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Contacting TaxAct Customer Service Center

TaxAct is a popular online tax preparation software that offers personal, business, federal and state income tax filing options. The company pledges customers get the maximum refund when they use TaxAct online. As of 2013, customers can file federal income tax returns free of charge. The free filing offer is NOT limited to simple returns, as is the case with many online tax services.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

TaxAct customer services hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday CT. You can call for technical, customer service and sales assistance.

  • TaxAct Phone Number: 1-319-373-3600
  • Technical Assistance: 1-319-373-4514
  • Sales: 1-800-573-4287
  • Sales Direct: 1-319-265-6500
  • Remove Email: 1-888-378-4396

Mailing Address

You can also choose to write to TaxAct customer service, but writing is not the ideal option if you are having trouble using the software. Filing taxes is a time-sensitive activity so calling or emailing customer service may be a faster option.

2nd Story Software IncAttn: TaxAct Customer Service1425 60th St NESte 300Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Official Website

We found the official website for TaxAct located at This is the site for tax preparation and customer service. The tax preparation side of the site is detailed and secure, but we found the customer service side a little lacking in terms of available information. The phone numbers listed are not toll free and phone support may come with a charge.

Social Media

If you are a social media guru and you want to connect with TaxAct online, check out these popular social media pages.

Customer Service Email

Email support for TaxAct customers is always free, according to the official website. We assume that means other forms of customer service at NOT free. If you want to contact TaxAct customer service by email you can write to:

You also have the option to route your customer service email using the question and answer page at

Our Experience

We called the TaxAct phone number listed for consumer relations. We reached the 2nd Story Software company, not TaxAct. You can wait on the line for an agent without sorting through multiple options, but you will need account information to verify your identity if you have an account. If you do not have an account you can ask questions about the software using the Sales phone number listed above. If you feel uncomfortable sharing account information over the phone, email customer service is the best option.

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234 Comments on “Contact TaxAct Customer Service
  1. I need to know if I can direct deposit my funds after my taxact Visa card was returned by the mailman and I have no address to forward my mail too……

  2. blairing, loud, disjointed, rushed. they could find better software for managing incomming calls for free at tucows. here is a company that cleary looks like it does not give a damn.

  3. Terrible, 1st time to file and the info was sent in incorrect. Now I have to amend this due to the software not guiding me to apply the correct in , I do hope sending this amend in will go threw, I do not expect a charge from you!!! No help when asked by email and the Phone was not in service.

  4. tried for a couple of hours to continue my 3 year relationship….ridiculously poor web navigation (kept getting thrown out to the sign on page due to 2011 questions!!!) Paid whatever it cost for turbotax cause this website sucks!!!!!!!!! could not have been more frustrated. used last year login and when that didn’t work tried to become new user TWICE. had no problem with “their” website….to bad u lost my business

  5. question? I file my return with you people and i dont receive it and i dont know what to do.I need so help can someone tell me what to do please

  6. I need to cancel my paper work I was having a hard time trying to file with no success, I answered most all the questions but never filled in any numbers, I just need to cancel and get my 12.99 back

    • I am so upset over tax act .com. One theirs no one to call it says press 4 for corperate. I did my taxes 2/9/14 and it 5/6/14 and no tax refund. Ive been in contact with the irs and their was an issue with line #7 the amount i made with my job went on that line a computer glitch. because your wage/tip should be on line 1. Now, i have to do an amendment 1040x!! Then i will have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a glitch from Now, last night i was trying to do the amendment from taxact website and i cant correct a thing….let alone says this morning i have to wait 15 minutes to get onto the site when i have the right user name and password. And you took my money to do my taxes and i cant get anyones help to correct this tax problem….i want my money and taxes.

    • Im not too happy with taxact at this point. The security questions I answered they said did not match withthem. Cpuld not sign in and it was one problem after another. I paid for this and I want my fee back on my card. Will use turbo tax from now on.

  7. I used TaxAct to file my 2012 tax return and it has been nothing but a nightmare!!!! Shortly after I filed my tax return, I unexpectedly received a 1099 in the mail. Now, I need to go back and amend my tax return and in order to that…I need a copy of my return which was e-filed. After paying a fee to view my previous year return, I was than informed that previous year tax documents are no longer stored. Would of been nice to know this before paying a fee for this service. To make things worse, I can’t seem to find a way to get in touch with these people. From now on, I’m using TurboTax. I’ve never had an issue with their service.

  8. I have been a happy customer of taxact for 6 years. However, this year, 2013, I am having numerous problems. I can’t get taxact to recognize last year’s information so I can import last year’s data. Nobody answers the phone, there is no email to taxact, there isn’t any clear way to pay for the delux version. They have added fees this year, but the site is a disaster! I did manage to get a phone call answered after an hour and 17 minutes wait only to have the line drop before she could find my information. A second time I got a message and then the line dropped again. So now I am looking for a alternative to taxact.

  9. I called for a simple question, waited for ten minutes no one answer the phone just a repeated message. Very disappointed. After more than 10 years, considering to change.

  10. OMG…Taxact is terrible! I have used them for a few years for free, but this year I had a state income tax, so paid for the bundle which is supposed to include one phone call. There is NO phone number given or provided!! On top of this, for 2 days I have tried to email them via the only support link they have, and it will not process and go through!! I have tried 2 computers, so it is a glitch. There is NO way to contact this company. I also tried to call the only few phone numbers I found via a google search, and all the lines are busy. I am going to an accountant instead of completing and filing on Taxact. Very very very poor business. On top of this, my parents used Taxact and there was a glitch in the system and it did not process all their info, and the IRS came after them and it took a year to finally fix the problem.

  11. I logged in as previous user, wanting to import last years return. My husband is deceased and would not let me override his info to file single. I then logged in as new user, created and filed my return. Was accepted by irs. I could not print at that time, so tried to access my return later and all I can get is return I started but did not finish. I am at this point very dissatisfied!

  12. Filed my taxes with taxact and the funds were supposed to be direct deposited last week. They are not there so I want to know how I can verify what bank account information I supplied while submitting my taxes this year.

  13. I logged in yesterday to do my 2012 tax. I had an interruption and had to half way log off. Now using the same username and password, I am having difficulties logging in back to complete my tax. Please help!

