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Contacting Time Warner Customer Service Center

Time Warner is a cable, Internet and phone company. The company offers service in multiple areas and, in some cases, you’ll have to choose the service area before being connected with the website that offers Time Warner customer service and support. If you contact the incorrect phone number or customer service representative, you may be given a new number and asked to wade through the automated system again. We have included general contact information that should be accessible for customers no matter their location.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers with questions about new service or existing service need to visit the main website of Time Warner customer service and enter their service zip code for the most accurate customer service phone number. The main phone number for customer support is listed as a sales line – not a customer service line.

  • Time Warner sales: 1-855-820-9903

Mailing Address

No matter how many times we clicked on the link for Time Warner corporate offices, we were sent to the same main page. We managed to find the address for the executive offices in New York.

Time Warner Cable
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023


If you wish to chat with a customer service representative you can do so from the Contact Us page. Simply fill in a bit of information about your problem or concern and wait for an attendant to respond to your chat request.

Official Website

Time Warner’s official website is located at You may be asked to enter a zip code to personalize the main page. From the front page you can log in to your PayXpress account, change service, add new service and contact Time Warner customer service.

Customer Service Email

On the bottom of the customer service page there is an email contact form. The form simply asks if you are currently a customer and the topic and summary of your contact. We were also required to fill in our name, address, phone number and email address when sending our email. We have attempted to contact customer service to see how long it takes them to answer a simple question.

Our Experience

We called the customer service phone number for the East Carolinas office. The call was answered by an automated service. We immediately pressed 0 and we were asked for the type of support we needed. We pressed 0 again and we were connected with a representative. The call was answered in less than one minute. The representative was easy to understand and answered our call about a customer service email address. We were told there was no direct address.

When you contacted customer service, what was you experience?

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537 Comments on “Contact Time Warner Customer Service
  1. i find your service to be entirely unsatisfactory. your agency charged my credit card, took my money, failed to credit my account and when contacted about the bill acknowledge that i paid but don’t know why the money was not credited to my account. So in summary, you took my money, can’t account for my money, and when i paid you again would not credit my account. Sounds like you either have an incompetent fayetteville nc office or a thief that is stealing funds from customers and defrauding your buisiness.

    one pissed off Soldier.

    • I could not agree more with all of the comments here that directly relate to Time Warner Cable’s awful customer service. I have spent over a month trying to get a refund on service I NEVER received from these idiots and still, now 32 days, zero payment from Time Warner and they keep telling men the payment is on the way. And the resolution specialist is a joke too, all she did was try to make me buy more services!

    • Today was a horrible experience for me with one of their customer service (or lack there of) reps. I understand why the guy that spoke to Comcast had such a horrible time. It was along those lines. All I wanted was the service connected outside so I could turn on the cable boxes inside. He went through a five minute monologue about buying more services, blah, blah, blah. By the time I got through talking to him I was a nervous wreck. It sounded like the same script the Comcast rep. used. I wrote to the President of Time Warner. It will be interesting to see if he even responds. Good God in Heaven, will somebody teach sensitivity training to their reps?

    • I sent my payment to them over 15 days ago, to NC as well from Maine and they are saying they never received it. I so then faxed proof of the money order like they said to do, and now I have a disconnect, because they have not received, I am beyond a pissed customer.

  2. You will not believe this after reading the following, but I am NOT one who complains, ONLY when things reach a nonsense level! I just spent quite a lengthy time completing a survey, thinking I would actually have a chance to voice my concerns. No real surprise that any modern company does not want to hear complaints! The idiots who run modern companies always know best. Like HELL! My wife is disabled, with many medical problems, and we were very certain to ask for an unlisted number! We now get TONS of calls all day long from idiots wanting us to remodel, etc. And, you folks do not subscribe to the email contacts service. It is truly unbelievable that you would not provide a way for a subscriber to import their contacts list! I have been told after letting all know of my new rr address, that virtually no one uses it. What, pray tell does that say for your company? If we change our LONG time phone number, ARE you going to give it out to everyone? We had NO problem before signing up with you. The number WAS unlisted, and my other ISPs actually let me import my contacts! Some of your techs actually try to help, but none know all they should, but that is NOT their fault, it is the fault of the big bosses who think they know best, and want to hear nothing.


  4. MeTV is the greatest idea of television programing Time Warner has provided San Antonio, Texas on Channel 81. It has afforded nostalgic sentimental longing for the past and a remembering of happy times and places.

    However Time Warner is not well favored by all those who remember these nostalgic and wonderful TV shows with the preempting of “Cannon” and now The Rockford Files”, with “The Nate Berkus Show” which has nothing to do with nostalgia, but rather nausea.

    Move “The Nate Berkus Show” somewhere where it belongs and stop preempting MeTV.

  5. Your installation guy was late yesterday and did not finish. Said another guy would come today at noon. It is almost 3 and no one has shown up or called. I contacted your customer service dept on the Internet and got a chatter who refused any further chat — she thought she was a sales dept but I had tried for customer service. Your schmucks do not understand the difference. I AM STILL WAITING FOER YOU TO FINISH INSTALLATION – i HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE. Pay attention

  6. I am very disappointed in your customer service..the man I spoke with insulted me, told me that the price was the price, even though my bill went up $35 a month..I asked how this was possible, and he said all my promotions had run out, and I was also now being charged for Showtime, which I didn’t ask for, agree to, or ever watch, so I would never agree to a promotion that would include me paying for Showtime..the gentleman then told me he was sure I was told I would be charged for it, which, no matter how you look at it, is calling me a liar..I’ve been with you guys for over 15 years, and as soon as I can find another service, I intend to drop your service, thanks to the ridiculous price of $ 183 a month, when I don’t even have HBO or most of the premium channels, including Showtime, which I didn’t know I had, and being insulted by your customer service rep..I asked to speak to a supervisor about this, then listened to over 10 minutes of promotions for TW..My name is Rick McCallum, I am Executive Director of Show Pros International, and my main job is purchasing assured, no more media buys from your company will be forthcoming..I also am going to send letters to your CEO, President, and Board of Directors, as I feel they should be aware of this..I feel that your rep wasn’t intentionally trying to insult me, but he certainly did..Thank you for your time..

  7. Terrible service. Automated and no one ever answers. They cut off my cable with no explanation even though I’ve paid my bill. They said they would replace the cable box but on their schedule so even though I paid I’d be out of cable for over a week. Can’t get them on the phone at all. I think I’m going to cancel.

  8. This service is the worst. When I decide not to wait and leave a message to calll me back I am told the tape is full and cannot take messages, Contacting you is an exercise in frustration!!!

  9. This is the worst service I have ever seen. Your tape where I attempted to leave a message is full and won’t take messages. Dealimg with time warner is an exercise in futility/

  10. time warner customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. Supervisors do not know how to resolve issues and give customer service numbers that are not active. I refuse to make an additional monthly payment while waiting on Time Warner to get their act together!!!

  11. I don’t know where to start—Had interference on TV and lost network often. I would open email and the network would be my neighbor’s. This went on for 2 months or more. Worked with tech person to correct the problem. He suggested I call Apple Store because it was my computer. (I knew that it was not!) Then, they sent person out to check things out. He said a squirrel had chewed the wires and he replaced something. Told me to take box back for an upgrade which I did. Woman in office at a typewriter fixed me up. NOT! I came home and hooked it up thinking it was all fixed. I lost my phone and computer and I am in a dead zone with Verizon. Could not communicate with anyone. Went outside to call on cell phone. Call was dropped. Finally I was able to state my problem. This was on Wednesday. They said they could come on Friday between 5 and 6:00. Only time they could come. But technician said he would have our bill marked down $5.00. (We can have an ice cream cone on Warner Cable.) I said to send the woman who made the mistake out with the box on her way home. Easy. Not to be. So, I went out to the Plaza Parking lot and stated that this was an emergency because my husband is monitored into the cardiologist’s office all the time–if we are hooked up. Woman on phone said there wasn’t a chance to get it done earlier. So, I said give me your supervisor. I never did talk to supervisor, but she said she did and they would come on Thursday since it was an emergency. They did not come, nor did they call. Finally, they came and it is fixed. Is this the way this big outfit works? Is this customer service? We have been customers for a long time and this is the treatment we get. I am reading the other comments and I think Warner Cable has a problem.

  12. I signed up with TWC yesterday due to DirecTv being the worst company that has ever existed. We picked up our boxes last night, they have been set up all day, and just waiting on the technician to come. I finally call at 5:15 since nobody had showed up yet to find out the technician “re-scheduled” .. they never even showed up. All they put in the notes of my account was “unable to connect”. Lying sacks of sh*t. I’m not even sure I’m going to stay with them. On day 1 I’m having issues? I’d advise to go to dish network.

  13. Two years ago went through all the problems that TWC had with their television service, eventually switched to Direct, no problems since

    Retained the TWC Internet service, for the past few months constantly losing email service, for some reason their system cannot retain passwords, cannot accept security question answers

    Spend literally hours waiting to contact a voice, then hours trying to resolve the problem, only to appear again the following day, their staff are always so polite but the tools they have to work with are inadequate, now will switch my Internet to another provider at lower cost, but no idea if they will be any better.

    Why is the communication system in this country going down the drain ? Is it possibly because they have monopoly or duopoly, just ripping us all off.

    The Europeans have sorted it out by government action to ensure there is no way these guys can lock in you in to a crap service for two years, find it difficult to decide which load of junk to join next.

  14. Service is completely non existent. Cable is out and so are phone lines and internet direct connct is jammed. Just another day in paradise with Time Warner. They just don’t care about their customers.

  15. 12/14/12 I moved to TX from CA. Prior Internet and DVR service were with Comcast with zero problems. I brought my same computer and TV here.

    12/15/12 you installed your Time Warner TV, DVR and Internet service but none of them work correctly. The installer said to contact him with any problems but doesn’t answer any of my emails, voice messages or texts. When I inform your reps via phone, service center, and chat they do not provide repairs or credit.

    The DVR records in pixelations and cut off audio, the remote control is broken (many buttons don’t work), and the Internet freezes up.

    As I said, it is my same computer and TV I had in CA with no problems and it is the same type of DVR I had in CA with no problems so I know the problem is with your company.

    12/16/12 I called tech support and they said my DVR signal needs to be “balanced out”. He said to unplug my DVR (but very wrongly did not warn me I’d lose my settings and TV guide for hours), which did not fix the problem.
    He said go to service center for new remote and would not mail or deliver one to me. I told him I want credit for all of the problems and he said to request that from the service center.

    12/19/12 I went to your service center and they said they don’t give credit and I have to get that from the phone reps. Total run around. They said for DVR a technician needs to come to house but would not arrange it. They said I have to call to request it. Very inconvenient. I don’t want to hear your advertising bs when I call in. And when I called last time the tech person gave bad advice.

    12/20/12 I called your tech dept and the rep who answered yelled loudly into my ear, “You need to sit down!” (She was talking to her co-workers). I asked for her supervisor and was on hold for 30 minutes with your annoying advertising to no avail.

    12/20 Spent over and hour with your “chat” only to be transfered over and over until no one picked up.

    Disconnect my service. I do not owe anything. You owe me for my lost time and inconvenience. Terrible service.

  16. Time Warner is a dishonest company who will try and screw you at every turn. I have nothing positive to say about them or their practices. Use Dish or Direct….

  17. I just tried using their online chat and nothing happened with only some new window showing up.
    My 94-year old mother told me she thought she was going to have a stroke today after she called 2 numbers for them and then was subjected to a lot of questions with no results when she was simply trying to find out why they keep overcharging her and billing her for a digital box she doesn’t even own.
    I have no intention of wasting more time on the telephone with no record of what was said after already spending an hour and a half with AT&T today because of my own problems with that company and will try mailing a letter to the address i just found on this site.

  18. We have just lost tv cable service AGAIN
    Which adds up to 5 times within 1 week

    We are very dissatisfied with our service
    & TWC extremely high rates!!!

    Why are you not reducing our rates when
    We continue to have frequent service interruptions
    without view of cable that we pay for.

    How is it that you do not deduct for what
    we are cannot view???

    This is not good customer service, nor is it
    respectful of your customers!!

    Robert & sherry Moshey

    • I agree with your sentiment. I just spoke with a technician, and he was able to verify, accurately, just how long I had been without [internet] service, so you know they are well aware of the length of time you’re without their service. Would be easy enough to deduct that from the month’s bill, eh?

  19. Having just read all of these comments, I was almost sick becuase my internet has been out for nearly 5 days and I dreaded calling tech support. I’d already tried the suggested remedy given by the automated voice system, but nothing worked.

    I’m pleased to say my intereaction with Time Warner tech support this evening was very satisfactory. The hardest part was finding the phone number online! Within 4 minutes of going through the automated voice system, I was speaking with a live technician, Louis. His English was perfect. He tested my system remotely and while waiting for this process, he exaplined everything he was doing and apologized for the wait every minutes or so. Within 10 minutes (6 minutes of speaking with Louis), he had verified that the problem was with my modem or it’s direct connection and a technisicn would need to come to my home. The biggest glitch was that I will have to wait 5 days! The phone call was completed in less than 14 minutes from the time I dialed. At least this part of it was not only easy, but pleasant. I’ll let you know if there are any glitches from here out, but so far I’m relieved. By the way, my Time Warner is in the Moscow ID-Pullman WA area.

  20. I am so sick and tired of your crappy cable. I Can’t believe that with all the money we as consumers pay that you still cannot stop the digital chatter or whatever it is called. When I finally find a movie that is worth watching that crap starts. It is very annoying and aggrevating. Maybe we should Try AT&T it couldn’t be any worse

  21. Time Warner is well known around the Cincinnati, OH area to have HORRIBLE customer service. I’ve never come across anyone that has anything good to say about them. I’ve had nothing but terrible customer service from them. If you have a question about a bill/charge expect to go through 4 people to get an answer. I will never use them again and good luck to anyone that has to deal with them in the future!

  22. I am with the deepest respect ,am totally disgusted and disappointed with my interactions with your cluess staff.
    For the better part of 3 weeks our internet your service
    has disconnected while in am in the middle of work. Calling for help after being on hold for up to 20minutes.
    Then they give you the same stupid response and DON’T LISTEN TO THE CLIENT! Bigger is not better. I would like some consideration Financal compensation for lack of service. Last month you raised our bill up to $114.43,and provided worse customer service. please advise. Mr Sweeney

  23. time warner customer service sucks! over an hour to talk to a supervisor and he put me on hold for 15 minutes to tell me I have to call back during business hours to get someone in the usa to talk about my problem! wow this company sucks !

  24. I was calling about my service. On hold for 10 minutes and then disconnected. I work from home and do not have Internet/tv service. Is there an outage? When do you expect service to be back up? Thanks. Terri Palmer

  25. Billing/customer services’ service was pretty bad for me, recently. I was called constanlty about a bill that was supposedly 3 mos over due. I was paying my bill but the payments were being credited to someone else’s account. We were told after the 2nd payment and the 2nd over due notice, that evrything was okay, but we continued to get constant calls. After the 3rd over deu notice and our calling them back, they admitted that they had made an error. We were still informed that we were 1 cent over due. We are reducing our services, but they still have us trapped with their “bundling” policy.When you’re the only game in town, you can do the above with little consequences, but write useless letter of complaint.

  26. I balance is $475 but you put put it on my credit report $2200. How is that, please update your system so I can pay my balance.

  27. internet service is terrrible. I can only get a connection for about 10 min at a time and it has to be at the most random off time during the day.I have call to complain about this numerous times and all they want to do is switch the channel I am on this does not work!!! oh and thank you for increasing my monthly charge for giving me worse service!

  28. Good Evening,
    I recently made a call to time Warner cable and was greeted by an operator by the name of “Jimmy”. My TruTV channels were not working – since this channel is carrying March Madness basketball games it was essential that I was able to get this to work. I was not expecting for the problem to be solved being that it was 10:15 PM but it took Jimmy 2 minutes to give me instructions to resolve the problem by using my remote. (auto HD needed to be turned off). I’m sure that most of the comments you get are of the negative variety, so I figured I’d right a positive review. Jimmy was friendly, outgoing, and an absolute gentleman – not to mention extremely knowledgeable. I think he was upper management In his future. Thanks Jimmy!!!

    Patrick Fay

  29. I’m a brand new customer who was slated to receive my service today (5/25/2013). The installer does not show so I call the customer service line and explain the situation. Needless to say the representative was rude and stated that they called my number and no one answered. I calmly stated that I was home all day and did receive said call. He proceeds to tell me I’m wrong and makes me feel like an idiot. I did reschedule but I’m very tempted to cancel as I’m already afraid of the service and I have not even received it yet. Unacceptable

    • I want to comment on the customer service that was received from your office today. I spoke with a representative on Saturday, November 16, 2013. Schedule an appointment Wednesday, November 20,2013. The representative told me that my appointment was between 11:00-12:00. The Tech would contact me the morning of the appointment to confirm. I received a call from Time Warrner on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 2:04 P.M. indicating that Time Warner had been working on my issue and if the issue had been resolve to cancelled the appointment. I confirmed that the issue was not resolved and that I wanted to keep my appointment. In speaking with the representative on Saturday when the appointment was scheduled, she did not mention that I would be getting a call the day before to confirm the appointment. She stated that I would get a call from the Tech when he was on his way to my home. On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, I sat all morning waiting on a call that I did not receive. The phone number on file is my cell number, if I had miss a call, my cell would indicate that a call was missed. Plus I had my Mother sitting at my house waiting on the Tech that never showed up. when I spoke with the (Manager) at Time Warner, she indicated that the representatives were human and it was possible that he may have miss dial my number. If this is the case, then the Tech should be making more than just ONE call. SERVICE REALLY SUCKS AT TIME WARNER

  30. I am Switching to Verizon. you are just a hungry pig, how dear you cancel my favorite channels. You are losing a loyal costumer.. in fact I will tell my family and friend to cancel their accounts. Thanks for your service and Good “BYE”

  31. I am trying to understand why most of the channels are out this is going to make a lot of people go to another cable company just don’t know what you guys are doing and then the price is still high as I don’t know what pls give some light on this

  32. What up with twc cable app. It been down for a long long time and is not working yet. Called Technical support twice and they have not fixed it yet. Just wondering why..

  33. Absolute worst customer service! Called because my Internet AND cable are not working and rather than putting me in touch with someone, the automated machine says “there is a service issue in your area and our reps have no more information at this time.” It did not even give me an option to speak with anyone!

    Horrendous, possibly the worst company ever.

  34. Your installation personnel are not very well trained. The technician hooked up my internet service and disconnected my Dish Satellite TV Service. After 6 hours of phone calls and assurances that I would get a call back the same day I finally gave up at 10 pm. I find the customer service severely lacking. This wouldn’t have been so bad if this had happened on monday – thursday but no it happened on a Friday afternoon and no one seems to care about correcting the problem. If he would have left the cable we could have reconnected it but not so lucky, he took all of it with him. Thanks for re-enforcing my opinion of just how bad TWC service is capable of being.

  35. you say that you will not post email addresses. I just checked my message and THERE It is . what happened to HONESTY Maybe
    TWC does not know the meaning of honesty

  36. I contacted a TWC Tecnical Rep in regards to Prime Time on Demand for programming in our areas for the period 1 – 6 Octoberr 2013. Nome of the demand program for any network showed programing for October. Prime Time Demand programming was available 24 hours after original showing. What is the status of 24 hour look back? The Tech Rep could only advise writing a comment such as this.

  37. I contacted a TWC Tecnical Rep in regards to Prime Time on Demand for programming in our areas for the period 1 – 6 Octoberr 2013. Nome of the demand program for any network showed programing for October. Prime Time Demand programming was available 24 hours after original showing. What is the status of 24 hour look back? The Tech Rep could only advise writing a comment such as this.

  38. I can not believe TIME WARNER IGNORES SAFETY of it’s customers even when it’s cable presents an ELECTROCUTION HAZARD.
    I am used to poor service in all other aspects of service, but safety of the public should generate immediate service. If you have a “DOWNED LINE” in your yard “DO NOT TOUCH IT”. Even though Time Warner will tell you it is ok to grab it, wrap it up or cut it (actual instructions related to me by Time Warner)DO NOT TOUCH THIS CABLE unless a “qualified person” has determined it is safe and not energized. During storms or due to improper installation, cables do come down. They may become energized by coming in contact with surrounding conductors.
    Time Warner has no one to take “Trouble Calls” and will ignore your requests to make their cable safe. Call your local power company to come inspect and if the downed cable presents a hazard they should make the situation safe. I have tried endlessly for over a month through phone calls, missed appointments to get Time Warner to remove this hazard from my yard. They finally sent an employee out when I was not home and all he did was cut the line 6 feet from the ground, leaving the loose mid-span tail of cable to dangle free. It is still unsafe, but is a clear demonstration that Time Warner does not recognize the need for public safety.
    Your safety is your responsibility and they will not respond to your calls for service. Exercise extreme caution and do not touch or approach any downed lines in your yard.
    **Also, HD antenna works great and is less than the cost of one month of cable. Ask me how I discovered this.

    • They never even buried our lines, said they would be back to do it and never came back! Now they have lost my payment of $143 mailed on Oct 31st here it is 15 days later and they still have not received it….bull crap!! And as for the cable channels they suck!! pay over $140 per month and have crap for tv!! liars and thieves.told me to send a copy of my money order to prove I paid it, but now they can’t tell me if they received it! I have a receipt to prove I used the town hall office to do , so I would get a receipt of transaction. ugh now I have a disconnect and I proved payment was sent!! Not happy at all in down east maine

  39. TW is the worst company to deal with, they pass you on to another department and everybody you talk to says they can help-I have been dealing with a simple request since last Monday-I have spent hours and dasy trying to get this figured out, I have been given order numbers and then another department says we can’t, I am so frustrated and about to lose a tenant who just signed a years lease,and I will file a claim against TW if this happens

  40. I am writing to express my utmost dissatisfaction because of the response I received regarding my needs for techical services as of today. I called for technical support about 2 pm and received help but the technician was unable to repair my TV services. He informed me that a technician would come to my house between 5 and 6 pm to restore the services, but noone came. I called technical services at 5:50 pm to find out why no-one had come to retore my TV services and the technician refused to address my request of why non-one had come to my house as I was informed. Hes replied that there was no record of my call to Time Warner technical services and that there was no plans for anyone to come to my house and he left the phone and about 15 minutes later another technician answered the phone and asked if he could help me and I told him what had happened. He apologized and said that there was no record of any plan to visit my house, but there was a plan to come to my house tomorrow and my reply was why had a Time Warner employee been dishonest with me and again he apologized and I replied that this was not fair, that as a customer I deserved to be told the truth. He said there is nothing I can do today, maybe give you a better deal on my package and I replied that I was not interested and that I was going to cancel my services with Time Warner and that is what I plan to do first thing tomorrow morning.

  41. Where Do I start? The technician could not get my internet working On the installation day. I asked him to cancel it he said he did not know how. He handed me a receipt and left. I called to cancel and was cut off 3 times. When I did get through they said they cancelled it. Then I called back and found out they did not Disconnect it. I was promised a call back from the customer service manager, but did not receive one. There is absolutely no customer service with Time Warner.

  42. We contacted Time Warner at Jasper Indiana interested in the $119.99 bundled package and the installation time was set for Friday, 12-6-13 at 10:00. The technician didn’t show up and called to cancel at 1:30. The installation was rescheduled for Monday 12-9-13 at 1:30. The cable kid arrived late and after a 10 minute stay he said our free installation was going to cost us over $300 and possibly over $350. He also said we had cable before and the wiring was old. I built the house and have been the only occupant. We never have had cable. The cable kid then calls me at work and asks if my electric service has been ran underground. Apparently he did not consider looking for overhead lines. A Time Warner representative told me later the work order stated it was a new installation and the extra cost was because it was a “custom” job. I explained it was a simple routing job due to the unique 2 foot high open space above the drop ceiling that accessed all rooms without any barriers or walls. If the cable kid would have stayed more than 10 minutes it would have been obvious.

    My wife saw this as yet another delay and called Frontier to repair our internet. It had been off for almost 4 days. Frontier said they turned it off at the request of Time Warner on Friday, the day of the first installation appointment. Really? Frontier also said it was a good thing we called as they were also going to turn off our TV and telephone at 6:00, an hour and a half from then, and we would have to pay a reconnect fee and enter another 2 year contract, the very same one we were trying to leave. Time Warner was once again called and asked about this covert cancellation and they denied all of it.

    I viewed Time Warner’s web site and I find they/you have a customer service rating of 1.6 of a possible 5. Not surprising.

    I’m leaving before I even enter.

  43. I wish to write a commendation for one of your customer service representatives. Can a customer service supervisor please contact me via email.

  44. I am seriously about to cancel my service & go with Verizon. I called a few weeks ago & had my service/package adjusted because my bill was too high. Not only did this service never go into effect but when I tried calling about it today, I had my call transfered 3 + times & was hung up on repeatedly! Customer service was NON EXISTANT! This comapany is a joke! For what I pay a month I expect my calls to be at least answered correctly. I am SO frustrated right now I can’t stand it. I was promised something a few weeks ago & then had them completely ignore what we agreed on. Well, Verizon FIOS is now in my area so so Time Warner but YOU LOSE!!!

  45. I just had time warner installed 12/21/13 with a package I thought. I paid the installer $102 by credit card. Today I received a bill for another $102. I called customer service and got someone I did not understand and I don’t think he understood me.I also noticed on my bill a charge for HBO.I was told that was free because I wouldn’t have ordered it.I don’t think this is how I want my first week with TEC. Thank you you I think.

  46. Misery likes company. After reading everyone else’s complaints I feel a little bit better about the three hours and forty five minutes I spent on the phone with TW yesterday. I have to admit that a few of these minutes were spent on the line with EarthLink because TW said Earthlink could solve part of my problem. The rude and barely understandable EL staff soon transferred me back to TW.
    My problem started on December 23 when I called the TW selective number shown on my bill to arrange a seasonal disconnect starting on the 29 the when we would be out of the State. On 1/13/2014 a bill was forwarded to us at our winter home showing that the service was never disconnected and that all premium channels had been added to our bill. Instead of stopping our service as requested they added services to raise the bill from the normal $135 to $217 per month. During my afternoon on the phone I cycled thru the TW offices THREE times. I will admit that all the staff was polite and most could speak good English. However, the only thing most would do was apologize and transfer me to another unit. In case someone from TW happens to read this I would like to say that two staff members, Luis in South America and Jack in the US were actually helpful and helped to eliminate part of the problem.
    It became clear that the costumer service staff is very poorly trained at best. For example, one person said Earthlink was just another name for TW and another person said there was no connection between the two. Most staff members were at various points in between. In another case one staff member told me that my seasonal disconnect did not go thru because of certain rules, a second person said that information was totally wrong and gave another explanation, a third person did not have any idea what a seasonal disconnect really was. The only thing several of the reps agreed on is that part of the problem was caused because I followed the directions on the bill and called the phone number provided. How bad is that????
    On a positive note I used the same procedure to seasonally disconnect service a year earlier and it caused no problems. This year is a nightmare. Also, I blame management far more than the poor staff that must listen to all our complaints. It seems like the only training they are given is to say I am sorry and then transfer us to another person.

