Contact Shark Vacuum Customer Service

Contact Shark Vacuum Customer Service

Contacting Shark Vacuum Customer Service Center

Shark Vacuum is one of several cleaning products sold under the Shark name. Shark appears to be owned and operated by Euro-Pro in the United State and Canada, though fulfillment and returns in the United States are handled by Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics. Some of the more popular Shark products include the Rocket vacuum and Steam and Spray mop. Shark Vacuum customer service is available to assist customers seven days a week.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Shark Vacuum customer service line is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-798-7398

Mailing Address

There are four important addresses for Shark Vacuum customer service. The first is the corporate address in the United States and the second the corporate address in Canada. The final two addresses are for returns in the United States and Canada.

Euro-Pro Attn: Customer Service 180 Wells Ave. Ste. 200 Newton, MA 02459


Euro-Pro Canada Attn: Customer Service 4400 Bois Franc St Laurent, QC H4S 1A7

US Returns:

Euro-Pro c/o Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics 15820 Euclid Ave. Chino, CA 91708

Canadian Returns:

Euro-Pro 4400 Bois Franc St Laurent, QC H4S 1A7

Official Website

Visitors to the official Shark Vacuum customer service website at can read detailed description of all the newest and most popular Shark products. Online orders are supported, but you must register for an account to complete the order. Shark products, including the Shark Vacuum, are available at many Wal-Mart stores.

Social Media

We found one social media page listed on the official website for Shark Vacuum customer service. You can visit the page without signing up for a social networking account, but if you want to send a message to the Shark company you must register and log in to your account. You will receive a response via the social network; in this case, Facebook.

Customer Service Email

There are multiple email addresses and contact forms for Shark Vacuum customer service. The first and second options are for customer service. The third is to contact the website webmaster with a comment or feedback about the actual website.

Our Experience

The Shark Vacuum customer service line is handled by Euro-Pro, the company behind the products. We pressed 1 for English and # to skip entering the account number. We then pressed 6 for customer service. The call was then transferred to a customer service representative, according to the automated voice. Unfortunately, we were transferred to another list of options. This time we were asked to choose from a list of product categories, including sewing machines, Ninja and vacuums. When we finally connected with an agent her accent was extremely strong. We called back a few hours later. The second agent also had a strong accent.

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192 Comments on “Contact Shark Vacuum Customer Service
  1. Over many years I have owned many top of the line vaccums gone as far as two dysons at a time and I have to say once I got my Shark lift away I have been so impressed with it starting with the price, the easy use of it and when replacement parts are needed are easy to get and at an appropriate price. The vacuum is easy to clean as well. It does what is expected from carpets to hard floors and the tools on it are practical and used all the time. I would definately continue to buy shark products even over the over priced dyson with the expensive filters and impractical pieces that are rarely used or get lost. One product I will continue to use. I even gave my two dysons to other people. I have reccomended these products to many other people. Again thank you for the opportunity to tell you what I think.

    • trying to register shark navigator swivel that I purchased at KOHL’s/Simpsonville sc on 6-13-15. I think your customer service ‘STINKS”

    • trying to register shark navigator swivel that I purchased at KOHL’s/Simpsonville sc on 6-13-15. I think your customer service ‘STINKS”

  2. Trying to register my Shark cordless vacuum model no. SV75C 14 recently purchased at Canadian Tire, to no avail.

    Hope this vacuum works better than your registration service. Very exasperating.

  3. Trying to register Shark cordless vacuum model SV75C 14 recently purchased at Canadian Tire, but to no avail.

    Sure hope this vacuum works better than the your registration system.

  4. this is not a comment it’s a question regarding registration I maile last week to register my shark.

    the model # shome on the machine is apparently a serial since at the end of my on line registration an icon showed a different model #.

    we purchased our shark on 7/24/14 it’s s3601d n40. please let me know if the registration is in effect.

    thank you

    mignon tagliaferri

  5. Bought a shark rotator pro this morning. Will either get a refund or throw it at someone. The suction is great, just too bad as a canister it’s useless. I have all tile and wood floors, cannot get under furniture without laying on the floor, the handle gets stuck. I will go get another miehle, it had way better suction, and I could actually use it. The “wand” on this shark is about 12-15 inches too short. Been trying to use it for an hour, gave up, back hurts too bad now.

    • Hello, we purchased a Shark Navigator for our small business, just to vacuum the rugs that customers walk on as they enter our business, not a huge job. Our office manager used it on Fridays to vacuum the three rugs, unfortunately she didnt tell me the vacuum was preforming horribly! I recent was there on a friday and tried to use the machine and was hugely disappointed in its performance. The suction was very weak so i tore it apart and tried to find a source for the lack of suction. I could find no reason. What little sand it does suck up gets stuck in the hose and the top part of the canister. I tried to return it to the Walmart that we bought it in but was told we had had it to long and they wouldnt take it back. Had i known it was not working well i would have returned it sooner, not your fault i know. I am wondering if there is anything you could do for us. If i could send it in or get a replacement??? Please let me know if there is anything you could do to help out a small business owner. Thank you. Rhonda

  6. I received my Shark Rocket 2 days ago. I’m going in for my 3 back surgery 9/3 and have a Dyson, which is like pulling a dinosaur around. I used the Rocket today for the 1st time. I’m thrilled, so light, so fast, no pushing, it pulls me around. I did a rug in the family room we were going to replace because we have two shedding dogs, and when I was done it looked brand new. The carpet companies will hate you because people will clean things they were going to replace. Thank you for thinking of everything. Now I can vacuum and don’t have to ask my husband to do it. It was worth every penny. Can’t wait to use the other attachments. Love it, love it, love it!

  7. I think my produce should BE HERE, YESTERDAY!!! This is the first time these words were used by me in regards to the vacuum.
    Some other interested customer may have voiced the same sentiment. No love lost, just desperately in need of this product.

  8. I just used my Shark Rotator Pro (NV501)for the first time and it was awesome. I’ve only used one attachment so far, but this vacuum is so impressive. I couldn’t believe all the pet hair and dust my old vacuum left behind, it was actually embarrassing (I also thought I was good at cleaning). I’ll be recommending the Shark to everyone! Thank you so much for such an excellent product.

  9. Have been using the Shark cordless for about 5 months. It WAS great. Now it not working at all. Has been plugged in for a week now and there is no power. Please advise.

  10. Why can’t I find the refills for the carpet cleaner? I tried Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart both. I know I can order it online, but, it’s more expensive.

    Thank you for your help.

    Lynne Reid

  11. I just want to know how much it cost to rplace a battery pack and where could I get one ?

    Thank You

    Gilles Levesque


  13. I love my shark vac and the shark mop. I will be purchasing another mop in the near furture but I was wondering if you could design one that would be easier in dumping the extra water.

  14. in Aug. i called and ordered a new handle for my shark sweeper model number V2945Z, you sent me just the handle i need the hole bottom that goes into the machine i thought mine was broken when it came off but it did snap back in. but was wondering if you could send the bottom part of the handle so if it and when it breaks i’ve got it. the top part is not going to help me. please let me know about this. thank you arlene nelson

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my shark navigator. I have been using it for 3 years. NOW,I just purchased a Shark Rocket. OMG, it is fabulous. Even with the beater bar turned off, the suction is enough to pull up the nap on carpet. I LOVE your products. Thank you for making my life much easier and better. I am on disability and have severe back problems. I can handle the Shark with no problems. Thank YOU!!!