  14. i am very, very unhappy with TaxAct, I was not able to access last years return to compare it to this year. My state return was not sent with my federal return. When i attempted to follow instructions sent by e-mail to submit only my state return, I kept being directed to the payment page, even though I have already paid for both of my returns to be sent.
    I would not advise any one to use Taxact and am seriously considering using a different tax package next year that is of course unless i get some reassurance that my state return is being sent as i paid for it to be.

  15. I am so frustrated right now, have spent 4 hours trying to do my taxes, program froze before i finished (was near the end) and haven’t been able to sign back into account. Not even able to sign in last years. I think this will be my last time using this service. gotta wait to call because it is very late. so sad

  16. I need to get my money back; was not able to file my taxes to account being suspended. Please tell me how I can get my money back. It said that I filed five but I only file two for my family member; I wasn’t able to file my own taxes.

  17. i would like to know if there is a number for taxact i can call with a tax question about their software. thanks.

  18. I tried several times to print my 2013 tax return and could not get it to print. I followed directions to remove blocker and then tried to activate acrobat but it failed everytime to download. Can you email a copy of my return?

  19. it is wrong – said i qualified for free filing and still turns around and tries to charge me – never again – guess i will file on paper – liers

  20. This is the most horrible website for taxes ever. Took a lot of time just trying to find where I enter things in at. Also, filed almost two weeks ago and they still haven’t charged my bank account for the money I owe. Then when I want to call and ask them why, it took me more than 15 minutes just to try to find a phone number for them and by the time I found it, they had closed. I definitely will not be a returning customer. Taxes are frustrating enough without having to deal with incompetence.

  21. I want my fees returned to me, I don’t need to file taxes and yet they took my money. I am understanding you take money from the elderly. just please return my fees

  22. I am so upset over tax act .com. One theirs no one to call it says press 4 for corperate. I did my taxes 2/9/14 and it 5/6/14 and no tax refund. Ive been in contact with the irs and their was an issue with line #7 the amount i made with my job went on that line a computer glitch. because your wage/tip should be on line 1. Now, i have to do an amendment 1040x!! Then i will have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a glitch from Now, last night i was trying to do the amendment from taxact website and i cant correct a thing….let alone says this morning i have to wait 15 minutes to get onto the site when i have the right user name and password. And you took my money to do my taxes and i cant get anyones help to correct this tax problem….i want my money and taxes.

  23. Dear sir.

    i have use your tax software product on tax return and amended rerurn back on maybe 2010 and i am not sure if return has been paidd for with your product,

    i would like to know how do i be able to, reprint tax was filed electronicly wirh paper

    i would llike a reprint on original return and returrn after amended and 1040x

  24. I need to have you please email me my user name and pass word or instructions on how I can get my username and password so I can log into my account

    • Thank you so much Matt for your insightful and accurate advice and information, especially the phone number. I have been with TaxAct since 2004 and have never had a problem, thank God. But people have to double check their filing before submitting if not triple check and back up your returns and info onto a program or sd chip or CD. I file a simple return but if I had a more complex return I would use a reputable accountant or tax preparers. Thanks again for your helpful advice.

  25. TAX ACT phone is (800) 573-4287 but be prepared to wait
    for several/many minutes. Being understaffed is a
    now common way to improve profits. Tax Act
    (aka 2nd Story Software) isn’t the WORST offender
    but they are not the BEST either.

    Best deal.. pay extra for the TAX CD (Federal and State)
    That way, you can “go back” for ANY year you MIGHT require.
    (Tax Act currently “goes back” for ONLY three years
    for $13.95 each. Few “contact problems” if you HAVE
    that CD version instead of “on-line”.

    In use with CD, verify UPDATES (fast/easy/free) just
    before you file the return. TAX Act doesn’t control
    the IRS.. and “changes” do happen… also applies to
    program corrections by Tax Act.

    Don’t wait till the last minute to “get ready”.
    Murphy’s law… something will go wrong, worst possible
    thing to go wrong WILL go wrong at WORST POSSIBLE TIME.
    You can File on the LAST Day (but why?) but you can’t fix
    problems on THAT day. BUY the CD version(s), install it,
    START to use it… this to verify that it is working as
    it should. After that, most problems are simple and rare.



  27. Ives used Turbo tax in the past 8 Years what is your cost I live in Ill Retired and don’t pay Ill Taxes I usually file short Form

  28. I filed my 2014 electronically on 1/24/2015. I never received a message on cell phone that filing was accepted. I tried signing in this afternoon (2/7/2015) but couldn’t. I received a message to check my email for a msg. from TaxAct. I never received an email. I called your support telephone # and you do not answer during weekends. How can I check if my electronic return was successfully transmitted?

  29. Tax Act charged me the 17.99 for state and federal taxes last year, but never e-filed my return. I did not find out about it until now! I luckily saved my tax return, so I have it to print and mail in, but I was charged for a service I did not receive. I have emailed them and am awaiting a response. I am not hopeful that the issue will be resolved. I have called EVERY number I can find online; all I get is a busy signal EVERY TIME. I will not use this service again, nor will I recommend it.

  30. During tax season, hours should be extended. It is 12:22am CST and I started my online FREE ($19.99) filing, and I am experiencing tecnical difficulties…This is VERY freustratiing that no one is avaialable…I am afraid I will lose all my data entered. I a new user. Ava Thomas

  31. they made me pay before it was even sent or finished so i am not going to ever use this site again i reconmend turbotax is what i reconmend it is alot faster and easier for first time people doing there taxes

  32. I have used Tax act for years. If you have no understanding of tax preparation, or if you are totally deficient in PC workings, you will not like TaxAct. However, for me, it is very good and very accurate, and very good with E mail. Stop complaining or trashing a product just because you are deficient in the way things work, or, you can go to a competitor and pay twice what it is worth and have similar results.

  33. I filed my federal tax fine when it came to my state tax, it did not pull up any form to fill out. A message came up that tax act, was pulling info from federal and last years return. It prompted me to hit button to file. problem it entered wrong info, now it says no refund. Why did this do this? Now i will have to emend this and cost me $ oh ya you charged me 14.00 to do the tax wrong.So I called customer service did not no anything. Gave an Email address, sure cost you. and wrong site

  34. Dear Madam/Sir:
    As a first time user, I had several questions regarding procedures and complicated tax topics. I contacted the support service via telephone and fortunately, I spoke with Sue and then Chelsea. Both provided me with all the necessary information, I requested, which allowed me to move toward completing my return. Both of the representatives were extremely professional, patient, knowledgeable and very helpful. They possess the ability and skills beyond expectation. Each is a great asset to TaxAct. Thank you ladies!

