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Contacting Snapfish Customer Service Center

Snapfish is an HP photo company that allows users to upload photos, order prints and create unique projects with pictures. Pictures used to mean a photo taken with a camera, but digital art popularity is on the rise, so customers can create digital works of art and scan physical paintings, sketches and more to create picture art. Then, that art can be placed on canvas, coffee mugs, sweatshirts and more by companies like Snapfish.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service phone number is listed on the customer support page, but you have to click a few links and pass through some other contact options to find the number. The hours for customer service are 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. EST Monday to Friday and 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. EST Saturday and Sunday. If you need to make a change to your order, contact the customer service department within one-half hour or the order will start processing.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-634-4500

Mailing Address

Customers can choose to contact Snapfish by mail, but the communication will take much longer than other available options. In most cases, the mailing address is used to send letters to corporate about poor or fantastic customer service. If this is your case, you can use the corporate address belo

Snapfish Corporate HeadquartersSouth TowerSte. 500San Francisco, CA 94107

Official Website

Snapfish is online at If you have an account or you want to register for an account, click the link on the upper right corner of the page. From within your account you can view old orders, start new orders, change contact information and more.

Customer Service Email

If you want to contact Snapfish customer service by email you will have to register for an account. We found the link to the customer contact form,, but the link takes us to the log in page. Many companies associate the customer contact form with your account so the agent can access order information to better serve customers quickly. You may also have the ability to click on an order number and contact customer service about a particular order to reduce response time.

Our Experience

We called Snapfish customer service. The automated system told us immediately that the phone number we called was dedicated to creating new orders, technical support and shopping cart support. If you have a question about an order you have already placed, you need to use the HELP section of the Snapfish site. We pressed 1 for new orders and asked the representative if there were any color limitations. The agent said there were no limitations, but slight variations in color (say between two very close blues) may not be recognizable to the naked eye on printed art.

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119 Comments on “Contact Snapfish Customer Service
  1. I will NEVER use Snapfish again. I have been a loyal customer for years up until this year. I ordered holiday cards and received another customer’s envelopes. I reported the issue 5 days ago. To date, I’ve called 3 times, written once and have received no response. Service is outsourced and terribly scripted. I asked for a US number and was told there is none. When will companies realize that customer service can’t be outsourced.
    This is a competitive market. I’ll do my business elsewhere.

  2. We went on a vacation with friends. When we got back our friends mentioned getting pictures through an online site. I never used one and didn’t know any other than Snapfish existed. I’m very unhappy with my order. I read the instructions and did not want any of my pictures cropped (as one choice said they would be if I picked it). Needless to say, I wasted my money. Every picture with a person in it has part of the person cropped out. Never again Snapfish. The first impression is not a good one. What a waste of my money (194 pictures). Call me a first time – last time customer.

  3. I ordered some photos last monday and they were supposed t oarrive within 3-5 business days, but it seems to me that they never arrived and it is now over a week later. If you would be able to help me with this that would be amazing!
    Thank You!

  4. Tried to redeem a GIFT CERTIFICATE last night given to me as a gift. When I finished deciding what I wanted I went to check out. The check would not take my gift certificate unless I spent well over the gift certificate limit. Needless to say I was on the site for 4 hours, spoke to 3 people, hung up on. When I asked for help I was given a “support website”. No one would take the time. I would NEVER recommend this site to anyone. I will never be back. This site is a sad excuse for an online business.

  5. I have been a snapfish customer on and off for ten years. Lately the website has been horrible. I am unable to make the simplest print order, whereas in the past I made cards, photo books and other “projects.” I thought I had made an order a few weeks ago, but apparently it didn’t go through. So, I tied again and cannot even get the website to fill my “cart” with my selections. It’s incredibly frustrating and unacceptable.

  6. i just downloaded the new app. and have been working with it for two days and unfortunately it isn’t allowing me to accept all of my 100 photos ready to print but when brought up in the cart not all my photos are there…..i really do like snapfish but with this issue i’ve gone to costumer service and do as told and still problem isn’t resolved. the last representive said unfortunately problem will not be resolved currently so i’m gonna go to shutterfly this time I REALLY HOPE THE PROBLEM CAN BE RESOLVED BC I PREFURE SNAPFISH OVER SHUTTERFLY but i don’t have any problems getting all my photos ordered thru them. thanks

  7. Who is (CoOISaleCoupOn) I could not see the screen for snapfish because the advertisement for this group would not allow me to see the snapfish page. Could not get the ad to move. It is ridiculous. My free photo book cost $13.48. Awful Snapfish. Shame on you.