  47. In Nov my bill went up and I was not advised at orignal set up that it would. When I called to clear this up, I was transferred around, hung up on and left on hold. I kept calling all the way up through Dec 11th. The supervisor stated they were going to make things right and told me I did not need extreme wi-fi if I don’t game in which I don’t as I am a 50 year old stuggling woman. They adjusted my service and got the bill down to $102 in which I feel is still high considering I don’t have cable througout my home and only limited stations in my room upstairs. I continously have issues and can never get through to a happy upbeat helpful person who is ready to assist. All the agents act as if you are complaining for no reason. I was sick for almost a month and my computer crashed yet a friend advised me I did not have internet around Dec 15th. I had lost my voice and could not call so I phoned last night only to get hung up on, transferred around and last got a supervisor who told me basically to quit whinning and if I want my wi-fi back then bill goes up to $119. Let me make this clear, all of the agents and actions support a facebook page about Time Warner and also the surveys conducted stating you have the lowest scores ever in customer service and service in general. There are other companies out there with better service, definately better prices and a staff that is willing to assist. I am going to cancel completely and do not feel that I should have to pay you for internet when I did not have the complete package and was not advised I would not have it. You are giving new customers tablets and better deals to lure them in and when I asked for a free tablet and better service he wanted to increase my bill by $69 dollars and told me I had to wait 3 months to get tablet making sure my bills were paid on time. I have great credit with you guys. I am going to send a copy of my letter along with dates and times and who I spoke with to your CEO and also to the newspaper and anyone else who will listen to my story. You seriously need to clean house of all your negative agents and come up with an affordable plan that compares to the latest company. We no longer have to use your company as we have other options now. I would like to see my December bill adjusted to “0” and a better plan offered to me to stay. Calling customer service by phone is long and painful with no results. Your last supervisor told me I was getting some things for free and should be happy and if not go somewhere else.

    Really????? I think I will………………
    D Murphy

  48. Bin a customer for 17 years,2 days trying to get my cable to work,missing most of my Chanel,went to exchange my box yesterday a supervisor name iris was very nasty she told me she not a technician so can’t fully help me on second day waiting for manager to call me,meanwhile a technical person coming to my next door nab for same problem I have with my cable today,I have to wait till Thursday for them to come to me,also waiting 2day for manager,3day cable problem.

  49. So I missed a third of the Super Bowl because of your screw-up. Soon I will be receiving a mailer from you saying how great your service is! Well, if I could change my service today, I would. The next time my city considers retaining you for the franchise, I’m going to tell them to dump you, just like you did to me.

  50. I have something NICE to say (for once!) about one of your reps. His name is Wilfredo Manlongat. For almost 5 mos. our two phone lines were virtually useless – words at both ends would be suddenly dropped. I had several service calls (useless) and even bought an expensive set of new phones at the suggestion of one. This man who came today had the brains to bring a new modem! The problem was NEVER my phone – it was Time Warner’s modem! So simple, yet it took 5 mos. and the right person to fix it! Thank goodness there are still a few people with brains.

  51. I needed to pay my bill and exchange a broken remote control. I went to the Atlantic Avenue office in Raleigh NC. Upon entering I noticed at least 35 people waiting for service. There were only 3 TWC service people waiting on customers. I was told to sign in and take a number. I did that and asked how long the wait was. The TWC person said about an hour. I took the number and went outside. A lady leaving said that she waited an hour and forty five minutes. People were pissed off. I left and mailed in my bill and still have the broken remote.

    This is unacceptable service. The TWC rep told me that this was a new policy that started up a few weeks ago.

    If you have an alternative service option, do not use TWC. I am going to check out ATT U-Verse. They have a bad rep for service but are less money each month.

    I wish this will be seen by the TWC people. But most likely not.
    I wonder if this is the result of the pending merger with Comcast.


  52. We have Time Warner and would like the internet, TV package that is currently being offered for $79.99. Every time we call and speak to customer service, they hang up on us.
    On 1/30 we changed our speed from EarthLink to Time Warner & there was a special for Turbo which was the price of standard internet.
    On 2/3rd, we were downgraded (without our knowledge or permission) until 2/14th when we called questioning our speed.
    We have been on the phone over 10 times and during that time we have changed our box twice. We have waited for 10 days to have a technician to come to our home to change our box.
    We have had nothing but problems and unprofessional customer service and would like to solve this issue as quickly as possible.

  53. you need to stop calling me every 2hrs. I have a receipt for 2/12/14 where it shows my bill is payed. stop calling me. if you had good custermer service you could talk to people on the phone instead of that automated system where I cannot prove my payment,rest assure when you open tomorrow I will be in your sorry office with your sorry receipt ,for your sorry service

  54. I would like to compliment JOY who assisted me in the office and martin, tech # 4106, for their courtesy and professional service in restoring my T V service . I would give them the highest rating. Paul Christopher 912 Greenwood Lane Waco, Tx.

  55. During the holidays TWC had a great prom. A free Samsung tablet.
    I changed my phone from ATT to time warner. service is good. Now I want my Samsung tablet. First I stopped by my local office the lady working there she she had nothing to do with the promos, this was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I came home and decided to call, I called one number, was on hold for 20 minutes when the rep finally answered they gave me another number I called waited 25 min to talk to someone they gave me another number this went on all afternoon finally the last number I was told to call put me right back to the very first recording. I was ready to cry. I honestly believe that the tablet promo was a scam. I want the Samsung tab I was promised when I upgraded.I would like you to stop giving me the run around.

  56. Customer service was poor for many years,because when I tried to change or had any good promotion,the answer was No because already had a good deal,but on TV promotions show completed different….Had internet problems for 4 mont’s,when I’ll call was answer machine with directions to how connecting and disconnecting a model,when talk to a person said they try to resolve a problem in my area and take like 4 days to be fixed.After 3 weeks call back and a person said oh sorry but I’ll be fixed for you,was working ok 1 week after that we has to connect and disconnect a model for many times.I very upset with time warner cable because never offer any compensation any good deal.Only my bill was up because was better internet and cable,but wasn’t thru.Now when I’ll call to cancel this bad service the person who answer the call ask for pin,like never had,and said if I not had that pin she couldn’t completed this service,I’m so mad and hung up,when call back the another person offer $ 50.00 discount and send the technician next day,but it was too late because I already make a contract with another company with better service and lest money…Also now time warner cable will charge for cancel a bad service too and already charge $110.00 om march 9/14 for cable and internet and my service suposed to end 3/18/14????.I’ll call to cancel 3/5/2014 around 4:30 pm….TIME WARNER CABLE NEED TO CHANGE FOR KEEP THE CUSTOMER HAPPY..SERVICE SOO POOR AND CHARGE TOO MUCH..i WAS LONG TIME CLIENT FOR THIS COMPANY AND NEVER HAD ANYTHING FROM THEN.

  57. I made five phone calls and received two phone calls regarding new service I was trying to activate, they couldn’t get my name or phone number right on two occasions, originally scheduled me for a sat morning installation, then called me Friday afternoon before my scheduled installation to tell me I was scheduled for installation on the following Thursday, six days after original scheduled time. I called them sat morning to change my order to only internet as I decided to go with a different cable provider, and was told they wre changing my order to be just internet, and that my scheduled time was to be thurs 3-6-14 at two. The service guy shows up on Thursday ready to install cable, internet, and phone also telling me that I had to pay 130.00 up front, of which I had been told the previous Friday that I would not be paying installation charges. I called customer service to get it straightened out, and was told that they would have to cancel order and start over and reschedule a tech for another time, all while the service tech is standing in my living room!!! Huh, she couldn’t just change the order and tell him what I wanted, and what happened to the sat call I made to already change it, excuse was computers were down all weekend, no one knows, well they clearly don’t want my money!

  58. worst costumer service ever!!! after placed on hold for 10 minutes, transferred to several different costumer service representatives that tell you that they cannot help and need to transfer you again, 45 minutes on the phone several times. you are even given an option to leave a message, no one calls you back, you email, no one responds to you emails. what is going on with this company. I am wondering if upper management was made aware of this or are aware of this and don’t care?



  61. I called to report the guide would not work had to wait for 12 minutes and still have got to talk to a human. Now for 3rd time I am on hold again with 6-9 minute wait, so here we go wait and wait some more. You really need to speed up customer service. And the music really sucks too. Well I have waited another 15 minutes and still that sucky music so I am giving up till tomorrow. Time Warner your customer service is really bad bad.

  62. I should have known better to think that maybe TWC has gotten better with their customer service…..I lost my job and asked for an extension in which I told them I got paid on the 15th and would make the payment through my bank on line bill pay, which takes a couple of days for them to receive it…. I did so and the 16th my service was cut off and their offices are closed today. So no service. I have already got another service which they were happy to get my business and are installing tomorrow. If I were Coach Cower, I wouldn’t stake my winning reputation with such a loser, no matter how much they paid me…. Time Warner….you are benched!

  63. parents tried getting service for over a MONTH. Was told they had to wait a whole week and that they would be here today. Now being told they are not coming out until next week to install internet. They work and go to school online. I think they need to get their act together before they get put out of business.

  64. I have called TWCABLE twice this morning and tried to talk to a representative. Both times I was transferred and then cut off. Is there a problem?

  65. Returned our equipment to the Yuma, AZ office. Deplorable service! We had to wait 3 hours, standing the entire time outside in the heat as the small office was already crowded with around 25 to 30 people. We were not the only people waiting outside. We cancelled our service and next year we will use our satellite dish (Direct TV). From the comments I heard, many of your customers will also be switching to satellite. To make matters worst the Time Warner customers we were not allowed to use the bathroom. The sign posted “no bathroom for the public use.” Off the street people “NO”, but customers, common on. You have a terrible management team running that office. Disgraceful.

  66. Bad service!!!! The technicians have been to my house (3) times and now they tell me they need to come again to check the signal. That is odd, because they checked it the last (3) times, which I watched them do. This tells me the Technicians don’t know what they are doing. I have to take time off work to meet them each time, and now they want to come again, which means I have to take more time off work… Which is worse, is they say that the Technician will call first before they come, and, if no one answers the phone they will not come, what if I’m in the bathroom, or in the basement doing laundry, or out side doing chores and miss the call. Which means I have to take more time because they have a new policy that does not make any sense… The average person is going to make sure they are home when the technician is supposed to come, because they want their TV, phone or, internet working correctly. Furthermore, I have had my cable boxes changed each time they came, and, I have changed them out (3) times myself. That is (6) boxes and (3) visits, not to mention, I can’t tell you how many times I have had to call them, and still, they can’t get it right!!!! One more thing, I’m sick and tired of calling and getting someone in a foreign country, who can’t understand what you are saying and, you can’t understand they either. I think it’s time to call Direct TV!!!!!

  67. I would like to know WHY the emergency alert message is run 3 or 4 TIMES a week instead of just once like its supposed to. also the FCC has ruled that stations are to be sound level controlled. WHY do we have such a fluctuation in sound level? Seems to me a LOT of things you do aren’t exacvtly legal

  68. Acct 8448400510424661. Channel 166 was blacked out at least 8 hours last night. CC was on. This is happening frequently. Other channels were on. Also, since I dropped package with showtime you have cancelled channels 167, 168 and 169. Why? I want networks we enjoy. ALSO, very annoying to find the same movie showing twenty times while I’m looking for programs I want to watch. I think it is fair to write you regarding my disappointments with TWC; but, is time for me to research and find a another provier. Addition: tired of rising prices and less good programs!

  69. I have complained about my problem many times and still it persists I obviously have crossed lines in my telephone and still am awakened in the middle of the night with a ringing phone. And then I have the city of Los Angeles on the line and whoever I talk to has no idea what is happening Time Warner does not either

  70. I’ve have not been happy with this company ever since I was forced to use them as my TV and Internet service provider. It has really made me miss AT&T U-verse. As soon as I move from my apartment complex in and area where I can have an OPTION of who provides internet and cable, I’m ditching Time Warner in a heart beat. I get very frustrated with the constant technical issues with the internet (mostly at night time) to where i’m paying for 22 Mbps when it will sometimes drop down to 4.96. (mind you my bill is $112 a month for just cable and internet). The TV interface isn’t near as advanced at AT&T U-verse and does not give yo much room to save on the DVR. I honestly feel like TW services is a bootleg/2nd hand version of AT&T. I not happy with their services and cannot wait to move back to a better company.

  71. Time Warner transferred me 12 different times and still did not help. I had our service disconnected and the tech did not take the equipment even though it was out and available. I tried to contact time warner but was transferred too many times and disconnected 4 different times. They charged the account $101.00 for unreturned modem. Now they tell me my only option is to take the modem to a time warner office. I will make sure that everyone I know disconnects their services as well.

    I think I will contact TV stations to do a story on Time Warner and their lack of service.


  72. Dear Time Warner folks,

    well, if I only could pay the way you provide service, that would be great, like cut a few hours out every week!

    No wonder you sold/merged with Comcast, if I would have another
    choice I sure would do something other, too.

    Being a former customer of Comcast, I already know that the service will be ok but we get charged accordingly, a little more than accordingly!!

    Just keep in mind that more and more people cancel TV and use computers for their entertainment, not everybody has a smartphone.

  73. first, get rid of bill cowher , your commercials suck, i had the phone, internet and basic cable and it was 147.00, why? also why in god’s name has forrest gump been on 20 times in last 3 days? you can do better.

  74. Internet service is constantly being dropped on your service. I am about to considering getting service from another provider.

  75. After reading all the post and complaints. I wonder how this company stays in business. My cable box has to be reset over and over and over. I really hate talking with the techs from the over seas…. Then I had to replace the box because it kept deleting our recordings. Today I had to talk to someone about my bill which you charged double. Then i came into the room to watch TV, noticed it said This cable box is not authorized for service…. please call your cable divison.. We will have to send out a tech to view your box that will be tomorrow.. All of that happened just because I called on my bill. This is the worst cable comapany I have ever had to deal with!!!!!

  76. I would like to compliment Time Warner Cable Representative Jean in the Philippines. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant.

  77. I had Time Warner Cable several years ago. Wised up and switched to Direct TV that we are very pleased with. Had owed $50 to Time Warner. Didn’t pay it as I was fed up with them. $50 went to a collection agency who called my house EVERY day so I paid it. They didn’t report it paid and it is still showing on my credit report. $50!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to get this straightened out. Time Warner doesn’t seem to care and are not trying to help me. I will continue to call them every day if I have to. This WILL get cleared up. I would not recommend Time Warner to ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. I was left hanging on the line for so long I had to hang up twice im trying to get a bundle pkg. thank you.

  79. Ill never forget the way twc handled this dodger beef. Your all greedy pigs.just because yoou have rights to the dodgers doesn’t make you a relevant prrovider. I bet your going to regret paying so much for the lakers when noone watches for the next 5 seasons because theye not good. Idiots with do you expect anyone in la to choose you as they’re provider when you handle business like that. I hate everything you stand for. I hope the reprecussions from your greed become insurmountable. Sorry excuse for an american company.

  80. Time Warner Cable customer service SUCKS!!!!! I have been trying to complete an account assumption change for over 2 months now. I have filled out all the necessary paperwork, and had it notarized and still no change. Every time I try to call them I get transferred from department to department with no results!!! They are horrible!!!! Nobody wants to take any responsibility!!!! They should be shut down!!!!!

  81. After 13 years with Time Warner, I disconnected on April 2, 2014. After getting bills I did not owe, and having to call to get them straighten out, a bill arrived saying I owed for a modem which had been replaced by my own over a year ago. Several things have made me very unhappy with this.

    First, I was not made aware that I needed to return their modem. I did not install it. TW delivered it (I’ve had three over 13 years) and I have no obligation to deliver it to them. I have no agreement with TW saying I must return their equipment to them in the event of a disconnect. Since no one came to pick it up, I assumed that it was of no longer any use to TW. I probably got rid of it as another piece of tech junk cluttering up my space.

    Secondly, if there was an issue about me returning it, nothing was said about it until I asked for a disconnect. Then a bill arrives asking for payment of the modem.

    Thirdly, after being a faithful customer for over 13 years, and paying my bills promptly, it roils me to know that other people were getting special deals to start service with TW while I, as a regular customer, never got any breaks. I’ve paid for this modem several times over. O yes, of course, when I asked for a disconnect someone called me to offer me a much better deal. This is a poor business practice–and all of the cable companies participate in this ungrateful practice with regular customers.

    Until I got this bill for the modem, I was asking myself whether I might ever return to TW again. My experience with the disconnect makes that extremely doubtful.

  82. I have been having trouble with my t.v. service for about 2 weeks. Changed cable boxes, calling to have signal resent etc. Finally got a technician. Everything appears to be working correctly on my end. According to technician, problem appears to be city-wide and only basically affects one network, CBS, whether regular t.v. or h. d. According to technician, everyone claims that the signal going into the main box is fine, it is just when it leaves the main junction going to residences that the problem occurs. In the meantime I am paying for a service that I am not receiving. My bill continues to go up almost monthly while the quality of the service goes down. Someone needs to check into the problem and either get if fixed or risk losing customers.

  83. You used to mail a listing of TWC TV channels so I could
    find the Discovery Channel, etc
    You don’t do this and your web site is no help. It does not show all channels.

    help !

    Cliff Ginn

  84. We got tired of all your crap..super bowl was the last straw for my roomate!! We swithced service(it’s great) but after several calls and trying to make contact on line to TWC to take back the cable box or where to drop it off..nothing. You people are LOSERS!!!!! Buyers Beware!!

  85. Our TV has been going off and on at any given time for a month. I finally called last evening and after being on hold with music I. Finally got a Rep to answer and he claimed he could not hear anyone on the other end of the call., Today I looked up this tech support number and when I called, the first recording I get is telling me that if I do not want advertising to call another number. We pay $105.00 &for – for internet and cable and this is what I get? What has happened to Time Warner. ? Thanks for listening if there is anyone listening.

  86. The digital service for time warner is BELOW sub-par. During this week alone, 90% of what I recorded on my dvr was impossible to watch due to almost constant pixilation. I decided to try watching somebody the content on demand. No better. The shows stopped playing a few minutes in and were then unavailable. I am researching new avenues for my home entertainment providers. I no longer want to worry if I can watch my favorite programming.

  87. Don’t use time warner in austin or any where! Their customer service dept. is absolutely horrible! When you are having cable problems all they do is put you on hold for days on end! I’ve been on hold for 4 hrs. since Fri, May 16th, 2014, & still no response! And when I finally was able to talk to a real person, he just said they would have to return my call within 48 hrs.! When you pay for your service, you should expect to be taken care of within a reasonable amount of time! DON’T USE TIME WARNER CABLE PERIOD! THEY DO NOT HAVE THEIR CUSTOMERS BEST INTEREST IN MIND! THEY ONLY WANT MORE CUSTOMERS & THEY CAN NOT EVEN KEEP UP WITH THE CUSTOMERS THEY HAVE ALL READY!

  88. The service people have all been great ,as far as they can go .
    I am very disappointed in the Time Warner (Scientific Atlanta) HD box . There in no working IR port for a remote IR bud . I have always had my equipment in a cabinet with a small IR bud like used with the Time Warner Digitl Adapter successfully for a clean look .
    Time Warner had no clue how to even recommend a product which will help . I can’t be the only person here who wants this option .

  89. Your customer service is awful your equipment is junk had nothing but problems with the cable changed box and still not working right, i pay the bill on time and get awful service not to mention I am not getting any credit for lost channels i pay for a package and expect to get what i pay for and if i do not then time warner should give me credit for lost service but to date all i get is a run a round not real impressed with your service

  90. So its Memorial Day week honoring those who serve(d) our country. So I put on the Sounds of the Seasons music channel expecting to hear some patriotic music, but instead, I hear the macarana, michael jackson, lenny kravetz, all singing God knows what. So I can only presume TWC does better tommorow, Monday, may26.

  91. Maybe TWC is afraid to offend someone by playing patriotic music, or maybe they’ve just not patriotic.

  92. Why on earth did you decide to change all the channels??? Even with your channel guide, the channels I had been viewing up until 5/28/14 were fine, but they have now all changed and I cant find any of the channels I had watched in the past. I pay over 200 per month for service and I am quite disgusted at this point. Your channel guide u sent in the mail is useless, now, I have to scroll through each and every single channel to get what I once had–what were you thinking by changing everything??? My monthly bill will probably be higher in a month or two, which could probably steer me toward Verizon. I am highly disappointed with this change…..

  93. Your service gets worse and worse; my bill gets higher and higher. You must think your customers are idiots, the kind who just pay and stay quiet. For the past three days, the cable goes out–at about 3:30 P.M. Of course your recording claims no outages in this area. I reboot about seven times a week. These outages happen at the same time each day and have occurred every month. If your money-mongers or CEO’s were in my place, they would pay only for the days they had cable. Why can’t I? You can’t blame the people in India. If Time-Warner is an American company, then they are a disgusting example.

  94. TV is out of service once again and you are the most hated cable company In the United States and once AT&T U-Verse in in the area I am leaving Time Warner and having a jerk like cower doing your tv commercials is a joke like he is making so much money from sports and you have to get him you hurting and am glad Comcast bought you ought!

  95. I needed to cancel my internet service. The individual I was speaking to refused to listen to what I had to say. Rather then completing my request the call taker kept giving me options to save me money. Several times I simply stated all I wanted to do was cancel my internet. Again he didn’t listen to me until I ask to talk to a supervisor. Even at that point he tried selling me a different savings package. I finally said if he doesn’t honor my request to cancel my internet I was going to drop Time Warner and go to Direct TV. At that point he finally agreed to honored my request but with a very unfriendly voice.
    It’s to bad Time Warner is more about quantity rather then quality.
    After 40 years of being a Time Warner customer it’s a shame how I was treated.

  96. I just moved and prior to my move I called several times so that I could get on the schedule early and have very little interruption in my service. We depend on our internet to do some business from home so the internet was important. I got it all set up and it was perfect and then for some unknown reason the technician showed up at the house three days before our move. A neighbor called to tell me. I called and was told yes they made a mistake and now they could not get someone out until three days after I moved. I was upset because of our business and was told by the customer service person that I had no reason to be upset, but his manager said that he would try and get me in and would call the next day. No call so I called and was told that the 10th is the soonest. I called one more time before our move and to my delight I was told that they did work me in and to be at the new place the next day between 8and 9 to meet the technician. My husband was there waiting but no one showed up. I called very upset that again we were told something and it didn’t happen. Your customer support staff was uncaring and again said that someone would be there three days after the move. I’m still waiting for some service. You can bet they will charge me for all the non-service and I will have to fight with them to have the charges taken off. If we ran our business like this, we would have no business. I do know I’m not alone, everyone I tell this story to tells me their horror story abut Time Warner. Do you just not care about your customers? Someday you will likely regret putting your customers last.

  97. I am not here to complain about the customer service. For The most part Time Warner’s services has been great. However whoever is in charge of their location identification, has missed the boat. When the GPS takes you to the wrong location, even though you have used the address they’ve given, that is very unprofessional for such a big company.
    I have a small business and I had the same problem until I corrected the map and the location for the GPS.
    Please have someone correct this so that your customers don’t have to waste an hour trying to find your location. If It’s not convenient for your customers you will probably lose them. S Palmer

  98. I am not here to complain about the customer service. For The most part Time Warner’s services has been great. However whoever is in charge of their location identification, has missed the boat. When the GPS takes you to the wrong location, even though you have used the address they’ve given, that is very unprofessional for such a big company.
    I have a small business and I had the same problem until I corrected the map and the location for the GPS.
    Please have someone correct this so that your customers don’t have to waste an hour trying to find your location. If It’s not convenient for your customers you will probably lose them. S Palmer

  99. I CAROL WIMER have been a customer for many years. I will not pay for a box to convert digital signals for my t v. I am looking to change my service to someone else. I will not be bullied into paying more for my services. This will be a {{{SO LONG]]] message.BY BY SOON!!!

  100. Time Warner Sucks. I hate doing business with you people and will encourage my spouse to take our business elsewhere. ANYWHERE! Day 3 (this week – not counting the days last week) of no EMAIL SERVICE. Lucky the cable is even working since it usually does not. If I could rate your service, I would give you F-.

  101. I am John’s daughter, Luann. I handle all of my dad’s bills and such. I made an appointment for a technition to fine tune the digital adapter since we had problems. This man was so courtious to me and my dad. He knew exactly what needed to be done.He explained the new control and set the sound for my dad. Also, I wanted the TW voicemail on the phone disabled so that his answering machine would take over since he knows how to work that. He took care of that too! We have never had a tech so kind and helpful. My dad is 86 yrs. old and not too technically up on the latest. I so appreciate the professional you sent. He said he was tech # 9 to the lady he spoke to about the voicemail. Thank You, Time Warner!

  102. I have had the worst customer service with Time Warner Cable. They have temporary shut off my internet even though they have already processed my payment (Check by way of ACH) and then wants me to produce all of the burdens of proof for free. Then when I talked to the supervisor they said, oh well, we will not give you any credit or anything even though it is our fault if you paid like you said you did. This is rediculous and I do not like this type of customer service because there was no customer service. When I get a chance I am cancelling my service.
    Unhappy Customer!

  103. my internet has been out all day (6-16-2014) and trying to get a live tech is like trying to pull a wisdom tooth. I ‘ve been with them since 1999 and I’ve got a made-up mind to switch to att.

  104. I’m so disappointed with the services of Time Warner ,
    I can’t begin to say how frustrated my family
    and I are with our Internet and phone which
    Neither have been working for over 10 days
    And TW can not provide any answer . Service
    Sucs , no one to help , we left Direct Tv so we csn
    Have cable , so bad weather won’t effect the service
    With dish , boy I was wrong , . So I am throwing
    Out their equipment and trying another provider.
    TW you should not be in this business.

  105. Its been 4 days without being able to get my EMAILS, I keep getting told they are fixing the problem but Im starting to think they are not. This is such a huge inconvenience for me and I feel like no one really cares. Im seriously considering going somewhere else for my services if this keeps up.

  106. Have had service for quite some time (months) and had noticed that some channels would come and go or had bad audio or distorted video.I eventually took time off work to go to the local TWC office to exchange the cable box because I assumed that may be the problem. The new box did not resolve my issues so I called tech support and the rep could not fix it remotely. A tech eventually came to my home and he said the signal was very poor and he had to install a booster, which worked. No offer of compensation for months of poor service was offered. Yesterday my service was disconnected so I called TWC and was told it was for nonpayment of the bill. I tried to contact my son who was out of town and who handles this, but was unable reach him so I made a payment on the phone of $193 using my debit card. I was told that it was the amount owing. My service was to be restored within minutes. An hour later I still did not have service so I called TWC again and was told that there is a balance of $283 still owing and I have to make the payment. I informed the person that an hour ago I made a payment as requested of $193 and the rep said the payment did not show up on my account. The rep insisted that I have to make the payment-again for the amount. I refused and eventually they tracked the payment made and it was shown to be credited to some else’s account and that I would have to wait 10 days until the funds were retrieved and credited to my account before my service could be restored. In the meantime, I was able to reach my son who said that payments are charged automatically to his credit card and that I should not have made any payments. I spent all day talking to various twc reps and had been hung-up on or cut-off and had not been helped.At the end of the day I demanded to speak to the twc manager who temporarily restored my service until the misdirected payment was retrieved. All issues still have not been fixed.
    During my conversation with different reps, I was literally laughed and giggled at on the phone and one had the nerve to say it was not his problem nor did he cause the problem. I thought customer service reps’ jobs were to help customers. He was extremely rude as far as I was concerned. I am currently looking for an alternate tv service and as soon as that happens I will sever ties with TWC.

