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Contacting State Farm Customer Service Center

Over the course of the past 90 years, State Farm has been the auto insurance customers have grown to trust due to the commitment to the customer and overall customer experience. The company is based in the United States, with a reach exceeding 81 million customers across the nation as well as Canada. Customer service is critical to success in order for State Farm to remain viable in the insurance business. This is why the service department offers unparalleled customer service relating to policies and customer concerns.

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Contact Info:

Customers have the ability to contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media. Current customers can contact the customer service department through the customer contact form. The financial arm of the customer service department is available Monday through Friday, 7am to midnight. The automated system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers needing assistance with mutual funds can contact the customer service department Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm.

Phone Contact Numbers

Contact the following departments in order to receive world-class customer service.

  • Customer service: 1-855-733-7333
  • Insurance claims: 1-800-782-8332
  • Insurance payments: 1-800-440-0998
  • Banking questions: 1-877-734-2265
  • Credit card: 1-877-734-8472
  • Mutual funds: 1-800-447-4930
  • Mortgage: 1-866-227-4384
  • Financial technical assistance: 1-888-559-1922
  • Financial (international): 1-706-644-0852
  • TTY: 771

Mailing Address

In order to reach the customer service department by mail, customer will need to send correspondence to the corporate headquarters.

State Farm InsuranceOne State Farm PlazaBloomington, IL 61710

State Farm Mutual FundsP.O. Box 219548Kansas City, MO 64121-9548

DST SystemsAttn: State Farm Mutual Funds430 W. 7th StreetKansas City, MO 64105

The State Farm College Savings PlanP.O. Box 173865Denver, CO 80217-3865

Official Website

Customers visiting the official State Farm website can receive a quote, contact the customer service department or a local agent or manage a claim online. When managing a claim, customers must register their account. Customers do not need to have an account to contact the customer service department or contact an agent to request a quote. Aside from the previous three options, customers can locate and learn about all of the insurance products and read more about the company on the State Farm FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to order to send an email to the customer service department. Although this email address is specifically for the banking services, we sent an email asking if the automotive division had a dedicated email address.

Customers can also contact the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

Contacting a customer service department should be easy and pain-free. Unfortunately, contact the customer service department at State Farm was neither. We called the customer support line, only to encounter a business signal. We contacted the remaining customer support numbers and still received a busy signal. Finally, we contacted the financial services number and connected without fail.

When we spoke with a representative, we had to be transferred to the appropriate department. After waiting approximately 5 minutes, we were able to address the agent. We asked if we should contact an agent or the customer service department in the event we had questions or concerns. The representative explained general questions can be addressed by the customer service department, while policy specific questions are better addressed by the local agent.

The call ended better than it started. Was your experience what your expected? Let us know your thoughts.

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71 Comments on “Contact State Farm Customer Service
  1. I have been ripped off by your company! My agent Josh London is not telling you the truth! I applied for a auto policy in NC, my cars are registered in OH, they said that was no problem, sold me a policy, took my money then the next day said I had to register my cars in NC to write the policy. I thought about it over the weekend called another company and they did sell me a policy without having to register my cars down here. They did not stand behind what they sold me so i asked for a refund but got back less than half of what i paid. When I tried to call and talk to someone on the phone they kept transferring me to another person who would put me on hold. Thats not the way to treat people! Your slogan is “like a GOOD nieghbor” but I would not treat my nieghbor like this! I was able to leave a message with someone named Rick Davis out of Wilmington office, maybe he will call me back, but who knows!!

  2. My family and I and our family pet are about to die in Louisiana heat I have had statefarm insurances since I was in my twenties one of my policies has a surrender value online of 1000 some odd dollars when I went in to cash it in they told me it was only worth 20$ we are going to die in these temperatures waiting on the ac to be fixed at my home the lady said she is sorry I will never reccomend statefarm again. This is not safe for my family.

