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Contacting Talbots Customer Service Center

Talbots is a high-end clothing and accessory company offering online and offline stores. The online store is completely housed within the main websites, but offline stores are scattered across the United States.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

No store contact information is provided here. If you need to contact a specific store, check your receipt for contact information. Alternatively, you can search for the store where your purchase was made on the Store Locator.

Phone Contact Numbers

Talbots customer service is open from 8 AM to 10 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 6 PM Saturday. There are no customer service hours on Sunday.

  • Talbots Phone Number: 1-800-992-9010
  • Fax: 1-800-438-9443
  • International Customers: 1-781-741-4028
  • Fax: 1-781-741-4136

If you want to place an order call the sales department 24 hours a day.

  • Sales: 1-800-825-2687
  • Fax: 1-800-438-9443
  • TDD: 1-800-624-9179

Mailing Address

Customers can address letters to Talbots customer service to:

TalbotsAttn: Customer ServiceOne Talbots DrHingham, MA 02043

Talbots is one of the few companies that accept returns to the same address as customer communication. You will need to alter the address slightly – so send your returns to Talbots Returns Department instead of Talbots customer service.

Official Website

The main site for Talbots is located at The site works like a huge catalog with products, prices and online ordering. The contact information was not as clearly listed as we would like, but we did find a link to Customer Service at the bottom of the page. Under the Customer Service link there were additional links for contact information.

Social Media

You can head over to Facebook or Twitter to connect with Talbots any time, day or night. It could take some time to receive a response if you write to the Talbots customer service team in the middle of the night, but you will receive a response.

Customer Service Email

The customer service form is accepted at the consumer relations department 24/7, but that doesn’t mean the forms are processed outside of customer service hours. If you need assistance quickly, contact Talbots using the sales phone number.

Our Experience

We called the customer service line for Talbots with hopes of speeding through the automated system. What we found was a direct number, answered by an automated message, to the customer service department. We were not required to make any selections to speak with an agent, just hold on and one will answer. Our agent walked through the return information for the Red Hanger clearance sale.

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38 Comments on “Contact Talbots Customer Service
  1. I am haing trouble with charge account to purchase on line. However I can purchase at nearby store with no trouble. The clerks aren’t able to help me nor can they find out why. So after much time I am trying this message.

    My account No2527-1571

    I upgraded to windows 7.


  2. Although I love the clothes and the prices at Talbots, I am extremely disappointed with what seems like contempt by management for the customers. Please let me emphasize that the sales staff is excellent. I refer to 3 issues. First, some time ago, most of the mirrors were removed from within the stores, which really bugs me because they had nice and very handy mirrors which management in their wisdom decided to remove. Second and around the same time this same management decided to play annoying music too loud. Please be advised that women who are the right age to shop at Talbots generally do not enjoy so called contemporary music played loudly. Third, the Bloor Strret store in Toronto has no air conditioning on the second floor and apparently has had none for months. It has been a hot summer. Apparently management has not bothered to fix it, which I would call contempt for both your clients and staff. I’m sure you can do better. I would rather pay a bit more and shop in comfort than in an overheated store with annoying music. The music has been annoying for years now. I don’t think it would take much effort to fix these annoyances. But perhaps you are not interested in pleasing your customers.

  3. Would you please email me the return address for returning items or do you send return labels? If so, would you please email me one? Thanks

  4. Hi Talbots!
    I am a long time customer of Talbot’s in B.C. Canada.I have the Red
    Hanger Sale Catalogue and would like to order the Twill Parka
    and the double weave jacket Both in Misses size 10 and in Lapis
    Lazuli. Could you please let me know when it is available again?
    Thank you, Gerda K. Klaver

  5. I made a purchase at your Greenville Delaware store in late October. I filled out a request for a credit card at the time. I did not receive a bill or credit card by early January and I was called for a late fee and payment. Then I learned a bill was being sent to my street address instead of the post office box where I get my mail. I agreed to pay the minimum and the late fee was removed because the wrong address had been used. The address would be changed and I would receive the bill. NONE of this was done. Instead you reported me for bad credit!!!! I am 83 and NEVER had bad credit until your mistakes.The law requires that I be presented by a bill before aI make payment. I have no account number because I never received a credit card. Dolores Truitt

  6. Hallo Talbot.
    Lately when I want to place an order a little window comes up:
    Not available in stores, phone customer service.
    Does this mean not available in Oakridge/Vancouver or not
    available at all?
    Thank you, Gerda K. Klaver Osoyoos B.C.

