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Contacting T-Mobile Customer Service Center

T-Mobile is a cell phone company that offers cell phones, Internet devices, refurbished devices, smartphones and SIM services for unlocked cell phones. Many of the services provided by T-Mobile are on a contractual basis – so customers must maintain service with the company for one to two years or face an early termination fee. T-Mobile also offers Pay As You Go services for cell phones.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact the T-Mobile customer service department by phone, you can choose from one of the available customer service phone numbers. The customer service helpline is available from 3 a.m. to 10 p.m. PST 7 days a week. The automated line is open 24/7.

General customer service (purchases): 1-800-866-2453

Business customer service: 1-888-537-4242

Customer service helpline: 1-877-453-1304

TTY: 1-877-296-1018

TTY services are available between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. PST daily.

Mailing Address

Customers who wish to contact T-Mobile customer service by mail can send all letters to:

T-Mobile Customer Relations
PO Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

This address should be used for customer service contact only. Billing inquiries should be sent to the billing address on your statement.

Official Website

All the information you need to know about T-Mobile can be accessed via the official website at Customers can find out if service is available in their area, order new service, access their online account to change current service or find out more about Pay As You Go plans and phones.

Customer Service Email

We found no email address or email contact form for T-Mobile customer service. We did stumble upon the email address, We are sending an email to that address asking for more information about how to contact customer service via email. When we receive a response, we will update the email contact information.

T-Mobile customers may be able to contact customer service by email from within their account after logging in.

Our Experience

We called the customer service hotline we were asked to choose from English or Spanish and then we were asked to choose from seven options. None of the seven options were for general customer service. We pressed 1 for current T-Mobile customers and we were connected to a second automated line. This time we could not access further customer service without entering a T-Mobile account number. After telling the automated representative that we did not have a number, she asked for additional personal information to lookup the account. We pressed 0 and the system kept repeating. We were unable to make it through the maze of automated responses.

We need your customer service story about T-Mobile because we could not make it through to customer service. Leave a comment today.

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337 Comments on “Contact T-Mobile Customer Service
  1. Had T-Moble service over 2 years but then started having problems with phone service, for some reason I could not make calls on land line but could receive in coming calls. Terminated service Mar 24,12,they did not stop service and continued billing me to this date. I received a bill for $117.04 due now to prevent collection activity on my account.

    Next step is to file a complaint with Better Business Bureau of Calif.

    • I called the t-mobile to update my new address and before I was finished, the customer service representative hang up phone before I finished my concerns, bad attitude! These has happened several times before.

  2. I’ve been watching Hell’s Kitchen and about every 5 minutes there’s the most annoying T Mobile commercial EVER. It’s even worse than that annoying girl in the pink dress. Not that I think it matters, but I’m looking for a new cell phone company and I have to tell you that because your commercials are SO annoying there is NO WAY I would ever go with your company and I will do my best to make sure no one I care about does either. You may have a good product, but your commercials are so awful, horrible, wretched, annoying and stupid that you should apologize for inflicting them on an innocent public.

    • You’re seriously avoiding T-Mobile because of their annoying commercials? Seriously? If you’re going to avoid them, make it about something real. Make it about poor customer service, cell phone service or poor phones. But commercials? I’ve heard a lot of crap, but that one takes the cake lmao

  3. One more thing: That girl on the motorcycle is CREEPY. PLEASE get better commercials or only show them on some really ridiculous show like ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ or NFL.

  4. Unbelievable. They should call them selves UNcustomer service. Was just informed that I can’t talk to customer service, can you believe that? I explained that I have a heart condition and need a phone with signal, she understood and looked up what my signal was, to which she responsed “low to NONE” I asked again, please connect me to the customer service department and she said they don’t have a phone number plus since I wrote them an email requesting contract review because of my lack of signal/service she said they would response in 7 to 10 business days. Yet the technician on the 31 July stated that once we wrote the letter for a review that someone would call back within 4 to 7 hours once they read the letter to discuss the contract. I once believed in T-Mobile but not anymore. So guess, I get to go another 7 to 10 business day without service.

    July 31st I was on the phone 3 times finally this is the letter I wrote them.

    I spent Just got off the phone for the 3rd time today trying to resolve why I don’t have signal in my area and requested to be released from my contract which is why this message is coming from my home computer instead of the phone (no signal)

    I have been a loyal customer for 12 years. And I have had great service until a year ago when I noticed my phone wasn’t getting good signal stopped in at local T-Mobile store they did some things to my phone and told me that I needed to upgrade my phone that it would fix my problem. I upgraded. I did get 2 bars then.

    The real problems began around May/June of this year, my phone started to miss calls, texts, called in and they had me do some things with my phone and they sent a ticket to some dept. I was told that my area had a very low signal but they would look into it.

    I live next door to my daughter Samantha Paradise who also has your service and 3-lines and since I don’t do well on the phone with these technical type of things she started calling you all to get our signals better. She was put through some of the same things and one time even told to wait 3 days and call back. Each time they looked at our area, we were told our signal was low. Once we were told to turn on our WIFI to get better service. Last week she spent an hour on the phone going thru settings, turning on and off the phone and then calling my phone to see if it was better, however it wasn’t.

    This morning was the breaking point for me. It is bad enough to pay $161.93 a month and my phone occasionally work but when I went to Charleston, SC with a 4G phone and had no signal at all, I called from a land line and we tried several things, they never did figure why, but did offer to send me out a signal booster FREE which the technician stated would only help at the house, not once I left the house.

    I use the live Chat person later this afternoon and finally she gave me a number to call and told me to say CANCEL.

    When I got home, I called that number and got a hold of George, who tried to explain to me that as a loyal customer he could try some things, like send out the signal booster and it would increase my contract my two years and yes it would only work for my home, he looked up the signal for my address and stated it was just fine. When I told him he was the first and only person to ever say that it was at that point, he agreed to terminate my contract for $200. When I explained that my daughter right next door was able to cancel her 3 lines today with no penalty due to lack of signal/service in area we stopped communicating). I hand the phone to my daughter.

    This is unacceptable for a person like me who has had a massive heart attack and needs a cell phone with service. Do to your lack of signal/service, I had to find a way to ensure I could get help and since my only neighbor is my daughter, I have purchased On-Star for one of our vehicles but of course, I am not in my car all the time but I carry my phone. You may say, not your problem, but to me it is a REAL, life threatening issue.

    I really didn’t think I was being unreasonable when I requested to be released from my contract (just my phone) earlier today, but since speaking to one of your representatives, I now request that both lines be cancelled without penalty.


    Debra Baldwin
    Public Relations

  5. I just have this I phone 4 from t mobile for over 3 weeks but it’s over a week me that they cut off the service. They said that it is because of the my other phone that I lost. I think it’s not unfair for what they’ve don coz I have nothing to use st the moment. And I paid the bill for nothing

    • To Jemalyn Dela Cruz, are you sure that you have Tmobile service, because I have been with them for over 6yrs, and have never offered the Iphone, I mean that sounds ridicoulos that you would make that lie up, just to feel relevant, EVERYONE knows that tmobile has NEVER, and doesnt plan in the future to carry the Iphone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The handset model G1 has a touch-screen feature which is very sensitive. Despite the protective cover/bag, anything that that touches the handset trigers off the call-buttom, resulting in unnecessary cost. Very user unfriendly.

  7. My monthly bills continued to soar annoyingly, due to the inefficient G1 MODEL call-buttom triggering off unintentionally. Heard this G1 model has been recalled, but no compensation in place yet.

  8. we have had our two mytouch phones replaced 3 times and went through all the checks and restoring to factory settings, have had sims cards replaced but nothing does any good, dont have service alot of times ,dropped calls all the time, phone freezes up and have to take out battery to unfreeze.its like taking your money and throwing it out the door.and of course when you call in they want you to waste more time to run checks that you did 2 days before. and they wont replace them with a differant type of phone.thats taboo, dont make the customer happy and give them what they pay for. we pay to be able to use our phones any time and any place we choose, but since we are locked into a contract now there is nothing left to do but give your money to a big company that doesnt have a real address except a p.o. box. well im tired of it so i guess all i can do is stop paying my bill and go to the B.B.B. and our local news station here in st. louis so it will bw checked on , on the national news so people will know not to buy. maybe we can slow down the business and they can see what it is like to lose money. i dont know if the corporate offices read this but i doubt it. i would give you my number to call me but you probably wouldnt get through

    • tmobile is a total joke!!!!!i have been a customer for three years i have payed them for nothing but dropped calls they told me too use my phone outside of my home and in my car an i will get service i do not think so if i do that i will go to a pay phone!!!

      • I agree. I am a new T Mobile customer and so far in my 2 weeks I must say t Mobile is the worst customer service I have ever seen. I am seriously contemplating just not paying the first bill screw my credit am going with Verizon or AT&T or someone else. When paying 100 dollars a month for a cell phone I want to speak to someone who speaks English when I have a problem!they only offer you 14 days to purchase insurance for your cellphone after you sign a contract so I waited to the 14th day to get insurance and they said to bed it was the 15th today because they count the day you sign it as a day, ridiculous. So I asked the T Mobile representative so now I have to go the rest of my life without insurance on my cellphone she basically said yes in a roundabout way! Is this normal for cell phone carriers to offer 14 days to purchase insurance and if you don’t do it you’re out of luck for the rest of your life?

      • I have to agree with you. I moved to the Skull Valley Az. area. Out of their coverage area. I complained continuously about stopping my service. I wasn’t getting any service. Calls dropped. No signal. Couldn’t connect with my broadband phone number. Got the run around for about nine months. Then got a letter verifying I was out of the coverage. Call customer service. To cancel. I did so. Still got a bill for $853.00 from them. That included excessive termination fees. I call many times to customer service who told me it was in error. Then I saw it on my credit report. And turned over to a collection agency. T-Mobile is elusive. They downright lie to the customer. And they do not honor their own letter of cancellation. I have turned this over to an attorney. For legal action.

  9. TWIMC, I have been a loyal customer for many many years. I have 4 phone because I need them. Mine. my wife, my son and my elderly mother-n-law. I have begged my local t-mobile rep for a better plan but they won’t help by making changes that I can afford. I’m at the point that this is probably the last contract I’m going to renew and drop t-mobile. Please help.

  10. Promotions: I recently recieved a text message that my cell phone number was selected/awarded by T-Mobile US the sum of $2,000,000.00 Jackpot with also a Ref. #. and that I should contact a certain person to claim my prize or at that an email at My questions is this…is this legit or bogus? The funny thing is that Im not even a T-Mobile customer and Im all the way out here in the US territory of Guam!

  11. Been a customer for as long as I can remember and I am disgusted with this company. Charge me for a phone that you sold to me that does not work charge me for another broken phone…no signal ever…drop calls all the time! This is ridiculous!

  12. I’m trying to pay my account off but I can’t contact u by I dnt have s phone but would like to pay my account off for I can get a phone


  14. This is being written by Blair Messervy:

    I purchased a T-Mobile account on Aug 22 and my current phone number was to be transferred to the new account. To date, this transfer has not happened.
    The salesperson, David, told me the transfer would occur within 24 hours and I would receive a text message when it was complete. The text was not received.
    Aug 24th:
    I called David and customer service and was told by customer service the port was in process but that it was slow because a “system enhancement” that was creating a backlog. It would be 24 – 48 hours.
    Aug 27:
    I called customer service and talked with Charice who told me the number would be active by 12:30 pm and again I was told the problem was with a “system enhancement”. I called again at 2:30 pm, talked to Marrisa, and was again told of system problems and a 24 -48 hr window for completion.
    Aug 29:
    Called AGAIN. Talked to Luigi in the number transfer center and received the same run around and 24 -48 hrs for completion.


    Aug 30th:
    Called again. Talked to Jenine in number transfer and was told there was a problem with porting the number, the wrong number was entered and the transfer was not completed. Again, 24 – 48 hrs..
    Aug 31st:
    CALLED AGAIN. Talked to Nersh in number transfer and told the problem had been elevated to supervision. I was given a ticket number, 6529012235198337 AND AGAIN told 24 -48 hrs..
    I called the store and talked with Deanna and asked if she could apply some pressure from the retail side. She reported to me that evening the problem was they were trying to port the wrong number (this is the FIRST time I had heard this, WHY?) and she would keep on it and call me on Saturday. She did not follow through with the call on Saturday. The phone number still did not work on Sunday morning!!!!

    It seems that T-Mobile must play up their fast 4G service because their1- 800 Customer Service and number transfer centers SUCK. I have transferred this same phone number from Verizon to Sprint and to AT&T and have NEVER had to wait more than 2 hours to complete the transfer!
    I switched to T-Mobile because this service is supposed to work in the country I am going to and I require this number, 303-579-5016, to work. This is the number that has been provided to movers and government agencies as the primary contact during this transition.


    Blair Messervy 
    Dear Mr. Campbell,

    The above information is from my Husband who has been working with your office and your customer service to port our phone number from AT&T to your Company (T-Mobile)who is the best choice for our needs, but, if this is any indication as to the service we’ll be receiving in Belize I’m going to move my service over to BTL as soon as I’m there. They may be run by the Government but at least they will be local and I expect them to be having issues since they are a monopoly.

    I have been in customer service the majority of my life and have been a manager, teacher of skills in the field, and have a strong understanding of what makes and breaks your line of business. So as you read this section I will hope you will take away from it the knowledge that what I experienced was to say, that the least, unacceptable on far too many levels. I’m going to write this into a timeline, as if I was the Manager taking down a complaint from my dissatisfied customer. Now for why I’m involved and what I experienced face to face with your customer service skills in your office on the 2nd of September at 12:30 p.m.

    My Husband has stated the above follow up that he has attempted to do with T-Mobile and working within your office employees to resolve this issue. On 8/31/12 at 4:05pm my cell phone rang and the number display was 1-800-937-8997. A man named Mark-145 wanted to know if Blair (my Husband) was at this number. I told him he had reached the cell phone that was not ported over to the 303-579-5016. He started talking but I was unable to understand him so I asked him to repeat his question and what Country he was calling from. He told me he couldn’t tell me that and I asked for a Supervisor. He told me he would get one and then put me on hold. After 7 minutes the call disconnected. I assumed he would call me back since he called me first, but he never did. (My assuming got me just what it always does.) When My Husband came home I told him and he called your office again and spoke to a woman there who told him she would contact him in 24 hours. On September 1st she never called back and at this point I could see that I needed to get a better understanding of just what was going on. Ergo, this is the reason for the visit on September 2nd.

    We arrived at your storefront at 12:30 pm and were not greeted by either employee (there were two men) as they were busy with other customers. (Note 1: Employees should always acknowledge walk-in customers and let them know they will be with them in the order the customers have arrived and apologize for the wait.)

    1:05 pm – Spoke to Jacob F., Blair told him a brief reason for the visit and found out that they had spoken before. Jacob called number transfer department (Note 2: Jacob never apologized for the wait, the way Blair had been passed off from one department to another, didn’t explain why he was calling nor keep us informed as to why he was on hold with the caller.)

    1:11 pm – No communication between us or Jacob but he was doing a great deal of entering into the computer. I can only assume he was entering notes into the customer file or e-mailing.

    1:14 pm – Jacob told us the “she” said it would be handled in “24 hours” and I said “no, get a manager on the phone” He said to me, “who wants to talk to the manager Blair or you?” Since Blair didn’t want to nor did Jacob, I told him I would. So at 1:16 pm we began holding for the Manager in this department. Jacob started typing furiously then told us he was going for water and left, with the call on hold, for the back room. (Note 3: He never offered us a drink but was sure to take care of himself first.) On his return he picked up the phone and when I asked if there was anyone there he told me “No, I’m still on hold.”

    1:40 pm – Jacob acknowledged for the first time to a customer for the wait.

    1:45 pm – Jacob goes to back room for some reason again but lays the phone down because he is still on hold. When he returns I ask him is my 303-579-5016 lost and explain to him that because we are leaving the country that I have given this number to the government as a point of contact. It is very important that we keep it. He assures me it is not lost and that T-Mobile will bring it over but there is a “National Issue” and the ticket is filed. I ask for better clarification but never get one to my satisfaction.

    2:15 pm – Jacob goes to the desk directly in line with the front desk and places another call to another female and is put on hold.

    2:30 pm – Jacob informs me that the call to the Manager on the second line now has been dropped time: 2:56 pm. Keep in mind that the front desk call was also dropped while he was on the second line at the other desk and now this call has been dropped.

    2:35 pm – Jacob goes to the back room again at and returns at 2:36, this time he notices I look at my watch and tells me the time which leads me to (Note 4: He is very upset but tries to keep his composure until then)

    2:43 pm – Jacob returns to the front desk and starts another call, gets put back on hold for a manager in the same department. (Note 5: as you can see from above this all was placed while the other call on the back desk, which is in line with the front desk, is still ringing on speaker phone for all customers to hear.)

    2:45 pm – Jacob is typing while he is on hold and I ask my Husband to see if he is entering notes in the database on our file for future reference for management. He tells me it looks like e-mail to him. I ask Jacob for a District Managers name or for that matter any managers name so I can escalate this issue. He informs me that he cannot give any names to me but the store managers name and he won’t be back until Tuesday morning at 10 am. (Note 6: Unacceptable answer, no employee at his level should be levied with this type of responsibility. It was obvious he had never handle any problem of this level nor had any training to do so and should have never been given a title just to appease the owner of the store. )

    3:05 pm – Jacob has no intention to give any names or pecking order in management to us. I tell him if he can get us a name of a Supervisor at this department he keeps calling I will document what has taken place today and send it to the manager of this store front. So he starts the 4th call to the same department and asked for a Supervisors name, he is put on hold again.

    3:54 pm – Jacob is still on hold and I ask him to hang up and try one more time to get a name. Now we’re on the 5th call to the same department asking for the same information by the same employee from T-Mobile to T-Mobile. Jacob says the name “Brandy” but I have no idea who they are. When I ask what is being communicated he just tells me a “man” will get back to him and that he is back on hold. So a response comes to me from Jacob that “Arnold” is the name of the Supervisor at this time on the floor.

