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Contacting Sunrocket Customer Service Center

Sunrocket was an Internet, wireless and VOIP company providing services to residential and business customers. The website is packed with ads, so we are a bit skeptical about the company from the start. According to a press release on the site, Sunrocket used to offer services similar to Vonage. In 2007 the company was shutdown and an investment company took over the site. Today, the site does not provide ANY service for the consumer. Instead, the investment business uses the traffic to push affiliate links on to the visitor, as far as we can tell. Sunrocket is no longer the VOIP company and no longer offers services to consumers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for Sunrocket. The company shutdown nearly overnight leaving customers with a customer service recording stating no one would be answering the call even though they were Sunrocket customers just days before. According to news reports, Sunrocket closed business without contacting customers who’d paid for service and hardware.

Mailing Address

We searched for the company that purchased Sunrocket, but the sale was handled by Sherwood Partners as a liquidation. Everything was sold, including the customer contact lists. At some point, the Sunrocket website was redirected to Vonage, but that redirection stopped when the company name/website was sold.

Official Website

The official site for Sunrocket is still published on There is mention of a Facebook account, but no link is listed and no page could be found upon search.

Customer Service Email

If you want to get in touch with the investment company behind the Sunrocket purchase, you can email or use the contact form listed on the site.

Contact Form:

Before using the contact form or sending an email to the address listed above, you should know that Sunrocket collects those email addresses and gives them out to other businesses. There is a disclosure below the form on the site to this effect. The company also admits they may sell your email address to other companies.

Our Experience

There is no way for use to get in touch with Sunrocket customer service. As far as we can tell, the company was closed, dissolved and sold as parts to cover debts. The name and website were clearly sold to a company that wanted to maximize on the traffic to the site for Google Adsense and affiliate ad/link revenue. The owner of is still collecting and selling consumer data.

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