Contact Taco Bell Customer Service

Contacting Taco Bell Customer Service Center

Taco Bell is one of the leading fast-food restaurants under the Yum! Brands. The companies include WingStreet, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The restaurant specializes in Tex-Mex foods, including, nachos, quesadillas, burritos and tacos. Business began in the early 1960’s with a handful of restaurants and currently has more than 6,500 restaurants in throughout the world.

The company strives on excellent service, but similar to any fast-food restaurant, concerns from the customer need to be addressed in a timely manner. When customers want to have questions and concerns address, they can look to the customer service department for speedy answers.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The customer service department and the corporate offices provide several ways for customer to keep in constant contact. Customers can write, call, use the customer contact form or stay connected through the use of social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can call the corporate offices or contact the customer service hotline.

  • Customer service: 1-800-822-6235

We included additional numbers in the event the customer service phone number is not available. The numbers have been tested and the representative will connect customers to the customer service department.

  • Franchise opportunities: 1-866-298-6986
  • Media: 1-949-863-3915

Mailing Address

Stay connected to the customer service department by mailing the corporate offices.

Taco Bell1 Glen Bell WayIrvine, CA 92618

Official Website

The official Taco Bell website allows customers to view how the company gives back to the communities around the world, from social giving programs to corporate responsibility. The company website also allows customers to review menu options as well as locate the nutritional facts. Taco Bell allows customers to remain connected with live tweets from the Twitter page and updates from the Facebook page.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to fill out the customer feedback form. Taco Bell does not have a dedicated email address for the customer service department. The only requirement is to enter your birth date prior to completing the form. The questions and concerns can either be specific in nature or general questions.

We asked for information regarding the hours of the customer service department. This information was not available on the website. We are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

When customers contact the customer service department, be prepared to wait. We had to wait in excess of 5 minutes before a representative answered the call. There was no indication as to why we waited. After the lengthy wait, the customer service representative answered the call. We asked what was the fastest method to receive a response from the customer service department, considering we were on hold for so long.

The representative explained the twitter page is active and customers typically receive an immediate response. We should have attempted this method in order to contact the customer service department. Did you have any luck contacting a Taco Bell representative without having to wait? Let us know in te comment field below.

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254 Comments on “Contact Taco Bell Customer Service
  1. Yes bought something from Taco Bell and it had quacamole in it the new Cantina bowls was very very very very unsatisfied and it said on commercial that if you did not like it yall would give us something else that you would like if not that is false advertisement my information is it 700 Birchwood road, Carthage Mississippi, 39051 that is my address feel free to send whatever

    • How would you like to pay for supreme and not get it then call to complain and have the person that answers call you an ass hole

  2. POn January 5th I went to tacobell on northernlights n boulavard anchorage Alaska. The cashier was not only rude but once I left n headed out of anchorage I realised I was missing half of my order I then proceeded to call said tacobell but the number I got off line for it was a fax number so I called a different store to get the right number and they gave me the same number that I had already called. As soon as the customer complaint hotline opens in the morning I will be ca

  3. I have been going to this Taco Bell for years since its right down the street from my house. It is by FAR the WORST Taco Bell ever.. I’ve gotten tacos with barely any cheese or beef. Tonight I bought the new loaded potatoe burrito that was mostly tortilla! I’m extremely unhappy with the cheap customer service here. I’ve spoken to other people that go to this same location and ALL have very similar experiences..

    The address of this Taco Bell is
    7814 Brentwood Blvd, ca 94513

  4. The location on Brentwood Blvd in Brentwood, CA is horrible! EVERY single time I go there and order a burrito, it’s a paper thin burrito. I’ve eaten at many Taco Bells and I know then “standard” food preparations. This location skimps on the food EVERY SINGLE TIME I go there. I return a month or so later praying they’ve improved and get let down every time.

  5. Taco bell penn valley very RUDE girl at drive thru window rwhen i called her on being rude so said it was because she is pregnant????

  6. Hi I’m Philip. I love ur food. Riverbank tacobell has very nice people work there. Rocio Anna Irene make good food. Jimmy also a good worker . Tommy a good worker. Riverbank tacobell very clean and yes the best workers I love eating there.

  7. First off I have been a long time fan HOWEVER my local Taco Bell is horrible! It took me twenty mins to get my food & then it’s not correct. Once brought up to staff they act if it is MY fault. This is just one of many horrible stories…. Most of the time the dining area is dirty with staff standing around! I don’t blame the staff I blame the management. As being in management for years I know employees will do or not do as the leader in place. Why I continue to go back is beyond me because each time I say I won’t but I love the food. I hope this puts some fire under the DM and they REtrain or Restaff our local PHENIX City, Al Taco Bell.

  8. I waited in drive thru for 20 minutes for my food and I get home which is almost 30 minutes away and I dont have all my food and my cheese roll ups were full of tomatoes. I was not happy at all. This is not the first bad visit to store #028858. I will not go there ever again.

  9. Went to taco bell today wait 18 mins on 3 burritos finally sat down n it was wrong my receipt showed correct order but guess the cook couldn’t read took them back person at counter very rude rolled her eyes waited another 10 mins on them slowest place ever!!! It’s suppose to be fast food I’ve been to sit down restaurants and had my food faster than this place it was taco bell in prestonsburg ky

  10. I live in north stonington connecticut,there was a taco bell in westerley rhode island,i found out u closed it,i was very upset about that cause now the only one i can go to is new london connecticut,please open one up in westerley rhode island again,i dont know why u closed it up the first time,u had alot of business,another thing bring back the bell burger please,i would rather go to taco bell then mcdonalds,or wendys or burger king…for more info call me at 18314980111my name is david,call anytime,thank u

  11. I went to the Palo Alto/Mountain View Taco Bell right off of East Charleston Ave for lunch today. I asked to have a large water with my order and I got to the window to pay and received the tiniest water cup I’ve ever seen (I’m pretty sure it was for the kid’s meals). When I asked if they had anything bigger, they gave me the smallest size Frutista cup. As I said ‘thank you’ anyway and started driving, I hear the manager scoff and say ‘pshh’ like he couldn’t believe I asked for a larger size even though I left with something smaller than I had originally asked for anyway.This guy was a total dick and someone needs to do something about him.

  12. I just drive true in Taco Bell in Commerce , ga, took me 25 minutes with 3 cars on front, and this is not the first time, than I got my food , first no napkins , than I order chicken , I got beef , I got to the window, other 6 minutes wait , like I said , this is not the first time , I will never put my foot in that place again!!!

  13. I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you have a commercial on that shows the chef flinging a huge knife around at other people!!! Kids watch tv and see this! How did this get past the idea stage! I tell everyone i see about this commercial and they all agree, taco bell restaurants need to pull this stupid commercial. I am amazed that an adult would put this on the air! Extremely disappointed and will not visit taco bell again!

  14. I used to get coupons in the mail for Taco Bell. It has been four or five years and I never receive them anymore. Have you stopped issuing these coupons??? I live in Thomasville, NC and subscribe to the paper. I get coupons from all the other restaurants in my area, but never from you. What’s the deal?

  15. I am a truly unsatisfied customer. I ALWAYS get the Deal 1 Chicken Burrito, and now it has been switched to the Shredded Chicken Burrito. It is TERRIBLE!!! I will never eat at Taco Bell again. I really hope the original Chicken Burrito will make a quick come back!

    • You do realize that you can have the shredded chicken changed to grilled chicken at no cost right? They basically didn’t get rid of the chicken burrito they just changed it to shredded chicken but you can still request grilled chicken if you prefer that at the same price.

  16. I had been eating at Taco Bell in West Plains MO. every night for lunch (Drive Thru) but was never given the mild sauce I requested. I finally phoned the reataurant to complain and the manager said “I will look into it”, Oh well no sauce again tonight on 08/14/13.

  17. Really disappointed Taco Bell got rid of mexi nuggets,
    The fruitista freezes-mango and strawberry, and the chicken
    Fiesta burritos!!! They were amazing!!! Everyone I knew especially
    Went nuts over the mexi nuggets and fruitista freezes. Please please
    Bring some of these back!!!

  18. I recently visited your store number 004381 at around 10 pm. The staff at this store was very polite, energetic, and friendly. The food was fresh and tastie as well. Thank you.

  19. I went to Taco Bell store number 004646 and I ordered a Mexican pizza on sept. 2 2013 at 12:20 PM box was smashed all the toppings were stuck to the top of the box. When I opened up the box all the cheese all the toppings were stuck to the top of the box the pizza itself is usually supposed to be crispy and it was completely soggy as if they made it the night before and heated it up in the microwave is absolutely disgusting. I did take a picture as soon as I opened it up if you guys need to see a picture I can send that as well

  20. Your location off of Flatbush ave in Hartford ct is pathetically slow it is a joke. Why am I in line for 20 minutes at a fast food place . Not the first time either. My friends and I won’t go to another Taco Bell again thanks

  21. I stopped at a Taco Bell, # 028920 on 29Aug13 @ 3:54PM and the lady working the drive through window was so nice and curteous I told her how pleasant it was to deal with her. Her name is Terri P. Please let her know that she is doing a great job!

  22. We had a bad experience at our local Taco Bell. (Los Alamitos, CA…corner of Norwalk
    blvd and Wardlow.) At least 9 customers were waiting for their orders for over l5 minutes or more. We had to get our money back…couldn’t wait any longer. Inside customers were fuming at the wait, while drive through customers were given priority. This may work sometimes, but not when every seat inside is filled with disgruntled customers. This was today, September 8th, Sunday around l pm. I am fond of Taco Bell, but this was inexcusable. This is supposed to be fast food, not distressingly slow food.
    What was the problem????

  23. I went into your store located in Austin TX on east riverside. The lady I was served her name was Tiffany. She was very nice she got my order right the first time, she always had a smile on her face. It’s hard to find service like that any more. I hope y’all can keep her, I know she’s new. She’ll bring in my business again. Keep up the good work Taco Bell, one of my favorite places to eat.

  24. On September 14 I went into the Taco Bell in Iola Kansas and sat down to eat. After being there for a few moments I heard two workers (one may have been manager) begin to talk very loudly about an elderly customer they had just waited on. They were making fun and saying very rude made me feel very uncomfortable and it was very unprofessional.

  25. I just visited the Taco Bell location in Lampasas Texas. When I entered there was a total of 4 people in the building. A couple was wiping a table clean to sit down. There is a total of 13 table/booths in the place and 13 were dirty. All the employees where in the back talking. There is sauce running down the booth that we say in that I had to clean up along with the table before I say down. I ordered an item off the menu and the girl asked me what was in it. Doesn’t she work here??? This place is a disaster and nasty. Chocolate, sauce, sodas on all the tables. Horrible.

  26. I went to the Taco Bell on Dartnouth and Sheridan in Lakewood, co 80227 so that Icould get the PS4 $5 box. There was nothing with what was in the boxes or how many there are, so Ihad to ask the girl over and over and over. Then when Ipaid and got my food there was no box. They did not tell me that there were no boxes. I had to ask where my box was and they told me they were inbetween. Well, that was the whole reason for going. 1. Know your product. 2. Inform costumers when you are out of that product. I’m not that big on fast food as it is, but to have an excited goal, then to be failed, its hard to muster up the motivation to continue to go.

  27. I just recently, and in recently I mean 20 mins ago, went to the taco bell at eastport plaza in Portland Oregon and ordered food.. when I got home I realized that the crunchwrap I ordered was cold, not luke warm, but cold like it just came out of the fridge. I called the store directly and talked to the manager and he proceeds to tell me that it is cooked fresh to order and blah blah blah, if it is cooked so fresh then why is it this cold? I asked him that and he proceeds to diplomatically argue with me. News flash buddy I work at a restaurant, there is no possible way that the food would get that cold going from your restaurant to my house, especially since the rest of the order was warm. I think maybe you should get better employees who actually care about the customer, not ones who are going to sit there and question you on the validity of your order. By the way, you can let me work there for a few days and I guarantee that business will get better than it is now. Part of me wants to contact the food safety department of the state of oregon and file a complaint because you have to have the hot food served at a certain degree, Not cold, but hot!

  28. I want to start off by thanking you for taking the time to read my email. I went to one of your store in evansville, Indiana on first ave around 1:30am. I order $31 worth of food, after looking through my bags I realized I was missing some items. I then went back through the drive threw and informed your leader working the drive threw what I was missing. I found 1 of the items in the bottom of one of the bags. So all I was missing were 2 soft tacos. After receiving my soft tacos she then shut the the window and proceeded to talk about me and shock head with an attitude in my direction. I feel her management/costumer service skills are not up to par. I understand this is fast food and that your stores deal with a lot of intoxicated people, but I was not one of those people and was very nice to her the whole time. I myself even made a mistake and thought I ordered something when I hadn’t. Along with this issue my food was not the standard that I feel Taco Bell has. I have went to your st. Joe store numerous time and have had out standing food and customer service from there restaurant. I order chicken quesadillas and burritos that were missing chicken and ground beef. I am not wanting anything for this as some people do when they complain. I want to inform you of the service and food I received from one of your stores. Again thank you for your time and please feel free to email me at anytime.

  29. I ordered 2/5 layer burritos and they were not what I ordered. I have pictures and the receipt. It was too late for me to get back out and return to the store. I am very unhappy with my order a I took pictures and thru it in the trash.

  30. I bought the $5 box advertising the PS4 giveaway. When I tried texting my code it had already been used. That is ridiculous! (The T-bell in Forest Lake MN 55025

  31. I recently went to Taco Bell on Thursday October 24th. It was raining a lot that day as I went onto the drive thru. As I went to order I asked if they had the pina colada freeze still and guy on the phone had a disgusting attitude saying no. Instead of tellingeme what flavors there is now he just tells me no. So I went to ask what kind of freezes do they have then I just waited there for a few seconds so he would respond and nothing. I go to this Taco Bell a lot never had I had any problem with them but I know this guy doesnt always work there cause I see almost the same faces so im not sure if he was new or what. So I tell him then I wanted the green one that I wasnt sure what the name was I couldnt pronounce it. So he tells me again with an annoyed attitude they dont have green he said it has a name its distribution or something like that I couldnt understand him and it was raining couldnt see menu that much. So then after we pull up and I guess cause I had wipers on and I didnt noticed he yelled at me and told me to pull forward cause I was getting him wet. He was very dramatic and rude never again if I go if hes there I wont order food by him. It was horrible I got the receipt look at his name tag his name is Walter S. So just so you guys know if he has same attitude with other customers cause mine was horrible.