  35. worst site EVER would not let me efile my ct state return I called customer service and was told that the only way to get help was to friggn pay 29.99 for tax assistance I told them I was NOT gonna purchase anything if I was gonna have to print and mail my return that I was gonna pay for THEM to file my taxes not for ME to have to find somewhere with a printer and all that run around bull they said then we cant help you and hbung up on me…..friggn losers!!!!

  36. I have used tax act for years, it has worked great for me.
    If you don’t understand the procedure or can’t follow instructions for the way it works, you should go to a physical accountant and pay big.

  37. I was doing my taxes and there was no info on how I could get another Form 1099 Interest and also another form, I need two, for dividends, so I also need two of these. What do I do at the point where I have completed one copy of each form??????

  38. I was doing my taxes and there was no info on how I could get another Form 1099 Interest and also another form, I need two, for dividends, so I also need two of these. What do I do at the point where I have completed one copy of each form??????

  39. I have spent quite some time trying to print a copy of my return. My return is complete, paid, and filed. I just want a copy. I am stuck in a loop. Following the instructions given, keeps the same pages coming up again and again with no way to print a copy. I tried to get help, but TaxAct has worked very hard to hide its contact info. Options are sit on ‘hold’ or be locked in a loop. I strongly recommend AGAINST anyone using TaxAct.

  40. Hi ;
    Ive been using the taxact for several years and even introduced to my friends ; but yesterday i experienced a frustration of your system , because when i returning to sign in my username and password not recognized and when i redo my tax by creating another username and i was already half of my tax preparation suddenly it was signed out automatically and when i sign in again my new username can’t recognized again…. so i need your urgent assistance of this matter because the deadline of tax filing is almost end…
    awaiting your favorable feedback..

    thank you

  41. This program makes me want to shoot myself!!!!!!!!!!I was doing mydaughters taxes and it cuts me off. I hate this program and you get no help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Ive been using your online tax software but the performance now is not satisfactory ill always starts.
    please improve your service .



  43. I filed thru Tax Act electronically on 3/9/15 and still have not received my refund. I cannot get to speak to a person at IRS and when I called TAX ACT they said if IRS accepted your file you cannot help me. It is well over 2 months now; something is terribly wrong if the internet keeps saying “still in process”. There has to be a way for you to assist; electronically it is supposed to take 3 weeks; I haven’t heard from them by mail or phone or email. I am very disappointed in TAX ACT and with this problem would not recommend you to anyone, nor will I use you again.

  44. My husband filed our taxes using TAX ACT. We were due a refund from the Federal Government and owed Alabama state tax. Upon checking the status your site said not submitted and of course the State and Federal said no record. Luckily we made copies and I mailed them out to the agencies. This is the last time we will ever use TAX ACT and I certainly will not recommend it. I also request from your company issue a refund for the amt. you charged me for filing taxes due to the fact they were not filed.

  45. Hello
    I used you for 3 years
    You have double billed and I was assured I would get a check in the mail for one of thise years since my credit card number changed. Then this year again 17.98 is owed to me and you were crediting my card.
    You lied and this was not done .
    I will not stand by and be cheated.
    Please put one check in the mail and credit my card for the ither inmediately.
    The agent was supposed to handle this since what happened I hit wrong button and had to show my husband as the primary. Please also add an additional fee to the amount since you have kept my money for three years . I want this handled today
    Eva Bryant

  46. Funny how I did not receive any information about TaxAct this year in my email. I’ve been using it for years, probably since before it was TaxAct. Finally, when I did get signed in, I was in shock at all the garbage I had to fill in and supply. . Even Fort Knox would not need to sign in like this. All I wanted was the same program I ordered for the last 12 years! TaxAct Deluxe.
    I can’t even decide what I want now. I never did report on line, thank goodness after reading all the reports on it. I can’t even contact the company anymore. Guess they have some new whippersnappers who are CHANGING things around. Even Fort Knox would not need to sign in like this.
    Please email me with what I can buy this year, on a cd, as I always get, and whatever replaced Deluxe. I also notice that you went way up on your prices. Guess you are big time now.

  47. Yesterday I went though the whole shabang and had my return ready. I tried to pay the 9.99 fee by credit card. I put in the card #, the exp date but when it came to the three digit security code that it asked for there was no box to put the info in. How frustrating!!! There is no easy way to contact anyone by phone or email. I ended up going to Turbo Tax and filed the return for free. I would like to let these dummies know there is a problem with their website and hopefully this post will help do that.




  49. a simple fill in the blank form should never be so hard that one needs to try to call you for customer support just to get a busy signal…. the irs is rejecting my return because of your soft ware

  50. I have been your customer since approximately 1998. To reward me for being a long time customer, this past December TaxAct decided to jerk me around. So, TaxAct failed to charge my credit card. When I contacted customer service, I was told that TaxAct would honor the discount price if I called the sales direct number. I have called the sales direct number and the 800 number. They are the same. I choose option 2 whereupon I am put on hold forever. Why can’t we do this by email? It is so much easier.

  51. It’s been impossible to contact a person at

    When I go to sign up, there’s about three choices and I want to know which is that least expensive that includes electronic filing. If non and it’s an add on later, I’ll probably select the middle one. I couldn’t find a response in any of your FAQs and you didn’t provide phone number where I could get answer. Please help, phone number or email.

  52. I have contacted you f our times, and now you want answer my phone, If that is the way you treat a seven time return user, I guess I am trying to use the wrong package.

  53. I’m so frustrated there is no way to contact Tax Act in no ways, that is so bad, a good company will never ever hide the numbers away from the most important resource for every business….. the clients, and what you guys do to us is just to ignore us.. thanks,,,.

  54. I have been calling your customer service since yesterday morning and your phone has been having the busy signal all through. Are the contact lines working at all? Please would someone contact me as soon as possible, I’m a potential customer that wants to inquire about your products for my small business.
    Thanks and I hope to hear from a life person. My contact number is 281-536-3500 and I have business in Texas.

  55. taxact you people are amazing thank you soo!!! much for your help in prep[eration on my 2016 federal refund you people are very intelligent when it comes to taxes

  56. this is a horrible experience… we have been waiting for four days and our return still does not show that it has even been accepted or rejected by IRS

  57. I have been trying by phone for a week and nothing the line is always busy asre you even human or a scam.
    i need to know why it still reads still approving when i filed 2 weeks ago

  58. When I sign in to my account it is “loading questions” for 1/2 hour the first time and each time I sign in to try again it shows the same message. Can’t get into account.