  3. I have been trying to get state farm to simply electronically send proof of insurance to my dmv for over a week now. It sounds so simple but because you guys are either lazy and or dumb, i will have to cough up 736.00 dollars for lapse of insurance even though there was never a lapse….. Your company needs to start hiring brokers better that have some sort of knowledge behind what they are doing

  4. state farm has very bad customer services they quote one price to which one agree on State Farm writes the policy wrong and if you have them correct their own mistake the have the audacity to increase the premium claiming policy coverage change when it is their mistake careless in the first place then all of their representative no one helps. it is a lied there is no such thing as customer service dept. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT EVER AGIN RECOMEND NO ONE TO GET THIS STATE FARM INSURANCE THEY SUCK

  5. 20 plus years ago a new agent[a friend]sold me a life insurance policy’supposably a ten pay’ after paying 1500 a year for years they now say it wasn’t a ten pay. I took a loan or as i assumed was my money and now they want to cancel my life ins at 66 years old.I will not accept this and will take it to the highest courts or pull anutty.

  6. State Farm is not that competent. In one claim, they did not know how to value a property loss. It was a waste of time (literally hours and hours) trying to get them to properly handle this particular claim. Eventually, I was so disappointed that I filed a complaint with the state Department of Insurance. That complaint is still working its way through the system. What a drag.

  7. Mom has had her insurance on both her homes with State Farm since I was a kid. She recently passed away and I was informed that the insurance on her property will probably be canceled. I can get insurance elsewhere, but it realy upsets me that these properties were insured by State Farm for over 50 year and now because of her death they are not willing to maintain the coverage. I am a long time resident of Sumter county. My mom was a long time and faithful customer of State Farm . This will not look good in our comunnity as it is a small town. I thought State Farm had more ethics than to cancel coverage on long time customers because of death.

  8. State Farm is a joke the worst Customer Service you could ask for!! quotes they do not stand by!! My Husband & I moved over our Home Cars & Motorcycles were Given Quotes!! then these got changed on us!!!
    then within 3mths our Agent got FIRED for NOT DOING HIS JOB GIVING INCORRECT QUOTES..
    Then i called one day was told the Agent no longer work there!!
    That a Letter had been sent out to us of course no Letter had been sent.
    we were told that our File had been sent to another Agent!!! mmm
    Now we have a different State Farm Agent SHE is very RUDE.. I have had issues with her making mistakes with our ins on Motorcycles, we had Two Ins Claims. I called to ask about the First one Damage to the House was told the Deductiable was$1000 and the repairs was only $1500, we decided not to go ahead with the Claim so we Cancelled it. The Second we called was regarding water Damage, from the Beggining said they did not Cover any Water Damage under our INSURANCE.We said ok then forget we will take care of it.. Come to find out that STATE FARM had filed the claim..
    State Farm are not Obligated to explain insurance to Customers only Deductibles according to my Agent……….
    Now we being dropped nice one STATE FARM….

  9. I think the jakestatefarm commercials are terrible. Someone must think the khakie reference is “cute” but it is the most disrespectful of marriage that I’ve ever seen. Just saying ! We’ve been married for 49 years and the institution of marriage is maligned everyday and you do not need to be a part of it. We’ve been state farm customers with Freck Pollard in Ripley, TN for that many years also. You’ve maligned him too.

  10. Terrible service all the way around. sold me a policy too high and wouldn’t give me my REfund for almosT a month. would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.

  11. My wife called our agent to drop full coverage. That was completed and she paid over the phone the balance. Two days later we receive a bill for that amount. We receive a letter from MD MVA that registration will be suspended if proof of insurance isn’t given. FR-19 should have been sent to MVA that day. We called agent and was told MVA has not received it yet. This is a week now. We received another today that suspension will take place next Wednesday the 23rd. This ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. State Farm should pay the fine not us because we paid what were told.. My wife has NEVER had this happen before.. It doesn’t help that WE wanted BOTH vehicles put on one policy to receive ONE bill and that got SCREWED UP ALSO!!!

