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Contacting Starbucks Customer Service Center

Starbucks began as a small establishment featuring fresh-roasted coffee beans. After a visit abroad, Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, President and Chairman, became fascinated with the customer experience at coffee bars and wanted to emulate the experience for customers back in the United States; the rest is history.

The company has a history of corporate responsibility and corporate giving, as well as exceptional customer service. Starbucks is committed to enhancing the overall customer experience by providing multiple options to contact the customer care department.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers wanting to contact the customer service department can call, email, write or use social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

A customer service representative is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 11pm EST and Saturday 9am to7pm.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-782-7282

Mailing Address

In the event you want to send correspondence to the customer service department, you will need to send it to the corporate headquarters.

Starbucks Customer CareP.O. Box 3717Seattle, WA 98124-3717

Starbucks Corporate Sales2401 Utah Ave, South, S-NV1Seattle, WA 98134

Official Website

Customers wanting to learn more about Starbucks can visit the official website The company features information regarding products, corporate giving and responsibility, as well as promotional offers. If you are new to Starbucks, you can review the menu and even shop at the online store.

Customer Service Email

Customers wanting to contact the customer service department will have to use the customer contact forms located here To alleviate confusion, customers can choose the department, and then send the applicable question or concern. We received an automated response stating the message will be delivered to the appropriate department, but did not provide an anticipated response time. We are currently awaiting a response.

Customers can also contact customer service through social media.

Our Experience

For a company committed to customer service and enhancing the customer experience, we were left mystified by the customer service department. We called and waited in excess of 5 minutes before we were able to speak with a customer service representative. After the wait, we asked if calling the customer service department was the most efficient method to ask questions and concerns. The agent apologized for the response time and assured us that calling produced the fasted responses.

We were hoping our experience mirrored an in-store experience, but it didn’t. When you contacted the customer care department, did you feel let down? Let us know

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90 Comments on “Contact Starbucks Customer Service
  1. I was in store # 75560 this morning. They seemed to have changed from the 2 register helping people to only 1 register with a very long line of people waiting, I do not understand what was to be gained by having 4 people run 1 register seems counter productive to me. If both registers are being used the line (at least appears) to move faster. Certainly, later in the day 1 register might be OK, but certainly, waiting in line to even order for 10 minutes, is unappealing to most.

    Just wanted you to know this new idea seemed less helpful in moving the crowd along.


  2. On Nov. 25th, we went to the store # 11645 around 1: 30 pm. The staff in front used 3 min. taking order to the person before us, when we come up, she never says ” what can I help u ? or welcome to starbuck. “….something like that, so we order for a smoothly, 2 min later, she said “we run out off banana ” so we change another drink ,”cappuccino ” I wonder she knows how to make a cappuccino or not for it comes up it almost the whole cup of milk with a little foam ! After all, she also did not say any refund to us for the price of smoothly instead of capuchin until I ask her. I never ever see the other store has one like her services very bad.

  3. I come to Ormond Beach, FL for two weeks twice a year to visit family. Six years ago, as a newly widowed sad person I found the wonderful Starbucks on Granada Blv’d near the ocean. The store was open at 6 am and I went every morning with my Starbucks mug, got a tall bold and sat in the comfy plush chair with the standing lamp beside it and studied Japanese. The baristas were so welcoming and the store so comfortably lit with a warm feeling about the store. Every year I look forward to this experience. I was SO sad to go this year and find that the comfy chairs were gone and replaced by cold metal chairs and tables and the place was so dimly lit, I couldn’t study. Of course the coffee was delicious and the baristas were their usual nice selves but how sad not to have the atmosphere that was so pleasant.

  4. I have become overly disappointed with the company who continually stops making decaf coffee and insists on serving it “espresso” style then adds water to dilute if after the processing. What can it cost you to make a pot of decaf and have it available and ready to go for customers, esp in the morning hours? Instead, waiting for this “espresso coffee” only to be “diluted” with water to make some sort of “decaf” fresh brewed coffee? And no milk out for coffee? Only half and half. Then there are no “sleeves” to put around the cups (typically to keep hands from burning) available. Each time I go to a Starbucks, it seems to go more downhill. Hardly worth the monies spent on the “expensive” coffee. I visited store #2099 in PA

  5. Multiple purposes made at the Starbucks in Liberty, MO #9655 have resulted in my returning to the store to have my coffee remade since it has tasted burnt. The staff who has been very polite remakes my drink, but the drink still tastes burnt. I usually end up going to the local Libety, MO Target with a Starbucks who can make their drinks perfectly. I don’t know if this is an issue with the manager at the Liberty #9655 store. Who rudely states have her try her drink before she leaves. I don’t really like to spend my time driving through conjected traffic to return a drink. Also, they can tell I didn’t take move than a sip or two from the drink. I am out to get free drinks from Starbucks. Many times I simply have thrown the bad drinks away. Luckily, the nice people at my local Target fixed my drink for me yesterday. Also, they have several customers who have complained about the same thing about the Liberty #9655 store. Obviously, it is not only me with an issue. The manager at the #9655 store rudely said more than once be sure she tries the new cup before she leaves. A majority of the time, the new drinks tastes the same as the first one and I have told said it still tastes like burnt coffee but they act like they don’t care. I think it is odd they have 3 perons working the drive through, but one working the store so they have two runnings the register and you stand 5 minutes or more to get your drinks after your purchase. I was told the real reason it tastes burnt is they allow the drink to sit too long. My family all have Starbucks cards and have been at the gold level for years, but we may need to find a new place for coffee drinks. When Starbucks drinks are made right, I will pay the price but when it taste like a cup of coffee that sat on a burner for hours, it is a rip off! Especially, when you are treated rudely by their manager. Sincerely, Cherlynn

