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Contacting Subaru Customer Service Center

The Subaru company is known throughout the world as one of the leading producers of dependable vehicles. As any Subaru owner will tell you, the vehicles don’t start running right until they’ve passed the first 100,000 miles. Subaru also sells generators and other equipment.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Subaru offers multiple means of contacting customer service, but they are listed at the bottom of the Contact Us page, which is dominated by an email contact form. Some customers may not scroll down far enough to recognize the information listed below.

Phone Contact Numbers

Subaru customer service is available by phone Monday to Thursday from 7:30 AM to 8 PM, Friday from 10:30 AM to 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 3:30 PM. All hours are EST. There are no customer service agents available on Sunday.

  • Subaru Customer Service: 1-800-782-2783

There is a note on the customer service page that states Hawaii customers should use a different phone number to contact Subaru. There are no hours listed for the dedicated line.

  • Subaru Hawaii: 1-808-564-2260

Mailing Address

If a pen and paper is the only way you want to contact Subaru customer service, you can address your letter to:

Subaru of AmericaSubaru PlazaPO Box 6000Cherry Hill, NJ 08034Attn: Customer/Dealer Services

Include as much information as possible if you are inquiring about a vehicle problem. Contact information and VIN should also be included in your letter to improve customer service. It will likely take longer to receive a response by mail than by phone or email.

Official Website

Information about Subaru models, company and financing is available from the official website at

Customer Service Email

Sending an email to Subaru customer service is a quick and easy way to have a simple question answered. The email form is located at, but there is no standard email address. If your question is concerning a warranty issue, include the VIN so the customer service agent can look up your vehicle to verify warranty. Other quick options for contacting an agent include social media websites.

Our Experience

You must listen to the beginning message before pressing any buttons when calling Subaru customer service. After the message you can press 1 for roadside assistance or 4 for a customer service representative. Our call was placed on hold for just a few moments before another list of options started. We pressed 0 and the list of options just repeated. You have to press 2 for recalls, 3 for Subaru security policies or 4 for an agent. It took us three minutes to make it through the automated system only to be placed on hold for an additional two minutes. Finally, when the call was answered by a customer service agent, we asked about Subaru insurance, one of the unique options available to Subaru buyers. The agent told us we would have to call back and listen for the option to speak with Liberty Mutual insurance.

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79 Comments on “Contact Subaru Customer Service
  1. Please, forward this email Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, President & CEO FHI/

    Good day!

    Hereby I want to tell you about sales Subaru cars in Russia and St. Petersburg in particular.

    The problem is the sole distributor of Subaru in the North-West Russia – Holding RRT-motors. Thus, under the contract number 24.10.2012 PLK_ZRA_12_0000635 sale of the vehicle, namely – Subaru Outback, VIN: JF1BR9L95CG122044 I paid the full cost of the vehicle in the amount of 50 098.42 $. Delivery time car contract – 11/14/2012, at the moment, distributor “Subaru Center Pulkovo” (Holding Company “RRT” North-West “), and did not give me a car. LLC “Subaru Motor” Acknowledgment representative Subaru brand in Russia, can not affect the current situation, in fact – simply do runaround. Very unpleasant formal approach.

    This state of affairs is at odds with the Message from President, President & CEO Yasuyuki Yoshinaga. Only sincere and long-standing friendship with the manufacturer one of the most advanced and reliable cars – Subaru does not allow me to give up my choice in favor of a more premium segment cars such as the WV TUAREG and VOLVO, whose value is approximately the same.

    To date, the delay in delivery of the car – Subaru Outback, VIN: JF1BR9L95CG122044 under the contract of sale of the vehicle
    PLK_ZRA_12_0000635 is 30 days!

    I ask you to influence the situation, and to assist in its resolution.

    Sergei Kozinets, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, tel. +7-911-151-51-45,
    fax. +7-812-320-03-99,

  2. Hello!
    I just wanted to report how much I love my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek… we picked up our new car last week just in time for the blizzard that hit the Northeast. The car drove perfectly in the snow. We are thrilled with this car.
    Also, I would like to compliment our dealership, Prestige Imports in Pleasantville, NY, our saleswoman, Diana DiLello is terrific.
    Thank you for your wonderful, well thought-out product.
    Genie Watsky

  3. On June 26th after 167019 miles my 2002 Subaru transmission broke CONK CONK CONK! I took it to Suburb service they said $8000 to repair a lundry list of things, I just wanted the transmission, towed ti to Kirkland transmission, At that point I decided to rade the car ti was worth $4000, and it would csot $8000 to fix everything, even if I did fix one thing some thing else would die! (Money pit)

    June 28th I went to Carter Subaru Shoreline (206) 542-1166 to look for a car, I took a test in an 2012 Outback I likied it but the payments were steep $470 / mo, I told them of my car that died, Travis Bleken said they would give me $200 for it, I said thank you for your time, and quietly left.

    June 29th I went to the greenwood car show, sponsored by Carter Subaru, as I walked about, I got a call from Travis Bleken he told me that he would give me $1200 for my dead Subaru, and had a car that might work for me, I said my payments have to be twixt $290 and $325, and we could talk, we said bye he would call if he could do some thing.

    Travis called and said he had a car an Impreza Cranberry with charcaol interior, and sports pkg. I said I will come take a look, Travis siad he would drop $1000 off the car for me, I thought that might just work, I forgot to ask if ti was an automatic or a stick, I was upset because of my 2002 automatic subaru outback wagon was dead.

    I arrived and looked about for the car, it looked cool, I was not to crazy about the color but thought I will take it for a spin, the car was a stick, I thought, ok I used to dirve a stick with my Honda CRX, let’s see what this does, the MPG was way better than my 2002, it drove nice I took it to a lot to try to break it, it was a tough car so far, but I really wanted an automatic, but this was the best they had for me.

