Contact Six Flags Customer Service

Contacting Six Flags Customer Service Center

Six Flags is an amusement park with locations in Maryland, California, Texas, New Jersey and Illinois – among MANY other locations. Some of the amusement park rides are similar, but others are location-specific, so some roller coaster addicts travel all over the US just to say they’ve ridden all the Six Flags rides.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Six Flags phone number list we’ve provided is for the main office and all US/Canada locations. If you don’t see the Six Flags phone number you need, visit that National Contact page  for a complete listing and address information. There is an extension listed after some phone numbers. This extension is for the Guest Relations department.

  • Six Flags America: 1-301-249-1500 X 3289
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: 1-707-644-4000 X 374
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas: 1-210-697-5000
  • Six Flags Great Adventure: 1-732-928-1821 X 2838
  • Six Flags Great America: 1-847-249-4636
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – TX: 1-817-265-3356 X 3867
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – CA: 1-661-255-4527 or 4103
  • Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – NJ: 1-732-928-2000 X 1821
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain: 1-661-255-4100
  • Six Flags Mexico: 52-55-53-39-36-00 X 1426 or 1234
  • Six Flags New England: 1-413-789-9300
  • Six Flags Over Georgia: 1-770-739-3400 X 3298
  • Six Flags Over Texas: 1-817-938-5300 X 3139
  • Six Flags St Louis: 1-636-938-5300 X 397
  • Six Flags White Water: 1-770-590-4067
  • Six Flags Wild Safari: 1-732-928-200202 X 2838
  • The Great Escape (Splashwater Kingdom): 1-518-792-3500 X 3269
  • La Ronde: 1-514-397-2001 X 2623

Mailing Address

The mailing addresses for each for each of the Six Flags parks are listed on the official website, but we think you’d rather contact the big bosses than the little bosses with your problem or praise. Here are two mailing address for Six Flags corporate.

Six Flags Corporate924 Ave J EGrand Prairie, TX 75050


Six Flags Corporate230 Park Ave16th FlNew York, NY 10169

Official Website

Check out everything Six Flags has to offer on the official website at You can find your nearest park, plan your Six Flags trip and even purchase your tickets online. If you have a large family, plan on traveling for a group meeting or organization, check out the group rates for large ticket purchases.

Customer Service Email

There is also a contact form listed on the Six Flags corporate website. You can access the contact form at We decided to contact the customer service team about roller coaster maintenance and cleaning to test how long it takes to answer a customer question.

The corporate officers receive customer service email at:

Our Experience

The call to Six Flags was a bit challenging. Considering Six Flags closes during select seasons, we afraid our call would go unanswered. Fortunately, the customer service team answered the call. Our question to them was, does the customer service department close when the park closes? The agent answered no. The customer service team is available by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media throughout the business day.

Have you had a different experience with the customer service department at Six Flags? Share your thoughts with us.

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76 Comments on “Contact Six Flags Customer Service
  1. what is the ticket price for six flags there are 2 adults 3 kids how much would that be if i was in new jersey jackson

  2. Hurricane Harbor – While visiting the park yesterday, my daughter & friends had $2500 worth of things stolen. Phones, keys, money, clothes etc.. I tried contacting park mgr. & corperate. When I contacted local police I was told its a HUGE PROBLEM THERE! High volume of theft! No one in management etc.. will return my calls. Supervisors said “oh well, to bad so sad”!!! Take my advice & go ANYWHERE BUT SIX FLAGS!! They take your $$$ and RUN!!!.

  3. What a shame. Upon arriving at Six Flags in Gurnee, Illinois, the weather changed for the worst. All rides were closed before we could ride on any of them. I had kids with me ages 8-13. When asked if we could just have a ticket for a return day, we were told, NO! Policy states no rain checks. We didn’t even want our money back, we only wanted to visit again. Shameful that the kids left unhappy. Can anything be done about this? We just want to return on another day???

  4. First I would like to ask when does the 2013 season pass expire? I am a man with cancer which in no way is your fault. Every year I purchase 20 season passes for unfortunate children in San Antonio and Houston. This year because of my illness I was not able to get to Houston to bring the children to San Antonio. I have 4 tickets that have not been used. Please tell me if there is anyway you can help me so I do not lose my $240.00. At this time my health is not great but is alot better. Thanks.