  12. About 2011/12 we had a bad drought and asked for dividends from our life policies to purchase hay; however, we received loans instead. This is not what we wanted and now our policies are a mess. Also, for the last 14 years everything on place was COMPLETELY PROTECTED. Our original agent retired and we were passed on to another agent who did not stay long and we were passed on again to another agent. Since then, all we have been receiving is ‘double talk’ and were told that our place is not COMPLETELY PROTECTED and it would cost us another $1800-2000 in order for it to be. I have been with State Farm for many, many years and lately the actions and double talk (one day we receive certain info and the next day it changes and will cost us more money) we have be receiving makes me what change companies. We have told them we would like to do something but NOT NOW and they do it anyway.Is this how your Company treats their long time customers ? We have had no auto accidents in years, yet our monthly payments remain roughly the same. We are told we have discounts and if so our payments should be getting lower, not higher. With 30 plus years with your Company, we should be getting a lot better treatment than we have.

  13. We recently filed a claim due to water damage and were denied without even listening to us. The claims adjuster came out and did not even look at the areas of concern. We have had State Farm for all of our homes and autos for over 25 years and will be changing to another company soon.
    We would not recomend State Farm to anyone.

  14. my problem is that I am moving to a apartment on may24,and I had purchased renter insurance from MAURREN KOO office manager for KAVIN MORRISSEY IN LEVITTOWN,the problem is that I have a jukebox that I will like insured and I told that to M.S KOO when I gave her the check and she had told me that she will take care of it so far I haven,t received any feed back about the jukebox being insured,i hope that you can help me in this matter

  15. my problem is that I am moving to a apartment on may24,and I had purchased renter insurance from MAURREN KOO office manager for KAVIN MORRISSEY IN LEVITTOWN,the problem is that I have a jukebox that I will like insured and I told that to M.S KOO when I gave her the check and she had told me that she will take care of it so far I haven,t received any feed back about the jukebox being insured,i hope that you can help me in this matter

  16. I am a customer of State Farm and I’m thinking about going to another company. The reasons are as follows:1 a rock hit and broke my vehicle’s fog light. I called my agent. We talked on the phone for quite a while and was given all kinds of bad information. After answering all the questions, we were told that we could go and get it fixed, but it was recommended by the agent that we go to one of their listed businesses to get an estimate, and we will also told that we could go to a place of our choosing, which is not really true based on the experiences that I had with them. We informed them that we were going to North Point Toyota on Landers Road in North Little Rock, and also gave them the ZIP Code. This started on a Friday. They said they would call and inform North point Toyota of this, but it didn’t happen. They called another company and deliberately tried to guide us to where they wanted us to go. We arrived at North point Toyota Tuesday, and we asked had State Farm called as a salesmaW scrambled around China sign information about our claim. we decided to call State Farm again. We were put in contact with another agent, and then were told at that time that we had to go to a claim office in which they located for us that wasn’t too far away. I was baffled because I thought this would be a short easy process for something this minor. And so we are constantly losing time because each time we talked to State Farm we were given a little bit more of the information instead of us getting everything on the initial phone call that we made about our claim. So after arriving at the next claim station, we were told that they couldn’t do anything for us until a claim adjuster showed up and he wouldn’t be in until tomorrow. We had already located the part at North Point Toyota, and gave that information to Brian Childress the Collision Repair Coordinator on Landers Rd., Sherwood, AR 72117. He told us what it would cost to get it repaired, which was cheaper than North Point Toyota, but they could not get the part until State Farm sent them some type of correspondence. But this is beginning to be too long to process. Bottom line, we were not given all the information needed to process this claim, we were guided to a company that we had no interest in after being told we can go any place that we wanted to go, and our time was wasted, which we know will not be able to get back because of this process.

