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Contacting Shell Customer Service Center

Shell is a major player in the oil and gas market with locations all over the United States and the world. Most consumers come in contact with Shell via the convenience stores and gas stations operated by the company.

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Contact Info:

There is contact information for customer service, credit card services and other Shell products. We’ve tailored our information to purely customer service so consumers know how to contact the departments they need to reach without hassle.

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers who need help directing their call can contact the Shell switchboard for assistance. There are also phone numbers for service station, employment and lubricant departments among others.

  • Shell Phone Number: 1-800-281-2824
  • Shareholders: 1-888-737-2377
  • Service Stations: 1-888-467-4355
  • Lubricants: 1-800-237-8645
  • Shell Saver Card: 1-877-278-0083
  • Shell Card: 1-800-331-3703
  • Shell Mastercard: 1-866-743-5562
  • Shell Fleet Credit: 1-800-377-5150
  • Shell Gift Card: 1-800-300-8113

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Shell customer service is a post office box in Houston. You can address your letter to customer service or a specific member of the corporate team.

ShellAttn: Customer ServicePO Box 2463Houston, TX 77252

The physical address for the headquarters is also listed on the official website. We’ve added it here in case customers want to send a letter directly to the office.

Shell North America

Attn: Customer Service

Two Houston Center

Plaza Level I

909 Fannin St

Houston, TX 77010

Official Website

Visit for the official US website for Shell customer service. Navigate to the Contact page for information on everything from the lubricants department to contacting your local service station. If you have a Shell credit card bill you can access the online payment portal from the contact page.

Social Media

Customer Service Email

When you need to contact Shell customer service by email, you can simply address that email to:

Our Experience

We chose to test the Shell customer service number at 1-888-467-4355 to see how fast we could get through the automated answering service to an agent. Our call was answered by a recorded message, which we expected would happen. We pressed 0 as soon as the recorded message started and our call was taken directly to an agent. We noticed two transfers with warning messages telling us the transfer was about to happen. There was a waiting time of about one minute before the agent picked up the call. He had a strong accent and we found it extremely difficult to communicate our address to him – having to repeat our street name three times before he finally got it right.

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177 Comments on “Contact Shell Customer Service
  1. We have a fleet of 5 vans that use Citi Shell credit cards. We were having a problem yesterday with using them because our payment this month had not been posted. We were told to go inside and tell the attendant to call a customer rep, and the card could be over ridden manually to get gas. Our driver tried this, but the attendant said we had to call ourselves. When I called, I was told by the rep that the attendant could call. When I called the attendant back, he was very rude and said that we had to call. He would not even carry on a civil conversation with me for me to explain what I had been told by your rep. We will not be going back to that station which is located in Fairfield, Alabama at E.J. Oliver Boulevard 35064.

    In addition, when I called your rep the second time to tell them that the attendant said we had to make the call, this second rep said that it could not be authorized because a payment had not been posted. She said that whoever told me that the attendant could call gave me the wrong information. So, obviously your reps do not know procedures relating to this.

    All in all it has been a frustrating experience, but I am especially upset with the way I was treated by the attendant.

  2. We have held a Shell Credit Card for years, but feel that something needs to be done about some of your franchised? service stations. We went to one in South Carolina in May that had a price of $3.19 on the sign, We foolishly thought that since this was a Shell Station, that they would also accept the card as cash too. No Way!!! We also have a station in Leesburg, Florida that states the same thing. After a very rude run-in with an attendant at this station, we no longer will go to this station. It is a shame that we cannot use our card at these stations, at least for the posted amount. I would like to know if you feel that we should even Want to keep this card.

  3. Birmingham, AL…snow storm…January 28, 2014. It’s cold and dark outside; Around 7pm. My husband and I are walking home. It’s snowing and freezing. Our cars are miles away. Two of us and another guy decided to stop by to get something hot and to warm up at Shell – 4705 Highway 280 Birmingham, AL 35242. The door was shut right in front of our faces! The clerk wasn’t looking too sympathetic. Just yelling “closed!” “closed!” Never again. And I will tell everyone from now on.

  4. The station on latson grandriver Howell mich is the worse gas station in Livingston county there pumps have credit card swipes at pump none of them work the station is old and slow an eyesore gas is always the most expensive the owner doesn’t put a penny into the buisness please take your name off that store.Shell has been my station of choice for years I grew up with them but I drive past them to speedway please bring back the shell I grew up with. Thank you

  5. I am a private inventor and I trying to find out who is the person in your company who deals with new ideas and proposals. I need e-mail address and phone number. My invention produces electricity and much more.

  6. When pulling into a Shell Travel Stop with a 75 gallon fuel tank in my motorhome I find it absurd that with gas priced at $3.79/gallon a $50.00 limit is imposed at the pump. Not sure what or if you are thinking but 13 gallons does not go very far at 7 miles a gallon.

  7. I had a very unhappy experience at the Shell station located 206 County Road 42 at Gardenview in Apple Valley MN today, 5/11/14 between 1245 and 1300 hours SCT.

    Pump six was malfunctioning and I went to ask for help. At that time the attendant placed an out of order sign on the pump and blamed another customer. I explained people do not have time to deal with this kind of thing and received an eye roll. I proceeded to a different pump and was interrupted by the same attendant who told me I would not get a dicount unless I paid inside. I responded I want to pay at the pump with my card. He went inside. Before I completed my transaction the pump read “see cashier.” So, back in I go. The same employee said my card was rejected. Not true, unless you count him making it so from the store.

    I used the twice more in the next couple of hours without incident. Also, I called my bank and at not time was my card rejected or on hold.

    I would like a response to my complaint.

  8. The shell I live next to in Ocean Shores, WA on Point Brown Ave. has to worst customer service imaginable. The woman at the front counter, named Saye is rude to me any time I go in to this store. I have seen her be very mean and rude with other customers as well. If I am not getting gas, I usually take my money elsewhere because I don’t want to be treated bad by her or the owners, of whom are also rude. NO STARS for this place.

  9. On Friday May 23 2014 I went to shell gas station ,located on Crenshew & Rodeo ,after 7pm to put gas and buy some snacks .There was a big liine. the attendant was tolking to some towing truck drives and laughing in an usual (unpolite) and I heard saying ” we kush weed” Really I was shoked to hea that. I asked the customer in fornt of if she heard that ; she “yes”. I left the station immeditely without buying anything,

  10. On Friday May 23 2014 I went to shell gas station ,located on Crenshew & Rodeo ,after 7pm to put gas and buy some snacks .There was a big liine. the attendant was talking to some towing truck drives and laughing in an usual (unpolite)way and I heard him saying ” we smoke kush weed”. Really I was shocked to hea that. I asked the customer in fornt of me if she heard that ; she said “yes”. I left the station immeditely without buying anything.

  11. I attempted twice to select midgrade fuel from one of the pumps at the shell station located 300 W. Elm St. Hillsboro, Texas. The pump would not switch from regular to mid grade. After 2 attempts, I cancelled that transaction at that pump and moved my vehicle to another pump and attempted 3 times to get the pump to accept my card. The pump electronically directed me to see the cashier which I did. I contacted the attendant on duty who was rather short with his remark to me. He started the pump from inside the store. I discovered I could not determine if I was purchasing mid grade or supreme fuel. The lights on the pumps were malfunctioning and pump making a growling noise. I finally completed my transaction at this location. I have experienced similar difficulty at this location with slow delivery on the pumps. A couple of weeks ago fellow customer at this location was getting fuel at the same time and told me the slow delivery of fuel was due to clogged filter on the pump. Eventually we both gave up and went elsewhere to get fuel. I think it appropriate to inform you, there is a maintenance problem as well as a personality issue with this store clerk.

  12. You know over approximately a year ago I was going to walk with a sign to picket the rudeness of your management and employees at the Tucson,AZ store located on kolb road and golflinks I still have kicked myself in the rear for not doing it but guess what by the end of the weekend I Am doing it You need to teach your employees to respect all customers just because a person don’t have a home they discriminate and ban them from their store and have made comments to other customers you have assistant managers that call police even when we ain’t on property I believe enough is enough discrimination and seeking legal advise for a class action suit so be prepared

  13. We are snowbirds – Live at our home in Michigan from May through October and in our Florida home from November through April. Up until about 5 years ago we sought out shell stations, because they usually gave good service and had clean bathrooms. This has eroded to the point that we rarely stop at a shell anymore – particularly from Ohio south. Rarely do any shell stations on I-75 have clean restrooms – but most are in deplorable condition with attendants who don’t seem to care.

  14. I have been ignored by custermer service after 3 calls and 6 emails that I was told they would get back to me. Not only did they ignore me but outright stole 10 dollars from me. Anyway you want to look at it. You have a Mexican manager and Mexican employees all talking Spanish in front of me over my issue which was not getting my10 dollars gas, not only do they have cameras that show I didn’t pump the gas in my motorcycle but the manager lied to me about 3 issues that the cameras would prove I was right but they just ignore me and the bad part is I live on 900 a month and am disabled and 10 dollars is a lot for me . But when u have a crooked gas station with disrespectful lying employees and a company that won’t do what they say that is sad. Just son others know it’s the shell station car wash on Irwin in San Rafael. I have never had this problem before and was treated like I was stupid and they disrespected me completely by talking Spanish in front of me concerning my issue of ten dollars gas. What a waste of time and dirty moves by all involved .

  15. I want my ten dollars back and a apology as she didn’t tell me at the time she could check the camera but didn’t cause she just pocketed my ten . Look this was real simple but when I have dishonest Mexican employees that speak another language in front of me that’s bad.

  16. U don’t want to know what I think as this is one of the dirtiest things I have ever seen. And all those activity numbers mean nothing when they don’t contact you and don’t look at the camera to confirm my issue.

  17. I had a terrible experience at a colorado shell station at kipling and bowles, the manager Nikki was very rude rolling her eyes and giving me attitude like it was a burden to talk to me about the rewards discount I wasn’t receiving. She wouldn’t stop interrupting long enought to get an understanding of the problem. What are you going to do to fix interactions like this in the future?

    • I tried to use Giant rewards card at the Shell station on E Church St in Salisbury MD yesterday and could only get 10 cents off when I had earned 20 cents off per gallon. I went in to show the attendant my receipt with 20 off and he just said talk to Giant. I cancelled my transaction and called Giant. John Palmer from Giant told me he is getting similar complaints regarding another location on Snow Hill Rd. He generously added another 500 points to my rewards card which then gave me 70 cents off per gallon. Today I went to the Snow Hill Rd location and went in to ask the attendant before I bought gas if I would get the 70 cents off I earned or if he was going to give me 10cents. He said I then had to go to end of the line while he waited on other customers before he would talk to me. The customers in line told me they have had the same problem before. So after he waited on 6 customers when I was there first, he said “Talk to Giant “. I explained that I had talked to Giant and asked him if he was the owner. He said yes. I asked him his name and he refused, becoming extremely belligerent. I asked for the Shell corporation customer service number and he yelled at me over and over to talk to Giant. Just because he may treat women this way in his culture does not mean he has the right to treat all women this way; let alone a customer asking questions. I don’t know if he owns all the stations in Salisbury, but if he doesn’t I think they are colluding to only give customers 10 cents off. And if they’re not, then SHELL IS! I went across the street to competitor and filled my tank. I expect a real response as to how you are going to solve this problem for me and all the other customers who are having this problem here in Salisbury and elsewhere. It is very easy to use social media these days. I expect to be given the owner’s name since he refused, and what I can inform him his duties to the customer are if I ever go back there. Right now it doesn’t matter whether I have 10 cents off or $2. Give ME a good reason to use Shell again.

  18. We filled our truck up at the Shell Station on the east side of I-65 in Clanton , AL on 7/26/14. The restrooms were gross. Toilet in ladies room was slanted towards wall, was really dirty. The men’s room that my husband used only had a trickle of water from the sink. Only one of two stalls worked. Shell should have clean, decent restrooms for their customers who keep them in business!!

  19. So tired of the rude clercks all the time… 4th time now they will not accept quaters “or any change” for payment becouse there to lazy to count there draw with extra change, thats FALL RIVER, MA. I will not shop there for ciggs, lottery or gas anymore, after 4yrs of goin there everyday!

