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Contacting Staples Customer Service Center

Staples is an office supply store with online and offline shopping. Interestingly, in addition to computers, printers, wireless routers and basic office supplies, customers can also order cleaning supplies, water and even coffee products delivered to your home. There is a lot of information on the main page of the website, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll notice a Contact Us link under the Site Help & Feedback section.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Staples customer service contact information is extremely simple to find. There is a long list of contacts, but only one phone number is available for customer service. This could mean the customer service line is bogged down with an automated system to route calls. We’ll test this number and give you our experience in the section below.

  • Customer service: 1-800-378-2753

Mailing Address

The one piece of contact information missing from the Staples customer service information is a mailing address. We located the corporate address from a site outside of the main Staples customer service page.

Staples Corporate Office
500 Staples Dr.
Framingham, MA 01702

Official Website

Whether you want to shop deals on electronics or coffee, you can place your order, email customer service or log in to manage your account from the official Staples website here:

Staples offers more than just merchandise for customers. If there is an advertised price that is lower than the one from Staples, they will match that price. There are restrictions to the price match guarantee. Customers can call 1-800-333-3330 for more information on the price match program.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address listed on the Staples customer service website. We have contacted Staples to see if they can provide a direct email address for customers.

There is a contact form that customers can use to send a message to the customer service department. If your question is about an order, you’ll need to include your order number. You are required to share your phone number when sending an email.

Our Experience

Staples customer service was one of the easiest systems to use that we’ve encountered. Once the call was answered we pressed the 1 for help finding an item. The call was answered within 30 seconds of the time we dialed. The representative looked up the printer cartridge we asked about and told us it could be picked up at our local Staples store. We sent Staples an email request at in order to communicate with a customer service representative.

The email we sent to Staples customer service was answered within a 9 hour time frame. The customer care team provided the customer service email address. They also stated that additional concerns could be addressed at The response from Staples is below:

Date: Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 5:09 PM
Subject: Staples Email Address Inquiry
To: Richard B

Hi Richard, thank you for taking a moment to contact me today regarding our Customer Service Email

The email address needed would depend on what the service issue would be.

The general email address for order issues is:

Otherwise, you may hit reply to his email and I would be happy to assist you.

Customer Service Representative

From: Richard B
Date: Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 8:09 PM
Subject: Staples Email Address Inquiry

Hello, I was wondering if Staples had an email address dedicated to customer service and customer questions. Thank you for you help with this matter.


When you contacted Staples customer service, what was your experiences? Share your thoughts with us below

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179 Comments on “Contact Staples Customer Service
  1. Hello
    I allways use Ramsey New Jersey Store for my all purchases .Unfortunately I face some problem when Staples gives some items on sale as like hot deals with coupon .I went yesterday to buy Lenovo desktop h430 with 100 dollar coupon discount .I contacted live chat representative to check stock in Ramsey .She (Shanon) confirmed that Ramsey store has stock ,in 5 minutes I went there to buy .Your staff of Ramsey needs really a training class for the sale of staples Hot deals because they are not honest with customer for these sale ,They had two desktop in stock as per system but employee went inside the stock room and came out and told me that we donot have for sale because my Manager Kim said me one has been put under hold till night for customer and other is display model .when I verified there was no display in store and I asked to employee Parry ,how can you hold for customer this item which is on sale with discount and I am ready to pay right now .It was suspicious customer service from staples .Sale item should be for first come first service and employees should work on transparent customer service basis .Long time it happened me in same store when I went to buy laptop which was on sale that time I was told after 10 minutes that we have two pieces one display and one has damaged box ,I am not a sales man . I buy for my own use ,So it is really a matter of training to Manager .Staples needs to train its Manager to sell stuff as per company rule because they pay them to serve customers not for scamfull customer service as I learned from my emplyer from long time
    Thanking you

  2. This comment is to register a serious complaint. On 10/17/12, I went to store #1761 in Little Neck, NY to purchase a black ink toner cartridge – PC401. It was out of stock so I ordered the item and paid for it by using my rewards program points. My order # is 9232888354. I was told to pick it up the next day and then was called that delivery was delayed until 10/19/12. When I got to the store,having traveled quite a distance in the rain, I was handed a broken, open box that did not even have the instructions inside. Would anybody buy a product in this condition off the shelf? This is unacceptable and very poor business, since now I will never order anything from a Staples store again. I now have to travel again next week to pick up the product and hope it will be unopened in an original package.Either this is a store policy or your employees are not properly trained. Either way, it certainly does not relflect well on your company.

  3. It was very important for me to fax some documents while on vacation in FL. I Think your pricing for faxing is outrageous. I was thoroughly disappointed. If timing was not important I would definitely gone somewhere else. In the future I ell be using other stores for my office supplies,etc. I will also pass this info on to everyone I can

  4. hi. I wanted to say what great service I received from the phones guys at Staples in Danvers. My Samsung Galaxy I purchased there had a terrible issue 3 months after I bought it. the phone was basically unusable. I went to Verizon but was quickly dismissed by them with no solution given. I was hysterical because I am a partially disabled woman who lives alone….to have no way to contact people is terrifying. Once I calmed down I went into Staples Elliott and Mike were so fantastic! he called the company right away and got a new phone shipped to me in 2 days. Then I was invited back so they could help me set it up. they were so fantastic! I will go there from now on.


  5. I purchased a multiple pack brother ink toner cartidge from Prospect Street west orange NJ store and returned to the store the next day for return, customer service refuses to return my funds. I requested to speak witht her manager she also refused to return my funds and indicated that only exchange could be done only one package was remaining in the store. I was unfairly treated, no where on the reeipt it states no refunds only exchanges one unhappy customer who will remove all personal and well as my company business from staples.This is unacceptable and very poor business practice.

  6. I am so sorry you have closed a staples store in Pompano Beach Fl-( store # 1729). It was one of the very few that gave great service, friendly and helpful. I live close to Office depot store but went several miles just to use your store.
    It will be issed!!

  7. Starting on or about 9/3/2011 I brought my Dell laptop to Staples because it wouldn’t power up.
    Staples said it was a bad mother board and it would cost more to repair it than it was worth.
    So I bought a new Toshiba L755 ($399.99) with a 2 year warranty ($69.99) also had to by Microsoft Office Home & Business 10($199.99) and had to pay for data transfer ($69.99).Not all data was transferred because they did not support those programs like cookbooks and Family Tree. I took both my laptops and went home. At that time the store in Mountain Home Arkansas worked on the laptops in store.
    Then came January 4, 2013 I took my laptop into staples because my DVD/CD player stops working. I informed the technician of my trouble and he put in a disk and said I needed to call Central Service Depot and gave me the phone number. I was not pleased because I know what it takes to change a DVD/CD player out (1or 2 screws and plug it in) I ask for a manager and voiced my opinion of having to call the Central Service Depot and after calling and reporting that my DVD/CD Drive was not working they gave me a claim # 25872973 than said trouble was the hard drive I corrected her and said no it is the DVD/CD Drive not the hard drive. They said they would send me a FedEx box in 2 days.
    I then talked to manager after I got off the phone and she informed me they had a new policy where it has to be sent to repair depot because of liability issues and because of dust. I also discussed with her of why I have to be the one to send this to the repair depot and be without my laptop for about 10 days. I was not nice I also showed her the Easy tech emblem and said there is nothing about this is easy.
    On 1/8/2013 at 8:57 am I called the Repair Depot because the FedEx box had not arrived. They told me that it would be here today by 4:30 PM today and when I gave her the claim # she verified my name and said trouble was hard drive I corrected her for the second time that it was not the hard drive but the DVD/CD DRIVE. I did not receive the box that day so on 1/9/2013 about 9:23 AM I called Repair Depot again gave them my claim # and the first thing they said was the report said was a bad hard drive I said no that the trouble is a bad DVD/CD drive not hard drive. I ask when the FedEx box is going to arrive. They said by 4:30 today. I finally received box about 4:10 pm that day. In the box was instruction how to pack and a form to fill out about the trouble you have, I wrote bad DVD/CD drive. I packed up laptop with power cord and took it to a drop box on 1/10/2013 @ 9:15 AM.
    On 1/16/2016 @ 8:11 AM I called Repair Depot for status I gave them claim # and they said it was scheduled to be delivered by 4:30 today. At 4:23 PM FedEx arrived. About 5:15 after eating I turned on my laptop and I was so shocked to see that all my programs and information was gone. I looked at the papers in the box that said I had a defective hard drive and DVD/CD drive.
    I called Repair Depot at 5:17 PM (1/16/2013) got recording and I left message to call me I gave them claim # and callback #.
    I called again on 1/17/2013 @ 8:01AM no answer called again @ 8:08 AM again there is no answer.
    So I called Staples manager.

    Called manager (870) 492-2321 Steffanie Delgado
    2-5-2013 called 800-378-2753 they transferred me to Kelly 800-806-0555 (3:000pm) customer service she after telling her what happen she said she would call repair depot. Kelly called me back at 3:11 pm and basically said they can’t do anything. Not exceptable.

    Willie Darnell 936-537-1527

  8. Unable to contact customer service by email because a mandatory entry requires a Staple’s customer #. Chose to go to the Best Buy website. I can only imagine how many customers Staple’s has lost due to this.

  9. This is to report faxing problem at your Lanham, MD Store. According to transmission verification report, the branch/office is STAPLES 0052. At first, I tried to use a fax machine, the way I know the practices are. But the machine said, “Insert Card.” I clarified with your personal at the counter to use a card similar as the copier. I got one loaded with $5 and used it to fax my documents. However, the machine stopped in the middle saying two pages sent out but the third didn’t because my card was short by $1.69. I okayed the transaction thinking the third page was on hold awaiting me to add the asked money. But checking the obtained “Transmission Verification Report,” it read “RESULT: CANCEL.” Then, I approach your personnel at the counter for refund of my money because the transaction was cancelled. That personnel, however, told me that the two pages left and I had to fax the remaining third page separately. It was unreasonable business because faxing cannot be made in separation. At least your machine should have held the three pages and asked for updating the money. I couldn’t take it because the addressee was not in a position to match such broken set of faxed documents. As you may know, the only option left for me was to fax the whole again. It was like a contractual obligation to be committed in full. Anyway, I left you store and went to Office Depot and faxed the three pages for only $4.35. Their faxing service was faster and cheaper. The three pages were fed through , sent out and okayed in DURATION OF 35 seconds. Yours, the two pages DURATION was 37 seconds – ate up my $5 and denied my third page unless I pay $1.69. And, the worst thing there was no way to complete the transaction. Imagine, the third page was the main page. SUGGESTION: Please review the situation as to make your faxing process in single set only upon payment in full.

  10. March 13, 2013 – I showed the manager of the store at 1104 West Broad Street, Falls Church, VA 22046, a flyer from Sam’s Club advertising TurboTax Deluxe Fed + State for $39.98. I also showed him the receipt of a customer who purchased TURBOTAX DELUX+STA at another Staples store where the price of $39.98 was honored. However, the manager said he could not honor the $39.98 because Sam’s Club required a membership to provide those low prices. Is this the Staples policy? Please take a few minutes to respond to my inquiry. Thanks and take care, Wanda

  11. On Wed. 3/13/2013 I tried to purchase a Brother MFC-J825dw printer that was advertised from the Staples located at the 7th Street Shopping Center, Frederick, MD. I live over 20 miles away so I called to comfirm that they had that printer in stock. I was assured they had it and would hold on for me at the service desk. I arrived at the service desk 30min later only to be told they didn’t have it and it was back ordered. I was told Staples could order one for me and have it the next day. Why would I believe that? I was told to not try ordering it online because all online sources were back ordered as well ( another lie). I ordered it from Amazon for $6 less, saved the sales tax, and free shipping. I try to support brick & morter businesses but I have made my last trip to Staples.

  12. I need a new catalog from you so I can do price checks on things that need to be ordered for my department at school. I have an old catalog 2010. Could you please send your e-mail address to me so I can send a list of items to be checked? Thank you for your help.