    Travis dropped the price from a sale price of $19,988.00 to $19,000.00, not bad I thouoght, but I really wanted an automatic, I asked they said the paymets would be more, than $348.00 / mo I really wanted payments of around $325, but this was not the case, and this car was going fast, (I smell hussle right now) well I needed a car, I was happy at first, starting out was 15,460 miles on the tac, now I have 16,048 miles on it, and I am not happy with the stick.

    July 1st though about what I did, I thought that I should have gotten an earlier model Subaru, too late now, called some dealers to see what cold be done, nothing, I even tried to go with a newer stripped down Impreza, nothing, the payments were gettiong higher with the dam negative equity, I called Wilson at Chaplins Subaru, he was shocked by what happened to me at Shoreline, that they would not take the car back.

    Ryan called I told him I was not happy with the Stick, I wanted an Automatic with a lighter interior, in an impreza, Ryan said that he could do the trade if I put $3800 down on the car, the negative equity, he said that if I kept the car and made payments on it for 2 years then traded it, I could get what I want, The car would depreciate! So I am STUCK with this car I said, yep Ryan said.

    This Red Sports PKG Impreza with black interior is HOT in the summer so far, not pleasent to drive. I got STUCK with a red car again! and it’s not an automatic, I thought Subaru had a logo, “Drive happy” Well I am not, I will make payments up to 2 years, but trade it for a cooler car with light interior christ, talk about no help.

    So far Shoreline Carter Seattle Subaru, your not making me very happy I got this car…. years ago walkers was easy to get a car, this time around they could not help me what-so-ever… Nor could Auburn Subaru, I am STUCK with a HOT to drive car! If it got real HOT in the car I am suseptable to heat seizures.

    Thank you Cartter Subaru of Seattle for all your help in making a not happy customer when they need help. You STICK them, and convince them (Raailroad) that this is the car for you! Just to make a sale! Christ!

  4. I am a Subaru owner and a lover of the service I have rec’d at Subaru of Austin on Huntland Dr. in Austin, Texas. Not only is the 2004 Forester I have a fantastic car, but the service department there has always made me feel valued and important.
    Today I called to schedule an oil change and was told it would take 90 minutes to perform. I have never waited that long for an oil change before, and I regularly told the service advisors I worked with how great it was that their team could deliver the goods in an hour or less. It is one reason I planned to make my next car a Subaru, too.
    Something must have changed. I wiil be buying my filter from your parts dept but taking it and the pressure ring to a local shop for my changes from now on. I will miss the way the staff treated me, and I will be back for repairs and important maintainence, but not for everything. Thanks.
    Lisa Stevens

  5. I accompanied a friend who had found a CPO’d Subaru in another town 250 miles from Boise, Idaho. After arranging financing for the sale in Boise, we drove to Pocatello to arrange to pick up the car. The car was in very poor condition. It had had the front bumper repaired, poorly. The passenger side mirror, had been replaced and re-painted. The aluminum castings on the front of the engine were severely oxidized, with no apparent effort to clean them up. The battery hold down was rusted and the battery itself had rust residue on and around it. I have owned two Subaru autos, but I am really wondering about the company commitment to the customer if it allows a vehicle like this to be Factory Certified Pre-owned. That designation seems to be meaningless and worthless for the consumer.

  6. I just purchased a Subaru Impreza 5-door and filled out the survey.
    But I forgot one item: Subaru is doing a disservice to itself and its customers by installing Yokahama tires on Imprezas. Yokahama tires are generally good and long lasting, but this particular model gets very noisy at about 25,000 miles. As soon as my new Impreza was delivered, I installed Cooper Zeons on it and was amazed by the improved ride, handling, and quietness!

  7. My wife and I have owned three Subaru’s, two of which we currently drive. The first-a 2005 Subaru Forester was a GREAT car. We traded it in at 200,000 miles. The second-a 2007 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport wagon has been a good car-except for one MAJOR thing, which has cost a lot of money and is a big safety concern. I have contacted Subaru corporate at least twice about this, but despite assurances, I have NEVER received a reply. Without warning, my lugnuts will loosen on my rims. It has necessitated driving with my lug wrench in the front seat and doing spot inspections every other day to make sure they are tight. My mechanic is at a loss to explain this, as we have replaced EVERY LUGNUT and STEM at least once. No one should have to worry if your wheel is gonna go flying off when you are doing 70 MPH on the freeway. I am very frustrated. Unless Subaru resolves this issue, I WILL NOT be buying again. My Name is Mark Johnson-and I am perfectly okay with it being published.

    lUG NUT

  8. I just went to buy a replacement key for my 09 Forester. The guy quoted me $260 for the key and $55 for the programming. $300 bucks for a KEY? Are you kidding? There is no way to justify that, Subaru, that is really apalling.

  9. I am on my fourth Subaru and love the car but not your costumer service program . Having tried email and phone nothing worked. You sell a very good product but that is not enough you owe it to owners of a Subaru to have better costumer service.

    Morio Nakagawa

  10. I had an amazing experience with Subaru. Amber at main customer service helped me fix my head gaskets that were leaking- 70 k on car. I am very thankful and impressed with the service
    Frank at Lake forest office in Calif. is amazing as well.
    thank you subie!

  11. I currently lease a 2012 Honda Pilot. The lease ends in mid May. I would like to order a Subaru to coincide as close as possible to the lease end. The description:

    2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited
Moonroof Package + Keyless Access & Start + Navigation System + EyeSight

Exterior Auto Dimming Mirror Kit w/Blind Spot Detection 

Electrochromatic Mirror
      w/Compass and Homelink
 Rear Seat Back Protector 

    Crystal White Pearl 

    When would be the best time for me to order it?