  8. Snapfish offered me a few free prints for downloading their mobile app, and then I found the offer for 100 prints free for a year, so the site is very confusing, and not user friendly, I finally done choosing my prints I get questions like what is my promo code etc.. I can’t reach customer service by phone . However I have seen the pictures my daughter orders from snapfish all the time she referred me.l believe she did not take advantage of the special offer due to the face it wasn’t easy to apply promo codes, but she is a new mother and thinking about specials or free items or evenva refer a friend deal so for what its worth my order is in limbo. Kelli Canizales

  9. Really unhappy, upload all my pics and enter the valid code TWINKLE14 only to be told it does not work, however, I meet all the criteria, existing customer, no special offers only photos for Christmas presents. I have ordered a lot with you in the past but will be taking my business elsewhere in future to avoid the time spent uploading when you don’t give the discounts you promise. Not only this, there is no UK customer services contact details available, POOR beyond belief! Do not order!!!!

  10. This has been very challenging. It is impossible to get your email. I have had no confirmation of your having received my prints and it has been a week.

  11. Kimberly at customer service was very professional, extremely polite and helpful. I had a huge problem and she promised to rectify it right away. She is an asset to your company!

    On the other hand, I talked to Live Chat twice in two days and they were useless. Sarma would not provide a phone number to me when I requested to actually speak to a person since I wasn’t getting anywhere on live chat. That was not provided.

  12. I was looking for a new place to order prints, and after doing some research and seeing how highly one reviewer rated Snapfish, decided to try them out. As I am quite familiar with the general process of ordering prints online, the process of uploading the pictures, choosing the size, etc. went okay. I then went through the tedious process of cropping each individual picture the way I wanted it. However, as I continued the process of ordering a message popped up which was rather confusing. After reading it over and over I realized part of what it was saying was that if I clicked on the box provided none of my prints would be cropped. (There was actually more to it, but that was the important part.) Well, since I would never have chosen to crop any of them in the first place (if I had been given a choice), I clicked on that option. I must say, though, I found it pretty annoying that this message would only pop up AFTER I spent all that time hand-cropping. Completed the ordering process, including paying a premium to receive the prints as quickly as possible. Received an e-mail confirmation, but then the next day ANOTHER confusing message, stating that some of my prints would be one size …. and some would be another size. Huh??! Well, tonight I received the results and I am soo angry! The pictures are all of my beloved kitty who passed away recently, and in a majority of the prints his head, or some other part of him is completely cut out of the print. It appears that someone who is either blind or wearing a blindfold just randomly chopped up a majority of what I ordered. So far have tried to speak to live chat but got disconnected, not able to “reconnect”. I did get a phone number with my order, but I’m thinking my time with Snapfish will be very limited …. and I want my large shipping charge back! šŸ™

  13. Unless you have a telephone number for customer service that s published on your main site, you might as well have no customer service. I have been trying for hours to find out how to print the entire image on a photo but there is no info on your site & I just located the phone number on line. It is now after 10 PM & the discount I wanted expires at midnite. -50o/o + free shipping. Not my fault. YOU NEED TO GET SOME FULL TIME AVAILABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

  14. Hi I have been trying to get into my account to make an order but find I cannot even tried a few times to change my password and cannot could you please help with this matter.

    Kibd Regards Mrs m Rushworth

  15. I’m a first time user of Snapfish software and not too computer savvy. I got my order off mid-day Monday. Today is Wednesday and Snapfish sent me an e-mail saying my order was printed and shipped. Great right? Yes, except for one thing. I received no “proof” on the layout pagination or color. I’ve done countless print jobs the old-fashioned way, but this is my first on-line print order. I’m holding my breath. I’ll update this when UPS delivers my order.

  16. I’ve been a customer for about fifteen years. My first account disappeared completely, with all my photos, and nobody at snapfish cared, or tried to find my photos. I set up a new account ,and order calendars and gifts frequently. My most recent order was terrible! photos are cut off (I ordered true digital prints), color is poor. I can’t even find an email address to contact them and the chat is impossible…..number 15 in line.
    very disappointed.

  17. I never signed up for snapfish and do not want anything that turns my computer off at will just tell me how do i get rid of snapfish off my computor and trid all the sugestion and they do not work

  18. Your customer service is the worst I have ever encountered.. Tech support expects to get paid $36, for your bad programing? Get serious. Your new “Snap Fish” is impossible to use. Many items are no longer available or can’t be found. I just finished a poster but when I hit ” review’ only one picture shows. On the right side, it says all 9 were selected but aren’t there. You have lost a long time good customer because of your
    lack of availability of customer service. The Chat line had 40 people ahead of me. Guess that should tell you something!!!

  19. Please can someone contact me re my order that I made last night Sunday 28/06/2015 can’t seem to get an answer on your phone number

  20. Hello
    Please escalate this letter to your corporate or executive office and ask that they reply to me.
    I have sent you approximately 800-900 photos to be processed for my business.
    A little issue came up when my daughter sent me photos to view and I was disallowed. I called and was told it is a domain issue. That was wrong as it was sent from her Verizon email to my Comcast email so there should be no domain conflict or people could not be viewing. We don’t all have the same email addresses.
    My point is that because we cannot call, except that one hidden number, or chat at 11, communication I need is greatly compromised. I suggest you “improve” your contact support or incur loss of clientele. It is wiser to spend on contact then lose due to poor support.
    As I said escalate this to an upper tier to be attended to and ask that I receive a reply. I will be following up with this.
    Peter Nowell

  21. I have had the worst experience with snapfish not processing my album, not geting back to me with their questions or issues and subsequently canceling my order. After various calls and chats online the album was reinstated to no avail as SF still did not process my order. Needless to say, I cancelled the order and went somewhere else.Quality Customer service is sorely lacking. I will never, never use SN and will never recommend.

