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Contacting Sunbeam Customer Service Center

Sunbeam is an international brand of consumer appliances based in Australia. One of the first products sold by Sunbeam included a line of stand mixers. After the success of this item, the company began to branch out to additional products for the kitchen, pet care, home, healthcare and bedding. When you have questions or concerns relating to products, we suggest reaching out to the customer service team by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Appliances: (800) 458-8407
  • Bedding: (800) 892-7684
  • Health at Home: (800) 435-1250
  • Health o Meter Scales: (800) 672-5625
  • Heat To Go: (800) 435-1250
  • Heaters, Humidifiers and Fans: (888) 264-9669
  • Oster Professional Clippers: (800) 887-6682
  • Oster Retail Clippers: (800) 339-2547
  • Sunbeam Outdoor Grills: (800) 200-2300

Sunbeam Customer Service (Canada)

  • Appliances, Bedding, Irons, Health at Home, Health o Meter: (800) 667-8623
  • Heaters, Humidifiers and Fans: (888) 264-9669
  • General Customer Service Canada: 1-800-667-8623
  • 1-888-264-9669 (Heaters and humidifiers)

Sunbeam Customer Service (Latin America)

  • Colombia: (2) 4856767
  • México: 01-800-506-1700
  • Venezuela: 0212-2095911

Mailing Address

Sunbeam2100 New River Center200 East Las Olas Blvd.Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301-2100

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Sunbeam website have the opportunity to explore the various departments of the company, including Home, wellness and pet care. You can locate valuable contact information when you visit the Customer Support Center. In the event you product malfunctions and requires repair, you can find the nearest repair shop by visiting the Service Center Locator.

Social Media

Social media must not be the priority of Sunbeam. We could only find one social media page for the company. There were little interaction between the customer support team and the customer. Although you can connect with the customer service department, we cannot attest to the response time.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message asking for information relating to the return policy. This information was not found on the customer support page.

Our Experience

When we called the customer support team, we reached a live agent rather quick. When the automated system began to communicate the available options, press 0. This stops the options and connects the call to the operator. When the operator answers the call, ask for the customer service department. This process took less than 90 seconds to complete. When the customer service department answered the call, we asked several questions relating to hours of operation. All were answered and we were satisfied with the level of customer service. Can you say the same when you called Sunbeam? Shout out below.

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75 Comments on “Contact Sunbeam Customer Service
  1. we live in england and have aquired a sunbeam deluxe multicooker model AFP/5A
    i would like to find out when it was made and any other information you can give me,
    thank you in advance
    michael saggs

  2. When I was married in May 1959 one special gift was a portable Sunbeam Mixmaster(from several of my co-workers)which I have used fifty-four years.. and again just this morning to mix a cake for my son Rusty’s 46th birthday! Hooray for Sunbeam!!

  3. Wanting to get ahold of someone about a faulty iron. My iron that is not even 6 months old literally blew up while I was at work. This was an auto shut off iron. Luckily I went in the room or our house would’ve burned down, I keep all the doors closed and would not have known until it was too late…I would appreciate it if someone could contact me ASAP, I am still extremely upset about this! I will never by another Sunbeam product ever again..

  4. I purchased a classic iron. I had reached the limit with irons that didn’t do the job. I am happy to say the classic is wonderful! It is everything I’ve been wanting and more. I use half the amount of spray starch now. No sticky residue, smooth glide, multiple steam vents and great temperatre control. I hope you will make these irons forever!

    Thanks, Sunbeam!

  5. I purchased a sunbeam cozy spot warming pad and honestly I hate it. First, I let my boyfriend use it and when he removed it from his side there were burns everywhere. I thought maybe the cover had somehow slipped off some so I put a pillow case over top of the case that was already on it. Well this morning I was using it and even with the extra cover on it I now have burns all over my stomach. I am very unsure what to do but my boyfriend and I are very upset. The burns left scars on him and from the sight of mine this morning they are going to do the same to me. Please people do not by this product.

  6. Today I bought a Sunbeam Non-stick rolling pin that was BOLDLY (misleadingly) marked to be 18″ but the roller is actually ONLY 10″ long. ANYone knows that rolling pins are measured by the length of the roller.. NOT INCLUDING THE HANDLES… but the dishonorable thieves at Sunbeam INCLUDED the handles. I put it back in the box and returned it to the store for a refund. Instead of foolishly taking it out on a powerless employee, I asked for the MANAGER and THEN loudly expressed my disgust over being cheated and inconvenienced. Chances are, they hate Sunbeam, NOW.