  7. I have been shopping at Talbots for many decades. When I go to your store, most of the customers appear to be senior women like me, yet you cater less and less to our age group. It is amazing to me, that in your “New Arrivals” list, I CAN NOT FIND ONE SKIRT BELOW THE KNEE”!!!!!!!!!
    You might be loosing me as a customer and I am not sure that a “twenty something” will replace me.
    Mariann carlin

  8. I have been a Talbots customer for YEARS- probably since the first Talbots was opened in Lexington, KY.
    Customer service is nonexistent via e-mail. I tried to order
    the $99 cashmere sweater, but could not remember my past word.
    The message said they would send me a new password, which has
    never arrived. So I missed the sale- I believe it was online
    I’m ready to drop my charge card, if Talbots does not care about
    their customers.
    Laura Gilliam

  9. I am really disappointed almost to the point of being depressed. I have a hard time finding tops I really like anyway, and in just the past week I’ve noticed tiny holes in 3 of them. I bought 2 T-shirt type pullover tops, one in a bright gold with ivory stripes and another with multi-colored stripes in a pale creamy gold, mango, a thin green stripe and with a light oatmeal background. I bought both of these last fall. Loved them both! They go with other items as well. Also, this morning I noticed those same tiny holes in a summer top I bought a couple years ago. It is a medium green color with thin ivory stripes, has short flared sleeves with a kind of cowl neckline. I like all of these tops a lot, but they are pretty much ruined. I don’t over-wear any of my tops either, so I think they should last better than this. I hope you’ll investigate this and come up with a solution. Sincerely, Deborah Burwick

  10. After deciding to go paperless with Talbots’ billing, the frustration of dealing with a computerrized female attempting to answer questions, I requested my bill mailed to me as it had been for years.

    Can I still go on line now and see my current statement balance if I have made returns, etc. I’ve tried and with no success.

    Please advise how this can be done.

  11. This has been the worst experience for me on your internet site. Every time I would make a selection something popped up; such as wanting me to take a survey, the pop-up on the right hand side opening, the coupon deals on the bottom. It has been totally frustrating and I am not likely to visit again anytime soon because of these distractions. I think you can do better than this.

  12. I just ordered with Lorraine . She did an outstanding job finding me a pair of your sandles in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I live in Pennsylvania and have been a charge card holder since 1984. What a great lady. She certainly represents Talbots well Thank you.

  13. I have received your bill for $90.86 but I have not received the items ordered. I have talked to your customer service, who referred me to the
    Comenity Bank, who referred me to customer service. Now what can I do? My account No#7788-3000-1877-5293

  14. I frequently pop into the Talbots outlet on Wolf Road in Albany,New York. While there, I am always so nicely treated by Joan, a saleswoman who has been there for a long time.All the staff is accommodating but Joan goes beyond all in terms of service and graciousness. I have been a Talbots shopper all my adult years and I did not want her exemplary help to go unrecognized. Sincere thanks, Anne Peretti

  15. I have been a long time Talbots customer and enjoy shopping in almost every one of your stores. I am however extremely frustrated and totally disappointed in the customer service in one of your stores. I will no longer shop in your Williamsville NY store and will discourage friends from doing the same. We often go there because of the larger selection of items compared to the Orchard Park NY (closer to my home )store. The sales reps in Williamsvile are nothing short of rude. We’ve gone in at various times of the year over the last few years and it never changes. I was in there for 30 minutes today lookig for something to wear out tonight and not once did someone acknowledge me. I just left and went to another store and spent $350. My husband even notices it when he sops with me. I’ve never been greeted and have always had to go to a sales rep to ask for assistance. I am a school administrator in her mid 50s who values the quality and selection Talbots offers. I’ve purposely spent time in the williamsville store observing interactions to see if it was just me. Other than one male sales rep who has been gone for a few years, it hasn’t changed. You feel invisible in that store. However elderly customers are not treated this way. Just because I choose to leave my diamond jewelry home shouldn’t mean that I’m look down upon. The opposite is true of your Orchard Park sales group. They know my name ,welcome me and other customers, ensure you have the assistance you need and make shopping in their store pleasurable. when I got home today my hsuband asked, anything change in re to the Williamsville store. I said not at all and that’s the last time I’ll go there. Please also be assured I’m not the only WNY Talbots customer that feels this way!

