Contact Spotify Customer Service

Contact Spotify Customer Service

Contacting Spotify Customer Service Center

Spotify is a popular music-listening website that works as a social platform as well as a marketing platform for ads, artists and more. You can listen to some of the hottest new tracks on the Billboard 100 chart or choose to create a playlist from some old-school favorites. There are complete albums and partial albums available on the website and the majority of playlists created by users are free for the public to view, listen to and subscribe to for the latest updates.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is no contact phone number for Spotify customer service. We checked the privacy policy, terms and conditions and even third-party websites with corporate information and all listed no phone number. Based on the information we could find, all customer service solutions are handled via email or community support only.

Mailing Address

Spotify has offices all over the world, including Australia, Belgium, Spain and Germany. The addresses for the international offices are located at

Spotify USA Inc. Attn: Customer Service 45 W. 18th St. 7th Fl. New York, NY 10011

Official Website

The official website for Spotify is located at The website allows customers to download the Spotify software to a personal computer to listen to music, connect with other users and create playlists. Spotify is also available on certain mobile devices. Customers can also choose to listen to Spotify online without downloading the software.

Social Media

Spotify easily integrates with Facebook, allowing users to share the songs they are currently listening to on their Facebook stream. Customers can also choose to contact with Spotify on Twitter.

Customer Service Email

The Spotify contact form is the main means of contacting Spotify customer service. The form offers three dropdown menus to help route the communication to the proper department. If the dropdown menu does not offer an exact description of the reason you are writing, choose the closest explanation.

Our Experience

We have no experience talking with Spotify customer service because there is no contact phone number. If you have a phone number for Spotify customer service, please leave the number and an explanation of your experience below. If you have any experience at all, good or bad, working with the company you can share your experience with other Spotify users so they can better understand what to expect from the customer service team.

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53 Comments on “Contact Spotify Customer Service
  1. Hi,

    My name is James Mariscal. I’m currently a paying customer for Spotify. I love Spotify and the extremely wide variety of music it has. However there is band that is not on Spotify. The bands name is, “Tool” lead singer is, “Maynard James Keenan” they have Top Chart hits known as; “46 & 2” “Schism” “Prison Sex” “Hooker With A Penis” and “Sober.” I would greatly appreciate it if you could download this band and some of their songs, as I know a great number of people as well as myself would listen to them.

    Thank you for your time to review my comment!

    James Mariscal.

  2. could you tell me how I can cancel an account via telephone. My son no longer has a playing device and we are paying for nothing.

    • I am a free subscriber and would like to take advantage of your .99 three months subscription but every time I I choose to subscribe the promotion does not appear. Instead the full amount of $12.99 comes up. Your help is greatly appreciated.

      • I have had 3 payments taken from my credit card, l have only had this phone for 3 months,but never was able to get. Spotify, you’re. charging illegally, I was told I couldn’t. gt S on this type phone,yet my card was charged,I need my refund pronto or take legal action.

  3. Dear, spotify I need to cancel my account, because I bought a new phone and I can log in and I can’t remember my old email and here’s my new email, I don’t know how to get a new password with my new email

  4. I dont know what’s my user name nor the password.i can’t log in or sign up.what do I do.i tried logging via Facebook but it failed

  5. I just been charge 11.95 but I do not want this site please can you put that money back on my debit card now thank you

  6. I was charged for services i did not recevice i paid for3 months for 99cent and did not get it i am so upset with spotify g woods

  7. I pay monthly for premium but can’t get it on my phone. I’ve reinstalled etc logged in & out but doesn’t help.

  8. Spotify “hides” behind walls of obstruction. NO PHONE SUPPORT! NONE!
    EMAIL IS IMPOSSIBLE TO USE WITHOUT AN ACTIVE ACCOUNT. How stupid is that? You want to contact them, your only choice short of an act of God is to WRITE A LETTER!?! IT’S 2015 ! Rhapsody has been my service supplier for over ten years. I’m going to stay with them. I had no idea supporting your customers was so difficult.

    What a waste of time!

  9. I did NOT authorize a payment to come out of my account and I want it reimbursed immediately, this money is my SSI and was taken without my consent. Return my finances now thank you

  10. I am trying to sign up as a new customer…
    When I enter my e-mail, your response is that my e-mail is already taken.
    When I try to say I lost my passcode, your response is that I am not signed up.
    What is the next step???

  11. I would like some help please… I am trying to sign up as a new customer…
    When I enter my e-mail, your response is that my e-mail is already taken.
    When I try to say I lost my passcode, your response is that I am not signed up.
    What is the next step???

  12. I have somehow gotten charades for using spotify on my credit card would like to be removed please let me know what I need to do.. Ty

  13. Hi!
    I got the Student Premium and it’s not appearing on my app and I did get Charge $5.32 and my bank is still on the Pending side of proof that I paid for it and I want it cause I travel a lot and I want it to be fixed so I can listen to Spodify where ever I go and it still says I’m still on the free still but I want this fixed so I can enjoy the music on the go!
    Hopefully before December it will be fixed!
    Have a good day!

  14. I have read all the comments about Spotify and see that I am NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS TO SUE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

    How can you as a company screw so many trusting customers?

    I have been trying to contact someone in person for 2 months and just found out there is no phone number.

    I EXPECT an email in regards to my complaint!!! This is NOT HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE!!!!

    My email is

  15. I have been trying to contact customer service for over a month and have not received any feedback. I am having trouble logging in with my password. Cannot reset it as it does not allow me too. have tried contacting you and also no luck!
    All I’m asking is to not lose the account I have because I DO NOT WANT TO OPEN ANOTHER ACCOUNT. I would like access to my username and password. Please help!!!!!

