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Contacting Ticketmaster Customer Service Center

Ticketmaster is an event ticketing company that operates in the US, Canada and many international companies. You can purchase ticket to concerts, speeches and gatherings of all kinds. There are general admission, front row and backstage passes available, for some events. Ticketmaster supports online, phone and retail ticketing.

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Contact Info:

We have listed contact information for the US and Canada. If you’ve booked an international event, you’ll need to contact Ticketmaster in the country where the event is taking place via the Ticketmaster International website.

Phone Contact Numbers

Ticketmaster runs a large portion of ticketing business via phone. If you want to contact customer service to amend a current purchase, make a new purchase or talk about your account, you can call:

  • Ticketmaster Customer Service: 1-800-653-8000
  • Canadian Customer Service: 1-855-985-4357
  • US Ticket Sales: 1-800-745-3000
  • Ticketmaster Express: 1-866-448-7849
  • TDD: 1-800-943-4327
  • Art Sales: 1-800-982-2787

If there is a problem with your shipping or billing address and you notice the error after making your purchase, contact Ticketmaster by phone immediately. They will change the information on the current order. You can change the information on your Ticketmaster account, but that change will not be effective on the current ticket order.

Mailing Address

Ticketmaster is happy to receive mail from fans so they publish a mailing address for that express purpose. When contacting Ticketmaster, make sure you are using the phone number for immediate customer service. Mail takes forever to be delivered, sorted and read, so there little chance your ticketing problems will be resolved before the event.

TicketmasterAttn: Fan Support1000 Corporate LandingCharleston, WV 25311

Ticketmaster CanadaAttn: Fan Support1 Blue Jays WayToronto, ON M5V 1J3

Official Website

The official Ticketmaster website is located at This site is used for selling event access and providing customer support. Your online account is the best means of contacting customer service about a specific event, but you can also use the general customer service options provided.

Customer Service Email

Customers in the US can email customer service by filling out the US Ticketmaster customer service form Canadian customers have a dedicated form for Ticketmaster Canada.

Our Experience

Ticketmaster customer service was one of the most professional we’ve called. The automated system was clear, loud and not overpowering. We pressed 0 and reached the main menu immediately. We pressed 0 twice more and our call was picked up by a representative. The representative told us how to change the password on our Ticketmaster account.

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49 Comments on “Contact Ticketmaster Customer Service
  1. This paperless process you have implemented is terrible. I took my granddaughters to see Justin Bieber in N Little Rock last night. Because I did not have a paper ticket, I had to pay $10 for parking, walk to front, wait in line and then was processed at point of entry. This is ridiculous! And because my sister bought the tickets in her name and we live 2 hours away and she did not want to come, she was told that I had to take her credit card and a copy of her driver license so we could enter.

    Unbelievable! Please fix this.

  2. Ticketmaster sucks butt! I was trying to search for tickets to a concert and they blocked me now I cannot access their site at all. I get Forbidden 403 error. I googled this error and found that it is a common problem that a large number of regular people like me are getting blocked from their site. The customer service reps are in some other state and they could care less and don’t help you. The CS reps refuse to give you their last names, supervisors names, phone # to corporate customer service email address or anything that will help you. They do not want to identify themselves because they know they are doing wrong and do not want you getting them in trouble. All they can do is tell you that you are blocked sorry I can’t do nothing for you. Supposedly, to prevent scalpers using bot computers trying to purchase numerous tickets however; I found numerous other sites selling the tickets. They are not preventing anything except normal people like me who is trying to get a good seat at a concert from accessing and buying tickets. They internet is overloaded with thousands of bad blogs, posts and comments about them blocking normal people like me. I was shocked! They are losing legit customers and have created a majorly bad reputation online! It hurts them because people like me who they choose to block from their site for no legit reason are just buying the tickets from another vendor. Their loss! They are not preventing any scalpers. I found a bunch! All I was doing was using their search to try and find good seats. I ran a search maybe 6 times trying to find the best available seats before it blocked me from the site. They need to come up with a better system that may actually block out bot computers requesting numerous tickets and block scalpers from buying instead of regular people. This is obviously not working and they are losing $…I won’t be surprised or shed a tear when they are out of business. In the meantime I will no longer use them and everyone I tell will no longer use them. Ha-ha! That’s what you get for not caring about your customers!!!! You deserve all you get! I will just ad my comments online to the thousands of others and maybe one day their dumbass CEO will get a clue and do something but I doubt it obviously, he is stupid as he has yet to do anything. The Ticketmaster name is stained big-time and has poop all over it!