  17. Please send this to whom it concerns,

    My wife was sitting in her car while I was inside the store. Your Client Robert Scott Morris (# c84 9981-E07-59 4)Was parked on the other side of the lot about 30 to 40 yds from us and was leaving the store. He said his phone was ringing and he was reaching to get it and somehow hit our car in the back hard enough to knock my wife into the dash. He was found at fault for improper backing. I have the police report and delivered it to his agent. (Chuck Bateman Vero Beach FL.) I have taken my entire day off to get this resolved in a fair way. We want our car fixed. I have taken it for an estimate only for $962.37. This car is my wife’s first new car and she is very proud of it. I have ran a a detail business here for private golf clubs in the VB area for years I keep it perfect for her and always park away from people so we don’t get dings.

    I have taken this entire day off work to get this accomplished and was put on the phone with someone I couldn’t understand and he wanted to record me for 20 mins. I have tried to do this all the right way and make it easy. I took it to the shop that does the Kia dealerships work with genuine KIA parts. I got the estimate, drove to the sheriff dept. and picked up the Accident report, I went to the Agent and ask his receptionist to make copies of the paperwork I had, Roberts license copy, Insurance card, Registration, Police report, Officer Carmines card, ect..

    Incidentally, as I said I want our car fixed back to how it was when before Robert decided his phone call was so important he did not look for the 30 or 40 yards he drove in reverse before hitting my wife in the back while she was sitting legally parked. This is my last effort to rectify this on my on. I am getting her car fixed and I would like to be reimbursed. If that is to hard for you to understand I will spend the next day I take off of work seeking council.

    How simple can this be???


    Johnny & Suzie Arterburn

    Your agent has the details. I am sorry your company could not handle such a simple task.



  19. Every month my premium goes up higher and higher, I never had a bill the same. It went from $77.00 to $112.00. Getting ready to join another insurance and cancel this one.

  20. all I want to do is get the non po box mailing address. I want to overnight my payment because I misplaced by bill. I have been trying for 1/2 hour. I called my agents office and the girl started a few month ago and couldn’t help me. I called your 800 # and the wait was 10 minutes.
    Certainly this information isn’t a Government secret and could be published for your customers.

  21. all I want to do is get the non po box mailing address. I want to overnight my payment because I misplaced by bill. I have been trying for 1/2 hour. I called my agents office and the girl started a few month ago and couldn’t help me. I called your 800 # and the wait was 10 minutes.
    Certainly this information isn’t a Government secret and could be published for your customers.

  22. This is a comment about one of your ads.
    The adnin which the Grandmother is on hold for an agent.
    The son speaks very disrepectfully to her setting a bad example for young people as to how to speak to their elders.
    I hope you correct this ad promptly,

  23. I’had a leak in my roof every sense hurricane ike state farm out and tell me to patch it up i am not a roofer i can’t get my inside taking care of until i get the outside taking of, state farm decides to drop me, you guys have rip me off, i will get the newa media put you guys on national tv

  24. I’had a leak in my roof every sense hurricane ike state farm out and tell me to patch it up i am not a roofer i can’t get my inside taking care of until i get the outside taking of, state farm decides to drop me, you guys have rip me off, i will get the newa media put you guys on national tv

  25. I tried to contact customer service and the recording said they are not able to take my call right now, call back another time and I was disconnected…WHAT, no hold, no call back options, just hang up. Very unprofessional!!

  26. Devina Gray!!! Best service I’ve ever had! Is that possible when getting auto insurance??? Never have had State Farm but hope their service lives up to Devina’s service…if not i’ll move on! Thanks again for your kindness and for being upfront with me!!

    Sandra Carter

  27. I have had State
    farm Auto insurance for about 30 years. I have had to change agents about 5 years ago due to a move to MS from IL. I have had nothing but problems with this agents office since i changed over to them. The agent himself was very nice the one time i talked to him, however the office personal was nothing but RUDE and did NOT know anything that they should. I have ONE chargeable accident (which was not my fault, but the woman from state farm decided it was, but the police did not) on my record and they raised my payments for about 2 years and now out of the blue i received a letter stating that they were dropping my auto insurance in 30 days. Now i would like someone to explain to me WHY this is being done???????????? I have NEVER been late with a payment (direct withdrawal) and i have NEVER had a moving violation (ticket) in my life. Is it the state i am in or the company itself????????