    • also your employee name steven petkovic
      this taco bell meetiong has for manger meetiong will your time also with
      working has employee’s name steven leen petkovic your ‘s employee’s
      manger will also with new schedule manger with this only for employee’s
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  32. I am sick, and tired of going to the Taco Bell on Kent Road. Only to find eevery time there slush I machine does not work at night. It’s really getting old. Every time I go. It’s oh I’m sorry the slushi machine is down. Give me a break people.

  33. This month one of my local tacobell stores stopped putting out sause packets for customers. Now we have to ask for every sause packet. I know some people abuse the but the cost has to be less than the bad will it causes tacobell customers. Deltaco even puts sause packets in baskets on the tables at lunch times. It is such a hassle if you need another sause I have started to go to del taco more than taco bell just for the this reason. It hurts to do that. I’m 60 yrs old and have gone to TB 4 time a week for lunch ever since the franchise was here. please put the sause back out in the common area with the forks and napkins. thanks for listening.

  34. I just wanted to let you know it’s 11:18 pm I went to one of your locations ,around 8:30p:m (very great costumer service ) but I order a chicken dip your new ad. Really bad, stomach hurts I have diaria. Maybe it wasn’t cooked all the way because I love Taco Bell , I never get sick of it maybe the rushed for the well reason they had a line in the drive thu .hope you look into matter because
    I love Taco Bell I just don’t want to get sick of it again its horrible.

  35. U should close the stores in Edmond Oklahoma or give better training, I’ve never had in my life so many people that can’t read or understand a ticket. look at the this. Nachos with no cheese, plain chips, and shredded cheese. I’ve been putting up with this for years now. take pride in your business. I’m done and from now on will continue to post your lack of proper service. I work in oil and gas industry and will continue this until proper training and education is received.

  36. Just had to have a triple steak stack. Biggest disappointment ever. No where close to what it looks like in the basketball court ad. Little bit of meat sealed in a pita bread and costs $4.99. A rip-off!!!!

  37. Either change how your entire organization operates or expect to go out of business soon. There is too much competition out there for Taco Bell to be so awful. Too many options to choose from on a menu is not a good thing; it creates a type of dissatisfaction before and after ordering. Quality of food is s**tty, everyone knows that. I ordered a black bean burrito and soft taco today because I was extremely hungry. Big mistake. I think the last time I ate at Taco Bell was in high school and now I remember why. The soft taco was about the size of my fist and the burrito had beans, rice and 2 little pieces of shredded cheese. I understand that you get what you pay for and at Taco Bell you dont pay much, but serving tiny portions of bad quality food is inexcusable at any price. I just wasted $4 and now feel like sh*t.

  38. We enjoy Taco Bell, but we noticed that in both of our local locations it is always very cold in the dining rooms. I have made an assumption they are forced into keeping it cold to save money. It is too cold to eat without my coat on. Unless things change we will be going to Taco Johns from now on.

  39. On 12/20/13 we visited the Taco Bell in Pahrump Nevada. The food was fresh and well presented but we more wanted to comment on the excellent customer service.
    There was a young gentleman by the name of Robert running the front counter. He was polite and personal while taking our order. Once we were served we sat in the dining area and observed his interactions with other incoming customers. I have to say it was an absolute delight to watch Robert interact with the public. He definitely brings back a lost art to customer service! He helps every single person that walks through that door and does it with a personal touch. He portrays a very professional employee behaviour as well and making people feel like an old friend and very welcomed. Taco Bell needs to recognize valued employees such as Robert and do whatever it takes to hold on to (him) them.
    I have looked for a corporate number of email address but am unable to find one. If anyone has any information on how to contact them, please let us know. Robert really does deserve positive recognition for his upstanding attitude towards his outstanding work ehics.

  40. We need a Taco Bell on the South Shore on Staten Island. There are only 2 and they are too far away. Please open a Taco Bell on the South Shore! Thanks.

  41. I had a bad experience with a visit today 1/17/2014 at 6:15 EST. Sitting at the booth behind me was the store manager. A young black female in her uniform talking on her cell phone. She was using a lot of bad language. F this and Bitches. I told the assistant manager and she informed me that she was the manager. I was shocked to find this out. She was bot speaking quietly either. Please let me know that she will be spoken to. Thank you

  42. My family and I just went to the Taco Bell that is located in Clinton Arkansas We spent $30 on lunch there Taco Bell has been our whole family’s favorite fast food resturant we have only visited the Clinton location when we are traveling to Branson Missouri we’ll we had a basketball tournament near this Clinton location today so of course we all said we wanted Taco Bell well after we got our order after being hollered sarcastically to come pick up our order number 151 I got our 2 trays I handed out the food and noticed the inexpensive cheese roll up my daughter wanted was not there I took the receipt back up to the counter and showed the cashier it and explained that we were missing the cheese roll up instead of just giving it to us the employee Anthony who was making the food started screaming at me jumping around and calling me a lier and continued for several mins The other employee there told him to leave and to stop She came up to us later and apologized and claimed she sent him home and she would be telling the manager needless to say he did not go home he simply went for a break bc he later came to our table making me and my children very uncomfortable and somewhat apologized saying he gets mad easily then he went on making food like nothing ever happened I don’t know there store number nor do I have my receipt bc the cashier kept the receipt bc I showed her it in reference to the cheese roll up anyway I just think this was inexcusable Thank u I hope to hear back from you soon

  43. so through with the taco bell on sequin. rd here in san Antonio. …… They were extremely rude to my 17 year old when they messed up our order…. Little girl in the drive thru window, andrea i believe, you and your manager pointing at us and giving us go to he’ll looks isn’t anything i will ever tolerate. Whatever happened to respect??? We very nicely asked for our order to be fixed and I am appalled at this behavior. On top of that they gave us back 2 tacos with the meat everywhere on the outside and even used the same tacos shells from our messed up tacos…. Tacky! How in the world does this place even stay open! Sorry for the rant… But if your only job is to put my order in the system correctly then learn how to do it!

  44. Grand Forks, ND
    I just waited over 30 min in the drive thru at our local Taco Bell. Never again. The drive thru guy was nice but forgot our cinnamon twists. There was another guy leaning against the wall day dreaming. They did apologize for the wait. Trust me it will be a long time before I go back. Especially with 4 taco Johns and A Qdoba in town.

  45. Cold nasty food. I’d rather eat McDonald’s it’s warmer fresher and healthier. My friend went there for a change but your food disappoints everyone.

  46. The Taco Bell in Capitol Heights,MD sucks regardless what time of the day you visit the location.One cashier has a attitude while another cashier chews gum while at the register.My co worker and I went thru the drive thru and service was slow.When we received our food,it was cold.Even though Taco Bell is not the best paying job,it is a job and it should be done well.

  47. Me and my family went to taco bell in mount Dora Florida for our usual taco night.. we got 2 party pack of taco 1 the Doritos and the other 1 was hard supreme. When we got our food it was all cold and the tacos were all broken and the tacos looked like they were just thrown in the back..usually have tacos once a week and this is the second time this has happened the first time it happened I called the store to complain and the female whom answered the phone hung up on me saying they were busy.. how unprofessional.. we decided to give taco bell a chance after a month then this happens.. I will not eat there no more or take my family or friends. When they seem not to care about customer s

  48. I recently interviewed for a shift lead position at store number 018703 located in Helena, Montana. I felt the entire interview was a waste of my time and energies. I was kept waiting nearly 10 minutes before the GM finally asked to have a seat at the table at which time she retreated to the office and returned with paperwork and cell phone in hand. She had a call in process when she sat down. While asking me the required questions she frequently stopped mid sentence to continue with the business in the cell phone. She also repeated this behavior when I was answering the questions. She then dismissed me rather abruptly by telling me that they would contact me if I was selected for a second interview. The following day I was contacted and told that I was not selected because my responses were flighty. I feel that I have been extremely disrespected and am very angry. I know from watching previous and current bosses conducting interviews that being 100% focused on the interviewee is key helping them relax and give more honest answers. I did not feel at all relaxed, but rather irritated at this treatment.

  49. i fell on the ice outside our taco bell . i made an accident report and have not heard from them in two weeks. i hope i dont have to sue. i really love taco bell

  50. all so the bowling green taco bell employees seem to think that the drive through window is more important the the customers inside. we have to wait not good1111111

  51. so this evening I went through the drive thru, and I ordered a Cherry sparkling limeaid! the man confirmed me that you do not sell that beverage any more because not enough people bought it! I am very upset and would like for Taco Bell to bring this drink back!!!! please and thank you!

  52. I went to Taco Bell on w jefferson blvd in Fort Wayne IN about 5pm today 3/19/2014 and was not happy. When i went to place my order I ordered one thing and told the lady I was not done ordering and she totaled my order and would not let me finish ordering. Then when I finished my order at the window I waited for 10 min. and come to find out when I got home my whole order was messed up.

  53. Love your breakfast, love Taco Bell in general but don’t let McDonalds push you around with thier fight back, free coffee deal, just because you launched breakfast. Show them that you care for your customers and provide free coffee with the purchase of a breakfast item for the same limited time!! That’ll show them! LOL

  54. Why have a sign that says open at 6a.m. in the morning if you don’t have any food ready yet for 15 minutes , and you cant take cash?? are you kidding me. I wasted about 10 minutes exiting the Daleville , Indiana exit. And they were open at 6 am for what reason , WHAT A joke. They were open , but not ready to serve the public. Terrible. What a joke.

  55. went to Taco Bell on W. Market last night and ate it took 17 minutes to get 2 Chapulas and 2 soft tacos worst store I have been the manager sat at a table doing interviews when she needed to help get food out since people were waiting will never go there again

  56. went to Taco Bell on W. Market last night and ate it took 17 minutes to get 2 Chapulas and 2 soft tacos worst store I have been the manager sat at a table doing interviews when she needed to help get food out since people were waiting will never go there again

  57. Just wanted to let you know that your new commercial for your breakfast does a great job maligning me hungry for Mc’Donald’s every time I see it! Ice watched it at least 10 times and my husband had to inform me that it’s your commercial! Not sure if that is your desired outcome, but as poorly as your original menu items (Nachos Bellgrande and Taco Pizza) are prepared these days, I’m betting your company is experiencing extreme losses financially. Good luck!

  58. Greetings Taco Bell! I am a Nogales HighSchool student in La Puente California. In my 9th grade Honors World History class, There is a project is based upon a specific decade in the 20th century. My group chose the 60’s, knowing The Taco Bell franchise started within this decade. we were wondering if we could be fortunate enough to be sponsored with tacos for a class of 45. it would mean so much to our project as well how awesome and historical Taco Bell really is! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I LOVE YOU! btw our project is due May 27

  59. My wife and I visited Wood River Taco Bell and ordered 2 Taco Salads.
    Very disappointed in the size and the price you we paid for this product.
    Will never be back.

  60. I went to Taco Bell store #000613 on 6-4-2014 to get my 87 year old mother some Taco’s. I entered the store there was no one in line. The cashier took my order of 12 soft tacos paid and proceeded to wait. While I was ordering and the few minutes I was waiting 6 people came in behind me and placed their orders after a time of about 15 minutes everyone who ordered behind had gotten their food. I went to the cashier and asked what the holdup was she said my order would be right up meanwhile more people came in and ordered and promptly got their food At this time I had been waiting over 20 minutes I then proceeded back to the cashier and told her I wanted my money back another 5 minutes went by while I was hearing laughing and giggling from the employees. Then a gentleman came up from the back (the manager I assume) wouldn’t look at me offered no explaination or apology he just yelled to the employees to cancel that dozen tacos.I’ve been going to this Taco Bell for over 40 years I believe I was treated this way because I am an older white person (because of the laughter and behavior of the employees. My money is green like everyone elses and I don’t believe anyone should be treated this. Its unfortunate it had to happen in a Taco Bell establishment I will not be a repeat customer

  61. I see that Taco Bell is like everyone else and believes that racism against white people doesnt exist It is just swept under the rug. I posted yesterday about my experience at a Taco Bell store and It didn’t make it past the moderator Its funny because I did post about it on my Facebook wall and a lot of my friends have had the same experience. I know what I heard from the employees, and I see that my complaint will be ignored. All I can do is assume that Taco bell accepts this behavior from its employees and I ill take my business elsewhere and not to KFC or Pizza Hut either

  62. The store on 136th and Colorado in Thornton co the gm her name is audre.she took it upon herself to put the store phone silent when my wife works there and I had an emergency that cost my job.when I finally got a hold of the gm she hang up on me

  63. I have made a complaint against kfc about chicken strips and recieved nugets what a rip off no response to day I went to taco bell ordersd a beef burito and got a bean with noting on it and asked for someting like a an old style enchrito and received a wilted taco I hope pespico will reed this as of this time I will no longer go any place PepsiCo owns

  64. I’m a 62 year old woman. I have always liked the food at Taco Bell. I still work full-time so I stop on my way to work almost every morning at Jack-in-the-Box to pick up breakfast & something to put in the frig for lunch. I drive right past the local Taco Bell, thinking I sure would like to try their new breakfast menu. But they don’t open until 7am. I’m driving by about 6am+/-. Oh well, maybe someday!

  65. Hi, I just recently visited your franchise and I wasn’t pleased.I ordered a grilled stuffed burrito Without meat and to my surprise it was the same price as the regular one. How is it that even without the meat it’s still the same price?

  66. First they didn’t give me everything I ordered then when I got back to work I didn’t know they had vegi tacos where’s the meat

  67. Baaaad that’s how my experience was at Taco Bell in my neighborhood. Across the river Taco Bell was excellent. What’s going on? Do you give credit? Because if you do, send me one for a Steak Cantina and I’ll go over the river and spend it there. Store #150002 East Wenatchee, WA. 98802
    They DON’T answer their phone.