    Here is what I see:

    As a new customer to T-Mobile I hear from Jacob that his office is just fine and that it is another offices problem to correct, not his. He doesn’t care that the customer is dissatisfied by another department and he defiantly doesn’t want to escalate the issue and get involved with a solution to the problem. He isn’t paid for that. As he told me at the end, “there are other things that have to be done every day and we can’t always call people back.” I had made a point in not always getting his name correct, I would say “Josh” just to see if a response would be given, none was. When we were leaving and were giving contact numbers for him to call on Monday when he arrived at work he asked “so you want me to call on 303-579-5016?” Blair told him “No, that’s the number that doesn’t work, call my cell phone …..) Then as we were walking out the store he yells, “my name is Jacob.” Had he done it when I was standing face to face with him, I would have apologized. But, not once did he correct me face to face, only to my back. Truly, disrespectful to a customer who has every right to be upset with T-Mobile – Customer Service – Management and to do it in a store front with customers in the store was completely out of line. Sure, he made 5 separate calls, to the same department, being continually put on hold, by the same level of employee, but never once taking the initiative to escalate it for himself. Great, that he kept a new customer in the store front from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm without living up to the grand title of ”Assistant Manager.” He knew full well I was taking notes and that names were very important but not once did he offer any names of who he was talking to so I could document them. When I would ask if he could see notes from prior calls, all he would say is “I can’t tell” and this is supposed to make me feel like I’m in good hands with my new service?

    During the time I was there I asked what kind of follow up occurs to be sure the phone is up and running correctly? Jacob said, “you get a text” that’s it. When I said, “so if the customer doesn’t contact you – then you assume all is fine?” He answered “yes.” I responded “so it’s my fault for all of this that has happened.” And he just rolled his eyes and didn’t respond. My Husband jumped in and responded “but I called after the first 24 hours to customer service, as I was told to by this office and was told to wait another 24 to 48 hours so I did, but I was never told about the wrong number trying to be ported over. No one in this office ever told me that, why?” Jacob never answered. Why? Because his office isn’t the problem, it’s someone else’s.

    Finally, I asked what country your customer service is based out of and no one would tell me. What a shame, I know Mark was from India because he would keep apologizing and my Husband got the same treatment. I know for a fact, even in India, there are managers on every floor, on every shift, and they have to be able to get in contact immediately when their call lights go off. What is T-Mobiles problem? I don’t have an issue with India, I have an issue with passing the buck and not standing up for quality customer service.

    Follow through is all I have ever asked for from any customer service department and that whoever is in a place of authority when a customer is not satisfied they step up, shoulder it, and make it right no matter what it takes. But, that doesn’t seem to be the case here, at this point since you, as a store manager, couldn’t even be contacted over a holiday you seem to lead by example. Do you train your employees to keep you in the loop when issue arises with new customers? Blair has been in contact with, David, Jacob, and Deanna in your office from the 22nd of August but they haven’t communicated with you that there is an issue. Why? Don’t you communicate with your employees? Don’t you have a system in place to keep you informed when a NEW customer has called back with issues? Don’t you have contact numbers to escalate problems and then when you’re going to be gone on holiday; don’t you leave them for whoever you leave in YOUR place? Somehow I’m not seeing management communicating with middle management or for that matter with anyone in the office.

    So just like I asked Jacob, “How are you going to handle this and correct the issue?” If you’re answer is the same as his “call me tomorrow” then I’ll tell you this, “I just called and Jacob wasn’t there and it’s past 10:30 a.m.” He said he would be in by 10am. He told me you would be in the office on Tuesday the 4th of September at 10 a.m. I wonder if you will respond and how will you handle this or will you tell me the same thing, “it will be handled in 24 hours.”

    As of today, I have been without a working phone number for the US and Belize government since August 22, 2012. What are you going to do about this?

    Juanece Messervy

    • As a former T-Mobile employee I can give you some insight as to what frontline employees have to deal with… Calls should be on average less than 340 possibly 360 seconds(6 min) within that time one must resolve issue and make a sales offer, and fix any extraneous unmentioned issues that may come up in the next 72 hrs as that is the timeframe when you take a hit for callbacks. Call ownership is very important, even if it is something you have no control over, you as a customer should hear things like, “what I CAN do for you is…” So if you have a problem that employee can’t resolve they can’t really tell you that. If policy doesn’t say to transfer the aren’t supposed to transfer and can get termed for call avoidance if they do. In a store a rep cannot speak to a supervisor in care (on phone) per policy b/c they have their own supervisors to use for escalations. That being said often times the person you are talking to is trying to do the best they can to do their job, take care of customer, and keep their job. Escalating too often can be called avoidance or not taking ownership and sometimes there is no ‘good’ solution to offer.

      I can say that abusing employees is not a good way to do things. It doesn’t sound like you did but for other people… Also honestly, I was liable to work harder to look outside the box or take a little heat to help someone who treated me with respect whereas if someone was rude and demanding I wasn’t willing to get a black mark in my file for them. If someone mis-stated my name I did not correct them b/c that enflamed escalated customers more than it helped, but I would give my name (1st & last initial) & rep id. Company policy does not allow specific site info (location) or last names to be released as a safety measure, I agree and appreciate this policy.

      T-Mobile used to let people out of contracts early due to lack of service coverage but people took advantage of that (eg. getting a new phone, terminating contact due to”move” after 14 day grace period making the company take a huge loss). That does not apply to you but have seen several posts about that as well…

  15. Well it seems though Im not the only one struggling w their lack of customer service. They are the worse nowadays and nothing like the company I joined in 2006. Their financial dept SUCKS and on top of that you have to deal w the lazy reps from customer service. they over charge you if u are not keeping an eye on your bill and when they make a mistake they don’t take responsibility and compensate you, but dont you be the one to make the mistake because they will cut off your lines. They suck if you have a chance to go w Verizon move they are so much better. My fiancé never has an issue with them and we both have the same amount of years with them and shame on me for not listening to him and trying to be loyal to a company that does not reciprocate.

  16. my phone nu. is 00447940272555. from last 3 weeks it has network problem. no incoming and outgoing calls. yesterday i went t-mobile store coventry. they make it correct. but now again it has problem. it is also not connecting with customer service. i am in big problem. please solve it.

  17. Hello well what i think about T-Mobile is that its crazy how high my bill was and i didn’t even get to used my phone as much… because of the fact i am in placement and my program don’t allow you to have a phone Also i only had my phone for a month and then it got cut off within three weeks of having it which gave me no time to pay for it…… but when T-Mobile sent me a bill that was 117$ and two weeks after that bill sent me the last bill which was 680$ WOW Right??? i hate T-Mobile….

  18. I purchased a pre-pay phone from T-Mobile on July 28, 2012, on August 8, 2012 I reviewed the website to determine where to send the next monthly payment. One of the options was to mail the payment to T-Mobile @ P.O. Box 790047, St Louis, MO 63179. When my payment was not posted to my account by August 22, 2012 I began calling customer service to determine the problem. When I called TMobile’s customer svc number and they found out I was a pre-pay customer they transferred me to a separate company called Vesta. Apparently Vesta is in India and their english is very poor, they refuse to provide their names, refuse to get a supervisor or manager on the phone and the only thing they can and will say is do you want to make a payment now. When I call T-Mobile they refuse to help. This is the worst case of CUSTOMER SERVICE NO SERVICE that I have ever seen. The only thing I can say at this point, is thank GOD I did not sign a contract. This company is terrible, please be aware of this when you are looking for a mobile phone carrier. I can not recommend T-Mobile at all.

  19. I have had T-Mobile for 8 years. I can relate so well to all of these very unhappy customers. We had been able to use our service pretty well up to this last year. Since this last year we have received a signal booster, upgraded our phones and supposedly they worked on their tower. What a joke. We cannot even call 911. We called and T-Mobile agreed our signal was awful and agreed to let us out of our contract. We sent EVERYTHING they asked for to prove our address. They said they were going to waive all of the fees. So far it has been a huge battle. We received a letter yesterday saying they were not going to waive the fees and that I need to pay for 2 months of service. Well, I kind of figure they owe me a refund for all of the last year that we could not get service for 90% of the time and for all of the stress and the fees we are having to pay to other phone companies to move our service. They have false advertising for their 4g service. I will not recommend them to anyone at all.

  20. Me and my boy friend bought phones from T-Moble. We returned the phones within seven days because the service was poor. Tghey are calling us everyother day saying we owe them almost $300 dollars and we know longer have the phones we sent them back. Cust service sucks.

  21. I have Samsung galaxy s lll from t moblie and am out of the state and I can’t use it because each time insert a sim card inside it says unlock sim network. I have ask the to send the pin to my email so I can unlock it, but I have not yet seen the pin! Can make calls or text massage, what should I do now is that fair?

  22. More than 3 occasion, i have been without service. It has been 4 days and i still do not have service. Tmobile store wont give me a straight answer. Field tester never showed up. I live in new york and every single time they decide to play around with their antennas i get no service for day’s. im located on RIVERSIDE UPPER MANHATTAN NEAR WASHINGTON BRIDGE. Anyone else have same issue. My entire building tmobile users without service

  23. I cancelled my T-mobile account after many years. Reason – their phones horrible! No service in lots of areas. They received my payment for July on 8-10 and on August 16th I cancelled my service with Tmobile. HOWEVER I keep receiving bill for full month of August, not just for a several days I stayed with them. I spent almost 1 hour on the phone to confirm – why the hell i have to pay full month of service when I should be charged only for 6 days. They said there is nothing they willing to do and I have to pay full amount. Guess what – i’m not going to pay. Charge me for what I actually owe you!

  24. this is by far the worst sevice for yur buck.our phones hardly work and constantly go haywire and the only fix i’ve been offered is to “buy” another phone from t-mobile. why is everything on our shoulders to pay to fix. i’m paying for yur service so where is it? i’m about to cancel my plan, break tthe contract and go get brand new 4G phones at the same price with better service plans.

    • having similar feelings. What company doesn’t let you know when your account needs to paid? They have told me for 4 years I have to know when minutes are gonna expire otherwise my account will end !! This is like having a car with no gas gauge and you have to call the car company and beg them for permission to add gas when you *think* you need it. My phone is lemon — from day 1 always said “card not provisioned” “emergency calls only” even after just paying $100 for minutes. Now they have no record of my account and seemingly don’t care — I don’t exist in mobile phone space ! terrific

  25. this is by far the worst service for yur buck.our phones hardly work and constantly go haywire and the only fix i’ve been offered is to “buy” another phone from t-mobile. why is everything on our shoulders to pay to fix. i’m paying for yur service so where is it? i’m about to cancel my plan, break tthe contract and go get brand new 4G phones at the same price with better service plans.

  26. this is by far the worst sevice for yur buck.our phones hardly work and constantly go haywire and the only fix i’ve been offered is to “buy” another phone from t-mobile. why is everything on our shoulders to pay to fix. i’m paying for yur service so where is it? i’m about to cancel my plan, break tthe contract and go get brand new 4G phones at the same price with better service plans.

  27. This morning I received this confirmation text
    Free T-Mobile Msg: RAUL MEZAVALLE authorized a recurring or scheduled $934.61 ACH pmt processed on 09/29/2012 from acct 5061. Confirm # 935586002 . Questions dial 611.

    My usual pay amount is $78.. I guess someone in didnt established I had unlimited text and dataso these people stole 800 and some from my checking account. Ive been on the on the phone and they keep insisting it will take 3-4 business days for me to get MY MONEY back!!!
    My whole weekend is ruined. My car payment will be pending I will get overdraft fees!!!
    I am really sad right now.. and no matter how many times I call they just dont care.

  28. i bought a my touch phone, on thursday 10-5-2012 and i got better reception with the flip phone i had. people cant hear me or i cant hear them. i am very upset.

  29. To whom it may concern,

    A customer service hotline assistance named Roger had an conversation with me at 11th October, 8:00pm. I told Roger that I need troubleshooting with Wi-Fi connection. Since the phone signal is weak at the time, I asked him to repeat himself politely. Instead of replying the customer in an professional manner, he said, ” I told you to turn off the router. Do you understand? Yes or No?” He tone of voice was shockingly condescending and commanding. When Roger is on duty, he represents T-mobile. This employee ruins T-mobile reputation. I do not feel assisted in any way. Please ensure Roger is qualified to work in his position. Thankyou.


  30. Just wanted to find a comment section on their website to let them know the wonderful service I had from the sales rep named Dillan. Unfortunately I could not find a place to do that. Also, I wasn’t ready to activate today but wanted to contact him directly when I do sign up. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that either.

  31. T-Mobile has no respect for active duty military families. My husband was relocated in May so we had to move. I canceled my cell phone because after 4 months of paying for it and having absolutely ZERO service in or around our house, I got tired of it. I faxed them every piece of information they requested and they will not wave the early termination fee. I did not choose to move here, the government told us this is where we had to go and T-Mobile does not have service here. Now they said there is nothing they can do. I wouldn’t have gone through this process if they didn’t say because I am a military wife without service, the fee would be waved. T-Mobile has the worst policies and costumer care. Bye the way, your welcome for defending your freedom.

  32. Your company has the WORST customer service I’ve ever encountered, a thoroughly time-consuming and frustrating experience.
    I wouldn’t think of using your service, and I try to convince others not to.

  33. i called t mobile to ask about new plans because my contract will be expire soon so i was looking for something new… after they didnt have any new or acceptable i thanked and hang up. one minutes later received text message : they changed my plan …called them telling them its a mistake, they said they will fix it within 24 hours. next day still same plan /checked on website/ called them again and again finally they said i agreed to change it and there is nothing they can do…. finally got a letter from them saying my contract was renewved for 2 more years just like asked… WHAT???
    i DID NOT…. calling, talking, asking,,,, they said i did it. e-mailed to review showing them how many times I called, how many minutes i had to wait to talk to them /5>>>68 min/ and the contract on my 2 phones made by personally and signed it at the store…
    so the question: how I can prove i did not wanted to change anything, and they making me to being costumer two more years????because i dont have any right??? because they do everything what they want??? so what next???? what should i do???? please if any of YOU have an idea let me know… THX

  34. Attn: T-Mobile Customer Relations
    My name is Emmanuel Ojebode, Account # 858898954. I opened my account on the 24th of October with a deposit of $350.00; and I received the phones on the 25th of October. Yesterday, November 1, 2012, I received a phone call from 541-844-3677 harassing me that the payment of $300.00 is past due and to avoid service interruption and reconnection fees, I must make the past due payment. This morning at 9am PT, November 2, 2012, I called the customer service #800-937-8997, the lady I first talked to put me on hold for more than 15mins trying to find what the charges were for and she was unable to find anything; she transferred me to another lady, she too put me on hold for about 10 mins, and then she transferred me to another lady, she did the same thing—she put me on hold for about 6 mins, and finally told me they will call me back if they find any information about the bill.
    I kept receiving these harassing phone calls from 541-844-3677 threating to interrupt my service if I don’t make a payment immediately. Again at 9pm PT, I called the customer service # 800-937-8997, the lady I talked to put me on hold for 3 mins, transferred me to a guy, and then transferred me to another lady before she finally told me that her computer was unable to open my monthly charge. I told her how can her computer open a monthly charge if I only open the account 8 days ago? IS THIS HOW YOU GUYS TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS? This account has been a headache since the first day I opened this account. I used to think T-Mobile has the best customer service and treat their customers the best… I now realized that opening the account with T-Mobile could be a big MISTAKE.
    My bill summary says Zero, and the actual bill says $300.00. WHAT IS GOING ON? ARE YOU GUYS THAT DESPIRATE TO REAP OFF YOUR CUSTOMERS UNNECCESSARILY?
    Something has to be done to my account immediately. I must not receive these harassing calls anymore, and the crazy bill charge must be rectified.
    Thanks for your attention to this absurd situation.

  35. Never again…

    I have been trying to cancel my service for 5 days after only having it for 5 days. They keep stringing it along and stringing it along. Don’t deal with these idiots, take your money and go elsewhere, you’ll be thankful you did!

  36. I have been a customer for 8 years. But not anymore. It saddens me to see such a great cadillac co. go to nothing and by the way side. The way I have been treated when we just wanted to upgrade. Well it all went down from there. To bad customers mean nothing to t mobile. going forward I will make a point to let others know about my experience so that the time they spend with a cell co. wont be wasted. As the result of such bad customer service I decided to cancel my contract w T mobile. We paid all the cancelation fees up to the amount $900. We went to Verizon and got 3 Iphones for free, and got my wife, myself and my daughter new phones w them. They were grateful to have our business and now we dont feel like our money is not valued by our phone company. You probably wont even read or care to reply, I just wanted to let you know that because of situations like this you may have more and more customers leave your company in the near future!
    Thank you and good Luck!

  37. I have been a customer with T-mobile for almost 9 years. I decided to switch carriers because I wanted a phone they did not offer. I canceled my line on the VERY FIRST day of the new billing cycle and they are trying to charge me for the full month of service. I feel they are stealing from me. They are getting almost $90 for a service that was NEVER used. They are RUDE and do not look at anything from a a customers point of view. They just want their money and don’t care who they screw over to get it. I didn’t have one bad thing to say about t-mobile until now. I will make sure everyone I know hears of this terrible service they are providing and make sure no one goes with them or lets this happen to them! T-MOBILE IS THE WORST PROVIDER EVER!

  38. I am very discourage with T-Mobile system . I had an important phone call from my work (Scripps Green Hospital) and my Suprvr could get hold of me because the system was down since yesterday .

  39. I’ve never, after 12 years, had the problems I’ve been having with T-Mobile. The Samsung
    Galaxy smart? phone has caused nothing but headaches. Dropping calls, dumping calls
    right into voice mail etc. I’ve been to the TM store many times and it’s still not working. New sim card, still not working. Now I have to pay $20 to have a new phone sent to me.
    My current phone I’ve had for 8 months and is supposed to be under warranty for 1 year.
    All I can say is avoid getting involved with TM. Not only does the customer service suck, so do their junk phones. They won’t let me out of the contract, even though I’ve had these
    problems over and over. Shame on you T-Mobile. The T in their name stands for Terrible.

  40. T-Mobile T for Terrible. Terrible service Terrible, crap phones the lose call, don’t answer
    calls. The list could go on and on. Shame on you for handling of problems.

  41. I have been T-mobile customer for 1.5 years, and I regret every single dollar I spent using T-mobile. I am born and raised in Sweden, but I was studying abroad in the US for 1.5 years, and I decided to choose T-Mobile, the worst mistake ever. First of all, their employees at the store mixed up me and my roommate’s names and number, so my name has always been on her account and her name on my account. Which is stupid, because every time we wanted to ask something regarding our plan, pay our bills etc. we both had to walk together to the store and every single time tell them that her name is on my account etc. Don’t they have a database? Anyhow, I moved back to Sweden in June 2012, and talked to the terrible customer service and told them that I am moving back to Sweden, may come back in August 2012, or I may stay in Sweden. He recommended me to suspend the account for 3 months for $10 a month and then if I didn’t call them back, my account it would automatically be cancelled. Well, here I am, in December 2012, T-mobile charged me $70 in October, and $99 in November, FOR NOT EVEN USING THE PHONE! While talking to the customer service today, instead of trying to win me back and maybe give me store credit or something for the $170 they charged me for nothing. She offered me a promotion, which made me so upset, she decided to offer me the “Today’s special promotion” for a me, a loyal customer for 1.5 years, and they charged me $170, did she really think I was going to sign up for a new plan? If she had listened she would know that I am currently living in Sweden. I told her to cancel my account right away and I would never in my life again choose T-mobile. I spent $170 for nothing and T-mobile can easily see that I didn’t use the phone for the two months but still charged me.. Avoid T-Mobile

  42. So my phone has to be replaced. I call T. Mobile and ask about the tracking number. I am told they will text the phone with the shipping information. I explain that the phone does not work and therefore I can not receive texts, what about emailing me on the Google Account I had to open to get the android features on the phone. I have now wasted a day waiting for my phone since it was supposed going to be over nighted to me by Tuesday.