  7. We have purchased 2 Sunbeam 12 cup coffee makers Model #BVSTCJ0029.033. The first coffee maker was purchased 3 years ago and gave out 1.5 years later. Bought the 2nd one 1 1/2 years ago, and low and behold, it gave out just recently. The Service people said it was very likely the thermostat has malfunctioned, for which there is no repair. Both coffee makers are useless. Are there other people with the same experience with these products?

    We will never buy another Oster Product made by Sunbeam, or Sunbeam products, ever again.

  8. I bought the sunbeam popcorn maker FPSBPP001R-033 and Iam very unimpressed with it. It’s a joke! Spits the popcorn kernels out all over the place. And the plastic lid slips off every chance it gets. I thought it might have been the kernels that I bought so I went out and bought a different kind and it’s the exact same thing.
    So I will NEVER purchase another sunbeam product again.

  9. I purchased a small Oskar food processor in 1981, model # 14081 France. After 32 years of daily use age I still love this appliance. Its been wonderful!! I have had a moment of trouble with it nor has it ever had any repairs done to it. I just wanted to say thank you for such a quality product!

  10. I am very sorry to say your heaters SUCK! i just spent a lot of money and time at Walmart getting a heater. Your large-room infrared quartz heater. now i have no heat,no money and no way to get back to Walmart. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful heater!

  11. Whilst serving with the RAF in Germany in 1959,we purchased a Sunbeam Mixmaster Junior from the Base NAAFI store. Fifty-five years on we are still using it every week and the only service given to it was a new set of carbon brushes back in the ’80s. We also have a more up to date mixer,(5 years old) but it just doesn’t compare to the dear old one! Bless you Sunbeam!!

  12. i recieved a sunbeam cool mist humidifer for christmas.It says to place on a waterproof mat,which i did.I noticed it was useing alot of water but the room still seemed dry,after 2days i finally found what was happening i dont know how but it was leaking the water out onto my new carpeting which was flooded,the water made a big bubble in the hardwood under the carpet i put a fan on it and finally got it dry but the floor is ruined it has a big hump in it.thankfully its about 2 ft.from the wall and not much traffic thru there but the ceiling downstairs also has a big wet spot in it.i hope theres no mold.

  13. I will never purchase a Sunbeam elec throw or blanket again & advise others not to. I have owned 4 blankets & 2 throws in past 2 years: ALL quit working in matter of weeks & one never worked! I appreciate DealYard as they replaced two at their own shipping expense, but replacement never worked. I purchased two throws as gifts & did not learn (until I asked) they worked only a few wks. I am 77 yrs old, have Lupus & MUST have heat when I have flare ups; It’s been a costly lesson but I have learned that Sunbeam elec throws & blankets are not worth bringing home. My mom had a Sunbeam blanket that lasted over 15 yrs, until her death, & may still work for whomever bought it from Salvation Army shop I donated it to. I should have kept it!!

    • Purchased a Sunbeam Electric Blanket from WalMart in Nov. of 2011. Worked OK for 3 winters. When I plugged it in last night for 1st time this winter both controls started blinking but blanket never heated up, plus I couldn’t turn it off without unplugging from wall. My old electric blanket was a General Electric which I used for 40 years! I trusted Sunbeam to still be a reliable company which was a big mistake on my part, especially after reading customer reviews.

  14. I bought a Sunbeam iron with automatic shut off less than 6 months ago and it will not heat at all. I had trouble with having to restart it all the time, even after only 5 minutes of not using it.Then it would be too hot or not hot enough. I have always like Sunbeam but won’t get another one.

  15. I emailed a question about the pizza bake and grill using the address shown on instruction booklet but was advised address not recognised. It make me wonder if service calls will be treated the same way. When wishing to toast crumpets or hot cross buns which feature do we use..toast or grill. Thanks

  16. I am disgusted how the sunbeam bread taste and smells. For 6 months now we have wasted $53 on loaves of bread that stink and has a weird taste. I asked a sunbeam delivery driver if they had changed something and he (His name was Dennis wouldn’t give me his last name, and delivers in Hannibal Mo.) anyway he just said real hateful and rude “don’t buy it!!!” I don’t think that is the way you should represent the company that is probably paying him good money.I just asked a question. I am 47 yrs. old and grew up eating there bread but if that’s the kind of people working for them and if that’s the way they talk to their customers then they can keep their nasty bread.