  107. The last few months with time warner have been awful, with this last request today, the worst and leaving me with a decision to discontinue my service. first my bill goes up $10.00, they take away channels (4) and today I awake to a message on my box noCA. I communicate with two people, the 2nd’s final dx was that lots of people have accessed my service and my PC (which I have through ATT) is causing all of the viruses and to clean it up, I need to take to nearest Microsoft office, cost $250-300. for level 5 certified tech or use TW level 1 tech with a cost of $99.00 and taking 3-5 days to repair. if the problem is with my PC through ATT what does that have to do with my tv service through Time Warner! DONE!!

  108. I have been a customer of Oceanic for more than 10 years. In the past few months internet service has been horrible. I’m upset when I see your TV commercials talking about #1 cheaper, #2 reliable internet service. Numerous friends, relatives are switching to Hawn TelCom, because they cannot tolerate such slow internet service. What are you doing about it, please do not force me to changes services too. Thanks Paula Daligcon

  109. WE WANTED TO UPGRADE TO WIRELESS HAD AN APPOINTMENT BETWEEN 6 AND 7PM 730 NO ONE SHOWS OR EVEN A PHONE CALL SO I CALL HES BUSY THEY SAID 830PM COMES STILL NO ONE SHOWS AND NO PHONE CALL I CALL BACK THEY SAID HES STILL BUSY, YEA BUSY SITTING UNDER A tree somewhere im in pest control i no about customer service is and what being on time means if im going to be late then i call so now we dont have what we wanted i took off early from work and kept my kids up late for nothing. time warner sucks and i will be canceling our internet and going to frontier.

  110. We have not been able to “receive” e-mail (sending, etc. is fine) since early last week. We called and reported it twice and were told thousands were affected and it would be corrected in a ‘couple days’. It is getting close to two weeks and still not corrected. Please respond promptly or we will be forced to cancel our service with Time Warner.

  111. The Bill Cowher commercials are disgusting – enough is enough – get rid of them – we are wearing out our remote changing to a different channel while they are on.


  112. Been trying for at least a week to reduce our cable bill and we keep getting the run around. Hey twc! Ever wonder why you rank dead last in customer service?

  113. I believe you are hiring idiots. I had a problem with the search feature on my cable tv. 2 of your agents were unaware that Time Warner was updating that information. Also, I asked if the new channel line up guide was available in large print. At first, I was told yes and that a new guide would be sent to me. However, the next time I called the tech said that information was incorrect. I am soooo fed up with Time Warner. If I could switch to FIOS I would.

  114. you have the absolute worse customer service last sunday i spoke to a sutalked to tech thur night over 2 hrs pervisor after talking to a tech for over 1 hr she said my problem would be fixed by the time i returned home on thur as i was going out of town when i came home there was no t rking

  115. YOUR SERVICE IS SO BAD. I have been trying for 2 years to change my account to my name as my Father passed away. I give all the information and then it doesn’t get done. I call again and again and again. Then the credit card that I am using has a magnetic tape problem and nothing can get charged on it until they fix it. Of course the only bill I have on this card is Time Warner so now I find out that I am in arrears. the first time ever. So after talking to TW fro 1 hour and explaining the situation I now have to go to a service center because I have a phone. Ok. So I go to your service center on Maple Road in Williamsville, NY and guess what….. no one is there to open it up. I wait from 8:30-8:50 with others. I have to go to work so now I have to go back and take time from work to do this. I call TW to tell this no one is at their office…. no one cares. Maybe the ex President with the 40 million dollar severance package could help me. Can’t wait for FKIOS. Am going to the FCC The companies in communist Russia operated better.

  116. I contacted customer service to do a phone check on my daughters phone as it had been busy for over 4 hours. The representative’s name that finally helped me was named Bill. He was most helpful and went out of his way to assist by calling my daughter on her cell phone after she left work. He needs to be recognized for his customer service. Thank you

  117. I contacted time warner two weeks ago and told them the cable service and internet cable was laying out in the street for over a week. Where do u still think it is ? It’s been three weeks laying out in street and cars are just running over it. Terrible customer service. Also I try calling everyday and get put on hold.

  118. This is the worst company for customer service. We had an outage in the area and was told our account would be credited, as it would be 2 weeks before they could send a tech to repair the problem. In the meantime, we found another provider and cancelled our account. The rep I spoke with stated they would not honor the credit to our acct balance. I stated “so what your saying is your company lies to consumers and that’s ok”? after a long hesitation the representative replied “yes”! I am shocked and disgusted.

  119. Chief complaint: You hire too many tech support employees that can’t speak good English, most of them appear to be from the middle east, they talk too fast, you have to have the repeat what they are saying too many times or to slow down. One of your qualifications should be that they speak clearly, it’s frustrating and time consuming when you have a problem. Cheaper is not always better when you contract out of the U.S. Do a test, call in yourself and see what you think!!!!

  120. We had a problem with our remote and cable box. Talked to Judy from Buffalo on 7/3/14 I found her to be extremely friendly, helpful and very thorough in her approach to resolving my problem. It’s nice when you get someone that obviously enjoys her job and goes above and beyond. Thank you Judy!

    • The above name should read Lucy…if you could not put that remark up I would like to rewrite it.

  121. Beck’s Construction Company is building Villa’s across the street from my home, and their excavator bucket hit a cable line on the south side of the construction, they have broken the sheathing protecting the cable and I’m concerned that this may cause problems with the cable service. Can someone stop and look before the cable is backfilled ? Thank You

  122. I am getting discussed with TWC in regards to the service and the excuses that customer service and servicemen provide. The last excuse was that TWC was bought by Comcast so they don’t care anymore. I hated it when you bought Insight and now you sold to Comcast. Their service sucks along with their billing.
    My complaint is that I have reoccurring programs taped and they will tape one week then the next week they don’t and it shows that they were never set up. This is happening on all my TV’s. The remote for all TV’s are not working either. It takes forever to move the curser and to delete a program. As soon as I can I will change to AT&T U-verse. Not a happy customer.

  123. I had signed up for new service online, printed the order and the amounts on the order was totally different than when the tech came to my house. service was stalled and then after waiting on hold for numerous hours I was still not connected with the new service, and then I was put on the lists for coming out another day to hook up service that was set up for a sat. then after I was told that the service tech was not able to be reached by me or twc, for which is ironic that twc has only 1 tech for my area, I find this very disturbing to know if there was an issue with my service if I did have it hooked up for any amount of time and paying for it. now I see why att u-verse is moving in so quickly on twc….customer service sucks, and is very relaxed for being a multi-million dollar a year company….twc fails to realize that paying customers are the reason why you make millions a year….duhhhhh…

  124. Have not had home telephone service for over two weeks again. Have an internet and home service contract but landline phone continues to be a problem. When I can the tech support number given to me by last tech that came to my home the phone drops dead after several minutes of going through the automated system that includes trying to get me to pay for an upcoming expensive pay for view event that I am not interested in. Finally got a hold of a tech who told me that they could not get a tech for me for quite some time and way beyond their reported 48 hr response time. I finally crawled under my computer desk and reset all the equipment. My phone now works but the tech is still trying to get someone to repair my phone system as he states the signal is not responding normally. The customer service area of Time Warner is a disgrace. If this does not improve I will cancel my service and recommend that all the members of my family and my large network of friends do the same. I am very disappointed with TIME WARNER.

  125. Our cable was cut as a result of new construction on June 26, after numerous phone calls probably one per day, they finally fixed it on July 11. We would have changed cable companies but we had no other choices. I think it is a very unprofessional way to run a business!

  126. I am having a lot of trouble getting TWC Wi-Fi to make contact with a Wi-Fi radio two bedrooms away(approx.40ft.) Michael at Appleton, Wisconsin has done an outstanding job trying to solve this problem. Also the serviceman who came to the house to work on the problem personally. He was dispatched by Michael.

    We thought the ATT Uverse phone connection was causing the problem but it has been unplugged and the problem persists.

    I began to suspect all of your personnel were radio active as after some changes and fiddling the Wi-Fi radio would work fine but it would eventually fade out. Dop you have an employee for hire who could stand here forever so my radios would work. Silly question.

    For those not completely up to speed on this problem we have two
    WiFi radios. One is in a bedroom 20/25 feet from the modem in the study and it works fine. The other WiFi radio is in the next bedroom and its connection is another five feet and a wall away
    It works when tweaked but then fades out

    As a sideline, when I had ATT as my computer server there was never a problem with the two radios and nothing in the apartment has changed.

    This essay is only to inform you of the dedication Michael has shown in attempting to solve this problem. He probably has a file as large as the IRS rule book.

    Tomorrow I will call him and request he shuts down your router while I try to install one with more power. Too bad your engineers don’t work as hard as your service personnel.

  127. Absolutely horrifying customer service! We moved to another state and sent our equipment back in the package provided by TIME Warner and then we were told it was shipped to the wrong address. Not our fault since we sent it to where we were told to send it.

    Over the last 6 months time warner refuses to budge on charging us $280 for the equipement that we returned. We have been told on 3 different occasions that this issue has been resolved and on 4 different occasions suprvisors said they would call me back and never returned calls.

    Unbelievable incompetence!

  128. I have never dealt with a company like this one. They do not honor their commitments, do not return promised calls, and lack integrity which any good company needs and even more, protect. I have call many times, spoke to I don’t know how many sales people, and have yet to receive anything close to satisfaction of any kind. All I ask is that promises be kept. I have no choice other to move on to another source. It is a sad day, when a long term customer who pays their bills PRIOR to due date, is treated as I have been treated. Maybe their lack of concern is because of them being purchased. I can’t believe it is a lack of concern for the customer, because if it was, they would not have a company, nor one to sell.

  129. I want all of the commercials that come through on my email to be taken off. I am paying for email service and not for all of those COMMERCIALS. I am frustrated now as it is with my cable and with my email account. I talked to someone the other day and she said I should have channels 1-109 but I am not getting all of those. I am to the point of going to Dish or DIRECT TV.
    Please make these adjustments or I am going to other services.

  130. I am totally frustrated with Time Warner Cable.
    I have requested technician to be sent to fix the internet connection; called again to remind about the appointment to learn nothing was scheduled for the day and time was indicated over the phone.
    This is a rental vacation home from Saturday to Saturday.
    TWC was called two weeks before for same problem which was not fixed losing $1500.00 rental income and now happen again.
    It is hard to believe TWC does not keep records of each telephone call which I did to be sure service was going to be done on date and time indicated.
    I whish the TWC report to the customer the problem found and how to fix it to avoid to call TWC.
    Thank you very much,hoping to hear from you very soon.
    Pablo Souza,MD

  131. I hope your satisfied you felt it neccessry to accept 2 payments out of my bank.I told you that I am on dissbillity and could only pay the past due amount of 87.00.So you debited my account for the 87.00 then I sent you 87.00.Now I an told you can only reimberse me in 21 damn day’s.
    I am going to be over drawn at the bank.There goes at least 70.00.Now what do I do?Buy my medications,eat,or go to a food shelter for help.I will be doing away with the tv.Keeping my internet for communication.
    This is not only uneceptable but also very cruel.
    I hope your company really needed that money so bad.
    Try calling your team and try to access a supervisor and see how you like being put on ignor until you just give up and hang up after being told it will take 21 days to recover your funds.
    One more lost customer!!
    Just another case of the all mighty dollar.
    Tommy W.Jones

  132. I’ve been trying to reduce the cost of my TW bill. Ser. rep Tomi on 6/26 told me I’d be paying $144.93 a mo. Got my new bill for 159.18 a/mo. Called TW ser. rep Chris 0n7/15. He said best they could do was $156.68 a mo. Spoke to Victor today 7/17 who referred me to Customer Solutions, was on hold for 15 min. No solution. I’m a 38 year customer every day I see entry level adds for less than $100.oo a mo. for new customers, for the 3 tier package I have. I feel they forget the loyal customers. I’m looking for a new service. Not happy Bill Stires

  133. I am very frustrated. I moved and got charged gas mileage, gas, hourly time spent, wire, screws etc..($400.00) I called three weeks ago, spoke to a young girl she stated I’d hear from a supervisor, never heard a word. called again explained my plight, no return call. Called today, got a gentleman named Randy who stated I should never have been charged, waiting for his supervisor to call. Three weeks ago I was promised a explicit accounting of my bill……………..never received it. Wanted to make a payment arrangement, never was talked to about that either. Could someone please read this and help me out. I’m ready to change to DISH!!!!hahah PLEASE!!!!!

  134. Cut the cable cord in April. I’m still getting charged for tv. I do have to use the lousy internet service. Stop using timewarnercable . Go buy rabbit ears and a tablet. Poor customer service when u call. Charges for things not used. They are as bad as verizon. 7/24/14

  135. Called customer service a total of at least 4 times. Three of those 4 times was disconnected asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on again after after waiting 45 minutes. Horrible customer service.

  136. I had cable installed at my home in January. The whole experience was a fail. We were offered a great deal over the phone and when it came time to deliver nothing was right. The first technician that showed up was a contractor with a poor attitude. He was not able to complete the install and left us without working service. The next technician that arrived hours later was wonderful however, he too made promises that he did not keep. My siding was broke in the installation process and to date I still have cables hanging down with splitters and electrical tape everywhere. It looks terrible. I have called several times with resolution. Apparently at some point in February a supervisor of some sort was at my home and took some pictures of the mess. We are yet to hear back from him and customer service doesn’t seem to have any idea what we are talking about when we call to inquire. Each phone call I feel as though I am starting all over, as if there are no notes of the previous calls. I have been told on several occasions that a supervisor would be in touch with me to address my concerns and to schedule a technician to come out. It is now the end of July and the only thing that I get is a bill in the mail! I have pictures of this mess and I wish I was able to post them here for everyone to see. Going forward I will not pay another dime to Time Warner and I will not recommend their service to anyone. In trying to communicate this with the company I was treated poorly and hung up on several times. This is uncalled for! This has gone on for far too long. I’m all done trying to resolve the issues. I will take my business elsewhere!

  137. I live berry ky. we can,t get cable. we between 4 miles from grant county ky. 6 miles 6 miles from route 1056. they get time waner cable but we can’t.

  138. Service man was to arrive at 10:00 am?????? My friend in Columbus, Ohio gets the same package as I do and gets it a lot cheaper.I live in Plain City, Ohio. We are both senior citizens. Time to get the dish!

  139. You internet service and customer service is poor. Not only has it been down for 3 weeks due to something about fiber optics you raised the rate from $37 to $48
    . I would be amazed if you have any internet customers keeping their account with you.

  140. appointment was not for two more weeks. They were going to help me but never even called back. Outsourced service people are the worst. The service is the worst. Now my tv doesn’t work. I had a rental house that the tenant was not paying rent so I turned off the internet that I was paying for and put on a password so that they could not put it on under their name. Guess what…they called and the agent never even looked and gave them service. When they moved out, I had to wait for them to approve me getting service again. THEY ARE THE WORST..

  141. The longer you are a customer of TW the more the service you receive goes down hill. You give away the store to new customers but nothing for the long time loyalty. Recently there is a problem with the premium channels. This has been going on for 5 days. I pay you people allot of money each month and one of your reps offered me a 10.00 credit!! please don’t insult me. Provide the service or don’t charge for it.

  142. I tried the chat line. I was on a chat for over an hour with a “Just a moment please . . .” displayed with no response. I dropped off and resubmitted my request again and was on line for about 15 minutes with a “Analyst is typing.”
    The chat service is a farce.
    I’ve used these on other service providers (in fact, Insightbb the predecessor that TWC acquired) and they had excellent chat support.
    As for the total experience with TWC, our service is slower, less reliable and, obviously, does not provide tech support.

  143. Thank You Time Warner Cable! for extending my “special offer” price for my internet, that I did not know existed, until your recent merger with Comcast. My promotional rate of $41.93 will be expiring on Aug 7, 2014. And as a thank you for my continued business you are extending my “special offer” to $46.13, “Which is still a great deal!. and will expire on Aug 7, 2015.” In which I should get another “special offer” of 51.13 to go until Aug. 7, 2016, and so on and so on and so on… Much appreciated. Thanks Again Time Warner Cable!

  144. I have been reading the bad comments above and i have to admit that i have had a couple of bad experiences myself.
    BUT the last one was really great. My cable channels all went out early one morning and i called for help. A very nice young man was very helpful and got everything back up and running very quickly. When i asked for help on another problem he told me that my best bet would be to have a tech come out to the house. I was set up with an appointment for that evening 6-7 pm. The tech showed up at 6PM and was very cheerful and helpful. He not only answered all my questions and showed me how to work my DVD player correctly so i could watch movies but when told about the cable box problem i had earlier in the day went ahead and ran new cable from the box to my system to make sure that wasnt part of the problem.
    I have to give a big Thumbs UP to both of the gentlemen who gave me a much better impression of TWC service.

  145. Time Warner in the worse service out there. Your commercials claim you don’t need to bundle your services. That is a lie!!!!
    We just called to cancel our phone service, and our bill would stay the same without having our phone with them. We have been with Time Warner for 16 years, yet they don’t honor the faithful customers who pay their bills on time and their loyalty. I am posting this on Facebook so all my friend will know the real truth about this company!

  146. a month ago I began contacting your security/theft department about a neighbor stealing cable from me. I found the cable box ripped open and wiring and splitters and wires with electrical tape on them everywhere.
    First I was told 3 days, then 7days, etc. Nobody EVER contacted me or checked this out. After several WEEKS I finally called to have a repairman fix the box, and was assured that the technician would trace all the wires to see where they went.
    Waited several more days for the technician. However when he came he knew NOTHING about tracing lines and was only going to fix the box and leave, until I INSISTED HE DISCONNECT the theives. As far as time warner is (UN)concerned they would still be tapping my line, enjoying free TV while my reception sucks and I am paying the bill.

    no wonder theft is so wide spread. YOU DO NOTHING to protect the honest people who pay their bills.

    • i rectified it myself after a month of inaction. with a wire cutter. and i was not offered even 10 cents off my bill!!!!!

  147. After 30 some years of being a customer with this cable franchise we are fed up with unreliable services, slow downloads even with the higher grade application which I believe is just a rouse, poor telephone service and monthly pushes to raise their prices by removing services, channels, equipment or requiring boxes along with the false promise of delivering them. Ever since the channel 4 wars Time Warner whines about not enough profits, but it has oodles of bucks trying buy FOX network for 70 billion…how much profit is enough TWC???….while you deceive us with your whining…poor, poor, TWC…I wish we all had their money problems….

    When my house was on fire, the phone didn’t work…again… constant, constant problems with either no service…or line interference making it impossible to communicate with others over the last year. Last month…4 outages…no cable, phone and/or internet were out for 6 to 8 hours without reason. No bad weather on those nights. TWC denies any outages…but here’s the scam… when nothing is working you can’t call them to complain unless you want to put 30 minutes on your cell phone. I’m done with it all…tired of paying for less and less services each month and when I really need to use it….it’s out to lunch. This will be my last month with TWC as I shift services over to other service vendors.

  148. I am a long-term subscriber of your bundled cable T.V., Internet, and telephone services. I faithfully pay premium rates but consistently receive much less than premium services. My services of all three product are frequently disrupted and malfunction. Frequent phone contact with your customer service staff has been made to little to no lasting avail. I would appreciate long-term, if not permanent,rectification of my service problems along with a reduction in costs if possible, as soon as possible. My wife is on the phone talking to one of your reps, as I write this email, who is promising all that I am now formally insistently requesting. I would appreciate both acknowledgement and response of this correspondence as soon as possible.

  149. Time warmer sucks, I wish I had the ability to obtain service from another provider. There must really be truly dumb people who work for this useless provider. Screw you time warner you crappy provider.

  150. Have called 5 times regarding pixilazation on TNT, channel 33. Have received numerous “excuses” but no satisfaction. Very frustrating. Can see why people switch to AT&T. Why can’t they fix this problem?

  151. TIME WARNER SUX!!!!!! I called 2 times last night and issue not resolved!! I called back this am & was told that people in the area were having the issue and it would be resolved today. I get home from work and was told it was a single problem and that no one would come out??? REALLY??? I work for a power company and if your power is out no matter if its a single outage or whether the whole neighborhood is out WE RESPOND!! What if your power was out and I told you since it was a single problem that you would have to wait and schedule out next available appointment?? REALLY???? You should be responding to all your customers 24/7 with the prices you charge…..DISSATISFIED AND UNHAPPY CUSTOMER…TIME WARNER SUX!!!

  152. I did contract time warner as my internet provider. at the begining I was offered a $50.00 credit card and Is a year so far only excuses and I havent received anything. now I was changed my Modem by it does not recognized my airave sprint antenna. I called sprint I was sent a new one, but still time warner can not fix this problem. I’m thinking to fire time warner as my internet provider.

  153. I just experienced the most incompetent customer service of my life. After very poorly and yet to be completed resolutions I asked to speak to a supervisor ( which I’ve never done in my life) and got even less. An explanation of,well I guess they just messed up and didn’t complete the final step of the work order nothing we can do. My question is, do TWC employees believe they still have a monopoly and we have so few options that our time is of no use or matter? I think after everyone transferred me so often I know this will get little or no response but needed to vent, and I will be testing any and all other options as I wait 3 more days for my phantom appointment, but this time rather than missing a very important family milestone I get to leave work because, oh well our guy messed up but we do nothing to resolve it or show any customer service at all..

    Sean Mills

  154. i have had the privilege of being helped by your technician MELVIN TORO–ID 3348.I have no workds to compliment this competent and very nice individual.He helped way above and beyond the cal of duty,efficient,pleasant and could not do enough to satisfy the client.I wish you could have everybody in your company same as Mr.Toro.He is a big asset to TWC.
    Kindly let him know that this letter of compliments was indeed sent to you.

  155. I have been a time warner customer for over a year now and up until now I have been happy with my service. Today changed all that. On Thursday morning my cable and internet service went down. I waited a few hours to see if my service would return on its own, however it did not and I called the service number for help. The man on the phone said that he would try to reset my service and he hoped that would take care of my problem. He said that just to be sure he would set up a service call
    For someone to come out on Friday morning between 9 and 10 (the next day). I was relieved that they would be able to come so soon and I was pleased with this as a resolution. My wife would have to take off of work to be home when the service man was schedule to come by. When the time came on Friday morning no one showed up. I was upset because my wife took off of work. I called and they told me that the scheduled time
    Was not for Friday morning like I was originally told but for Saturday from
    9 to 10 and that they were not sure why the first person I talked to told
    Me Friday. So again my wife took another day off of work to wait at home. She again waited for someone to show up on Saturday morning. Around 11 o’clock (still no sign of someone coming and an hour late) I called the service number. I was told that the service man was running late and the would let him
    Know my wife was waiting. Well wait she did. She called off of work, cancelled plans with her family and no one ever came or even called to say they would not make it. This is unacceptable. How can you treat your customers so poorly and not understand that our time is just as precious and valuable as yours. Shame on you Time Warner .

  156. Your customer service is a joke. Totally useless. Can’t even get
    through to cancel my service. Why pay for something I can’t get?
    The only thing TW gets “right” is sending me a bill?

  157. have called 3different times for cable line matience tw cable down from utility line due to hi winds each time say will send
    someone out to fix problem this started in may now in august no
    fix tw wants there pymts on time but no rush to help customer
    really bad service

  158. is terrible the costumer services can you have, I call you and trial to took whit somebody in Spanish and put me in old for 10 minutes no body answer, then I trial English is the same no body just put me old and noting happen.

  159. August 13, 2014 I have a rental unit that I wanted WiFi to be installed. I told the agent that I have cable through the Homeowners. I gave him(David Gibson in Florida) my credit card number and license number. He set me up with a confirmation number and a pin number. He then switched me to the “installation dept.” to set up a time for them to come out. Edgar argued with me that I already had WiFi in my unit. I told him that I did not, but that another rental agency there had some units and they had a contract with the rental agency to have WiFi. He continued to tell me that I did indeed have WiFi, then finally switched me to another call center in Albany NY. The agent there, Scott, said that he did not see an order and if I would give him my credit card information he would put the order in. I told him that I had been on the phone so far for an hour and I was not going to give my credit card infor again to bbe charged for a second time. He then switched me to another call center, Altheia, who was very rude and told me that there was not an order in place and she could not help me because I was not giving her the correct information. I told her at that point that I was tired of telling different people the same infor when all I wanted to do was set up a time for installation since I already had a confirmation number. She said she did not want a confirmation number and could not find any information in the system with my name or number or address. I got very mad at that point, because now it into 1 1/2 hours wasted of my time. She cut the call off and I called back only to get someone out of the US. Well guess what, he saw my name, number, address, and when I gave him the confirmation number he saw everything! Now why did I have to go through 5 people before I could get someone to see what was in the system. Needless to say, I have cancelled the order for WiFi. I don’t want to deal with a company that hires rude, inefficient people who don’t know how to take information and find orders placed. I am sure that this email will go unread with no reply back, but in reading the other emails, it seems that this is the track record for Time Warner. The business world is too tough to be competitive and stay on top, but I guess Time Warner does not have to worry because they are screwing themselves.

  160. I had experienced the worse customer service in my life
    From your representative.I called 5 times and phone got
    Disconected 3 times .after 3 hours waiting I couldn’t
    Get any of my issues resolved .I could hear from the
    Back employees talking and laughing loud.
    I don’t know how many more times I have to call
    In order to resolve the issue which it supposed
    To be done over three months ago. I am going to look
    For different provider since your customer service
    Was the only reason to stay.

  161. TW sucks….they really damaged our vacation with internet going down almost daily and their movies on demand system failing constantly….amateur hour.

  162. I have never seen such incompetence in any one company. STILL dealing with 2 HD Boxes that don’t work correctly since January 2014. Yes, we’re in the MIDDLE of August! Made an appointment, CONFIRMED this appointment via their automated system the day prior, and again the day OF. Their field tech that was supposed to show up decided that since I didn’t answer my phone between the appointment ‘window’, that he wouldn’t come. I was home ENTERTAINING GUESTS, and didn’t have my phone with me. I WOULD HAVE however HEARD my Door Bell. I called that evening to ask where they were, and the Customer Service lady said she would contact ‘Dispatch’ to re-schedule. It’s been more than 72 hours, and yes– you guessed it. NOTHING! No call, no note, no response by Time Warner whatsoever! Nuts!!!

  163. Your customer service is terrible the rap music playing in the background was awful. I hope I don’t ever need to call them again. Just so rude!!!!!!!

  164. Its 8/15/14, no cable channels all day.
    Customer service is terrible. Wait times 30 minutes, after 30 minutes still have 20 minute wait time. The web site sucks. Can’t find a phone number except on the bill. Service totally stinks. Everything is designed for selling and billing, no way to talk to a person. Terrible service.

  165. I have nothing good to say about the service from Time Warner. I have spoken to about four different people about my problem. I explained everything all four times. And they still got it wrong. I sat here all day long waiting and then found out the order was written incorrectly, but they would send someone out in a few hours. It is nine o’clock and no one has shown up. I wonder if AT & T would be better?

