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Contacting Sears Customer Service Center

Sears is one of those companies that appear to be teetering on the edge of closure, but they it sparks right back up and is suddenly popular again for a while. The official website for Sears allows customers to order all the merchandise brands available in stores and some items that may not be available in your local Sears. If you have questions about your Sears credit card or you need customer service support, you can find both on the Sears customer service website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Sears offers various products and services – so there is more than one number customers can use to contact the service department.

  • Sears Stores customer service: 1-800-549-4505
  • Sears online customer service: 1-800-697-3277
  • Sears customer service (Spanish): 1-800-377-8634
  • Sears delivery: 1-800-732-7747
  • Sears installation: 1-800-326-8738
  • Sears parts: 1-800-366-7278
  • Sears repair: 1-800-469-4663
  • Sears computer repair: 1-800-877-8701
  • Sears Craftsman club: 1-800-682-8691
  • Sears Shop Your Way Rewards: 1-800-991-8708

Mailing Address

Despite a ton of contact information on the Sears customer service website, there is no mailing address. We looked up the corporate address for customers who wish to contact customer service about a problem, complaint or compliment.

Sears Corporate Office

3333 Beverly Road

Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Official Website

You can find information on all Sears products and services on the official website at The company specializes in high-end name brands and products, so prices are higher than competitors like Wal-Mart and Target. Sears is also available to maintain machinery, repair machinery and appliances, improve your home, clean and install appliances.

Customer Service Email

It appears the email address to Sears customer service is a secret. The company does allow customers to contact a representative using a Sears contact form on the website. We filled out the contact form to ask for the direct customer service email address. Let’s see how long it takes for Sears customer service to answer.

Our Experience

Our call to Sears customer service was not great. We were greeted with an automated interactive system, which is common in retail services. We pressed 0 to pass through the system, but the recording just kept starting at the beginning. After pressing 0 four times, we were placed on hold for a representative. There was no wait music, just a message about the call possibly being recorded and silence. We waited more than five minutes on hold before a rude representative answered the call. We asked about a customer service email and we were told to check the website and the representative disconnected the call. We tried a second time, waited more than five minutes again and reached a friendlier agent, but the response was the same. No customer service email address.

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922 Comments on “Contact Sears Customer Service
  1. Please read as this is a serious customer service complaint…..I am in customer service myself and always speak professionally and respectfully.

    I ordered carpet cleaning online early June 20. Received the usual confirmation for Friday however, they could not make the morning but would be the First customer in the afternoon. This was confirmed via voicemail and in person when I called to confirm. Also, the voicemail indicated that there would also be and extra charge apart from my quote!

    I called at 3:30 PM Friday afternoon to inquire of the status. The gal on the other end was aggitated that I called “Since it was only 3:30!!! I called again at 5:00 PM to inquire again and she stated “You either wait for 2 1/2 hrs or reschedule” and hung up!

    I proceeded to call Stanley Steamer (which was less $$) and made an appointment. I called back (954-938-4304) to cancel the appointment. Not only did anyone answer but also the voicemail was FULL!! Wow…what a way to do business. I can see why Sears has financial issues.

    After 50 years of a Sears’ customer for appliances and service, I have concluded that I will cease being a Sears’ customer.

    Terri T Ligocki

  2. I bought a 55’Samsung Smart Tv in Aug. 2011. In Aug. 2012, one year after the purchase, the TV display panel went. I have a warranty good for 2014 but keep in mind, this TV is one year old. I know a service person that compares the display panel to losing your motor or transmission on a one year old car. You would think that if Sears had any type of customer service ethics, they would replace this one year old tv with a new one. As long as I can remember, I have been a loyal customer at Sears but this is the end of the line. Im done with this store.

  3. In August 2012…I purchased an upright freezer. The in store rep in Portland,OR was an IDIOT!. First…he asks if I would like Sears card…I said “sure”. Well today I received a Sears mastercard(not what I expected).

    Next…I told him my freezer had died the night before and I need one….NOW. I pointed out the one I wanted … he said “Its in stock”. AFTER filling out all the paperwork…I asked where to pick the freezer up. He called the warehouse….none left in stock!. He finally found one in Washington state(across the river)Now… I have to pay sales tax(no sales tax in Oregon) which is an extra $50.00!

    The employee I dealt with.. is one of many reasons why Sears is going down the sh****!!!

    It’s too bad….I’ve been purchasing appliances at Sears since 1973….but NEVER again.

  4. i’ve been a sears customer since 1964. my daughter purchased a washer/dryer recently. the delivery was messed up …the appliance was damaged on delivery. what aggrevated her mostly was the calibre of your customer service people. THEY DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!
    YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. for us, it’s goodbye sears.

    • I have bought EVERY appliance ever owned from Sears, but will never do so again. I have a warranty on my washer and dryer. Washer wasn’t working and it took a week for them to come out. Asked if the repairman would please just check out the dryer and make sure all was well since the warranty ends next month. He did so and said all was good and left. I washed a load of clothes and went to dry them and the dryer will not come on!!!!!!!! Called immediately and then called four more time and told that the repairman would contact me and come back out….not a word. On the phone now, on hold. This is it!!!!!

  5. Terrible service, waiting weeks to get technician to show up. Does not show up today, not even a call. I have to wait again!!
    I have no washer for 21 days and I am angry that they can not accommodate me with an appointment tmrw!!

  6. I have not received a statement in two months had to call everytime so that I could make the payment to avoid a late fee. they wanted to charge a 14.95 fee to make with a live person or free with automated but when sent to automated you are disconected…. What a scam. I will get rid of sears as soon as possible.

  7. I tried to access your web page to order a spare part of a sears appliance, but I got this message: “You are not authorized to access this page”. I need to know the spare part number so I can order it through my relatives in the States (at the time I am in Venezuela where, as you know there is no sears store in this country). What is your solution? Thank you.

    • I agree with all of you i just had the worst experience with sears don’t buy from Sears. Go to best buy or wallmart any other store Not sears it’s the worse store in usa

  8. Sears is pathetic. pleas don’t bother buying mattresses from them because they cannot do a decent job of keeping it stored in a proper place. Learned the hard way. After only 4 months of purchasing the mattress, we were suffering from serious allergies due to mold that was growing inside the mattress. At first, I did not recognize the symptoms so brushed it aside. Unfortunately, allergies got worse and so did breathing problems.
    Called customer service and obviously they couldn’t do anything about it because they have a 30 day return policy. They told me it was now covered by the manufacturer and manufacturer only covers manufacturing defects.
    Basically I suffered for the longest 4 months of my life because they couldn’t be bothered to package the mattress properly while storing or delivering.

  9. Today, I tried to order a part and an attchment for a 1-year old tiller. I wanted to combine the two items into one order as to avoid shipping charges (store pick up). Separately, neither item cost enough for free shipping.
    Sears could not do. I decided I did not need the items.
    Customer convenience is not a high priority at Sears.

  10. I have a Whirlpool 2011 gas range. In August 2012, the sensor and circuit panel stopped working (the oven temp kept going up and there was no way to control the tempersture). Service has been to my house 3x for the same exact problem!!! The 3x extended until October! If I bought a lemon, then they should replace it with another gas range. They are refusing to do this. I hate Sears and will not buy anything from them again!!!

  11. Sears linked my moms account to my email n i started getting all kinds of stuff so i did the usual clicked on the link to unsubscribe but instead it wanted me to create an online account.. When i called customer service the representative was rude and said my mom would have to call because of privacy issues.. Duh ur company is breaking them sending me her stuff.. Needless to say I had to request a manager and waste 45 minutes for something that should been done through email.. Sears sucks ass.

  12. I realize that many of the issues posted here deal with faulty merchandise and bad warranty service. My problem dealt with an online order.

    I’m happy to report that I contacted customer service via this email address: and surprisingly received a personalized response from someone the next day. They even had a case number for my “issue.”

    My problem had been that I ordered something online shipped to a local store, I received an email saying it was ready for pick up, and then when I arrived they couldn’t find it anywhere. But there was more– they also made me wait around 30 minutes because they had a similar item they were going to give me as a substitution, but then decided that item cost more than the one I had purchased on sale. They wanted me to pay the difference of the retail price of the more expensive item – which would have come out to an extra $55 even though I had bought the original item online for $30!

    Horrible customer service at the store, but at least they offered me a $35 gift card when customer service emailed me.

  13. I have been a customer of sears for 35 years and I guess as with all things this will end. I purchased a top end Samsung steam washer and dryer 9 months ago and I am now having an issue with the dryer. I called Sears repair and started the repair process. They sent me an email conformation number of 000803540918343 and followed it up with a conformation phone call.
    After I waited all day for the service tech I called the service unit it find out the status and this is where everything when south. I was told that the service call was canceled the day before and I would have to reschedule. This would have been fine if they would have called to let me know but they did not. The next appointment was a week later but we are going on vacation the day before the next appointment. I try to explain this to the off shore call center but they keep insisting on setting the new repair date to a day that I would be out of town. This included 4 disconnects, 5 different centers, 12 representatives, 2.5 hours, 0 apologies and very little faith that the next repair date would be different than the last.
    I setup a repair though Samsung’s website which issued me a repair ticket with a different service center that is not affiliated with Sears. I spend several thousand dollars with Sears each year. This was not due to price but with the unfounded belief that they would service what they sale. Well silly me, now that bubble is popped I will not be spending a single dollar with Sears unless I have to. My business may not mean much to Sears but 3K per year for 35 years is about 100 thousand dollars. To most businesses this would be a big deal but I will go out of my way and even pay extra to not give Sears any more of my business.

  14. To whom it may concern, I just saw your recent commercial with the little boy getting lost in the store.A little to close to home~do you know john walsh and his story.sorry,the ad left a bad taste in my mouth. Sincerely,katherine

  15. Sears by far the worst store ever. I recently ordered electronic device from there store. Customer service from them has gone down tremendously. I will never order anything from them again, they do not stand behind there products or their warranties. Be careful with warranties because they do not honor them, please read the fine print because when something brakes in your device they state always that there is a part that they dont’t have and it may take weeks for your product to be fixed. In that time you will not get a replacement as the employees clearly states as you purchase their merchandise . I am just writing this as customer that has been screwed over by Sears and people can do whatever you please. Just make sure you read the fine prints and get everything in writing.

  16. This is regarding catalogue sales. I ordered two sets of extra long fitted and flat sheets along with pillow cases on October 10. I was assured these items were available. I received the flat sheets and after inquiring as to when to expect the remainder of my order, I was told they were on back order and would be arriving in early November. I telephoned again today to inquire as to the status of my order only to be told that the fitted sheets and pillowcases were no longer available in the colour I had requested, although they were listed in a catalogue I received in the mail today, November 20, 2012. So I asked the woman I was speaking with if there was a colour available with which she could fill my order and since there was, I placed my order again. Then, she was going to charge me for this order again although I had paid my bill which had arrived within a few days of my October 10th order. Then she was going to send my order COD and finally after I strongly protested and repeated that this order had already been paid for, she said she wouldn’t charge me.

    This has been so annoying and if it weren’t that I needed these sheets for my sister’s hospital bed, I would not have bothered re-ordering

    • Reading all this, I would recommend Penny’s as they have the extra length Sheets. Like LitterMaid Auto Cat Litter boxes, can’t understand how these companies stay in business. As to Appliance repair …. In the Fort Worth Arlington area, they send the most unknowledgeable, new hire the first trip. Next they send a person that knows a little more. If you’ve taken off work for the appointments, let me warn you, it takes about three times to get someone that is knowledgeable enough to solve the problem. I had a Sears Refrigerator, that I’d kept the service policy for years. When it wasn’t keeping things cool (milk was spoiling). They sent out a kid that knew less than me about refrigerators. Since I was badly need at my company, this angered me very much. Since he was so green I showed him why he needed to replace the compressor and the defrost timer. A week later the parts were in and I took off work to meet him. After all was replaced and recharged with freon, that night I saw again it wasn’t cool enough. Checked the interior light switch and that was the culprit. Moved the Refrigerator (with its new system parts) to the garage … didn’t renew the service policy and bought a new AMANA that lasted us 20 years. By the way, took the ice maker out. 3 years later the defroster heater coils went out. Bought replacement coils at a price lower than sears. Replaced the coils myself and got ten more years service from the one in the garage.

  17. sears delivery is a joke. if you live alone and work a second shift and you live where i live forget about buying and having appliances delivered to you from sears. they were completely unflexable and unable to adapt to my paticular situation. After repeatedly telling them my work schedual of 2:00-11:00pm they still would not scheduale delivery for morning. I went around and around over and over again with this thick accented person telling them theres no way i can be home in the afternoons monday-saturday and all they could say was your area gets delivery in afternoons. ive already purchased the washer/dryer with c.c. and have no clue if i will ever see them. Five phone calls now and no one there yet has resolved this issue. i guess if you live alone, work a second shift and wont just leave door unlocked for complete strangers (delivery crew) sears is telling me to buy my appliances elsewhere!!!!!!!

  18. I hate to said this about Sears ,on the month of november purchase a mattress from the store in clarksville tn were they were really good saling i bought a mattress that was not in display , bad call from me for trusting sears and the salesperson what i got home something totally diferent , i call customer service but just to get from mngr and representative that and quote “that is not the smart thing to do ” , i also try to talk to somebody above and is not one their base on mr rodney , i tought sears had better customer service and they do not i hope somebody will listen to conversation on the phone,is not about $70.00 is about the principal is better ways to keep a customer and is not been disrespectful.

  19. we ordered a hot water heater on the 18th of Nov. We were told no stock and the first delivery date was 11/29. that is bad enough because who PLANS on a hot water heater going out. we are totally convinced because it was the cheapest model we could order delivery was delayed.

    THEN today is 11/29. No call from Sears. Call and was told OH your delivery is TOMORROW. The heater wont get to the store until today! The RECEIPT says INSTALLATION is 11/29. We are so fed up and livid with Sears. I believe this will be the last time we buy from Sears.

  20. Ordered a water heater in July. Installation was late. Sears said I was entitled for a 50.00 gift certificate. It is Nov. 29 and still have not seen it. Have called several times. I found that Managers don’t work there, they are on vacation, or always away from their desk. I was told it was sent, it wasn’t sent, I’ll have my manager call you right back. 4 months and no call, no nothing. No more business with them, but I don’t think the people of Sears, really give a sh-t. They are all incompetent.

  21. I purchased a Kenmore washer several years ago and it has begun to leak. I tried to call for a service visit and was routed to a phone call service center where the representative was rude and extremely unhelpful. I assure you, I will NEVER buy another SEARS product because of this experience. Being routed to a call center in another country or state (hard to tell which) where the service representative barely speaks English and follows a flow chart that is unresponsive to customer needs is absurd. What kind of commitment are you making to the US when you refuse to allow US workers to service their own needs. None. It’s all about your own corporate profits, not about supporting communities. Once again, I will NEVER buy another SEARS produce, EVER.

  22. My dad ordered an Xbox online for my son for christmas on November 29. On November 30 I received an email from sears security department. They said to proceed with this order I needed to call. So I did! She asked for my name. I told her. She said I was the one the order was being ship to and she didn’t want to speak with me. Them she proceeded to laugh at me for calling. I asked her why she was laughing. She them proceede to laugh even more. I told her I would cancel the order if she kept laughing. She still laughed. I didn’t know what the email was about. I though I could help her but she was was unprofessional and rude. I will never order from seats again.

  23. I purchased a TV on November 24,2012 that qualified for a $100 “award” card to be emailed to me before November 30,2012. After not receiving the award on December 2 I called customer service. The first representative could barely speak english and did not know what to do. The second representative I talked to took all the information and passed me on to yet a 3rd representative, who again barely spoke english. This person tells me that I have to fax or email a copy of the webpage stating the “award” to them and they will get back to me in 24-48 hours. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? What IF I had not printed that screen shot? I will tell you this, I am going to ride the no intrest payments to the very LAST day on this purchase and the I am shredding BOTH my Sears cards and will never step foot in the store or online again. Customer service???? NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

  24. I have been trying to order david taylor cargo genes on line and dont know how to get them sent to a local sears store for me to pick up. thank you E.M. Cole

  25. Waited from 1-6:45 for an appt to fix my washer, giving up a paid job so I can sit at home to wait. Knowone came or called and when I did call the next appt isn’t for another two weeks! I called Nov. 19th!!!!! When I spoke to Joseph # 6656 or 6566 he didn’t know what # he was he could do NOTHING! Can I tell you I have 6 repair contracts with Sears, I’m going to pull them!! I’m so disappointed!!!I bought ALL my appliances through Sears (stove,hood,refrig, vaccuums, washer, dryer,dish washer,and TV) They can’t even make good on their promise.

  26. Worst customer service experience of all time!!!

    I bought a miter saw and I was shipped an air compressor (in a heavily-damaged box nonetheless). After emails, multiple phone calls, failed attempts to be connected with a customer service manager, and a two hour online chat with a representative and a “floor supervisor,” I was given two options: 1.) Ship the air compressor back and after they received it they would ship the miter saw. 2.) Buy another miter saw online and take the air compressor they delivered to UPS to be returned, and wait for a rebate for the first saw.

    I would not accept either of these options as I am now unable to trust their online sales department or customer service. I drive a Miata and the air compressor will not fit in my trunk. I will have to borrow a neighbor’s truck, drive 20 mintues to the nearest Sears, and exchange it. I pray that the in-store customer service will be better.

  27. Dear Sir,
    I called your customer service dept. in regards to a refridgerator. It is stainless steal front. Today I noticed rust on the outside doors. I called and they told me a fee would be incured to have it checked and repaired because the appliance is 6 years old. I was suprised because, to me the product was defective. Rust on stainless steel. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on. Again I called and told the second person I would like to make a complaint of dissatisfaction of the refrige. The man on the line started yelling at me. I told him “I have given you the utmost respect Please do not yell at me.” He said he wasn’t yelling put me on hold and hung up after 25 minutes. What happen to your company. My family has been customers for years. I am very disappointed in your product and service.

  28. Your tools and tool exchange policy suck. How do you think I should recive junk for tools I psid top price for? What happened to your LIFETIME WARENITY? I could buy junk@ Harbor Please feel free to contact me about this, but for I will Boycott SEARS.


  29. The wait time for help with shop you way rewards cards is much too long. There are 3 accounts registered for my husband and me. I don’t know how that happened. I was not able to combine these without his permission. That is unacceptable. Now we both have to be on the phone at the same time to do this. All for about $10.00 in reward money. I actually shopped in Sears (other that the auto store) for the first time in a very long time. It will be my last time. This rewards program should not be so difficult to use.

  30. My son sent me an Craftmans electric drill for Christmas. The battery pack was defected. I took it to Sears today. The young lady smiled and asked for my receipt. She took the receipt and entered a few number in the computer…She smiled again and said, “Here is your new drill sir, have a nice day”…What customer service and what a pleasant experience!!(Sears Store-Triangle Town Center-Raleigh, NC)
    I plan to go back to Sears for all my future tool purchases! Thanks, Larry Stegall,

  31. Worst Customer Service! They do NOT speak English. They cannot understand/communicate effectively to handle any problems because, again, they do not speak fluent English nor do they understand the English language. Shame on Sears for not having USA employees or customer service representatives handling issues. Good bye SEARS!

  32. I have always stood behind sears and it’s quality products until now! My experience with them and their customer service is absolutely the worst experience I have ever had to deal with!

    After placing an order online for several items well over $600.00 worth of merchandise, only to be told after inquiring where my order is, they have cancelled it. I was floored when I did not receive an E-mail of any kind letting me know that my order I placed 3 weeks earlier was cancelled.
    Sears had no problem taking my money without refunding in good faith. As it sits right now and after 8 different phone calls, I have been hung up on twice once they could not explain why my refund was not transferred yet. I now have Paypal Looking into as to why Sears have not refunded my money as they said they did over a week and a half ago. When I keep asking sears customers service people as to help with the where about of my refund they are very rude and not willing to help out at all.
    This long time customer is not ever going to support Sears and buy anymore products from this very poor customer oriented company!
    Beware as I wish I would have read this site prior to placing my order.

  33. I just could not stop myself from writing this review about my horrible experience with Sears Home Repair and the bad quality of Sears products. Basically here’s the truth, they have high volume of service requests and very very low number of technicians to support. Having developed Service Management software for 15 years I can tell you that Sears has a serious problem with Service Management. Here’s my summary of my horrible experience

    Stay Away from Sears if possible and especially if involves Sears Repair. It has been more than a month and 3 technician visits and fixing of my dishwasher is nowhere in sight. Every time appointment is at a minimum two weeks and can keep your fingers crossed and hope the technican fixes the issue. In my case, my hope never came true. The technician has replaced almost all the parts except the body of the dishwisher and still it does not work. I am not sure if I should blame the Brand (Kenmore) or the Sears technical team, either way I am totally upset and I will never buy anything from Sears.

    I just got off a call with the Supervisor at Searsh Repair Services, he offered me six months additional warranty, I did not know if I should laugh or scream at him. I told him politely that I need the dishwasher to be fixed NOW, the six warranty is not the solution to my misery. Anyway I told think they really care about Customer Service and hey it is a company problem so I don’t blame him either.

    Best advice, stay away from Sears

  34. We ordered a Power Wheels truck for our kids for Christmas and it was supposed to be ready for pick up between the 12th and the 14th of December. As this is quite expensive, it makes up the bulk of their gifts this year. Customer service said they would get back to me in an email in 72 hours! This is unacceptable since that puts me 4 days out from Christmas day-three of which the kids are off from school so how am I supposed to shop for them? If this gift isn’t coming I have to do something immediately. I have been on the phone with the store and the website for an hour and I still have no idea whether this gift is coming or not! My last phone call I was switched to a customer service manager and she told me that I should have called sooner. I SHOULD HAVE CALLED SOONER?! So now it’s MY FAULT? And,she hung up on me because understandably I FLIPPED OUT! This is outrageous! I will NEVER order from Sears again and I will tell everyone I know and anyone who will listen all about this experience.

  35. To whom it may concern:

    About a week ago my family and I went to get a tree, unfortunately it was raining … so we decided to get an artificial one. We chose Sears, unfortunately the tree we picked was out of stock. They said they could ship it to us, over a week later we never received our tree. My mom started to wonder, so she called Sear in Altoona, PA. Apparently, the tree was never ordered and was out of stock online. It is now one week until Christmas and we don’t have a Christmas tree. Very poor customer service. Sears should have called us to inform us our tree was never shipped. If my mom wouldn’t have called, we would have been without a Christmas tree on Christmas. One of the most important days of the year for our family, and without a Christmas tree. I am very disappointed with your store. We will be going in tomorrow to get our cash back that we had paid for the tree! I hope not to have any problems with getting our cash back.

    Thank you,
    I hope that you address this issue immediately.

  36. I purchased a washer & dryer about a year ago. I called in Sept or Oct 2012 regarding excessive noise when the washer goes through the spin cycle. The customer service rep had me hold my phone up to the machine while pushing some buttons so her computer can “Communicate” with the machine. SHE told me that the spin cycle was too fast and we scheduled an appointment. The technician (who was very sarcastic) said nothing was wrong with the machine, I just need to wash towels and sheets separate from each other. Of course, the noise continued, so I made an appointment on November 2, between 2-5. I received a call from the technician at 4:30 saying he will arrive in about half an hour, that he was in Centerville (so I cancel my evening plans). An hour passes, I call him at the phone number from which he called me. No answer. I called again, no answer. I wrote a complaint to the customer service and they responded saying “The technician states that you declined the service after he informed you of this and refused to pay.”

    He never even showed up!!! I kept saying in the emails to them that I need someone to call me to set up an appointment. So We went back and forth, then I finally told them I don’t want speak to Mary, Monica, Barbara, Susan, Michelle or anyone else, just to a manager. And I continued to receive the same generic response. i Finally called them and set up an appointment. The technician came, said the problem should be fixed, if not, then to call and specifically request him. I set the appointment for Dec 13. He didn’t even call to say he will be arriving and just left a postit note on my door.

    I reset the appointment AGAIN for December 18. He calls me this time saying I will be charged $130. I told him no, that is ridiculous, because of SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE it’s been delayed beyond the warranty expiration date. He said I needed to call and ask them for something specific. I was just so fed up with them.

    I guess if you want to own a house, appliances, etc. You just can’t have a full time job. You need to sit at home all day waiting for them to schedule an appointment, arrive, etc.

    • I plan on writing to the main customer service manager and mailing a letter to the address provided on their web site

      Sears Corporate Office
      3333 Beverly Road
      Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

  37. I bought a compressor from sears. I had to return it but instead of exchanging it he credited my cc than had to rebill me. It’s been almost 2 weeks and the credit still hasn’t shown up. Worst yet they made me go Pu the new compressor from another sears. I’m done with this company.

  38. On December 09, 2012 I called the Sears Store in Fayetteville NC. to see if they had a truck toolbox that in stock. I spoke with the Tool Dept. They stated that they did not. I then asked if I could order one to be shipped to the store. He said yes and then try-ed to order it from his computer. He then stated that he would not be able to do so, as it was actually an automotive product, I would have to contact them. After two attempts at transfer and two phone calls, I finally got up with someone in automotive. I explained the same to him and he then attempted to order it from his computer. He then stated that he would not be able to perform the action that I would have to call a toll free number that he gave me. I was now on phones for 45 minutes attempting this. I then called the toll free number that he gave me and they stated that they could order the box for me but that it wouldn’t be shipped to the store. I then decided to go ahead and order it for delivery to my house (I had already invested too much time and effort into it). So, I then asked the guy if it would be at my home by Christmas (which was my real concern). He said that it would be here by Christmas and added that there was plenty of time. So, I told him to please proceed with the order. It was then that he stated that it would probably be easier if I did it myself on-line. Even though I had now invested over an hour into phone calls, I said fine. I then went on-line myself and ordered it. It only gave me one method of shipping, but the representative said it would be here by Christmas, so I chose it. Nothing on the order looked out of the ordinary at that time.
    A couple of days later, I noticed that I had received an email from sears. It stated that the product would not be here until January 4Th, JANUARY 4TH ! I immediately picked up the phone and called the number that was listed for customer service. I spoke with a nice young woman and told her that everyone told me it would be here by Christmas. She put me on hold several times and finally told me that the item is listed as “processing”, but that it had been pulled and was ready for pickup by UPS or whomever. I then asked if I could pay more money now in order to change the shipping priority so that I could get it here by Christmas. She stated that I could not because it had already been pulled. I then said, well, if it’s already been pulled then it should go out today or tomorrow, right? She said yes quite probably. I then asked if she felt as though there would be an actual problem with it making it here by Christmas and she said no, in fact if I called back in a few days, I could get a tracking number. I said great and hung up. I have now been reassured and had no worries.
    So, after a few days of waiting, I still saw that I had not received any new emails from sears. Therefore, I did call to see if I could get a tracking number. I spoke with another young woman whom told me that the product still hadn’t shipped. I asked her why and she stated that she didn’t know. I explained to her what the other woman said, that it was there and pulled and waiting and she said that she had no way of verifying that. I then asked if I could be transferred to the warehouse or delivery and she said that she had no way of doing that and she just continued to repeat herself over and over. I said that there had to be someone that I could talk to and she said that I could call one of two separate other numbers. Therefore, I was being passed around again. At this point, I have now talked to 5 or 6 people from your company, in an attempt to order and receive this box. I took the numbers, but had to go into work, so my next followup had to wait.
    My next phone call I got a young man. I explained the entire story to him, he then gets into the computer and finds that there are none of these boxes in stock. NONE OF THESE BOXES IN STOCK ! Are you kidding me ! The date is now December 19. Way too late to cancel my order and order from anyone else ! Now they are telling me that it is out of stock ! I asked him how he knew that and he said that the computer said that. So, I asked if there was anyway to verify that. Could someone please go down on the floor and find that out. He said that he had noway of doing that. I said that I ordered the product on the 9Th. Perhaps they had some then, pulled mine and it is still waiting down there to be delivered and they are just overlooking it. He said no because the computer says its out of stock. I then stated that its out of stock NOW maybe it wasn’t out of stock when I ordered it. He said, but the computer says its out of stock. I then asked if there was a way to look on the computer and see if it was out of stock on the 9Th. He said no. So I said that there was no way of knowing, then, if you actually had some then and my item had actually been pulled and is being overlooked. I asked if someone could please go and look to see if mine was still waiting there for delivery. He said that he had noway of doing that and that the computer said that the item is out of stock. I said OK, please let me speak to someone else. He transferred me to a “Case Manager”. I did look at my phone, and at this point the phone call was over 25 minutes long.
    I was on hold about 5 minutes when another gentleman came on. He wanted me to explain the ENTIRE story to him, so I lay-ed it all out. He looked on his screen and he then told me that the item is back-ordered. BACK-ORDERED ! I said that he had to be joking. 10 days and 7 people later and this is the first that anyone has told me that it is back-ordered. The website didn’t say it and none of the people whom told me they were sure that I would get it by Christmas ever said that (especially the one that said that it had been pulled and ready for shipment. At this point I am very obviously upset. I asked him the same as I did the others. The computer says that its back-ordered now. Fine, is there anyone that you can tell if it was back-ordered on the 9Th. He said no. I said, then it is possible that you still had some then, mine got pulled out of that, some others got ordered by different people since then and NOW it says that its back-ordered. Is that possible. He said no. I said how do you know that. He said because the computer says that its back-ordered. I then hung up.
    My wife asked me last night if I canceled the order and I said no because what difference does it make now. And I’m tired. Either way we don’t get it before Christmas. And on the day that it does come, I am shredding my Sears card. I will never order anything from Sears again and if anyone ever asks me about where they should go to order something (and I come in contact with hundreds of people a week) I will tell them not to go-to Sears or Kmart or any other company in its affiliation.
    To think that there is this many people on your payroll that had no idea what was going on, tying up nearly 500 dollars of mine and my wife’s money and (moreover) ruining apart of Christmas for someone, is just finally too much. You are supposed to be one of the biggest, at one time, one of the best companies out there. When I was growing up Sears Roebucks was one of the most trusted companies in the world. It’s sad to see how far it has fallen.

  39. “I just went to the Dalton GA Sears to buy an advertised TV. I was told they did not even sell the TV. I asked if they had a substitute. After checking the salesman showed me what they would substitute. After over a half hour the dept. manager said they would not substitute. I then talked to the manager again and he told me the salesman would have to order the TV. I went back to the salesman and told him what the manager said and was told there were none to be ordered. I then wanted to talk to the manager (Jorge) but he would not answer the page.
    I have never been so disappointed in Sears before.
    I want to make sure you know the salesman did everything he could to resolve the problem. My biggest disappointment came when after spending over a half an hour waiting the manager would not even talk to me.

  40. First let me say that I would be embarrassed to send an email like the one below that I received as a response to my inquiry.

    “Five to seven business days” to even check on the issue! I receive my order from most every other on-line provide in less time

    This was a despicable experience. After this response I called the number enclosed and of course want to sell me something else when I have yet to see my first order.

    1. I speak with Joan who takes ALL my information. Verifies that the order placed on 12/10/2012 was ready to ship on 12/11/2012, but has no tracking number. I am then disconnected after I hear Joan “can you hear me?”. Yes, Joan I can, but apparently you can not hear me…disconnected.

    2. I call again and get Amy. I give Amy ALL my information. I am put on hold. Waiting, waiting. Amy returns “Thank you…” I am disconnected! And if you are wondering, no, it is not my phone as I used different phones including land line.

    3. I call again and speak to Maria. I express my distress and ask for a supervisor. No supervisor is available to speak with me. I allow Maria to help me. I give Maria ALL my information. I explain what I understand to date. Before being put on hold again I plead to not be disconnected and ask if I can provide a call back number. Maria ensures I will not be disconnected, but verifies the call back number already on file. “That is correct”, I reply. Maria puts me on hold. Now I am wondering: Will Maria return? Will I get disconnected? Why didn’t Joan call me back, she had my number as well? Why didn’t Amy call me back, she had my number as well?

    Maria returns. She indicates the item was shipped and I should receive on 12/24/2012 (6 days later than the original order indicated). I asked to be provided a tracking number. Maria agrees to send the shipping and tracking information to me via email… as well as a survey. Below is what I received:

    “Dear ,

    Thank you for shopping at!

    Unfortunately, your order is still processing and has not yet shipped. Please allow more time for your order to ship. Once the order has shipped, please allow 8-10 business days from your shipment date for delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail us at or call us at 1-800-283-6940.

    Look for Great Ideas throughout the store and find Sears exclusive innovations from great brands like Sony, Kenmore, NordicTrack, Craftsman and Reebok.

    Shop now to pick up great products for the season.

    NEVER, will I EVER shop at Sears again.



    Below is the original email chain response to my inquiry:


    Re1: Order Confirmation #

    Good Evening Cliff,

    Thank you for contacting regarding the order number 440966353. We sincerely apologize that you have not received any update on your order. I understand that you wish to know the status of the same.

    We have received your inquiry regarding the order and are currently researching with our fulfillment center to locate the status of your missing item. Please allow 5-7 business days as we will contact you by email once we have received a response. If the item cannot be located and delivered to you, we will promptly issue a credit to your account.

    We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience.

    We want to make you happy. Please take our survey to tell us how we’re doing.