  12. In February 2013, I bought the top of the line Outback and $3300.00 extra primarily for my first time Outback and first time navigation system and primarily for hands on phone and Bluetooth i-tunes
    I just bought new I-phone 6 plus AND I can only receive calls, can not call out,can not download phone numbers and can not play I-tunes. The dealer answer- buy a new car. No way I bought your outback to drive it more than 3 years as you promised..
    I expect some other answer YOU MUST HAVE THAT ANSWER

  13. I would like contact information for Subaru Canada (either email or fax) as I have just had to have my 2006 Impreza head gaskets replaced after only 81,000 kilometers and feel I need to discuss this directly with Subaru Canada. However, it is impossible to find contact information on the web for their Canadian customer service or CEO. An early response to this message is requested.

  14. I currently own a 2005 Legacy GT Wagon. I love it! Unfortunately, subaru stopped making it! Why!!?? Will not get another subaru since non of your other cars have the horsepower and overall versatility of my legacy GT! Please make another one with more then 250HP!

  15. Dear Subaru,

    This is part one of a series of emails BEGGING you to bring back the Baja!
    I live in a small mountain town in Colorado and currently drive a 2003 Subaru Baja. I use my Baja for everything from hauling groceries, kids, dogs, paddleboards, mountain bikes, yoga stuff… the list goes on. It is the BEST car that I’ve ever owned but with 140,000 miles and no new Baja to replace it with, whats a girl to do? I believe the Baja fits into the realms of a TV show that was cancelled before its time. If this car were to be brought back, I can promise you that they would be extremely popular. I get stopped at least once a week by someone who comments on how much they like my Baja. So, PLEASE bring it back!!!

  16. Just wanted to compliment you on your new commercials. Whoever designed them is a genius. Love love love them. We have a Golden and truly appreciate what you have designed. Your commercials are better than the Super Bowl Commercials. God Bless You!

  17. My last three Subarus were built in Indiana, a state that is now passing “religious freedom” legislation that will enable lawful discrimination against gays, lesbians, transpeople, muslims and jews and whomever else one deems a “sinner”. This is Jim Crow all over again and unconscionable in 21st century America. As a corporate citizen of Indiana, Subaru has a voice and I hope you will speak out against this travesty.

  18. All three of my Subarus were built in Indiana, a state that is passing “religious freedom” legislation that gives businesses the right to discriminate against gay and lesbian people, transgender people, muslims and jews or anyone one else an individual considers a sinner. Jim Crow is back.
    As a corporate citizen of Indiana, Subaru can and should have a voice and urge the governor not to sign such an unconscionable law.

  19. Tom Merrifield in Hudson NH was extremely accommodating, personable but not pushy and made my car buying experience excellent. I stopped by last weekend not realizing it was just after closing as Tom was walking to his car. He went out of his way to ask me if there was something I wanted to see. Even though I offered to come back, he was more then willing to let me take a peek and test drive a car. He was not pushy and didn’t haggle over amounts which is so typically the case at car dealerships. He also went out of his way, to come in on his day off when it was time for me to pick up my new car. The customer service was superb. I love my car and am thrilled with my choice to go with Subaru. Thanks Tom for making it so easy for me and for being so accommodating! I will recommend you anytime! 

  20. I have a 2011 Outback, am I due for a recall for airbag replacement? Please let me know by my Email.

  21. Just finishing my second year of ownership of a 2014 Forester. I love the car: great ride in city, country roads or highway, good gas mileage, comfortable interior, great in winter. Service has been excellent. Several issues that can take this car to the next level: 1. Improve the cheap carpeting. Even with Weathertec mats the carpeting was damaged in the first winter – it has no nap, is only one step above cardboard. 2. Need to supply a folding key fobs. Current large keys rip holes in my pockets and has scratched the doors when holding packages or kids and trying to enter. How much could it cost to have a folding key? 3. Some of us live in cities, how about an automatic door lock so that once you enter the car it locks. Almost all other cars have this feature available.
    Thank you for your attention to the above. All in all a great car.

  22. Mr. Yasuyuki Yoshinaga
    President and CEO Subaru
    Ref: Subaru Outback 2.5I CVT Limited Claim

    Dear Mr Yoshinaga-san,

    My name is Cecilia Parra, from Chile, a Subaru´s owner that wants to show you my concern and problems with your Company. I´m writing directly to you due to I have not received any formal answer from the local branch in Chile.

    On 2013, I bought a new Subaru Outback 2.5I CVT Limited, in Indumotora One-La Dehesa-Santiago-Chile. I bought a Subaru thinking in confidence; I needed a car to trust in 100%

    Unfortunately, Subary has not been that for me.

    Since I bought the car, it has had problems; firstly the radio did not work, then the GPS, then USB, window, among others, but I did not claim about them because I did not think those where dangerous; however, today is different and I am worried.

    Today, I take the time to write this letter and show my disillusion with Subaru brand, because I bought a brand new car, I have done all the maintenance that the brand suggest in the authorized branch (Indumotora One La Dehesa-Santiago-Chile), and 2 weeks ago the Subaru failed, with only 40.000 kilometers. It did not start anymore; the check engine flag went on, together with all the lights from the dashboard. The car was 4 days at the garage of Indumotora One La Dehesa, I did not present claims, I wait for Indumotora

    One to solve the problem but after 4 days I took my car back without any report about the failure, idem to all problems presented before, the represents of Subaru said it was a small fail.

