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Contacting Sports Illustrated Customer Service Center

Sports Illustrated is one of the leading sports magazines in the US. Like most magazines today, some of the information and articles published in the print magazine are available online, but exclusive content is available to subscribing customers. Most customers contact the Sports Illustrated customer service department about problems or concerns with delivery, subscription renewal or moving a subscription to a new address.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contacting Sports Illustrated by phone is simple – there is only one phone number listed for print copies.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-747-1045

If you are having trouble with your tablet edition of the Sports Illustrated, contact the digital department at:

  • Tablet Customer Service: 1-866-623-0617

We found another phone number listed as a contact number in the Sports Illustrated information vault. According to the listing, the number is supposed to be used for subscription customer service:

  • Subscription Customer Service: 1-800-528-5000

Mailing Address

If you have a concern you want to express in writing, you can contact Sports Illustrated at:

Sports IllustratedP.O. Box 30602Tampa, FL 33630-0602

Letters to the editor can be addressed to:

Sports Illustrated – The Editor135 W. 50th St. New York, NY 10020-1393

Always include your name, address and phone number with your letter to the editor. Sports Illustrated reserves the right to edit your letter before publication.

Official Website

The official customer service website for Sports Illustrated is located at This is not the main website for the magazine or your account. This page is dedicated to providing customer service contact information for the magazine.

The main address for Sports Illustrated magazine online is

Customer Service Email

No customer service email is listed for Sports Illustrated customer service, but there is a contact form on the customer service page at The contact form asks for an account number and phone number, but this information is optional. If you have a question about your current subscription, the account number is typically printed on the mailing label attached to the magazine or plastic protector sheath around the magazine.

If you wish to send a letter to the editor via email you can send that letter to

Our Experience

We called the customer service line for Sports Illustrated to find out just how helpful agents really are. The call was answered by an automated system. There are multiple options to direct your call. You cannot press 0 to bypass the system, but you can just wait and press no numbers and the call will be forwarded to the next agent. Our call was answered within one minute by an extremely friendly agent. We asked her how to opt out of the swimsuit edition of the magazine. She offered complete the opt out. When we declined she said we could also opt out on the Sports Illustrated customer service website.

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143 Comments on “Contact Sports Illustrated Customer Service
  1. In mid Dec. 2012 I ordered 2 subscriptions of SI for Kids for my grandsons and as part of that deal they were to get a Ravens tee shirt.
    The first tee shirt finally arrived in early Feb. 2013. I called to tell them the magazines had not been received and to ask about the 2nd tee shirt. The call went to what sounded to be a call center in India. I was told the shirt should arrive within the week. After a week I called back and was told I should see it in 7 to 10 days. Ten days later I called back and was told again I should get it in 7 to 10 days. In 10 days I called back and was again told I would get it in 7 to 10 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor who told me the shirts were out of stock and was would be shipped when they came in but could not say when that would be. I said I wanted to know how long we were talking about and she said she would find out and call me back on Monday. Needless to say there was no call so I called and then was told they had no idea when the shirts would arrive at their warehouse and had no way to find out. My advice is stay away from SI and save yourself the headaches

  2. i cancelled sports ill. within 5 days and the 3 magazines of my choice also and they keep sending me the 3 magazines which I called 4 times to tell them not to send them. I hope I am not being charged like I was told after the 3 month free period

  3. sir,
    i didnt know or who ordered the magazines i been receiving at my box and now sport ill. took out $55 from account and now my account is overdrawn i want you guys to withdraw the amount i dispute the imposed account

  4. Why should it be so hard to change my address. The web site was NO help; I had to repeat all the info to two people/ machines. It was a lousy experience and it took about 30 minutes. I like the magazine but not the customer service.

    • I’ve been a loyal reader and subscriber to SI for over 30 years. Each year as my subscription gets close to running out I have been inundated with letters and emails from SI warning me and offering discount rates and incentives. This year for some unknown reason I haven’t received one notification. I first noticed an interruption in service with the NBA preview edition which I never received. It has been over three weeks since my last SI.

      Frankly, I’m a little confused. Isn’t my subscription important enough to warrant at least a letter or email to inform me that it is running out ? Is this any way to run a successful magazine ? I would like to re subscribe but am waiting for your response.

  5. Your choice of red print on your news articles leaves a lot to be desired by us older sports fans—I just wish that the color editor had cataract surgery & lens replacement & then the print would revert to BLACK—I’m sure the articles were just great—wish I could have read them—LOL—keep up the good work in BLACK PRINT

  6. The Oklahoma State basketball player Marcus Smart has been getting a lot of positive press lately so are your goofy clowns going to go after OSU basketball next? After the stupid thing you did on football it wouldn’t surprise me. The absolute dumbest comment ever in print was the claim that you did not intend to take down OSU football. I have lived around the stupid insane boomer fans like Evans so I know how those SOB’s think.