  22. You have got to be kidding with this thing you call customer service. The very worst service I have ever seen. Actually getting India is better than getting no one.

  23. I received the 2 sets of Photo’s I ordered from our recent cruise with our granddaughter and found you sent me the wrong size which cut many of our heads off. I specifically noted I wanted the smaller 5″ x 31/2″ size and was sent the 6″ x 4″ which cut many of our heads off in the pictures. Please let me know what I have to do to get the right ones with our heads on our bodies.
    Thank You,
    Mr. Charles Sites

  24. I began a photo book several weeks ago and was 2/3 finished. When I went back to it this week, it had been totally redone with all my pictures moved around and distributed over 80 pages. I was distraught! I couldn’t chat with a live person or get help of any kind. Please help me! I want my book the way I had it so that I can continue and finish it. Thank you! Lynne Fraser

  25. Wow they are the worst. They lost the calendars I’ve made in the past. They used to be under order history so they were very easy to edit but now they’re completely gone. When I was chatting with customer service she gave me a phone number that doesn’t work and then disconnected from the conversation without helping me at all. Horrible horrible horrible

  26. This is ridiculous! What is your 1-800 customer service #… I need to speak to someone about my order… You have no customer service!!

  27. I’m trying to place an order but orders aren’t seen in my cart. Please provide an extension for the deal on 11×14. O cyber Monday!!!

  28. I have been a Snapfish loyal customer for years. Making prints, collage prints, re-prints, enlargements and photo books. I also made blankets and mugs which I loved. However, I have to say, the new website is terrible. It is not user friendly and the simplest projects are taking me forever. I used to be able to order prints and make projects so easy. It is more of a hassle than anything else right now. For instance, I am trying to make collage prints as I have every year for Christmas. Now, I can’t find them, I ‘m not even sure if you still make them, but it is frustrating. I loved your products, but I’m sorry!

  29. I ordered my cards in Sunday, Snapfish says it needs up to 4 business days to make them. It is now Saturday, 5 business days and they haven’t shipped. That is horrible especially when many other photo sites are mailing custom orders out the next day! When I tried to ask customer service (which you can only do a live chat or email because they disconnected the customer service phone) they just say that is their policy.

  30. Last time I ever use snapfish again! 1st The coupon code offered on the front page didn’t work for free shipping. Then I requested the pics be sent to walgreens for pick up and instead I was charged for shipping and they were sent to my home. 3rd the online chat was unavailable to speak with someone even though it boasts it is available 24 hours.The link was broken!! Horrible site. DO NOT USE THIS SITE TO ORDER YOUR PICTuRES

  31. I have been a customer for years and always highly recommend snapfish. Unfortunately, when I had a problem, there was no customer service number. I tried the chat. The first person told me to upload photos to my account and then get in line again. I did. I got the same person, but he did not seem to understand the simplest problem. Then he disconnected. Then I got in line a third time, the new person disconnected almost immediately. Then another person came on, and I am 2 hours in at this point. The chat is so slow. All I need to do is send back a book and reorder the same book with the text on the cover changed! So easy! The new website is terrible for creating books also. I had to use the classic site, and I think that is what the whole problem was with my order having the wrong text, but either way, they are supposed to have 100% customer satisfaction. I will post below one of three conversations in a row that all basically went the same way, just so you have some idea of how much time you are going to spend if you have a problem. This is where I am at now. The most confusing stuff is at the end:
    Vishnu Mandyam: Hi, my name is Vishnu Mandyam. How may I help you?
    me: Hi
    me: I was just speaking with another person for an hour and got disconnected.
    me: I had a problem with a photo book I received.
    me: It had the wrong text on the cover.
    me: I have fixed the book and placed it in my cart.
    me: I have also uploaded photos of the issue to an album called quality issue as instructed.
    me: The order number was …
    me: It was actually 2 identical books red cover 36 pages
    me: still there?
    Communication with {display_name} has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
    You will be requeued in approximately 30 seconds.
    Communication with {display_name} has been restored.
    me:still there?
    Vishnu Mandyam has disconnected.
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Hi, my name is Srujan Akkaldevi. How may I help you?
    Srujan Akkaldevi:
    Thank you for contacting us through Snapfish Live Chat. I am happy to help you today. May I have the email address associated with your Snapfish account?
    me: I got disconnected with the last two people I was chatting with.
    me: here is the issue: me: Hi
    me:: I was just speaking with another person for an hour and got disconnected.
    me:I had a problem with a photo book I received.
    me: It had the wrong text on the cover.
    me: I have fixed the book and placed it in my cart.
    me: I have also uploaded photos of the issue to an album called quality issue as instructed.
    me:The order number was …
    me: It was actually 2 identical books red cover 36 pages
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I am Sorry This must be due to tool Issue..
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you send me the snap shot of those error book..?
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled3.png (903.32KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled4.png (558.69KB) was received.
    me: I also uploaded the snapshots to snapfish
    me: I am using the classic site, maybe that is the problem?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Ok thank you
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I will be back in 2-3 minutes, please be on chat..
    me: ok
    Srujan Akkaldevi: thank you
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you send me snapshot of the error book that got you in the order
    me:I just did
    me: One minute
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Please take a photo of that and upload it, in the chat box
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file 32.jpg (48.5KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file 33.jpg (94.64KB) was received.
    me:can you see the photos?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Can you tell me what the problem with the book..?
    me:the text is wrong on the cover and first page
    Srujan Akkaldevi: Ok,
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I have seen that, there is no such text font on your purchased order..
    me: I used the classic site
    me: maybe that is the problem
    me: I would like to send the book back and order a new book
    Srujan Akkaldevi: No if you place from any site the order you get, will be same as you purchased there will be no such big difference in the order
    me: I fixed the problem and added the book to my cart
    me: I will send a screenshot of what I am seeing
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file Untitled.png (622.52KB) was received.
    File attachment upload has started.
    The file attachment upload was canceled or there was an error.
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I think there is no problem with the book, I think you have confused
    me: see? the text was changed to 2014
    me: I have the book next to me and there is a problem
    me: Is there a customer service number I can call and explain?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: No i think you are seeing another one
    me: Can I send the book back?
    Srujan Akkaldevi: There is purchased book, i am seeing that one you have ordered
    me: the one I ordered is wrong
    me:: I am not happy with my order
    Srujan Akkaldevi: I don’t see any error that you send me
    me: the cover says 2015. it should say 2014.
    me: same with the first page
    Srujan Akkaldevi: You have made it 2015, so how can it be 2014
    me: I went on the cruise in December 2014
    me: so, it needs to say 2014
    me: I fixed it before ordering, but it did not save properly.