    • I have the same problem. Trying to get good presale seats for my favorite performs and what do I get…FORBIDDEN 403. Very unfair and very very frustrating!

  3. I am VERY disappointed with Ticket Master’s “Official Platinum Seats.” I have been looking forward to my RINGSIDE FRONT ROW EXPERIENCE for the last few weeks and I finally had enough money to get the tickets. I went to the event page, picked my tickets and clicked on buy and instead of $256 for 2 tickets (Which is what they make it look like…false advertising), I was disappointed to see that was the price PER TICKET!! So, after the “convenience charges”, the total was $600!!! REALLY?!?! I’m so Disgusted and disappointed! No ringside experience for me! -WWE Fan Since 1988

  4. Impossible to locate the web site of Ticketmaster to unsubscribe from nusiance email. Call them or write….yeah, right. Someone tell me how to get off the email promotion list. Guess I’m missing something as unable to find that email address.

  5. who handles the vip tickets has absolutely the worst customer service I have ever had. I have never been treated so bad in my life. I bought vip tickets which cost $275 each…I cannot attend the show so I gave my tickets to a young girl I know who lives near the concert for Xmas….well I asked to change the name on the vip tickets so she was able to have the full vip experience…they said she needed to send in her id along with mine to do it…she does not have an id due to her age. They said they wanted to make sure it wasn’t fraudulent so they had to do it. I said I would send my ID, Skype with them to prove its me. Send in my car insurance, bills, ANYTHING, to show it wasn’t fraudulent …the girl on the phone said, “even if you were dead and they sent in a death certificate we still wouldn’t do it. Sorry”…why! I paid the money and was trying to do everything she asked and she says THAT?! she made other horrible remarks to me and I finally just ended up hanging up on her. I cannot believe that I spent $500+fees to deal with all of that. I can’t go to the concert and I’m trying my best to just change the name!

  6. There needs to be a serious all out social media internet war against ticket master. They are allowing companies to buy tickets to events and then screw the public over. It wouldn’t take long folks there’s strength in numbers. There getting away with this because were letting them.

    • Sadly I agree. That may be the only thing that will get results.
      I am completely missing a concert that I had a pre-sale code for…could never get past the error message. Then I tried calling…high volume of calls, try back later. Then tried to just buy the tickets on the phone(automated), they said you have to wait until tomorrow when tickets go on sale.
      Needless to say…no VIP package for us! furious

  7. This is concert season! There are many presales and you don’t know when the good tickets will come up or if they will. Accordingly, you try repeatedly and quickly to purchase good tickets.

    I have been blocked FORBIDDEN 403 over and over. I am not a broker or scalper, just a fan trying to get good tickets to see my favorite performers.

    This is very frustrating and unfair to the regular fans.

    If you check my account I have purchased tickets and typically only 2 at a time.

    How do I resolve this issue?

  8. I was really ripped off by ticketmaster, but, then, that’s just business with this company that gouges the public. I pulled up Valley Performing Arts Center website and was, unknowingly, transferred to ticketmaster for a ticket purchase. $40 tickets wound up costing me an extra $16.50. And $5 of that was a hidden fee, for processing, on top of the $11.50 handling fee that showed on the screen. I will never do business with ticketmaster again. The public needs to fight back! Ticketmaster is an outrageous rip off outfit.

  9. The concert i was suppose to see got resheduled. Ticketmaster stated in an email that you could get a refund. I have called 5 times and i am getting no where. The last lady was Veronica (ZIS828) who stated they needed to put in a request for the refund. This is the same thing that Tiffany told me 3 weeks ago. The customer services at Ticketmaster is horrible. One on of my calls, I asked Justin how his day was and he said “it sucks and could alwasys be better”. I am still fighting for my credit.

  10. I must make a comment on the tickets or should I say the seating I obtained for the Zac Brown band at Rexall Place.. Our section was 134.. Behind a curtain for the first two opening acts and a back view of the Zac Brown band when they came on . Why would tickets even be sold in this area!!! A total rip off to the customer that paid the same price as those that had a clear view!! I bought my tickets on line .. No where did it say my view would be obstructed !! Again a total rip off and disappointment .. Hopefully organizers will be more thoughtful of the fans and not the all mighty extra dollar!

