Contact Spokeo Customer Service

Contact Spokeo Customer Service

Contacting Spokeo Customer Service Center

Spokeo is an online search allowing visitors to search for people with a variety of information. The results pertain to information available on the Internet and may include previous and current addresses, phone numbers, family members and social media accounts. For a fee, anyone can view detailed information about you or anyone listed on the website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Spokeo customer service department is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. The days of operation are not listed, but the company is relatively new and small so representatives are likely only available on the weekdays. The customer service phone number is listed as the billing phone number for paid users. Customer service for free users may not be listed.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-913-3088

Mailing Address

If you have an issue, compliment or reunion story for Spokeo you can write to the company headquarters at:

Spokeo Attn: Customer Service 556 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Ste. 101-179 Pasadena, CA 91105

Official Website

From the front page of the official Spokeo customer service website at you can start your search for someone you know or want to know more about. Searching requires a name, email, phone, username or address. If you don’t like your information being listed on Spokeo, use the OptOut form at to have it removed.

Social Media

Spokeo is a social website so we expected a strong social media presence and we found one. You can connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


Google Plus:



Customer Service Email

Paying and non-paying customers can write to Spokeo customer service using the contact form on the website. This form is not designed to handle financial or billing inquiries. Call the billing department if there is a problem with your payment.

Our Experience

When we called Spokeo customer service, press 1 for billing, 2 for customer service or 3 for privacy/opt out options. We pressed 2 for customer service and, as we expected, information and options for paying customers were given. You can press 0 to speak with an agent. We waited on hold for more than seven minutes for an agent. When we asked about the source of information on the website we were told that information could not be given out. We then asked to opt out and the agent told us to visit the page we wanted removed then enter the URL from that page on the Opt Out page.

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40 Comments on “Contact Spokeo Customer Service
  1. I live on Long Island, NY and want all of my personal info and I just wish to be removed from your site ASAP!!!!!

  2. I did not agree to joining your site. I only agreed to one fee of .95 cents not 19.95. Do not continue this charge.

  3. I think you all are a rip off. You had a 95 cents deal, but you charged me 40 dollars. That is not right at all. I want half of my money back on my card

  4. You all are a rip off. You charged me 40 dollars for a deal that was 95 cents. I want half of my money back. That is only fair to me. I am disabled woman

  5. I did not agree to joining your site. I only agreed to one fee of .95cents not 29.95. Do not continue this CHARGE.

  6. one hundred % SCAM I am going to contact the attorney general of Virginia about this SCAM. It’s no wonder that people are afraid of doing any sort of FREE services on line. You need to be put in JAIL. Cancel my membership at once. SCAMMERS!

  7. I, would like to say it was a pleasure talking to Mary at the customer team and say she was very very helpful in my needs and answering my concerns. Great job proformance Mary Thank You.

  8. I had no intentions to sign for a free trial. My understanding for $1.95 I was to get basic information on my inquiry. PLEASE refund $1.95 and cancel any obligations on the free trial you offered.

  9. I searched a number reversed and got no information. I paid .95 for trial subscription. Cancel my subscription. I will not use your service it shows no legitimate or true information.
    Thank you

  10. I signed up for 7 day free trial on 02-08-16. Please cancel effective immediately as of today’s date 02-11-16. I Do Not desire this service and no future billing should be generated. Thank you.

  11. I was trying to get the99cent trial and it end through on my card and I didn’t get any of the email I was searching for can you please correct this .

  12. Not really interested in these services. Please cancel after my seven day free trial use on 04/05/2016.

  13. I was informed I could opt out of your web site and not be billed. I was not able to obtained the reports requested. Please remove billing information and the reports from your web site.
    Thank you.

  14. Hello,
    I was about to sign up but when I put my post code in (zip) it would not accept it. Is this because your business only works in America? Can I use it living in Australia. Also, it states a $4 something monthly cost for 6mths but further down the page it says $29 something every month. Is this on top of the $4 something. I am confused. As I was reading I also saw a sentence saying about a ‘free trial’. I could not find the free trial. More importantly I just want to know it I can use Spokeco in Australia.

  15. Please cancel my subscription to this. I agreed for the 7 day trial and that is what I want. Do not want the service after the 7 day trial. Thi

  16. I signed for.95 cent trail, not a continuous monthly program or charge. Had large sum removed from credit card; called Spokeo and got a partial refund and was told 1hey were charging me for one month which was okay with me. Thought all was cancelled and okay. Instead of that there were more charges each month.
    Tried to do web site cancel, but site would not accept my info. Canceled the credit card so as to prevent more charges and filed for refund. Claim is being disputed. Do I have to go to court to get this straightened out?

  17. Do not want your service. The third party cancellation fee, etc is a scam which I will be notifying my Senators and Congressman. Remove me from your billing system and all other areas.

  18. I paid the one time fee today for Spoko to find info on a phone number. My bank said it went through, but I have not got the info in my G-mail box. Please explain this to me?

  19. I paid the one time fee for info on a phone number from Spokeo–my bank said it went through. Please explain why I have not received the info in my G-mail box. 9/13/18.

  20. Had no idea this service costed 24.95/mo.I want that money refunded!25 bucks to look up one person?Thats a scam,I want a refund.This could’nt have happened at a worse time for me.Please refund the money.

  21. How dare you provide personal information without authorization or notification from consumers. Your listing of personal information is a violation of privacy
    Remove my name and contact information.
    Dr. Barbara J Milon

  22. re Winston Mccalla 77 Florida

    Please remove age

    remove location

    remove relatives
    I do not know and I am not related to Connie and /or maggie Mccall when I check death records found that they both died over 25 years ago remove name

    remove telephone number remove address


  24. Remove all my personal information as soon as possible. I am having stalking issues and trying to recover from prior damage already. Thank You.

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