  16. At last a product that does what it says and then some. I used my
    new Shark Vacuum today and was amazed at what it sucked up. I thought
    the rugs and floors were fairly clean. I now know that to be not true.Could not believe it! The years of dirt and dust are now all
    gone. GREAT JOB SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. I purchased a Shark a few years ago from QVC and was happy with it until it developed a very loud noise. Customer Service tried to resolve the problem over the phone having me do all sorts of tests. A new filter was sent to me which did not do anything to resolve the problem. I even took the cleaner to our local vaccum repair shop and they could not take it apart to find out what was causing the loud noise.
    I even recommeded this shark to several other people to purchase and I even purchased one for my granddaughter. I do not know where else to turn for help. I do not want to mail it because it will cost alot for shipping. Please let me know what to do.

  18. LIES,LIES,LIES and more Lies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!replacement NV355 vacuum with 5 year WARRANTY, per head of customer service in Montreal new unit was supposed to be shipped Immediately once they received my tracking number from UPS when i shipped the old one to them.Tracking number was given to Shark on Fri.the 5th since this was late Fri. i assumed it would be shipped Mon. the 8th as of Today Thurs. the 11th it has not been shipped, i was told it was shipped Tues. the 9th and told the same on Weds.the 10th so as you can see LIES,LIES,LIES,LIES Shark Customer Service is the WORST i have ever seen. And remember this was from one of Shark’s Senior Executives in their Montreal Headquaters

  19. Contacted CS (1/14/15) regarding my sharp vacuum/steamer that wasn’t working. I had no receipt or an exact date of purchase but the gentleman who answered could not have been more helpful. He stated he was fairly new but certainly was very efficient.So sorry I didn’t write his name down to give him the recognition he deserves. Since my item was still under waranty I am receiving a new replacement products- no questions asked!Could not appreciate this more. Thanks so much!

  20. So disappointed. Vacuum less than one year old and even after replacing filters my options for repair or replacement are going to cost me a lot. The motor smells like a melt down. I could buy a cheaper vacuum for less and replace it each year cheaper. I am in shock and so dumbfounded.

  21. I recently called customer service concerning my s3101 Euro Pro steam mop. It’s 3 years old. I was told it couldn’t be fixed due to its age and was offered the same model for more money than it costs at our local Walmart. The warranty would be 90 days if shipped from factory as opposed to 1 year if I bought it from Walmart. What’s the point??? This tells me Shark products don’t last long and I won’t be helped when it goes bad.


  23. I have had the Shark Navigator for a couple of years and it is a vacuum with great suction. The one thing that really annoys me is the fact that the hose has zero stretch. How is one to hold the machine while reaching with the hose to get in difficult areas????

  24. Five or six years ago I purchased a shark vacuum along with a Dyson vacuum I bought them both to decide which one would be the best for me. I’ve come to like both vacuums the only problems in which I’ve had were that shark is very difficult to register the product Dyson had no problem registering my product. About two years after purchasing the shark the head of the vacuum fell off I called the 800-number trying to get some assistance, nothing! The customer support line would act as if they do not understand the words that were coming out of my mouth I guess that could be true since I could not understand the words that was coming out of their mouth so I gave up and started sending emails and again nothing! So I bought another shark navigator then the hose splits in half again try calling and I’ve gotten nowhere what good is a ten year warranty if no one’s going to help you get the problem fixed. the shark is a good vacuum Dyson is also a great vacuum I broke a small piece on the Dyson canister call Dyson and within 48 hours I had a new canister without question even after the warranty had expired. If I were buying based on customer service then Dyson would be the way to go.

  25. was never answered over the phone but also wasn’t hung up on just open phone line with nothing on other end of line after 17 min of air call I hung up the phone to email my concern with my shark vacume NV40040 model #/ please contact me

  26. My husband didn’t want to buy this in the first place, but I pushed it based on TV ads. It arrived yesterday and we assembled it, only to discover the roller doesn’t work. He called customer service, waited close to 20 minutes for a rep. Finally got someone who sounded helpful. Spoke about 10 minutes, checking each piece of the vacuum. Then they were suddenly disconnected. Our phone was still active, so the disconnection was definitely on the other end. Although the rep had our phone #, she didn’t call us back, so we’re thinking it was intentional. Now I guess we have to start all over. Or we might just send it back. Very frustrating!!!

  27. I saw your vacuum advertised on May 16th on TV. I phoned last evening the 17th to order the vacuum. The girl I talked with to order the vacuum gave me many prices with different brushes and etc. I told her all I wanted was the vacuum advertised on TV. She quoted me many prices and had me so confused I just ordered what I thought was the vacuum on the TV AD but realized after hanging up she had over charged me. It was advertised for $279.95. She quoted me a price of $346.49. After thinking it through last evening I decided to phone first thing this am and cancer the order, which I did. I was told it was already being shipped and I could not cancel. How could it be shipped when I just ordered it last evening the 17th. They said I would have to receive the vacuum and call and get a receipt and send it back. This is just a way for you to send the vacuum for me to keep. I’m very upset the way this has been handled as I know they could have cancelled it this am. I will definitely send it back for the treatment I have received over this order. The many negative comments on your comment section are true and I intend to write one after this is all over and even phone the Better Business Bureau. This was handled in the poorest way.
    Sincerely,Sue Grubbs

  28. My Shark Rotator is currently at the repair shop. the roller quit rolling and the repair shop doesn’t think it’s JUST the belt but probably the motor. I haven’t even had it a year. If it is the motor, the repair shop wasn’t sure I could get a replacement as he’s had other people with the same problem and not able to get the part.
    I was loving my Shark but now I’m not sure. We’ll see if it can be repaired or if I am able to connect with the Shark people.

  29. I was contacted and sent info about a recall to my shark rotator lift away nv650w. Th rep. Could not get the fedex lable emailed for some reason. I was mailed a label and bag to return the metal wand part to
    the vaccum to you. It took 1 week to get the bag and label. I have waited 1 week for the new part, only to be told it has not been mailed out. Customer service tried to tell me I did not have the right label.
    which was no so. It was the return label to return the psckage. I am not a stupid person and I can read. Did not appreciate this service at all. I have purchased 3 vaccums , accessories, supplies carpet cleaner
    and ninja from this company. Believed you when you said returning was easy.

    Carolyn Bull (DISAPOINTED)
    ninja from this company, but this recall has tried my patience.


  30. Love my Shark Rotator for cleaning my rugs but hate it for my bare floors. The bare floor attachment is the worst. I’m try to figure out a way I can attach my old floor brush to this vacuum. This is the one reason why I would never purchase another Shark vacuum. Not sure why they would make something so badly.

  31. I agree with #33. Since the recall I have not been able to use the product. They sold me a system with a shock hazard. Sent the part back they have not replaced it and I setting her with a useless vaccum cleaner. Costumer service is non existent and they won’t send me my money back even though they sold me a defective device. Steer away from this company they are just after your money.

  32. tried to order parts for my vacuum cleaner but order would not process. web site has problems. would not take the state and kept asking for it even after it was entered automatically when I entered my zip code. call your number, person said she would transfer me. I was transferred and you have a long waiting time. in other words you have lousy service. website for ordering is no good and your telephone service is lousy. hope my credit card doesn’t get all screwed up due to your poor service.

  33. I purchased model #NV650W Shark Rotator True Pet on 5/26/15 from your TV Commercial. I tried to register online, and I have had no luck. Also I’m concerned about the recall, does this effect the NV650W Series? Can I buy the 3 filters at Walmart or some other retailer or do I have to order them direct? I did purchase my Shark direct from the company. According to the TV commercial it has a lifetime warranty. But my paper work says it has a 7 yr. Warranty. I hope that I wasn’t mislead by what was stated on TV.

  34. I bought the Shark Plus vacuum. I absolutely love it!! I had a Kirby which I spent $1,000 for and it never did a great job like this does!! This also is quieter and light weight too unlike the Kirby which sounded like a jet plane!! Thanks you sold me!!

