Contact South Tourism Customer Service

Contact South Tourism Customer Service

Contacting South Tourism Customer Service Center

South Tourism is a travel planning company that helps visitors plan a trip to Southern India. The company works with a small group of employees – only 140 as of 2013. The travel agency opened in 2003 in a small facility where it maintains operations 10 years later. In addition to traditional tourism planning, South Tourism owns a fleet of vehicles for mobile tourism travel as well as ground handlers for foot tourism.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main office for South Tourism is located in Trichy. We did not find any additional phone contact information for South Tourism customer service. We assume customers located outside of India will need to make the international call to plan a trip or wait until they’ve arrived in India to call South Tourism.

  • Customer Service: +91-431-422-6122

Mailing Address

You can write to South Tourism with questions or comments about a travel plan or travel experience at the Trichy office.

South Tourism Attn: Customer Service 5, Annai Ave. Vasanth Nagar Extn. Sri Rangam Trichy, South India 620 006

Official Website

For all the latest information and access to the South Tourism travel planner, visit the official website at The travel planner, located on the front page, asks customers common questions about arrival destination, length of stay and number of visitors, but the company also asks about budget. Based on the budget you enter, your tourism plan may change. For more information on the South Tourism company visit the company profile at

Social Media

We were surprised to find a Facebook and LinkedIn page for South Tourism. In terms of contacting South Tourism customer service we suggest using the Facebook page as it is updated often. The Facebook page is also a great place to view some of the travel destinations you could visit while in Southern India.

Customer Service Email

Address your questions about South Tourism and your trip to India to the South Tourism customer service department by email at Cholan Tours.

Our Experience

We were unable to contact South Tourism customer service because the office is out of the country. We would love to hear from customers who’ve worked with South Tourism to book or plan a trip. Feel free to leave a comment below with detailed information about your experience with South Tourism customer service. Both good and bad experiences are welcome.

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