  28. I would like to register a strong complaint regarding the offensive ad you have on tv. It’s the one where two guys are dressed in grey sweats and pretend that they have breasts bouncing up and down. It is very, very offensive!!! Please, please remove this ad from the series. The rest are all ok, with a couple being very enjoyable to watch, especially the one where the young man says, “I’m never…”

    Although I’m not one of your customers, after watching this particular ad, I’ll NEVER be one!

  29. the worst costumer service ever, so un organized and un professional its sickening to my stomach, everytime I try and call they have to re direct my call 3 different times, like how does that happen? I just want to add a car to the policy… I switched to geico, only because the costumer service is disgusting

  30. Troy Martinez and Gary Collins in Salt Lake City are two agents to avoid. They are sexist and arrogant and would rather lie to their customers instead of make any policy changes. They are lazy and are to be avoided. They are a black eye to State Farm and the reason we left State Farm. Great work, guys!!

  31. How is it that State Farm lets people sit on the freaking phone on hold for over 45 minutes at a shot. REALLY!!! I am pist off.

  32. I tried to call today and was on hold for over an hour. My claim is taking forever to be paid out. The wreck was 6/5 and it is almost September. I have been a customer of State Farm over 30 year. I just want my money. The claim number is 17667D716

  33. John brooks office is the worst professional service office I have EVER had to deal with. The original agent I worked with, Jason ferguson, was awesome but he no longer works there. Ever since he left, it has been a nightmare. They have lost two payments, even though I have receipts, they charged me again. I am trying to make a payment now and it goes to voicemail and then when I do get them, they swear they swill call me back and NEVER do! I wish they would be closed! Molly, John (the owner is the worst), ryan, and Michael never do what they say. Bonnie too! Do NOT do business with them!

  34. I have been TRYING to resolve a serious situation to no avail…I need an email address to contact customer service…NOT A PARTICULAR AGENT….I have documents and a very serious situation…please reply immediately with a legitimate contact email to customer service

    Thank you

  35. I had some policy issues with agent LARRY HUTTO located in Columbia, SC so I decided to email Larry, who then threw me off to his billing assistant. Larry finally decided to pick up the phone (after not responding to my second email)just to confirm my transfer after I called State Farm to have my policy switched over too a new agent. You literally could hear the smirk in his voice as he told me he would take care of the transfer. He obviously didn’t care about my business because he didn’t even ask how we could fix the issue. It was very hurtful having Larry treat me like I didn’t matter after being a loyal client for over ten years. I believe State Farm should evaluate there agents and make sure there clients needs and questions are top priority.

  36. I need to submit a proposal for damage done by lightening by an electrician. I have a claim number and I saw the website where you upload specific items, but nowhere to upload proposals.

    Please help!

  37. I need to submit a proposal for damage done by lightening by an electrician. I have a claim number and I saw the website where you upload specific items, but nowhere to upload documents.
    Please help!

  38. As a NY independent agent, I called asking where I could send lost policy release forms. I have previously sent on a small commercial account the LPR’s to the local agent to cancel the policies. The agent refuses to cancel the policy and has told the insured this. I called looking for an address or fax # to send LPR’s to. I was told local agent must handle. I asked as I have no other alternative, I guess I would have to call NYS Ins Dept. St. Farm agent agreed. HELP!! I don’t want to make that call.

  39. You need to know that. Carol and mike roseman is alouding Shawn giffin drive and other people drive their van without a divers license . some them don’t. Have driver licenses

  40. You need to know that. Carol and mike roseman is alouding Shawn giffin drive and other people drive their van without a divers license . some them don’t. Have driver licenses

  41. I recently had my agent send a check to you for over $3000.00. I was told I could access the account when money was needed. We have a financial situation now and I need $1000.00. How do I go about getting this?