  6. my good fortune that a Starbucks is is across the street from work so I go there 4-5 times a week. One thing I’ve noticed about this store {which is one of many in Hemet}The employees are hard workers and give quick service always with a smile. I’ve worked in the grocery retail for over 30 yrs and customer service is very important , anyway what I’m trying to say is you’ve go a great store with wonderful employees. Kudos to store #8752

  7. Since the great push for the reasonably new Blond blend (free drink coupons) why can’t that be already brewed as the stronger blends are. The store I visit is: 72176, the baristas are all exceptionally friendly, professional & competent yet when I order a blond blend it has to be individually brewed making me feel as though I’m asking a lot. Also re: the Via. Several of the stronger blends come in decaf, but not the more popular Blond blend. I purchase Via & would love to have the choice of the milder blend available in decaf.

  8. I am a frequent patron at store #5860 in Pasadena. I have to tell you that this store is so well managed, and the employees reflect this great management. They are friendly, relaxed, and always patient, not matter how long the line is. This is a rare combination, and this store consistently hits the mark.
    When I see this kind of teamwork and hard work I feel it is worth mentioning to all of you in Seattle.
    Please let them know what a great job they are doing as they represent your company.

  9. I was at the location at Sandy Plains Road and Shallowford Road, 30066 adjacent to Publix. I was address as ‘Hi Buddy’. This is not very professional. This was done at 9:15PM on Friday, April 26th. This will reduce my attendance at this location. Hopefully, this will not happen at other locations.

  10. I have been at the location of store #18654 on Main Street in Bozeman, Mt. 3 times. The girls are talking to each other on their headpieces and not paying attention to what their customers are asking for. A women in line in front of me had her order messed up 3 times before they got it right. When I asked if I could have a Venti non-fat java chip with whip, the girl indicated it came that way. Next visit I left off about the whip cream and it didn’t have it on. FYI the store is new but the girls lack customer service.

  11. My sister and I stopped by at Starbucks off of airway in Livermore California, my sister ordered her drink first then I started ordering mine and the girl that was taking our order named Meghan said “hold on” with the most disgusted face expression. It is my sisters birthday today and the way she was taking our order really ruined our morning. I dont know she was having a bad day or what she needs to understand she is representing not just the store but the entire company. Starbucks is worldwide growing company and I know consistency is what made the company so successful. She doesn’t fit in the company at all. The customer service we were provided with today by Meghan really made us unhappy and we will never go back to this location.

  12. I visited Starbucks 2 weeks ago and had a very disappointing experience as the drink I ordered in the drive thru was completely wrong, but as I was on my way to work and did not sip the drink as soon as I received it it was too late and I couldn’t get it fixed. I sent a email through the corporate site and have yet to hear back… I’m super irritated and disappointed by Starbucks,

  13. Hi i love starbucks !, but i dont love how i have to spend like 40- 50$$$ just to get a free drink and i also hate how omaha doesnt have that many starbucks around i also hate how the location on147th and maple is soooooooo rude most rude people ive ever incounted in i hope that they learn how to treat customers better. i go to scooters more often just because they have but 5 drinks and the next on is free!!! everyone loves free when they invest into coffee and a long line in the morning. i recently got a reward and couldnt use it because i didnt download right so i had to start all over in my stars:( im pretty upset not i just either buy scooters or just make coffee at home

  14. i will no longer buy your products. your gun stance has no business being in this fight.

    if it is legal who are you to tell us what to do?

    you just lost a good customer.

  15. Just wanted to let you know after the change on firearms carry in you store i have bought the last coffee from you. there is a local shop that will not infringe on the second amendment and make it more dangerous for me by being a gun free zone. if you haven’t noticed these shooting have been all in gun free zones

  16. Coffee tasted old today..and the counters look like they
    Have not been cleaned for a few days.Fairfield Ca.North Texas St.
    9 am.Thursday.

  17. What has happened to SBUX brand customer service? Indifference is becoming the norm. Today’s visit was even worse — rude/shoddy barista and the espresso was not much better!

    A cardholder since 2008 deserves better. May be time for some refresher training…


    Eugene L.

  18. This morning (12/23/2013), I ordered 3 cup of venti carmel machiato for my friends and myself. I asked to bring up separated transaction. But the employee name Lyle said he can not do it, because customer rules(strore at: 11919 Preston Rd, dallas,tx,75230). I paid for those coffee, and each of coffee cost $7.31. Is it something wrong with the company,store? Because I do not see anything said that customer can not bring separated when they paid. Or because Lyle discriminated.