  43. I was a customer for a real long time and then they started messing wirh my service with losing calls no service my bill went from 100 dollars to 107.00,120.00 and other different amounts and then I love them in a still billing me after 3 years for over 2000 dollars and another bill comes to say 18 cents they is the worst service ever now I’m with cricket and I love it I had to put 2 years now with no problems at all

  44. I want everyone to know how this company treats you. I have talked to customer care several times. They tell you that they will be in contact with about your problems. You never hear from them until you call them back. I’ve talked with the tech support people. What a waste of time. I never heard from them again. T-mobile is the worse. Please don’t waste your time and money with these people. Most of the time we have no service.All so the dropped calls and my samsung will just cut its self off. My wife needs phone service all the time. Her mom has heart problems and i have a little thing called colon cancer. We also have grand children that have to be picked up from school. So if you need cell service try somewhere else. You’ll have less head aches. I have been with T-Mobile for 13 years and this is how they treat you. So think twice before you go with T-Mobile. Thanks for listening and GOD BLESS EVERYONE

  45. Poor poor poor costumer service ,
    It’s long storry to repeat over and over again ,they just have one speech that they have to repeat over and over I’m sorry but with no help,
    I haved ask to speak to the manager and was refused several times,
    I was told to go on line,
    I don’t tink this is a customer service
    Just for the new customers t-mobile is not the service you need !!!!!!!

  46. I am an exsisting customer with T-Mobile customer over the past 10yrs.Recntly I am having very POOR and SLOOPY service from T-Mobile customer service department.
    I am having an ongoing issue with the Financial Care Department and it would seem nobody in that department seems to to know where there foot is or their head.I would a be very grateful if I can have a telephone # to make my complaint and have my issue resolve in an amicable and professional manner.
    I am contemplating changing my carrier due to this on going problem,which is beoming and nightmare and a dinosaur.

  47. WOW, Why am I not surprised to see so many UNHAPPY T-mobile customers!! We had T-mobile for 2 years. I have to tell you. It was to years of continual arguments with who they called customer service. We had the Samsung Galaxy. I am not sure if it was the phone or just the very poor service from T-Mobile!! I am going with the latter. Half the time we could not make ANY calls. It kept saying emergency calls only. This happened from out of the house, car no matter where we went. NO service!! Called many time to complain. They would not do anything for us. Not even credit the bill. They wanted to charge us for a device that might get us better service in the house only. The billing date fell beyond the contract and they want us to pay for the remaining 4 weeks of a service that we no longer had or could use. I have not paid it. So they sent it to a collection agency. Real nice of them considering we had such rotten service for 2 years. They should have eating the difference for the credit they never gave or offered for 2 years of very POOR service all around!! I have contacted the BBB to let them know what crappy service T-mobile is giving their paying customers!! WE since have went with another service. What a difference. DO NOT GET T-MOBILE!!!!

  48. I was told by T-mobile before canceling my service that if I gave them a heads up that I’d be canceling mid-cycle that they would prorate my bill once I received the final bill. I spent one hour trying to resolve this. First, while awaiting a supervisor, I was hung up on (and not called back). After spending an additional 30+ minutes on hold, I was told by a supervisor (Nick A.) that even though I only used 8 days of service during my last month that they would not be prorating my bill. Boy, am I ever glad I switched over to Verizon! Goodbye, T-mobile!

  49. This company is just the WORST you can get for customer service. You spend a long time on the phone trying to get help and when its all over you are left feeling more frustrated. You are told that your conversation is recorded for quality service and that they are putting notes in the system, unfortunately for the customers there usually is no records when you try to follow up. I think they have these talking points “I am very sorry for your troubles, it seems like T-Moble dropped the ball for that we apologize but if you try to terminate the contract I am afraid that you have to pay the termination fee”. I am sure if T-Mobile continue to ignore the concerns of its customer they will be extinct in the near future. They have most drop calls and just the worst way for dealing with the good folks who lines the pockets of the company’s executives. I would never recommend my worst enemy to get T-Moile, it is nothing short of a death sentence.

  50. I have lost total respect for T-mobile. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 2 and every since I had it it’s given me the blues..T-mobile proceeded to send me a Refurbished Phone Twice with we both crap! I don’t understand it!

  51. Run from this place. Awful. Bought phones from this place and couldn’t even be provided with a receipt!They are supposed to have these fast phones, breaking technology and their cash register server was down and I could not even get a receipt. They told me to come back 5 days later. I went back 5 days later and they told me to come back after the new year.

  52. Been a customer of t-moble for years,Was due for upgrade old phone had problems.Contacted t-moble told them which phone I was interested in and thought the upgrade was free.They also said it would be easier if I went to local store.End results I got screwed big time.The new phone wound up costing me $350.00 and they dont want to work with me. Mr Goins

  53. As you can see from comments service can be variable. However, sometimes it can be quite good as they were today. I got an unlock on my new phone quickly. Then went to value plan and saved $75 a month. Had to sign up for new two year contract and pay $200 for switching. However, they have a promotion that gives me a free month service. So a net $75 savings per month for my two lines with no hassle.

  54. I switched my service from At&t to T-Mobile the summer of ’12..THE WORST DECISION I MADE,IN MY LIFE!…THE worst service, very nice looks of the phones and I love the hot spot with them…BUT YOU CAN’T USE IT BECAUSE MY PHONE KEEPS FREEZING UP, IM ALWAYS HAVING TO RESET MY PHONE OVER AND OVER AGAIN…I WENT INTO THE STORE 157 S. State Road7, suite 101o Royal Palm Beach, Fl 33414 and the two gentlemen that was in the store, one by the name Chris was very helpful as he tried to do everything he could do any time I have entered the store and the other guy that wears the pladed pants trieshis best to satisfy me by trying every direction suggestions that the ma manual said..the retail leader Sandra Gonzalez ran out of the store to have a seat with (later finding out) Store Manager Nelson A.Ruiz. I walked outsiderag and noticethat the store manager was outside..I proceeded to ask him why didn’t he come inside to help resolve the problem and he told me he gas been off since 4 and was giving an employee a ride home I turned to walk away as I was walking away he said but I can try to help you, after our conversation was,basically over it was summed up that I had to pay 130.00 for an insurance claim for the phone’s internal problem…UNPROFESSIONAL AND I THUNK THAR SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE!!!! MY NAME IS CHARITY WILSON AND I PROMISE TMOBILE WILL KNOW ME BY NAME AFTER THIS DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT IS OVER!

  55. I just want to thank Mr Chou, and Jan from Idiho. You guys are fast becoming my most favorite Company.
    a costumer for life.

  56. I used be a very happy customer with my service. However in the last few months without any rhyme or reason,I ABSOLUTELY HATE TMOBILE. They consistently seem to screw up my bill etc..leadin me to believe balances re paid in full. Then somehow randomely make some bs excuse about adjustments bein made to my bill. Where and why it happened is still a mystery. only God knows why. After bein told my balance was zero after payin bill in the store. I was then told i didnt pay for service 3 months prior. How thats possible i do not know. What i do kno is i cannot wait for my contract to be up bevause i dont want to give them extra for breaking contract. To much random crap always occurs woth them.. Extremely disappointed with crappy service and wont reccomend tgem to anyon.

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  58. Had T Mobile pay as you go for more years than I care to remember . Not any more West Country has no connection since before Christmas EE rubbish . Our post code BS 48 .
    Thank goodness I’m not on a contract I will move to a new network but peeved you still owe me about £7 . However will take it up with Tesco where I get my top up
    Nice guy in Nailsea Bristol got it working for about a week so will go to him for a new phone & network !!!!!!!!!

  59. Actualmente tengo 3 años con ustedes y 4 lineas. Durante el dia de ayer T-Mobile (sus empleados) jugaron con mi servicio desconectandome el mismo por error de ellos el cual pague yo los platos rotos. El error de uno de sus empleados me mantuvo un dia entero sin servicio. Llamo a servicio al cliente para activar la linea perdida pq me llego el reemplazo y uno de sus maravillosos empleados cambio todo en su sistema perjudicando asi mi servicio por mas de 24horas y poniendo en riesgo la seguridad de mi familia ya que tengo 2 niños y uno de ellos es impedido y mientras estoy trabajando solo tengo comunicacion con ellos mediante el celular. Le indico esto a sus empleados y caso omiso hablo con su supervisor de turno ayer 01/09/2013 (Luis) y este me dijo mentiras segun el mi problema se iba a solucionar en una hora. Esto paso ayer a las 11:00pm ( de la cuidad de Orlando FL) no es hasta hoy a las 11:50am que paso por una tienda para resolver mi asunto ya que trabajo de madrugada y no pude ir a las mismas 10am que habre su tienda. Esto que me sucedio con ustedes no es aceptable ya que en 3 años que tengo con T-Mobile jamas le he fallado ningun pago y me los descuentan de mi cuenta de banco fielmente todos los meses. Espero respuesta y una explicacion…

  60. Yesterday I call T-Mobile about my international call that I pay extra $15.00 por month, I could not make those call, A GREAT T-Mobile customer service lady help me resolv my international call problem, today 01/12/2013 she call me and give me a good news that my problem has Ben resolved. Thank you T-Mobile for the great customer SERVICE, every time that I need to call T-Mobile Customer Service they all ways thare to help me, I wish all oders cell company’s step forward to learn with T-MOBILE how customers should be treated.

  61. I tried to cancel T-moble service and in the process they screwed us so bad. I see they are one of the most hated companies in the country in the US and I know why. I hope the go under fast.

  62. My two year contract expires 2-16-2013. Phone service has been fair but the wireless internet has been poor. Can’t wait to shop other providers.

  63. I can not check emails from my phone. I have been trying to contact t-mobile my email. No such thing exist. I called to have the phone service disconnected from my bank account. Customer service rep said I had to pay $4.61 extra to have the service disconnected from my easy pay account.

    I want to send an email to T-mobile. I can not check my pass word by phone because the phone is broke. My 2 year contract with t-mobile has ended. I am due for an up grade. Now I am told they don’t have the plan I use to have. I paid $58.22 per month for my phone service. I am told they don’t have that plan any more. I will have to get a new plan which would cost me something like $87.00 per month.

    I can afford that. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. So I am ripped off, I can not get a new phone or an upgrade and I can not send an email to have the services disconnected by January 23, 2013. I don’t want the service because there is no email contact to get through to Tmobile. The phone is broken and I don’t qualify for an upgrade after nearly 3 years of service with tmobile. I am very angry and frustrated. I will just used a prepaid phone service plan from AARP I think I might do better.

  64. T Mobile, used to be tolerable. Today, it is NOT. I have been with TMOBILE for 11 years. Phone breaks, can’t use online service. STUCK in contract, paying for No phone…. CUSTOMER service doesn’t know their product…promising things they cannot deliver. I am so frustrated, that Walmart is sounding good… if you are thinking about TMOBILE save yourself a headache….investigate alternatives.

  65. I terminated service with T-mobile at the end of December. They have since claimed I owe 98 dollars for two months of service. I paid this amount. They cashed the checks for which I have copies. They still call wanting money. Additionally, when they call, instead of reading my contact history they simply ask me is I would like to pay the outstanding balance. ? I have also asked to speak with supervisors but no one is ever available so they take my number–isnt’ it already on the screen?–and have them call me back. They never call back. T-Mobile is a circus all the way around. P.S. there cell coverage is horrible. I suggest they quit making expensive–stupid–prime time ads and start spending money on cell towers and people who know how to run a company.


  67. I live in Sri Lanka and while I was on vacation in US I visited the West field Mall and bought a Samsung smart phone from the T Mobile store.The Sales person who sold the phone is Jacob and I paid $ 350+.I told them that I needed the unlocking code and was advised that the code will come to my email in 2-6 weeks.It’s been 4 months I am with a phone that I cannot use and I paid such a big amount.I will tell all my friends who visit USA and ones in USA never to use T mobile as you people don’t know the first thing about customer service and I was tricked into buying this phone and was promised a unlocking code which was never given to me.
    Since I don’t live in USA I cannot return this item.I am one disappointed customer .I feel I have been misled and taken advantage.I trusted you since you I though you were a very reputed company but boy wasn’t I wrong.I am posting this hoping at least now some one can help me.!!!

  68. I am sorry to say that i have had so much problem with one phone on my acct. and had to cancel it out, because every time i spoke with some one they would say i am very sorry that you are having drop calls, unable to answer call, You can speak to 100 people and you get the same answer. I understand how frustration it can be but we will put a tag out on this. then one person say’s they are fixing a tower it will take 72 hours . So i can’t use the phone ,but i still have to pay the bill. Then you talk with anothher agent and they say you have excellent service in your area. When i called and said to cancel the service they told me i had to pay a cancellation fee because i signed a contract. And they don’t grantee that you will have service, this hase been going on for at least 3-5 years with this phone. I don’t believe that is the way to run a business when i have been a customer for 9 years. And yes you will tell me you sent new phones and guess what same thing happen with new and refurbished phone you send. What i would like to know is does it make sence to send a refurbished phone , when they probally had the same problem. So will i ever buy another phone from t-mobile no.

  69. T-Mobile is by far the WORST company I am dealing with currently. My husband left the country for work and terminated his service with them. They were not supposed to charge the early termination fee, but did it anyway. Now I’m trying to work with them to get the fee refunded, and the first time I called, I was told it would be 7-10 business days. 2 weeks later when I called, the idiots in India or wherever the hell they are refused to speak to me bc my name isn’t on the account. I tried again 2 days after that and was told that it had been processed (right then), got a reference number, and was told that it would be 3-5 business days, with a promised date of deposit. It’s now almost 2 weeks past THAT date, and on this fourth phone call, they’ve once again refused to speak to me, telling me I can write to T-Mobile’s customer service with POA and request to be added to the (now NON-EXISTENT) account and then MAYBE they’d speak to me. They keep asking to speak to the primary account holder, not seeming to realize that HE’S IN AFGHANISTAN!!! I am SO mad right now… and they’ve insulted my intelligence by telling me that, “I’m sure he’ll call you at some point. When he does, have him call T-Mobile and we can get it straightened out.” WHAT? Ooooooohhhhhhhh…….

  70. I have been a customer for 8 yrs. I am comming up on an upgrade for my phone. I have 5 lines. I saw they were charging new customers 99.00 for the new samsung galaxy 3, and for dedicated customers over 300.00 for the same phone. when I called to explain my disappointment they stated they could not match the price for new customers. I will be canceling my contract with t-mobile after 8 yrs of service.

  71. I was sold a Windows phone with the promise that I could unlock for other service providers when I traveled abroad. I travel quite a lot for work and I take longer vacations in Iceland, where I’m from, so I’m not going to pay for long distance service – it’s just not economical…
    My first call to unlock the phone was 2 weeks ago, through the so called maze of automated machines. After Googling I was able to reach a person and was tossed around the line until someone could help me. The reception was bad and the lady on the other line had difficulties hearing the phone no. s/n and my e-mail so I’m fairly sure that the info did not go through.
    I begged the woman to send her an e-mail and she said that it was not possible (reminded me of Little Britains “Computer says no…”)
    Today I’m in Iceland using my old phone because my fancy new Windows phone (which I paid full price btw) is locked for T-mobile only and can’t connect to the local networks.
    My experience is short but extremely negative so I will explore options with other providers once I return to the States.
    Hey, this is a great way to went my frustration on this matter! Thanks and sorry for the long post.

  72. Por este medio deceo informar que ustedes me estan facturando una cantidad de dinero incorresta,porque cuando yo reporte m telefono robado yo havia madandado mi pago de ese mes,antes de consurtar con una ajencia de cobros verifiquen primero no sean pillos.

  73. T-Mobile, you seem to go out of your way to make people hate you. After nearly a week of hassle, getting set up with your prepaid plan, I now get your infuriating texts reminding me that my Auto Pay will take place in 2 days and that I should verify that funds are available. Gimme a break! the last of these asinine messages came in at 12:24 AM! Thanks for the wake-up! Every frigging month, you send me at least five of these irritating texts regarding my automatic credit card debit. Leave me alone! That was the whole point of the automatic debit. What part of “it is automatic, please stop pestering me for no point,” do you not understand?

    This is not just passive crappy service. This is deliberate customer irritation. I don’t get it.

  74. I would never, ever renew my contract with Tmobile! Your customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I made more than 25 phone calls to get a discount I am entitled to and no one can take care of this issue for me, including management, Ashley for instance. This is it! No more T mobile after being a customer for 12 years. And I will make sure I will advise my friends to never get a Tmobile plan. So disappointing!

  75. I sent a Cease and Desist Letter in November and they keep calling me for money I don’t owe. Cancelled their service and did not use the phone and am still being billed. Good luck I’ll never pay them. Found an attorney who will make sure they will pay a fine for constantly calling me. They keep breaking the law.

  76. I ask to the costumer service to send me the telephone bill to my email addres up to now I have not received any.

  77. refund is due you should honor it. your customer service is horrible because i had easy pay you got me good that’s okay///i see from the other customers comments that you are not a company i want to buy from ever again.

  78. Hi my name is Tuan Pham ,my account #476940468 I was had 3 phones in the account ,I been cancell the account from 12/21/2012 but my problem is 1phone still on the contract and 2phone not(239) 2974267 and (239)2975101 but went I cancelled the account they charge me 3phone cancelled that not ringt,when I call customer service they said I been upgrade my 3 account ,but I did’nt me and my mom been ues the old phone forever something not ringt ,can you tell me why my contract done on 2014 I don’t understand .i did talk to customer service before I cancelled the account that why I know I just have 1 phone still on the contract I’m not that crazy cancell 3 phones the same time anyways I need you take a look again and Lowe my bill ,if not i don’t thing I can’t pay that much .thanks for your time

  79. I have been a T-Mobil costomer for 13 years. My wife got a 4G phone and was not able to use the servive, becouse she was misled into believing we had coverage in our area. This cost us more money for restalking fee for a phone that didn’t work. We closed her account and later followed with one of our kids. My son and I stayed until my contract was done. I called to confirm this,(it was one day early) the rep. stated that I would not get an early termination fee for my line, but there would be a $200.00 fee for my sons line. Yea well I got the bill and you guys love to bleed someone- YOU TOOK THAT $50.00 MORE. I guess thats what crooks do. THANK YOU FOR THE BEST 13 YEARS I COULD ASK FOR…….