  32. I am most frustrated. placed an order for Christmas cards and need to change shipping to 2-DAY. SPENT HRS ONLINE WITH YOUR SITE AND innumerable requests to change from standard to 2-DAY shipping.
    Was 3rd in line, when disconnected by your service providers. There was nothing wrong with my online connection! i was simply dismissed and notified to get back in line! AGAIN, PLEASE ADJUST MY ORDER TO INCLUDE 2-DAY SHIPPING. three $1.00 charges were added to my order after it was placed. order # 15434220070

  33. We’ve order many items & can’t reach anyone at all to help us with one that is defective. Your company has done away with service by the phone which makes things very difficult unless sitting at a computer. Why would you not have a number to help customers?

  34. I ordered my pictures on 12/05/15 and paid for 2 day shipping, it is now 12/11/15 and I STILL do not have my cards – My order number is 13858051070, I wanted to get them out way before this weekend that is why I spent all of that money to get them in 2 days otherwise I would have just take the regular shipping!!!!!

  35. The absolute worst. I could not get to the “classic” look of the way Snapfish used to be & the new layout is terrible. Not user friendly at all. Took me what seemed forever to place an order. I finally placed my order, put in the correct address, etc & yet on my confirmation an old address showed up. I emailed to just get clarification that my current address was the one on file. They never did answer the question but took it upon themselves to CANCEL my dang order. What the heck! Who does that & what kind of “customer service” is that? I asked twice to speak to a supervisor & not once did that happen. I have had to go round & round with someone overseas through email or live chat that can’t seem to figure it out. This is the absolute worst & I will NEVER deal with this company again. How about you hire American’s to actually provide customer service when you choose USA on your website. People can choose other countries & at that point they should have someone in each country providing the customer service. Get it together big companies…this is ridiculous.

  36. I will NEVER use snapfish again. There customer service is the worst in the business. They turned off there direct customer service phone line during the holidays instead of increasing their support during the busiest time of the year. I have waited no less that 3 hours today for a live chat, which is the only option they give you for contacting them about an order. Once I got through, the customer service rep disconnected me before I had a chance to respond back. I had to start from scratch. I am getting nowhere and my frustration continues to increase.

  37. Please help, you have my old address, I just placed an order and it didn’t accept my new address, I need to replace it with my new address. Please contact me at 561-358-6424 or by email.

    Andrea Parker

  38. Worst customer service ever! First time I was 398th in queue. Waited my whole lunch break with no one yet. Second time waited 30 min as 191 in queue- and 30 minutes for a response from Mohan. Never using snapfish again!

  39. urgently waiting for my holiday card order I also paid for two day shipping yet still I have noy receive my cards yet please help me I need my cards a s a p thanks

  40. I ask one of your dumb CS reps to canx my order b/c it had already surpassed the time it was due to arrive. Vera Arun Kumar Veeranki assured me (after waiting for over 30 min for a Live Chat person) that she/he would canx my order. I went and ordered from a competitor…low and behold, they are shipping today and now I am charged again. This is the worst service!! I cannot even talk to a person to get the situation resolved. I am not waiting in line again – 636 persons in front of me – to get the run around. I will never recommend you nor will I use you!