  42. Your company is nothing but THIEVES. I have been overcharged on my auto policy, my home owners and a personal articles policy. I am getting auto insurance for $950 less per year with Geico, homeowners went down $389 per year. I have more homeowner coverage on an HO3 policy and 2 better packages on my auto policy. We have had no claims on the home and auto. Shawn Velez the agent called me a fool and hung up on me, I received a letter saying sorry we lost you as a customer but no money was refunded.Where is my refund for the last month of my auto and last 2 months on the homeowners .There was no lapse in coverage. I have notified my mortgage company and they paid the new premium. The bank to stop the auto pay on the auto policy also Best of all I have told other people who are going to throw STATE FARM and JAKE AT 3AM IN THE GARBAGE> YEY FOR THE GETCO!!!

  43. My comment is that you keep sending me letters in the mail thinking that I have auto or home insurance. I do not have auto insurance because I don’t drive and I don’t have home insurance because I don’t own a home. So please take me off of your list and stop sending me any more letters about auto or home insurance because I don’t have either of these. I would appreciate it very much if you would take me off of your list and stop sending me anymore mailings. Sincerely Victor Garcia

  44. This review refers to State Farm Agent Bill Cordy in Orlando Florida.
    For the past four months after having my wife transfer to State Farm from esurance, its been one issue after another simply because no one there is effecient enough to get things done right. Her policy got cancelled on 1/20/2016 because an endorsement for an excluded driver was not processed, though the form was submitted twice.
    On 1/21/2016 we went to speak to another agent to get coverage for my wife’s car as Bill’s office said they could do nothing.
    I called and spoke to the office manager Glen who was sad I was also going to transfer to another agent. He asked me to stay and told Him I had made up my mind. While at the new agents office he called to say my wife’s policy was reinstated as he dealt with the matter. We asked that he cancel it as we had already started a new policy for my wife. He also confirmed to me that he emailed my request to transfer to Mr Cordy who would be in later that day.
    Today is 1/27/2016, one week later and my policy was not transferred
    I called and spoke to Mr. Cordy at 12:18 and he actually argued with me over the phone up to the point of saying what makes the other agent better than him. I repeatedly asked him to transfer my policy and he argumentatively showed hostility to me. Until he finally said YOU WANT ME TO TRANSFER YOUR STUFF I WILL DO IT, AND THEN HE HUNG UP THE PHONE.
    I am not the first person he forced about transfers to other agents, he showed little to no respect to me on the phone and I would definitely question his sanity.

  45. Highly disappointed I thought this company was reputable turns out your only paying because the name. They wanted 100$ for liability on my car 88$ for my truck combining them roughly 170 something. I called to have tech support on my app also to get a quote on a vehicle they never returned my call I was supposed to meet with an agent to go over policy’s and she never showed up. I waited 45 min and left. Clearly they do not care about customer service. I switched company’s who congratulated me for my perfect driving record and now I’m pay 96$ for both vehicles.

  46. Over the last 40 years, we have had 8 to 10 separate homeowners’ or rental policies plus family auto coverage and at least one term life policy. Until the last 5 years, service from 4 of your agents in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and Colorado has been very satisfactory.
    But new directives, driven by your underwriting department and endorsed by senior management have been much less oriented to protecting your carefully vetted customers, and much more about exposing yourself to as little risk for as much profit as you can get away with. Over the 45 years we have been your customers, you have paid out approximately $11,000 in several auto repair claim s and one catastrophic weather event that pinned down our floating dock and surrounded our cabin with fallen trees, while taking in almost that much a year in premiums.
    In 2011, you decided to cut out the whole category of country properties, though ours had been in our family, and insured since before the Civil War. The last two years, after encouraging us to buy a $2,000,000 umbrella liability for all three of our properties, you had the effrontery to threaten to decline renewal because I owned the same farm, even though your removal of that category had forced us to buy another farm liability policy. Most recently, after a request for review by my Virginia agent, you finally decided to renew after losing the paperwork so that our properties were uncovered from February 22 until you announced you had relented in early March; and then you charged us for a full year while providing 11 months coverage, to the same renewal date. When I protested, and asked that the policy reflect the April 5 due date, you had the effrontery to bill us an extra $59 for an “endorsement premium” with the same Feb 22 expiration date as before.