  5. I’m really upset I’m rying to go to the site to order ticket for a discount. The site will not let me purchase tickets. I call the Illinois customer service number to get help and they tell me they cannot help me with that issue. How do I get a discount before I get to the park? I do not want to pay full price due to a site not working and POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  6. At 6 flags Magic Mountain, I rented a ACV (cart) so I could enjoy the park without being in pain, due to a recent knee replacement. The ACV broke down on a hill, and they left me sitting there in the heat for 2 1/2 hours before sending someone to fix it. Customer service was terrible, and they actually had a security guard standing 5 ft from me in a menacing manner while I complained to guest relations. Will be my last trip there for sure! A week after the complaint filed, still no contact from the park or management.

  7. In response to the treatment of the Marine Vet who was denied access to your New Jersey park,I too am a veteran and I can promise you this my family or myself will never step foot in any of your parks I know alot of other veterans who feel the same way,now we know how you treat our veterans,you treat them like crap over a shirt with a Marine charity,you owe that man more than an apology thats for sure

  8. If you wish to purchase a season pass with a payment plan think about it twice. It’s been over a year and they still charging me for that season pass. They said that you have to cancel by going on the web because no one answer the phone. . I keep on calling,going on the web and went to the office of the park but no one to help cancel the pass and get my money back. Very bad customer service.

  9. I hardly get an answer. “the wireless customer is not available” is the usual answer. here’s another one. the recording gets to the end and magically right when you think you’re going to get a number, interference scrambles it. get real. i’m cancelling if I don’t hear from you.

  10. Tried to purchase tickets using 3 credit cards. It will not except any. Tried to call just get a recording. Whats a good solution?

  11. I have been trying for 2 years to get a situation corrected. They offered me an offer and then came thru with it.

    My # GSR412315. You offered me GOLD PASSES w/ free parking or maybe a discount season pass,but never finalized anything.

    Please get back to me.

  12. Military retires get discounts at many places to show gratitude for their service. These men and women were called upon to defend the in grained believe in the American way of life, but are not good enough to be offered a discount to visit the parks. Park management shows very little respect for all veterans especially those that became disabled defending this country’s beliefs. Do PROFITS carry more weight than the piece or pieces of themselves the men and women left behind for the right to live in a free country? “Thank you for your service” doesn’t cut it, doesn’t show concern, and doesn’t give these individuals a better opportunity to afford the parks for some well deserved entertainment.

  13. I was told I was to recieve four free tickets to six flags per my e mail , it’s been two weeks and haven’t seen any tickets or heard from anybody , tried to call six flags but nobody ever answers

  14. I cannot get through to a live person when calling Six Flags St. Louis. Needed to change mailing option to receive my tickets faster than two weeks! My out of town guests will no longer be here.

  15. It sucks there isn’t any one to actually talk to. This will be the last time I deal with 6 flags plenty of other amusement parks

  16. this place sucks, they hang up on you ohn customer service i cannceled my my pass and they still charge worrssss customer service ever cant even speak english rude they hung up 0on me

  17. been trying to get someone to contact me by phone for 2 weeks still no call the service really sucks bad

  18. I was visiting Six Flags over Georgia with my 2 boys and 12 friends. My sons Iphone 6 slipped out of his pocket and Superman ride. It was in plain view on a platform by a set of stairs close to end of ride. Nobody working the ride said they were authorized to retrieve it but told me to go to Guest Services who sent me to lost and found to file a report, (#1504855) they said when park closed the one guy that was allowed on the platform would bring item to lost and found. We waited lost and found lady was totally mean told us to leave she wasnt going to get phone. Went back to Superman ride security told me guy didn’t show up. So all these people are aware our $600 phone is on a platform nobody would get it. Said we would have an answer in 48 hours if they could retrieve it. Today is July 13, 5 days later, no answer just reminders they are working on it. If they can’t find phone it has been taken by the “only” person allowed or someone else. Whenever it’s turned on I can track it and possibly make an arrest. I’m shocked by how unprofessional Six Flags and Charger back are about personal property of guest. The signs say its very important and take it seriously, no way! I bought 12 fast passes and 12 regular passes and couldnt even get any customer service. chargerback and six flags missed their 48 hour window. Nothing could replace everything we lost on our phone but I really think someone should try. This is inexcusable I’ve sent so many emails, taken surveys, left messages, no reponoses

  19. HORRIBLE!!!! Can’t speak to a real person. To send an email must complete their form which does not apply to my question and says they will get back in a week.
    Left a message for them to call back–no response. TERRIBLE customer service!

