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Contacting TIVO Customer Service Center

TIVO was one of the early DVR devices that allowed TV watchers to record shows while they were away to watch later. Today, cable television companies often offer DVR or digital video recording as part of certain packages. DVR works just like TIVO and it’s integrated into the cable box. There are still many consumers, however, that love the usability and ease of TIVO.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer support is available at the TIVO phone number from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 6 PM Saturday and Sunday. These hours are PST.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-367-8486
  • Sales: 1-877-289-8486
  • Media: 1-408-519-9100
  • Sloane and Company (for TIVO): 1-212-486-9500
  • Advertising on TIVO: 1-212-520-1905
  • Dealer Hotline: 1-888-921-TIVO
  • Corporate CA: 1-408-519-9100
  • Corporate NY: 1-212-520-1860

Mailing Address

You can write to the California or New York TIVO Corporate office or both. Address your letter to:

TIVO Corporate California2160 Gold StPO Box 2160Alviso, CA 95002


TIVO Corporate New York150 E 52nd St15th FlNew York, NY 10022

Official Website

The TIVO products and services currently available are listed and described on the official website at The site explains that standard DVR only records what’s on the TV, but TIVO records from the Internet. The unit also allows users to stream movies from Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video – in addition to streaming music.

TIVO requires users purchase a device from the company. In some cases that device can replace the cable box, which most companies charge a monthly fee to keep in the home. This reduction in cable cost could reduce your bill enough to pay for the TIVO.

Customer Service Email

You can Live Chat with a TIVO representative without an account, but you must be a current TIVO account holder to access customer service email. When you visit you will be asked to sign in to access the email form. It appears you can create an account without having a TIVO in your home.

Our Experience

There is a downside to great companies, customer service. We expected to endure a lengthy automated system. Instead, TIVO only provided 4 options. None of the applicable options sent the call to the customer service department. We had to select one of the options and ask for a transfer to the customer service department. After waiting for more than 5 minutes on hold, we were able to communicate with an agent.

We asked if the company offered payment assistance plans. The only applicable assistance available was moving the due date of the payment. The agent explained this option is only available if the customer has an account in good standing. Overall, the experience was not bad. We want to hear from customers from all walks of life that have had experiences with TIVO. Are you one of them? Leave a comment below.

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2 Comments on “Contact TIVO Customer Service
  1. Tivo in Australia being closed down. Cannot access the Tivo swap out offer due to have no idea on email address or password from 10-11 years ago.
    Please advise on what to do.

  2. my service was nonexistent. you use to have people to talk to at night to help with tech support. but not this time, my TiVo tells me I need to activate my account and my account online says its active. went to the settings and it says it is connect but I am still not getting my shows. Would love to have gotten some help with this but I guess not. For the amount of money that I pay to have a Tivo and for a much as I have always talked about how Tivo is better then my cable box. But at this moment I can call my cable company and ask for help and someone would answer the phone, but they wont help because I opted to have your box and not theirs. But your not able to help me when I need it because you got rid of your night tech support,

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