    On Sunday September 13, 2015, the car did not start again, showing the same failures than before.

    Today, my car is at the Indumotora´s garage and Subaru has not reply formally my queries. I strongly believe that my Subaru was sold with failures from the beginning but they don´t want to give a formal answer. I believe that this car is a danger for the community, I could have an accident involving more than myself or my family. I live outside of Santiago de Chile, and fortunately the two times that the car failed I was in a safety place.

    Definitively the slogan “CONFIDENCE IN MOTION” has not worked at all.


    Cecilia Parra Chandía

  23. Still waiting for Maura to call me back (Since Dec 10) on my problem with my 2014 Outback which is now Dec 17. I was promised a return call on Dec 15th.

  24. I was in the market for a new vehicle. I ended up buying a competitors model just because of their TV and radio ads. You really ought to have your ad writers put more thought into what they write. They should just state what the product is, what the features are, and what it’s going to cost. I’m sure I’m not the only one that doesn’t give a damn about some dude in a co, op hauling soil around. Also, they speak in plain English instead of making up your own little words trying to sound intelligent. Because in actuality your sounding retarded. Not only myself but several people that I have asked had no idea what the hell a creature comfort was. If you are referring to the people that buy and use the vehicle why don’t you speak in plain English and say that instead of referring to people like they are the creatures from the black lagoon.

  25. Good morning.

    Without going into lengthy detail… I, along with my other family members own a total of 3 Subarus. We LOVE our Bru’s. I URG your executives to CHOOSE Apple Inc’s. CarPlay for your future in car tech. IF you choose NOT to offer an Apple Inc. CarPlay in car option for future Subaru car lines, I will no longer consider a Subaru for my future car purchase.

    Do I make myself clear? Go Apple or get out out of my life. DONT BE STUPID.

    Have a Grateful Day.


  26. My wife bought a 2015 Impreza which she loves in July 2015 from ocean Subaru in North Hampton NH. There are a few issues with the car that the dealer seems to have no interest in repairing. We have brought it in 3 times and they say there is nothing wrong. The first is a simple body noise in the hood. Despite having their body specialist look at it they can not resolve the noise. I looked at the hinge and noticed it seems that it just was not properly lubed in assembly. When I sprayed silicone into the area the noise disappeared until the silicone dried. It also seems they never even attempted to adjust the hood hinge to try and fix the problem.

    The second issue is the bluetooth for the cellphone. When we use it the people we are calling cannot understand what we are saying. This is a safety feature required in many states. It is a big problem that it is unusable. All they can say is it works for them. It does not work for us and they don’t seem to care.

    Given all the emails and advertising about how much Subaru cares it certainly does not ring true in our case. I opened a case with Subaru of America and they do not return our calls. Even though my wife loves the car I do not think I would recommend a Subaru to anyone given the terrible customer support and service

  27. Our experience with Subaru Philippines is terrible.

    The agent in Subaru Greenhills kept on making false promises as to the delivery of the vehicle which forced us to move the account in Subaru Taguig. However, the sales manager of the said branch has shown the same level of incompetency and laziness. Rather than the agent following up the account to the buyer, it was us who was following up the release with this Sales Manager: Mike Fernandez.

    We were calling him at his cellphone but he was not replying. We called the branch and he went out for lunch. We requested a call back but never got a call. We requested to solicit the approval from other branches as we were planning to purchase several units. We were told outright that our auto loan application was rejected. We verified the information with the bank and was told that no application was submitted. The gross neglect of duty of these sales representatives were shocking. No wonder the Subaru car sales are so low compared to Toyota.

    The branches are poorly run and they are hiring the wrong people.

  28. Dear Sir,
    While I doubt you will read this, I still feel compelled to write you about the quality of your product and loyalty of your customers. I have a 2006 Subaru Outback. I bought it new with every intention of driving it for a very long time. I have taken care of it, having regular services done, changing the oil every 3000 miles and practicing good tire care. I do not drive the car hard and my commute is 20 miles one way. The car currently has 92,000 miles (yes low miles for a 2006). During the 90,000 service it was noted that I have leaking valve covers, leaking head gaskets, leaking steering rack and a failing viscous coupler in the manual transmission. I’m looking at repair bills in the thousands of dollars. On a car with 90,000 miles. How would you feel if you were me? I had considered trading in again for a new Subaru but now will consider other brands due to the number of problems with the Subaru. Surely you have a quality assurance department. Surely you have a concern for customer loyalty. If you do read this , thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Ralph Wilcox

  29. We love the Forester, own a 2012 and will likely be in the market for a 2nd Forester in the next year. Would like to make a suggestion for future colors: Why no vehicles in dark navy blue metallic? That would be my immediate choice — but do not see that option. The current options feel somewhat stale. John

  30. Dears Sirs ,
    My name is Michal Mrokowski.I am owner of Subaru Forester 2.0 D 2009.
    Nr VIN : JF1SHDLZ3AG099559 and Nr of engine 322139.
    After 135k km engine broke down. In service Subaru Zdanowicz in Gdansk engine was disassembled with suggestion that Subaru will be participated in costs of overhaul .After 3 weeks I received information from main Subaru office in Krakow that only me could be pay off for everything because engine was partly serviced not in authorized place. I am engineer on marine vessels and I have engine experience. I have seen this engine by myself .Engine block is cracked in many places and slide –shell bearings are used very much. It looks like the reason is wrong construction as you already know because new generation of this engine has not this fault. I was proper serviced this car every 15k km with very good oil (Motul) and original filters etc.
    I hope that Subaru as Japanese manufacture has a high attitude and responsibility because it was one of the reason for my choice. I still have a hope that Fuji Heavy Ind. help me with my problem by participate with costs and will keep good opinion about Subaru cars.
    Many thanks and Best Regards,
    Mike Mrokowski