  13. I’m sorry, but your large business is no longer an option when I shop and has been rejected for the following reason(s): Stated company policy which seems/may violate the 1st Amendment and seems/may be anti 2nd Amendment.and also may/seems to be promoting a particular political agenda or message.

  14. I just learned that Staples disqualified a gun dealer from participating in one of your contest. I promote all citizens being weapons trained and having the choice of owning a gun for self protection. Apparently, Staples leadership is anti gun. I had no idea of such a policy before now. Staples is just a few blocks from where I live, but I will drive a further distance to buy my products in the future. This policy, obviously, upsets me, enough to quit buying your products, until, if ever, the policy is changed. I happen to like Staples, but I will not support any business that is anti guns!! In today’s world, people need to protect themselves as well as others. You are welcome to respond.

  15. My experience at Staples recently was excellent because of
    the Manager’s kindness, patience, and efficiency. Thanks to the store manager at the Boardman, Ohio store, my school year is starting off smoothly. I was fully satisfied with the time and effort he put in to rectify a mix-up. Good job to your staff.

  16. I recently purchased a lap top at Staples in Durham NC. Michael Simpson assisted me with my purchase & then was the technician that came to my home to assist me, with transfer of data from my old computer and set-up my new lap top. He was very knowledgeable and patient with my lack of knowledge.
    Michael is a real asset to Staples.
    Thanks, Pam Denning

  17. I shopped at store #0291, Altoona, Pa today. I was short on time and could not find the items I was looking for. First, Nathan walked me directly to the products I was looking for. When he noticed the product was not on display he immediately searched the back and the inventory. He stated he found some and they were probably misplaced among other items. He then stated “I will look around until I find them for you.” I opted for an available item on the shelf and just commented to him how extremely appreciative I was of the lengths he went to to find items that were all priced under $5.00. I then went to purchase a camera with the brand and model number in mind since I had already researched the item. Britt was on hand to note the store did not carry that particular brand and model. She quickly offered a comparable, and less expensive model. When I agreed on this suggestion she promptly went to the back of the store only to come out to state “I am so sorry we are currently out of that item, I do have another model you might like that hopefully is in stock.” She over viewed the features and sold me immediately. That model was in stock as she came out holding it smiling. I was thrilled with her quick mindedness with options and alternatives. She offered to assist me with choosing a case and an additional memory card. As we calculated my savings compared to the model I had originally had in mind I realized I was saving over $150.00. As I turned to set my items on the shelf behind me I noticed a label maker that I had my eye on for $100.00 less that the original price. She again quickly over viewed the product, features and the labels needed. In the cart they all went. She then followed me to the front of the store and opened up a register to check out my purchases. She applied all of my coupons and discounts pointing out as she went they had all been applied accordingly along with describing the products extended warrenties that could be applied. Well as if that was not enough of the best customer service one could possibly hope for she offered to have someone help me to my vehicle as I had also purchased a case of paper weighing at least 40 or 50 pounds. She called for help, when no response was received in approximately 60 seconds she stated “I will just come with you” to load your items in your vehicle. Unbenounced to Britt, I had surgery recently as was not to lift anything over 10 pounds. This young lady even pushed my cart to my vehicle, loaded my items into my vehicle and took my cart back into the store for me. I received so much assistance, support and help from Nathan and ESPECIALLY Britt it made me WANT to come back for another PHENOMINAL shopping experience. I thank the staff again for the outstanding customer service. I am truly grateful.

  18. My wireless antenna for computer had a bent insert snd e-mails and internet did not work. First I went to Best Buy but they did not pursue trying to fix it and did not have same model. At Staples(Downingtown,PA), Julian Juro suggested trying to fix it, took the time to take it apart and succeeded; he tested the device on three computers successfully. As a retired teacher, I told him his grade is A++.

  19. hello I went to the 135 Bloomfield Avenue Bloomfield New Jersey 07003 store on Friday 13th 2013on Friday the 13th 2013 6:08 p.m.after wanting to pay for the fax that I did yeah that coffee machines it was I went into the front of entrance where there were 3 cashier lights on. I asked a female cashier (no name tags) is number 3 open? One said no they must have left.I asked who is the Manager. They said Ralph. I asked him 3 lights are on and where woould the 3rd cahier be.Ralphs reply was They must have left and forgot to shut off the light.Ralph was talking to me from the computer area where he was sitting. That distance was the equivalent of an 18 wheeler distance. He never appoligized or said he was sorry.Even though he moved to the register area near the dame computer area he negleted no desire to acknowledge his excuses.I’m disapoined and I the Headquarters up on Monday.Thank You

  20. I anxiously awaited the laptops to go on sale in the fall and when Staples had a Toshiba advertised for the entire week I ordered one on line at early Sunday morning before business. Just to make sure, I also reserved one at my local Staples store but know they only received 2 for the sale and didn’t know if I’d be lucky enough to get one. I went to the Staples store to look at the laptop. Not only did they not have one out of the box for the sales floor but told me I should give up my reserved laptop since I also ordered one online and that could not be cancelled. The next day I got an email from telling me the Toshiba on sale was out of stock. I called explaining that I ordered it well before business hours (5am) and the sale was for the entire week so how could they not have any. I was told that it was “while quantities last”. I looked at my Staples ad and nowhere did the ad say limited quantities. I called back asking to speak to a supervisor. I was not referred to a supervisor but the man (calling himself Aidan with a foreign accent) who answered the initial call this time assured me that I would receive my computer the next day. I asked him for a tracking number and of course he didn’t have one. I told him I would wait for that model to be replenished but he again assured me it would be delivered by 5pm and I could call if it wasn’t. By this time, had sent me an email suggesting another model Toshiba laptop with a smaller processor and for more money! I had absolutely had it with Staples and of course my laptop was never delivered. On Friday of that week I happened to be in Concord, NH and I stopped in at that Staples by chance they had one. I looked at all the laptops and they didn’t have the model on sale. An employee asked me if he could help me so I explained my story and disappointment to him. His name is Mark Ellingwood and is the Assistant manager of the Concord, NH store. Mark apologized that he kept getting phone calls as he was the only manager there that day but still told me he would make calls to other Staples stores to see if he could locate that particular laptop for me, which was still on sale, by the way. I browsed around and Mark came to me with the exact model Toshiba laptop I had tried so hard to get! I was so happy I almost cried. Mark Ellingwood took time out of his many duties to help a dissatisfied customer and revert her to a very happy customer. I will always drive the 65 miles to patronize the Concord,NH Staples from now on.

  21. I took my computer to Western Hills Store in Cincinnati, Ohio and had anti-virus added and had my computer checked for viruses etc. They completed cleaned of viruses. They also cleaned out my Favorites and other files. They added Internet for Kids etc. I only asked for the viruses removed and anti-virus added. I will never take my computer or renew my anti-virus with Staples again. Highly dis-satisfied.

  22. Would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Justin, Staples Tech Sales Supervisor in the Seaside, CA store for his great assistance in returning my ASUS computer back to full operating capability. When others said that the key board could not be replaced, he solved the problem within 48 hours. If someone was to award grades, would give Justin an A++.

  23. A few weeks ago I contacted Staples by email regarding my reward points which have not arrived by regular mail for months. I did so after receiving a notice that my points rewards were about to expire in Oct. 2013 because I had not claimed them. I found out then that I was supposed to get that online which I never signed for. The last email from your center assured me that there was an error and that my coupons would arrive by regular mail shortly. That was about three weeks ago. What mailing system are you using now? Please let me know about my rewards and fix your problem so I can get them and use them. I have been your faithful Staples customer for about 30 years and think I earned the right no to be lied to. Thank you for your consideration, Isa

  24. I recently had a very large multi product copy and print order at the Lewiston, Idaho Staples Store. Marti the copy and print associate did an outstanding job of making my order right, and adding items to it as I needed. Marti went way above and beyond normal customer service as she completed over 1000 certificates for participants at an OSHA conference. My order consisted of over 2000 color copies, certificates, and two very large banners. Great work, great service, great prices! Great work by Marti.

  25. Last August 22nd I went to STAPLES in LANDOVER MD for virus removal and then it was when my calvary starts. I left my cpu at the store and the IT TECH told me that they will call later on …… never happen I called Sept 9th and the IT TECH do not what is the status of my computer he said that he will retur the phone call between 30 minutes . never happen! I called them back sept 14 same scenario happened, so I resolved to go back to the store to ask about the status of my computer and a lady named GINA came to me with this bad attitud becouse a was telling her that the phone calls wre made by me to the store nothe another way arround. she said that the IT guys called me several times and I told her It was not like that. well… things got worst, now I have to transfer all my data for small amout of money, I agreed to it but what I discover is that when i was signed my disclosure agreement for service my phone number was wrong and I corrected then so I ask her how the IT TECH’S CALLED and talk to me having the wrong number?????? well bad attitud getting worst she made another copy for me to sign without my scratches(fishyyy) after this I told her that this was the worst customer service ever out all staples I had visit.later in the week I got phone calle from staples for computer pick up I went to staples 09/29/2013 finally to pick up my computer, and after more than half hour i got my computer my flash driver. after all this dilema the only thing I want to do is get out that place ASAP but i didn’t check the computer. I got my computer and I told Mss. GINA “I HOPE I DONT HAVE TO COME BACK HERE”, she replied “ME TOO”. Ireally was hoping that but weeks later wen i decide to put ma computer in place in my day of my computer is not working….. oh my….. I wen back to Staples 10/22/13 the store manager talking to me trough Mss. GINA’S CELLPHONE refused to honor the warranty and most important refused to talk to me personally. so what shoul I do??????

  26. The other night I went into the Staples store in Castle Rock, CO. A young man named Casey waited on me. I had discovered the day before that a CD shipment of my husband’s lastest digi-pak cd was missing the spine label! This is a big no-no to the radio stations and I was set to mail out over 50 copies the very next day!! I needed spine labels FAST!! So Casey took the time to set the type up, align up to three spine labels per clear label and print them out for me while I waited! I also needed color copies of the cd one-sheet to accompany the new cd mail-out. Casey did a great job on that too! I am very impressed with the service and plan on making that Staples store my “go-to” place from now on and hopefully Casey is working! ~ Victoria Ward Flying W Productions

  27. I just spent an hour and a half creating a business card as it advertised $19.99 for 100 cards, color or black and white. Once done, went to pay and was informed it would cost an extra $13 for color. Really? I cancelled my order, took a screen shot of my card and am now heading to Office Depot. I don’t like false or unclear advertising. It speaks volumes about the company

  28. On Sunday October 27 I brought my computer into store 0276 because while trying to download Norton 360 the previous Friday I was told I had a microsoft issue. I attempted to fix the problem on line with another vendor to be told it would cost $250 to fix (of course 30 minutes late I had a call indicating they could fix it for $100.) Frank in your Escondido store took my information about the problem. He made several suggestions about future choices for virus protection and backing up my picture and data files. That experience was very pleasant, he had great patience with the fact that I have very little computer experience and explained everything clearly. I expected to know the following day what was wrong with the computer and to be able to pick it up on Thursday. Imagine my surprise when less than two hours later I was called and was able to pick up my fixed computer that same afternoon. Janine knew exactly what the problem was and quickly fixed it. Victor helped my when I came to pick up the computer and even made the backups to the thumb drives I purchased in the store. Everyone in the store was very helpful, and curteous. You should be proud of that staff. Too many times people take the time to complain. I wanted to compliment your staff. Thank them for great service with a smile.

  29. I just wanted to commend Andrew S. at the Downingtown, PA Staples Store for outstanding service. I had recently purchased a phone and was having trouble with the speed dial feature. Andrew not only explained everything to me but entered the numbers for me. On top of that, he printed out labels for me to attach to the speed dial buttons! Great job, Andrew!

  30. I usually shop at the Staples store in New Hope Pennsylvania, but have been to many others. No other store comes close to the cleaniness, organization, service, friendliness and overall great experience at the New Hope Store. Every employee smiles, makes eye contact and asks if you need help. If I need to go to Staples, and am near another store in my travels, I will wait until I can go to the one in New Hope!! BRAVO.