  166. As of 7:00 PM I am on hold with you to disconnect my service because of bad service. I will post this on face book so everyone I know will read It. Today you can not hide.

  167. Why do you keep taking away channels, yet still raise the cable every year? I have 2 TV’s in different rooms and get different channels on both.

  168. Why have you discontinued channel 101 (FMLY). It seems that you are against programming that is not violent or just plane filthy. We will be switching to Direct TV, they do carry the FMLY channel. Also I will be posting this on You Tube, Twitter, and emailing all my contacts both here in North Texas and Houston.

  169. This has been an EXTREMELY frustrating day of approximately 7 phone calls to Time Warner. My appointment was scheduled for 10-11 am today. At approximately 11:15 am, I called to say the technician had not arrived. I was told the tech had found no one at home. I had called before 9 am to give TWO contact numbers and I WAS at home. I don’t believe anyone ever came out.

    Next I was told the within an hour, there would be another tech. No one came, no one called. Someone called my husband to say it would be between 3-4 today. When I called to confirm, there was no such record. When I asked for a supervisor, they said they had no contact with the technical support (??) – I would have to WAIT for another call back.

    I am beyond frustrated. I will CANCEL this contract as soon as I can find another carrier.

    THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and what you have is sadly lacking !!

  170. Time-Warner has gone off its rocker, losing customer confidence and loyalty. We were just informed that the rate we’ve paid for many years is a “promotional” rate that “will end a week ago” (yes!). But if we want a new, much more expensive “promotional” rate so as to continue receiving the same services, we can save $150 per month. Do the math! That means Time-Warner would send us a check for $14 every month and a bill of ZERO dollars. Did the inmates get loose and take over the company’s management?

  171. Called to cancel my cable but wanted to keep internet. Talked to five people, was on the phone for 45 mins and put on hold 14 times!! And it took the last person I talked to that informed me I couldn’t cancel the cable because I wasn’t on the account!but they have no problem taking my check every month even though my name isn’t on the account! It was just a game they played because I was canceling account. Time Warner’s customer service is terrible and I will now push fios dish or directv to everyone I know! No time warner again!!

  172. I made a poor choice and went to wireless service wanted to get back with time warner with my old number after 19 minutes 35 seconds on the phone i was finally able to get all A SERVICE RECONNECT 6DAYS AWAY all the equipment was still in place. On the 19th you manage to disconnect my wireless servicer and my home phone so i called and was told a service person would have to come to my house another 3 days wait i have apace maker monitor that i cannot use because i have no phone line.but your never caring servie people who are who know where couldnt care less.after reading the above comments about your service i have no hope that any one will read this much less care

  173. I was unhappy with your service when I was paying for it years ago and I am still unhappy with your company. The contractors you hire are completely ignorant and rude. One of them just tried to fight me after I told him he was parked in a reserved space. Instead of just moving, he tried to pick a fight and bully a woman. Do you even know the people you send into people’s homes?? The contractor who installed my service years ago tried to install stolen business modems in my home, broke my lamp and kicked my dog. Then he left with the job half done and said, “I’m gonna go get drunk” Shame on you, your company and the sorry excuse for contractors you hire.

  174. I just got my bill and noticed a $30 charge for MLB half season that I did NOT authorize. I west to our local off and spoke to a very nice young lady asking that it be removed. After some searching, she found that it was ordered through our remote. Interestingly, no one was home on he day in question. She was unable to remove the charge and said she would have to do some research and call me later. Hearing nothing the next day I called the 800 number and got someone in the Phillipines. She said the charge had been removed. I later got a call from California saying the same thing, but that it was my fault and they were doing this as a favor and normally your stuck with the charge. No wonder 90% of your customers hate your service. What, your not entitled to correct errors! Too bad you are a monopoly, You wouldn’t have any customers if the public has a choice!

  175. I am so upset with the handling of the NASCAR race, today. WHY do you preempt a race and put on a pre-season football game, instead? The race on ABC will only be carried on a channel that NOT All of us can get… box….and the game could be broadcast on a SPORTS ONLY channel, for those who have the box. This happens sometimes, with the show….BIG BROTHER….too…….gets preempted by a football game and only aired in the middle of the night!As you can see…….I am NOT happy to see this happening again!!

  176. First we asked for our phone number to be the same. DID NOT HAPPEN. Told to wait 5 days or so. (STILL NOT )Netfix is not working and JUST HOW SMALL CAN YOU HAVE THE BUTTONS ON THE REMOTE/NOT HAPPY

  177. Albert Galvan is an “account executive” listed on my business account. He refuses to provide me with a supervisor name and contact info. He has now repeatedly refused to provide corrected installation appointment dates and has now managed to keep us from moving due to zero Internet service.

  178. How long is my internet going to be out because you retards can’t even do routine maintenance…can I expect to be not billed for today???? Idiots!!!!

  179. all of you expect that services would be perfect…either twc or other communication companys

    well there’s no such thing..

    try asking out how much 1 channel cost, on all the network you have on your area.
    check how much your provider is billing you for the boxes then compare

    and then when you have all the prices compare which service provider you would like to be enlisted to.

    and then try to see if you can have everything at around $10.
    especially, if you want to have super high speed internet and HD channels.

  180. I have been unable to get TW out to service my cable since the installation. I have called, left messages, spoken to muiltiple people with absolutely not resolution. It is the only option I have, living in Los Angeles to get any local sports and they just do not care. I will never use TW after this. It is the worst customer service experience that I have ever had to deal with.

  181. I called TWC customer service to ask about my account. I have recently added Starz and was told there would be a 50.00 rebate to my account. So fast forward , I get my bill, no rebate. The TWC rep told me I had to contact Starz and I asked why since I pay TWC not Starz. She said , quite sarcastically I might add, “Do you want me to go on the Starz website and do it for you?” I said yes since I pay TWC, and told her she was quite rude for a customer service rep. She then proceeded to put me on hold, or so I thought, but she actually hung up on me. Is this how you treat your customers???

  182. Re: Advertising. I just wanted to weigh in that I have such a negative and visceral reaction to your TW repairman that I ALWAYS lunge for the remote and either turn off the tv or change the channel.

    Now I know with a geographic dominance as the cable provider of record, my comments don’t matter. I just wanted you to know that I have no problem with TW or any real complaint, but yours is the ONLY advertisement that I simply can’t stomach. I find the TW repair guy to be so invasive, so irritating, that I can’t even watch or listen to him. His pursed thin lips, his know-it-all voice inflection, the way he just appears out of nowhere is creepy, creepy, creepy. Please… Consider a change. Thank you.

  183. Awful. Plain Awful. Always selling you something, never listening, charges you for god knows what! I have been trying to cancel my service for a week. I keep getting the runaround. I’ve spent more time on hold than any customer should ever have to. They are AWFUL!

  184. Awful. NO clue how they stay in business. Always selling you something, never listening, charges you for god knows what! I have been trying to cancel my service for a week. I keep getting the runaround. I’ve spent more time on hold than any customer should ever have to.

  185. Again we have encountered another baffling frustrating situation with TWC. We were having signal problems for our TV, phone and internet. We waited four days and a technician came out on Sunday over Labor Day weekend. He quickly diagnosed the problem and performed a temporary fix and said he would have to notify ‘outside maintenance’ to fix the problem. We were advised that they would call in a day or so. As of Wed 9/3 we did hear anything so we called customer service again. Now this is where it becomes absolutely baffling. The customer service rep could not find where the technician made the referral so we have to have another technician come out, diagnose and make the call to outside maintenance. This is insanity and an unnecessary cost to TWC. The CS rep and their supervisors are not empowered to make the call to outside service. In the meantime, my service and three other customers are having signal difficulties as my property houses a TWC vault for four homes.

  186. For once I have had the pleasure of receiving a service technician who was wonderful.
    Leslie Tech #5519 came to check a phone situation I was having (dropped calls). He quickly identified the problem, explained to my husband and I why we were having this problem and fixed it. He was polite, patient (answering all of our questions) knowledgeable and efficient. He should be the primary example of what the customer should see when they need service. I would say, he is an asset to the Time Warner service crew and you should have him training your other techs on how to deal with your customers.

  187. I have been a loyal customer for about 20 years now. During that time you have offered all types of deals to new customers. Yet you don’t offer anything to your current customers other than a increasing rates on my bill.

    You make Direct TV look very interesting with the deals I can get from them.

    Perhaps you should give current customers (those over a certain number of years) something to keep Direct TV away from your door.

  188. I contacted Customer Service today to discuss my bill. When I finished talking with the representative, I asked if there were any service or age discounts from my monthly bill.
    I was assured by a promotional representative named Tyra that all I had to do was go to a Time Warner Office and show my I.D. and I would get a Senior Citizen Discount.
    After waiting 45 minutes at a branch office, I was abruptly told there were no discounts including no Senior Citizen Discounts. I asked why I had been told to come in and join the huge waiting crowd just to find out that I had been lied to by one of their Customer Service Representatives. The agent merely repeated that there were no discounts and asked me if that was all I wanted.
    So far today, I have been lied to, brushed off and over charged (my bill went up $20 a month for the same service I have had for years) all by different people in the same company. Bravo for the training these people get. Somewhere in Time Warners’ Training program, employees are taught how to be rude and lie to customers. I have been a Time Warner Customer for 35 years and I would expect better treatment from at least someone in the company…I’m sure I will not even hear or read an apology from their Customer Service Department.

  189. we just got a bundle of tv phone and internet. we have had 1 day of tv and not even that. at 8:00 the tv shut off and went through its thing. I called and they rebooted the system again the next day same thing. then thur. no phone no internet no tv. yes after i threw a fit a guy came out and fixed 730 came. guess what no tv it did the same thing. called and they say. its your tv thats funny because we have had att and dish for years never a top things off its still doing it. I had to go and get a prepaid phone plus minutes to call you people i am out 40 for the minutes and 10. for the phone. plus i get a wonderful bill of 109. for the month. really! I also did not get any information that i needed for my sisters funeral for Friday. thank you again time Warner I really appreciate all the support given to me on that day. the only thing that made my day was the guy who came to my home and was at my sisters house the week before and remembered who i was and asked my how my sister was when i had told him she passed away he was so sorry and very personal. I wish I got his name because man what a difference it made.

  190. Spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get the special rate a’NEW’ customer gets…….I think and know that they are as bad at Customer Service as Russia.

  191. You advertise twc for new programing but don’t service what we are currently paying. We have a weak signal, obvious because of the distortions we see, yet you constantly advertise how good your new offers with your football coach. A tech put a signal booster on earlier in the summer, but we still have a weak signal. Service after the sale is necessary for customer satisfaction. the location of poor service is at Pamela Rayburn, 199 Tanger Drive, Olive Hill Ky. Pamela is my wife. I had Direct T V before moving to Olive Hill. Only had distortions like we have here when there was a bad storm.

  192. where to start. . .I have plenty of time. I have been WAITING for 30 days to have cable and internet installed. I believe I have spoken to EVERY customer care person who is employed with Time Warner ! and yet AGAIN was given today to have tech come and I called to confirm “so sorry for the inconvenience that is tomorrow” and every time I call in I have to punch in or say my phone number and say it again to the customer care (who doesn’t care) then placed on hold and then transfer. BUT, guess what?? I have received my first bill..!! Customer care was kind enough to wave the fees. so very sweet. To recap: Time Warner has very nice people I can talk with because I do not have TV or internet service – I think this is the communication service Time Warner is boosting about. there is NO TV or Internet.

  193. I just had a terrible experience. In mid August I explored with TWC how to handle a long term hold. I was told that I could put cable and internet on hold and leave the phone service connected. Now I found out that the phone service is also disconnected and can not be reconnected. We are thousands miles away from home and now without the phone service. The worst part about the is the attitude of the customer care representatives.

  194. Terrible! Reception is and has been bad for a long time. Customer Service continues to promise technical support will come and install new cable from the street to my house but they never show up or call. The picture flutters and has intermittent noise. I wanted them to fix this but they can’t or won’t.

  195. I am very,very disappointed in Time Warner. I have had cable with them for 30 years and this year has beenupsetting to me. My cable was out in ice storm in march 2014. I have called and left messages and I called local and spoke with employee about this.the line was knocked down by tree limb.After 3 days with no cable I put the cable wire up myself so I could use T.V.It is held together by red electrical tape.I stopped paying bill and you were here right away to either collect money or turn off cable.I showed the man how I had it put together and paid him.He asured me someone would be out to replace wire.Well nobody came.last week I took pictures ,went to local office,stood in line 2 hours.they again said it would be replaced.Well came home 9/9/14 to find cable disconnected for payment.called offered to pay bill told them about wire then they charged me a reconnect fee.what is wrong with you people.You still have not fixed my cable problem but you sure run out here to get your money.I talked to customer service last nite and was told it had been fixed-it has not.she said oh yes it has because your work order is cleared–it has not been fixed.talked to different person customer service this morning and she sald it shows they came here but could not fix. you are a cable company .how can you not fix it?What is your problem?If you can send people here to get money the you sure as hell can send somebody to fix my cable line.

  196. A wire is hanging from a pole out side our business entrance, it has a very low position and it is cutting traffic coming in and going out of our parking lot Communication with Time Warner is almost impossible. We are out of business because of that. Called a phone # that shows on line, it is disconnected. Called an other #, none of the choices would allow me to talk to a costumer service agent…total 5 phone numbers for nothing…what a great company. Would anybody be able to do some thing…???? 09-11-2014 3.40 PM

  197. Your system is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it that you do not wish to give attention to issues that harm your users?

    I will be dropping TWC ASAP,

  198. This has been the worse experience ever I have been a time warner cable customer for over 10yrs I recently wanted to upgrade my package to the promotional package and 2days of back and forth being bare and switched and 3hours of waiting for a technician to show I still have no upgrade no cable and the only advice I got from supervisor janed id 1494194 to call back to cancel no reschedule in a smug like unprofessional demeanor told me retention was closed. Some experience how does a company have so many employees that are not held accountable nor do they show even the slightest remorse for the inconvienience for a semi disabled woman that has to stay by the window just to make sure the work will be done. Mind you service was not free or discounted I am paying full price for the package this is a disgrace don’t recommend this for anyone.

  199. Don’t appreciate not television Cleveland Browns since there was there 1st home game, don’t care much for the ones you televised today.

  200. We were unable to retrieve your account information and apologize for the inconvenience.
    Error Code: NOSTMTS Reference ID: 1AIO6-DTNMR-RW12P-6ZMQ9-W7VZ

    This is the kind of service I get everytime I tried to log into my account, CAN NEVER GET ACCESS . BAD SERVICE.

  201. why bother having DVR when it doesn’t record a show but the hour that the show is to be on. I am tired of recording a show and because of the sports going over there time my show only records the first half. yes it’s nice to be able to watch on demand except you usually have to wait till the next week and them you can’t fast foreword it. you people need to fix the problem.

  202. This is the most confusing customer service ever. I spent over an hour on the phone and on line tuesday. Was transferred to Ohio customer service and they could not access my account. Talked to people I could not understand, hung up,was transferred to some one
    else for additional help, however it again was a person instead of on-line chatting . Am very unhappy with time warner and their lack of Customer Service. Also two different phone numbers.

  203. For the last two years I have dealt with my parents time warner problems, I have had to replace the internet and cable box over 6 times and the outside wiring has been replaced twice. Still can’t seem to get any good service plus the bills keep goin up and no solution to the real issue it’s always a temp solution. They never can really help and customer service has been so rude been hung up on several times yet they never seem to help

  204. I Use to believe that timewarner’s name and business means integrity but since I heard that you people, Steve Case, Steve Ross, Ted Turner, Jeffrey Bewkes thinking of selling to Rupert Murdock, I do not believe you know anything about good media or communication, above all, you are for money, money alone nothing close to integrity. This country is tied of division, tired of Fox type of poison communication. Fox is where you go to insult your head, call them names because.they are Democrats, or if you want to voice your hatred of blacks, or if you want to make up something that is not true, fox channel is your place, so why timewarner associating itself with group of uncivilized people?

  205. Time Warner has the worst customer service – When things are working not too bad but if and when you have issues the right hand does not know what the left is doing – You try to make the customer fix the problems not once but some times more before you can get someone out – Too many non professionals on the line – Better off if we could just speak to someone from the start – Would never have the Box’s on all my sets because then I would be without TV completely when issues happen – Seams that the equipment is not the best and too many problems with it – Anyway would be nice to have better customer service from a company that we pay a high cost to – We deserve better service

  206. i would like to start off that i’m usually satisfied with time warner. however that changed today.after being a loyal customer for 26 years i had gotten a $21.00 increase on my monthly bill, when i asked if there was any way of decreasing it ,i was told either add digital phone or cancel my service . what a great customer service !! i was also informed that i was on a “campaign” for the next 3 years at a locked price . i have no extra pay channels , i have standard internet and now i guess i’ll be forced to look elsewhere for my cable service . THANK YOU VERY MUCH TIME WARNER FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME!

  207. The menu guide software continues to get worse. It non-responsive, freezes and always have to wait on the guide. It is really bad. With all the user you have I don’t understand why you have fixed this in the last 5 years. It very poor example of customer service that you say you pride yourself on.

  208. It non-responsive, freezes and always have to wait on the guide. It very poor example of customer service that you say you pride yourself on.

  209. Whow! Great Service from the Orange’s store on Chapman.
    I’m a happy camper. From the Time Warner Cable installation, friendly service from Sales Rep. Jeremiah Marchesano Account Excutive. Jeremiah patently tooks me through the whole process,
    including a follow up call to make sure we got set-up and ready to roll with the Cable service. Stero working, TV great, Net Flix connection great.
    Where did you guys get this guy? Go see Jeremiah if you want the Best Experince possible.

    Michael, Orange, Calif

  210. Recently I received a letter from time warner that they are going to raise my bill. I went through this not to long ago and we worked something out. I know right now that if they raise my bill again I am looking for another network for both internet and cable this is ridicules maybe if they would quit running these specials for 89.00 the people that already have cable would not pay so much and believe me the new ones are just getting suckered in. I am tired of going through this and half. The time loose service.

  211. I was not happy awaking one morning to the new channel line up, even though I knew it was coming. I’m paying for HD and really appreciated the HD channels being grouped together for easy access. Now they are scattered ALL OVER the place, mixed in with non-HD, Spanish stations, and numerous channels that are of no relevance to me. TV viewing at the end of a long work day is not longer efficient or pleasant, and the lineup guide is such small print you need binoculars to read, hunt, and search for once familiar channels…this is an upgrade that is not user friendly.

  212. I have just spent the most unproductive day I think any customer could have with any company. Nobody could help me, I was transferred to seven different centers, all around the world. I ask to be transferred to the Kansas City center and was not able to get there. I tried to get to the Lees Summit center, no one could find it in your database. I called the telephone number give me and would be sent everywhere but where I wanted to go. I will be calling someone with better service.

  213. I wanted to post a review for my service man Stivenson who works in the Harlem/Washington Heights area. I don’t know that I am a fan of Time Warner with my many billing problems and the consistent hike in cable costs; however, the process of replacing my my broken cable box about a month ago went excellently. Stivenson came on the day scheduled, was on time and very professional and helpful. I had lots of silly questions about the equipment and he was patient and informative. I am super busy and rarely make time for reviews but I wanted to acknowledge Stivenson for his superb service. He should be commanded by Time Warner.

  214. PLEASE
    forward this to the supervisor in Austin Texas Customer Service on Duval Street. I went in there to turn in the equipment because we would not be needing it. Whenever I call I can expect an hour on hold or at least an hour to get anything completed. The wait here was short and CHRIS greeted me. He was so up beat, professional and just nice, a complete contrast what I get over the phone from Time Warner. For me to take my time to compliment someone meant he was exceptional. If you all have an employee of te month, throw his name in the hat.
    Thanks and again PLEASE try to get this to teh Duval Street in Austin office.

  215. I called TWC customer service to discuss an increase in my cable bill that is being passed off as a “promotion ending” although I was told when I received my new rate 2 yrs ago that it was not a promotion. I also reported that I was unhappy with the planned increase in my monthly bill as it seemed an underhanded way to just increase my monthly charges. When I told the customer service this, she immediately dismissed what I was saying and told me that I was just unaware that I had signed up for a promotion. She then proceeded to not only NOT prevent my service charges from increasing, but tried to upsell me to the NFL red zone which would increase my monthly bill to even more than what I was already unhappy about. What a disappointing call. This whole experience has made me very distrustful of TWC. Shame on you.

  216. I fully intended to relate possibly the worst customer service ever, until I read just parts of other customer’s complaints.

    My TWC problem began on 9/2/2014 I paid for the offered add on of phone service to our already cable/internet package. Supposedly on 9/9/2014 our phone was to be switched from our 8 years good phone service from TSC. The landline was disconnected on 9/8/2014. On 9/15/2014 we had phone service restored “BY OUR FORMER PROVIDER WITH A NEW #.” Too much time without our house phone with small children at home. Major inconvenience! Far too many lies and unqualified service attendants. We are rightfully due recompense from TWC. Two months free cable and internet allowance is not too much to ask, but I now seriously doubt anything will be done to rectify the problem. We just got stuck and we deal with it to our best profit. TWC, we hold no grudge and wish you the best in improved customer service. Your customers deserve prime service from you for paying good money for your products. Thank you.

  217. I have spent over four hours and talked to over seven people and still have not gotten what I want. none of the employees listen to what you want only want to ask questions as to why you want to change or drop service. so many questions and no actions taken on what I want. poor poor poor customer service.

  218. Worse day yet with service. Can’t believe that I continue to use you. Will be shopping around for new service tomorrow. Meanwhile I am missing the new season episode of NCIS. Thanks.

  219. For the season premiere of NCIS and NCIS New Orleans, After first 10 mins of NCIS Season Premiere, CBS suddenly went all screwy with pic fading in and out and sound not matching pic — the feed was completely a mess. (and still is now, 3 hours later)
    The Tech Support line was full up of calls waiting.
    I wrote and complained to CBS TV and local CBS as it was obviously a broadcast feed problem. Everything else and all other channels were fine.
    Then after the shows were over, local CBS put something bottom of screen saying if you’re a Time Warner Cable customer, reboot your cable box and they were meanwhile “working to fix the problem”.
    Why would someone reboot the cable box when it is working fine; the feed from 1 channel is not. (??)
    3 hours later, it is still a problem.
    Note that this has happened many times with this channel specifically in the past 2-3 years and usually only when something popular or important is on. Time Warner NEVER “fixes the problem” or even knows what it is!! It just “clears up” in a day or so.


  221. We are continuously quoted a price and when we get our bill, it’s always $20+ more. We are sick of calling. The service stinks. My internet and phone lines go out off and on all day. Time to move to another Internet provider.

  222. We are very upset over Time Warner not showing the Yankees Orioles game. Only Time warner chooses not to sure this game. Just to let you know over the next couple of weeks we will be choosing not to use time warner.We will choose between directv or dish network. Thanks again for not letting me view Derek Jeters last home game. I hope you lose a lot of customers over this stupid decision.

  223. Terrible service picture pixelates NO sound on any channels spend more time off line than on line phone keeps going out. When I call they say there is nothing wrong or the squirrels are chewing on the lines it seems they keep coming up with excuses instead of fixing the problems.

  224. My husband and I have had TWC since moving to our current address. We are retirees and live on a fixed income. Our cable bill just went from $159.31 to 174.30. You have offered us no additional services for this increase. My husband tried to negotiate a lesser service for a lesser fee with your Dept. The CS Rep offered him a decrease of $2.00 for a decreased TV package. What a joke!! You are offering new customers incredible deals yet you have nothing to offer your faithful customers who pay bills on time!! We are very disappointed in TWC and will be seeking other options for our TV and internet services. Customer retention does not seem to be a strong point for your company. How very sad!

  225. I like to know is whathappened to METV channel and INSP Network channel? Where did you move those channels too?

    I can’t find those channel? About Antenna TV, COZI TV Also!!

    Thanks Mike

  226. I was charges $200.00 for my triple package when the TV ads claimed the cost was only $57.00 a month. How about a refund??

  227. I have attempted to speak to a rep and had absolutely NO help. The response was not helpful. I attempted an e-mail and got NO results. No response via e-mail and no call. MY account was charger $200.00!! I should be paying $59.oo a month NOT $200!! I DEMANDED A REFUND!! Surprise!! No Response!

    • YOUR SERVICES ARE EXTREMELY POOR AND YOUR RESPONSE TO TELEPHONE COMPLAINTS ARE NON-EXISTANT! I want my money back! You charged me $200!! My cost should be $57.00 a month. I will seek an attorney if I do not get some response TODAY!!

    • No reply ever arrives! If I could I would fire all your phone service techs and get some that actually speak ENGLISH! That is the language of our country! We live in AMERICA!!

  228. I was going to complain about customer service but after reading the 114 negative responses on this site they have said it all. After 25 years I am leaving Time Warner for all the reason listed above. I am going to Ruku, bite the bullet on cost one time and then my monthly bill will drop from 147.oo to less than 35.00 with very little if anything lost. I’m tired of being billed double for pay per views, Tired of you going up every year and tired of paying to rent equipment to use YOUR SERVICE.

    Your customer servicer is horrible and with Comcast coming in it will only get worse. Check my payment record and you will find I have never missed a payment unless you lost it and it posted late. The greatest joy I will have is putting all of this rented equipment in a bag and dropping it off. Of course you will not log it in and will charge me for not returning equipment. There is no one at Time Warner that cares for a customer or keeping a customer. Good luck as you fight your way through the Comcast merger. God help all those that stay with you.

  229. Have been working for 3 months to get my bill corrected and the charges on my bill credited. Just got my bill.. no surprise not correct. Each month instead of a credit they increased my bill and no credit! Always get transferred before you get someone that supposedly can help you. Hire competent people that can actually do their job. Such a waste of my time having to deal with this every month. Switching right after finishing this review!

  230. What happen last night with the FX channel,one of the best shows on tv soa and we could not see it. at least you could have put a notice to the viewers that you had problems with the signal,do you plan on showing it again. there are so many unseen an lousey channels that nobody would care,but FX come on man

  231. Time Warner is the WORST company ever when it come to CUSTOMER SERVICE! There’s is a Customer NO Service company!! I have never gotten a response to my Internet DIS-Service! Lousy company with lousy customer service! I plan to dis-Miss them from my life!!

  232. Your 14.95/mo Internet sucks, all I have connected to it is my XBox 360, hardwired, and it can’t even keep it reliably connected to XBox Live service. I have to turn my 360 off just so I can use my Kindle because it requires the use of the WI-FI side of the modem/router. I will be losing my XBL membership later this month and rest assured will be canceling my Internet the same day.