  7. The committee to free Darren Sharper has been formed. We support Mr. Darren Sharper as he fight 7 rape charges against him. We will hold prayer vigils and news conferences for Mr. Sharper. We are open for interviews by the press. Mr. Sharper are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers.
    Rev. Raymond Brown President

  8. just leavin this email to tell you guys your customer service SUCKS I never receive my subscription on time almost always 5-7 days late. been a subscriber way back to late 70’s never had a problem till last 3 months. how you guys are dying for subscriptions and you can’t even take care of the one’s you have. I will be another one of many cancelling after this year is over

  9. To whom it may concern, I have ordered a subscription to Sports Illustrated and I was supposed to receive an Nfl Jacket with order I have received 3 issues and still no jacket, have been calling and they keep saying another week, Really wanted the jacket for a b-day present which is now over, very disappointed who shall I call to get my jacket delivered.

  10. I got your magazine showing a subscription until jun15. I did not subscribe so do not know why I received this. numbers are 3392 3349 610#si 4112tx31 a jun15. Do not want subscription

  11. hello im a independent talent model agent. who can email for admitting a female model to simsuite sports illustrad cast call.

  12. i really love reading your magazine i would like to make a suggestion i would like to see more articles or story about women in sports thanks for reading my e-mail

  13. i really love reading your magazine i would like to make a suggestion i would like to see more articles or story about women in sports thanks for reading my e-mail

  14. Enjoyed article about radio station KMOX St.Louis.I grew up hearing that station in Memphis,TN on a clear nite.My dad ask me what were you listening to I replyed the Cardinals.He took the whole family the game in 1968.Thanks for memories.yu

  15. Enjoyed article about radio station KMOX St.Louis.I grew up hearing that station in Memphis,TN on a clear nite.My dad ask me what were you listening to I replyed the Cardinals.He took the whole family the game in 1968.Thanks for memories.yu

  16. I just spoke with customer service and I wanted to thank the two
    ladies that I spoke with for their kindness to a senior citizen.
    They went above and beyond to call of duty to assist me and I can’t say thank you enough. It means so much to me as a senior
    citizen to be assisted so well. Thank you for a job well done.

  17. I order the special promotion Madden 15(XBOX 360 version)with the 28 weeks of the magazine. I was sent the Play Station Version. I call customer service(somewhere abroad)and I could not understand the individual talking to me because of her extremely hard accent. I explained this to the individual and asked to speak with her supervisor. She put me on hold for 5 minutes returning to tell me that the supervisor was with another customer. I told her I would wait. She again, put me on hold for about 10 minutes returning to tell me the supervisor “would not be talking to me and that she was told to transfer me to the accounting department.

    Customer service stinks to the high heavens from my initial order, to dealing with an overseas customer service department that I can’t understand verbly, to the supervisor not wanting to discuss my
    problem. I was told to mail the game back and it would take another 4 weeks to “hopefully get the correct version of the game originally requested. My payment went through cleanly, I was hoping my order would be the same. I’m a 62 year old American Veteran who has been around the corner a couple of times. A company of your size and prestige should do better. Your customer service to me is pathetic.

    SURE HOPE SOMEONE WILL LET ME KNOW THIS WILL BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  19. sports illustrated is sexist. they should have beefcake male swimsuit issue.feminists should in civil modesty.DEMAND a sports illustrated beefcake male swimsuit issue. it is overdue. and only fair to women.


  21. This month’s swimsuit cover is very pornographic and distasteful – come on you have gone too far with the bottoms pulled that low – tackiest ever!!!!! Not sexy anymore

  22. This is the first time I am writing to a magazine, but I am so disappointed with your current cover of the Swimsuit issue that I felt compelled to voice my opinion. I know the issue has become more and more “edgy” in the recent years, but I believe this year’s cover crosses a line. In light of the recent advertising promotion in regards to domestic violence and respecting women, I think Sports Illustrated has chosen a photograph that does little to support those messages. In addition to the fact that this model obviously does not have a natural body, the fact that she appears to be removing what little of a bottom “swimsuit” she does have on is sending the wrong message to millions of your readers, some of who are young impressionable upcoming athletes. I am also disappointed in Derek Jeter. I know it’s not completely his decision, but for the first time, I feel he has compromised his usual high level of standards. I can’t believe in this day and age, someone involved in your approval process, didn’t object to this cover.

  23. I have to say that I am super disappointed in SI Swimsuit edition. How can you call this a “swimsuit” edition? This is just short of porn! You can see the girls areola and half of these “suits” aren’t swimsuits! They are underwear and tops! My son loved this magazine, I say LOVED because I will NEVER subscribe or buy another one again. I think you forgot that teenagers (boys & girls)read this magazine. I know I am just one person but I really feel you messed this one up.

  24. I just received our swimsuit copy. I really like the sports part of your magazine BUT…the swimsuit is disgusting. I never thought of swimsuits being a sport. If you need additional money, I have just realized a way for the magazine to make more money. You could advertise the boobs that the plastic surgeons implanted by them getting to initial their work. I am sure you would have lots of Dr.’s that would show interest in that.
    Please cancel my subscription as of today. Daniel J. Griffin
    I am embarassed for the postal service to know that I get such filth at my home.

