Contact TCF Bank Customer Service

Contact TCF Bank Customer Service

Contacting TCF Bank Customer Service Center

TCF Bank claims to be the most convenient bank, or at least that is a huge company goal. That convenience is measured by the fact that customers can visit any TCF branch seven days a week and there are more than 425 branches stretching across eight states. TCF Bank is currently available in:

  • South Dakota
  • Arizona
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Illinois
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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We did not find any hours for the TCF Bank customer service department.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-823-2265
  • Loan Assistance: 1-800-823-5363

Mailing Address

Customers who need to vent a problem or rave about fantastic customer service can write to the main headquarters of the company to do so. This address is not for payments, financial questions or for passing information that could be deemed sensitive. Once the letter is picked up by the US Postal Service there is no way to ensure the safety of that information.

TCF Bank Attn: Customer Service 801 Marquette Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55402

Official Website

We found the official TCF Bank website at The website looks inviting and easy to navigate until you make it to the customer service page. There is main company information and then a completely separate list of information for individual states. If you have a TCF Bank account you can bypass all the long lists of phone numbers and links to email addresses by logging in to your account and contacting TCF Bank customer service from there. The log in page is located on the front of each page.

Social Media

Many customers are interested in connecting with the company’s they love via social media. Facebook is one of the most popular of them all and it just so happens TCF Bank has a Facebook account. Never pass financial or personal information via Facebook messages.

Customer Service Email

You can send feedback to TCF Bank by email, but you cannot email customer service with questions.

Our Experience

We gave TCF Bank customer service a call and we were a little surprised by the speed of the call. When the automated list of options started the voice asked for account information to verify our identity. The average caller wanted to ask questions about TCF Bank would not have an account so we pressed 0. The list of options restarted, but we were persistent. Press 0 each time the automated list of options starts and you will move quickly to a customer service agent. Our call was completed, from start to agent answer, in less than one minute.

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