  80. mm, first cut off as paying in at post office evidently takes weeks to process, then again when paid on line. although proof of payment taken to my nearest shop,forty mile round trip, armed with bank account receipts etc, i was still told nothing they could do. today, I phoned and an ^ESOL^ person told me I wasn’t the person registered to the phone! Gave details, but still no further. Was told there was no e mail address to contact t mobile. Seriously!

  81. I went to Russia, used my phone only for SMS. When I got back there were 10 calls added to my bill for a total of $100. I made ZERO calls when I was there. But these were unique calls.

    Each call was made for exactly 1 minute, to a number that called me at the exact same minute. You read that right, two calls, one to me, one from me at the exact same minute, lasting one minute.

    No possible you say? Oh, but t-mobile spent 3 months saying it was.

    When finally they agreed that it was impossible, they erased only the conflicting calls, so I owed them $50 for calls I didn’t make. When I called about the other calls? I was told that they had been erased when they were refunded.

    In other words, the evidence had been erased.

    My contract was up and I called to have it cancelled, you have to call in advance to do that, and a rep called me to ask why I would cancel. I asked her to call her friend, and have her friend call hr at the exact same time for exactly 1 minute.

    She said: “That’s not possible” and I said: “That’s what I say when you ask about my contract renewal, it’s not possible” She apologized and agreed that T-Mobile was wrong.

    Never again T-Mobile, never again.

  82. my s0n went into military service leaving a unpaid phone bill I wlling to pay this bill and close this account but they told me I must get power of attorney. my question is how did my son was able to close my old account1 in my name and open a new account in his name without my knowledge and permission. He was a studet with no job.

  83. Can i get extra time to pay my cellphone bill. I need about 3 weeks top. But intell then can i get my cellphone back on. My number is 17602613583

  84. February 2nd I called in too disconnect my service. I believed everything was settled had no service on phone after 20th of February I received a bill for non payment of services. I would like this resolved I called again on march 9th again to settle this . you need to listen to your recordings she said I never called in to disconnect service . I can not believe some people should not be working for you. I will contact Walmart main headquarters and better business blog. thank you Raymond Breinging

  85. Dear Customer Service,

    Aloha and good evening. I am writing you this letter to inform you that my current cell phone number 808-429-1162 is not connected. Please, restore because I was not be able to use for business and personal use. I dont know why they cancell this line while I been using this permanently.

    Please, let me know when this fixed ASAP. Wright now I cant call back at the U.S while I am currently assigned in Kuwait for duty. I am not in Hawaii to make this transaction to get this done while I am in Kuwait just arrive from vacation on 10 Mar 13.


    Eddie Costes

  86. TMobile has been charging me for 6 years for an
    extra phone# account I never knew I had, so it was never used
    They continued to bill me for it, unfortunately I had auto bill pay so I never knew.
    Now they continue to charge me for the bogus line in question. Only realized the line existed when I cancelled my account w TMobile & they want to charge me for cancellation fee for bogus account. Very frustrating dealing w their customer service from some outsourced location!

  87. I will start with the positive, T-mobile’s reps we talk with are always professional and kind. Unfortunately, none of them can solve any of our issues.

    We have been loyal customers since 2005. We have always had holes in our reception and dropped call issues and dealt with them because T-mobile was more affordable. Our situation has changed, however. Our daughter has suffered two concussions and we can’t reach her at school. We have never had service in that building, nor has my calls ever been able to get through. I always had to plan ahead and use a land line. We were able to live with that until now though. This is a safety and health issue. It is a must that my daughter can reach us if she is feeling dizzy. I need to reach her because of her multiple specialists that she sees. I have called customer service multiple times and wrote them a letter almost a month ago and have not heard from them. We need 2 of our 5 phones released from the contract, but I can’t speak to anyone with authority. SO FRUSTRATING! T-Mobiles customer service follow through is below standards! I should be able to speak to someone who can make a decision. It shouldn’t take 6 months with still no resolution!

  88. I went into your tmobile store on 2a Flatbush Avenue (Flatbush & Fulton) and your customer service reps exceeded all of my expectations. William went into your store to activate a hotspot for his Samsung Tablet and was really happy about your service. Every one was very polite and understanding and LISTENED to us. Thank You Guys soooo much for your exemplary service. Matthew, Tiffany and Lisa you guys did an excellent job we will be back at your store in the near future. Thanks a lot! Happy Customers.

    William (718)708-0080
    Deana (917)741-4458

    • i was on vacation last year august in bell glade my brother buy a t mobile alcatel phone for me first the signal was not goood i have to go outside of the house and move around to get signal but when i was leaving to come back to jamaica i called the customer service and speak to David i gave him the information he ask for include the imei number and my email for him to send the unlock code for the phone and i dont recive same even now and i cant use the phone here in jamaica

  89. Was a tmobile customer for 10 years!!!!! Horrible customer service!!!! Was charged 3 ETF fees due to cancellation because of horrible connection and also charged 200.00 for porting my phone number that I have had for 10 years. You can’t talk to a real person about the issues. You have to fax or email and wait forever and still get no response. Don’t use Tmobile!!!!!!!!!!

  90. i would like to get service with yall but i do not know where i need to fill out a credit app thank you george money

  91. I use the T-mobil phone for the $30 monthly course. At the end of first month, I refilled 30 dollars for the next month from my account by internet, but at the first day of the next month it showed no money in my account. I had to refilled $30 again, then the phone worked.
    Now, the question is where the money went. When I asked to the staff of T-mobile by the online chatting, he said no idea. When I want to make a phone call with the staff, the answer was always automatically by some robots. When I want to write a mail to T-mobile, there is no E-mail address anymore!
    I can’t believe it! Why there is not an E-mail address of customer servise in such a big company!

  92. Worse service is impossible to find. I had a plan since 1993. They changed it without notification. Surprise when the bill came in. I have been trying to unlock a phone T mobile sold to me two years ago. After a combined two hours on the phone. I am still waiting for instrctions or code to unlock. As I now spend most oof my time travelling in Asia, I have tried to get automatic debit. After six trial I gave up. Finally I have unexplained charge on my bill and wanted to send an emailto enquire about this charge. There is nos such customer service emaiL. Just phone numbers. From China a great treat. I do not know about other providers, but this one stinks. But, being away makes it hard to change. My first priority next time I come home.

  93. BIG COMPLAINT TRYING TO CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICES TMOBILE IS A LAUGH I HAVE BEEN ONLY TRYING NOW FOR A FEW MONTHS CALL ME IMMEDIATELY 01224874440 OR I WILL HAVE TO Take this further thanksmrs lynn mcbain aberdeen regarding an outstanding bill

  94. very bad service t-mobile send me replacement phone with blocked ime and told my son you must have stolen the phone and for 3 weeks can not unbloc ime

  95. Switching to T-Mobile has been a total nightmare since day one. I went to my local T-Mobile store and the guy explained how the plans worked and what the features I needed would cost. Discussed phones and the methods of paying for the devices. I took careful time selecting which phones to get since this would be my mother’s big transition to an android device from a flip phone. After all of this we got to the register and everything the salesman had told us had completely changed. I felt very uncomfortable signing up for a plan when I couldn’t make sense of anything with him giving such contradicting information so I left. I then went to Bestbuy to check out ALL providers and still felt like T-Mobile was best for us after looking at them all side by side. Turned out they only activated the prepaid services and I had to go to another location to sign up with a contract. It was okay because I felt like I knew what I was getting and after hours of dealing with this I was ready to get it over with. 103 degrees in Texas and I was 8 months pregnant, in the process of moving and found out my provider got no coverage where I was moving to so I had no phone service and needed something immediately in case I went into labor or had any complications. The next location also gave confusing explanations even after I had told them several times I had looked over everything very closely myself and was familiar with their plans and services and knew exactly what I wanted. I told them I was not interested in any other features or services and they continued to push things I clearly did not want. I finally get to signing paperwork and they realize they’ve only got one in stock. This is after I’ve paid and signed everything. I literally had to fight back tears, I was exhausted, hot and overwhelmed with disappointment. The “manager” said that the device they had was ready to go and everything was done besides picking up the other device which she said she would have them activate so all I would need to do is walk in and get my other phone. I had to go to a FOURTH location then to get the phone which not only wasn’t activated, they had no idea I was coming because the lady at the previous location notified them by text. Which they did not receive since they were actually working at this location and not sitting around like the others appeared to be. I wanted my 200$ deposit and the $100 down payment for the phones back and for T-Mobile to go forth and multiply. But wait. There’s a 50$ reboxing fee per phone on returns and I’d be out a hundred bucks. I don’t have 100$ to toss T-Mobile’s way so I just waited. The girl pulled my information up and apparently the first phone was never even activated and I had to wait for her to set it up as well. I finally had both phones, activated and getting service. Two days later I wake up and find my service has been suspended. I don’t know how or why they could be okay with doing this to their customers. This is after I sat there with the manager from the location I signed the contract with and told her I needed unlimited SMS and MMS on both devices… The guy on the phone says she left one of them off and it had been charging for each message and put my bill over my limit. He fixed the bill and added the unlimited and acted like I should be thankful I didn’t have to pay for the messages. I’m 8 months pregnant and wake up unable to call or text anyone on a phone I went through hell to buy just two days ago. I can’t even get an apology on behalf of the company? Seriously, this happened. I don’t know why I didn’t just suck up the 100$ for the reboxing fees (even though they never opened the damn box) I guess I thought that it was all just a big unrelated mess and didn’t necessarily reflect how T-Mobile treated their customers.

  96. Do not set up reoccurring payments for the so called $5 saving! Unless you have hour’s. Of time to make sure they dont steal more money then your bill is monthly. Mach 18,2013 they helped themselves to $113.00 ACH BONUS from my account leaving me overdrawn the make you vest hours day after day to get your money back i have over $200 in fees from their “error” 3days later they credit $82.50 which was 3fees promised to have the $113.00 in 3-5 days which was stolen amount 5 day later notice they credit my tmobile $113.00 not my bank causing more fees we just bought my husbands truck so had no money to cover what they stole from us. Took 14 days to get the $113.00 several calls 25+ hours re explaining to each supervisor nothing ever completed. Fee never fully taken care of. 3 times now the stole from my account. I gave account info 3 times to credit Back what they stole. When they had no problem taking it from my account faxed all bank statements march 22nd 8 pages the march 29th 19pages.. still not completely taken care of as of 4/17,2013 and my$113.00 they stole 14 days later and no more fees they have cause me have been given back. So im out of pocket $150+ in fees since they feel they can steal cause hardships and make their customer pay for their error not once but 3 times now that thay stole from me just for being a customer a few years now… BE SMART AND DON’T GET LOCKED INTO TO COMPANIES THAT STEAL EVERY CHANCE THEY CAN THEN LOCK YOU IN. The last supervisor basically laughed at me called me a liar and refused to cancel my contract saying its not a valid reason for canceling my contract wth out termination fees. The worst company i have ever delt with Misty Garcia last four of my cell are 7007 I even googled the Vice President of tmobile left a message and never got a call back. They truly are thieves.

  97. I get your company has up date
    We need to know if our phone are not going to be work I’m pay for phone to work so i want to know why my phones are not my bill to date so way
    My phone is my secerty when im working. People need their phones at all times of the day i could not make any calls what if there had been an emergancy? What would i be able to do answer me that!

  98. I recently purchased a prepaid internet stick about 30 days ago. The total charge was $76.30. Well, they charged me again the same amount about 2 weeks later. I was transferred to 8 different people in about 15 mins and no one could help me.

  99. Total load of crap this network, carnt seem to get intouch with any1 to explain my problem because all the numbers on the web site are wrong. Propa takes the biscuit whats the point.

  100. I am new customer of TMobile and so fare,I am not happy.I have network problem and having hard time when going online.i am optimistic that they are going to really assist me.

    • Etienne.

      I sincerely feel your pain. I have been experiencing problem with TMb for quite some time now. It’s funny how they can seem to see the problem but are unable to fix it. I am guessing the problem is FAR TOO MANY redundancies in their system. You think TMb has ever heard of “Lean Six Sigma”? I give substantial credit to the customer service reps for their efforts; but it seems when you find a representative that understands the problem, identifies where it went wrong, and understands solution to the problem, they don’t have the authority to fix the problem — it must be escalated to a supervisor or different support team. Then the follow-up is never complete and the customer never gets feedback or resolution. TMb…I left Verizon seven years ago because of poor customer service; they had the best network coverage, but totally incapable customer service. Understanding business means understanding the needs of your consumer. TMb are you listening to us?


  101. I was very excited to order my new phone & switch service providers to TMobile on Saturday of this week.

    Imagine my dismay today when, after numerous phone calls, being cut off when transferred, and finally reaching the right department, I’m told there is nothing that can be done to help me get service with TMobile! Nobody’s fault, just a glitch, so sorry.

    Apparently, there is a known problem with TMobile’s online EIP signature verification process and it has been occurring for at least 2 days now (from what I can gather from their phone Representatives), yet there is no known solution or workaround for the problem. My order will simply be cancelled automatically at the 48 hour mark of not being able to submit the EIP due to TMobile’s mystery glitch, and I’m left with wasted time, effort, and no phone or service will be provided. What on earth is wrong with your company??! “Award-winning customer service,” my a$$!

    I had to process my order via phone because of a corporate discount arrangement. Yet, I can’t get an order processed via phone because TMobile can’t figure out a solution to their own problem. I will gladly contact Verizon to order my new phone & continue my service with them. I’ve never had a problem with Verizon in the 4 years I’ve been their customer.

  102. I have contacted your reps regarding my phone service for almost a year and a half now with no solution to the problem.. I have get in touch with someone from corporate office reach receptionist ask to speak with manger she hang up I would like for someone to give me a call or email me regarding this situationsl the service is horrible there is someone else attached to my phone line I also have a tap connected to one of my games I have talk to many reps explaining what is going on at times I am not able to.use my service I receive voice mail two to three day later there are many other issues that I would like to discuss due to the service I receive and the way the reps show no concern for the customer this has cause me many problem due to this being my primary phone line.

  103. We had T Mobile problems from day last July they put signal booster in our house we have 3 lines on our account and have had 4 sets of phones since July 2012. They said must be us nothing we can do. We left T MOBILE WOULDN’T RECOMMEND TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON

  104. Lots of UNTRUTHS about their 4G coverage. They don’t have nearly the widespread coverage that my former carrier (ATT). I’m stuck with EDGE coverage, whic is terrible. And, T-Mobile does not support faster LTE. Voice coverage isn’t as clear, either. Bad move on my part listening to their commercials and sales personnel.

  105. I just wanted to say that it is amazing that T-mobile gives nothing to it’s existing customers. T-mobile won’t even upgrade my two phones unless I wait 22 months. 22 months is ridiculous. All that is is a way to get me to sign another contract for another 2 years. T-mobile thinks they are slick but in reality T-mobile is lame. You offer the $50 monthly unlimited plan and you think that is fair to the existing T-mobile customers under a 2 year agreement. These phones I have are garbage but I am still expected to pay T-mobile each month. You want your money from me and thousands of others under 2 year contracts but T-mobile offers nothing to those loyal customers, such as myself. T-mobile may be on their high horse right now but don’t forget as fast as you came up your asses can come down. I am very disappointed in the way T-mobile treats their existing customers on 2 year contracts and I am very disappointed about the fact that I ever signed a contract with T-mobile. I was mislead from the start dealing with your authorized agent at the time Pro Wireless. Yes YOUR AUTHORIZED AGENT PRO WIRELESS! What you forgot how Pro Wireless ripped off a whole lot of customers while they sold T-mobiles phones and services. Well I have not forgot. Then T-mobile tried to down play it knowing that Pro Wireless mislead and ripped off many customers. Pro Wireless was representing T-mobile so what about that? I am sure T-mobile has nothing to say about that, bunch of fake cowards that you are. You rip off the American people and justify everything that your company does wrong. And another thing please take those lying ass commercials off of television. T-mobile is a bunch of fakes and thieves because you continue to do the things that you do but it will end someday. Sooner than you think!

  106. Hi, problem is similar to Bill’s. how do I get the PUK code to unlock my phone. This is extremely urgent please.

  107. I had an amazing experience at the Spokane Valley Mall T-Mobile store. First Brytney tried, but then admitted she couldn’t figure out my phone problem (would not email anything) then Ahmed found a solution he wanted to try (but I’d left my AOL Password out in my car). When I got back to the store customers had Ahmed in a choke hold for 40 minutes; he came over apologized and asked if I would let Mike help me…. Ok. Mike asked Ahmed a couple of questions (over my head), changed a couple settings and IT WORKS!!! Thank you so much. I drove thirty extra miles to get to Ahmed’s help and the whole crew truly tried to assist. Love T-Mobile

  108. T-Mobile misrepresented their services assuring me it would be possible to get an unlocked phone–but when I called to unlock the phone I was told it cannot be unlock for 60 days. No one warned me about that at the T-Mobile store. I need the phone unlocked in days, not months. Buyers beware, T-Mobile is not honest and does not give you full information and then claims “nothing can be done” as if they don’t have the ability to flip a switch and make something simple like this happen.

  109. Hey guys, I have a t-mobile prepaid account i’d like to change it as family plan, i want to know the price and if i have to do a down payment?

  110. T Mobile sucks flat out! I got screwed again on another POS phone Windows 820. Reception is slower then a snail, drop calls, phone freezes up, battery only last 1 day, no google turn by turn GPS, can’t download anything for homework due to no apps available on phone. I got screwed on the double plate LG phone as well with Tmobile, it was pulled from the floor two weeks after I purchased two. Now I’m stuck with Two POS windows 820 phone. When customers call my work and ask my personal opinion on what cell carrier they should go with I’m going to say I can only speak from personal experience with Tmobile it was a bad experience. I should have gotten the Samsung 3 or went with AT&t. I’m stuck with 3 POS cell lines with Tmobile and even signed up at a different location and the sales lady lied to me about the phone. Tmobile should be called TLiars!

  111. last night I put a password in the main screen cant access my password wont work today cant use my phone at all nothen will open just got this phone not even a week please help me

  112. I am active duty Army and deployed on the 18th of June, I called early May and had my phone cancelled on the 9th. I sent in my orders on the 2nd and STILL was charged $239 cancellation fee, that they told me would be waved. I’ve called about 20 times trying to get my refund. They don’t support or care if you are deployed Military. I’ll never suggest TMobile to any service memeber!