  41. Horrible service. They took my money, quite a bit of it, with no problem. No they aren’t fulfilling the order and they are intentionally impossible to reach.


  42. No customer service. period. been emailing and trying to find a phone number for DAYS. i doubt ill ever order again unless my current order is FREE.

  43. One of the worst customer experiences ever. No working phone number to talk with someone, disconnected on live chat 4 times after waiting in the queue for 20 minutes each time, no response on email. No way to get my question answered regarding a pending order, which has not shipped within the time indicated.

  44. Customer service is a joke here. I will never order from them again. You cannot SPEAK to anyone and the online chat is just people reading from the website. You cannot check in on your own specific order. Just a canned reply about processing time etc. Ridiculous! Take your business elsewhere.

  45. Lesson learnt, Do not use snpfish for holiday cards. Placed order 14700069070 on dec 6th with plenty time to get it before holidays. Order still pending and not shipped although apparently it takes them five days to do it. It is now 12 business days not calendar days! Customer service is non existant over the phone. Live chat is not live considering i am number 522 in line and i get disconnected every time i move couple numbers up! I want to cancell te order of 80 cards which will be worthless as i cannot mail them now for people to get them on time for christmas. Considering i spent three hours placing n order, complete waste of my time and very very frustrated customer! Calling my credit card to sipute charge as soon as i see it on mystatement, since i cannot even get through to snpfish.

  46. I have been Snapfish customer since 2007. This year will be the last year that I will buy my calendars from Snapfish. I ordered the calendars but accidently click the wrong size. I tried to go on line to chat with them. There’s no way that you can get to a live customer service agent within 25 minutes. I was on the line for more than 45 minutes. I was #8, when it was my turn, the screen said “no agent is available”. I tried to leave them various messages with different incident log numbers. Same person responded that I need to re-order the calendar for the correct size. This was before the order was actually been processed. They could intercept the order from being printed and accommodate me for the change of size from (8.5 x11 ) to 12 x12 but no, the conversations via emails dragged out for 3 days. They even offer me a 20% discount? I asked the customer agent,– if you were me, you could access 50-60% off coupons with free shipping, would I be stupid enough to accept the 20%? I even stated repeatedly that I would like to pay for the difference if they could please accommodate me. Bottom line is – I only need 3 calendars. They said I have to re-order (so I’ll end up with 6 calendars) and a free- credit for another 12 x12 calendars. So what in the world I am going to do with 7 calendars if I go through with their ididotic suggestions? Too bad, in the past, I’ve always like their printing services, shippings, discounts. I never had to contact customer service (which is outsourced to India, so the lapse time between US/India ) is terrible. Don’t believe what you see about live chat with agent 24 hrs x 7 days, non of that craps. You wait…and wait…and wait… for your turn and then if they see your case number and they know that they don’t want to talk to you, they disconnect you. I would have file a complain with Better Business Bureau but since this is overseas, nothing’ you can do about the way they handle slow/indicisive customer services

  47. I will never use Snapfish again! I have ordered from them several times over several years and have had no problem but this year was a different story….My order that i received was beyond screwed up which is beyond me how someone packing the order didn’t see that! When I tried to rectify the order I found out there is no number for customer service which is ludicrous!! Next I tried emailing them and so far no response! Next I tried live chat…twice and both times I was told there was no available representatives and it was canceled (after I waited about 30 minutes)…..I am beyond frustrated how a large company like Snapfish can have such crappy customer service…especially during the holidays!! Never again!

  48. Customer service. Really. How. An email request. No response. A 800 nonexistent. BBB IS ON THE LINE NOW. SCREW YOU SNAPFISH. YOUR NOW UNLOYAL CUSTOMER!!!!!!

    Tis the season to pay and not deliver. They SUCK!!!!

  49. Your customer service is horrible. Not only are my cards late, but the scripted responses are unacceptable. If the production is delayed on your part then refunds should be issued. Did I receive a refund? No..I got a scripted response over and over again.

  50. Horrible experience. No live person to ask 1 question! Waited forever on live chat then was disconnected over and over and over! Wasted over an hour and a half. I’m thinking of switching to another site for my photo books.

  51. How can they call it customer “service”? There is no service. They lost my package, and despite the guarantee of reaching someone for on-line chat help I wait hours in queue only to be dumped out at the end with a message saying no one is available and my only option is to send an e-mail or start over in queue at which point the same thing happens. I’ve sent e-mails, and despite their guarantee that someone will respond within a business day or 24hour, I’ve yet to hear anything. They have no problem taking my money. I agree with other; if you actually want a product, go elsewhere.

  52. I cannot express how disappointed with my overall experience with Snapfish this Holiday Season. I have never had an issue with prior orders. However I cannot imagine ever using Snapfish again.