  25. I have written to “Customer Service & Subscriptions” to cancel my subscription at the end of my current term. Both letters were returned to me by the postal service as “not deliverable as addressed, unable to forward.”

    I would like to end my sebscription. I do not want to receive this magazine anymore.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  26. As a major magazine, it is a tragedy that you are choosing money over the health of our children and our nation. The message you send in the recent swimsuit issue is disgusting. Is your magazine about sports or about objectifying women?

  27. We subscrip for sports illustrated for the one time offer of $0.71 a savings of 85% for a total of $39.76 for the year our check was mailed in the requered time and the check cashed 8 day’s later,but guess what no magazine’s so we called the customer services center and they said they have no record of our payment,so now i have to fax a copy of my cancelled check to prove that payment was made.I find it real hard that they don’t have a record of payment being made.

  28. I’m getting the Sports Illustrated magazine and the uncovered swimsuit issue but it was ordered for 28 issues and a FREE PS3 EA Sports Madden 15 and it just went past 8 weeks and no game here yet.

  29. Promotions dept: Why hasn’t the Rv Motor Home been deleivered to the winner and pictures taken for the magazine: What is taking so much time to deleiver: I know the winner and its a shame for this to be happening : don’t you know she is so disappointed in your promotions: I would be: Hoping to hear from your department: before others reads these comments: its like: a false promotion: That would not be good for Sports Illustrated at all: I have enter many, many promotions but this one takes the cake:

  30. Your Swimsuit edition is nothing more than pornography. How very sad and disappointing that you have so little respect for young women. Greed and sensationalism seem to rule at Sports Illustrated.
    Please try to raise your standards for the good of morality in our culture.


  32. This is part of “Bonehead ” Ben Crenshaw’s speech at the Masters dinner.

    “I don’t think that I have seen y’all since we had a wonderful Champions Dinner and could not have been more special. We had Arnold Palmer who was pretty emotional that night, but his words to all of us, he basically said how proud he was of all of us in the room, very moving. And I tried to just keep things rolling. That’s my job. I try to just keep things rolling and get people involved in discussion.
    And it was a great discussion night. Everybody chimed in. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, because it’s a night of re‑living old times for all of us, and the old ones want to know what the young ones are doing. The young ones want to know how the old ones won the tournament, who was involved, what decisions they made. It’s fascinating. Sort of bridges the generational gap.
    And you know, besides Arnold, had to congratulate Jack Nicklaus on the Congressional Medal of Honor.
    And all of the past champions said some very nice things about Bill Casper who passed away last week or not long ago; but this last week, some really wonderful things were said about Billy Casper.
    So, it’s a night to reminisce. It was really fun. The Chairman was there. We had a ball.”
    SI, please note that The Congressional Medal Of Honor is awarded to men and women who served in the military and distinguished themselves with heroic action, many times giving their lives for to save others and dying for their country.
    Ben Crenshaw should have known what the Congressional Medal Of Honor is. Shame on him.!!

  33. Ben Crenshaw made a horrible mistake when at the Masters dinner, he said this:
    This is part of “Bonehead ” Ben Crenshaw’s speech at the Masters dinner.

    “I don’t think that I have seen y’all since we had a wonderful Champions Dinner and could not have been more special. We had Arnold Palmer who was pretty emotional that night, but his words to all of us, he basically said how proud he was of all of us in the room, very moving. And I tried to just keep things rolling. That’s my job. I try to just keep things rolling and get people involved in discussion.
    And it was a great discussion night. Everybody chimed in. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, because it’s a night of re‑living old times for all of us, and the old ones want to know what the young ones are doing. The young ones want to know how the old ones won the tournament, who was involved, what decisions they made. It’s fascinating. Sort of bridges the generational gap.
    And you know, besides Arnold, had to congratulate Jack Nicklaus on the Congressional Medal of Honor.
    And all of the past champions said some very nice things about Bill Casper who passed away last week or not long ago; but this last week, some really wonderful things were said about Billy Casper.
    So, it’s a night to reminisce. It was really fun. The Chairman was there. We had a ball.”

  34. I like what you guys are talking about but on thing that I notice that you would talk about football then basketball then back to football. It would be nice if you would organize it to be all football news then anything else.