  35. I wanted to take the tie to comment on the SHARK vacuum’s I have bought over the year. FABULOUS. Your product has made my life so much easier and I truly Thank You for an excellent product line . I have purchased 9 Shark items including hand held, floor steamer, etc. The preformances of all has been exactly as described. Keep up the great work.

  36. I kept calling the 1800 number provided to help and all I got was passed off on to a number that was discontinued. I love my shark, but getting someone to help you with a problem is ridicous. The brush isn’t working & I tried to get help, but NO help.

  37. I bought a shark Rocket Deluxe Pro off the t.v. I sent an email to the company and it would not go
    through, came back as ” invaild address”. I cannot find hv 321 filters anywhere. I am thinking of
    writing to the attorney general of texas to investigate this company. I do not like all the negative
    views on this company. I am supposed to have a lifetime warrenty, but it seems to come down to
    5 year warrenty.

  38. What! This vacuum has made my day! I am a clean freak and I have only used my Shark twice and I’m still pulling up dirt that I have no idea where it is from! What a wonderful little machine! It’s nice to appreciate our investment! Thank you from Walla Walla, Washington!

  39. I am thrilled with my Shark Rotator vacuum cleaner and although I had an issue with a torn gasket, customer service was AWESOME and I am looking forward to receiving a whole new canister in 3 – 5 days. Now, IF that doesn’t happen (& I feel sure that it will!) the company will be hearing from me. But right now I have NO regrets and no problems with customer service. Thank you from Pelham, GA!

  40. You have the worst online customer service…You just keep getting passed to another recorded message. I was interested in buying a Shark vacuum cleaner but could never talk to someone. What a crock!I will buy a Hoover. I can bet you have lost numerous customers!!!

  41. I have actually three cordless hand vacs, one is a cheaper model that I just bought and left at my house in Alabama.. I had two in Illinois, and gave one to my granddaughter. I called Shark today since on my vac, the rotary brush would not rotate.. they are sending me another no charge, and didn’t take long for the phone call. I must not have registered the other one, or it was out of warranty, and my granddaughter told me the one I gave her wasn’t rotating either.. I had to order one for her at a cost of 19.00 plus shipping etc. Also I was told that the Shark upright that my daughter just bought within the last 6 months… the rotary brush wasn’t working on that either… Shark vacs have great power, picking up so much more than my Sears canister but I am beginning to wonder about the quality of the Sharks..

  42. your customer service does not exist it takes forever to get thru to a live body and when I finally did for a simple hose I am told it is not available, also you have no repair or outside parts facilities so I guess I will have to throw this piece of junk away and buy a dyson,I will certainly let my friends know that if their shark ever needs repair or parts they might as well trash it because your company cannot follow-up or provide either.

  43. I think your shark lift away is the most unhandy vacuum I have ever used. Hands down, THE most unhandy. Suction’s good but the electrical cord couldn’t be in a more inconvenient place. It is continually wrapped around my feet and I’m pretty clumsy. I’ve had it about a year and it doesn’t get any better. I have 2 large hairy dogs so I vacuum a lot. I guess I’m going to have to buy something else because I know I’m going to trip and break something. It doesn’t pick up the sand the dogs bring very well either. I’m thinking about a dyson.

  44. I need to get my Shark repaired and I need to communicate with customer service!!! I tried all morning to get someone on the phone. My shark vacuum is nine months old and I’m hoping there is a warranty on it. I paid $300.00 for it and I want to get it fixed!!!

  45. The bald headed man that does the commercials makes you think these are the best vacuum cleaners for your money, but we bought 6 of them and everyone of them has failed us. I would never buy another shark product because I believe they are an inferior product. Their durability is pathetic at best. Your infomercials should be outlawed for false advertisement. If you respond to this make sure that I am talking to the bald headed man on the infomercial.

    My Deepest Regrets For Buying Your Product

  46. I just talked to a customer service rep about my Shark vac & steam MV2010N, 1611 plug number. This was purchased in 2013 and this is the second time I have had to replace this unit. It has been used perhaps 20 times. It started to steam for 10 seconds then quit. I went through all the protocols with your help desk. I think a two year life expectancy on a product of this type is on the lean side.I understand you do not make this model any more. What can you do for me or do I have to go to the Consumer Protection Agency. Robert E. Cline, 150 Warren Heights Drive, Marietta Ohio. 45750 Phonr 740-373-4096

  47. The white ring that holds the vacuum hose to the vacuum is broken and I need one. Can you send me one please? Also, placed an order but did’nt get a conformation. Please help! Phone number is: 815-301-7754

  48. Tried to contact Customer Service through the 800 number given. All I got was info on the Shark products. Wanted to talk to customer service to see what my balance was and never did get to talk to a live person. Wish read reviews before purchasing it that was a big mistake on my part

  49. I notified sales that I am returning the Shark Rocket I purchased I was told to
    wait for a return label to be sent to me, now I want to know when I should receive
    the return label? I just ordered the Shark Liftaway Pro

    Thank you

  50. You lost a sale today, but customer service does not seem to be high on your list of priorities. I tried to buy a Shark Rocket Ultra Pro, advertised as free shipping which would take 2 to 3 weeks. Woman said no, 25 dollars shipping because I live in Hawaii.I said ‘okay, how soon will it get here?’. She would give me no answers until I gave her all my information. Then she said that it would take 4 to 6 weeks! I use UPS in retail, and I know what the charges are, and also know that it usually only takes 2 or 3 days in transit. Why would you make a customer wait for a month or more before you ship the merchandise when many companies do it so quickly? Because you don’t care!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and she connected me to an automated voice trying to sell me a blender! I am so old so I remember when businesses had integrity, cared about their reputation and tried to build good reputations and to have satisfied customers. Not you, obviously! You reap what you sow. Shark is a good product but your customer service is terrible, as most of these comment attest.

  51. I got a shark vacuum about 2 years ago. I love it so much. it does the job. But on the down side. My shark vacuum now has duct tape in alot of places the hose has split and cracked in severalplaces and one of the latches snapped off when i inserted a tool. I take very good care of my things and my vacuum. But it has done me wrong. i feel it is my obligation to let others kow about what has happened. signed duct taped vacuum.

  52. In May of this year I purchased a Shark Rotator Vacuum. After using it one time, the filter on the front flew off and I have never been able to get it to stay on. I can not count the times I have called for customer service to help me…I finally gave up. The only time I got someone to talk to, she was impatient with me and finally disconnected me. Since then I have not been able to use the vacuum. So my review would not be favorable to Shark. I would like to send this vacuum back but since no one will get on the telephone to talk to me it looks like I am stuck with a vacuum that I paid over $400. dollars for that I can not even use.

  53. Worst customer service ever! Jenny (who would not give me a extension number or transfer me to someone else and would not give me her full name) who I had the pleasure of arguing with since I am not apparently capable of telling her whats going on with my 2nd vacuum that I have purchased from Shark both of which quit working in the first year and the 2nd one is only 7 months old! She just suggested I purchase another one, NO isn’t that’s why they have a warranty? After we do all the trouble shooting she still just wanted to send me a new hose and handle and not worry about the motor that’s bad. Now that I have to pay for shipping both ways and I am not even sure what I am getting back! I wish you stood by your products that you claim are the best thing since sliced bread. Ridiculous

  54. Shark Rotator NV650 series
    2 things
    1 Brand new vacuum.. when vacuum cleaning carpet I hear a squeak Why I emptied the dust holder. Checked the brush

    2 I would like to get another pad for the floor unit


  55. Shark vacuum customer service is far the worst service I have ever experienced. If the product I have purchased is half as bad as the customer service department, it will be an immediately return without doubt. I was told upon purchase including all extra attachments available that I would receive my product within 5 to seven days. It has now been 19 days since ordered and paid for. Fed-X, according to their records received a shipping lable from Shark Nov 25, but has no records of it in their shipping system. It had better be here within three day’s or I will cancel my order completely.