  31. Shopped at your Bloomfield, NJ store and had a great experience. Was helped by Angel, Tyrone, Eric, Debbie and the store manager Dave. All went out of their way to help us and that they did. Wonderful employees who know how to make a customer feel important!

  32. Can you say FALSE ADVERTISING!! The sale items are never in stock and the manager of the Rancho San Diego store admitted that Staples advertises sale prices on products on items they never had.I will never, ever shop there again and tell everyone that will listen not to. I’m sure you don’t care since none of your customer service reps or corporate reps do.

  33. I cannot call the Customer Service number that was given to report outstanding service at the Fredericksburg VA Staples Store # 0285. Katelyn helped me greatly and with a smile and the spirit of Christmas.
    1. She helped return a difficult item.
    2. She personally showed me two coupon items in the store so I did not waste time searching for them.
    3. She carefully showed me how to do the rebates online.
    Katelyn (at store 0285) went the extra mile and should be commended. I hope this message gets to the cooperate office.

  34. I was befuddled with a project on my computer…so I went to the local staples # 1440 in Monument CO. The tech Jerico Thomas & copy & print associate were BEYOND HELPFUL!!!!! Jerico was unbelievable with determination . Thank you Thank you.

  35. I will never shop at staples again and will spread the word to my friends and family to do the same! On 12/16 I purchased 2 kindle fire hd’s from the killingly, ct store. The advertised promotion at the time was you received a free $25 amazon gift card with purchase. I bought the kindles and swiped my credit card and paid for my purchase. As I am walking out of the store I realize the gift cards are not in the bag so I go back into the store and question the easy tech associate, after consulting with the store mgr they decided to post void my transaction so I could get the gift cards. On 12/17 I called the store after I noticed I had 2 charges from staples for $301.35. The Mgr Rick said staples paperwork is right it’s my bank that is wrong! Now 12/20 staples gas still not reversed the charges. I am a single mother out $301 and staples has ruined my Christmas for my children. As a single mother every penny of my money is budgeted for and having $300 of it gone due to staples mistake has completely ruined everything! And what’s worse is that no one from staples wants to help or aplologize, they are just concerned with proving they are right!

  36. I want to affirm one of your Mt. Vernon Illinois employees, Matt, who was working on Dec. 31. He went the extra mile in helping me return an item which had been ordered on line.

  37. I moved to Marlborough and had occasion to go into Staples, on Boston Post Rd.East
    I had two of the nicest Tech’s ever! I had many questions for them and both were as polite and kind as I ever imagined. I still go in often and I am so pleased as always…
    Jeff and Gary are tops! They have never hesitated or giving me bad advice…
    It is with great pleasure to go into Staples in Marlborough,Ma.
    I am happy to call Staples my home away from home.

  38. Tyrell Seamans at the Staples store in Ithaca, New York provided great service to me over the last few days – truly knowledgeable assistance on my Asus computer and getting set up for cloud backup. Thank you!

  39. I recently visited a Staples store on 86st Lexington Avenue N.Y., N.Y. and to my surprise the customer service really needs training in satisfying customers. I was looking for stationary and some sales representative was throwing around boxes, without having consideration that I was there. Second when I got to the register the Team supervisor Elisabeth, was very nasty. She looked like she didn’t want to be there and all I got was an attitude for just being a customer. I hope that the supervisors or store mangers fix the problem within that store because customers are suppose to be treated with respect. That store needs to hire new people who want to work and would give a better representation of the company. I love staples for its products, until now I have never visited a store that had employees that didnt care. I hope that’s comment is taken into account, because I know I won’t be the first customers your lose but I can definitely say that if it continues, you will lose alot more…

  40. Yesterday I went into Store # 1677 in Moraine, OH, and wanted to use my Staples Rewards. I could not remember my user ID or password. A very helpful associate, Pam Fry, called an 800 number and helped me get the information I needed to use my rewards. She is terrific and deserves official recognition from the corporation. Please consider this an official compliment for great service.

  41. I went to the copy center at the Stratford, C.T. staples, and must praise Cindy, your lead person in this center. There were at least a dozen people making copies and many needed assistance. Cindy was filling large orders in the work area, taking orders, answering questions and the phone, and fixing jammed machines. She was pleasant, calm and appeared to enjoy working and solving the customers’ problems. I don’t know another person that would not have just walked off that job. I would have been very overwhelmed and short tempered. This is a great employee.

  42. I do frequent store #1294 which is in Weymouth, Mass. All the associates are very courteous and helpful. I recently had dealings with Eddie and Joseph in the Tech. Dept., but everyone is always available. Kudo’s to them

  43. I had the best customer sevice experience at store 1391 in Eastvale. Manager Robin was the best. I had problems with my computer and decided that I would call Staples, since I had horrible experience with The Geek Squad and didn’t want to call them. Robin helped me,made me feel at ease.The staff had great customer service skills, they explained to me without making me feel stupid, they were very helpful and very curtious.Sean called me that same evening and explained what was going on with my computer.I was very impresssed. Thank You Staples for your great employees.

  44. Returned my Dell Laptop for repair, Paid $ 369.99 in advance, received nothing in return but for promises that it will be returned in a week or so. This began in Nov. 5 2013 and is still going on. To days date is. 2/21/2014 and all I have are promises.
    This is going on, and I see no end to it. What are my options? I am at the stage where I take my money back and never see staples again. The store I am dealing with is located in
    Fl. Ocala. General manager. Don Zenn Thank you! Henry Stern

  45. I purchased some post it flags (along with other supplies) at the Feasterville Staples in Bucks County. Upon leaving the store I discovered that I had been overcharged, a sale item where the discount was not automatically deducted. I brought my receipt back to the cashier, and she asked a young associate to check the price. The young man was very pleasant, confirmed the over charge and went about giving me a refund. The register he was using could not process the refund. He tried other registers, etc and still couldn’t process the refund ($5). I was asked to come back when the system was working better but since I had stood patiently for a half hour already I suggested they give me cash and work it out on their system later. The young associate told me
    that he didn’t have the authority to do that and tried to get a manager. The manager was busy and asked the general manager to come over. Up to this point everyone was being courteous and professional. As the customer I was being very patient. The general manager Tracey, told me she couldn’t process the refund and to come back later. I asked if there wasn’t a better option, ie give me the cash, hold on to the receipt and process it later? That is when when she seemed to lose the plot. She became very aggressive, asked how much I wanted??? went through her pockets and took out five singles and THREW them on the counter. At that point I was so horrified I wanted to return everything I had purchased, but realized that I would have to “come back later” to do that also. I wonder how Tracey might have reacted if I had been an irate, angry customer? This is a general manager? the young associates handled themselves much better than the “general manager”.
    Let me recap, I was over charged, and made to wait over a half hour to see if the system would process the refund, and with no apology, I had the money “thrown” at me. Staples you should be able to do better than that.

  46. Yesterday,I purchased five items at your Gaithersburg, MD store and was waited on by Mr. Abaku. I always receive excellent service at this store, but this time was exceptional. Mr. Abaku went to a good amount of trouble in finding the prices of certain items that were not marked. He was patient and exceedingly courteous (and apologetic for making me wait). He is a fine asset to your staff at this store.

  47. 02/20/2014 I called today at 10:58 est to place an order. I asked to price match one item. The first lady found the item after 25 minutes and needed a managers approval, I went on hold again and was picked up by another employee “Collen”. at 11:40 she researched the previous lady’s information with no luck(three call centers) then I mentions it’s now 11:54 est. “would you like my number?” Both where professionals however neither got the Job done in a timely manner. I hope I wasn’t placed on hold as a token…

  48. After the death of our only daughter we visited our local Staples in North Myrtle Beach, SC. to select a card to send to family and friends notifying them of the service we were having for our daughter.
    Mary helped immensely through our very difficult time and was more than considerate of our situation during the selection process and very helpful with our final choice.
    WE appreciate her understanding and her professional yet compassionate help.

  49. I use Staples for all of our computer needs here in Crestview Florida, a small town in the panhandle. Josiah Gould, an Easy Tech Associate constantly goes out of his way to help everybody with a problem or a question. Twice in the last year my computer was infected by viruses . His expert help cleaned the problem and on his recommendation I had him install Staples virus program which has caught three viruses and malware . It is nice to know that there is someone like him around. Thanks Staples!

  50. I live in Ames Iowa and shop in your store and would not consider myself a regular customer however when I need office supplies Staples is my first choice. I went into your store on 3/5/2014 with questions concerning photographs on a computer and using a scanner. I ran into a mgr. by the name of Wade. He was very helpful and professional and answered all my questions to the fullest and made some great recommendations.I was in customer service for 32 years and am aware of how valuable team members like Wade are. I am also aware of customers being more motivated to point out the negatives in a business rather than recognize a person like Wade. Thanks Wade for a great experience!!

  51. GREAT SERVICE – I went to the Southington, CT Staples (Store # 0195) to understand why my HP Photosmart Plus printer had stopped printing in black ink even though I had loaded a new cartridge. Phil on the tech crew explained that I likely needed to access the “Tools” setting and “Clean Printhead”. He was right! Printer is now working perfectly. Thanks Phil (and Supvr Rob) for the great service today!

  52. I would like to let you know how satisfied I was with the staff at store #0610 on Sutler Ave., Beloit WI 53511.

    Tony was extremely helpful in the choosing of my new computer. He was able to answer all my questions and make some helpful suggestions.

    When I picked up my computer, it was close to closing time. Even though it took time to get my things together and given help to get my computers out to my car I know it was well past their closing time. I am truly grateful for their patience and time given to me.

    Because I knew I would get the knowledge and help from the staff there, I chose to go them instead of Wal Mart. HATS OFF to store #0610 for their courtesy and help given.

    This was on 2-27-2014.

  53. I never thought shopping for office supplies could be such a joy. The Staples store in Port Charlotte #421 rocks. Ryan showed me how to order on-line in store save $ on ink and toner for the next 15 mos and had a fabulous personality to go with it. Another great associate is Beth. She can tell you how to get what you need and order it right there for you. Linda in the print center knows her stuff for sure. Justin is great in the computer center. There manager is also personable as well. Great store. Great associates.

  54. Kudos to Chris Riddell at the Staples in Sedona, AZ! When I went in with my computer I IMMEDIATELY asked for a Tech that would not make me feel stupid as I am an admitted techno-phobe. He not only did NOT make me feel like a Luddite but made me feel like a valued customer and went out of his way to continue his superior customer service when I picked up my computer. While we are a very small town we ADORE our Staples and it is partly because of people like Chris!

  55. I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful experience with Robert at 1880 Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. He was very helpful on the phone and when I went over to the store, even though it was 5 minutes before closing time, he took his time and was very professional and courteous. Pleasure to deal with.

  56. Yesterday, I had one of the best customer service experiences at Staples in Mount Vernon,NY 10550. I went in to print photos for a fashion portfolio and Samantha Sudu was extremely patient and helpful with the process. After my photos printed, a gentleman by the name of Phillip assisted in helping me pick the perfect portfolio folder and sheet protectors. He was very attentive in hearing what my needs were, and made awesome suggestions. Thank you!

  57. At your store # 217 I was told by your copy center manager I can no longer email drawings in pdf format directly the store to be printed on 24”x36” sheets. I must use the Staples’s copy web site. Which means when I receive drawings I must save the pdf file, go the Staples web site down load the file and wait for a reply that Staples received my file. I tried that, it did not work I found your web site difficult to navigate and has not made doing business with STAPLES EASY.