  35. Bought a bathing suit from – Desert Rose
    The size was extremely small. So contacted them and go a you only get one chance to change size. Unfortunately their size chart does not match the average size chart. The gift was for my daughter’s birthday present, she has 2 teenage daughters and she feels she cannot wear the suit due to her bottom not being covered. I emailed them about all this and the have not got back to me yet. I am sending the Desert Rose suit back by courier today and requesting full refund. I have contacted my credit card company as well. So buyer beware when buying a swim suit from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Illustrations you may get stung by a supplier. Never again. Sharon Banyai

  36. Im watching the ESPY awards that started at 8 pm(still family time in the summer) and the comments are abusive and derogatory. many disrespect races, genders, and cultures. Making fun of other peoples pain in reference to rape, child beatings, penis size etc is sick. Whoever approved those comments for family TV is sick. Try to have alittle decency when my whole family loves sports but not the twisted way you portrayed many things.
    Also try to look up the word courage before you give the Arthur Ashe Award next year.
    It never too late to do better!!
    Have a better night than I did

  37. Why on earth would you put Hope Solo on your cover when she was arrested for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ???!!! You went out of your way to show Ray Rice look bad on your cover .DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE …PERIOD. You bunch of spineless cowards

  38. When I signed up for membership, I was offered an NFL Starter Jacket. I chose a Philadelphia Eagles jacket. I still have not received it. If you have already run out, please cancel my subscription and return balance of payment. Thank You very much. Kyle Ida

  39. I have to say the Rant on today’s extra mustard was so off base that I will never buy and or subscribe to your magazine again not to mention go to your website. To say that what Will Ferrell did got to much attention?? To much attention????? Really??? Then to say it wasn’t really funny????? Wow, let me know when cancer is funny, and when raising money for it is…… well to much attention. I am not even a fan of Will Ferrell, but that was way out of line, I am very disappointed that a company like yours which I have supported for so many years would let that kind of rant go on. I know this e mail means little to your company, and I never do this, infact this is my first bitch e mail sent ever, but you really dropped the ball on this one. New fan Mikie Racette

  40. I want you at SI to know I – my family – my circle of friends will never buy another SI magazine or product. Your poor journalism slanted sensationalism coverage of my home Team the NE Patriots is reprehensible. You appear to be piling it on and I find it ridiculous. It seems like you are in the tank with the NFL ESPN. The timing of the article is also suspicious, I have been a repeat subscriber of your magazine but never again. You have alienated a whole region with your shoddy reporting. I hope you think it is worth it because everyone I speak to in the NE region feel this way. I have lost all respect for you and your “investigative” reporting. You have lost a customer for life. Myself and my large family and sizable circle of influence all are boycotting your products. The whole NE region are rabid sports fans so I wonder if you have calculated to loss you are going to take from this business.

  41. Why didn’t Sports Illustrated talk about Lebron James or Derek Jeeter backing Barack Odumbo. Sports Illustrated is a left-wing rag and perhaps the profits (if there are any) and the author’s 401k and paychecks can be donated to bring down the 19 trillion dollar deficit. Stop the Tom Brady political views if you are a sports magazine and stop being a left-wing vehicle for the democratic party. Jerks.

  42. I too have tried to send a letter to the customer service address noted in the magazine, it came back not deliverable. I would like to know what address to send my letter to.

  43. We recently ordered a gift subscription for our son’s 60th birthday. I rewquested that he NOT be notified until that day, November 20.
    What a disappointment…… all concerned……
    Donn JI Thompson Spokane, Wa. (we placed the order) for
    Our son….James P Thoimpson
    31924 Socweqoos Ct. Westlake Villagem Ca. 91461

  44. once again, you sent the subscriptiion at the wrong time, wqas a 60th birthday gift to our son…..and you sent the jacket to us.
    I just wrote all of this in the section above……

  45. I have not received my magazine for almost two months now. I called customer service at the end of October and they indicated that they were crediting my subscription by four issues. However, I still have not been receiving my magazines. Your voice system said I have a “digital edition account”. I do not remember requesting this. I want the magazine.

  46. Your article on jeff gordon was a joke. Absolutely no work was done to write a deserving story of his achievements in nascar. The story was absolutely nothing more than common knowledge. His picture is on the cover yet his story is almost last. And the paper your magazine uses isn’t worthy of Chinese rice paper. How cheap can you get? Your magazine is a joke…glad I don’t subscribe. Losers!

  47. I am quite upset and confused. Upon checking my bank statement, I noticed a charge of $39.99. I did not authorize or make such a transaction. I would appreciate some clarification and a refund back into my account. Please handle this asap. Thanking you in advance, Ronnell Eaton.

  48. I looked all over town for the sports illustrated for December 7 that had Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiller on the cover only to find Lebron James. Very disappointed
    I did buy it but was trying to get the one with him on the cover. Was it regional?


  50. for Sports Illustrated customer service: I still like to know who and why you got into my Debit Acct. this month and charged me $63.00 twice. Last month January you debited my acct. 39.00 4 times. You credit me for 2 $39.00 . and 2 order remained, 1 subscription for AZ and 1 for RI. Which you deny it. now. Please check my acct for Jan & Feb. Oh and by the way I now have closed my debit and complained to the bank. I am thru doing business with you and Sports Illustrated. Ann Fernstrom

  51. I’m 90 and do not recall renewing subscription, and please stop using my credit card….respectfully George Doughty

  52. getting a magazine that I did not order. Have tried many times to contact you by phone and have held on line for along as 30 minutes to get help to no avail. #3636 9044 540#SI is on the labels
    I need to get this corrected.