  68. I ordered three crunchy tacos and steak Catina home to see I got three soft shells and steak Catina bowl had no steak no rice an no beans and even lettuce seemed old and stale.i spent $16 And regret it it was late at night hoping to have a good little dinner an instead got nothing but a messed up order that was I satisfying and tried calling twice to no answer what’s going on Taco Bell in Portage,IN 46368?

  69. Is there anyway you guys could bring back the Zesty Chicken Bowls
    (Chicken & Steak). Those were my favorite. Please if you could find it in your heart.

  70. First of all, there was no one in the drive thru and no one inside when we got there. It still took 15 minutes to receive our order. We arrived at 10:45 am. We placed our order with a girl at the register, who told us she had never worked breakfast before. I ordered a country sausage am crunch wrap among other things. When she read the order back, she didn’t say country sausage am wrap, just sausage crunch wrap. I questioned it and she said it was the right one. When I received my receipt, I noticed that it didn’t say country sausage crunch wrap, just sausage crunch wrap. In the meantime the morning manager had been yelling at the girl at the counter for this and that. There was a man there trying to purchase a 20$ gift card and the manager was yelling from the back that they didn’t have any 20$ gift cards, only 2 10$ gift cards. (Pretty much the same thing). It was a huge fiasco to get the guest these gift cards that should be in stock considering it is less than three weeks until Christmas. A employee from the back that was making food came out to help the girl at the counter with the computer and touched the computer with her gloves on, then went back to making food without changing gloves. After all that was cleared up, I pointed out to the girl at the counter the mistake. But in the meantime the manager yelled and said not to ring in any more breakfast. It was at this point about 10:53. The girl at the front rang in the correct item and didn’t charge us for it. The manager and another employee started yelling at the girl about ringing in more breakfast, so I explained she had only done it because she had made a mistake on our order. When we finally received our order, we still didn’t get the correct crunch wrap. We asked about it and the manager very rudely was yelling at us that she had no more breakfast and was arguing with us about our order when we tried to explain that it was rang in wrong to begin with. Unfortunately, this is the only Taco Bell close to us. Every time we go there is always an issue whether it is long waiting times or wrong food given to us. This is the first time that a manager has yelled at us and argued with us. That is just unbelievable. I am in the food service industry and she should have handled that completely different. You don’t yell and argue with guests. The menu states that breakfast is served until 11am, so why is food running out before then? I have never had that issue at McDonalds, even when it’s 1 minute until breakfast is over. I didn’t get a name of the manger as we were just trying to get out of there. I feel bad for her employees the way she was treating everyone in front of guests. I’m sure she has treated more guests in this way as I’m sure not many people would take the time to respond to this survey. Hopefully that manager can get some training in hospitality.

  71. Whenever i go to taco bell in the drive-thru i have the hardest time reading the menu and i have excellent vision. I went and could barely read what was on the menu because the writing was so small. I was so frustrated trying to order that i didn’t get what i wanted! Please fix this issue!

  72. I need you too give me a fax number I just file chapter 7 bankruptcy protection I need a fax number my number to fax number

  73. My husband bought me a Chula. It all the bread, 2 tortillas, 2 tablespoons of beans, tiny bit of cheese and sour cream. My soda was only half full. Who is cheating people at Eastport plaza Portland Or. I want my money back to get a real piece of food.

  74. Ordered food from Marquette Mi us highway 41 east location 2/26 at 5:45pm and the food was horrible. Soft tacos had slimy lettuce and
    Couldn’t stand them beefy nacho tasted like it had burnt wood in it. Rolled potato horrible
    Nachos bell grande cheese sauce horrible and
    The fountain soda was horrible also
    The only good thing was the young man at the
    Counter taking the order he was good and very pleasant. Won’t go there any more this order was pretty big and couldn’t eat any of it

  75. The Taco Bell on Olive Street in Pine Bluff, AR is a joke. The girl at the register is basically with her finger up her nose. I wanted a Combo Burrito and I thought it was the usually combo order, but then she asked me did I want the one with the potatoes….NO…did I say with potatoes and then she looks at me like I’m a complete idiot and I just walked away….I did speak with Mr. Barnes at that location and explained to him that I wish they could put someone up front that KNOWS something!

  76. I am a teacher and a mother to an eleven year old girl. It becomes increasingly more difficult to raise children with basic morals when there are commercials like this on television. My daughter’s first reaction was shock and “ew, yuck!” But I know it sends multiple messages to her that are counterproductive to the ones I am trying to teach her. It angers me that society no longer even thinks about the moral responsibility it has to its youth anymore. It almost seems like society tries to sabotage any attempts a parent or teacher does to instill morals in our next generation. Yet when these children grow up with loose morals it will be the teachers and parents who will be blamed. Taco Bell, at the very least, should regulate what time of day the commercial is aired. Even better, create a commercial that will sell your product without making children think about situations before they are old enough to understand.

  77. Ordered a mexican pizza last night for my wife, she ate 95% and said what’s this as she pulled out a finger nail out of her mouth! This was from the fairborn ohio store #023365!

  78. I would like to let Taco Bell know that I went to the Taco Bell on Highway 16 in Denham Springs Louisiana on Memorial Day. The staff inside was swamped by all the customers getting something to eat. There was only 3 people running the Taco Bell I asked where all the help was and the lady said that they didn’t show up to work. The 3 ladies that were there did a great job waiting on people continued to have great attitude , I stayed there for about 30 minutes watching them. They should be complimented by Taco Bell for doing such a good job while being under staffed.

  79. I have a food allergy to UNCOOKED TOMATOES. I asked and my reciept says NO TOMATO.. Guess what? This is the second time in less than 2 weeks that I have had this happen AT THIS STORE. I have a photo and the reciept. I have a very limited time for my lunch break, meaning AFTER THE FIRST ENCOUNTER. I ASK during the order AND WHEN I pick the order up at the window about the tomatoes. BOTH TIMES I WAS ASSURED THAT there were no tomatoes. I will not be using this store in the future. I will go out of my way to go to another or skip fast food mexican. UNEXCEPTABLE.

  80. It took over 30 mins to just be able to place my order. Once in line with people in front of you & people behind you, you are stuck! When I was able to place my order, I asked the girl, “what was taking so long?” The girl, “we were making a pizza for someone” I said, “can’t they pull around & wait for their pizza?” The girl, “no”. Other customers like me who just wanted a few tacos & a burrito don’t like to wait over 30 minutes. I’m glad I don’t like nearby so I will NEVER go back to this store again! I happened to be in the area picking up an item at a store. I’ve tried using your feedback form & when you click on the “click to view restaurant list” button after putting in the city and state—NOTHING HAPPENS! It won’t let you submit it!! This is the only way I get in contact with someone!

  81. I visited the Taco Bell in Aliso Viejo Ca. on Aliso Creek Road. I tried the chicken bowl, the new item on your menu. It was really lacking, especially when compared to Chipotle or El Pollo Loco. I pulled out 6-7 pieces of lettuce that were black around the edges. The amount of chicken is not sufficient, either. El Pollo Loco has new salads that are AMAZING, for right around the same amount of money. They are green, chopped well, and full of chicken and cheese and tomatoes, etc. Their salad dressings are fabulous as well. Take a note from them if you are trying at all to compete.

  82. When to Taco Bell in Mitchell on Sunday night at 7pm. They had closed, I heard the manager was mad at his employee. Not good practice.

  83. 08/10/2015 ordered two 5.00 boxed meals and another item paid for the items
    with my credit card . The girl gave me my food and said thank you so I left when I got home I realized I was short one of the box it was too late to go back.
    I went back with my receipt two days later and told the clerk what happen,
    she called over the Manager (no name tag) he said it was my fault and refused
    to give my food, and when I asked him his name he refused and shut the window (very rude). The guy was a skinny white guy with some sort of facial hair. I was so mad that told the credit card company to refuse payment on this bill- I have never had something like this happen how could this be my fault ?
    location: 2300 H Street, Bakersfield , CA.

  84. 08/10/2015 ordered two 5.00 boxed meals and another item. paid for the items
    with my credit card . The girl gave me my food and said thank you so I left when
    I got home I realized I was short one of the box it was too late to go back.
    I went back with my receipt two days later and told the clerk what happen,
    she called over her Manager (no name tag) he said it was my fault and refused
    to give my food, and when I asked him his name he refused and shut the window (very rude). The guy was a skinny white guy with some sort of facial hair. I was so mad that told the credit card company to refuse payment on this bill

  85. Hi,

    Years ago – over 30 you had a menu selection called the bell burger – would be nice if you could revive that old menu item – it was delicious— regards janet

  86. i need to tell you about the TERRIBLE service at taco bell today, 1-1:30pm. 185 levittown parkway, levittown, pa 19057
    my husband went and ordered food for himself, me and our two kids. we went to drive away and realized he didn’t get half the food. the meal deals were missing the chips (which they ALWAYS FORGET and stare at me as i sit there waiting for someone to come back to the window instead of asking what is wrong), he was missing the cinnamon bites, and some food. he went back. told them they forgot it all. they gave it to him and he left. got all the way home. STILL missing one of the gorditas. i called, told them about him missing it, going back and STILL missing it. so out AGAIN he went. he got home and opened it. it’s a freaking chalupa!!! they gave the wrong food! i hate chalupas and i refuse to eat this. what is wrong with your workers today? this is extra special today with their mess ups! first missing half of the food and messing it up twice more after that?? absolutely ridiculous. we don’t live right down the street. otherwise i would go out myself and slap it on the counter and walk out. how hard is it? i worked in fast food and we never had this many mistakes! and to deliberately go and give something completely different when they were told on the phone AND at the counter what they forgot again is not acceptable. i refuse to ever go back to that location ever again. they can’t seem to ever get an order right.

  87. Hello,

    I would like to send a compliment commending the excellent customer service of a cashier at the Taco Bell on West College Avenue in State College, PA. This gentleman running register at about 12:00 am on the morning of 9/13 was very friendly in the face of having to deal with many bratty, drunk college kids. I wasnt able to see the small print on his name tag, but he was a ginger and had a somewhat muscular build; hope that helps.


  88. Got some food from Taco Bell late last night a little bit before closing time, this was a big mistake. The Mexican Pizza I bought hardly had any toppings on it and for some reason the whole thing was dried up. The Chicken Gordita I ordered was the same size if not smaller than a Chicken Soft Taco! Taco Bell thanks for ripping me off on the “fourth meal!!!”

  89. Worst Taco Bell I have ever been to is in Scottsbluff Nebraska! Employees are very rude act like you are bothering them when u place an order. Food was cold an no co2 in the machine all pop tasted flat with manager saying it wasn’t her job to change that. It will be closing if you don’t fix some issues!



  91. We ate at your Taco Bell in Centralia WA Sunday, September 20. First of all, I ordered a number 6 (2 chalupas, one crispy taco). I took the second bite and couldn’t chew whatever was in it almost breaking my teeth. My boyfriend called the manager over. The girl said it was cartilege or tendons. It was super disgusting and all I was offered was: “Would you like me to make you a new one?” Ummmm, no thank you, I was already sick. Also, when we entered there was a lady taking a picture of an almost dead rat outside the front door. I am sooo disappointed – Taco Bell chalupas have always been my favorite but I will no longer be eating there. Customer satisfaction is obviously not important and I do NOT feel like I should have had to pay for a meal that included cartilege/tendon.

  92. I visited a Taco Bell in Pittsburgh (#031620) on Wednesday, 9/16. I ordered Triple Layer Nachos and 2 Cheesy Bean and Rice burritos. I’m a vegetarian, as is the friend that I was also ordering for, something that will be of importance later. I waited approximately 10 minutes for my food (at the drive thru, at 11:14 am), and when I got my food, the employee at the window said “See? We didn’t forget about you!”. Perhaps not, but they did forget one of the burritos, which I discovered halfway to my house. I turned around and went back, never thinking to verify the remaining contents of my bag. I was quickly given another burrito, with apologies all around. When I got home, I discovered that the other burrito was filled with meat and what looked like red tortilla chips, then grilled. Certainly not what I ordered, and certainly not what my friend or I could eat, seeing as how we are both vegetarians. I was really disappointed in the whole experience, and I will not go back to that location.

  93. I would like to express how extremely frustrating it is to get my order from the Taco Bell location in Corvallis Oregon and I was not informed that there was no beef available and 3 out of the 5 items had completely incorrect ingredients and I asked for beef in all of these items and all of them had chicken as well as the incorrect fillings. By the time I got home I was too far to turn around and extremely aggrivated as neither me or my boyfriend eat chicken. I would extremely like some sort of compensation or just to notify this location of there faults, I rarely eat Taco Bell an when I do this type of occurrence happens. Please feel free to contact me in anyway.

  94. TACO BELL #002309, College Road, Fairbanks, Alaska
    What a disappointment this store is! We’ve had a snowstorm here and due to power outages could not cook. Went to Taco Bell to pick up dinner. Ordered the Nachos Bell Grande with Extra Nacho Cheese and Extra Beef!
    Not only was entire order anything but “GRANDE” – did not get the extra beef or nacho cheese. Also ordered 2 Taco Salads, one without the beans and extra beef. You’d think they would throw in a few extra lettuce leafs instead of the beans – NOT – bowl was only half filled! Also did not get the extra beef I paid for.
    What happened to their once great service? Went South of the Border, I’m thinking.
    Can’t even get online to participate in their survey to let them know – website is down. Not that it would help – did that before and things haven’t changed.

  95. I visited the Taco Bell location at 7910 Rogers Ave in Fort Smith, AR less than an hour ago to buy my daughter some lunch. She chose to order the quesarito box you have advertised to get a chance to win the PlayStation 4 Bundle. I realize that these contest are very difficult to win but I wanted to allow her to try her luck. When I arrived home I immediately signed up on your website to enter the code on the box. To my surprise, I received a red pop up window that said “LOOKS LIKE THE CODE YOU ENTERED IS NOT VALID OR HAS ALREADY BEEN USED”. I thought I entered the code wrong so I then tried to enter the code several other times and still received the same red pop up. After that I used the “TEXT YOUR CODE” method to 25552 thinking that there may be some kind of glitch in the system, but I, AGAIN, received the same message. At this point I was very disturbed and frustrated. I feel that if a company is going to have a contest that it should at least be FAIR. I’m not sure if a employee or other person at this Taco Bell location had already used the code on the box I purchased or there was some sort of other issue but I do believe this is very unprofessional and I don’t feel that we received a fair chance to win. I’m hoping that you could make things right somehow and maybe look into this situation so that others won’t feel cheated as well. I feel I have been a valued customer of taco bell for as long as I can remember and I have never had any complaints until now. The order number on my receipt is 341701 and the code on my box is 3AXEWX6P6XC. I have taken pictures of the box, the receipt, as well screen shots of the messages I received when trying to enter the code. I can attach them in an email if requested.