  113. Since T-Mobile has started this “no contract” scheme, clients who are on contracts are being charged fees that are being originated from the no contract side..Now if your phone and internet get shut off for non- payment on time, you will be charged $20.00 per line instead of the original flat fee of $20.00. Also, your leaway of when you can make your payment, has gone from a 3 week lenency to a 10 day. But T-Mobile has cut me off after just 4 days from billing date.. So, if I’m going to have to follow the new rules for “non contracted” clients, I feel like my contact should become nul and void..

  114. T-mobile is the worst carrier I think we have ever had. That says a lot seeing as how we have used mobile carriers throughout the world. For 2 years I have complained to them on the phone and in person. My bills are NEVER what they say they will be and they do nothing but lie to me every time I call. Several months ago I was told my husbands line would be suspended due to his deployment. Called to have it reactivated today and it was never suspended. Also, I was told our bill would be $100/month with unlimited everything and sure enough its not. The person at the store I went into never made any notes on the acct. I was also being charged for services I DID NOT ASK FOR. However, since that “person” didnt make notes there is nothing Tmobile will do to correct the account. I am the one who gets screwed. You wait on the line with customer support and just get passed around to various people. Finally Im told that they will take off $5/month for my trouble? How about the other $30/month that was supposed to be taken off? There are nothing but excuses and pulling the wool over my eyes when I call to complain. Now Im stuck with an overpriced iphone that I need to pay for out of pocket and a BS contract I need to wait out to go with a company that is “somewhat” better. Oh and thats another thing. I came into this company originally with my own phone. They told me that I had to buy a phone from them because no matter what I was going to pay that $20/month, even if I didnt get a phone with my plan. Had we not been exhausted and desperate for a phone line after moving here from another country, I would have done more research. Yes, Im aware that is partly my fault. Best part is, they dont have an email you can send your complaints to! No wonder why.

  115. Wow! I am really surprised by all of the negative comments. Maybe it has something to do with the new phones. I have been a customer for 10 years and have a flip phone. Several years ago, when I learned to text, a lady was very kind to me when I added unlimited texting to my package. Recently, last Thursday, July 18th, I was not pleased with the way I was treated at a T-Mobile Store. I walked out and went up the street to the Store at 1225 S Robert St. WStPaul, Mn, and was taken care of by an employee by the name of Kyle Jeter. He apologized for the way I was treated down the street, listened to my problem and helped me purchase a new phone. I wish others could be treated as well. I hope the concerns expressed before me get resolved.

    • Bob,
      It sounds like you got lucky. I just got off the phone with 3 different people about my account, and they were all rude and talked down to me like I was lucky to have them on the phone 🙂

      Sell any stock you have in T-Mobile, they’re heading the same place MCI did, if you remember how they went from great to crooks. After my experience with T-Mobile, that’s what I think of them; crooks!

      I’m furious and am going to tell everyone. One lost customer will cover what they stole from me!!!

  116. Yo estoy en metroPCS y quisiera cambiarme yo y mi familia a T.movil pero ahora necesito telefonos nuevos y yo quiero saber sipodiamos ponernos todos juntos en un plan familiar nosotros somos 5 y mas o menos cuanto tendria que pagar al empesar el cervio y despues mensualmente suponiendo q yo quisiera 5 galaxy S4 uno para cada integrante del plan y le agregaria 2GB De datos cuanto tubiese q pagar y por q tiempo Gracias

  117. I ordered 3 phones on June 20 and received then on june 25th with the surprise instead of 3 they sent to me 7 inmediate I returned 4. and 1 week later I decided to cancel the service with T-mobile and I returned the other
    3 phones. I call them to confirm the cancellation and they told to wait 1 or two months because they needed time do that. i call again and told me the same. and last week I have received to account under my name and charge for 7 phones. I call every day and speak with alot of people and they told me that they going to help me, but they make me waste time because a have to tell the history to every body each time they answer, but they don’t do nothing. I am frustated about this. I have already spoke with a lot people in different departments and they can;t solve my problem and now they sent notes that I going to collection. I don’t know really what to do about this mater.

  118. Hello I have a question. Is there a way T mobile can boost their towers so I and others in my area can have a better signal. I am in Labadieville, La. From my understanding our towers are in morgan city La. If you can boost it that would help me and Tmobile . I am a solavei member and that would boost my business big time

  119. Hi. I bought a Galaxy S4 from T-Mobile about 5 months ago. I am still paying off the phone with $20 installments ever year. I wanted to know if I can sell my Galaxy S4 online (Amazon/Ebay) and still pay off for the phone with monthly installments. Also, if I do sell the phone, what will be the consequences? Thanks in advance!

  120. I seem to be spending hours not being able to access my billing account. When i enter my new account username and password It tells me my user name does not match my passord. then when I click the “forgot your password” or “forgot your username” or “both” it asks for my telephone number only. when I enter this it says it does not reconise this number. them when I ring 150 they tell me to do all the above again (which I have done) but all the same things happen!!!! Additionally I cannot find your email address to send you this problem, why is it not on your web-site?

  121. Same problem as everyone above – VERY difficult to transact payments on T-Mobile. Very frustrating. They told me we could pay for at Walmart, drove all the way to one, stood in long line, they tell me they DO NOT take payments there – or did not know How to. Wasted time, wasted gas – unacceptable. This is more trouble than it’s worth. Switching to AT&T

  122. T-Mobile is the WORST COMPANY EVER!

    If you join up with them, be sure to expect to get ripped off, overcharged, and lousy service. That’s why they’re cheaper, they make it up on the back end.

    I was on the boarder of suing them, but I decided I’ll just tell everyone I know and then some how horrible they are, and “thank” them that way.

    Seriously, spend the extra couple dollars and go with a real company like Verizon. You get what you pay for.

  123. after buying my wireless pointer over 2 years ago and topping up £15 every month you would think i would be treated as a valued customer!?,apparently not!.i topped up as usual on 1/11/13 and it took 2.5 hours to manage to choose to use £15 for 30 days internet.only to be met with the message the next time i tried to log on please top up your account as you have no days left the day after i topped up!?.i was busy from mon to fri last week at work so could only go into the shop on saturday and the staff were shrugging there shoulders and saying i had to phone customer services as there was nothing they could do???…in their shop!?…i finally got them to phone customer services and after 32 minutes i finally got connected and then the fun really began!.i explained what had happened and was told that they were having trouble with their service?,i was then offered a £15 “free” (?) top up but i tried to explain that what was the use of topping up a service i could not use?,i was then called stupid by the operator and asked to speak to her manager and was put on hold for a further 10 minutes before the same operator returned and said that was all they could do for me!?…i was un able to be in contact with my partner who is in america doing a horse endurance race for over a week and they think that a £15 top up (which is what i paid the week before!)is compensation enough!?…well when i have finished with them they will know that that is not enough!?.i will be getting broadband asap and after that i will make it my business to let everyone know just how poor their services are…

  124. Hello!
    I bought an iphone last week on T-Mobile in Miami, this week and returned to Brazil and the iphone is not accepting my carrier, how do I unlock? I need urgent help because I am no phone.
    thank you so much.

  125. Not at all happy with T-Mobile. I just purchased a apple 5s at a store in Santa Ana. I asked for a 64 gb but received a 16gb, I found out when I tried downloading some apts, went back and was told I’d have to go to another store to exchange it, they were out of stock. I found stores only carry the 16gb and I have to order online. SO FAR I’ve gone back 4 times due to being sold the wrong cases, now I have to wait because of veterans. I have to return this phone then order the 64gb and be without a phone for atleast a week, I had service with a different carrier but changed to T-Mobile. The salesperson was nice enough but does not have any business on the sales floor, the store manager didn’t even tell me about not selling anything but the 16gb. They could have told me and saved me al this trouble.

  126. I am a diabetic customer and I have had a pay as you go T-mobile phone for the last 8 years on which I rely totally to be able to keep in touch with all my doctors and also to be reached by my friends and relatives in case of emergency.
    However, two weeks ago as I was trying to refill my account, a recording informed me that my account was discontinued. That very day (Sunday, November 10) I went to the nearest T-Mobile store (in Forest Hills, New York) only to be met with the most inefficient staff member. I finally managed to have them help me put call to the customer support service, which informed us that given the fact that my number had remained inactive for a while (two months while I was visiting in Europe over the summer) they decided to attribute my number to someone else; however given the fact that the customer to whom it had been attributed had not paid his dues they had discontinued the number and the number was still available. I was then advised to make a new payment at the store where I was, which I did, and that a new temporary number would be given to me for three days after which my old number would be reinstated.
    I waited the entire week until Saturday November 16 and seeing that nothing had happened I called once again the customer support service only to find out after 55 minutes on the phone and a lengthy exchange with three different agents located in the Philippines that there was nothing to be done and that my old number was not to be restored to me since it had already been attributed to another customer.
    Upon expressing my surprise for not having been notified ahead of time of this transaction I was told that an email had been sent to me, which I never received. I asked that a copy or another email be forwarded to me to hear that that was not possible.
    Why cannot we talk to someone in the USA ?

  127. every month i get the same thing my phone gets cut off two days before my bill is due on prepaid account. I’ve been with teen mobile many years and is also a faithful customer of theirs.i am thinking about switching to another phone service if these issues aren’t solved

  128. I purchased 2 new phones at an outrageous price this year. I have been a 10+years loyal customer to T mobile. This is the first time I asked about insurance on the phone since phones have become so expensive. On two occasions, before purchase, I went over the insurance plan with the service rep who stated they were recording the call for “quality and training purposes” I have friends who have been ripped off by other cell companies over phone insurance and I wanted verification that T mobile was not one of these companies. Both T Mobile Service reps I spoke to explained that “T Mobile has in house insurance and that the fee would be charged directly to my account. Also that there is no deprecation or deposit if ANYTHING should happen to this phone. Including lost or stolen.” I asked both reps to document our conversation and read it back to me. The first rep stated her computer froze and the company was having a system issue company wide for me to contact them the next day. I contacted them the next day and received the same information and placed my order. It has been about 6 months and the screen is broke on one phone. Today I contact T Mobile and want to file on my in house insurance. The service rep Cassandra told me that there were no notes to the effect in my account. That the last note made was an inquiry on adding a line (this was false information. I am the only person on my account and have not checked on another line). I was transferred to an out of house phone insurance company who wants a $150 deductible. I contacted T Mobile back and asked to speak to a supervisor and that I was recording the call for quality assurance. Bryan put me on hold and then came back to tell me that if I was recording they had to hang up. I called again and asked to speak to Customer Retention or the Legal Department with T Mobile and that “I am recording this call just as you are”. The service Rep Camile said their company policy states they have to hang up if someone records their calls. It seems their should be some legal ramification for training your staff with false information to make money off of loyal customers.

  129. Why doesn t mobile create a new $40 prepaid plan new $40 plan. 1000 talk time minutes, w/unlimited texting, Unlimited data w/ 4G speed with 5GB of data

  130. I switch to T-Mobil thinking that it was a good company they run my credit got a new phone and it was set up for monthly payments
    two months later I get a collections letter…Went to the store, they told me I did not owe the phone I told them I did. Show them the letter, they could not help me out…called T-mobil for months and they could not help me out either… all the time they took my information and said we will take care of it and nothing… one day I called again,their answer was pay collection make arrangements with them!! I got in to an argument how could that be why they offer people thinks that they can’t provide…I don’t like T-mobil as soon I pay them Im out of that stupid company!!!

  131. I Hate T-Mobile,my calls drop,emergency call only ALL of the time,I cannot call help line at T-Mobile,my husbands phone with T-mobile is the sameway want out of my contract but the tell me 200.00 for each phone they will take off none of my bill for time not in use.they tell me they are working on towers,how long will it take have had them for little over a year

  132. I hate T-Mobile as well. They charge migration fees for services that they did not previously provide when they become available. They do not honor corporate discounts until they have been harrassed for 2 years and then they offer no back pay discount. We have had to pay them $1000+ in additional charges for things that other providers consider a part of their plan. I know this because I had AT&T and Verizon prior to making the mistake to go to T-Mobile. Every time our phone stops working we have to take a different one because our 3 month old smart phone is “out dated.” Also, we cannot make or receive calls when we are RVing. We have to travel 10-15 miles into larger cities to use our phone service. Our contract with them is now up and so is our doing business with them.

  133. I got a new sim card on Dec, 10 2013 and called it in and the phone I had was locked and couldn’t use it and didn’t know I was being charge for it when I was not using it and now I have a bill of $74.63 and never used it once now I have a phone and they are saying I have to pay it to have it to work. If T-Mobile will wave the $74.63 I will get it turned back on….

  134. This is going to be the best blog for anyone who genuinely wants to discover this topic. You realize a terrific deal its almost challenging to argue to you (not that I in fact would want

  135. I recently went into a T-Mobile store with the intension of upgrading my wife’s phone. I had planned to purchase a Galaxy s4. The sales man informed me that my bill was past due so I paid the bill there in the store. Then I was told that I could not purchase a phone because the payment had not cleared my account yet. I can understand this if I was looking to finance the phone but I wanted to purchase the $600.00 phone outright. I have been a customer since 2004 and my bill every month averages about $375.00 a month. As of now my wife no longer wants to upgrade her phone because we researching other carriers to see if we can find that actually cares about established customers and not just the new people walking in the door. I have very little confidence this will happen but we are looking to possibly make a change. Very disappointed after being a customer for 10 years.

  136. i was with t mobile foe 11 years but i want a smart phone but they want to charge 700 dollars for it so i got one from ebay for half the price so i cancel t mobile i went in to the store ansd pay what i thought was my last bill he said that all i owe then 2 weeks later i get a bill for a whole months service i call them and explain that i cancel and ther guy told me i was paid up but they said since i did not cancel before billing cycle which was about 5 days they had to charge me for a whole month i will never use them again and i going to fight them over this bill

  137. Im having such a hard time loging on my tmobile account because I forgot my password, I cant reset password without logging on. Dont understand why this is like this but it sucks, can u help me. Also need to check usage but cant make account with mim. please let me know asap

  138. I hate T-Mobile as well. They do not honor any of the discounts after they lie to you. I was with AT&T and then I came over to them. My phone do not work on face time or in my office. I have not seen my money or any word on when it will get to me. I had to pay $1500 to AT&T for etf. Our service suck and I would never use T-Mobile again. If you want a good phone company do not call T-Mobile. You will be lied too and will not get good service with them.

  139. I went into Greenbrier, Chesapeake store # 7073 to purchase a tablet, the rep pure lied to me about the plan. I called her out on it and she still lied, so I cancel everything. I was told by other people they have a habit of lying.

  140. Did you people find the phone I sent back yet? It has been over a month. What are you doing? Please look in your return center for it.

  141. As much as i hate writing this,but my phone is not working properly,and the flip phones need replacement.I spoke to one of your customer service personal and she could not understand what i was saying so i just hung up the phone.I live about 20 to 25 miles away from towns that have large stores and i do not know if there are tmobile stores.
    My name is misspelled,my middle name starts with a N and not M .Thanks.

  142. I live in Cordes Lakes in Cordes Junction,there is a phone tower and i do not who it belongs to,but this place is a very small town away from larger stores.Phone service is bad in this area and i,m sure there are complaints from every phone company,so the complaints are real and there should more towers here,but what can i say,thanks.

  143. Your verification system for the advantage program is absolutely insane. I could not access in an easy manner your site and called customer support who just kept repeating the same crap I was attempting on the computer. I called my local store and they said that is a different department. If I lose my advantage because I have tried to reach out for help and really got none ,I will be ridding myself of a company that does little to assist, when you are demanding information from the customer and not getting answers needed by your staff to resolve the issue. I finally called a different store and the girl told me to bring the info in and she would try to call corporate as she was getting the same issue I was having trying to access your site


  145. T-Mobile’s website is the worst maze of external scripts you’ve ever encountered. It is horrible. There is no way to email them. No 24 customer service. Just horrible. Of course, if their website worked as designed, you wouldn’t need all these different ways to (fail to) contact them. HORRIBLE.

  146. I stay in Zambia,and I have Nokia lumia 710,but since I bought it from adealer here, I can’t access codes like *336#,*303# which are network provider don’t nt have answers to it.The response from phone is that your session has been terminated whenever I enter those check balance and recharge i can,but those codes we use for money checking. This phone hs a t-mobile logo.plse help member

  147. Believe it or not, I’m having a horrible time trying to pay my bill with TMobile. They will only accept checking/credit card payments and have no location in my town to physically go and pay the bill CASH!! The local store is closed now due to renovations and the first woman I talked with in customer service (yeah, right!!) told me there were no locations for me to go to. I called back and the second woman told me I could pay at Walmart and be reconnected, which was NOT TRUE! 5 days later, I’m still without service, and out the money I paid to them. They are horrible,,, as a long time customer I deserve better than this. I told customer service I was leaving and she argued with me that I had a contract!!!!!!! REALLY???????

  148. Believe it or not, I’m having a horrible time trying to pay my bill with TMobile. They will only accept checking/credit card payments and have no location in my town to physically go and pay the bill CASH!! The local store is closed now due to renovations and the first woman I talked with in customer service (yeah, right!!) told me there were no locations for me to go to. I called back and the second woman told me I could pay at Walmart and be reconnected, which was NOT TRUE! 5 days later, I’m still without service, and out the money I paid to them. They are horrible,,, as a long time customer I deserve better than this. I told customer service I was leaving and she argued with me that I had a contract!!!!!!! REALLY???????

  149. I traded my phone into Tmobile which was an IPhone 5 and terminated my contract with AT&T and paid the early term fee. After I started to use the service I quickly learned the service was shady! I called customer service to let them know and the rep told me it was some construction in the area going on and that’s the reason why I was dropping called and could not text . After months of going around with these people they finally let me out of the phone contract but wouldn’t give me the Early term fee I paid and my iPhone cost back. It was a complete waste of time and I am out of money for trying this shady service.

  150. We are very unhappy with your coverage in Georgia since we go there all the time. It”s time to make a change and we do not want to pay a cancellation fee since you can not accommodate us.

  151. Tmobil has the worst customer service ever. I returned two phones and requested a full refund after only first day of service due to no coverage in our area, they have gone on to say they lost, misplaced, never recieved one of the two phones I sent back which was in same box and I have postal recipt. Two people said they would call me back. never did. I actually got a bill during this process. The worst customer service.

  152. My name is Martha McBride. My husband Dillard died last month. I would like to drop our second phone number and keep our primary number. Is that possible?

  153. They have a super serious glitch in their Billing System. Very frustrating and the covereage is poor too. Its really a high time for them to look into their billing system, nothing is synchronized. Terribly annoyed by this. Keep charging my closed account and they don’t even know what is the reason they are charging me for. That is more frustrating.