  20. At the location in Gulfport, Mississippi, the corner of Creosote Rd. and Hwy. 49, like other reviews on this site I too was waited on by a very rude attendant when trying to use my FRN card for the first time. This station is on my way to work, as is several others with economical gas prices. I’m not sure saving a few cents is worth being treated so nasty. Do you even care about customer service in your stores?

  21. I purchased four Shell gift cards in the amount of $25.00 each, 3 of them worked and the 4 th card has an issue with the magnetic strip. I went to the shell station and the attendant on duty said it is nothing she can do for me to call the 1-800 number on the back of the card. I called and spoke with a gentlemen who said he can’t do anything for me and I would have to go to a shell station and ask the attendant to transfer the amount on the card to a inactive card, i explained to him I already did that and received no help. I was once again instructed by the gentleman on the phone to go and find another gas station and try again. I did as instructed went to another Shell station and the attendant on duty told me he can’t help me to call the number on the back of the card. I explained once again that I already done that with no help, he told me to go where I purchased the card because it is nothing he can do for me. Unfortunately the cards were purchased in Sarasota which is 3 1/2 hours away from where we live. I am very disappointed with Shell customer service and the way their attendants treat customers, this experience definitely will make me think twice before purchasing or recommending any Shell products.

  22. Shell Super Mart 2180 N. Charles Seiver BLVD Clinton, Tn 37716
    This was the worst ever. When in to purchase 4 drinks & 2 snacks, while my brother paid at the pump for gas. When we got to the counter to check out the girl was constantly talking on her cell phone when she gave me our total you could not understand a word she said as she was still talking on her cell phone. She had to swipe my credit card from her side. When she slid the receipt for me to sign she had charged my credit card 26.99 for a .99 candy. When I told her that no way was my total correct. She did not know what to do. She called some one to help. They did not know how to fix it so they had to give me back 26.00 in cash. The gas pump was also out of receipt paper. So no receipt for our gas.
    Where has customer service gone. Really what a mess. Employees have no business constantly talking on their cell phones. It’s flat out rude. The customer in front of you is number 1 and should be your first priority.

  23. I would like to complain about a employee named Becca Smith she works at the Madison, Ct Henny Penny shell gas sattion she is the manager she is very rude to me and never looked at 2 applications that I filled out. She needs to have better people skills when dealing with customers I hate going in there when she is working in the morning Please look into this asap!!!

  24. Hi,
    Gas Station located at 17255 Westheimer Rd. (FM 1093) Houston, TX, probably the worst one in Houston, TX.
    I have tried to fill up 3 times and was told 3 times that I can’t. Last time it was on Saturday, Nov 8’th. Pulled to one of the pumps, put Kroger Plus number in, swiped my Shell Visa from Chase, selected grade and the sign on the pump told me to fill it up. But the pump didn’t work. Thought I did something wrong,
    I cancelled it and did it all over. Same result. After 3’rd time
    someone from inside cancelled it because it told me to go inside.
    I did. An oriental lady tried to tell me something in broken English. After few tries I understood that I can’t just fill up,
    but I have to tell them how much gas I need, go to the pump and came back after filling up and the difference will be refunded to my card!!! This is the only gas station at which I can’t simply fill up and pay for it. Well, this time I went to another Shell station that has no such problem, but this has to be corrected or I will start using Exxon, Chevron or another that do let me do it.
    I hope this complaint will result in correcting this.
    Jerry Blach

  25. At the beginning of this year I switched from a diesel to a gas pick up truck. My business requires me to drive about 1,000 miles a week. My old truck had enough fuel capacity that I could make my calls and end up with enough fuel I almost always refueled at the same card lock in my home town. Now I don’t have this capacity and find myself refueling almost everyday. I am now having to use non card lock stations and have found myself stopping at chevron and Shell Stations. This is the reason for my comments. I have found that all shell stations have very slow or non working pay at the pump systems. Included in these systems I am forced to listen to advertisements I am not interested in. Shell pay at the pump will never allow me to purchase over $90 in gas and in some locations les than that. Chevron stations are consistently fast processing, no limit , and no advertising. With all,this being said I only fuel up at shell stations if I have no,other choice. You are losing my business not because of price but because of ease of purchase. Your system has made it difficult to purchase what you have for sale and I have made a choice to take my business to someone else.

  26. I contacted Shell on 11/17/2014 regarding a location in New Britain CT where I purchased over $70 on 11/07/2014 to fill my tank. Literally within a couple days my car stop working. Upon taking it to the dealership they found that something other than gas was in my fuel. Keep in mind I have a locked gas tank and you can only access the opening from the inside of the car. No residue on my gas tank but in the fuel tank/pump it was filled with some sort of residue. As of today I have yet to receive any resolution from the. I threatened to report them to the media and still nothing. They are the worst people ever to deal with. After seeing what happened to my car I saw the news and another gas station did the same thing. I use to love going to Shell. NEVER AGAIN!!!

  27. My brother in law just prepaid for gas using a $50, the clerk opened his register, dropped it under his till drawer and then didn’t give my brother back his change ($30). My brother in law told the clerk that he had given him a $50 and the clerk said that he was only given a $20. My brother in law is not out $30 because the clerk didn’t stop and count his till. Instead he just says “I only have 1 $50 in my drawer.”…. Yeah and it belongs to my brother in law!

  28. Had bad experience at Reyes Shell station #68502 re: use of Ralphs fuel points which were denied to me. Pump messaged “see attendant” where I charged for gas. After receiving receipt I noticed I was not credited with Ralphs fuel units. Clerk refused to assist. Next day spoke on phone to manager and was directed to come to station w/receipts (assumed we could correct error). Mgr said could not help, contact Ralphs (after making me drive to her station). Who will straighten this out or do I discontinue using Shell and/or Ralphs? I’m sure your loss will be far greater than mine.

  29. 1/03/15
    while returning from visiting my daughter and family in temple, tx, to my home in spring, tx, i made the mistake of stopping for gas, coffee, and a bathroom break at the shell station at i-45 and the south loop 336 in south conroe, tx. after filling my car with what may be the last shell gas i will be buying, i entered the station to use the restroom and buy coffee, but was informed rudely by the clerk that the men’s room was “locked for the night”.

    this occurred at 10:25 pm and i must stress that this is a large shell station on a major interstate highway. certainly one expects that upon seeing the sign of a major gas station chain at an exit one will be able to not only fill up with gas, but to also see to other needs without the need to stop again at the next exit. if this is the level of service that i can expect at a shell station, then maybe i should just wait for the next exit.

  30. I pulled into the Shell station at 7050 S. Harlem Avenue, Bridgeview, IL, 60455, and went into the station to pay by cash and have my discount card swiped by the register attendant. The (at least middle age) male attendant took my cash and appeared to swipe my discount card. However, as I went back to the pump and lifted the pump nozzle from the pump I saw that the price on the pump did not reflect my discount, and immediately returned the pump nozzle to the pump – WITHOUT PUMPING ANY FUEL. Returning to the same male attendant within the station, and clearly describing to him that his swiping of my discount card apparently did not work, as the pump still indicated full pricing per gallon, he stated that he was new, and pointed to a (at least middle age) female attendant (Sue) who would know what to do. Sue walked over and I again clearly described what transpired. I handed her my discount card and she began working the register to address the issue. She then stated that I had pumped 3 cents of fuel and that I thus owed them this 3 cents. I told her EXACTLY what I had done at the pump (as clearly-stated above). She insisted that I owed them this 3 cents. I told her that she could go to this pump and check the nozzle and pump to see if I had pumped any fuel, and thus verify my stated actions. She yet insisted that I owed them this 3 cents. I told her that I was not going to pay them this 3 cents because I did not pump any fuel, and that if the male attendant had correctly swiped my discount card in the first place we would not be having this issue to address. Sue, however, would have nothing of this sequencing of the issues, and remained firm in her position. I then told Sue that I wanted my full cash fuel deposit back, and that I was going to take my business elsewhere. Sue returned my money to me, clearly and distinctly counting 2 ten-dollar bills as fives. I pointed this out to her, saying that she was accusing my of being incorrect about my statements of action at the pump, and yet she repeatedly made much more significant errors just then. Sue just ignored me and walked away to the front of the store whereupon she looked out the window and wrote down the license plate number of my car, at least. I told her that I would be notifying her boss of this matter, but she continued to ignore me, and again walked away. Leaving the store and approaching my car, a customer at the adjoining pump, apparently overhearing the communication between Sue and I, volunteered that attendants at that same station have not known how to give correct change for fuel purchases he’s made there. This is a relatively new station, but there is absolutely no excuse for attendants handling Shell’s customers in such fashion.
    3 cents, in and of itself, is not an issue, but the principle of the matter is – without question, especially when the matter would not have happened if the male attendant would have done right in the first place. I would imagine that, upon his swiping my card, he would have gotten indication at his register of the success or failure of his swiping of my card. It’s not rocket science, Shell people! Pay attention to what you’re doing. If you don’t want to pay attention to what you’re doing, get another job. And then when a problem arises from YOUR error, it is YOUR job to admit the fact that YOU created the issue in the first place, and then accept that you have to correct the situation without acting as an adolescent and unduly putting some fault on the customer, even going so far as to go to the window and copy down the customer’s license plate number as if the customer is some sort of criminal!!! I’ve been an active Shell customer for quite a good number of years. Where’s your customer service training? You will lose me as a customer.

  31. how a multimillion company is stealing poor people’s money……on the early money of 01/08/15 i stop at the gas station shell 54204200544 to put gas (Austin Tx ) just start the pump and out of nowhere the thing shows that i owe 95.00,i told the clerk about it and she says i am going to cancel this ,i move to the next pump and put my gas then i left…….but i check my balance ,and i was charge this 95.00 dollars too….i already send an email to this company twice and still my money is not on my account…..someone needs to resolved this asap….I NEED MY MONEY BACK!

  32. I pulled into the Shell station at 7050 S. Harlem Avenue, Bridgeview, IL, 60455, and went into the station to pay by cash and have my discount card swiped by the register attendant. The (at least middle age) attendant took my cash and appeared to swipe my discount card. However, as I went back to the pump and lifted the pump nozzle from the pump I saw that the price on the pump did not reflect my discount, and immediately returned the pump nozzle to the pump – WITHOUT PUMPING ANY FUEL. Returning to the same male attendant within the station, and clearly describing to him that his swiping of my discount card apparently did not work, as the pump still indicated full pricing per gallon, he then stated that he was new, and pointed to a (at least middle age) female attendant (Sue) who would know what to do. Sue walked over, and to her I now clearly described what transpired. I handed her my discount card and she began working the register to address the issue. She then stated that I had pumped 3 cents of fuel and that I thus owed them this 3 cents. I told her, again, EXACTLY what I had done at the pump (as clearly-stated above). She insisted that I owed them this 3 cents. I told her that she could go to this pump and check the nozzle and pump to see if I had pumped any fuel, and thus verify my stated actions. She yet insisted that I owed them this 3 cents. I told her that I was not going to pay them this 3 cents because I did not pump any fuel, and that if the male attendant had correctly swiped my discount card in the first place we would not be having this issue to address. Sue, however, would have nothing of this sequencing of the issues, and remained firm in her position. I then told Sue that I wanted my full cash fuel deposit back, ant that I was going to take my business elsewhere. Sue returned my money to me, clearly and distinctly counting 2 ten-dollar bills each as fives. I pointed this out to her, saying that she was accusing me of being incorrect about my statements of action at the pump, and yet she repeatedly made much more significant errors just then. Sue just ignored me and walked away to the front of the store whereupon she looked out the window and appeared to, at least, write down the license plate number of my car. I told her that I would be notifying her boss of this matter, but she continued to ignore me, and again walked away. Leaving the store and approaching my car, a customer at the adjoining pump, apparently overhearing the communication between Sue and I, volunteered that attendants at that same station have not known how to give him correct change for fuel purchases he’s made there. This is a relatively new station, but there is absolutely no excuse for attendants handling Shell’s customers in such fashion.
    3 cents, in and of itself, is not an issue, but the principle of the matter is – without question, especially when the matter would not have happened if the male attendant would have done right in the first place. I would imagine that, upon his initial swiping of my card, he would have gotten indication at his register of the success or failure of his swiping of my card. It’s not rocket science, Shell people! Pay attention to what you’re doing. If you don’t want to pay attention to what you’re doing, get another job. And then when a problem arises from YOUR error, it is YOUR job to admit the fact that YOU created the issue in the first place, and then accept that you have to correct the situation without acting as an adolescent and unduly putting some fault on the customer, even going so far as to go to the window and (apparently) copy down the customer’s license plate number as if the customer is some sort of criminal!!! I’ve been an active Shell customer for quite a good number of years. Where’s your customer service training? You will lose me as a customer.