  19. Hats off to Starbucks for closing its stores here in Pensacola, you are a company that truely cares about its employees, the weather was terrible, that gesture says a lot about Starbucks …

    Jan Deneau.

  20. I, and my wife, have been regular customers at various Starbucks franchises in Austin, Texas for the past 10 years. Last night I learned of your NO VISIBLE TATOO policy. Though now age 72, I can clearly remember the discrimination I was subjected to for being young. And that is what this is all about, really. You hire young people, pay them low wages, then attempt to control even their benign behaviors. Shame on you. You have just lost 2 customers!

  21. I purchase Starbicks frequently but this is the first time I felt the need to write. I had some of the worst service ever at the Dallas Airport Terminal C 21 location on 4-05 @ 12:30 pm I was not greeted with a hello or a smile instead the cashier continued to speak with a co- worker about personal business. Then to make it worse the barista started making my beverage than walked away to talk to another worker and friend. Finally the cashier finished making my drink. Mumbled something and then gave me my beverage not once saying thank you or apologizing for having to give me 20 pennies in change. Hope someone next in line gets treated better!!

  22. Your new Oprah Chai is terrible. I’ve tried it three times now. I’m done; don’t like it at all. It tastes like what you get at Coffee Bean or Peets – boring. PLEASE return to TAZO CHAI. It was the best. I used to get a venti chai every morning. This morning, I let my gold card balance go to 0. I did not reload & paid the difference with cash. Used to load $50-$100 at a time. No point in doing that any longer or until you bring back the TAZO CHAI.

  23. staff was friendly, quick and helpful. Like that you put another store in sooooooo close. How about getting one at Shady Oak Road and 62 Crosstown. There are 2 Caribou’s next door to each other on Shady Oak Road.

  24. Was at your Kalakaua/Kapahulu(Waikiki) location again today. There were three employees there that I see all the time. Michelle(who I’ve written positively about before), Flecher, and an employee who’s name I’m sorry I can’t remember(young man with glasses and wavy dark hair in a ponytail). It was VERY BUSY with the after beach crowd about 5:30 pm, but these employees were amazing! Still smiling, welcoming everyone who walked in and telling people their drinks were almost ready, etc. I work in a busy retail environment so I know how hard it can be when you’re stressed, but these people were on it! They deserve extra kudos and raises! Thanks to them!

  25. HELLO,

  26. We are new frequent travelers to and from Los Angeles airport as we have bought a home at Lake Tahoe. We are looking forward to visiting often. Our flights are varied in arrival or departure times. Store: 72307 at lax needs drastic improvement.
    We have stopped for coffees and a snack. The girls working do not practice eye contact, polite service,or offer suggestions if out of a product. They are always out of decaffeinated coffee, do not offer an alternative that is available, or show concern. They talk to the friends they have at the airport while customers wait first in line for as long as 4 minutes. The time we did get regular coffee the server did not say thank you or smile and the coffee was cold. We have visited many Starbucks throughout the USA and have never encountered service like this. We will, not visit this Starbucks again. Our thoughts go to all the people who are looking for jobs when people, 2 of them at store 72307, are lacking in all qualities of customer service.
    We have never complained about any service but this case is so flagrant we must!

  27. I was a customer at your West Chester Ohio store today, August 18, 2014. Went in there midafternoon to just get coffee and a sandwich, relax and read. I will never go back there. There were 6 staff on with nothing better to do than talk loud, boisterous, pound rhythms on the counter and make weird noises for others to copy. I found myself re reading the same sentences over and over. Clearly overstaffed, and not trained. A coffee shop is not supposed to be like that in any adult definition.

  28. Store#14006. There has been a very distinct change in attitude,and not for the better, recently. I am not the only customer who has noticed. A revue of my account history will show frequency of visits, and I have patronized three stores in this area that you have CLOSED. A little intervention might be in order in this one.

  29. Just saw a comment that a US Serviceman wrote and ask if you could sent some coffee to Iraq as a lot of them love your coffee. It was said your company said no as you do not support the war therefor them . Is this correct as I know you can’t believe all you read . The choice is your but I would like to know the real truth . Could you please respond so I can know the true story .

  30. I work at JFK Int Airpot – NY and is really sad that we all in the same field but the people working in both stores arrivals and departures at Terminal 7 seens to have a really, really bad actitude to customers doesnt matter if is 5am or 2pm but the actitude that they have is not call Customer service at all, startint that they throw your items or your coffe like “uhg you again”. Is the program that you “Starbucks” create in order to get the start you have to pay one item at the time, I always or most of the time buy 6 or 7 coffes every day or my coworkers does and at the time you advice you will be paying one at the time they actumatic change the fave expression that make you feel like if i were asking something for free which we are not, for some reason we all are gold members up to 2017 but this people really really need to change or you the management need to teach them the real meaning of customer service, we work for United Airlines we knw how customers can be but if you paying for a service at least you spect a smile, that what we all get pay for it.

  31. I wanted to share my disappointment with a drive thru order that I placed this morning…Their address is 10445 Town Center Drive, Westminster, CO. 80021. I ordered a venti roasted chestnut praline latte and it was only 3/4 full. I frequent this location five days a weeks, sometimes twice a day. I’m a little frustrated with my experience and placed a call to this location and spoke with the shift supervisor, April whom was attempting to show concern and apologized and offered to remake my drink today if I would come into the store later today and ask for her. It would be inconvenient for me to return today and I’m a little disappointed with how she attempted to handle the situation.