  56. Hello we bought a shark upright approx five yes ago. Approx one yr again the hose crack in two different places the top and on the bottom. We love the vacuum but can only use half the vacuum. Is this a problem.

  57. I purchased Shark vacuum cleaner and at the same time I purchased the little hand vacuum cleaner. I am very unhappy with the hand held vacuum. It does not hold charge and it takes forever for it to charge.I like to return this item to you and I would like to get the floor steamer mop that was offered at the time I purchased my vacuum. I am well pleased with the vacuum cleaner.

    Thank you,
    Dorothy Robinson

  58. I am frustrated. We just bought a Shark Rotator several hours ago and when I try and register it with the model, number , NV501 26 4005658, it tells me that is incorrect. I tried just the NV501 26 without the numbers and it says the same thing, I tried 4005658 alone and it tells, me the same thing. I will return it if to Lowes If can’t register it.

    Signed, Frustrated in Indiana / Allen Mitchell

  59. I received a Shark Professional Rocket Vacuum for Christmas. We opened it yesterday and discovered a cracked piece in an attachment hose, preventing it from clicking into place. I have tried to call the Customer Service number given and cannot reach anyone. The automatic call gets stuck in my phone and I can’t hang up or get rid of it. I finally turned my phone off to do so.


  60. I received great service from your service rep. ,but I failed to receive my promised shipping label. I am sending this to be sure that you have my correct e-mail address, .
    Thanks for your service and time helping me to get my problem resolved.
    Address- 318 Cypress Street
    Newburgh ,IN 47630

  61. I bought a Shark cordless vacuum SV75C 14 from Canadian Tire in Toronto ON a few weeks ago. I want to know how long the battery will last and from where I can purchase a replacement battery also dust cap filters and the prices for them

  62. I purchased a shark navigator lift away in October. Last week while vacuuming my Berber carpet the roller broke on the vacuum. I emailed and called the customer multiple times ( never actually getting through on the phone or getting a response from my email). I absolutely love this vacuums , but extremely disappointed and in the customer service. I would like the part replaced as the vacuum is only months old and it should not have broken so quickly. Please advise.
    Ann Cooper
    716- 880-9684

  63. OMG!!! I just used a shark rocket HV301 for the first time. In my opinion, Euro Pro needs to go back to the drawing board, and this time please ask women first before getting your engineers to design (I’m sure you are all men!!) First, do you at Euro Pro realize how many humans have back problems???? I didn’t think so!! I used it on my kitchen floor which had small bits of cracker crumbs. Mostly picked them all up, but there were several it refused to pick up. So I bent down to see if it was stuck to the floor. It was not!! Try again, still would not pick up. It seemed to be spitting out the one little crumb from the back. And, the worse part:EURO PRO PEOPLE: PLEASE READ THIS!! CANNOT BELIEVE YOU PRODUCED A PRODUCT THAT HAS THE HEAVY MOTOR CLOSE TO THE CONSUMER. IN FACT, IT’S RIGHT AT THEIR HANDS! NOT GOOD ! PLEASE TALK TO OSHA !! TO LEARN HOW TO PRODUCE A SAFE PRODUCT. NEXT; YOU HAVE THE EXHAUST FAN BLOWING RIGHT AT THE CONSUMERS BELLY, WHICH BLEW PAPERS OFF MY COUNTER ONTO THE FLOOR. DO I WANT HOT EXHAUST AIR BLOWING DIRECTLY ON ME??? NO!!!!! WHERE I CAN BREATH IT IN????? I ALMOST PASSED OUT WHEN I SAW HOW MUCH CONSUMERS ARE PAYING FOR THIS, OVER $200 THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING ETC. THE MOST IMPORTANT: I HAVE A BACK PROBLEM, WITHIN 3 MINS OF USING THE MIDDLE OF MY BACK WAS ACHING. WHY? BECAUSE OF THE HEAVY MOTOR!!!! I HOPE PEOPLE READ THIS BEFORE THEY SPEND THEIR MONEY.

  64. Extremely disppointed with customer service. I was made promises during the ordering process including the wrong amount that I was to be billed. They also promised a $50.00 Wal-Mart gift card. When none of this happened I called customer service. After several attempts I reached someone who could barely speak English. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. I was hung up on. I called back and the representative was not knowledgeable at all. I asked to speak to a supervisor. Of course none were available. I did receive a call back in a couple of hours. Her name was Brittany. She had little to no customer service experience. She could care less how I felt about my experience with Shark. I will never purchase anything from them again any encouge anyone who might be thinking about buying a Shark. DONT!

  65. I purchased a shark vacuum last month and I’m wish tom return it as it doesn’t
    clean any better than the smaller shark I have. Please tell me what I need to do.
    I do not want to sit on the phone waiting for someone to talk to.
    Thank you.

  66. My shark sweeper ( nv50031) roller does not turn.have had it to repair shop . there is power to lower unit but no power to roller. Repairman says it is the board and he is not able to get one. What are my options. This repairman is supposed to be an authorized shark repair person. Tells me he cannot get parts. There should be options for repair . What are they?

  67. The follow up and Customer Service on the Shark is horrible.
    They are suppose to fix or replace the item since I am still under warranty. I returned the items via the shipping label they provided and they were to immediately send a replacement. They received it back and almost 3 weeks label nothing. I called and after a long exhausting call they tell me the replace part will not be in for another 5 weeks. Making it a total of 2 months without a vac. This is beyond crazy. Still not sure I will receive my replacement them.

  68. Terrible service. Roller does not turn, checked the power to the switch and found out that is what needed replaced. called- nightmare !!!! All we wanted to do was get a new switch, we were not asking for a new sweeper (still under warranty). Finally got mad at the poor service and hung up. NEVER AGAIN BUY A SHARK !!!!!!

  69. I am trying to reach the Billing Dept. to tell them I have a new credit card number.
    You will need this number to withdraw my payment for April of 2016. I am unable to speak to any person (live human being) to take this information. Please advise. Judy

  70. I have been trying to register my Shark Rotator Vacuum since January and it will not take the Model No. which is NV500C_31. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  71. we have a Shark vacuum cleaner NV355C26. For sure the person who designed it never used a vacuum cleaner in his/her life. The exhaust air from the machine blows right in your face along with all the allergens it doesn’t trap in the filters. The power cord exits the machine at floor level making it necessary to hold the cord up off the floor so it doesn’t get wrapped around the power brush. That’s two stupid design errors. Fire the designer right now!

  72. I ordered my shark rocket through tv advertising which came with a five year warranty. Custom service is great!
    Shark rocket is a great product! Warranty is great! I give a rating of five stars.

  73. Called for days to clear this problem and no able to speak to a person that can help. some one billed me twice for my order . Billed on 04/08/16 and again on 04/10/16 there is a processing hold on my account for an additional 289.63 and I have received my order . I would like to have this removed. thank you

  74. Called for days to clear this problem and not able to speak to a person that can help. some one billed me twice for my order . Billed on 04/08/16 and again on 04/10/16 there is a processing hold on my account for an additional 289.63 and I have received my order . I would like to have this removed. thank you

  75. Motor quit on my Shark Rotator Pro after four months… maybe a dozen uses. 800 number for cust service is always busy. tried over 20 times to no avail. They don’t apparently answer emails either. I contacted a local vacuum shop, and he told me if he works on it it will void the warranty, and he cannot get any service from Shark either. This will be the LAST Shark product I ever buy.