    • I bought some merchandise at talbots unaware of 30 day return policy only to be returned at Talbots outlet. I do not live within 150 miles of an outlet so tried to return at Talbots store they were helpful and called outlet store for me. I talked to sales representative at outlet she said only could return at there store. Therefore I am out of luck, contacted customer service no other advice. I guess I learned my lesson do not shop at Talbot outlet if any chance you may want to return an item. Guess I ‘m done shopping there and have to suffer the consequences. Very un customer friendly store.

  16. I hope this is the correct link to provide positive feedback about a talbots store attendant, Janine Frey, from store #321. Janine was very helpful, going into the back stock room to try to locate new pants which I was interested in purchasing. Not only that but when she helped me order them ( the items were catalog/online only) , she requested appropriate discounts which did apply. This lessened my bill significantly and I was very happy, as a result! Please give her feedback that her caring assistance did not go unnoticed! Thank you, Janine & Talbots!

  17. I am surprised and upset about the bill you sent to me. I have always given you my Credit Card number to pay for my purchases, and that has worked fine. Now I suddenly receive a paper bill from you with late charges. What is going on?
    reply requested
    Barbara Jones

  18. I just wanted to recognize two women at the Fayette mall in Lexington Ky. My mom passed away on Feb. 22 and on Feb. 26th I went to the mall to try and find me a couple of outfits to wear to the funeral. My mom had Alzheimer’s for 5 1/2 yrs and my life was consumed with her care and I was not able to go shopping. I had gone into Macy’s but my mind was just blown away and then I went on to Dillard’s. I tried on a few outfits but nothing was working. I left there just disgusted. I then seen Talbot’s and when I walked in a beautiful woman, probably late 40’s’, tall, with frosted or blonde hair, slender built asked me could she help me and I just spoke it out that I needed two outfits for a funeral. She proceeded to start pulling items from the racks to try and help me when we had came up with one outfit for me to try on she had to go to lunch another wonderful young woman stepped in and I do remember her name, Erica. With her help she came up with another outfit. When I tried on my outfits she made sure that I was going to look my best. I had two different tops to try on with one outfit and she told me because of my bust size, that I needed the top that I had on. She also had me to try on a blazer and I thought it fit fine but she seen that the sleeves did not fit me well so she went and got a petite size and I was shocked at how perfect it was. The other outfit she wanted to try a different color sweater with this dress that I liked and it was beautiful. I received so many compliments on my clothing. These two ladies made me feel beautiful for my mom and I hope that you will take the time to recognize them. They took a big load off of my shoulders and I will never forget them at this sad time in my life of what they done for me.

    Teasie Dodrill

  19. Just received Boyfriend Jeans, size 12. Strange shape. Waist so big, set the button over 2 whole inches. The hips flare out like the motorcycle police, The ankles are tight. My friends laughed when I wore them.

  20. Just received Boyfriend Jeans, size 12. Strange shape. Waist so big, set the button over 2 whole inches. The hips flare out like the motorcycle police, The ankles are tight. My friends laughed when I wore them.


  21. I have tried 4 different ways to find my user name for Talbots, but to no avail. I have my password, and credit card, but no user name, and Talbots wont tell me what it is

  22. Received skimmer pants with three button detail. Look great but back pockets are three inches deep – wallets, etc. fall out. Could pant pockets be better?

  23. I received a call from Talbots last week while I was on vacation and was unable to have a conversation. The caller said she would call again this Mon. when I returned home. She stated she wanted to speak with me about a review I had written about Talbots Outlet in Asheville NC. and suggested a compensation for my bill. It is Tues. and I would like to speak with her. Please call.