  17. I have had 3 neck surgery’s and really need a heating pad and the way that sunbeam is shaped fits just right so I ordered the first one from qvc it lasted 6 months then was desperate went to town and seen another just like it at wallgreens so I got it lasted 3 months I just went back to walgreens and purchased my third one I have to have one for the pain but don’t understand why they just stop they tell me they have a two year warranty its the sunbeam renue tension heat therapy model 885 these get expensive after awhile !!!!!

  18. i purchased a new heating pad not even 6 months ago model 828-511 from our local cvs and i tell you i will never again purchase a sunbeam product company has gone down hill in quality i had always had a sunbeam heat pad i go through several over the yrars arthritis of spine for over 20 years. this last one referenced here contoured heating pad had an oval plastic in center that got hot and burned me then burned off the pad. just thought you should know before a child gets burned

  19. i purchased a new heating pad not even 6 months ago model 828-511 from our local cvs and i tell you i will never again purchase a sunbeam product company has gone down hill in quality i had always had a sunbeam heat pad i go through several over the yrars arthritis of spine for over 20 years. this last one referenced here contoured heating pad had an oval plastic in center that got hot and burned me then burned off the pad. just thought you should know before a child gets burned

  20. I wish I had a nice story like the one above. However, I don’t. We bought a Mr. Coffee March 8, 2013. It lasted 4 or 5 months, we received a replacement one at that time. Now it is 8 or 9 months later and the replacement Mr. Coffee went out today. We live on retirement income and purchasing a $43.00 coffee maker every year is certainly not something we can afford. Coffee makers used to last for years.

  21. hi! can i ask if how many watts does the Sunbeam 1/2-inch Hair Curling Iron has? thank you..
    im from philippines and i cant buy 110 transformer because they’re asking for watts and i dont have manual or instructions.

    i hope you can help me thank you!

  22. my late husband bought me a sunbeam mixer and food chopper In 1985 .you made them to good I am still using the same one all these years just wanted to thank you for such good products .keep up the good work;i may never have to buy another one ..they were a mothers day gift from my children so every time they come home noe and see me still using them they just laugh.thanks. again Sandra shuler

  23. I have a coffee carafe, sugar server and creamer. Along with the three pieces is round tray. The number on the bottom of the pieces is D-92668. How hold is this set, what is it,s value today. The set is in very good condition. I think my mother bought it in the 1950,s.

  24. Please can you assist me with info of the Sunbeam quantum smartbake breadmaker. I bought the breadmaker from a lady while she was in Tanzania.I only want to make the bread dough (any dough) in the machine…….what program must I select…..want to bake my own bread.
    Ria Griesel

  25. I had a sunbeam mixmaster hand mixer for 30 years. I just replaced it with another and I love this one also. I also have the hand/stand mixer model 2379 and i love that as well. My only gripe is I wish the mixing bowls for the stand mixer had handles.However, I’m not giving up either mixer. Thank you for a wonderful product at an affordable price.

  26. I have a sunbeam hand mixer, the worst ever!The speed control dial is SO hard to work ,also I need my husband to work the eject button ,give me back my old Betty Crocker ! Hate this sunbeam!

  27. I am trying to find out where I can purchase a Sun Beam small floor conditioner I have had one for over 20 years and since I can’t find any brusher for I went on line and pull one up but it do not give a price or where I can place an order please help me.

  28. I will never purchase anything that has a Sunbeam or all the other generic crap name brand products they are trying to sell!

    One problem with new product and you cost yourself 35-40 Yrs of income Thanks for saving me the aggravation and the Money!!

  29. i have purchased a 5 cup sunbeam coffee maker it didn’t work so being we are a sunbeam customer we went out and thought it was not a bum item, so we purchased another 5 cup sun coffee maker and it was even worse. I am been a loyal user of sunbeam and I was hoping that this situation can be fix as I do have the money to purchase yet another coffee maker.

  30. I have used a can opener from Sunbeam almost daily for 70 years. As it reaches retirement age it is still proving to be reliable and working!