  58. I returned some empty ink cartridges and wanted to know how I get the refund. I have a rewards card, but am using a friends email address to contact you. When I asked your clerk if I needed and e-msil address to get the refund on 7 cartridges she just gave me a receipt and said they will mail it to me if I had no email address. I don’t know how your program really works. I got a rewards card along time ago and use it when every I shop with staples but I never get a coupon with my receipt for anything. I understand that you get 2 or 3 dollars for each empty cartridge. I am wondering how this money will be coming to me? The clerk never did give me a complete answer, sorry I don’t remember the clerks name. Thank you

  59. I recently took my laptop into the Staples Store in Angola Indiana because it was not running very well. The two young men in the service department that helped me during the next week concerning decisions about my computer were extremely helpful, courteous, professional and kind. They answered my questions and kept me informed by phone of their progress. Since I am not a “techie” person both Andy and Jeremy were patient and never made me feel uncomfortable asking questions. Both these young men should be recognized as excellent employees. I will definately recommend the Staples Store in Angola to my friends and family for their computer service needs. Thank you Andy and Jeremy.


  61. My husband and I were just at your store in Watauga Texas and I have never been so upset. We were checking out with a very nice cashier named Courtney and one of Staples coupons we got off your website for paper didn’t work. She called over the assistant manager Jerrin, who said we couldn’t use it. We asked if we bought the paper separately if it would work. He stared at us and said you’ll have to go to the back of the line to do it. REALLY??? Have you ever been sent to the back of the line in any store? It is unheard of and poor customer service. My husband is disabled and we had to go to the back of the line to complete our shopping. A few weeks ago we went in for the free paper promotion and they were out of it and we just got a shrug. We were just at Office Depot and they couldn’t do enough for us- wow what a difference. Telling someone to go to the back of the line is disrespectful and so insulting. Is this how your customer works? You should be ashamed.

  62. Hello,

    I understand how difficult it is in today’s time to find good personal service. The purpose of this message is to express my satisfaction with a local Staples store and their computer tech.

    A short while ago, I was facing a personal crisis which was quickly turning into an expensive nightmare. When I discovered the computer tech in Elkton, Maryland I discovered relief. Not only did “Kat” solve my problem, she is also a constant source for ongoing concerns.

    My husband and I have a small business and I am a teacher/ student. So computer concerns never cease. Kat not only is patient to listen to my concerns, but she performed the services that same day and recommended helpful advice. I am often bragging about this store and computer tech to everyone I meet.
    Those I speak to are thankful for the advice.

    Personally, I don’t think that I will ever have to seek other alternatives for my computer concerns. I intend on keeping what works for us. Thank you for finding the perfect computer tech for our concerns.


    I have limited computer skills and knowledge. Therefore, when it was time to replace my old laptop, I was nervous, uncertain and distrustful. I found the technology, language and options confusing and intimidating. But I am persistant and in my search to make the right choice for me, I found, time and time again, that the Staples staff provided me with precise information and exemplary customer service. I talked with 3 different sales representatives, on at least 4 separate occasions, and each time was treated with respect, presented with sensible options, felt no pressure at all, and left feeling excited about my upcoming tutorial on my “perfect for me” HP touchscreen. Thank you so much to Kai, Angelito, and Alex for hanging in there with me; thank you to Manager Kathy for encouraging me to make this report, and thank you to Staples for your Hiring Policies. Good job!


    Wynna Jorgensen

  64. I was so impressed with the service offered by Debbie at the Staples in San Luis Obispo, off Madonna rd. I had a punch (which we’d already replaced once before)which broke. I didn’t have my receipt on me but she offered to resolve my problem, no questions asked. I can’t deny, I haven’t received such wonderful service with a smile in a long time! She even was sweet to my daughter who was shopping with me. I will definitely come back to shop here! Thank you !

  65. David Pruett at the Monterey, CA, Staples Store provided over-the-top outstanding customer service. I was traveling and my laptop wireless connection wasn’t working. He quickly figured out how to solve the wireless connection problem and suggested a solution to another problem involving an upgrade. Because of the volume of content on the laptop (I’m a writer), he had to take the computer home and work on it overnight–including setting his alarm at 1 and 3 am to make sure everything was being downloaded and later uploaded. I am sooo impressed at the quality of service. I had to pick the laptop up the next day since I was leaving town. And thanks to his overnight effort, the laptop was working, set up and ready to go. OUTSTANDING SERVICE. GIVE THIS GUY A RAISE! Carole Carson, Author, From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction

  66. I had questions about a promotional HP OfficejetPro8. I phoned Vince at the Wilkes-Barre Township, PA Staples. He answered my many questions about the product, as well as the procedure for purchasing it.
    I went to the store, where again it was Vince who helped me get the All-in-One, plus the necessary cables and paper. He showed me how to obtain my rebates and carried the cable to my car.
    That is true customer service! Thanks, Vince!

  67. I have been trying to enter my info for the $10 off $50 email coupon for the past 15 minutes and everything I pull up takes me to some source promoting entirely different products I have not found any way to enter my info.
    Please walk me through the process because “”
    will not get the job done!!!!!

  68. Pierre Ferrari, Assistant Manager and Greg McKenney at Staples in Petaluma, CA. assisted my wife and me when we purchased new phones on May 4th, 2014. Both gentlemen are very knowledgeable and professional. We were purchasing smart phones for the first time and they helped us find the best plan and patiently explained how to get started using our new phones. We appreciated the time and attention to detail of these outstanding employees and will definitely remain loyal customers.
    Thank you!

  69. Hello
    My name is Coleman Hill
    I was in your store located on Hanes Mill Rd located in Winston Salem Nc. We were waited on by a Mr Charles Thomas Johnson and let me start by saying this young man displays all the Great attributes of customer service. I know I have managed mega such as Lowes home and appliances , Commanded a Armor Battalion I. Iraq the Middle East now as a simi retired worker over a branch of service for the City of Winston Salem. Mr Charles Johnson first of all was willing to serve a complicated situation. My wife and I just wanted a power cord for our some what dated copier. Not having one at that location we were about to just wait and keep wiggling the old cord to make the copier work. His knowledge, compassion coupled with a Great sense of humor and ownership and a “can do attitude” left us no choice but to purchase. Well wouldn’t you know there is not one in the store that we wanted. He made us comfortable in the store and shearched other store locations for the product. We thought that this was super. We would left and came back another time. We ended up having it delivered to the house free of charge to our complete satisfaction. Great Job Charles Thomas Johnson and keep up the great work. I wish I had 12 just like you working for me.

    Coleman Hill
    City of Winston Salem

  70. My wife and I have a local business here in Gettysburg, PA and we use Staples for all of our business needs because of the service and their rewards points. I stopped by the store yesterday to ask about laptops since I was looking for a replacement. In the store I was greeted by a sales associate(Michael Jenkins)who did an amazing job at helping me to find just what I was looking for. After thinking about what he said I called the next day and spoke to Tom (not sure of his last name) and he happily helped me with the details and pricing questions I had. I went back to the store about a possible purchase and this time I was greeted by the manager (Regina Gebhart)and the sales associate (Micheal Jenkins)who left me feeling as though I was there number one customer. Both of them went out of their way to make sure I got exactly what I wanted with all of the discounts that were available. Because of their polite, respectful and warm personalities we will continue to use Staples for all of our home and business needs as well as tell our friends and other business associates of their amazing customer service. This is the kind of stuff that gives a business a great reputation.

  71. I just weant to let you knopw that your customer service is horrific. I have tried to call you stores in Denver Colorado since 0800 this morning to have no answer from any of them . I would have just like to go pick up a product and wanted to make sure that they had it. Never got them to answer. Then I contacted your customer service dept only to be on hold for 15 minutes with out any one answering. Unacceptable. I will take my buisness somewhere else and will send a message to my bosses to let them know that we will no longer use your company

  72. I would like to thank your employee David Zivfelt at your Albany OR store. he stayed over on his on time to help me with a problem on my I pad with a security program that I had purchased there.
    Thank you for having excellent service and employees
    Robert Sparks

  73. Karen at the Lancaster PA Golden Triangle store is always very pleasant and helpful. She engages customers without getting too personal. Yesterday I purchased some items and she offered a newspaper / flier coupon worth 20% discount. Karen didn’t have to offer the coupon, but she knows I am a frequent shopper.

    Thanks so much, Karen!

  74. I would like to give a great “thank you” to Sam Foster and his helper, I think it was Nicholas for helping this great-grandmother fix a cell phone that was completely made unusable by my 2 year old great-grandson. He hit something that needed some kind of password and no matter what I tried, I could not make it work. It took it to Sam with a HELP and between the two they worked for a bit and get it back in working order. This is not the first time I have gone to Sam for help, but I just wanted you to know that he is one special employee. I believe his store is Newton 0400. I know folks like to complain, but I think not enough praises come from satisfied customer. Thank you.

  75. We wanted Staples to know what a great experience we had with one of your store managers. We had purchased office furniture online at the Daytona Beach store #1092. When the furniture arrived and my husband assembled it, the product was not at all what we expected for the money we paid.
    I called the store manager, Ann Lanza, she was so helpful and courteous giving me information on how to make my return. She even went the extra mile offering to compensate us for my husbands time in assembling the furniture. I told her that wasn’t necessary but she insisted we seek her out the next time we are shopping at Staples.
    I asked her for her supervisors name and told her we wanted to let her company know how helpful and courteous she was. Again she didn’t want the recognition she said that was her job. I myself am in customer service and told her that it is nice to hear positive feedback instead of the usual negative.
    So again we wanted Staples to know that you are very lucky to have such a great, loyal employee working for you.
    Thank you,
    Paula Milligan

  76. Dave Millman and his team at the copy and print center, Staples store in Downingtown, PA, are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Due to difficulties with our software and computers we have been out sourcing most of our advertising/print work to Staples. James is very professional and responsive, Alyssa is very personal and reactive, and Spencer is friendly and very capable. My organization has come to depend greatly on Staples for support for our two locations. Often our deadlines and tight and Dave and his team always come through for us with printed material and well as promotional items and design work.

  77. Staples on N. Campbell Avenue in Tucson, Arizona has a genuine customer-service hero. It’s Brandon Horbacz, Tech Sales Supervisor. After a few trips with my laptop to the store didn’t fix the problems, Horbacz came to my home office. He did a deep dive to get to the source of what was shutting down the laptop. The tech service warranty with Staples was the best investment I have ever made. THANK YOU, Staples and Brandon Horbacz.

  78. I had a bad experience last august in a staples store located in south Miami #1778 (African American) employ was scanning the items worth $99.00, $49.00 & 39.00 each for a customer (african american lady) for $1.00, $2.00
    He print the receipt and she handed him $20.00 and she got the change back. The items She took worth over $250.00 for less than $20.00. This was most certainly a serious theft issue.
    I couldn’t say a thing I walked away without buying anything of course I keep thinking about it all the time but I never had the courage to complain.
    I don’t know his name or any information to help you with. Your job to find him, busy season is coming soon this is the time to catch the theft.

  79. Thanks again to the great team at the Florida Palm Bay store. It is a “team” in the true since of the word. It starts at the top with the manager Dave, Eric Christie, Eric Wachli,and Anthony. It took special efforts by all of them to solve the my many problems with my cell phone, trade it (Samsong S4) for a new S5. I came in for a new screen protector for the S4 and came home with a new, better S5. This kind of customer care is the reason I have been a customer of Staples for over 10 years.

  80. Jeremy Zinnel, the GM at your store in Apple Valley, MN has been a great help and advisor over a few years. Always ready to help and very friendly and right on with his suggestions. Staples is very lucky to have such an employee.
    Thank you
    Gerald R. Krosnowski

  81. Worst experience! I went to your store this morning to price match sale items at other stores. Never had a problem until today. The cashier told me she cant match staples items with office max items. I have done so 3 times already this week. I also has a toys r us ad for today only Crayola crayons 3 for $1. The cashier rolled her eyes, would not make eye contact with me and kept making rude remarks in her head piece to other people. What is the since of having a price match guarantee if you don’t honor it? I have been in customer service for 18 years. I would never treat a customer the way I was treated this morning by your cashier!