    God help T-mobile!! arrrgghhhhh

  154. Your company is the worst experiance I have ever had. I was told one thing and billed for a much higher amount. Customer service is rude. I hate your company and am telling everyone I know how aweful you are. I had no service anywhere I went.

  155. I have changed my mind …I do NOT want the unlock code!!! YOUR phone was garbage from the
    beginning! A phone I did NOT sign a contract FOR!!!
    More of your lying crap!!….YOU can still have your f___ing phone back!!!!
    I would still be with YOU if you had NOT tricked me into a phone I did NOT sign for!
    I am hiring an attorney to get this matter cleared up! I have never had to buy a phone from T-Mobile…..AND I never had
    any intensions of ever doing SO!. ….I was content with my Blackberry!!! $3.00 more a month was the understanding!!
    MY intent WAS to reduce MY bill NOT increase it!!! YOU SUCK!!!! I hear from others that YOU have treated them
    the same way and that customer service is filled with people that can’t speak English! I hope YOU SINK!!!!!!
    YOUR ratings are way down!!!!…..I talk to people all the time that have ended YOU YOUR SERVICE!!!!!!! I have been with YOU for over 15 years and YOUR treatment NOW SUCKS!! YOU try to get money by default!!! I hope you go bankrupt!!!!

  156. Called T-Mobile to cancel phone service which I waited for contract to run out.was on hold for thirty mintues before talked to any one.was told had to be tranfered to loyalty group shut down service.So I waited another thirty service and was offered every type plan under the sun to keep my service.didnt think the person that I talked to would take no service as a ansewer.was customer for 9 years but my personal opinion ill never use T-Mobile again in my life time .others be aware great sevice up front.bad service on back side

  157. I Have tried to speak to t-mobile customer service for two days to give my one month notice as my contract is due to end in one month time. twice I called them I have been hearing load of rubbish music and a repeating message apologizing for the delay in answering the call this has taken more than 1 hour each time without getting through once my phone suddenly went dead. I reset my phone tried again as I am writing this I have been on the phone for 40 minutes already same story” currently receiving high volume of calls….apologize for delay etc.

  158. when I was ordering my phones online on Sunday the man told me I would be getting them in 3-5 days ( he even sent me the number for the tracking device). what ended up happening was he never sent the phones I ordered so I ended up calling costumer service they told me that they didn’t have it and that I had to wait 2 weeks or more to get them. I was and still am disappointed with T-Mobile and their poor service. This isn’t the first time I get bad service from T-Mobile thanks for nothing.

  159. We had signed back up with T-mobile since I travel and they have good coverage in the areas I work in, in Washington DC. We bought the JUMP plan so we could upgrade out phones. We have been paying each month for the phone service and now we want to upgrade, we were told that its now $365 for each phone to upgrade. In the past 2 months when we started looking at phones , we were told it was $100 for each phone to cover the taxes for the new phones. We have been told this 3 times, each time we come in to see what new phones are out. So they lied to us 3 times we have been in the store. We were lied to when we tried to get the phones in the first place as to the availablity of the phones we were getting, so this makes 4 times the firm has lied to us. So I have been wasting money paying the JUMP plan. been lied to, Beware what people with this firm tells you. I had Tmobile for 10 years and never had an issue. Todays company is very different.

  160. My grandson and wife didn’t pay their bill for a couple
    16.00of months and since I co- signed for them to get the phones and T-Mobil service, I had to pay them 416.00.Now they have a 170.00 charge on my credit report.and I suppose this is for canceling service.well,the service is so bad, who the heck wants it? Now I have 170.00 on my credit report. I am going to dispute this , since it is the only bad thing on my credit that is messing it up.

  161. Hey, T- Mobil, If you want to be a better company, please remove the 170. from my credit report. Then I will be giving you a good review. But look at all the bad ones you have.Does that matter to you?

  162. T-Mobile it’s the worse in customer services I cancel my services a month ago, the keep sending my a
    bill I have trying to contact them on line and ther’s not way I can get in contact with them.

  163. I have been trying for 9 months to get my corporate discount. I have been told twice that it has been approved. I was told on the phone that it was being “processed” and that I could pay the discounted amount. I did. The next month I had no discount and a charge for the difference in what I paid and what they billed. If I don’t get a resolution soon, I am changeing providers.

  164. Listening to the Big Add Campaign to Switch to T-Mobile is by far the worst decision I could have made!
    I have never been so frustrated dealing with Customer Service actually the Lack of it!!
    I switched from AT&T on July 25,2014. Unfortunately I listened when I was told everything would be the same 4G service just without the extended two year contract each time I made a change or upgrade, infact there was no contract. It sounded good. But when I could not get connected to the internet the following day I called and was told come back to the store maybe they made some mistake in my paperwork. Still not able to connect at home called 611, over and over. Went back to store of course my equipment and phones from AT&T were gone the day after signing the contract for the new T-Mobile equipment.They told me I must have a bad Hot Spot they’ll send another, no fix same issue. Can’t get or stay connected, next brai storm I need a signal booster, that will fix the issue. Wrong again! Now they will re-set me to 2G that should solve everything WRONG!! Now we’ll send you and upgraded Signal Booster, return the other,it’s much better this will work, WRONG!! Finally an honest Tech Support person tells me (on recorded message) that engineers are working on trying bring their towers up to 3GLTE capability and it will be at least SIX MORE MONTHS!!! So I’m stuck with their eqipment that won’t work on their network!! A Samsung Tablet $400.00, a Samsung Hot Spot $140.00 and two flip phones $110.00 (witch are the only things that do work because their flip phones with no bells and whistles. They actually have the nerve to charge me $170.00 a month for this injustice!! The T-Mobile Loyalty Department is THE WORST Customer Service Department I have ever dealt with. They present a told farce of concern for the customer, they have none!DO NOT FALL FOR T-MOBILE’S ADD CAMPAIGN TO SWITCH!!!!!!

  165. “Contact Us” – on a website that directs us to a “snail mail address” for comments or cell phone contact.

    My comment: I have a 1000 minutes for $100 / year contract with T-Mobile. I wanted to get my parents on a similar or cheaper program – but you website doesn’t even list them. Only “per month” contracts. Too bad. You lost a customer who will stay with their crappy ATT&T contract cuz I couldn’t get the info about T-Mobile.

  166. I’m not sure why I was bumped from upgrading on the jump program. In intially both my did upgrades to iPhone 5 I decided before the week was up I’d rather get an android so I went to see our rep so that was taken cared of. Now as months go by I wanted to use my jump to upgrade. I called and the rep says yes you can cause I’m on a six months jump program and was effective Dec 2, 2014. So I went to the store and wanted to upgrade and lucky me was told I could not I wasn’t eligible because I already did 2 so the clerk called cust. Service and what they were suppose to do was an exchange and that would have saved another jump program for me so then I was told to pay 160.00 to pay half the phone and then I can upgrade. So then she said my next jump would be in april 2015. If they had taken cared of it the first time I would have been so happy today but was not I felt like I was being a liar, and played. I’ve been a loyal customer and paid bill on time why should I be shut down because it was not done properly. I hope someone will address this and I will be taking names down and etc…I’m so tired from waiting at the store almost 2 hrs just to get this kind of results.

  167. I was told by the T-Mobile sales person that she needed all my information, even for a pre-paid phone. I am buying a house and can not have hard credit checks right now. That’s why I was going for a pre-paid phone. Sure enough, the next day I Was notified by Transunion there was a hard credit check on my account. Apparently the sales rep should have transferred me to another department for prepaid phones. Anyway, now I am in limbo, because of a mistake this one sales rep made. No one in this company knows what to do to get this off of my account. No body in this company can talk to customer relations. Only through mail. I wrote them a letter a month ago and have heard nothing. This is a nightmare company who doesn’y care about their customers. They just want a quick sale.

  168. The worst experience trying to get through for over an hour. Their system does not recognize my tmobile number. I keep submitting my information and it tells me to call back. This is horrible customer service!!!!!

  169. T mobile is just BAD. Awful. Spend your money elsewhere
    In-acessable and the least user friendly of any provider I have ever had. No customer service. No support.

    You cannot email with a simple billing question. You cannot get any help over the phone.
    My bill is always changing by a dollar here and there with no changes to my plan. I cannot log in to my account online because I have to enter my “user” name.
    I have the phone number, pin number, email address, and Password. I cannot get any help without the one thing this damn site is asking me for now. Terrible customer service, Awful provider.

  170. T5g bought a My touch phone off a friend and it has the Sim card still in it and there is a owed dept from the previous owner. And I bought a ten dollar refill card can I add it to the phone without it taken my money??!

  171. I have been a T-Mobile customer for several years and have three active phones on my account. Through the years after replacing broken phones or upgrading our phones my monthly phone bill has gone from $13O to $15O to $18O to $235 to the present due bill of $272. Never has T-Mobile informed me that I finished paying for a new phone I received to replace a broken one, or a phone I received in an upgrade. Neuer has my phone bill gone down only up, up, up, up and up. I am positive that a big company as T-Mobile is that it makes huge monetary profits and can afford to give to its faithful customers a break on their monthly phone bills. I am a veteran, retired from the US ARMY, trying to get approved for VA disability compensation for my active duty back injury and trying to survive on my low sergeant’s retirement pay, please give to me a break on my phone bill.

  172. For several years I have been a customer of T-Mobile and during that time my phone bill has gone from $13O to $15O to $18O to $235 to the present due bill of $278. Every time I have had to get a broken phone replaced or I upgraded to a better phone my T-Mobile bill goes up. Never has T-Mobile informed me that I finished paying for something and my phone bill would be a little less, my phone bill just continues to go up, up, up, up, up. Please I am positive that a big company as T-Mobile is got to where it is by being fair with its curtomers and that T-Mobile can lower my monthly payments without changing my phones plan. I am a veteran trying to get approved at the VA for disability compensation for my Army active duty back injury and trying to survive on my low sergeant’s military retirement pay, please lower my monthly phone bill.

  173. Just the fact that T-Mobile would use any Kardashian in a commercial tells you what T-Mobile is like at their core— deplorable, disgusting, immoral and dishonest

  174. I have spoken with numerous service representatives and also with the billing dept. I am being and have been for some time charged for roaming and or international calls that I discontinued April 30 th 2014 and then someone used my last four to start it back. Many months ago I stopped all international and have a pin number on it removed so it cannot be used for any toll calls or charges. I keep being billed after you issue a credit because I called and spoke with some one but on the next bill you charge me again. I currently have a Past Due of $15.00 on my bill. At least there is no new charge that I can read and understand. I was threatened with service interruption and called and they removed the charge. Now I have it again. Why don’t someone check my account for notations that I have called on and you have credited and supposed to have stopped the errors on your part? When I pay this bill I will again deduct the past due charge of $15.00. Please fix your records. Read the notes that should have been made from past phone calls. Let this be the last time or I can change companies if it continues and settle it in small claims court. I understand why your people will hang up if I inform them that my call is being recorded. They refuse to talk and some disconnect me. FYI I put it on speaker and HAVE WITNESSES LISTENING AND THEY WILL SHOW UP FOR ANY SUIT IF IT BECOMES NECESSARY. I MAKE A RECAP OF ALL CALLS. I do not think it is necessary to go to court with it but I have a very competent attorney with the same name as mine except he is Jr.

  175. I bought on ebay iphone 5c locked to the carrier T-Mobile.
    I realized that T-Mobile will not help me to unlock this device because of the indifferent attitudes towards people who are not clients of T mobile.
    Please help everyone in this conference, who knows to whom you can ask for unlock this iPhone.The iPhone is not in the list of lost or stolen, help me,pls!

  176. For several years I have been a customer of T-Mobile and during that time my phone bill has gone from $13O to $15O to $18O to $235 to the present due bill of $278. Every time I have had to get a broken phone replaced or I upgraded to a better phone my T-Mobile bill goes up. Never has T-Mobile informed me that I finished paying for something and my phone bill would be a little less, my phone bill just continues to go up, up, up, up, up. Please I am positive that a big company as T-Mobile is got to where it is by being fair with its curtomers and that T-Mobile can lower my monthly payments without changing my phones plan. I am a veteran trying to get approved at the VA for disability compensation for my Army active duty back injury and trying to survive on my low sergeant’s military retirement pay, please lower my monthly phone bill.

  177. We bought an I phone through Amazon and tried to replace the SIM card so we could use the phone. T Mobil would not provide the SIM card stating the phone had a previous owner that had not paid the bill. When I called customer service, the rep stated that this was “a standard industry practice” and there was nothing to be done. I will return the phone and switch carriers due to TMobil’s poor customer service. I feel TMobil should have tried to resolve this issue rather than turning away a long time paying customer. Furthermore, it’s criminal that TMobil “owns” the phone but the phone can’t be used and it’s still being sold. What a rip off!

  178. Worst experience I have ever had with a cell phone. call don’t go through- texts don’t go through- have reset the setting at least 10 times today. you belong on Rip-off .com. Keep getting Error code 20 when trying to text my finance in Texas. have put WI- FI on this phone as well. Going to another provider.

  179. I have been trying to add more date to my wifi for at least an hour. Your website is saying technical difficulties and I cannot get any help calling customer service…..your automated system needs a serious upgrade.

  180. Hello,

    I just wanted to share about the recent experience I had with a customer service representative named Chad. He was by far the friendliest associate I have spoken to at Tmobile. He tried his best to resolve my internet problem, even though he was not able to immediately, and found many solutions for me. After dealing with a Comcast issue within the same time period, I couldn’t believe how exceptional his service was to the representatives at Comcast. I also greatly appreciate that it only takes about two clicks on the automated machine to get to a customer service rep. That was very convenient. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more about my experience and make sure to thank Chad again for me!


    Zijad Mehmedovic

  181. The MAIN REASON I have been with you guys is because of EXCELLENT, COURTEOUS, PATIENT AND well versed in their field. LIKE: TMOBIL-TECHNICAL SUPPORT …CHRIS….EMPLOYEE #: 1222398…………He is awsome! COURTEOUS! PATIENT [I am 69 years old and his instructions were simple to understand and follow ] and of course: knows what he is doing and never made me feel technically dumb. My sincerest wishes for Chris to be recognized by his Employer and awarded for conveying T-MOBIL’S KARMA Customer comes first. Thank you!! Yolanda A. Studdard ..customer since 2008!!!

  182. I’ve sent several emails about making adjustment to my account do to my phone being in transition of get a new phone do to my phone was damage. It took a month for me to get my phone back up and running. And still no adjustment was made.

  183. There is a young lady Edlin in Elk Grove who does NOT deserve to have a job let alone work for T Mobile…If you go to T Mobile in EGV be prepared she’s a real sad individual

  184. Horrible, terrible experience. Total lack of training of staff. At times it is impossible to speak English with some of their service reps. One hand does not know what the other does. On hold for 1 hour only to be disconnected. I had to make multiple calls all to no conclusion. The only thing that drives me now is the knowledge that I can leave this whole situation and take my business elsewhere

  185. Someone should start a class action lawsuit. This is so ridiculous. Their maps are inaccurate and they tell you they can fix it until your are stuck with your phones. Need a lawyer to HELP!!!!

  186. we have been with T mobile with last one month We experiencing technical problems drop calls no signals. I brought back a returned phone in store Matthews NC in this morning and costumer service rep ask me leave when I ask why She said she did not like a customer who don not listen her. The only thing I need was to return a phone I purchased I couldn’t believe that kind of customer service.

    • phone turned off. Made arrangements by phone to charge my visa today —
      card is not charged. help, urgent. 307 220 4777

  187. Was told to trade in my 4g my touch because of operating system changes. Was told I could trade in my phone, in excellent condition, at a discount for an iPhone 6. We have a family plan. The customer service rep put my sons phone number into my new iPhone and activated a new line for me, using another customers trade in phone number. I had clearly stated to activate the iPhone on my existing line. Not only that but then I had my service terminated within 12 hours because the phone I was erroneously given was from another mobile carrier. They upgraded my sons existing iPhone 6????!!!! I was on the phone with T Mobile for 2+ hours because they kept turning everything back on me as the cause of the stores customer service rep error. Moreover, I purchased a Samsung Grand at a discount. This had to be shipped. I was told I’d receive an email later in the day to either confirm or deny the purchase, which already paid in full at the store. The email never came. I contacted the store about this. They then told me I wasn’t suppose to receive that email, which is legally committing fraud through false and misleading contractual arrangement. T Mobile did not comply with my request to put my existing phone number on the iPhone; illegally opened a new line on my account and assigned me a new phone number from another carrier without my knowledge until I made a phone call and discovered I had no service. They just kept telling me my phone number was not T a Mobiles.

  188. Hi,
    My sister and I recently switched carriers from Verizon to T-Mobile. We were assisted by David Tracy at Store 2010 in Marysville, WA. David was fantastic! He was very patient during the process, cheerful and helpful even though the computer system was very slow as he tried to port 5 numbers over from Verizon.

    My concern is that I felt the physical environment in the store was decidedly not customer or employee friendly. My sister and I are in our 60s with bad feet and knees. We had a little, hard bench to sit on that was not comfortable. There were other customers waiting that had no place to sit. At the same time, the sales reps were expected to stand at their computers which were too low to be ergonomically safe, causing them to hunch over to do their work. It pained me to see the sales staff working there and the customers waiting uncomfortably during the process.

    Please consider some redesign ideas to make your stores more friendly.

    Thank you,

  189. Four months ago I switch from Varison to T-Mobile, I paid the early turmination fee. I went to the T Mobile outlet located in Pompano Beach Florida 33062. One of the employees filed out the paper work, so that I could recieve the two hundred dollars that i laid out. T. Mobile was supposed to reimburse me the money that i laid out? i went to the T mobile store three times, and three times an employee entered inforematiom in to a computer. They told me i would receive a check in about a week. I never received the early termination fee, in the amount of $200.00. How can i resolve this problem?

  190. I went to the Monroeville Store. A gentleman would not stop looking at his phone to help me with my phone. I left that store immediately and will never, ever go back. I went to the kiosk at Monroeville Mall and talked to a gentleman named Dain Cannady. He was extremely patient and helpful. The amount of time he spent with me was above and beyond what I had expected. I was ready to stop my T Mobile service after 30 plus years but because of him, I am still a customer. Thank you Dain Cannady. I hope your supervisor sees this.

  191. The phone that you sent to me as a replacement has no battery nor back cover on it. The phone I sent to you had both the battery and the back on it. As far as I am concerned you haven’t fully replaced my Nokia Lumia 635 white phone, as I am unable to use the device that you sent me as a replacement. I have been able to use my Tmobile service in nearly two months now. I am still without a phone. I have called in and reported this issue numerous times now, and still I didn’t get resolution on the issue. I want my phone that I paid for that was under warranty replaced the right way. I want the missing battery and the back to my phone sent back to me. I feel that I have given your company ample time to resolve this issue. Please contact so that we can resolve this problem. Thank you in advance.

