Contact Shopify Customer Service

Contacting Shopify Customer Service Center

Contacting Shopify Customer Service Center

The main goal of Shopify is to assist small businesses grow to their potential. Shopify powers online retailers, while handing over the control of the website to the customer. To date, Shopify has assisted more than 70,000 companies grow their businesses. The company offers several plans to get you started and even offers a free trial. If you have concerns relating to your account or the available services, contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail, through social media or by Live Chat.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available to assist customers 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • North America: 1-888-746-7439
  • United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233
  • Australia: 03-8400-4750
  • New Zealand: 07-788-6026
  • India: 000-800-100-5786
  • Malaysia: 1800-80-6678
  • Singapore: 800-181-1121
  • Indonesia: 007-803-651-0008
  • Canada: 1-888-329-0139
  • United Kingdom: 0800 808 5233

Mailing Address

Shopify Inc,126 York Street, Suite 200Ottawa, ON, Canada

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Shopify website create an account or sign into their existing account. The website features information from customers just like you, as well as industry experts. Prior to committing to the service, customers can take a guided tour or read the available information relating to the selling items online. If you are new to online retailing, we recommend reading the Shopify FAQs prior to contacting the customer service department or by visiting the Customer Support page.

Social Media

Customers have the ability to connect with the customer service department through the Shopify social media pages. We have to note that the response time is better than expected. Customers received answers from the customer service department within 60 minutes.

Customer Service Email

The only available email address available is a customer feedback form located on the website. The information needed to send your message includes your name, email address and message. We asked the customer service department if Shopify offered discounts to customers who had multiple businesses. After sending our message, we received an automated response stating a customer care agent would respond to our request within 48 hours.

Our Experience

When we connected to the customer service department, there were three options available. If you are a new customer, press one (1). If you are an existing customer, press two (2). If you need technical support, press three (3). We made our selection and waited on hold for more than three (3) minutes. When the agent answered the call, we asked about canceling the service after the free trial. In particular, we needed to know if customers’ credit cards would be automatically charged. The agent explained the process and ended the call. The overall experience was mixed. Although the agent was knowledgeable, the wait time was not to or liking. Thoughts? We want to hear from customers just like you. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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One comment on “Contact Shopify Customer Service
  1. I’m more angry now. Don’t appreciate being lied to for over 9 months. Every month I go thru the game with your phone advertisements.. Sent from one person to next. Then a supervisor “mike” assays it’s done, only to be charged another month .lies,lies. I’ve had it. Somewhere there has to be someone that can help me get rid of this and give me my refund.

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