    Bradley H. (shuss16)

    Sears Customer Care


    Original Message Follows: ————————

    I am inquiring about my Order Confirmation #

    I have received no communication and was estimated to be received by Dec 18th

    Please provide a status

  41. Purchased a kenmore washing machine at sears and had it installed last Thursday.. Machine was defective and flooded the whole condo on first try.. Water didn’t even go into the drum.. Just straight through the bottom. Its Christmas and the house is wrecked… Sears has done nothing to make this situation right or even made the slughedt attempt to fix or act concerned.. Absolutely the most frustrating situation ever.. I would never buy another thing at sears and I can’t believe how much sears could really care less about my situation.. I wish someone would help.. (This is the very first time I have ever made a formal complaint about a company in my life). .. Garrett

  42. SALES CHECK# 014786722511
    DATE: 11/10/12
    AMOUNT: $119.05

    My name is Anau Quintero and I wanted to make a comment on the service I recently experienced at your Portraits Studio dept in your South San Francisco, CA location at Tanforan Mall. My family and I walked into Sears on November 10, 2012 roughly around 12-1pm in the afternoon. It was my husband and I along with all 5 of my children. We went in to take portraits of all our children. We paid for the Bronze package, and accompanied this deal with a coupon we printed from your website which we would get a frame 16X20 for free. We were advised that these pictures and frame would be ready by November 28, 2012 which would give us enough time to get these pictures out before Christimas. I called on November 28, 2012 in the afternoon to check status of my pictures and my frame and unfortunately only my pictures were ready, not my frame. We were advised by Tom @ the portraits studio dept that the frame would take an extra week. We were not advised that the frame was going to take an extra week, but we told him that that was fine. We would pick up all pictures and frame the following week.

    I called back on December 5, 2012 and unfortunately my pictures and frame was still not ready. He said to check back with him by Friday. At this point, we were already getting worried about the pictures not being ready before Christmas so i told him I will definitely contact him back on Friday. Well Friday arrived, and I checked again. According to Tom, my frame was still NOT READY! I asked him if he had placed a call to whoever was shipping the frame in to see when I was to receive it and he said no, that they do not call their station in Missouri. They just wait for delivery of the frames and when they get it, they will call me. Well, he even told me, why am I getting so angry and I told him that I feel like I am not getting any kind of help from him. I requested to speak to someone higher than him, even a CEO or somebody else that was willing to hear my situation and he said that he was the highest there. He told me that I shouldn’t get mad because the frame was free anyways<— ???? I advised him that the free frame is basically your incentive to get us through the door to take pictures, I did not make that up myself? I just could not believe the attitude and I could not hold back my tears. I was angry and sad all at the same time. Basically, his attitude was "I am right and You are wrong".

    I know he probably felt bad for me because I was crying and mad so he volunteered to call me everyday afterwards with an update on where my frame is at, which he has done, but today is December 21, 2012 and I still have not gotten my Frame in yet. This is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Can you please help me? I dont appreciate this kind of customer service and this great delay in getting my pictures. If theres anything you can do to help me get my pictures, ANYTHING AT ALL, PLEASE HELP ME!

    **If you are not the correct person, please forward me to who can help! **

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Anau N. Quintero

  43. I enter your website looking to order a replacement for the water filter for my KENMORE COFFEE MAKER MODEL: 100.04603110. While online speaking to a customer representantive and giving him my full name and address, passed me onto a “specialist” he again asked for my name, asked his question.
    He asked for the model number of the coffee maker which is 100.04603110 he asked to wait a few minutes,and returns with the answer that it was unexistant in their inventory. He ask to check again I complied again made sure that it was provided with the filter number and 69164 and came with the answer it´s not in our records.!

    I purchased the coffee maker on 10/11/12 sales check # 018140968095 tran 8095 PG/STORE 37 01814 REG 096 ASSOC 7021. After all that I was asked to call the 800 customer service line because they werent able to help.
    Very poor service. Truly dissappointing.

  44. To: Sears Customer Relations

    or a story of great retail incompetence in our time

    N. S. Rasor

    Probably no one at Sears reads such letters as this, let alone does anything about them. But at least this is a record of the story, which probably will get around because it is so absurd and damning. The detailed dates are not documented here, but from the period of time over which the saga has occurred thus far (two months)and the number of events (11), the approximate time between them can be estimated as being one week. Each of the events required my involvement in the Sears system. At first it required my dealing with multiple agents over the phone, who had poor command of English and difficulty understanding my problem and what to do with it. Eventually I discovered the right telephone number and fell into a familiar routine in the system based on many experiences with it as listed here:

    1. On Oct. 6, 2012, we purchased a BLACK Samsung french-door refrigerator from the Sears Hardware Store in Kettering, Ohio.
    2. A WHITE refrigerator was delivered to our home on Oct. 27 by Sears even though we had emphasized that we wanted a BLACK one like the floor model to match the other appliances in our kitchen.
    3. When the black model eventually was delivered to us, the delivery man found that he could not properly install the large horizontal external latch handle on the bottom freezer drawer. So leaving the handle dangle and barely operable for opening the freezer, he informed me that I must contact the Sears Service Dept. to arrange proper installation of the handle. This was a learning experience for both me and the Sears Service people I eventually contacted by phone after several false starts and transfers starting with the Sears web page. After some confusion about this not being a warranty period situation, the agent told me that a repair man would be sent to install the handle properly.
    4. The repair man arrived and, after working some time on the handle, said he had installed the handle and left. Then, after the second time the handle was used, it again became unattached and dangled on one side as before.
    5. Back by phone to the Sears Service people who again had to learn about this even more complex and unfamiliar situation and said they would again send a repair man. When I suggested that the problem might involve a defective handle, they agreed and said they would order a new handle sent to us, but that I would have to call them when the part arrived to arrange for its installation.
    6. Eventually, the replacement arrived, but it was WHITE for our BLACK refrigerator. Back by phone to the SEARS Service people with an even more complex and unfamiliar situation to be understood and acted upon (e.g., at first they said I must order a new handle from their Parts Dept.). After my impatient reaction, they agreed to order a black handle delivered to us, but I must call them and arrange for its installation after it arrived as in #5.
    7. Back to the Sears Service people to arrange for the new handle installation when it arrived. The service man unpacked it and found that it indeed was black but that it was for the wrong refrigerator model and too short for installation on ours. This service man determined, however, that to really fix the problem a replacement of both the handle and the knob to which it is attached on one side should also be ordered and delivered to us. So a repeat of the #5 process followed.
    8. The new handle was delivered to us, but again it was WHITE, requiring another repeat of the now-familiar #5 process.
    9. Another new handle arrived, it was black but it was not accompanied by the attachment knob.
    10. Shortly thereafter, another package arrived which contained both another black handle and the attachment knob, and I made an appointment for their installation. The service man arrived and found that the black handle and knob that were delivered were for a snap-in type of handle, whereas our refrigerator handle and knobs were for a set-screw type of handle. He said he would order a complete set of handle and knobs to be sure that they were all compatible. Also, so that I would not have to do another #5 he would place the order and schedule his service appointment until after Christmas.
    11. The fifth box containing the handle but not the knobs has been delivered. We now have 5 boxes of handles, all delivered by UPS separately. So the Sears saga is not yet over, as we thought each time. The greatest irony, however, is that TWO MONTHS have passed without our receiving full delivery of our refrigerator from Sears, but in the meantime, Sears has LOWERED THE PRICE of our Samsung refrigerator model at the same store from the $1300 that we paid two months ago to $1000. But this is peanuts compared with the hours I have spent trying to deal with the Sears retail system (I was paid $400/hour as a consulting physicist). I have been a loyal Sears customer since we bought appliances for our first house 55 years ago, but now I just do not know. But I thought you should know.
    Ned S. Rasor, Ph.D.

  45. On December 18th I purchased a wall oven at the store in Laguna Hills, Ca. Acouple of days later I received an email with a survey attached which I filled out in detail. Evidently my computer did not send it out. I want to be sure that you know that the entire experience was delightful. The salesmanMike dNajd was ddvery competent, extremely helpful and very considerate of my needs. I just want to be ceertain that he receives the credit he deserves. These days it seeems that few individuals are so conscientous, and it was such a pleasure to be waited on by such an individual.

    Catherine Carriere

  46. purchased a swing set for my grand daughter 12-4-12, to date still not delivered , customer service keeps referring me to some shipper sears hired to deliver , that says they don’t have the order . you have hit my credit card , I didn’t hire the shipper , sears did !
    why do I have to deal with your screw up ?
    your customer service people suck , they should speak English !!
    I have completely given up on sears , who manages this company now , the Chinese ?
    you people wonder why your sales are going down the toilet , your days as a retailer are going down fast , Wal-Mart is a improvement over you people .

    I am contacting the local CBS affiliate who has a segment to deal with this and the better business beareu
    I doubt that this will do any thing to improve the situation

  47. We purchased a California king size mattress and box spring that is made for only one person to sleep on. If you are not right smack in the middle of the mattress you will roll into a gully….very uncomfortable! We have gone back to the store, complained to the customer service department and left SEVERAL MESSAGES for a person who calls herself Dee but does NOT RETURN our calls. My husband is about to take the mattress back to SEARS during the mattress sale that is going on now. He has already gone into the store and spoke with a sales person who had Dee call us once…We will never purchase Sears products again…The customer service we have received on this issue is very unfair….

    We ordered a clothes drier a month ago.
    1. Delivery was 2 weeks late.(item was forgotten from order and delivery was rescheduled.
    2. The driver called a total of 6 times for directions even though the directions consisted of two very easy right turns from where they were coming.. Their capacity to not follow simple directions was staggering. If customer relations means anything whatsoever to Sears, I suggest you let these two clowns immediately.
    3. They arrived 2 hours late.
    3 When I saw from our property they missed our road I sent someone out in a pickup to intercept. The Sears drivers transferred our appliance to the pick-up. Then refused to return for the old appliance they had been scheduled to pick up, claiming they had no such order.
    4 When I called the dispatch I was told that the diver were indeed supposed to pick up the item.
    5. So we are left with an old clothes dryer sitting in the driveway.
    6. Put my day on hold an extra two hours waiting for the delivery.

    Won’t be using Sears again.

  49. Found GPS battery through Sears and thought it was a reputable company. Wrong. Battery was sold and shipped by Xtream storefront. Received wrong battery and contacted Xtream immediately. Battery that was supposedly in stock actually wasn’t. Got a refund right away through Paypal but time was wasted trying to deal with Xtream. Stay away. Search online for other reviews.

  50. I purchased sweatpants, screwdriver set and a baby outfit on November 18. The baby outfit was canceled and the sweatpants never arrived. I called three times to try and get my money back for the sweatpants. I was always told that I would receive the refund within 5-7 days. Well after several emails and over 1.5 months later, I still haven’t received it! I am now trying the online chat and hoping this person has somewhat of a brain. I have never in my life received such HORRIBLE customer service. My grandmother worked at Sears for over 20 years and I am sad to say that I will NEVER shops at Sears again! Absolutely ridiculous!

  51. Bought 2 pairs of Reebok Princess shoes. Wore 1 pair put second pair away. Pull them out 6 months later, size and width are wrong. Will try to exchange, will see what happens.

  52. This is the most screwed up company I have dealt with so far online. If you call and ask a question and they don’t have the answer they hang up on you. This happened 3 times in a row. The people answering the telephone in customer service don’t understand the English language nd I could not understand their language. If you ask for a manager they hang up. I was on the telephone for over an hour and never got my question answered ab out two delivery dates. If Sears were giving the item away free I would not take it after this.

  53. Never have I had such a horrible experience with Sears Customer Service, ordered range, microwave, dishwasher on Dec 26, 2012 with a delivery date of 1/4/2013. After several phone calls to customer service and told to call this 800# sorry we can’t help you have to call this 800# can’t transfer you and tell the rep what is going on so having to start over again was getting frustrating. Delivery date was moved to Jan 11,2013 they can’t tell me why, no notes in the system, said order wasn’t placed until yesterday when I have my print out with Dec 26 and schdedule delivery of 1/4/13. No one can explain and there is nothing they can do. I asked where was the call regarding the change in delivery date and they said it was never scheduled for the 4th even though I have paperwork that states otherwise. Also I spoke with someone on Wednesday the 2nd and was told order was still scheduled for the 4th and they would call Thursday night the 3d with two hour time frame on the 4th for delivery. Was lied to and then told nothing they could do and please don’t cancel you order, I am sure they don’t it was over $2000. Also had problems with several of the customer service reps and their understanding/speaking of the english language, I don’t care where their reps are at but understand and speak english we live in America. Please don’t place an order online and expect any service after that.

  54. I had a Sear Home Service call on a garage door and was completely taken advantage of. The only thing worse was trying to contact Customer Service. I will never use Sears for any home repairs or services again, nor will i purchase anything from them. Even if the price is cheaper it is not worth the headache.

  55. Sirs/Madams
    In November 2012, I noticed that my washing machine (a MAYTAG NEPTUNE CLOTHES WASHER – SERIAL NUMBER: 53375714YH) was making a squeaking noise while washing; also, when spin drying, the last spin sounded like an airplane coming in for a landing.
    For 59 years all I had to do was call Sears repair and the Sears representative would come out and fix the problem. This year, however, a company named A and E Appliance Repair came to “FIX” my washing machine, thereby creating the problem, detailed below.
    The problem:
    I called and made an appointment to have a repair person come out and fix my washing machine:
    On December 13, 2012, a repairman came in and proceeded to TAKE my washer apart. By the time he finished the washing machine was totally disassembled and he said the washing machine needed a new tub. During the time he was working on the washing machine he was using among other things: a hammer? He did a lot of pounding. Before leaving, he told us that he had ordered the tub by “overnight mail,” and then made an appointment for the 21st of December 2012.” The OVERNIGHT delivery took one week. Upon leaving, this repairman did not tell us what the problem was with the tub. He also did not leave a receipt or have us sign a receipt.
    After he left, I decided to have someone come out and look at my dryer, which I purchased at the same time I purchased my washing machine.
    This second appointment was made for December 15, 2012.
    When the repairman arrived on December 15, 2012, he found minor problems , so I asked him to clean out the lint for safety reasons, like preventing a fire. He looked at his computer and told me that even though I have a Protection Agreement; it was only good if the dryer was broken. I told him that, in the past, maintenance was part of the agreement. He replied that I did not have a Master Plan. I told him I never heard of a Master Plan. He then called a co-worker and told him that I did not believe what he was telling me. He acted as though his feelings were hurt. He did nothing and then printed an invoice and left. His id number is 0629014.
    Then, on December 20, 2012 the tub was delivered.
    On December 21, 2012 a second repairman came to install the tub. He was supposed to be here between 1:00 and 5:00. He arrived at 4:00 and left after several hours, telling us he needed another part that he ordered for “overnight delivery”. He left without saying a word. He did not print an invoice or give us any other information. The washing machine was still not working.
    I called Sears immediately and was told to call the next day
    December 22, 2012. (Saturday)
    I called to make another appointment.
    The third repairman, “The Clean UP Man” worked on the machine, again puting in a lot of hours and getting a part from the first repairman. After many hours, he told us that the machine needed another part, which was again ordered “OVERNIGHT.”
    This repairman told us he was the clean up man and almost broke his arm patting himself on the back. His id is 0006072
    When we inquired about the part, we were told that DUE TO THE HOLIDAYS WE DID NOT ORDER THE PART.
    On December 28, 2012 we received the part, ordered OVERNIGHT, again almost a week later.
    On December 29, 2012 the fourth repairman showed up. This repairman was the same person who had showed up to fix the Dryer. His id number is 0629014. He said the part was the wrong part and needed to order another part, he finally said that he fixed it, but HE DID NOT TRY THE MACHINE OUT. After he left, I went downstairs and tried the machine. It did work for one (1) wash. When I washed the second load , the machine again did not wash or drain.
    This repairman seemed very unsure of himself and got his feelings hurt easily. I am frustrated and I realize that I show it. But, they all acted as though they were doing me a favor. I PAID FOR THIS SERVICE, and expect service that is knowledgeable.
    As I told Cindy (the customer service representative – the only one that seemed to have any knowledge and experience), I am frustrated; I had two surgeries this past year, and am in no condition to go back and forth from the Laundromat. Each trip is not only taxing to my health, but has cost me at least $50.00. I have gone to the Laundromat 6 times, for a total cost of $500.00.
    We also had company from Florida and Washington, DC for Christmas and New Year’s Eve—the date of my husband’s and son’s birthdays. Laundry was a major problem.

    The last email I received said my next appointment will be January 15, 2013. So much for overnight. I believe that the time has come for you to replace my washer with a washer that is comparable to my top of the line washing machine, not of lesser value. This is because when the washing machine was torn up there was no proof that any of the repairman knew how to fix the washing machine and have rendered it useless. Additionally, I would like a refund for the $500.00 I spent at Laundromat’s.

  56. I ordered this item on line, December 4th, as a Christmas present; paid for installation to be done on the 22nd. Installers called and confirmed installation; they called back the day of installation and cancelled. The reason, installer was sick. Apparently, only one installer is employed by Sears. Very disappointed, it was a present. They rescheduled installations for the 27th. The 27th no one shows up or calls. Called Sears customer service on the 29th to express my disappointment, cancel any further installation and have my money refunded. The women I spoke with, was very sweet and understanding. She saved me from cancelling the order, ensuring me that I would be contacted within 48 hours and I would be made a top priority for installation. I was never contacted. Once again, called customer service, on the 3rd; spoke with yet another very kind and understanding women. Told her I would now like to cancel the installation and I would be returning the garage door opener. At this point unless the installation was of no charge I was no longer interested in dealing with Sears. The women felt sure that there was something Sears could do for me to make this all right and put her supervisor on the phone. Destiny; Destiny was now on the phone to assist me. I reiterated my complete experience; she apologized and proceeded with scheduling yet another installation. Apparently, she either did not communicate with the previous women I spoke with or read the notes each representative takes when on a call. Again, I explained that unless the installation she was attempting to schedule was now of no charge I was not interested. Destiny became rude and displayed no professionalism. I asked to speak with her superior. Destiny would not give me his/her name, said I could speak with him/her but it would be a 20 minute wait. I said great, I’ll hold; what’s another 20 minutes! 15 minutes later Destiny comes back on the phone to tell me no one will be able to help me. Needless to say Sears has now lost me as a customer. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

  57. To Sears Corporate Office:

    There are some issues I need to address.
    I bought a LG plasma TV from a Sears Outlet on July 4th. Soon after that I started to notice a live that was going through the screen. I called customer service and described it and they told me it is just my cable connection. A month after that I called LG and sent a repair person out to take a look at it. They ordered a part and came back 2 weeks or so later to replace the old one. Then a week after the part was replaced, I started to experience more problems with the TV. I started to get the same lines, only much wider on the screen. I contacted Sears and they sent someone to take a look…this was Dec 21. They told me they ordered a part and rescheduled an appointment for Dec 26. On this date no one showed up and I got no phone calls addressing this. I called customer service and they did not know the reason for the missed appointment, however they told me my new appointment date was for Jan 4th. The same thing happened on this day, no one showed up and I got no phone call explaining this. When I called the customer service they told me my new appointment was for Jan 14. They also told me someone would call me within 48 hours addressing all this. I received no phone calls. On July 14th…again no one came for the appointment and I got a phone call at 08:34 saying someone should be there shortly, since my appointment was between 8-12. I called customer service and they gave me a phone number to contact Sears Repair in Sterling Heights. I called that number numerous times without anyone answering it. I called customer service again and I was told the part that was ordered arrived today..on Jan 14 and it is damaged. They would have to order another part and do not know how long this would take. She told me to contact LG directly.
    This is totally unprofessional and unacceptable to give their customers the run around. I have now taken 3 days off of work, sitting around waiting for these guys. No one had the courtesy to even contact me and tell me what was happening. You need to have better customer service. This is possibly the worst I have been treated by any company.

  58. Your TV commercials are unnecessarily violent. First, it started out with people crashing into appliances! Now you are into the same thing with animals. This is totally stupid not to mention insensitive. You need to find better marketing staff that “get it” about violence of any kind under the present cultural environment. I’ll think twice about buying a Sears product. Get with it folks

  59. I just wanted to let you know that im never again buying any thing from sears and that this was the worst shopping experience of my life , first when i went to sears at crabtree valley mall the staff was very unwelcoming and unprofessional, the way they were dressed and how they talked, they did not know the basic information about their products ! then when I bought a tv i was told I’ll get it on sunday and I paid extra for weekend delivery , sunday came and no tv showed up ! after that I called ur 800 number they told me they know nothing about it and its not in the system, tried calling the store it self no body answered !!! I had to go to the store and ask, they said sorry , we’ll bring it on tuesday .. and this is not half of it !
    tuesday came , no tv as well !! called again no answer for like 15 times, finally when they answered, the lady told me i’ll call you back in 20 min and never called back ! i called again for one hour strait till they answered and said ops sorry ur tv is still in the store and never left so we’ll bring it next week !!! and that point I just canceled the order and went to best buy and got it , I payed more money but at least they are professionals who know how to do their job !

  60. Customer solutions is a place that all sears employees
    use to get the customer confused. NOT ONE department of Sears did what they said that they would do. Purchased a
    top load washer and dryer from Sears Mishawaka, Indiana.
    Paid to have it delivered and installed.
    Sears does not have a clue on what really happens in the real world.Sears is the worst place to buy an appliance!
    Sears should be ashamed of themselves. After 5 weeks of trying to get this problem resolved and 17 hours of lies,no return calls, no solutions I give up. Now it starts all over to get them returned. Day 6 still no solutions from Customer Solutions. Sears is Terrible!
    Sears has the best runaround in the industy.

  61. Seems as though there is a common theme with Sears- pass the buck and when all else fails disconnect the phone call.Started by ordering a kitchen set of appliances from Brian.

    This part went great- he thouroghly walked us through the purchasing process and helped us choose appliance that best suited our farmhouse renovation. It went down hill from there. Appliances were to be delivered. Delivery guy called from the store- could not find the cooktop.

    They brought the rest of the stuff and said the cooktop would be delivered. Great….except they showed up three hours late on Christmas eve so I sat at our empty house waiting for them while I missed our family Christmas party. Should have been mad but I felt more for the delivery guys being forced to deliver on a holiday than me waiting. Then it gets bad…

    Store couldn’t find the cooktop and the national delivery number said it was delivered. Finally I just went for store manager, tracy. She quickly ordered a new top and scheduled a prompt delivery. Great.

    The cooktop came, we later opened the box. Damaged. The knobs had been bent and one rubber the high low print right off. Called the store.

    They said call warranty. Called warranty. They said call delivery. Called delivery.

    They referred me to a product specialist”. He then put me on hold?. I was disconnected:. I called back/.

    I was put on hold for thirty minutes/. Hung up called back;. They transferred me back to delivery:. This guy transferred me to an unknow department?.

    She said they would deliver a new one. Great. I simply asked that it not be delivered and that I wanted to pick it up at the store to a) save time b) not be forced to take time off of work to wait for delivery. She said that couldn’t be done.

    The next day I called the local store and spoke to the appliance manager because I had little faith in anyone I talked to via the national numbers. He was more than willing to make sure the item was ordered and to call me when it arrived at the store as he had no reservation with me picking it up. So…I’ll see what next week brings when it is suppose to arrive.

    In conclusion, I feel as though my story echoes many others who trusted Sears, sears customer service does very little servicing, and the people at my local store saved me from insanity.My advice to others: bypass sears, head to your locally owned appliance store, pay a little more, be content that you never have to deal with sears’ customer service.

  62. My HE washer broke down. I called for repair; could not get anyone out until I paid over $200.00 for a warranty.
    They took my credit card and set up an appointment. The day of the appt., a man calls to ask what it is about. I said the washer wasn’t working. (now we are going on 3 weeks) so he says he only LOOKS at them under the service warranty, he doesn’t FIX them. New appt. 1 more week. Man comes out and fixes 2 things wrong, says it’s OK and leaves. I race in to wash a load=SAME PROBLEM. I
    called repair, can’t do anything now, call tomorrow. I called the next day and now they put me off another 10days. No one available for my area til then. What a crock!!!!! I am going to Lowe’s for my next needed items. I have been with Sears over 50 years! I am so
    angry I could spit nails!!!! They got the LAST money out of me!!!

  63. I have tried several times to email you and keep getting an error page… I’ve resorted to writing you here..We purchased a pair of Canyon River Blues 730365579636 SEAS : C1
    16 Regulars for my son within the last year and one day he was slipping them on and they ripped from the waist band area along side of the zipper seam down below the crotch area. Unfortunately, we do not have the receipt. How can we be reimbursed or exchange them?
    Thank you!

  64. I placed a service call for my dryer 3 weeks ago. In the meantime my washer started leaking. I called Sears and tried to add my washing machine to the service call. I was told that this was not possible and that I would have to place another service call. When I asked why they couldn’t be at the same time, I was told that the service call was already placed for the dryer and the washer could not be added.

    I left it with just the dryer and had a window yesterday from 8-12. I received a phone call at 9:45AM (half way through my window) that Sears would not be coming because the technician called out sick. Please note that I received a confirmation phone call Friday and an email Saturday morning, both confirming my appointment. When I explained that I took off a day of work for this call and that I could not take off another day Sears did not care. I asked for a manager. Tina, the manager, explained that people get sick (I know this) and when I asked if the next service call could include both the washer and dryer, since I had already missed one day of work, Tina said “no”. I explained that this was being very difficult for me and Tina told me “That is life.” I then asked for another manager and Tina told me she was the only manager there. I tried speaking to Tina, explaining that I understood that people get sick but asked to please understand that I am paid hourly and could not afford to take 2 days off. I also asked 1) if the tech was sick, why was I not called at 8 so I could have gone to work and 2) since I was being inconvenienced by Sears’ cancellation, could she please put the next work order in for both appliances. At this point Tina, the manager, told me “no” again and that she could have Sears come out next Saturday for my dryer and in March for my washing machine. I explained that this was ridiculous and at this point Tina told me to go “F*ck off” and then hung up on me.

    I was told at the beginning of this call that I was on a recorded line. I sincerely hope that someone at Sears takes the time to listen to this recorded line as I will NEVER be using Sears Appliance repair again.

    I am beyond offended and angry and feel that Sears was beyond rude and I will be sure to tell everyone that I see how I was treated by Sears and encourage them to never buy a Sears product. I have to go buy a new washing machine and dryer (someone else came out yesterday) and will not be purchasing Sears appliances.


    Adam Jacobs

  65. I just want to say I am disappointed with your outsourced repair department. I encouraged my daughter’s family to buy a Kenmore washer and dryer, which they did on my recommendation. The washer stopped working a month ago and still has not been repaired. They have got quite the run a round over the past month. I feel partly responsible because of my recommendation. What steps can I take to help my kids resolve this issue?

  66. On 2/5/13, I contacted a salesman who identified himselp as Conner who worked in the TV Department at the Summerlin store located in Las Vegas, NV. I seleced two items (one Samsung 51′ and one Panasonic 55′). Conners had one model available at the Summerlin store and located the other model at Sears Meadows store. I left before completing the sale because of medical reasons. Several attempts were made to return, but I was not able to return to the Summerlin store.

    On 2/6/13, I completed the purchase by purcasing 2 55′ Panasonics, 2 Blue Ray DVDS, and misc. cables at Sears Meadows location (One TV was in stock at the Meadows and one TV was in stock at the Summerlin location). During this purchase, the alesman called Summerlin several times to check on stock. During the contact, I heard conversation from the Summerlin saleman that was very unprofessional regarding my purchase.

    On 2/7/13, at pproximately 10:15 a.m., I went to the Summerlin locaton to exchange a cable and purchase a wireless adaptor. The Saleman #015089 (Thomas) later approaced and called my wife by her first name (never met). We explained the reason for he visit was to purchase a wireless Adaptor for the 55′ Panasonic. He stated Sears did not sell this product and checked the internet which noted this item could be picked up at R C Willey. We asked the salesman to check for a Samsumg cordless DVD. He checked and advised non were in stock. He never asked if he could order this product nor did not check another store for this item. This salesperson was abrupt, evasive and displayed an unprofessional demeanor.

    We later checked the Summerli store by telephone and was told they had two in stock.

    I am a loyal Sears customer and feel this is very unprofessional for a major business of this type.

    K Jamal

  67. Got my tires rotated at SEARS automotive. When I got home my hub cap was gone. It was obvious that they hadn’t secured it properly. But, they said it wasn’t their problem. I drive A LOT of miles and give them quite a bit of service. Guess I’ll have to go elsewhere.

  68. Sears has become a bait and switch operation and won’t correct problems emanating from their web errors. I bought an item through Craftsman Club at one price and when it came to checkout it showed up at another price $33 higher. Customer service was in another country and was worthless. Both phone and e-mail helped zero! In fact, one phone call elicited the response there must be an error on the web. DUH. Like I didn’t know that? The e-mail elicited a response that the item was no longer on sale! Sure it was and still is for all week! So I ended up calling their corporate offices in Illinois, who were not much more help. They transferred me to someone, whom I also believe was offshore, to take the order, They indicated they had to take the order at full price, since they didn’t have the full ad available to them. but would credit back the $33.11 overcharge on the credit card. They didn’t. Now I have to fight not only with Sears but their credit card issuer to get the credit issued. After almost 50 years of dealing with these people I am so done. I have spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars with Sears in the past, through business and personal accounts but I will never go back. They have truly become the K-Mart they merged with…only worse.

  69. Customer service reps are non-American. They did not comment to email containing file showing associated sears websites do not work properly. They only reply with boilerplate comments.

  70. I cancelled and order (455054562) on February 2 and received and email from the operator to the effect that I had requested the order cancelled. The email stated that I should wait 3-5 days for the cancellation and credit. That was 10 days ago. Today I called 6 times to customer service and each person I spoke to told me they were waiting for the store to cancel my order. I spoke finally to a Bryan id# 401111 at 800-349-4358 and also told me I might need to wait another 3-5 days for the order to cancel. THIS IS MADNESS. I CANCELLED THE ORDER ON FEB 2. How long does it take Sears to cancel an order? I know you charged my credit card the day I placed the order even though you did not have any of the items in stock. Then I waited several days for the item to finally ship to the store. But then it went into limbo for over 2 weeks at which point I call and cancelled the order.

  71. I bought a refrigerator Kenmore model 10658943800 manufactured in 2008, the refrigerator side stopped working and I called for a repair. On 2/13/13 the technician told me that equipment (GE OEM for Kenmore)has a design defect that causes excessive accumulation of ice and has no way to repair it. I’ve lost all my investment and no one will respond.

  72. I have been a customer of Sears since 1988. Always bought my appliences there with no problems until today. The sales associate was an idiot,everything done on a laptop. Bought all of my appliences there 10 years ago when my house was built,no problem with the delivery. The est. time of delivery for my new fridg. which died after 10 years} was between 1:30pm & 3:30pm. Called at 3:45pm spoke to someone who could just about speak ENGLISH. Said they were in the city and they would be at my house after that. Received a call and said they would be at the house about 5:30pm. AND they charge a $80.00 del. charge on the weekend. I feel the del. charge should be waived. If the poor delivery guys weren’t overloaded with deliveries, they would deliver the products on time. No wonder Sears is having money problems

  73. to the attention of customer service supervisor,and delivery dept. manager: Complaint about delivery men is not trained professionally to do their job . they refuse to haul away the old kenmore elite, ( that is same size as the new one they deliver), and replace it with the new one.the old one is kenmore elite 24.9 cu ft and is deliver by your company . i am your regular and i brought seven of your freezer in the past .you can see my sear record. this is the only time i see these deliver men that is so irresponsible,and disrepect their job .they just refuse with no reason.MY sear salescheck # is 010179020274.I am confirming my cancellation of this order. i got my new one from Lowes.if the old one can get in ,why can’t it get out ? if the old one of the same size can get in why not the new one?

  74. I will never order anything from Sears again! I have been trying to have a mattress delivered for the last two weeks between a window of 1.30pm and 4.30pm, the salesman assured me this was perfectly fine (of course he did). Sears keeps trying to deliver the mattress between 11.15am and 1.15pm. I have spoken to more people in India (aka Sears Global customer service)in the last two weeks than I have had hot dinners. It seems that no one can either find my order or get the mattress schedule for correct delivery. Finally, today, the fourth person I spoke to called the carrier who called the driver. A nice AMERICAN driver called to find out what was the problem, we explained and he said he would deliver after 1.30pm! I dont understand why it took hours of phone calls, endless foreign phone agents and much frustration on my part to get this sorted out. Bring customer service back to the States, even when I asked for a supervisor it was someone offshore. When I asked to be transferred to the States they just passed me around more ‘global’ agents. We shall see if the mattress turns up this afternoon as scheduled.

  75. Absolutely worst experience ever. Bought a treadmill and they did not show up until an hour after scheduled timeframe. Since I scheduled a new time when they didn’t show up, when I found out they set up the treadmill wrong thr next day the rep told me just to keep that appointment for service. I drove back from out of town to make sure I was there the next day and found out they cancelled the time without telling me and told me I would need to schedule a new time for the next week. I did..I scheduled a pickup for them to take the treadmill out of my home because I am going to order it from somewhere else.

  76. Sear’s customer service is horrible. There are no words to describe how bad our experience was. We will NEVER shop there again.