  11. Good Day
    Boy I sure wanted to go see Jason Aldean at Red Rocks in September, what a shame stubhub bought out so many seats to a venue that only seats 9000 people.
    You are like a life sucking leach. For over 20 years I remember when going to Red Rocks to see a concert was easy, this was before you. Your company and others like it screw the common fan out of going because you buy all the seats and then make it affordable to go. There should be a law against this Ticketmaster should be ashamed.
    Rot in Hell

    Dana and Kari

  12. do not order your tickets on line from these people. I ordered on line and the tickets I ordered was not what I ordered!! they would not fix it for me. The computer changed the seats that I had ordered!!! not happy at all !!!

  13. I ordered 6 tickets for 3 games in Cincinnati for the Reds vs. Giants in early June and paid nearly $1,000 dollars and 3 weeks later the tickets have not arrived. On 3 occasions I called Ticketmaster to inquire the status and each time someone advised me that there was a mistake in my order and the tickets would be sent and would arrive within 6 days. Well it’s going on the 4th week and no tickets and no hope of getting them based on Ticketmasters past performance. If this is not resolved shortly, I’m going to social media and the web as well as else where including the Cincinnati Reds about the poor customer service that Ticketmaster has.

  14. i have had an issue with ur site as of late, i am no way a automated machine, or scalper, but i do get picky on where i want to sit at when im going to a show, so when ur site tells me i am Forbidden 403 you are not able to access ticketmaster from your server, it pisses me off, yes i search too much sometimes, but i want what i am paying for, and i cant even get the site to come up at all and when the sale started Sat, for the WWE show, it wouldnt even show me any seats that are available,, i understand why u do it but still, i wanted to buy my ticket, i had to call the # instead and i still got a repeat of the same seats, i thought the whole things about getting the auto thing to search ur tickets is to pick random seats but instead it picks the same seats and section every single time.. its stupid, and pointless, now i want to be able to get this straighten out, or if not i will have to spend my hard working money on another site and pay twice as much cause your site wont let me in the damn thing to even look at the seat arrangements! id rather go thru you site, cause its better pricing, but if i have to go elsewhere than so be it, id like to be able to buy the Macon Ga show for WWE but i cant even get it to work on my server.. get this fix, or im calling a corporate # and i will find one.. and i will raise total hell with you folks, this is very shameful for a company that has been going for yrs, and its just getting harder and harder to get a decent ticket out of your website, its sad please email me back, id love to hear from you, if i dont have a reply say by looking up # and fussing!!

  15. Terrible…scam people and lie about tickets. Wrong i will never buy anything else from you guys. And i will make sure you are in the black list in every military base. So wrong…never and i mean never. Stop scamming people. Is all. Get tickets and print tiny letters you can exchange for better seats! hhahah never heard of that anywhere. Stop scamming people. after 45 minutes in the phone. I will make sure i said it everywhere. WRONG!

  16. Ticketmaster IS trying to stop the scalpers! Not for the fans but to prevent competition against their scalping operations like stubhub. Too bad Pearl Jam and other’s crusade against this devious monopoly never amounted to anything. I caught these bastards in real time listing hundreds of presale (cheaper) passes to a major music festival on stub hub minutes before the sale actually began to the public. Its blatant and obvious who is really behind all of the scalping. They’ll never be caught either using the thousands of fake seller accounts on stubhub they utilize to fleece the true fans.

  17. what is up with this visa verify. I go through the whole process with the clock ticking (fyi I have a ticketmaster account and they already have my info) and get a window to verify through safe money. I don’t have a safe money account nor want on, and not enough time on clock to establish on….frustrating

  18. worst service and website I have been on. My friend and I have both been trying to navigate your “system” for an hour; At this point she doesn’t even know if
    her purchase has gone through.

  19. worst customer service I have ever encountered and, if possible, your website
    is worse. My friend and I have been trying to purchase tickets for an hour and can’t even tell if the order went through.