  31. I have a 2010 Subaru with 104,000 miles on it. I have had other cars with more miles on it that have not had the brake problems that this one has. I have replaced pads at least 6 times in 4 years, disks at least twice, and now find that all 4 brakes, pads and calipers are shot and it is going to cost us big money that we do not have. I got tired of the Subaru dealer not fixing the problem and took it to a well establish local mechanic here in Germantown. He called this morning to say that there are some defective parts as it is the only thing that he can think of that are causing all of them to fail. The rear calipers are completely frozen. My mechanic said that these things should last a lot longer. What he is putting in will be under warranty.The thing is that I had the calipers, brake pads, and rotors on the front replaced at the Subaru dealer which cost me nearly a thousand dollars. He is doing all 4 for a little more than it cost me to replace just the front. That may not sound like much money to some of you, but to me, given that what I do doesn’t pay much, it is a fortune, especially now that I have some health problems and a mortgage that I am still paying on. Here’s my question: I have record of all the brake work done….do I have any recourse withe dealer or company? I imagine not, but I really am frustrated. I am tempted to post this on the Subaru dealer’s site where I purchased the car. I have complained to them about this in the past but got customer no service.

  32. Hi,

    Local Subaru dealer wanted $500 deposit before they would bring a 3.6 outback over to their store from a sister dealership, for me to try out.

    $500 deposit to try out a car?

    Incredible. What a “business” practice. Pls advise.


  33. I went to the salem subaru location in salem on the 26th, I have the plus that was good thru the 27th, I thought I would not be paying for the few things I had done, but I was charged 108.17. I recevied a call yesterday and was offered a free oil change, I refused the offer, letting her know that no one had indicated that I would be charged 108.17

  34. Quit emailing me. You have attached my email address to someone who apparently bought a Subaru. That someone is named Tim Hayes and he apparently bought a Subaru (presumably in the Austin, Texas area). I test drove one in Austin roughly 9 months ago and must have given Subaru my email at that time. For some reason my email has been associated with Tim Hayes. I am not Tim Hayes. I don’t know Tim Hayes. I do not now nor have ever owned a Subaru. Please stop emailing me. I have called and emailed at least six times asking to be removed from your list and disassociated with Tim Hayes.

  35. I am writing you to tell you that my Subaru saved my life. A few days ago I was T-boned by another car while going through an intersection. My car was sent airborne and rolled 2 and 1/2 times before coming to a stop. Other than the bruising from the side airbag and seatbelt I am 100% fine. I believe this kind of accident in just about any other car would have resulted in much more serious injuries or even death. The cabin area stayed mostly intact. Thank you for making such great and safe cars. Mine is totaled, but I’ll be at the Subaru dealer looking for another as soon as I’m able to. Thanks again, your loyal customer for life,
    Erika Ball

  36. hello!
    it a year now since i started driving subaru, its a good car for real, i used to drive my friend car untill he decided to sell it, i like subaru more than any car especially manual transmittion{sports} but the problem is i dont have enough money to afford a car, my salary is too low to buy even the third hand car, i real love it but i dont have option, im from AFRICA the country knowns TANZANIA, Much love to all staff team over there we all together even though i dont use your product because of my economy, have a nice job, say hi to our president MR YASUYUKI YOSHINAGA.

  37. I love your commercials about loving the Subaru… Especially the one with Grandma and the tree… You need to have one with a carload of grandkids piling out of a Subaru and Grandma patting the hood and giving it a kiss

  38. This is my first time to own a Subaru Forester which I got from Bgc in Taguig last Dec 1, 2015. Only on its sixth month last June 2016, I noticed tic toc sound each time I go left, whether forward or reverse. I only had a chance to bring this July and I was so disappointed to learn that my shock mounting needs to be replaced. Of course the broken part will be replaced since it is under warranty but it’s quite surprising that there is a broken part considering my car is only 7 months old. I thought Subaru is a brand of quality and durability but only to be disappointed. I don’t think I’ll recommend subaru to a friend. I used to drive a lowly Honda city but I never had to change any parts during the 5 years I had the car. Only the battery needs replacement. The service advisors didn’t make things any better because of the poor way they handle complaints. No apologies or any explaination or details on their findings unless I asked for it. No timeline given when the parts will be available. I feel like I wasted my money in buying the forester.

  39. I own a 2010 Subaru Forest that I bought new from Ertle Subaru. I have had nothing but trouble with their service department. For example, I have been there four times to fix my air conditioning, which has failed again. I am taking it to a private shop for the repair this time.
    About 18 months ago I had them install a Subaru remote starter, which required the programming of my keys. At the time, I was told that when I found my spare key I could bring it to them and they would program it at no charge. I finally found the key last week and told them that I would like to bring it for the programming. Now they are telling me it will cost $50 to do it.
    How do they not honor their word?