  59. I have tried several time to submit my efile tax return for 2015 and it keeps being rejected by the IRS and I have phoned IRS and they said that what they see if my prior pin number and I called IRS and got a pin number. they said to call you and see if there is a problem with your system. I have tried calling you by phone and get a busy signal. I need some help ASAP.

  60. Filed taxes through your company 01/27/2016. Unfortunately, you double charged my credit card on 01/28/2016. Kindly resolve this problem ASAP.

  61. This has been the worst experience I have had with taxact. Just getting it to work was a big hassle. And then I locked in last year for 19.99 and you are trying to charge me 34.99 for state and federal. Just trying to contact you is a hassle. When I finally found your phone number, it is always busy. I have e-filed my federal and you have charged me 19.99 for that. I will not pay that for the state. If this is not taken care of I will never use taxact again nor will my family and friends.

  62. I am simply trying to get signed back in to complete my company taxes. It is urgent that I receive a call to clear this matter, as I am trying to complete our company’s 2014 tax return. I keep getting a message from your automation that;” the e-mail and password you entered is already in use. Yes it is in use, because I put it in use to complete out company taxes. Every time I try to get back in to complete my company tax return I just keep getting this message. I need to get back in to my company tax return TY 2014, I must get this return complete right away. I need help getting information to get back into my return.

  63. I have been calling for days now and I have not been able to get through, I have an account with TaxAct and I started my 2015 1040A Federal form, however when I go back to continue it let’s me in however it gets stuck in a loop on “Loading Questions” can anyone assist??

  64. Tax Act charged my account twice. I paid the fee and printed out my papers. When I checked my account- I was charged twice. I have e-mailed their customer service and tried calling (what a joke). They need to refund my money. I have dealt with them for several years. I will have to say that other than this- there service is superb. I just can’t get anyone to respond to get my refund back.

  65. I received an Email with an offer for “all forms and features plus state for $24.99. I followed the link to lock in this price and did our return. the product fees page showed $24.99, but when we entered our credit card info the price went to $34.98. I haven’t been able to get anyone to answer the phone so I’m trying this. can you help?

  66. I am trying to get a hold of someone as this is 1st year I filed with you and I do not understand why it wont let me efile so I paper filed but I am not sure that is done and the taxes are on the way. Tried calling all I get is a busy signal.
    It told me what I get for taxes back and that one was direct deposit but I didnt put in any bank info for direct deposit.
    712 480 2171

  67. What in the world is going on with you people? I have been a satisfied customer for many years, until now. Logging in to my accout has been a joke, who came up with this new verification code? E-filed my return and it was rejected, why? No will answer the phones or e-mail me back. I paid for both federal and state.When I now finally get back into my account it shows 2 separate returns and I cannot access either one of them. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

  68. I complete the tax form, but it was rejected because of pin number. I received a new pin number from the irs, but it was rejected too. Then I was locked out. It will only allow me to review 2014 return. It’s asking me to pay again and redo my 2015. Is that what I need to do? I would really appreciate someone contacting me about what I need to do to fix this.


  70. I would like someone to contact me. I did my taxes a couple nights ago, I finished the federal but not the state. I went to log back in last night and all my info from the night before is gone. I spent over 2 hours working on the federal. Please contact me.

  71. Signed up for tax act 2015 and I am not happy with your redesign. It wastes my time, does not operate in a user friendly manner, and when I attempted to enter a 1099 the program displayed my 2 digit state along with its full spelling which over layed the next field and would not allow me to complete the 1099. Poor programming with no checking of the code. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper with your 2015 release.

  72. Spent an inordinate amount of time searching for a phone number to talk with a human – found three outside of When I attempted to call, got busy on all three numbers – boo ! I guess I will refrain from helping you guys debug your current release.

  73. I preordered and my credit card was charged for your software. I was never sent a link to download the software like in past years.
    My email from yesterday asking how to down load the software without paying for it a second time has not been answered. Also I can not get through on the phone (which is my preferred method of contact)
    Thanks, Jim 918-706-1040

  74. Just spent a half hour on hold and no one answered the call. Whom do I have to call to get a double billing corrected? Would appreciate it if someone from Taxact was the least bit interested in communicating with me.Please send me your email address and I will send you the details.

  75. This is the most terrible experience I have ever had!!! I have been filing our
    taxes with you for 5 or 6 Years—–now I can’t even get into my account???
    I Have tried everything but you keep changing?

  76. Very upset was told that there would be no charge at beginning then was charged $15.00 each for fed & state returns plus $ 22.00 to have my return deposited after each process was completed I find this deceptive and an abusive burden on retired and disabled returnees. Your phone numbers only give busy signals I tried each over20 times

  77. Hello,Its really hard too get through too you so im e-mailing you first of all i want a refund of $14.99 cause i filed direct deposit so there should not be a fee.And second i need too know the pins for Douglas and Deana for last year it keeps getting rejected and i called the IRS and they inform me too contact you and i am so please provide the pin information and the refund Thanks Mr, Wallace / Mrs.Palmieri 954-549-0426

  78. All i want to do is ask a simple question regarding my state tax filing. It printed out the forms that say do not file but it’s not showing that it was e-filed. What do I do. It would be nice to be able to speak with someone directly regarding this!

  79. Name is Masood U. Qazi and tax ID is asadulhaq. I efiled myfederal return on 02/02/2015 for the year 2015 at about 5:30 p.m. through Taxact. My total income is not mentioned like my two job pensions which I was paid in the amount of $2096.04 plus7700.64 a total of 9796.68. Can you please verify if this amount was inclded in the above return

  80. Name is Masood U. Qazi and tax ID is asadulhaq. I efiled myfederal return on 02/02/2015 for the year 2015 at about 5:30 p.m. through Taxact. My total income is not mentioned like my two job pensions which I was paid in the amount of $2096.04 plus7700.64 a total of 9796.68. Can you please verify if this amount was inclded in the above return.

  81. I have tried calling for days to talk to someone and it is ALWAYS busy…
    I need to find out what is going on with my state e file…find out if they got
    it….Please get back to me


  83. After todays experience with Tax act and after 7 years with Tax Act I bid you goodbye. Tax Act systems and procedures can now best be described as ORGANIZED CONFUSION. Of course in Tax Acts grand scheme the loss of one (1) customer (me) is nothing to be concerned about.