    The delay this year was one thing. However to wait and wait and then be shorted on my envelopes by half was beyond frustrating. My order number is 14334182070. The fact you are not able to find a phone number or speak to anyone is outrageous. I can’t tell you how many times I have waiting in the queue for chatting and then get disconnected. I have had emails never responded to.
    Last night through a chat I was refunded $16.00 and while I am sure your rep thought he was doing me a favor. I am not happy.
    While I understand that mistakes do happen, how you recover is the true test.
    Snapfish has not “to date” recovered in my opinion.
    I would like some kind of follow up acknowledgement. The customer reps I have encountered to date do not seem to have any empathy —only scripted answers. Thank you.

  53. I will never use Snapfish again! I ordered 20 of the same 4×6 photo, Dec. 9th and they STILL aren’t here. Every day I check the delivery date and it gets pushed further and further back. I was hoping to send my pictures out before Christmas but at this rate that’s not happening. Their customer service number doesn’t work. Their chat service makes me wait forever with no one answering and their email service is an automated one.

  54. the online chat is a scam. I logged on and was 199 online- waited forever and at number 5- they disconnected me! I will NEVER use snapfish again and I urge you to not either. I never had a problem with Shutterfly!

  55. The worst site ever. I do t even have my delivery and every time I get to live chat that hang up. I will never use them again. How disappointing they spoiled a Christmas gift for an invalid 77 year old.

  56. I am fed up with you Snapfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have NO customer service phone number and I guess I know why now! Your service is so bad you couldn’t pay someone enough to deal with all of your fed up customers!!!! You tell me I need to ‘chat online’ or send an email…well I can’t do either one-something is wrong with YOUR site! You will never get one more order from me!!!!!!!!!!!! You have so much competition in this arena that I would think that you would want to take care of your customers!!!!!!!!!! Everyone does what you do so I will be picking one of them from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Please cancel my Xmas order as it will not arrive in time. I would like to do a holiday card after xmas. I have been trying to reach you through on-line chat, I have called the 800 number and am very frustrated by my lack of ability to reach ANYONE. Again, please cancel the Xmas card part of my order immediately. Thank you!!

  58. I am trying to set up an account with hp instant ink program and I can’t because my email address is linked with snapfish. I need you to delete my email address
    from your records so I can sign up with the instant ink program.

    Thank You
    David Zatarain

  59. The listed number is no longer valid. They say you must access online chat. Can’t do so when you’re queued up behind 500 other people and want a specific question answered that is not on their script. Let’s being customer service back to US via phone where capable people can answer a question!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ANY COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. THANKS HP!

  60. I received my orders thus far but they were delivered in two days vs. the over night that I paid for. There are no customer service numbers to call and the on line live chat does not appear to work. If I get connected to the site at all it gets disconnected. I have been trying for two days now and still can’t reach anyone. I still have two orders pending and have not confirmation of estimated delivery date. I want to reorder some items but have concerns if I can’t contact your customer service which is a shame because thus far the quality of the products I have received have been good. How does one obtain help when your site is not working.

  61. Help I can not get anyone to answer a simple question. Your phone number
    (1 800 634 4500) does not help and I have had no replies via emails. Do I need
    to write to San Francisco? Give me a call. It’s about getting more cards.

  62. Now I am really upset, you disconnected your phone number so customers cannot even call you. I have been a customer of Snapfish for a long time, until today. I placeed a order on Dec 15 promising to be here for Christmas. Today Dec 24 it is in Duncansville PA and I live in LANSE Pa. Guess I won’t be getting it will I. At fist I tried your live chat ( a big joke) and got discontinued twice while messaging with them. Then tried to reach you by phone (disconnected) This was a Christmas gift. I am so upset right now. This was a picture of sister that passed away this year for my niece and now she has no gift. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  63. I am beyond upset. The only gift I was able to give my mother this year was a personal calendar, and I decided to use you instead of Shutterfly this year. But will NOT be making that same mistake twice. How do you as a company make something like THIS right? So hurtful….

  64. I have been a snapfish customer for over 10 years at least. Every year I make a calendar for my family. This year it was horrible. The print quality was awful. All my pictures were dark! I also order ornaments for my kids. They were suppose to be here by Christmas Eve never came. Time to switch to Shutterfly.

  65. What is going on with this NEW system, I cannot design and control the sizes,the light or crop the prints. I cannot find a telephone # for customer service. I am not completely dumb. please please please someone from snapfish call me, 410 441 4230 or e-mail me.

  66. You order in time for Xmas, spend hours creating you photo book, cards whatever but they don’t deliver. Everyday you check the site, it says “in process”. You get someone on live chat – which is only marginally faster than handwriting one -liners back and forth to India via air mail. They tell you it’s a tech issue – your books were never processed. If you want them you need to reorder – as In pay again over 2 weeks later for books you created and they never made or sent.

  67. I have an issue with my current order and there is no working phone number to call and address my issue. I most likely won’t use snapfish again as this is very frustrating.


  69. I have been trying to access the website since it was revamped. I can not access the classic website. Customer service number is no longer in use. I have been doing all my business with Shutterfly since.

