Contact Telecheck Customer Service

Contacting Telecheck Customer Service Center

Telecheck is a FirstData company that processes check payments on a retail level by changing a paper check to an electronic debit from the account. There is a risk model involved with clearing the check. If your check or ID returns a red flag, the check will be declined. Telecheck claims there are several reasons why your check was declined, none of which have anything to do with your current balance or credit history.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can contact Telecheck at the following customer service phone numbers to find out more about the declined message you received. You will not be allowed to find out information about a third-party unless you can prove you have legal rights to private financial information.

  • Declined Checks: 1-800-366-1048
  • Returned Check Collection: 1-800-366-1048
  • Free Annual File Disclosure: 1-800-366-2425
  • Fraud or Identity Theft: 1-800-710-9898

Mailing Address

This address for Telecheck is reserved for customer service issues only. If you paid off a bounced check and you need to send verification to Telecheck, you may also be able to use this address. You cannot send payment for the check listed on the Telecheck files to this address. Never send credit card information through the mail.

Telecheck Services, Inc. 5251 WestheimerHouston, TX 77056

Official Website

The FirstData website offers a small number of pages for the Telecheck services. You can learn how to request your Telecheck report, which is free. In order to request your report you have to reveal personal information, including your social security number, copy of driver’s license, bank account numbers and current address. According to Telecheck, this is the only way the company can locate all of the records associated with your name that belong to only you.

The official website for Telecheck is located at

Customer Service Email

There is no email address listed for the Telecheck division of FirstData. There have been many requests for email support, but as of October 2012, no email support has been established.

Our Experience

The Telecheck customer service is reserved for customer who’ve had issues with the Telecheck system. When we called, we were greeted with a message that said “this is an attempt to collect a debt”. Nothing on the Telecheck website says anything about debt collection, so we disconnected the call. Do you have experience with Telecheck customer service? Let us know how you were treated and how the customer service team worked to clear the flags associated with your checking account.

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64 Comments on “Contact Telecheck Customer Service
  1. I recived nothing but the run around. Payless submitted the same check twice on the same day, then one check cleared but the 2nd check which should not have been field returned. Now telecheck keeps trying to get recovery fees that are not valid. I have faxed them all the necessary documentation needed ,but I have to wait 30 days for them to investigate. However, they can continue to overdraft my account. No one can tell me when the investigation dept. Recived my information, so I have no clue when it will be resolved. This system is flawed . There should be s better way to correct mistakes that are clearly not the check writters fault.

  2. I recived nothing but the run around. Payless submitted the same check twice on the same day, then one check cleared but the 2nd check which should not have been field returned. Now telecheck keeps trying to get recovery fees that are not valid. I have faxed them all the necessary documentation needed ,but I have to wait 30 days for them to investigate. However, they can continue to overdraft my account. No one can tell me when the investigation dept. Recived my information, so I have no clue when it will be resolved. This system is flawed . There should be s better way to correct mistakes that are clearly not the check writters fault.

  3. These people are very difficult to deal with. You can not get anyone on the phone to help… My bank is now taking over.

  4. Victim of check fraud. Sent all required documents including police report and got another letter from them demanding payment. They have the fax they need to investigate! The checks were written to a big-box company but I was told that once tele-check clears checks they are the ones that suffer the loss of fraud, not the store. This is my grandma, they will never get a penny out of her.

  5. There has got to be some type of governmental agency they report too. I think I will check this out and post the contact. Thy should have some type of written requirements as to how long they can hold or investigate fraud activity. They can’t even tell you if they got your fax or not. This is not right.

  6. I’m sensing that TeleCheck doesn’t employ human beings. I have a problem & can’t reach anyone who actually has the ability to talk. All I get are automated responses from a computer.

    Maybe, we should no longer have human beings living on Planet Earth. People are now extinct. Telecheck should be embarrassed by the way they conduct business.

  7. Telecheck should be banned from operating in the USA! Had a code 4 come up at Wal-Mart, Clerk gave me paper with number to call. Everything was automated, and even after going through what seemed like a hundred prompts, still no human being or answers!!! The I see where if you acy=tually get a human being they cannot speak ENGLISH because they are outsourced to the Phillipines! Gee imagine that…. This company SUCKS!!!!!