  31. Approximately 2 years ago we purchased a toaster Oster/Sunbeam model TSSTTRDFL1. I have been fighting it since day one. The “gizmos” that push the product up have always been on a slant. The browning control has NEVER been consistent. I DO NOT want a new toaster from you. Save your reputation and produce a quality product.

    • Sending a belated THANK YOU for making the best handmixer ever. I received my Mixmaster as a wedding present June 1970. Over 44 years, I have received other mixers as gifts but none compare nor can replace it. I mashed potatoes and made a cake with it on Thanksgiving. It still runs like new after years of constant use. I keep it clean so it looks new too (will send a picture if you want). Just felt you needed to know how amazing your products are!!

  32. Sending a belated THANK YOU for making the best handmixer ever. I received my Mixmaster as a wedding present June 1970. Over 44 years, I have received other mixers as gifts but none compare nor can replace it. I mashed potatoes and made a cake with it on Thanksgiving. It still runs like new after years of constant use. I keep it clean so it looks new too (will send a picture if you want). Just felt you needed to know how amazing your products are!!

  33. I bought to bad heating pads from your listen up take my call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • they suck…im on hold have a bad feeling that your people hung up on me.i did nothing wrong ! I have bought two heating pads .they didn’t even last a month.i have read thru your reviews….you have a bad rep!!!! please send two new heating pads….I will never buy anything from you again .im going thru hell just to get two new heating pads.the things ive had to look for is just a shame.the only thing good about your company is your employees..good luck

  34. Bought a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, Model BVMC-VMX36 the first week of December 2014. I had not ever purchased that expensive a coffee pot before. The third week of January I went to turn on the coffeemaker and imagine my surprise when it didn’t work! I know that they don’t last forever but come on, a month and a half!! Very disappointed!

  35. I bought a Sun bean toaster in the summer at Target. Model no. TSSBTRS. Pin 156581. This is the worst toaster I ever had. When the toast comes up it fly’s out of the toaster. One time it went behind the toaster and that was a hard find. Not only that but the small handle that you push the toast down with, when the toast comes flying out, the little knob, comes flying off right at you. Not good for toast, but then maybe this was to be a toy to make the kids laugh. Never in my life had I ever had one like this one. Sun bean was a name you trusted, not any more.

  36. Purchased a Sunbeam 4 Slice Toaster as a Christmas Gift…with a rebate offer of $10.00. Was not allowed the discount due to not cutting into the box and sending in the UPC code. Did send in the original bill and copy of the UPC code. For everyone’s information….do not purchase gifts, in the hopes of receiving the rebate they offer.

  37. I have a ‘Sunbeam’ heating pad that I purchase way back on 3-15-2009 @ C.V.S. pharmacy here in Austin Texas its the kind that raps around your shoulder’s (lime green) ‘CAN’T’ find the box it came in for the model no. & it ‘ONLY’ gets warm ‘NOT’ hot the way I wanted to, is it suppose to get ‘REAL’ hot? ‘CAN’T’ find your to contact you.

  38. Wanted to let you know I have a Sunbeam Mixmaster that I have had 40+ years. It has started to show some corrosion on plug which my husband cleaned and it still working great. Even though I don’t use it everyday, I know when I get it out of the cabinet, it will be ready to use. It has been a good product. Still looks like new well maybe not as fancy as the new ones today….

  39. Whoever designed the Sunbeam Steam Master Drip Free iron had absolutely no sense! The iron is tall, skinny and very top heavy making it extremely unstable when it is in an upright position on a padded ironing board (and obviously, most people have a padded cover on their ironing board). This product is dangerous!! I would hate to see what might happen if a small child were around when the hot iron drops from the ironing board. Just moving the fabric a bit, to reposition the item being ironed, causes the iron to wobble. If not quickly grabbed, by someone with very quick reflexes, the iron would be on the floor. I would think it is particularly dangerous for senior citizens. I am very surprised if you haven’t been sued by someone over this iron’s faulty design. If you haven’t been sued yet, you definitely should be!!! I have nothing to do with researching and designing irons, but if I had tested this iron before it was put on the market, I am confident I would have noticed that it is totally unsafe!!!

