Contact Simple Mobile Customer Service

Contact Simple Mobile Customer Service

Contacting Simple Mobile Customer Service Center

Simple Mobile is a mobile phone and Internet provider offering contract-free service. Customers can choose to purchase phones and mobile Internet devices from Simple Mobile, but they can also choose to use a cell phone they have at home with a Simple Mobile SIM card to reduce upfront cost. Customers can choose to purchase per use credits or an unlimited talk, text and data plan.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Simple Mobile customer service department is open from 8 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. EST Monday to Sunday. Customer service provides ordering and technical support to customers.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-878-7908

Mailing Address

In some cases customers prefer to write to Simple Mobile customer service rather than call or email a representative. There is a dedicated mailing address for the company, but this address is not the address customer should use to ReUp their Simple Mobile plan.

Simple Mobile Attn: Customer Service 9700 N.W. 112th Ave. Miami, FL 33178

Official Website

The official website for Simple Mobile customer service is located at Customers can access information on new phones, new plans, SIM card programs and customer service all from the same website. If you need to ReUp your Simple Mobile plan you can visit!ut/p/b1/04_Sj9Q1MbSwMDQ3NzDWj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOKdLAxDvCw8nB1DTM1dDDz9zPz9LVzcjN39TfRzoxwVAWnqsMI!/ to ReUp with a credit card,!ut/p/b1/hc7JCsIwFAXQL5K8NGkSl7GlGegQp2qzkaxKoNaN-P1WcKFF6dtdOPfykEfdimIhMOdA0Bn5MTxiH-7xNobhlT275GArspU6sS1OwNjsINkRABSbQPcJdgwLMK5URY5LAoIv9U_If5MNrVMwJHWFsA1WFVkAjM7Bjx9mQPNpwelsr3gNTZG8Afw5Cejqh7WJpn8Cvf2e7w!!/?s=y to ReUp from within their customer account or!ut/p/b1/04_Sj9Q1MbSwMDQ3NzDWj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOJdDLx8jQMdPYyMA53NDDy9DEJNXYNMDQ38TfVzoxwVAWH7MTs!/ to use a PIN to ReUp.

Social Media

Social media is a huge part of the customer service world today. Simple Mobile customer service is available on Facebook and Twitter for customers who want to ask a question on the go without formally emailing a customer service representative.

If you would like to learn more about Simple Mobile plans and services, you can visit the company YouTube page at

Customer Service Email

All you have to do to email a Simple Mobile customer service representative is open your personal email and send your message to the customer service department.

Our Experience

We called Simple Mobile customer service because you deserve to know the fastest way to reach a customer service agent. You will start the call pressing 1 for English, if applicable. If you need to ReUp press 1, otherwise press 5 for technical and other customer service issues, 6 for other issues, 2 for other issues and 2 again for a final time. This will connect you directly with a customer service agent. Roberto was well-informed on the mobile phones compatible with the Simple Mobile SIM program.

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