  76. I got the Shark Duo when it first came out. $250.00 I didn’t know at the time that cleaning
    solutions, if you can find them at all, are so expensive. $35-$120 are the prices I’m finding.
    If anyone knows where I can get cleaning solutions for less, I’d appreciate it.
    You know, I think I may just try some generic solutions. Even if they don’t work, the machine is worthless. It would give me an excuse to get a BISSELL or a HOOVER. Maybe if I try one of those brand solutions and the Shark blow up, I can still use the solution on the new one.

  77. Great service, had a problem late at night and called the support number. Hold time was minimal, agent was articulate, courteous, and knowledgeable. He helped get the problem solved over the phone (operator error, the vacuum has been outstanding). He also offered to send a new part if I continued to have trouble, but I didn’t, it wasnt a problem with the vacuum at all. Great support!

  78. I purchased the Shark rotator, plus a couple yrs. ago sd.I would never buy another vacuum that was not a retractable cord,but was told they did not make them anymore,i love the vac.,but hate the cord it constantly twist and knots up,have they improved this at all,frustated everytime i vacuum

  79. Purchased a Shark 15.6v HVA cordless Feb 2015. The AC Adaptor failed Aug 2015, This was replaced no charge under the one year limited warranty. The replacement adaptor failed two months later. Again it was replaced under warranty. Now again the replacement adaptor has failed out of warranty. To run the vacuum I am willing to purchase a new adaptor,but should it fail I have to purchase another adaptor. What does one do. This could be expensive cleaning.

  80. Bought a Shark Navigator Lift-Away at the recommendation of a salesman at Best Buy. Had it for a few weeks before using on a newly installed “high pile” rug. Suction was way too high, could not move the vacuum head across the rug in spite of using brush control and the rotating ring suction control. Called Shark and told them of my plight and the trying the things they mention in their booklet to reduce suction (suction ring and brush rotation). Person I talked with said “Oh Gee, that’s too bad. Maybe you could try our other model” There was no offer of exchange or any kind of relief for my problem. You’re just left hanging. I tried sending an email to Shark explaining my problem – that resulted in a return email telling me what a “wonderful unit” it is. Incidentally, on the sweeper handle near the suction ring it says “Adjust suction for high pile carpets and area rugs”. So the sweeper is supposedly designed for high pile rugs.

    Best Buy would not take it back as it was beyond their 15 day limit.

    So, Shark takes no responsibility for the design of their products. If they don’t work – tough!

    I had to fix the problem with the Shark myself. I found other ways to reduce the suction enough to enable sweeping of my rugs with a reasonable amount of effort. The warranty is no doubt invalidated but I suspect, based on Sharks reaction to my problem, it’s not worth much anyway.

  81. I bought a Shark Lift Away from Costco 5 months ago. All of a sudden the power head quit working. I called Shark Customer Service and was told to mail the power head to Shark for exchange for a new one. However they are out of stock and won’t be in for weeks. Now they still (almost a whole month later) are out of stock and they can’t give me any solution to not having a vacuum cleaner. I said “take a power head out of the box for a new one and send that to me. Then when they come in rep,ace yours.” Nope can’t do that. Shark has horrible customer service!

  82. I have a shark sweeper but cannot find belts for it. The beater bar will not work. I can’t even find this sweeper in stores. How do I get belts for it?

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    I wanted to run something by you… there’s a few different things I noticed on where I think we can help gain more visibility (for selected keywords), as well as drive more sales.

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    If increased traffic/sales is what you’d like, let me know the best time/phone number to have them get in touch.


  84. I have had very positive experience with Shark Customer Service. I would recommend Shark products to anyone.

  85. Hi,

    I wanted to run something by you… there’s a few different areas I noticed on where I think we can help gain more visibility (for selected keywords), as well as drive more sales.

    Would you be open to having a few expert consultants I work with briefly get in touch to discuss?

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    If increased leads/sales is what you’d like, let me know the best time/phone number to have them briefly connect.

    Ofelia A.

  86. Hi is missing out on a lot of untapped potential in terms of using social media to drive more leads

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    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Nova A.

  87. Customer service was terrible. They could not help me with my issue or help me resolve any issues that I had. They couldn’t place an order they couldn’t help me in any way to purchase the order at a store. This was the worst experience with customer service that I have ever had

  88. I own a shark sweeper under warranty and the lower hose cracked. I’m a handy person and wanted to repair it myself rather than ship it back. When I explained the situation to shark rather than send me the part they sent me a whole new body of the sweeper. Fantastic support from this company. I never expected to get a whole new body that contained all new parts too.

  89. Hi there,

    I want to quickly point something out. I?m on, and believe we could help make some changes to generate more relevant traffic to your site, as well as deliver more sales.

    To be clear: I’m NOT one of those overseas emails you likely get in your inbox each day: I’m a real person who is on your site, and works with consultants who would like to show you how we could help come about more traffic/sales.

    If more traffic and sales is something you could use, simply respond here, and I’ll have my consultants quickly get in touch.

    Looking forward to hearing back,


  90. Twice I have called Shark for two separate issues on the same vacuum. In both cases I received phenomenal support above and beyond what I expected.

    First time I called was to simply find a way to buy new binding clasps because one broke on our vacuum. It didn’t even occur to me that a warranty would cover it and since I couldn’t find the binding sold anywhere I called Shark directly. They asked for the model # off the vacuum and a # from the prong of the plug and were able to tell me I had indeed registered the warranty (which I forgot) and they sent a complete new lower body to me – no charge. Just part of warranty service. I was thrilled. Received it via FedEx a few days later.

    Today I called again because the canister cracked where the handle attaches, causing it to lose suction. I duct taped it for a temporary fix. (Too lazy to look up phone # to call in again for awhile.) I called in, told them the issue, and have a new canister coming out to me in a few days. My whole customer service call took all of 5 minutes, plus the time I took a voluntary survey afterwards to tell them how good of a job they did.

    I’m very happy with their customer service and for that reason alone would recommend, and personally repurchase, a vacuum from Shark.

    By the way, for those who complained about loss of suction in Shark vacuums, my wife discovered that often the problem is a clog of dirt and other junk you sweep up in the short hose near the bottom that runs from the floor sweeper into the bottom of the canister. There’s a little set of gray tabs, just push and pull that open, pull the short hose out straight and look inside. Good chance there’s your problem.

  91. I love my Shark Rotator. I do not love that at the end of the hose/handle attachment is a small, lightweight, red, spring-loaded device that, I learn, easily breaks if hit or tapped against something–likely to happen as one uses it for its designated reason, which is reaching down under stuff to clean. While cleaning under the front of my kitchen cabinets, I hit this and, when I tried to stick it back into the main part of the vacuum, I discovered it was broken and that means the hose/handle attachment will no longer lock into position. The only way I can keep the hose/handle attachment and the main part of the vacuum together and working is to reach down, while pushing and pulling the vacuum, and holding the handle on the dust cup. I’m looking for a replacement part, but Shark obviously has a design problem for so critical a part of a vacuum cleaner to break so easily.

  92. Been trying to get hold of your customer service for two days now. Get busy signal or a choice of three catagories which I do not need. It is important that you get hold of me to let you know about my payment information. customer service sucks.

  93. Well we love the shark rocket but it needs to have a kick stand on it so that you don’t have to fine a place to lean it up wile you trying to move something or whatever it would make it a lot better,

  94. Well we love our shark rocket but, It needs to have a kick stand on it so you don’t have to fine a place to lean it on so you can move stuff or just quit for a minuet just thought you might give it a try, And you could call it Gloria’s kick stand and send me on for my rocket.

  95. Have been trying to register a Shark Euro-Pro Rotator for 14 months. Supposedly my model number is invalid but no numbers on the machine are valid. It is impossible to navigate their web site although I did finally get to live chat with Pauline who said to sue a shortened version of the model number That did not work either I have been working on this for the past 1.5 hours. I loved the machine until it “broke” 3 weeks ago The beater will not rotate but the suction works fine.
    They are obviously only interested in selling their products not helping those of us who have already purchased. I am deaf and cannot call and am totally frustrated

  96. We absolutely love our Shark Ninja so much for all of the dog & cat hair that it picks up as well as all of the attachments for dusting etc. that we are now purchasing one for our daughter who recently got married.