  82. Hello Friends
    Yesterday I got my first I-Phone and went to use it to call my office to see what kind of paper I needed to purchase. New phone would not unlock so I asked to use the store phone to call my office. I was told that customers cannot use their phones. I said ok, you call and lady said no can do. I drove 30 miles to your store and left without a purchase. This is not right way to treat a customer. Blessings, Jim Hulse founder / director

  83. Hello-
    I would like to recognize a very valuable employee at the Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks, CA location. Justin Dorris was incredibly helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and patient helping me with computer issues. I have repeatedly experienced this approach from him when shopping at Staples. This kind of service is what keeps me coming back. I also enjoy making school shopping referrals to this store because of the service we repeatedly receive.
    Thank you for providing top notch care. We will continue to enjoy our shopping experience at our local Staples.
    Julie Wright

  84. To whom it may concern,
    During my visit to your store located at 3146 Kurtz in San Diego I and several other customers were not allowed to enter. Although it was 5:56pm, I was greeted by an employee monitoring the door. Your employee stated that we are closed. I told him it wasn’t 6pm and he responded that we need to get the registers closed down.
    He continued this to at least 3 other customers. A 4th customer come up and he initially told him the same thing. That customer then told him I only need 1 thing and was allowed to enter.
    I would appreciate that you treat all customers alike and stay open till your posted hours. Having the doors shut
    allowing other customers to shop, is not open.
    Please understand that you have forced me to shop at Target tonight. I can spend my money anywhere, but I expect to be treated fairly. Next time I will seriously ask myself if I should try you again or go straight to Target where they appreciate my hard earned money.

    Sent from my iPhone

  85. I am writing this to express my disappointment in not receiving any rewards coupons for quite some time – I was told in the Cleveland, TN store that this is done bi-monthly – I know I have not received one since at least May – and even made a purchase on line for an HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 and still nothing – I am just letting you know that I will do any more shopping through Best Buy – I shouldn’t have to keep track of this type of stuff and most of my rewards come from recycling which I know Staples make quite a bit of profit from? I have been a long time patron – but!!!!!

  86. 1. James who is the tech manager at Ithaca, NY advised us regarding a mess we had due to in independent service tech (not associated with Staples) who had totally shut down our small business. Being new to the area, we had been victimized by misplaced trust in the tech. He recommend that because of our unique and challenging situation that we work with the tech group. He then set it up. Great managing, James!
    2. The techs from Elmira (T.j.and Ryan) called us, analyzed our situation and indicated they could solve our length list of issues. They arrived on Saturday, worked a good part of the day and resolved our problems. They were on time. They did what they promised. They were pleasant to work with. They communicated in lay terms with us. They worked quickly, yet efficiently and thoroughly.
    I am very confident that these Staples tech people know what they are doing and weer professional in every way. Kudos! They are credit to the Staples organization!

    Thank you!

  87. I had purchased a new HP Laser Jet printer (P1100) at my local Staples in Londonderry, NH. I wanted the printer to use wirelessly through ePrint. It was extremely trying to get the printer to my network and I gave up trying to reach HP for asisstance, I was on the phone for 40 minutes and finally hung up waithing for someone to answer after being transferred.
    I went back to Staples and told them of my difficuties and an associate, Stephanie Banas was asked to help me. She instructed me on exactly how to hook up the printer inunder five minutes. She was a very big help to me.
    If I could get her a raise, I would definitely ask for one for her, great job Stephanie!

  88. I purchased a computer at your San Rafael, CA store. The store screwed up this purchase in more ways than I care to enumerate in this email. Bottom line – they are incompetent and I am going in tomorrow for a full refund and purchasing my computer and software anywhere else but at a Staples store.

  89. When I got to Staples, Store #1214 at 524 West New Circle Road Lexington, KY 40511 on Monday, September 29th at approximately 6:02 pm EST. There was one lady working behind the counter in your business printing area of your store, with what appeared to be two customers ahead of me.
    A lady… and a gentleman. The lady appeared to be the first in line and after several minutes finished up leaving with very little if anything so I’m not sure what was being done for her. The man appeared to be trying to email a document from his iPhone without much success so the lady working was attempting to text the image I guess to herself for further review or manipulation. Again I watched him come and go without leaving with much so not sure what if any business that yielded for staples either. While working with him the lady working asked why I was there and I explained someone from Staples had called wanting to follow-up on the quote we had received yesterday and after letting him know that we had decided to go with Office Depot at 1555 East New Circle Road Lexington, KY 40509 asked if we would give them a shot at our business by bringing in a copy of our project and allowing them to give us a sample of their quality and service. As I had promised him from the phone call, I arrived at the staples location right after leaving and receiving a portion of a 5000 pc order / 500 pcs from Office Depot, which I had as promised brought a copy hot off of one of their excellent Xerox printers which they had just printed for us on a glossy/card stock. As I promised I brought in the SD card with the .pdf as well as the high res png file that our in-house art team had put together which were the exact same files that minutes earlier Office Depot had used for our order. I also brought in a copy of the paid receipt for the 500 pc order which totaled $357.80 for verification and comparison purposes from Office Depot. In the 20 minutes I was at Office Depot in their printing area I watched 3 employees efficiently take care of more than 7 customers while processing my order and even used their paper cutting machine to cut our order down at no additional cost, which was greatly appreciated. We could have done this in-house but the courtesy and time savings that yielded was a great added benefit and appreciated.
    My problem with Staples is after waiting over 20 minutes in your store and having a second employee appear that never acknowledged me and a third set of individuals come in after me that were serviced before me while after 20 minutes I was still foolishly waiting at your counter to be served when Office Depot completed my order within 20 minutes along with no less than 7 other customers getting everything from flyers, banners and various other large format printouts from various plotters and printers. If I need office supplies and Staples has it on sale at a good price I will still shop the store, however as a business with professional business printing needs I will continue to go to Office Depot every time. In quality of work and great customer service.
    Office Depot – 2, Staples – 0.
    This same exact project was quoted by Staples prior to giving the order to Office Depot for just a hair under $500 for the same 500 pcs which was the reason they lost the business the first time. The above reason is why you lost it the second.

  90. I do not type that fast, yet I have never been disconnected by any other site other than your online rebate center. they say that I have been disconnected because of too long a period of inactivity. The longest single pause this lest time was writing in the numbers correctly. Double thumbs down!

  91. Bruno F. at Staples store #1078, Costa Mesa,Ca. is an excellent technician. He is very patient and polite. We purchased a computed and he did an outstanding job of explaining it and setting it up. Bruno is a positive reflection of Easytech at Staples.

    Fred Arnold

  92. On Saturday, Oct 25 I went to the Madison, NJ Staples to inquire about having a canvas made from a picture.
    Greg was outstanding in his assistance – under difficult circumstances. There had been a short power outage earllier in the day so the equipment was not ‘cooperating’. However, he spent the time and more effort than could be expected to accommodate my request.
    I had it mailed as a gift, so I will not see the actual canvas until December when I visit my son in Utah. But the picture on the computer was exactly as I requested – which was to have the entire picture on the canvas tather than having it stretched around the sides – which I had been told by another employee could not be done.
    If all your emloyees assist customers as Greg did, this store should do very well. Please thank him (again) for me.
    Joan Flood (Survey code 1220144366396727)

  93. Just a note to say “Tiara” at the 14497 Potomac Mills Rd Woodbridge Virginia 22192 store is a very pleasant person and I enjoyed the check out experiance because of her.

    Jim Wickens
    K&W Auto Body Inc.

  94. When I went to the Staples store in Fredericksburg,Virginia, last Friday, I was impressed with Nicole and Aaron (Thomas). They were true professionals, Aaron knew the layout of the store and took me right to the products I needed. When I checked out Nicole made me feel that I was the most important customer in the world. Great job!!

  95. I went to the Staples store on 4608 North Street in Nacogdoches, Texas on November 7, 2014. There were 5 other customers in front of me. My wait time was short. There was only one sales clerk, Chelsea Robinson, behind the printing/copy area. Even though another employee came to assist, she did not have the skills to help the customers. Chelsea immediately made suggestions on my church graphics. These suggestions were to my benefit as both savings and adaptability of the signing. As I surveyed the printing/copy area, Chelsea remained calm while multitasking. I returned late afternoon to pick up my order and she was still on the clock. She made sure my order was to my liking before leaving. This Staples continues to have pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable employees that work in the copy/print area. As a retired graphic design manager, and creating personally graphics and for a local church, I do not hesitate in using this store. The results and service service as well as recommending them to other prospective customers. Couldn’t have asked for better service in an “uptown store” in a small city.

  96. Commendations to Erik at the West Hartford,CT Staples store! He helped with information about a printer ink cartridge and explained about recycling used cartridges. {No other Staples employee had ever mentioned recycling.} In addition, he checked on my Staples Rewards Card, saw that the e-mail address was not correct, and changed it to the proper address. The customer service and information offered by Erik was excellent. Thanks!

  97. This is about exceptional service I received yesterday and today by Shane (#1628598) at your Phoenix AZ store on Tatum Blvd. Yesterday I bought a printer which seemed like an excellent deal only to get it home and never could get it to print right after following instructions to the letter many times. Brought it back today and wanted to exchange it for a better printer which was also part of your cyber monday sale. No problem. Shane was courteous and even gave me a few more dollars off for my trouble and my old recycle printer. His knowlege of the products and accessories are exceptional. I got my new machine home and yes, this is the one I needed all along. Works great and I’m very happy. ‘Bout time I got a rewards card as I will be a regular customer there for sure and will definitely tell my friends.

  98. Kudos and commendations to the manager and staff of the Chapel Hill, NC Staples (Store # 0843). Compared to every other store open Thanksgiving evening the manager made every shopper feel welcome and staffed the store with lots of folks available to assist and answer any and all questions. They have definitely earned my business for the future. Thanks for great service!

  99. Kudos and commendations to the manager and staff of the Chapel Hill, NC Store #0843. They were absolutely wonderful and made all customers feel valued on Thanksgiving PM. Plenty of staff on hand to assist with questions.

  100. SPECIAL THANKS TO MR.Jerry Weigold of 1520 Forrest Ave. in Staten Island, NY 10202. He went the extra mile to order a shredder for me that was out of stock while still honoring the expiring sale price and additional coupon. Originally went to store on Richmond avenue and sales people were sitting behind the counter doing nothing in an empty store and when I asked for assistance, all I got was ” someone will be around soon, dont know where everyone is”. Manager was no place to be found. Forrest Avenue store is now my Staples store of choice because of Mr. Weigold

  101. I was unable to connect to the Internet with my home laptop. Due to recent back surgery, I need to work from home. I was able to be taken to store 1797 where Dave solved my problems. While doing it, he was unusually pleasant and polite. He is a credit to Staples.

  102. I bought an HP 8620 printer at my Aberdeen NC store. 10 days later, the printhead failed. I contacted HP support, but hours later on the phone it was evident that HP (in India) had no clue about how to resolve a customer complaint. I asked my local Staples managers CHAD GROSS and JOHN THOMPSON if there was anything they could do. They said “Just bring it back to us and we will exchange it immediately.” What a great experience. That’s why I always shop at Staples instead of places like Best Buy (where you won’t get anything like the service I got at Staples). Please let Chad and John know how much I appreciated their response.

  103. My wife and I went to the Staples in Russellville, Arkansas.
    She needed assistance with a complicated copy project.
    The store was clean and the employees were friendly.
    Tiffany was the employee that assisted my wife. It was a very
    positive experience, the project my wife had turned out great.
    Great job, that’s the only place I go to get office stuff.

  104. For years I have been buying thousands of dollars of merchandise from Staples per year for my company. The last 6 months the customer service has been nearly non existent. My customer representative was doing great up until then and since then I do not feel as though I am getting the assistance I need. I don’t like calling the 800 number because I get put on hold for 15 minutes plus almost every time I call. I am very upset about the lack of importance to my companies needs lately and I expect better from Staples. Twice tonight I was put on hold once for 15 minutes then 10 minutes when they called back on my cell phone. I hung up both times because it is excessive. If I put a customer on hold for that long here we would be out of business.

