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Contacting Customer Service Center is a fashion shoe website that offers a VIP membership for $39.95 a month. Website visitors are asked to take a fashion quiz and enter email contact information before entering the website. Once inside the website you can choose to shop without being a VIP member or sign up for VIP pricing. The $39.95 fee is credited to your account to spend on shoes each month. You are not obligated to purchase shoes every month and you can cancel your membership by phone at any time without cancellation fees.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, Pacific time. Customer service agents can answer questions about shoes, sizing and help you find the best pair of shoes for that special event.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-508-1888

Mailing Address

There is no address for the customer service department on the contact page, but we did find the customer care department address in the company’s privacy policy. You can write to the customer care department with compliments and complaints, but it is best to handle all financial issues and cancellations over the phone. Attn: Customer Service 2501 Colorado Ave. Ste. 325 Santa Monica, CA 90404

Official Website

The official website for customer service is You will need to take a short quiz and share your email address to view styles on the website.

Social Media

For quick and easy answers to questions, customers can connect with customer service on social media. The company offers pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more.

Customer Service Email

Check out the contact page for a contact form connecting you with a customer service representative and fashion expert. You can also choose to send an email to client services from your personal account. Account cancellations are not accepted by email.

Our Experience customer service is available by phone in English and Spanish. Press 1 for orders or product questions, 2 for billing, 3 for returns and exchanges or 4 for membership cancellations. We chose 1 for customer service. The call was placed on hold for a little more than 30 seconds before Tony, our customer service representative, answered the call. He immediately asked for our email address –which we avoided by asking a question about a current style featured on the home page. Tony answered all of our questions with ease, but he did press for an order or membership several times.

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