  77. Bait and Switch. I choose a very nice washing machine with a few minor scratches along the side of the appliance. Scrath marks were duly noted on the invoice. I purchase the machine from the Sears Outlet store only to have another one, which was severely dented and clearly not the model I selected to arrive at my home. I was very disappointed to say the least. I had to refuse the delivery and go back to the Outlet store to select another one. This time I took a picture of the model that I selected. Beware the old “batch and switch” is still alive and being used for customers who are not aware of their rights. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the appliances you purchase. They will definitely send you whatever they (store employees) feel.

  78. I bought a craftsman snowblower. Spent good money in what I thought was the best. Used it about five times and it leaks gas all over. Because we have had mild winters it is about two months past warranty. Sears can’t do anything for me because I didn’t buy an extended warranty. What happened to putting the customer first? I will never purchase anything from sears again!! Not happy!!

  79. We recently purchased a major appliance from a local Sears store using our Sears credit card. The sales person promised delivery within 2 days of purchase. We were then contacted that it would be delivered a day later….then yet another day later. Then finally we were told it woul be delivered the following Monday but then installed on Tuesday. We were tired of the runaround and needed a replacement for our broken appliance so we contacted another local business that offered a similar appliance for less money, a better warranty, and prompt delivery and installation. We then cancelled the Sears order (the day after we had made the purchase) and asked them to please credit the order and cancel delivery. The next day Sears left a message that the delivery woul be made at (whatever 4 hour window) on the day of delivery. Once again we called Sears to let them know the order had been cancelled and to please credit our Sears charge card. However, it took several attempts due to no one answering the phone and full voice mail. Finally got through to reiterate the very explicit cancellation message. On the day of the allegedly cancelled Monday delivery, we received a voicemail message that the appliance would be delivered that morning. I once again called Sears AND the delivery company to tell them the order had been cancelled 5 days prior to that. The order (thankfully) was not delivered. However, 2 weeks later, we received a bill for the appliance on our Sears credit card (over $1,000). We contacted Sears credit and were tol we could initiate a dispute, which would take 45 days or more to clear. We were told that if we contact the store and they acknowledged the cancellation, it woul be immediately resolved. We contacted the store and they said they had on record that the order had been cancelled but that “processing” it had been delayed. We then re-contacted Sears credit and told them the store had acknowledged the cancellation but were told it would be resolved in 45 days or more (not immediately) as they had told us 10 minutes earlier. What kind of “customer service” is all of that???!!! All the while they assured us we were such valued long term customers. How do the treat people who are not?

  80. I think if Sears would treat their employees better the customer service would be better as well. I found out that the company FORCES their employees to ask for credit and that rewards program and if the employee doesn’t get a sign up they are punished by having their hours cut. I highky doubt any of their upper management have ever worked in retail fresh out of college. I do notice the younger employees are texting more and not paying attention to the customer like they should. You can always tell a long term employee of Sears they are the ones that seem to be most helpful. Been told also Sears don’t respect the loyalty of their long term employees either. No I don’t work for Sears

  81. I wish I had found this page before ordering my tires. I ordered the tires on 2/28/13. The website said it would take 5 – 7 days to reach the store to be installed, but I was fine with that because the tires appeared to be such a good deal. I received a confirmation email that said I would received another email when the tires shipped with the tracking number, and one final email when they reached the store and were ready for pickup.

    Well, here I sit on 3/9/2013 and I haven’t even received the first email to tell me the tires have shipped!!! I’ve emailed their customer (no) service department twice with no answer. I tried calling their customer no service department today and hung up after waiting 20 minutes the first time and 10 minutes the 2nd time. Never again will I order ANYTHING from this company!!

  82. bought a seiki 22″ tv on 5/20/12 set up was easy but set would not turn on with power button. ok judt used remote.
    every once in awhile it would not tut]rn on with remote. 2 weeks ago would not turn on at all. tried unplugging, plugging into different outlets, new batteries. nothing worked so took into local store. it turned on for clerk everything seemed to work so took home brcause clerk said sears didn’t have to do anything about it because to was past 30 days from purchase. set tv back up at home, turned on but tv made funny crakling, buzzing sound and shut off. still trying to get it to turn on again. was thinking of buying new stove but if customer service is this bad….

  83. In November my wife and I bought a Nordic Track eliptical fitness trainer from the Sears store on Kauai in Hawaii, It has never worked. Sears never mentioned that they had a 60 day return warranty. Inside the box was a placard from Nordic track: STOP! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM DO NOT CALL THE STORE OR RETURN IT! CALL NORDIC TRACK FOR SERVICE!. We did that only to discover ND subcontracts service thru a company North Coast Fitness who has service reps all over the US. Our guy only showed up once in 3 months of many attempts to schedule repair. He then lied about parts being on order. Last I heard he was in jail. Sears was not better and neither ND. They did not return calls and basically told us to solve it with the local service rep. I am so angry I will NEVER buy another thing from SEARS or Nordic Track!

  84. I bought a frig and stove at Roseville Sears Feb.11. They delivered them this morning. They brought the wrong frig and I have been on the phone all day trying to get them to exchang it. Now they say they can’t do it till the 22nd. I want to cancel my order. Now they won’t return my calls to pick up your appliances. My wife passed away last month and I should not have to have this problem. I will NEVER shop Sears again. You would think if they did not have it in stock they would have offered a up grade to me. They did not.This is the worst experence I ever had in buying something.

  85. Sears is HORRIBLE!!! No one should EVER purchase anything from them! Their customer service is non-existent. They are located overseas in a “National Call Center” and contain people who are reading from pre-made scripts, without any real knowledge of the English language. They never return phone calls and do not care about real customer service.
    I was always a very loyal Sears customer, but after my recent experience, I will NEVER buy from Sears again!!!!

  86. I Had a problem with my dishwasher they sent wrong piece after waiting 2 weeks for that and a tek guy!! Now I’m waiting again for the new piece and for them to tell me they can’t have a tek guy here till end of month .. Well not going well until a really nice rep helped me out with a direct number and the parts were recieved and tek guy arrived that Sat .thanks to linette Perez # 401221 what a great help !!!

  87. They are awful! Customer service kept me on hold for 1 hour and 41 minutes today. Don’t believe me? It’s on Youtube! I just found out there was a major problem with my Kenmore Bottom Freezer refrigerator purchased in June 2011. This fridge is poorly designed without enough air gaps to allow air behind the back panel of the freezer where the fans and condenser coils are located! I’m going to have to manually defrost at least once a year! If not, it will just stop working. I’ve been dealing with this problem since December and not one word from Sears on this defect! What great service!

  88. Sears STINKS. The repair man didn’t repair our refrigerator problem so scheduled a return in two more weeks….took two weeks for him to come out the first time and decide what part he THOUGHT he needed which was sent to us within three days then another two weeks before he was to come out again. He called and said he was “too far away” so would reschedule for next week. I hate this refrigerator which was my mistake as I bought it in a hurry because ours(not a Sears) had been destroyed as the result of a forest fire. We used to like Sears and Sears products but the stove burners have never burned evenly and when we ordered a propane drier it turned out to be natural gas. Because I insisted on checking we discovered it and made the conversion without a lot difficulty but it was through Maytag after Sears gave us the wrong information on doing it.
    When I called Customer Service to complain about the repairman I told him the problem and he hung up on me. I have never seen such poor repair service, customer service, and, in the case of this frig, lousy product. We’ve bought from Sears the entire 60 years we’ve been married but absolutely never again…on line or in the store. They can’t go out of business soon enough to please me.

  89. I tried to order a California king size 24 piece bed in a bag. My order did not go through, however sears took my money off my card. I sent you all a statement you all got it because my reference number is 139014. I want my money put back on my card today!!!!! You all have had my money since Feb. 19th every time i call they tell me it will be on my card in 24 hours. I am real upset!!! This has gone on long enough. They told me mine was top priority two weeks ago. My patients has wore to nothing with this now. You all have my credit card number to put it back on so i am not writing it down here. My home number is 270 230 9687 i would be much grateful if you would solve this issue.I was also told that for my in-convince that they would send me a comforter set. I would much appreciate that also. Something has to be done or with this experience that i have went through with sears i will not think about ordering any thing from them again. I hope this email will tell you how upset i am because enough is enough there has been enough time passed with this issue already. Thank you for solving this for me in advance. Evelynn Clark

  90. Worst customer service ever. Not only have I still not received the merchandise I orderd, but I can’t even get a refund for weeks!!!! Do Not Order from sears!!!

  91. if you go here, you will see complaints up the wazoo, with nothing but canned or rehearsed responses with no resolution….I am there sveral times and basically have been aske to quit repetitively posting, not gonna happen til they resolve my issue.


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  92. I went online to purchase batteries for Motorola hand held radios, found the correct picture of what I needed and ordered 6 of them. The batteries came from a 3rd party The Twister Group and when I received them they were for cordless telephones. I immediately contacted them and told them of the mixup and they said it was not their concern that they sent what Sears ordered. I called Sears and the lady that answered (not from US) was pleasant enough and said they were sorry, blah, blah, blah and sent email to The Twister Group again. Just got email that basically said “Um, to bad, not our problem”. I would have hoped that someone would step up and do the right thing and agreed to just take the batteries back and reimburse me. Not asking a lot! I have made many purchases at sears over the years but I am going to do my shopping elsewhere. Shame on you Sears and your 3rd party vendors.

  93. For 25 years, I have bought almost all our appliances from Sears, but recently we’ve had very bad experiences. First we bought a $1200 outdoor grill. The grill caught on fire, but was still under warranty. Instead of replacing it, they sent a repairman and it took 2 months (almost all of the summer season!) to get parts, repair and practically re-build the entire thing. Even the repairman said he couldn’t believe they didn’t replace it. Seven months later – it caught on fire again and we gave up and bought one somewhere else.

    Then, we needed a microwave. I took all the measurements and went to Sears to purchase. I wanted a larger, upscale counter unit to build in with a trim kit. I was sent back and forth between Vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances. Finally someone did help and they ordered a Kitchen Aid similar to the one I had – or so I thought. When we received it, it was CONSIDERABLY smaller. It was at least 2 inches smaller in depth, height and length. We decided that was not acceptable and I returned to try to find the correct unit. No one could help, but they promised to call and see what they could find. I never heard from anyone at Sears and I was charged over $75 for a “re-stocking” fee for returning the microwave. When I questioned it, I was told it was Store Policy and they couldn’t sell it for the same amount with the box open. I’m sorry, but that is their problem. Not mine. I did not receive the product that I requested with the measurements I brought in. Through my OWN research, I found that Kitchen Aid is coming out with new models and my larger model will not be available until May. Apparently no one at the store had knowledge of that or I wouldn’t have ordered it in the first place!

    Come on Sears! We all know you are in trouble. Could Customer Service be the reason???

  94. This site should be called Sears “NO” Customer Service website because there is actually is no service extended to customers- the people that actually pay employees paychecks. I went into the men’s department at 2:15 p.m. to purchase some pants for my husband. I looked for someone to ask some questions to and there was no one there. Finally, about 20 minutes later, a small petite AAW came out. She pointed me in the direction but soon left. After asking the appliance employees (4 or them hanging out with no customers) to please page someone for help – no one arrived. After making a 2nd request for help from the appliance people, still – no came out. After waiting 1.75 hrs, I finally received some help after being told that they send people home when it’s slow. I left Sears at 4:20 p.m. purchasing 3 pairs of pants and some men’s tops. Best of all, when I got home – she left a sensor tag on the sweater and now I have to come back to have it removed. And one last observation, the bathroom was filthy from someone defecating on the floor and despite notifying someone of it, it was not cleaned right away. Your employees have the attitude of….”if it wasn’t for those darn customers, I could get my job done.” After getting my sensor tag off, it will be my last trip to Sears for good. I no longer have any confidence in this company.

  95. This site should be called Sears “NO” Customer Service website because there is actually is no service extended to customers- the people that actually pay employees paychecks. I went into the men’s department at 2:15 p.m. to purchase some pants for my husband. I looked for someone to ask some questions to and there was no one there. Finally, about 20 minutes later, a small petite woman came out. She pointed me in the direction but soon left. After asking the appliance employees (4 or them hanging out with no customers) to please page someone for help – no one arrived. After making a 2nd request for help from the appliance people, still – no came out. After waiting 1.75 hrs, I finally received some help after being told that they send people home when it’s slow. I left Sears at 4:20 p.m. purchasing 3 pairs of pants and some men’s tops. Best of all, when I got home – she left a sensor tag on the sweater and now I have to come back to have it removed. And one last observation, the bathroom was filthy from someone defecating on the floor and despite notifying someone of it, it was not cleaned right away. Your employees have the attitude of….”if it wasn’t for those darn customers, I could get my job done.” After getting my sensor tag off, it will be my last trip to Sears for good. I no longer have any confidence in this company.

  96. Called Sears in Eureka, CA after 10 a.m. to order dishwasher….was transferred to call center at (without my knowledge) Talked to Wayne to order dishwasher….it took 40 minutes on the phone because several models were not available in a timely manner and we had to switch. Ordered dishwasher and installation. BY EMAIL, received a cancellation of installation because NO ONE INSTALLED IN THE AREA. SHAME ON MANAGEMENT for not letting their people know this! I tried to talk to customer service at 800 # as instructed on email….their call centers were OUT OF COUNTRY with people that did not communicate effectively…called Illinois office customer service, talked to Ron who could not answer my questions because he was not in correct department….I asked for a supervisor and he stated he and all the others were “supervisory empowered” but could not answer my questions on how much would be charged on my credit card but to “wait” for Dominque’s email….Called the executive office for complaints and talked to Rene…..she connected me to Linda in the management team of She said she cancelled installation and added a delivery charge WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!! Then I asked and about haul away! She said SEARS charges $10 to haul away….I asked if they were not going to install how could they haul away the old dishwasher? She would not listen to my reasoning that the dishwasher would not be discconnected for haul away so please take away haul away…..I once again asked if she could tell me when it would be delivered and she indicated that it was not her department and she could not tell me….SEARS, SEARS.COM and SEARS MANAGEMENT is a cluster…….let them go into Bankruptcy and close… is the American way NOT to support bad faith, bad customer service and inefficiency…it won’t be long!

  97. I would like to share the WORST customer experience I have EVER had with ANY company. I mad an appointment to get my Kenmore refrigerator fixed. It took three days for a repairman to come out. He arrived at 8am sharp, great! Told us it would be $269.00 to repair our refrigerator. I was fine with that and paid him, no problem. That’s where my nightmare started. He “fixed” it and left in 30 minutes. Three hours later it was worse and warmer than ever. I called the repairman, no answer. I called Sears service line. They were no help. Finally the repairman called back. He told me “maybe you have another problem or need a new refrigerator.” This from the man who just took my money!!!!! I called Sears back. What a joke. The best they would was to make another appointment in three more days!!!! So my family still has no working refrigerator and I am out $269.00. What a ripoff!!! I work in retail and I promise to tell EVERY customer I can about my horrible experience with Sears. I told 11 people today!!!!
    Sears is a ripoff.

  98. I bought a refrigerator from Sears in Augusta, GA! BIG mistake.. it was broken! Then they want to keep you in the service loop by requiring you to be available for a 4 hour window so they can show up late almost everytime. Then still not have the right parts. Returning it and dealing with their sorry customer service employees is just exhausting. They lied and said they were at my house to pick up the refrigerator and they were not.
    Their manager was supposed to contact me this week in reference to the situation but he did not! Honestly, no one cares… SEARS is destined for closure!

  99. What happened to the “Sears” my parents raised us with, and I remember raising my children with?
    Our most recent experience was the last time I will ever look to “Sears” for quality service.
    My husband took his Rx from an well known eye clinic to Sears Optical Department in the Burlington store. He had a coupon, which they would not honor, saying “his single vision was too strong.” The clerk looked up our insurance and made a big deal of how much he was saving us. Offered a discount on riding glasses, which he did not have in stock, but would have when he came to pick-up glasses we just purchased.
    Long story short, first glasses not right, 3 round trips of 60 miles, another trip to eye clinic to double check Rx, finally got glasses that were correct. Still no riding glasses in stock and no notation of ever being ordered.
    The three (2 women & 1 man) clerks who work at that Optical Department are the rudest, non customer orientated, non-apologetic, and lack the skills to improve. They’re most used phrase to us and other customers was, “it’s company policy”. it or lump it. No problem, don’t like the service, will lump them in never patronize again merchants.
    Sears, say good-bye to 3 generations of customers.

  100. I will no longer be a customer of Sear’s. The way they handle their service contract work is a sham. My contract expires 04/15/13 and I called to schedule an appointment and I was told since my last maintenance was done on 05/01/12 I could not have another appointment until then and would have to purchase a new service agreement. Hello Best Buy and HH Gregg

  101. Sears should just close!! Their managers are very unprofessional and rude and they refuse to honor policies that are stated in black & white. GO AWAY!

  102. I’m an old customer who tried twice to open an account with you and receive a $15.00 dicount. I was rejected both times even after clearing up the problem with accounting department. It seems our previous account was in my deceased husband’s name but attached to my SS#. I spent abount $100.00 total and with both purchases I was assured the discount. I left your store very discouraged, to say the least, and thought you should know it.

  103. I tried very hard to purchase tires from Sears. I had purchased three sets in the past year. This time it did not work. I filed a complaint – # 1340343, to no avail. After a return call from a Manager I returned at the requested time to have my tires installed only to be told they were closing, no matter who wrote the order. The next day I called twice and have yet to receive a return call. I drove around on a spare tire for a week trying to resolve the problem. I find that I cannot resolve the lack of customer service that Sears is providing. It is disgraceful that a company with their reputation acted in this manner. I have shopped at Sears for more than thirty five years. No more.

  104. I ordered a compressor ,4 gal.pancake from SEARS online.I received a $48.00 Juniors xl flowered jacket (1z328129030056)item # .I called SEARS CUSTOMER SERVICE I was told they were out of the COMPRESSOR and picked it from a SEARS Store.I had her check & they have 2 Compressors at my local SEARS STORE in Leesburg Fl.I volunteered to take the item over to this store & exchange the wrong item for the compressor.I was told I would have to pay for the item AGAIN,not exchange it .I told them then I would like my money back & was told it would take 5 days to receive a refund.This is the end of my shopping at SEARS.

  105. This is the worst place for ordering online- They give you lines of crap, cant find orders, do not want to refund money or try to put on a gift card that no longer exist- tell you they refunded money, wont give tracking number, and stated they didnt know what happened to order, and then when you ask for the item they want you to pay for it again. This is the worst customer servive i have ever received. I am contacting better business bureau- Ridiculous- this is second time within 6 months with shoes!

  106. Sears began installation of replacement windows on the home of my 91 yr old mother in January. This is May and the job is not completed. We have encountered so many excuses/delays. We will not use Sears again in the future for any installations/repairs to home. We certainly can not recommend them.

  107. Regarding Sears Home Improvement Products. Poor customer service. We bought a new furnace from Sears and was installed Nov. 2012. Also purchase the extra 2 year master protection agreement a cost of $214.00. Sears clains on their contract the in is under warranty within one year of installation. Well I have called all departments on the problem we are having this includes the Sears Home Improvement Product line, then installer and all the personal localay at Sears. No one returned a call . I have left several messages and no one ever answers the phones. I want my refund back on the Master Proctection Sears has not honored the agreement.
    I finally contacted the Carrier Furnace Company and they
    are now going to contact Sears Home Improvement and their installer from South Mountain Air. The main problem is the conection between the new furnace and the air conditioner. The problem is the connnection between our air conditioner and the furnace. We never had the problems with our air conditioner and know there are noises in the wall and the breaker shuts off all the time????? Is it a fauty wiring or what. Very frustratinf when calls are not returened especally when we tried to reach service for over a week and several calls. We no longer will purchase from Sears. Also had a recall on our new washer. That was also a mess. Another story. That issue has been resolve.
    Very unhappy customer.

  108. I dropped off my lawn mower at the Auburn Mass service and repair center on May 2 to have a cable replaced. It will not be ready to be picked up until May 25. Three weeks.
    This is unacceptable and I’m extreamely angry and dissapointed with the service.
    I will tell everyone I know about the poor service and advise them to do business .

  109. I ordered a grill cover and used the SYW Max for shipping and it was supposed to be at my house within 5-7 days. I checked the website and it showed that my package was delivered, but there wasn’t any record of it at my residence (I live in a secured condo building). The tracking info was invalid and didn’t work on the UPS website, and UPS had no way to decode the number on the Sears site. When I called customer service, the only thing they could do is ask me to wait and see if it arrived later and they’d put a trace in (but I said if the UPS number was invalid how would this work?) – and it would take another 8-10 days to get a response from UPS. I asked to talk to a supervisor and was put on hold for 10 minutes and then was told it would be a longer wait as I was 3rd in line to talk to a supervisor. I asked for a call back, and was told they make now outgoing calls. So, pretty much am stuck waiting for something to happen or not happen and am going another two weeks without ability to keep my grill covered (and I live in Seattle – it RAINS here a lot). I used to work in Customer Service and never would have put a customer through so much hassle – shows how little Sears can offer to their customers to fix their own mistakes. I decided to go ahead and forego Sears for future purchases and closed my credit card with them. As others have said, it’s no wonder Sears is going down the tubes…

  110. I just moved to Round Rock, Texas last March….I went to Sears to purchase a Washer and TV. It was a new account, so I went to all the red tapes. Two months passed, I havent recieved my Sears card nor recieved a statement. I went backed to the store and made some inquiries. The salesman in the appliances dept. states “I will give you the costumer service number and you can call them. If I will do it for you, it will take me the whole evening on the phone with them”. Due to their “typo” mistakes, I was charge late fees and I am sure I was reported to the credit bureau. I called the Costumer service. The gentleman (JOSIAH)handled the problem very well. He informed me that Sears sent the new card and monthly statements to the wrong address that’s why I was not recieving any communication with Sears. What happened to the other means of communication…email address? There are so many incompetent employees!!!! However,he reassured me that since this was Sears’s error, my credit record will be cleared and I will not be charged of late fees! I hope so……better NOT be!

  111. Back in March I took my 4 year old niece to have her photos made for Spring/Easter. She had an absolute blast. I chose the CD with free 16×20 framed photo package. She wanted the photos to be a surprise to her parents (dad’s birthday was April 25th). The framed photo was to be her gift. On April 10 th I read the news article about the photo center going bankrupt and called sears to ask about the status of the order. I was told a third party would be filling the orders. I have called sears in decatur AL each week only to be told items are coming in -we will call when your’s does. Today I was told that the 16×20 photo would not be filled. Because it was free– no, it was not – it was part of the package. I am NOT happy with sears at all

  112. Believe me or not.I Called the sears for repair my garage door in 1st week of May and the service man visited on 6th May.By the time i kept ready door opener (Searsbrand)
    and asked him to fix it.Instantly he replied the unit brought from sears cannot be fixed and advised to buy new door costs me $1700/ I negative his advised then he asked me to change the springs that costs around $450/As i have no other option i said OP.I know he is not in mood to execute the job that day since he came alone any way after my call on 29th he came on 30th to fix it.He is very rough and unplished,dosent know how to talk with the customers.At one stage he said he will take out all his
    fittings if i donot pay his balance by visa/master.1)He
    removed the tube lights fittings before starting the job and not put them back,2)he has not hauled the primises before leaving.3)am supposed to get $25/ rebate(as per company add) but not.3)When i ordered first I paid on my AMEX card the service charge I really donot understand
    why again they billed me 2nd time to pay $129/ for the same job.How sears is patronize this kind of people in these hard days.I am loyal customer since 1980 almost i use sears brands.

    the last 33 years.

  113. I bought a kenmore heat pump in 2010. Within a year it broke twice. Sear’s patched it so it worked for a while. On May 2,2013 it stopped working once again. It took a week and a half for a technician to come to check it. At that time he said he needed to order a part. It has now been six weeks and the temp. Continues to climb. The local Sears store gave me a window unit. This was only after I refused to leave the store and they called the police. I could not return to my 85 degree house. I was unable to sleep and couldn’t stay hydrated. It has now been seven weeks and still no part. I will never buy another Sears product as they have NO customer service. Please tell eveyone you know not to buy from Sears, customers have the power to make a business successful and they can force them out of business!!

  114. We ordered several items on line. All junk. !st off the vacume bags we ordred were billed to us but we never recieved them. I called customer service and got some lady sounded indian and had no idea what i was tallking about. so instead of sennding the bags as i requested ,she issued a refund. then the supposedly stainless steel expensive knife set we got rusted within a week. Ive had better knives from the 99 cent store. I went out and bought Denni vacume bags for my sealer on my own and the vacume sealer didnt work. all n all terrible experience with sears. Also sears is an american company that outsources its phone calls to foreign land. way to help our economy sears

  115. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator on 4/24. The delivery team broke my porch light (reimbursed by Sears). The installation was far below expectations–perhaps the most important issue is the freezer door was not properly installed causing frost build up in the freezer. I looked on the web site for resolution to no avail. I called a representative and followed the instructions. To no avail. It wasn’t until the Blue Crew repair was the problem fixed. Would strongly suggest education for installation team(s) to insure customer satisfaction.

  116. I have had an extended warranty on my Kenmore sewing
    machine for 8 years. I finally used if for the first
    time in January when my machine was now working properly.
    Long story short it is now mid June and I still don’t
    have my machine back. I’ve made many calls to
    customer service, emailed and been on chat with customer
    service trying to get my machine or a replacement. No
    luck at this point. Does it really take 5 months to
    fix a sewing machine? Nobody in customer service seems
    to have any authority to handle complaints.

  117. Returned via ups label provided by you, Sears, last week and 3 days ago I sent email asking for return processing status, which has caused fees to my bank account in the amount of $60.00 due to an order being processe’d on 2 occassions for the same items. It is very importantant that you notify me of the financial status refund to SECU. If I need to touch b’ass with bank management I do believe fraud will become the buzz around your company. I expect feedback within the 1hour. Thank You, for your attention once again to this deleima once again, Deborah MARIE Turner

  118. I’ll NEVER buy my appliances from Sears again! I build a home every 3 years or so, and usually buy most or all of my appliances from them. In the past I had one service issue and they took care of it immediately, but now things have changed. I have been trying for about 6 weeks to get the correct burners in my Kitchenaide slide-in range. It was supposed to have been set up for propane at the Sears, but only 3 burners were converted as they rounded off the orifice on the main burner, and just left it set for natural gas. This is a potentially explosive safety condition that can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning, and is definitely ruining our cookware. So out comes Sears service subcontractor who says the range has no serial # so they can’t repair it because they don’t know who to charge! Three weeks later the Sears outlet supplies me with a serial # but now Sears won’t respond to my requests for service to change the burner orifice, or replace this range for a new one that has all burners functioning

  119. I I am having a terrible experience as a customer and would like a manager to contact me. I ordered a mattress and bed for my son for his birthday the last week in May, I received the mattress and then a week later I received a second package that I thought was the loft bed frame that I ordered. I waited a few days to open it until my Son was home, it was another mattress that was packaged in a duffel bag materiel. When I opened it it tore open. I called Sears and was told it needed to be investigated. Now I am at the end of June, still do not have the bed I paid for, and I am being told that I HAVE to get a refund, and pay for a box to ship the item that was sent to me in error.I want the bed, not a refund. I do not want to pay for a mistake I didn’t make. Please someone with customer service skills and in a position to send me the merchandise I ordered contact me.
    This is not my mistake, I want the bed sent, I paid for it and my son is sleeping on a mattress on the floor waiting for his bed.
    Sonya Chilicas

  120. my kenmore elite electric stove that i purchase from sears was a nightmare. the electrical panel to store ignited and started a fire in my home, almost burn my home down. good thing i had enough common sense to shut off the electrical power to my house. I was using the oven for baking at the time that this nightmare occurred. I am very upset because it could have being my kids alone at home or my grandma.

  121. This is getting to be ridiculous. I called on Sunday June 30 to report an issue with my lawn tractor that is covered under warranty, and waited 20 minutes for a “technical expert” to answer and was promptly disconnected. 20 minutes later (40 in total) I finally got to talk with a rep who scheduled me for a repair visit ten days later! I told her that this was unacceptable as the problem rendered my equipment inoperable, so she promised me that I would be contacted Monday or Tuesday by the scheduling department to move up my appointment. MNo such call happened, so I called today to check on it. I was told it would be another week for service, so I asked to speak to a supervisor because the representative (definitely not a SERVICE rep) would/could not do anything. I was placed on hold for 1.5 hours before I gave up an called back. The next rep would not put me in contact with a supervisor (at this point I was steamed), but did transfer me to the warranty department. The warranty rep told me that he could have sent me the parts in 3 business days if I was willing to install them myself, but at this point they won’t arrive until Wednesday (same day as my appointment). And I still was not put through to a supervisor.

    I will never buy another Sears product again as this is the 4th repair in under 2 years on this product, and the repair times have gone from 4 to 7 to 14 days. This is clearly a breach of contract that renders my expensive piece of equipment useless for extended periods of time, and I am sorry that I signed up for the repair contract at this point.

  122. I once thought of Sears as a reputable and customer oriented company, now it is just the same old crazy junk outfit like most around.
    I called customer service three months ago following a massive advertisement for house cleaning service.
    The team of two which showed up at my house to clean the carpets was a sad reenactment of older days: One (young) conceited man holding a memo pad and an older quiet worker. The latter did all the work while the other buzzed around like a blue-bottle around horses when he was not touting me for extra “services” to be added to my present request.
    To find some peace I agreed to one extra carpet spray, it was a disaster. It was done carelessly and in a hurry so that later, I had to spend an hour going through all the rooms scrubbing the walls which had been splashed with the kind of lacquer they use as a “protectant”.
    In addition, what followed was a barrage of telephone robo-calls, 3 to 5 per day, asking me to complete a survey. I did it once but it was so long that I hanged up before the end.
    After two weeks of this kind of harassment I called Sears C.S. and threatened with a formal complaint to the FTC.
    I spoke to a “supervisor” called AZIL, staff ID# 0824, and after being put on hold for 15 minutes, I was told that she “would try” to stop the calls.
    If these calls do not stop, I will “definitely” file a complaint for harassment. Sears has gone to the dogs as far as I am concerned.

  123. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with delivery and installation from Sears appliance dept.we purchased a washer they never showed up on delivery day nor called is this a reputable store? NO!! stay tuned for the rest of the story

  124. Bought Kenmore refridge’freezer with additional warrantee.Suffering thru a 90 degree 2 week long heat wave, neither refridge or freezer are working, called service 7/5, got appointment for 7/19. Now living without
    refridgerator/freezer and waiting for service. Hope they
    show up and can fix without further delay. Threw out at least 2 hudred dollars worth of food.

  125. A Sales Associate at my local Sears store ordered an item for me online. She ordered the wrong item and I returned it to the store. This was one month ago. It was from a third party seller – neither she or I or the manager Shieanne were aware of this. I have been trying to get a refund of $92.88 or at the least a store credit. I have exchanged emails with a robot for the past month. Form replies telling me to send it to Wayfair and pay shipping costs. I don’t have the item in my possession and did not make the error. I am getting very angry about this situation and I hope it can be resolved quickly. Sears has performed very poorly and I don’t care to ever step in a Sears store again. I have had 6 responses to my complaint which is a form letter telling me to return the item to Wayfair! I don’t possess it! Your local staff is very apologetic but cannot do anything. They aren’t even trained to understand you use 3rd party sellers. They made the error and Sears needs to resolve it.

  126. Sears is much worst than I realized. I thought I was the only one having major problems with service and/or replacement of “bad or lemon” products, but now I am reading your comments and going, “wow!”. I bought the Master Protection Plan which is joke,requiring at lease 4 visits and replacement of major parts within 12 months to be valid. That’s unreal and unreasonable! Seems like Sears don’t care anymore. I replaced old Sears kitchen appliances with all new Sear Elite Brand apppliances. The brand is no good and calls for service can be 2-3 weeks during any time of day!!!! I got rid of Sears washer and dryer to get new ones and much service from Lowes. I am done with Sears. When other people really learn about how terrible customer service is at Sear, perhaps we can celebrate the chain’s closer!!!!

  127. I’ve never had such a horrible experience with customer service before. The air conditioner we bought was delivered in damaged condition and it took speaking to three different customer service representatives (one was a supervisor) for over an hour to come to some resolution and refund/exchange plan. Then they didn’t actually refund the money to my credit card so it took another hour on the phone with two more CSRs (one being another supervisor) and after all of that AND the trouble of taking it to exchange it, I’m still paying MORE for the replacement unit than I did for the original! How is that fair? Sears thinks it is.

    I’ll never spend my money there again.

  128. I bought a vacumn cleaner from sears in tupelo miss store in april of 2013, that vacumn cleaner broke 3 months later. At the time of purchase I also bought a warrenty which I thought protected me. When trying to get that vacumn fixed or replaced, or just the part replaced has been a nightmare for me. I have been very patient but that part has been gone now for 1 month to the repair service which now tells me they cant find anything wrong with it. I have been buying my vacumns for 30 years from sears but will never purchase another item from them again. I can see now not only did I throw away money for a 300 vacumn but buying a warenty was also a waste of money. If I can get the part returned to me I have to find someone to fix it. I am very dissapointed with the service from sears and am sure this email will do no good but hope someone else that buys a product from sears does not think they will honor their word when something goes wrong with that product no matter how long they have had it and do not buy a warrenty

  129. For the past two months Sears has failed to repair my heating and cooling system. I have spoke to more than 10 different operators and i get different lies and excuses.
    Now Sears, is making their own appointments for September 20, 2013 if they can’t make it on that day they are pushing for the 24 at their own time. The excuse is they don’t have the proper technicians in the area of South CT to do the job. I wish I could be an important person in the social life, so they’ll do the job right away. I’ll never hire Sears for any of its products.