  53. I was really looking forward to your swim suit edition but when I received it this past Saturday the cover was ripped half off so I couldn’t enjoy the picture of Ronda Rousey. In the future maybe the swim suit issue could be put in some kind of protective cover.

  54. I’m. wondering why you illustrated sports magazine is keep on sending me your magazine in fact I dont subscribe at all and I found out that I was deducted in my account automaticaly. Please return my money before I will report this to the business bureau. I have issued check to my other acct. now my acct in the bank is deficit. Do this by tommorrow for i’ll be fine. Please!!!!!

  55. # 3266 9965 640

    I’m a new subscriber to SI and had been looking forward to the Swim Suit
    issue. I hope you’re not going to tell me I won’t get it till 2017. I’m 79 years old
    and may not even be here then. If that is the case, why don’t you send me this
    years issue and have me skip the 2017 issue? gene paluch

  56. I would like to know why you don’t have a sports illustrated swimsuit edition that features men for woman to enjoy!! Also, your current sports illustrated swimsuit edition is supposed to be swim suits and yet you feature naked woman in it. Why not cater to us woman for a change!! Woman want a men’s swim suit edition! Get with the times!

  57. I find it incredibly difficult to find the information to contact SI. I have a current subscription through June 16th. I was looking forward to the swimsuit issue that never arrived. I received the issue before and after. Please see about sending a replacement. Otherwise i will not be renewing my subscription.


  58. Whenever I see that swimsuit cover, I feel like throwing up. What is wrong with you people at SI? Do you really need the money so badly that even after 50 years you still find it necessary to objectify and degrade women with this issue? 50 years. That means 3 generations of boys have been told, by the cover alone, that it’s okay to see women as sex objects.The only purpose for this edition, and you know it, is for guys to pleasure themselves, while their wives and girlfriends, who look like normal people, stand by.
    As a women, whenever I see that cover, I feel offended, humiliated and degraded. And now it’s even worse because my young daughters have to endure it too. Their dignity just stripped away by you. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  59. I have been receiving my copy of SI for some time now, however I have not received the Cardinals sweatshirt which was promised with the subscription.
    While I have enjoyed the magazine I would appreciate receiving the sweatshirt
    promised as well.

  60. I can’t find an email for contacting publishers/writers for Sports Illustrated so I am sending this email to you. PLEASE forward on for me. My husband Bob has subscribed to Sports Illustrated for years and Sports Illustrated is one of the happiest things in his life.

    We live in Iowa and are perplexed as to why ISU Cyclone George Niang hasn’t made the cover of Sports Illustrated. University of Iowa players made the cover twice this year even after they had lost games. They have great players but so does ISU Cyclones who are now in the Sweet Sixteen. George is in USA Today as one of ten top players in NCCA tournament. George has been great all year with wins against Oklahoma and Kansas. Please give me your reasoning on this. Thank You so much from a life long Cyclone fan. PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL.

  61. I would like to ask you stop delivering sport illustration.
    I never ask for it and I don’t like it and never read it.
    I ask for star magazine but
    I recived this please stop it
    Thanks. Henry

  62. My subscription ended a couple of months ago but I am still getting issues in the mail and electronically. Please stop them. Thank you. Doug Bottom

  63. !,,,I need to change my address on my subsrcription and I also renewed my sub and received a free gift which came 6 dollars postage due plz reply

  64. I haven’t received an issue since Friday April 15. I’ve been a subscriber for more than a decade. I know your publcation has an obvious bias against St. Louis sports teams but don’t take it out on me. My customer # is 19779. Either get my issue/issues or forget about any renewal.

  65. I just saw that Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce will be posing nude for a layout, this is disgusting she is not a true female, he still has his manhood, just cause he dresses like a woman and says he feels like a woman does not make him a woman! and I promise that if she does pose it will be the last time my family friends and I ever buy SI or even look at another issue again….

  66. I am an occasional reader of SI. I just wanted to comment on the story about Jenner posing nude on the cover: I think it is absolutely sick, and I hope your subscriptions suffer as a result. Just another example of the deterioration in our nation’s moral fabric.

  67. I just read about Caitlyn Jenner is on a future cover of SI. I called the company up to see if it was true and they said yes. I promptly canceled my subscription. People can have their own views but do not force them on me. They now have lost a longtime customer, I will not ever get another subscription for any of their magazines. If enough people cancel it might open their eyes. Also to have the American flag draped over him/her is a insult to our military. When I called and talked to them I could tell that the lady agreed with me but has to tow the company line. So great job chasing off customers and putting your employees in a spot that goes against their values aswell .

  68. customer service was great. I am canceling SI due to future articles; I can’t accept Caitlyn as a part of sports and you need to really think about it yourself.

  69. I would like to end my 2 trial subscription. I do not want to receive this magazine anymore.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  70. I really enjoyed the caotlyn Jenner issue even though I don’t think he should have done that. Also, I see myself as a Republican so I didn’t care for the Clinton’s picture. Thank you.

