Contact Skin Deep Customer Service

Contacting Skin Deep Customer Service Center

Contacting Skin Deep Customer Service Center

Skin Deep was created in 2004 as a way to keep customers same, as it relates to skincare products. The company provides ingredient listings for more than 75,000 products. Each of the ingredients is thoroughly researched by a team of scientists prior to being listed on the website. When customers search products, there is information relating to overall hazards, cancer risks, reproductive risks, allergy risks and use restrictions. If you have a concern about a product, contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-202-667-6982

Mailing Address

Skin Deep 1436 U Street. NW, Suite 100 Washington, DC 20009


Skin Deep 2201 Broadway, Suite 308 Oakland, CA 94612


Skin Deep 103 E. 6th Street, Suite 201 Ames, IA 50010


Skin Deep 1107 9th Street, Suite 340 Sacramento, CA 95814

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Skin Deep website have access to more than 75,000 products, including, skin care products, hair and nail products, fragrances, oral care products and gender specific products. The website also features news and research from leading industry experts, as well as essential tips and facts in the Skin Deep FAQs.

Social Media

Customers have the opportunity to connect with the customer service department through social media. When customers send messages, the customer service department responds within a few hours. We noticed customers using Twitter receive responses within minutes.

Customer Service Email

Customers can utilize the customer feedback form to the customer service department. We asked how customers could submit information not listed on the website. After sending our message, we received an automated response stating the customer service department would respond within five (5) business days.

Our Experience

Customers connecting with the customer service department will reach a live agent within 30 seconds. After the agent answered the call, we discussed the availability of the scientific research. We noted that customers deserved to see the research prior to making a decision whether or not to purchase a product. The agent explained the information was indeed confidential, but attested to the reliability of the information. Although we were able to reach the customer service department in a timely manner, the experience was not favorable, considering the customer service agent could not answer our concern. When you contacted the customer service department, was your question resolved? We want to know. Take a moment to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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