  32. Haven’t had a coffee from you in a year. I will buy one when there is a reserve store brewing on a clover machine. In ALASKA. Thanks for forgetting alaska. A former customer.


  34. Attention Starbucks:

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing to inform you about this very regretful experience I had on January 6, 2015 at 8:54 am in a Starbucks store #10878
    7829 Mesa Street 79932 El Paso Texas. I am a frequent customer of Starbucks and I like going to this store since it is less than a mile away from my home.

    Yesterday I went to Starbucks and ordered a tall flat white coffee at the drive thru. While waiting for my coffee, I asked the girl at the window to please add one Splenda in my drink. The girl then returned back and handed me a Splenda package though I kindly ask her if she could put it inside my coffee since its inconvenient for me to do so side the car. Instead of doing so, the girl told me that a Splenda wasn’t a good idea because it would mess-up the foam so I said, “that’s okay” in a very polite way. Next, the cashier instructs the girl preparing my coffee to add the Splenda and she proceeds to do so. While in the process, the girl starts pouring the Splenda as if she was sprinkling some pepper on some typical food dish and proceeds to close the cup with the lid. She then uses her hand and smears it right on the lid where the drinking orifice is (without wearing any gloves) while the girl making the coffee wears a smirk on her face and the cashier laughing at the particular incident. The next moment, the cashier hands me the coffee but I tell her that I saw what they had done and I asked her to change the lid cover to a new one. Next, she changes the lid and laughs at it again. I felt insulted and immediately asked to speak to the manager to let her know about the incident. Unfortunately, instead of taking me seriously the manager simply replied, “Yea, I’ll let them know.” So it seemed to me they had some sort of friendship. I paid for the coffee, left the drive thru, but after a few thoughts I threw away the coffee. Not only was my coffee crave gone, but I didn’t trust what was inside the cup.

    After that experience I will never return to that Starbucks again. Afraid they will put something on my drink or even worse. This is my first time I write to complain, and I do so because I care for millions of other customers who drink this coffee and hundreds of thousands of investors and stock owners who want this business to grow and prosper.

  35. I understand you are closing the Starbuck’s at Fig Garden Center Fresno, CA. So sorry to hear. Always busy when I am there and the staff you have there are great. The nearest SB is at Herndon/Palm and the staff there are the most rude I have encountered in any SB I have been in. I would think that SB could keep the Fig Garden one open – it is ALWAYS busy. After reading some of the complaints I can see that you will do nothing by mine.

  36. today at 12:55 i went to the starbuck located at east harlem mall on 117 st.. they was costumer eating, i stand on the register and the employee was sitting on a table with another employee name debra and she say theres nobody there now we are in break , n debra say we need to eat and i said is suppost to be someone here n the other on break and ignore me n my wife. this is unacceptable for a customer. i never ever pass a experience like this …..
    my name is julio ocasio

  37. Your tables rock!–at least most of them do in the SF North Bay.
    I travel the area from SF to Suisun to Ukiah and I’ve worn my coffee on my clothes many times. I don’t think anyone is looking
    4 how rocky & unstable many of your tables are getting. Thanks 4
    letting me get this off my chest, my pants etc.
    Regards, EC

  38. I have just learned that Starbucks charges extra for the Soy Milk. I have been a frequent customer of Starbucks and every where I go within the USA I look for a Starbucks to purchase their coffee. Now I will think twice before I purchase a Starbucks coffee. I explained to customer service that not everyone is lactose tolerant and that there are no visible signs within the store that says there’s an extra charge for soy milk. Considering the low price of soy milk versus regular milk and the high price of their coffees, Starbucks should not be charging for soy milk.

  39. I am saddened to say that I visited Kukui Grove Starbucks in Lihue Hawaii and experienced the worst customer service ever the girls were not friendly the business itself was very untidy and messy. please treat your customers with more respect thank you

  40. I visit you shop at Peterson Air Base about every thirty to ninety days,sometime less. Every time I enter I am greeted with a big smile and a “Good morning, how my I help you” This makes me feel good and I enjoy their service better. It”s not like “Next” they make me feel “Welcome,come in a enjoy our service. “Great people” They deserve to be Recognized for their out standing work.

  41. Last year, my Starbucks app did not give me a free birthday drink option. I want to ensure that I will get it this year. My birthday is 4/29 and it’s coming up quickly can you check my Starbucks account and confirm that I will be getting a notification this year?

    Thank You!

  42. OK Starbucks. 10.30 am this morning Larwin Square Tustin CA – NO DECAF. Have to do a pour over that takes 10 minutes. OK Just give me a regular coffee and a heated morning bun. Sorry NO MORNING BUNS. Guess they don’t make enough money to provide what the customers want. Every gas station and 711 in the USA can make money all day with decaf coffee. How come Starbucks cant

  43. Why the smoking ban on the Outside patio? No one else around and we get asked to leave. This policy sucks. We’re outside for gods sake. You’re taking this a little too far. Won’t be back.