  97. We absolutely love our Shark Ninja so much for all of the dog & cat hair that it picks up as well as all of the attachments for dusting etc. that we are now purchasing one for our daughter who recently got married. I would like someone to contact me tomorrow after 2 p.m. Illinois time because I would like the same deal for my daughters Shark that I got when I purchased my Shark Ninja. Thank you so very much.

  98. Just spoke with cs person so great she walked me thru the info needed as this was my 1st time calling so helpful and kind good customer service As a former c/s person for ups when you get good service you want to say so. We laughed about our fedx driver coming with my part we love to give each other crap as we are from a small town and know all the delivery folks Good humor also
    Thanks again

  99. Hello I brought a lift away from Maceys and the lift away part keep falling and there is a whole in the hose and the cord from the vacuum is coming out. This is the third shark vacuum I love them so much what do I have to do to get repaired

  100. I called about purchasing a heap filter for my shark nv500 vacuum, and I waited on the line for 20 minutes
    Someone came on the line and said the wait would be 5 minutes. Not true.

  101. I have had a horrible experience with Shark. Today I ordered TWO Sharks , one for me and one for a friend. My order number is T9021019-00. I said I wanted to order two and the call center woman told me I would get the 2nd at a reduced price. I asked SEVERAL times if each order would have the EXACT same items and she assured me that they would. Got my confirmation email and saw that they don’t. I called customer service to cancel my order, was told it was too late to cancel! (3 hours) The call center woman actually lied to me – she was too busy upselling. When I called customer service, I asked to speak to a manager and was told I would definitely receive a call back within 2-4 hours. I am totally upset, frustrated and discouraged with your service. I am in my 70’s, a widow, and there is no way I want to receive two different products and have to lug them somewhere to be sent back to say nothing of how long it will take to get credit on my credit card.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me regarding this horrible situation.

  102. i need order motorized floor Nozzle model # 107FC400. . when i can my check personal you mail . i need your address and state . let me know! jeffrey

  103. Customer service sound so nice over the phone but there’s no follow through from Corporate although I can hear the person pecking away. Was told I’d receive a call from Corporate within a couple hours or in the morning….it has been 24 hours and no call or static email from them.

  104. to whom it may concern: Ipurchased the Shark rotator commercial seres vacuum. when you say it never loses suction you are correct’ this vacuum has sucked since day one. the motor stops working after about 10 minutes use. for a commercial unit this seems a tad useless. understand I have never used this vacuum for anything other than my own house (1170square foot). my wife and I spent a tremendous amount of money for !0 minutes of work per 2 hours. I can assure you I will NEVER buy this product again. And I will surely let all I know to buy Dyson products. I know of several people who have a Dyson and they do NOT have any of the issues we have had with our minnow oops I mean shark.Please be aware that I intend to tell all that I know to who will listen. DON’T BUY A shark THEY REALLY DO MEAN THEY SUCK. sincerely Darrell Parker

  105. I have purchased three shark vacuums in the past two years. My lightweight lost suction after one year. My professionals motor just burned out after one year. Two products I spend a lot of money on and I have lost money in the end. Is there any way to return and replace my professional vacuum. And no I didn’t get a warranty Bc of all the rave reviews on these products. These products shouldn’t have stopped working after a year. This is not what is advertised.

  106. I have been trying to reach a supervisor for a week now! My replacement you sent me in MARCH has now stopped working and I’m expected to pay for a new one to be shipped to me!? Apparently your product was a lemon if it stops working in 7 months!!!!

  107. I am HIGHLY disappointed in your customer service dept.I have made several calls and have dealt with your employees hanging up,talking with my mom at our home phone(Tina supervisor)…I was looking to have a vacuum replaced and was told that management would call the company that is paying for my ordered unit that was put on hold and that all they would need to do would be to reach out the company paying for it and would ship.You never bothered to accept the payment even when you were contacted.I reached out to the Newton office and had some issues there too.Every time I have a problem I end up having to call this office.I have spoken with Bonnie who I asked for every time I called to find out what happened with my order.I have had noone call me back.

  108. I got on thi site to look to order a crevice tool because i lost mine but saw this write a review, and I thought I would love to because it is my favorite vacuume ever .i don’t know what I’m really called but I love vacuumes. I’m telling you I’ve had about 10 different brands even like orick ane electrolux ,Hoover ,I can even fix any of them, haven’t had to with my shark.i love the suction ,you can’t beat it. You don’t even have to pop the beater bar off cause its so light anyway .i know I really sound like I work for shark but I don’t ,I just really feel its such a good product ,I’ve told all my friends to buy it, it’s not abad price either. I would recamend it to everyone

  109. I received my Shark Pro Lightweight as a gift. I previously had an older model Dirt Devil upright that was too heavy for someone with serious back problems. I love my Shark Pro! It’s as light as a feather and the suction is great. My only issue was that I ordered replacement bags from the company and they never arrived. I called and explained the problem and they’re being resent. This time I’ll make sure I’m home to receive the order. I would definitely recommend this product.

  110. I clean houses and shark vacuums is all I will use. They are the best. I am having issues. My wands wear at the end, they angle which kicks out products when vacuuming. Of course my warrantys do not cover replacements. I have 4 vacuums with the same issues. I would like a little input on the best way to fix this. Do I order parts, do I take it to get fixed, do I keep buying new vaccums. Help please


  112. I am a little upset with my shark rotator vacumn the handle will not stay in so I can use it in the upright position. I spent over $200 on a product that I cannot use!!!

  113. Good Morning,
    I have been trying to call your customer service number but the line either keeps going dead or it says I don’t have a phone # Associated with my vacuum and will not connect me. Anyway, our shark has a hole in the hose at the bottom of the shaft where it goes into the rotatory head. We have the maroon colored Shark Lift Away and have had it for several years. I would like to know how I go about getting it replaced or what exactly I need to do? We love your products & this is our second vacuum from your company.. Thank you so much for the help on this matter. Sincerely, Donna Brozovich

  114. Hi, I Purshased a Shark SV780 in April 2017, And on Dec 23rd 2017 it Quit working. This is
    Bad for me but it is also bad for you. Because you count on your product do work well, and long.
    I think 8-9 Months is Not long enough. What do you think???

    James Russeau, Henderson NV 89011

  115. I have raised my premature baby with clean house because of the shark vacuum and steamer. I have used it the last eight years and I am about to change a new one because the fused bured out. I have always been greatful and impressed with the quality of the vacume. It is reasonable price for this high quality vacume.

    Thank you so much.

  116. i have many of your shark and nijia items and love them all and i just bought Model #: V2930 right before christmas thinking it would be perfect to vacuum up little messes and well i am very disappointed and the worse part is i threw away the box and everything cause i have never had any issues and i am stuck with a vaccum that doesn’t pick up anything

  117. I called today to try to get replacement attachment parts for the UV 540 and as soon as I started giving the parts # I was disconnected. Having given the CSR my name and phone # and not receiving a call back I can only presume the disconnect was intentional. I have tried unsuccessfully to find these parts on your site and on line to no avail. The parts I need are: XFF350 2 HEPA Filter XHF350 3 Dusting Brush 349FJV540 4 Crevice Tool 350FJV540 5 Pet Power Brush 351FJV540 6 Extension Wand 352FJV540. If they are still in existence where can I find them?