  40. I wish to commend subaru for being the most ethical loyal co!! My 2010 forester suffered a catastrophic engine failure while my son was driving it on the hwy. It caught fire and he was able to pull it off the road and put the fire out. Because he put it out and it was contained to the engine my insurance co rejected my claim. I then contacted my local subaru dealer,Romano in syracuse and spoke with dave vito,service mgr. He was invaluable and took care of my situation. He gave me a loaner car until we figured it out. Dave contacted subaru and together supplied me with a new engine. I am overwhelmed with the phenomenal ethical and professional treatment. Subaru is the best!!! I will always own a subaru

  41. November 11, 2016

    To whom it may concern:

    Let me start this letter by saying that this is my second Subaru and I have been a satisfied customer for the past fourteen years, that is why I traded in my 2002 and purchased a 2012 Legacy 2.5 in 2012. I have always been an advocate for Subaru and have never questioned the safety or value that the Subaru product holds. I do have a concern that I feel you should be made aware of since it is weighing heavy on my mind and my wallet.
    Recently my moon roof refused to close. I was able to manually close it and brought it to my Subaru dealer where I had purchased and serviced both my Subaru’s. After charging me $115.00 for an hour of labor only to tell me that it could not be fixed unless the complete moon roof motor and mechanism is replaced, I was shocked. Asking what would cause such a huge malfunction in a 2012 Legacy with only 68,000 miles on it, they could not pinpoint the reason. They speculated it could be a defective part, corrosion on the tracks or the motor just wore out. To replace this would be approximately $1,200.00. Being a single working woman, I look for reliability, safety and comfort features that would last well into the life of my Subaru’s vehicle. To my disappointment, this is not the case. I don’t have the funds to replace a four year old moon roof, nor do I feel that it should be replaced so early into the vehicle’s life. As I stated earlier in my letter, the Subaru reputation precedes all others when choosing a vehicle or referring others to do the same. I will now have to rethink that choice. I have included the invoice estimate from the dealer so that you can see the VIN number and the total cost of the repair.
    To say the least, I am disenchanted and discouraged that Subaru equipped a vehicle with a defective mechanism and that I have no recourse but to repair the moon roof at MY own expense. I had given serious thought and effort in purchasing this vehicle; however I will now be rethinking the Subaru reputation. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

  42. Hi, I’m not sure if I’m writing to the correct address. But I just want you guys at Subaru to know that I absolutely LOVE your doggie commercials, especially the ones with the Golden Retrievers. I have a Golden and your commercial is such a joy to watch. I feel I need to go out and by a Subaru. Please forward this message to your media department; they are fantastic.
    Thanks, Jeri Parish

  43. I have bought two Subaru from thr Fairfield,Calif store.
    I have had service problems in the past and a new service manager,Mike, was brought in.He did a very good job.
    I have not been there in months but my wife’s had the check engine light come on ,cruise control would not work,and she mentioned another red light.
    Called to FF to set up an appointment and talked to their scheduler. Next availible appointment was April 10th.I requested to talk to talk to the a service representative and he was busy but she would give him a message to call me-this was around 10AM today.
    Called around 4:30 today and messaged stated everyone was busy.Call back later.Called the direct line to the service manager and left a message .
    Can I get some help?

  44. Dear Subaru ,
    Please,please stop your publicized plans for a 4 cyliner turbo for the new Ascent.
    If the 3.6r is a good amount of power for an Outback how can you plan a new much larger vehicle with any less.
    That was part of your problem with the Tribeca
    Please put a proper power unit in the Ascent

  45. Subaru dealer claims to have replaced a part causing check engine light to come on and yet I receive an email to schedule an appointment to have the part ordered installed. This explains why I still have a check engine light showing. I paid over 400.00 dollars the part was not installed the dealer only cleared the code.
    How do you deal with deceptive practice by your dealers? The day my Subaru was at the dealer they were suppose to correct a recall issue involving air bag. Now I wonder if that was even done.

  46. I really wanted to buy a Forester.

    So, last week, I went to the Memphis TN Subaru dealer. They were not at all helpful. First, I dealt with a salesperson, Mr. Romeo. He showed me the car, and allowed me to drive one. However, he was unable to give me any numbers, because he said the computers were down, and no one knew how to reset them. He suggested I check back the next day. He never called me, but I did call the dealership, and spoke with a sales manager. He gave me some numbers, but they basically involved MSRP, plus a $499 doc fee, and another fee, which brought the the fees close to $1000. I questioned these fees, since Carmax does not charge them. He had no answers other than that they are required fees. He also showed no leeway on pricing on new or used cars. After that conversation, no one ever contacted me again to pursue my interest.
    Yesterday, I went to a dealership for a different brand crossover. My experience could not have been more different.The sales manager was very knowledgeable, and cooperative. He came up with exact pricing, and included the documentation fee in the price, but then discounted it. I felt this dealer wanted my business, whereas Subaru Memphis seemed not to care. I realize Subarus are excellent vehicles. However, the general experience I had with the dealership, made me question whether the same uninterested attitude would also be evident if a problem arose with the car, and when service was required.
    Again, I really wanted to buy a Forester, but I have no confidence in the single dealership in Memphis.

  47. Good afternoon. My car is 2009 with mileage 113743км and it crashed the engine. (photo)
    The car was always serviced at Subaru service. The warranty on the car only 3 years or 100 000km. But I know that these motors EE20 was faulty and was replaced on many machines. I contacted the service and told me that I have to pay for the repair myself. But I don’t have much money and a new car I can’t afford it. I have been looking for an opportunity to repair his car. What to do with this? Because it is a motor failure – an error at the factory!

  48. I need to fix my Subaru my account information. Who do I email to update? Pls don’t send me phone # to hold.
    Joseph R Cerami

  49. On Saturday, July 29,2017 I went to Open Road Subaru on Route 22, Union NJ.
    The sales person started at list price ignoring the advertised discount. He was unwilling to show me another model Subaru. With every question I asked he went into the back room taking up to ten minutes to return. When I said we were unable to finalize a deal we got up and left. We were in our car about to leave the premises when two other salesperson approached the driver’s side. One said “you are f__kin rude”. He continued to approach my car looking quite angry. I left the premises. This is no way to invite a customer back into the showroom.