    State Farms standards have declined; and we are actively seeking another company with better ethics and dedication to customer service for our future real property and auto insurance needs. In the meantime, please cancel umbrella policy 46- BS-P226-2 and return the premium paid by BB&T check 1038 to John & Deborah Fialka.

    We conclude State Farm has succeeded in reducing risks and alienating your long-time customers at the same time. And further you are reducing your agents’ ability to keep business and offer their former level of service. I believe your industry leader status is undeserved; or else the entire industry needs some serious scrutiny by federal and state authorities on behalf of consumers.

    I hope this complaint and the action we have decided to take contributes to some more tenable business practices. Thank you for your attention.

    Deborah Fialka,

  47. d p like to know whystate farm issued 75000.dollars to a devoice wife for a i.tnsurance po licy without a death certifited just divoice papers and drivers licsence this policy was court ordered to be paid by both partys. policy was paid by ex husband on time every month but not her . bottom line thiis was a contract she signed as beneficery but would not pay for the funural because she wanted all the money and state farm aloud this to happen even though there was a estate in fla. Ifind this very disrespetful on state farm and the ex wife .i dont think state farm is a good company to do any business with on any level!

  48. The worst company I have ever dealt with. I have had a taste of pretty much everything that has been posted in the comments. STAY AWAY!

  49. I retired from SF 14 yrs ago. The company has gone down hill, FAST!
    My advice, just don’t file any claims! You will get the runaround with no one accountable for servicing the claim. Claims are handled by “teams” who are probably located in a different state. No one knows what the other has done. The person they gave me as a contact says he has “nothing to do with this claim”.

    From what my agent tells me, that happens to them too.

  50. have been with statefarm over 10yrs and was recently sent cancellation notice for my 2 autos.wife had 2 minor accidents backing up in parking lots.staefarm paid out 1400 on one and 2300 on another then sent me notice to cancel. wheres the loyalty???will never go back also going to have daughter cancel her policy and go elsewhere.3 cars 1mc plus house .hope more read these comments and decide to do the companies are a farce!!!

  51. This in ref: to policy # 0581813-E30-26 2013 Toyota Sienna. This vehicle was used in my company business ( Horn Transport). However, I sold the business in Sep. 2016 & in Dec. 2016 I changed the coverage on the vehicle. I went to the office of my agent “Scott Schissler” & discussed with Robin the selling the business & that I was retiring. I ask her to remove the above vehicle from Horn Transport. In June 2017 when my insurance became so expense I ask them to look into reducing my cost, they found that the above vehicle was still being shown as a commercial. But, when I ask for a refund between the difference cost of the commercial & a retired driver rate they refused to do so. But on an unrelated insurance matter, State Farm found that they failed to charge me for my grandson, Jaime Horn, for 2 1/2 months. I paid it without question them even though I was not at fault. I would like to know why State Farm will make you pay for their errors, but will not pay you when they over charge you?

  52. I was hit by a State Farm client who admittedly ran a stop sign going 50+ mph approximately 1 month ago. He was driving a semi-truck carrying construction equipment. Thankfully I was okay. No fair settlement has been offered yet after several calls with the customer service dept. The value of my car has been compared to cars miles and miles from the market area where I live(states away in erosive climates). I have been told there are none comparable in my area, which is not true. There are many in my area, but they do not choose to use those, because they do not want to pay me what my vehicle was worth. All I want is what’s due to me so I can move on. Instead, I am being treated unfairly and I don’t see an end in sight. Management has been no help either. Just want this resolved. I didn’t ask to be in this situation.

  53. My husband and I have been State Farm customers since 1994. Our policy was recently not renewed because of three windshield wiper claims and one fender bender. We did not file a claim with St. Farm but fixed the truck ourselves and sold it. I have sent several email messages and phone calls to our agent Adi Khorsandian and have not received so much as a reply or returned phone call. We have not had a speeding ticket and we have paid our insurance via auto draft for years. We also have a home owner’s policy with State Farm because of their “multi” car discounts. Who can I talk to request an repeal their decision to not renew our policy?