  105. I received a flyer online from Staples. There was an ad there for $150 computer, said it was on line. Well I tried for 2 days and got told “out of stock”. There was an advertisement on Facebook today the day after the sale went off, for same computer at $150. I tried to get it and the price was now $299. I have spent between $800 and $1000 since Thanksgiving at Staples. I am on SS and I save all year for Christmas. I thought that computer would be a great gift for my granddaughter. Isn’t it amazing how the day after the sale went off, they were back in stock the very next day??

  106. 12/9/2014

    i went to your store on markam street in Little Rock AR today to purchase a computer software program. I purchased a program called FIX IT which was recommended by store clerk. Upon returning home I attempted to install the program. The instructions said the serial # was on the sleeve the disk came in. not true. i contacted store and was told to come in after 3 PM that the tech manager

  107. 12/9/2014

    i went to your store on markam street in Little Rock AR today to purchase a computer software program. I purchased a program called FIX IT which was recommended by store clerk. Upon returning home I attempted to install the program. The instructions said the serial # was on the sleeve the disk came in. not true. i contacted the store and was told to come in after 3 PM that the tech manager would be back and would fix the problem or return my money. upon arriving the man working the tech desk nor the tech manager could not fix the problem. then the trouble started. i was told since i had opened the box i had to keep item even though it wouldnt work. i demanded to see the store vi. she came to ser

  108. 12/9/2014

    i went to your store on markam street in Little Rock AR today to purchase a computer software program. I purchased a program called FIX IT which was recommended by store clerk. Upon returning home I attempted to install the program. The instructions said the serial # was on the sleeve the disk came in. not true. i contacted the store and was told to come in after 3 PM that the tech manager would be back and would fix the problem or return my money. upon arriving the man working the tech desk nor the tech manager could not fix the problem. then the trouble started. i was told since i had opened the box i had to keep item even thougrh it wouldnt work. i demanded to see the store manager. she came to service desk and told me same thing that i could not return item. after i got extremely mad and loud she called someone and decided to accept the defective product back. as i was leaving the store she Vme that this was a one time return and if i bought another defective product they would not take it back. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. by the way, the 2 men at tech desk had no idea what they were doing

  109. During the past week I have visited the Westfield, MA, store on three occasions. Each time it has been my very good fortune to be helped by Enrique C. I purchased a Kindle Fire for my granddaughter, and he kindly and quickly set up everything necessary for a happy Christmas morning for a lovely six year old girl. While I am a well educated woman, clearly technology sometimes leaves me frustrated! Enrique was so patient as he shared his considerable expertise while teaching me what I need to know to assist my granddaughter. This all took place after a difficult experience at a major bookseller!! Enrique is the employee every business needs to provide the best possible service and thus encourage customers to return – and I certainly will. This young man should be placed in a managerial role with responsibility for training at all levels. Thank you, Enrique C. and Merry Christmas!!

  110. I was in staples to buy a 2015 appointment book for my shop . I go to the casher & he scan’s it and tell’s me it’s $45.99 I almost droped to the floor. I didn’t buy it. Came home & orderd the same book (Daily-Minder) for $17.57. WOW…! May be you should look at your prices. Thank you J.Hynes

  111. Very disgusted and disappointed with my experience at this store. I came in on Christmas Eve and No one greeted me. Giving them the “benefit of the doubt” that its a holiday and the staff is probably a bit agitated that they’re working on a holiday, I proceeded to the printing station. There I interacted with a young girl who was the most unwelcoming employee. Instead of greeting me and informing me she’d be “right with me”, she continued to do whatever she was doing and got to my needs when she was good and ready. Not making eye contact with me and answering my questions with “yup” and “uh huh” I decided to leave and come back a later date. Upon my return, I experienced the same “customer service” and informed the manager about my experience with his employee. I left very bothered because not only was the customer service horrible, but the manager didn’t seem concerned with my complaint. Having 7 years experience in customer service and retail I believe in giving world class customer service. When I go to a well established company like this, I expect the same in return. Unfortunately, that’s not what I received and will not be returning to store #0253

  112. WOW! Has your “easy rebate” system changed to a “not so easy rebate system”. I used “easy rebates’ in September without a hitch. I hope the person who made the changes doesn’t get a raise until he/she improves the site [that includes the people that approved the changes]. I have a tracking number for my request for a rebate. I may be old fashioned, but the previous receipt/confirmation of a rebate actually had the items listed on the receipt. My “confirmation” had none so all I can assume is that I really submitted a request for nothing. I would like to see the forty-four dollars that I am entitled to through the rebate system. I never had to call about a rebate so I don’t know if your telephone answering system was not customer friendly previously to now. I don’t know where your telephone number is on your website but it isn’t under “about”. I asked Yahoo! to help with that. “You can’t get to there from here” if you want to talk directly to a rewards associate. Rewards is just a loop of automation–no person. I did talk to three people before reaching a rewards person. She said I had to wait seventy-two hours before I can find out the status of my rebate. [I had read it was forty-eight hours I had to wait. ?]I didn’t want a status report, I wanted to know if I actually had submitted a rebate because nothing is on my confirmation. Your old easy rebate system didn’t seem broken to me. Making it not so easy is not the way to properly fix something. Your telephone answering is great for people who only want the answering system to talk to them. At least,one more thing was ADDED to my to-do list–I still have to check the status of my rebate to see if I even submitted properly. Saying someone just removed something from their to-do list is just plain dumb. [If you don’t know what I am talking about, listen the answering system. You have my email address [my telephone number is whit it], call me, Staples. I just want to know if you are sick or just going through an awkward stage in your life. You seemed so healthy for the past twenty years.

  113. I went to the store in Hemet ca. I did not have a appt. I brought in my daughters new laptop and notebook. I was very worried that my devices were hacked and my personal info was available for any one to see. Larry took his time hooked my devices up ran spy software installed new software spent 2 hr with me and my daughter, Larry gave me a piece of mind, and assured me that I was given false information. When I asked him how much, he said nothing…The store mgr Virgil came over and said that is what they do, and did not want any money…Wow what great customer service I will be referring everyone I know to that store.1/08/2015

  114. It is only 7 PM on the west coast and unable to trach any one
    in customer service or mail oder. Can work ohours not be staggered so that you have some one available for all customers?

  115. Your telephone service is terrible. You can’t get through to a human being. You sit and listen for fifteen or twenty minutes to recording after recording. Try hitting 0 to get out and get someone one and that will not let you out of the message playing. You have to sit through the whole thing. Then you still can’t get through to anyone.

    I want to check on why I do not get my cartridge return rewards anymore and why I cannot get into you computer site with my email address and sign in.

    I’ve bought my computers from you, supplies etc. but thinking very strongly of going to Office Depot. They offer the same rewards program.

  116. On January 27th I went to the Staples store at 4333 Corbett drive in Fort Collins Colorado and purchased a CANON IMAGECLASS D550 printer that was on sale. The one the floor had a red label that said it was defective. I was told that a new one would ship to my address with a delivery date of Jan 29th.

    On Jan 30th I checked the status of my order number and found it had not shipped and was not even in the system. I wasted time talking to some guy from India who kept asking for a valid Order Number and double checked it several times then decided to back to the Staples store where I bought it.

    The gentleman who helped me reordered my printer. I checked Staples on line tracking system and found it was scheduled for shipment with an arrival date of February 5th.

    The printer had not arrived by Feb 6th so I checked Staples online tracking system and found that my order had disappeared again. I went back to the store where Mandy the General Manager took my information and promised to call me.

    The call I got from Mandy informed me that Staples had cancelled my order and refunded my credit card. This was done without obtaining my agreement or even notifying me prior to the call.

    The amount charged on my credit card 1/27/15 was $205.48. The amount refunded was $204.04. This is $1.44 short of the original charge.

    On February 6th Mandy said there was a Canon D550 in Westminster that she would have shipped to her store where I could pick it up at the sale price.

    It is now February 12th and Mandy from the Fort Collins Staples store has not called me about the printer.

    I am not a happy customer,,,

  117. I’m very displeased with Staples and lack of response for my failure to receive $16 rebate for recycling 4 ink cartridges. I started this recovery in early January, and today I was informed that “time has expired” since my transaction was 11/05/2014. I still expect results for bar code #01041105141027901. Pls contact me if you need more info. Time hadn’t expired when I started this process.

  118. My problem started when I went to staples in Lancaster, Ca to get my computer fixed. My daughter had broken the charging connection part of her laptop. Staples in Lancaster replaced the piece for me and gave it back to me telling me that the lap top could could still not be restarted. I took the lap top home and sent it to Lenovo and they told me that the power board button was broken. This meant nothing to me becuase I’m not computer savvy and told them to send it back to me because I was going to try to find someone locally to fix it. When I took it to a nearby computer place I was informed that the power board cable had been cracked. The only way this could have been cracked is when they were replacing the charging connection and I should try talking to whoever had originally fixed it. I took it back to staples in Lancaster,Ca an informed them of my finding. 4 days later I get a call from Vince the store manager and he tells that they can’t do anything because I had signed a paper that said that the computer was working when I picked up the computer. I to him that I never signed a paper stating that and I would like to see the paper. I ended up going into the store and Vince the manager was very rude. Walking away from me and not wanting to listen to anything that I had to say. He told me that I had to speak with corporate. I ended up talking with many customer service representatives’ but they said that I had signed the paper that said I had picked up the lap top and it was working. I asked them for the paper work that showed but they said they were waiting for it to be emailed to them. I asked to speak with Their supervisor and they transferred me to Michael Swim who said that I could go to Staples and I could pick it up. I go to staples and again try to speak with Vince and he tells me that no one called him to give me the paper. He then raises his voice at me so I got upset and I raised my voice to him and he says he was going to call the cops. So I call customer service and Cameron from customer service tells me that Susan was going to give me the paper. I wait on the phone wit Cameron for about 20 minutes, the cops show up and they tell me that they can’t find the paper work and it could not be given to me. I speak with customer service manager and he tells me that it takes time to produce the papers, but I questioned him asking him “why did you say I can pick it up and how can they have it when they are telling me that I signed it” it all did not make sense. I hope someone above Michael Swimm could contact me and explain to me how this can happen.

  119. Have you purposely made it impossible to do a rebate online? The cashier said it would be easy. I am a long time customer and am really angry about the website. On my first attempt, I was timed out. On the next I was told that I already had a password so I entered the one in my folder. That was not accepted. Additionally, when I was asked to enter the number for the rebate, I could not clearly identify it as the one below the UPS code. I entered the Rewards Number. I am fed up with trying and may be going elsewhere in the future because this website wasted 20 minutes of my time.

  120. went to store to buy lexmark printer ink and when i opened the packaging both ink pack had been opened and no protective tape over the cartridge.
    not happy that i have to go back to the store to return this. the packaging looked ok but it was just fixed again. 64.19 and i have to drive all the way to this store again. not happy

  121. Recently my daughter, Gail Rafferty, brought my computer to the local Staples in Beloit. We feared we had some sort of virus. The service man by the name of Michael Peterson was so very helpful and competent. In a short time, he found the problem and my daughter was on her way after only a minimal charge. We can’t thank Michael enough.

  122. I am a loyal Staples customer, and now a very unhappy one. I ordered a case of unscented hand sanitizers off the website. It arrive scented. I called customer service and was told I would receive a return UPS label and a corrected case. The UPS label never arrived, and the second case again arrived scented. I called Customer Service again to cancel the order. I am told that I will be receiving two UPS return labels, which have not arrived yet. I was also told that may credit card will not be credited for the purchase for 7-10 days after the returned items have been received. All told, this is now two weeks with a transaction that is incorrect and where I have to do all the work to correct it. I will start shopping elsewhere.