  70. They refuse to help me reset my password from over a decade ago. They ask for credit card information I don’t have. Why don’t they ask for something that stays the same or fix their broken website that wont send the reset email?! Worthless customer service that’s no help to anyone wanting to give them business. That tells me they must not want my business, so I guess ill go somewhere else. I’ll also make sure to tell everyone not to use this company since they don’t need the business and are so uneducated in proper customer service!

  71. This new site is a mess – my transferred photos from the classic site to the newer version are duplicated, in the wrong chronological order, and just a mess in general. Will these problems be corrected when the transfer is totally complete. Right now, I really don’t have the time to clean up all the errors – it would take hours!!!!!!!!

  72. I have been a loyal customer for years and have bragged about your customer service. Always helpful and easily reachable. I am working on what is likely my biggest project and the new website is so user UNfriendly. I am so frustrated and have what I think is a simple question and can’t get help. I have wasted weeks uploading onto your sight and am STUCK! I am sad to say that I may have to start my whole project over to learn a new company. I’m really fed up! It’s been sad for me because you’ve always been my “go to”. Good luck in whatever wacked out company you’re trying to make!

  73. We were never told that the classic site would be discontinued completely and the projects deleted. i have been a snapfish user for years and recommended you to my friends. i spent hundreds of hours working on my project and told (vi live chat) sorry it a default program and nothing can be moved it is gone. They do not even have a number to talk to a real person now. I am so upset. I was working on my son’s book for his Eagle Ceremony for years and now all they can say when I am ready to add his Eagle project and order it is sorry it is gone and all of your other projects are gone too, that progress. I trusted you with my pictures and my business. it would be nice if anyone cared. I hope you can fix your problems or I will not have anything left to spend any more money with you.

  74. I have LOVED Snapfish for many years. I want to make a large order now including not only photos but also at least one of your new products. Ordering has become incredibly complicated. Spent HOURS on this yesterday. The current software is so different from how it used to be.

    Please let me know ASAP if you have the ability to switch me to the former software? Am awaiting your response.

    Although I love your prints and am glad to see new products, ordering is a nightmare.

  75. Tryed to contact Snapfish via email today with a problem, and duh the email link address don’t work…..real nice Snapfish

  76. they’ve lost so many of my photos, rearranged them out of order and lost the dates I had them posted in. This new site stinks and I can’t get any answers from customer service. I’m so furious!!

  77. Dissatisfied with the lack of customer service, had a problem with my order and was unable to speak with a person, there is just so much you can convey with e-mailing. I came away feeling very frustrated!!!!!


  79. I am so frustrated with Snapfish! I also have used this company to make my photo books over the last 10 years. Ever since the new (NOT IMPROVED) site started, it has been a mess – DON’T USE IT!. I cannot get my text boxes in the edit screens to match what is on the Review/buy area. I have tried the online chat who tell me (from somewhere far away) that it is the same, but I am looking at it and they are not the same, completely mis-alligned. I can’t reach anyone by phone, either no longer in service or mailbox full. If anyone out there at Snapfish reads this, please help me! I just want a live answer on how to solve my problem.

  80. AWEFUL!!! Waited in queue forever. Then got “Hari Palepu”….When waiting for “Hari Palepu” to check on my order “Hari” told me he was dismissing me cause I wasn’t responding- I was waiting for him!! Now I’m waiting again- 24 in the queue! To add to this! They didn’t get my order to me within the two day shipping I paid for!! Soooo very disappointed!!!!

  81. Your customer service is really lacking!! I have spent an hour and a half waiting on that QUue and then it just spun and spun saying it was looking for an agent. then disconnected me and I had to start all over again. Never thought ordering pictures could be so painful!!!

  82. I have been around and around with you people and have gotten nowhere I had Chrome already and kick it out so that it will allow your programing to take place but no matter what i do I can’t get it-Snapfis came with my computer and was using it to estract photos from my camera but it seems no matter what no dice

  83. Snapfish sucks, they would not allow me to use $50 of gift cards that was purchased during their transition from their old site to new site. Everytime i use their site i can never get into the initial page so i can date the new album. i tried calling them at the web sit telephone number, message states not working but doesn’t give the new number. i can’t locate a chat line. i was a real fan of snapfish, but not more, looking for a better user friendly site and a customer service department i can reach. i am sooooooooooooooooo frustrated with them

  84. No such thing as a direct e-mail address. I want to order 200 calendars while they are on a special price. ONLY I need them to start from January 2017. Who wants a calendar to start now or in December. NO-ONE Does any one listen to customer needs or act accordingly. Snapfish must have too much business.

  85. This reminds me of Paypals poor customer services.
    Snapfish changes their site and it sucks to navigate.
    Changes my email address and now I cant access my account.
    I have to pay money to contact them why. Have they heard of a 1800 number.
    See ya

  86. I am still waiting for the delivery of my photos. It is much longer than 5 to 6 days. Please advise. I will not do this again as I am waiting and waiting.