  24. I know an individual who “used” to shop at Talbots in Chester NJ. This person is much to shy and embarrassed to share her story, but I think it MUST be known. This person was shopping as usual, when approached by a sales associate. The associate asked if she was shopping for herself. She replied yes. The associate responded with, “we have nothing that will fit you here.” Now I don’t even know where to start. I’m so very angry, sad, and frustrated among other emotions but I just want to say this person has shopped at Talbots before and clearly does fit into your sizes. She’s not a size two, but she isn’t obese by any means.

    Now I first want to inform the company of such ugly behavior but also reach as many other customers as I can. My mother and my mother in law LOVE to shop here. I have shared this person’s experience with both of them and encouraged them to not set foot in another Talbots. For if either of them felt the pain and humiliation this poor lady did I would be livid. I wish I could just even explain how it felt for myself to listen to the heart breaking crack in her voice and see the pain in her eyes when she told me this. I myself became overwhelmed with tears. For a store that targets a mature customer, the associate performed so immaturely. Just speechless!!!

  25. i am a long standing shopper of Talbots – a perfect size 8p
    I would like to inquire about becoming a Talbots Model.

    I believe that Talbots marketing and advertising should include long standing real customers. This would entice everyday customers. Sincerely Bonnie Koplow Blitz

  26. I just wanted to change my mailing address to make sure I would receive your catalog and I was sent from one department to an other. It would be nice if you had a way of changing an address through e-mail. The representatives I talked to did not seem to know what I was talking about but at least they were very nice.

  27. I have been trying for the last 30 minutes on line to no avail. I was shipping to a different address from the billing and it would not accept what I was trying to do. I am extremely annoyed since I have never experienced this from Talbots below. I want to do this by email it by phone.

  28. All I ask I s to make a payment on my bill online. I cannot believe what you have to go through for this and still cannot talk with anyone to make the payment!!!!!!!

    Jeanne c Miller

  29. Wonderful shopping experience at Talbots SaddleCreek Germantown Tn. Great customer attention and service! Thank you to the sales lady who spent so much time with me helping me find perfect dresses for summer! I felt like royalty having someone ready to zip and unzip me,find another size and most importantly laugh and smile with me! We both agreed on what worked and what didn’t! Thank you to this valued salesperson Ann Larue Haynes …. She was wonderful ! I hope you will let her know how rare it is to have such a fun shopping experience these days and please let her know She is deeply appreciated . I will continue to shop at Talbots because of your quality – your prices-your narrow shoes and your unmatched service! Thank you!

  30. I appreciate your Birthday coupon. However, I am 3 1/2-51/2 hours from your closest store. Therefore, a coupon without a deadline would be more useful to me. I usually shop in your store while visiting South Bend, IN which is 10 hours away.
    Judy Ashby

  31. Worst customer service ever
    Returned 2 items, last year & this year, asking for a store credit. 2015 was totally ignored. This year’s return, totally documented, has yet to be resolved. 21 emails later, still no resolution!
    Don’t shop there!!

  32. My friend and I shop at talbots Solomon pond mall Marlborough ma every week. They are so friendly and give us wonderful service. They great us by our names and go to all lengths to get us what we are looking for. I won’t go unless I have to to a different talbots store. Each lady at Solomon is excellent. Hope you give them kudos from a happy satisfied customer. Super manager and crew. Thank you. Pam s.

  33. Today, I went to the Talbot’s store in Orland Park, Illinois. I attempted to return items my wife purchased from Talbot’s on-line and a Talbot’s Outlet store. I had Talbot’s credit card receipts but was told that they could not accept the returns. Worse yet, was the way I was treated. I was treated like a low class customer who could only afford purchasing inferior products from a Talbot’s outlet store. My wife purchases clothing almost exclusively from Talbots and I did not appreciate being treated like a second hand citizen. Furthermore, I am not certain when we will have the opportunity to return to the outlet mall and am concerned about exceeding the latest return date. If I can use my Talbot’s credit card at any location, I do not understand why I am barred from returning it at any Talbot’s location. In addition, I feel that no one should assume that a customer is inferior/poor simply because they purchase items at an Outlet location.

  34. While visiting Gulfport, MS, shopped at outlet store. Desiree Jones was an excellent sales associate. She was professional, cordial and extremely accommodating. She made our shopping experience a delight.

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