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Contacting Sports Authority Customer Service Center

Dedication to the best overall customer experience is the number one goal of the Sports Authority. The company prides itself in sell high quality merchandise and providing world-class customer service. The Colorado-based company has been a pillar in the sports world for close to a century and has no plans of slowing down. When customers want the best products and service to match, the customer support team is ready to step up to the plate.

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Contact Info:

Similar to other online retailers, Sports Authority provides several ways to contact the customer support team. New and existing customers have the ability to contact the customer service department by phone, traditional mail, email as well as through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service (online): 1-888-801-9164
  • Customer service (in-store): 1-800-360-8721

Mailing Address

Sports Authority Corporate Headquarters1050 W. Hampden Ave.Englewood, CO 80110

Official Website

Go to the official Sports Authority website in order to make purchase by brand, gender and sport. The company offers exclusive deals and savings when customer sign-up for email and text message alerts. Customers can also learn about the company and even use the site to contact the customer service team.

Customer Service Email

Customer wanting to contact the customer service department can email The company recommends not including personal information in email correspondence. Customer with questions or concerns relating to online orders should contact the customer service department by phone.

We sent an email to the customer service department asking for information regarding the hours of operation, considering this information was not available on the website. We anticipate receiving an automated response with a anticipated time a customer service representative should answer our concern, but we are still waiting. Customers can attempt to contact customer service through social media. The company gives no indication on the response time.

Our Experience

We chose to contact the customer service department dealing with the in-store customer service experience. The automated system provided three options, with the third connecting directly with a customer service representative. In less than 30 seconds, we were connected with an agent. We asked for details regarding returning online purchases to the stores. The agent explained the policy and even offered to locate our nearest store.

The representative went above and beyond the call of service. We expected this level of service and this is the level we received. Did you receive exceptional customer service from the Sports Authority? We want to hear the outcome.

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20 Comments on “Contact Sports Authority Customer Service
  1. My sister and I were at the Wilmington location. The mananger Kristi was extremely rude and unprofessional. I called the store and file a complaint against her and nothing was done.

  2. I had a very good shopping the other day I went to your Boynton bch store on Congress ave to buy a grill they did not have the one i wanted so i asked Phil the store manager and he phoned around for me and located one for me up at west palm i went up there and picked it up it was to heavy for me so the store manager up there put it in my car for me i had first class service phil of the boynton bch really did a bang up job for me i hope you commend him for this as well as the manager at the west palm beach store

  3. Visited your store in panama city on 23rd street. My Mother In Law needed a new pair of tennis shoes. We usually shop here on the beach Nike Store etc. But I just happened to have a coupon for 30% off and I had a 10.00 off coupon, well I wasn’t sure if I could use both so we called and the lady who took our call said it was no problem, well when we proceeded to check out the cashier informed us that we could not use both coupon she then called her Manager up there and she confirmed that we could not use both coupons. Which was fine since that was the store policy, I told the manager I just wish we had known this before hand, she said well there is nothing she could do but write the employee up, I don’t wont that to happen, Everybody makes mistakes. This is not my only complaint, The Store was FILTY, the carpet where you try your shoes on was BLACK, Because after trying on the shoes my Mother In Law decided to purchase we notice the bottoms of the shoes were dirty, the sales person who was very polite said yes these carpet are very dirty. The place Needs a thorough cleaning. Thank You for you time,Karen Champion

  4. Dear Sports Authority: I live on Kauai and your store just opened a couple of days ago. I went in to see the store and look at your products. Your employees were very helpful and happy and your have a great selection of product. The only thing wrong is that you do not have any sports gear for plus sized women. Not everyone is skinny. Some of us are (excuse the term) busty and so, unless you can provide products that include things I can wear, I won’t shop in your store, at least for clothing….. Sorry!

  5. It is very difficult to contact customer care on the telephone. I have spent two hours waiting on the then trying a number the store gave me which connected me to the same wound up connecting to the same number where I again waited and waited. I need to give my credit card numbers and cannot do the on email. I need to receive credit for an item I returned which do to some complication, I did not receive. What is the best time to call so that I do not have to spend hours waiting to talk to customer service rep.?