  84. I am unable to sign in. I am a returning customer and received an email to correct info before IRS will accept my return. I requested log in I’d and requested my password. The emails I received in response to my requests have not helped me to sign in. I need to be contacted with this information. I am very unhappy with the customer support at this time! I have attempted to get this information with the options you provided without success. Please contact me with my LogIn I’D and PASSWORD so I can correct the info needed in order to process my return. Thank You

  85. Forget e-filing my return. You have made it ‘VERY difficult for me to correct the info needed for my return to be accepted by I.R.S. I have spent hours today trying to resolve this issue without success. I paid for you to file state if that did not get accepted I expect you to refund me. I will go to another site to file or I will due them myself and mail. I am very disappointed with your site.

  86. I need someone to return a call to me about your billing, I am in the process of completing my taxes and now there is a 14.95 charge that it is asking, I met the criteria to file free and I need that fee removed before I can file. I have used this service before and have never had any problems until now. I am unable to reach anyone, this should not be the case. Please return my call as soon as possible. This experience has left me frustrated with your program!

  87. Why are all of the phone numbers i am calling end up giving me an out of service response? I need to ask a question to make sure I don’t get charged twice for my tax return filling. I want to speak directly to a customer service representative.

  88. Their customer service is horrible at best. I waited a ridiculous amount of time and was transferred 3 times to different departments. I have always used TaxAct, but this year the software I downloaded was deficient. All I am trying to do is get my money back. Because of this experience, I will not be using TaxAct again.

  89. I’ve used your site for several years and I’m starting to dislike it immensely. I am unable to log in even though I’m doing everything right and it’s impossible to reach anyone. If I don’t get help within the next 30 minutes then you have lost me as a customer. I will go to a different sight. This year with the changes you’ve made, your site stinks.

  90. I used tax act last several years with no problems. I have tried twice today, but too confusing. I will go to AARP and do them free. I am 82′ average intelligence, but have an Ira rollover this year. I tried to put in band I’d no. Didn,t take I’d no. Just a mess

  91. tax act if not customer friendly when searching for information, doing security check. buying the products you need. Just terrible searching for information

  92. HORRIBLE!!!! Not only are you throwing in $52 in fees you are not e-filing my return, it is very confusing. You never answer the phone so I need you to call me to remove my taxes so I can actually file them via Turbo Tax.

  93. I have been calling for days and get busy ring. I need to understand about the state return. Filing a paper return indicates that I am to wait for notification to file due to forms not being available and TaxAct will advise when available. This is for the state of New Jersey. The indication is that filing electronically is ok but I am not allowed to do that using the electronic filing process. I have a Federal tax amount owed. Maybe I’m doing something incorrectly. Please get back to me as soon a possible. I am not a happy camper and an considering not using the program anymore. I’ve been a loyal customer for a long time.


  95. I have been on the phone for 2hours before it eventually went off, i filled my Federal and not state, meanwhile the account on my Federal wasnt accurate. How do i go about this

  96. I would like to know how , long does my taxes to come back , to me , I did my taxes, with you, but, if they , have to be correct, with, you, thank you, RENEE E, HAUSER,

  97. I have been trying by phone to reach you about my order submitted on 10/26/15
    calling Orders by phone #319-373-3600, technical support #319-373-4514 also
    #800-573-4287 concerning receiving DVD. I received the download and I want to
    request that I get the DVD but I have been unable to reach Customer Service.


  99. I have tried for three hours today to get registered in your program. Each time, it grts to the point where it says getting questions , it freezes there until my computer times out..I have used your program last year with no problems. This is very frustrating.

  100. I have been using TaxAct every year and never had a problem until today. My Federal tax submission has been returned for correction and I have a problem logging back in. It keeps bringing me back to “log In” Page every time. My husband and I are in the Philippines so there is no way for me to call but send you this message. Please respond to this message and correct the problem.


  102. I have tried to call several time and it is always busy. I have questions about filing and need help. If you can’t get back with me, I will have to go to your competitor for help.

  103. I want my 21.99 back you charged me for my taxes I did not use your service so I would like my money put back in my account thank you

  104. I’ve used Tax Act for many years. This has been the most frustrating. Half way thru the tax I had to leave. When I tried to log on again I couldn’t because my frequent flyer number which has never changed would not pass can not get pass this to finish my taxes. So I started the taxes over with new user and pass word.
    Finally I got a tax to pass now IRS says my tax ID has already been used How sick is that!

  105. I still havenot received a confirmation stating my e-file is processing from Taxact. I need to know if my Federal and State is received with IRS. Taxact already have charged my Dscover card $14.99 + $14.99 = $29.98 I need someone to verify that my taxes have received e-file with IRS. I don’t want to miss deadline. I appreciate if someone checkout my tax status

  106. I have tried for three days to contact someone about the problems i am having with my taxes. I have still been unable to reach anyone. I have been on hold the third time now for over 20mins. I cannot even send an email. At this point I cannot get my tax return to go through and I want my money back. I cannot even get help with what I did wrong. I am going this weekend to H & R Block at WalMart to get some help. I want my money back from TaxAct and I never plan to use this site again.

  107. The customer support for this product is the reason I am going elsewhere for future tax prep. I am a 70 year old person who cant type but i get a time out because you need to handle other calls is frustrating to say the least. Your 2015 free tax prep comes with headaches and indigestion. I help my relatives do there taxes but i will not recomend this service because of the problems i have encountered. The program loop is on your end and needs to be fixed. People need time to search paperwork to input proper information. Time out messages hidden under other screens are of no use.

  108. I fill a tax report for my sister and paid the the taxes, however she never received an email verifing that the taxes was received. Cassandra Williams her e-file number is 11995 IRS is saying that they have no record of the taxes

  109. submitted my federal and iowa return on 2/18/16 at 3:10 pm. Checked on Filing status today 2/22/16. IRS says no record of my return has been submitted. Have printed payment confirmation from Taxact and federal e filing instruction for 2015. Please check and reply. Have not had this issue in past years working with TaxAct. Thank you.

  110. I need to access the 2014 TaxAct Business Edition that I purchased to file a partnership return. The computer that I downloaded it on is no longer working. When I log in to my account it is there to be downloaded but why do I have to pay for it again. Can somebody please contact me as soon as possible to let me know how I can download it? I cannot get through on the phone.