  20. Why does no one pick up or why can’t we go back to the old days where instead of a automated voice someone picked up the phone… how long does it take for the 100 dollar refund to come back onto my card I have bills to pay an need that 100 now

  21. My six year old grandson suffered yet another disappointment today. His parents’ divorce was final just two weeks ago; even though he has been In his fathers’ care all of his life and his mother has been the breadwinner the judge awarded custody to Mom. While still in his fathers custody he was an exceptional student in kindergarten reading more than 25 books with a comprehension testing at 99%. His Dad is disabled and unemployed. I know that being a venue the point is to make money, however I also know that you have a special budget for special cases and word of mouth can hurt you as well as help you.(PR) My personal story is also sad, but I am sure you are not interested. I just don/t understand how you could not extend a kindness to my US Veteran Son And his son/ the ticket expired two days ago and no exceptions are even considered by management? Shame on You

  22. Came to Hurricane Harbor on August 20,2015, My daughter with Cerebral Palsy can only benefit and truly enjoy the “Lazy River Ride” Unfortunately, the ride was closed ALL DAY. We did manage the “Wave Pool” for a little while. This park should have posts on their website every morning of what rides are closed OR have it advertised at the entrance so you can decide whether to stay or go somewhere else for the day.
    Unfortunately, we got there, PAID Full Price, went to the lockers, off to the Lazy River, WOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!! It has been 6 years since we were there last, I don’t think we would ever consider this place again.” LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE”
    IS alot more reasonable in price and never had that happen to us. We thought we would give HH a try since their “Lazy River” is much larger. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT.

  23. Dear Sir/Madam

    I attended Hurricane Harbour yesterday with some friends .There were 4 adults and 7 children aged between 11 and 17.We had decided to purchase Flash passes for the day as it was the final big day out before school started and we wanted to get the best from the park. We purchased 5 passes ( 2 of us opted out due to financial constraints because as you can imagine and extra $35 per person is A LOT).

    You can imagine how disappointed we were when after spending $69.95 per person to find that all those with Flash passes were waiting up to an hour to get on a ride.If I am honest I find it false advertising to advertise a product which clearly does not do what it says it does.We all arrived planning to come back next week in order to take advantage of the “season pass” promotion thinking that we would then purchase fast passes once or twice extra next season.We left considerably lighter of pocket if you allow for food and drinks and have decided that we would not even bother with season passes.

    I also realise that many of your staff (students) have returned to college but to say that the park was understaffed would be an understatement.This is in itself added to the queuing issues.

    I think we can safely say that whilst the children enjoyed the day,the adults felt that as though we had been robbed at gunpoint and we will not be making the Six Flags trips a regular fun day out for a very long time.


    Pam McGuinness


  25. Since your corporation sees fit to hold a Muslim and friends day but have never bothered with us Christians my family and I will no longer visit your facilities since you are pandering to one religion – a religion that has one goal – obliterate America!

  26. im a season pass holder im being trying to get in contact with customer services by phone but is not possible can you tell me what kind of service is this i already spend about 1hour today and no luck thx.

  27. All you when you call is the damn automated voice system that drags you in circles!! Very frustrating when you have a simple question, and all you get is a damn computer!

  28. I just had a question about our season passes and spent 45 minutes trying to get someone on the phone, I kept getting recordings. I just had a simple question. I think im going to cancel all 5 of my passes, due to the customer service. Really Bad

  29. I purchased 3 passes for my daughters birthday at Magic Mountain. I booked through AAA web site and at the park they were not granted because it was for Six Flags America, so they bought the passes there with unlimited visits for the year. I understood it for AMERICA as a general term on the site. I live in California and won’t be visiting Baltimore. So can I get a refund.

  30. This is my first year buying a season pass at Six Flags New England. My first comment is in reference to Opening Day 04/9/2016 and 04/18/20. Not organized from the moment we arrived.