    Thank you for your time,

  96. I have a question? Where can you buy the Taco Belll Jalepeno Sour Cream Dip? They used to sell it at Walmart and I can not find it anywhere now.

  97. I found a fly on my taco when I got home to eat. Had to stop my son and I from eat it cause there was one on his too! I called the store and the manger didn’t even care! She was a horrible manger and gave me a fake number to call the company. And she wasn’t even trying to talk to me she was talking to the coworkers while I was trying to tell her how disgusting it was to find a fly in my taco. How dare you people have someone on duty like that. I’m pregnant and wanted a carving and that’s what I get served flys in my taco. You can email me back and I can gladly send you the photos of these disgusting tacos.

  98. Hello, my name is Vianca. I went to go buy a big box from Taco Bell to try to win the Gold PS4 and I put in the code it said the code was invalid or already used. I made sure I had put the code correctly first, which I did. I felt prett bad knowing I bought the big box for the code and someone else used it previously. I put the code in right after I got it in my car so it must have been some worker at Taco Bell who took the code first. My code was 3ASM6YFH9Y3. I felt pretty bad after putting in the code cause I didn’t even get a chance to know if I got the chance to win or not 🙁 anyways, hopefully you guys can help me with it. Thanks for reading. Bye. {:

  99. Hi,

    I visited Taco bell pretty frequently lately in a effort to participate in the gold ps4 giveaway. My first visit went smooth as I simply ordered my meal and did not win which is fine. I went to this same Taco bell yesterday (2660 W Thunderbird Phoenix Arizona) and my code said it was already used or invalid. I checked this multiple multiple times to verify and wrote it off as a me issue and went about my day. I just recently visited this same Taco bell and ordered my meal and tried to enter the code again and got the same error. I took a photo of my code, the receipt, my text message screen shots in order to validate or prove any and all of this information. I am assuming their is something internal issues within this isolated taco bell in regards to integrity and employee participation. That obviously is the worst case scenario and I hope for a error or glitch before someone trying to just submit codes who works there. Anyway I am hoping to hear back or happy to provide these visuals in order to fix some of these issues. Thank you for listening to my situation.


  100. I visited the Taco Bell in Palmdale, Ca on 47th St. I had a very bad experience in drive thru and was told I could not do an add on when I arrived to pay at window. I forgot to order one item for my toddler. The manager Shawnie did not want to assist me at the window and told cashier to say she was busy. Very poor customer service.

  101. I would like to tell you what a delightful experience I had at your Conyers Ga. Taco Bell. Today many of our young people do not take their jobs serious. They are only there to put in their hours. This young lady gave us exceptional service and went beyond her duties to make us comfortable. I have been in sales for many years and I think this young lady should be recognized. Her name is Rashonda Jones. this girl will go far in this world and I think Taco Bell should be proud to have her work for them. I have not eaten at a Taco Bell in the past years but I was very pleased with my experience & food and will be stopping frequently. A promotion is in line. Thank you . Mrs. Shirley Smith. I have never met this young lady until that day. I was impressed.

  102. I recently went to the Taco Bell in Atmore, Alabama. I ordered a #4Combo with a Diet Pepsi. The server rang up the #4 combo (which is suppose to include the drink) and then she rang up a large diet Pepsi at a charge of 1.89. The total of my bill was 9.68. I told her she over charged me but she proceeded to tell me that she didn’t and then turned around to flirt with the cook asking him if he liked Diet Pepsi! And I was ignored. When she handed me my food I showed her the receipt and she still said she didn’t over charge me. Needless to say I got my food and left because obviously I wasn’t going to win that argument. I will not go back to that establishment and will also let everyone I know to check their receipt for a correct total. My Cashier was Dallas L, Order number 336586, time 4:41 pm at the Taco Bell #030463 in Atmore, Alabama, just in case anyone checks. I am not one to usually complain about something so trivial, but I am tired of getting ripped off at fast food establishments. A #4 combo is 6.99 plus tax and I was charged 9.68! I will just go next door to the Hardees or McDonalds, either of which I have never had a problem.
    Thank you for listening.
    Judy Watson

  103. I asked about the ps4 box’s they told me three options I heard crunchwrap so I asked for that one also ordered a Starburst freeze and two potatoes Fiesta bowls and a quesatritto with no sauce I get and I get it and has no cheese and it’s like hard and then I get a crunch wrap and a medium drink I thought there was something else that comes with box but I might be mistaken but then I realized besides no other sides there is no ps4 box so I call the store and speak with the manager on duty I tried explaining what happens and the manager on duty Patricia couldn’t speak very god English and I had a hard time explain the situation she didn’t understand also she could say we well I can fix only one of the items not both and foe the ps4 box we stopped that promo on Tuesday and we no longer are giving the box away.umm I might be wrong but I bought a box a few days ago from other location so is the promo still running because the terms and rules on the tacobell website states it ends on 11_4_15 so either the website is incorrect or this manager is lying and do something with the boxes or they could have ran out of box’s but if that is the case they need to inform the customer that they have no more box’s and if they still would like to purchase this product because honestly I love taco bell I have never had problems with your franchise before in both oregon and California but this experience has really made me pretty frustrated and make me think about taking a break from coming back for a while please help me resolving the matter since the manager was unable to help

  104. Please send to me email address of Taco Bell Headqueters in Irvine CA. Reason- contact with buisness manager to solve some problem.

  105. 09/01/15 — This was the third time that my order was incorrect. On this visit it was completely incorrect. When I called the store manager he pretty much told me I was lying and was extremely rude. He wanted me to wrap everything up and bring it back to prove I was telling the truth. I informed him I had a 5 year old I now had to cook for and did not have time to drive back up there and why would I lie. I also waited 20 minutes in the drive-thru when no else was in the line in front of me….I called the number given to complain and was told someone would be in touch with me. I have called two times since. It is now November and no one has contacted me. You obviously do not care about your customers. Maybe that feedback should be posted on social media. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  106. Still have not received my free chalupa coupon that was promised to me after I left a message of the most horrible experience I had encountered at the Taco Bell on south westnedge ave Kalamazoo mich restaurant in August 2015 ! I emailed my experience and was contacted by I’m gonna assume a district manager and she asked me if she could send me a few free food coupons and I told her just the one free chalupa would be fine to make up for the horrible over cooked cold and re fried chalupa I paid for ! Still to this day never have received it ? I just wanted want I paid for that I could not eat and did not have the time to turn around on i94 to get a refund or a new cooked fresh one ! Promises should not be made by a district manager who obviously did not live up to her words !

  107. Kfc/tb #0212081 in tuscon has the worst customer service record I have ever encountered at any of your locations accross the nation. We have given them several chances to improve but it just gets worse. We wont be back to that location. There is no reason it should take so long to get your order. The people you chose to manage this store needs some serious retraining. The employees could care less about being there or working. The store is dirty. 20 minutes to get an order when there was only 2 people there. And this is everytime we have been there.

  108. I went to the Taco Bell in New Berlin, WI (store 030400) yesterday 12/3/15 and purchased an order (#306005). I am VERY unhappy with my service. I ordered 6 crunchy tacos with spicy ranch sauce. Each taco was not filled properly and only 2 tacos contained the spicy ranch sauce, which was VERY little. I go to Taco Bell at least 3 times a week, but usually go to the Taco Bell on National/Hwy 100 and have never had poor service their.

    This is probably the 10th time I have had poor service at the Taco Bell in New Berlin, WI. I would like my money refunded. I would also like the manager of the Taco Bell to address this issue as I am sure I am not the only person unsatisified with my service.

  109. I went to the Taco Bell in the Capital City Mall in Camp Hill, PA. I ordered a value meal #11 which was 3 tacos supreme substitute beans instead of beef and put it on Doritos Taco Shells. I didn’t get the sour cream and complained. The kid that made the Tacos didn’t care and refused to change the order. He said here you go boss. I’m not happy with my order. Also, I don’t know if your restaurant is downsizing but it wasn’t like eating Tacos then eating a snack bag of Doritos. I’m psssd. You better tell the manager at that Taco Bell about the poor customer service that I encountered, because if these kids with these attitudes, you will lose everybody’s business as well. I’m not happy and will never eat there again.

  110. i went to the store drive thru around3:00this afternoon..809 2nd st tifton ga to pick up lunch. the wait in the drive thru was a 30 minute wait. when i pulled up to the window i asked how much longer seeing as i was on my lunch break and if if was going to be any longer i could not wait, they gave me no reasons just that it would be a few more minutes..more like 5…i finally paid for my food at back to my job..opened the 2 taco salads i got for me & the boss…the amount of food in the salad was not what i would normally get when we get our salads there. it was maybe less than half of what we always get. after 30 + minutes of waiting for ” fast food” poor service and very little product, i seriously doubt i will be returning anytime soon

  111. Hello. I just wanted to take a moment and share a few thoughts. I am a trucker, and my girlfriend and I run team. We have the opportunity to visit many restaurants in many cities inside of a handful of states. I am bothered by the way taco bell allows it’s franchises to exploit it’s customers, just because of there limited mobility. I will explain: Pilot and flying j, among others, franchise with several fast food chains. I am going to focus on my taco bell experience to be fair. The taco bells in these environments are very aware of a truck drivers limited time and access to regular sized parking lots, so even though everything….and I mean everything that has anything to do with pilot or taco bell, was at one point moved by us, the trucker, your most valuable resource for success (we move the building materials to build your building, the computers, the fiber optics, the desk your sitting at, and the chair your sitting in, and of course the merchandise ) and as a reward for our dedication and our sacrifice to our customers, we are rewarded with higher than standard menu prices, non participation in your specials, non participation in you taco bell app, and overall treated like we e are foreigners that your having fun exploiting. I’ve been your…..your….your customer for 40 years. You should be ashamed of yourselves, but what the heck, we are easy prey, it’s capitalism, the American way. Merry Christmas. ….Happy holidays…Unless you don’t celebrate that type of thing. …then instead, have a great day.

  112. We just want to let someone know about the Taco Bell on Albemarle Rd. in Charlotte,NC. We usually eat at this location once a week. The staff at this store is absolutely amazing. We have never once received bad service. They all should be commended for a job well done.

    2075 Barnett Shoals Road
    Nicsholos Harris

    Awful customer service

    There at 7:30 this morning at 7:30. There is a sign on the drive through speaker to pull around to the second window because Lightning has ruined their headsets. I pull around to the second window and honk my horn twice nobody come to the window.I pull up a little farther to where I’m in front of the store looking in and there is an employee in the prep area working she l1ooked at me and then went right back to working she didn’t let me know she was open at all none of the chairs have been taken down from the tables so someone could come in and sit and eat breakfast. last week’s excuse was that the Friars were broke and they Could N’t cook anything or serve anything that was at 8 o’cLock in the morning. Old sign at the drive thru said it was store number 18305. I hope this gets corrected it’s located close to UGa University of Georgia and a lot of my coworkers and myself would love to be able to go there and get breakfast in the morning
    2075 Barnett Shoals Road
    Nicholos Harris

    Thank you

  114. I’m not one to complain generally, as I am a retail manager myself. But I am tired of the service I’m getting at my local store , socastee, SC. Ever since they opened a new location in Carolina Forest the service at this location has been horrid. I used to eat here to to three times a week and now don’t for fear my order is always wrong. I’m consistently getting the wrong things and I’m usually home as I go drive thru, by the time I notice. Today however not only did I get the wrong tacos but I also received nachos with meat sauce I guess it’s the deluxe nachos. When I only ordered nachos and cheese. This is must be why my order was not more money than usual. The drive-through attendant also gave me someone else’s receipt . I went back in to get the correct food, my nachos and cheese, and was told not to worry about the money. She also took the wrong receipt it was given to me. I am not mad about the three dollars I was overcharged, I am mad about the service and lack of care this location now has for its customers. I am no longer going to support this location until he can get his act together. I commend the old manager and staff for great customer service, and would advise this current staff to dig deeper.

  115. First off- your website tacobell .com- links to contact anyone do not work!
    Versailles KY store- has huge signs for boss nachoes on 3 sides of the building and main sign- still seeing commercials for boss nacho’s I made a special trip- guess what, drive thru say discontinued. what? seeing commercials I found that hard to believe. so I try calling the next nearest store- the phone rang … and rang well over 50 times before being hung up on. this at 11:15 am- so I try to call customer service- that was another joke- she didn’t seem to care- only telling me thanks for letting her know that no-one answered and that in fact boss nacho’s are discontinued- well why? why are we seeing commercials for this? why does you poor(very poor) website with deadend lnks tell the world in fact they are still advertising boss nacho’s? and right here at superbowl?- poor planning by poor management.

  116. This morning my husband and i visited the Taco Bell in Trussville AL. We were treated very rudely by the lady whho took our order. Msge accused my husband of verbally attacking her. My husband tried to order two grilled burritos–a fiesta potato and a country with saisage. It took several attempts to get her to understand what he wAnted. No big deAl sometimes it is confusing. However, she didnt understand and ordered us a fiesta potatoes and what looked like a steak taco. My husband took it back to the counter and said that wasnt what he wanted. She started getting very defensive and at first acted like she did not want to replace our order. The cook who realized there was a problem came out and got it straightened out and proceeded to correct it. In the meantime the lady who took our order said that she doesnt like it when she is attacked for something she didnt do especially when the customer is wrong. Whoa i said what. And she repeated it. Now i will admit i got really upset with that and said some things i probably should not have and i did ask to speak to a manager. I have never been addressed like that by any restaurAnt employee. We were not attacking her, we were just asking for the right order. Anyways we got our money back and left because we are not going to tolerate being tAlked to like that and there are so many other places we can spend our money. I do hope that this employee is appropriately dealt with and some serious custmer service training takes place. It will be a long while before i ever visit this taco bell location again.