  50. Hi, I have been buying cars for 54 years. Yesterday, I bought a 2018 Crosstrek from Kenny Ross Subaru in North Huntingdon PA. It was the BEST car-buying experience I have ever had. The sales consultant, Joe Donas, and the sales manager, Troy Smith were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The buying process was clear and transparent and I feel I was treated fairly. I have already sung their praises to several potential buyers and will continue to do so.

    I would really like to see Joe and Troy acknowledged for their outstanding work.

    I am not a relative, friend or neighbor of either man and this commendation was unsolicited. You have my permission to forward this email to whoever the appropriate parties may be.

    Thank you

  51. I have a 2012 Subaru Legacy (CVT) stalling when coming to stop. Had in shop and was told Torque converter needs replaced. I was told by dealer that I was unfortunate that this happened. Unfortunate is not the right wording. You all knew this problem was there for years and didn’t correct. Apparently for multiple models of you vehicles. I am reading about extended warranty for these vehicles. They also talk about a one year extension, ending July 31, 2018 for vehicles with higher millage. Dealer did not say anything about this being a common problem or warranties. You all should be ashamed of yourself for not addressing problem appropriately.

  52. Please make it easier to contact Subaru.

    I’m on my 4th Subaru…3 Legacys and 1 Impreza.
    As an older person, 74+, I’m finding my torso is sore from twisting to try to grab and install the safety belt across my chest in my Subarus…and 2 GMC trucks. I was doing physical therapy before I realized my sore hips and knees are caused by this action.
    I’m 5’2″, 180 lbs. with a short torso. Please discuss this with engineers to help us old people out. No where in your advertising do you imply you care about your Grandparents driving a Subaru. I’m ready for a new one…Green.

  53. First let me say how unhappy I am with my 2012 outback. Had the transmission changed at 75,000 miles now at 82,000 my axels are bad . It has a problem with the backend but they can’t seem to find out what’s wrong with that. It shudders when I put it in drive sometimes. I wish Subaru would buy this piece of crap so I can get something else.

  54. We are on our 4th Subaru, old 87 station wagon, plus 3 Foresters. a 2000, 2004, 2006. The problem I have is now with the 2006. But also had same problem with the 2004.
    At the triangle by the drivers side mirror where the side window slides through, the sound of wind is loud. The wind isn’t coming in, just the noise. It was bad in the 2004, we’d roll the window down, squeeze the two sides together which would stop the sound FOR A WHILE. This noise isn’t bad in town, but on the highway, it gets aggravating. I did ask a dealer, but was told it was a Forester problem. Help!

  55. What’s a shame.
    From here I can see Subaru dealers is not professional in counties.
    Subaru has their biggest China store in Beijing. However, they have not fixed up my car in 2 month and half. No one knows their logistics information clearly, only all replies I got are waiting.

  56. I need to register my Subaru star link account but I do not have a computer. How am I to register it if I do not have an account. Dealership could not answer.

  57. Have loved your commercials for a long time. starting with “duck” who is shown as a puppy and as he ages to a old timer, and now the one with “Butch the old soul” who hates the boyfriend. They are so creative and animal lovers love those kind of ads!!!! Watched the Puppy Bowl yesterday and LOVED the golden retriever commercials, glad I taped the show just so I can watch the Subaru ads again! I am currently leasing a Chevy Trax that expires in Oct 2018. I am going to lease a Subaru in Oct, any company that can create such heartwarming ads deserves my business!!!

  58. I have a 2013 Subaru Impreza Hatchback Sport Limited, I traded in a 2008 Impreza Hatchback for it. I didn’t realize that the ground clearance was actually reduced rather than increased because the 2008 was so low as it was. It was difficult to avoid bumping curbs. The redesign of the 2013 front bumper and fender liners helped but the ground clearance for the 2013 was actually reduced!

    Is there anything I can do to gain some ground clearance for my 2013? Not just for curbs but for deep snow as well?

    Thank you,

    Michael B

  59. Is Subaru working on an Eye Sight lens protection for potential damage due to car wash employees using windshield cleaner on inside windshield?

  60. I would not buy another Subaru with the boxer engine. these engines are prone to blow head gaskets. I had a 2002 legacy and head gasket blew at a very low mileage. we traded for a 2010 forester and again at 45000 miles head gasket is blown will cost 2400 dolars to fix. along with the drivers side seat which has colaspe will cost another 400 dollars to fix. do not buy boxer engine . im on social security and cant afford to fix this problem nor buy another car. pooo on Subaru.

  61. Subaru customer service representative is not very helpful, had trouble with one dealer admitting to a problem, after much back and forth, she said take it to another dealer, which I did and they will fix the problem. My point is nothing was said about the first dealer and that they would try to correct the problem with the dealer, I have had four subarus, this one is a 2016 and had two problems already. Think dealers should be told to treat customers fairly. Subaru should care about their dealers reputations.

  62. I sent previous emails regarding my accident in a cross trek no one replied. the seatbelt did not engage and I have injuries as a result. I want to put in a claim. Pleas advise who to contact. This happened last July 2017. Ronda Mlazgar

  63. Bought a Subaru yesterday in Monroeville, PA, and was so blown away by the customer service and the no-nonsense attitude. Got the car I wanted at the price I wanted without having to bargain.

    I would have done this a year ago had I known how accommodating and strait forward everything was going to be.

    New loyal customer here

  64. I was stopped for a red light when my car shut down and all the dash warning lights came on. I had a very difficult time getting it home. Now I found out that it was the brake device that shut down my car. I was told that it was a $22 piece that controlled all of it including a problem locking the car in park. I was also told that Subaru has now made a better piece than the one that had been on my car and it is running well now. My car is a 2016 Subaru Impreza and still under its warranty.
    think that these models and years should have been recalled if they needed the new device. It is dangerous have your car stopped that way. I was very frustrated and very scared. What if I had been on a highway? It is very dangerous!!!!