    Jessica Ray

  192. Having read other comments, I too have experienced the frustration in attempting to reach anyone at customer service. That is a shame, will stay with Verizon, although expensive I can at least reach someone at customer service.

  193. A second comment to be considered with previous submission. Looking over other comments posted, I noticed a recurring theme with T Mobile customers being ripped off. Here’s another; My daughter dropped from my Verizon plan so as to have service with T Mobile. She enrolled in plan where phone would be paid off as well as termination fee. Never happened, I paid the termination fee and still paying off her phone. To top it off after furnishing my account information to T Mobile to “supposedly” pay termination fee and phone, someone used that information to try to order a new phone and charge the cost to my Verizon account. If not for Verizon security the situation could have been much worse. Unbelievable deceptive business practices.

  194. I was looking for help with a problem please forward this to sales and a prespective customer.
    I. I was looking for a Pre-Paid Unlocked Phone, with Sim card & Memory Card Capability- its primarily going to be used for voice and sms,( data – not so much ) :-), of course 4G lte with wifi , and you reccomend 4 phones that would fit this criteria ? ( ones prerbably under 100 or Lower -med- largescreen size )

    2. I read if i signed up and bought $100.00 T Mobile prepaid card would i be eleibgle for the Gold Rewards program? and if so can i have some documentantion , weblinks < In addition if the programs is active i can buy $100.00t mobile card and get one of thee reccomend phones u give me above and have 1000 minutes of talk time and they dont expire for a year, meaing i dont have to refill every month ?

    Thank you for your time
    Wayne LaPierre

  195. We were advised to call customer service at 505 998 3793 if we ran into problems during our international trip in Beijing….but that number isn’t working from here, nor are any of the services _were told would. Very frustrated! Someone please contact us

  196. I buy a new iphone6s on Sep 25th within a whole price. Athough it has Tmobile carrier with it. WHY it is locked!!!! WHY i need to refill $100 or more to unlock it!!!! I buy it in whole price!!!!WHY!!!WHY!!!WHY!!! It is unfair.!!!!

  197. I had Family Mobile service (which is owned by T-Mobile). I had a very basic plan and every month I was being charged for data that I didn’t have on my phone and every month it was a hassle to have the charges removed. When I bought the phone I was told that this was a month to month plan with no contract and that if I didn’t pay my bill my service would be cancelled. I received a bill from Family Mobile and went to Walmart because I couldn’t talk to a real person every time I called. There were two times I had to do this and both times the sales reps. said it was taken care of. I still kept getting billed and finally Walmart gave me a phone number that I could actually talk to a person. I explained the situation to a customer rep. and was assured that there would be no more bills and that my account was closed. A month later, another bill. I called again and talked to Walter (#52241) and again I was told that he would take care of it and that in 5 days my account would be closed. I never heard from Family Mobile until last week when I received a collection notice from RPM. I called Family Mobile and talked to a girl named Hanai (I don’t know how her name is spelled) and she told me I had to e-mail Family Mobile in order to stop my service. I can’t understand why the two men I talked to before never told me this and ran my bill up to $91.85. As I told them I would have kept the phone if I wasn’t being charged for things I didn’t have on the phone. I live on Social Security (which means nothing to you) and that’s why I wanted a phone that would be affordable for me. That was a mistake and I truly think that you scam people in making them believe that they can cancel their service with a phone call. You really need to train your people better, even those at Walmart, who also couldn’t tell me I had to e-mail Family Mobile. Needless to say you took me for $91.85 because of the people I talked to wouldn’t tell me to e-mail my cancellation. I paid the money to your collection agency and I will never do business with T-Mobil again. By the way, I get a whooping $500.00 a month for my Social Security. Thanks for taking a big hunk of it for nothing.


  199. After over 16 years with T Mobile, I’ve decided to go with another carrier. The service with T Mobile became more and more problematic. I wanted a phone on my account unlocked to use with the new carrier. After 3 days of waiting for the instructions to come thru to my e-mail, I had to phone them to get the Unlock Code as it NEVER came to me. When the code was tried, it didn’t work. Come to find out, T Mobile Unlocked the WRONG phone. I had to wait ANOTHER 3 days. THAT code did not work either. T-Mobile was supposed to expedite the request to unlock the phone. It was to take no more than 24 hours. It has been 24 hours and I’m STILL waiting. I’ve NEVER known such HORRIBLE Customer Service in my life!!!! After this experience, I WILL NOT have anything good to say about T-Mobile.

  200. I need corp number and the email customer service. The one I was given was cresponse @T-Mobile .com But it does not work

  201. Just received another “T-Mobile has sent you a new update for your device. Update will take approximately 10 minutes.” NOT GOING TO DO IT! Last month I received one of these and punched update, after 3 hrs, and my phone heating up to the point I thought it was going to explode, called customer service, was told actually it wasn’t from T-Mobile but from Samsung and there was nothing they could do to remove it. I spent another 2 hrs with the technician to get it to run through it’s update.
    I spoke with a supervisor about T-Mobile sending me an update, that one, wasn’t from them even though it said it was, and two, sending me something that they could not control.
    Beware of the updates.

  202. On Saturday, December 19, 2015, my wife and I visited a T-Mobile store in Polaris Mall, Delaware, Ohio. I had a bad experience with an employee whose name is Justin. His customer service is subpar. His attitude needs to be adjusted.

  203. Service sucks,too expensive asked for help,13 yrs customer, was told would call back,send me a working phone, got neither. Absolutely terrible customer service. Do not use t mobile. They are liars,and coverage is horrible, shame on you!!

  204. On January 6, 2016 I returned a missed call and when I returned that called I was given another number to call, It’s Neil and Associates Law Firm. They tell me that T-Mobile is taking a lawsuit out on me because of a bill since 2005. After 11years of not being a customer with them because of their bad problems service and business they want to use my personal identification number to track my old addresses that has nothing to do with them, my new number, and people that I have lived with. They say that these addresses get updated in T-Mobile database every time I use my SSN. They are using my SSN to continue to check my locations and my credit history. So if T-Mobile is using my SSN to look up my childhood past that has nothing to do with them, what else are they using my SSN for??? But little do T-Mobile know, I reported my identity been stolen in 2005. What business tracks a non-customer down after 11 years. I don’t like NO ONE using my personal identification number without my knowledge and those who do will be accountable for it when I find out who’s using my personal identification number without my knowledge will pay the consequences of a lawsuit and I don’t care who you are or who you work for because no one has the right to use my SSN if I do not know you or if I do not have any business with you. After 11 years T-Mobile I see your service still rates at a very low ratings at 1 1/2 star rating.

  205. This whole deal with T-mobile has been a nightmare for me. Wish I would have never switched. Denied rebates due to the fact they didn’t bother to look at back page to see the number was indeed part of the account. Still have not received the rebate mailed in October for the other number. Was sent to collection by two carriers while waiting for their rebates. Ended up paying out of pocket over $370 to avoid credit problems. Was told I would receive credits for 2 iphone 6 we have on account. That was September – this is January. Have been online chat, in stores and on phone. On top of that we drop calls and I can’t get service in my workplace. (3 miles from home) Go figure –

  206. i wish to terminate my service with T mobile i am switching to another carrier. If i owe any thing on the phone let me know as I intended to take it with me. Robert Arbuckle

  207. Why I can’t send messages. Or recive. Messages. Or pichers. Messages an can you call me on a norther phone an help me on my phone

  208. I have had T mobile service for 9 years. Use only as emergency phone for family. Over time it has become more and more difficult to get a signal. Called T mobile and they said the problem was my outdated phone. Ok it was 8 years old. Bought a current phone. same problem, no signal. T mobile tech said I needed a new sim card as old card couldn’t handle technology. Bought the new sim card. Still can’t get a signal. Spent 4 days with reps troubleshooting. They have told me the same steps over and over again with no change. Finally got them to understand nothing is changing. T mobile still has no idea. They still want me to get another sim card…nearest t mobile store is 25 miles away, and they won’t just send a replacement. I don’t think so. Now they are (supposedly) going to send a repair specialist to area to check to see why there is no signal. Not Happyh.

  209. I just have a question about my bill. I pay $70 plus for my single phone account, however, I am continually seeing advertisements for your offer of 4 lines, with 10 Gigs of data each for only $35.00 per line. If so, why the hell does my single account cost me over $70 per month, yet you offer up to 4 lines on an account, at $35 plus 10 gigs of data. Can you please tell me why?????? And, I really would like a reply to this message.

  210. April 25, 2016
    To Whom This May Concern: I’ve an unbelievable experience with T-Mobile. After the frustrating experience with AT&T. (On going Customer Service issues), I returned to T-Mobile, which has been a nightmare. I’ve had to return four (4) phones for multiple reasons (calls being dropped repeatedly, phone not taking a charge. screen freezing) just to name. I’m experiencing the same problem with PHONE NO.4. The only thing I get is “were sorry for the problem and lets see what we can do”. I’ve asked repeatedly after the 2nd phone not to get a refurbished one. I would get from this message from Customer Care and Loyalty Department. “Well its not our fault we have no way of knowing the conditions of the phones that are sent out”. My concern is that the consumer should not have be at risk of continuing to receive inoperable phones. I’m having the same issues with the fourth (4th) phone, dropped calls, the freezing when trying to access certain apps and when the phone rings it will not recognize my finger until I ‘ve made 4-5 attempts. Speaking with the Loyalty Department, “we can have you go into the store and get another phone and you’ll be billed. At this point, of all the circumstances that I’ve experience with T-Mobile I should not be responsible for the price of the phone. I’ve decided to take my concerns to the public. Hopefully, I can get some consideration from the media sources here in Chicago, (Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, The Reader, Channel 2, 5, 7, 9 and 32). I will be contacting the above sources in person April 27, 2016. I’m looking for an immediate response.

    Thank you,
    Orlando Jones

  211. After being a customer for 8 years with tmobile, I had asked tmobile to unlock an Iphone that I just bought FROM A TMOBILE STORE so I can send the phone overseas to my boyfriend who is deployed in the army. When I called to ask them about how come the unlock did not work, the rep accused Me of buying the phone from the black market and told me that I had to go back to the tmobile store I bought it from and ask them why there is no receipt in their system for me purchasing the phone. I stood there arguing with them for 30 mins before I got connected to an apple technician to actually help me with the problem. Most of it was because I was yelling because 2 reps (the customer service rep and the supervisor named pauline) both accused me of buying a black market phone. I asked the supervisor if she had an email address that I can email her a copy of my receipt to her and she said “no”. I am so upset that I was accused of buying a black market phone after I have been a customer of tmobile for 8 years and have purchased 10 phones from tmobile in the past 8 years and have had multiple phone lines through them for years now. I can not believe they said these hurtful things to me. I am quite upset of being falsely accused.

  212. I am visiting an area in Eastman Georgia (city do not have TMobile Tower I tried to keep phone on up until past 2 months I was paying for service that I did not have full access to I called for customer service several time (trouble shooting didn’t help, only received 2mbites kept trying uo until March I would like to receive phone back on redeeming last two months; since service in area is very poor if at all, pleas consider restoeing my service withot me paying I need internet at least. will start nback paying in june,

  213. would like for extention of service and service restore immediately; I have stayed in compliance with rules and services up until march/april would like for extention privileges for those 2 months and service restored for May will psy bill even though service is limited can use wireless please consider I have payed for service even when service was often interrupted and some time none at all. I await your urgent reply!! thank u so kindly Ms Deborah Miller

  214. I hace a visa card worth $.61 instead of 220.00 dollars, I report it when I was trying to activate it and was told apparently somebody use the card in two places never visit. Was told by a female rep that she will be mailing me paper work that I need to fill and sign and I’ve receiving a new card with my full balance. I did receive a new card but no paper work and went ahead to check the balance and still the same quantity of .61 cents. Then try to call again and all I got is computers asking info but no options for my problem. You tell me what’s my next step be, before the blessed card expire in June.

  215. I Called T-Mobile in July 2015 to cancel the line for my tablet that had been stolen, keeping the cell phones. Well today looking over the bill I noticed the tablet monthly service fee and “JUMP FEE” was still on it and I was still paying I usually don’t look at the bill I just pay it, so I called to cancel that line “AGAIN” and ask for credit because there was NO usage on that line I was sent to Customer Relations and talked to Namoi when then transferred me to “Derrick” who claims he was a “MANAGER” claiming he would cancel the line and could only get me back credit 2 months of service credit even thought there is no usage on the line for almost a Year ..Long Story Short HE “NEVER” DID CANCEL THE LINE OR ISSUES THE CREDIT EITHER….I HAD TO CALL BACK AGAIN AND TALK TO LISA IN “CUSTOMER LOYALTY” Who cancelled the line she said Namoi did note the account..BUT NOT DERRICK….Now it he forgot to note and cancel the line so did the person in 2015…This is VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE I will be leaving T-Mobile..

  216. ON Saturday July 16, 2016, I call into the customer service department from my home phone because I was experiencing trouble with my cell phone. I could not call out and no one could call in. I explain that problem to the customer service department and I transferred over to the tech support department. The tech support representative ask IF I WAS CALLING FROM THE CELL PHONE, AMAZING! I informed him, hello remember, I am calling in because my phone is hanging up on everyone call, whether, I call someone or they call me. So, he rudely hung up on me. So as of now I have no service and no compensation.

  217. Hi, i m currently out of the state and i am in China. I am wondering that T-mobile provide worldwide service, which included free text MSG. However, i couldn’t text in China since it always said MSG delivered unsuccessfully

  218. I left Tmobile Yesterday. Had no service from the 31 dec until I went to ATT yesterday. They gave me a lovely 20.00 credit and said go….Was with them 17 years on a 70.00 per month plan. they made big money on me. and never used many minutes after I left Florida. I just needed a new phone that had 3g or above to work. Said to go to Walmart and buy a prepaid that would accept my Sim card. checked today and the only one they had that would work with it was 59.99 . They would give me a 60.00 credit. We have 2 phones … went to retention and they never tried to save me. as I dont upgrade evey time a new phone comes out. So they said they make no money off me. My Phone from ATT works in every room in the house now. dont have to go find a spot…Got New I phone7…Got alot to learn. But hey as I am a direct tv customer I will end up getting it free if I stay 30 Months. Thats easy after 17 years …So I learned a something new If I had of spoke to these agents like they spoke to me I would have been Fired. And was told by the agent I could not keep my number I had since I worked for tmobile…Got my same Florida Numbers …I will every day post about the bad service I got………………..

  219. I signed up for Lyft based on your Tmobile Tuesday promotion… They are now emailing me political messages that I don’t want. I do not want your company to promote them to me anymore.

  220. I have been out of the US since June of 2016. I purchased International use of T-Mobile phone service. This is a additional fee of $10.00 per month plus by the minute use. The 2 problems I have found is no credit of the $10.00. When i need to call the US phone says “EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY”.
    Then I must look-up t-mobile on the computer to have them repair the problem. This fee would not be a problem if I would have the service i am charged. My thoughts is t-mobile is a LARGE THIEF.

  221. I asked for help with getting onto your website, and was hung up on by the Tech Support Guy,

    Today explaining the above and asked for help as a Senior Disabled American and simply put on hold. No access for this disabled customer.

    As a returning customer with a nice unlocked phone, I want to know how to get out of my Contract with you due to your negligence and non-performance and refusal of access to services by a Disabled American.

  222. Buen dia tengan,quiero saber como puedo octener una carta de credito(historial de credito) de parte de la compania T-MOBILE,estare esperando su respuesta,gracias.

  223. hi twice now
    i need a pac code to change to bt for my sports .
    i will publish this on face-book how you do not respond
    3rd time now I have sent e-mail

  224. I have been a customer of T-Mobile for 16 years and 9 months. Recently my wife broke a phone which has never happened before. I called in to get a replacement. Not free was available so my wife said to ask for and I phone. In a discussion with a representative I was told there was a promotion for a free I phone with a 4400 purchase for the 2nd handset. Also told I didn’t activate the 3 rd line as required because I was a loyal customer. When I went into the store to do so representative said none of this information was put into the notes on my account.. When I called in again they would give me a credit but I had to go on a higher monthly rate plan that I had now which no one had ever discussed in previous conversations. So if I paid $30 a month more I could get a $200 credit of the $400 price of the phone. I guess that’s how old time customers are treated. Leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth.

  225. Buenas tardes mi nombre es Maria Pulido y no me parece justo q t mobile estafe a la gente como lo esta haciendo conmigo cambiando me los planes cobrando me lo q quiera y con solo una disculpa lo resuelven mi esposo es el dueno Thomas Barnshaw de la cuenta y tenemos mas de 10 años con ustedes y no me parece justo el trato q nos dan con los representante q tienen para atendernos

  226. I have been dealing with T mobile hell. You can’t talk to anyone that speaks good English
    very hard to understand . I have a 16K one month phone bill I am in the Navy a got a plan
    that would give we unlimited data in the world. Well it doesn’t I am being taken advantage
    of I settled and gave them 1100.00. I still have the email that say so ,they still have not
    cleared it up. Transferred to Account Specialist team for the 5th time no one knows
    anything all they know is how to double talk and transfer you what a circuses .
    Nice way to treat our service people by ripping them off I see story after story this
    taking place it’s not right.

  227. My son-in-law unexpectedly died on 9/18. Both he & my daughter have been loyal T-Mobile customers for over 10 years. Their 2 sons are also on their plan. My daughter & son-in-law had just updated their cell phones which is part of their bill. My daughter wanted to give my youngest grandson his father’s new phone but he said he could not do that under the circumstances. My daughter reached out to T-Mobile which gave her a very hard time which she is unable to handle at this time since we have not buried her husband yet. My son-in-law not only served on the police force for 23 years but also in the military prior to that. My daughter does not want to change her plan but just exchange his telephone for a different one for her son. I am disappointed in the insensitivity shown by the people who are working for your company. I don’t have their account number at this time but am standing in for her at this difficult time.