  233. As I suspected there are nothing but negative comments..I am paying $150 a month for basic service,internet and phone..I am not upset about the internet or phone cost its the TV I am upset with…Remember when TV was free…..There were commercials that paid for all the programming..I thought cable TV was supposed to be Commercial free..At least it used to be…Every station has commercials….Every one..You have to get HBO or a premium channel but will pay rediculous ammounts of money for those stations. I hate the monopoly the cable company has in this area…Your prices are way too high for all the money you are receiving from advertisers..Your lust for profit is only shown by the treatment of your customers. I know nothing will ever be done about it because cooporate america doesnt care about its customers…Only money, wanted to express my disappointment with your company…..Greed is only good for people who have more money than they know what to do with…

  234. The worst experience since a fire destroyed our home in Palm Springs. Sales made a mistake on “package” & workers walked off stating they would not install a the phone & wifi but would return in 4 days to do complete install.
    Then I went to Palm Springs office to see about seniority due to my age(76) my medical problems and unable
    To stay in house while waiting for adjusters on fire & poor medical. Then he told me he would have his Mgr
    Call me to improve on date to install a phone
    Later it was he that returned call & I only had to wait eight days.
    The uncaring and unconcerned personnel
    We’re not dressed neatly and were rude.
    I am still waiting and I answer this letter to tell you the personnel were a disgrace & shouldn’t be allowed to meet customers or deal with the public. Ever…..

  235. PS. Is this type of entertainment some kind of joke to TW mgmt or is anyone even interested?
    Carol Jackson, CEO
    Lifeline Inc
    Zip 92264. The local new offices are very nice but someone should look at the personnel more closely. I have found many, many employees and these two running your business add nothing to TW image. Bla bla bla to the Manager & hope someone does her Grandmother as they did me

  236. Why is it you watch a movie with commercials on sy-fy and the last 5 minutes it goes off! this has happened several times. Did not happen with dish.

  237. I would like to know why, when I am watching a show on Hallmark Channel or INSP Channel, the picture freezes, and for so long a time, but ALL the commercials, LONG commercials can play.

    MOST upsetting. Who is to check to see that the program is running smoothly?

  238. why has the e-mail been attacked by ALO add service and NAI, you can’t delete without this getting in the way, the opt out jams up and loses the page

  239. We requested a service visit to reroute the cable to my mothers house (2305 Middle Sound Loop Rd wilmington NC). The service was scheduled. The day before the agreed date a service truck arrived with the wrong equipment even though we had specifically asked for the equipment needed to bore under the road. The next day a service truck arrived again with the wrong equipment. Yesterday a truck finally arrived with the correct equipment and re routed the cable under the street. They were warned to keep the cable deep below a fence that was to be removed the next day. Instead they ran the cable through the fence. This morning the cable was broken when the fence was removed. We are now awaiting another repair to the same cable which cannot be done till tomorrow. This is an example of why TWC is one of the most disliked companies in the USA.

  240. I am trying to combine my telephone and tv service into one package from Time Warner.
    Will someone somehow contact me and help me make sure I know what I am doing.

    David Nelson Lowe

  241. On oct 7 had a rep come out to help with a cable box that kept going out — had a time of 4pm to 5 pm–he called about 15 minutes before and was out standing . His name was Leo #9252. Took the time to explain how it works–VERY GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE — think he should be running you training classes

    thanks again for the great service

  242. I have not had phone service for Three days, and when my daughter calls them they no reason as to why this is happening. If i don’t get my service back anytime soon i am going to change my service. This is unacceptable.

  243. Customer Service personnel have been brain washed into hard selling
    services & twisting people’s arms, pretending to ask questions out of concern, but are only interested in keeping you spending. Of course, once in a blue moon, one encounters a truly concerned & helpful individual. For this, I am truly grateful.They should know some people are on a tight budget & cannot afford all the luxuries in life. Respect people’s decisions, especially seniors !!

  244. On October. 11, 2014 I called trying to get our bill down. My husband will retire soon and I’m on disability therefore our income will be considerably less.
    Your representative Dwayne Reid was extremely kind and helpfully, spending quite a bit of time trying to give me a package that was affordable. Speaking with someone so compassionate and giving of his time to help me means so much.
    Even though the conversation is over, Dwayne continues to help me, telling me I will receive his call when he gets meow information.
    In today’s society it’s sad to say that I have not run into too many pleasant people. So, this is why I’m sending this to you. It is a nice surprise to have spoken to Dwayne Reid today. He not only helped me, but he actually lifted my spirits for the day.
    Dwayne Reid No.32604
    To Dwayne, thank you for all your help and kindness. Thank you cable for having an employee like Dwayne.


    Gloria j. Eanni

  245. Your automatic bill pay does not work and it cut me off twice when I pressed star to learn how to enter a card card expiration date. Then I tried to set up an account on line to pay my bill and it kept rejecting my account # and asked to me fill out the security questions when It was already filled out. Did it twice. No go!!! Then a tech person tried, no go. Then she said no dashes in the number. The site tells you to put in the number at the top of the bill. Not to remove the dashes. This wasted an hour of my time in total today. Your systems are poor! phone and online payment!!!

  246. trying to use my internet on Samsung TV. Used many times before. It now says I have Network Interference occurred try back later. re-booted router and modem.

    Is this my modem/router or my tv? Need help thanks

  247. I’m bracing for the rearrangement of your channels. Though I can see some logic in grouping types of service, I cannot figure out why the local channels would not retain their identity…CBS 1202, NBC 1204, ABC 1207 etc. Do you have your heads in a fog bank?

  248. To whom It may Concern,

    My husband and I are customers of TWC at our summer home in Maine. Last Sunday, October 5th I called TWC at 7:45am to shut our service off and request a box to ship our modem back. I was instructed that the “moving” department opened up at 8:00. So, later on that morning I spent over an hour trying to reach someone… Have you ever listened to your automated answering service? Press one, press two, what is your zipcode, press one, press two, on and on and on. It is so frustrating. I was on the phone for over an hour and finally gave up. I should note that I was on a cell phone and my cell phones batterey died. I tried again with another phone and once again, on hold for 45 minutes this time. I spoke with someone, he transferred me to the “moving department” and I was disconnected. So frustrating!!!!!

    When I arrived at home in Massachusetts, I called again. The time was about 3:40 in the afternoon on October 5th. After, pressing 1, press 2, press 1, what are you calling about and on and on and on, I was transferred to a department. I asked the customer service if I was in the “moving” department. The woman I was speaking with wouldn’t answer me. She said, well it depends on why you are calling. I said, IS THIS THE MOVING DEPARTMENT, SHE SAID AGAIN…THAT DEPENDS. I said LOOK…. I have wasted hours on this phone trying to get a simple service done and I need to know if I’m in the correct department that can assist me. Then out of frustration, I explained to her ONCE AGAIN, that we were closing up our seasonal home and wanted to ship the modem back. She said, why do you want to disconect the service? I can give you a better package. I said…OMG — I want to cancel the service. She said…I can offer you a package for 60.00 per month. I couldn’t believe my ears!!! She was offering me a similar package to what I wanted to cancel. I couldn’t believe it. I said — WHY are you offering me that. She said I have a procedure I have to follow and I need to ask you if you are interested in another package. Oh. My. God.! After nearly an hour on the phone with her, and now having high blood pressure due to talking to someone so incompetant, I still didn’t accomplish what I set out to do. Finally I got her to ship the box out to me…I thought.

    Today, a neighbor from W. Maine (my summer place) said that a box was delivered to my door. I couldn’t belive it!!! After all the time that I spent on the phone, and SHE GOT THE ADDRESS WRONG!!! I repeatedly told her that the summer place was closed and we were in Massachusetts. Ugh…so frustrating!!

    Tonight I got back on the phone with Time Warner Customer Service, Press 1, press 2, press 1, Press2, what is your phone number associated with the account — and on and on and on. Finally reached somone and told him why I was calling. He said he would ship another package to me so I could ship the modem back and it would take 2 to 3 days to get to me. I asked him to expedite the shipment because we were going on vacation and I didn’t want a box sitting on my back steps for 2 weeks! He said that he couldn’t do that. I then asked to speak to a manager. He transferred me and no one aswered! I was on that call for a total of 18 minutes and then hung up. Then the manager called me back. I told her this story one more time and what I was trying to accomplish. She aid she’d ship the box and after giving her the shipping address….I asked her to give me the address again — jst want to coinfirm she was sendingit to the correct address. Once again, she was shipping it to my Wells Maine place. O.M.G. …another dope!! I explained to her what the issues were and that I said, I spent so much time on this that TWC should pay me a moths bill. She aid she would. At the endof the conversation she said she would credit the October 9 – November 8th bill. I said WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT??? I didn’t have service for that time anyway. You are not crediting me!!

    I have never, ever felt so frustrated with a company like yours. It is so frustrating. I am requesting aleast one months refund.

    If I don’t get a response, I will move further up the chain and I’ll go to the Board of Directors and then the internet if necessary.

    Deb M.

  249. I received a SPECIAL NOTICE/OFFER today. What the offer was, it was to inform me that my promotion (which I didn’t know I had) would expire soon. TWC’s “SPECIAL OFFER” was going to make my payment higher than what it was. I called TWC and told them to transfer me to the Resolution Department. I spoke to a very nice young lady (Saundra 2562047)who took the time to resolve my issue.
    I was not only satisfied with the outcome of the call but the overall patience, professionalism and willing to “retain” a customer. I have had some very unpleasant experiences with TWC and really wanted to cancel my service. But yesterday, speaking with Saundra, she showed me that TWC does employ Customer Service Specialist who know what they are doing and know that customer satisfaction and retention is most important.
    Saundra, I hope you get to see this, you are the only reason I am remaining a loyal customer to TWC. Don’t change a thing and keep doing what you do.

    Pamela B

  250. What good is it to have the Spartacus Series playing when there is no sound? I’ve missed close to 10 episodes now because there has been NO SOUND. What gives? Doesn’t anyone monitor the channels?

  251. I am a dish customer,& am getting Sick of you large networks monopolizing the system by holding us the viewer hostage to get your way. So the only thing Im taking from this is your just another scummy company that will use anybody and or anything to get their way. GOOD JOB BIG PIMPIN! P.S. there could be no TV service available other than you and I still would never do business with a company like yours. If you take anything from this,1 HAPPY CUSTOMER TELLS A FRIEND 1 UNHAPPY CUSTOMER TELLS A 100. Its funny because I went to close this out I saw with all the post from your customers, YOU DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THEM EITHER.

  252. I have been trying to report a phone line problem for two days and all I get is you owe $33 dollars which is way less than I am paying for the service and all they worried about is money instead of helping the customer which keeps them in business once my contract is up im out of time warner they suck…I can’t get anything done my husband is very sick and I have to have a working phone but they don’t care….

  253. $191.00 a month and I cant even talk to someone that speaks English! Customers should chip in and buy some Rosetta Stone for these people! 5 boxes in my house all work except 1 and they tell me there’s an outage? ROFLMAO!

  254. Please make Watch TCM available to myself and other viewers. It would be a comfort to me since I am home bound. I just saw it on TV while I was watching the TCM Channel. I immediately looked it up online and found to my disappointment that you weren’t listed. WHY?

    It would be very nice to Watch TCM available before Christmas.

    Thank you.

    A Loyal Customer

    Della H. Farmer

  255. Time Warner is the WORST!!! They lie to you when you sign up. So many hidden fees it’s not even funny. Plus, the “turbo” internet stinks. It’s no different than regular. Also, the cable connection sucks. I’m leaving and going back to Direct TV

  256. 3 months ago my outside line got cut by road work. It took 4 visits by technicians to fix the problem. When they finished they left 200 feet of cable laying in the street. Cars drive over it constantly. I’ve called 6 times to get the line buried. Nothing is ever done. It is going to snow here soon & the plows will cut the line again. When that happens I and going to AT&T U-Verse. Been a customer for 20 years & this is by far the WORST service ever. On one of my calls the woman told me that the line laying in the street is the way it is supposed to be. Totally incompetent ! What a way to run a company !


  258. I’m very upset and would like to sue Time Warner. None of my televisions work. A technician was here for 2 hours, ripped out 2 cable outlets because he said I have too many TVs, then left and I still have no reception! I try calling and no one will answer. Ever since they changed their devices to “improve” the quality it’s been a disaster.

  259. I am unsatisfied with your service and have been disconnected because of your mistake. Money was taken out of my daughters account to pay bill and never showed up on bill as being paid and was told that a ticket was put in to investigate where it went. Then was given the runaround for 3 weeks as to where it was. I have also waited for over 2 months for a call from a supervisor and surprise…..still waiting. Customer service has told us a different story each time we called and have given us no solution to the problem. I will not reccommend this company to anyone and will strongly suggest they seek other avenues of television, internet, and/or phone service. Time Warner employees are apparently trained to lie because they do it very well not to mention stealing money and conveniently losing it. I hope that someone investigates this company and their business practice!!!!!

  260. After taking off work and arranging my day for a service call not technician and no call. Horrible customer service.

  261. TWC has the worst customer service ever. We were away on a vacation stop for more than a month during the summer and they still charged us for that time. Numerous calls and even chats online and asking for a itemized bill does not help. I keep getting charged for the time we vacation stopped. Every person I talked to said they would fix our problem but never did. This is months later and now I guess I will have to go to the office in person. I hate to say it, but the people that work for TWC either have a poor understanding even of what they are saying or they just pretend to help me.

  262. Terrible customer service. I was told my tv was not working right because the cable in my house is too old for digital service. After a new commercial grade cable amplifier and all new RG6 cable has been installed in my home (at my expense)the signal is still so week it won’t even work at all without the amplifier and I keep getting glitches and “please wait” on my screen constantly. We have to reboot 2 or 3 times a day. I found out from a technician friend that the cable coming to my house (which is 35 years old)is the real problem, and needs to be replaced. They always find some other reason for the problem. I’ve been through 4 cable boxes, still not working right. What will it take to get TWC to replace the cable coming to my house from the pole?!!!

  263. I switched my phones and internet service to TWC-BC thinking it would be better service than AT&T. It took 6 months to get everything completely switched. I now get two bills when I was informed I would receive one bill at time of contract. After just 4 months I discovered the payments I had made were not being applied to the my account and I spent hours on the phone trying to get someone to apply my payments to my account. After 2 weeks, I thought everything was straightened out but I had a visit from a tech that said he was here to disconnect my service for non-pay. I explained to him, I had paid and he demanded I pay him again or he would disconnect my phones and internet. This is a doctors office, we can not afford to be without phone and internet. I paid the guy over $ check and he said he would not disconnect. When I returned from lunch all phones and internet had been disconnected and a huge block and lock had been placed on the connection on the outside of building. I could not get into touch with TWC-BC unless I called them on my cell phone and they transferred me to 5 different depts. Finally, at 8pm I was told it was an error an they could send someone out to reconnect me in 2-3 days!! WTF. Yes, they took my money twice disconnected my business phones and internet service for 3 full days then told me it was my fault for non-payment. This is so wrong. I am searching for another carrier as we speak.

  264. I would never recommend time Warner to anyone. I set up payment plan and follow it and still got shut off. When I ask I’m told its because that same day a new bill generated. How convenient for them. When I ask why was I not told when I set up plan I was told its because they only have a certain amount of time they can spend on phone with customer. Can you believe that. Then I ask why am I still being billed for service im not getting I’m told its because of equipment. Then was informed that it got scheduled for pick up today Thur the 15th. How convenient was that for them. I do believe this service is a scam. I will find some other company I can trust. So not happy.

  265. Worst service ever!!! Your representatives hung up on my call three times. During my last call I was told by your rep. she couldn’t hear me (it’s your phone service) she tells me if I can hear her I should call some number she said into the phone too quickly for me to write down and then she hangs up on me again!

  266. I was wondering why your shows are not up to date on primetime on demand…they are in for last month but no shows for this month ( the ones I watch anyway)…

  267. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!Technician no show at appointment time,then informed that they tried to contact me,well I was sitting at home waiting for the tech.They re-scheduled an appointment with out talking to me.When I call customer service I get A “supervisor in his own mind” that is telling me that I have talked to a supervisor already and the issue is resolved.He’s talking over me not listening,not to mention the language issue.UNBELIEVABLE.AMERICA.There are other cable providers one would think you could try and deliver sub-par service.

  268. You recently began automatically shutting off my cable box every so often. I have just seconds to push a button on the remote or it shuts off. When I turn it on, it’s on 14. I hate it. When it shuts off, I cannot rewind because when I turn back on its on 14 and won’t rewind. Sometimes i just like to fall asleep with it on, and when you shut it off it wakes me up. Stop it! I do not want you shutting off my cable box. I’m paying for it so leave it on!

  269. You know how the man on TV lost his football connection and the TW guy says “on for 14.99 you can get faster internet speed with no contract. well, I got the 14.99 internet and tried to hook up for WiFi using my router(PS: I know how to do this)would not work. Called and the girl said: “You get what you pay for! Let me up grade you to the next level” I was soooo mad!!
    Still does not work So, if I get what I pay for,I guess I will have to go to Verizon or ATT. Needless to say I will be returning te TW modem. I guess!!!
    Sincerly, Linda Arsenault

  270. After spending many frustrating hours on the phone to just lower our monthly bill, I have been mislead, lied to and put on hold for countless hours and still got taken to the cleaners with lies and false promises. I called on Sunday and was falsely given the world only to find out that I would receive less and be billed more. When the service rep came to install the new system he said I was receiving less and ask why. I told him that’s not what I agreed to. Again it was almost an hour and received even less when it was stated that this was such a deal and my bill was going to be even more than before. As soon as I can come up to an agreement with Verizon you will be but a memory. Right now they are offering the world. I have been with you or one of your buy outs since about 84 and this las t misleading roundabout is the end of things. If you would like to discuss this with me in detail, I would be more than happy to do so. I just want a fair price.

  271. Your internet is very poor!! I frequently get a message stating, “you are NOT connected to the internet!” I am paying GOOD money to be able to work on the internet and it is frustrating when I can not get connected! Get this issue fixed, PLEASE, as I am working on a new novel and can’t finish it without my computer! Thanks, I Think!!

  272. I have never been so upset, disappointed, and surprised that a company has such awful CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! It never fails with this company. I have a toddler and I’m pregnant with my second child and I have had to spend hours and hours of my time to get absolutely no where. I have spoken to several supervisors, had all agents ID numbers and explained all
    The promises that were false. It takes almost 2 weeks to get just a transfer then I get agents promising me sooner appointments I don’t get. If this continues time warner will eventually be 100% known for awful service, it’s already on it’s way. I am constantly calling because something doesn’t work. My 4 year old even knows mommy is always calling time warner, and I spend time I can’t get back wasted on people who
    Do not care about their customers. If it wasn’t for US you wouldn’t be a company.

  273. they do LIE about everything. LIE about coming to you, LIE about phoning you back, THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I wouldn’t even give it a star if I could post without one

  274. I hope this post reaches Time Warner Management . I have had repeated internet problems for a very long time. Several attempts with my local TWC office to FIX my problems failed. HOWEVER, on this day ( Hallelujah ) i was transferred automatically to a very pleasant, courteous, well mannered, skilled TWC Tecnician in Manila Philipines. My problem was resolved in minutes with this great for business technician. He, unlike anyone before him, identiflied my Modem vs personal wifi situation and walked me through a sucessful FIX. I hope TWC Management locates this TWC Technician known by me as “Ryan” Operator ID ( V470841 ) and credits him in some fantastic way for his great service. I have met many hundreds of customer service representatives and Technicians but this guy takes it to the bank. My call was from the midwest USA at 11:30am on Monday November 24th, 2014. It was 1:30am on Tuesday November 25th, 2014 in Manila Philipines. I was ready to throw in the towel. buy a new computer and change my provider until “Ryan” answered my call. Have a Great day Ryan and thanks again. TWC you can have a great day also knowing Ryan is saving customers. Give this guy a raise!!!!!!!!

  275. I recently called Time Warner to discuss the current medical income issues that I am
    dealing with. We have been with Time Warner for a long time and have always paid our bills
    on time, monthly. I did not want to look for another business and have to eliminate Time Warner. In speaking to a very kind young girl she established a reduction in our Time Warner monthly
    payment which is a great assistance in helping to pay other bills. This was very helpful and I
    thank you for doing this.

    Jude Harris

  276. Customer service is HORRIBLE. I tried to help an elderly neighbor get his cable box to work. He has been without service for two days and will not be able to have a technician available for another 4 days. I am so glad I don’t give these people any of my hard earned money.




  278. Time Warner Cable is a joke. We changed our service to AT&T Uverse about 6 weeks ago. I called Time Warner at that time and disconnected our service. The gal from TIme Warner asked what they could do to keep our business, then I had another phone call from Time Warner regarding the same thing, what they can do to keep us on as customers. Now I am being billed and automated calls coming into my phone that we are deliquent and our service is being shut off. I DISCONNECTED OUR SERVICE 6 WEEKS AGO. Now i have been on hold for over an hour for Time Warner Cable, the first 35 min I asked for Customer Service and the sent me to billing – I had no idea that is were they sent me, FINALLY when Edger answered he went through the whole spill of past due amount then said he couldn’t help me with the being disconnected so he sent me to Customer Service where I ahve been holding for 40 minutes and still holding. HELLO – and TWC actually asked why customers are leaving and switching service??

  279. Your selections to enhance email messages are from the dark ages. I am unable to change font, “bold,” underline,” use “wallpaper,” etc. In addition, it’s anyone’s guess if my message will even arrive at its destination. I used to use AT&T and it’s great. Why, oh, why, did I “bundle” with you people??!! Your Customer Service stinks, also.

  280. Several months ago we got a new carrier and since than delivery has
    been irregular, missing parts of paper, no delivery and even with

  281. Even with many calls to Customer Service our deliveries and missing sections of the paper hasn’t changed. For 2 Sundays we have not
    received the comic section. Are you still including it? I like to
    get what I pay for and that is not bad delivery and missing sections
    of the papers. I am hearing that other people are experiencing the
    same problems. What do you intend to do about it.

  282. I am writing because I was promised a Dell laptop desk top. When I signed up to bundle my tv, phone, and internet. When I signed up no one told me that I needed to sign up for anything. I was under the impression that’s all I had to do to get the computer. I was told I would get the computer in a few weeks, but never heard for Time Warner. So I started calling could not get a stright answer about the computer. Then I was told I could not get the computer because I had been 3 days late with my payment. I was never told that when I signed up. I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. I feel that I should get that computer, because I was not told anything else.

  283. Just like to tell you that Ray and Antonio were courteous, helpful and fixed all my worries in our new home. No problems at all with connections and speed. You need to take these two guys and let them give “Customer Services” classes to your other employees in the field. They are great. Tks for the prompt service.

  284. what would time warner charge for approx. 36mbps download speed?

    Is there equipment to be installed in home? just a modem?

    How extensive is the set up required?


  285. The customer service rep that i spoke with James was very inconsiderate. He showed no symphy or concern of my issues. i had to fight with him to waive the $8.50 late fee, being how i had made the payment the day before and then assessed antoher late fee. I have been a loyal customer for 10 years and never once had to ask for the late fee to be waived. He never showed compasion for my issues nor did he even care. If the web site was up to date for me to pay my bill and given addresses, i would never had done it at where i had to go. Now, to find out that you won’t receive my payment until next week, very frustrating. James was not very good as a customer service rep and I would rate his performance a 2. Very upset about Time Warner Cable and no loyalty for the years that i have been with them.

  286. We have had service with your company for many years. Over and over again we experience outages frequently and several times a day. We are told over and over again do this do that we have had a technition to check things out again and again. We know most of them by name. We pay a lot of money to your company to be lied to by customer service and still to experience terrible service monthly, and what did you give me a $6.00 dollar credit. You are truly the worst company I have ever dealt with. What is the problem why do we loose our cable service 3 to 10 time a day? I would like and explanation. All of our neighbors have dropped you and I am thinking of doing the same. And why do your customer service people think its ok to be so rude if they even speak English. And they consistently lie? What has happened to this company?

  287. Hello, I am Shawn and I purchased a twc package on 9 Dec 2014. Since that time I have continued difficulty with my services. The cisco modem consistently shuts down without notice or reason, and will not reboot. I’ve had several movies cut short, embarrassment while company and family where viewing and complete frustration in this situation, I’ve made six(6) phone calls and have stayed at home for three home visits, with the exact same outcome! This is day twelve(12)of this and my patients is about used up. I feel I’ve paid $171.00 for nothing! I need immediate attention to this problem.

  288. My complaint to TWC is too long to post on this site, however I will be filing a complaint with the FCC, BBB, Attorney General Office, CEO and whomever else I can think of. Finally, to sum up TWC and the Customer Service straight TRASH! My New Year resolution is not to loose weight, but to get rid of TWC!

  289. This note is my deepest appreciation for the help of Albert in Customer Service gave me yesterday evening in setting up an internet connection. Albert walked me through an initial connection on an Ethernet line to verify the internet was available. Then he walked me through a Wi-Fi connection. When we left after some time, he gave me an HP contact number to finish up. The problem, though, was me. I swear I could not find the “next” button to continue a “Genie” session that might resolve the last issue. But after we hung up, I tried one more time and “Lo”, there was the “next” box. After clicking it, everything went automatically, and we have internet! Again, thanks to Albert so much for getting us a working internet. These days it’s almost impossible to get by without the internet.

  290. RE: my experience with Time Warner Tech Service: I needed my WI FI and password to connect my new NOOK…I started out at 4:35pm… my 1st call: the technician told me to key: TIME WARNER CABLE INTERNET and my tele number on the NOOK… when that didn’t work, my 2d call: they told me to hang on while they check it out, I waited 20 min with no interaction and hung up… my 3d call: the technician had me on the phone at least 30 min., buzzing in every 10 min. to tell me they were getting the info for me… after 15 min. she buzzed in and said the ‘super techs’ were on it and for sure she’d have the info shortly… after another 15 min., she buzzed back saying that the ‘super techs’ were unable to find the info i needed as our modem was not responding??? she said to take our modem to the nearest T-W store to have it replaced???? our modem is not even 1 year old!!! So I try again, and FINALLY, a very nice gentleman asks me to wait a mere few seconds and came back on the line with the information I had requested…

    Just thought you’d like to know what your TECHS put your customers through… Although, reading through some of the posted comments, does T-W even care about their customers… Will you reply to this comment?

  291. I am LIVID! I have been trying to set up Internet and phone services with your company for 2 weeks now. So far, no one has shown up 2 times! Every time I speak with someone in the company, I am told different stories (I must have 2 accounts, accounts were changed on days I didn’t speak with someone, I changed my appointment….). I have spend over 3 hours waiting on customer service looking into the problem only to be transferred to someone else and then I have to start all over again. No one, I mean no one is on the same page!

  292. Very dissatisfied customer, I ordered your home security and getting the reward card has been a nightmare!!!
    The company that you are using is horrible the wait time is over an hour, and their Communication between one another is not very good. VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER

  293. Oh well, where do I begin?
    My service has been cut several times, and they only say my “line is disconnected”?
    Ridiculous indeed.
    I am talking about days with no service, waiting for a “technician”.
    One of those times the techinica. Said he could not access the cable, for it was by the pool and he has no access to that area?For real?
    No money back, just stupid and useless apologies.
    I homeschool my two kids, I work with internet,
    So no work, no classes, no nothing.
    Thanks incompentent TWC.
    This is more like a legal robbery.

  294. I am really tired of the old commercial with the old football coach. If your company can not afford to place another commercial, please respond to me and I will try to start a fund raising drive to help get a new one. Enough is enough, O.K. already.