  54. My premium was raised 49$ a month after no tickets, accidents, claims, etc. when I called to inquire as to why, neither local office or 1-800 customer service could tell me why. Called to cancel insurance on 11/07/17; after obtaining coverage for 75$ less a month elsewhere. Spoke with Zoey, who stated she suspended my account, insisted she put me through to “Tom”. He was so Rude, rude, rude! Demanding, worst customer service EVER! Would never recommend to anyone!

  55. Me and my husband have had insurance with State farm for 16 years (my husband since he was 16 so even longer for him). They automatically cancelled our Homeowners without notifying us because they come out without a notice and seen we were not finished building a back room onto our house and just decided to cancel. So we left them and went to Geico (very satisfied) and because their homeowners were a little more we decided to go back to state farm. So we did and paid over 200.00 to restart insurance and then 3 weeks later get a letter stating they were suppose to pull driving records and seen 2 speeding tickets from 2015 & 2016 and stated they are dropping us but they had us for years even when those tickets were gotten. They told me it is out of their hands so now I have to look for new insurance now and fork out more money. Freaking ridiculous!!!!!!!

    • No only that, when I called them to discuss that a lady Casey that I spoke to told another lady Patti that I said I never heard back from Patti so that employee took it upon herself and called me and slap screamed at me and had me in tears. I never said that lady did not call me and this was 3 weeks ago when I got the insurance reinstated with them. I could not get a word in edge wise and she already had me in tears so I just hung up the phone and waited for the contractor to call me back and still got no where.

  56. After 36 yrs with State Farm I will be shopping my insurance needs next year. Your company is focused on selling services, but when needed, not there. We have 8 rentals and recently filed a claim involving waste dumping into the crawl space from a toilet & 2 kitchens. Only became aware of this when a tenant moved out after 9 yrs. We had black mold, Sheetrock and flooring issues to fix and compensation to a couple we had to move out in order to fix their bathroom. None of the tenants complained about anything and the only access to the crawl space is thru a trap door in each closet of the unit. I have no idea how long this was happening and needed to get it fixed ASAP. After my agent transferred me over so I could file a claim, I answered her questions the best I could and she said a claim assoc would contact me in the next couple of days. 2 days later Keith Sullivan called and our conversation lasted long enough for him to tell me my policy didn’t cover any of the damage. I pay all this money to protect our investments and as a matter of fact just increased our coverage on our rental properties based on my agents recommendations which doubled our premiums only to have State Farm say “sorry, you’re not covered” is unacceptable. If you can’t protect me from this type of situation, I’m not very comfortable thinking about the outcome of the next time I need you to step up to the plate. I guess there is a good reason why they say you should always shop around when your policy comes up for renewal and do not feel this unwarranted loyalty to your current carrier. Dissappointed is an understatement !!!! Oh by the way, this none covered event cost me $14,500.

  57. State Farm Life Ins Co. pays very low dividends and when you request a maximum loan from your life insurance policy, they send you a check for a good bit less than what is actually available insofar as a life policy loan is concerned. Glad I have my personal life insurance with New York Life, which is a higher rated company that has been in business much longer than State Farm Life and has greater assets too.

  58. I was involved with an accident with a policy holder who hit the vehicle I was a passenger in and now I have been damaged healthwise and State Farm has ignored everything that was submittted to them as though I didn’t exist. All important documentation was supposed to have been submitted by the attorney that I hired to assist me wasn’t honest and would treat me appropriately, however, I have been left without obtaining anything for injuries due to the accident.

  59. State Farm is a ripoff. It plain and clear that the driver spray painted his car after hitting mine but State Farm will not make him accountable. You suck!

  60. Thank you for pulling you adds on the Samantha BEE show.
    The constant drum beat of nastiness needs to be addressed!

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