  33. I have a car that will only run on high oct. gas. when I purchased your 93 octane gas last night at the Shell on Morgan Rd. Bess. Al. it rattled and missed badly. I have been a loyal customer for 20+ years, what is going on with your quality of product? after I put in some octane boost it solved my problem. I should not need an additive with your high octane gas.Do you have this problem everywhere? will y`all really read this?

  34. On feb 17, 2015 I finally was able to get thru nashville due to the ice storm that hit the area, I had been detained in St. Louis before that trying to get to Georgia. I stopped at a shell station in Murfreesboro to fill up and clean my windshield. During that time the windshield washers had frozen up and I was unable to clean my windshield. I noticed that the cleaners were frozen outside, so went inside to use the bathroom etc. The bathroom was horrible. Feces on floor toilets not flushed and toilet paper and paper towels all over the floor. I asked the two girls working behind the counter if they had anything to clean my windshield with, the big black girl who appeared to be in charge said NO, do u see anything?????? I said do you have a spray bottle I could use ? NO we don’t, how about some windshield washer fluid I could buy. You see anything like that on the shelf? Was the reply I got. I travel close to 50,000 miles and years and have never gotten such disrespect from a station attendant, I was horrified, consequently I will never stop at a shell station again. The lady who walked In to the station during the last of this caught me outside and directed me to a auto store a block down the road where I was able to buy some fluid to throw on my windshield so I could see to drive. I think you need to be aware of the abuse your employees are projecting and the response it has on the customers.

  35. I have tried for several months to get a response from Shell Oil Customer Service in Sioux Falls, SD regarding an amount that Shell claims my company owes. Why do they call it CUSTOMER SERVICE? I believe there has been fraud involved and I am more than willing to anser any questions to help resolve the issue, but apparently Shell is simply not interested, evidenced by their refusal to respond. My company has used Shell Oil for over 40 years, but I am now a FORMER customer. Makes no sense!

  36. After several attempts to get a reply from Shell Oil Customer Service in Sioux Falls, SD, I have given up. No response…after 40 years as a customer my company is no longer a customer. Go figure!

  37. Store number 2946 is supposed to be 24 hours but the attendant in the store closed and locked the doors at 2am for some unknown reason. When I knocked on the door, she gave me the finger and told me to go away and that the doors were locked for a reason. I use shell has because of the good discounts but this will be the last time I use them for the extreme lack of customer service that was shown. I will also tell all my friends and family not to use them either. This is totally unacceptable and the associate should be fired!! I know this will probably be overlooked as you’re a big company and probably don’t care one bit about the consumer.

  38. I have just tried to use a $50 shell gift card I purchased from Publix food market (jan./2015). When I swiped it, it read $0 balance. I called the phone number on the card and all they could do was tell me that the card number had been used (2/26/15) at a shell station 4 miles from my house. The station must be accepting numbers from the card to steal service. The shell station must be involved if the numbers from the card were used, but not the card, which I had. Will you be contacting them about this crime?

  39. this company has absolutely god awful customer and technical support! I’ve been trying to log into my account for over a year. everytime I call I either get hung up on or they tell me that there is absolutely nothing I can do to help me reset my password and get into my account. I’m so fed up with this company! It doesn’t matter to me how nice and polite the service representatives are. if you can actually help me with my account then you’re useless. this company does not care about its customers.

  40. after reading all of the reviews.. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is just an immortal who does not care about its customer base. I feel so bad for everyone that has had to leave a comment and will be a cancelling my account immediately. FU SHELL! Not that you care.

  41. I shop at my local shell every day. It is a very nice an clean store.It has just got a new face lift. ( new pumps , new paint job got it looking good.) Just one thing the manager loves to have nice flower around the front of the store were all the customers an herself can see them. It is so welcoming to all. A very nice rose bush out by the pumps were all can see them. had to be removed today 5/23/15 this is not right . I think it is a dull looking place when a business don’t an can’t have flowers. I am a landscaper I love flowers It really brings out the looks of everything.I bet your head office has flowers we are in newport nc with a dull ass store.

  42. Went to Shell sta., 360 Commercial Str.,Venice FL on June 13 with a WinnDixie Reward Card and again today, June 13. Before I was able to use the WinnDixie card at the pump. Today, I was not able to use WinnDixie card at the pump and was told to see the cashier. I also had to pay in advance. On June 9 the receipt indicated what the price per gallon was. No price per gallon discount was indicated today. I’m pretty sure I was cheated out of my awards discount. GO TO SHELL STA. AT VENICE AVE & US 41 WHERE THIS DOES NOT OCCUR.

  43. Purchased motor oil with a rebate offered. Program ended on the date I purchased (May 31st, 2015). Now where on the rebate promotion did it detail a post mark date. I assumed I had at least 30 days from the end of the offer. Details stated I could mail my submission or go on line to submit. Thirteen days after my purchase, I checked on line but could not find the rebate program. Apparently I had only until the 12th to post mark my submission. The rebate center told me “too bad…”. Shell said they can’t help.

    It’s not the $10, it’s the principle. The program should allow adequate time to respond. So for Shell’s response to me, I respond by not purchasing their gas or oils again. That includes my immediate family.

  44. I BOUGHT DIESEL AT Shell in Grants Pass ,Oregon this morning.I was charged 10 cents a gallon to use my Shell card. I have never been charged to use my card before.I live in California and was just passing through.I get 5 cents a gallon for using the card, that is why I use Shell. That charge is not right, there was no notification,
    Any where.
    Robert Reed

  45. To Whom It May Concern: As a resident of the Pacific Northwest for over thirty years and having worked in customer service for roughly forty-five years, I may be catagorized as an “old crank” from Northwest Nowhere by a 21st. Century “Energy Company”…

    But, my thought is I can either be part of the solution or I can be part of the problem…

    And, in case you’re unaware of it, Shell has problems in ways it has chosen to handle transition of a southwest Portland, Oregon gasoline station managed and operated by a man named Bob (Watson I think) and his son.

    Long story short, Bob passed away, and his family believed that they would inherit the right to continue operating the statopn. But, it seems “Powers That Be” said, in essence: Ain’t happenin’!

    Well, Northwest Cable News (NWCN) has be reporting this story on their weekend “news loop”, so the story of Simon LeGree (played by Shell) has been repeated over and over all morning.

    While I don’t presume to know about other people, but based on my havig heard this story, I will go out of my way to not go to Shell if I can avoid doing so.

    As these folks whose famiy has been running this station for the passed 40 year are scheduled to be “kicked to the curb” Tuesay, I think you might want to take some pretty-immediate action if you are to keep this from being a monumentally-bonehead PR move.

    Good luck in getting this turned around.


    John S. Tobias

  46. I am not sure what is worse, the gas station personnel or the customer service department when you submit a complaint. I was at a station in Gorman, CA where the attendant didn’t know how to use the Ralphs card to discount my gas. HAHA. When I asked for my money back, since I refused to pay the full price, he shorted me $10.00 and refused to return my money. He called me a thief and would not give me the name or number for the station manager. I called Shell Customer Service later that day and after telling the story several times, I was told they would return my call in 48 hours. It is now over a week and no call yet. when I called again I was told they would ask their other department to call me. HAHAHA. I certainly will not be a customer of Shell gasoline again!!! Thieves and liars abound at that company.

  47. I just went to the shell on Kellogg zip code 45226 I’ve been going there for 5 years I had coupons for cigarettes that say that you can use it there is nothing that says you cannot use it with any other offer the attendant was extremely rude her name is Christy every time I go in there she has no personality she’s nasty to them to customers and it’s time for her

  48. can you please tell me if you sale natural gas in the city of Springfield MA 01107 thanks i would like to know before i buy my natural gas car. Thanks…

  49. I HAVE APPLIED for a shell credit card i was approved in 2 minutes.I have used both of my other credit card this is not good.I SHOULD GET A DISCOUNT I TALKED TO SOMEBODY ON THE PHONE AND HE SAID IT WAS SENT OUT THAT WAS WHEN I APPLIED WHATS IT COMING BUY CARRIER PIGION.NOT A GOOD START FOR SHELL CREDI

  50. Shell station Rte 44, Beckley, WVa This station is so dirty pump handles don’t work took forever to get it to pump (spent 40.00)garbage cans full to the top overflowing, attendant outside smoking, bathrooms are filthy, coffee pot burning NO coffee, I will never tell anyone to stop in Beckley ever again. and get this water the plants and then again maybe not nothing else is done

  51. shell gas station employee in Valley Stream, NY 11580 talking on his cell phone refusing to take my $ and to purchase my gas that I needed I and 3 other customers sat for 15min while he chatted on his cell and did NOTHING!! Needless to say we all walked out…you should be ashamed of yourselves hiring trash like this

  52. Dear Shell,
    I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful experience I had this morning at the Shell Station at Apache Trail and Ironwood Road in Apache Junction AZ.
    It was my first time to use a Shell station and when I had a question about the pump, the woman attendant whose name was “Mita” came out and showed me. I had paid $30 in cash inside the store but didn’t realize I hadn’t used it all. She again came outside and motioned to me to stop so she could hand me my change. I’m thankful for her kindness (and that it wasn’t busy at the time I arrived.)

  53. I have had my credit card hacked at the pumps on 191st & and LaGrange Rd twice but my biggest problem are the employee’s. One day I went to buy a lottery ticket and the girl said I am so sick of doing F—- tickets. The next day I went their and lottery was down; the next day I asked the manager is lottery back up and she said unfortunatly. Every time I go in there they all have bad attitudes.

  54. Jiffy Lube is a franchise of Shell.
    I go to Jiffy Lube to have my oil changed and thay have burned my transmission out due to lack of checking/refilling fluids, althogh it’s listed as full on my receipts.

  55. At she’ll station 57524506509 at
    1210 north division st. Colby, wi.
    Assistant mgr. Bonnie was rude, haughty, & THREATING twards me
    After I purchased fuel. I’ve been fueling my semi-truck & personal vehicle there 15 yrs. With no problems until now. Further, I noticed bonnie has a bad attatude towards other costomers, she is running off bussiness, she even said, “SHE DOESN’T CARE” I SAID, I NOTICED” & left. She has no bussiness working with customers.

  56. On sept.3,2015 I pulled into a gas station Shell gas station on Boones Creek Road in Johnson City Tennessee and used my American Express prepaid card to purchase gas the system that they use on prepaid gas Card is it will take a $99 deposit and hold it for 3 to 5 days this is information that was never divulged to me from either shell or American Express.I am disabled and on a fixed income but I’m buying a home and needed that extra money left on the card to make my mortgage payment now that the money is in limbo for as much as 5 business days I am now going to be late with my mortgage why a debit card is treated different than a credit card is beyond me and this should be changed you should have the same convenience at making a purchase with a debit card as you do with a credit card meaning you’re only charged what you spent which in my case was only $19 and when confronting both American Express and shell oil company representativeswas straight out lied to by both representatives as to who was holding my money I am old fashioned and usually believe in using cash to make purchases but have stepped up with everyone else trying to use plastic and this is what I get for going along

  57. I purchased gas at the Shall station at 846 Concord Street in Framingham, MA. I stopped at a supermarket less than one mile away. When I turned my car back on, the EPC light went on, as did the oil regulator lamp. The car was difficult to drive the 3 miles to my house. When I turned it off, the air was filled with the odor of gas. I put in over 12 gallons of V-Power gasoline. I attempted to call the gas station, but their telephone number is not in service. I am notifying you since it appears that the gasoline was tainted. Please contact me.