    Thank you,

  111. I filed both federal and state taxes with you guys. I’ve been waiting for three weeks to get my state taxes back, which usually comes in less than five days. After waiting about three weeks, I called Virginia income tax to see what the problem was. I had to physically mail my taxes in, why wasn’t I told that? If I had never called them, I’d still be waiting for my taxes. It seem like that would have been your responsibility, Tax Act responsibility to let us know we had to physically mailed them in. Very disappointed.

  112. Absolutely the worst experience using this years product! I shouldn’t have wasted my time. A major stumbling block for me was the added security measures. It took less time to download the forms from the IRS and do it long form!! Maybe next year?

  113. I finished my return and did my e-file process. I tried to do the print out before hit the submit button. However, the print out was missing schedule B. I ended up did not do the submission because I am afraid you will not file the schedule B for me since it was not in the pile. Please reply me and let me know why is that? In past 6 years, i have no problem except this year your login was more complicated and your price for state filing is double.

  114. This is the 3rd or 4th year that I have used TaxAct. Previous years, no issues. But this year, I have very similar income and deductions and same tax situation and yet, the calculations for my rental property are not reflected correctly. I am having to resort to another tax software program and maybe even do manual forms to ensure that calculations and deductions are done correctly. I contacted (email and phone) support and NO response. The phone number doesn’t even pick up. It’s a dead line. Very dissatisfied.

  115. I used this taxact service for the first time this year, and did I ever mess in doing so. I thought I would save money by doing my own taxes at the price of 9.99-lie it cost me 44.00 just for my state and another 40 for my federal. The was hard to navigate and in some cases they would have a drop down answer sheet and none of the answers would apply. In short it was a nightmare, I am still trying to find out why it cost so much more then stated, they are hard to contact. plus on the site it is time sensitive and you have to keep signing back in to the site as you are working.

  116. I used this taxact service for the first time this year, and did I ever mess in doing so. I thought I would save money by doing my own taxes at the price of 9.99-lie it cost me 44.00 just for my state and another 40 for my federal. The was hard to navigate and in some cases they would have a drop down answer sheet and none of the answers would apply. In short it was a nightmare, I am still trying to find out why it cost so much more then stated, they are hard to contact. plus on the site it is time sensitive and you have to keep signing back in to the site as you are working.

  117. Hi: This is the second year, you made mistakes on my 1040A tax return, the first
    mistake was mad on 2013. 2014 I used hand to calculate my 1040A tax return.
    2015, I saw you did a mistake, 1040A line 40 should be 9083, and line 41 should be zero, refund should be $2487. on Feb 08 2016 you said my efile was accepted
    by IRS, but yesterday, I got a letter from IRS, that my owe IRS Amount due $2033.00, I did not owe any tax before include 2014. contact IRS, could you please help to solve this problem, all federal tax paid for 2015 only. Thanks!

  118. I’m am sitting here going through my tax information now with Tax Act. Last year it easy. This year it’s sooo confusing!!!!!! I wil never ever use tax act again!!!!! Why did you change?????

  119. Never again will I use your service. I’m still sitting here watching my computer screen as it says processing between questions. This is so slow. I could have filled out paper forms and been done already. You are going to loss thousands of customers this year. Including me.

  120. I am frustrated to the point of tears.
    I used you other years, have the same check routing number and was extremely careful putting that info in so as not to delay -but my financial institution said they could not accept the return because of some new regs, but cannot tell me what -if anything-I did wrong. I worked so hard to get them done asap to pay off debts and now I am accruing more interest.
    I did contact my US senator but I am assuming you must have some insight as I am so angry that I will have to deal with this every year and it delays returns now at least a month.

  121. I finally got through to a real person by phone today who had trouble understanding me as I did understanding him. I thought I was successful in placing my order until I received by email the order confirmation that indicates the order is for TaxACT basic. My need is for TaxAct PLUS due to the fact I have rental property plus “self financed interest” along with stock trades. Please upgrade to the software that meets my need.
    ORDER ID; 22867347

  122. Trying to do my return and it says file 1040EZ for FREE but when I try to complete the return it is asking me how I want to pay????? A LITTLE CONFUSED!

  123. left an earlier message but don’t know if u got it. where is my refund. waited 21 days then waited an additional week per your instructions. called the irs number u provided. it was a standard recording and did not help. it stated my tax refund was still being processed and a refund date would be provided later. now is is 4 weeks since it was accepted on feb 23. did not have this problem last year. but am thinking next year to go to h&r block and get a check within 2 days. what is happening to my refund. why is it taking so long.

  124. keeps timing out restart charges the credit card again 5 times. Disappointing program will never use again and do not recommend.

  125. It is impossible to get the Customer Service telephone number. I have been trying to get some to help me make a correction on the Federal 1040. I cannot get back to the initial page that needs correction. I will never use Tax Act again. Evidently we are not supposed to speak to a person.

  126. Paid for and started 2015 return. Had to log out with plans to finish later. I returned to the website later, but it seems their website doesn’t recognize me as having previously started a return. Thought I was losing my mind. Went to my email inbox and found message from 30 days ago encouraging me to go back to the TaxAct website complete my 2015 return. So I know I started my return once already.

  127. I’ve been a Tax Act customer for many years. This past year I’ve been traveling a lot, and am late doing my taxes – but I wasn’t worried because I expected the program to be available for download when I needed it – I ordered it last January, or whenever the early purchase discount was offered. This year, however, it was not there and I can’t reach anybody to find out why????????? I placed the order.

  128. I used all this year ,, will never again ,, I was charged 24.99 for federal and 24.99 for state ,, state was to be free ,,GRRRRRRRRRRRRR ,,, what a rip off ,, will never use all again or recommend ,,

  129. HORRIBLE WEBSITE. NOT USER FRIEND AND NOT INTUITIVE. No wonder its so cheap. worst experience ever, I will not recommend nor ever use again.

  130. My experience was quite horrid. I could not understand why the man on the line was so hostile….now I know…..your call center was about to close. He did not want to hear anything I had to say.
    It is scary that your company is now like Ebay……there is NO ONE to hear real people or care about our concerns. I think I will file on paper next year… You all scare me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My guess is that none of you care either….as long as you get your profit sharing!!!!!