    The bottleneck at the entrance gate set the tone for the entire day. The food lines were long and the employees were very slow. Total lack of training and no supervision. The refilling drink stations were a joke. They ran out of drink and ice all day long. .

    This is very disappointing after purchasing Gold season pass. I’m hoping things will get better by July.

  31. I received an email from your corporate offices with an offer to get 2016 season passes for $39.99. The offer was good until 2pm today but as I tried to claim it at noon, it said that the offer had passed. I am very disappointed as I would like to take advantage of the offer.
    Please send me a new opportunity to take advantage of the discounted price.

  32. All numbers not in service or are simply connected with park info. My membership was supposed to be cancelled over a year ago and I noticed they were still changing my card. I can’t go online and cancel because it doesn’t recognize my email even though they are still sending me emails! I got though to someone a month ago and was transferred to leave a message with billing. I left a message but got no reply. This company has been ripping me off for a year and I haven’t even visited the park in two years or more

  33. I can’t get them to give me back my sins cell phone that is in lost and found. I have pinged it in the office. We have waited three days of mistreatment!!!!

  34. This is the worst customer service I have ever had. To cancel memberships you have to do it online. Be prepared with order numbers and confirmation numbers or they won’t let you proceed with the questions. Because of this experience I will never go to a six flags park again! I cancelled our memberships on 24 May 2016. The payments still were processed on the 16th of June even after I had cancelled. My husband found a phone number for Six Flags for tech difficulties which is:1-407-261-4290 then option 1. They told us that it takes 45 days to cancel and said that it would be cancelled on August 6, 2016. Finally they cancelled the membership today. FYI….Beware six flags memberships!

  35. June 19th 2016 my family and I went to six flags over Georgia. I was so excited to go and show my Children how much fun it is. I have the best memories as a child there. We went yesterday for Fathers day also. I hate to say it but it was a horrible time. Teenagers kept skipping my family. We had one young teenage boy run over my 8 year old. The lines where terrible. We waited 3 hours to ride Thunder River. They only had 6 boats running out of 13. For the money we paid we only got to ride 5 rides. Its sad how something that used to be so fun was one of the worst days ever. I think there should have been more security. I felt unsafe at times in park. I hope this post will help Six Flags in the future. I will never go back…………

  36. Trying to reach customer service is impossible for NJ!!!! How can you tell the difference between the 2015 season pass and the 2016 season pass? Trying to figure out which is which they look the same

  37. How do I find out when the part is open. We have vacation in August and have no idea if it is open 22-25th. How can I talk to someone about tickets. Lillian

  38. I need to talk to a representative regarding a complaint we encountered on 7/11/16. both my sons and a friend visited the park yesterday and had to pay $42.00 each and were not happy with the park. While waiting in line there was an issue with a crate and waited all that time in line and were told couldn’t ride on the rides. Then someone fainted while on rides and had to shut that ride down. It was one thing after another. We would like to get our money back and was charged on my credit card. This was a bad experience and should get our money refunded.
    I can be reached on my email address or phone number. Everytime I call I cannot get someone to talk to me. I left a message. I want to talk to a representative that can handle this issue.
    Thank you.

  39. i ask for new coupon because mind was missings stuffs on it and i did have it on me a the time and lost time going to la ronde the mrs . Landry refuse to do so and ask me to go back home and get the old coupon andhe new it was there mistake lost 3hours going at the park and was sadly that this Customer service was a big 0 for me …….plus i went on a ride that took approx more than1 hour to get on it plus ride the monster 2 was close so for la ronde a big 00000……..sorry about my English……

  40. I’m attempting to contact customer service in order to plan an upcoming trip. I have questions not answered on the website. I’ve called the ONLY listed number and I have been on hold for over 50 minutes listening to hold info advertising Hurricane Harbor’s grand opening in 2014. It’s 2017… Does this number connect to a human? Because with my near hour long hold time, I don’t believe my call is very important to anyone at Six Flags Georgia.