  58. customer service was horrible in Okmulgee, OK on US 75/ SH 256 Loop. The prices were deceiving and was advertised at 2.20/gallon while pumping it was charging me at 2.74, I asked the clerk about it and she was no help and was very unprofessional and rude. They told me the price should match and thatI should have picked less ethanol (which I did) the black pump color with 87 on it

  59. To Whom it May Concern:

    I went to one of your gas station/convenience store on 09/09/15 at 12:30 pm. I am used to going into shell stations and expect a certain amount of cleanliness and some customer service. This store was disgusting! It is not being cleaned on any regular basis. The drink station was mostly out of order. I wanted a cup of coffee there was none in either of the containers. there were gnats flying all around and half a cup of coffee that had been there for some time because gnats were all over it. There is also a fast food establishment inside this particular Shell station and I would be scared to eat there. The clerk was on the phone the whole time I was inside never once breaking to speak to me and continued his phone conversation the entire transaction never once speaking to me. Needless to say I will not be going to that Shell again. I usually do not do this but I have been going to your stations for over 35 years and am sure this is not the type of establishment that you would like associated with your good name. The address is 2275 W. Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220

    Jeanne A. Barrett

  60. Your gas station attendant at this location was extremely provocative. On Sept 14, 2015.
    8:38pm. I paid cash at tge window. I am a woman and was alone. When I informed the pump isn’t he said to me OVER THE LOUD SPEAKER ” YOU HAVE PUSH IT IN!” I HOLLAND BACK TO him yes okay thank you. He than proceeded to become obnoxious by continuing his loud banter over the speaker. I told him i’ve got it he than proceeded to make what sounded like gorilla or monkey moaning sounds over the loud speaker. There were two other men there pumping gas. I was mortified! I told him He could stop now! He than said to me OVER THE LOUD SPEAKER “THIS IS AMERICA!!! AGAIN ENDING WITH making loud animal noises!” It was night time and I became petrified! Shame on you Shell oil company fir hiring lewd personnel like this and moreover to taunt woman at tjus hour on this neighborhood.

  61. I went to 895 N Mountain drive Blacksburg SC 29702, I always use my fuel reward card but there is a no facility at pump when i went inside and asked cashier about reward card she said I don’t know they are not interested why they don’t have this company promotion. they ever care about costumer. Attitude was bad & not professional. worst experience ever had.

  62. My complaint is that I always use Shell gas @ the Circle K store’s in Bluffton S C and I use my Shell card along with my Bank Debit Card and I always pay less than 10 cent per gallon off the regular mid-grade price. Today I use a Shell station in Beaufort S C and was told that I would only receive 3 cent off per gallon of the mid-grade price. When I question her about my using my Debit card as cash, she stated that, that was not cash. Please inform me when did Shell decide that a Debit card is not cash? I will like to Receive my credit because 25.00 cash was withdrawn from my acct. I will never use that station again or maybe not any Shell gas.
    With Regards,

  63. I have attempted to purchase gas at the Shell station on highway 141 and Romaine Creek Fenton, MO yesterday and today, but my card has been declined. I contacted your customer service and the rep told my there was no problem with my account or my card. This problem is on your end and I would like to know when correction will be made.

  64. I was getting gas using my Kroger plus card and I was filling up you all cut off the pump said I had to much of a discount I think this is wrong I did my part and I should not be punished for a discount that i earned. I have 5 kids so every thing I save is worth it bit I can’t even get my fill up because I had a discount. And it doesn’t state how much gas you can get.

  65. Today, (October 7, 2015) at 7:00 pm, I was at the Shell Gas Station located on 455 N Frederick Ave Gaithersburg, MD 20877 where I received a deplorable excuse for customer service . Before turning into this Shell, I was facing South on 355 waiting in the dedicated turn-only lane. After a few minutes spent waiting for the cars to stop coming from the opposite direction, and waiting for the cars leaving the Shell to leave me enough room to enter, I finally had enough room to maneuver my car into the lot. Before I could do so, a man behind me found it necessary to honk several times as if I had the option of moving more than I already was. As I pulled up to get gas, the man who had been angrily honking behind me pulled up beside me and dropped off an employee who works in the Shell station. He glared daggers at me until I asked him, “What are you looking at me for?” He then rolled down his window and started screaming at me. I didn’t understand all of what he said, but the last bit of it was, “Who gave you your license, 7-11?!” He then careened off into the street. Since the employee he dropped off was only a few feet away, gabbing with the other employees, I walked up to him and asked him, “Why did the man who dropped you off just yell at me?” He sheepishly said, “Uh, what?” I replied, “I said, why did the guy who just dropped YOU off start screaming at me?” He said, “Uh, I don’t know, I wasn’t there.” I found this rather interesting since he was standing a few feet away, but seeing that I wasn’t going to get anywhere in the conversation, I walked away. Then another employee of your station sarcastically called after me, “Have a WONDERFUL rest of your day, Ma’am.”

    I don’t really know what I did wrong in this situation. I’m not sure why it’s okay for someone to just stand by and watch as an innocent bystander is needlessly screamed at by some jerk driver he rode with, or why one of your employees found it necessary to be rude to me. Your employees represent you as a company, and their representation of you tonight teaches me that I deserve to be treated like I’m worthless just for following the rules of the road when trying to get gas. At least now I know to never get gas from this location again, or any Shell, for that matter.

    — K.Graham

  66. I would like to register a complaint concerning the Shell Station
    in Santa Fe on Highway 6 and Tower St.

    My husband and I stopped to buy gas. I went into the store and
    used the ice machine to fill up my glass. No problem anywhere else.
    A small rude Indian started staring at me with a noticeable scowl on
    his face.
    He would not stop staring at me. I felt threatened and spoke to
    the man sitting in the window. He said I would have to pay for the ice.
    I told him that this man was offensive and that he kept staring at me.
    All this time the small Indian would not stop staring and scowling.
    It was quite threatening.
    He didn’t say a word, but just kept giving me dirty looks. You would
    think there would be a sign or that he would speak and say the ice
    needed to be paid for.
    I said I wouldn’t pay for the ice. Then the man in the window told
    me to go dump it out.

    Filthy store with terrible help.

    We didn’t buy gas and will not ever go in this establishment or
    any Shell again.
    It is a shame not to keep tabs on employees.

    I am sure the neighborhood does not use this station.

    Carol and Larry Smith


  67. I have never in my life heard of an authorization hold for pumping gas. I didn’t even think to notice whether there was a sign stating that there would be a charge for pumping your gas with an ATM card or Credit card. I was charged 85 dollars for 20 dollars and some change for gas at the shell gas station on 4th street and Ontario. There wasn’t a pending transaction it was actually taken from my account. So there was no hold they took 85 dollars from me. My dispute is that how can they take money from consumers like that. Times are to hard for someone to have the authority to take your money. What has happened to America. Also when I called shell she told me to contact my bank to dispute the charges. My bank had nothing to do with taking the money out. Shell did. There should be a Law against that as for me that is stealing peoples money. I still haven’t gotten my money back so I might as well have thrown that money down the toilet. Shell you ought to be ashamed of your self. The price of gas is not enough for you . You have to rip everyone more. I’m am so mad that we live in a country that is free and we have are own companies ripping us off.

  68. I have for years made Shell my first choice and have been very happy with everything. Yesterday we stopped for fuel in the RV and tow vehicle. After going for a half a hour we noticed we paid over a dollar per gallon to much. Not looking for money only just letting you know. The average here is 2.17 a gallon.
    I can send you a copy of the receipt, but I can’t paste it in this email. Thanks John

  69. I have a Shell gas card and try to use only Shell gas in my vehicle. The previous four time I purchased gas at the station on University Avenue in Oxford, MS I had to go inside and get my receipt. Tonight it happened again. I went inside and asked the attendant why there was not paper in the pump to provide a receipt. He told me there was when paper was sent to the station. I will start purchasing gas at another brand station if this happens again!

  70. I have been a very happy shell customer until today.
    As a Harvey/Winn Dixie card holder, I went into the Havana Florida’s only shell station to fill up. After swiping my cards and not getting them to work, I went inside where I was told to go outside and pump and then come in and he would make the adjustment of 30 cents per gallon that was on my card.
    After filling up, I went in where my card was swiped and nothing happened. He just shrugged and said, system isn’t working. I explained he had told me he would make the adjustment and he just smiled and said…”you must pay”. After trying to explain I would loose my cents/gallon and he had told me he would make adjustment, he just told me to go talk to Harvey’s (the grocery store).
    So, I went to Harvey’s, explained the problem, they verified my 30 cents/gallon and told me to go back to the Shell Station and explain they only had to punch in my card numbers. Well, to make a long story shorter, I was met by three very large foreign men and told nothing could be done.
    At this point the $4.50 is beside the point.I received bad service and VERY bad behavior from your representatives. I will go out of my way from now on to get my gas else where.
    I would love to hear from you reguarding my experience.

  71. hi.

    my reference # is 75403934.

    i purchased gas at shell on 10/24/15. the pump display indicated that i had earned a $2.20 discount from my giant rewards card but upon completion of the transaction i failed to receive the indicated discount.


    mark lucas

  72. I just left the shell Crystal River store at 639 NE HWY 19 a very unhappy person. It is a new store which I have not been in. I had a fuel Perks card from Winn Dixie . I used it and after I used it I noticed it shorted me .10 cents a gallon as I had used my visa credit card. I went unto the store and asked the give what happened. She told me they charge .10 cents and gallon if you use a credit card. She said all companies do that I told her she was wrong. I use my card other stations no fee. If you have a fuel perks and they charge you for using the card you end up with nothing. It was not posted anywhere that was the case. If this is shell policy I assure you that it will be my last trip to shell.Your logo is on the sign and they represent you so if some charge and some don’t. They are penalizing us for using a credit card. Not right. thank you Mr. Robinson

  73. I would like to know the reasoning besides the obvious of the $1.00 service charge. When I use my depit card at your pumps? Even if I push the credit button!! Pure greed and a cash venue for you! You have lost my business. And I am a King Soopers employee. You honor our discount cards. But trust me I will be recommending to all my customers and anyone who will listen to not use your products! This is wrong! And deplorable! Shame on you! Steve D Ponzio

  74. I had an incident im looking further into it to concidering a lawyer. The gas pump was going very slow i was in my harley, an noticed it was not stopping so i notice i do not put amount of gallons shown on pump into my bike. So as soon as i was going to stop i picked up pump an it continued to keep pumping overflowing spraying everywhere an had to sorce down pump to stop. An emloyee was at no help at all!

  75. I’ve been dealing with Shell Gas Station at 80 Ella Grasso Tpke in Windsor for years with no problems until today. I use a Stop&Shop rewards card which has taken thirty cents per gallon and with my Shell card another ten cents. That’s a total of forty cents per gallon. I’m retired and need every discount available. Today Dec 13 the manager would only give me ten cents off per gallon. I asked why and he told me that ten cents was all he could offer. I left without my gas. I’ll furnish my card number upon your request.

  76. I’ve been using Shell Oil at 80 Ella Grasso Tpke in Windsor CT for years without any problems until today Dec 13,2015. I use my Stop&Shop rewards card for thirty cents off a gallon and my Shell card for ten cents off per making a total savings of forty cents per gallon. I’m retired and need every discount. I went for gas today and the manager would give me only ten cents per. I asked for an explanation. He says that’s all I can get. No reason was given. Please contact me at the above e-mail address. Card number available upon r request.
    Thank You, George Franchino

  77. The Shell station I use most often is in Garner, North Carolina on Highway 70 and Raynor Road. In the past couple of years, the likelihood of having to go inside the store to get my receipt, which I must turn in because it is a company fleet fueling Shell credit card, had been about 50/50. Now it has been the last 4 times and most of the time I have to wait for customers playing the lottery scratch off game. Our company issues us a BP credit card also, and I seldom use it because the stations are not as convenient to my normal route and their pumps are slower. But even a slow pump is faster than going to that Shell station. Other Shell stations in Raleigh do not have this “printer out of order” issue. Why is that? I would use one other Shell station if the timing of my tank would cooperate.