  130. I brought a lawn tractor from Sears here in Whiteville, Nc. This item was in need of service more than it was in use. after contacting sears, the store owner made me feel as if I was lying about your corporate office oking an exchange. the mower I exchanged for broke down the next day. Sears promised me I could change it for another model if I payed the difference. now a customer service rep (claiming to be a supervisor) tells me I have to get it serviced. She finally got a manager on (who wouldn’t let me speak) and he accused me of using this mower for commercial use. I told heim I cut my yard and my mothers, I can hardly walk and am a disabled veteran. I have been a loyal customer of yours for years but once I get this resolved or just get tired of being mistreated by sears, I will start shopping at another retailor. I am both shocked and disgusted by the treatment I have received and will advise anyone I know in need of a mower to drive past sears.

  131. I think everyone making comment should contact the BBB. I know I will be contacting them first thing Monday morning, plus I will be contacting news papers even if I have to take out personal ads in all of them. we shouldn’t be treated this way and I for one will not stand for it. If I have to spend more on bad press than I did on this mower, it will be worth it to me.

  132. tried to order bras this am on the line for over an hour finally after being cutoff several times I reached a human only to be told while I was waiting on the line other orders had come and now it was out of stock—- try back in a week. Are you kidding??????? Very discouraging trying to order and do business with Sears!

  133. I purchased a Kenmore Gas Grill with Smoker in February 2013. Finally used the Smoker in August, only to have it blow up. The entire grill was in flames, they can’t repair it & refuse to give me my money back, unbelivable, this is supossed to be customer solutions!!! What ever happened to customer service??

  134. Waited three weeks to get a 5 year old frig fixed. 2 months later it broke down again. They was supposed to be there between 8 and 5. Called them in the afternoon to find out more. They said they would be there at 3:30. Called them back about 5 because of no show. They said we would have to reschedule. Customer service reps don’t speak English very well . I will never buy another sears product. Sears may as well close there doors no because that is where their heading anyway.

  135. We purchased a refrigerator online to be delivered to our new home on sat. 9/28. We never heard from the company so we called and were told be someone who speaks awful english that the refrigerator was damaged during delivery and could not have another one until tues. 10/1. I explained that we had no refrigerator in the new house and all I was told was sorry. Well that doesn’t cut it! We went up to HH Gregg that night at 9:00 and purchased one from them that was delivered that sund. 9/29. What kind of company does what yours did. I have been told by others after this incident that this is very common for Sears. Shame on Sears and you have lost very good customers!

  136. Sears does not stand behind their products or what their employees say.
    We suffered a loss after a 4 year old water heater malfunctioned over a weekend and flooded our basement causing extensive damage. My home owners insurance will not cover any thing to do with the water heater.
    Sears came to repair the water heater but had to order a part and could not finish the repair for 9 days. We were advised by the Sears technician to hire a plumber. We asked if by doing this would it affect our warranty or agreement. We were told NO but guess what–Sears Customer Solutions says by hiring an out side plumber it cancels our warranty and agreement. They will not cover any cost and offered me a $50 gift card. I will go as public as I can until they not only replace my water heater but pay all costs associated with the water heater.

  137. Poor service from technician identified by ID #0914721. After showing up two hours late and at the time he was scheduled to get off from work. He asked about wiring on the stove. He said that the job was not cost affective for him and that I should contact another company to do the job. I was shocked with this person professionalism. He said that the regulator would have to be remove to get to the components that needed replacing and that he did not have the time to do it. I asked? Why did you come if you were not going to do the job? No response. He picked up his bag to leave. I told him that I would make a report to sears. I called Sears and determined that this tech had falsely made a statement that the reason he did not perform the service was because I had refused to pay. First of all, money was never discussed and secondly, why would it be,if he refused to do the work. MY wife was present during this encounter and was shocked to here what he had said to cover his own unprofessionalism. Sears,do not let these independent contractors ruin what business you have left. I was once one of your employees in the maintenance agreement department while a student at UGA. I want Sears to thrive.

    Your loyal customer,
    C. Williams

  138. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am writing to congratulate you on a offering a very good performing product. Specifically, that is the in-window air conditioner model #253.70051.
    Sadly to say, its controls are not quite so very good, both on the unit and with the remote control. With the black faces and dimly marked control indications on both, it becomes very difficult, at best, to read and use them without having to use supplemental lighting (e.g., a flashlight) whether it is daytime or nighttime. See the attached pictures for amplifying views.

    Inertestingly enough, Lowe’s sells the same make (Frigidare, Electrolux Home Products, model#LRA067AT7) and function, but with a beige colored control and remote panels with black writing. That format is MUCH easier to see and operate in ANY light condition. Eventually, we ended up copying the faceplate color and tones from a Lowes a/c unit and then taping them to the face of the Sears unit and remote, as we did not want to go through the hassle of uninstalling, returning and repurchasing, only to reinstall the unit. Doesn’t anybody review customer usability or human factors quality control in your purchasing department ?

    I’ve been a satisfied customer of the Craftsman and Kenmore lines for many years, please do not allow your usability / quality standards to drop. This color/tone arrangement may be a small factor for some to consider, yet it is tantamount to the ease of customer usability and satisfaction.

  139. I would like to address the horrible experience that we’ve been through using your online shopping. It really is not clear that returns have to be done through a different company and to top it off the company we have to go through charges a restocking fee! I’ve learned my lesson to not go through for any purchases because obviously it is a hassle, there’s no convenience of just going down to the actual store to make returns/exchanges. Good luck to those who try to order and are unsure if they will end up keeping the item, it might end up too much of an ordeal.

  140. Wow where to begin, WORST experiance ever.. I purchased a $2300.00 refridgerator from sears in Colonie NY. Delivery was scheduled for Tuesday AM, they last minute changed it to 3:30 – 5:30pm.. OK so i leave work at 2:00 just to make sure i dont miss them, i wait until 5:05pm when my phone rings one time i answer and they hang up? # was delivery people, so i call right back and no answer 3-4-5 times. So next i call sears rep who speaks poor english to say the least they tell me that they attempted delivery and no one was home. I say “I have been home since 2:00 waiting and no one showed up, they did not leave a message. She said they gave a description of my house which was not my house but insisted that they were there?? I call my salesman back and he said “wow i thought we had just solved these problems with the delivery people, sears supposidly were at the warehouse with these people and had fixed there problems, not so much he also told me he googled my address and saw my house and it was not as they described, anyway i though out the old refridgerator at 2:00 that day so they could take it and not have to wait. So i have no refridgerator they said they would not deliver until the following tuesday!!! so i asked to pick it up myself, and what an ordeal for one, hidden in the back of some shady looking business area i pick up the refridgerator, how ever after getting home (1 hour each way) i find that it is not BLACK as ordered but Stainless WTF!!!! No one can help i have never had such issues with sears as we had bought all appliances from them 8 years before when we built the house and service was always good.. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM SEARS AGAIN

  141. On Sept.17, 2013 I had a prevention service call for my yearly check-up. he found 2 parts that needed fixed. On Sept. 23, 2013 the serviceman came to put in the 2 parts but He only had one part so he had to order the 2nd. part. On Sept. 30, 2013 a serviceman came to put in the new part. He found another problem that wasn’t working and was frozen up. He came on Oct. 3, 2013 to fix it. Not working! Today Oct. 10, 2013 between 1 and 5pm. another visit. He never showed up and I never received a phone call. Called customer service and was told they were running late and would set me up for another visit in a week. I was furious and told them I needed someone tomorrow Oct.11, 2013. They squeezed me in for tomorrow between 1&5 pm. That means I have another 4 hrs. to wait. I have been without a washing machine Since Sept. 17, 2013. I have always shopped at sears but this may be the last time. I am furious and will not recommend Sears to anyone.

  142. This is the worst experience I had with sears customer service, Four days ago they cleaned my carpet but it is the same and I am asking for refund from 5 days the customer service people are unable to reach the manger or the general manager. I had got so stressed out by the same answers that she will call you or he will call you , I might take this issue to the cunsumer court in Washington D.C..

  143. On November 2 2013 We went to the Westfield Sears in Tukwila, Washington. I needed a new pair of boots Wife needed some jeans and son needed shoes shirt and tie. We started in the shoe department. My son found a pair of shoes and I boots. Looking around for someone working in that department we found just one and she was working the cash register, with several people in line. She finally asked if we needed shoe from the back. She also ask three others what they wanted. This was after twenty minutes. When she returned she had wrong sizes for my son and wrong size for me. She went back and returned with the wrong size for son and said that was all that she had, and asked if a half size to small would be alright. We had been there for over thirty minutes. I thought that I could order my boots right there had do this before. This turned into a twenty minute ordeal. After her placing the online order and paying $98.54. I was told that the online service was not working at this time. So I asked for a refund of my payment was told that I could get a gift card. All this time more customers were looking for help with none to be found. I was told that I had to take this up with to resolve this problem. We left the store without buying anything else. We I got home and called they said it was a computer problem and I could wait three business days for a refund. I have been a Sears customer for over forty years. On Monday 11/4/2013 I was finally informed that the boots were ordered. It should not take forty-five minutes to get a pair of boots. The whole time all of this was going on the person running the department had no help and it was apparent that she was not well trained. I am not sure if I will ever go back.

  144. I have called your 18004MY-Home number twice today because of a problem I have. After spending time on hold and then a few minutes explaining my issue I got put hold and after about 15 seconds my call was disconnected. I am very disappoited and frustrated with Sears.

  145. On 1-1-14, I contacted Sears to order a new Water Heater. The person on the phone (Cathy in Austin) was incredibly helpful and I was optimistic about my order. Later that evening, I received a phone call from the plumber assigned to the installation. He immediately started by saying that he assumes my “old water heater” will be a different width than the “new water heater” and it will probably cost a few hundred dollars extra for the installation. I measured the current water heater and told him it was the same size. He continued to presume it would cost more, but I told to come out and take a look. He scheduled time for 1-2-14 to do the install.

    When the plumber arrived on 1-2-14 (from “At Last(?) Plumbing”), he was rude and used foul language with my wife. He confirmed that the water heater was the same size, but he then said it would take a “couple hundred dollars” to lift the old water heater out of the basement. My wife called me on the phone and when I spoke to the plumber, he was rude and repeated the need for more money. I told him I would come right home and help him lift it. He refused and said he needed to call “his guys” and it would cost a couple hundred dollars more. I told him to forget it and we would get someone else to do the install.

    I immediately called Sears and they said someone would come on Friday (1-3-14). Friday morning came and went with no word from anyone. I called on the status and was told they needed to schedule someone else to come out and they would call back with 24-48 hours. We called back on Friday evening for the status and were told the order was cancelled. We corrected that information and were told that someone would come on Saturday (1-4-14). Saturday morning we called Sears for a status and they had no information and could not get a hold of an installer to schedule the install. I told them to CANCEL the order for good this time and that I will never shop at Sears again.

    This total lack of customer service, rude and unethical plumbers, and a lack of information should not be tolerated by anyone. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  146. i bought my sears craftsman riding lawnmower one year ago. I have used it about 10 times. It has broken on me 4 times for a 40% breakage rate. Really?? reliable?? 3 service calls. Customer service is horrible. 2-3 weeks for a service appointment. REALLY?? I could be dead by then. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I was hung up on after holding for 45 minutes. Is this how SEARS treats all of its customers????

  147. My husband and I ordered a mattress from Sears a few weeks ago and were given a delivery option of today. We agreed to the date, and I received a call from Sears delivery this morning with my delivery window being between 12-3pm. I told the person who called that I would be picking my children up from school at 2:45pm, but otherwise would be home all day. The person assured me that they would be here by 1-1:30pm at the latest. At 2:45pm exactly, I received a call from the driver, named Bryce. Bryce told me that he was 5 minutes away and that he would wait for me to get home (I told him I was 10 minutes away), and Bryce said he would wait. I got home exactly 10 minutes later and Bryce was not there. I called Bryce and he said that he couldn’t wait, even though he told me he would wait for me. I called Bryce’s manager who would not listen to my frustration. She transferred me to her manager who told me they would deliver the mattress in the morning and that they would call with yet another window of time to deliver the mattress. I would like to point out the obvious issue here. If your delivery person is not willing to wait 10 minutes, the amount of time it will take them to get back to my house tomorrow (since I live far away from delivery) and re-deliver the mattress, will most likely double or triple. So now Sears has upset me – the customer, and this has cost Sears more time and money to deliver yet again. NOT a smart move on Sears part. I will never shop at Sears ever again.

  148. I am tempted to cancel the purchase of my Samsung Refrigerator! It is almost midnight and am still waiting for delivery. I was told delivery was between 4:30 and 7:30pm. I left work early, lost 2 hrs of work, trying to make sure that I would not miss the delivery truck. I received a phone call at around 4pm and told they were running late! it’s almost midnight and I am no longer waiting for this delivery. I am going to search online for another fridge, if I find one online I will be calling first thing in the morning and canceling this ridiculous transaction. I will cancel my new credit card and never shop at Sears again.

  149. Customer service is HORRIBLE!!!!!! They don’t speak clear English and most of them have been extremely rude. I have had to place at least 8 calls in reference to a refund and 35 days later I am STILL waiting for that refund to post. Sears & Kmart have lost my business!

  150. Oh my goodness I just got off the phone with Sears Customer service THEY ARE HORRIBLE I HAVE HAD TO HAVE A TEC out here twice already on a fridge that is not even 2 years old they act like they don care at all, it’s sad it use to be a time when you knew you were payin extra for sears items but you would get good customer service ,but now why not go to hh gregg or walmart you can expect a little less customer service so I am on the whole with a lady named ANNA could not understand her to well but she hung up on me can you and I have been on hold for ten minutes to speak to a manager while I am typing this comment I am done with sears this is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Just called few minutes ago to cancel a carpet cleaning order few minutes and the girl who answered me is rude after telling her I wanted to cancel an order she told me of some stuff that they can adjust but told her that I will just have to cancel it and boom she hang up on me…How rude is that?That shows someone needs to be taught how to do proper customer service….NOT GOOD,LOTS OF RUDE STAFF

  152. I am writing to express my complete displeasure and horrible customer service experience I have gone through over the past week with Sears.

    My refrigerator broke on Wednesday, January 22; on Thursday the 23rd my husband and I went to Sear in Robinson, PA to purchase a new refrigerator. We pick it out, paid the extra money to have it delivered on a Saturday, and left happy. I received a call on Friday stating our time frame for delivery would be between 4PM and 6PM, which was fine. On Saturday the delivery man (Ramon, who mumbles and is difficult to understand on the phone) said due to the weather he needs to change our delivery time from 6PM to 7PM. Around 7PM Ramon calls back and says he will be at our house in ten minutes. My husband and I then proceed to empty out our broken refrigerator place our food in a cooler (for what we thought would be about an hour) and place it out on our front porch to keep cold. Ramon calls back ten minutes later, he says he cannot make it to our house because the roads were bad due to the weather. I said I can see the main road from my house and cars are moving just fine in my area, however, Ramon insisted they turn around, and assured me someone would call me promptly to reschedule my new delivery time/date. Which they did, another woman, who was difficult to understand on the phone as I suspect English was not a first language telling me someone will call me on Sunday to reschedule for Monday. I expressed I needed the refrigerator on Monday, that all my food was outside what will now be for 2 days, and I need my refrigerator as soon as possible. Sunday comes and goes, and no one called to set up a time for Monday delivery.

    Monday I call the number on the receipt for Delivery Customer Service. Once again the non-English speaking man proceeds to tell me that because I COULD NOT TAKE DELIVERY of the appliance it was shipped back to the manufacturer. (Mind you I COULD take delivery I was home and waiting) I try to explain what happened on Saturday, he really didn’t care, and said the soonest he could have my appliance to me is on Thursday, January 30th. A WEEK from the day of purchase. When I asked to speak with a manager he put me on hold for 25 minutes, never came back. I hung up, put my coat on LEFT MY JOB, drove to the Sears where I purchased the appliance and spoke with a manager there face to face. He seemed very understanding and offered to refund the delivery changes, which I accepted. When I asked him to call and straighten out this delivery issue he came back and said “due to the very cold weather, Sears will not be delivering until Thursday”. Someone will call us on Wednesday to give us our deliver time frame for Thursday.

    Tuesday, our fresh fruits and vegetables have frozen sitting outside in the cooler for 4 days, our frozen meats that were in the freezer weren’t frozen any longer, is was cold enough to freeze the fresh food but not cold enough to freeze meat. I threw away what I would estimate to be $80 – $100 worth of food. Butter, jelly, eggs, fruits, vegetables, meats, the list goes on. But what can we do, my new refrigerator is either on its way back to the manufacturer OR Ramon is too cold to drive the delivery truck. Either way, I lose. I lose food, I lose hours away from work to go talk to someone from Sears, I lost my Saturday evening waiting for a delivery guy that never came, and I am losing my patience.

    Wednesday, this time an automated system calls to give me my time frame for delivery, … ready….? Thursday, 11:30AM to 1:30PM! Seriously?! Do you seriously think I don’t have a job!? This has consumed a whole week of my life and this automated system has the nerve to tell me I have to take more time from my JOB to sit around and wait ONCE AGAIN for this refrigerator!? SO again, I call the Deliver Customer Service number on my receipt hoping someone would set us up with a new delivery time after 5PM on Thursday. Nope, and again, the service repetitive who speaks broken English, who could not disclose where the call center she was working out of is located (because I was just curious if Sears is even using an American call center) said she could not contact anyone to change the time.

    Thursday. Delivery Day. I paid my sister-in-law $20 to drive to my house and sit and wait for the delivery guys to show up around lunch time. This whole experience has been an unpleasant one to say the least. I will never again purchase another item from Sears. Not that I think anyone from Sears really cares about the whole debacle I went through this last week, I had to write about this crazy experience in hopes of someone listening. Your customer service is horrible, the people who are representing your company and fielding phone calls and making appointments, are difficult to understand, and don’t really care about any concerns being expressed to them. In the heat of the moment its infuriating, but in hindsight it’s really just a shame. It is now 11:40AM, the delivery guy just called and said he will be at my house in ten minutes. I informed my sister-in-law. I’ll be really glad when this is all over.

  153. To Sears Service department.

    I’m really not happy with the way I have been treated by your department. On Wednesday 1/29/14 I wanted to exchange the refrigerator I bought, the seal men told me I would get my refrigerator
    In the next two days. So on Friday I called your 1800-341-2517 number to find out what went wrong. And was told that the refrigerator would be delivered on Saturday.
    by 1:00pm on Saturday I called again and was told that my refrigerator would be delivered between 3:30-5:30pm. Still at 5:30 no refrigerator I called two more times the first time I was hung up on
    the second time I spoke to a manger to how told me if we get disconnected he would call me back, he never called back. I called a third time and spoke to another manger his name was Joshua by this time it is after 6:00pm and he tells me that the deliver was set for Sunday 2/2/14 between 3:30-5:30pm. By now I’m very MAD and not pleased with way I’ve been treated. He tells me he cannot do anything for me,
    it is too late and he sorry but the truck has already been loaded and schedule out for that time. I tell him that I would be at church at the time can we set up earlier time? He tells me that is not possible because the truck is already loaded sorry. Now I’m trying not to yell curse out Joshua but he was no help at all. So I made arrangements for someone to be here at 3:00pm just in case the truck comes early.
    At 3:31pm I get a call on my cell phone that the truck is outside my door and no one is home. So I leave the church to go home I’m only 5 minutes away. There was no truck and the person was there still waiting
    So I called and was told that came and since no one was home lift. So I ask customer service how could this what did they see she said the truck came rang doorbell they side that I had a gray car in the driveway
    And the front door was white. I live in a condo and my front door gray and I don’t have a drive way. Still trying to stay calm but very MAD by now. Now I’m told that the truck is already back at the shop and the driver has gone home. Now I asked to speak to a manger because by this time it is 4:00pm and you warehouse is and hour away how did he get back so fast to the warehouse? So now I have to tell the hold story
    All over again to Tanya the manager. But she tells me that they cannot turn around to come back to the right house this time. And I just have to wait until Tuesday, I tell her that is unacceptable and I want it on Monday. So she tells me that they will try but they cannot promise me that I will get it on Monday, and she could give me a ten percent discount on my next purchase. This made me even more upset then I was before!! Now I know it was the day of the super bowl and the driver most likely wanted to go home early but it’s not my fault that my delivery was schedule on Sunday. Now I have to take off work to wait for this refrigerator that was supposed to be here 3 days ago! I will DEFINITELY tell everyone how poorly you service your customer.


  154. I hope that I can get some type of cooperation and response by this email I have made dozens of phone calls to Sears then ended up feeling like I’ve been taken and I’m just sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting hoping that this part for my Whirlpool refrigerator will arrive someday and each day that goes by each week that goes by my refrigerator does not dispense water in it does not dispense ice I should not be told by a Sears employee that because my refrigerator does not have an extended warranty purchase to Sears that is not really their responsibility I cannot tell you how helpless I have felt knowing over and over and over again when I call I’ve been put on hold I’ve been disconnected I tried to call back repeatedly I hope that this email will get some respect thank you.

  155. each time I call the customer service at Sears I had a difficult time understanding the person that was there to help me due to the fact that many times they did not speak very good English I only speak English I do not understand what this problem is many times I have to ask them over and over what is your name and when they would say it I would not understand what they were saying.

  156. I purchased an expensive mattress in May of 2012. The mattress is lumpy and uncomfortable. I tried to call a customer service rep but the only number I was given was for delivery. I called that number and the rep kept referring to my delivery. Took me awhile to get across that I wasn’t calling about delivery. She sent me via email a ridiculous form to fill out which calls for me to measure with a piece of twine, a ruler and take pictures from all angles. Also I need to remove the mattress and take pictures, then remove the box spring to take pictures. I am a senior citizen and have enough trouble just changing the sheets! Too much trouble to take dozens of pictures of my receipts, the tag on the mattress and my bedframe. Looks like Sears does not want to deal with complaints. And they are right, I will never buy another thing from Sears!

  157. While extremely polite 5 calls has me in a tail spin. I looked at my credit union statement and found a Charge I did not make, and started calling yesterday(09 Feb 2014).[all this information was given to me on the phone.Store PG20-01141. Register # 531, Transaction # 7898, associate 37283, for 7 phone cards and two cotton sweaters. However, not one person could help me in getting this corrected. Not even to the point that they would put a stop on any purchases on my card at your stores. Do I have to contact the better business bureau, police, or some fraud department to get someone to actually do something other than be nice on the phone?

  158. Purchase was in Aurora Colorado Mall, Aurora Colorado I live in DC
    and according to the people I spoke with it was an in-store purchase

  159. Just wanted to lodge my complaint about sears appointment services on the phone. I had to call three times to make an appointment for my refrigerator which I have been having problems with since I purchased it in 2012. I have had to call at least 4 times a year for the same problem. The fan keeps making noises and I get the “error 1f” message on the display. The first representative I spoke with this morning, Terri or Joshua, hung up the phone on me after yelling at me for not accepting his offer of ordering parts for the refrigerator. Then, the second representative, (Rafael, two minutes later)tells me he cannot help me because I am not standing next to my refrigerator and I don’t have the serial and model number for the refrigerator. Finally, the last representative, Lizette, gives me an appointment in 7 days claiming it was the earliest appointment she could get for me even though I told her my refrigerator was not working at all. I have paid sears over $12,000 over the years to maintain my appliances and this is what I get.
    Shame on sears!

  160. El servicio recibido en el servicio de cambio de gomas, balanceo y alineamiento fue inferior a pobre, malisimo, no es de calidad, el auto salio peor de cuando entro, gaste mas dinero en la reparacion porque lo tuve que llevar a otro lugar

    The quality of service received in the auto department was inferior at poor, the tire change, alligment and balance was horrible, I spend aditional money to repair my car in another garage. My experience was horrible

  161. This was the worse experience I’ve ever had to get an oil change. I had an appointment and it took 4 hours after being told 2. The website quotes $59.99. I asked for the tires to be rotated. The sign on the counter had this in the oil change service. The person writing it up never mentioned a $15 charge for tires. I had a coupon for $10 off and ended up paying $75. Never again. Done with Sears auto.

  162. Yesterday 2/28/14 in sears I had extremely good quality customer service from a young salesman named James in sears of Scranton pa in tool dept.

  163. I won’t bother going into detail after reading some of the 150 complaints ahead of me. I have paid into road side assistance since 12/99. I needed it on 2/22/14. I not only did not get help all I got was 53 minutes on my cell phone. Most of that time was either on hold or trying to understand some who could speak anything I could understand.

    Plain and simple. Sears needs to be out of business and they should pay back the money people paid for services they never get.

    Great way to treat a Disabled American Veteran!!!!!!!

  164. Worst delivery experience ever. I will never shop at Sears again. I ordered a mattress and adjustable bed. The delivery guy looked at the stairs and said it won’t fit. Attempted once and gave up. I asked that he leave it in the dining room and I would do it myself. 15 minutes later my neighbor came over and we had it up the steps in under 10 minutes. Sears is horrible.

  165. I own a Kenmore range which was purchased by my mother in law as a gift and other appliances I have had trouble with handle coming loose finally the handle come off on the oven door and glass shattered all over, sears gave me the run around as usual after over 2 hours trying to get this problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Hello
    My husband and I purchase a matterss set last Jan/2013 and were not happy with it.They were replaced in Oct/2103 also that set was not good the mattress was saggy on where I slept and also where my husdand slept.(This is the second set that would saggy on both sides).I once again called Sears and the once again sent a technician to look at it he said there was no support under the frame.(What does the frame have to do with the top mattress saggy?)There was no mention of this when we purchase the mattress set. Both my husband and myself are very dissapponted in Sears (as Sears always says Satisfaction Guarantee)That is forsure not the case here. We are very disappointed is Sears and we will no longer be shopping at Sears. As of now both are cards have been destory.
    Ron Lilly Laventure

  167. I am visually impaired and was looking for a lamp to light up the keyboard on my computer.
    I went to the second floor on 3/08/14 where Andy and Ben were working and they found me the perfect lamp.
    It has arrived and is a great help.
    Please acknowledge them for their fine service.
    Wayne Staples

  168. why is it so hard to get a refund back from a order that couldn’t be deliver to your house i’ve have been trying for months no more online shopping from kmart

  169. I purchased tires from your store, within the first three months I was back with a slow leak. It was repaired, but four to five times since purchase I have been told I needed a replacement tire, I had to pay for it. The new year is in and I have been back numerous times for tire attention. The week of March 14th I was told there was no leak, but the tire keep going down, so on Mar 17th I was back. I waited about three hours to be told they will replace the tire, then I was told I had to pay for a second replacement tire. What happened to SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK , I guess when you were brought by K-Mart you had to stop making promises that you cannot any longer keep. I am so disappointed in your shortcomings, I must weigh my options about how your automotive dept. is run.

  170. Sears are paying for delivery service that is far below satisfactory, no wonder Sears business is
    falling off and their stocks a plummeting …………….I called this past Saturday to set up a Monday
    to pick up my old washer……….the girl said someone would call Sunday night and schedule the
    Monday time! No one every called Sunday night…………and when I called Monday to find out why
    the girl told me I could not talk to a Supervisor until I explained my problem to her…..she then
    told me after listening to my problemd that it would take a least two hours to have a supervisor to call me back…………..after an hour and a half a supervisor named Steve called me back (the
    girl’s name that would not put me through to a supervisor name was Jenna………….Steve to me
    they would call me between 6-9 pm Monday night for a Tuesday delivery…Sears does everything
    to create a satisfied customer and your delivery service destroys that customer trust…….anyway
    if Sears goes out of businesss don’t be surprised with this type of service…………………………..

  171. I went on line to research tires, plugged in my make , model , year of vehicle, and was given a list of tires for my car. Picked the tire i wanted, called the store closest to my home, told them all the information on my car and said i wanted a particular tire. The looked it up, asked me again the type vehicle, and stated they had them in stock and would take me in.
    When i arrived i showed the desk a copy of what i had wanted and was told that it did not meet the ” speed rating” for my car and if i wanted another tire that would meet the specs and the proper rating it would be 100 dollors more.

    All i have is SCAM,SCAM,SCAM, and a cheaper tire that will not last as long as the original one i wanted because the tire that meets the speed ratingon my car only had a 45000 mile warrenty, vs the 60000, the tire i picked originally

  172. I am very disappointed that the craftsman lawn tractor that I purchase in or around July 013the drive belt drive has shattered causing ma causing many problems I have taken better care of my lawn tractor according to the craftsman manual I also purchase a CRAFTSMAN SNOW CAB that is in need of improvements why not have a back on the snow cab replace the metal holder with elastic straps with metal hooks that will not slide around on the tractor body I AM PHYSICALLY challenge I use my craftsman tractor for trabspertation not cutting grass Wiiam

  173. Sears is my favorite place my experience last night was Amazing !!!
    They are so professional , patient, caring, and helpful I have never ever had a bad experience there ever!!

    The employees I would like to honor are
    Everrett supervisor
    Ryan supervisor
    Chris Supervisor

    This is the Yonkers store of course

  174. Purchased two refrigerators from Sears based on my trust that Sears will do the right thing. Sorry to say that that I will no longer purchase from Sears because “it comes down to trust”. Both Sears brand refrigerators have had service issues within the first two years that were not satisfactory addresses. Sad that another trusted American company has started performing like their foreign competion.

  175. has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I called to check on an item, the lady that answered the phone sounded like she was asleep when I called, she kept yawning the entire time, was basically whispering when she talked, they were people screaming in the background, and she wasn’t nice at all. Doubt I will ever order from this company ever again.

  176. I purchased a Game table from sears which was defective. I have been trying for a month to get them to either service the product or remove it. The customer service representatives will not give you their phone number so every time you are put on hold for a long time the phone disconnects. They do not call you back or email you. They are hoping I will go away and forget the problem. The purchase was expensive. I will probably be forced to hire an attorney and commence a litigation since they do not seem to have any interest in servicing customers. This is the worst retail experience I have ever had in 45 years. I am certain this company will no longer be in business in a few years. It is truly a horrific company!!

  177. We bought aa Samsung side by side refrigerator from sears in Dec. 2012 with a protection plan through Dec. 2015. We something is wrong with the water coming out of the front of thr fridge. Not in the icemaker. Anyway, after sitting at home on Sat. from 1-5 for an appt. at 7 we rec’d a recorded message to call sears. We did and apparently we needed to set up another appt. So we did. Appt today Wed. from 8-12 at 11 I called and was told he was running behind and would be here at 2. At 2 I rec’d a call telling me he had an emergency and had to go home. Well, I could buy this once but twice. If I was a paying customer no PROTECTION PLAN I bet they would have showed up the first day. Now they want to make another date Sat. day before Easter to come out. I said no thank you. I have company coming So, I would sit here all day again waiting and another no show. I don’t think so. I’m calling someone myself and sending them the bill.

  178. They cut granite in my home with no wet saw, venting, tenting. I called immediately and the made me file a claim. 28 months or 850 days later nothing. I am suing them. Imagine having to buy all new things? They are the most unprofessional people I have even had to work with.

  179. purchased expensive LayZBoy outdoor sofa and noticed before delivery info states (leave in carton) called customer service to verify sofa was assembled c/s rep assured me “carton” was for protection- sofa was assembled Delivery came in box-unassembled, Delivery person said installation person??? would be here later to assemble- after over 30 minutes talking to 4 different departments still no resolution – just a way for him to pass buck kept and will try to assemble myself 2nd issue still pending is amount charged to credit card states one $ on one receipt and another on other receipt SEARS need help!!!!!

  180. I went to the Sears in Merrillville, Indiana. First off it was the slowest service I’ve ever dealt with. The female employee I dealt with was beyond rude. We were purchasing an item and it wasn’t ringing up the sale price. She actually told me she wasn’t going to call downstairs to find out the price. She was so disrespectful to us. I ended up not purchasing any of my items!! And now to top it off I keep trying to call the store and not one of the numbers have been answered. So I can’t even give them my complaint!! This is very upsetting, I used to love this store. I will no longer be doing any purchasing here and it looks like either is a lot of others as well!!!


  182. I have to say that your problems are not a surprise because it might finally dawn on you that in order to remain in business, in a highly competitive environment, you need customers and you cannot take on a cocky attitude. So many times I went into appliances dept, you have good appliances, but yours salespeople are like used car salesmen and they did not seem to care whether you purchased or not. A few years ago I went into the Manchester and then Enfield store to purchase major appliances, again cocky salesmen who were not willing to negotiate so I went to Best Buy and within an hour, I walked out with over five thousand dollars in new appliances. This was not a first time I had this experience. I was talking to a man down the street a few years back, around time I was purchasing all new appliances, and said something. You mean the salespeople are like used cars salesmen. I said yes that is the word. He said a lot of people say the same thing. Another time I went into the store to buy a robe for my mother’s birthday and they refused to give me a box so I left the robe and never bought clothes there again. So it is not surprising that you don’t do well. Many of your clothes items are of the same quality of Walmart, so you have not tried to make changes there or if you did, it did not show

  183. I went to sears grand in Rancho Cucamonga, ca on tues may 13, 2014 at 555pm.
    The auto dept closes at 7pm and I was turned away. I was told they are not taking any cars after 530 because there were 2 cars ahead of me. I went to pet boys on foothill and they took me without hesitation!
    I’ve never been treated like this as a customer.
    After 21 yrs as a customer I will not come back!