  295. Your the worst !!!!!!!!!!! Tried To move my service since 10Dec. and you want more money and new contract before u due anything don’t return phone calls from supervisor

  296. I recently cancelled DISH and went with TWC. On the date that the technician came to install he completed all connections and attempted download to the new box. The box would not download, therefore he stated that he would return the next day at a our agreed upon time of 4PM, however he never returned. Upon calling Customer Service and telling my story, the Rep stated that I did not have an appointment and that the Tech was doing me a “FAVOR” to come back on his own time. After threatening to cancel my new service I eventually got an appointment for the next a.m. This Tech informed me that the box that the other guy was attempting to install was ok but not the correct box and was not on my order. Now, the original Tech told me that he had 5 mos experience, hmm, and didn’t know the equipment? The new Tech completed the job in less than an hour and was very pleasant. If it had not been for him I would have cancelled immediately and cancelled thereafter. This was not the way to start a new relationship. Bottom line, the customer service reps need to learn what makes customers return, manners and politeness!

  297. To Whom It May Concern:
    Several weeks ago my husband and I decided that we were going to look into switching back to Time Warner Cable for television services. We currently have Dish for cable and TWC for phone and internet. We saw a promotion price of $129.99 per month for twelve months that would have saved us quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, because we have been loyal customers with our phone and internet (insert sarcasm) we were not eligible for that promotional price. The price that we were quoted for the same package was $231 per month. Obviously we were not going to pay that much. So…imagine my delight when on January 5, 2015, I received a preferred customer mailing for a wonderful package for $129.99 per month. I called immediately and talked to a wonderful girl named Ashley. Unfortunately I did not get her employee ID number. She told me all of the things that the package included: 300+ channels, HBO, Cinemax, Starz, EPIX, modem fee and lease included, Whole House DVR and 2 additional boxes, an internet upgrade from 20 to 50 and free, unlimited local and long distance calling. I have heard about the hidden fees so I asked for the COMPLETE cost per month, fees, taxes, etc. included. She told me that it would be between $150 – $155 per month. Wonderful, we said…we’ll take it. Sound too good to be true????? It was! The technician came last night to install and said that his work order was for only the DVR service box and one additional box. We said that wasn’t correct so we called TWC to figure it out. Through that conversation we found out that the cost per month would NOT be $129.99 before taxes…but $156.00 before taxes, coming to $186.00 after taxes and fees were applied. Imagine my surprise! So I took out the mailing and I read the customer service rep the information word for word. The person (I don’t have my notes in front of me so I can’t remember his/her name) told me that there was nothing they could do…there was no way that they could get me all of those things mentioned for that price. Just a bit of false advertising if you ask me. After 1 hour, 37 minutes and 43 seconds of getting no where, the technician was still at our house waiting to know if he should hook up the third box. My kids had waited patiently for dinner and had to hear me raise my voice. As a first grade teacher it takes a lot to make me lose my patience…but I lost it. I was given the run around and quoted several different prices, depending on whom I was talking with. At one point I asked if the calls were recorded. She said, Of course. I said, “Wonderful!!! Find my call from January 5 and all of this can be resolved!!!! One of the people I spoke with offered me a $60 credit to the account.

    I hope this long-winded comment will help others avoid the same time-consuming headaches that we had. I did finally get it resolved for $5 less than what I was quoted, but with two less premium channels. Which was fine with me…it wasn’t about the premium channels anyway. Then today I was offered a $40 credit. I said that this just proves my point of being told different numbers from different people: Yesterday I was offered $60. So she gave me the $60 credit.
    My advice: be wary of the promotional prices and hidden fees. Be sure to take detailed notes when talking to a TWC representative, remind THEM that the call is being recorded. Ask for a complete breakdown of all fees and taxes and ask for a bottom line price. Then…analyze each bill carefully.
    Thanks for reading.

  298. I am beyond LIVID!!!!! My neighbor, Latavia Ford of Staten Island, Time Warner employee convinced me to switch. I had hated Verizon but they are even worse. I never received an initial email, they cancelled the first appointment,have harassed me constantly with automated phone calls, NEVER EVER even come up to a third of the internet speed promised, etc. They make Dante’s ninth circle of hell look like paradise. I hope they rot.

  299. Here is my LONG comedy of errors with TWC.

    I was a loyal DISH TV customer for 12 years as well as used Windstream (for phone/internet) for about 20 years. I stuck with those companies though rate increases etc, until December 23, 2014, at which time I decided to switch all services to TWC. The reason for my switch was due to DISH dropping one specific channel and the CEO’s explanation of why that channel was dropped. What he said, at least in part was incorrect. TWC gave me a wonderful price for TV/phone/internet so the installation date was set for 12/31/14! They also assured me they would request for me to keep my Windstream home phone number as I’ve had it for over 20 years. Things looked good!

    On/about 12/27/14, I realized I would difficulty with getting my Windstream number switched to TWC as a tech person contacted me saying the request for TWC to get the number was denied as there was a password attached to it. I was advised to contact Windstream and obtain the password (I never KNEW there was a password) and call the password back in after installation was completed on 12/31/14. I’ll talk about the installation in a bit, but I’m still waiting to get that old Windstream phone number even though I obtained the password and gave it to TWC techs on numerous occassions. According to one tech, the password was entered incorrectly however I had asked each tech given the password to repeat it back to me. While assure me that the requests to Windstream for the phone number is in no way affected by other service requests, I believe it is as I’ve had numerous other services requests and it seems that with each problem the time for when I am to get my old phone number back is pushed more and more into the future. I was told today that everything was set for the old Windstream number to be switched on 1/23/15. I am not holding my breath!

    Now to the installation … difficulties … I have experienced. I knew there would be problems here when the tech doing the 12/31/14, installation stated he doubted it would be successful as the 6 receives he had were refurbished ones from Columbus, Ohio (I live in central Kentucky), and the receivers typically didn’t work as (the receivers) thought they were in Ohio and had difficulty accepting the signal here in Kentucky. This tech was HONEST and very nice! He spent several hours in our home TRYING to get at least one receiver (we were suppose to get receivers) to work. I think it was on the third receiver, he was able to get it to work … partially that is. And this was with much assistance from others within TWC’s phone tech departments. When the tech left, we had internet, phone service, wifi service and 22 TV channels … actually it was only 11 channels as we had both regular and HD channels for these. We were suppose to have over 200 channels. The one specific channel I wanted was not one of those 11 we had. This tech did request that a tech return to our home on 1/5/15 to try and correct the problems experienced with installation.

    Another tech did come to our home on 1/5/15, and he too was a very nice young man. He brought a shiny new receiver with him and was able to get it as well as the refurbished one in our bedroom to actually work! We had all the channels we were suppose to have, including the one I had specifically wanted! I was happy. My happiness was short lived however, as within a day: the TV picture began freezing followed by the screen going black although you could still hear the audio; the receiver would sporadically and randomly reset itself causing one to loose any recording that were underway and preventing one to watch whatever one was watching; and the guide sporadically showing everything as TO BE ANNOUNCED or only showing the upcoming schedule for 3-5 hours ahead. This was only with the main receiver we had received on 1/5/15. The one in our bedroom does not have these problems … it even lists the guide for an entire WEEK in advance! These problems have resulted in our having to call TWC on an almost daily basis as well as having to have numerous techs out to our home to try and fix the issue. On 1/15/15, a tech was suppose to visit my home and replace the main receiver, I was ASSURED this would happen. That tech never arrived, instead, I received a phone call from a person in India saying the appointment was for 1/16/15, and that she was going to trouble shoot first. At the time of this call, I was waiting for the tech to show up. I even talked with this person’s supervisor (he too was in India) and he basically called me a liar for saying I had an appointment for 1/15/15. At this I demanded to talk with a person actually in the USA so he gave me a phone number to call. Of course you get a computer when you call any of these numbers but at least the computer KNEW I was suppose to have had a tech visit on 1/15/15! After talking with a phone tech and her trying to trouble shoot to no avail, she assured me that a tech would be to my home on 1/16/15 to switch out the receiver. On 1/16/15 a tech did arrive and spent about 5 minutes in my home before I showed him the door. He was not very pleasant. He said he was NOT changing out the receiver, that the problems was equipment/signal related but rather by updates TWC were doing. He said these problems would continue until the end of January when all the updates were expected to be completed. (Can someone explain to me how one receiver can give you a week in advance guide and the other have TO BE ANNOUNCED???? Doesn’t that indicate at least the possibility that the one receiver is bad???) I was LIVID! So guess who I called … yelp TWC. I eventually talked with a supervisor and he arranged for another tech to be at my home today (1/20/15) to switch out the receiver.

    Bright and early this morning not one but TWO techs arrived at my home. Both were very nice young men! They first LISTENED to me explain the problems I had been having and they actually saw what I was complaining about as a ball game we had tried to record had frozen during recording. They also said the guide should show actual programming for a one week ahead time period. The techs then checked the cable line coming from the wall going into the box and said it was showing (I believe I have this correct) 10,000 errors per minute. Upon examination, they found a nick in the cable line and corrected it. They again checked the line with 0 errors occurring. Both believed the nick in the line was not allowing the signals to properly enter the receiver and that the problems should be corrected without replacing the receiver. I was happy! It made sense!

    I went about my business and after several hours I checked the guide. It shows programming for a 4-5 hour period and then it’s all TO BE ANNOUNCED. And it will no longer allow me to forward ahead for a full week but stops 12 hours out. The one in the bedroom still shows a full guide for the week ahead. (One tech had previously stated it could take 48 hours for the guide to fully populate so I’m hoping that is the case.) Anyway, I decided to send my daughters a text from my ipad … now remember I have wifi … mmmm … WHAT???? I’m not connected??? So I go to the ipad setting and my TWC network name is not there!!! It WAS there earlier this morning. mmmm … I check my computer and I still have internet but my husband’s computer, which connects via the wifi doesn’t. And the lights on the modem for wifi AND phone are not on. I check the phone … there is NO DIAL TONE .. my phone is out! Do I have good luck or what!!!!

    Guess who I call … (yes I do have a full charged cell phone thankfully!) … If you guess TWC then you got it right and if you didn’t guess TWC then .. well .. (mother always said don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice about a person) .. I’ll leave it at that! After talking with several phone techs, being disconnected once and recalling them, I finally got the phone and wifi back. I just checked the guide and well no change there. I can only hope it will correct itself.

    So how would I rate my experience with TWC? Overall the staff have been very nice and I think most have tried to be of help but what is said is most often proved to not be true. Several times I’ve been told that a certain person would call me back and they have not. For example a supervisor told me on 1/16/15, that he would call me today to make sure my problem was resolved. I’m still waiting for that call .. oh wait .. he could have tried to call when I didn’t have phone service!! I do believe the equipment that is avail here in my area is SUBSTANDARD. THAT reflects on the COMPANY and not on the poor techs that have to install it and then deal with subsequent problems. Will I stay with TWC? I’m still debating that.

  300. wish i would have known Time Warner was a joke before getting there service, think i’ll go back to my old service, i have never heard anybody talk so bad about a company that caters to the public, i was suppose to get the other 3 boxes a week ago, nothing yet, can’t talk to anybody, no phone #s to connect.

  301. Time Warner needs to increase it’s employees at the service center on Atlantic Ave. Going there is worse than the doctors office. You have to take a number and then wait forever. Either TW’s employees are slow and unskilled or your product is really bad. I have never been to this location that it wasn’t overflowing with customers waiting for someone to help them. I just wanted to exchange a remote. Think I’ll call service and have a tech bring me one. What a waste of time for both of us.

  302. I am writing for my daughter and son-in-law in Harlingen, TX. They just moved there and are desperately trying to get service set up. They have 3 children, in a new area with no friends and no internet or TV. They’ve had 2 appointments that were dropped with no reason given. When they’ve called and requested a manager, they were told no. I’ve never before heard of a company who doesn’t really want customers! Shame on you!

  303. i am very unhappy that i went to tv3wp to check the radar for our area which i use in the course of my work. the weather channel is too much of a joke when it comes to weather, everything is a crisis. so i watch the radar channel and believe it or not i can usually figure out how things are going to go for the day. now they took it off and put on another police network, but left the weather plus heading on it. i have enough channels to watch police and court shows but only one radar that was easy to catch on the way out the door. i will be getting rid of my top tier because i now can do without it. close to dish tv. the techs didn’t even know what i was talking about. i think they should put a tv in front of them then they could have just went to channel 372 and actually saw what i was talking about instead of wanting to tie up my day sending a tech to do nothing about a change at the corporate level. the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing.

  304. I called in about my mother’s account and received the best customer service ever. The customer service rep., Brandon was patient and stayed on the line until the situation was resolved. My mother is 80 and lives 15 hours away. It is not often that I get this kind of service.

  305. Spoke with tech support earlier today and issue of internet and e mail connection was supposed to be fixed. A few fours later I am getting message internet search not responding. Fix didn’t work

  306. I am very upset with TWC right now. I have been trying to get my account taken care of and no one will help me. TWC took to much money put of my checking account which put it in overdraft. I sent all the paper work to customer service that was asked of me but have still not heard anything. This happened back in the end of Dec. I feel that TWC stole from me and will not return. Please someone contact me. This has been a very bad time for me and my emotions have been destroyed by this. You have no idea. $324.00 may not be much to youu but it is alot to me.

  307. No wonder Time Warner is the most hated company in America. Service is unacceptable. Cable TV has a life of it’s own – cuts out, errors out of the blue. Wait all day for tech. Was on the phone to service, when I hung up phone rang incessantly, had to call to get that resolved. WTF? TWC gets worse, more fails. I’m disgusted.

  308. I am concerned about a Time Warner commercial where a mother is trying to find the nearest pet store to get her daughter a puppy instead of heading to a shelter. Most pet stores get their dogs from unregulated puppies mills where the dogs live in crowed, filty conditions locked in cages. The breeding dogs are forcably impregnated twice a year until they are finally killed.I can’t believe this company is advocating getting an animal from these torture chambers. I find this deeply disturbing.

  309. I hope everyone pays attention to the comments everyone has made. Time Warner screwed my order up 3 times 2 years ago. I contacted them approx. 1 month ago thinking I would give them another chance. I requested whole house DVR when the tech. came out the order was for 1 DVR. I called customer service and spoke to a supervisor who helped me get whole house DVR which is 4 rooms for $122 a month I said great. The tech came out and he had an order for 1 DVR. I called customer service and told them the deal I had made with the supervisor and they said they see the notes and it only says 2 DVRs. I said that isn’t what I was told. The rep. Tiffany told me they can’t do it for that price so I just cancelled the whole order and will not deal with Time Warner again. Worst customer service I have ever had anywhere.

  310. Time Warner Cable has over charged my parents over $ 1800 and they are refusing to refund their money. My parents are older and Time Warner has been charging them for a box since 2002. They have no box and have never had a box. No one from Time Warner has returned a call when they said they would. Hell, there has been no return call at all. They closed the case and didn’t bother to call. This is enough money that small claims court can take care of it.

  311. My brother-in-law did me a favor by going down to the local El Cielo Office to pick up a modem for me so I could get ph/internet hooked up quickly when I got down. I don’t know what happened when he picked it up…but he put the billing on his account. I have phoned in to get the billing changed. Can I do it over the phone…NO…I have to go into the local office. Not a big deal, I think. I go into the local El Cielo office…twice the 1st day… about 2 hours apart…each time there are roughly 30 customers ahead of me…3 clerks…maybe an hour waiting…if I’m lucky. Went in again today near quitting…only 2 clerks…only about 25 people waiting! Must admit, it was not like this the previous 6 years we have been dealing with TWC. But, absolutely the worst customer service I have experienced in my lifetime. I say, they keep this up, they will be out of business in 5 years. So, I look up TWC stock chart to see what investors think…near an all time high!!! Boy, are the stock investors ever being hoodwinked…if they had ever dealt with TWC Customer Service, they would be selling in droves. And personally, a bummer for me…now I’ve got to try and find another provider…hassle.

  312. I need a email address for your “CUSTOMER SERVICE” can’t get hold of anyone on the phone. the worse “Customer Service” ever
    Do you guys read your customers comments? I have a email ,
    Please send me a your email for your “CUSTOMER SERVICE”

  313. I have to write a comment because I have had the worst time with Time Warner Cable! First, I call to upgrade internet it is too slow and can’t stream anything! I call and I am told I have the fastest internet/Turbo. Then in the same sentence the guy says no I do not have turbo that I need to be upgraded and pay more money for faster internet. Hasn’t it been proven that all internet is the same speed that cable and internet companies just charge more for so-called faster internet???? This company is the worst, I HATE TWC. After the “supposed” upgrade it is still slow and sucks!!!!!!! I have had them for 6 years and I am now shopping for other internet companies.

  314. I called this past Saturday to make an appointment and the lady I spoke with said a tech would come Thursday. Thursday comes and no tech. I call and a rep sees no appointment for a tech. Not only did she lie and say she made an appointment for me she also did give me my $40 refund she said she would give me for my missing channels that I’ve had over a month now. Now I have to wait another 5 days for a tech to come out. Only if this guy actually turned in my appointment. Frustrated. Don’t like when someone says they will do something and don’t. Specially when I’m a paying customer.

  315. I called this past Saturday to make an appointment and the lady I spoke with said a tech would come Thursday. Thursday comes and no tech. I call and a rep sees no appointment for a tech. Not only did she lie and say she made an appointment for me she also did not give me my $40 refund she said she would give me for my missing channels that I’ve had over a month now. Now I have to wait another 5 days for a tech to come out. Only if this guy actually turned in my appointment. Frustrated. Don’t like when someone says they will do something and don’t. Specially when I’m a paying customer.

  316. I have 3 different carriers because of my homes; I can attest that Time Warner is unique in that they are the rudest, least attentive, unaware of their responsibilities as carriers and ,I for one, cannot understand how the government would allow Time Warner to continue this poor excuse for service!!!!!

  317. We had a service call a few days ago. I missed the call regarding a survey. I want you to know how pleased we were.
    Stephen Walker Tech # 10009 did a fabulous job. He installed a new cable outside and check all our equipment. He then checked all our equipment (modem, box, TV, inside cables and connections.
    He also made sure our computer was working ok. He was here for
    quite a while. He answered our questions about using the remote that has made our using the TV so much easier. If 10 is your highest rating we would give him a 10 on everything.

    Thank you.


  318. To say that the service received from time warner cable is a joke would be the nicest thing I could say. From the start the service has been terrible. The first tech showed up and tried to fly thru the install, he took a payment through his cell phone, a payment that could not be found by the cable company but had come out of my account. After the initial install the service did not perform, poor picture quality, phone service in and out and internet service that was also poor. I called several times to get a tech out to look at the problem and had was promised next day service …… and had several no call no shows. I was told on one occasion that I had cancelled the appointment…. this was not the case, this was merely the company covering there ass. Every time I call I am shuffled around and the buck gets passed around until I am so pissed that the person I am talking to gets tired of my bitching and actually does there job! I was fortunate enough to have a tech stop on his way home to check my service (he lives blocks from me). He did the install over, the correct cables, connections and parts. Guess what? The picture was great and the service worked as it should….The billing is still screwed up, I can not get a straight answer out of anybody and I can not get a call back ! A visit to the dentist is much more enjoyable !

  319. I left twc due to I wanted add HBO and they insisted I upgrade to a high prices package. Along with charging me for converter boxes they gave us free, then refused to take them back when we didn’t need them, then charged us for them without telling us. Now since we left they want us to pay for the boxes they told us to just throw out over a year ago. And they down graded our internet. twc scams you for overpriced packages. We will never do business with them again,

  320. I had Time Warner Internet and home phone services for over a year. I called to disconnect my service because another carrier offered me an unbeatable deal. I wasn’t on a contract with you, so nothing prevented me from changing carriers. When I called your representative to arrange the disconnect, I was treated ice coldly by her. I’ve never talked with a service rep who treated me so rudely. She also gave me n address 20 miles away to return my equipment, when there is one a few blocks from my house. She burned any bridges you had left with me. I will never use your services again. Customers should receive the same courtesy coming in, and going out. Shame on you, Time Warner!

  321. My TV Service is went out again at 2:30 this afternoon last

    week had the feed from the street to the house temporally installed

    week before could not record programs and TV locked up

    Switched from Directv to Time Warner because I thought I would have less of a chance of loosing service

  322. I have been with Time Warner Cable since it arrived in my neighborhood, about 15 years. Why is it that you treat your prospective customers so much better than your old customers? Bill Gates (no introduction necessary) said this about customer service: “Your most unhappy cudstomers are your greatest source of learning.” I’m unhappy. I’m unhappy that my bill continues to escalate the longetr I stay with you yet if I was a new customer there would be all sorts of incentives and less expensive packages. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon (which gives me great deals) said: “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” What do you think I’m telling my friends and newcomers to the area?

  323. Our company phone service is on day two of not working …….cannot receive incoming calls which is a problem for a sales organization.
    I talked to 3 people yesterday, a tech was to be at our office by 4:30 and finally called to see if we were still there at 5:30. He was then to call me at home to reset appt. Nothing.
    The appt was reset for 1 to 5 today. It should have been first thing this morning.
    I have talked to very pleasant people, all trying to be helpful.
    but what would help would be to have a tech out to fix the problem.
    I am certainly going to be calling other providers tomorrow.

  324. Your company needs to be more user friendly for the DISABLED with vision problems. Font size should be some where around 12 or14 even on bills as they can hardly be seen. Another suggestion assign personnel to help the disabled like AT&T does. It is frustrating trying to read and pay bill by phone as we are on limited budgets.PLEASE TRY TO HELP US.

  325. The absolute worst cable provider we have ever had. Your customer service is a joke. The stories are so bad, one would have a hard time to believe it. Example. Today, we were on with customer service, (called customer solutions, the number we were given LAST NIGHT while on the phone with them) it was customer service. So they could not do anything (well we knew that LAST NIGHT) so they transferred to customer solutions, where we had a loud screaching noise while on hold, then we hear talking like it was on someones phone, we kept saying hello about 4 times, a male voice said hello, then hung up. Your company is pathetic. We will be dropping our service and going with direct TV.

  326. Why do you keep raising your prices to have this crappy T.W. cable? Every time I turn around I have to pay more. You just add more crappy channels that we can’t or don’t want and just charge us more! Is your CEO running out of money, You people are bunch of greedy people. If there was another cable company, I would leave you in a heartbeat!!!

  327. Unable to access Pay per View. Time Warner Customer service is terrible all phone lines are busy. What a waste of time and money. I like how you censor comments that are critical of your poor service.

  328. TimeWarner does not have any customer service. It is impossible to contact them. All their email addresses return email as undeliverable, they will not answer their phone. Obviously they realize that the only reason I or anyone else is contacting them is to terminate service.

  329. Terrible company to deal with. In the past, I have called and they disconnected the call every time I advised that I was calling to down grade my services.

    TWC (Time Warner Cable) sold a package to supply cable and internet services to our apartment. Those services are now part of our rental payment. As part of the package, Showtime is free for the next 5 years. I do not need a cable card if TWC activates Showtime for us as we have the Roku 3 which by passes the need for a cable card or cable box. TWC states they still need to charge as most customers would need the cable card. This makes no sense. They also advised me when they go all digital we would need a digital adapter (DTA) for an additional $1.50 a month, a fee we would need to pay to TWC in addition to paying for cable and internet directly to our landlord. We do not need a DTA either as a roku by passes the need. TWC has an app/channel to add to Roku and Showtime has their own channel as well.

    Time Warner Cable is trying to charge for additional equipment which we do NOT need in order to create additional charges/pad the bill.

    They and Verizon should join forces to become the one of the most despised companies in the world…….

  330. Just got a 172 second message from the TWC representative who handles customer complaints. I felt the message was condescending, the tech’s he consulted with and his own knowledge inadequate. Nothing new there or as TWC would say nothing “knew” there. If you have a Roku and the TWC app, once you sign in with your information, the TWC app on the Roku connects to TWC and gets your individual programing. They tried to tell me I need a cable card or cable box – WRONG!!! After I previously called TWC and activated Showtime, I almost immediately began to watch the Showtime channels with my Roku using the TWC app. HEY TWC, consult with all the tech level III people you want, then hire someone who understands.

  331. A few months ago I contacted Time Warner because of a problem I was having with my cable box. I was sent to the Phillipines and from there my nightmare began. I began receiving phone calls from a person who said they were Time Warner and kept asking me for money for my account, naturally I didn’t give him any. I reported this to Time Warner numerous times and were told the calls were coming from Texas and the Phillipines. I was threatened by this person and I had to call the FTC to get help which I got. Last night my cable box (the new one) shorted out, called Time Warner and, of course, got the Phillipines. This person was one of the rudest people I have ever talked too. She kept telling me I had to take the box to a service center 100 miles away. Called back this time I did get the US and person by the name of Veronica from Syracuse who informed me that I had to wait until Thursday just for someone to come and deliver a box to me. I live in the middle of town. I will be cancelling Time Warner and have already heard from Empire that they will be here today to start putting in the fibro-optic wires. Another thing that really got to me was I told Veronia that I should get some kind of a discount since I would not be able to watch TV. Guess what the answer was????? Again I have e-mailed the FTC with this.

    I should add that upon finding out who the person was that was calling me for money, I was informed that Time Warner could not do anything about it, but did agree that every company has one “Bad Apple” and that they agreed my info was probably given out.

  332. I want to complain about trouble getting TWC installed. I was scheduled for an installation today. I called to check on this and was told that since my address was not in the system correctly, they could not do my installation and cannot reschedule until june 10th.

    Apparently an old address was in the system from when I had TWC before. I live in an old school building and when it was opened as condos in 2004, the address for my building was incorrectly listed as 505 Church Street. It is actually 503 Church Street. I gave this address to the person I was talking to, but apparently they did not change it.

    I am pretty unhappy with this delay.

    Is there something that can be done to expedite the installation?

    Katy Pugh

  333. I have been away from home. My burglar alarm system works off of Time Warner Router.there were no video pictures from any camera the entire time. MY phone would ring & guests could not be heard by caller. When I came home 5/31 I tried calling . The person answered but could not hear me. I unplugged router and it then worked. I want credit for an entire months billing. I had no service! I can’t unplug router from 7,000 miles away. this has happend repeatedly during the past year.

    Plus my security was compromised by camera’s inablilty to video

    My TV box which I pay @$12 per mo for use is difficult to operate. It frequently does not respond to commmands from remote or from box. I want credit for this for 1 month and a new box . Unless your service improves, I will cancle my contract.

  334. TWC customer service has much to learn about the subject. Phone numbers don’t work, representatives do nothing more than recite corporate policy, and when asked specific questions they are evasive with their response. TWC should fire them and use robots instead. The customer experience would be more personal. My two hours of run-around this morning involving no less than 5 represenatives is the worst I’ve ever had with any company.TWC customer service gets an F.

  335. Service is way below sub par, not only are you unable to access movie channels that you are paying for but the problem is never completely resolved. Time Warner really needs to step up their game before they continue to loose paying customers.

  336. I called to local service to end my internet service. I have been used Time Warner for 4 years. Totally dissatisfied!!! They recommended me to upgrade from 6 mbps to 18mbps. But the connecting time takes several seconds and many interruption occurs. So finally I switched to ATnT. Their connecting speed is light second. So satisfied and the service. This Fullerton (CA) local area’s customer service (talked with Keisha) is so so terrible when I requested to cancel my service. She wanted to survey every detail even their competitors service. I answered briefly and was busy. But she pressed me to answer even the areas I don’t know technically and she attempted to give their new offer with ridiculous questions. I already gave brief answer but she repeated the same questions again and again. It took 15minutes to end the service. Time Warner is so terrible even they don’t simply end the service.