  87. I am having trouble re-ordering an I-phone 7 plus case. The slim case was too small for my phone. I would like to get a photo case with the rubber insert for the I-phone 7 plus. Is this possible?

  88. I wonder if u could send me 3 snapfish folder that 6×4 photos go in ,when u send the photos out after u develop them , I had some printed out and and have ruined the paper folder that they came in .thank you -mrs mountord 35 kendlewood road Kidderminster dy10 2xg

  89. When I order from you it takes 8 days to arrive. What kind of shipping takes that long from the time I get the email that my order is done and out for shipping? How can a first class, one card take 8 days? This has happened to me a few times now. I will think twice about using your company in the future. You must use Pony Express!


  91. Hi I’m trying to contact snapfish regarding an order I’m chasing , there’s was 2 orders and I’ve only recieved the canvas print and not my softcover book

    Please advise

  92. Hi, Recently ordered some photos (collage) unfortunately they were no good as only part of each picture on phot. Obviously I did something wrong. Have tried again but can’t get full photo. Please help!!

  93. I tried repeatedly to send my photobook to you last night, but kept getting a pop-up that Snapfish was not responding. It still doesn’t work this morning, and I have lost the deadline for the SALE1117 code!! Not too happy as it took a long while to put together.
    Please let me know what I can do.

  94. I was trying to order 4 calendars for the 70% off but the system was working so slow that I couldn’t complete sale…trouble downloading and making calendars themselves…could have still have offer if I can finally complete calendars?

  95. I ordered 2 photo books for the first time from this site. I was dissapointed because one of them came very dark photos. You could barley see some of them. I reviewed my book online and it was definitely not suposed to be that dark. I am dissapointed because it was for a Christmas gift.

  96. I live in the usa and placed an order . order was complete on german snapfish. I need a german phone number or email to contact them about my order. no delivery was done on promised date

  97. I have been trying to order a photo book and it will not let me order. It keeps saying that some of the photos are low resolution. I know that they are and I want to order anyway. I tell it to “order anyway”but it won’t. I want to order and get the 60% off deal that ended tonight(Feb.11). It is important to place this order that I have been working on for weeks! it is for my mother’s 100th birthday. Please help me.

  98. Have ordered photos before yet when I try and upload photos today it constantly rejects them saying they are not compatible. They are all jpeg format. I am tired trying and wasting time. As another customer states – it is a competitive market and I will take my business elsewhere. I tried looking for an email to ask what the issue is yet there is none to be fd.

  99. I ordered college graduation cards for my daughter who is finishing up her BSN in May. The cards came today, and her face is chopped partially off in the card. Could you resend them with her whole face.

    Thank you,

    Karen Butler

  100. Hi There
    i made a project back in 2012 for my nans 90th birthday and the project is no longer on my account. Do you have any way of accessing it for me as she has now passed away and all the family would like a copy. Roughly 20 books so quite a bit of money.

    Hope to hear back from someone ASAP

    Thank you

  101. I have a question about my order, will the lines show up on the back of the announcements? Amy Barkau/ couy Barkau

  102. I keep getting emails that you will delete my stored photos unless I place an order. I just placed an order a few days ago.

  103. I have received an email regarding my account and photos that are stored in snapchat. I attempted to login, Snapchat is refusing to recognize my password, I requested to reset, and have it sent to my email address, I have made 3 attempts to do this, and have not received a temporary password. this is frustrating, how long do I need to wait. I would like to retrieve my photos and close the account, since I have not visited or kept it updated in sometime.

  104. Your customer service number says, This number (1-800 -634-4500) cannot be reached as dialed – please try again”. I have tried 6 times. (?)

  105. I would use Snap fish all the time. I don’t know how to download and send my phots. I take pictures on my phone and camera.

  106. I think that I put my order in twice!!! I need HELP!!! I only want it once!!!! HELLO!!
    I tried calling the customer service number and it won’t go through, says wrong number.. PLEASE Help…

  107. I am trying to complete my project ad the entire thing has frozen up., I have restarted the program and the computer to no avail. I call the customer service # and cannot complete the call. I have already completely done the project over twice to try to correct the problem with no success — and I cannot even talk to anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last time I talked to customer service I couldn’t even understand the agent and had to just hang up.

  108. Horrible.. they lost a long standing customer… ordered Xmas cards…got them in 4 days… they looked nice , only problem was it was not my family! Omg…called and talked to shivanti . She apologized and said they would re do the order.. got the correct cards in a few days and they sent me a ship labl to send the incorrect ones back… thought I was done with them. Nope ! 4 days later I get an email saying congrats my order is in its way!??? What order. U guessed it. I got a duplicate order. Spoke to Praveen. He would not give me any us # to give feedback or a us address… guess what. I found the address myself in San Francisco and Iā€™m writing with my concerns…?. My $33 order turned into 2 calls a screw up and them sending me extra cards. How does that save $$$


  110. I talked to someone on the chat, he seemed as though I could change where my item is being shipped; I could not figure out how to do it.
    The item has not shipped. I need it shipped to my address in Bernville, Pa. NOT TO PHOENIX, AZ.

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