  184. Its pathetic how I have to listen to spanish messages when I call.
    We speak english here. Learn the language.

  185. Hi

    I was sears customer for long time all my appliance in my house was from seas. Any way what is happen I bought a dryer and washer in 1/16/014 the delivery date was 1/21/2014. but when they came in the house they try to hook the washer and they found a cap on the drainage pipe in the wall. one of the delivery man hit the cap with the escrow driver the cap instead of falling out it fallen inside the wall pipe I told them take it out before you leave, but when I left to work they left too with out taking the cap out, wright now I have the water is not draining is coming out back and cased some damage. I called many department and they gave me the insurance but the insurance company denied with out looking or sending some one to determine the problem. so I am asking sears to take care of there customer and the insurance company . I hope I will get some answer to this kind of problem instead of denying it.

  186. Very un happy customer went to the men sears dept they should make abigger sigh to form the line first time customer here never in my life been treat here no more shopping here I’m doing my shopping else were bad service ever in my life I will give a low rate period

  187. Sears customer service is a joke. I do not recommed anything be ordered from this store. I ordered a pergola (gazebo) online and waited 20-22 days for the delivery. On my delivery date I was never called for a time frame. I immediately called them and questioned this, the product could not be found at the warehouse. Once the product was found it was damaged during the process of getting it from one warehouse to the other. They informed me they were ordering another one and would give me a new delivery date and gave me a time window. That date came, and time came, no merchandise at my door. When I called them they said the product never made it to the wearhouse. WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?!?! They then moved the delivery date to the following day. I called three times one at 11pm, 7am, and 12am to ensure the product made it to the wearhouse and would be delivered this day. They assured me it would. My time frame has now passed. I have asked to speak with a supervisor and have been unsuccessful. I have asked the delivery truck to call me twice. I have been on the phone for 15 minutes now waiting to speak with a supervisor. My merchandise has still not been delivered. This place is a joke.

    How can you give me three different delivery dates?! Not show up to any of them but yet expect me to take off work and await nothing?! Can you not call and inform the customer that the delivery date needs to be pushed back?

  188. Sears customer service is a joke. I do not recommed anything be ordered from this store. I ordered a pergola (gazebo) online and waited 20-22 days for the delivery. On my delivery date I was never called for a time frame. I immediately called them and questioned this, the product could not be found at the warehouse. Once the product was found it was damaged during the process of getting it from one warehouse to the other. They informed me they were ordering another one and would give me a new delivery date and gave me a time window. That date came, and time came, no merchandise at my door. When I called them they said the product never made it to the wearhouse. WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?!?! They then moved the delivery date to the following day. I called three times one at 11pm, 7am, and 12am to ensure the product made it to the wearhouse and would be delivered this day. They assured me it would. My time frame has now passed. I have asked to speak with a supervisor and have been unsuccessful. I have asked the delivery truck to call me twice. I have been on the phone for 15 minutes now waiting to speak with a supervisor. My merchandise has still not been delivered. This place is a joke.

    How can you give me three different delivery dates?! Not show up to any of them but yet expect me to take off work and await nothing?! Can you not call and inform the customer that the delivery date needs to be pushed back? Never purchasing anything from sears again.

  189. I changed my address on my delivery to another location that was 5 miles away from the original and the delivery date changed 2 days – not very accommodating. Typical customer service where the customer has no say and are at the mercy of the . Also, please have representatives that speak English clearly and not having to say “Can you repeat that please” on every sentence.

  190. I’d be remiss not to recognize and compliment Sears employee Tim King at your Bangor, Maine Sears facility. Mr. King is the quintessential representative of your corporate entity. He was knowledgeable, professionally courteous, clearly loyal to Sears and product standards, and, above all, patient and conscientious beyond what’s required or expected…even coming in on his day off to accommodate customer needs. Tim King is a credit to customer service and the obviously high standards of Sears.

  191. Sears air compressor Poly V belt Cost $19.00 . SHIPPING $9.00
    Sears chainsaw air filter. Cost $2.90. Shipping $9.00.
    Both items weigh less than 0.1 lbs.
    I contacted my local sears in Fremont Michigan to have them shipped direct. NOPE, won’t do it. I called customer service….same answer.
    SOLUTION: 1. don’t give Sears my business
    2. local chainsaw company ordered // receved air filter next day..NO SHIPPING cost $2.95
    3. replacement belt $7.78..shipping $5.10

    Hope this helps steer Sears back to the straight and narrow.

    Mike Curtis

  192. I purchase a bed queen size with springbox and metal. Base with the wheels.Was supposed to be delivered today between 9:15 and 11:15 .they did not delivered it claimming the boxspring was damage.It was not until I called to ask what was going on with the delivery that I was informed of the matter..Date of purchase was may 29,2014.Deliver was schedule today June 6, 2014.Now at 12:30pm we are informed that there was a problem with the box spring and delivery will not be until next Thursday.DOES anybody care about customer services.Is this is the best Sears can do ‘…… This is not acceptable practice of good customer service.Now we are stuck without a bed for seven days just because.This are the events that destroy the image of an organization I am beyond of been upset and disgusted.,dissapointed and upset due the lack of compliance in the delivery of this purchase.I hope. someone with some corporate authority reads this disgruntle client of more than 45 years as a customer and do something about it

  193. i looked up the sears outlet store in manteca,ca.the address and phone number was wrong.the store had been mover.i wanted to purchase a BBQ.because i couldn’t find your store i made my 600.00 purchase some where else.its very poor customer service on your part to run me and others on a wild goose chase.i guess you don’t need the 600.00 purchase i made elsewhere.thank you for wasting my time and money,when all you had to do was to update your store locations and phone numbers.after all you moved the store.i hope your new store is doing well in the sales dept.


  195. Unbelievable! Service call for new dryer purchased 5/24/14 scheduled for Sunday, 6/8/14, after 3:00 PM. After waiting 2 hours and then calling, was told no service calls are made on Sundays. Was transferred to service dept. to schedule an appointment; waited 20+ minutes while listening to a recording. Why would I take out an extended warranty with Sears with such terrible customer service?!!

  196. I recently called in about a warranty issue on a new Kenmore washer I purchased. I was told by Sears customer service that it will take 4 weeks for someone to come and take a look. 4 weeks is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE is this the kind of service that would keep people coming back to sears? I think not. Who waits 1 month to have a major appliance fixed? Sears quality has gone down the toilet

  197. On June 6 service was done on our dishwasher. The repair was to the door, specially the hinge system and adjustment was made to the latch because the tech did not the part for the latch. After the technician left during the first wash the latch would not hold and the hinge system was not working correctly. On June 7 I did a warrant call and was told that they could not get to us until July 8. I told the person that this is not acceptable and to have a supervisor call me. A person by the name of Meha called me latter that day and told me that this is the best they could do, if an opening came up before then they would move our repair up. So much for the quality of a warrant. I told her this is not acceptable, she could not give me an answer at this time however she would call me back on June 11 with a up date. I told her that I am not satisfied with the service and wanted my charges reversed if they can’t do better than July 8. Today is June 11 and no call. this should have been a simply repair, I am not satisfied with the work and the service from sears personnel I asking for the $185 to be reversed on my credit card.

  198. Scheduled he yearly maintence on lawntractor. Waited 4 hours and finaly 1 hour after the guy was suppose to show up he calls and cancels due to rain. I have 3 buildings he could have used. Rescheduled and they cancelled again due to scheduling conflicts.They scheduled a time for me without asking and I can’t make that date so tried to contact customer service with the number they gave and was on hold 20 minutes both times and never got through. I’m done with Sears!

  199. I recently have an experience at Sears auto shop in Concord NC that I want to share with you senior leadership. I have an older car(98 Mitsubishi Eclipse)that was experiencing some major issues. Bo Tripplett(Assist Manager) and Dwayne Dean(Technician Level III)went beyond the scope of their positions to ensure that my car was safe. A problem with my serpentine belt pulleys made it impossible to put a belt on. Due to their professional and their dedication to their profession they examined the car further to find that the pulley only needed tightening and this allowed for them to be able to replace the belt. Before I left the entire staff was involved in assisting them in fixing my car. This is truly customer service being conducted as its intended purpose. I just wanted to take the time to let the senior leaders at Sears know that employees at the Concord NC Auto Center are a model for customer service and they should be commended for their dedication to Sears and to the customers. Please take time out to let the employees know how valuable they were to me and how they are valued as a member of the Sears team.

  200. I would like to let you know what a wonderful customer service representative you have in Erica, from Alabama.
    She was invaluable in helping me with my exchange.
    I can’t thank her enough.

  201. Thank you for the refund, but I’m afraid that my experience from yesterday requires more compensation

    First of all, I’m simply dismayed at the lack of customer service that sears provides. I spent over 6 hrs on the phone yesterday, trying to track down my refridgerator, much to a loss.

    I ordered my refrigerator on line, from the sears, Wheaton MD store selection. It’s the closest to my home, and should have provided the easiest delivery. The store manager, Derrick?, call me soon after, confirming my purchase and to offer me and extended warranty. He said that there was plenty in stock, and even that my confirmation email gave me a delivery date of June 11th, I should get it by Friday. June 11th would be the latest date for delivery.

    On Friday, I hadn’t heard anything new, so I called the sears outlet Wheaton store and asked about my delivery. They said they had no information, but provided me with a phone number (1-800-341-2517) to their delivery service to get a better estimate. I called the delivery service and they said that they did not plan to deliver it soon, but they would call me the night before to confirm. The delivery service promised me I would receive it by the 11th as my confirmation email reflected.

    I called Monday 6/9 and Tuesday 6/10 to the delivery service to see if that they had any news. Nothing.

    On Wednesday, 6/11, the last day that the confirmation email, sears store manager, and the delivery service promised me delivery, I called again to the delivery service around 10 am. The woman that answered stated that they had no plans to deliver my refrigerator, that there was something called an audit pending on my account, which means that my credit card payment had not gone thru. I was shocked and explained to her that the charged cleared my bank on June 3rd. (As expected). She they told me that there was nothing she could do for me, so I could talk to finance. I agree to talk to her finance person. After talking to the finance person, she explained that the ‘pending statement on my ticket in the sears system did not mean credit card pending, that the payment went thru fine. It has something to do with this ‘audit’ that was flag on my sears ticket for some sort of security. She told me that she cleared up this mis-information in the system, and she was going to transfer me to their warehouse to find if my refrigerator was still there. She told me that this would be quicker then going back to the person that answered the phone for delivery. I then spoke to the person in the warehouse, who doesn’t deal with customers and had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. He than asked me if this was an on line order, which I said yes to, so he transferred me to the 800- number. At this point, it’s 11:30. I patiently waited for another 20 mins until I could speak to a manager, who informed me that this was and not and she couldn’t help me. As my head was about to explode, she told me that if I was upset over this mix up, I should call customer solutions for sears and then hung up. I decided to call the Wheaton MD store again and see if the store manager was there to deal with this mix up first. I was informed that he was not in but I could speak to the person in the Wheaton stores warehouse. I believe his name was Darryl, and he tried to tell me that he had no idea about the delivery and that because there was no delivery date given to him, he had no reason to deliver my order. This is the peak of bad service. If the person in the warehouse has an order for a refrigerator and no delivery date, so it just sit there, how is anyone supposed to get their order? He told me that he would have it delivered tomorrow and sent an email to follow up. He called me shortly there after and told me there was a problem with my credit card, and my payment was still pending so the fridge would not be delivered, and I could call the delivery company and get it cleared up. Essentially, back to square one since this is exactly what I just did!!

    At this point, I am so very upset. It is 1 pm, and I’ve been on the phone for 3 hours.I looked up the number on line and called customer solutions, which is what the women suggested. I spoke to a man named Tom. Tom seemed sympathetic to my situation after I explained things to him, and told me he would call the Wheaton store and delivery service and get to the bottom of it. I waited on hold for about 30 mins as he made his phone calls and he came back on the line and told me there was a problem with my credit card, and he transferred me to sears home delivery service. The woman there could do nothing since I’m a sears outlet customer so she told me she would transfer me back to Tom. I guess Tom was unavailable again, so I spoke to a woman whose name I can’t remember. I re-explained everything to her and she told me she had to make a few phone calls and she’s be right back. I waited for 40 mins on hold and was hung up on.

    It’s now 2:30 and I’ve been on the phone with one sears person or the other for the last 5 1/2 hours and I’m fuming. The man from the warehouse in Wheaton sent me an email to confirm that there was a problem and had attached the number to I decided to give it another shot and called that number. FINALLY, a wonderful person came on the phone named Wilma. And since at this point, I’ve talked to EVERYONE ELSE THAT WORKS AT SEARS lol, Wilma is the only damn person across this great nation that works for sears that KNOWS ANYTHING. She saw my ‘pending’ audit status and knew exactly what that was and how to fix it. She assured me that she knew nothing was wrong with the payment and that she could fix this for me and make sure my fridge was delivered tomorrow. She DID NOT PUT ME ON HOLD, but took my number, called me back promptly and fixed the problem.

    I am appalled at the bad service. I just spend nearly 2,000 for a appliance, had to take a day off from work, and spent over 6 hours on the phone! It is not the customer’s job to find their appliance in the warehouse, to lift an internal audit note in the internal sears ticket system or to have to fix a missing delivery date in the warehouse, when a delivery date was provided to me, the customer.

    I demand that someone takes a look at this case and does more to compensate. NO ONE should have to go thru this, especially not a paying customer.

  202. on the 9 June 2014, I was in Hopewell Virginia to watch my daughter graduate from USAF Tech at Ft Lee, Va. During this time I had some time to stop by Sears Auto Center to get my oil change after driving from Florida before the return trip home. I as the service supervisor how much it would cost to get the oil changed and a air filter. He said it would be $25.00 for the oil change and $13.19 air filter. When it came time to cash out the total came to $48.16. I was upset the that the charges were such I big difference from the price he told me. He justified the cost of the added fees that went along with the oil change. The kicker was after I paid the bill and was driving off I thought that I better check to ensure everything was installed correctly before traveling back to Florida the next day. I found that the air filter was incorrectly installed and if I would not have checked that I would have lost a few pieces/parts along the way home. At one time Sears had and excellent reputation that you could count on. Firestone would have only charged me $32.00 for the same service.

  203. Reading all the bad comments….shouldn’t someone in SEARS management do something about all of the issues???? Maybe that is why Sears is going under!!!!!!

  204. Was at the North Shore (Peabody, MA) store today. Two different departments and horrible associates in both. First in kids, Art waited on me and argued with me about opening a rewards account. When I declined and said he could put the points on my mom’s account he basically said “Oh, your mom has an account and you don’t” Didn’t appreciate basically being ridiculed into signing up for something I don’t want. Which I didn’t. Then he pushed the credit card for another five minutes. Finally went downstairs to the women’s department (Lands End) and waiting in line for at least ten minutes to make a purchase. A woman came over and asked another associate for the price of an item, when she was told the price she said, “Ok I’ll take it,” and the associate asked if she should take me first and her co-worker said, “No, You can take her,” meaning the woman who asked the price. Not sure why I was left standing there but I put my item down and walked out. Horrible customer service!

  205. never a pleasant experience when it comes to preventative maintenance or repair. I will NEVER purchase another appliance from SEARS, ever. I pay way too much money on a service plan – to get the run-around and have to wait days for an appointment for a NO SHOW tech because the service call was place wrong by the helpful service staff. I actually had the pleasure of a “customer service” staff yell ” it’s not my problem, either”. I wish I knew her name because I would nominate her for employee of the month. There were only 2 helpful people that I spoke with while being transferred for 40 minutes…Pedro and another gentleman. Cassandra ( I remember wasn’t nice either and actually – some how, we were disconnected. Interesting…..accident?? I think not.)All I wanted was a preventative maintenance. Still waiting for an appointment. I was promised a phone call tomorrow. 7/3/2014 I plan to start calling at noon, because if I can count on anything from SEARS -it’s being aggravated.

  206. I purchased a Kenmore dishwasher at the Athens Sears on 6/27/14 and thought my delivery would be a smooth experience. On the contrary. I was told by the sales person that I would get a call letting me know when it would be delivered on 7/3/14. I never got a call on 7/2/14 and made the call myself to the 1-800- number for the delivery and was told they did not have my work order in their system. I have been very frustrated with this whole process and finally spoke to Josh at the Store and he was very helpful and professional. The Sales person that did not get my order right was Nick. I will be very hesitant to make any future purchases at the Athens Sears in the future.

  207. Not that I expect ANYBODY in management to even read this, let alone respond and to the right thing, but her goes. As I recover from yet another infuriating phone call to the NAZI’s at the Protection Agreement office, I am reading through these reviews only to confirm what I expected that SEARS has totally and completely given up on being the full service department store they once were. I read through three pages of reviews, not ONE of the positive. Well here’s my horror story…. 6/29/12 bought a Saumsung three door refrigerator for $1800 along with the $500 protection agreement. Living in South Florida with daily storms for six months out of the year is not friendly to electrical appliances. The refrigerator gave us NO problems for the first year. Then it was as if someone flipped the CRAP APPLIANCE switch and off to the races we went. 8/2/2013 was the first service ticket we actually KEPT. My suspicion is that the first service call for the ice maker freezing up occurred before that, but to date I have 12 service calls for the exact same thing; the ice maker freezes up completely and doesn’t make ice. The technicians come out, take a hair dryer to it, thaw it out and call it a day. Except for one genius who said our house was too hot. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! Anyway, we have complained to store manager, service manager, appliance manager all to no avail. The last service call was on 4/24/2014. We were assured that Samsung had found the source of the problem and that time the circuit board and the ice maker motor were replaced. Here we are, 75 days later, and you guessed it…. NO ICE! I called to place a service call and was passed over to Protection Agreement where there was a glimmer of hope that they would finally do what we asked a year ago – just replace the piece of junk that you sold to us and we’ll call it a day. Onto the line comes Tanya, the head Protection Agreement gestapo agent. After wasting at least 15 minutes of my time mumbling to herself and going through all of our myriad service calls, she proceeds to explain to me that we didn’t qualify for a replacement because of the 10 service tickets we discussed, only TWO qualify as “functional failures”. Now I ask you this…. isn’t the FUNCTION of an ice maker to make ice??? Isn’t the reason we called for service calls because that FUNCTION WAS FAILING?!?!?!?! How they brainwash these ridiculous customer service people into spewing this bulls**t, and I do use the term customer service loosely because I haven’t received REAL customer service in over two years, I have NO idea. Somehow I just couldn’t make the lovely Tanya understand that the FUNCTIONAL FAILURE occurred the DAY we took delivery of this stainless steel piece of trash!!! And what recourse does the average person have against the SEARS machine?? I’m sure I am just one in a long list of many who have gotten screwed over by the useless piece of paper called the Extended Warranty. It’s DESPICABLE that SEARS is able to sell junk, charge you outrageous prices for the extended warranty you think will be your saving grace if you need it, and then ridiculously make up the rules as they go along so they don’t HAVE to replace what the extended warranty says they will replace. Protection Agreement requires 4 “functional failure” of the same part within a 12 month period. Well I have 10 of them and they will not stand behind it. Shame on you SEARS and SHAME on anybody who works for the Protection Agreement office. How do you people sleep at night?!?!?!

  208. Oh my goodness. These fools held my order for a credit verification when I actually purchased via PayPal. Sears is in serious trouble. I will NEVER do business with them again.

  209. We purchased a whirlpool washer and dryer Dec. 11, 2009 and also purchased a Master Protection Agreement which will expire 12/17/14. The latter part of May the dryer stopped working. We contacted the local store and was told we had to call and set up an appointment with a service rep to come to our house. We were told it would be about 3 weeks before they could come …..June 20….They finally arranged for someone to come and service the dryer prior to June 20 They replaced a fuse and told us that was all that was wrong. The next morning I ran one load and the dryer stopped working again. They returned again on June 20 and serviced the machine. Again a fuse was replaced and we were told that there was nothing wrong with the dryer. We washed a small load of clother the next day …..the dryer would not start!!!! We were told we needed to contact the Master Protection Agreement personnel . Today is July 9…we were told that they could not get to us before July 31. This is very poor service and we are not supid! When a fuse blows something is causing it to blow!!!!!! The store near us was kind and loaned us a dryer the first time. The loaner worked fine in the area we had our dryer. They do not seem to be able to fix our dryer and we feel that we should be given a new dryer since they apparently cannot fix the one we have. WE are being told that they cannot do that until after another repair service trip is made and then they will discuss the situation . Here we have been trying to get our dryer repaired since the last week of May and they are telling us that they can not get to us until July 31. This is just not acceptable for us. James is an invalid and clothes have to be washed daily. Something is very, very, wrong with this service. Is there anything you can do to help us? We need you to see that we have a new dryer. After all this we do not feel comfortable that our dryer will be ok.

    I (wife) am writing this because my husband is unable to take care of this matter.

  210. Help Please case 25682776 Tomorrow will be the 14th Sears has said as they have several different
    times my mower deck will arrive, I do not believe it will again because
    I have caught you lying to me to many times or shall we say using very
    deceiving terms in words about anything to do with my order. My wife and
    I have been given one week this monday to friday to cut our lawn or hma
    will step in and hit us with a thousand dollar fine this week and it
    will go up a thousand dollars each week until it reaches five then its
    moving time. Thanks sears for your product your concern and care and how
    sorry you are for any inconvenience you have put my family thru. Never
    ever have we been treated this way by anyone even bad customers are
    treated better than we are. IS THIS BECAUSE WE ARE WHITE, what have we
    done to deserve this type of conduct from sears. I spent a couple of
    thousand of dollars on a lawn tractor this has latch on blades, good
    idea bad set up IT DONT WORK SAFELY, mine thru a blade almost twenty
    feet. this was our only fault, we trusted and bought this tractor from
    sears and for this we are being bullied lied to and constantly being
    told one by one person saying there honest and the another by someone
    else saying they are. then the same thing happens when called on it. oh
    its just a miss understanding and we will take your order now and add
    another two weeks for arrival or like last email i got from you guys
    saying this

    Sears Parts Direct – Customer Support
    To Me

    Today at 11:18 AM
    Dear Mr. Sparks,

    We regret that this incident has had a negative impact on you. Please be

    assured that we are continuously motivated to provide our customers
    great customer service on ever contact. Mr. Sparks, the manufacture is
    closed today, Sunday July 13, 2014. I will contact you July 14, 2014,
    after I contact our vendor for more details on your order. I apologize
    for any inconvenience this may create.

    Please Note: The mower deck is made to order.

    Reply, Reply All or Forward | More
    To Sears Webmaster
    Today at 10:11 PM
    Thats great now I still demand sears not only a formal apology but to compensate my family with the best and biggest tractor they have. no body should ever have to go thru what we have. MAKE THIS RIGHT SEARS i was upset now im pissed Sears must comp me, and just for the record. your sending me thats if you do the very same faulty deck with latch on blades that have proven to be un safe and its just a matter when not if these latches fail. do you know what that means we start this all over again. send me bigger better safer tractor.

  211. ATTN: Customer Service: I would like to relate to you my “tale of woe” regarding the Sears Garden Tractor I initially purchased in March 1999,along with a 3-year protection agreement. The tractor was delivered 3/19/99 with a flat tire. Between 3/99 and 10/99 I had to have a service tech.out here five (5) times, to perform various repairs. After a couple of conversations with the store manager, I received a replacement tractor on 10/20/99. On 10/21/99 the tractor had a dead battery. Between 10/22/99 and 12/07/01 it was necessary to have the serrvice tech out here an additional five (5) times, again to performa a variety of repairs. Subsequent to the expiration of the 3-year protection agreement, between March of 2002 and June 16, 2003 I needed the technican an additonal two (2) times. Between 6/30/03 and 8/25/10 I have spent over $732 on various parts including a new front axle, mandrel, rods, etc. This does not include normal wear for blades and belts. I’ve done all opf the work myself.
    Last week the tractor finally died and would not start.
    Yesterday. 7/16/14 Believe it or not I purchased a new tractor from Sears. Let me remind you of the old adage, “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” With the recent purchase I did not purchase a three-year protection agereement. With the tractors’ two-year warranty, please be advised that if I have need for a service technician more than twice in the next 12 months,I will demand a complete refund of the total purchase price. I did have an issue with a recent service call but it was resolved satisfactorily. I look forward to the continuation of a mutually satisfactory relationship with Sears Customer Service.
    Thank You, Joseph M. Julian

  212. hi this is Jorge I have question last year I bhougt a compressor en pression water but I come back to mexico end just I get the compressor I want to know few you can sent to me the other machine to my country

  213. WARNING!!! Stay clear of Sears 17.5 HP rider mower. New mower won’t disengage blades (won’t stop turning), mulch kit is a joke and battery went dead after one year. Won’t handle any heavy load. All a round …A REAL LEMMON.

  214. Trying to reset password but keep getting the same response. Confirmation link has expired. Been trying for two weeks to reset. What is the problem?

  215. I have tried to access your on line questionaire to no avail but want to thank the service tech for his courtesy and service to my riding zero radius mower. I had previously stated I was not pleased with his service. This service call was by same tech. He was truly a gentleman and did what was requested with no problems. I am unable to use on line quesstions but do recommend the service to all.Thank you

  216. I bough a super matress with a 50% off ,and paid in cash 1,000 so the bed must be 2,000.6 months later a hole that makes my back sears they are sending a new bed.Im disable veteran,still waiting.ref order #2676908.what cant I espect.WE buy everything from Sears.will I get My new bed,or this is some that lawyers is needed.The card we use is my mothers Miss Nelly Santana.

  217. Wow… I have been working on getting a new water heater that is under warranty for two days. I have called the 1-800 number on the unit. Hard to understand the person, he transferred me to another number, hard to understand but was the LG center (makes Kenmore)… he transferred me to another person who I could understand and he was SO rude! Disconnected which was fine. Called another Sears number (local Mankato but went to call center) and great help! His name was DJ and was super but I have to drive two hours away to get my new heater and it has to be upright so I have to rent a trailer?? Called Eden Prairie to confirm pick up and got call center… this person said there was one in Mankato… called Mankato for 45 minutes. No answer. Finally, called and asked for tools vs appliances and a woman answered!! Said understaffed and therefore not able to answer phone. Callie, in tools at Mankato store, was soooo helpful. She took the information and had a manager call me. The manager, PHIL in the Mankato Store called me back and was extremely helpful. I am now trying to call the Eden Prairie store and no one is answering. At this point I am expected to drive to Eden Prairie which is 2 hours away and pick it up. Seriously, what if I was elderly and did not drive? My water heater is under warranty… only 7 years old… with 13 year warranty. Needless to say I will be shopping elsewhere after this. I did love Sears… all my appliances are Kenmore… but time to part ways with Sears. Then they wonder why they are losing customer loyalty. Thank you to CALLIE an PHIL in the Mankato STORE for trying to help me.

  218. I have been waiting since July 7th for my refrigerator to be repaired, which is still under warranty. 2 repair people came, 1 one week later & another 2 weeks later. Parts were delivered here, 3 weeks later, a compressor & something else. Was given a August 8th repair date. 31 days after placing my 1st call. August 8th has come & gone & no repair person showed. I called numerous times yesterday to find out what was going on. At 8:30pm yesterday I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You people really don’t care how you treat long time customers. I will never buy another Kenmore appliance ever again if this is how you back your products & customers. Such disrespect. My children have now crossed your store off their list for buying anything. Friends & other family members are now putting you on the ‘Do Not Shop There’ list. I’ve had to throw away tons of food. Who is going to compensate me for that? Not Sears from what I was told. Went so far as buying a small refrigerator from a scratch & dent store, definitely not Sears. That refrigerator now sits downstairs which causes me to go down & up at least 10 times a day after using a cooler for a week to keep milk, OJ, etc cold. I demand satisfaction from Sears in the form of a total refund, no store credit, or a replacement definitely not another Kenmore refrigerator. Next appliance will be bought from PC Richards, they stand behind their products & response to customer complaints & serving within days if not on the same day. I hope all the people who work for Sears can find another job with a caring co once Sears goes out of business. And it will with the horrible response to customers in a reasonable time period for service. Good Bye Sears it wasn’t nice knowing you.

  219. This complaint is about order #706865526: The order was delivered on the exact date. Servicemen was supposed to come to assembly on 08/06. Technician called late morning stating it was too late to start the job would be there early on the 07th. He and two others arrived around 11:30am on the 07th. They started working slowly on the shed I ordered. Did not finish one panel nor the roof. Said would return on the 08th. I had to leave town and return to NY on the 8th. They never showed on the 8th,9th or 10th.I have not heard from them as of the 11th.

  220. Bought a $3000 refrigerator last yr… Just barely a yr old and already we have had 4 issues with it and needed sears to send techs to fix it. Two weeks ago the motor went out in the fridge. The touchpad read “ErrF”. Called for an apt and was told the part would ship to me in 7-10 business days!! How the hell am I supposed to be without a fridge for 7-10 business days!? I’m blown away at the lack of urgency by sears!
    I patiently waited.. The part came to my house.. The tech finally showed up. The customer service lady had ordered the wrong damn part!!
    The tech that showed up that day ordered the “right part” and it would be delivered in 7-10 business days. Are you kidding!! I’m back doing the same song and dance trying to get my fridge fixed.
    The next part shows up.. I call for a sooner apt and they told me that it would still be 2 days until they could get someone out to fix it.
    Keep in mind it’s now been 2 weeks without a fridge!!
    The guy shows up, my husband was in the backyard trimming trees, truck in the driveway, garage door open and instead of following the sound of the hedge trimmer and finding my husband in the backyard.. The tech puts a post-it note on the door, marks the job “completed” in the system and drives off!! Now playing phone tag with Sears to try to get them to send the guy back to fix it. They actually had the f’n nerve to argue that the job is done because it’s marked “completed” in the system! Meanwhile the motor is still sitting on my damn countertop. After being on hold for an hour.. I was told that the service manager would be calling me before the customer service guy hung up.
    Meanwhile I’m still without a fridge!!
    Out of all the appliances in the house, a refridgerator is just not something we can go without. Add up the cost of food that has spoiled, sears has cost us a lot of money and still no end in sight!! The fridge is still broken! This has been a horrible experience! I’m very certain I won’t be buying from sears again

  221. SEARS has lost a customer for life and I will recommend to my friends and family not to patronize any of their stores. I purchased a washer and dryer with pedestal set from a store in Texas. Upon delivery #1, the pedestals that the salesperson told me to purchase for my machines were found to be the wrong size and the “new” dryer blew nothing but cold air and never dried a load from the first day it was delivered; For delivery #2, they did not show up. When I called they said the delivery was moved to the next day. (I had already taken off from work to wait) On delivery #3 the re-ordered pedestals were to be swapped out for the wrong ones – only one pedestal was brought and then could not be installed because none of the hardware was included. I called the store to complain, as I was assured that delivery was for both pedestals when they called to confirm. The store called back and said I would have to wait more than one week for delivery of the missing pedestal and hardware for attachment. Sears’ response, “sorry, there is nothing we can do.” Sears, here is what I will do, NEVER shop in any of your stores again. It is no wonder why you are losing money hand over foot. The customer is supposed to come first. Shame on you!

  222. As with everyone else, more everyday, I am quitting doing business with Sears. I been a loyal customer since the 70’s buying appliances for my home and clothes for my kids while they were growing up a few years back bought all new top of the line washer and dryer and a big refrigerator. was able to buy a protection plan for dryer but not washer now ten yrs old, and guess what washer out cost of repair $1,913.00 almost as must as what I paid for the set, they offered me a $100 coupon towards a new one ,I was like really that’s it. I don’t think they care about there customer’s anymore don’t think this will be read either. Guess I am going to Lowe’s for my stuff now, they are always helpful to me. Bye Sears you will be missed. Been going into your stores for over 50 years now

  223. Sears Service
    my name is Dursun I’ve purchased an oven from Great Outdoors in 2008 with it a Master protection agreement from Sears. Well now for the past 2 years I am having problems and tech’s cant solve my over problem. They have came eight(8) times already and still its not fixed. I WANT A NEW OVEN with my protection agreement.

    Based on “Lemon Law” I don’t qualify. I only qualify 2 replacements and Benefits Administration will not help me to get a replacement on my oven…. Its a lousy deal I say.