  71. Received SI yesterday. Lost my lunch when I saw transvestite Bruce Jenner on the cover. What’s next- your top 10 ISIS moments of 2016? Your magazine, like the rest of the liberal moonbats in the United States, has gone completely off the rails. Stop taking advantage of the mentally ill, as that is what Bruce Jenner has become. Remember- you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. I’ve been a subscriber for decades, but you lost my business with your obvious homosexual, trans-loving agenda.

  72. No issue again last week. We have taken SI for years. Got three issues after my first contact with you. Have subscription until October 2017

  73. to whom it may concern, i have been receiving sports illustrated magazines at my address for Ashley Medina which she does not live at this address is 535 Courtland street York, PA I would appreciate it if you can stop sending the magazines

    thanks very much

  74. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but raised in Arizona. I still love reading stories, good or bad, about Cleveland. In the issue dated May 15-22, 2017, Mark Bechtel had a story about Cleveland titled, A City on Fire. Int he very first paragraph, there is a typo. Instead of referring to Bay Village as a “tiny” suburb of Cleveland, the article states Bay Village is a “tony” suburb of Cleveland. This is not the first typo I have found in Sports Illustrated, but the first time I am writing you about it. Do you not have editors to proof this stuff before millions of printed magazines go out to the public? Just wondering…..but thank you for the story.

  75. 2nd issue of SI not delivered? (Cover, Aaron Judge Yankee MLB). I reported the 1st issue not delivered (Jeff Glasbrenner Mountain Climber), & SI sent me a replacement (thanks). I have met with the Port Orchard P.O. (twice), and they said they would alert the carrier and took my information. What’s next? I would like that copy of SI with Aaron Judge on the cover. Thank you for your attention to this issue.

  76. Dear customer service
    This is in response to renewal for 2017
    I sent 49.84 which was taken out of my visa account but I did not give my size for
    The free nfl jacket Oakland Raiders size x large please let me know what I need to do
    Thank you

  77. I was contacted by you and I understood that if I re-subscribed to your mag, It would begin with the College review issue. I got my first issue today, and it is dated Aug 18. Did I make a mistake, or did you ?

  78. Why am I getting my issues a week late? Half the articles about upcoming events, the events have already happened by the time I get my issue.

  79. 9/18/2017 – Saw an article written by Chris Chavez regarding Denver Broncos offe nsive Lineman, Bolles. The writer indicates that Bolles cried. For crying out loud, IS THAT NEWS?!?!?! First of all, the guy is in pain. Secondly, he’s thinking about all of the months of rehab. Thirdly, he’s a father of a little boy that he has to support. If the pain of the injury doesn’t cause tears, the thought that his ability to make a living in the next few years may get taken away from him. Grow up!

  80. I have never subscribed for this magazine sports ill . just bought pair of shoes from katy mall sports shop but they keep on sending magazines to me in my box despite of warning and dispute from bank and 3 times I have changed my credit card details …where the hell they r getting the new account info. today I warned them if they don’t stop sending me these magazines and continue to deduct from my account ill take them to court . very disappointing and frustrating is all that happened with us.

  81. I don’t really watch sports but I see the conflict on the news. The teams should not SUCCUMB to TRUMP’S (he’s not my president) wines about the players not standing for the national anthem, it’s their right! Truth is, that I CONGRADULATE them for doing so and I hope that if I were a player, I would do the same thing!


  82. You “chose” to put a bunch of multi-millionaires protesting the American Flag on the front page of your magazine.
    I “choose” to never spend another cent on your magazine !
    Please remove my name from any and all mailing lists.

  83. Dear SI,

    Ive been trying for weeks to subscribe to the email newsletter and when I put in my email it says Success I havent received anything can someone look into this please!

  84. I am very unhappy with Sports Illustrated’s customer service department. I have been trying to work with them on a payment that I have a confirmation number for proof of payment but they have no record of that payment. They requested that I fax proof of payment, which I did on October 25. I still have not heard back from their ‘customer service’ and am forced to spend my time with e-mails and phone calls. I am very close to cancelling both subscriptions to Sports Illustrated

  85. I am cancelling my subscription to Sports illustrated due to the NFL condoning the protest movement of the national anthem. They have a right to protest but I don’t have to agree nor watch it so i don’t watch any of it!!!!!!. Football is my choice of sports and since I don’t watch the NFL anymore and I don’t care if there are never any soccer, baseball, basketball; lacrosse, etc games played, I have no further need for the magazine

  86. Don’t know how I was signed up and by who. Don’t read the SI at all. Continues to withdraw every year without my permission. I told them to unsubscribe that year they said okay, but never did. Again, money was withdrawn without prior notice. Will be complaining to Better Business Bureau. My account got over drawn. I cancelled the subscription again this year but continues to received the magazine.