  16. zero customer service. Cannot sing in to use the service I am paying for because it is not taking my password, and unable to reset after 3 days of trying. link from Spotify to reset also did not work. For a paid service with no way of contacting any customer service sucks

  17. At 10 pm this evening we order to start up our spotify account. the phone# used was 225 324-1776. This was my grandaughters phone number I did not know this was attached toJonathans McGrews card on his main account, which its 225 324 0174 . I do not want this withdrawl to come out of his account. This was a mistake on my part. It is to come out of Master card # 5147 5930 1150 8337. The expiration dated is 12-19 and 3 digit code on back is 181. Can you please correct my mistake.. Credit back the first charge on acct attached to phone # 225 324-0174.please And then charge the account shown above 5147 5930 1150 8337 for the same amount please confirm Thank you so very mch

  18. ANGRY CUSTOMER!!!! i have cancelled my spotify months ago and still being charged and coming out of my acct. automatically every month. i need this to b cancelled immediately or i will stop it thru my bank. thank u!!!!

    • I am trying to change my password because what I have is not working and when I click on forgot password, the email
      Being sent is in Spanish. I think someone speaking Spanish has hacked my account. Regardless, I want to
      Change my password and need the reset in English, please. You all are impossible to work with because you have no phone number for support so you are about to lose a customer who wants to add a PAYING account. Please respond in English!!!!

  19. I have been trying to cancel my subscription since October 2015, I thought it was successful but I am still getting charged for this service what do I do to stop this and refund my money back has put my account in a negative position. Please help Me

  20. I like Spotify so much that i decided to upgrade. I first found the student plan but not until i reached verification did I realize that it was only for college student. I canceled because I am only a high school student but they had already charged me! I didn’t notice this until I found another plan, which is the one that gives you a free month and the next one is only 10 dollars so i got it. Then i went to check my account and you guys had taken 15 dollars out of my account!

  21. I’m very disappointed with Spotify. I never gave the ok to take money off of my debit card. It was a trial basis and I couldn’t get in touch with your company. I never got any emails telling me that you was taking my money. I don’t appreciate your company doing this to me. I want to be reimbursed for all of the times you took my money. Or I will get in touch with my lawyer and have them take care of it. Unsatisfied customer.

  22. I’m. Not happy at all. With Spotify i have been getting charged twice a month 9.99 can’t call them if you call that number online its some foreigner that told me to put it in my head I’m not getting no money back why is it so hard to speak. With Spotify but it was real easy to get my money

  23. am trying to remove my credit card information and it don’t let me and No I don’t want to replace it just want to remove it

  24. I am trying to figure out how to cancel this service.There is no phone number
    to call.How do I stop these charges?

        • To whom it may concern:
          Please can someone get back to me regarding billing..I have tried to call multiple times..sent letter to main address, then to Corporate with no response..Now I’m going to try this approach..
          Thank You,
          Audrey Barron

  25. I need to cancel my son’s subscription that we’re paying for. I wish you had a contact number. Please contact me so that we can resolve this. Thank you

  26. I signed up for Spotify Premium and absolutely love it. However, I can only get it on my computer, not my iphone. Why does Spotify not offer technical support with all the paying customers they have? They should be able to help customers solve simple problems through chat or email, but they offer no assistance whatsoever.

  27. I’m currently a member and I have questions about my existing plan and possibly creating a family plan. I prefer to talk to someone over the phone and nervous that no phone numbers are listed. I read about some of the customer complaints and wondering if I would receive the same issues. Who can I talk to?

  28. Am trying to get in touch with you by phone have left my phone number. Its a out I paid £00.99 for 3 months but it won’t be let me listen to my music now. I paid you on the 23rd of May. please get back to me thanks.

  29. Don’t know how to use it can’t get any support phone support to walk you through but keep getting charged 9.99 a month. Only one thing to do cancel my debit card then they will contact me.l I will tell them how I really feel and hope they go out of business.

  30. My son accepted a free trial to receive one song. They continue to charge him every month even though he no longer wants their services. He is charge a non sufficient fund fee from his bank every month making his payment almost 50.00 for something he doesn’t want. No way to contact Spotify. What a scam. Has anyone been successful in contacting Spotify? Cancel your debit card if you are unable to resolve this.

  31. I emailed Spotify because they couldn’t verify my school attendance and this has happened twice. I realized I have been paying 9.99 and stopped my services because I heard they were doing a deal with Netflix for school at 4.99 I tried again sent in my school schedule and haven’t heard back again. This is ridiculous.
    Thank you,

  32. I got signed up for Spotify and I have no idea how! It just showed up in my email and there is absolutely NO customer service number or email for contact information to cancel, super frustrating!

  33. I have been invited to join premium Family. I cannot activate the invite. Last week I spent over an hour live chatting with someone from Spotify and even after following the directions given the “red button” doesn’t appear on my account to activate the invite. I have no idea who to get back to the live chat. I am very frustrated!!!!! I don’t know how to get help!

  34. You are charging me $10 a month for a service that I do not receive. In other words I am not a subscriber of yours.

    PLease contact me so, we can cancel this monthly charge in a civil way. I am in Rome, Italy, right now. But, if you provide a working phone number, I can contact you myself.


  35. I am very upset I went to listen to my playlist and all my music was gone so I tried to recover it like they tell you it kept telling me that I was offline so I could not even get on line the took there payment and now I have no music very upset that there is not a person to talk to to even help

  36. Hi I am very upset with Spotify I went to listen to my playlist and even the songs I thought I download and what did I find they where all gone I am also upset because you took the payment out and I did follow the instustions to get back in and it kept telling me I was offline how the hell can I get back online when Spotify would not let me back in I wish you had someone people could speak to. I want my payment back or I think I will go to the Better Bussiness
    Bureau I will give you 2 days get back to me with answer

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