  117. I am a long-time Taco Bell customer. I will not be patronizing Taco Bell EVER AGAIN due to your poot choice of commercial during Super Bowl 50. You had a spanish speaking soccer player who arrogantly said soccer is ‘real football.’ Are you kidding me? You have lost all respect from all of us true Americans who know soccer is ridiculous and football is THE American sport. I hope it was worth it for you folks. You are obviously catering to the hispanic population (perhaps you should move your company to Mexico?) We are sickened. We will not ever again patronize Taco Bell. You disgust us.

  118. i have went to the only Taco Bell in Lansing Mi and they never cease to fail me every time I visit which has only been twice due to their failure to get the order right .What is so hard about a steak cantina salad and three hard shell tacos? Yet i have receive a cheese covered burrito and tacos or my favorite a steak taco salad and three tacos. I live fifteen minutes form this restaraunt but I am fed up with having to get back in the cold and drive back to Taco Bell for them to say sorry and you can have the mistake order and heres what you did order. I feel that there should be some financial compensation or at least get your staff on the right page cause I am fed up and will go elsewhere to get what i ordered the first time. I do not feel it is my job to check and make sure taco bell employees are doing their job correctly? I mean isnt that what they are paid for ?



  121. Regular customer at your Taco Bell in Kansas City north off Lucerene. Last 3 visits I’ve attempted to purchase empanada’s along with the meals. Each time we were informed they were out of the item .Tried to order again today and I inquired as to why the items were never available and was told they are non sellers. Why do you put them on the menu kiosk if you don’t want to sell them? Probably the staff is to inefficent to keep them available!

  122. I am writing about Taco Bell in New Castle Pa. on Wilmington road.My experience everytime is bad i am sec away from the store.Its all a joke there the employees dont care carry on cell phones.They mess up my order so many times and so tired of complaining.Amanda manager promised me coupons in mail two time.Ihad complain several times in past and always got my coupons within a day or to..I been in the food field for 16 yrs never seen a mess like this. I even called cooperate nothing happened I will drive half hr to another store if i ever decide to chance this place again.

  123. On March 11, 2006 my husband Rob Noblit went to Taco Bell in Coldwater Michigan and asked for chicken burrito with four jalapeños they loaded it with jalapeños you can even taste the chicken so when I got off work at 11 o’clock I went to Taco Bell to exchange the Brito and I there was a young man is the manager with long hair start at 5 o’clock I told him my husband I wasn’t happy with the Brito and I yelled at him so he remade the same Barito and I specifically asked him 4 jalapeños he my husband just open up as Brito and took and ate it and found Yorty ate some he found 13 of them and I got pictures of it and this other burrito chicken burrito I took a picture of it also it’s puny puny service for a Brito and I’m not having this this is bad service and bad Management my phone number is 517 677-8283.I expect a phone call back and I want this matter taken care of and if you give me your email address I will email these pictures of his Burito I can believe you guys sell somethings like that it’s on believable! By the way I spoke to my phone, if something isn’t clear.

  124. I just had a bad experience at the Taco Bell in Cape Girardeau, MO. The service was extremely slow, realized later that I could’ve spent less and would’ve appreciated the employee suggesting a “meal”. Also, she asked if it was OK if she could just owe me a few cents. Wow!

  125. 3/16/2016
    Taco Bell
    Senatobia, MS
    Dear Taco Bell staff,
    I am emailing you to complain about a recent experience I had at Taco Bell. My family and I decided to go to Taco Bell for lunch. When we began to order our food the cashier informed us they were out of tortillas and hard shells for the tacos. We then decided to find a food without a tortilla which was quite hard considering it was Taco Bell. Not to mention there was only one worker in the whole restaurant. After finding a food without a tortilla or shell we found a seat. After quite a while of waiting they finally brought our food. After waiting all this time we thought our food would at least be right, we were wrong. Our food was basically thrown into the wrapping and was a complete mess. This whole experience with Taco Bell was not very pleasing to me or my family.

    Hailey Shingler

  126. Dear Taco Bell,
    I would like to inform you that when i went to your store the other day I was so unapproved on how i was being served. The people at the counter were on their phones and it took them forever to cook my food. And when i got my food it wasn’t even the right order and I had hair in my food. I would really like to say that you have really bad service. I could get a lawyer to sue ya’ll. Please conntact me at

  127. Dear Taco Bell C.S.M. Rep. :
    I live in Millington TN. 38053. I have been driving past the Taco Bell located on Ridgeway off of Popular in Memphis Tennessee for about three years now. I stop there for no particular reason. This was my first time at this particular Taco Bell Restaurant and I am so glad I did. I had a wonderful dine-in customer experience in this restaurant. Everyone was so nice and professional, From management to the employee c:leaning the dining area, Her name is Kono which means ‘greek goddess.’ Wow! This experience made the difference in my whole day. Needless to say; I will be back. 1-901-872-4960

  128. I could be wrong about the date of my visit. I try to eat out abt once a week or so. At the Emeryville, CA store, there’s an employee by the name of Tyler that has made a big impression on me. He’s the hardest working person there at all times. You never see him just standing around. If he doesn’t have anyone else in line to order, he runs over and gets the orders ready. And if he isn’t needed there, he grabs a broom or rag, and dashes out to the lobby to clean up. He is exactly the kind of employee that every company dreams of. If he isn’t promoted to Manager immediately, then Taco Bell needs a better upper management. This young man is busting his ass to make Taco Bell the place to be. And I promise you, that it won’t be long before someone takes notice of this, and Tyler will be snatched up by one of your competitors. You’re so incredibly lucky to have him. Show him how much he’s worth. And by the way, the link to send comments to your home office that you have on your website, doesn’t work.

  129. My husband and I had a busy morning of running errands so on our way home we drove through the Taco Bell (020147) on 164th in Vancouver, WA. My receipt number is 351654 date: 4/5/16. I ordered a Chicken Quesadilla with NO creamy Jalapeno sauce. However, when we got home and I took a bite of my quesadilla, I was disappointed to find that the sauce had NOT been left off of my order. The receipt was correct, so it was the preparer who made the error. My husband was already eating his food so going back to have this corrected was not an option. Unfortunately, this experience makes me less likely to return to your business when there are so many other options to choose from. Just thought you should know.
    Carol Shand

  130. I am not sure who I need to contact, I have tried to find phone numbers on websites and receipts but I am unable to find that information! I went to the twin falls Idaho location on Sunday and I spent over 40 min in the drive thru. Once I got to the window I was greeted by an extremely unfriendly younger girl with hickeys on her neck!!! She gave us our drinks and then handed me the bag of food. The nachos were upside down in the bag, my 2 soft tacos were wrapped so sloppily and the wrapper had beans on the wrapper. The bean and cheese burrito was spilling beans out the sloppily wrapper tortilla and also had food on the outside of the wrapper. I handed the bag back and asked to get different food due to the gross wrappers! She looked at me and got one of the cooks and they slammed the window and started talking. The guy just re wrapped the food in the same wrappers and handed me the food back. Instead of waiting another 40 min for it to be fixed I decided to give the line of cars behind me the chance to get their poorly prepared food from the rude employees!!!! Never in my life have I been so disgusted by the food and service there. I think someone needs to look into the twin falls location and fix it before it’s too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Missy Nelson: May I introduce my book, You Must Eat Meat by Max Ernest Jutte, M.D., and Frank Murray; It explains that scientific evidence supports the belief that meat is essential in the diet, and that cholesterol is important for good health. For those with elevated cholesterol, it can be reduced naturally. Dr. Jutte returned sick people to good health with Salisbury Steak. Cordially, Frank Murray, New York

  132. Deltona Florida/Howland Blvd location has an older white woman manager that should be trained in customer service and also on how to treat her employees. I hear and see her berate the workers for being nice to persons as myself. She tells them to “stop the chatter”, loudly in front of all us customers. I go there almost everyday for a meal. I appreciate the workers so-called-chatter! I feel comfortable when the workers are friendly.

  133. I know y’all don’t care because you never responded to my last email…. I used to eat taco Bell 3 times a week but I’m done with it, at least 80% of tacos I get are cracked all the way across the bottom, crunch wraps only have ingredients on one side basically… The other day I got two tacos, one was filled to the top like a taco should be and the other was damn near empty… I have pictures of all this but of course you don’t accept them through here…..

    A former customer

  134. I usually stop at the tacobell restaurant at Strawberry Plains Pike in Knoxville Tn. Today my three yr.old stopped to dine in. The dining area was totally empty. I had to wait for service. After about five minutes of no one coming to take my order we left. It should not take that long for service with no one there. I would normally not complain, but this is not the first time this has happened at this particular restaurant. At least 3 times before. My little one pitched a fit because we left. I know at times it is busy but with 4 people working someone should be able to at least take my order. The other taco bell restaurants are far superior in waiting on customers.

  135. I contacted you at the original date of purchase. I’m not sure exactly when that was… not long ago. I got the wrong order and discovered it when I got back to work. You never responded even though I asked you to. Nothing. No gift card… nothing. Not cool

  136. Had lunch in the Bowling Green, Ohio Taco Bell store this afternoon. Was disturbed to learn that the drudgereport was blocked on their free wifi! Yet I could access left wing liberal sites like huffington post, and

    I didn’t realize that Taco Bell was in the business of censoring conservative websites. Everyone keep that in mind when picking what place to eat at.

  137. I went to your establishment yesterday and spent 15 dollars and 45 mins of my time for sloppy food with ugly customer service, I’m very upset with this taco bell I feel I was miss treated and given poor customer service with a issue on the food I don’t think I was talked to correctly I was dumbed down by the manager at that time and I feel that I wasted my money and time trying to get my point across to the management because his employer is oh SO rude. The cashier took my order down incorrectly and I thought he had for as much I paid for only two meals but I guess not I didn’t bother looking at it but non the less the issue could have been handled way better. The cashier took my food and asked the food preparer Fabiola to change it cause it was wrong as far as I knew it was going to be changed I went back to my seat pass 10 mins nothing as I watch other people get their food so finally I came back up the cashier had changed and I had to go over my whole thing and Fabiola told him that I was waiting and if I was waiting and she knew why hadn’t she done the taco one simple taco supreme, turns out she said I hadn’t paid for supreme and she wasn’t going to make it well to my shock I thought I did and with that information I had asked why they didn’t say something in the beginning instead of taking my food and saying they were going to change it and I watched them through the one taco a way she should have told the cashier to tell me hey you didn’t pay for supreme or what not instead of telling me they would fix it I waited way to long for sloppy food fit less for a animal. the manager was very rude and stuck up and really didn’t help the issue and then to top it off there was people waiting way to long for there food while the prepares are back there laughing haven a good ol time and I time him about that also his comment was that they are short staffed and if that’s the case why are they goofing around and why are you not helping them instead of hiding in the back. I’m very disappointed in the taco bell and wont be back, I know the manager wont do anything cause just how he was talking to me.

  138. To Whom this May Concern;
    I went through the drive through of the Seneca Sc Taco Bell. I was extremely disappointed. I received water instead of Sprite and my Tortilla’s were so burnt, they were just black. I do not know what can be done about this, or if something can be done if ill ever go back. That was the third time in the last three weeks, that my order has either been ignored or something. Sincerely,

    Adm. 5-21-16

  139. I went to your location in Fayetteville on 5/26/16, and wait was so long the person in front of me left and so did I. So I decided to stop at your Pulaski location, and was told it would take 20 minutes for the beef to cook! Finally I went to the Fayetteville location on 5/30/16, and what I assumed to be the rice was hard and crunchy! I wanted to let you know that my experience with taco Bell in the last few days has not been favorable. Thanks

  140. Taco Bell, Crooks Rd, Clason, mi
    6-08-16@12:00 PM
    Staff working short handed. Those on duty working diligently to keep up.
    Very polite and accommodating as well.
    Tried to utilize customer contact form twice but form not working.
    Wish the corp was as efficient as this location staff.

  141. I use to really like your taco salad but don’t care for it anymore since you started putting rice in it also the rice is hard like was barely cooked. Please please stop putting rice in it, you messed up a good salad when you started doing that. Thank you

  142. June 13, 2016, noonish, Taco Bell at south Weed, CA, off Interstate 5, Why does an order of 2 tacos, a taco salad (DROP THE RICE!), and one steak flatbread take 10 minutes?! The place had 5 adults walk out; one employee was scarcely working, and one employee was sitting out in the restaurant using her cell phone. Awful service! Most orders took longer than ours. We travel that way often, but we have no soon plans for returning. Somebody needs to mind the store. Bad news.

  143. purchased two beefy crunch burritos today and they looked like slop on the inside…The chips were soggy and it was just not appetizing at all the only reason we opened them was because it was so small…it looked like a bunch on cheese and the redness from the soggy chips. The one thing it should have had wasnt even visible so it let us know that they were not fresh and we will not be revisiting, I am so glad it was only a 2$ loss

  144. We Tried to visit this business because it was well lit with no indication of being closed during these hours (1:45am). We drove through the lit up drive through with plans of buying multiple items. We soon found out the bright, lit up drive through was closed and not taking orders during what seemed to be a prime hour as multiple bars in the same parking lot were closing and patrons from those bars were looking for food. It seems that A restaurant that is so close to multiple bars should stay open longer hours on Friday and Saturday because it seems they would make a good amount of money when the bars in the parking lot close.

  145. Taco Bell 004505 council bluffs Iowa. Would really like my hour back after sitting with 10 cars in the drive through not able to get out. I understand they may have been short staffed, so I patiently waited for over an hour. I was shocked when I reached the window the gal takes my money and 15 minutes later takes my food hands it out the window and shuts the window. Can’t believe there was not one word said or any type of apology, matter of fact she didn’t say one word. I didn’t know their was all of my order until I looked through it. Is this how you run your business?

  146. This is not about a visit but how your company has decided to treat employees that have lost everything in the recent floods. They had to make a decision to stay or try to save some of there things from the flood waters and not only that there was a curfew in place as well this put them in danger trying to get home to there loved ones and put them at risk of getting a citation for not obeying the curfew. As a result of this they have been punished buy having their work hours cut for trying to save their home. I find it deplorable that a company has no COMPASSION towards their employees. And i am certain that this will be made know as to how this company reacts to a disaster and how it does not appreciate the people that work for this company.