  78. Shell gas station located at 13200 Laurel Bowie Rd, Laurel, MD 20708 is operating dangerously keeping peoples lives in danger.
    Thorough testing need to be implemented/complied ; this is the third time I noticed a leaking pump while pumping fuel. I complained to the store clerk , who basically did Nothing.
    Business is only as good as the people who operate it and the management who monitors it effectively.
    Pump # 8 is leaking as of 0600 am this morning(2016/01/07) noticed while pumping gas , informed local police.
    NOTE: This leaking pump leaked fuel on my shirt and the whole car which I spent my extra time and effort in cleaning to avoid potential hazards. Now, more than 2 hours of my time is wasted as I had to drive back home to change my shirt before going to work. These all could be avoided if the right practices are followed.

  79. At your station on Nicholson by LSU campus in Baton Rouge, LA I went to use the pump to pay and use my fuel rewards from Winn Dixie. The pump took the rewards off of my card and would not let me pump gas. I went inside to settle the matter and your employees stated it “wasn’t their problem” because “they don’t work for shell they work for cracker barrel” (the food mart attached to your station) then proceeded to get in my face and tell me to go somewhere else because “its not their problem”. I want my rewards put back on my card. I want that lady written up. I have pictures of her wearing a shell uniform getting in my face showing me her gold teeth. I am disgusted that Shell would hire such a worker. I expect a response and if not I will continue to call and email EVERYONE in your company until these problems are solved. This is NOT the first time this has happened!

  80. January 4, 2016 at 4:30pm
    I filled my tank at your station and forgot to get my receipt, I returned the next day to see if I could get a print out, your attendant ( Samantha ) took down all my information and a said it would take 24 hrs to get a copy, I came back on
    1-6-16 at 5:30am, I ask the attendant a young male and female about getting a copy of my receipt they said that it was not possible and I had been mislead and there was nothing they could do, The next day Samantha called and said that my receipt was there and I could pick it up any time. My suggestion to you is to inform your workers that the customers are very important to your business and they should always try to help as much as possible. I take my Hat off
    Samantha.. for Job Well Done..

  81. We use a local retail gas station in the community of Ford City in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We continue to have problems at the pumps. We have the last three times had to try three different pumps to get service. This station only has eight pumps total. Two on each side of four. I have tried with the utmost respect to talk to the cashiers but as they told me…”if you don’t like it call corporate office.” we can’t do anything about it. They are right, they can not but someone can! Tonight was the last straw as my husband went to the three different pumps and could not purchase gas at all. We will be taking our business to another business who wants our business.

  82. Your Shell fuel store in Cary, NC at 1390 NW Maynard Road is one that I will not frequent anymore, even though it is the closest to my home and very convenient. The self-service pumps are old and the LCD screens used to select payment options are incredibly slow to respond and most often do not work. The last three times I have fueled there I had to go inside the store and have the attendant reset the pump and then I had to go back in to complete the transaction. Other Shell locations nearby have a newer pump/customer interface and are great – this one on Maynard Road is awful and should be at the top of your list to have the pumps upgraded. The attendant was also very uninterested in my inconvenience.

  83. Sam’s Mart 58
    1754 Saluda St
    Rock Hill, SC 29730

    Grocery store rewards points do not work at this Shell station.
    Rarely are there any paper towels or fluid to wash windshields.

  84. The Other Day I Was Pumping My Gas At The Shell On Battleground in Greensboro NC. A Lady Pumping Her Gas Answered Her Phone I Ask Her Did She Know How Dangerous It Was To Do That. Lets Just Leave It At That She Wasn’t To Happy With Me. I’m Asking If Shell Could Post Signs At The Pumps Bigger Signs & MayBe Some Commercial.I Leave Mine In The Car Or Truck When I Get My Gas.Thank You For Your Time…..Randy.W.Holt….

  85. Shell station at Magnolia and Rimpau in Corona, CA:
    Pump took credit card and zip info then stopped transaction. Attendant answered that “it isn’t working, but don’t worry about credit info”. This was happening to multiple customers.

    I am very concerned about taking financial information for a credit transaction which doesn’t tell me the transaction is cancelled. Verbal “it’s OK” is NOT acceptable.

    At the pump we noticed that the certification stickers on the pump was cracked open (not valid).

    This is very unacceptable customer service bordering on irresponsible and potentially criminal, What assurance will you provide that I will not be vulnerable to credit card fraud?

  86. I attempted to purchase gas at the Shell located on Forest ville Road, in District Heights Maryland where the attendant by the name of Austin, was extremely rude & unprofessional. Needless to say, I left without purchasing anything and I am immensely disappointed with the service I received.

  87. You have lost me as a customer. I got gas at your station in McMinnville, TN and used my debt card. I was charged for my gas plus $85. What is this for? Is this how you treat you customers? This is a very bad way of showing customer service.

  88. I went to store 68626 located in Normandie Ave in Torrance. I decided to get some coffee and went inside while I was filling the tank. They were 2 ladies a short and a tall one. The short made a comment about me in Spanish: “Y esa cara” meaning that I have an ugly face. They never thought I speak Spanish. I just paid for my coffee and left very frustrated and upset. This should not be happening, they getting a paycheck because the customers. They should be respectful and polite with all the customers.
    8:13 a.m.

  89. I went today to get an oil change at the 2802 old Spanish trail in Houston Texas at around 9:30 pm and was met with horrible service by Zafer. He seemed more preoccupied with sitting in the chair and texting than actually be behind the counter and helping customers. After I signed off the paperwork for an oil change, I wanted an almond joy and drink and he actually refused to ring me up, saying he wanted to do everything all at once. I told him I wanted to pay now and again he didn’t want to do it. So on the third time I asked he gave a very condescending laugh as if I was eating his time. So at the counter where there was a lady waiting before me, he told her that he’ll instead ring me up first. I told him ladya first and he argued with me on who to check out. The lady even responded to him why is he arguing with a customer. I was very displeased with the service there as I have been going there for years

  90. I am thoroughly disgusted and appalled by the customer service my husband and I just received from the shell location 598 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90813. A little after 5:30 the attendant Jose spoke to a woman before us in an extremely unprofessional manner. We had handed him a one hundred dollar gift card and said we would like to fill up. It was at that moment we felt their was racial profiling, because we didn’t ask for only ten or twenty dollars. When he refused service and started swearing at my husband because he asked him to scan our Ralphs card is when we had enough. “Who the duck are you little baby leave my store I can refuse service”. I am at a loss for words. When he proceeded to curse at me is when I asked for management, which he would not provide me with. This behavior was disgusting and to come outside and continue in front of my children is very upsetting.

  91. Last nite. I was buying something @the she’ll station. On bath rd. In brunswick me. About 8 pm. I was trying to use both Foodstamp cards. N. The. Manager said I couldn’t do that. Bcause the register wouldn’t let him. ……. But in all other stores. It’s. No problm. Doing that same kind of way of pmt. !!!!! I think. He just wanted me to use cash. That wasn’t rite for him to do that to me

  92. I just went into a timewise shell station in peatland tx. The customer service was horrible. Both cashiers were very rude and disrespectful. The slushy machine when I went to get my daughter a slushy thru cherry syrup all over me ruining my clothes. I asked for a napkin and told them what happens and they said oh yeah it’s broke. No sign nothing. Plus when I checked out she didn’t tell me a Total and had to ask for my receipts. She was very upset she had to give me that. Please someone check into this

  93. Is ur shell station suppose to charge .5 cents for the little cups of creamer for coffie. ..the guy at shell in Boones creek tenn.charge me…this the first time ever I’ve been charged….

  94. I paid for $10.00 gas at the pump with my AMX serve debit card and the next night when i needed to get money from the atm i could not because $99.00 was being held. That is wrong to hold my money, its not a credit card that was money i had put on the card so i know it was there. You made a bad night even worse!!!!

  95. I went to the Shell station on 5900 W. Touhy Ave. Niles, Illinois to have my car washed at the touchless car wash. The dryer clock usually shows 90 seconds of drying time but today the clock showed only 60 seconds however, I left the back of my car under the dryer and it did continue drying for 30 more seconds while the clock showed no time left. This is clearly a fraudulent practice to get cars through faster. This is cheating people out of the drying time that they have paid for. also, a young lady waits to towel dry your car and she waves you through the dryer to get you out faster. This is another way to cheat people out of drying time and can scratch paint on cars! She NEEDS to wait until asked!

  96. There are very few gas stations in Palo Alto where I live, and Shell is one of them (on Embarcadero near 101). They have a machine for 1.00$ it says or $1.50 with credit card and you can have air for your tires. However, the instructions said slide your card, but I could not see where. So, (5 pm. Tues., 8 Feb.2016) I went into the store, waited for the woman behind the counter to stop chatting with a coworker and asked her how/where to swipe the card. She told me she didn’t think it took credit cards. I asked If I could then use my credit card with her to get 4 quarters, and she said, I swear, ‘no, you don’t have cash?’ I really don’t see the problem here that this 100% customer ignoring employee could not let me use my credit card with her, and give me the 4 quarters to get air for my tires (that some people need as a safety measure). thanks.

  97. I am a loyal Shell customer and use only Shell Premium in my 2012 BMW. I was traveling home from Hartwell, GA this morning and stopped at the Shell/McDonalds on 103 Electric City, Anderson, SC 29621. The first pump I tried leaked gas around the handle. I told the attendant (a pleasant young Indian woman) and suggested she take the pump out of service. She looked at it and went back in the store. She didn’t put anything over the pump to show it was out of service as long as I was there filling at another pump. There were no windshield squeegees or paper towels to clean the windshield. In short, it was the worst Shell station I have ever stopped at and that’s saying something since I have 69,000 miles on my X3. I just thought you should know.

  98. I am writing regarding misleading pricing information displayed at a Shell facility (Uppys Shell , 57546134404, Shell Oil Products US, 7219 US Highway 41 North, Palmetto, FL 34221).

    This facility has an electronic sign showing product price per gallon at the front of the facility. The pricing is in very large (~ one foot letters). On 3/19/16 I stopped to fill up upon seeing a price posted of $1.859 per gallon. This was lower than other gas stations in the area. However when I saw the price on the pump is was $2.059 per gallon. I then looked back at the sign in front of the facility to verify the price. I only then saw under the large displayed price of $1.859 per gallon very small, barely readable letters (~ 1.5 inches high) that said (Regular with Wash). One could only obtain the lower price if also getting a car wash, and the small print was not readily visible or readable from the highway in front of the station. It was raining that day so getting a wash was not a reasonable option. I went ahead and filled up my vehicle since I was already at the station (Tran # 9132089).

    After filling my vehicle I went in and spoke to the clerk at the cash register about the misleading signage. He stated that this was a very common complaint from customers. I requested that he share my complaint with his management and he said that he would.

    As a Shell customer and stockholder I am very disappointed that Shell stoops to this level of price posting to get customers to buy its products. I realize that the gasoline market is very competitive but what Shell is doing at this location borders on deceptive advertising. I realize that this might be a franchise location and Shell has limits on what it can do relative to its franchises. However, this deception reflects on Shell and how its customers view the Shell brand. I expect more from Shell, an well known established company with quality products.

    I am requesting that you look into this issue and reply to me.

    Thank you.


    J Robertson

  99. I have called 6 times now and can not get an answer to my question. I need to know where to send my receipt for towing, and what information I need to give you in order to get reimbursed. I have call 800-331-3703 and 888-467-4355. I have talked to 6, I repeat 6 people and no one knows what I’m talking about!!
    I have been a good standing customer sine 1983 (it says that on my card)
    I am extremely aggravated that no one knows how to handle this type of call

  100. This is in regards to the New Shell station on outer drive and monroe st. Dearborn, michigan 48124
    The owner has a horrible attitude, Will not answer simple questions. We would all like to know how you can let somebody use shells name who acts that way. None of us in my neighborhood has ever had a problem with shell, but now that we see what kind of people shell allowd to represent, none of us will be returning to Shell stations anywhere.

  101. I wanted to post a picture of a shell station filling with gas from another oil company. Why block pictures? Afraid everyone will see and be alerted?