  337. I am a faithful customer of you guys,ive never gotten any cash back or anything free from you guys ,like I did when I was with at-t u-verse thay gave me cash back all the time,for my loyalty,what up with yall.

  338. Your repair personnel need to identify themselves when calling. If they call with an unidentified number then immediately cancel and appointment, that is BS. Previously a technician had called TWO HOURS ahead of the scheduled time and was already in front of the house. Today someone called around 45 min prior but was on an unidentified number, did NOT leave any message, did not call back, and did NOT show up. $200 a month and this type of crappy service.

  339. We had issues last year and this after returning from Florida. Last year it took a couple of months and then four DVRs later a female person on the phone in NY State found the problem that a switch was off!!!
    This year, after being rebooted electronically and then two conversations with different techs (one a higher tier) the issue was deemed to need a tech to come to the house. Finally I decided to call and talk with someone about what happened last year and sure enough..a tech named Megan from Portland found that we were listed as having no DVR on our account!!! Within minutes of “flipping a switch” we had television service again. I have waited for well over an hour to get a survey call to be able to tell of this correction but none has come. I felt the need to let someone other than the wonderful tech Megan know how much I appreciated this and her knowledge plus being able to cancel someone coming to the home.
    Perhaps more advanced training on the part of the company for its workers would be helpful because if he took out this DVR when he was to come and replaced it it wouldn’t have made one bit of difference.
    Thank you Megan. Sharron Kettles – York, ME

  340. I tried to get CNBC, on Sat., July 4. on Channel 47.
    It is now EVINE(?).
    When did this change>
    You put out a very poor product!!!!

  341. First my Dvr box doesn’t work then my WiFi service doesn’t work they tell me on a Saturday I have to wait till Tuesday to get a new modem box because it’s 2 years old and probably needs to be replaced then it get a call on Sunday and I’m sitting here once again doing all the work I shouldn’t have to unplug things and plug them back in and reset modem boxes I don’t get paid to do the work I don’t even get credit for the days of inconvenience now the WiFi is finally working and I now have no phone service of course the tech was supposed to call me today and check on my WiFi so there not smart enough to notice my phone doesn’t work I can’t wait to drop all there crap off and get direct TV or dish network time Warner is the worst cable company ever bet your bottom dollar I won’t get a gift card for the time I miss from work and all the inconvenience I have had but they dole them out to new customers and people who upgrade

  342. Internet stops working. Don’t know who to call. Very poor customer service.Come and work on it and tech tell you how poor the prior guy was. Everyone tells me direct is poor but Timwe Warner and Dish are. Pick one of the worst.

  343. Worst service I have ever experienced. 4 appointments to have my internet turned on at my second home in Williamstown Mass. Internet never worked…several calls..lots of running around…

  344. I tried to have Time Warner install a bundle of Phone Internet and Telephone. I bought a package that seemed better than my ATT UVerse package. When the install tech came out the first time, he had the wrong equipment. The next week the tech that came out said it would require a 2 person crew and he made those arrangements. The next week a 2 person crew from an outsourced service came out and indicated that the supposed free install with my package would cost me $500 playable that day as they were an outsourced service and not part of Time Warner. We called and cancelled. Then we tried again the next month and were sold a different package via the online sign up which I screen printed step by step. An hour after providing my credit card information I received a call from TWC indicating that I was sold the wrong package and that I already had TWC service to my building. I indicated that was not possible as I built my house and never had TWC. She nevertheless indicated that somehow the service was there and she would mail the equipment for 3 TV installs which I should be able to handle. She said if there was a problem, I could call TWC and a tech would come out for $29.90 which is what was deducted from my package. I indicated that 1 of my TVs was not hooked up via a coaxial cable but via an RJ 45. She said she would send the correct equipment. Of course when the equipment arrived it had only 3 coaxial cable and no way to install the 3rd TV. I called TWC and a tech was scheduled for Friday btwn 12-1 PM. I called back to reverify based on past mistakes and was told everything was fine a tech would bring an extra coaxial cable and could connect the 3rd TV. On Thursday my phone was shut off because TWC ported over the number although they were supposed to wait until Friday when the tech came out. During the call Tim indicated I should never have been sent the equipment and he would make sure to contact leadership who would call me Friday morning before my install. He said the prior TWC associates had messed up and he was fixing everything and my tech would be at my home btw 12-1. At 12 on Friday since no one from “leadership” called me, I called TWC. During that call I was told that Tim had changed my install time to btwn 2-3 PM w/o notifying me. Having left work earlier expecting to return post install, I indicated my displeasure. I further indicated that TWC having ported the phone a day early had seriously inconvenienced my wife who was dealing with scheduling a number of fairly serious calls for injections she required due to a major medical issue. The TWC manager I spoke with Nicole Lemon indicated that she would be leaving prior to my install but would call me back to indicate the name of the team member who would follow this through. That of course did not happen either. Furthermore, she indicated that she was unsure that the tech could complete the install as they might have to bore under my driveway. This was not an issue for ATT and I almost cancelled except that porting back my phone would take 3-4 days so we would be w/o phone service for that time which due to my wife’s health was a non starter. I told Nicole that expected TWC to make this right and complete my install given the circumstances. She then said that dispatch indicated they could do a temporary install with a cable which would get me service until they could complete the full install if bring was necessary which would not be known until the tech arrived. It is now after 2 and no call back from TWC. I am stuck and am very concerned that what I have experienced up to now will be indicative of what I will later experience. If TWC screws this up further I plan to take this experience viral so stay tuned.

  345. I have had the worst experience ever!!
    I phone and had automation confirmation this morning prior to leaving my house as to make sure I would be home. I scheduled my day around this 1 hour window of 3-4pm .

    At 4:01 I called for an update on arrival time.
    To my disbelief, I was told that “I” had called in and stated that I no longer needed a tech/ that “I” canceled the appointment.

    No one ever showed up and someone has lied. Either dispatch or the technician. I have gone 4days with out a phone line now I have been rescheduled (having to wait additional 2 days) until Tuesday. A total of 5 days of no service. yet I’m to pay monthly.
    The supervisor was even RUDE!!!! Quote, Cutting me off from talking; “Let’s just move forward”.

    I want an INVESTIGATION into the technician and the dispatcher. I DO NOT!! appreciate being LIED upon and paying for poor,…. Poor service at the same time.

    I appreciate the credit (it was like pulling teeth).

  346. The worst service. Every time I try to give these buffoons the opportunity to gain my trust, it seems it’s always “amateur night at the Apollo” with you guys. I will never recommend to anyone that they get TWC service. It is non-existent. Simply scripted BS.
    So for the one reading this comment, quit this profession. Find an existence worthy of your talents. If you are not a loser, then you shouldn’t work with losers.

  347. Monday night we had a cable outage. I called Time Warner at 5pm and was told by recording that there was a problem in our area and we could be notified when the problem was resolved. Around 7pm we received a call the problem was fixed, but we still had no service. I called again and was told we had a problem with our digital box and we could disconnect the box, return it to the office the next day, get a new box and install it ourselves. Meanwhile we could connect the tv to cable and be able to watch tv. When we realized this was something we could not do ourselves, I called again. Thankfully, we were connected to “Christina” in your Syracuse office. She was an angel. She was so patient with us and ran us through all the technical contortions of getting our tv back to analog so we could watch tv that evening. When I explained that we were not going to be able to reconnect a new box on our own, she scheduled an appointment for us with a technician for the installation.
    He came yesterday and we are all set with the new box He was very professional and efficient and did it in no time. We definitely could not have done what he did. We want to thank Christina and all your staff for being so kind and understanding and want you to know that a lot of older people are dependent on your service and appreciate any help we can get. We have always been pleased with your service and wanted to point out that some of your staff goes above and beyond their job descriptions!!

  348. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. Was supposed to have an appointment today between 1 and 5. At 5:30 I called to find out what happened. I was told that the technician arrived around 3 and “nobody was home”. I have tape over the doorbell because it doesn’t work and never heard any knock. They had my phone number but didn’t call when there was 3 cars in front of the house but nobody home???? THOROUGHLY disgusted. Have a phone that hasn’t worked since the day it was installed. Yeah, I’m gonna reschedule for a day for them to pick up their equipment!!!!!!!!

  349. I’m a brand new customer, and I haven’t even moved to Dallas yet.
    I haven’t even used your cable/internet service and I’m already very upset with the harassing phone calls I’ve been receiving. I booked your service last week-installation date was to have been today, August 4, but your various departments don’t seem to be able to communicate. I was called and told three (3) times that I had to have a licensed adult present for the four (4) hour installation. I was also called and told that my service wouldn’t be connected because I failed to pay to first month and the $14.95 installation fee. I paid this on Monday, August 3 confirmation #032-614.
    I informed your people that my sister would be present for the installation but they failed to let everyone else know. This morning I received two harassing recorded phone calls at 6:50a.m. my time here in Denver and again 30 minutes later.
    In speaking with the apartment manager’s office it seems a “live licensed person ” is NOT required to be present for the installation, because all you do is “flip a switch” to begin service in my name. The office has the master key and can also flip the switch. If this is a sample of your “valuable customer service”, then sir you need a whole lot of improving. I’ll decide when I arrive whether to have the service actually started or “cancel it”.

  350. Time Warner is possible the worse cable company in this country. Its a shame COMAST didn’t take over.A excellent company.
    I must call your company every other month because my cable isn’t working-no picture. Then when I’m in contact with one of your operators, they have no knowledge of making the repair from their end to restore my cable TV. They always want to send a repairman in two days or more. Why aren’t these operators monitored to ensure proper response to customers who pay this extremely high monthly cable bills. Time Warner company is just a RIP-OFF. Today I have no service. WHY DON’T YOU SHOW ON THE SCREEN THAT AN OUTAGE HAD OCCURRED AND THE TIME WHEN SERVICE WILL BE RESUMMED. INSTEAD OF SHOWING THE LIE, “SERVICE WILL RESUME SHORTLY”, You really need to improve your service to show you care about the customer who are paying you.
    You really need clearer English speaking operators WHO UNDERSTAND THE QUESTIONS AND CAN ANSWER WITH KNOWLEDGE.
    I’m planning to leave your company. I’ve had enough.

  351. The service of Time Warner is terrible, Once you are a customer all help is gone.
    The internet service is very intermittent and repair is difficult due to a series of barriers set up to insure minimal customer contact.

  352. Was suppose to have cable installed today. Installer ran 20 foot of cable from inside to outside. Said he has to go get some straps and would be back in 45 minutes. 3 hours later no installer so I called customer support to cancel TW! Time Warner is as bad as people say it is!

  353. I wanted to upgrade my business cable. I got on the net and went to time Warner Business class customer service 844-465-0156. They said they could not help me and forwarded me to another agent. He could not help me forward to another this time a girl. She could not help me forwarded me to a Devin, he said he was residential could not help me forwarded me to KIM FOREMAN 315-883-5134. She was great upgraded me in no time at all. She deserves a commendation from Time Warner. She is the only reason I did not give up and go the Direct Tv or Dish. Your system is very hard to get to what people want which is A HUMAN PERSON TO TALK TO. Anyone who needs business cable, phone or internet help go to KIM FOREMAN 315-883-5134.

  354. In order to thank KIM FOREMAN for her help and leave a comment. I had to go through 7 different web sites to do this. Your system needs help, It is far too much aggravation to want to mess with.

  355. I chatted with a very nice Time Warner representative name Mario and I told him my problem and wanted to set up a payment arrangement. He was nice enough to give me a phone number to do that. The woman who answered the phone was nasty and would not even listen to me or set up a payment arrangement with me.

  356. Have had a three month battle with customer service over unreturned equipment. There favorite reply NO WE Can’t and Tech Support is even worse. Worst company I have ever had to deal with.

  357. I already had time warner Internet,and on Sept. 5 had TV installed with two large boxes and two little boxes with no DVR and cables already in place. I was told on the phone and by the installer that installation would be free, but there is a $39.99 install fee on the bill that MUST be removed, also l was told that I would get the same channels on the small boxes as the large boxes and that is not the case. The installer said one of the smaller boxes should be replaced with a large box and no additional monthly cost. Also my monthly cost should be $120.00 month and should be stable – no large increases for several years.

  358. ….how can I leave a comment about my customer service experience when I can’t seem to get anyone at TIme Warner to answer my calls? I have now been on hold for 39 minutes on this call and there were 3 calls before this one that I got so tired of holding and frustrated I just hung up! WTF? I Completely unacceptable and as I read what others are saying about your service, this is a common thing for Time Warner…. alot of people say your service sucks and now I know why! You do realize that there would be no Time Warner if we had some other provider to go through but because our options are slim to none, TIme Warner has us in the palm of their hands… we have to use your horrible service because we have no other options!!! Sad but oh so true!!!!! There is no reason any customer should be on hold as long as I was and have to call 4 times and still no answer to my question of why my tv is once again NOT working during the times of 2 am to 6am ??!!!! I am getting suspicious that you scramble the tvs of millions of people who pay for our tvs NOT to be scrambled, because most if not all people are sleeping at that time and what they don;’t know won’t hurt them. You must make so much money that way, right? This happens on a regular basis and if that is not what your doing, then you really are the absolute worst service provider and you all must be a bunch of complete idiots!!!!! Seriously, if you think about it, millions of people are NOT getting service but paying for it and that adds up to a lot of money Time Warner is making off customers who are sleeping. Well this customer doesn’t work a 9 to 5 and has to experience a scrambled tv over and over and over again, it is truly sickening!!!!! Something is definitely going on because there is no reason my tv should not be working perfectly for as much as I pay monthly!!!! The reason is obviously that YOU ARE RIPPING US ALL OFF!!! If I am paying a lot of money to you monthly on time, then GIVE ME WHAT I PAy FOR!!!! Simple, huh? I am about ready to go to the Better Business Bureau and report you and all they have to do is go online and read the millions upon millions of negative comments about your service. You should be ashamed, honestly I am embarrassed for you Time Warner. You provide the worst service and I am going to agree with so many others….YOU SUCK!

  359. Your customer service is the worst in the world. It is impossible to ever get to talk to a live person. I would have a better chance of talking with the pope than a actual person who can help me. Your service stinks.

  360. Just got off of line with a real live person which surprises me. TW has flat out lied to me. And I refuse to deal with a liar. Your service is the worst in the history of customer service and then be dishonest to me. I will be hunting another cable provider.

  361. I can’t get your response in a timely manner because our service has been out the past two days. At the very least you should have customer service tell us what you are doing and how much longer we have to wait for service. Mad as hell!! Your announcement in the paper about how you get it doesn’t help one bit

  362. I just read your service ad int the San Antonio Express and would like to comment. We are both in our 80’s and have bee a TWC member since you have been in McAllen, Texas as well as the cable companies before you. I read about your poor service but my experience is just the opposite. I have a new DVR and needed it installed and had some questions about its use. We have lacked tech. skills and I have a hearing problem so I use chat a lot.I have had extremely good and courteous treatment on chat, from your tech, and from your office employees at you office on Dove in McAllen. I don’t even check the prices on other providers as I have no intention of changine.

  363. I called today to se if I could get my friends phone and cable billed lowered. She is under Hospice care at home needs her phone and only has Cable to occupy her time. The service rep was awesome and friendly, but I cannot believe Time Warner does not have a package for someone in this situation and in need of a little help…I would think a company as big as you would show some compassion for someone in need ……Pat Myre

  364. I hate Time Warner. It has the worst customer service ever. Never ever getting it again, and I will tell everyone not to get it. I’m just trying to cancel my internet and I’ve been on the phone for an hour, getting transferred all over the US, and everyone says something different. This company totally sucks. They need to train their people better. I can’t hate it enough. Terrible company.

  365. I have made repeated requests for service regarding my business cable and as of this date nothing has been resolved. This has gone on since July and I continue to schedule service appointments that do not happen and I am not notified; they are not coming or will be running late. Your idea of giving a morning or afternoon windows just does not work for you and needs to be reviewed. I have cancelled appointments and rescheduled too many days to list in just one email. Please feel free to contact me..I would love to have you request an appoint with me.

  366. I was promised a $300 rebate card for switching from Direct TV to Time Warner and now I am getting the run around and being told I do not qualify due to the city I live in. This was not told to me when I switched. Starting to feel like this is a scam. I will fight this as far as I need to because this id BS!

  367. I am so sick of being shut off evey month. I pay the minimum balance due and still get shut off. My husband works from home so this disrupts him, also. Shut off the people who don’t give you any money for 3 months, not someone that pays evey month. I ONLY have internet with time warner but if I’m shut off one more time without warning I will completely cancel. I’ve been telling people time warner is the way to go but I will be spreading the message that I was wrong. Back off.

  368. I went in to the Temple , Texas office today to pay my internet bill and to request Internet and cable service at our new place we are moving to next month in Belton, Texas. After giving the address the lady told me that there was no service at that address. I got on the phone to the complex manager and was told that everyone in the senior complex had Time Warner. The lady said she could not help me. I think she did not look very hard to assist us!

  369. I moved and discontinued any contact with your company in Sep 2014. I have repeatedly asked that you removed my email address from your system and to stop sending me emails. I continue to get them. Please stop as I consider this a form of harassment. I do not use your service, am not in an area where your service is provided, not connected to individual who has an account and I received his bills. I am tired of it.

  370. I was dropped in the middle of the agent in my computer. My internet has been in the 2 to 5 mbps for weeks. It was not like this before but she wanted to check my router.

  371. Was contacted several months ago that we need an updated router which was to be shipped to our home. We still haven’t received it.
    Thomas Lalumondier
    Customer code: 3796

  372. I called time warner about one of my channels cutting out all morning. It is our channel 9 (16 WNEP). I was told that I didn’t have that channel. Our zip code is 18801, that will give you the Montrose, PA listing which we don’t have. When I bring up my guide it shows WNEPHD 9. The supervisor there told the customer service representative that I didn’t get that channel. I’m not satisfied with the supervisor. The customer service representative, Vincent did his best with the situation. I’m still having a problem with that station. Can you find out what the problem is with it and with the web site which doesn’t show my line up? Also please credit my account for this problem.

  373. Today; 11/13/15, I made a call to the customer service of Time Warner Cable. I had one female by name ‘Dawn’ as the representative whom I consider being unprofessional or half-trained. Dawn embarrassingly read notations on my account upside down. In frustration, I duly asked to speak with her supervisor which, after unsuccessful persuasion on me to do otherwise; she eventually pretended she was transferring me. I was put on hold for well over 1 hour 15 minutes!
    This is my story:
    I have two accounts, in two different addresses on my name. I was going to move one of them from 1100 Oakwood Drive Elyria to a new address; 139 Academy Court Elyria.
    October 29, 2015
    Precisely on 29th, I called for the movement of service. I was advised that the request for service movement would not be effected because I was having a balance. I was advised that except I pay at least the balance due of $111.85, my service will not be moved.
    In disappointment, I moved anyway on Friday 30th without the service.
    November 2, 2015
    I called on Friday 6th and asked if it was fair to keep running the bill on a service that I would not have for a week. The representative that I spoke to promised to give a credit for a week that I was not going to have the service. She thereafter announced that $25.07 credit (amounting to those days that I would not have the service) has been applied to my balance and that I only have $86.78 as due balance. She stressed the fact that this $86.78 MUST be paid on or by Friday 6th of October so that the due balance would not roll over with a new pay period.
    November 6, 2015
    I called in to make the payment for the due balance; $86.78 so that I can have the Tech come out to install the service. After making the payment, I was assured that by Monday, service would be installed at the new address -139, Academy Court, Elyria.
    After the installation, I have had all series of issues on the speed of the internet which was resolved through different trouble shoots at different times.
    November 11, 2015.
    I suddenly realized that my bank account has been in deficit from the withdrawal of $111.85 by TWC with an accruing charge of $35 overdraft. I promptly made a call to the customer service and I expressed my displeasure over the unauthorized payment. The Rep I spoke to made a ticket for the refund since it was a duplicate payment. He promised that within 48-72 hours, a call will come from TWC about the tickets for confirmation.
    November 13, 2015
    I called to be updated of the refund ticket only to be tossed from one department to another after the first embarrassing encounter described above. No one was willing to tell me that the ticket was denied on the basis that I ‘set up’ the payment of $111.85 on November 2nd, 2015.
    The Questions
    1. Why would I set up a payment for $111.85 same day (11/2/15) when I was getting a discount of $25.07, that makes my balance to be $86.78?
    2. When I called to make payment on November 6, all I asked the Rep was the due balance on the account because the intent was to pay what was going to make the service transition a possibility. I was told $86.78 and that, I paid. Why wasn’t the Rep that took my payment tell me that there was a payment set up for $111.85?
    3. Does it make any sense that the purported payment was set up on November 2, same day that the credit was given? Credit for the same amount that payment was set up and by the same Rep?
    I demand a refund of $111.85 because I never authorized it; it stands logic on its head that I will be authorizing payment for an amount I was being given a credit. Sadly, am now in an undue deficit plus an overdraft, faced with extended overdraft as from this weekend.
    This is a negligence and apparent unprofessional conduct of the Customer Rep of TWC. A diligent cursory look into the account would have alerted the Agent when applying a credit to the account that there is a need to cancel or automatically annul the same amount that I sought to pay.

  374. If our service goes up will will get a new one. Ben Neer 2373 leeward ct Hilliard oh 43026. we have been very faithful customers for years I don’t know why we should be treated this way.

  375. AWFUL !! Your automated system hung up on me 3 times !!! I was not able to get through at all. This stinks.
    Call me and tell me why I shouldn’t cancel today!

  376. I am at a loss. Over the past month and a half, I have had 3 different Techs come out to my apartment to ‘fix’ my cable issue. I have been told I would get credits that I have yet to receive, I have a tech coming out yet again tomorrow to fix a problem that he probably cant and yet I am expected to pay my bill on time or I will loose my service! Well, right now, I cant use my DVR for the next 24-487 hours, but lord knows I will be expected to pay for that service. I have called the emergency fraud number for the people in my apartment building stealing cable, but apparently, you all don’t care enough to do anything about it. I can not go to another service because you have the contract for the building where I live. I feel as though you have me over a barrel and don’t care enough to do anything about it. I see your stupid commercials about helping, but in one month I have received NO resolution. Tech after tech…appointment after appointment with no end result, but if I don’t pay my bill on time you will disconnect me!?! How is that fair to the end user? I take customer service very serious, being that I have been involved in that industry for 15+ years, and to be honest….yours is horrible! Fix my problem, stop letting people steal cable from those that rightfully pay for it, and offer a month free of service for those who give up money to a company that wont do the same for them.

  377. Why can’t you hire people who speak English. Called to check on cheaper rate after contract up. Got hung up on the instant I said cheaper or may cancel. After being on hold for 15 minutes. Guess what..? Will go done to local TW office Monday and cancel in person. ATT, here we come..

  378. My internet has been slow for a week or two and tonight finally gave up… I tried calling customer support and half way through talking to a computer it told me it couldn’t help and hung up on me. Now when I call it rings twice and hangs up on me. Not very pleased…

    CALLED 877-772-2253 HUNG UP ON
    CALLED 419-775-3780 HUNG UP ON
    CALLED 800-892-4357 HUNG UP ON

  380. I wish I could get another internet provider. Time Warner cannot seem to get anything correct. I have asked to have cable buried for two weeks now. They have no record of my call yet they send out a technician to my home. Even he is flabbergasted. I have now called again and have to wait another 7 to 10 days for someone to bury cable. How will I be sure I don’t receive another technician instead of the cable bury guys!!!! And all they can say is sorry – Really!!!

  381. Cable, Internet and phone down. Call my local customer service and get a recording all circuits are busy. This is very frustrating.
    Wanted to watch jets/ Giants game. I have been a long time customer but I will be moving on. Just tired of all the B.S. And price hikes . Time to cut the cord

  382. Customer service was the worst I’ve ever had!! Can’t wait to leave time Warner call me I don’t care 8035491607

  383. I like the program, it is better than some. At this time and day there are small wars in the country, homages wars all over the world, daily killings everywhere. This country is a sad picture. Is it necessary to put the Second World War on in every detail with Hitler in all his Glory ? Do we need to learn some more how to do it?
    People here in this Country did not experience it how ugly it was. The constant fear and Terror, is it necessary to up this show at Christmas time ? This is supposed to be the time of Peace..
    My other question is how do I contact the companies with their senseless and
    respect- less advertisings ? People must think we have no brains.

    Thank you, don’t need to post.

  384. I called Arlington, Texas customer service to get my password for my WiFi. my room mates have moved and did not give me the password. Every time I call the line starts breaking up and when they call back all I get is silence. All I need is my WiFi password. Why is this so difficult?

  385. Why can’t I log onto “Watch TCM” on my tablet.
    Every cable company in the US is on the list except Time Warner.

    When are you folks going to make it available to us Time Warner customers?

  386. I tried to set up service but after 4 techs came out to my house and the last one a no show..I still don’t have service and I have already been billed for the 1st mo. They were suppose to come out an bury the line and connect it to my house. I took off work and they never showed up. I call CS and was told they would be out. between 9pm -11pm. I told them they would have to work in the dark but CS said they would. They didn’t even call me that time either. No show. I’m getting my money back and going somewhere else. Ridiculous!

  387. We moved to a location where no service was available. After we moved, I asked how to get my saved emails with all receipts, etc. I was told it was deleted and nothing could be retrieved. We had just recently purchased software from a few different places and hadn’t had time to download because of the move. I not only lost all my information I had saved but the software we paid for but now have no records. Beyond frustrating. We had been customers there for 35 years. What a way to treat good customers. Oh, wait, you don’t care. Message received!

  388. I called customer service today and was very angry and frustrated. Monique was the unlucky person who answered my call. I want to commend Monique for her patience and helpful attitude. She went above and beyond in her attempts to resolve the issue. She certainly deserves a pat on the back for her service.
    The issue was the tech for my installation was a no show. Monique checked the system and advised me the tech had been to my home and no one was here. She also said the tech had entered that it was a white mobile home with no cars outside. I live in an RV. Monique also stated it showed I did not answer phone. My cell phone shows I received five calls from Timer Warner today and that I answered all of them. The frustration for me is the tech had to stop at the office to get pass and tell the office that he was coming to my site. Why couldn’t he go back to the office and ask for help? Why couldn’t he call me to ask where I was located? This entire situation has me wondering if we really want to keep Time Warner as our internet provider when we return in the Fall. Again Monique was wonderful and listened to me vent about the situation.

  389. Thursday evening before the blizzard hit, January 21, TWC cut my Internet, Phone and dropped the Cable TV to Basic. After 2 calls to TWC and 4 calls from TWC, nothing was resolved except to set up an appointment with a TWC Tech for Sunday 8am. Since I depend on the Internet for work assignments and call reports, I lost a day of work. When the TWC Tech arrived he made one call to his office, gave them my name and phone number and Blink! Everything was back on line. He did nothing except make a call. Apparently TWC cut my service in error but won’t own up to it. How can I possibly depend on them? I want that phone number!! TWC said they will give me a $10 credit on my bill. Whoopee.