  41. I’m a 70 year old Grand Father that lives on a fixed income. I recently purchased 6 gold memberships along with 6 dinner deals. My wife and I took our 4 Grand children to the New England park and enjoyed the day with one exception. My Grandson was getting on the “Scream” ride and had an empty (brand new) an all season drink bottle that came with the dinner deals on him. His belt was through the empty bottle handle and in no way could possibly come off. The ride operator told him to take off the bottle and she would return it when the ride was over. When the ride was over the bottle he had given her was gone. We asked for a replacement because of the circumstances, meaning the operator didn’t have it to return to him at the end of the ride as she said she would. I know this might seem small to you, but I feel I should be compensated for the at least the bottle the operator took and loss before the ride ended. Please don’t ignore this communication. I’ll be waiting for the right response. Regards,

  42. On June 11, 2017 @ 5:38pm at the lemonade concession stand by the Georgia Cyclone and Johnny Rockets employees Aliyah and TY where working that day. My 7 years old daughter wanted a lemonade icy, as I approached the stand Ty and Aliyah were talking amongst each other. Neither acknowledged my presence, Ty proceeded to operate his cellphone as him and Aliyah kept conversing with one another. After I stood there for 15 mins I said “Are you all open?”
    No response so I asked again and no response. I stood there another 8 mins and that’s when Ty grabbed his register and Aliyah placed hers in the drawer. After operating her cell phone she then asked “How can I help you?” I told her I wanted a lemonade icy and she then informed me that they were out. After standing there 23 minutes wasting my time that could have been avoided!!!!! CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE

  43. I feel money is being stolen from me by six flags every month. Memberships have been canceled, i have a print out to show that, and still they take from my debit card. Im the grandmother whos card was used to pay for memberships,i dont even go to six flags, contract up and its like impossible to cancel. I may have to change banks because they cant even stop the deductions. Its criminal what they are doing, no one will cancel this or talk to me . To make things worst, the price went up so now its more money taken monthly for absolutely no reason. Sure hope some of the money gets put back, but how? How can this stop?

  44. We visit six flags in California every year. We will no longer spend money at six flags since they refuse to take down the confederate flag in tx.

  45. We won’t be visiting 6 Flags in Texas anymore since they caved in and removed all the flags. We have canceled our membership, glad we only had one more month. Since we are on the planning committee for school and church outings the majority of the people have asked that we find other alternatives for upcoming trips.

  46. So tired of not being able to speak with a live person. No one gets back to you. I cant print my tickets because it says no tickets to print. They took the money from my bank account quick enough tho. I am going in two days and it says it will take a week to get back to me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

  47. Your system won’t allow me to register the six memberships that I purchased yesterday. I tried yesterday and today and keep getting the message that there is a problem on your end. So I tried calling the local number and their phone system is down, I tried calling headquarters and their customer relation extenstions forwards to cancelations, which is also down. WTF!

  48. Don’t waste your money, they are a rip off! They don’t care and charged me and won’t refund me for something I did not use or buy!!!

  49. I took my daughter and her friend to celebrate her 14th birthday yesterday. There were a number of rude people working food places that we encounter that day. But I wanted to email about an exceptionally nice young man. His name is Ryan and he served us our hot chocolate located near the Panda Express. He was sweet and helpful and seemed genuine. His niceness was very much appreciated.

  50. My daughter lost her cell phone yesterday at the Magic Mountain in Valencia. She filed a report at the park, and has been tracking her phone Her phone appears to be still in the park. She tried calling lost and found this morning and can not get through to anyone. According to the website she will be notified within 5 – 7 business days, this is unacceptable as she lives in San Diego and replies on her phone for work and everyday use. Please help!!

  51. Nothing on the call-in menu gets you to a live person except tech help if you are having trouble with your on-line purchase–but they will not answer questions about anything else. It is EXTREMELY frustrating–as evidenced by all the unhappy reviews of customer service experiences all over the internet, and BBB complaints. They did respond to my on line-form request to call me back, within 24 hrs., though.

    As of 4-11-18, to get a live customer service person at 6-Flags Magic Mountain, you have to dial the number; when it starts talking, press 1 for Magic Mountain; then dial 10 for the communications call center (if you aren’t fast enough, it will think you dialed 1 and you’ll have to try again). They do not publish this fact anywhere–they REALLY don’t want to have to talk to you live, though once I got through, the person was very helpful (I just had pre-purchase questions, no major problem I was trying to get resolved).