  102. fueled at Shell # 367406, The Dalles, Oregon, on 21 March. The sign read $2.09, and there was no indication of other pricing. We do not do self serve in Oregon, so I did not leave my vehicle. When I checked my receipt I saw that I was charged $2.35. When I asked why the discrepancy I was told the $2.09 was cash. No indication of a difference was ever listed or mentioned. I mentioned the legality of such charges & was told it was legal. Legal or not, it is immoral and bad practice. In Oregon there is a bait & switch law, which this likely falls under. Bad for Shell? Sure is. Talk to these people!

  103. There is a Shell gas station in Atlanta at the intersection of Cotillion and Chamblee-Dunwoody Roads. For years I have used the car wash there and found the employees courteous and helpful. However on March 25th, I encountered an incredibly rude man who actually yelled and shouted at me when my car was not hitting the right spot for “stop”. My first trip though the wash didn’t happen and when I asked for help, the young man put on a mask, preceded my car into the wash and angrily yelled instructions at me. I have lived in Atlanta for forty years and this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I said “Stop yelling at me” and he did not apologize, just kept yelling louder.

  104. For years I have used the car wash at the Shell station on Cotillion and Chamblee-Dunwoody Roads and the employees have always been courteous and helpful. But on March 25, I needed help because the “stop” light in the wash did not come on. This young man came out and angrily started yelling at me as he was supposedly guiding me in to hit the “sweet spot” to trigger the wash. He was incredibly rude. I said “Stop yelling at me!” and he shouted and yelled even louder. This location is convenient but I cannot imagine subjecting myself to such horrible treatment again. I have lived in this area for forty years and this is the worst customer experience I have ever had.

  105. My wife and I were traveling to Fla. on2/14/2016 when we stopped in Kingsland Ga. at about12:00 noon for lunch,while there I saw Shell gas station across the road that had gas listed on a big sign for 1.67.9 a gal so I drove over to the station to get gas, after putting my credit and information in the pump, i’t asked if I would like to sign up for a rewards card. ” I pushed NO” a i’t said to lift nozzel and select grade, at that time the pump would not let me select any thing but the $2.19.9 per gal. I was not happy when this happened. The chances are very good that I will not stop at a Shell Gas station from now on. The address of that station is 1355 E. King Ave. Kingsland,Ga. 31548

  106. I received your fuel rewards card in the mail, and was directed to register it at What a steaming pile of garbage that is. I could find nowhere on the site to register anything, but was met with a barrage of ads telling me all the benefits of utilizing this service, which, if it all is as complicated as trying to register the card is, will be a very brief and unproductive experience. I never did register my card; maybe it doesn’t matter. We’ll see. At this point, I plan to try it once at the pump when I happen to need gas just when I also happen to be near a Shell station. If it works, fine; if it doesn’t, this stupid card goes in the round file.

  107. Wow, after reading some of the comments from other Shell customers, I don’t think I will wait to find out if my rewards card works. I cancelled my Shell card some years ago because I was dissatisfied with the service. I guess things haven’t changed much over the years, and have managed to get even worse. Thanks for the rewards card. You can find it at the bottom of the dumpster outside the Lenwood California McDonalds restaurant, where I am utilizing their Internet to write this letter.

  108. My friend stopped at the Shell Station on N Fielder Dr, Arlington Texas on 4/26/2016 to pick me some Pork n Beans, when he got home I open them and they looked not right well I looked at the Date and it was JANUARY 2015, well would think they would get rid of the OLD DATED STUFF but guess not, plus they charged 1.85 for rotten beans…this will be posted to let people know to look at Products they buy from Shell Convenient stores before buying anything…Want buy nothing from there again….Them People need to start checking Dates on the Grocerys and throw them out…..

  109. I received an email saying I needed to fill out some information because I won money from you. Is this a scam??

  110. Today I stopped at the shell station in Woodhull, il at the Fountain Oasis center. The up keep of the pumps, parking lot, coffee center and food aisles was awful.
    There was not a squeegee at my pump so I used the one next to it. There was barely any fluid I. The container and the squeegee was in or condition and not useable. Upon entering, there was a container full of trash. I believe it was actually a flower pot. Restrooms were surprisingly in good shape. I went to get a coffee. No lids, stirrers and most of the individual creamers were empty. I asked the cashier and she said there weren’t any lids. A young man offered to grab one from the restraint for me. The aisle with the mr. Freshly breakfast snacks was practically empty with just the empty boxes. The cashier said she was out of everything and appreciated me not taking it out on her as others have done. She even said she was out of trash bags. If there was a way for my to have flagged the other cars and directed them elsewhere, I would have. I won’t go back, and will steer clear of your other stations. I am reaching out in hopes that you send the regional to the location to check it out first hand.

  111. The gasoline I am getting from a local shell station has resulted in my engine light coming on notifying me of engine problems. After a few months, it has been determined the gasoline from this station is causing this to happen.

  112. Hello,
    I wanted to take the time out of my very busy day to inform anyone that may listen that your manager named Kathy at Shell location 1145, Westlake, OH is extremely rude and hostile and uses very unprofessional language towards her employees. To the point I feel very badly for them. I live in Bay village only about a 3 minute drive from the store. So myself and my fiancee are there multiple times a day. It got so bad that we started going to the BP across the street. As you are not familiar with the area personally please Google it and you will see the is a BP station 20 feet away from your Shell location. I have personally heard her cuss at and be very degrading towards her subordinate employees. To the point that many people who frequent the store are well aware of her and her attitude. If you believe I am a past employee with an axe to grind I would like to inform you that I am not. All the proof you need is to take a look at how many employees has worked there in the past year plus that I’ve been a customer to your store. If I had to guess there has been over 50 new faces at the minimum and that’s being kind. The reason I even write this is because those employees don’t have a voice to shed light on this woman’s violent natural towards her employees. No one should have to ever be treated the way that she treats them. Like I said I have and will never work for Shell. But if you would like more information please feel free to contact me.
    Christopher Barker
    Bay village. Ohio.
    A concerned citizen.
    Thank you for your time.

  113. I was double charged for a car wash at Shell in Oak View. A rather angry appearing manager suggested it was my fault which may be so but there was no explanation and no refund.

  114. I was in your station on Monroe Ave. in Grand Rapids, MIchigan to buy $26 worth of Gas and used my debit card at the pump. when l got home my wife told me our bank had called about my charging 95 dollars at the same station which I had not. I should mention that our two children and their children were all getting ready to go to the beach. This was the first time in 4 years we had all gotten toget her. Now with hanging over us I could not go with them but had to straighten out this $95.00 mess. I went back t o the station where the clerk proceeded to LECTURE me that if I had come inside to use my card NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!! AND THAT THAT 95 DOLLARS WOULD DROP OFF ONCE THE 26 DOLLARS CLEARED MY BANK! I SAID YOU ARE TYING UP 95 DOLLARS UNTIL WEDS. OVER A HOLLIDAY PLUS THE $26 DOLLARS? YES SIR SHE SAID. i TOLD HERE TO WAIVE GOODBYE TO A 16 YEAR SHELL CUSTOMER AND TOLD HER THIS WAS BS. i HAVE NEVER CHEATED SHELL. BUT IF I AM EXPECTED TO COME INTO THE STATION TO USE MY DEBIT CARD OR FACE CHARGES USING A CREDIT CARD; WELL THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER STATIONS! This episode has cost me the adversation, of missing a part of a family reunion (first in 4 yrs) so say nothing of the experierce I had with that clerk! I talked to my banker after and she told me the $95.00 would come off WEDNESDAY! So Shell tied up $95.00 for 4 days over the 4th of July holiday to a 16 yr Customer who has been with them! This definately is BS and why should I ever use Shell again! William Brogren.

  115. On my recent trip thru Alabama I stopped at a Tom Thumb in Enterprise and found that this chain also has a “Reward” program . FYI

  116. Had scary experience purchased new tank was stripped out. N launched 5 ft..then was charged for lost propane..which I wore…tank had only been filled 4 times by same station. They argued 28th me that it was defective from factory. Wouldn’t been filled 4 times by same station if that was case. Thank you For ruining a new tank..ncharging me to wear a gallon of propane that was supposed to be in tank..shame on your Pacific city oregon..will be recommending to everyone to purchase else where.

  117. Just got gas at Woodhull, IL location. Almost All pop, soft drinks, and beer was out of date. Not by a few days either. A bottle of sprite had an expiration of Feb. 2016. It’s October!!! Normally I wouldn’t have noticed but my favorite drink is a yellow sobe drink. The bottom was brown. The expiration was rubbed off because the expiration date is normally on the neck. Also the maanger I’m assuming was bad mouthing a customer right in front of us. Place was dirty too. WosH we would’ve went to bp across the street.

  118. I had a very upsetting interaction with an employee st a station in pleasant hill california. Do not want to write what happened, need to talk to someone in charge of that station personally! Have a manager email me and I will then offer my phone number.

  119. This morning at about 730 am, on Friday 11/11, I went inside the shell gas station on Main Street and belcher and I was bombarded with political opinions and questions of who I voted for from the man behind the counter. I was particularly uncomfortable and felt it was very unprofessional of him to talk about such things at work, there was no one else in the store to hear it. I tried to walk away and be polite and agreeable yet he continued to rant about it to me. Very unhappy with that service and will not be going back to that particular shell.

  120. My local Shell station in Muscatine Iowa “Muscatine Fast Break” evidently has issues with the pumps. On two occasions I have pumped gas and had it overflow on my car and the ground. I live in Iowa where it’t pretty cold…so I pump my gas and sit inside the car while it’s pumping. I have never encountered this problem until I started purchasing gas from this station….the last time this happened was 11/112/16 around 6:30 and the clerk offered me a stale doughnut since I was a little upset!!! This makes me not want to purchase fuel from Shell….just saying!!

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  123. I first went online to check 2 gift card balances. The sight was down, so I had no choice but to call the 800 number. I had to speak with a live person, there were no options for an automated system. The person (and the next two I spoke with were very difficult to understand, they spoke very broken english). The first person told me they could only check one balance and then I had to call back and use the automated system. I told her there was no option for using the automated system, she apologized (I think). So I called back and the next person would not give me the balance without providing my name, phone number and email address! Nope, not falling for that. She told me she would connect me to the automated system so I wouldn’t have to provide this information (I did tell her the last person didn’t ask me for this information). So she connects me and sure enough, no option for an automated system and I went to a live person. Finally I got both gift card balances. I was a senior manager at Call Centers for over 15 years, never have I seen such a poorly run operation. Thank goodness I don’t have a credit card with Shell. Definitely would NOT recommend anyone to buy or use Gift Cards from this company!!! NOT HAPPY.

  124. I have stopped at the Shell station in Jackson, KY three times this month. On two occasions I was not able to use the pumps. The second time I had the issue I went inside to ask the clerk about the issue. She said and I quote “these pumps suck” I am a rewards customer that spends a lot of money at shell. You can look it up. Get on the ball in Jackson and get some customer service going!

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  126. I went to the Shell station on Murrieta Hot Springs in California. My boyfriend went in to get tobacco for me because I’m embarrassed to buy it for myself. He didn’t have a valid ID as it was expired. So I went into purchase the tobacco and I have a valid ID they would not sell it to me because they stated it was for him and not me. Who’s to say that a woman cannot to tobacco? It was for me!!! I’m so upset at the discrimination. we are both in our early 40s.

  127. Good evening. I went to a Shell gas station on Mamaroneck Ave in NY and I purchased an IPhone charger for $10.73 on my card. After sitting at the gas station for 10 minutes the phone did not charge. I took the charger back in the store and the gas station attendant spoke to me like I did not know how to use a car charger and insisted on doing it himself. So we went back to my car with my 7 month old son in my arms and he tried also and it did not charge my phone. So we go back into the store where he tries to refund me my money back in my card and he does not know what he is doing. After 3 attempts I guess he got it right. I check my account and I still do not have my money back in my account. How do you employ people and not fully train them? I am very upset by the way I was treated. I would like to know how do I respond to this situation now? I am visiting from out of state and can not go back down to the gas station. Please respond in a timely manor.