  44. Today I saw your support for Gay Marriage, to many of your patrons this is a attack on GOD and our faith, because you have chosen to take sides we will too. We will not be a customer of yours any longer.

  45. I stopped by at Starbucks on Ulmerton Road, St. Petersburg, Florida on way to airport to get coffee. Time, 9pm. There was a barista standing and talking to a man and did not even bother to ask me what I wanted. I stood for about 10 minutes and then went to the restroom, came back and waited at the register. The two were still talking. The man talking to the barista saw me waiting at the register. The barista was facing him and obviously did not see me waiting at the register. After about fifteen minutes, I walked past both of them, putting back my $10 bill in my wallet. The Barista saw me walk out and kept talking to the man

    I am a regular customer of Starbucks in Wesley Chapel and get my coffee every day. Just wanted to tell you, you lost a valuable customer due to the insult and utter disregard shown to me at your Ulmerton Road, St. Pete store today. It is shame if that woman gets paid for the half hour I was at the store.

  46. Received a email from you to try a sandwich! Tried it today. It was horrible!! Dried out , hard as a rock! My stomach & head have been sick all afternoon! Not good marketing with selling something so bad!
    I am very disappointed!
    Mariann Darcangelo
    ( I am a card holder and am trying some of your offers)

  47. Waterloo store, Stockton
    Mo one inline and no person at the cash register. The three employees were busy talking, I was informed it would be a minute. I used the bathroom while they finished talking. “No towels in the bathroom, it did not surprise me.
    I returned to the register when one of group broke free from talking to help me.
    I am the only one waiting! Now I no why…
    The crew was

  48. I hear that you have said that if we customers don’t support gay marriage, then you don’t want us as customers. Is this true? If so, my entire family will quit patronizing your stores! We object to a coffee store telling its customers what to support!

  49. I went to the Lafayette CO location about 3 weeks ago and they were competely out of breakfast sandwiches, they offered me some disgusting wrap that I declined. I went on a Sunday and the line was put the door and there was not one seat. I am physically disabled and had to leave. I wrote an email to complain about the safety issue for disabled patrons and waited 2 weeks and never got a reply. I went to the store a few days ago with my boyfriend and we both complained anput how long and unsafe the line is for a person with spine disability (like mine) and she just had a blank look… Total bimbo. After the terrible experiences I don’t want to go to Starbucks anymore. They could care less about the safety of disabled customers and running out of food is just bad management. Unfortunately my boyfriend gave me gift cards and I am stuck with gift cards I can’t use.

  50. This morning my girlfriend and I went out to get some coffee. i had ordered a piece of pumpkin loaf since they were out of scones. when i got home and took it out of the little paper bag it was put in, it clearly had a bite taken out of it. i didn’t do it and my girlfriend didn’t do it since it was in my possession the entire time. i can only assume the starbucks employees did it. gross. it’s now in the garbage because i don’t know who’s disgusting mouth has been on it. never getting starbucks again.

  51. Hello, my husband and I went to your Times Square store this morning at 6.30am as we are on holiday from England and woke early. We have used this store several times along with others in New York and all staff have been polite. This morning one girl who served us was beyond rude despite us being polite and saying please and thank you she barely acknowledged us with nothing more than a look of contempt. Even disappearing into the back of the shop twice without even answering our polite requests she looked again and blatantly ignored us we were stunned. Both of us have retired from 30 years of policing and have never come across anyone quite so ignorant and rude we were shocked at her behaviour. She was a pretty African American girl with long hair tied up about 5’8 tall slim build if we had behaved like that to her we would have been accused of being racist. My husband as I was fuming at this girls behaviour she smiled at other customers who were Americans but just refused to make contact with us it was bizarre. We always use Starbucks wherever we are in the world and have never been treated like this. I told her as we left shocked and fuming that she was extremely rude again she just raised her eyes at us. I’m not one to complain as I e had many a bad day in my career but this girl was beyond rude and needs speaking to. Thank you for your ear. Regards Julie

  52. Customer Service
    I am writing to complain about an employee working at your Starbucks Store located inside Safeway at 5221 – 15th Ave. NW, Seattle, WA 98107. I went to your counter yesterday (11/24/15) around 1:30 p.m to order a Café Vanilla Frappuccino. I usually order the same drink every time and always say Café Vanilla Frappe when I place the order.
    Your employee tried to correct me by saying, “you want the latte, right?” I told her “No, I want the iced drink, the Frappe”.
    She became very rude and condescending to me and loudly proclaimed that “You must be used to shopping at McDonald’s where you can buy Frappes, but THIS is Starbucks and we do not make Frappes, we make Frappuccino’s”.
    This is the second time this particular employee has intentionally misunderstood an order I was trying to make. The first time when I ordered the same drink, she argued with me that Starbucks does not make a Café Vanilla Frappuccino – they only make a Vanilla Bean with Coffee shots added and then proceeded to list the various mixes and syrups she COULD try if only I knew what I really wanted. After both encounters I left without ordering.
    I am 70 years old and look forward to a weekly treat of Starbucks coffee and a slice of cake after shopping. All the other employees at this Starbucks have no trouble preparing the drink I when I place my order. In all the many years of shopping at this store, I have never encountered such disrespect and meanness from an employee.