  87. Months ago I ordered and paid for an issue of SI w/Mason Rudolph on the cover. I have yet to receive it.
    Please send it to ne.
    Glenn Olson

  88. Just an fyi to pass on to whoever is making the bowl game predictions – might want to check the teams and which conference they belong to – North Texas / Central Michigan and Fresno State ARE NOT IN THE BIG TEN

  89. Hello- I would like to file a formal complaint. I just received my SI magazine with Julio Jones on the cover. While reading some of the articles I could not help but notice the Newport cigarette page… a sports magazine. Is SI that desperate they have to take money from a cigarette company? This sends the absolute wrong message to adults, kids, and other readers who subscribe to SI. Please stop my subscription immediately as this is unacceptable for SI, a decades old sports magazine I thought had some integrity.

  90. I would like to cancel my subscription based on your award to Colin Kaepernick. While I respect your ability to recognize anyone you see fit, I cannot support a magazine that feels his contributions worthy of this award. Good luck to you going forward. I hope you achieve the goals you seem to be seeking and that you are proud of your chosen athlete.

  91. Just learned that SI announced that Colin Kaepernick was named “Muhamad Ali Man of the Year”. What an insult to Muhamad Ali and his Family.

    In case you guys haven’t figured it out. Kapernick will never again play for any NFL Team. He’s simply way too toxic

  92. You have destroyed Ali’s legacy, awarding “trash” with anything related to him. Nothing with “Sports Illustrated” on it will never go in my house except to go to the trash can. The “stupid clown trash” you gave the award to is not fit to call himself American. Neither are you.

  93. I am trying to contact you to inform you that I will not now or ever renew my subscription to your magazine or ever purchase any of your merchandise. The reason being anyone hat would give a award to someone who has totally disrespected our country ,our flag ,our military and our police officers will never receive a dime of my hard earned money. I will now and always stand for our FLAG and all that it represents and the men and women have been injured or died defending it. Preston Lusk

  94. Colin Kaepernick receiving the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award is disgraceful! It not only tarnishes the memory of Muhammad Ali, but also that of the excellent prior recipients. I will not be renewing my subscription.

    Ted Mouzakeotis
    Woodley Investments

  95. Please cancel my subscription to Sports Illustrated effective immediately (12/1/17) with appropriate refund. I subscribed to your magazine to read about the sports world as it pertains to the athletes’ participation in athletic contests on the field of play. There are many other publications which politicize their content with biased views and awards. SI used to be a magazine which produced many interesting stories for sports fans. The magazine’s recent publicizing of Colin Kaepernik and his irrelevant political/social activities strays far from the sports coverage in which I (45+ years) and many other subscribers (young and old) awaited from your publication each week.

    With much disappointment,
    Larry Rothenhofer

  96. Dear Sirs,
    Your decision to recognize Mr. Kapernick fo rthe Ali award is a travesty of justice.
    JJ Watt for all of his heroics should be the recipient. Also Ali was a draft dodger (criminal). A coward who would fight for money in his country, but refused to defend her. His actions were not about race or equality. He was a coward plain and simple. Many great celebrities have served our great country to include Elvis, Lee Marvin, Eddie Albert, JFK, John Glenn, etc. Mr. Kapernick is no hero. He is a mediocre QB who opted out of his contract. Funny when he was starting he never once protested. Sorry, but I can not protest at work and if the Commissioner had any balls these entitled black players would be banned for life. I have been stopped by law enforcement on different occasions. I am alive not because I am white, but because I did what I was told, when I was told. I posed no threat to the attending officer. I served my country as a Navy Hospital Corpsman deployed yo numerous combat zones around the world. The flag and it’s meaning are very important to me. For that reason I will not be renewing my subscription to your magazine, not now and not ever. I predict with your moronic decision to honor Mr. Kapernick that you will lose more business. I hope that you and you employees wake up before it’s too late and you’re jobless. Sincerely Thomas B Lloyd II (HMCS AW/FMF),,USN (ret.)

  97. For Sports Illustrated to honor the traiter Kaepernic k only tells us that maybe Sports Illustrated does not care about the USA either. Sports Illustrated has thumbed it’s nose at our Veterans,our flag,and our entire country. Never again wil we buy Sports Illustratde . Kaepernick ,knows his career was waining and he thought up an idea how to keep himself in the public eye at any cost. Well there is a cost for him and now for Sports Illustrates who appears to have no patriotism for the United States of America. There is no doubt sports illustrated will lose sales over this. And deservingly so. No longer a purchaser of SI

  98. You suck. You gave Col Kap an award. Why would you clowns be so stupid. I will never buy or look at an issue of SI. It’s so sad. Ali just turned over in his grave.

  99. I have been a subscriber since 1977 but today I cancelled my subscription due to your inexplicable decision to give Colin Kapernick an award. I don’t understand why you would decide to honor such a divisive individual!

    I have always enjoyed my subscription but can’t support an organization that would choose to honor a classless man.

    Thank you!