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  129. I went to to Shell station on the corner of Victory and Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood California today at 6:25 pm to get a bottle of water for my 10 month old daughter while we were on a family walk that turned out to be a little hotter than we thought it would be. I was instantly accosted by the cashier because I had my service dog with me and told I must leave the store immediately. I told him that my dog was a service dog and his response was “I don’t care I will not serve you. You need to leave.” I informed him that what he was doing was illegal under the ADA and he responded “I know and I do not care. I will not serve you get out of my store’. Never have I been so embarrassed or humiliated in my entire life. He was a complete jerk. Rude and yelling at me in front of my wife and child like a maniac. I am surprised that a company like Shell would not inform its employees of the LAW as it pertains to disabled customers. I am a disabled veteran and take my service dog everywhere and never have we been shamed like that. Your employee was wrong, legally and morally. I will never go to a Shell again since apparently this is okay with your company. But I will spread the word to the world that you discriminate against the disabled and their service animals! Thanks for making me feel weak and ashamed of who I am in public in front of a crowd of people and making my 10 month old daughter go another mile with no water until we got back home. But hey who cares about the customers anymore right? As long as your employee gets to do what he wants.

  130. Once again, I was denied using an electronic coupon simply because the attendants were to lazy and incompetent. I was told we have a new system and we do not take them any more. I responded that the attendant could simply key in the coupon number. I was told if it does not scan then we do not take them. I know that this is not true as I have contacted Shell in the past for this same complaint for the same location. Store#322 3181 Don L Hollowell PK

  131. 2300 Acadian thwy Baton Rouge La pumps so old u can’t read info or don’t work help nO help and could care less rude not trained very busy location next to I-10. And road to lLSU bad bad don’t go till they upgrade station and personal so poor! Shell and circle K should loose permit so operate dangerous and unsafe dhearin

  132. Wonderful to win Shell gas gift card. The closest place is half hour away. Will you buy them back? CanI use them at another gas station?

  133. On a Saturday morning, we discovered our Shell card has been fraudulently used. Unbelievably, this huge company has NO 24/7 customer service access to help us stop the theft!!! Really? In today’s world that is ridiculous, and unacceptable. Our family owned Shell stations beginning prior to WWII. Now we are evaluating our loyalty. You are doing your customers a complete disservice by restricting our access to “business hours”!!!

  134. On Monday, October 30, 2017 I stopped at the Shell station at 2023 E Joppa Road in Parkville Maryland. I am a senior and I have rheumatoid arthritis. As I attempted to put gas in my vehicle, the gas starting shooting all over. I couldn’t get control over it and called for someone to help me. NO ONE came from inside the station!!! Another customer came to help me. He got the gas to stop and helped me to pump gas. He suggested I report this to you because it could have turned into a much worse situation. AGAIN, no one came out of the Shell Station to find out if I was okay. I was soaked in gasoline. Had to throw away my clothes and shoes. I am an older lady, so from now on I will request help. Very upsetting for me.

  135. I went to the station at 1200 north Arlington Heights and got gas and wanted a car wash.Went to the car wash put my code in and nothing happen the track did not move the car so i had to pull threw and go to the counter and the guy said try i went back and a lady was having problems so see went threw.
    So i i did what the guy said and it came up code invaled and i started to pull threw and the soap came out and hit me in the face and eye also all over the i pulled threw and went to the counter and the the lady was there .We got our money
    lack of caring about the car and my face burning.This happen 12/16/2017
    This morning the burning is almost gone but a little red.
    sad thing is the guy at the counter did offer anythig to wipe me off or the car.

  136. I would like to report a gas station for price gauging. Orlando Florida. I paid $6.49 for a gallon of unleaded plus gas. I am not happy about the fact that Shell corporation is allowing this to happen to customers. The median price for gas in the immediate area is only $2.49. This station is charging more than double the cost of all the other stations in the area. Please look into this and fix this problem for the rest of the customers in the area. I will no longer use Shell gas stations until I hear a response that your corporation is looking into this matter. Thank you. Very in happy customer.

  137. I travel on Double AA Highway Route 9 in Kentucky, and I need to know if there any other Shell Gas Stations listed on that highway. Now I did find one located off exit 14 Alexandra, Kentucky on Route 9. I there are would you kindly send that list to me..
    Thank you!
    Transport Driver
    Lena Potter

  138. I’m am writing to you on behalf of Charles Williams regarding with held payments am his sole beneficiary and take care of his financial matters if you could send his payment to me

  139. Shell Circle K Convenient store at Versailles, Ky 40383 nice store. Complaint, more attention needed at gas pumps as either out of receipt paper or issues with pump. The Diesel pump leaked for some time and now out of service with paper cover one side. If you use the other side you have to come in from the wrong direction to fill up. This pump has had a paper bag for at least two weeks.

  140. Shell Circle K Convenient Store at 275 S. Main St, Versailles, Ky have issues often with fuel pumps like receipt paper out of service and often issues with Diesel pump hose leaking or out of service. The Diesel pump on one side has been out of service for at least two weeks and if you use the other side you have to drive through in the opposite direction of traffic. The Diesel pump has been out of service for at least two weeks with paper cover.

  141. #10903427 receive postcard submitted for incorrect offer Shell 2017 Synthetics Rebate We bought the correct oil for rebate and send in receipt. Would like to know what was wrong with the submission Will not buy this in the future because of this Please explain Thank you

  142. I have paid my account off and they are charging me late charge on late charge i know this is problem illegal so that is why i am contacting you i will pay what i owe which i did but i don’t think i should pay late charges on late charges fee. i would appreciate your help on this matter i try talking to whoever is calling me and all they will say you owe us 49. some cents.

  143. I was with a friend and we stopped at the shell on 998 e. western reserve rd. Youngstown, Ohio 44514. We wished to purchase lottery items. We were at proper counter but waited 10 minutes or more for assistance. I said “excuse me” upon which one of the associates (a female) turned, looked at me, and promptly turned around again. Another associate ( female) was facing our direction but never acknowledged us. The 3rd associate (male of African descent) politely said “I’ll be right with you.” He was only one waiting on another customer. He immediately came over to help us after customer purchase. Thanked us and again helped another customer at his register. The 2 females never bothered to help. I was very disappointed that they acted in this manner. The time was approximately 3:15 or so on Saturday March 17th. The 2 females carried on with their conversation as I exited. Trivial talk about a wedding shower or something. Very disrespectful.

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  145. I shop at Kroger every week and when they have the gift cards on sale I always buy shell cards.Today they said they were not going to carry them anymore,this is very disturbing to me.

  146. I was very disappointed to find that kroger does not sale the shell gift cards anymore.I would buy them all the time there and now no cards want be using shell gas much anymore.

  147. Hi there,

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  148. Where to start, heads up if you are traveling and call Travel Alert. Let’s start with, I prepaid $400 about 5 days before we were taking a road trip (always PIF on my bill since 2004) so we had a CREDIT before we started. Don’t you think the fraud dept. would have picked up on the prepaid amount? We then called Shell two days before we left town to put a travel alert on our account and told them that one card (my husbands) was heading east to Iowa, and one card (mine) we heading west to California (from Colorado). Shouldn’t be a problem, we did everything possible, right? Let’s start with my card declining at the pump when I was a couple hours away from my destination (Sunday). So, I thought hmmm that shouldn’t have happened. So I tried the ONLY phone # on the back of the card because I’m not home to get it off my statement. I get a message that basically if I want to talk to anyone that I have to call back on M-F 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Thank goodness I had another way to pay, but WHAT IF I DIDN’T??? I called my husband and asked him if his was declining, no (not yet). I call Shell during “business” hours and spoke to the fraud dept. and asked why this happened? They didn’t give me a straight answer basically for security. Then why did we call and put a travel alert!!???? After that call, my husbands card declined! He called and they had about the same answer. I call back wanting to know what protocol is for Travel Alert? They didn’t have an answer and said everything should be working now. My husband and I both got back without a problem, until my husband tried to fill up when he got back to our home town (declined). WTF is this happening? As of right now after being back for about a week, I have not used my card. I am now looking for a new gas card with not only better service but also 24/7 that I can get a hold of!

  149. I want to know what is happening to the Shell stations in The Villages, Florida. All of a sudden they have become Circle K.

  150. For a very long time The Shell station located at 1195 Morse Rd., Columbus, OH 43229 The Shell station located at 1195 Morse Rd., Columbus, OH 43229 has no printed receipts at the fuel pump.

  151. I had a terrible experience about 15 mins ago . The cashier swiped my card twice it said approved however he said it was declined. I called my bank and they said my card in fact went through and have him speak to the rep. also. The guy got pissed and chased me out the store like a dog.”I will refund your money,get out of my store you asshole” I am so upset, and shocked at the same time. Been buying my gas at this location over a year but I am sorry that place won’t get my business anymore

  152. I had and still am having a terrible experience dealing with Shell customer service.
    I got a Shell credit card which I rarely use. I lost my card. I am positive I left it dropped it at the pump area at a station I mainly use for car servicing.
    I rarely have used this card twice I believe.
    I did not know this card had been lost. I know for a fact that the last time I used this card was 4/24/18. It was when I received a bill on 5/26/18 that I realize the card had been lost. the card had been found by someone and I myself had only used it once, however someone else that had the card used it for $246. I did get a hold of someone at Shell customer service and told them all the information and the card was voided. I was told Shell would send me a new card and would send me a letter concerning the fraud and I would get a replacement card in 2 weeks. I did get a letter and a new card in 2 weeks. I replied to the letter and gave them all the facts and I paid them a late fee of $27.00 which I definitely did not I believe I owed because I was told to do nothing until the fraud was investigated. I was told I owed $22.00. To this day I have not used the new card but on 7/13/18 I got another bill from Shell saying I owed them $85.00. I immediately called Shell customer service about this and the lady said don’t worry about it the are still investigating,
    Yesterday 7/23/18 I called Shell about the status of my card and told them the entire scenario and the customer service reps I talked to said they would have to talk to security. So i would talk to security the be put back to customer service.
    I was on the phone off and on for over 3hrs.
    The problem was I’d be put on hold and the call was dropped or the connection was so bad I could not hear. there was a lot of chatter in the background and when the people did talk to me they also talked too fast. It was very frustrating,
    I received 3 different charges from 3 different people ranging from $37.00, to $69.00, to $92.00.
    I continued to tell them I do not owe them anything. I got absolutely no resolution. Then I was told to call them back in 48hrs because they had to ” work it out ” So that is where it is at. I used the lost card 2 times and have never used the replacement card at all and I am being told I have late fees from the previous account even though I was told 2 times do nothing. I know now I will never use a Shell card. And if I have to pay any money I just may get a lawyer.

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  154. I was just at our Shell, which I have a credit card, in Lacey, NJ. I had to wait 10 minutes while goin to work over and hour away for the shift change. When new guy came on I gave him my card, not Shell card, saying fill it regular and can u put my code in. He SNAPPED saying there is no code. I said my DISCOUNT CODE. He yelled and shook his head and said YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT FIRST! Since it is only a few cents off each gallon I said forget it. He pulled out hose and practically threw my card at me. So I got NO GAS! I barely made it to where I commute to up North. Soooo rude and nasty he was. This was the AFTER 6 am guy. Guys earlier r ALWAYS nice and NEVER an issue putting in my Rewards Card

  155. My attempt to obtain gasoline from the Shell station at 76th st and Capitol Drive in Milwaukee Wis. was a very disappointing experience, to the point that I left to use my rewards card for BP which always accepts their card. I carry not one, but TWO Shell rewards cards, one Home Depot Corporate and one personal and the pump, then the attendant informed me that they weren’t accepting them anymore. Fine, two less cards to carry around. The Hell with Shell!