    Gayle L. Rydberg

  53. I want to file a complaint against Starbucks Customer Service regarding the coffee
    I purchased in the store. I am a visible minority and I feel that the staff does not like me very much. They do not welcome me when I come into the store. I feel that they do not like their customers. They do not work with a smile. They seem mighty angry at their customers. I think that they should be fired. I think that reform with senior management at Starbucks is need and at the entry level position. I think that the staff is having problems with anger management and should no longer be employed in the stores or headquarters. I want action.

  54. I have been a customer for about 30 years. I buy a pound a coffee per week. Today I had my daughter visiting and we were shopping so I thought I would treat her to a hot cocoa and I would compare it to the one I make during the holidays. We ordered two large hot cocoa’s and it was very disappointing! Quite frankly there is no reason with fresh milk and a good quality chocolate that it would taste like an instant cocoa from a gas station. I really think you should consider buying some ghiradelli cocoa and following their recipe on the packaging because what you are serving is truly inferior.

  55. I ordered a grande peppermint mocha latte and there was no peppermint or mocha it was just a coffee with foamy milk. This was at the Ireland Road location in South Bend Indiana and I used my phone app with gift card to pay for this drink I was totally unsatisfied

  56. I just left the Mill plain store in Danbury Ct. Thank you for the focus on customer service . Got in and got out quickly. Deanna move the line the barista. Made a perfect FW think her ndme began with F ? Thank you

  57. I want to file a complaint about store #372 in Indian Land SC on 6271 Carolina Commons Dr. Last week the coffee machine was broke, this week there machine is broke to take payment from Starbucks app. (Can’t they type it in? Apparently not!) and the lady taking the orders super miserable. So unfriendly. The Ladies that normally work there are so cheerful and happy but this lady was rude to the customer in front of me and pretty miserable with myself. Should have got her name.

  58. On 6/24/16 at 12:16pm – I placed an order for Trenta Starbucks Cold Brew w/Milk caramel syrup, caramel drizzle and whip cream and a Turkey Pesto Panini totaling $11.41. I went to the location and my order was not received by them, I waited over 15 min on my lunch break to return back to my job 20 min later than I was supposed to b/c of the traffic. I expect a refund in my starbucks app b/c I am not happy with any aspect of this scenario – my time is valuable at lunch. and obviously 11.41 will not break the bank but the fact is that I didn’t get what I ordered and I would demand a refund – please.

  59. I was recently offered the $10 reward for signing up for Visa checkout, which I did. I now have Visa checkout, but didn’t get reward added to my Starbucks card. I contacted Visa and they refered me to contact you. When I finished signing up Sept 20th it said processing and I would receive my reward within 3 days. If you need more information please let me know. Thank you!
    Karen Pace

  60. There are many coffee houses in New York City, but I don’t go to any of them. Your stores are always clean. Your coffee is always fresh. You have unique flavors and very good bakery goods (my big butt can confirm this). One of the things that makes your stores unique is the young people you hire. I have NEVER been to a Starbucks that didn’t have nice people. They always greet you with a smile and work quickly to get everyone’s order ready as soon as possible. There are three young people at your 94th St. location in Manhattan that are wonderful Barrington Simmonds, Meah Farlou and Justing Boldridge. They are an asset to your store.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer

  61. I have always enjoyed Starbucks
    But just recently I was at one of your stores
    People working there not only got at least 4 orders wrong!
    But were not even polite no smile no people skills!! Shame on you !!! You want to grow! But you can’t even train your employees to treat you customer
    One couple asked for a refund!!!
    And the person waiting on just stared at them!
    There is one boy that has long hair to one side! It is not clean and he touches his hair and then makes your drink!
    I walk out!
    I don’t feel sorry for you because it is all about numbers!
    You lost a customer

  62. I just left your Grand Central Station location after not purchasing what I intended to purchase – a pre-made snack box. I left because I stood at the cash register for five minutes without any of the workers acknowledging me. There were 5 customers in the store, and I noticed 4 workers. One of your workers was busy talking loudly to the other workers, one was actually doing some work, and the two others came out of the back and simply stood there. After standing there for 5 minutes, I simply put the box back and left.

    Honestly, the last time I took the time to write one of these complaints was some 6 years ago when I stayed at a hotel in San Francisco where the room was unacceptable at 250.00 a night.

  63. I just spent 27 minutes in the drive thru line for my 2 coffee order. Then I went around to the front of the store and there was hardly anyone there. I thought the drive thru is supposed to be quicker. I expressed my displeasure with the wait when I got to the window. Instead of a, “I’m sorry that you had to wait so long” the gentleman at the window asked me if I had ever been thru their drive up before. I am not a happy camper with the service from your company.
    I wrote this and it wouldn’t send so I went to this site to send it. Now I’m wondering if you actually read these complaints. I’ve been on hold for 6:53 so far if it gets to 10:00 I’m thinking you really do not care about customer service. OK it was 9:03 and Jeremy answered, took some information and will tell the store manager. Not a way to run a business

  64. Hi , this is Vicki Gault I made a purchase for the amount of $ 17.35 and it has not been credited to my rewards card..
    Please help me with is 🙂

  65. I visited store #29828 today and their service was great . Clean store , pleasant music , nice atmosphere and one clerk guided me on how to obtain the Starbucks Rewards Card. I took one and loaded it with a small amount $$ in order to proceed with the registration . It was easy to do as it is user-friendly ! They also made a fresh cup of bold / dark roast coffee for me which I thoroughly enjoyed ! I will certainly visit this location again .