    Franklin Gray

  100. Called your 1-800 number. No person to speak with. Typical of modern business lack of concern for potential customers. Sports Illustrated awarding anti-American Colin Kaepernick an award is one more reason to not support your magazine or its advertisers.
    With disgust

    Dale R. Suiter
    RVN Vet

  101. Please cancel my subscription and refund me the unused portion of my subscription which expires in September 2021. Your ill-advised decision to honor Colin Kapernick prompts this after having been a customer for 40+ years.
    Please confirm the cancellation to my email address. The mailing address for my subscription is below.

  102. Difficult to contact SI, so this is the only easy format. I tried a subscription, but I can’t read the magazine because it has perfume ads to which I am allergic (scents). So I just have to throw the magazine away when it arrives.

  103. Kaepernick was the last straw. You guys should just have stayed with sports— period. Why the heck you would put that disgusting person in the lime light I’ll never know. All my friends are cancelling our subscriptions. I already have. Your tied into Time Magazine that’s the problem. They use to be a great read— now– I can’t even pick it up in the doctors office— actually they don’t even have it anymore. I asked them. They disliked their stance on everything. Real shame. I use to really enjoy them both. But not now.

  104. I would like to take advantage of your offer we received in the mail for i year for $29 and a free sweat shirt. We have misplaced the address to send the money and form. Can you please furnish me with that address. Thank you very much.

  105. wow, what a great piece of writing, “embrace the frog ” , by ana marie cox. i had to check several times while reading the article that the author wasn’t frank deford. an instant classic. i’ve already sent a copy of the article to my psychologist daughter alex. her father sam must be very proud of her. i know i would be.

  106. could you check your records I believe I have missed a couple of issues did njot receive jan 18 issues could you please send it to me lennart

  107. Just had a terrible conversation with customer service. My subscription was cancelled because by post off ice error two issues were returned as undeliverable, despite my answering an email and providing a new address. I was informed a credit had been issued to my credit card for the remainder of the term. That card had bee cancelled and supposedly the credit should end up on a replacement. The amount is under $5 so I could care less.
    We have suscribed to SI for as long as I can remember, my guess 40+ years and was shocked that no one seemed to care.
    I would personally never allow a long term subscriber to leave under these circumstances without an attempt to rectify the situation. How tough would have it been to reactivite the subscription. Guess the $5 would hurt the bottom line too much

  108. I have just spent 45 minutes attempting to renew a Sports Illustrated subscription which I have had for over three years. After answering many, many questions, they were still unable to find my subscription. I was once again put on hold, and after waiting for over 5 minutes, I hung up. Way too much of my time to simply renew a long-standing subscription.This by far has been one of the worst customer services experience I have every had.

  109. I subscribed to Sports Illustrated last October, but in early February stopped receiving any issues. Thus I missed coverage of the Olympics and March Madness, the two events I actually wanted.

    Robert Humphreys

  110. Would like to see a significant discount for Seniors. It is getting harder and harder to pay for items we do not need, such as Sports Illustrated. This may be our last renewal

  111. to whom it may concern:
    we have been receiving your magazine for the past year, under the name of John Holtzworth, which does not live here. I am not for sure if this was a gift subscription or what. we have lived here the past 15 years. PLEASE stop sending these magazines. DO NOT renew any subscriptions either!!!!!
    Thank you

  112. To whom it may concern;
    Why is Jonathan Jones making political comments. Keep out of politics. I listened to Mr. Jones on Andrea Mitchell Reports. I, and a lot of other people who are conservative politically, did not appreciate his statements; he was insulting and out of line. If this continues SI will be out of business. I will make a personal effort to encourage abandoning your company. I am a male white conservative and there are more of us who believe in standing for the anthem than those who don’t. Continue at your own peril; because we are watching.

  113. Why can’t I log in to your magazine when I have a paid subscription? Even though I am out of the United States, it shouldn’t be a problem to log in and read my magazine. Very frustrating…

  114. If you would like to see the very first concussion proof helmet doing its thing, go to “ and search “concussion proof helmet”

    • How do you rate the best 101 wrestlers of all time and don’t include Verne Gagne, the Great Moolah,May young,George the Animal Steel,Larry the Hack Heenan, Curt Heenan,Pepper Gomez,Wilbert Synder, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson,Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Black Jack Mulligan, Billy Robinson and the list go on been a wrestling fan from way back

  115. Have just received another copy of your magazine . Again I must say I DON’T want it ,NEVER ordered it, STOP sending it NOW !!

  116. I aired on phone for 24 minutes. Too long no with no satisfaction from person I finally talked too was no help. I ended up not ordering subscription!!!!!!

  117. I have purchased SI for 40 years. Now that you want to support Christine Ford and be political I will never buy SI again. I bought it for the sports not politics!!!!!!!!

  118. SI keeps sending me issues and I never requested or signed up for a subscription. There is no e-mail to contact them to say stop sending me issues! How can any corporation to business without a customer service e-mail address? ZZ!Sending these magazines without permission is a scam

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