bought a Toro zero turn my ride mower and the dealer wants a labor charge for doing warranty work. Is this common? Please reply via e mail.
    Thanks just curious as I have been thinking about buying one.

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