  66. i been going to fremont for years to get my cofee and muffin in the morning, somehow i forgot to eat my muffin that day, so i requested to change for a new one, and the barista said no. Why not?

  67. I visited the location on 160 W 87th St. in Chicago at 8:30 AM on 3/4/18 via drive-thru. After reaching my destination 2 mins away, I discovered that the hot coffee was lukewarm & the frappicino had already melted 3/4 the depth of the container which led me to believe that the drinks were not freshly prepared. I didn’t receive a receipt for my purchase & each time I attempted to engage the cashier, she indicated that she needed a minute. Although I enjoy Starbucks products, I have no time to return to the store each time due to sloppy service. I will purchase my own coffee and raw sugar and leave the store experience to those with patience for slow & sloppy service.

  68. Just picked up the new almond cinnamon machiatto at a Starbucks in Greenbrook. It was aweful definitely made incorrectly I don’t even think she put almond milk in it. I’m very sensitive to dairy which is why I drink this. I used my gift card I would like a refund back onto my account. Thank you

  69. who knew that starbucks, an extremely liberal establishment, was racist! I thought only conservatives were racist. it’s funny that you now are getting the same angry and violent pushback from the wacky liberals that the conservatives get all the time. welcome to the conservative’s world.

    I hope that all the homeless and unemployed thugs come into your shops and loiter and use the bathroom and don’t buy one of you overpriced drinks.

  70. I live in a small town in Kansas where the Starbucks is in a Target store. I usually go to Starbucks at least once a week. Today 5-27-18 I ordered my drink, no acknowledgement no would you like anything else no nothing. I finally said that will be all. Again no acknowledgement, Starbucks usually prides themselves with happy employees who appear to like coming to work and serving the public. This person should not be working face to face with the public. I’ll have to consider going in town to a local coffee shop as I don’t want to start my day with delicious coffee with such a depressing person waiting on me.

  71. Hello I was wondering if you could help me. A month or so ago. I bought Teavana at Walmart. It was wonderful.. The store is now not selling it but they said Starbucks is the one that owes the name brand. Is there a way we can order it from you. It is the mango black ice tea.
    Please let us know thank you for your time. Gisela

  72. Starbuck’s blatant cowardly and greedy capitulation to disallow a Jewish organization from participating in an anti-bias day-how ironic-is all the more shameful because of their Jewish owner who cares more about adding millions of dollars to already untold millions than loyalty and honesty with his own community. After years of daily purchasing, I will never buy Starbucks again

  73. Just wanted to let you know that as a veteran I received excellent service and a complimentary discount from your service employee while at the ORD airport (store # 72317) May 16,2018. Normally I do not patronize Starbucks as the coffee prices are a bit too pricey for me. Someone had given me a $5.00
    Starbucks gift card so I splurged and purchased one of your coffee products which was very good. Thank you for recognizing us veterans!

  74. I attended your Starbucks located on Hwy 2 and Liverpool, in Pickering right across from the Pickering mall. I waited in line for a while , while the employee ignored me for a long time fiddling with her coffee cups, I waited and waited, and when another client arrived she walked away and I left and went next door to Macdonalds, where I got a smile, and good morning, Also, this store allows everyone to smoke in front of there store, its less then 30 ft away and they all congregate and smoke, leaving other clients no choice but to sit indoors or leave. I feel there should be a signage in that area, I have spoken to them before, I’ve been ignored, I spoke to city council, they say the bench belongs to the plaza owner, Starbucks says, we can do nothing about it, it’s not our bench.
    It sits close to the tables of Starbucks, knowing that cancer is on the rise, how can you let this happen. ? I will no longer frequent the establishment. I have been ignore one too many times.

  75. I’m a frequent customer and usually very satisfied with Starbucks customer service. Sunday was the exception to that. I was in the Startbucks at Kroger/Braelin Village in Peachtree City, GA. I waited at the counter while the barista washed a few containers before noticing me. I placed my order and honestly thought he would start making my beverage. He returned to doing the dishes in the sink. YUCK! I just wanted to grab a drink and go— not watch him wash dishes. After waiting a couple of minutes I asked him if he would mind taking a break from that and fixing my drink (Please). He seemed frustrated that I would interrupt him AGAIN…once to take my order and the second to make the drink. Bryce must have been having a very off night. But it was gross to watch him do dishes and not wash his hands before making my drink. That was a waste of money on a Frap that I could not enjoy. I would like a Mocha Frap I can enjoy, please!

  76. Did not receive my correct order and was refused to receive the correct coffee by staff.

    Drip coffee ordered and clearly shows on receipt # 180928-02-88940 but received expresso. Unfortunately I do not enjoy dark roasted coffee and for the price, I personally would enjoy spending 1/4th of the price and receive instant nestle from one of the street vendors.