  40. We purchased a Sunbeam Electric Tower Quartz Heater, Sun-Like Radiant Heat, SQH310-WM1-115, at our local WalMart. My 9 year old daughter walked by the unit and barely touched it. The brush against the unit caused a burn and permanent mark on her calf. This unit is extremely dangerous and in no way should be in a any house where an infant may be near. Furthermore, I can’t find a simple email address to complain to and add the photo of her burn. Terrible customer service and will never purchase another product from this company.

  41. SUNBEAM/ JARDEN/ RIVAL..WHOMEVER.. RIP OFFS,, Bought 3 pkg. of the RIVAL CREAMY VANILLA ICE CREAM MIX.. Says add 4 cups milk, stir until dissolved, than freeze,After 21 hrs. STILL not frozen, and my fridge is new. Called and talked to 3 different women at RIVAL..They said,”” OH, YOU NEED AN ICE CREAM MAKER” I said, it says ANY WHERE on the packages that this ice cream mix MUST, SHOULD BE, USED WITH AN ICE CREAM MAKER. I said” you’re ripping the consumers off by NOT saying “‘ this mix MUST be used in an ice cream maker.. You are leading people o believe that all you need to do is add milk..I said i spent $6.00 on these 3 packages that i cant use.. I asked for a refund, or some type of coupons,, all said.. NO,, SORRY, YOU’RE OT OF LUCK. Will contact the BBB. ATT. GEN OFFICE AND THE FDA.. AS I FEEL THEY ARE CONNING[ MISLEADING ] PEOPLE, by not putting on their pkg. that this mix MUST be used in a ice cream maker.

  42. Bought a Sunbeam microwave at Target for my daughter. Within two months it died. Contacted sunbeam and reached their customer service branch at Galanz. After submitting all my documentation, they told me I’d have a warranty reimbursement within 8-10 weeks. It’s now 6 months later–I call every week to follow up and every week they tell me they’ll talk to their supervisor. I have yet to receive a call back. Its a sham and I am disgusted with the level of customer service.

  43. I was given the present of a Sunbeam Mixmaster in 1963 when I got married, It has been one of the most reliable friends I have had and provided me with MANY memories, the best were of the kids and I baking Christmas Cookies. Sadly, when I got it out to start making Christmas Cookies the motor started making a screaming noise. I don’t have the money for a repair so I will endeavor to provide it to someone who may want to try to have it repaired. At 52 years of service it is banged up but i still have both glass bowls for it. I took a picture and was going to send it but have no idea how to attach it to this email. I just wanted to congratulate you on making such a good product and thank you for 52 years of wonderful service.

  44. Just thought you folks might be interested. I just completed making several batches of Christmas cookies with the Sunbeam mixer given to my wife and me for our wedding December 31, 1961. I’ve replaced a couple of beaters that were damaged by a careless metal spoon or two, but I’ve not had any other work done on ithe mixer itself and it still works GREAT! I’ve not even had to replace the brushes in it! As is often said, “They just don’t make them like they used to.” Thanks for lifelong service!

  45. Last month we bought a micro wave. We don’t cook in it. We use it for reheating purposes. Anyway we bought home our new microwave, and it blew up while my husband stood in front of it. Shame on you people. My husband could have been hurt. We always thought it smelt strange. We will never, ever buy any of your products again. We are not wealthy. We can’t go out and buy a new one every month. Once again… Shame on you people

  46. I have a Sunbeam blender model 4192 that has a cracked lid. How can I order a replacement? I can be reached at 904-434-7663. Thanks for your help in advance.


  47. My newest Sunbeam automatic electric blanket had no electrical wire and control to plug it in for use. I talked to customer service and they offered no way I could secure a control except to buy a replacement part at store in my state miles away from where I live. The blanket was in a plastic cover that was not disturbed like someone had stolen the control. Customer Service gave no solution for my missing part except to buy a new part or return it to the store where it was purchased about 6 months ago. I was disappointed that the company did not offer a free replacement part..

  48. I am so done with Sunbeam!!! I have spent the entire day trying to get through to someone (I got cut off twice after waiting 15 – 30 minutes to be connected!). I had an electric blanket that stopped getting warm. I called Sunbeam and they gave me an address to send it to. They told me that I was responsible for the shipping to the repair place. I took it to UPS (that’s who they told me to use) and it cost me $45 dollars to ship it!! I am so upset….will never purchase another Sunbeam product!

  49. We were given a Sunbeam hand mixer as a gift when we married in 1960. Tonight it stopped working – I believe the motor seized. Is it still under warranty?