  224. i recently ordered curtains from Sears order nomber 093001175914 . I ordered all the curtains the same size and when they arrived one was really small it was a sample curtain they had to know it was not the right curtain because it was not even packaged the same as the others. And of course I kept it becouse it’s more difficult to return. Not happy

  225. I tried calling but experenced phone battery problem. order # 720288612, Sealy-King pillow top mattress, box springs all is well at my sons, this was a gift. Difference in the total on bill. Ordered on line,total was $651.41. This included freight of 69.99, ertra 10.00 for Saturday delivery(But was delivered on Wed.)plus my 10% 65.12 employee discount.received letter with credit of 95.92. This really isn’t a credit if my bill in the beginning was $ 651.41 instead you have it at $ 746.54. I asked the sales lady at the purchase, for the totals three times so I would know what the balance would be on my credit card.Could you please clear this matter up as the sales person I talked with could not and said it was Sears dept. to do so.
    Thank you for you assistance, have a great day.
    Mary E. Phalon

  226. on line chat does not work no one there, Called service wait and wait and then get disconnected. Have decided to just stop buying from Sears. I can be mistreated by anyone.

  227. RE-ORDER # 74123054 I orederd a pair of shoes in the Burlington MA store and thought they would be sent to the store were i odrered them, however they ended up going to Dedham which is 50 miles away. When I requested they be rerouted to Burlington I was told it would cost $6.00. What kind of service is this???? I was told the order would be canceled by the pickup dept and my account would be credited. iaFTER A WEEK i STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CHREDIT APPLIED TO MY CREDIT CARD. WHY

  228. My husband and I purchased a refrigerator from Sears and it was delivered 1 week late and damaged so we were promised a $150.00 gift card. A month has passed and we have made several phone calls to sears and they keep giving us gift card conformation numbers and promises, but no gift card. We have purchased well over $3000.00 worth appliances over the past month and a half from sears and this is what we get… WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I too have been promised $150 gift card for a damaged refridgerator. It has been over a week and no gift card and so far 2 calls to sears delivery (in whatever country they’re in) and being told it will be sent to their gift card research dept., which I found hard to believe such a department would exist. I called gift card number and was told such a department does exist and when they see the gift card hasn’t been used they will re-issue and e-mail again. I’m not holding my breath, but would like to know if you ever got your gift card. Thanks.

  229. I tried to order a saw blade for band saw a technician answered and told to tex my question I am 79 years old I have never learned to tex it is to bad that they can include a place for the ones who cant tex to order parts.

  230. Sears by far the worst store ever. I recently ordered washer from online store. Customer service from them has gone down tremendously. I will never order anything from them again, they do not stand behind there products or their warranties. Be careful with warranties because they do not honor them, please read the fine print because when something brakes in your device they state always that there is a part that they don’t have and it may take month for your product to be fixed. In that time you will not get a replacement as the employees clearly states as you purchase their merchandise . I am just writing this as customer that has been screwed over by Sears and people can do whatever you please. Just make sure you read the fine prints and get everything in writing.and they over charge in my credit card. They promise to re credit to me., It was never happen. I will have to sue them in small claim court.

  231. I ordered two pairs of short boots for my granddaughters. They
    were delivered the same day. The black ones were fine. I only
    received the left purple boot. I called a customer service rep
    and she said to keep the boot and she would refund my money.
    What do I do with one boot?

  232. The c/s representative couldn’t find the item in the system. She also couldn’t find my account. To make an hour and a half phone call short, my order as placed indicated that because I didn’t want to pay for delivery on an earlier date, the date my order would be delivered on was Dec 9.
    When I checked the order details in “My Profile” the indicated delivery date would be December 10. I contacted c/s, they were still promising Dec 9 delivery date an hour later.
    I spent almost 2 hours to buy from Sears. After that effort they at least should honor their promise to deliver on the correct date.
    Another case of the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Why does Sears have so much trouble making c/s work?
    If I wanted to pay extra ($76.43)Sears promised to deliver Dec3. The first “free” day was Dec 9. When I paid they promised Dec 9. When I checked back the d date was changed to Dec10. Are they going to refund me part of the price for waiting longer? Probably not. A sorry state of affairs at Sears.

  233. I purchased a KitchenAid dishwasher on 7-26-14. It has been a nightmare. The thing leaks on the floor and the door pops open during operation and stops. Sears has sent out a repairman twice and no change. Still fails to work and Sears just wants to send out the repairman again. No satisfaction to date!

  234. Ipurchase an oil change on 10-4-2013 which was at my request at 43.19 ok theno4 -25-2014 I purchase another oil change with align,service ap which I paid 84.99 with coupon but at this time the service person there decided to put 5Qs- 5w30 Synth Oil in my car with asking this brought my bill up to 154.57 were my oil change went from 43.19 to 70.71 now for a oil change were I was never ask if it was all right to do so I called customer service for at lease 5 time I am at the third level with my case

  235. Recently I sent in my leaf blower for what I thought needed repaired. In the special instruction the clerk did a great job of explaining what was wrong with the blower switch. After 12 days I picked up the blower and tried to start it the next day. When I looked at the blower they replaced the wrong switch ( $9.82) this switch wasn’t even broken!!! The worst of it they charged me $99.00 for labor!!! This will be my last repair and purchase from Sears.

  236. I had a TV in layaway and was to get it out on 10/31/14, but unable. I went pick up the TV a few days later only to find that they cancelled the layaway on 11/3. I wanted to get my money back (several hundred dollars) and was told that I should get a check in the mail. So I waited and, guess what? No check. I’m now trying to get hold of customer services or the BBB. The only think I got in the mail from Sears within the 2wks they promised I’d get the check was, advertisement.

  237. Unbelievable, ordered a mattress online on black friday, the serial number was mixed up by sears and sears posted the wrong mattress, suppose to get 50% off the price and a free box spring and a $100 in points.
    Called customer service, expained it, they would not honor it , even with pictures and order number as proof.
    We had to deal with a person from a different country that does not understand the way it works here.
    We are very very disappointed and sears will never go back. Ridiculous

  238. I placed an order for 4560.00 worth of appliances and installation during a free shipping sale. The installation department called to tell me that one of my four appliances could not be installed in my area. I asked her to cancel my installation charge and continue with the free shipping. She was VERY RUDE and behaved as if I were asking for the moon.

    Two days later, I received an email that she had cancelled my order for that appliance.

    I then spent 45 minutes on the phone with another rep who kept explaining how great it was that she could give me the ‘discount’ of my original price and only 46.97 for shipping. Twenty minutes of that call was spent on hold while she supposedly worked out the shipping discount with her supervisor.

    After demanding to speak to the supervisor myself, I spent another 10 minutes on hold. The supervisor told me that there was not an error on sears part. He stated installation was out of their control.

    When I explained the whole story to him again (this time uninterrupted by him), he realized what the staff had done and said he reinstated my order with the original price and free shipping.

    He would not provide any documentation of our call via email – stating all communication from sears is automated. He did give me this case number 4695317.

    Sears may have award winning appliances, but their customer service is quickly deteriorating from bad to horrible. Rude a d deceptive seem to be job requirements.

    The last time I ordered an appliance from them, it was a very similar situation. I ended up picking up the appliance myself.

    Not again. My love of Kenmore Elite will not survive this nonsense again.

    • Update: I waited the 48 hours the supervisor told me the case would take to update and checked the website. After three very frustrating calls that repeated Wednesday, I was put on hold for ten minutes. The manager that came on the line checked every system and NO SUCH CASE EXISTED AND THERE WERE NO NOTES ON MY ACCOUNT (I stand behind the deceptive comment).

      This manager placed the new order while I was on the phone and processed it for the original price. Since I have ONCE AGAIN chosen to avoid the insanity and pick it up, she gave me an additional 5% off. There is one decent person left working for Sears.

  239. Please direct me to the proper department, or provide me with a phone number. We purchased a washing machine and dryer. When we hooked it up it was making a strange sound. We talked to the manager at the outlet, where he informed us we were out of luck in returning it, because it had been over three months. We contacted a repair person. He did not know excatly what was wrong, he would have to confer with someone else. They called us back, they would order a part to fix it, That would take 7-10 days, then more time to set up a repair person to come and take care of the problem. In the meantime, we are without service. I have done some research. Found out there should have been a locking bolt to secure the drum for storage. There was not a bolt on that machine. That caused the damage. Who is liable for this situation. Would you put me in touch with someone that can help. Thank you. The machine was purchased by Florencio Mondragon, on 10-2-14.

  240. I order the wrong piece for my dryer is there any possible way for me to send it back and get the correct one/or get the money back, please help ?

  241. Linda a Case Manager from Sears went above and beond to get my problem solved. Good job Sears on hiring someone who cares and would go the extra steps to get this solved.

  242. Can’t find the right place on the Sears web site to submit customer appreciation. But just want you to know that a Sears employee, Gail Lane at the Aurora, Seattle store, was so very helpful in assisting us in picking our a new ironing board.* It was actually a model that she uses too so her personal testimony was helpful in making a decision that was right for us. It’s perfect and so was Gail.


  243. i am very disappointed with Sears purchased items in November scheduled a delivery date of Dec. 29 and they called during the delivery time and said the truck broke. Now we have to wait until Saturday for a delivery. This is lousy customer service. I will never recommend anyone to purchase anything from Sears I understand that Sears don’t care about there customers just the money. Shame on you Shame on you!!!!

  244. Dang my son was getting ready to go buy a fridge he was going to Sears what a coincidence I stopped him just in time. Sears does not honor there agreement. There delivery schedules suck.

  245. I purchased a Kenmore 25 cu ft french door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model 7160 for $1,503 two years ago. Two days before Christmas it stopped working. Called Sears service and the repair man said the compressor died and it would be $900 to fix but I would be better off buying a new refrigerator. $150 worth of food had to be thrown out. I want to know if Sears will stand behind their product and reimburse me for the $1,653 that I have lost in the two years since I bought the refrigerator? Please reply with Sears’ position on this matter. Thank you, Tim Collins

  246. Sears may possibly have the worst customer service team around! That is if you can actually get a human being on the phone before the automated system hangs up on you. Been trying to get a refund for a leafblower I returned over 7 weeks ago and, according to my tracking info from Fed Ex, that Sears received on November 13. For some reason, they just can’t seem to process my request for a refund. I’ve talked to a customer rep once in each of the last 3 weeks. Each time I am told the problem would be fixed and I would receive an email telling me such. And each week goes by without any contact from Sears. I called again today and they again said I would be contacted within 48 hours with finalization of my refund. Looking forward to calling again in 49 hours and find out why they haven’t processed my refund. Great job Sears! And please lose the on hold music. Sounds like you are playing it from inside a tin can from 20,000 leagues under the sea…. And I would know since I’ve spent more time on hold than actually talking to a human being.

  247. I have tried to order a three wheel bicycle on line. I can’t get it done or get a human being to talk to. If Sears keeps operating this way they won’t be in business in five years. I have brought from Sears for over fifty years but won’t be using them in the future.
    Oliver A. Barker


  249. I have been a credit card holder of Sears for 40 years. My Grandfather bought Sears, my Father bought Sears and so did I until my last purchase 10/31/2014. I purchased a Water Heater from Sears (North Riverside)and paid the install fee. The Sears Tech came out, but item was the wrong size. Sears tech took Water Heater with him. 11/6 I was informed by Sears Tech of proper Water Heater model # to purchase. I purchased that model, paid for install, but once again item was wrong size. 1 week later I received a bill for $1755 for 2 installed Water Heaters. I have made 24 attempts calling Sears and speaking to 53 people in Customer Service. I am NOT the VALUED Sears credit card holder I thought I was. No one cared or tried to help me. I was informed to bring back the 2 Water Heaters to clear my account. I let Sears know my day off was Friday ONLY. I received 34 calls on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to pick up my 2 Water Heaters. I received over 16 texts messages to schedule pick up of my 2 Water Heaters. What does Sears NOT get that I do NOT collect Water Heaters and I have nothing to bring into Sears to credit back to my account. What the HELL happened to SEARS that my Grandfather and Father so relied on. Please VALUE me as a 40 year credit card holder and fix my issue.

    • I know what you are going thru… I just got off with a supervisor about a refund that I requested on 12/12. They had to make sure the water heater had been returned.. The first on, 80 gal wouldnt fit so they didn’t even take it off the truck, and telling them to come and get the second one that arrived dented, and give me my money back was not requesting a refund…. Look out facebook, here I come…lol…. lousy customer service, and no one does their job anymore. You are so right, they have no valued customers any more. Hope things work out for you. I was going to get small claims paperwork tomorrow if the refund was not in my account today…. Gloria Morgan

  250. I also have spent time looking for a way to make a customer appreciation comment on a Sears employee. Associate #3491 at the Spartanburg, SC, store was very helpful in tracking down a price and helping me make a purchase. I checked out a number of surveys that did not seem to help my goal. You should make it easier to reward good associates!

  251. I also can see why Sears is having difficulty keeping the store in business. Saving money by hiring customer service reps who cannot speak English and take an average of an hour on the phone to fill a simple order is not a good way to do business. If Sears checked into it, I bet the reason they are financially in trouble right now is strictly due to their Customer Service issues.

  252. I purchased a range from sears prior to Christmas. They have been once the service man was a smart elic and didn’t resolve my problem. I contacted them again and this time was given today as a date and time of 8-5. Crazy I know. I had my father who is retired sit at my house all day only for no one to show up. I called at 330 and was told to b patient they will call. At 530pm i called again only to then be told my appt was fpr 1/28. I was on hold for well over 30 min hold for a manager because i was ferious at this point. Was told a manager would call me back within 2 hrs. Lol. Jk. It is now 9pm and nothing!!!!! Worst customer service of my life! I have bought tvs,fridge, microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer and now stove from them! Never again Sears!!!!!!!!

  253. I received a empty box order# 783444947 on Jan. 13. Please let me know when you are going to reship my order. I have already explained to you the condition of the empty box. Thank you Dan Hensley

  254. The repair department simply does not care. Don’t buy any appliances from sears and definitely don’t get the warranty.

  255. I recently bought a treadmill from Sears in burlington. I paid $200 extra to have this delivered on a Saturday and assembled. They came to my house an hour late and couldn’t get the box through the side door. We told them we will shovel out the front real quick and was told that they couldn’t wait it would mess up their day. So they left my $1200 treadmill in the garage. Did mention with the windchill today it is -12. I went into Sears to ask how we can fix this. I wait at the register for 45 minutes before anyone acknowledged my existence. Finally someone came over. I told them what happened and they said they would get someone to help. This man came over and I tried to tell him what was going on and he started to yell at me and speak over me. I couldn’t get a word in at all. I was told this is not their problem and call the Sears delivery people. I called and they tried to tell me it was nordictrak that was assembling it which is untrue I paid Sears to do it Customer service had no idea what they were talking about and the in store manager was so RUDE. I am having them pick up the treadmill and I will return it and buy it else where. I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!!!

  256. I have a Craftsman snow blower, probably 4-6 years old and out of
    warranty. This week it quit working, no problem. I went on Sears’ website and followed directions about getting it repaired at my cost. Again no problem it has been a reliable product. I take it to a Sears service center as instructed. They won’t accept it for repair, they made numerous phone calls, NO ONE is aware that of the posting on Their website that they will repair any snow blower “even if you didn’t buy it from us” I drove 5 miles to an independent repair company. The cost to fix it was too costly and guess where I’m buying MY NEW SNOW BLOWER.

    Train and inform your employees.

  257. we had a service technician come out for a repair on our refrigerator on 3-11-15 @8am. He supposedly fixed the problem but after he left I realized the problem was not fixed. the water dispenser is coming on without being touched and leaking all over my kitchen. after talking to 2 people thru customer service it became apparent they could not resolve the problem today.they were quick to tell me what they couldn’t do and the best was a partial refund and an appointment 2 days later. meanwhile every 20 minutes the water dispenser turns on by itself and dispenses about a cup of water. this did not happen before the technicinan supposedly fixed it. I am very disappointed with the service or rather lack of service.

  258. I was loooking for tires on my phone when I entered the vehicle the site kept giving me an error and saying no tires available. Guess I will take my business to a company that has site that works. Very disappointing

  259. I purchased a garage door opener at Sear’s on 03/29/15 with installation. Installation scheduled 03/31/2015 my window was 1 – 5. Received a call at 3:30 can’t make the appointment, they forgot the equipment. Rescheduled on 04/02/15 window 1 – 3, received a phone call at 4:57 pm. Installers need to re-schedule. Disappointed.. What about my time spent waiting twice… Sear’s offered my 10%.. Is that what my time is worth??

  260. Sears is not worth much. Ordered two drills online. Stated that could pick up at store twenty miles from us. Even called store and was informed okay to come and best items. Get to store and two nice men tried to helpme because items not available. Called two other stores, this even when it said on line that Seminole Towne Center had them. It takes us a half hour to get there. We at least should get a ten dollar certificate to pay for gas. When get home fi d three messages saying pick up items, they do not even have them. This is not first time this happened.

  261. I really wonder if sears is in business. I called several weeks ago to have my riding mower serviced/repaired. The almost English speaking rep indicated the soonest available appointment was April 8. (Today) Someone called yesterday and indicated they would be at my home between 8 and 5. Someone called this morning and said they would be at my home between 8 and 10 am. Someone called at 11:30 and asked if I would be available on April 22. Are you kidding? You must not really want to service your products. You should call it “Sears Might Service” Your management should be ashamed! Norman Kilgore

  262. Terrible customer service experienced today! In mid March I ordered a new washer and dryer form my son and his wife. On my advice they ordered a new refrigerator too. Took Sears almost a month to attempt delivery. The crew showed up and decided the driveway wouldn’t accommodate the truck. They couldn’t dolly the appliances because of delivery policy. They rescheduled for 1 week later. Unacceptable! I called customer service (off-shore) and ran into a block wall. Asked to speak to a manager and was put on terminal hold. Mad as a rabid dog I was. I look around my house at the $10,000.00+ worth of appliances I have purchased over the years not to mention the craftsman tools. Sad day Eddie Lampert. No wonder you’re circling the drain. Moving on to Lowes. Your loss.

  263. This afternoon I went to Sears in Spring Hill Mall, West Dundee Illinois. I was looking to purchase a new chain for my Craftsman
    chainsaw. A young man greeted me pleasantly and asked if i needed help. I answered yes, that i was looking for a new chain for my saw, etc, etc. I had the owner’s manual, what could be better than that? Well…the counter was tied up with a customer, I accompanied the greeter and watched while he looked for my particular chain…no luck. To make a long story short, a supervisor came out and explained what to look for. I asked if it would help if i brought in the saw, thinking that if they could see the product it might help. WRONG!This ‘supervisor” got in my face and asked why the sarcasm. He went to to tell me that it wasn’t his job to help me, that he was going out of his way, etc, etc. I should have left but I needed the chain which I did eventually get my hands on. I noted that this particular brand is carried by at least one well known supplier of tools, lumber, etc. I’ll never set foot in this particular Sears again. It’s no wonder that Sears is in trouble, customer service is definitely lacking.

  264. I ordered a burning element back in January. It didn’t work. Sent it back in February because that was when I was emailed the UPS shipping label. They received the part and I’m still waiting for my refund. I have called them 5 times and counting and still no refund. I was promised someone will call me back, and not a single person did. I finally got an email that said they refunded me $3.25 which I did get. My total purchase was $92.33. I am beyond frustrated with this company. Never ever buying anything from Sears again!!!!

  265. Less than 3 years ago ,I purchase a Kenmore Elite refrigerator w/ extended warranty form SEARS at a cost of $2600.00 . Product stopped working , tried to get Sears repairman out for service , WAS told it would be at least 1 month before they could get someone out for repairs. I have had a lot of problems w/ products purchase from them but this is the WORST SERVCE I’VE EVER GOTTEN . I will NEVER purchase another SEARS PRODUCT !!! SERVICE SUCKS !!
    They SHOULD just go on out of business, BAD products and even WORST service !

  266. After 4 phone calls that I was hung up on. I called the store I purchased my appliance from and they were very nice but told me the hands were tied. I called the nicest person named Shalay in sears service who agreed that 35 days for a repair was outragus and gave me my money back toward and exchange. Thanks again Shalay for your help!!!!!

  267. This is NOT the comment of a “Happy Customer”! In 2013 my husband started a Why Not Lease agreement for a rear engine mower. After about three weeks we talked about the fact that the stupid mower tried to tip over backward on him every time he got on it. He then called the store and after some discussion, was told to bring the unit back and they would “Cancel” the contract as it was a “safety issue”. He loaded the mower up, took it back, was told in the store to take it to the loading dock and an associate would meet him. He did as he was asked, and the associate took the mower, the pink page of the agreement, and taped it to the mower seat, then told my husband that he would make sure the contract got cancelled. That NEVER happened! Sears outlet got the mower back, but we continued paying the contract! Even when we called Why Not Lease, they told us that we had to get the store to send them a request to cancel. After getting NO response from either the outlet store or the leasing company, we finally contacted customer service. They started “a case” (case number 3331934) told us that the manager had 48 hours to respond and left it at that! 48 hours later, we finally called customer service back because the manager did NOT call and then we are told that the manager responded to them that the item in question was not in the store, and therefore WE DID NOT return it! OF COURSE IT’S NOT IN THE STORE ANY MORE!! IT WAS RETURNED 2 YEARS AGO!!! Sears USED to be a GREAT company!! I grew up shopping there because that was where my Grandfather worked! I WILL NOT BE SHOPPING THERE ANY MORE!!

  268. Terrible customer service canceled my appointment at 6:47pm, than told me they could reschedule me a week later. They were already at my house the week before for the same complaint. Waited for them from 1pm-5pm, use someone else.

  269. Had a bed to be delivered to my son on April 25th (This is the only day we could do this). Sears delivery never showed up; no room on the truck. Sears could have cared less regarding our situation. We have a confirmation e-mail that this was to be delivered. Staff was rude, indifferent and could have cared less regarding our situation. Made no attempt to have a special delivery made that day. Our compensation, a 10% off our next purchase coupon. Like that is really going to get used. What is the point of delivery appointments???!!1

  270. Sears came out to repair my Maytag dishwasher. $200.00 dollars later he replaced the door latch. 144.00 for labor the rest was for the part. He was at my home for 45 minutes. I called them because my dishwasher was leaking. Got home from work tonight. My dishwasher is leaking. Called Sears,and was told that we will not get another service person until next Friday. Asked for a supervisor. was put on hold for 28 minutes. No one came back on the line to help me. Called again was told that the supervisor was busy. Poor Sears now I know why all the stores are closing. I will tell everyone I can about my experience. Sears no longer stands behind there brands or service. I would advise to never shop at or use products sold by Sears. Now I have to find someone to fix my dishwasher……

  271. I had appt today to have my fridge deliver wait all morning for nothing delivery called me after the 2 hr window to let me know they were running behind, I called they customer service is super rude don’t like Sears at all they can keep my fridge and return my money.

  272. I have tried for over 8 years to order a new blade for my Craftsman
    “Brush-hog with no results.

  273. Your customer service reps are difficult to deal with regarding my delivery/final hook up. I received an automated phone call last night telling me what time to expect service (9:45 – 11:45AM) This morning I received a phone call from a delivery/service guy telling me I am on his schedule for 2:45 – 4:45PM today. Then I received another phone call from a different service guy at 9:48AM telling me he is 10 minutes away. Unfortunately, I left for work because the first service guy gave me an afternoon time. Now I wasn’t there for the first service guy and this is a mess. Your phone customer service reps are not very helpful with the issue. They just read from a script – stupid! Perhaps keeping these jobs in the US would be a better solution for customer service.

  274. Sears executives, are you out of your collective minds? Hire people who speak clear English! I thought I was on a prank call when I tried calling this morning about an appointment I booked online. If I had known when I booked online that no one I would speak with on the phone at Sears appliance service spoke English clearly, I would never have booked an appointment with Sears. I have tried calling twice today to confirm the appointment, I have the confirmation number, and it is beyond comprehension how stupid the customer service is. I have given up twice, once on cell phone, the other time on a land line. You know exactly how they sound on the phone and you do not care! I am not going to repeat over and over and yell into a phone to be understood. Sears, you deserve to go out of business. I was feeling sympathy for a piece of Americana that is fading, but, you deserve it if this is how you treat your customers.

  275. i think your complaint dept. is a joke I coundn’t tell you how many times I have called and how many different people I have talked to it was a horrible experience I will not order anything else thru sears maybe not even shop there no wonder they don’t do a lot of business I will contact the better business bureau

  276. I have had the very worst customer service I could ever imagine and their appliance warranties are worthless. I am now going on 7 weeks without a working refrigerator after several different repairmen have attempted to fix it. I have lost food three times as each time the repairman leaves saying the appliance has been fixed. I have had several appointments been stood up for one appointment on my husbands birthday and have been screamed at by a sears representative. I have asked to speak to a supervisor on a few occasions all with no results. At this point I am not sure what to do or if Sears is capable of living up to their warranties. Buyers beware!

  277. December 14 2014 I bought s Aspire ES1 computer through sears.
    On Monday, May 25th 2015 I used the computer and all was ok. I shut it down to eat dinner, after dinner I turned it back on and the screen came up with Acer then went blank.

    I contacted the service number and was instructed to take the computer to the Sears Store in McMinnville, TN, as I still had the manufacture warranty. I called the McMinnville store and they informed me they do not handle electronics.

    I have been a Sears customer for about 10 years, if this is the type of service they are going to provide, I will stop using them and go to a another company.


  279. I have been trying for 2 hours to CHANGE the time of my delivery, not the day. I have yet to talk to a real live person. I am tired of your recordings that I am important!!! Please get back to me about the time of day of my delivery. Your system needs to be changed!!!

  280. Bought a gas range but I have propane they send a conversion kit. But now they will not service it. Bought extended service on it. BUT THEY DON’T TELL YOU ALL THIS UNTIL YOU NEED HELP WITH IT. WILL NERVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN BEEN WITH THEM FOR YEARS

  281. I was on hold for 49:19 waiting to speak to someone about them changing my delivery time. This was the first time I ordered from Sears and will also be the last. I cannot believe you are still in business if this is how you treat your customers. My order was placed on May 22nd and you gladly accepted my money, but the night before my delivery I got a call with a totally different time frame. I paid someone to cover my work tomorrow so I could be home and had all arrangements in place. If any thing else is messed up (I was told my order will be here on Weds at the time it was supposed to be tomorrow) I am reporting you to the Better Business Bureau.

  282. I purchased a stove and refrigerator in Feb.2012. Items are 3 1/2 yrs old..the problem is where the ice maker is installed in door on the out side on the left corner it has began to rust and a small spot of paint has popped off..This item was not cheap but to my surprise Sears can’t help other than selling me the bisque colored paint..but guess what they do not have that color..How can a retail store sell this color and then not sell the paint to do corrections..Dosesn’t make sense..I worked in retail for many years our customers “word of mouth” went a long way……

  283. Who is this CEO EDDIE LAMPERT that refuses to allow any of the members to contact him about the Store Manager Charlene Willard of Flower Valley Saint Louis Missouri and the District Manager name Greg that’s running this store down to the ground. They keep this store so filthy they never ever keep stock on the shelves and they lie and disrespect the customers and my husband and I have a complaint and we talked to the store manager as well as the District manager I even called customer solutions and now I see exactly how protocall is with this company. We can’t contact this Mr. CEO Eddie Lampert. Mr. CEO Eddie Lampert when you get this message write to Patrick & Nancy Green you have our email address but its crazy how NOBODY HAS YOURS.

  284. I am now on day 2 trying to buy a water softener. Ordered on the phone as there was no way online to put in a different delivery address from my billing address. I am moving to a new house and wanted a water softner installed on July 1. After speaking to the CS rep for over 45 minutes as I could barely understand him, we finally got through the order. CS rep confirmed both addresses and date of delivery. I received the confirmation email and the delivery address is listed differently in two different places and the delivery date was wrong. One address is somewhere 40 miles from my house so not sure where he came up with that address. Now they did have the billing address right, of course. Called CS to correct and another CS rep I could barely understand said we couldn’t correct the address or change the delivery date. Interesting. She must be using a different system than the guy I spoke to yesterday. She gave me one option, cancel the order so I did. Sears you are really clueless in the customer service arena. This was the most ridiculous time I’ve ever spent on the phone trying to buy an appliance. It’s like you don’t want my business. I can provide order number should anyone care to investigate the incompetent online/phone order experience I have ever had.

  285. Again been disappointed with the Service we received from Sears,it is the second time the delivery has been postponed, might cancel the order.

  286. I would like to compliment an employee who works at your Stratford Square store in Bloomingdale IL. His name is Bob, and another person told me his last name is Peters.

    Before Father’s Day, I went in looking for a Craftsman gift for my husband. Bob personally took me to two displays that carry the item, and also explained the pros and cons of choosing one over another.

    In this day and age when many employees will answer a location question with, “it’s over there”, it was nice to have someone walk me to the item and engage me to find out exactly what I was looking for.

    Please see that this employee is recognized for his excellent customer service.

    Any retail establishment would be lucky to have him as an employee!

    Thank you

  287. I am very please with the diehard car battery. Today I had to replace a 2 year diehard that I purchased September8, 1908. That means I was 2 months short of having the same battery 8 years! I have never had a car battery last this long. Amazing.

  288. Finally after being upset because the delivery date was changed 3times and I was not able to get any satisfactory answer from the Service center,I contacted the sears store in oakbrook and was pleased when the man who I talked to(Kyle) was able to straighten my order out, and had the merendice delivered on time,I enjoyed his knowledge to get things done the right way ,Thank you Kyle.I would also like the on time delivery by 2 young man,who where very helpful and friendly.

  289. Service is poor expect to be on hold forever. If they tell you 2-3 weeks to get your product back plan on 2 months.

  290. I have been battling to pay my bill on line. The company said that my new card and statement were sent and returned for non-delivery. I have spoken with numerous customer service people to have the aforementioned sent again. Finally received a photocopy of account statement, but, no card. Without the card you cannot set up on-line payment so here I am again unable to pay my statement in full. Oh, the reason that the original statement never made it to my home is because the nitwits have the city and zip code incorrect. They are expecting me to pay a late payment but that will never happen. I now understand why Sears in financial trouble. They don’t want you to pay your bill. Stupid, stupid. I would really like to speak to someone in a decision making capacity who can help me.

  291. Many people are having a problem with Sears Kenmore gas grills. The firebox is corroding leaving the propane take exposed to an open flame. It seems Sears was/is replacing some models fireboxes at Sears expense but mine is not one of the models. Why I have no idea. Mine is just as bad as the others and there is no way I will fire this thing up. I like my eyebrows….! How many are out there that they won’t fix or how many people don’t know they have a problem and there is an accident. I have photos that I can send if you would like to see them. I have tried on many occasions (15 calls with no response) to get someone to listen but absolutely no response. I’m ticked because I can’t use it and I’m ticked because they will not fix the problem….I now have a 400.00 planter in the backyard. DO NOT BUY A KENMORE GAS GRILL FROM SEARS. THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW IT’S DANGEROUS TO USE. How sad. sears used to be an excellent retailer. Now they’re just like all the others. Cheap overpriced products. Horrible customer service and zero regard for their customers safety.

  292. I am beyond disgusted with Sears. Ordered a washer and dryer a month ago. It was supposed to be delivered the 27th, today is the 31. I called the 27th and spent 2 and half house with customer service being switched back between them and delivery people. No one could tell me where my order was or when it would be delivered. Talked again today and they said they would email me immediately as to what is going on with my order…..nothing. I’m canceling my order

  293. Steam cleaning service is Unreliable! Two days I took off work to get our homes carpets steam cleaned. They never kept the appointed time, never showed up. Never called to let me an update that they were running late. I lost two days income for a $125 steam cleaning job. I will never use Sears again.

  294. Best word to describe my carpet steam cleaning experience, unreliable! Lost two days income waiting , getting rescheduled for new appointment times. I will never use Sears again.

  295. I will never buy a sears product again. Purchased an new fridge and within the 30day warranty it broke. I scheduled service they came and “fixed” it. it broke again, they came again and said it needed part. Parts were ordered and did not show and appointment was canceled. after multiple call I found the parts were 30+ days on backorder. I requested an replacement fridge. I was told it would be scheduled. 3 WEEKS NO REPLACMENTS FRIDGE AND THE CURRENT ONE DIED LAST NIGHT!! no fridge and no delivery scheduled… sears is joke BUY LOCAL

  296. I purchased a gas furnace from sears. I was told that what I would save on gas I could pay for the furnace. well the first year I use the furnace my gas bill was three times what my wall heaters used. I fought with them for over a year and the still didn’t get anything done. so I’m stuck with the furnace and the payment. so sears can go where the sun don’t shine.

  297. Bought a fridge in june and noticed wasn’t cooling within a week. Repairman came out and said he had to order a part, that was 2 months ago and the part is still backordered for another 2 months!!!! Now I’m again calling sears and been on hold for over an hour!!!! Spoiled food and chest pains!!! happy Wednesday!!!

  298. This month I purchased 2 items on-line. Sears sent the items in 2 separate packages. Unfortunately they used the same UPS tracking number for each package. This is against UPS policy as they require separate tracking numbers for each separate package (although I don’t know how UPS allowed these packages to be entered into their system in the first place). The UPS delivery man came to our home while we were away at work, noticed the 2 packages had the same tracking number, and only delivered one package. The second was returned to Sears as UPS though it was a duplicate delivery. We spent over an hour total on the phone with Sears ‘customer support’ and UPS with no resolution other than Sears would reship the second package when they received it as a return. Today UPS tracking shows that Sears received it in their facility. A call to Sears customer support was useless as the case manager actually could not have the package resent to us (we have already paid $158 for it), did not have any authority to credit our credit card for this item so that we could simply reorder another, and in fact the rep in India ( I believe that is where all Sears customer service is located, or at least it is definitely overseas) was unable to even locate the extensive notes that should have been entered regarding this shipment. As of yet it is not resolved as we are unable to contact any customer service in the United States, or any customer service that can actually resolve this. Compare this with Amazon’s excellent service and you can see why Sears is about to go down the tubes.