  147. Told that resteraunt is out of everything complained to management just to be ignored. So we have passed this info to all neighbors, friends, co workers and people we meet. Management should be replaced. There is a new taco resteraunt within 1 mile from home so who needs taco bell. The Taco Bell is located on Lake Murray Blvd Irmo Sc

  148. After seeing the commercial on TV I was anxious to try the steak and cheese sandwich. Went to the local taco bell in Ravenna, ohio to get two take out sandwiches and when I got home I could not believe my eyes. The TV version shows steak and cheese end to end but our had some steak and cheese sprinkled in the middle and that’s all. Nothing on the ends at least over an inch on both ends. We basically had a bread sandwich with a little steak and cheese added.If you can’t serve it then don’t advertise it.

  149. Emailed and complained once already about 2 weeks ago (13 days) never got a response. Their were 4 different hairs in my taco. I already had complications at this location (North Fort Myers, N Cleveland ave, Florida). Not very pleased.

  150. the Taco Bell located on Shelbyville Rd. in Louisville, KY 40243 has become very poorly managed. It runs out of or doesn’t have product available on a regular basis. Today a 10 wait on beef for tacos ! “would you want something different or do you want to come back?” No and No !

  151. Your chicken chaupa taco , $3.95,,,
    I’ve. had 4, you need to Offer it without, without that sause, an you should put more lettuce /tomato in it for the money you charge,

    With that sause my kids can’t eat it !!!!

  152. I use drive thru every day as I work near. I order the same items always and at min. half the time its wrong. I order spicy tostada with xtra cheese no lettuce or tomato. they always leave off the chipotle sauce- ALWAYS its so frustrating to only have min time for lunch and have order wrong. I spoke to management several times and they always apologize but repeat same order. mon 3/13 they left off again, talked to manager promised all would be fixed. I came back Mon and same sauce left off -I talked to manager who this time, was very rude. I have spent so much time going back to talk with manager and get order corrected. for the life of me, I cant figure out why they always leave the chipotle sauce off. last week they gave me one with sauce and one without. after 4 years of driving thru daily, I believe I will be going to del taco for lunch. I am very disappointed as I love taco bell but its too much work to continue to get my lunch right.

  153. Yesterday, I Went to Taco bell located 1825 W Parmer Lane, Austin, TX. My wife and I always go to this location and have been going for last 7 years. We wanted to order Meal Deal C which comes with a Gordita, Dorito Chips and a Drink. I asked the girl at register as she was the manager or shift lead – if we can have get the Chalupa instead of Gordita and we’re vegetarians. We get beans in everything and taco bell is happy to sub beans for any type of meat. So we asked if we can get Chalupa shell rather than Gordita, as the bread is same – for Gordita the bread is not fried and for the Chalupa the bread is fried. The shift lead or manager said that she can not give us a Chalupa shell for a Gordita and we told her that we always got it at this location and the staff and mgmt. are happy to do it. She was like no I can not do that, and I explained it is the same bread, only difference is that you have to fry it. She was like no I am not going to do that and then she said ok if we do that then we won’t give you the bag of doritos in a very condescending way. We were like oh wow, so I said that’s not fair…why would you want to keep the chips when we are paying full meal deal price…then she said that we won’t be able to give you the fried bread for Gordita. So then we just had it enough and I asked for her name – Cassie or Cassidy and when I asked for her last name – she said that she can not give that but her first name is Cassie or Cassidy and you can call the higher ups if you want to. Never seen such people who are not understanding at all, especially when they are in management role. We immediately left and went to eat at another Taco Bell who had taken our request with good customer service.

  154. April 7, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Taco Bell location on 1955 South Buckner Rd Dallas, TX 75217
    I contracted food poisoning from the chicken quesadillas.

  155. Went through the drive thru at your King, N.C. location at 8:00 AM. this morning. No one asked for my order. Pulled up to the window – saw no one. Since there was no service, I can’t say it was bad. If you’re the best Yum! has, the rest must

    really be bad. Come to think of it, KFC’s best use would be to convert to public restrooms. Went to your Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem location. Ordered. Got screamed at by your drive thru person because screen wasn’t working. I’m the customer. This may be something your “suits” could think about. I left this Taco Bell too. I know you don’t care, but I enjoyed telling you anyway.

  156. So I’m writing this not to complain about an experience… But to honestly compliment your radio commercials. They’re absolutely hilarious. One of few commercials I don’t mind interrupting my morning routine. Well played, taco bell. Well played.

  157. I would like to know why your double chalupa box cost more in the store than what you have in the ad. The ad says $5.00 double chalupa box but when I go to the local taco bell it cost $5.99. Could I be missing something?

  158. We frequent TB in Troy, Missouri. Last several visits (3-4) there was no salt in the condiment bin but loads of pepper. Today I asked the manager for salt and he said he doesn’t order salt any longer. When asked why, he stated that no one was using salt so he stopped ordering it. I mentioned the large quantity of pepper and asked if that many more customers actually used pepper on their orders over that of salt? He didn’t know how to answer. BRING BACK THE SALT!!! It really can’t be that expensive or have a huge negative affect on TB’s bottom line.

  159. I have been going to your store #J235062 every week and was always very happy with the service and food. Today I went and I was very very unhappy, The service was very bad. They said they did not have anyone on the taco side. So everyone that was ordering KFC were getting taken care of first. I had and couple more had to wait about 20 to 30 . When I got my food you can tell the person that put it together did not know what he/she was doing. There was a number of customers upset the their service. You need to work on this and make sure the stores has the staff it need. Spend the money on employees.

  160. I am part of a group of three couples that have been going to the Ninth Street Taco Bell in Walla Walla, WA. every Wednesday evening for many years. Whenever we go it is freezing cold in the dining room. It does not matter if it is summer or winter, it is always cold. We have mentioned our concern to employees and managers several times. They will sometimes adjust the temperature in the dining room but sometimes we are ignored. The last time I was there I asked to speak with a manager and was told the manager was busy. The manager never did contact me to ask about my concern.
    I am sure the employees back in the kitchen may be comfortable, but the guests in the dining room are left to “freeze”!!
    I just wanted you to know that even though we have been coming to Taco Bell every Wednesday for about 15 years, we have now decided to go eat elsewhere simply because our pleas for a more comfortable temperature in the dining room have been pretty well ignored. It is pretty bad when our wives have to wear a BIG coat in the middle of summer to stay warm in your restaurant!
    I just wanted you to know why you lost 6 very regular customers!!

  161. I do NOT like your new commercial…What The ?…..I mute it every time. Also, I thought I heard “hell of a morning” in another commercial. Please have some class and leave cursing to people that don’t know how to speak properly. Not a threat, but I would hate to have to give up my Mexican Pizza’s. Thank you

  162. Inside the Las Flores Taco Bell, my husband and I were the first in line but had to wait 2 minutes before someone came to take our order. The drive thru workers saw us standing there but were too busy to help. Anyway, here she comes slowly but surely and she was very hard to hear. It seemed like this was her first time taking orders, and was not apologetic about it or being late. The drive thru was even moving very slowly. The “window worker” in the drive thru was very efficient and had to stand there waiting for these 2 ladies to make the food (tacos, burritos, etc). They weren’t very speedy, and were very social with each other. It took 15 minutes to get our food ($5 boxes). VERY disappointed in Taco Bell…

  163. In reading all the past comments/evaluations that you’ve received recently, it looks like you guys have a lot to work on in the customer service/training department.

  164. I am a loyal Taco Bell fan and the last two times my order has been screwed up. This time, not only did they run out of shredded chicken and have to use the chunks, I asked for no onion as you can see on the receipt, the burritos had extra onions. I would like, at the least, this entire order be refunded. Gift cards are fine as I continue to go back even though my orders get messed up. I have photos that I will try to attach. If not, just email me and I will send the photos in an email. I spent $33.

  165. Andre from Racine franchise on Hwy 20 & Hwy 31 brightened up my life like you can’t imagine. Little did he know but I was fasting for a blood test, hungry w/a “need-my-caffeine” type headache, just overall grouchy when his attitude, attentiveness & great smile just picked me up!! He was amazing!
    Truly changed my day. Thank you, Andre!

  166. Dear Taco Bell Home Office,
    Just wanted to let you know!
    Today was a terrible day to get tacos from the Heber Springs Arkansas location. First of all the taco shells were stale!!! Second you can see by the photos I am attaching that there was only 1/3 of the taco shell filled up and that was with the cheese and lettuce! Where was the meat????? We ate the the other items and they were great but the tacos did not look anything like your advertisements!!!!! I am noticing this to be a wide spread practice as my husband and I eat at different Taco Bells all over the state of Arkansas. Some are Awesome and some act like the meat, lettuce, and cheese are just about to run out so they give up a very small portion that does not look like your photos in the restaurants!
    We love your food but would like to receive it the way it looks on your menu boards. Please advise on this matter. I have attached photos of the tacos we got today, your menu photo and our receipt.
    Thanks, Joann Dearmore

  167. It takes less 60 seconds to drive to your location in Jacksonville Al from my office. I was 3 behind the lady at the speaker. 4 in line in front of her. It took me 24 minutes to get a burrito. There were cars parked, not that many. Inside 4 people were working. The young lady opened the window and said our register crashed. When she returned she told me the amount. I paid and waited. The manage did come out of the back and looked at the register, she did nothing with it. I got my food and left. 22 minutes waiting and they were not rushing. I eat at your store vary rarely and this should give you an idea why.

  168. Taco Bell Management
    To Whom it may concern

    On Friday night 12-08-2017 at 6:37 pm my Family visited the West Broad Street Taco Bell Drive Thru for dinner. We had the worst experiences ever at a quick service restaurant. Very rude employees and incomplete order. I will provide the details of our visit.

    Cashier: I will be right with you
    Us: Okay, Thank you
    Cashier: Go ahead with your order
    Us: The order is quite large, are you ready?
    Cashier: Silence
    Us: Proceeded to place our order, 16 items in total
    Cashier: Everything on the screen look correct?
    Us: Yes, Thank you, We did good!
    Cashier: Silence
    Us: We pulled to the window
    Cashier: Opened the window, did not say a word, and held her had out the window
    Us: We handed her our credit card, then asked could you please add extra sauce with our order?
    Cashier: Silence, the cashier shut the window
    Cashier: She reopened the window and handed back our credit card
    Cashier: About 5 minutes later, the cashier opened the window and say: Your 16 item order!
    Us: We said Thank you, did you add the extra sauce?
    Cashier: She didn’t say a word, simply held her hand back out the window wanting us to hand back the
    larger bag of food. “She forgot to add the sauce”
    Us: Not wanting to hand back the large bag of food, ask could you please just put the sauce in a
    separate bag?
    Cashier: With a disgusted look the Cashier slammed the window
    Cashier: a minute later, the Cashier reopened the window and threw a bag of sauce into our car, not
    exaggerating a bit, she actually threw the bag of sauce into my lap. She then slammed the
    window. My wife and I looked at each other in shock, said wonder why this girl is having
    such a bad day? My wife said look at this. She threw a bag full of sauce. After returning home
    we actually counted the packets, she had threw 125 sauce packets into our car, enough sauce
    for a year.
    Us: I told my wife, we should ask for her name and contact the store manager, saying this type of
    service and attitude should not be represented for any restaurant. I sat at the window for a
    minute until we caught the attention of the cashier. When she noticed we were still sitting
    there, she reopened the window and looked at us without saying a word.
    Us: I asked her, Miss… may I have you name?
    Cashier: She looked at me, shocked, hesitated, then said: Merissa, then shut the window

    After returning home, we began to hand out the food. Only to find out we were missing two of the 16 items. We were missing a Double Beef Burrito and a Cheesy roll up. I told my Wife, I must call the restaurant and let someone know what our experience was tonight. I called the restaurant, asked to speak with a Manager. Called the unit, a girl answered, we asked to speak with a Manager, she said sure. As we were waiting for the Manager to answer the call, I heard the girl that answered the phone say: This may be about me, if it is… let me know.
    The Manager answered and asked how she could help. I told her of our experience. She asked for the name printed on our receipt. I asked her, the name printed on my receipt or the name the cashier gave me? She said the name on your receipt. I told her Jamiee was on my receipt. She went on to tell me, she had just had to send Jamiee home because of her attitude. So, I asked was my cashier Jamiee or the name I was given Merissa? The Manager told me it was Jamiee. The Manager did apologize, however did not offer any other type of resolution for ruining my families dinner. I asked the Manager for her name, she responded with my name is Hayleigh.
    We have a family of 6, both working parents, we eat out often. We have never had worse service than we did at this Taco Bell. If your employees are that unhappy with what they do or hate their job that much, I suggest finding new ones.

    Karl Frybarger

  169. Can’t get Gift cards?. I’ve been to 4 different Taco Bell’s and all of them were out of the special $25.00 gift cards, where you get a free combo. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!
    I went ahead and ate at 3 of them and finally went to other restaurants that actually had gift cards.
    I can’t believe you were not prepared for this. I’ve been buying Taco Bell gift cards for years and this year it has beets big cluster ——. Extremely Disappointed!

  170. Looks like I’m not the only disappointed regular customer. All of my problems happened in Metairie, La.
    Other than not having the gift cards, I totally agree with others that they just slop on our food and don’t care that it’s a mess in your bag when you get it. Also, the tacos are about half full with a smidgen of meat. Same goes for the more expensive Mexi-Melts. I understand you raising prices but don’t understand getting such tiny amount of meat? Are the workers eating it and cheating us out of what we pay for?
    I expect a reply or I will be going further up the customer service chain. Thank you

  171. I would think going and spending $15 at Taco Bell about 30 minutes after opening that the food would be fresh and hot! Not in my case! I only live 10 minutes away ,so I looked for my receipt didn’t have it so I looked up the number and called the manager was very rude by not letting me talk! Then said can’t help you without the receipt. I will not return I will go to tacojohns!