  6. I visited the Collierville. tn sports authority on 12/29 to make a return, there was one nice lady checking out and another that quickly said she didn’t have a register, but after another customer walked up in line the other lady checked them out as if I had not been waiting. Why was she in customer service if she was not helping?

  7. I visited the Collierville. tn sports authority on 12/29 to make a return, there was one nice lady checking out and another that quickly said she didn’t have a register, but after another customer walked up in line the other lady checked them out as if I had not been waiting. Why was she in customer service if she was not helping?

  8. We’ve had, without a doubt one of the worst customer service experiences ever. We bought a freemotion 350R exercise bike and purchased the extended service plan. We paid good money for the Bike and have only had it for a year and a half. It hasn’t worked in 3 months. We’ve had 2 different techs on 5 different occasions come out and 1) Diagnose the Bike and order a fly wheel (which takes 10 business days for the part to arrive and requires us to deal with freemotion ourselves as well as urban express who actually come out and repair the bike). 2) The tech came out and fixed the fly wheel, worked for three days and broke again. We called again and 3) had the drive belt and clutch repaired, bike worked going backward but not forward. We then had to call all three company’s again and get a motor sent out. 4) had a tech out to fix the motor, which did nothing. 5) different tech came out and told us everything on the bike had been repaired and that Urban express would call us tomorrow. After time number 4 we got sick of calling sports authority to file the claim, freemotion to order parts (which we have no idea what we’re actually ordering because we’re not technicians) and then calling Urban Express so that they could call us back to schedule a tech. We asked to speak to a supervisor at sports authority were told there wasn’t one present and that they would call us back within four hours. That was approximately 504 hours ago. We just called the the customer service department again, explained the problem and were actually connected to a supervisor. At this point we simply want a new bike or our money back, especially since we’ve taken 5 days off work so that we could see the technician because nobody ever told us or offered to make a weekend call. This supervisor gave us her first name, Robin, didn’t give her last name and claimed to have no direct line, we’re currently waiting for her manager to call us back within 4 hours. There are 3 hours and 33 minutes left.

  9. i placed an order just last weekend for a pair of asics in the size i always wear and they were tight and i received a 10% discount for signing up. iplaced an order this morning for a different size for the same shoe and i could not get the 10% or the 15% 0ff that you were running today because it wasnt on the asics. i am truly not happy because it was not my fault that the shoes did not fit bought the same size i always wear. i should have been able to get the original 10% off that i received the first time because it was not fault of my own that these shoes run smaller someone should be in charge of letting people know about this. i placed the order because i need a real comfortable sneaker because i stand all day at work but not happy with the service because you dont give out information about sizing off different shoes.not happy. thank you for your time

  10. Worst experience. I went to the Kendall store (Miami) to return my Weekender Shade canopy that I had purchased 23 months ago with the protection plan. When selling the plan I was told if it gets a tear or anything to just bring it back and the store will replace it. Last month the frame was twisted, so I took it back to the store with the receipt. I was quickly told that they would make an exception, but they don’t take items back under warranty. So we went back and was helped by sells associates and given the new version as the one we had was no longer available. It was the same “original” price. We had bought it Black Friday and got it $10 cheaper. I was expected to pay the $10. Unbelievable. The manager did the right thing and waived the $10. Why do you have get angry to get what’s fair? Seriously? Is it just miami, or is service bad everywhere.

  11. Ads all over said you were giving a free Cubs W. Ibought $60 sweatshirt and cashier clueless and didnt care nor look into. What? Bad store and promo. Guess Dicks better eh. Send me my W

  12. You announced all stores free W for Cubs bought $60 sweatshirt and cashier clueless. Mail to me cuz you have to honor oromotion. I was there at opening so dont tell me all gone. Mail to phyllis korzeniowski,

  13. You announced all stores free W for Cubs bought $60 sweatshirt and cashier clueless. Mail to me cuz you have to honor oromotion. I was there at opening so dont tell me all gone. Mail to phyllis korzeniowski, 9436 Overhill Ave., Morton Grove,IL 60053 thx

  14. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I purchased a glove for my Grand Daughter, little did it know the $26.99 I am paying for shipping is for ‘if it is in stock’ it will be shipped two day, after they get it out of their warehouse or wherever……UGHHHH