  52. You should have your bookkeeping dept check the State of Texas unclaimed property website. It appears when your enter the State of Texas unclaimed property and enter six flags over texas you are listed a great number of times. It appears that your company has lots of money being held by the State of Texas.

  53. By far the worst run theme park I’ve eno interest across the U.S. Customer service is nonexistent and kids working there could not care less about the guests or the park itself.
    We have been trying to reach someone….ANYONE!!? to get info about lost or stolen property for a month and no one has responded via phone, email, text or even snail mail!?! I’ve never even spoken to a live person through the dozens of calls I’ve made & the many, many, SO MANY messages I’ve left.
    After sitting on hold for almost an hour this morning, listening to a recording telling me someone would be with soon, the auto-voice said (@11am) “the park is now closed!”…then the line disconnected!?!

  54. To Whom it May Concern,
    My name is Claudia Hood. I recently purchased one of your Dimond Elite memberships for the year, which is something new that Six Flags in St Louis, MO is offering this year. My 16 y/o daughter and I have enjoyed looking forward to our “Season Pass’ every year in the past and decided we would upgrade to the Dimond Elite that is being offered, since we are avid fans of the Park; however, so far our experience with the Dimond Elite membership has been anything but exciting, due to it appears NO ONE has a clue about the new membership and it has been a headache thus far for my daughter and I. What use to be a pleasant experience has now become actually unpleasant, due to the three times we have gone so far this year we have had to wait in very long lines to even enter the park and I have had to ask for a manager vertually everywhere we go from the intertubes to the dinning and have had to actually show them the print out from your web page to EDUCATE THEM on what the membership offers….and for the services I am paying $50.02 a month for.

    I am taking the liberty to write to you today to inform you of our experience so far with this Dimond Elite membership mishaps and notify you of how very unhappy my daughter and I are. I am writing you to see if there is something perhaps you can issue my daughter and I to demonstrate our benefite with the Dimond Elite membership instead of constantly having to wait in long lines to only get in a discussion and dispute to convince your staff of what the Dimond Elite membership membership even entails. I feel my daughter and I are paying for a services that is not being rendered and furthermore, actually causing use grief and a very unpleasant experience.

    I am asking that if there if nothing more that can be done for my daughter and I at this point to demonstrate to the staff at the Park of the benefite with the Dimond Elite membership, that my daughter and I ask to have the remaining part of the year cancelled, due to we are paying for a services that is not being rendered.
    Thank you for taking the time to review my concern.

    Claudia Hood 03010000180050082738
    Kailani Hood 03010000181020023890

  55. it sucks. There is no number where I can talk to a person. Your customer service number is automated only.

  56. I recently purchased 23 tickets unfortunately we did not use all 23, ticket. I need assistance validation which ticket is still useful. Who can i speak with? Can someone please give me a call 323 708 6275 Thank You.

  57. Hello, i purchased 23 tickets however i did not used all 23 tickets. Is there anyway we can validate the ticket or anyway to check which one is still good? Please email or give me a call 323 708 6275

  58. It is extremely frustrating that you can’t get a person on the phone about any issue. Tickets were purchased for our youth group of 27 people online for the wrong park and the tickets weren’t used and new ones purchased at the ticket booth at the correct park. We were told by the person at ticket booth by purchasing the new tickets at the booth that a request for refund of the unused wrong tickets would be refunded within 7-10 days. We haven’t heard anything regarding this. The only email we received was a survey about our visit.

  59. No one picks up the Phone. When I finally got someone on Phone I was told their is no supervisor or manager I can talk to AT ALL. Person I talked to Name Pat was rude and she wouldn’t give me a name of a supervisor or manager so I can talk to. She said their is no supervisor or manager ever on the floor. So what kind of office doesn’t have a manager or supervisor to answer questions about property damage? I said who did you get your answer from she said another employee. Really ??? No supervisor cant belive that.

  60. I can see from the above complaints that I am not the only one buying the tickets to the wrong park. There is NO indication online what park these tickets are for unril after you print them out. This is a SCAM. And i am going to the NEWS about it. I just want a refund for the season pass I purchased online for Illinois when I clicked on the Great Adventure Link for NJ season pass
    Worst experience ever!!

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