  299. To whom this may concern,
    I bought a stove and refrigerator on June 25, 2015. The delivery team told me they don’t take doors off therefore I had to pay forty dollars to a handy man who was already doing work in my home. after recieving the merchandise, i notice the refrigerator door had a dent on it. Therefore, I had to go to hell and back before I recieved a new one.And on top of that icemaker and water wasn’t worker the delivery team left without making sure they were working properly.Called sears they offered a 100.00 gift card.On 6/28 technician came out to check but didn’t fix the problem. On 6/30 new door was delivered. The young man installed the new door but left without turning the water valve back on. spoke with a Denise at 7:00pm and she said she was sorry for my inconvenience. and offered me a thirty dollar gift card.Ask to speak to a supervisor she also told me that someone will contact me in an hour but that never happen. Therefore, here I’m now a month and a half later with a leaking refrigerator and a stove with a burner that doesn’t work. My have to turn the main water line off to keep the water from dripping therefore we have to go without the most important of daily living is having to water. We was told the there next appointment they have is the 24th of August,talk about customer service.


    Mrs. Karen Quarles

  300. We purchased an eliptical bike at a Sears store. During the warranty period and a 2 year extended warranty, the bike broke 4 times. Each time a tech was sent to our home to repair the product, but the problem was never resolved. The fourth time a tech came to our home, we were told that the bike was not repairable and that we would get a new bike. We later found out the Sears has a policy that if one of the products sold at their store cannot be repaired after 3 attempts, a new product would be given to the consumer. It has been over 6 weeks since we were told that a new bike would replace the defective product, but Sears now states that they have no record of a placement for the defective product we were sold. We were told today (8/15/2015) that their consumer administration would “investigate” our claim and get back to us within forty-eight hours. I’m not holding my breath. My wife and I have used Sears for many decades. Their poor customer service demands that we stop shopping at their stores.

  301. I purchased all new appliances from Sears for my kitchen this year. My refrigerator has not kept the correct temp. I started calling to complain around July 13th. Sears ordered new parts for the refrigerator, I received them around July 21st. had to wait till August 11th for repair man, found out Sears sent wrong parts. I called Sears on 8/13/15@2:01PM, talk to Collin Morgan – told me he was sorry and he would see that it got fixed. he would call back..nothing, called back @ 5:08, 6:00& 6:48 PM. so I waited and called back August 15th was told that he would try to have someone else out to fix it. now it is August 18th and I’m told that parts on back order and will not be in till Sept. Are you kidding me, I WANT A NEW REFRIGERATOR AND NEED IT NOW..IT’S BEEN 3 MONTHS AND I’M TIRED OF THE RUNA AROUND.

  302. My washer quit working on july 19. I called a customer rep and the earliest a repairman could come was august 20. He came, replaced a part and it still did not work right so he ordered a computer control panel which will take another month to be shipped. I have a family of six and do laundry every day. Sears repair times are no go

  303. I brought a refigerator in Jan of this year and I am not very happy . My food has thawed out 4 different times i have had to by ice for the last 4 months and this is suppose to be a ice maker. Right now my freezer part is not working at all . what are you going to do to make me a hppy customer

  304. The service that I received from the delivery people on 8/28/2015 was very good. They were courteous, and careful with the product that they were delivering. I don’t know their names, but their service was commendable.

    Kevin Meyer

  305. Ive been trying to get into some person to talk to for 2 hrs. Ihave talked to every one in india. could some one from the usa answer my question. I have a radio arm saw model no 113.199250 i would like to get a recall kit for guard not 100 dollars i see on the internet you were subplying them and now im not sure how can you stop in the middle of a problem? I just got the saw from a sale and payed way more than 100 dollars. I bought craftsman because i thought it was a good product.

  306. your parts ordering and service department is completely incompetent. I called for a service repair appointment and was told that the part needed to repair my dishwasher would be ordered and sent to me to enable better service and quicker for the repair person. The appointment was set for one and a half weeks after the date I called (only one available). The day before the service was to occur I received a call to inform me that my part ordered was damaged consequently the service person would not have the part needed when he came. No one bothered to reorder part when they realized it was damaged. I had to then wait another day after the scheduled repair appointment, call back reset another appointment and ask for the part to be ordered again. This puts me without a dishwasher for now going on more than 3 weeks. I can understand why Sears might be and probably should be going out of business. The dishwasher was a lemon from the beginning, as this same part – the power panel has malfunctioned at least once a year for the entire time I have had it. I have purchased the warranty agreement for this reason – but have learned my lesson about purchasing Sears appliances and having to deal with Sears Service.

  307. I think Sears Customer Service STINKS!! On Thursday, August 27, 2015, I scheduled service for Monday, August 31, 2015, to hook up a Kenmore Elite gas dryer . Sears assured me that a technician would arrive between 1 and 5 PM on the 31st. Today is September 1st, almost a week since I scheduled the appointment and I still have not seen a technician. Sears Customer Service STINKS!!

  308. I have had over 15 service calls on my refrigerator (4) within the last month. The techs. obviously can not fix the problem. I have been put on hold (4) time trying to reach the replacement department regarding my problem and that was for over 2 hours. I have kept records of my service calls and it totals over $3,000.00 not including one ticket that didn’t list the cost or parts but yet they were installed. I need to reach some satisfaction. This is totally not right, very frustrating to say the least and a waste of my valued time. I need to speak to someone of authority.

  309. Never never ever purchase any appliances from Sears ever again! Brought washer/dryer and damaged when delivered! Came back next day with replacements but did not have the dryer. Then told will be back the following day only to have them deliver a metal vent for the dryer but failed to have the actual dryer!!!! Could not talk to anyone in customer service! Delt with operators that could hardly speak English! Terrible customer service and still cannot get a hold of someone!!!! Never buy anything that requires delivery or installation!!!!

  310. purchased a mattress and adjustable bed, the night before the delivery I get a call saying they do not have the bed in stock and are not sure when they will have it. They are just the delivery service and are not responsible. Tried to contact the store no one answers the phone, go up to the store I am told by the Asst. store manager that they are not responsible either. This bed was for an elderly parent coming home from a month hospital stay. Now I have no bed and have wasted a week and a half waiting for this bed that was not in stock. And I can’t get anyone do anything. No wonder this company is in trouble.

  311. I have purchased a workz cordless lawn mower and it is promised to cut 6000 sq.ft. but I only get about 740 sq.ft on a full charge.So I want to return it and buy a craftsmen 40 volt . I went online and it said I can’t return it. I bought it online and used my sear’s charge card. I’m not going to pay for a lawn mower that is so far off of what you said it will do.There is a great difference between 6000sq.ft and 740sq.ft. This is really disappointing with Sear’s. Will you help me?

  312. Hello,
    I purchased a Kenmore Elite gas cooktop 6 months ago, after using for a short period of time, I realized how bad it was, the on and off switches panel was located in the middle bottom of the range, whenever I turned the gas on for more than 15 minutes, the on and off switches will be very very hot, that you cannot turn the button off by using your hand, u got to use a mitten to assist you to turn the switch on, I called the customer service today, they told me it was over 30 days, I am not eligible for an exchange, instead, they will send a tech. to my home and check on the stove, there’s nothing that they can do about it, and so far, they have no complain about this model , I was really puzzled, how could ppl stand on those burning switches, one day, I am pretty sure, the switches will cause fire……….I need your opinion of what I should do regarding this expensive applicance………..

  313. I have recently been provided the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Please see the below outline.
    Aug17th 2015 – Order Placed
    Aug 20th – 1st Scheduled delivery (No one ever showed up or called) I took the day of and waited at the house all day.
    Aug 22 – 2nd scheduled delivery (No one ever showed up of called) We waited around all day on SATURDAY.
    Aug 25th – 3rd scheduled delivery (No one ever showed up or called).
    Aug 26th – I contract Sears (I was on the phone for 2 hours and 36 minutes). Sears informed me that they made a mistake and scheduled my delivery for 2025….yes, in 10 years. At this point the only option was to cancel the order and replace the order….start all over! In addition, the sears manager was going to fully refund me the $129 install and delivery charge. He stated he had to charge me, once it was processed he could then credit the amount. As of today, no refund.
    Aug 27th 2015 – NEW Order Number –
    Aug 28th 2015 – Sears Canceled Order Number
    Aug 31st – 4th scheduled delivery (No show again).
    September….SOME DATE, can’t even remember….(No Show…no call)
    Yesterday – September 8th (NOT SHOW AGAIN)
    I have spent over 10 hours on the phone and countless days at the house waiting for Sears to show up. This is the WORST CUSTOMER SERIVCE I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED.
    Still no microwave!

  314. I purchased a Kenmore dishwasher on 9 August 2013 and it never really dried the dishes 100% so I called to complain and the agent informed me to use a certain tab for cleaning so I purchased the item and it worked for a little while and than the problem started up again. I finally decided to phone Sears on 21 August 2015 and the agent on the phone informed me that I needed a new heating element so they ordered the part and sent it to my house and set up an appointment for 4 September to have repair completed. After spending all day home waiting on the repair technician and confirming 4 times that he/she would be at my house by 5:00 p.m. our final call to Sears customer service center at 6:30 p.m. we spoke to a manager that informed us that the Supervisor over the technicians decided that he needed an additional part and had just ordered it that morning and no one notified us at all and we went through 3 agents from all over the US to find this out finally at 6:30 at night. We had some many customer service agents inform of us different information that it was just crazy. The worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life and will never purchase another appliance from Sears. Oh by the way one of the managers hung up on my husband and when we called back the another manager offered us compensation by wanting to offer us an additional 6 months of coverage on the dishwasher after my husband had lost $400.00 in wages for taken the day off to wait on the technician and now one of us will have to take another day off now that that both parts have arrived (keep in mind the technican never came out to our house to even look at the dishwasher they were just going by what I had informed the call center of). Their reputation has gone way down and for their managers not to have an up to date computer system on the repair orders is not way to run a staff at all. They informed us that they had no way of calling the technician to even find out what was going on way too much run around and the most unprofessional folks I have ever spoke with. I just want to get my dishwasher repaired and never deal with Sear again.

  315. My comment is a complaint about the A & E appliance company that we are told we need to use to be covered by warranty. So we need our LG Television, which we purchased from the Sears Cape Girardeau, MO store 8/9/14 from sales clerk, Trevor Moore. As we are in need of some repairs to this LG television we called 800-469-4663 as instructed in our Sears Protection Book in June,2015. The soonest they could schedule a repair appointment was 8/13/2015. You notice that was 2 months from the time I called. We were very dissatisfied with appointment but they refused to schedule any sooner saying that was the only time open. We waited & made sure we were at home for the appointment time of 1:00 PM & 5:00pm. We received four call messages the day before saying they would arrive between the hours they had told us . The next day they called two times to tell us that they had to cancel our appointment & reschedule for a later date. When we did that we could not get an appointment for another month.(We could understand that if WE had cancelled) but it was your company that did it . So the new appointment Friday, 9/11/2015. Were told the serviceperson would arrive between the hours of 9:00 am & 5:00 pm. & that we would receive a call the night before narrowing that time frame to 8:00 to 12:00 or 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. We NEVER got a call the night before & as we didn’t receive any kind of verification the next day, by 4:30 pm I called that repair number again to find when or if they were comimg today yet. First they gave us a complete run around and said they could not find our appointment on the schedule. Now this is when I lost it. I was talking to Lila & let her know we did not except that explanation. Here we’ve wasted twon good days waiting on this repair service & then are told that it was not on the schedule because someone had cancelleld the second appointement of 9/11/2015. This to has gone way beyond ridiculous. It shows absolutely no concern for the customer. The fact that they didn’t even bother to notify us of the second cancellation, was to us the worst customer service, Now here we 3 months later, with a TV that is still under warrenty & we cann ‘t get a repair person to work on it. It’s an ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE thing that WE WILL NOT purchase any more large appliances, electronics , or other large items from your store in the future. It really is a shame as we were just beginning to use the Sears store in Cape Girardeau MO again after having had problems with our charge card. WE do hope you will resolve this problem & get us a more suitable appointment for our repair. Our home Telephone or our we will be waiting & expecting a reply from someone concerning our complaint. Edgar & Anna Gerler

  316. I have tried to file a complaint for 2 days. I’ve used Sears website …worthless
    I’ve used Chat line 3 times
    Worthless gave 2 wrong customer service emails .
    Sears has really gone down in the last few years and they don’t wNt to hear about it.

  317. We experienced very poor delivery service when we purchased a new refrigeter and gas ranange. They were scheduled to be delivered 9/12/15 at 3 – 5 pm got a call they said they could not deliver until 9:30 Pm we went to the store were we bought the appliances the store manger tried to get us a delivery early. He couldn’t. we called about 6:pm the driver ssaid he took the appliances back to the warehouse
    called todayand I got a new delivery date of Sept 20th was not acceptable I cancelled the order.

  318. 9/9 Ordered part. Cost over $126. That included the shipping fee. I was not aware of the shipping fee until I rec’d the email invoice. They should have mentioned it to me but I let it go because I was to arrive on the 14th.
    9/14 No order
    9/15 Called, customer service George mentioned the delivery should be 6-8 business days. I mentioned that I was upset that I was charged shipping fee in which should have been mentioned prior to finishing this order. He says they did and I tell him they didn’t. I also mentioned I let it go(shipping fee) bec. it will arrive on the 14th. I asked for a supervisor. He says what would you like to happen? I would like my order and mentioned I was not happy with the shipping fee. George mention that they did tell me about the shipping fee. I tell him they didn’t. He says its mandatory for them to mention and I stopped him and told him they didn’t and to stop saying they did because your making me feel like I am lying. Again, I asked for a supervisor. a few minutes later, a person comes on and we get disconnected. 10 minutes of nonsense.
    I call back, and immediately asked for a supervisor. 3-4 minutes back and forth from my call back, finally get someone else.
    Supervisor Amy. I was already upset that my order is not here, fee not being mentioned, and customer service George. Amy decides she is the final voice and whatever she says goes. Amy says that you are always charged shipping fee from every company you order from. I mentioned not all the time. Of course, she says all the time. Statement is false because I have ordered form other store with no fee. Amy says I am wrong and she orders and charged a fee all the time. She also mentioned that it was not mandatory for them to mention about the shipping fee. Well George said it was mandatory. Who am I to believe? Supervisor Amy says I was playing with words and I had mentioned that she was doing that to me the whole time. She then changed her attitude because I called her out. And the order will arrive when I am not here. I could have delayed the order if I would have know in the first place.
    I was upset but Amy had to be the voice. No, ‘I’m sorry about the misunderstanding’ or I’m sorry that the original person taking the order did not mention the fee and when its suppose to arrive’ She did not care one bit. Her way is the only way, and the final word. Amy was not talking to her workers, she was talking to a customer.
    I will never order again.

  319. I ordered a countertop microwave from Sears online and the item was supposed
    to be delivered on Sept 9th which UPS did but the item was delivered to the
    wrong address. When I called customer service on the 14th they said they will
    call UPS and straighten the matter. I have not heard from UPS and I am getting
    annoyed. If I do not hear from you soon I am going to cancel the order and call
    my credit card co and tell them to hold payment. My order # 837280563. You
    have lost a customer. Your service stinks

  320. Your stores in particular the Rockingham NH mall store has the worse customer service.
    Untrained sales people who dont know the process after you decide to buy.
    The auto phone system is horrible
    The online sales people lie
    They bullied us into a credit card from sears
    The manager does not understand English.
    I will never ever set foot in any Sears store ever nor my family, relatives and friends

  321. Sears Store 01822 Cape Girardeau MO Very bad service and no service (3)

    bobbie jaco


    Today at 8:40 AM

    RE: Sales Check #018221828306

    Purchased a mattress and box springs on 9/0/15 with delivery daye of 9/16/15

    1. Rec’s e-mail on 9/8/16 confirming deliver date of 9-16-15

    2. Rec’s call on 9/15/15 that delivery would be made on 9/16/15 between 9:15 and :15am.

    3. Called delivery service as fist call was automated could not speak to anyone, Confirmed

    delivery for 9-16-15

    4. Rec’d e-mail on 9-15-16 confirming date and time frame of 9-16-15 between 9:15 and 11:15 an

    5. Called Sears on 9/16 at 9: 53am advised I had not rec’d delivery or phone call announcing

    delivery was told delivery was running late but would be with in the 2 hour time frame

    6. Called at 10:49 and again was told it was being delivered if this date was cancelled next delivery

    date would be 9-25-15

    7. Called my daughter (with Sears on hold) and asked her to come wait for delivery as I had to

    be at work t1:00am

    a. My daughter spent the whole day house setting my home for NOTHING

    8. Called 15 more times and was hung up on, not transferred to manager, or delivery, was lied

    to, told several things which reverted to being lied to..

    a. At 6:17pm called delivery 1-800-732-7747 and again was told delivery was being made

    but could not give me a time frame as to how late in the evening I would be.

    b. Called the store back and again informed delivery would not be available till 9-25-15.

    During this whole day I was promised several times a manager would m. NEVER HAPPENED.

    Only spoke to one manager after insisiting on being transferred to a manager or I would cancel order . She said she would call me back and leave message. AGAN NEVER HAPPENED.

    Now I have no bed to sleep on as I gave the old bed away morning of 9-16-15 fully expecting delivery of new bed said am.

    WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS? As of now I don’t think I will shop at Sears again and will advise friends same.

    I never rec’d any phone call stating delivery was delayed.

  322. I spent $1300 plus dollars on 2 mattresses (Queen Pillow top & Twin) incl box spring and foundation for the twin about 2 weeks ago. I was not advised at time of purchase that my twin mattress only was on back order. Why not? I would have purchased one i could get at same time of my queen. I did not learn of this back order until the day of delivery when man indicated so, however, i was provided no details of when i should expect the mattress. This to my surprise infuriated me especially after calling your service dept over 10 times to resolve this issue. on 2 calls, i was advised my order was complete. on 4 calls, i was advised that i did not buy a twin because it was not on my receipt. On 2 calls, the rep indicated they were emailing the warehouse and someone would call me in 24-48hrs. Well this too did not happen. That window closed yesterday at 7pm. I called this morning and spoke with Amy and she indicated too she did not see the mattress. What? i read her my entire receipt!! She put me on hold and said i can get the mattress to you next Saturday! Why can’t this be delivered any sooner especially after this poor excuse for customer service was offered. she said she nor her Supervisor could help me and this was my only option. DISGUSTED WITH SEARS!! I will never shop here again after such disregard for my purchase, lack of assistance on each call until today and lack of follow through on the expectations set to the customer by your employees.!! I will be following up this email with a submission to BBB and all social media handles! There are no telephone numbers to specifically help customers in my situation or a way to escalate these issues and take care of the customer who was not given the best service and still i am not a priority just as Amy indicated today that no one can help me or override the delivery delay. Well….

  323. i sent a email 9/16/15 about a multi tool that i bought 7/8/14 that quit working the store would not do anyting with it. also i bought a 25cc 210 mph gas blower that lasted two weeks quit working the store tryed to fix but come back the same it and the multi tool are nothing but junk. would like to know what sears will do about these. as of right know i will never buy a thing from sears again. and i will tell every body why.


  324. Customers are your business!!!! How about caring and helping your customers!! I purchased over two thousand dollars and need to return one thing and find out you get the run around on email and chat. What way of doing business is this. I am a handicap woman that can’t go into your stores so need help online!!!! Where I shop!

  325. To Whom It May Concern:
    I am writing this letter in regards to one of your regional offices in our area. The office I am referring to is located in Memphis, Tennessee. I will try to keep my letter short and to the point, hoping that you will take time to read it.

    I live in Kevil, Kentucky. We have one of your retail stores about 10 minutes away from our home in Paducah, Kentucky. Our heat and air system went out the first of spring. I knew from dealing with your company that all those repairs and replacements came out of the Memphis office.

    First, I called the Memphis office and talked to a lady there. I gave her all my vital information, address, phone number and such. She put me on hold and then returned to tell me we were out of their service area. I thought this strange because a year ago before our system ever went out, I contacted the same office. At that time a representative was sent to our home and gave us an estimate. Since an air & heating unit can be expensive, I foolishly put off purchasing the system. The lady at the office in Memphis told me she was sorry and she couldn’t help me. Then hung up the phone on me.

    Next, I received a letter in the mail from your company apologizing for what I was told. The letter stated that our area was covered. The letter offered us special financing for 18 months with no interest if I contacted the office before October 4th. I did just that. I contacted the Memphis office the first of September. I was informed that they were booked solid till September 16th. I made an appointment at that time for a representative from your company to come out to our home. He was to give us another estimate and answer any questions we had. The morning of the 16th I received a phone call stating the representative would not be able to come out to our home due to a family emergency. I understood completely, family first. The man wanted to know if I would be available the 18th at 1:00 pm, that was when the next opening was available. He also stated that he would give me a $100 off the estimate for having to reschedule. I agreed.

    As I am writing this letter to you, it is the 18th of September. This is the date my appointment was rescheduled for. I cancelled all my plans for the day and patiently waited for your representative to show up. One o’clock came and went, then two, then three, still no representative. I received no phone call or nothing explaining why the man did not keep our appointment. I called the Memphis office. I was informed that there was two appointments up here and one cancelled. Due to that fact, they would not make a special trip just for one appointment. So I wasted a whole day waiting on your representative to show up and he didn’t. I didn’t receive a phone call but when I called them, I was rudely treated. I eventually talked to some young man and he gave me an estimate over the phone. ReallY? He then told me that another department would be contacting me with 24 to 48 hours to go over further details. It is now 10:00 at night and I know I won’t hear anything from them now nor do I believe I will tomorrow either.

    In the past, I have had several local heating and air “so-called specialists” work on our unit. It almost costed me our home. The wires shorted out and if I had not come home when I did, the house would have burned to the ground. I am tried of working with the “specialists” in our area. I then remember I had contacted your company a year ago and I received excellent service. I only wish I could say that now. My husband has had a massive heart attack and he needs air to actually breath. We made it through the summer with small room air conditioning units. Can you imagine being couped up in a room looking at four wall all day long just trying to stay cool? It is absolutely miserable, I know for a fact.

    When you came out the last time, I was separated from my husband and I did not have the income to make the payments so I refused the offer. Now my husband and myself are back together. He agreed with me to contact your company to see about getting a new heating and air unit installed. Your company has always had an excellent reputation, guarantees its work and very reliable or at least I thought. I don’t understand it, why are we being treated like this? We have the income to make the payments. I work two jobs, my husband has his pension and social security, it is not like we can’t afford the cost. Instead we get the run around and your company acts like it does not want our business. Is business that good in this economy that you can afford to lose a customer.

    I have always held your company and its ethical practices in high esteem. I would like to have the heating and air unit installed by your company due to this fact. But I am not getting anywhere with your Memphis office. They apparently think that y’all are super rich and don’t need any customers.

    I am writing this letter because I want you to know how some of your branches are treating potential customers. I would be delighted to have your company install our new unit but it seems that your Memphis office just can’t seem to fit us in or want our business. I sincerely hope you will look into this situation, hopefully we might actually get a reputable company like your to install our new unit, at least then I won’t have to worry about our house burning down in the middle of the night.
    Kit Steel

  326. I am very upset with the customer service I received at your Butler, PA store. I purchased a television in that store on Sept 5. The picture faded to a very dark picture. On Sept 17 I exchanged that TV thinking it was defective. The new one did the same thing. I have talked with my cable satellite provided and am quite positive it is in the TV settings. So today I stop in at the store to talk with a sales associate in the electronics dept. Guess what. There was none. The general manager, Brad asked if I had called the manufacturer. I have not. I can not believe you can operate an electronics dept and not have an associate in the dept that knows something about the merchandise you sell. I recently purchased a new microwave from the same store. I can assure you I will not be purchasing another item from any Sears or Kmart stores in the future. That is absolutely ridiculous that I am expected to contact the manufacturer and nobody in the store knows anything about what you sell!

  327. Sears has really gone down hill. How many times can the customer service keep me waiting
    before they disconnect me. “BY ACCIDENT” I’m sure. I have called 5 times for my lawn mower,
    and all I every get is we are experiencing high volume callers. Please remain on the line.
    I dropped off my mower for repair and they are trying to charge me, I have a service agreement.
    Anytime I call I get we will check into it. Then a message on my phone saying I have to pay.
    So I call again and tell them I have a service agreement again and again its been a nightmare.

  328. I am trying to close my late wife’s account. I was given a web site to do this and couldn’t get there “”.

  329. I am so disappointed with Sears customer service!
    I ordered two mattresses online for my sons on August 13th and received one mattress on Oct. 8th with the assurance that the second mattress would be delivered by another delivery guy the same day. I found this strange but since I’ve always had high regards for Sears I waited. Two weeks and five phone calls later I still have not received my mattress. Sears keeps telling me that both mattresses were delivered. Well then why would I have my son sleeping on the sofa if I’d received it?! When I called today I was directed to Home delivery (again) and told that I would get a phone call tonight after they check their manifest. I’m getting ready for more disappointment . I will not purchase anything from them again if they don’t deliver my mattress, and will tell my friends to do the same.

  330. Have not used sears card in three years, it is 25%. I have outstanding credit. They refuse to lower it. I am ready to make a $500 purchase at a lower interest rate. They want 25% of nothing instead of $500 of something.


  331. I notice there are a lot of comments but no reply from sears!


    Maybe I can buy this at a discount when they close


  332. I have never in my 63 years of life, nor 49 years in business, nor 43 years as a hmeowner have I experinced such poor customer service.
    On the 14th of Oct., 2015 we were scheduled to have our fridge serviced becauce it freezes the milk. I took theday off from work and waited for someone to show up in that 9 hours window. Recieved a phone call ma 20 before 5 saying, “hey, on my way, be right there”, 42 minutes later someone showed up and we wre hasving dinner. I did take another day off from work on the 25th to see if anyone could show up within a 9 hours window. 15 minutes before 5, I get a call saying, ” I am calling about the fridge”. “I am not sure where I am”. I asked if he would be here by 5 and the rely was, “that’s not going to happen”. I told him he might as well call it a day. I wold like to know why a company can not meet an appointment wit a nine hour window. I do not live on a remote dirt road on top of a mountain, not ib the swamps of the Mississippi. WTh is your problem?????

  333. My name is Fred I have a red zero turn mower i got mower home and it started acting up Makeing noise it was bought at Mcalester Okla store they have played me till after 30 days were up it 3 months old maybe 4 Sears tech has been out 3 time I just spoke to manger of Mcalester store she said they are not going to do anything with mower I have bought a lot of Sears product never had this much promblim the first payment hasn’t even been made I guss it like take the money and run Tranmission is going out tech is even here right now he call his boss said I got to run it till it locks up per Sears his cell 479-

  334. it is 9 20 on Thursday night…I was supposed to get an email and phone call regarding my delivery window tomorrow…NO CALL NO EMAIL..called customer service was told i’d get an email in 24 HOURS!!!!!…this is horse sh*t…you peeps suck…last time we ever deal with you pieces of $%^*()

  335. Hi guys! I would like to know when will I get my ordered? my order # is 837805676.
    I waited for soooo long for the email to pick up and I did chat with you guys last week the answered is let you guys 3 days to fix the problem, but now 1 week I still dont see any answer and I call the local sears in Westminster, but no one is picking up the phone. My money you guys took and my order almost a month I dont see?

  336. I dropped off my Craftsman weed trimmer July 11th at the North Vernon , Indiana store after first calling them to make sure they could have it repaired.
    I received a call back from Melissa on September 17th and was told they sent it back because it was not under warranty. I told her the product repair service paper she had me sign stated they would call me if the repair exceeded a certain amount if it was out of warranty. She said she would send it back in and see if it could be fixed because I had a note attached to it telling what was wrong with it and we knew it was not under warranty.
    On October 5th I received a missed call from the North Vernon store but no message. I called back not knowing it was the Sears store. Finally they gave me to the owner of the store to talk to and figured out who I was.
    She told me it was a new policy and nothing could be repaired without a warranty. She said Melissa told me that but I insisted on sending it back.
    We actually had both ended up agreeing the policy must have been a mistake and she would send it back and put a rush on it since it had been so long.
    The owner told me the weedeater was there and I could pick it up.
    I told her was that the best she could do after having my weedeater for nearly three months and her reply was she thought it had only been a few weeks.
    I then called 270-859-1122 Sears number for customer service and explained the situation and the only solution they could give me were phone numbers to other stores.
    I try to save time and make calls ahead of time to get repair work done and the best customer service can do for me is give me numbers to other stores that are just as far away as the North Vernon store.
    Now I have to drive south 45 minutes one way pick up the trimmer and then drive north after I get back home for another 45 minutes to drop it off some where else in Greenwood if they will even take it there. All together 4 1/2 hours driving and then I still have to call them with the number provided to me by the service dept. in Hardinsburg Kentucky that took 30 minutes for me to explain the problem to them. Solution: after 30 minute conversation the Greenwood store phone
    I want to thank Sears for the fine customer service which I am still waiting to see.

  337. you asked me to confirm my e-mail address but you do not have a web page for me to do that on/with.when I try your applicances come up,see my email address at the top of this email

  338. almost 2 months and Sears have been out 6 times to repair my Microwave Convection oven, they keep ordering parts & repairman & still not working. I have paid big bucks for my service contract, and nothing being down, no call backs from mangers, service supervisors, always gone & in the field, Nothing is worse then Sears, for over 45 years of buying & paying for contracts, they do not assist you, nothing but air head dummies behind the phones..

  339. Bought a chisel on line. Received notification that it was in. Went to store. They couldn’t find it. Wasted gas and over an hour driving to store, waiting and driving home without the chisel. Now have to make a second trip. Your system does not work. How will you make this right? My order number is 954452858.

  340. To Whom It May Concern:
    I really would appreciate your help with this.
    This letter is to notify Sears about a kitchen remodeling job I have scheduled through your company. I have been following up with Ryan Doutt about the several problems I am having with the remodeling services that start 9/10/205 and have not been complete as of today.
    I am extremely dissatisfied with your services thus far due to the lack of inexperience contractors and lack of urgency with completing the remodeling of my kitchen. I initially called into your office on 9/16 /2015 to find out when my floor is going to be put in and was told by Derek Keratin that he would get back with me with a scheduled time. Derek called back and told me that he had scheduled for the 9/18/2015 between 8:30-9:30 am. Then on the 9/18/2015, I called around 10:30 am for an ETA because no one had arrived. They told me the guys had a flat tire, and they would arrive at 11:30 am. The guys called me back and told me they really wouldn’t be here until 12:30 pm because they had to pick up some materials. I have been concerned about the poor communication I getting this project completed.
    When the men finally did arrive, they did not have the proper equipment to move my refrigerator. They had to drag my refrigerator into my living room. When they started down the floor, they brought the whole linoleum rug in the house to try to cut it to fit the floor. I remained patient as I watched them fight with the linoleum, trying to cut the material that was too long for the room that they were putting it in.
    I placed a phone call around 3:45 pm that day to let your company know that I was not happy with how they were installing the linoleum so far. After I had made the phone call, the two men proceeded to:
    • Cut some of my new cabinets’ doors
    • Cut the side of the cabinets with the razor they were using.
    • They damaged the fresh paint job on the walls that I had done in my kitchen.
    • They chipped side of my cabinet putting the stove back and its location
    • Ripped the new rug moving the Frigidaire back in its location then proceeded in fixing the rip by cutting out a block of the linoleum and put in another block back in to fix the ripped one.
    • The men didn’t leave my house until close to eleven o’ clock that evening.
    Overall, I am extremely upset with the poor craftsmanship of laying the linoleum done by the two men. I did speak with their boss and filed a complaint with him that following Monday, which he later did come out to inspect the damage that was done. He did agree that the job was unacceptable and would fix everything.
    Unfortunately, the problem remains unresolved. So now I’m left waiting and wanting to know when your company will come out and finish fixing the damages and replace the linoleum. I have been a loyal customer with Sears for many years and do not appreciate how my family and I have been treated with the remodeling of the kitchen.
    I am at this moment requesting that you:
    1) Finish repairing the damages caused by improper installation of the linoleum
    2) Replace the entire linoleum flooring ASAP
    3) Compensation for the lack of communication and inconvenience thus far
    I am still not satisfied with the communication of the project with me to get corrected. Please contact me within five days to confirm that you will honor my request. I have also prepared a complaint about submission to the Better Business Beau. I will not file the complaint if you help resolve the problem within this period I have indicated.
    Thank you for your anticipated assistance in resolving my problem.