  131. Did my taxes but did not send it, unable to access it to send it. Happened before with a friend & he had to redo taxes on another site. Guess I will too. Goodbye taxact.

  132. Can not sign in, please help. My new password sent to me my taxact is being rejected. Also, when I try to print my state return am I required to pay an additional 24.99

  133. What has happened to you????? In 2016 (for 2015 Taxes) you have changed your Bookmark so they are not user-friendly anymore (cannot put my own comment), your online site is sluggish to say the least , and now on April 18th,2016 I cannot access – I guess your site crash – I don’t know because I tried to call ALL your contact numbers from Technical to Direct Sales and all BUSY!
    Additionally, your prices have gone way up!, but service has fallen. The import previous years information made me stay this year, but next year I will have to find another vendor. Too bad, because I used to LOVE Taxact, and convinced my friends to use your programs too!

  134. I bragged about TaxAct for the last ten or so years. Now, placing an order has been a night mare. It used to be you downloaded and paid to unlock it. Now it tells you to place an order and nothing happens. I am not sure if I want to use TaxAct anymore. To make things worse, no one answers. I am thinking perhaps the company went afoul.

  135. I have not finished my tax filing but you already charged my credit card.I want to be credited for $27.bucks. Nothing was finished or submitted.I’ve tried calling but no response.Please respond!

  136. I have used Tax Act for several years and have been satisfied. I have referred many people to use it also. I just assisted someone yesterday that was single and should have been able to use free for Fed and state as your add claims but made him upgrade to continue and not for valid reasons. He ended up having to pay $75.00 for Fed and State and I was so embarrassed that I suggested he use Tax Act and then he was done that way. I assisted him filling in information and I know he was able to file the free tax act. I am going to be looking for a new service as this was so wrong. I would have helped him to file thru mail if I had thought you would not be on the up and up. If you are willing to refund him for this mistake, I will continue to use you and suggest to many others as I have for years. Let me know. I believe in second chances.

  137. Not happy with the assistance that was promised. Tried to get help doing an amended report and got told tax couldn’t help and was told a site to go to. That didn’t help either. Passing the buck. Not going to use the service next year. And I didn’t get a copy of my 2016 federal and state income tax.

  138. Was disappointed that they abandoned Windows XP users starting 2016 tax yr. No heads up sent to long time customers & blog subscribers that I could find. I purchased and downloaded not even thinking to check the software requirements.

    Bam! Non descript error the first I fired it up after installation. I had to go look up the requirements. My bad. But even more bad on Taxact.

    I understand that XP is unsupported and less secure but hey, downloading to my XP system seems to be more secure than your online environment that’s been breached!!!

    I actually liked this company & their software. I would have been glad to pay a little more. Sad to have to ask for a refund and say farewell Taxact. H&R Block still recognizes there are plenty of XP systems out there.

    Taxact use to be the system that catered to those of modest means.

    Called 2nd main #, called listed PR gal, called online/social marketing guy (all ph #s available online w/ some searching).

    Think I could get anyone to call me back to discuss the 100000s of customers that they left high and dry? Nope, not one call back.

    Seems the company has lost it’s heart once it sold out to that flea bag software conglomerate.

  139. I contacted your customer service twice, gave my question, they sent me to a secured page where I had to put in credit card info twice, then got some company that never heard from and never got an answer. Hopefully, I was not charged twice for nother. Please check. Gwen Schmidt

  140. Hello Tax Act,

    Why am I subject to pay AMT ($384) since I’ve been paying Tax Estimates quarterly ($9.352.00 Total paid)? Please send me your kind response ASAP. Thank you very much.

    Ellis P Pascual

  141. Cannot create an account , message is
    We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again.
    Have tried but unable to create an account.

  142. TaxAct:

    I have been a loyal customer for 11 to 12 years and am disappointed that your product seems to be increasing each year at a high rate and you offer no discounts to loyal customers. If this increases continue and no type of a discount it may be time for me look at other online tax services in the future!

  143. cant find my 2017 downloads?
    called and waited for 1 hour and 25 min

    u have my info on my account
    use my name in SC

  144. I need to be able to contact customer support via email. Everytime I hit the sign in button, I get a 404 error. I used this program last year and need to be able to sign in to get last year’s info.

  145. Horrible customer service. I tried calling because I had questions on investment options and had over a 5 hour wait. Also it cost me 54.50 this year. I don’t think I will use TaxAct next year. I will be checking other online services for sure. I’ve been with TaxAct for over 5 years now..

  146. TaxAct has horrible customer service. Tried calling for some questions I had on with using TaxAct online and had over a 5 hours wait. Not waiting 5 hours for sure. Also this year I was charged 54.50, way too much. Will be going to a different software next year. I’ve been using TaxAct for over 5 years now.

  147. I was issued a refund of $37.00 for services not provided. I am actually due a refund of $66.95. Taxact took the charges out of my account with no taxes being submitted

  148. I can’t get through on the phone. They need more people, especially when the t.v. ads breaks. I efiled do I need to mail in anything?

  149. I tried to call and ask about a form(4562) that was not available when the 2017 Taxact program was released. And I can not file until it’s available. I stayed on the phone for over an hour. Finally someone picked up. She couldn’t answer the question and transferred me to another area and I was told there would be a 5 hour wait time? REALLY????

  150. You have charged my account twice for 64.00. This is wrong it should of only been charge 1 time. Please reimburse my account. Thanks

  151. I have never been treated so rudely by a CSR in my life. She would not listen to my questions. She constantly interrupted me. She did not resolved my problems. She actually hung up on me. I’ve been a customer for many years and always told my friends positive things about your product. No more.

  152. I have been calling in since noon today. It is now 5:00. Have not spoke with anyone just keep holding to get hung up on. Worst customer service I have dealt with!!!

  153. I would NOT refer anyone to Tax Act. Spent hour or more on phone holding, Went Chat spent 1/2 hour with Blake and did not get problem solved and he cut me off. So I don’t know what to do, filed my taxes 3 days ago printed out tax return, meanwhile when I try to log in says no record and I even paid them. If any one reads this at tax act would someone contact me I wanted all info to be cancelled and return of money, he said cannot do neither.

