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Contacting TaylorMade Customer Service Center

TaylorMade is the manufacturer of premium golfing equipment. The company is one of the many subsidiaries of athletic company Adidas. The company began operations in the late 1970’s and since grown into a global player in the golf community.

Since the focus of the company is to enhance the customer experience as it relates to its products, TaylorMade maintains a commitment to the customer by offering exceptional customer service.

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Contact Info:

When customers have questions and concerns regarding products from TaylorMade, they can contact the customer service department. The available methods to contact the customer service department include phone, email, traditional mail and social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service department: 1-866-530-8624

Mailing Address

TaylorMade-Adidas Golf Company5545 Fermi CourtCarlsbad, CA 92008-7324

Official Website

Customers can visit the official TaylorMade website,en_US,sc.htmlin order to purchase complete golfing packages, as well as individual clubs. Prior to making a purchase, customers can view demonstrations of the clubs and customize the items.

Since TaylorMade is one of the leading club manufactures in the world, customer can view the bios of the sponsored athletes. When customers visit the Media Center, they can read about the corporation, its history and affiliated companies. Customers can also locate the customer support center.

Customer Service Email

Visit order to send a message to the media center. On the official website, we did not notice a dedicated customer service email address or a customer contact form. The message we sent asked if TaylorMade had a dedicated customer service email address and what were the hours of operation. We received an automated response stating a representative would address our concern within 24 to 48 hours.

Although we can’t attest to the response time, customer can contact the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

We feel TaylorMade is a brand that stands behind its products and services, while placing the needs of the customer first. Yes, we encountered an automated system when we contacted the customer service department. To our delight, we didn’t have to wait. Within a few seconds, we were speaking with a live agent. We asked for information regarding the return policy, considering this information was not readily available on the website. The representative discussed the entire policy, as well as walked us through the steps. They even offered to transfer us to the appropriate department.

We wanted service. We received service. We don’t want to be the one in a million customer which received the best available customer service. What are your feelings regarding the customer support team? We want to know your thoughts. Take a minute to fill out the comment section.

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14 Comments on “Contact TaylorMade Customer Service
  1. i bought a RBZ driver about 18months ago. Now the face of the driver has alot of pits in it. i have 4 taylormade drivers(420burner,CGB driver and 580driver),all of them they are still in good conditions , no pits. Wondering whether the RBZ was one of a few that was a LEMON. Is the materials being used are of a lower grade?

  2. Bough new jetspeed driver and found defect, feedback to outlet staff and tested with sound from driver head. Outlet refer to their HQ and replied with no issue, The outlet staff and I very sure that the defect is there, finally driver return to me without repair or replace, felt very sad as liability function defect feedback from end user, simply judge no issue and now my driver can not use but can only show to others to aware with this defect for this brand. Are the designer and maker doing right?

  3. The customer service agent immedietley picked up my call and addressed my issue! I had a broken shaft on a driver that needed to be replaced. He quickly responded to my needs and a new shaft is on it’s way. Easy and efficient!

  4. I called your customer service number 3 times and got a recording stating that I should call back during reg. Business hrs. It is now Thurs. June 16 and 1:20 EDT. What might your reg. Hrs. Be if not right now?

  5. I recently got a set of Rocketbladez tours. I must say that I am less than thrilled with the performance of these irons. I played a round today and the 4 iron cracked in the middle of the face after hitting the ball. Never had an iron crack. Very disappointed!! Want my 2.0’s back.

  6. academy and dick’s sporting goods are basically out of stock of the 2016 taylormade aeroburner driver. when do you expect the new stock will be available?

  7. I purchased a 2016 m1 driver from Facebook marketplace brand new for cash I used club 3 times the right side face caved in.Is this still covered under warranty.

  8. I recently purchased a Taylormade M1 Driver and one of the adjustment weight screws broke. How/where can I get some replacement screws? Thank you.

  9. Recommendations
    Drivers, Irons, Fairway wood
    62 years old
    Most forgiving
    High handicap
    Any other information that you have would help

  10. I love my Taylor made clubs. Unfortunately I cannot find the Aero Burner mini driver for right handers. I currently have a 14 degree medium flex and need another one for my bag when we spend 6 months in South Carolina. I’m female but do fine with mens senior flex. If you no longer make this club, do you suggest something similar. I do not like the large heads on most drivers.
    Thank you,
    Jan Zembrodt

  11. My 7 iron Rocketbladez broke in half . I called customer service so I could get it fixed. I have 3 sets of Rocketbladez. One for Florida, one for tourneys and my 3rd for local golf leagues. They wanted to charge me $ 50.00 to fix my club. The should have fixed it for free. Not a good look. I hate to shop other companies for irons. This may lead me to do just that.

  12. I have had an ideal about golf clubs,I have made some sketches of clubs that might revolutionize ,golf ,but don,t know if my ideal is legal ,I tried without letting the cat out of the bag,speak to a confident ,but he can,t help me,I wonder if I could have one of your designer contact me ,or which is the better way to go about it?

  13. I purchased a set of SLDR irons in 2015. In the past several weeks, I have had 3 of the 8 iron shafts break, one at the head (8), one mid-shaft(PW) and one about and inch from the end (5). I am terribly disappointed. I have been golfing for 50 years, it is my 5th or 6th set, and I have never had a shaft break. I am not certain if these are defective, but it can;t possibly be coincidental. Repairs have already cost me over $300.00. While I recognize the warranty period has lapsed, this degree of failure is inordinate. Can someone please contact me.

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