  20. I was on the ticket master site yesterday to buy tickets, and it said the best available were row 19, so I bought 5 on that row. Then when I went back on, there were seats in the PIT. I was upset, because these PIT tickets are better — so are the BEST AVAILABLE!! I thought there were only 2 available in the pit, so I bought them as well. Now I have tickets on row 19 that I don’t want because the Ticketmaster site was misleading the first time. Later, after I calmed down, I went back on and suddenly there is an interactive map showing me all these additional available seats in the PIT!!! Why was that interactive map not available the first time I went on?? Now I have five tickets on row 19 I don’t want, and only two in the PIT!! I feel like I have been scammed! This is bad customer service! It sure would be nice to get my money back for row 19 tickets so I could buy more in the PIT!!

  21. Can’t comment because the line for customer service has been busy for over an hour, and I can’t even reach them. Awful service

  22. Drove two hours to see Judas Priest in San Jose on 10-21-15. Got there and discovered that the show was cancelled. Imediately contacted Ticketmaster and was told that a MASS email was sent to all ticket holders on 10-8-15, informing of the cancelled show. The email I received on 10-8-15 was a confirmation of my ticket purchase only. In no way was I informed of the cancellation. I’ve called customer service 3 times, nobody seems to have any concern for my issues. Waiting for a “return call” from a manager.

  23. Customer service is non existent. I have not used ticketmaster, but my discovered a fraudulent charge of a significant amount. I called customer service, but they were unable/unwilling to locate the sell from the information I had since I had none of the keys used to place the order. I suspect from the credit card posting, they should be enough reference info (or they should improve the reference info). I then tried to contact via e-mail, but every time I got required fields I could satisfy since I didn’t schedule an event. There is no general category to contact them with.

  24. Just wondering why I couldn’t get tickets today for the U.K. and Vandy game? The seat locations came up. I was trying to get my info in, saw my Discover card needed to be updated on the expiration date. I did so, tried to continue with my purchase, and the tickets were gone. When I tried to update my card, I had over 5 minutes left to make the purchase. After my daughter purchased her two tickets, she then got on my computer while I was on the laptop to see which of us could get through first to purchase three more tickets. We then were banned, and I still don’t have the other three tickets our family needed. This four ticket limit per household is stupid when you have five people in your family you need tickets for. How do I get unbanned to purchase more tickets now?

  25. I am trying to pre purchase two tickets for The Coral playing at The Berlin Lido on April 10th. I seem unable to access a sensible site to allow me to do this. Can you help?

  26. Been trying to reach a representative for over a week now. Impossible to do. Would appreciate someone emailing me back so that I can give them the updated information needed to issue refund. Very, very frustrated.

  27. Your ticket system is the worst joke I could even imagine. I was on line before 10 a to buy ticket for Garth Brooks, the time they went on sale. I was immediately put on the “searching” list. It meant nothing. It told me not to “refresh” or I would lose my place in line. WHAT LINE???????? Then a timer came up and it went up and up , NOT DOWN. Then after 20 min or so, it gave me tickets BEHIND the stage, WHO WOULD WANT TO BE THERE? NOT ME!!! So I tried again, and got nothing but “no tickets available”. HOW IT THAT HAVING A PLACE????? So, 45 Min later, I have no tickets. What I do have is disgust for your system. I will cancel my account as it means nothing.

  28. Words cannot express how insulting , terrible and non-efficient your website and customer service are to me and apparently to everyone else who has written a review. NEVER Again.

  29. I have been trying to buy tickets for Jeff Dunham’s show at the Turning Stone Casino on Jul. 24. I have been trying since the hour they went on sale. How is it possible that they were all gone the first hour of the sale?

  30. I just got called from Ticketmaster this morning and referred to a website for my refund for jazz fest in New Orleans that I paid for and I traveled 6000 miles to go to it was canceled! It was raining so hard It blew out the electricity and Stevie wonder and everything was canceled same thing the next day everything was canceled ticket master policy states that if it’s canceled I’ll get my refund? Well I just got a call from a lady telling me to go to nojazz and it doesn’t have any link on that page whatsoever to help me it doesn’t have any contact customer service it doesn’t even have an email address she didn’t even help me and tell me where to go she just said go to the website which offers you no options for any kind of refund??! I traveled far with this ticket knowing that I was going to go to that show and it was canceled and Ticketmaster should come through with what they say if I show was canceled you say as a policy that you will pay for it I am very unsatisfied I am very unhappy for being given the runaround for having my show canceled on me for paying out of my own pocket for something that I was told I would be refunded. Please Ticketmaster you have so much money you have so much ability to help this is what $160? You are a huge multimillion dollar corporation please come through with customer service and help me and give me my refund I deserve it. I didn’t get to go to the show it was canceled because of weather Ticketmaster states on the website if there is a cancellation because of weather then you will be refunded??! Do not call me and refer me to a website that doesn’t even have an option for a refund. I’m very very disappointed in you Ticketmaster please come through show me that you’re not just trying to steal peoples money!!!!!!!!