  8. I am President/CEO of my credit union. We (the credit union) returned an account holder’s check in error. When I called to report this to Tele-Check I was told numerous times by the representative as well as his supervisor that they could not give me any information on the account. I tried to explain to them that I was not trying to “get” information, that I was trying to “give” them information. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

  9. Just went to get a guitar, was declined check and not because of “No funds”. Just my spending habits are different and that for my protection they cannot approve it because of the recent increase in check fraud.
    I have a bank, and will worry about check fraud with my bank. I do not need a 3rd party telling me I cannot spend my money!!!

  10. I had a check declined for the amount of $43. something. I spoke to a representative of Telecheck. I was told it was denied because there was a change in how my check was formatted. I have ordered checks for the past few years called Serenity checks by Bradford exchange. The important identifying information has not changed for three years. There is a serenity message written in white just below the amount line. Recently the printing of the message has changed position from below check amount line to above the check number . These are printed two checks in a row with the message alternating positions. This message has nothing to do with the pertinent information on the check. I do not understand if I wrote 27 checks in a six month period ranging from $16.00 to $ 1100.00 why suddenly there is a problem with my checks being accepted.You are not helping the vendors by making their customers looking shady and causing a backup in the line. Also your solution to this problem is to have the rejected person call you and deal with a recording in a crowded store. Belive me your systems of recording you need a extreme amount of in formation and a pencil in order to reach a human being which you will not get unless you can input the number sequence in a fast manner.

  11. I have had contact with this company twice now in the last week. I do not know what their criteria is for declining checks but the one I wrote last night to Dollar General for $30 was declined because I hadn’t written check there before! What the hey! The previous one is because they said I didn’t have any “check writing history”. I write 100s of checks. I don’t like carrying cash and don’t have a debit card. The girl I talked to last night had to be in a foreign country because I could hardly understand her! Now I’m afraid to write another check because it is extremely embarrassing to have a check declined at the register.

  12. My check was declined for Code 1. When I called, I was told it
    was because you had no information about me. That in it’s self
    should have been a clue to you. I was humiliated for no apparent]
    reason in front of the clerk and the people in line behind me.
    Then you rep had the nerve to tell me I should wait seven days
    before I write another check. I’ve had the same account for 20
    years and am not in the habit of writing bad checks. If this
    happens again, my attorney will contact you.

  13. Last night I was running low on gas I had lost my visa card was forced to use my check book however in doing so I was declined the use of my check .I called is morning to see why and was told statistically my check was a risk because tele-check had no history of me or my acct.Thank you tele-check for putting me at risk of running out of gas in the middle of the night,and for assuming I was writing a bad check!because you have no record of me ,you have no record because I use my debit card You just lost your customer a customer!I will check to see what check service is used before buying anywhere !

  14. I am a senior and I have had a checking account at the same bank for over fifty years. During that time I have NEVER had a check that did not clear. This was the FIRST time my check was declined. It was the most embarrassing thing to be told your check is being declined. I don’t know what methods you are using but it is not good for customers. When I questioned your staff they were like parrots repeating what they have been programmed to say. To rate your service I would say your company should be decline and their service contract voided.

  15. I have been writing checks for more than 40 years to Bed Bath & Beyond, Stop % Shop, Wal Mart and a slew of others who are all “vendors of Telelcheck. I do not use debit or credit cards. Last week out of the blue all my checks were declined for payment through this company. When I called them I was told there was nothing wrong with my account or checks, but that I needed to write more checks to build up a base file. How ridiculous is that when they decline all my checks. Im 62 years old and now I need a “abase. The service person sounded bored and had absolutely no helpful information. Guess Ill have to take all my money out of the bank and carry it, since apparently I wont be able to write a check anymore. This company is terrible and all their vendors need to be notified.