  15. I have purchased protection plans (warranties) before and if ever I needed to return something I was able to do so at the store, pay any difference on price, and purchase another plan if needed….but now I am required to request exchange approval online (or by phone), print a UPS label, package the item, drive to a UPS location (or as the lady on the phone told me when I asked if she was kidding me…”you can chase down a truck if you don’t want to go to the UPS office” (not sure how helpful that is?)), wait for it to be processed, and then wait for a gift card to be mailed to me….and your people try to tell me that this way is “easier”. Well…#1- it is not easier; taking 10-14 days to do something that I could do at the store in 10 to 14 minutes, isn’t easier, and #2- I prefer that people and/or corporations do not pee on my back and tell me its raining, by telling me something is easier when it isn’t. Once this exchange is done, I will find someplace else that doesn’t require me to jump through hoops to use a warranty plan that I paid for. Just terrible.

  16. I tried to buy shoes online and visa prepaid card wasn’t taken. So I called the number. I called it three times. The first lady couldn’t tell me why it wouldn’t work and told me to call the credit card company. So “i have to do the work to figure out what’s wrong” – never was I offered any option to purchase it with her. Then I asked to talk to supervisor. After 15 minutes she said they were not answering. So I asked her what can I do now that you haven’t helped me do anything – she then hung up on me. I called back… a nice gentleman answered. … I was on hold for 15 minutes for the supervisor again. He finally took down my name and number and told me they would call me back. After 1 hour… I called back. A third lady called supervisor… waited for 9 minutes and finally talked to Danae number… She told me the problem was that they can’t do 2 forms of payment for the purchase… So I asked what happens to the lady that hung up on me and why can you still not help me purchase these shoes. I was on hold for 45 minutes, hung up on, and no one offered any help to purchase these shoes. No 25% off or anything to make it better???? What kind of service is this? Then I ask to talk to her supervisor and she said “unavailable”? So I question that “sarah” was her only supervisor in the whole company? She was annoyed with me and kept saying they would “Look into the phone call where I was hung up on”. Of course I don’t believer her and I don’t believe she only has one boss and they happened to not be there. Then she gave me the number to call back and it may be her again or maybe Sarah. Which I questioned that she just told me Sarah was unavailable and is she just someone on the same level as you if she is answering phones too? Poor customer service all the way up the chain.
    Phil Cotta

  17. I went to the east palo alto store on 1/30/16 to return an item i purchased earlier in the month. When i got to the register it was brought to my attention that i had brought the wrong receipt. The manager, tyler, told me that all he could do was give me lowest selling price on store credit. I didn’t accept. I went to find my husband, he was in the camping area. I was telling him what i was told by tyler. Yvonne came by and asked if we had any questions or needed help finding anything. I asked about the return policy. After she explained, i told her i didn’t have a receipt and didn’t want lowest price on store credit. She asked me if i made the purchase at that store and if i knew the date. She took that information from me and said she could get me a copy of my receipt if i didn’t mind waiting just a few minutes while she stepped off the floor. After a few moments, she returned with my receipt. Thank you for the extra steps that yvonne took to help me out with what started out to be a not so pleasant experience.

  18. When I ordered over $300 worth of Super Bowl gear, there was to be a 20 discount (SAVE20) and free deliver within 5 days. Now there is a email that the gear is backordered and a delivery fee. If I don’t get the free delivery and the 20% discount, please cancel order 4452711756 and put a credit for the amount on my credit card. A couple days delay in the delivery would be ok, but not a shipping charge and not without the 20% discount as that is false advertising. Eugene Pflum

  19. on 12/15/15, I bought an under armour hoodie for my granddaughter at TSA. on 12/18/15, I came home, my wife opened a package from the sports authority, no hoodie, but, 3 pair of Denver bronco socks. sticker $19.95. I called that evening, spoke with customer service, and they promptly sent out another hoodie which I received in time for Christmas. the problem, I returned the socks, but was billed for a 2nd hoodie. after several phone calls, the last being 1/25/16. I have paid approximately $100.00 for a $50.00 hoodie. I am not quite sure what to do now, but I understand why the sports authority is going bankrupt. adding insult to injury, I was not credited for the socks I received in place of the hoodie. not sure if Mr. Moss is aware of the problems in the warehouse, but socks and no hoodie, the packing slip was correct.

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