  172. I watched from the drive thru while waiting and noticed several employees inside a black car smoking marijuana. I could smell from my vehicle and saw the smoke coming out. I then drove around and parked and watched as the gm Brittany and assistant guy get out of this black car. With another female.
    I went inside and was told by the employee that the gm and assistant go outside for over a hour and cops have even been there several times and both managers have pocession charges. Of marijuana and also pills.
    What is the deal taco Bell u let just anyone run the store now days ? Get it together I will not be back at this location it took over 30 minutes to order and get my cold food.
    Due to management druggies … Frankfort west side location will be declined in sales by this I’m sure.

  173. Hi. On 01/18/2018 I received horrible customer service from taco Bell for some reason. It was at the 2670 Maryland parkway location in Las Vegas . I am unsure why the staff treated me this way but I wish that someone in charge of this would look into it… Also I am vegan now and would love to see vegan items on the menu so I can eat there more. ?

  174. I had 2 bad experiences at the Taco Bell in Dunedin, Fl, first on March 1, 2018 and the second time on March 5, 2018. Both times I ordered in the drive thru and when I pulled up to the window to pay and get my food I was asked by the clerk at the drive thru window i I wanted any sauce. I said yes I would like mild sauce. The clerk proceeded to put his hand in the bag, however when I got to my destination to eat I discovered there was no sauce in the bag. On March 5, the second time it happened I called the store and explained to the girl what had happened. She told me that I should have reminded the clerk at the window about the sauce. I replied , at what point am I supposed to remind him, he asked me if I wanted sauce as he was trying to hand me my order thru the window. At this point she hung up on me. I immediately called back and a different girl answered the phone Identifying herself as Britney the manager. I explained to her what had happened and her response to me was that she would speak to her employees and to have a nice day. She offered no reason that I was treated that way and offered no replacement meal . This was terrible customer service and I will certainly tell all my friends and potential Taco Bell customers exactly how I was treated.

  175. Franchise #032304 Meridian, Ms is pathetic! The place is nasty, waited for a very long time for our order, employees(all of them) were very loudly cursing and complaining about a customer, which we videotaped on our cell phone. If no stars were an option, they would get it!! Will never ever be back! Would never recommend them to anyone. If this is how Taco Bell manages the stores, you’re losing valuable customers. We frequently go to Taco Bell a few times each week.

  176. I live approximately 20 minutes from the nearest Taco Bell which is located in Seaford Delaware. I’m a big fan of Taco Bell and i crave it from time to time, I wish there was a Taco Bell closer to home. I drove to the nearest location and finished ordering & receiving my food, customer care / service was great. I had finally reached the moment I had been waiting 2 weeks for. I Sunck my teeth into my Crunch Wrap Supreme only to discover that it was not as I remember it (GUI GUI full of melted cheese and meat) With hardly any cheese, meat or real substance at all, I would rename that item “The Lettuce Salad Wrap Not So Supreme!”

  177. On my way home tonight, I ordered 4 items from a Springfield MO Taco Bell to eat on my 10 miles drive home. I ordered a triple layer nacho. When I go to eat it, I realize it had meat in it. I am a vegetarian and was almost home and too far to go back so I stop at the Taco Bell a mile from my house in Nixa, MO. I check my receipt before going in and see it said Triple Melt Nacho which was a new item. Same price of $1. So I go in and explain what I just wrote and could I exchange this for what I actually ordered ans the cashier goes and ask his boss and comes back and says can’t. I will need to drive 18 miles round trip to exchange it. I told them I am not driving all the way back for $1 item. Yes, I understand they are independently owned however to their customers, Taco Bell is Taco Bell. And good customer service would have been to allow me to exchange it since it wasn’t my failt and wasn’t something I could eat instead of what I had actually ordered and how much out of pocket was it costing the Nixa, MO Taco Bell for good customer service?

  178. Went into the Taco Bell on N. Washington in Palm Desert North of the freeway with my 12 yr old daughter at 5:47 on Thursday April 19. I ordered he 2 tacos , a bean burrito and a small soda to go before my daughters gym class at 6:00 pm. There was 1 customer in front of us at the walk up line. 12 minutes later after a couple questions at the counter about the order, What appeared to be the manager came up to the counter and I explained to her I had been waiting 12 minutes for 2 tacos and a bean burrito and my daughter had a class in less than 5 minutes and I was going to have to leave without her dinner. She looked at me and said ” OK” Thats all, no more, no less!! As shocked and angry as I was at the moment, I asked her name and she replied Thelma!! I had to walk out holding a small soda after paying $ 6.00 even. My daughter went without her dinner needless to say also

  179. Bridgeport, CT location. I walked in there yesterday about 11:07. “The f’ing meeting was about me. I didn’t care”. That came from one of the food preparers. I wanted to walk out, but I love your food so much. They should really be cognizant of when people enter their store or better yet; don’t talk like that at all while at work or anywhere. She was talking to a younger person who was standing with her in the back (street clothes on, maybe should not have been there because she left soon after). I just glared at her. 2 minutes later I was noticed and waited on. I will not be going back to this location, but will still be a customer of others as I love your food. This location needs an employee overhaul.

  180. I received food poisoning at the Taco Bell that lead to severe
    Neurology condition GBS.
    I had greasy stool and vomiting after eating a carry out Taco Bell Milford, Michigan
    I will be filling a law suit against the company.
    Please email your lawyer contact number to the mentioned email.

  181. Why is our local Taco Bell(Logansport,Ind) charging $5.99 for the $5 taco box, TV advertizment show it should cost $5

  182. Ordered online and selected the option to pick up at the window. Instructions said to go to window and give them the name on your order. I did this and the person on the speaker was rude and told me to come inside. That defeats the purpose of the drive through. Associate was very condescending and treated me like I was a moron. Very disappointed because I love Taco Bell. I won’t return to your lake Wylie sc location nor will I use the app ever again…

  183. Ordered online using the app to pick up at your lake Wylie sc location. Guy was rude at the window and told me to come inside. I selected pick up at window so coming inside kind of defeats the purpose of having a drive through. Person inside treated me like a moron. Won’t be back to this location nor will I use the app ever again. Disappointing!

  184. I live in Elizabethtown KY and our Taco Bell on 1604 N.Dixie Hwy next to the mall has always been a good one to go to and the service had ALWAYS BEEN ABOVE AND BEYOND BUT NOT THIS VISIT! They were doing their parking lot with a paving company and had it somewhat blocked off. Both my daughter and my self walked in and asked the woman at the counter if they were open since the staff seemed like they were on a break or something. There was a rather large Black man singing rather vulgar rap type music and the others were all laughing and joking around like they did not have a care in the world. We “dined in” so we had to listen to the staff talking about some inappropriate things. One of the paving guys came in with a garden hose and a young lady came out after he waited at the FOOD COUNTER with it. The young lady said “yeah he’s a lazy ass he didn’t want to come get it” she then grabbed the hose over the FOOD COUNTER and proceeded to walk through the kitchen area with her food type gloves on and the hose that was just used outside of coarse. She kept on yelling out about the guy not getting the hose and he said ” Yeah I don’t know how to handle a HOSE! like I don’t know where the BEEF is?” haha… he proceeded in singing some rather annoying song and there was no music playing so he was heard quite clearly. During all this the woman who helped us was quite annoyed with what was going on. She kept busy but she was clearly not happy with the behavior of the staff. I understand the young people of today are rather unprofessional is general but Taco bell is a well known franchise I know for a fact this type of behavior would not be tolerated. OH and YES the manager was there in fact she came out of her office up front to do something and then walked back and since the staff was all around her office I can tell you if she said she heard nothing that’s a bold face LIE. We were out front and heard it ALL! This is shameful!

  185. I went through the drive through in wapakoneta ohio and got shorted on food. Called and talked to a Jill and she said just come back and get it some time this weekend. She asked my name but never asked how to spell or it or my address. At least McDonald’s was nice enough to send a bunch of coupons to me when they messed up. I get it it happens but let’s make up for our mistakes. I’m very unhappy with the service and response I got from the restaurant

  186. The worst service I have ever had is the Ypsilanti, MI Washtenaw rd taco bell location. I have a lot of allergies and taco bell is one of the only fast food places I can get something at. So, it’s very disappointing and very consistent. Each and every employee is extremely unprofessional with their attire (huge hickies) and their attitudes. I purposely drive to a further location to avoid going to this one even though it is walking distance from my apartment. It’s sad and I hope I can see a change here.

  187. Please consult my just submitted Survey with Code: 7615-7017-1418-3410.
    VERY dissatisfied experience thinking I was getting the XXL Grilled Steak Stuft Burrito, but instead was guided to the Steak Supreme Burrito, which was a far cry from what I wanted, now apparently no longer on your menu.

  188. All I ever get for my birthday is Taco Bell and this year was a complete disaster. Picked up $40 or more worth of food and the whole order was messed up…. All my chicken chalupas we’re missing all the burritos and both boxes and we already drove and hour to the hotel out of town for my birthday so couldn’t come back…. Complete disaster it was soft shells potatoes and crisp things only like someone’s cold order that was just sitting there. This was ridiculous and of course happened on my birthday ?

  189. I am highly upset that a manager working for a location was very unprofessional and rude. I am a restaurant manager with five certifications under my belt and was overwhelmed by her behavior and I kept a polite and thankful manner. First how hard is it to get a number 6 and change two things the shell from chalupa to a Gordita and beef to chicken. I left overcharged by 5 dollars and still a wrong order with her telling me that you don’t do that and have no order like that which i have been going many places and never had a problem before. I was specifically told to ask for it as a combo meal. She must of been having her own issues and took them to work with her hissing even to start fixing my request. You never know whom a person is that you could be serving and I would have fired her on spot if she was representing my restaurant I am in charge of. I have a degree and 17 years in the field of hospitality and never was I upset enough to contact a business before till now. If my request to receive a chicken Gordita supreme combo is not possible please let me know not to ask for that again?

  190. Btw one of my certifications is in food cost so I know the difference in price from chalupa to Gordita I have paid the chicken upgrade before I was overcharged 5 dollars. Left with a Gordita crunch obviously order was wrong? Other certifications I have are Nutrition, ServSafe, Hospitality, and Human Resources & Supervision.

  191. Hi. I have been watching the NBA finals and saw your commercial about stealing a few taco when a visiting team wins. The cavaliers win their game last night and I just visited our local Taco Bell and I was embarrassed to find out that they weren’t aware of it and weren’t endorsing it. Was I wrong? Let me know if I misunderstood what was being advertised.


  192. I live within walking distance to a Taco Bell and have frequented the place at least once a week. However, if you continue to support Samantha Bee I will no longer patronize ANY taco bell. She is rude, crude, vulgar and socially unacceptable. For you to continue to support such an individual tells me quite a lot about your company. PLEASE cancel your relationship with this vulgar thing.

  193. Due to the fact that Taco Bell is condoning Samantha Bee’s despicable comment about Ivanka Trump, I will no longer frequent your stores. Your company is as despicable as she is by continuing to sponsor her show. Grow some backbone and leave her show. Too many companies are caving to the Leftist ideology and people are fed up with it. The Left can call Conservatives anything imaginable, and without consequence. If the Right says anything about Liberals, well, that is a whole different story. They get fired and sponsors leave them.

  194. We made a contribution to the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens in early April through PayPal. We requested but have not received acknowledgement of our contribution from the foundation. We suspect this may no longer be a legitimate foundation or PayPal has not forwarded the funds.

  195. I understand that you have recently chosen to pull your advertising from the Samantha Bee show. Thank you! I truly appreciate you having a moral compass on this issue. I find myself avoiding companies that have insulted my sensibilities. (i have not stepped in a Target in years). I will keep Taco Bell on my places to go….and that is great because I love your cheese quesadillas!

  196. I just got back from trying to get a chicken taco at my local Taco Bell. Unfortunately my experience at this Taco bell has been terrible since Jan 2018. I’ll tell you what happened. I was on my way home at 9 pm and I thought it would be nice to get a soft chicken taco. I stopped and ordered at the intercom. There were 2 other cars ahead of me. I thought it would be a quick stop. I was very wrong. 20 minutes later, when I get to the window to finally pay, she asked me for $5.43. I told her, she had the wrong order. She told me “I don’t think so” I told her I just ordered a soft chicken taco. She could not find it. I told her don’t worry about it. I left.

  197. Went into your store in Newport, OR. About 65 degrees outside, colder inside the store with the air conditioning on.

    Asked manager about it. He said the air conditioner was on a timer and could not do anything about it.

    We ordered, stayed about 15 minutes and left with freezing fingers. Think you will lose customers if they keep it so cold inside the Taco Bell there.

  198. this concerns the very bad way taco bell restaurant number 004941 at 308 e main st ravenna oh operates.employee tyler lallemand has been in limbo since sat.july 14. an incident occured where a fellow employee african american was told to boss around tyler by manager steve then both men harrassed him .even though he was doing a good job. then a drunk or high woman began yelling at him and manager steve allowed her to continue instead of calling police. not able to take any more tyler left restaurant. several witnesses saw this occur.ever since tyler was told by top manager to come in to give his statement.but mgr. jason must have discrimination to tyler it is july 23 and after many phone calls ,visits to store and promises to call back mgr jonas still wont talk or meet him. there seems to be a clique working there and after a few weeks new employees get very few work hours.. this manager apparently wont have any backbone to talk with tyler who remains in limbo and did not quit.if nothing else he should communicate with him and at least let him know he is gone and should get a good reference. it is a really poor way to treat employees.this is an apparent discrimination of tyler . something needs to be done. ty probably does not want further employment with these people.. some one in corporate needs to intercede in this mess. please communicate back. or does a lawyer need to get involved on tylers behalf. do something about these two managers

  199. hello
    this is my comment for the store # 005594 in Monroeville pa the iced coffee machine is always broken and when I asked the associate he said to me the machine hasn’t worked in 3 months that is ridiculous, please fix the machine!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. I’ve been to 5 different Taco Bells in different cities and states. All of them have charged more than $5.00 for the advertised $5.00 boxes. I will not be going to anymore Taco Bells until you stop the false advertising.

  201. Lake murray blvd columbia sc store is never open for breakfast. It will be hours after opening and they always have an exscuse why they cant serve me or in some cases they arent even there. This is a horrible location for breakfast and I wish it was staffed with employees that would open the store and actually serve food. Ive not been served for this or that reason 5 times this month. Thats trash.