  16. I agree with the reviews above, I’m only surprised there aren’t many more. My check was declined at point of service today where I knew full well there were more than adequate funds. I called the number on the DECLINED slip and after looping through the automated cycle requesting details at least three times I actually spoke with someone whose second language was English, who told me my check wasn’t declined for insufficient funds but because my check didn’t meet tele check’s check cashing standards. I was told my account must be new or there wasn’t sufficient check cashing activity. Tele check is going to put themself out of business ( which would probably be a good thing judging from the way they do business ) if people who actually still use checks now and then run into this kind of issue when they do write a check. It’s a shame that technology has completely taken over. I asked several times to speak to someone other than the poor girl on the phone. She kept telling me I could call back anytime, they’re available 24/7 – obviously there is no one who can respond to customer complaints, of which I’m fairly certain there are many.

  17. purchased a pump in Shawnee , Ok at atwoods wrote a check for 290.00 run out to walmart to get two basketball goals one for daughter and one for grand daughter ( birthdays ) 390.00 check declined. Phone call to tele check little girl says you have already written one check and I say yes at atwoods now here at walmart,she says it is not normal for me to write two checks in one day , this is a company check and I write several each day. Ok can we fix this can we the check oked and she says maybe. Second attempt same response second little girl same answer , get me the supervisor , he says two checks one day no no. I ask him if there was a problem with my bank balance and he said I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT YOUR CREDIT OR YOUR BANK BALANCE two checks one day no no refused to call bank. So if there is something less than one that’s my vote. I am contacting walmart also and telling them this same story 390.00 loss for them guess I will go to academy sports.

  18. I don’t know how these people do business if you can’t pay them there was no notice of an issue I found it on my own and have been trying to fix it but I can’t now I’ll get sued charged several years Interest and have a judgment on my credit be cause they would not let me clear this up. What happened to the good old days when you could fix an issue at the store.

  19. After cashing checks all the U.S., suddenly I get denied even with $thousands for back up. In contacting Telecheck I stayed on the line & after listening to all the options I kept pushing button until I found the option to talk to a Rep. Although she was hard to understand (she did speak good english!) because of the speed & up & down of the volumn of her voice, she did, after my constantly
    asking questions & not taking a NO ANSWER, put me on hold a couple of times & telling me to call my bank, came back on line & said they had corrected the problem, & I could write checks again
    without any problem! We will see, because I will write some today!

  20. Trying to get to someone here thru telecheck to find out when walmart and fast lane won’t take my check is impossible to no end. GRRRR. this is a load or BS as I’ve .never written bad. Checks before.

  21. Check denied at hometown merchant. Code 3. Went thru all of their automated crapola. Finally talked with a nearly non-English speaking rep. Was told that there had been too much activity on my checking account. Never in my life have I had any bank or credit issues. I told them that the level of activity on my account is none of their damn business. Yes we’ve been writing a lot of checks because we’re in the middle of a move. My poor husband tried to write a check at the same merchant, same result because it was within 6 days of the 1st denial. One of his co-workers was at the check out counter at the same time his check was denied. Very embarrassing. We have excellent credit and our check amount of approx $50 from an account with over $25,000 available. We just paid $400,000 cash for a property and have a check for $50 denied??? Beyond angry. Going to have a talk with the merchant. Although I’m sure they won’t change their entire system because of my $50 issue, if this continues they will lose my business. Hey Telecheck, if you actually read this you just might want to get a hold of me & issue an apology.

  22. I had a very similar experience to Karen Jones with Telecheck. After having repairs done on my truck, I tried to pay with a check in the amount of $550.06. Upon being denied acceptance by the cashier, I asked why my check was decined and he couldn’t tell me. He gave me the Telecheck receipt and I called the number given. I listed the transaction number and found out that my account was associated with identified risks. When I was finally able to talk to a representative of Telecheck, her accent was so thick that I could barely understand her. After asking her to repeat herself numerous times, I basically learned that my account was too new, one month old, having recently moved to another state, and I had not written enough checks on it. This is true. I seldom write checks and normally use credit cards that I payoff in full monthly. Like Ms. Jones, I have several thousands of dollars in my account and have never been denied a check being accepted before. I always thought that such services were able to verify whether or not you have enough money in your account to cover the check being written, but this is not the case. It is based on factors programmed in some computer. I paid the mechanic by credit card. I plan to tell him that I will not use his services again unless he stops using this company.

