Contact Sonic Solutions Customer Service

Contact Sonic Solutions Customer Service

Contacting Sonic Solutions Customer Service Center

Sonic Solutions is a small company that cleans anilox rolls. Anilox rolls are used in flexographic printing or roller printing commonly seen in large warehouse settings where packaging is printed. According to Sonic Solutions, hand washing anilox rolls resulted in poor quality, poor performance and reduced life span, but ultrasonic cleaning is a safe and effective means of removing old ink and buildup while protecting the anilox roll.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Sonic Solutions customer service team is ready to take your call and answer questions about the Sonic Solutions cleaning system, components and pricing. If you have issues with your Sonic Solutions product, the customer service line is also available to address those issues.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-654-7800
  • Fax: 1-877-654-7801
  • Local Phone: 1-708-478-8777

Mailing Address

If you need to send a letter to the Sonic Solutions company you can address the letter to the company’s physical address in Illinois. There is no dedicated address for customer service mail.

Sonic SolutionsAttn: Customer Service9850 W 190th St. Unit LMokena, IL 60448

Official Website

The official Sonic Solutions website is available at The website is outdated and functionality is poor, but there is detailed contact information for the main company and the employees of the company. If you are having trouble clicking the buttons or tabs on the website try moving your mouse around the outside edge of the button or tab as the link is often embedded in the outer edge.

Customer Service Email

We did not find a contact form at first glance, but we did find the direct email addresses for each of the employees of Sonic Solutions. The company is relatively small and appears to be run by a family.


Vice President:

IT and Marketing:

Contact Form:

Our Experience

Sonic Solutions is such a small company we honestly expected the call to be answered by Joe, Marie or Charlie. There was no automated system just a single man answering the telephone. We asked the gentleman if there was a contact form we could use to send an email to Sonic Solutions and we were told to visit the Request Form link on the website. When we went back to the website and clicked on the Request Form link we were taken to a contact form just as the Sonic Solutions customer service representative claimed.

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