  154. I tried to file my taxes thru tax act, but once they got my credit card information, a box comes up and states, Congatulations, only three more questions and your done. Answered the three more questions, and once again that box comes up, congratulating me, asking the same three questions. I called tax act and advised them that I was unable to submit my taxes, explained what happened and requested that they credit my acct. I was told by a customer service representative, that I would be receiving an email in five days telling me what I need to do, but let me tell you what tax act did, they took the money out of my acct. Money that does not rightfully belong to them. I filed my taxes with another tax preparer for only 12.95. Tax act is a RIP OFF!! They charge 72.70, take the money then do not allow you to submit your taxes. DO NOT USE TAX ACT, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

  155. We are trying to finish filing taxes and IF we can sign on we can only get so far and then get a message that reads “this site can not be reached.” Help! What can we do????

  156. 40 minute phone wait time? After charging me $66.95 for what should be free, not answering emails, not allowing me to finish e-filing, asking the same question over and over in a loop you can’t get out of. and listing numbers that ‘are not working numbers’. I want my money back.

  157. I keep getting a message from tax act to file state income tax forms. We live in New hampshire and we don’t have state taxes. We’ve never filed a state return form, only federal. How do I convey this message tto tax act

  158. This is definitely not a free service. 45.00 to do federal simply because I have a short farm report to file. And 37.00 to file the state form. That used to be 17.00. My bill this time was 82.00. Definitely not free or even close to it. Just like everything else in the world. Gouge the people that already pay the most for everything necessary. Not a happy filer>

  159. I have a question about my return I follow everything you said i did all the step but the rejected because my AGI but that amount its my income form last year 2016 1040

  160. I received a late W-2 and have already paid TaxAct and filed my federal and state returns, which have been received and accepted. I’m trying to contact someone at TaxAct to tell me if I can pull these back or how to file an addendum to my return. I left a call back number on the TaxAct help phone number, but it never verified that it got my call back number before the phone went silent.

  161. Today, 02-15-2018, I needed help with filing a return. One of your customer service reps assisted me with very professional service and much kindness. Her name is Marilyn. You should have more wonderful people like her working for you. Please treat her well. She’s a breath of fresh air! Thank you. Sincerely, Tom Rosenthal.

  162. I have used Tax Act for 15 or more years. Very disappointed in the change of filing under a business. The new version SUCKS!!! I’ll be going with Turbo Tax or someone else. You ever hear “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”?

  163. your taxact email pages do not work, The pages are there – but when you fill out a taxact form with your questions, their website does NOT send it – their website is messed up!! They have IDIOT programmers like everyone else these dats..

    Try it – you will see..

  164. I have been using TaxAct for years but they always had a method to reach them if you had a question. This year they have no viable method. If you have so few customer service reps your wait is going to be greater than 4 hours and greater than 1-1/2 hours they have problems. All I needed was to find out how long between the time IRS came out with an updated form until they got around to putting it on their software so I could finish my taxes and file. I won’t be returning next year. Customer Service has ceased to exist with them.


  166. No well at all unless you want to wait, going on 5 days for email contact, 2 days for phone call back,or wait on phone for 4 hours. I will not be using them next year and have used them for 5 years now. The END

  167. Not well at all unless you want to wait, going on 5 days for email contact, 2 days for phone call back,or wait on phone for 4 hours. I will not be using them next year and have used them for 5 years now. The END

  168. The Taxact print software fails miserably. I clicked two different ways in the software on two different computers and got NOTHING. I then printed out documents and pdfs on the computers to make sure my software/hardware was working. It was fine.

    Your print software leads to nowhere (I tried Windows 7 and Windows 10). It is 2018!!! How can you be this incompetent? I have to vote with my feet next year. For what you charge, the software should print the returns. You waste my time.

  169. I locked in my return cost last year for this year at 13.95 which I have email from Taxact to confirm. I have filed with Taxact for several years. After I filed my taxes I was charged 18.00 fed and 37.00 state, total $55.00. Customer service said they would sent info to person with authorization to respond. It has been over a week and no response from Taxact. Is it normal for TaxAct to charge more than what they agree to charge??

    Gurney Myers

  170. I would like someone to contact me about my return.
    I have been on hold for the last 38 minutes, and when I originally called, the estimated wait time was suppose to be 23 minutes.

  171. I am very disappointed with Taxact this year! I have been working on my Estate and Trust taxes for 2017. I cannot get an answer from you people. I have tried starting new tax returns for about 4 weeks now and they are never the same. All the figures inputted were the same. The main problem is the depreciation does not flow into the Schedule E. Therefore, I cannot get a right figure for the K-1’s for the beneficiaries. I am running out of time and patience!! Please help me.

  172. I was charged 37.00 for state filing and only wanted the 29.99 federal advanced. Can I please get a refund for the state? I did select no when asked…but would not let me file unless I paid the 37.00 fee.

  173. Site wants to charge me 69.95 and when I started my return should be 29.95. I have been a customer for 7 years, but no more. I am going to reenter my information on another site. Good Bye Tax Act! Hopefully you will resond soon!

  174. My, name is Albert Byndon , at this point I’m very disappointed with your service I have been waiting for a return call and have not received a callback as of yet!, all I need is to find out why I’m having trouble entering my WG2 correctly, I have competed all my federal information now for my State it is giving me an outrageous amount that I owe the STATE! and will not let me erase it..CAN SOMEONE PLEASE E-MAIL ,OR CONTACT ME ASAP, I’M RUNNING OUT OF TIME! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

  175. Where is my 2017 completed tax forms I finished them and printed the tax form but there is no where to send tax payment or how to pay page. If I have to do my taxes all over It will be the last time I ever use Tax Act. I will switch to turbo tax next year and this year also. Please fix your errors on tax act.

  176. Horrible! No phone service. Refuse to answer an email.
    I have a very simple question……How do I apply my 2017 refund amount to Estimated Tax for 2018.
    Been using them for several years. First time I ever needed customer service.
    Stay away!!!!!!!

  177. had to go elsewhere as —after getting almost done—i could not get them to pull up where we were ,,,,,have used many years ….very disappointed .

  178. I have been trying to contact someone for weeks! I cannot get into my tax and I have lost my w-2’s due to the fact I just moved. I tried a number you gave me online and it still will not go through. What can I do to get into my tax?

  179. looks like my last year with tax act.. I spent a part of 3 days getting my info entered in the FREE tax bracket. only to find that I could not file or print without paying the supreme fee. I paid a total of $94.06. I feel I have been scammed. In prior years I have paid the basic fee, no problem entering my items. This year the program sucks. After printing my return I found I had 2 errors, to correct and print I would have to pay again. I didn’t.

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