  23. Absolutely criminal that in 2014 this company, used by so many merchants is allowed to run rough shod over customers. Customers have no recourse with this company and no way to speak with a real person who can listen and correct issues. The fact that that are allowed to run items over and over again horrible. I have letters from my bank saying the error was the banks fault, but nothing matters to telecheck. they continue to wreak havic and cause unnecessary stress. fortunately my bank keeps refunding the nsf fees and returning their constant drafts, but enough is enough.

  24. I wrote a check at walmart and was declined by telecheck. Wrote a check for 27.00 at walgreens the following day and was declined as well. I called telecheck to find out what was going on. I was told that I was writing to many checks and should stop writing checks for a few days. This company is dictating when I can write checks. It is my money not theirs. They should be reported to the BBB, FTC, and invested. Sounds like they might be selling our information. When I talked to telecheck I asked who the CEO is and was told that it is Mark Wallin and the address is Telecheck, PO Box 4514 Houston, Texas 77210. I asked if there is an email to send a complaint and was told that a letter had to be sent to the address.

  25. I had a check declined by TeleCheck on 12/30/14. There is more than enough money in my account to cover the check. When I called, I was told there were too many checks written from that account and that they did not have a history on me. The too many checks they were referring to…a check from November. Not my problem they don’t have a history on me, sorry I don’t write many checks at retailers. The business practices of this “company” are ridiculous & customer service is a run around. They should not be able to decline checks on their “risk formula.” Solution is simple, call my bank, confirm funds are there, process check! So pissed!!!! Will be avoiding retailers that use this service as much as possible in the future & will be making it known why.

  26. Telecheck is awful. We have been a customer for more than 5 years, and have had two claims that they have paid on in that 5 year time. The second payout happened about 1 month ago for about $1,200.00, and they were unsuccessful in trying to collect from the check writer. So, they raised our inquiry percent by 98% (almost doubling it) and increased our monthly minimum by location by 80%. I am truly sorry that they made such a terrible decision to insure the $1,200 and had to give us a check to cover our loss, but we had been paying about $150 per month for almost 5 years and have had no claims during that time. What should happen is Telecheck should review their own processes, find out why that check was guaranteed, do some math on our account and realized they are still dollars ahead by a factor of at least five. And now they will lose our business. Not sure I want to be business partners with a company that is so one sided in the relationship. So again, Telecheck sucks.

  27. wow Reading all this. I just got decline by walmart for code 4 reason 2. That means I am very bad. I just dont know what to do anymore. I did not mean to make a mistake if I did. reading all your comments. I am so scare i and my business will be hurt badly because of telecheck. I really could use help too.

  28. tel check is a joke I have had the same bank account for years excellent credit and my check was denied at office max called this company they outsource there call center to the Philippines or Dominic republic where you can not understand them I filed a complaint with the federal trade commission consumer affairs etc… because I found a USA phone # and a supervisor named Thomas was to call me back & never did I suggest everyone to contact his our here senator & file a complaint about this joke. for a company And the call centers are in a foreign country they want you to disclose bank info your drivers license # SSN# address this is bull when a person in foreign country steals your info that you handed over is tel check going to stand behind you hell no that’s why they outsource

  29. i think telecheck sure have someone live you can talk to 24/7 not dam machine, the past was slow be should

  30. Have just been advised that you advised not to ship my order with payment from my credit union!!! You are dead wrong…that acct at this moment has nearly $500 in it….I use it for online orders. If the Amazon order is not shipped immediately I will never order from them again and will tell them it is due to them listening to your false information!!!
    Marietta Joy Colclasure

  31. It took talking to a supervisor at the number given by the vendor, Home Depot, to have my “cancelled” meaning declined check issue resolved.

    If you are having a problem call 1-800-533-1018 to get through to a human being. Be direct and forceful, because once they pulled up my history, the issue was miraculously resolved and they apologized. I had to threaten litigation. My suspicion is that this company may be engaging in racial profiling.

    Telecheck, I am watching you!!!

  32. I have been calling telecheck for over a month and was told to try in 7 days, each time. Every 7 days I tried to write a check and it still declined. I cannot understand the customer service representative because of the foreign accent. The last time I called, I was told to try in 2 days. I have not gotten anywhere with telecheck.