  65. Brian Smith
    2338 West Nina Lane
    Warsaw, IN 46580

    To: Jim Vecellio
    Sales Manager
    Subaru of Fort Wayne


    I am writing to voice my disappointment with the way Subaru of Fort Wayne handled our service needs on the 2008 Subaru Outback vin# 4S4BP61CX87311093 we purchased from you in July. After purchasing the vehicle, we noticed sounds coming from the vehicle that concerned us. After bringing the vehicle into you to have the concerns addressed and waiting all day, we were told that there were indeed some issues that needed to be addressed and we would have to bring the vehicle back in. Since we do not live in Fort Wayne and our kids needed the vehicle for school we couldn’t wait to bring it back in and had the needed repairs done at our local mechanic. The needed repairs included replacing a ball joint, a new rack and pinion assembly, replacing the steering gear, sway bar link/kit, replacing stabilizer and alignment of all 4 wheels. Our mechanic contacted the warranty company (WheelZ) we purchased powertrain coverage from for pre-authorization for repairs and was told the needed repairs were not covered under the contract we purchased. We ended up having to cover the $1,022.26 repair bill.

    We love the Subaru brand and would love to purchase another vehicle but have great concern about ever dealing with this dealer again in the future.


    Brian Smith

  66. Second request. I would like to know why such low quality tires are put on the Outback that is one of Subaru’s leading products. After only 30,000 miles I am told that I should begin looking for new tires. Really! That is ridiculous. Any suggestions or comments?

  67. Mr. Rosen, here’s the email I’m sending to all interacting with us druing our Subaru Legacy purchase:
    Either you were ignorant about a significantly annoying issue for the Subaru Legacy or just omitted it during your sales interactions (lying).  Headlights cannot be replaced by the owner; headlights cannot be replaced by Autozone; Headlights cannot be replaced by Walmart mechanics (they tried for 45 minutes) Headlights cannot be replaced by your all-service mechanics’ garage ( without significant labor requiring $80 of service fees)
    or buying the headlight yourself & paying Ganley $30 to install it.
    We are extremely frustrated; it’s expensive and it’s needlessly difficult & you didn’t mention it PLUS we purchased the maintenance package during the sales pitch of which from your finance person who never mentioned that despite the thousands of dollars we’re spending on the maintenance package, we still have to go through this BS just to change a headlight.
    Never you, never Ganley never ( I’ll find out her name finance person) never Subaru and We’ll spend the extra time to spread the word publicly.
    I’ll be calling tomorrow to get this headlight business done  – until the next time it burns out. Then I’ll go somewhere besides Ganley.
    Noel Schwenk

  68. There is a significant problem with the 2018 Outback’s center display console which controls the back-up camera, maps, Bluetooth, and the radio/CD player. It is a known issue, yet Subaru is not proactively contacting us so we have an opportunity to fix the problem with a simple download. Once the console goes out, which mine did, the download no longer works and a new console has to be ordered. It’s been over 3 weeks, the consoles are backordered and there is not a known shipping date at this time. I’m so disappointed. Had 2 Foresters and 0 issues. Wanted to “upgrade” to an Outback. I’m so very disappointed with Subaru. By the way, left 2 messages with customer service over 10 days ago and never received a call back. Icing on the cake.

  69. I want to comment on your corp. phone calls inviting me to get a service policy since my original expired. I have repeatedly told the callers (570 and 803 area codes) TO STOP CALLING – I am not interested! I get at least one-two calls a DAY…. FOR OVER A YEAR NOW! This is harassment! What is it going to take to get your corp. to S T O P making the calls???? Callers do not get the point…some can’t understand English!….and I hardly understand them! Thank you.

  70. I own a 2018 Crosstrek bought in September 2017 at Glendale CA.
    Driving the car felt different, unsteady. Recently a loud sound was noticed. A mechanic checked and found loose connection of the rear driver side wheel.
    He fixed it and it drives differently now. Please take notice. I shall also notify Automative Quality Magazine, since this can be critical.
    I was unsuccessful reaching your customer service.

    Ami Oren, MD

  71. Hello, I know your company has done a lot of good for dogs since you started the cute commercials. But this last one leaves a bad taste in our mouth. The dogs go to the park but it says No Pets so it shows them leaving their pet cat in the hot car. Yes the windows were open a little bit but that doesn’t matter sitting in a hot parking lot, then the poor cat is scratching on the window. WTH Subaru?! Have you lost your mind, too many animals & babies have died in parked cars. Epic fail on this one! Shows your dogs are bad pet parents & fun in the park is more important than your cats life. Come on Subaru. Thank you Gena

  72. Please do a software update so that the radio does not automatically turn on upon engine startup. Also please come up with a fix so that my Pandora does not automatically start when i plug my phone into the usb port. Shit is absurd. No reason for this nonsense.

  73. I bought a new Outback in June, 2016. This year I have had to put back brakes, new tires and a new battery in it. It has 45,000 miles. I was also told the front brakes are close to needing replacement. I enjoy the many safety features in the car but it seems to me I am trading those features for putting up with questionable, almost defective, parts. It has cost me almost $1200. To say I am disappointed in the car is an understatement. This Is my third new car purchase and the first time any of this has happened so soon. I hope I hear back from you but an apology is not enough.

  74. I spoke with Jennifer on the phone regarding a detail service on my 2011 subaru outback at the fort wayne subaru dealership,  I am wondering when i would hear back from the resolution team.  also, wondering if my contact information was delivered on the phone correctly, since at time the letter in the email address get misunderstood

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