  202. Well, Taco Bell; I thought I would try the new online ordering service Because the taco bell by my house is the worse for customer service, It turns out the experience was no different. First, let me say I love taco bell and drive 15 minutes out of my way because the one across town is friendly and competent. I placed my order and went to pick it up. The order wasn’t ready. The person at the window said” Oh you placed an online order? then when I got my order it was missing the cinnamon crispies and I had to wait again for them, What is it Taco Bells policy to only employ the rudest and stupidest teenagers in America? Sorry for all the ranting but, really? Just do something about your managers and everyone will be a lot happier. I took a local poll in my neighborhood and Taco Bell was rated the worse out of all the other choices we have here, McDonald’s, bk, DQ, churches, wendys. I mean how do they stay in business? Please send someone here to do something for us. Order # 900897 Aug 15th

  203. First, I enjoy you food. But his morning I stopped at our Taco Bell On Rt 462
    ( Lincoln Hwy.) in Lancaster, Pa. only to find it not open at 7:35 a.m. after repeatedly knocking on the door and drive in window, ( I thought maybe something happened to the employee as I saw a car there ) an employee came and said they probably wont open until 8 a.m. or so. Just found it strange as it is supposed to be open at 7 am.

  204. Went to Taco Bell on Monday, August 27. We ordered 6 taco supremes with hard shell. When we got home they were 6 hard shell tacos. Yes, I checked the screen before I paid and the screen was correct for 6 hard shell taco supremes @ $11.34. Paid and knew we had what we had ordered because I agreed with the board so, I did not think there was any reason to check my order. However, believe me, from now on I will. It is so disappointing to order what you want and know that is what you received only to get home and discover that is not your order. Once we were home we did not feel like going back.

  205. I had the worst experience last night at the store 022599. A week ago i asked for 2 triple layer nachos no red sauce and beans on the side. When i got home, I found out both had sour cream for some reason… I called right after and the guy said to bring it back, but it was too late and i didn’t want to drive for 20+ minutes all the way back. I said maybe tomorrow, he said ok, we will fix that for you.So i didn’t have time all that week and finally I was able to go yesterday. I got there and I told the person that my order was wrong and I have the receipt. He said pull over and I’ll talk to my manager. The person came and she was already not nice, she didn’t say sorry or anything. Instead she said that wednesday there was no guys there at night, trying to call me lier…I said it was not yesterday, it was last wednesday. She asked what do I need with a face that she’s very annoyed by doing that. I told her very clearly that I need @ triple layer nachos NO red sauce beans on the side. She walked away and told the drive thru guy “What? I don’t have a mexican here to help me. Kinda laughing” She was making fun of me saying she couldn’t understand. I speak English very clear and Im not mexican. So the guy came back and said you said you want red sauce, I said for the 5th time “I said no red sauce, beans on the side” She grabbed the receipt and she said I’m going to do what it says here! She said in a bad way grouching and angry and throwing pans on the floor or something. I was getting mad that she was very mean and very rude to me.I told the guy that I need the side of nacho cheese too because they even forgot that in my order. She freaked out because of that. She started to shake my food really hard telling the guy “WHAT? SO NOW SHE WANTS THE NACHO CHEESE ON THE SIDE?! No I wanted 2 sides of nacho cheese that I didn’t get and it was for my nachos. She came back and gave me the nachos with only nacho cheese and refused to give me beans. She said “It doesn’t says here that you asked with beans on the side! she was rude again with her voice tone. I said its not my fault that the person who took my order didn’t put beans on the side. She there you go! Thats what you get! I asked the guy for her name and didn’t want to give me her name. I asked him to call her because I want to talk to her because she was racist and very rude since the beginning. She said “I don’t have the right to give you my name!’ and she closed the window hard. I waited there and I told the guy what about the beans and nacho cheese? She came back yelling at me and at the end she gave me the beans and close the window really hard. I waited again till they appeared since there was people waiting behind me. They didn’t want to show up again so i waited till he opened the window all scared and he said “If it was me, I will give you the nacho cheese right now, but she is here” He sounded like he was scared of her. I said call her, she came all angry treated me bad again until she gave up and gave me the side of nacho cheese. So I left. It was the worst experience ever, I had to drive a lot to get what they did wrong and wasting my gas and on top of that get treated like that? seriously? I never coming to that place ever again and since she didn’t want to give me her name, I recorded when she was talking to me, because I felt that she would come and do something to me. At the end, I didn’t ate the food at all because i didn’t want to eat something was touched by her. So many years ago, I worked on Taco Bell and my friend the assistant manager did something to a couple of orders when he didn’t like the people on the drive thru. I asked what they did, buy they never wanted to tell me. All I know is they went to bathroom and came back laughing… so i didn’t want to risk I get something bad in my food by that woman. I think her name is Kendra A. since it says on my receipt. The other person was a guy so I don’t know if that was his name. 14506 Bothell Way NE Seattle WA 98155

  206. Always loved taco bell, but I don’t eat out much. But when you had the nacho fries I ate there often. You took them away. Then I seen they were back, I ate there about 3-4 times a week The place was always packed. However I went in 2 days ago no more nacho fries. Very disappointed, place was pretty empty Please bring them back

  207. same thing happened to me this evening in phoenix arizona. saw a commercial for the $5 box. went out of my way to go to a taco bell for it. at the taco bell said they had no idea about about any $5 boxes. was $6. will not go to taco bell again. false advertising for sure.

  208. Hello, I have a restaurant location that your group may find of interest. It was formerly a Dairy Queen in New Lebanon, Ohio on 1.2 acres. The building on the premises is currently closed. The only fast food restaurant in New Lebanon is a McDonald’s. Our property is situated on State Route 35, which is the main thoroughfare through New Lebanon, just west of downtown Dayton, Ohio. It is also directly across the street from the area’s three main schools The ingress and egress at this location is ideal for a restaurant of your type. If you are interested, please contact me on my cell- 301-728-5619. I can send pictures and info upon request.

    Positives About Location:

    – On Rte 35, a lot of traffic

    – Great access to the property from the street

    – Plenty of parking

    – Only McDonalds ( Fast Food ) in the area for free standing restaurants. Other locations in strip centers for pizza and Subway, nothing else. There is growth in the area to add another concept like yours.

    – Drive Thru is available at this location

    We own the lot next door as well, there is enough space on each parcel to place another concept. If you have another restaurant concept in your operations.

    Sincerely Yours,ow to send email to Taco Bell

    Jim Baas

    (301) 728-5619

  209. today, the site in Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 couldn’t serve lunch because they were out of ground beef. I realize that Hurricane Florence may have caused a delay in company deliveries BUT there are many grocery stores in the area where meat could have been purchased. This is very bad for business; many years ago I couldn’t get a taco salad because they were out of lettuce and again there are stores close by. What is wrong with this site?

  210. I have gone to my local Taco Bell in Oakland MD twice this week and both times had an awful experience. The firat was inside. I was ignored for ten minutes. The drive thru lady finally comes over and starts taking my order and then walks away to take a drive thru order while I was still ordering. After 20 min I finally get my food after I finish my order. And half of it was wrong. Two days later I go back to the same store and go through the drive thru. Ordering did not take as long. However, the woman was rude, everything was just thrown together and half of it was missing.

  211. The employees are having to wear hats, and then they are having to bend their necks back further in order to see passed the rim of the hat to read the overhead instruction screens.

    Why should they have to wear hats? It completely ruins anyone’s hair when they would like to do something after work. Women in general hate hats because it ruins their hair plus it keeps in heat which makes a person sweat more. What is the reason for the hat?????

    I have not ever been employed by Taco Bell nor have any of my family members so I am not judging based on a personal level.

    Get rid of the hats and stop controlling your employees and hurting their necks.


  213. This is the second taco bell I have seen in Greenville that appears to be closed when their store hours are 7-1am are yall just not doing breakfast anymore?? It’s on your menus??

  214. Been craving a burrito and nachos. Finally stopped tonight to pick some up. the prices were higher because I was near the ocean front. Price gouging? The burrito was so so. But the nachos were horrendous. Chips were stale and tomatoes were spoiled. I should have gone a a poorer neighborhood. At least I wouldn’t have wasted as much money.

  215. We went to taco bell for lunch today. We ordered two of the $5.00 Chalupa boxes. They charged us $5.49 each. Why? The tv commercial said $5.00 as did the menu in the restaurant. Why was i over charged?

  216. Taco bell in Reno on the corner Virginia and Neil. Somehow their registers are always broken an hour after they open. 4 times in the past month they wont serve food because they claim the registers don’t work.

  217. My name is Cecilia, I have worked in customer service for over twenty years. I would just like to compliment Ms. Anita at the store in OKC located at 2850 NW 23rd St. I take a very short lunch in most cases and every time that Ms. Anita has assisted me she has had a beautiful smile and awesome attitude. She provides me with the same service I give to my clients. ( I have been awarded the most compliments for the last three years in a row) Thank you Ms. Anita for your excellent service.





  219. Actually I have a safety concern and a question. The concern is I was at the Taco Bell 032972 (Avon Ohio) on 12/10/18. When I entered the store there was not and employee in site – maybe it was because there were no customers at approx. 3:15pm. I called out several times “hello is anyone there” and finally 2 young men appeared from a back area. It’s unsafe to leave the visible kitchen area unattended for everyone. If you have security camera’s in stores I’d check the tape. Question and this was my mistake – there was a sign that for every $10 in gift cards purchased you’d get a free taco – I purchased a $30 gift card from Shane R and forgot to ask if the free taco was programed in the card or what to do – again that was my fault – so any advice on this is appreciated. My family and I love Taco Bell although I usually don’t go to this location.

  220. I am sorry to say that I will no longer be a Taco Bell customer…The employees are less than trained…but alas,, they don’t even have supplies half the time…Taco salad with no meat….orders totally messed up…apparently you are not interested in business in Moss Bluff Louisianal….a new KFC is being built…sure hope it is not run the same way….

  221. on 12/20/2018 visited drive thru taco bell 027970 ordered 2 12 party packs, when i arrived at window after asking i was told they only had mild sauce. i felt like driving away. i excepted order but i felt no excuse for chain this large not to have all normal mild and hot sauces.they should have advised me at speaker when placing order. food was fine and don,t blame young people working. thanks

  222. I’m very displeased with my Taco Bell experience today. I went to make a large order and use the e-gift cards I recently purchased when you were doing a promotion of buy $10 and get a free $5 bonus. I bought a lot of these cards. Today I went to use a lot of them and was in the parking lot trying to get my order through. When I went to pay and use the promo cards it appears that my balance was used, even though it showed I had a $5 balance on 6 cards still. I tried to use 5 of them and use the 15% off coupon as well. It told me giftcard had no balance and then showed balances of $0.00 after I never was able to put in my order. Then I sat in the parking lot attempting to call customer service. I was waiting for 25+ minutes on hold and never got through. So I attempted to order again using the other gift cards (non-promo ones) for my very hungry and patiently waiting family. It also said gift card balance was used up and wanted me to add a payment method. It showed I still had one $50.00 and one $13.79 value gift card and one of the $5.00 promo cards. I tried using only the regular gift cards so I can get my food. It still would not work. I wanted to use the 15% off online coupon and use some gift cards o bought to pay. It still would not allow me to use anything. After trying again and logging in and out a few times it would not go through. Then after being in the parking lot for an hour total my phone battery died and I was left with no option but to come home without any food for my whole family. It was about a $30 order that I couldn’t place. So not only did it take away money from me, but it wouldn’t let me get anything. We had to get Burger King instead which nobody wanted. I need to get this resolved to make things right, because it was a lot of wasted money, time, gas, and really upset my whole families mood for the evening. I would like to talk with someone who wants to help me make this situation right. The Taco Bell account email is You can see my order from the week prior and what I used for that order and see that I bought a lot of other gift cards and the balance on them was drained even though I never placed another order. The 15% off coupon expires today as well, so now I won’t be able to use that either. Very frustrating to put it nicely.

  223. I went to purchase the double chalupa box for 5.00 the fields ertel said their chalupa boxes is 6.42 when the menu states 5.00 ask why the different the 3 black employees just laugh at us this has happen 3 times we were over charged . would like to know why advertised price showing on the menu and what we were charged

  224. Taco bell in Sykesville/Edlersburg 21784

    The employee at the window had fake nails on and was handling food. I ordered online so I wouldn’t have to wait. I sat 20 minutes in the drive through with 1 car ahead of me, when I got my food it was cold. I pulled back around to the drive through once more, sat another 20 minutes until being serviced. At this point I just wanted a refund, No one was wearing gloves, the teller had these nasty fake nails on and my food was cold.

    They said that the card was charged back but it wasn’t. I’m currently on hold with my bank so I can get a charge back.

    Ridiculous. What should’ve been a 5 minute trip has turned into an all night thing. 40 minutes in a drive though?

  225. Princeton Indiana store was filthy today. The bathroom, and I have pictures, was disgusting. At 9am, tables were filthy, floors were sticky and nasty. There were some window cleaners working and the glass looked good.
    I refused to eat there and left.

  226. Hello,
    I have been a Taco Bell customer for many years. The video of your employee’s treatment of the deaf man in Kettering, Ohio was disturbing. I am aware that the employee at the window was fired, but you should have fired the man in the background as well. He was clearly making fun of the deaf man as well, waving at him and making the peace sign. If you retain him, it is going to cost you customers. He is a disgrace to your company. Thank you.

  227. I visited your franchise located at 7710 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR. I witnessed the manager loudly verbally abuse employees, when I asked him to stop he was verbally abusive. I shared that I have employees and that he should not raise his voice in front of customers or correct employees publicly. He told me that was my opinion and would not give me his name. I asked other employees and they would not give me his name. He was a white male mid 20″s with a town pony tail. He informed me that as a franchise Corporate had no authority over hi actions. This may be true but I will never eat at a Taco bell again. You may want to let the franchise owner know he is losing customers as the expense of his staff.

  228. I would like a refund for my $50.00 digital gift cards. I am unable to use them.
    I keep getting Error Code: Uh oh! Unable to process your order. authorizeGiftCardFailed

  229. I’ve never waited so long for any food but a burrito I’ve been here 30.mins. two cars ahead. They need new people

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