  118. I just purchased my 2nd shark rotator professional. I have to say, I loved my first one and only had a few issues with blockages and could take care of them myself in no time. Purchased my second one in December I think from QVC because of payment plan and I have had nothing but problems with blockages in this one. Specifically in the wand by the handle. Cleaned it out the other day for probably the 5th+ time. Vacuumed today, same thing happened. Cleaned the base part, thought I had it then the hose was clogged again. Impossible to get anything in there to unjam it, that I own anyway. So, I run water down the hose to the wand and knock it in the sink until everything comes out. The stuff that clogs it wouldn’t have clogged my last one, so I don’t get it. Now, I have to wait another day or 2 while the hose dries over the heater before I can vacuum again. My last one, I never had a problem with the base clogging either. I just don’t understand the difference. If i got a sock by accident I get it, but this is regular household dirt/dust/dog hair (short) and nothing has changed in my house between the 2 vacuums

  119. There seem to be no operating/cleaning instructions for the Mini MTR Brush. The rest of the unit came with easy-to-follow instructions.
    No such instructions were provided for the motorized brush – even how to open it to clean it.
    The alleged customer service number does not recognize my phone number and disconnected me – twice.
    I’m not so happy now, and would be reluctant to recommend the entire line of products, given how often I’d like to use this feature.

  120. Just got my Shark Navigator Lift Away. Such a great disappointment. The filter cover won’t stay one, there is zero suction — it just doesn’t work anymore….after one use. So…I will be returning it and getting something better which at this point would a be broom.

  121. I tried to get a downloadable copy of the owner’s manual and was switched to someone who wanted to bill me for their service without any mention of a manual..frustrating and extremely irritating. Won’t call these people again.

  122. Could you please email with a telephone number I would like some advice. Telephone number with a code from UK Thank you

  123. Just bought the shark Hoover great Hoover but battery only lasts 8 minits on full power surely can’t be right ,think I have a faulty battery

  124. I have only had my shark lift away model NV800W with HEPA Filter/ pet and attachments, but I can already tell that it is the best vacuum I have had in 59 years.
    It was purchased directly from Shark. I am very pleased at the way I can dust my wooden blinds, as nothing seemed to be doing the job, including my other vacuum which is only about 4 yrs. old, a canister type and it cost about the same as the Shark. My only disapointment is I thought the canister was larger than the older shark my daughter has. I never really thought I would like the model she has, but even with that I am extremely pleased!!!!!

  125. Purchased a Shark Navigator Cordless about a year ago. Called customer service as I need a new belt, which would normally be $5.00 or so. Am told today that they don’t sell replacement belts, you have to buy the entire motor floor head. I will never purchase a shark product again. What a scam.

  126. Terrible customer service experience. The agent was very good. But the phone stuff makes me want to return the product and never buy another. It took me 3 calls and over 10 min. to get anything other than an automated voice. I had to call, because the computer would not let me register the product. Kept telling me the model number was wrong. I found out there is a slight space between the fourth and fifth letters on the model number on the product, but the last two letters are not part of the model number. What a waste of my time. I also agreed to the after the call survey. The scale was 1-10, but when I tried to punch in 10 for excellent agent service, it would not let me. I hung up. What a total waste of about 20 minutes today trying to register my product. If it works no better than the telephone contact did, I will be returning it.

  127. well, I have a 10-13 year old shark steam cleaner. model number
    SC630W. works great.. i need replacement parts/

  128. I have owned several Shark liftaway vacuums in the past and Sharks prior service was really good. Today called because my current vacuum isn’t self-propelling any longer – only 2 years old (maybe not even that old). Customer service person was “lifeless” and wasn’t very concerned. Shark has stood behind the vacuums in the past but this time did not. He said that the bristles are wearing so I will need a new powerhead. He said that the company is only guaranteeing the motors on the vacuums now so I will need to buy a new powerhead which costs $100 + . That’s crazy – due to worn bristles? – might as well buy a new machine. So, are these vacuums only good for 2 years now? or less?

  129. Shark rotator NV 501 11. Bought it couple of years ago. Lightweight, and helping my son with his new home. BUT Has never worked correctly – low suction, no suction, even negative suction. (Had to buy another vacuum to clean up debris left by the Shark…..). Have called customer service to help get suction the first time I tried to use it, and it was absolutely no help. She had me taking apart the whole thing (the first of MANY times I took it apart). Have blowing dust and leaving dirt all over the rec room, my husband brought home a Dyson. WHAT A CHANGE!!!!!!!! My home feels clean again. Sorry but I wanted to let you know.

  130. Sorry, there are much better products and support out there. The NV501 11 just doesn’t have power. I owned it for 2 years and I have gotten maybe 3 months of adequate suction out of it. Lately, it has been throwing out dirt. Time for the scrap heap. We bought a Dyson and couldn’t be happier. We have a clean house again. AND the support is tremendous. Shark support had us taking apart the whole thing the first week we had it.

  131. I very recently purchased a Shark Rocket, and after reading all material, still had some questions. I first spoke with Laurie (don’t know last name, but I believe she’s in Canada), and we had a wonderful time as she guided me through most of the questions I had.

    I then had to call again, about another potential problem (how to do my stairs), this time speaking with Isaiah, who didn’t know the product, and ended up giving me the wrong answer. I was ready to return the vacuum.. Fortunately, I called back to see if I could speak with someone more knowledgeable, and this time got Brian (not sure where he’s located), who was patient, knew the product, and allayed my concern by explaining that I could indeed remove the wand, and connect the handheld part directly to the main floor attachment. I tried it out, and it’s very light, and not cumbersome, carrying it up and down the stairs.

    If you look in my file, you can find Laurie and Brian, and I hope that you’ll mention them in your “Five Star ” category. They were really VERY helpful ! Thank you very much, Nanne James.

  132. customer sevice don’t exist. My vacuum need repair and I cant find any information where I can fix my vacuum.Look like they want you to buy new vacuum cleaner not fix.

  133. Thank you Benjamin for being so kind and helpful when ordering a part for my Shark Navigator! I appreciate your knowledge,fast and very friendly service! I was unable to take the survey after speaking with Benjamin …problems hearing me. Again,”Thank You” Benjamin and Shark.(Best product on the market)

  134. I bought a new Shark ion robot that doesn’t work with the Shark app. Customer support told me I had to wait for the next firmware update to hopefully fix the problem. Can you do this soon please?!

  135. I was so excited about getting my shark, wanted one for years. My aunt sent one to me for my birthday. I have had it for about three to four weeks. Was vacuuming my house yesterday and all of a sudden the motor ( I’m assuming) quit working. The lights all stayed on but nothing else. Having four children, three dogs and, a cat I need a vacuum.
    I have tried calling customer service to no avail.
    All I’m asking is that you send me a replacement. It’s suppose to be meant for pets and it did great until everything just stopped.

  136. I purchased a Shark rotator vacuum on July 10th @ BJ’s wholesale club in Piymouth Ma. I have used it around 10 times, now the vacuum doesn’t always turn on, and it shuts off in about 1 to2 minutes of using it. I am NOT Happy with this. I have tried to call our customerservice number a few times but it always tell me it’s close!! This vacuum has a 60 day guarantee to it ,so please have someone contact me about this.

  137. The Shark Rotator Powered-liftaway refuses to STAY ON unless I press hard on the on button the whole time I vacuum. I have arthritis in my hands and just cannot do it. Besides a vacuum should stay on once it is on – I mean, really? Now I cannot even get an answer from Customer Service.

    Since Feb 2018, they sent a new handle and then a new vacuum, after I packed it up, rolled it to the car, into the mall to Fed Ex it back. I am 64 and will not do that again. Plus I spent $20 on the FedExing.

    This is almost $300 totally wasted. Stolen it feels like since I can’t reach anyone. And that customer service email always bounces BACK!

    Is this company even still in business? Very disappointed.