  77. I purchased a Chai Tea Latte which was delicious along with the Chicken and bacan on ciabatta bread. The bacon was not cooked. It might have been waved over a hot pan once or twice, but it was definealty raw. I had to remove it from the sandwich. The rest of the sandwich was tasty. All bacon should be served cooked well on a sandwich.

  78. better quality should be what you sell. your different venues are producing poor quality on a daily basis. Luv starbucks but can somebody also look into teaching your workers better quality and hence customer service. what to do?

  79. I did a mobile order my $6.34 coffee and when I get to the store there was a line to receive coffee and of course mine was ready. Actually no one who was waiting there was getting there coffee. After 10 minutes of waiting the employee asked what I ordered (and asked everyone else). I told him my order he made it and it was absolutely terrible. Was not happy and left. I just wasted $6.35 on coffee that I was looking forward to enjoy. If there wasn’t a line I would have told him it was awful so he could make me another one but I had to get to work. He was the only employee making coffee while one was mopping and the other taking orders. This has happened many times not in this store but several other I go to.

  80. I purchased a Caramel Brulee Latte today and wasn’t able to use my app.(money)
    The App isnt working.

    I paid cash. However, I was suppose to get a free reusable cup with my drink and they did not give me one. I went back to the store and was told I would need my receipt but wasn’t given one. The barista said, I would have to purchase another drink. I had my original drink right in my hand.

    I would like a cup. Something as a compensation for gas wasted. Horrible experience.

  81. Dear sir or madam:

    I just purchased a caramel macchiato venti size which one of my favourite from Starbucks today November 8, 2018 at 7:34pm at 5650 Yonge Street location.
    I am deeply disappointed with the taste of caramel macchiato that I purchased today. Not only the quantity is not full cup but also the taste is watery. I couldn’t taste the coffee at all.

    I purchased caramel macchiato all the time for so many years from different Starbucks locations and never experienced this kind of taste. This is the worst taste ever. Caramel Macchiato is supposed to taste strong expresso and rich creamy caramel blend in with the steam milk.

    I am deeply dissapointed in this location. I really hope there is something you can do to improve it.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  82. Two different locations, same awful result. First the Beverly Hills location where I tried to order the Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew with added Cacao Powder. First BH Starbucks charges the drink to my card only to tell me later they could not make it because they didn’t have the ingredients and “every store is different” so whether this drink is on the app or not if I order it I’m not guaranteed to get it. I ordered it online through Starbucks Beverly & Robertson Blvd location through mobile order, redeeming a reward (125 stars) only to drive over to pick up my order. The drink was made wrong — they were going to give me the wrong drink, not blended, wrong ingredients. This is supposed to be a plant based drink. Again, told “we don’t have the ingredients to make the drink.” WHY then take my reward order, redeem 125 points, tell me Starbucks can’t refund my 125 rewards points? What excuse for customer service is this and why is this Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew even on the app if your stores do not want to sell it to customers who either paid in advance or redeemed rewards? Lousy customer service.

  83. I went to the Starbucks store #76356 and the cashier was all by herself and she did a wonderful job. She had at least 5 customers and did not stress out nor did each person have to wait long. She even had a great smile and great attitude. I do not recall her name but she deserves a big raise.

  84. I went to 6024 Ridge Avenue store in Philadelphia today and had a terrible experience. I’m only reporting it because this is the third time this near-identical situation has occurred in the last three months. Today, like the other two occasions, I received no apology and, unfortunately, rudeness from Amy, who I believe is the manager. There were not may people in the store today (New Years) Day. After waiting over 20 (twenty) minutes for two drinks and seeing people who ordered after me receive their drinks, I asked about my drinks. There was absolutely no record of them. The cashier (who was nice) who took my order was confused. Amy said it was “an issue with the stickers,” whatever that may means. When I asked how long it would take to get my two drinks, Amy said “you can get your money back if you’re in a hurry,” So I went back to the cashier who, unbelievably, gave me two six-dollar gift cards instead of my money back. I told her I want my money back as I’m unsure I will be returning. If this weren’t the third time in the last 90 days with a lost order and no apology, I wouldn’t be writing you. I would think you’d want to be aware of this store issue, which I imagine must be happening to other customers as well. DB

  85. i had made a mobile order this morning at i-80 and Pit school rd around 11 am and once i got there, my bacon Gouda wasn’t even ready. i told the gentlemen my name and after he ended up forgetting about it and gave it away to drive through. i had asked if it was ready and that is what he told me. This had already happened several times before with just ordering a sandwich its disappointing i love Starbucks and i respect all the hard work the employees do and the rushes.

  86. I went to Starbucks around 11am i placed a mobile order for a bacon Gouda. once i arrived the gentlemen told me it wasn’t even ready. so i waited and 10 mins go by and he ends up giving it away to the drive through because someone ordered one while mine was being cooked. This is very disappointing because every time i order a sandwich it either takes very long or the sandwich isn’t fully cooked. i understand Starbucks gets busy and i respect all the hard work the employees do for everyone.

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