  390. I ordered service two weeks ago. Told to wait one week for installation. One week passed nobody came on the time and date scheduled no courtesy call either. I called to see what was the problem. I was told the customer service rep. Did not properly bill my card. I was told the problem was resolved and a tech would come in another week. Another week had passed on 1/25/16 I got an automated call saying tech was on his way again nothing. No call no show.. I’m really disappointed

  391. At 5 AM, the cable TV would not work. The DTA box was flashing green and the screen on the TV had a message about an interruption in service. When I called TWC, the technician attempted to fix the problem remotely including having me disconnecting the power to the DTA box several times but was unsuccessful in fixing the problem. An appointment was made for a technician to come to the house mid-afternoon. I was out of the house for most of the morning and returned about 12 noon; the phone was ringing as I walked in the door so I answered it. From what I could gather, a TWC employee was telling me that because the TV was now working (I checked; it was), they were not going to send the technician out. I told her that this was the third time in the past two weeks that this had occurred and I wanted to know why the service kept getting interrupted. The young lady had a sing-song-y voice with a heavy accent and I was having great difficulty in understanding her; I apologized to her as I am hearing-impaired & requested to speak with someone without an accent. A young man came on the phone — with the same type of voice. I told him I wanted to get my system checked out as this was the third time that the outage had occurred. I could not understand him and requested to speak with someone without an accent; he said there was no one available. I told him I was going to hang up and did so.

  392. Follow-up Comment. Technician showed up on time. Very nice young man. Because the system was working, he said that he could not guarantee a successful “fix” but would check everything to the best of his ability. He found that the cord that connects the DTA box to the wall outlet was frayed and replaced it. He said if the problem recurred within the next week to call TWC as the work order would remain open for that period of time. Very impressed with him and the service he provided!

  393. I have had a cable problem since Oct. lines have been replaced,boxes ect. and I still get the pixel in my TV’s. I am ready to throw something. numerous service calls and no solutions. last time I was told that there would be a 35. service charge. I got it dropped because the problem still exists. I pay $180. a month and can’t watch my tv half the time. get it fixed.

  394. THE WORST! After attempting to resolve issues via phone several times, and being re-routed to someone who could not explain how I could remove the $8.99 sports package and end up with a higher monthly bill, I decided to go to store. Website said it was open until 5 and it closed at 2. TWC is a monopoly that needs to be broken up. Next step is to contact PSC. Tired of wasting my time and money!

  395. I have been trying to get an email address to write a letter of commendation for Joseph Giambrone (3342), the technician that was sent for our service call. I couldn’t find any address on line, on your customer service phone call, or the chat service. It is unfortunate that you have a forum for all of these complaints, and I can’t find one to praise the friendly, knowledgeable, patient young man who showed up to fix our problem. He tried a number of things, and found the answer. He also addressed another issue that I asked him about. I really hope that someone can forward this message to him and his superiors. There are some people at the company that know their business.

  396. I actually have a letter from Time Warner stating that the cable modem I own and bought ten years ago (a Motorola) does not belong to them but is actually my personal property. Since they continue to charge me for a modem they do not provide, I will be switching to other TV and Internet providers. Seems a real shame that Time Warner is willing to give up a customer that has been paying for services for 10 years over a $10 charge. Stupid is a good description. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life.

  397. terrible service –technical support was in the philopines could not understand said so called technician–received no help—and am totataly dissatisfied–am unable to actually call twc and get a service call —why-are you not a communications co?

  398. Very helpful;however,forgot to adsk following and need answer:

    If I purchase my own modem and they’re is problem what charges does Time warner command ?

    Please email your response

    I can save money(never knrew could purchase and already spent 500 renting)…

    Please let me know

    Thank you

  399. New boxes were installed on each of our televisions today. This is the biggest mess I have ever seen. Wires out sticking out everywhere. I wad told the New HD televisions need these boxes. These boxes change the size of your picture ((smaller) depending on the age of the show you are watching. I guess I will need to get a chair and set about five feet from the screen. I can’t notice any difference in the picture. The worst part of this whole mess is that in the future I will be required to pay three dollars for each box.
    Why Don’ the cable companies check with their customers before they make changes. I think I already know the answer to that. Time Warner doesn’t care about anything other than getting as much money out of your pocket as possible.
    Tomorrow I will be checking on other cable services. Can’t wait to get this nasty looking set up out of my house before one of the grandkids hurts themselves.

  400. Every time that I try to change channels too qui ckly, I lose my internet TV cable. I spend an hour on the phone with a rep who is in Asia. I’m not prone to profanity but T-=W justifies such. This inability to understand / follow that non-English speakers’ instructions results in a two to five day window before I can get a my house!!

  401. Hello last Night at about 6 . On demand was showing pornography after my show ended . I have video to prove it. It was after I finished watching an on demand show. It was not a pretty thing when you have visitors .

  402. You are not providing us with any kind of respect. You have a technician that has lied about an appointment and you are making us wait hours longer than we were told.

  403. On 2/24/2016 i canceled time warner and all its services. they raised my monthly bill to 160.00 which i thought was way to much. i called your company several times and each time i was put on hold
    after 25 minutes i hung up. tried a few hours later the same thing. i did this for 3 different days . i wanted to talk to any person that could explain why such an increase. after trying all the times i was put on hold i decided that if they would not talk to me that they did not want my business.i know my money is nothing compared to what you people bring in every month but it was the only way i could protest the increase. thank you Harold Scrivani

  404. I contacted TWC last week and decided to switch to TWC work order # 170382195. I asked specific questions regarding Boxes and was told I could do the whole house DVR, and 1 addition box and I could still get the 99 channels without any type of box on other TVs. They checked my area and I was told there is no plan in the near future to change it over like they did in NYC where a box would be required for minimal TV service. That factored heavily into my decision to switch over. The Tech arrived this morning and as I told him what I was having done, I was told I need a Box on every TV that would cost about 12.00/month per TV and there would be an additional charge to connect more TVs than 2, which I was never advised of when I contacted TWC. I would never trust TWC after I was lied to, obviously your quotes mean nothing, you scam customers and count on them not wanting to cancel the installation or service after they realize they have been lied to. That is terrible business practice and I will make sure to advise all my friends, family, coworkers and neighbors of the type of company you run. I do appreciate your Tech being so honest and forthcoming, you should have more employees like him in your customer service department.

  405. I was just looking for this info for a while. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your site. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this kind of informative websites in top of the list. Usually the top sites are full of garbage.

  406. Acct # 8448410890002730
    Terrible customer service. All I get is the run-a-round when I want to know why the price went up! I was told that the promotion had ended and there was not any new promotion on the horizon.
    When I commented that new customers get a fancy promotion, I’m informed these are for “new” customers only. How convenient! The heck with your tried and true customer base.
    Terrible way to do business, but do you really care?? NO!!

  407. I want to tell you I see why people switch to satellite every year I have to go through all these supervisors to keep my bill reasonable after paying my bill on time for 8 yrs you make me jump though hoops to keep bill from going up 50.00 dollars . I really am getting tired of you guys I wouldn’t recommend you to no one

  408. why don’t you give better prices or set prices for long time for customers who have been with you for so long why do you make us jump through hoops not to get price gouged every year

  409. I called to cancel my mothers service after she passed away. I was told by Orlando service would be disconnected immediately and the adaptor and modems could stay in the condo. When the phone was still working three days later I called again. Then repeated everything ORlando told me – NOT TRUE. Service took 4 days to disconnect – and we would have been charged almost $500 for the adaptor and modems after 12 days. Since I am not even in the same state I found someone to go and get the equipment and return it to Time Warner office. Only for him to discover when he got there that I did not get the whole list of equipment – the phone modem needed returned also. So back he has to go to the condo and back to TIme Warmer. I had him get a receipt – probably a good thing since I expect more trouble down the road . Of course at the time of my second call I asked to speak to a supervisor – 15 minutes on hold and gave that up!!

  410. I called TWC to have my modem check out and they told me it could not do what I needed and I needed to upgrade my modem. So being ignorant of the way TWC does business, I said ok do what you need to do to make it right. They came out and changed the modem but raised my rate. then come to find out that there was nothing wrong with the modem but since they changed it, they had to charge more. I then called into TWC and talked to some smooth talk service rep. She told some story about when I got the that I got a deal and now that the modem was changed the deal was no longer good. You people just scam your customers after years of service and think they are just going to take it. I know that you are not going to miss just one customer but I am going to check out other options. All this over $20.00 a month.

  411. Yesterday we lost full service in the Ulster County area. The phone service provided worked well in the morning when I called to report the issue, letting me know that service was out and would be worked. I opted to be notified (receive a call back) of when the repair was complete and left the area to complete responsibilities requiring internet and phone service.
    During the day I called back several times, the system continued to report the outage so I remained out of the area to complete my work.
    When I returned the service was on, I was told by others the service was back on before 4PM ET!
    My comment to you is that the service to notify me does not meet my need or expectation. In other words this service you provide to notify me is useless, as I just received a call at 9:01 AM the following morning!
    Since your service warns me that you want notify me from 9PM-9AM, it was at least 5 hours after service was restored!

  412. A young man came to my house in Vista yesterday to help with an internet
    connection problem. After he left TW called for feedback and I was expecting a
    very import call, so I hung up.
    I’m trying to let you know that he was very nice and knew his job well and I am very pleased.
    Thank you.

  413. You’d think since this is Vin Scully’s last season as the Dodgers radio and television announcer, you would give all Dodger fans a break………open SNLA to ALL DODGER FANS!! But………NO…… guys and gals @SNLA want to keep lining your pockets with more $$$$.

  414. I have never in my life dealt with more dishonest people in my entire life. you have us by the throat because we need the service, but i hate knowing i am giving money to incompetent dishonest uncaring people who steal from the working man. it is very obvious to me that you have no remorse stealing from the little man but in the end it will come back to bite you just the way you bit my family. You have a blessed day my friend, I will because I make a point of being kind and honest to all people, even my enemies.

  415. I have been waiting for a Time Warner Cable service person for 4 hours, so I called your Business Class folks to research our issue…a colossal waste of time! I was just told our service call was canceled. No one informed me. How incredibly rude and inconsiderate! For the 3rd day in a row, I have called Business Class to try to arrange for new boxes (NOT ADAPTERS) to be added to our establishment, per your transition in our area. There has been incorrect information on every call, and incorrect communication between sales, billing, tech support, and scheduling. I was given a number for our account rep, but got a machine. How can this be resolved if we cannot contact someone!? WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. YOUR NEW TV ADS ARE A JOKE.

  416. Dear Time Warner
    I have been a loyal customer for thirty years and I cannot afford to continue your service. My monthly rate is $149 something a month for basic cable, dvr and internet. This is not acceptable. I have called many times regarding the rate and the only comment I get, you can have more channels for $5. a month. Don’t you get it, I don’t have $5 a month to spare. Then, you have the nerve to charge for having an adapter starting June 2017 which may be subject to change on the rate. WTF is your problem. I guess you want to cater to the rich and famous and obviously that is not me. I am looking for alternative methods to enjoy my 20 hrs. of TV a week without getting ripped off. With the rates that you are charging, I hope your stock holders are happy. Also, I am assuming that someone is making a big huge fat salary off your huge rate increases. I will be back in touch to cancel my service once I obtain the capability of securing internet service elsewhere and I will watch free TV. Thanks for not caring about your customers.

  417. Can someone please tell me why I am paying about 140.00 per month for a service that has channels not working. Last night several channels unavailable. Today several more unavailable (LMN last two hours). Maybe it is time to look at other providers. It looks as if time warner has gotten so big you have lost the customer service pics of doing business with

  418. The product is very good but the order desk,customer service is the worst I have ever encountered..Every year I have problems..I am a snowbird that goes to Yuma.I do not stay long enough for seasonal disconnect.The start in Jan was to be a certain day. Everything arranged until someone in your company decided to cancell my order so had to do all over & find someone to be at my unit at a date “YOU” decided.Then when trying to disconnect for the summer I spent 6 hours & spoke to 10 different agents because they were to pick up my equipment on a Thurs but did not show up.Some agents says the order was in where other said it was cancelled(which is a way to say they screwed up)I was advised tthey now could not pick up the equipment till next Thurs.I said I was leaving at 6 am Sat.Friday I see a Time/Warner truck drive by at 5mph obviously killing time.I tried to wave him down with no luck.This is after being told there were no service vehicle in this area.So it was arranged to leave my equipment with some friends to be picked up on the following Thur.assuring I would not be charged after the original date.Sounds easy right?? Low & behold the service truck shows up on Sat(I was gone by 6am)& go to address given to be picked up the following Thurs.Our friends were not home so the service man said the pickup was now cannelled & new arrangments would have to be made.Our friends were able to contact a driver & made a meet on a corner in downtown Yuma to turn equipment over.Now I am scared what will happen when I get my statement which is supposed to have a $50 rebate..This is the most incompetent service department ever.Very polite but inefficent & only agreeing to what we want to here…I have been a customer for 8/9 years & only once did I not have a problem.This will probably our last year with them…Emil Paries

  419. I receive UNWANTED mailings from Time Warner Cable. I am tired of having to go through them, take out anything with my name on it to shred and toss the rest of the mailing in the garbage.
    I don’t want your service
    I don’t have a TV
    I don’t want one
    did I say that I DON’T WANT YOUR MAILINGS

    Mailings are going out to
    1684 Whittier Ave Spc44 Costa Mesa CA 92627
    20122 Santa Ana Ave 7D Newport Beach CA 92660


  420. I was enticed to move to TW by the $300.00 promotion of a visa card for using tv, phone and internet with TW. I closed and moved everything, received a post card in 2 weeks to upload my final bills proving I had switched everything and when I tried to scan the items how ever the rep set up my printer, my scanner no longer works…I called and a rep and explained I can’t upload the statements is there an address I can send copies to? he said please excuse me and I will look up that number, on hold 4 mins, he came back and apologized and said he is still looking, on hold 8 minutes came back and said I am truly sorry but there is no address for you to send the copies to, and we have discussed it in the office and all we can think of is try taking a picture with your phone and sending that way… I am 70 and that is not an option for me …I feel like I have been cheated out of this offer and truly disgusted with the whole situtation

  421. This is the worst if there such a thing.
    Want a tell phone number, and have to do a email. I hate this,
    all you do is send bills and do anything for service. I want a phone # to get service to a on going problem that keeps get more and more to no service at all

  422. Returned my router today because I got a new one I the mail. A old white hair woman was behind the counter and she could care less about waiting on people. Her lazy, worthless attitude is why TWC sucks. What a horrible company.
    This happen in Bowling Green, KY.

  423. I would like to say that I had the best experience and service from a Tech by the name of Keven Gandy tech #9269 out of the San Antonio Texas office, he knew what our problems were and fixed it no matter how long it was going to take.I hope this comment gets to the right people you need to pay attention to employees such as these.

  424. I have several channels that have been off for days, with the message they will be on shortly. My message on demand has also been down with the message CL-CTN3005. I called last week and again an hour ago. I answered many, many questions and then I was told to turn off my modem and of course I lost my phone service. The tech guy and I had a hard time communicating. Help, I want all of my channels since I am paying for them.

  425. Had a great experience setting up cable service for a move from Californina to Wisconsin with Time Warner. The customer service rep’s name was Carl and he was both helpful and personable- so unusual these days. Hope he can get some applause for his great service. Did not get the survey call he mentioned might happen but wanted to register my satisfaction none the less.

  426. Absolutely the worst customer service of any business I’ve ever dealt with. Installed internet in December, and we have underground utilities. I understand they cannot bury lines in the winter. In April, I called to see when we were on the list to have our line buried and the technician had failed to get us on the list. So they scheduled us for April 9, and the city came out and marked the underground utilities so they could bury the line. They didn’t show on April 9, and we called back and found they had rescheduled. That has happened every week since and now we find that they have cancelled our work order totally, saying the lines are ‘aerial’ which is an all-out lie . It’s now May, Mother’s Day weekend, and another scheduled date has been cancelled and it still won’t be buried. My grass is up to my knees in my backyard and I can’t mow because of the cable and the flags and paint markings in my yard. They said they will resubmit a work order and expedite it, which is what they told us in week 2 of this disaster. In all of these delays, no one has ever called us to say they won’t show up. They also say that installation is ‘complete’ because we have service. I disagree. Installation is complete once every aspect of it is completed, including burying the line. Unless you want the biggest hassles of your life, don’t ever buy a product from Time Warner Cable!!!!!!!

  427. your company sucks as the kids say. I call to say I have no phone and TV, theytell me they are not accepting phone calls right now. If I didn’t like a certain PBS station, I would be long gone. to a dish, I just may do it yet.

  428. Hi our cable service is not working properly only channel 7 abc is working the other are just blank here at queens New York 11373 Zio code

  429. TWC has absolutely the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. The automated system does not recognize my phone number (yes, the one that is on my account), nor does it indicate there is any service to my zip code (yes, the one where I currently get service). Shameful and I’m about to cancel and go elsewhere.

  430. Since TWC bought the provider I had I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of customer service and not in a good way. When there is a problem, I call the local number listed but of course the call ends up in New York or Kansas City, then I have to sit on hold for 15-20 mins, they do have an option to get a call back but the one time I chose that option they never called me so I had to repeat the process. Today I call in to schedule a move to a new house and the earliest install is 2 weeks away, 2 weeks…. my old provider would have been here the next day. TWC understand this. Your service is archaic, you are a dinosaur in this industry and this customer service will not work in this era. Unless you can provide me the channels, pricing and options that your competitors do then I suggest you hire more help and do everything you can to retain current customers, everyone I know is switching to Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, Dish, etc…. you aren’t the only game in town anymore and you better realize this or you will be history…

  431. I am hearing impaired and my tv does not work. It did not work last nite and today a repairman came out and lo and behold the tv worked at 12:15 pm. But now at 5 pm the tv does not work and I get a ‘no signal’ message. I guess I should have left it on all day. What can I do. I am unable to understand the phone conversation

  432. We were informed in a letter from Time Warner Cable that we qualified for a new modem to bring us faster internet service and that if assistance was needed a technician would install it. I called to schedule a technician to install the modem and it took over 30 minutes and 3 people to process this. The first person spent 20 minutes getting information and checking about can this be done, the second person 10 minutes as he tried to call someone to schedule a technician and the third person about 5 minutes. It seems to me it should not be this difficult to call to schedule a technician-you call get scheduled and are done. I found the system dysfunctional, not customer friendly and can understand why customers dislike Time Warner. Please streamline the system. Thank you.

  433. I spoke to Abraham about my TWC bill and we agreed on 174.00 per month.
    Today, I’m being charged 210.00. What’s going on?

  434. Right now I’m checking other cable tv because your commercials say prompt better time frames to hook up with you I just called they wanted me to bring my antique cable box to them clear across town it’s so old it’s from insight when you nought them out it over heated and my cables out I have to wait two days to get it replaced which warner raises my bill monthly yet doesn’t even give me an upgraded box but my bill keeps going up? For what you don’t upgrade my box I’m still waiting for service the only thing that goes up is my bill? Why do I pay more for an old box? Why do I pay more to wait 2 days for you to replace your antique box? Why do I pay more for no service? Why ask me to drive to you? What am I getting when you raise my bill?

  435. on 3.28.16 I contacted and chatted with your horrible customer service department about unauthorized charges to my account – I have the transcript where TIME WARNER says a supervisor will contact me in 2-3 days its been 2 months since I pay you every month ON TIME do you think maybe you could hold up to your end of the bargain and give me some customer service and not screw me for channels no one in my home ever ordered?? I will have my lawyer contact you if I do not hear from you today

  436. TWC customer service is a joke and very incompetent. I paid the account, somehow, my account is reflected as unpaid and sent to a collection. However, you cashed my check to show full payment. Now Im getting collection letters. I called your customer service and they cant locate my account, by name, ssn, or previous address. Hopefully I wont have to use this company again. New customers beware!!!!

  437. You fired a contractor for lowering a flag on Memorial Day and won’t comment on it? Who do you people think you are?

  438. been PAYING UVERSE INTERNET $47.00/month and UVERSE VOICE$42.65 / month AND NO SERVICE from either of above?????? perhaps just delete and NOT pay both of the above?????? looking for AT&T them for answers from AT&T???????? HOPEFULLY SOON

  439. I am 51 years old and have NEVER complained about a company, written a bad review of ANYTHING, or sent any meal or food back at a restaurant……..NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON!!!!!! Having said that, I have NEVER EVER HATED a company more than I HATE Time Warner. In fact, I don’t even usually use the word HATE and tell my kids never to use it, but that is how I feel. Not just one incident, not two, not three, …..but dozens and dozens of incidents. WHY can’t some one else do CABLE! I would pay triple my price just to get a decent company that actually cares about their customers.

  440. I called because my internet was out and the rep upgraded my bill $80 without my consent. I then spent 4 hours on the phone to be told I could have my service back for $30 more a month. TIME WARNER IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM AND FRAUD!!

  441. I am a new customer or trying to become one. I have been trying to get Time Warner Service for a week. I have talked to at least 4 people. I placed an order with James on 6/20/16. I agreed to a credit check. I gave him my credit card number to prepay the first month. From there it has gone to the dogs. I have just had to give my credit card # again. I am suppose to have service tomorrow betweem 1:00 & 2:00. Was suppose to have installation today. I think you need to make sure your people are all on the same page and the same book. I have worked customer service and this beats all I have ever seen.

  442. I cancelled my TWC account on May 6, 2016 and have a receipt for the equipment I turned in on that date. I paid the bill that was on my account as of May 10, 2016 which was for the billing through May 18, 2016 and have not received my refund for the over payment. They also sent me another bill for another $19.40 because they said I short paid them. I did argue with them and they said I didn’t owe them the $19.40. I don’t think I should pay for services when I didn’t even have their equipment.

  443. Phones been out n nobody has seemed to fix it n I have a business and my home and have been missing calls my customers have been complaining for weeks and you can hear forgo on man on my phone line. Also have been waiting for a phone call about a job I interviewed for and never got it because of Time Warner Cable my cable is out again today and they were here yesterday and they’re coming again today my line needs to be replaced it is been in the ground over 40 years my neighbor Ricky Rayner His line crystallized and I have a lot of water on my lot I have already called Roy Cooper and in the process of talking to the Better Business Bureau I pay my bill ,fix my phone, Pay me for the time I have missed in my beauty shop I am 58 and too old to be missing appointments and my doctor called and I missed that appointment if I hadn’t call them I would’ve missed it altogether so not only are you disturbing my business and it 58 trying to get another job now I missed my doctors what about my health what if I fall and I can’t use my phone your commercials are nothing but lies and also I have contacted five on my side also to let them know that you sublet your work out to the people in the Philippines and I’m on Obama care so all the subject should make for a great show on W RAL

  444. My tech Colton in Plano Tx was a hero today as he found several outside problems that no other has in two years and then tried many different avenues, never giving up until he solved the problem of my Samsung smart tv not connecting wirelessly to the Internet an ongoing problem this year and last. I have been a customer with uninterrupted service at my home for 22 years and am grateful. There are techs that care and strive to solve your problem and Colton sure did today and thats why I’m still with time warner/ spectrum.

  445. We continue to be lied too, we are new customers and our bill doesn’t reflect what we were told. Then the supervisors say they are adjusting but nothing changes. AT&T didn’t treat us like us!

  446. Two weeks ago I had Flix, Flix West, Hallmark Movies, LMN, TCM, and FXM. That was when it was Time Warner…when it changed to Spectrum, I lost those channels. When I talked to the customer service rep, he said my cable bill wasn’t adjusted.
    Spectrum just screwed my ass and didn’t even say thank you. Time to file a complaint with the FTC.

  447. Time Warner Cable customer service is HORRIBLE! When I ordered my cable service I was told a technician would show up the following day between 8:00 and noon. I waited till 11:30 and decided to call to find out where the tech was. I was told my appointment time was two days later! They told me it was a misunderstanding. This was no misunderstanding. I was told a specific time and they didn’t keep it. The manager I spoke to told me she’d call me back and let me know if they could get someone else out there that day so I waited 3 more hours only to have to call back because they never called me back. When I spoke to someone about it, they’d already determined that no one could come out that day but neglected to inform me. When I finally had a technician install my services today, it wasn’t what I ordered. Don’t get me wrong, the technician was great, and he installed exactly what he was told to install and explained everything to us but it wasn’t what I ordered. When I called customer service back after he left, they told me I’d be paying more than I was quoted and receiving less for it. I am so frustrated with Time Warner customer service. Someone there needs to call me back and explain these business practices and how this fair or legal.

  448. I have a package of phone,tv & internet with time warner . my question is will my wall phone work during a power outage ?

  449. The worst service I have ever experienced. I had to close out their auto pay as they were over paying them selves. And then when I called to straighten it out the operator told me on several occasions of the amount I was supposed to pay. She advised me to ignore the paper bills I was getting since I ended auto pay. I have been unable to get it straightened in spite of 6 phone calls and each time the operator give me a different amount. In the mean time TW continues to increase a debit on my account. 6 times I authorized them to send the new modem they asked to send me. I’m still waiting for it. Thanks goodness Grande is on my block now with Fiber optics. Some relief is in sight.

  450. Time Warner was very good. I was able to get in touch with Customer Service and speak to someone in a reasonable time. I can not say that same for SPECTRUM. Their service is VERY VERY POOR.

  451. Cannot disagree with the previous reviews. I am reducing my services with them ,however; because I am in a town that is so small they are the only service available. Talk about being screwed. I am trying to get out of school and get a job to get out of BFE and move into a town with a choice since my divorce. My daughter however being 11 and wanting connectivity and me needing it with school I have to pay out the ass for their service….

  452. I think it is disgusting that you would allow TBS to continue such a show as Samantha Bee. Such filth, vulgarity and hatred is completely unacceptable. Not just her use of such a despicable word, but her insinuation that something extremely inappropriate is going on between Ivanka and her father is just as disgusting. If that dreadful Samantha Bee portrays your companies values and morals, then you need to go out of business.

  453. I sent email tp customer service but ,withoutrespond ,about that i can’t receive my payments of a guest nsme Laura Kojta she be from 14 July to 20 July ,2018 my apartment is Connie’s apartment in Birzebbugia Malta pleade respond me contact me on Mobilr No.0035679602327.thank you. Connie Farrugia.

  454. It is a very nice work and any problem of cable-related then call us on customer helpline number and contact to Gmail and solve your problem of warner cable

  455. I recently cut my service with Time Warner/Spectrum off and turned in my boxes/modem that we had to rent with the service. Price was the reason for changing to another provider and trouble with our modem on a regular basis. I ask that my service be ended 2 days after turning in the equipment and was told “no problem” but when I got home, my email account had already been suspended and I lost all emails that needed to be transferred to my new email with another provider! I contacted Customer Service but still could not get on my TWCC email account. I am very upset about losing important email information and I am very disappointed with the level of customer care provided by TWC/Spectrum. They never ask why I was leaving the service and really don’t seem interested in keeping the loyal customers that have been with them for years! It would seem to me that customer retention would be important to the company, but in our case, it was not! I always had trouble with my modem over the past two years and was paying way to much for my service. Too bad the company doesn’t really care about keeping the customers they already have.

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