    P.S. Just kidding – have had many years of good service.

  50. I have just received a new Rocket Grill from a supplier through The grill arrived, to my delight, with the CORRECT bags for grilling and I would like to know why I have been unable to buy these bags from Amazon suppliers for a long time, all I have been offered and had to use are other parchment bags which, due to their construction are too long for the grill which means having to turn the bags up about an inch or more and staple them, which would not be so bad except that this procedure causes the bags to leak and means removing the drip tray for cleaning every use. Please advise me where I can buy the correct bags.

  51. Horrible – did not master English language and gave me a confusing answers – 20 minute wait before reaching a representative – didn’t really know the project I was calling about – made me go to through troubleshooting steps which were not necessary since the problem was obvious – put me on hold twice for long period of time – Total 50 minutes on the phone to get authorization for repair – heated mattress pad was only a month and a half old when it broke – I had to find proper size box, pack that large king size item, go to the post office wait in line and pay $20 for shipping for repair – When I got it back the repair center had included A notice in the box saying that the replacement might be different than the original – well yes, they replaced my item with a much lower quality one and when I received it one of the controls was defective – I had to spend another 50 minutes on the phone with customer service to obtain a return label (via email) and after 24 hours I’m still waiting for it – fruit or more I have to send back the controls and also the heated mattress pad which is working – I suspect that I will have to call customer service again to receive the return shipping label – what a disappointment and a waste of time and energy – !!!!!!

  52. Hi there I purchased a Sunbeam Model PB7950 about two years ago. While it has been used it has not been used a lot. I had to replace the jug after it cracked and that was fine but the second time I went to use it after replacing the jug the piece that locks into the bottom of the jug to connect with the motor broke. Can you please advise where I can get a replacement part for this and the cost. I must say I am a little displeased with the amount of use before things started to go wrong, however as it is quite costly I cannot just go out and replace. if you are able to provide a contact in New Zealand, and Christchurch would be even better I would be grateful. Kind regards Jo McLean

  53. We purchased an XXL heating pad earlier this year and it has burned up. It is not only working, but has also burned my husbands feet. He has neuropothy and uses the heating pad to help his feet and legs get warmer. i have pictures of the pad. the heating element part as well as the cover.

  54. I have found it impossible to contact sunbeam. I will try a hand letter. I like the heater, but it doesn’t cycle off. I tried phone and emial….

  55. Just writing to you folks for thank you for many years of excellent trouble-free service for a product that I have used since having been given it as a Birthday present, in 1965/66. It has been in (at least) weekly trouble-free/service-free use since that time.(that’s nearly 52 years!). It finally gave-up in a small cloud of smoke, yesterday. I’m sure that the brushes(?)/armature(?) have given up the ghost. Accolades to your Company for the such an excellent product. The ‘product’ is an avocado-colored Model EM-12 hand mixer. I wish for you that all of your products have seen service like this! Thankyou all!


  57. I have a sunbeam 6 burner gas stove, The oven glass exploded while i was cooking the chicken inside, Why ?

  58. Sunbeam,
    Not Happy.
    We bought this rice cooker RC 5600
    Friday and its the worst thing we have ever bought. We have 5 other sunbeam products and this is really bad.
    The rice is stogy and awful, we have been through one full packet of rice trying to get it right, but its horrible, no matter what we did.

    Its the worst thing we have ever bought and so disappointing.


  59. I had lovely service from a rep with customer service this past year and can’t find the emails from her. The Hotshot she replaced for us has once again gone belly up — and I believe she will want to know. I was out of town and came home to y brother having had to go to Walmart 18 miles away to replace the item. It has a design flaw that has made it a really inefficient item. Can you please respond to this and guide me in the right direction?

  60. I have been waiting for 3 weeks for a return postage as Sunbeam promised me when I called as my blanket was new and does not work properly, The store will not take it back because I bought it a the end of the season for this new cold season. Please help me.
    ‘Georgiann Harvanek

    191 Oak Leaf Drive Oak Creek Wi,53154

  61. You need a complaint dept. Your company isn’t making quality products like it did once. Are they being made in China now???

  62. Hi. Please assist. I am looking to purchase a replacement Sunbeam Electric casserole pot but cannot find one in South Africa nor online. Where in South Africa can I purchase one. Thank you Anne

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