Contact Telecom Customer Service

Contacting Telecom Customer Service Center

Contacting Telecom Customer Service Center

Telecom was founded in 1987 as a division of the New Zealand government. The company is one of the first telecommunications companies in the world that is completely private. The main goal of Telecom is exceptional customer service, considering the company currently provides service to more than 3 million customers across New Zealand.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open Monday through Sunday, 7am to 9pm local time.

  • General Inquiries (telephone): 0800 800 123
  • General Inquiries (mobile): 0800 800 163
  • General Inquiries (Internet): 0800 225 598
  • General Inquiries (business): 126
  • Billing Inquiries: 0800 000 000
  • Purchase Broadband: 0800 003 040
  • Lost phone: 120
  • International Customer Service: +64 3 374 0253
  • Directory Assistance: 018
  • Directory Assistance (International): 0172
  • Calling Assistance: 010
  • Calling Assistance (International): 0170

Mailing Address

Customer ResolutionsTelecom NZ LimitedP.O. Box 1473Christchurch 8140, NZ

Customers searching for your local Telecom store should use the store locator here:

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Telecom website have the ability to learn about the applicable services, including home phone service, Internet service and mobile services. There is a section of the website that features new products and services. When other customers send messages to the customer service department that effect several customers, Telecom posts responses on the Network Status page. Customers seeking additional information relating to products or services should visit the Customer Support page prior to contacting the customer service team.

Social Media

If you are having difficulty reaching the customer service department, try using social media? The average response time we noticed on the social media pages was less than three (3) minutes.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking about bundled services. After sending the message, we received an automated response stating the customer service department would respond to our concerns in approximately five (5) business days.

Our Experience

Considering the customer service hotline is an international number, we had to rely on contacting the customer service team by email and social media. We have to note we received the fastest response when we contacted the customer service team through social media. We reached out to the customer service department through twitter and received a response in approximately three (3) minutes. This is a timely response, considering there were several other customer concerns posted on the Twitter page. The customer service levels were high and the response time was ideal. We have to say the overall experience was better than expected. Thoughts? Take a moment to comment below.

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