  228. You people are terrible. I ordered an upgrade phone over 3 weeks ago, and was told it would arrive in 5-7 business days…3 weeks later still nothing, and Customer Service saw the order but had no now I am still without phone and dealing with a company that is just clueless. I never recieved an answer,and am unclear if I ever will. Thanks for making ,y life harder/

  229. I call T-Mobile today regard my phone purchase moto z2 I purchase the phone for $750 install and decide to paid off within about 6 weeks, to find out the phone on sale now for $500 ,so I call ask the call Rep to get credit back not refund, how’ ever I was been treat rude from the Rep, been transfer me 5 to 6 time on the phone for 1 hours and 25 minute, and they all liar. I ask to speak to supervisor and they liar they all said the supervisor, to found out at the end the guy said no one supervisor accept him, I don’t know if that how T mobile train their Rep. I regret to move to T-Mobile,
    Can a read manager or Anybody at T-Mobile can help me

  230. MetroPCS through T-Moblie is an awful third party customer service representative. Customer Service and Supervisors are Childish,whimsical and they purposefully drop calls and puts you on hold. Then the supervisors are a disloyal staff to clientele. Pure Ignorance. Now I called MetroPCS today to obtain for my text/phone records for an old San Diego cellular phone number 619. I know that T-Mobile is the phone carrier so I need my text records ASAP. T-Mobile is the carrier for METRO PCS Right? Get get back to the fundaments of providing your client’s requests. Contact by email.

  231. What a run around. Had a family plan with 4 phones. I’m down to only 1 phone and they still have 2 of the 3 lines still activated, I have called 3 times and can’t get someone to take them off. This is over a year now and still getting charged for it. I don’t know that is so hard just take the other 2 lines off. TMobile owes me for over a year charging me for 2 extra lines,

  232. I am trying to get the telephone number for T – mobile in order to put some time
    on my cell phone. Customer service will not give it to me

  233. The phone I ordered was never delivered to my house and T-Mobiles response, “I’m sorry ma’am but there’s nothing we can do. Would you like to order purchase a new one?”
    So currently phoneless and paying for a phone I never received.
    AMAZING service, T-Mobile.
    Counting down the days until I’m able to switch carriers.

  234. I got the revile plus, on 1/2/2018, and it was dropping calls the first week, since then, they have sent me 4 more of the same phone $ refurbished 1 new, and the are all dropping the calls, and they won’t let me get a Samsung phone, but that is the only phone that’s as large as this one.

  235. I went to the tmobile store yesterday for a new phone for my wife, we found out that when you are 55 years of age you get a discount. we are both 63 and 66. why did no one tell us of the discount for over the past 10 years. we were also told about a military discount that no one told us about. I am a Vietnam vet. an enlisted marine.we just bought 2 phones that cost us 1100.00 dollars and the insurance that goes with them. how do I get a military discount. I think it is unfair and wrong that all these years no one even mentioned the discounts.

  236. HI my name is sherry and my husband and i switched to t-mobile about a year and a half ago. about two weeks ago i trouble with my phone which is a apple. I went in to the store where we got it o’fallon ill i was not getting e-mail or receiving so the young man tried to help me even did a factory reset so i lost everything ! And my phone still did not work. He said i had a lifetime warranty and they could get me a differernt phone through the store they would mail it there and i could pick it up. I said great cause i don’t drive st.louis. I called Tuesday and a gentleman was really curt with me said i would get a text. So i told my husand lets stop after work and see. A young lady waited on me and while she was checking the information another young man said he would check in the back. I told the young girl i understood if it wasn’t there cause monday had been a holiday. the young man came out said no i said ok but then he goes we dont do that through the store you have to go to the apple store in st.louis ! well i am sorry to say i was extremely upset i got three stories. I had to pay someone to take me over to st.louis and they fixed my phone. I didn’t have to get a different one! But i lost some very special pictures. I am saying now as soon as my phone is paid. I am moving to s different provider. Apparently that store has a lack of communication. I have worked with the public all my life so i figure you will probably ignore this but i had to tell you how i felt and what had happened sincerely sherry dillard

  237. my first call to you was outstanding and great!!!, but all day(spent bout 5 hrs working on getting problems straightened out now its 8pm and NO RESULTS YET what happened to the good friendly helpful service i got earlier this week?? somewhere you guys lost it! now i sit here with a new sim card–debited 2 times for a cardthat was to be shipped overnight and now my friend isquestioning a move to T-Mobile

  238. After experiencing what was by far one (actually two) of the very best customer service experiences I have had in many years at your Tmobile location in Bellevue, Tennessee– I felt compelled to write.
    My 80-year-old Mom had shared her positive experience at this location and recommended I check them out.
    Ken, the General Manager and his staff (Colt & Norri) went above and beyond for both my Mom and me during each of our independent visits to the store.
    In this day and time of little to no customer service offered by retailers the kindness, patience, and attention to detail was much appreciated and gave me hope that there still exists a level of customer care important to some employees of corporate America.
    I not only received the utmost respect from these folks, I witnessed the same given to several customers who stopped in whilst I was there. Those customers included seniors, people of color, and included a female Muslim. Their genuine concern for each of us– regardless of gender/race etc.., was heartwarming, to say the least.
    T-mobile…may I suggest you advance these folks to train other of your employees in customer care throughout your corporation? We are in desperate need of more like them. Kudos to you for these excellent representatives of your company.

  239. my name is antenor medor
    i spoke to someone on Tuesday she give me the wrong information regarding my bills .Now my phone is off when i called this morning not they don”t have voice recording .She wrote the wrong thing in the comment

  240. I purchased 2 phones from your Dyer store a week ago- transferredaccount from Verizon. My phone worked 3 days an the was unable to make or receive calls for 4 days- Dave at the Dyer store did all he could- he was great- called 611 an got a mon who couldn’t speak English!! Not Good. Its not Daves fault at all in the Dyer,In store, but to be without a phone for 4 days an no explanation for service- is a bad example of what I can expect from T Mobile. Please look into this matter- it was very unpleasant- an the trips I had to make tot he store added to my disgust.. The situation got resolved finally. But to go through what I was put through one week into being with your company was a bad beginning- can’t say I’m happy!

  241. since May 2,18 been trying to contact someone in customer service- I call the line an get someone in the phillipines that don’t speak English or understand the problem — its pretty obvious that no one atT Mobile cares about their customers– all they keep saying is they are so happy you joined T Mobile- not are you happy!! At least Verizon makes sure your satisfied!!

  242. I recently visited the T-Mobile store in Maysville, Ky, which is where I live. I was treated so bad that I left the store extremely upset. I felt so humiliated that I dropped my newly paid for the phone, shattering the screen. I was explaining the incident to a dear family friend, Jerry Blanchard Williams, and he suggested that I write to you.

    July 2, 2017, I purchased a new phone from the T-Mobile store in Cincinnati, Ohio. I like to play games and the newer phone had more storage. I am on my sisters’ plan due to being on a fixed income. (I am age 68 and in poor health).

    On Friday, May 2, 2018, I went to the Maysville store to make the final payment. I have never been treated so badly by a salesperson. I took the last statement in, which I always did, and explained my reason for being there. The girl who was the day manager told me that I could make the payment but she could not give me a receipt because my name is not on my sisters’ plan. Up until now, there had been no problem with this. She went on to tell me that she was the manager and she did not want to lose her job over this. I told her, ‘”So in other words, the managers at the Eastgate store, and all of the ones at the Maysville store were wrong and you are right.” And she just said, “Yes”. I needed that receipt and was not leaving without one. Finally, she printed the copy out for me and said that she would give it to me even though I was not supposed to have one. I turned to leave and I heard her tell me to, “Have a great day,” and, “Hurry back real soon. I was in tears because she was laughing as she said this. There was another customer in the store and this was so embarrassing. I came home very hurt. When I got out of the car, my phone fell to the ground and the screen shattered. I cannot see to take a picture or play a game. When I try to make or receive a call I can no longer see what it says. I can’t even run the screen up and down because I get pieces of broken glass in my finger.

    I have dealt with a lot of people in my life. We travelled the world during my ex-husbands 20 years in the Army. I am also an 18-year member of our local VFW.

    As I have gotten older I can no longer do a lot of things on my own. My computer and phone are my lifelines to my family, as we are spread out all over. Especially my grandchildren and great-grandson. I cannot buy another phone for myself. I hadn’t had this one for an entire year. I would like to see this ‘manager’ reprimanded so that this does not happen to someone else.

    I would appreciate your attention to this.

  243. I just recently switched to your service from Sprint. I had to get a new phone because my Sprint phone could not be changed to another service provider. I was having trouble getting all the information from my old phone transferred to my new phone. Your service employees in the city I’m temporarily located in where not helpful. In fact after three visits, they advised my to go to the “BestBuy” store and their service employees could help me.
    I was traveling in Cincinnati, Ohio and decided to try your store located at 2731 Edmondson Road. Your employee, Mr. Tony Wood, solved all my transfer and access problems in less than 30 minutes. He not solved my issues but educated me on things I needed to do different with my new phone.
    Mr. Tony Wood, is a great customer service provider. I will now have T- Mobile service forever.
    Thank you Mr. Tony Wood and T-Mobile.

  244. I had an issue with the service twice and neither of them meet my minimum requirement. once I ask for assistance to make long distance call with the cheapest possible rate and the gentleman who was assisting me could not be able to answer me. As I am going away from USA for two months by end of month of May I went to one of your store in Sterling Virginia and explained that I am going to be away from USA for two months and can I freeze my account and reactive it again on August I was answered yes. Yesterday when I refiled my account I went to the same store and explained that I am leaving on June 16 and coming back on August 9 and I want to freeze my account and this time I received different replay which was no. How do you want me to pay $50.50 only for 11 days and what will happen to the other 19 days that I have already made the payment. I tried to call T mobile customer service and again I received the same answer No. All I am asking the customer service appreciation which I have not received so far and I would never recommend T mobile to any of my friend because you have the worse customer service.

  245. Why can’t I talked to person, You won’t let me have further information on my account..My phone is NOT WORKING~!!!! YOU NEED TO RESOLVE THIS PRO BLEM IMMEDIATELY!!!

  246. This is a USA comment. I am a 3 year customer with TMobile.
    I will contact the FTC to get corporate address and phone as reps will not provide. I am a former telecommunications person and I use to get these calls. There are ways to escalate where I felt managers did not address.
    Each time I must go into store it cost me a LYFT ride $30 roundtrip. I have those receipts as well.
    My account has been suspended 4 times now. I have 5 lines. 2 of which are out of State and provide servicing to my elder parent with acute illness (80s) and a pregnant daughter. Suspensions have occcurred (6/11/18, 6/14/18, 6/16/18 and 6/21/18).

    On 4/26/18 I returned a BOOSTER that was defunct given signal problems in an out of State location. The return shipping label was provided by TMobile (UPS). It was according to the UPS tracking delivered to TMobile Dock with ref. TMO GRC on May 8 (see tracking 1ZY7948A9093060210).

    The first two suspensions I called TMobile and had to demand to speak with a Supervisor because reps want to refuse to transfer. A supervisor is necessary because without a pin they won’t service by phone and want me to go to a store Those 2 times a supervisor approved a temporary reset pin. Note: my original pin was omitted due to recent adjustment TMobile required of its customers to have atleast 6 digits rather than 4. I did not change in time before this problem.

    The 3rd time suspension was on 6/16/18. At that point they would not provide a temporary reset pin and this meant I had to travel to store. Imagine a customer with mobility challenge. Anyway, I go to the store and explain everything. They restore the service and assure me there won’t be interruption due to the BOOSTER for which I provided the tracking info with UPS PDF to show delivery.

    Today 6/21/18 my lines are suspended AGAIN. I get a text billing for $470.08. They again will not service me without a pin and are insisting I visit the store. THIS though they can clearly see return of BOOSTER in question is returned. They can see all suspensions were restored previously. This and to add injury they then ask me to complete a form to search for BOOSTER how absurd. My phone is off and I ask if you (TMobile) see the BOOSTER actually returned and TMobile sent me a confirmation text on 5/15/18 why now on June 21 do I your customer need to do a search for equipment that you have?

    Shouldn’t you (TMobile) be looking into WHY your operation and network system is creating an auto shut down of my service? When does my inconvenience get addressed?

  247. My contract ends with AT&T on Sunday, I was planning on switching to T-Moblie. Now, I see that T-Mobile is paying Corey Lewandowski to be a consultant. I can’t support a company that is in alignment with his “womp womp” statement about a child, with Down syndrome, being separated from their parents.

    Is T-Mobile going to stop funding a PAC that supports Lewandowski?

    I called your Customer Service and they were unaware of T-Mobile’s Connection with Lewandowski.

    • This is frustrating. I was able to get through to your customer service and had to tell 4 (FOUR) representatives who Lewandowski was and explain that he was a paid consultant for T-Mobile.

      It’s a simple question – Is T-Mobile going to continue to paying Corey Lewandowski?

      • Still waiting on an answer. I will not go away.

        It’s a simple question – Is T-Mobile going to continue paying Corey Landowski?

        • Hey T-Mobile!!!!

          You are replying to others, but not me.

          It’s a simple question, – Is T-Mobile going to continue paying Corey Lewandowski?

  248. I recently ended our service with T-mobile after about 9 years. We switched to verizon because we are moving,and had no service there with T-mobile. I got my final bill in the MAIL yesterday,for.19 cents,Less than what it cost to mail me the bill! Went online to pay it,and I can no longer do it. So,I have to call them,or send them a check. A lot of B.S. for 19 cents!

    • AT&T mobile users cannot connect to my T-Mobile phone and apparently T-Mobile is not doing anything about it and I want to know why ! ! TODAY


  249. You have employees that have hacked my cell phones. You have not notified me of the 15 million customer info breaches through your company. I have the 2 names and #s, including all the phone info on the 2 employees. I have reported you & they. To the FTC, & FBI cyber security dept. Thanks for nothing. If I get no response within 24 hours, I will hand over addresses imei, rssi,etc. Info to FBI on Monday July 30, 2018.

    • You have employees that have hacked my cell phones. You have not notified me of the 15 million customer info breaches through your company. I have the 2 names and #s, including all the phone info on the 2 employees. I have reported you & they. To the FTC, & FBI cyber security dept. Thanks for nothing. If I get no response within 24 hours, I will hand over addresses imei, rssi,etc. Info to FBI on Monday July 30, 2018. P.S, employees of yours are in West Covina, California area.

  250. What does it take to get service IF you don’t remember your passwords and the questions won’t accept your answers?

    I don’t know what the heck it takes to close an account. I called but did not know my password (because I didn’t know there was one) except for the code I used to get voice mail. So they would not help me.

    I have had the account with t-mobile for decades. The phone # is 973-980-3388. I’m at work so I don’t have my account #. Tried to go on line – but I tried too many passwords so I’m locked out.

    My account is very meager so it will not put T-Mobile in the hole if I close it. It is only about $24.00 per month. I have been paying the bill for the last 5 months or so because I can’t seem to close the account.

    You can check – there has been no usage on my part. I may be getting voice mails but I have not checked.

    The reason for closing this account is that my son and wife purchased me an i-phone and are paying my bill. I barely need one phone so I definitely don’t need 2.

    Please check your records and close me out. Send me confirmation.

    Kathie Festa
    9 Orchard Drive
    Towaco, NJ 07082

    Work: 973-227-5586
    Home: 973-334-3388

    Thanks (I hope!)


  251. I am tethering my laptop from my t-mobile iphone. The pages are loading incredibly slow.. too slow .. like 5 mins or more to load any pages. I went to message chat and the t-mobile website says go back and log in.. I was already logged in.

  252. My friends and I are always talking about customer service and how poor it is. Customer service is so important, it can really take a business down. I would like to express my appreciation for excellent customer service which I received from Dan Diaz, Northshore Mall 3, Store 4466, Peabody, MA, Bojan Canglovic, Northshore Mall Kiosk, Peabody, Ma and Jenna Customer Service Rep. # 1879590. The three (3) employees could not do enough for me. My questions were many and took their time with me and explained in layman terms. Their mannerism and knowledge were over the top. They all went the extra mile. All they wanted was a happy customer and that I was. I had also encountered several other employees who passed me over.
    This is what customer’s want, putting great effort into pleasing the customer. Happy customers will always come back and if needed, I will go back to them and tell my friends. Please have the company acknowledge their dedication and fine efforts.

  253. T-Mobile collect money from customer real fast….But when customer need for problem solve, it is very slow.
    This is my story: I need new SIM for my new Phone (iphone), I contacted T-Mobile’ customer service, they said it will be 48 hours to activate its….four days passed nothing changed.
    What’s wrong?

  254. HI,



  255. Just visited the T mobile store at St Andrew Street in New Orleans, La. I was there with my cousin who was visiting from another country. We were in the store to purchase a data plan for her visit. For whatever reason no form of payment was being accepted by your system. I heard words like “rebellion” and no one in the store had any idea of what was happening. All employees were helpful and professional. Chris, who seemed to be a manager or at least experienced seemed perplexed by your system not working had no answers. We were in the store almost an hour. I finally tried to use my credit card and it seemed like it was no use for your system. I will never use Tmobile again and would not recommend it to anyone.

  256. I just switched to T-Mobile because of problems with Metro PCS turning off my phone after paying the bill 3 days earlier then required. Im trying to get a refund of my $60.00 and have had nothing but problems. I have been hanged up on 3 times including the other day with my bank on the line. I think this company is out of China which wouldn’t surprise me. If I have any trouble with T-Mobile I will dump them as well. I can’t believe how rude a business can be. They won’t last.

  257. I’ve been on hold for 30 minutes now! It appears that I have been charged a cancellation fee of $1,119.42. The T-mobile rep at the Lorain, Ohio store cancelled it and set us up with 2 new accounts to help save us some money. Please contact me so this invoice for account # 544457014 can be corrected.

    Ron Strittmather
    Strittmather & Sons, Inc.

  258. I was at store 9700 on 11014-2019 and was needing to know how to use a function on my phone that I had spent several hours already trying to figure out. A T Mobile employee, John Rodriguez, explained how to me all I needed to know and did so with a humble, respectful, and kind attitude. I cannot give him enough praise and thanks. Superb employee!

  259. I have just received a promotional offer for a 3rd line, over 55 Plan.
    I would love to take advantage of this offer, but small print conditions make me decline. There are not like before, too much limitations / restrictions. Do a market survey, some people still read small print.
    On the other hand, and for taking care of your long time customers..Thanks. Will see what the future brings to us!

  260. I have just received a promotional offer for a 3rd line, over 55 Plan.
    I would love to take advantage of this offer, but small print conditions make me decline. There are not like before, too much limitations / restrictions. Do a market survey, some people still read small print.
    On the other hand, and for taking care of your long time customers..Thanks. Will see what the future brings to us!

  261. Last December I came into your store about an unauthorized charge on phone service I don’t have! I almost bought a phone from you but seeing the cost I backed out and thought it was over until I saw that charge! Don’t remember the lady name I think it was Joanne she was so sweet and gave the best customer service to me and canceled that charge took her 45 to an hr! And even double checked! This young went beyond the call of duty and deserves a raise! Works at the store in Snellville, ga scenic hwy! Give her a huge thank you!

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