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  157. I am writing my experience but as I been reading the above it look like Shell do not train their employees of good customer services or the employees do not care to put the company they represent in the position we all expect of respect an honor and it shock me. I never expect to have so traumatic experience in my life I still do not understand the reaction of the attendants (2) at Shell Gas Station (57543868202) 11201 SW 184th Street, Perrine (Miami), Fl on 9/16/2018 around 6:00 PM, where I purchase The Works Car Wash, The machine get stock with my car full of soap and the arm of the machine by the front of my car. I intent to call there is no tel number listed on the ticket, worst my cell lost signal, then I start honking, thee customer on line for next car wash ask me what happens then he went to the store to ask for help from the employee in charge Name Eva, she told him she was busy and also the other employee Bryan, the customer (Mr. Beckford) went 3 times inside asking for help, same history, then I moved his car from the line and I start backing off and then suddenly the car wash start working again and do the wash but not a full as I have paid for, I went inside and approach the attendance Eva to explain what happened, I’m a very polite 73 yrs old lady, that always shows respect for all people and do not lost my temper or use incorrect or inappropriate language anywhere, also the other customer Mr. Beckford look same, as he was approaching very correctly to the employees. As soon as I start explaining the lady what happens she lost control and start yelling to me that that happens when people do not wait foe a carwash end to enter their code and that I have used the other customer’s payment going back and front and that was my only problem with him and that I have to pay him his car wash as I have stolen. must of this time she was speaking Spanish using bar words from her origin country, I’m Spanish specking but not the other customer. I asked her to please give me a number to call as we both clients want to speak with a manager, she refuses and called herself the manager giving her story in Spanish never mentioned that I was stuck at the machine, and telling that we both coming yelling and insulting her, Eva also told me as she was speaking Spanish only, that she was not there to manage what’s going outside the store as she has to take care of the clients inside and her assistant was also busy, at this time also here assistant Bryan said in Spanish, this is not our problem this is ($#@## ) between them. Eva also called the owner, we asked her to please let us speak with the owner or the manager and she said no if you want to speak with the manager you need to come back tomorrow. She refuse to allow us speak with any of them, also she refuses to provide us with a telephone number, and she state clear she was not going to reimburse or give any credit to any of us. At the time I went to fill my tank and do the car wash I was experiencing some chest pain and with the reaction and insults of this lady my pain tiger and I end in the Hospital. I mention this to create an awareness as they never know what can happens to a person and they need to learn to be more alert and supportive to thee clients, we are using the same services as the clients inside the store, and if they are the employees attending the store they are also responsible for whatever happens with the pumps and the car wash. As you can see in this writing Ms. Eva never listen to what happens she never stop arguing to realize there was a problem that she suppose to handle and not to start accusing us for the incorrect use of an equipment that is there for us to use after paying for, that we do not manipulate it. I believe we need an explanation of the action of this 2 employees an I do not want for them to lose their job but for them to learn customer services and how to handle solutions, I was expecting to receive more courtesy and respect not insults and be ashamed in front of all the clients. I am very disappointed with the service I have received from 2 representatives of this important company. I will looking forward to hear from you as soon as you can.
    Thank you,
    Emma Rivera

  158. I would like to know who inspects dealer franchise stores for proper up keep of property and infrastructure repairs. The place to check out is the Shell in Rimbey, alberta, Canada. The wash bays are always filthy, coin machines do not take the new 1 and 2 dollar coin. It is run by Asian family and they do not seem to be concerned as to how the site looks. Nothing more annoying is having to step in 3 inches of mud and filth when trying to wash your car or truck. Just last week I entered the car wash, placed 15.00 in the machine to find out that there was no soap. Went to the office and told them, and oh well nothing he could do about it. Never offered to give me a free wash . Piss poor service.

  159. My husband and I purchased gas at one of your stations in Tifton,Ga, 2302 Hgwy 41 North on 9/30/18 The pumps were antiquated, the washrooms were old and filthy with out any handsoap . It was actually a health department nightmare. Please do something about this mess.

  160. Shell station in tucson located on broadway and Wilmot advertise s that they are open 24/7. . I arrived 9:11 in the evening to discover a locked door and a sign reading 30 min wait to get gas .

  161. My fiance is a previous employee of shell in Boyne city Michigan. Chris the assistant manager is telling everyone out in the public why he got fired which he shouldn’t be. Everytime I have went into shell the products are severely dusty. To me the amount of dust on the products looks like they don’t dust at all.

  162. RE Account: Shell gas

    I understand the need for account Security. I will not use a card which will decline valid charges without reason or any attempt to contact me first.

    The pump said “You cannot use your card at this pump”. I had my daughter in her car at the pump behind my car. We were going to my brothers funeral in Colorado.

    I went into the crowed store, waited in line, then and asked the cashier what was wrong. He did not have any idea what was wrong. I asked the clerk to activate the “two pump’s with my shell card as a payment. He said it authorized one pump but Schell declined the 2nd pump, my daughters pump behind my cars pump.

    So in a store full of people my shell card was declined. I bought a small amount of gas at the only authorized pump. Then I bought gas at a different brand store.

    I will not stand in a store of people and be declined by shell ever again. Of course, it was after hours and I could not even contact the phone number at shell. A company you expect more from.

    I will be closing my shell, and all my Citibank managed accounts in the near future. I will never trust shell again. Never. Stop sending me “fake emails” about some great savings with the shell card which you declined with no reason or contact. I have advised everyone I work with and have contact with what Shell does to its customers.

    Daniel Nichols

  163. Hi, I’m hoping you can forward this question to the president of Shell and that his/her answer is transcribed into the reply, I know this wishful thinking. I’m curious why I just saw a commercial on YouTube from Shell about Hydrogen Fuel Technology. To be honest, that’s not really my question, the context of my question relates to my awareness that the next economic system they (I don’t exactly know who “they” are, just whomever the powers that be are) plan on creating a Resource Economy and then a Passion Economy. With that said, as an American Indian, my people will likely be extinct, although passion Economy follows more closely with an American Indian way of life. So, to bring my question into focus, why is the world going to pursue (bear with me) ignorance, apathy and negligence of the American Indian plight of being endangered caused by exposure to Western Society? American Indians have given so much, our food when Western Society were starving when they arrived (please don’t assume that having a holiday “Thanks Giving” is par), our blood when we fought for Western Societies Freedom against 8 Nations, our patience, tolerance and understanding when Western Society behaved poorly from culture shock, despite doing our best to respond diplomatically while Western Society invents increasing creative ways to ignore our Sovereignty in our own ancestral land. I know this is a huge question, but as a company in a position of global power, I thought I would open up a dialogue to try and understand. I would like to see a future where my people are not endangered or extinct, where Western Society has matured and respects the way of life of the people whose land Western Society is in. I know, Hydrogen Fuel Technology seems like a start, but for whom is that future for? I’m an Inventor, I could contribute so much to a future where Equality is more than a pursuit, as countless Tribes and Ethnicities can as well, on our own terms. If history has taught me anything, it’s that this email will be ignored or sent to people that will either discredit me or make me disappear or maybe I just have PTSD from a lifetime of alienation and the genetic memory of hundreds of years of oppression. But, we can choose to change things for the better, as a world, if we want to. I hope none of this sounded like a guilt trip or some other negative statement! I just want to create a resolution my people can smile at, a future we would be happy to raise our children in. Please respond, I would like to become Pen-Pals and brainstorm solutions and to be honest, it’s less about you specifically and more about understanding the perspective of Governments, Agencies, Militaries and Corporations so a mutual solution can be created. Thank you for your time.

  164. Trying to pay my Shell credit card online is virtually impossible. You cannot just go to the payment page, you have to go through numerous screens. Absolutely ridiculous. I guess I will pay have to pay by mail. I do not want to go through payment companies, just want to go to Shells website and make a payment.

  165. Store 10010452000
    Skyland Blvd E. Tuscaloosa AL:

    (1st: I enjoy the clean burning Shell fuel and the ongoing Rewards Program!)

    At today’s fillup (1214/18) And Wednesday’s fillup (12/12), there were no paper towels accessible from the dispensers at the pumps.
    There were 3-4 windshield squeegees, several were missing.

    Today’s rain squalls in the area necessitated my applying more RainX; NO towels! I used two of my shop rags in my Emergency Kit.

    I asked the attendant on duty …when he had a moment to restock the paper towel dispensers.

    He replied that they’re out there. Didn’t I see the towels?

    I replied they’re all empty.

    He asked, Did you open up the dispenser stations? The customers yank too hard.

    I replied no, I tried to put on the short stubs…all stuck or empty. I didn’t believe I should be opening up his equipment.

    He offered me a few sheets of paper towel..I said no thank you, I’ve already accomplished what I needed…just wanted to give home some feedback.

    (The dispensers were empty Wednesday and today. Still, several w/s squeegees were missing.)

    My wife and I like using your store; it’s only about 8 blocks from the house. You’ve provided us a great product!

  166. #12377951004 202 W. Brandon Blvd Brandon FL 33511-5104

    I have been to this station many times and my last 2 visits it says I have 5 cents but each time it charges me the going rate, just thought you should know

  167. The shell gas station on 8700 rivers ave, N. Charleston, SC has rightfully attempted that they have recieved numerous complaints about their gas having extremely high amounts of water in it, causing issues in peoples cars including mines but are giving me an extremely hard time for a refund of $85. I did not ask for a repair reimbursement. All I asked was for my money to be refunded to me for purchasing a porduct that was defective. I have a shell fuel rewards account and sent them a screen shot of my recent transaction history as a validation for a receipt. It has the stations address, date, transaction number, amount I paid, and the amount the was per gallon. But they are saying, that is not good enough as a receipt and than tells me to send in a bank statement (I used cashed for majority of my payments so that isnt an option), go to the store for a copy, (they stated do not have that ability), and than they told me to call the fuel rewards for an e-receipt after i already told them there online site clearly says they are only available in 5 locations. 4 in NC and 1 in AR. I live in SC so why would they even tell me about that as an option is not ok. I still called and was told what I already knew: “Even though i have opt into E-Receipts, because the location im in doesn’t support that, they cannot give that to me. So now my time is completely wasted and I know, based upon the screen shot of my transaction, they can look into their system and get everything else they need but just refuses not to because they’d rather not give me my money back.

  168. When approaching checkout counter the male clerk (not sure nationality) started speaking loudly to me saying that I had been in the store a few days ago on Saturday and had stolen candy and cough drops. I was just traveling through and had not been in that gas station in 15 years. I thought he was joking but he reached for his phone stating he was calling law enforcement for they were looking for me. I was speechless for a moment, not believing what I was hearing. He continued to say they had a video picture of me and continued to insist that I had stolen items from their store. He showed me a picture of a lady that he said was me. She had similar hair color but my hair is long and the lady in the picture had shorter hair. He told me to leave the store and not to come back. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I am a strong Christian lady and would never take anything from anyone. I am a retired healthcare worker with a clean slate. Why would any public employer in a place of business treat a customer like this. There is no excuse for this type of behavior, he humiliated and embarrassed me in front of other customers and clearly accused the wrong person of shoplifting. I contacted local sheriff office to let them know what had happened but was told it was a management and employee training issue. They did communicate to me that they had not received any calls from this gas station regarding any theft issues and that they had not been looking for anyone as was told to me by store clerk. After thinking about this disturbing incident I am thankful it was me that got the blunt of this terrible mistake. If it had been someone else with a bad temper this store clerk may have gotten hurt or worse. People these days don’t take this type of behavior lightly.This Shell gas station is located 1104 Camargo Rd. near Mt. Sterling Ky. We need to stop purchasing gas at these stations. I will be getting information out to all of my contacts.

  169. Memehana at Waiehu Shell on Maui is always so pleasant and helpful! I really appreciate her service. That’s why I only buy my gas & beer at the Waiehu store.
    Memehana is such an asset for Shell.
    Aloha, Charis

  170. I have been a fuel rewards customer for several years now and I always us Shell gas when I buy gas. I am buying a 2014 VW Jetta SE and recently my EPC light is coming on. I took it to the VW dealership and they said that the codes are showing that I had some bad gas in my tank. I only purchase Shell so I gotten some bad gas that is causing me car troubles.

    The dealership put an additive in the tank and told me to try another gas company that is on the Top Tier list. I tried Citgo and it is doing better than it was, I don’t know if I should have the tank drain and replenish with another brand of gas.

    This is causing me expenses and I hate to have to start using another gas company.

  171. I have been buying gas at the same station for several years. There seems to be new Managers at the station (2413 US Highway 301 N Ellenton FL 34222. The last few weeks they have the price posted at $2.30.9 which is 5 cents less than other Shell Stations within the area. The only problem is that when you use your Shell Rewards Card it accepts it but doesn’t reduce the price. When I asked why, I was told it only works if you come in and ask for it prior to filling up. Think they have figured out a way to sucker patrons into the station and perhaps cheating Shell.

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