  33. In the many calls today to both Telecheck and to Telecheck Recovery in Texas I left mystified. First by denying me funds to cover a check for $15.00 for aq therapy session, I was led to the ‘fact” that a check my mother on her own checking account in 2009 wrote had not gone through to her bank for processing. The check number was not listed in her statement for the months surrounding December, 2009. Other checks written to Stop and Shop in Dennis, Mas. did go through. Why not this check? And why was she not notified at that the time there was a problem? Her bank statement shows she had more than enough in her checking account to honor it.

  34. Telecheck has cost me several hundred dollars in overdraft through their practices. When I cash a check, I expect that amount to be deducted from my account. Especially if it is an electronic transaction. My bank account shows an immediate withdrawal, but Telecheck holds the electronic check for up to two weeks .

    I am on a limited income and cannot afford to pay $35 per check in overdraft fees. The statement I have in front of me shows the amount of $4.79 deducted on 9/22/2015. The telecheck amount showed up on 10/02/2015 and on 10/09/2015. Walmart was unable to explain this delay to me. Therefore, I will take my business elsewhere, especially if Telecheck is the entity they are doing business with.

  35. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. First you can not understand the people on the phone and the give you the run around. I am getting to the point that I will not shop at a store that uses telecheck

  36. The Joann’s Fabrics uses your services and for over a month they cannot get anyone’s check to go through. I complained to Joann’s and they sent me your telephone which wanted my DL# which has nothing to do with it. It’s not my check, they first told me it was charging everyone double and when I went in again, they told me they couldn’t get a check through at all. This is Joann’s Fabric in Denton, TX. Can someone check this out to see if it is someone in your machine?
    Thank you,
    Peggy Upchurch

  37. i had gone to Best Buy awhile ago and the salesman ran it through it came up denied these people prey on people that write checks

  38. I cancelled service via instructions from TC directly and they have continued to draft $22/month for the last three months. Called four times and still no resolution. Typical corporate run around bu!!sh!t. STAY AWAY! Most don’t even know that TC doenst guarantee the funds, only that an account is active so why pay them? Stop accepting checks and save the needless expense…what a joke…


  40. Called 4 times to try to get a local store I shop at frequently to accept my checks. They said I had to call because it was my first time paying with a check. Each time they told me I was all set I wasted 3 checks and an hour of my time.

  41. Absolutely ridiculous. Not being able to speak to a live representative for help is absolutely not right.

  42. Had a message supposedly on my phone by Paypal asking for my card details as my account had been locked.I have now cancelled my card with St George bank need to be able to speak to someone about these things otherwise we will lose our money!

  43. Plan to picket in my wheelchair in front of Office Depot.
    $713.35 check denied (3) times. Plenty of funds in bank.
    I thought checks were legal tender????????
    Tele Check is the gate keeper to the banks.
    Check is not good unless Tele Check says so.
    Our funds control are outsourced to other countries to deny use of personal funds.

  44. I sent a check for $64.83, #1010, to advance support center. It was
    to pay for #3327 $39.83. My checks were stolen, I don’t understand
    why they can’t get this cleared up. Some one is in fault here, it’s not
    me. I can’t hardly use my checks no where because of you and advance.

  45. Please contact me at the email address listed below. I need a local phone number and the name of the Representative who is in charge of our account at Fabulous Furs located in Covington, Ky Merch# 19358553 This account was opened by Jim Salyers who no longer monitors the Mail Orders we are receiving.

    Maureen Monk
    Customer Experience Manager-Fabulous Furs

  46. I called your phone # for declined check & the auto voice never mentioned
    declined checks. I couldn’t even find a way to call an operator. This is very
    discouraging…………Do you have LIVE people there at all?
    I need to find out why my check was declined as I have written checks there
    before & my checking acc. has sufficient funds……I called my bank………..

  47. I dare you to decline my checks. I do not have a debit card, nor do I want one!!! I do not use a credit card for normal purchases. I have been declined 2-3 times in the last 10 days. Called your service line and was told I can not write anymore checks for 10 days. I have NEVER bounced a check. I have money in the bank.
    This is absolutely disgusting and humililating, to be declined, while other people are standing there in line.