  31. I learned my phone number was given out by ticketmaster to a telemarketer tell8ng me I won a cruise based on my ticketmaster purchase. Not very good at all ticketmaster

  32. I have tried to purchase tickets for supercross 4 times between last night and this morning. It never works. I have called 8 times this morning and it says your call volume is too high that I need to call back. Now the sale is off. I am not a happy customer. I need to talk to a real person and get this sorted out. I have put my card information in 4 times and I still have no tickets reserved in my name. I am not paying the full price for these tickets. This is not my fault and it needs to be fixed.

  33. To whom it may concern,

    I am disappointed that there is an error that pops up when trying to obtain tickets for an event….. I would think that you would have the audacity to stop ticket sales until the error is fixed so that those that want tickets will be able to purchase them or at least have the chance to do so. You need to stop rigging your system and do something about all the negative comments you have above.
    Thank you.

  34. I’ve been trying to get a refund for an event that I couldn’t attend and nobody can help me…I called 2 to 3days before the event to cancel

  35. Ticketmaster as a whole is horrid. It’s customer support virtually non-existent. Tried to purchase accessible seating on line. The Ticketmaster web page could not locate any seats that met my request (it never does when I’m requesting accessible seats). Tried to call several times and only get a recording about unavailability due to a “high volume of calls.” So, I sent an email to the web address Ticketmaster promises to respond to within 24 hours. The next day I received an email that Ticketmaster representatives were too busy to address my issue but would get back to me shortly. Hey, I guess they did “answer” within the timeline offered. Anyway, the next day I receive another message saying Ticketmaster would assist if I would provide information pertaining to the name of the event, the venue, my contact information, the name of my first born, and an assortment of other minutia. I provide all of the requested information via return email. Then I resent it the following day. And the next. Three emails and six days after the initial email I finally received a reply – accessible tickets are no longer available for the event. It’s time Ticketmaster is run out of business. Go directly to the box office of your venue, or only patronize those venues that use other ticketing services. And, it’s time that artists, many of whom are willing to take a stand for other causes, begin to truly stand-up for their fans as well by demanding that ALL patrons are treated equally, fairly, and courteously by the promoters, venues, and ticketing agencies.

  36. I had a horrible experience yesterday with Ticketmaster online. I have been buying tickets online for concerts for many years and have never had this issue. I was nearly done with my order process and received a message saying, “We are sorry but we are unable to complete your order on this device. Please log off and try another device.” This is the same computer I’ve used for years and never have had this message. So, I switched to my laptop computer and started the process again. By this time, the seating area I wanted was all sold out, so I had to try for a more undesirable seat. Went through all the steps and got the same damn error message again on my second device !!! I was furious to say the least ! I want to know why this happened and I do not want it to ever happen again! Also, I’d like to know why when I have bought concert tickets lately (last three shows) the option to Print at Home was not an option!!! I would appreciate some answers to these two issues !!!

  37. Quick question: Is there a way to perform rock concerts in every state? I know some states like Rhoad Island are beyond teeny but one idea is to perform in each state. I figure fans from tiny statmay plan trips but I ask to see if it is possible. Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Best regards,

    Michael M.

  38. Found your web site hopeless, tried to get Paul McCartney tickets logged on your site message on your site said tickets not available at this time.
    I tried every 5 minutes until at 11.40 your screen said sold out how can that be

  39. Not very happy with the ticket buying process. Monster Jam advertises a 35% discount, however their is no place to put down the discount code prior to buying the tickets. Once you’ve purchased the tickets you realize there is no discount, Also their is no way to update (Change) my email address, I had to open up a new account.

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