  123. 9 April 2015:
    Hello, I just talked to Matt at customer service about my unused Reward balances. I have over $30.00s which is expired. I know they had expired. I explained that I also live far from the city and travel is sometimes hard for me, also I had a massive heart attack last year had flight for live take me to another state for health care. I was on life support for 9 days before I came out of a coma. I had four other surgerys within three weeks, Between the surgerys and rehab, it was almost a full year of Doctors and Hospitals. I still need a triple bypass this year when I gain my strength back.
    But my question is, why not except expired points? Not everyone can jump on the band wagon right away. I do not drive so I have to wait for a ride. I buy a lot of stuff from Staples, and I really would like more time and more money for recycled ink cartridges. Because I think some of your stuff is over priced!
    Hope you will read my comments maybe you can get me some rewards back, hope so. Marie..Laramie, Wyoming

  124. A constant online customer. Every purchase no matter how small is sent in a carton. My last order (a fan) was sent in its original printed box – no carton to protect the item from the elements. Not only that,but the box was marked up with the pasted mailing label and the receipt under plastic also pasted on the box. My apt. workers mark the apt. number in black ink all over the box (usually the carton). I wanted to keep this box to store the item but now it goes in the garbage. Thank you Staples. Save a carton but maybe lose a customer.

  125. Hello. I bought an I-pad mini on April 15.. Did not like it and on April27th returned it to the store. The General Manager (Patrick in Warrenton, Oregon)was remarkable. I really appreciated his taking charge,no questions asked. He showed me the Samsung Tablets he had in stock and those online that he didn’t have in store. He showed me what the differences were and I chose the one I liked. He ordered it for me(next day delivered) and also showed me the difference in the covers for the tablet. He was excellent. Very nice man and very personable. Give this man a raise!!. Thank you very much.

  126. I was very excited to receive a 20% off Rewards certificate( been a rewards customer for a long time, years). Went in to your store in East Windsor NJ, picked out a Samsung Galaxy Tab4. Told the very nice sales clerk I had a coupon, which he looked at, and informed me that I could not use it for a Tablet! He was right, as the very, very, fine print said so! I couldn’t even read that fine print with my reading glasses on! I am very disappointed, felt somewhat deceived by the wording on the rest of the coupon. I left the store without the Tablet, will buy it at Best Buy even though the price is the same as yours. Further more I will no longer even look at or use the coupons you send me in the future.

  127. Ok your website you advertise 10mm laminating services for 11″x17″ yet every single location I contact (which has been EVERY SINGLE ONE IN THE STATE) says they do not do it, when I ask to speak to a manager I get “oh my manager isn’t here” or “they’re busy right now”
    what kind of business does this? I can get more accommodations from a gas station clerk. Heavily disappointed of your false advertisements and horrible staff that you seem to have at every location in Oklahoma. Will NOT come back, and I have told anyone and everyone to do the same.

  128. I was in the Staples store in Apple Valley, Mn with a printing problem on a printer purchased on Dec. 23, 2014. I ended up taking my printer to the store twice. Both times a very knowledgeable gal “Kel” was assisting me. My printer was carried both in and out of the store. Kel was very helpful and patient with this senior citizen; the problem was resolved to my satisfaction. Kudos to Kel!!!

  129. My wife and I went to the Staples store in Aiken, SC this past Sunday. A young lady named Quacia Penn went out of her way to assist us at the copy center. She was very friendly and extremely helpful!

  130. Turned in 10 ink cartridges and got a receipt which was over 2 months ago. Have not received any “rewards” but from the unlimited complaints regarding staples not “rewarding” their customers for ink cartridges redemption, i think a call to the attorney general and BBB is in order. Please don’t tell me you didn’t get the info, because your computer did and spit out a receipt with it on it. Horrible company. I don’t expect any kind of help, from the horrendous complaints regarding this exact same matter.

  131. Please stop your sponsorship of Impastor, the irreverent and very dirty show on TV Land. We are so tired of seeing evil portrayed on almost every channel of the TV, we have to just watch the news to keep from being exposed to it.
    Please stop this for the sake of our children and grandchildren.
    Thank you!

  132. I would like to let you know about the terrific service my sister and I received at your North Main Street store in Providence, R.I. We volunteer at Volunteer Services For Animals in Providence. We spoke with Jeff Sheehan to discuss
    VSA’s needs for a new computer, printer, router, software and warranty. Jeff answered all of our questions, and there were many, with knowledge, professionalism and patience. We could not buy at our first visit, as we had to report to the Board of Directors. We returned with more questions that Jeff and Brett Wolstencroft were able to answer with the same amount of knowledge and patience. We have always received very good service from your staff. However, this time was exceptional. Jeff and Brett deserve a “job well done”. Thank you.

  133. I moved to another state on August 24th, 2015. Don’t have cable hook up anymore.
    They do not accept my new email address which is free wife here at assisted living, of what is supplied here for the residents in MN. I’ve tried to change all that on my account with them, and they refuse to accept it it appears, most disgusting after being a customer of Staples through many years…they are losing some big money since I moved as have had to buy and replace some things for my apartment here….I had like Staples, and too old to get out and shop in those big stores anymore, using a walker…i have to do all shopping by internet…disgusting enough to sit down and cry.

  134. I received my order for ink cartridges and was disappointed in the way the box was delivered. My order was for over $100 and to see the box only had ONE piece of tape across it and not securely I might add. This is unacceptable shipping practices and I hope they do not continue this. I have shopped at Staples here in our town of Spencer, IA until their closing this summer. I would continue to shop online at Staples, but if their cheap way of shipping continues I will go elsewhere.

  135. Hi, I would first like to say how much I simply love your products. I am a very loyal customer for over 15 years and do not shop, purchase or buy office products at any other office supply retailer online or in a retail store.

    I would was attempting to purchase this item #1279009 Gold Leaf Storage box & it was out of stock online. I called 1 -800- STAPLES & spoke to a very nice Customer Service Rep I think from Phillippines, offshore. While he was very nice and pleasant he did not help me buy and locate my items. He did not offer a similiar substitute to this item. There are two almost identical items – the SAME exact size. The two identical items are #1738772 Cosmic Black Floral Box & #1279020 Dark Blue Foral box. I’m sure you are aware that it states on your website out of stock items be gladly substituted for a similar item. I originally purchased two at a store for $3.00 & then it was out of stock. Again, I was not offered a subsitute.
    I am confident that Staples will accommodate me as Staples take great pride in delivering their customers’ needs & concerns & take these matters very seriously. Unlike may big corporations, as I’m sure you are well aware do not dekuver this high standard if Customer Care like Staples.
    I will gladly take up on the Staples statement on the website that gladly substitute.

    I would like to thank-you very much in assisting in resolving this matter as well as reading my e-mail.

    I greatly appreciate it.

  136. im writing to let u knowwhat a pleasant day it was to be helped by dan burnell of store 1255 smithfield r.i. he was courteous and very helpfuln my sellection of my printer i purchased good job.

  137. im writing to let u knowwhat a pleasant day it was to be helped by dan burnell of store 1255 smithfield r.i. he was courteous and very helpfuln my sellection of my printer i purchased good job.nov,17,2015

  138. I had the worst experience ordering Christmas cards from staples. They were not ready in time. The staff at the store actually told me they were not equipped to process these orders. After waiting along time with horrible service I picked up the cards a day later and they looked as if they were hand cut. The manager offered to print at a different store. At my third attempt of picking them up at the new store the fine product was HORRIBLE. The color of the picture was terrible and it was poorly cut. Once home I realized they gave me the wrong size envelope. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE experience.

  139. I would like to give a shout out for extraordinary customer service at store #308 in Mission Valley. David and Rick went out of their way to make sure I got the product I needed even when it was not on the floor. I am so appreciative of their time, professionalism and personal attention to my needs. These two gentlemen are what keeps customers coming back. Thank you for turning a frustrating situation into a positive one. You made my day, guys!

  140. First let me say that I very rarely do this but – I am writing to tell you that, at Store #1274 located at 591 T Memorial Drive Chicopee, MA 01020, I was assisted by one of your sales representatives in the Copy department on January 6th, 2016 and I couldn’t be more pleased. The sales clerk’s name was “Jade” and she went above and beyond in every way, to assist me, and make certain I was pleased with what she had created for me at my request. It concerned the creation of a two sided “funeral” card with the picture on one side of my late husband and a poem on the other. Although the picture was my biggest complaint concerning the ones provided to me from the funeral Home, Jade also noticed something I had not seen. My Husbands “name” above the picture, showed the entire bottom letters of his name were “clipped” and missing. Something I had not even detected, but Jade did. This further proved to me that the cards I received from the funeral home for my husband who passed on Christmas Day 2015 were not acceptable and this is where Jade really stepped up. She created a work of art for me that was commiserate of everything my late husband in life stood for – high quality and as close to perfection as possible in every endeavor. Jade is that sort of individual and I just needed to let you know what a true asset and compassionate person you have on staff there. She understood my dissatisfaction as soon as she inspected the cards provided to me by the funeral home. Please – let her know, in what ever way that is that you do this – that I will forever remember her name, her kindness and her expertise in knowing her job and performing that job at the highest level. If I were in the type of business which you are, I would do everything in my power to keep people like Jade on the payroll. It’s not everyday that you get to employ people like her and I could not be happier. I know that in the future, I will seek out services and products at your Chicopee store – and Jade – for all my office supply needs and I will also recommend this store to family and friends as well. Thank you Jade, you made me cry with satisfaction!

  141. Okay, I have a comment to make about your refund program. I really don’t think it is your intention to give people a refund on their purchase. The print is so ducking small you can’t read it. Nor do you circle the due date or high light it for the customer. I don’t know how many emails the refund center really needs to send. But I am over it already. In case you need to know here is the sale number.
    1560302 14 008 09488
    0924 11/27/15 06:23

    I will not make anymore purchases with your company. Also, the hats we ordered for our business, they sucked. You couldn’t read the print unless you are holding it in your hand and the picture was do small it needed to be enlarged to match the portion size to the hat. Seriously quit contacting me. You can take your refund program and shove it up your ass. I would tell your CEO the same thing. I spent alot of money at your establishment for personal and business. But there are other companies out there that would better appreciate my business. Sincerely K haslett

  142. PET PEEVE for the day…..i was in one of your stores today needing help. i stood and waited patiently in line at the computer desk. Then the phone rings and someone jumps in line ahead of everyone. This call required lots of time and trips back through the store by the associate. How rude and unfair. Then after waiting through all this and finally getting my turn and help needed, i also needed help at the front register. And again the phone rings and someone jumps in front of me. And the same situation where this call required time and trips through the store and back to answer their question. i AM NOT A HAPPY STAPLES SHOPPER TODAY. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF THEY DID NOT HAVE MY PRODUCT IN STOCK. NO I DON’T WANT IT SHIPPED IN 5 DAYS.

  143. Had very bad experience. Took my computer out 6 mo. ago told me it was my hard drive. Found out it was a virus. Computer locked up again got the same story so I told them if would fix it go ahead. 7 days later got call said it was fixed. Unfortunately it was is in the same position it was when I took it in the door. Got told that when it was reset it took everything off it. If that was the case why was my email still set up and the power point was still there. I guess bottom line is take your computer to someone who knows what they are doing. Spent $400 on there protection plan that is not worth anything and didn’t like the way we were treated and lied to.

  144. Hello,
    I want to commend an employee of yours. His name is Chris Baide. He works at Carson, Ca 90745
    He went out of his way to complete my order in the quickest possible time. He took his time to make sure that my order was perfect and correct.
    I had talked to other staples employees, but they couldn’t help me.
    He is a very dedicated employee and is a great example of how to make you feel welcome.
    Because of how I was treated, I will recommend going to go to staples to get all their office work completed.

  145. I had the most horrendous
    Experience with cartridge redemption person this afternoon. He put me on hold several times to find out answers and then said he would transfer me to someone who can tell me why as a teacher I can’t even get a general teachers card. I don’t feel very good as a teacher even shopping at your stores. I used to have a general teachers card before. Today I found out I have none. Very strange. Then to be cut off. Your company did not deserve a call back after all that.