    • I dare you to decline my checks. I do not have a debit card, nor do I want one!!! I do not use a credit card for normal purchases. I have been declined 2-3 times in the last 10 days. Called your service line and was told I can not write anymore checks for 10 days. I have NEVER bounced a check. I have money in the bank.
      This is absolutely disgusting and humililating, to be declined, while other people are standing there in line.

  48. Aloha Telecheck,
    We have 6 registers at our store and only one telecheck working.
    There is no service account manager to help us with our broken
    tele check machines. Our Business name is Tamura’s Enterprises Inc.
    Could you please have someone contact me.

  49. Aloha Tele Check,
    We need to have our equipment checked however we have no contact
    to assist us with our Non Functioning Tele check machines.
    Our store is down to one tele check machine.


  50. Marion Police Department working a Burglary and you have cashed the checks taken during the investigation. I need a Person to talk to about this case. Marion Police Department , 301 S. Branson St. Marion Indiana. Det. Sgt. Mark Stefanatos Badge #9512

  51. Dear Telecheck,
    I a writing to you about my experience on Thursday 2/15/18. I purchased two new tires at a Firestone Store .And paid for on a family trust account. When I called I had to give out confidential information in front of other customers. I haven never had a more embarassing experience. In the 60 + years of the trust this has never happened. I would like a apology for this situation.

  52. This company is so bad I can not wright a review that is printable. Impossible to get a live person on the phone, you only get the runaround.

  53. One of the worst companies to deal with. Declining checks when the accounts have more than enough money to cover the check, then to come up with bogus or absurd excuses is stupid. Let me give you some advise, when an “Estate Account” is set up there not going to be an established track record for checks being written. If Telecheck doesn’t have a contingency plan for such circumstances then I pity all the genuine customers who suffer embarrassment at the stores where their checks are declined … not for lack of cash but for idiotic excuses. I for one will never purchase anything at Best Buy again if they’re associated with Telecheck. I’ll further relate my experiences to all of my customers and ask them to pass it on to those who they know. We live in a digital world, if you think this kind of policy is acceptable then let Best Buy pay the price.

  54. I am looking for the person who is now handling our account.
    Aveda Corporation
    One location we have is 40008068.

  55. Here’s the story , I had my check refused today @ Farm & Fleet in Ottawa Illinois (for the first & LAST time)
    I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of merchandise over the past 30 years or more at this store .
    And now to be embarrassed to be refused to be able to cash my check ? Only once – I will be looking for other places to do business in the future.
    Very Sincerely,
    Lyle R. Hamm

  56. How you people stay in business is a mystery.
    By refusing my check at Farm & Fleet in Ottawa Illinois, you have cost them my future business.
    There manager offered me a $25 credit – but my dignity cannot be purchased. The embarrassment I suffered because of your companies ignorance is inexcusable.
    I have NEVER “bounced” a check in my long life. You people are frauds.

  57. On 7/25/18, I wrote a check to H&R Block for doing the taxes regarding my mother’s probate estate. TeleCheck denied the check, in their words because “there is no history writing checks to H&R Block.” When I talked with a woman at TeleCheck, I told her there would be no history with H&R Block as this was for the final taxes regarding my mother’s estate. She then asked to speak with my mother, and I again had to tell her that my mother was deceased. I informed her that I was the executor of my mother’s estate, that there would be only this one check to H&R Block, and she informed me that I had to wait 7 days to write another check, but that it would probably be denied as well. In what world does this make sense? The person I spoke with was not helpful and did not seem to understand what I was saying. Hello, TeleCheck, wake up! How is this helping your customers, whom I assume pay for your service? Just a suggestion, but maybe you can hire customer service reps who speak English, and actually live in the USA!

  58. I sent a letter to Telecheck Writer Services Office, P.O. Box 4513, Houston,Texas 77210-4413. This letter was returned to me. I need to know why can’t I open a regular checking account. My San-563-39-0536, Chemina Hanley, 2023 Acorn Glen Trls, Fresno, TX. 77545

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