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Contacting Teleblend Customer Service Center

Teleblend is an alternative phone company offering inexpensive calls using your Internet connection. Vonage was one of the first companies to utilize the voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) technology, but today many companies offer voice connections free, but Teleblend requires no contracts, so customers can contact the service department at any time to cancel service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Teleblend customer service is available from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday and Tuesday, 9 AM to 7 PM Wednesday and Thursday and 9 AM to 6 PM Friday. All hours are EST. There are no customer service hours on the weekends, according to the customer service page.

  • Customer Service (toll free): 1-877-415-5635
  • Customer Service (toll): 1-520-208-2238

Mailing Address

We looked through the privacy policy and terms and conditions, but there was no mailing address listed. Finally, we looked through RipOff reports and found Teleblend. There are many reports of poor service or complete lack of service despite the company continuing to charge the customer. Within several of the reports is the Teleblend customer service address.

Teleblend PO Box 3676Portland, ME 04104

Official Website

Teleblend’s customer service and information website is located at The site offers information on the service and customers can search their zip code to see if service is available in their area. The costs of the standard and international plans are listed, so customers know exactly what they are signing up for when they order service.

Teleblend is available on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

There are several email addresses for Teleblend. Tech support is the most commonly used by customers, but feedback is also important. If there are billing issues do not email customer service. Contact the customer service department by phone to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Our Experience

When complaint companies tell horror stories of companies and their lack of customer service, we tend to shy away. The reports could easily be a disgruntled employee or a customer who didn’t get their way. We take the time and contact the customer service department to provide the details of the customer service department. We contacted Teleblend. After listening to the automated system, we thought we would connect with a live agent, we didn’t. The system directed us to leave a message for a call back.

After several attempts, we couldn’t connect with an agent. Similar to the reports online, Teleblend doesn’t answer the calls of the customer. This is not acceptable from a company wanting customers to switch from their existing phone provider. We want to know if you had a better experience than we did. Leave us a comment below.

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19 Comments on “Contact Teleblend Customer Service
  1. I have been trying to contact you since last month,I could not reach you. I just want to let you know that your services is no longer needed. In other words cancel the telephone service.

  2. I want to file a complaint against Sandra. I asked someone to call me regarding my Teleblend account and to help me resolve the issue of account. Sandra called me 9/15/14 at 2:22pm EST and was extremely rude from the very start of the conversation, interrupted me every chance she got and hung up on me. This is the worst interaction I have ever had with Teleblend and she should be fired for how she treated me. I still don’t understand how my credit card on file was deleted. I want a supervisor to get back to me as soon as possible and again if this is the costumer service that Sandra provides to costumers she should be fired.

  3. Terrible customer service. You can’t speak to a anyone or leave a message. The e mail to customer support just directs you to a Q and A section which doesn’t answer my question and then tells you to call the same 3 which you can’t respond to.

  4. BS company with BS service, that’s how I can put all together. I can’t reach anyone on the phone at all, email support….hahaha don’t be ridiculous what support!! Enough said.

  5. I want to cut my teleblend phone in the Philippines we are no longer using it what should I do I gonna stop paying my monthly due starting march. Thank you my acct is under the name of my late husband Miles Millare.

  6. Past four days, no service. Are you guys cheating. Very bad company. Regretting in getting the teleblend line.
    Emailed and only getting it will get resolved but no date.

  7. The company keeps refusing to close my account despite repeated request , they ignore my email and keep trying to extend my service by slow responses and even though the service no longer works . I ported out the number but they are requesting a credit card security number that is no longer in use or available along with other details in order to terminate the account. The refuse my request for a final termination billing. Customer service is appalling they can read english I guess as they ignore all my emails and requesta Would never do business with then again

  8. Awful company. Can’t contact anyone by phone or email. Want to cancel service but can’t get in touch with anyone to do so.

  9. I am quite disappointed at the willful silence you guys have kept from meeting your obligations with your precious customers. I am tempted to call in to question how benign your business model is, if you continue to disregard the communication plight of your suffering clientele. May i suggest that the simplest gesture of reaching out to speak with us could make a tremendous difference.
    And by the way be forthcoming, be honest with us. Whether or not you are at sustainability, honesty is the best policy. Thanks. Akam.

  10. I started off with teleblend when they first became available to my area. I had a low rate and was told because I was among a few of the first my rate would not change. Other than the taxes and fees but they lied. Now I haven’t been able to receive incoming calls for 5 days and I cannot reach a customer service rep because the line stays busy. I have sent e-mails but only get an automated reply! I will be finding another phone company but it won’t be Vonage because I had a fraudulent user on my credit card and they would not cancel the line that I had no idea how they got on my card because I wasn’t the person that opened that account! So I have to investigate other options.

  11. Terrible service, noone calls back after many attempts of emailing. No contact for billing/terrible tech service they have. They don’t even email back.

  12. I am extremely frustrated with the poor customer service of Teleblend. I am using this VOIP phone service over ten years. This phone service works well, but has frequent problems and takes long time to resolve. I am requested Teleblend to cancel my service repeatedly over a week sending at least five emails. It is strange that the company does not respond, don’t take action and I am not able to reach the company in phone. There is no phone customer service, which makes customer very difficult. It is not a good company to do business.

  13. Have made many efforts to obtain info and possibly come back as a customer. But no response.
    Teleblend still in business? 5-12-16

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