  138. I have a Shark Power Stick Cordless…not sure if that is the correct name.
    I am so disappointed. It overheats and shuts off….doesn’t perform well with pickup, etc. Am I doing something wrong? It is only useful when I use it without any attachments. Very disappointed.

  139. I will never buy a shark again! I couldn’t even get through! The IVR will just cut you off no matter what. I am soooo disappointed in Shark vacuums

  140. horrible. can’t get in touch with anyone. tried various phone numbers and just got recordings. can somebody PLEASE get back to me:

  141. I spoke to someone at customer service regarding an my shark. I went through all the steps that your rep told me to do and my vacuum still doesn’t perform satisfactory.

  142. Horrible. A fraud!

    I can find no contact information to contact Shark vacuum cleaners. My vacum
    cleaner does not run for more then 5 minutes, it is perfectly clean, no blockages.

    I am contacting AMX and reversing the charges, $360

  143. My Shark Duo Clean has worked great for the first two months that I owned it – and NOW – it STOPPED working altogether. Is there a thermal overload switch somewhere???

  144. I need replacement pads for my Shark pro steam pocket mop S3601CO in the size of 7″ X 17″. I can’t find that size on your website. Can you assist?

  145. I own the Shark Lift-Away Pro. Had it about two years love it never any serious problems. I now have a problem with it the attach floor nozzle light is red. I cleaned out the brush on the bottom checked all attachment parts. I notice the light will blink green if handled is at start release then turns red. I think there is a short somewhere. Can this be fixed.

  146. Where do I find an ‘exploded view’, diagram, or whatever it’s called to see how all the parts are arranged(for vacuum NV502) and the entire parts list. Not the list of parts that normally wear out. If something physically breaks, where do you go to find that part. If all parts are not readily available for Shark equipment, I’ll find a company that believes their products are worthy of repair and not just ‘throw away’.

  147. i have a shark nv 680 uk which is about 3 years old but it has no suction even having giving a good overall clean and cannot find on your site anywhere to take it to be repaired as looking ay your fault pages and following the intructions it has lost its suction and the outlet I bought it from being Currys … A.. do not stock Shark cleaners anymore and told me to get in touch with you,as iam in the U.K could you pleas tell me of anywhere I might get it repaired as it is not that old, your help with this matter would really be helpfull
    Yourd sincerily Mr M D Neale

  148. I have called MANY times am pretty MAD by now,recording just hangs up on me! Called about a week and 1/2 ago ,have a shark robotic vacuum model rv750. is just going in circles.have checked sensors,cleaned. was told the small wheel was the problem and another would be sent out. Have NOT recieved. purchased vacuum less than 6 mths ago. Need answers!!!!!!!

  149. Your warranty is not as good as advertised. When the wheels fall off and we call and you tell us it a wearable part it is unacceptable
    We own a couple of bacs and a couple steam mops and I will never purchase your products again after talking to your snobby supervisor on phone

  150. Never been so mistreated by a company! I purchased the item on QVC – it had a 5 year warrantee. Less than a year and a half later the motor stopped working! I called on Aug 28, 2018, I was treated rudely and with absolute disrespect! I was finally told they would order the part but it was on back order and it will take 4 to 6 weeks to get. I called QVC to alert them as to the issue. They were very helpful. On October 19, 2018 I called again because I still did not have the motor, to be told that the part was NEVER ORDERED! I wen through all of the information again and the girl was looking at the log – but it was never ordered. I was transferred to sales and got disconnected. When I called back the second time I was told the part could be ordered but I had to pay $19.95. Yup, I had to pay to get the broken part!! I repeatedly told the man that I was recording the call. I told him several times that I would dispute the charge with my card company, because I should not have to pay to get my broken part fixed! Let alone the never ordered it the first time. He said he understood. I will NEVER order a SHARK PRODUCT again – they have by far the worst service ever!!! Oh, I almost forgot – the part is still on back order (since August – I don’t hold out much hope). Poorest service I have ever seen. I truly hope QVC removes them as vendors with this type of poor service!

  151. I purchased a shark vacuum cleaner a year ago from bed bath and beyond. Although the suction and the head is always full of hair. Its horrible.

  152. My unit has plenty of suction except at the vacuum head. I have called customer service twice today and your Rep read off the same script. And still no suction at the head. Now I am suppose to pay $19.95 to get a replacement, that will probably
    end up with the same problem. The trash men will haul it away for free.
    You will probably have one of your outstanding CS reps reply to this.
    That will be exciting!

  153. Been trying to talk to a real person but every time I think it will happen I get cut off I bough 3 uprights and 1 hand held I receive emails for savings on orders but never a code to use to get the savings

  154. I have spent a very log time trying to find someone who will accept my complaint, I attempted to buy a shark Apex vacuum by phone, I wanted the pet upgrade which included the steam cleaner and the wand which went under beds, etc; I was told I couldn’t buy the item I wanted as I had not smart phone, however this was not mentioned during the presentation and is very wrong to not all a person to buy this product, there must be some way I can charge my choice of product and pay on my credit card monthly. I,m very disappointed in just being denied the chance to buy your product because I have know smart phone and this was never mentioned until I called to buy the shark Apex, I await your reply in this matter.

  155. I have spent a very log time trying to find someone who will accept my complaint, I attempted to buy a shark Apex vacuum by phone, I wanted the pet upgrade which included the steam cleaner and the wand which went under beds, etc; I was told I couldn’t buy the item I wanted as I had not smart phone, however this was not mentioned during the presentation and is very wrong to not all a person to buy this product, there must be some way I can charge my choice of product and pay on my credit card monthly. I,m very disappointed in just being denied the chance to buy your product because I have know smart phone
    and this was never mentioned until I called to buy the shark Apex, I await your
    reply in this matter., I’m not paying you nothing, got that!

  156. I think trying to contact a snark rep is a joke and I’m not paying you nothing for trying to find a answer to my issue.

  157. I’ve purchased four vacuums from Shark with warranty registered for each one online. Have a problem with a broken hose in the head of one of my vacuums and call Shark. According to the rep, I have no registered products and the broken hose is not covered by warranty. Will never buy another Shark product again!

  158. i have been trying to return my NV750w shark rotator since December 1, under warranty. On several different days I have called and been promised an email with return information. I gave two different email addresses. I was asked for a third email address, No. I was then told I would receive the information via US mail. Nothing. I called today, 12.22.2018, and was told I would be called with additional information in 2 to 3 days. I am not holding by breath. My original order number is T675073800. This is the third vacuum I have purchased made by shark, probably the last.

  159. bought s shark lift away 1 year ago. the pet attachment (the very reason I bought it) stopped working after approximately 10 uses. I called customer service (in Columbia serious language barrier) and was offered the wrong product at a discount-obviously useless. I can however buy a new attachment for $30 when all I need is the belt. why is this not available? why would I keep buying the same part every 10 uses? for the cost, I will throw it away and buy a dirt devil or dyson. I am sure the customer service/support is superior.

  160. I see all sorts of ads regarding replacement parts for Shark Vacuums, but I need repair. Do you have any idea if there is someplace I can get my vacuums looked at and serviced/repaired in the Ft. Mohave/Bullhead City, AZ area? Thank you for any assistance you offer.


  162. I bought a hand held shark at first it worked really good then after like 3 months I noticed I would take it off the charger and it would run for like 30 sec. then stop when I would press the button to turn it on it would just start and then stop, I thought maybe it was not getting charged but no that was not it not sure what the deal is with it but I am ready to get rid of it will not use the company again.

  163. I have called 4x now to update the credit card information on my account. Each time I have been disconnected, the only difference was the amount of time I was on hold and how long I spoke with your customer service agent before I was disconnected.
    How do you expect me to pay my bill when your call center refuse to take calls?

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