  146. I am not able to do online survey for some reason so I thought I would take a moment to recognize two employees at my local Staples in Cape May Court House, NJ. Patty and Debbie always seem to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service both at the print center and at the check out line. It’s great customer service that keeps bringing me back to Staples. This particular store seems to place a lot of emphasis on customer service and it shows. Thank you to all the staff who do a great job for us and for Staples.

  147. I am not missing just magenta that you stated was waiting for me on Saturday 7/30/16 but also missing cyan. Neither were at your Studio City Store when I was there Monday 8/1/16. I will not go back there to pick up one item and then have to go back again to pick up another item. There is no reason you can’t send these items to me instead of giving me the run around wasting my time and gas money to keep going back and forth. This is not the first time this has happened when I place and order on line and the item was not at your Studio City store when I was advised it was. If you do not want to send it to me and give me the additional 25% off on these items I would like to cancel my order because this is a bate and switch which is illegal. Regarding the future I will take my business some place else. So please send me these items I am sure they will get to me faster than sending them to Studio City Staples store. I would like my account to be credited for the 25% off for the black cartridge I already picked up yesterday. This is very poor customer relations

  148. I recently placed an order #9756739972 on June 19, 2017. The order was for 2 Canon CL246 TriColor $22.99. I received only one of the TriColor cartridges.

    Please check your records and advise.

  149. I keep getting “unable to read the supply data – Reinstall the supply” I installed a brand new magenta cartridge, which was said to be the problem. Message still comes up and I still can’t print…

  150. I want to let you know that I have received the “white glove” treatment on several occasions from Shohana, one of your exemplary employees. In my chaotic life, I NEVER take the time to commend special people like I should, but in Shohana’s case I had to. From the first time I encountered her, Shohana has been exceptionally nice and outgoing (rare in our world), while professional and competent. I ordered a 5 x 7 canvas print of a photograph as a gift for my husband, and was told it should arrive in about a week. After not receiving it for three weeks, I asked another employee at the counter if we could trace it and see what happened. That person told me I would need to contact the vendor. Two weeks later, I brought some new printing in and Shohana was on duty. I told her about not receiving my canvas print and she wrote my phone number down and told me she would look into it. Two days later, the canvas print was in my mailbox! I would have written you about Shohana’s excellent customer service and personal attention even if I never got the canvas print, but needless to say, was so pleased to receive it. Shohana is an exceptional employee and person. She is worthy of the best life has to offer. [Store # 1162]

  151. My name is Dennis Wilson, I live in Mcalester, Oklahoma…about a year ago I manufactured an annual to be produced by staples printing department…when I first submitted my book for printing it was met with several difficulties from the production department but eventually I received my books much later than promised…I was excited about receiving them until as I was giving them out the pages started falling out of the books. I notified staples immediately and they said that they would replace them…after nearly a year I finally received the new copy of the annual and the quality is terrible…when I talked with the representative they guaranteed me the quality would be the same as the original but that I would have to reduce the paper size from 24 pound to 20 pound paper and after receiving the books I am totally disappointed by the quality and design of the books most of the pictures that I meticulously produced are distorted or you cannot recognize them at all…the colors are not near as vivid in these books and I am very dishearten by the prints…I have another annual coming out this year but I am hesitate to recommend or subscribe to staples printing.

  152. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. i bought a cannon computer fromyou and i was scanning got staple stuck in feeder and wont feed

  154. Ii purchased an Epson copier that I was not able to install. I contacted my local Staples to ask for someone to come to my house to set it up (I am not expecting this for free), and was told that they don’t do that any more. I was given the Epson number to I could be ‘talked through’ the installation, which I just hate! I will never buy another piece of equipment from Staples, ever…. I would very much like to get rid of this useless machine.

  155. March 27, 2018. I was extremely satisfied, and pleased with the assistance from Keyareree in the Copy Center. She helped me to solve a difficult situation.

  156. I have emailed their customer service two times to advise them that they did not list having received empty ink cartridges mailed to them. Never received a response and it is still not listed that the ink cartridges were received even tho UPS has verified the delivery.

  157. Monaca Pa store
    No one to do UPS shipping Saturday noon May 5th. I asked young man at register and he told me he could not help and did not know where individual was who did UPS shipping. Manager on phone I told employee you just lost a sell and customer.

    I went over to UPS store in Beaver valley mall area and got waited on right away…Last time at this store 🙁

  158. I was in one of your stores today. I wanted to purchase an ASUS computer and was told that Staples does price matching. I printed an add from NEW EGG and showed to a sales person. I was told we only price match brick and mortar stores, and of course we will match AMAZON. To my knowledge Amazon doesn’t have any brick and mortar stores. So I guess you price match is not what you advertise. Well you just gave Best Buy another satisfied customer. Thanks

  159. This is to register complaint. I was in your store at 3381 W. Florida ave.,Hemet, CA. on 7/01/18 at 2:35 pm and was treated very rudely. When i went to your check out, one register had the light on but no one was there. The other had no light on but a girl was checking people out. So when i got there to check out i mention it to her and it was like so what. She started saying something but i couldn’t hear her. I said pardon me i can’t hear you. She continued to mumble. Then told me the price. I assumed i had to insert my card, It came up that i had to retry. I waited put in back in and waited. Then after the second try was oked She told me i should have done it right the first time. Handed me my receipt and just turned to the next customer. I came close to telling her to just cancel the order. Worst customer service i have had in a long time.

  160. The person I talked to could not help me with my problem. I just need a TF storage thing to go in my WIFI smart net Camera. Those people at Amazon or Staples who can’t speak English well enough for me to understand very well could not help me. The lady I tried to talk to at Staples told me to go to place I bought camera to get the TF. Is it possible that you can help me?

  161. Details

    To Whom It May Concern:

    While shopping in the Port Chester, New York Staples this afternoon, I asked for assistance from a terrific employee, Freddy (I do not have his last name), who apparently works in the store, and also unloads merchandise from your trucks. He told me he has worked for Staples for 18 years, and loves his job! How unusual, though delightful to hear from an employee.

    I rarely patronize the store, because on numerous occasions, customer service has been very lacking. This time, however, I was looking for a specific type of lightweight notebook, with a number of requirements. Freddy not only took me to several aisles where I found a large selection, but he helped me look through a number of notebooks to make sure I would find the proper weight and size. He was extremely pleasant and accommodating! It was most unusual for me to find someone who did more than “point” to an aisle, and then walk away, so you can imagine my delight.

    Please do let Freddy know how much his excellent service was appreciated. I did tell him myself, but I do believe he should be commended.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Marsha Friedman

  162. Hello! I am not asking for help, but apparently I was just a few hours too late to send my survey which I discovered expired this morning. So I wish to tell you about my experience last week purchasing a new desk chair at the Walla Walla, WA Staples. I was helped by “Jerred”, who I believe is the Asst Mgr. He was so courteous, helpful, and pleasant- qualities not always seen exhibited by employees in the service area. I wish to commend him for the helpful, warm, courteous and informative manner which he showed me. It was a pleasure to deal with him. He made me feel as if I were the most important customer of the day. He represents your company well here in southeastern Washington State.
    PS My hometown is Framingham!

  163. Hi there,
    Your Customer Service at your Titusville, FL real sucks. And I may add, it is putting it mildly.
    I purchased a computer ( a HP Slimline Desktop ) there, on 01.04. 2018. I visited the store and told them that my PC was not working. It would not let go passed automatic PC repair. It was still under Warranty ( 1 year on the hard drive and 1 year on labor). It needed complete diagnostic. They wanted to charge me $ 170.00 for the first part and if Windows 10 needed to be reinstalled, another $ 120.00. I roughly paid $ 300.00 with taxes for this PC. The manager refused to give me HP Customer Service number, told me to look it up, in my own cell phone. However, I am poor and do not have an I-Phone, just a cheap track phone, which does not have access to phone numbers. I’ll never buy another product from this store ever. I will also give this store the worst recommendation as well. There!!!!! Today, I called the store to get the manager’s first and last name resolve the issue. They put me on a 15 minute hold. I hung up, finally and redialed. Spoke with the manager, first name is Brian. He reused to give me his last name unless, I would tell him in detail what documentation I would mail him. What kind of business practice is that? I hung up. I just had enough. But, t is not over. I shall get my satisfaction by contacting The Better Business Bureau and my local TV Station. They just love to get involved in consumer affairs like that. Sincerely, Monika Edwards.

  164. This has been the worst customer service. I was guaranteed next day dolivery. I ordered from the store on Thursday. Was promised Friday even though it said estimated delivery Saturday. Didn’t get to me until Tuesday. Talked with a customer service agent who didn’t care about my problem. Was very dismissive by asking multiple times in a row (in the middle of my questions to her) “is there anything else I can do for you??” Literally back to back just to get me off the chat. Finally got my package but the box was ripped. One giant hole in the side that I could fit my fist through. Tape on the top was coming off and barley was keeping the box shut. (I took pictures but there is no where to upload them) WORST service I have ever experienced. I’m a business owner and branched our to purchase something from you. I will never come back to Staples. Customer Service is everything.

  165. location in grass valley ca. on Sutton way definitely needs educated pc repair and electronic assistance.
    I in the category of trying to find out information on a Lenovo T430 refurbished notebook which would fit my needs but the customer service reps can not/or will not give you any information on who the refurbisher is to contact them before ordering the product. This definitely doesn’t promote good customer service. They are not only terribly short-handed but a bit uneducated in the technical area.

  166. Very disappointed that a graphing calculator that I bought for my son, who did not end up needing it for his class, could only be returned for store credit! It was 2 days past 30 days, which I did not see anywhere on the receipt! So, now I am out almost $100 as I need to try and not lose this gift card. The product was never opened nor never came out of Staples bag since purchase! I have been a loyal customer and have bought all of my supplies at Staples however, I will no longer shop there as I do not like these strict crazy return scenarios. Too many other options to shop for these supplies where I will not need to deal with this!!

  167. Good Morning,

    I visited your store in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, October 6th while on vacation. We experienced both the best and worst customer service experiences in the same facility.

    One of the professionals — an African American man — went out of his way proactively to help us locate an item for my aunt, who is a frequent customer. I am disappointed that we did not get his name because he exceeded all expectations.

    Unfortunately, when we went to the check out, we experienced the exact opposite. While my family reviewed add-on items ahead of the check out, an employee, Daniel, was physically imposing towards me.

    Unfortunately, the same person ran up our items and was sardonic, condescending, and indifferent when my Aunt searched for her coupons. My husband was now incensed at Daniel’s blatant disrespect to both women in his family, while Daniel remained indifferent and unapologetic for his unprofessional behavior.

    I tried to lift the spirit by joking that his brand new tattoo might be painful and affecting his sour demeanor and poor service. Instead, the situation took a turn for the worse.

    The other employees seemed accustomed to his manner, shook their heads, and continued to help other customers.

    Again, I was a visitor to your City and this store, but I could not believe that two vastly different customer service representatives could operate in the same space.

    Sadly, I do not know whether the professional gentleman who helped us earlier in our visit would balance out the shocking and appalling final treatment and memory of your business.


    Ms. Jamila Thompson

  168. I am very dissatisfied with Staples. I have done business with Staples for over 20 years. I will be looking for a new company to do business with. Today I spoke with one person who started my order and who put me on hold and never came back. The second person I started the order with..I had to answer a call which took less than a minute…he was gone when I came back to the call. The third person and last person finally took my order which was more than $400.00 dollars. It seems to me that Staples does not care about their customers and also your order takers are not very well informed. I could have driven to NYC by the time my order was finally completed. I would like a response to my comments. I have in the past left comments on the phone
    at the end of my order ..but nothing has changed

  169. Apparently Staples is going down hill fast. They no longer carry ink in the stores for my basic printer, unless I buy the multipack with colors that I never use. Now I try to order a Motorola Bluetooth HX550, which has been upgraded to the HX600, and I find that it is not available in stores and out of stock on line. Typical. Guess I’ll go to Walmart from here on. Staples sucks. No need to respond. I’m done with you.

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