    Margaret Lane

  341. I was contacted on October 8,2015 by a sales rep to sell me replacement service contracts for my appliances as mine were expiring.I have done this for many years and always had a great experience. Today however,when the gentleman called I explained that I had just had major surgery and was heavily medicated.I asked for a call back next week.I was told absolutely not that my contracts had expired.Not only had they not,I have in the past renewed them after they had.This person should NOT work for Sears.He ruins your good reputation and the great service I have received in the past.I will consider whether to continue to do business with Sears.Hope to hear from someone.Thank You

  342. I called for repair on a washing machine in the beginning of Aug 2 weeks later a repairman came out and installed a control board but had to order more parts, The parts came and tech arrived an hour late and that part didn’t work..They ordered the next part and scheduled a service call in 2 weeks. The night before service they called and cancelled said they could come out in 3 weeks. I called the customer complaint and they said I’m in a remote area that’s the best they can do. I called back Fri 10/9 and I got Stephanie she looked into it and was able to get me a laundry voucher and a sooner date but 3 months is a long time to wait for a repair. I have many sears appliances and if these are my options they are not acceptable, I do want to commend Stephanie for taking the time to go a little further, it makes a difference!!!!!

  343. I purchased a push mower at Kmart yesterday, and decided I might need a self propelled one. I saw one online in Greensboro NC, at Sear’s outlet, and need to find if the product can be exchanged in that store, paying the difference, if there is one.

  344. Purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Leola bed September 1st have not received. .contacted Customer service and many delivery dates have been made n Cancelled! ! Frustrated n Very Angry! Tired of the Promised Delivery dates and then I Receive a phone call Cancelling. Please help! ! I want what I paid for! Now the bedding is on sale answer Ship Your Way app shows it Cheaper than what I paid for n also shows a different price for my Purchase

  345. I recently purchased four major appliances from Sears and I will not recommend your company to anyone I know. Your representative lied about the appliance delivery date and installation four times. I rescheduled my work two times and had to do it a third time because all the appliances were not delivered the same day. I was also charged for a specific delivery time however I didn’t know it would take two days and a different delivery time. I had originally bought my appliances from Lowe’s and cancelled the order to try your company for the first time. After this experience I will be going back to Lowe’s. Your customer service on a scale of 1 to 10 gets a -0.

  346. Purchased a Sealy Posturepedic Leola bed September 1st have not received. .contacted Customer service and many delivery date’s have been made n Cancelled!! !Frustrated n Very Angry n Tired of the Promised Delivery dates and then I Receive a phone call Cancelling. Please help! ! I want what I paid for! Now the bedding is on sale answer Ship Your Way app shows it Cheaper than what I paid for n also shows a different price for my Purchase

  347. To Whom It May Concern,

    I arrived at a Sears Automotive Center in Columbia, SC today, after the very recent flooding devastation to our city. I needed a new alternator to keep my car running. It was about 3:45 pm-3:50 pm, Sunday, October 11th. Upon my arrival, I approached an automotive representative at the intake area. Her name was Pam. I proceeded to explain to Pam, that I could not turn my car off because AAA had diagnosed that I an alternator failure. If I turned the car off I would need a battery charge to be able to crank it again. I explained that the alternator for my car was directly located in the front and center region under my hood, and easily accessible, as most alternators are not. This was one of my cars, a 1998 Lincoln Towncar, that I and my family have been bringing to Sears over the past 20+ years. Of course, she did not know that, but it shouldn’t matter because I should receive great customer service even if I was a new customer. For more than 20 years, I have been a very happy Sears credit card holder, and my family and I have used Sears for car repairs, tire replacements, brake installations…the list goes on. We have spent THOUSANDS not only in the automotive department, but in retail and home appliances as well. Please take a moment and review my account history along with all three of my children’s cars and repairs that have been charged on my credit line. You will find that Sears has serviced well over 10 different cars for us over the years.So to say that the customer service I received today, or lack thereof, has definitely made me question my future spending and credit purchases with Sears. Any, more than likely none, of my future spending, will be predicated on the very disturbing and disgraceful customer service, once again, lack thereof, I received during this very difficult time, from this Sears representative named Pam. I stated that I saw there was one car up and one car looking almost completed, and I asked Pam could I get an alternator replaced, once again stating that it wouldn’t be a very involved repair taking hours to complete. At this time, she stated, “You can’t come in here at 4 o’clock for repair work when we close at 5 pm.” I understood what she was feeling, but this is business, a single job that would have generated a minimum of $400 in parts, service,with taxes. So let’s add this to the the 20 years as loyal customer, and THOUSANDS of dollars spent on Sears retail, automotive, and home appliances. Once again, she does not know this, and yet I could have been a brand new customer. Either way, she was not at all empathetic to my situation, nor that at this time, we as a city are in a very slow recovery from the devastating flooding. Maybe had she paused for a moment and thought, let me see what, if anything we might be able to do to assist the customer, because having transportation at this time is vital. This automotive center has police barricades blocking all travel on Two Notch Rd., right there in front of this very mall, because this area was one of the worst hit areas in Columbia. She never left her position to ask any, not one, of the technicians if my repairs would even be remotely possible. Pam continued to say no, I can’t do it today. I asked her to please consider that it wouldn’t take but maybe an hour to complete. Pam continued to deny me services. I asked Pam for a manager, thinking I might get a more empathetic person, She said that she was the person in charge. I asked Pam if she was over all of the automotive department and she said no. I asked Pam for the store manager’s name and contact information, and she handed me a business card with the name of Nathan “Nate” Daniels. It included a mobile contact phone number that I stepped outside to call. I must be honest and state that her tone, her phrasing of words, body language, and attitude did not sit well with me. As a person who does customer service, for a living, I was shocked and it did upset me. I guess if she had maybe just showed the slightest amount of empathy or tried to show that she wanted to help, it would have meant a lot. Yet, she never asked any technician if there was anything they could do. I walked out, and I approached a technician and asked him was there anyway he might be able to assist me and getting my car repaired. He recognized my desperation, and said that there was nothing he could do, and that it was Pam’s call because if the job went over their 5 pm closing, she would have to stay and process the paperwork. He did take a moment to go to my car, saw that I had left it running, because had I turned it off, I would have needed another battery charge to have it work again. Yet, another missed opportunity to sell me a portable charger for my car, which we have one in another car, purchased from GOOD OLE SEARS, check my records! He saw the easily accessible alternator, and said he had to get an ok from Pam to be able to assist me. I called Nathan, the manager, and explained my situation and I also gave him a very detailed account of my interaction with Pam. Of course, he needed to speak to her and I thought that was only fair. I went inside the the store while they were on her cell phone and she was even more rude and argumentative with me while she had Nathan, her boss, the store manager on her cell phone. She told him, under no uncertain terms was she going to do it. She repeatedly told her manager what she wasn’t going to help. All the while she is still exchanging words to me. I told her that I knew she wouldn’t change her mind and help because she was upset that I challenged her by asking for a manager, then talking to the tech, and actually calling the manager for help. This had touched a nerve of PRIDE and there would be no going back for her. If you watch the surveillance camera you will see her body language and the posing, and her almost coming from behind her register to argue with me, THE CUSTOMER! I don’t know if my attire gave her the impression that she was dealing with some woman off the “STREETS”, uneducated, or even someone who she thought she could talk to like that and get away with it, but she was mistaken. I work too hard, my mother, my sister, my brother we all are educated and we work too hard,to give Sears our hard earn monies over these years to ever let her nor anyone in that store talk to any of us, nor any other customer, like that without any recourse for the treatment she gave me. To talk to a customer like that, in her tone, attitude, body language, with her store manager on the phone, that she held at her ear, solidified the lack of respect and integrity for him, me, Sears, and most importantly, for herself. Had I ever thought of saying and speaking to a customer like she did me today, especially during this time, I would have been escorted to the door. As a customer service person myself, I talk to hundreds of customers weekly, 8, 9, 10, 11, sometimes 12 hours a day, and even when they call me names or use profanity, I am forced to remind myself not to take anything personal, and that no matter how upset they are it is my job, my duty, and my obligation to never forget that each customer is the reason I have a 401k, health insurance, and provide for my family. So believe me when I say IT PAINS to have to write this letter about another fellow customer service representative. I find that she left me no other choice because I could not allow her to speak to another customer like she did to me today. Not only that, but to do it in the audible presence of her superior made it so much worse. I waited for her to end her call with her manager Nathan, then I called him again on his mobile phone. I asked him, as he sat and heard her talk to me like that, did ever say, “Pam that is our customer!”, and he had not, he listen to her and that almost means he condoned her behavior. I said to him, you are the manager of this location and you allowed your employee to tell you what she was and was not going to do for this business based on her feelings, and that she was getting off at 5 pm, and not a minute after.That was disturbing too. I said I knew then I had to make sure that this incident be documented and reported to someone that understood the importance of each and every customer at this establishment. Therefore, you are receiving this complaint. Nathan, was reluctant to give any contact information for his supervisor when I asked for a name and a contact number. Only when I reminded him, of the day and age of technology that we live in, and that the pure unsettling disrespect that I received, I would do whatever I had to do so that another customer would never be treated that way by Pam again. I would NOT want anyone to lose their job, loved ones and families depend on their income, yet she could truly benefit from some intensive training on handling, care, and the importance of all customers. Nathan, the manager, should receive some updated leadership training, employee deescalation, and business priority training. He allowed his employee Pam, to behave with a total disregard of any respect to him nor me. Today was a sad day, and for it to go unreported would be even worse. I truly hate writing this letter, but I had to. I had to.

    –Former Longtime Sears Customers,
    Dorothy E. and Family

  348. Very poor customer service. I purchased an appliance on Sept 27th but was told that it had to be shipped from Western Canada to central Canada (not unusual) but would not be delivered for almost 4 weeks. This was a replacement for a non-working appliance which was desperately needed. I preferred a Saturday delivery for convenience purposes, and on further discussion the first available delivery would be a Thursday evening which was acceptable. Order was started and salesman wrote down my email address in order to email me a copy of the order and receipt for the final cost after Sears points applied. Today was the expected delivery, Oct. 15th, I received no email from salesman and no phone call yesterday confirming delivery. When inquired, the delivery date had not been scheduled for October 15th but was slated for Oct. 17th (Saturday). If I had received the details of this order as promised, I would have had ample time to make sure the delivery was slated for Oct 15th. I was challenged to contact Sears store where purchased (no one answers the phone). I still do not have a receipt and I had already made personal plans for Oct 17th on the understanding that my delivery was Oct 15th. It’s no wonder Sears is having difficulty maintaining a customer base. I have left a message to speak with the Manager of the store to voice my dissatisfaction with Sears. Now that my points have been used, there remains no reason for me to continue doing business with Sears.

  349. Euro-Pro TO161 Convection 6-Slice Toaster… Europro T0161 — need to replace knobs on this toaster. How do I obtain?

  350. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I visited Sears in Hanover, Mass and purchased 2 pairs of sneakers and a jacket for my 3 yr old. The sales woman in the shoe dept, Caroline, was so helpful, friendly and made my shopping experience pleasant and easy. One of the nicest sales woman I’ve interacted with.

    I then left her dept to visit the children’s dept. I didn’t need assistance or asked for assistance in this department, but purchased a very nice fall jacket for my daughter.

    The cashier in Children’s was very nice but I just pulled the jacket out for my daughter to wear and the security tag is still on it. Now I must find time out of my morning to drive to Sears to have the alarm removed before an 11 am commitment I’ve already made. Luckily I have the printed receipt. Please remind your associates to check for the alarm tags if you’re going to use them in your stores.

    Thank you,


  351. I have had TWO unpleasant experiences with the Sears automotive department in Denton, Tx. I do not wish this treatment on anyone, but especially any other woman.

  352. I bought my Kenmore dishwasher a little over a year ago and it has broken at least five times!! I have had to wait up to four weeks for a repair, as I have had to wait for parts and for technicians who do not show up for their scheduled four hour window appointments. Each time I have had to call to inquire to find out they are running 2 hours late!! This last time I was basically stood up three times but he technicians because they were running up to three hours late, after waiting for four hours or more, with no courtesy phone call. Finally, after arriving more than an hour late, to replace the part that was only replaced 7 months ago, I anxiously ran my dishwasher in the hopes it would at least run for a months or even weeks before it breaks again. But I was wrong, less than four hours after the technician left, the cycle ran for about 40 seconds before it gave me message that yet another part is apparently not working. Of course I called for a repair to plead for immediate assistance and got no where as I usually do, just get the usual apology. Too bad it won’t pay me for the 4 working days I have had to take off for the “service”. In addition to the weeks I have spend without the appliance that I have paid for. Sears does not care about its customers. They just train their staff to say sorry best of luck to you.

  353. on September 27th I reported that my AIR CONDITIONER was not working. Did I mention I live in Georgia!!!! South!!!!. Did I also tell you I have COPD!!!! Anyway, they could not get me a tech until OCTOBER 12th. Well, when he did show, he said, its broke, I have to order a part. The part will be delivered to your house, BUT I WILL NOT BE BACK UNTIL OCTOBER 26th. Did I say I live in South GA, and have a breathing issue! Anyway two calls later and a dozen “Sorry’s”, I get moved to the 23rd. Well injury to insult. The tech tells me I can call someone else(another co). With MOLE on my inside unit/sitting in the heat of the day with a blower for comfort (right), the gas co says I don’t have a shut off valve on the furnace (it is against code) really!!! I have suffered for one MONTH!!! no help. This page is just a sounding board. Someone needs to see if a class action law suite can be started against SEARS. Iam in. Someone needs to compensate me, and do something about my new problem the MOLE.

  354. very disappointed in purchase of a garage door opener over the
    Phone no idea that this is not all one team
    1 never told I would have to pick up purchase
    2 not sold on price I askef never told its was not right price until
    I saw online invoce
    3 charged for pick up of old parts wasn’t told there was a charge
    Sears is a joke I’m all done with sedrs107 something

  355. I am very upset in regards to being told that I must be proactive and call back tomorrow morning at 8:00 am to have customer service contact their routing department to change my appointment. It is not my fault that my time was changed from AM to PM without my consent. This service has taken too long to complete and the customer service staff is not professional. The following employees ID # Ivy – 402153, Toby #0090274 and #0090274 need to take additional Customer Service classes. They need to learn how to have a Can Do attitude and voice tone when assisting customer and no one offered to take on the responsibility of follow up with me within the company. They gave me the responsibility to call back. Me the customer. So much technology and no one that I spoke to would followup with me after reaching out to others within the company. I felt that each person I spoke to had the negative attitude “not my job” to get off the phone. I spoke to these individuals on Sunday October 25, 2015 starting around 4:50 pm CT.

  356. A TERRIBLE NIGHTMARISH EXPERIENCE!! First of all, my service appointment was arbitrarily changed without my consent from a Wednesday to a Thursday, 8AM to 12 PM. I waited until 2 PM and called Sears- they told me the technician was “running late”. I waited until 4PM and spoke with a supervisor named ARA. Outrageously enough, she informed me that the technician called said no one was home; therefore he cancelled the appointment. I spoke with another supervisor named MAXINE and told her in no uncertain terms that NO ONE called my cell or my land line. I don’t see much of a future for Sears if they have employees like my so-called “technician” (ID NO. 521666).Consumers beware; Sears is more than happy to take your money and charge larcenous interest rates, but when it come to fulfilling their service agreements, the attitude seems to be “screw you”.

  357. I was in the Sears store at Devonshire mall in Windsor on Friday Oct. 23, 2015 around 11 A.M. looking for new underwear. A lovely woman named Sonia waited on me. We compared a size 9 Jockey Silks panty and a VF Perfectly Yours Ravissant tailored brief. She took them off the hangers and lay them on the counter one on top of the other to compare the waist and leg openings. We rubbed fingers on the fabric to compare silkiness and feel. After telling me where the fitting room was, I went and tried them on (over the nylon panties I was wearing). Upon return to the ladies lingerie counter, Sonia smiled and asked if these panties were for me. I assured her that they were and she looked mildly surprised that a man was buying nylon panties. Not missing a beat nor appearing shocked she asked which I preferred and why. I said “ the VF panties” because the Jockey underwear were too loose in the legs and the VF undies felt so much more slippery. We chated for a minute and I bought the VF nylon panties. *Bonus* they were on sale ! I would like to know that she is recognized for making my purchase easier and I felt less self-conscious buying them. Another good day shopping at Sears.

  358. model#AH201E coffee table set $158.93. I am upset with Sears because you are advertising incorrect products on line. The item clearly says that it is a set and what is including in the set, but when you click to buy the item it tells you it is for one of the items. It is very misleading and I am not happy with is. My Husband and I have been members for along time. I would like a call or something in writing sent to me on this matter. If you are in a store and whatever price is on that item that is what you pay. Thanking you in advance. Hollice and Shennette Boatman

  359. My complaint is with Sears’ website. It is extremely difficult to navigate. When running a search for an item it just runs on and never ends. Clicked on an item and it just runs on, never gets to the item wanted. And this one everyone can attest to; how are you supposed to contact Sears to get answers, when Sears does everything possible to keep you from contacting them? I haven’t any experience talking with customer service, because I have no way of getting to anyone in customer service. Very dissatisfied with Sears on line. Terrible website.

  360. Ok, I just posted a comment, and now this comment page comes back. I’ll say it again, Sears online is the pits. I have no problems with any other website, just Sears.

  361. 2013 i purchased a kenmore gas dryer..had a repairman come today. The whole mem board had to be replaced. Doesnt complely dry clothes and has too much power surging thru it. Apox 200 to 300 dollares to repair. He also told me it was a fridgedare not made by whirlpool. This is the second fridgedare appliance breakdown and half to be repaced that is onlly 2 years old. I never thought sears would sell such poor quality mdse. I have a house full of sears products that have lasted a lot longer than two years, i will not be buying from sears again. We are very fortinute that the house did not catch on fire.

  362. Hello
    I am writing because I have an on going issue with a brand new dryer I purchased at the end of October. My step mom and dad (Laura Mathias 734-347-2141) purchased the washer and dryer as a gift to me from Sears because in the past I have good experiences with you. I choose to bring my business to you. Unfortunately this latest order has left me never wanting to order from Sears again. I ordered the washer dryer to be delivered on Sat Oct 24th. When it was delivered we discovered it was vented from the back when it needed to be vented on the right side. It was taken back to the service center to be vented on the right and was delivered again on Wed Oct 28th. Much to my dismay it was again vented on the incorrect side. So yet again the dryer was taken back to be revented. They weren’t able to deliver the dryer again until Sat (Oct 31st). So at this point it is a week over when I should have had a working dryer. Two gentlemen delivered and set up the washer and dryer. I did my first two loads of laundry then noticed how hot it was in my laundry room and also that condensation was collecting in the control panel (I didn’t think to much of it at the time). On Sunday night I did another load of laundry and closed the laundry room door. An hour later I went into the room and it was like a sauna. There was puddles of water EVERYWHERE and steam. Some of the water has actually ruined my baseboards and linoleum in the room! Monday morning I called to get a service person to come out and check it. Tuesday (today, Nov 3rd) the service guy came out, took one look at the dryer and said “I cannot fix this you need to call a service tech out”. So I call the service dept and now a service person cannot get out to look at the dryer until this coming Saturday (Nov 7th). This is absolutely ridiculous. I spent over 2000.00 on the washer and dryer and I STILL cannot do laundry! It will be 2 weeks by the time the service person comes to my house and I am willing to bet money that it will not be fixed that day either. Quite honestly I do not even want that dryer anymore. It is defective and there is condensation inside of it. To say I am disappointed it an understatement. I had many options of other stores to purchase my appliances from and I choose Sears. I am regretting that decision whole heartedly. I have NEVER in my life had to jump through so many hoops and wait for as long as I have just to get a BRAND NEW appliance in working order. I’m sure this email is futile and no one will even read it. But in the off chance that there is some sort of customer service that Sears offers you can reach me at (419) 261-1854.

    Thank you,
    Kristin Steedman

  363. I am writing all the major retailers to let them know; I do NOT do “holiday” shopping. I do CHRISTMAS shopping. If you want my business, keep CHRIST in Christmas.


  364. This was the first and last time I will ever shop here. I experienced the WORST, most stressful customer service I have ever experienced. After trying to elevate my complaint to a supervisor, I was lied to and actually given false contact info when I tried to call the supervisor back to see why she did not call me back as she had promised. I was promised delivery by today and after I made many inquires, found out that the items would not come for at least another week. On top of that, Supervisor Jonnah, (if that is even her real name), had me waiting for a call back that she never intended to make. BEWARE!! Do not order from this company- their promises are meaningless and their customer service is APPALLING!!

  365. The service representative that came out to service my range and dishwasher was so courteous, polite, respectful, friendly and explained what he was doing and helpful to my mother. He called to let her know he was on his way and gave her an approx. arrival time…and he was on time. He gave her info to help extend the life of her range and dishwasher. If every service representative was like him, this world would be a better place. I can only praise him. My mother was at home alone when he came to service her equipment. She’s in her 70’s and she said he complimented her on how clean and neat her house was. She usually don’t like repairmen but she was so happy to tell me what a great job he did and wanted to share the notes she’d taken that he shared her on taking care of the equipment and extending the life of them. She wants to send him a Christmas card. If every I need a serviceman from Sears again…CAN I PLEASE REQUEST HIM. (She’s even using the dishwasher at least once a week now) And if possible, I would like to send him a thank you for a great job…


  367. SEARS YOU HAVE VERY, VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES. HOW CAN COMPANY LIKE YOU STILL BE IN BUSINESS. Sears Home service Sucks!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting ALLLLLLLLL! Day for a service tech. to come!!! and fix my refrigerator, Which I have been without for weeks. With anI 8am-12pm Window. The are still not here!!!!!!! I have called 3 Times. They keep giving the brush off telling me they will be here. And that they will have a technician call me. No tech. has called me yet!!!!!! I have had to turn down a job, because they didn’t come!!!!!!!I am very pissed off and I will never ever, ever , ever shop at Sears Again!!!!!!!!! Sears you have very bad customer Service!!!!!!
    Ok!!!!!! So I called sears again for the last time tonight! and they told me that the technician was unable to make it. And we would have to reschedule…. Ok!!!!! So Guess what they said that the would reschedule!!!! November 30th CAN YOU BELIVE THAT!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT A REFRIGERATOR for 3 weeks and that want me to WAIT another 3 weeks. SEARS. you suck!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO TREAT PEOPLE BETTER IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN BUSINESS.

  368. I am a shop your way max customers. I just tried to place an order and yall wanted to charge me shipping. Even talked to a supervisor named Marco and hes no help! Im threw with Sears and Kmart!

  369. This is about my 10 request to get my account fix so I can use coupons. It gives me a error and tells me to call customer service but they do not speak English and don’t understand can someone help me.

  370. Hello,
    We have purchased Comforpedic Mattresses and base on 12/28/2014. Each base is a twin and mattress as well- put together they are to make one king bed. After the product was delivered the week after the promised delivery date (canceled due to product not finished on time) we have received the wrong bases. It was nothing like the ones we ordered. Went back to Sears and told them that, they have requested exchange of bases and we have waited about 4 months for that delivery. Each time delivery would be scheduled someone would call next day to cancel the delivery date and reschedule another one. So that again was going on for 4 months. Went to store again and they could not do anything about it but charge us again for new bases reordered and told us once they deliver the correct bases they will refund us for the wrong ones. We told them also about mattress issue as one of them was lower than the other and their response in the store was maybe that’s the issue because you don’t have the correct base yet. Ok so we waited. Finally about a week later our correct base has arrived. We returned the one that was delivered previously and waited for our refund because up to this point we paid twice for the same product. No refund was issued. Went to store again and asked about refund and they asked me if we have returned the bases for refund. After calling some managers they finally refunded our bases and when I asked about our mattresses (which was still the issue even with the correct base) they said they will check into that and call us back. Weeks go by no one called and finally we went back to the store. Max Garcia the person we originally purchased this product from said he will now check it out and let us know…finally a week later he called and told us this is really a warranty issue and not their issue…ok so I am thinking they will call warranty and let us know the outcome… again after a few weeks and no call from Sears regarding this issue I somehow find the phone number for warranty. Called them and they said I have to call Sears warranty and not Comforpedic . Called Sears warranty explained the situation with mattresses they gave us case number and we had to take pictures of the two mattresses. We did and when we sent the pictures they told us that was not a warranty issue and that we had 90 days to exchange mattresses with this issue. When I went back to the store and told Max about it he was surprised warranty did not take care of it. I asked him to exchange mattresses and he informed me that they don’t sell those mattresses anymore but he will call the rep person and will call me back to let me know of the outcome. As many times before that call back never happen. Week later went back to the store yet AGAIN and asked for these mattresses to be returned as we have had it…and Max told us we had 90 days to exchange them and they can’t do anything now…
    We are sick and tired of dealing with this situation. We want the beds we have ordered and paid big money for and not the uneven mattresses; if we can’t get them we would like to return them and obviously Sears store in Des Moines Iowa and Max Garcia and his manager Jeremy cannot do anything to help us.
    This has been the most frustrating experience we have had with any of our purchases anywhere- EVER!
    Esef and Sabina Dzafic,
    Member #7081305402103022
    Sales check #010121827152

  371. Sears Home Service is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT ! I bought a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in 2014. one year after the warranty expired, it broke. I had a tech. come out to look at it on October 8th, 2015. He came an told me it was the compressor, he ordered parts. and then left. They set up an appointment for Nov. 6th, 2015. 8:00am-12:00pm window, I STAYED home ALL Day waiting for them to come. I called several times to see what was up. They kept giving me the brush off and said that someone would be here. They told me that they would let their Tech. know and that he would call me. NO PHONE CALL! Then at the end of the day they told me that the Tech. got tied up at another job, and would not be able to come and they would have to reschedule. Would you believe that NOV. 30, 2015 was the earliest appointment they had available. I HAD TO TURN DOWN A JOB OFFER JUST TO WAIT FOR THESE PEOPLE TO COME ! ARE THEY GOING TO COMPENSATE ME FOR THE TIME I HAD TO TAKE OFF WORK? I PAID $2,100 FOR THAT KENMORE ELITE ARE GOING TO REIMBURSE FOR THAT? I AM VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THE KIND OF SERVICE!!!!! SEARS! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES.!!!!! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT SEARS AGAIN!!!!!

  372. Does Sears employ ANYONE in Customer Service who is actually located anywhere within the US? Each time I call I reach people who assume americanized names but who clearly speak some foreign language as his/her primary language and only a few basic words of English delivered in a heavily accented way so as to make them incapable of responding in recognizable speech.

    Over many, many years of purchasing countless items from Sears, I have reached the point of calling it quits.

    Is it any wonder that Sears has become a third rate store? Not only do they pad bills but they lie about it. As far as customer service, it exists only if you speak Hindi or some other obscure language.

    I’ve seen other companies go down the tubes gracefully but Sears cannot muster even enough dignity to put a bullet in its own head and end the misery for both the customer and itself.

  373. Verril Adams,
    I oder a washer, dryer and a gas range. Thsee products were not received until 08/15. Sears did not set the washer up correctly thehose was to short the hoees to the water were put in correctly. I used the washer the first time and water went all over my floor. The secondbtime ibused it no water would come into the washer. Today the sent a repairman from sears to repair it. Mr. Price stated that it was fixed.but when tried to wasbthe water did not go out. I feel that sears should give me a new washer.I do not wasntbto contact the BBB or the Ill. States Attorneys office. I have for all of the items. I am 73 years old and have been given the run around and cheated out of my money. I was give a hose to short and I order another, cost $40.00; it was to big. Please help me. Thank you

  374. Never purchase on line products on line. After several calls to customer service they are still unable to complete product installation. At first they told me if I purchased from store the sales person would help me. Now they told me I needed to get a contractor to help me. Each call takes around 20-45 minutes to read all their notes. I purchased this product 2 months ago still have same problem.

  375. I rally would like to speak with someone of authority concerning misrepresentation of the contract and incompetent service technicians. We now nave installed a new furnace-which did not work because the problem was with the air conditioner–. Which is what we called Sears for since we have a service agreement on it. There was not a problem with the furnace as we were advised.. No one wants to accept responsibility for the Sears error. Maybe I should try to find our who their insurance is with to put in a claim for our expense due to Sears error!!!

  376. ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Lorraine Mercer”
    Date: Nov 15, 2015 12:57 PM
    Subject: Order online

    Yes I purchased a wallmount for tv from your store online for pick up on Friday November 13th at your Gurnee Il. I went to store, no record was to be found of the purchase.  There was no confirmation sent either. Went to my credit card acct, and it did go thru for the purchase. Not sure why you could not find any record. So that was a wasted trip to sears. Called my credit card company, then we had a 3 way conversation on the phone and still no record of anything. I cancelled purchase that evening, and long and behold I received an email my order was ready for pick up. Just to let you know if you took out the 107.00 I am going to be unhappy.. Poor customer service on your end. I Order part on line at walmart and it was ready and waiting for me. I would believe you would somehow try to correct this, so it does not happen again. And somehow apologize for the crappy service.

  377. two years ago i had an eye exam at the sears store in mansfield ohio. i bought 2 pairs of glasses. yesterday the left stem broke while i was wearing the glasses. i took them back to the store and they said they could not fix them. they tried to sell me new frames for $100. my last glasses lasted 20 years with no repair. i have a sears card for many years but i am really frustrated and i am ready to close my account


  379. I was to have a roof put on by Sears homepro. The day before it was to be done Nov.10 2015, I received a call from the homepro project manager to say they could not do it that day, but they would be there Monday Nov. 16, 2015. The morning of the 16th I called the project manager to see what time they would arrive I was told he would find out and give me a call back. When he, the project manager call back he said they could not come again and did not have an answer when they would. This is very disheartening a lot depends on getting this roof done. When is Sears going to be a dependable company or will it ever be again. Is there any kind of help coming from Sears!

  380. Bought model 790.92909014 convection range in mid 2012.
    We have not used the stove much but I believe due to thermo fatigue the top cracked in 2 places without impact.
    This produces a dangerous electrocution safety condition since liquid can migrate thru the cracks.
    I believe this is not a unique situation which can be caused by the retainment of the cooking glass surface.
    I called w/o any assistance complaining of the problem to David at 888 kenmore as well as 8006597026, 8003667278.
    I would be happy to send a photo and or send the top to your technicians as I believe you should resolve and help me resolve with a free replacement, not damaging the surface.
    Please advise.
    Stephen Reynolds

  381. I had to contact a 800# about a delivery that sears had for me through military exchange. I explained that I was told to call them the day before delivery or it will be canceled. They did not speak English very well. I told them my name 4 times then spelled it for them. They couldn’t find my order, they said. I gave them my phone # 3 times. Shame on you Sears I have been a customer for more than 20 years and never experienced a bad experience like this. If my order gets canceled because of this look out I won’t stand for this.

  382. Attention Sears Corporate: I purchased a gas water heater that had been marked down to clearance price. It is brand new and I was so excited with the purchase. The salesman was very helpful and friendly as I have found with all the staff at the Sears store in Rock Hill, SC . I have never had any problem with merchandise I purchased there. The salesman, Jerald, a very nice and informed person who stated he would set up installation of the water heater. He set it up and I paid for the heater and installation at that time. I was expecting to be called by the installer to set up a time for installation. Instead I get a call from the installer that they do not service the area of Rock Hill, SC. Now I have a water heater and that’s it. I went to the store and talked to the manager and he was going to call the Atlanta office to see if there was anybody else to install it. He said the installer had informed Sears that they would no longer service the area and no one passed the information on. I love the water heater but am very aggravated about the problem. I will ask for all my money back and will never buy anything from Sears that needs to be installed. Would love to hear from someone about this complaint. I do want to emphasize the fact that I love Sears products but this problem needs to be evaluated. Thank you for your attention.

  383. Customer service sucks!!!!!! Called to close an open account and was given a number to call back tomorrow. When asked the hours of operation for the number I was given and who I was calling the response was ” that is correct” . if you are going to live in the United States please learn the language

  384. What an unbelievable experience I just had. I called to question why the pre-black Friday add would advertise free shipping for an elliptical and yet when I put it into my cart Sears charged me $99. When I first called customer service I argued with a customer rep. I wasted 25 minutes of my life just to get hung up on when the lady would not transfer me to her supervisor. I called back and got a guy named Fernando. He wasn’t much better and after 5 minutes transferred me to a supervisor named Marco. This genius told me that the free shipping was for an in store purchase! Why in the world would I buy something at a store to get free shipping? Wouldn’t I just take it with me? I told them all the add says free shipping and no one could understand what I meant. I am a shop your way customer and really tried to give Sears a chance. What a terrible company and even worse customer service. I should have stayed at Costco! I promise you I will never shop this company again! No wonder why they are losing money, they are flat out terrible.

  385. I am a CSR myself and find myself disappointed in the service offered or not offered by SEARS. I live in the Caribbean so my shopping is done online, for me to receive items from overseas I use a Freight Forwarding company, I first have to get shipping information to pass on to them. I have shopped and shipped from numerous companies in the USA and never seem to have a problem getting this info. Sears on the other hand, 1 you cannot get an email address, 2nd Chat if you can get on drops and unable to retrieve, 3rd CSR via phone from overseas expensive and still not receiving the service I need. Tell me if SEARS is shipping an item how come the CSR cannot give me shipping dimensions and weights for a product but ready to take my order. Please very poor service indeed. Unhappy customers = Low Sales = CLOSE DOWN

  386. I purchased an item online on 11/18/15 right I made the purchase I saw the item in a neighborhood Kmart store so I went to the store and purchase the item because I needed it right away so I immediately cancelled the online order I was told that my money will be refunded back to my card within 3-5 business days

    • Today is 11/18/15 and I haven’t got my money refunded to my card yet I call every day and all I’m been told is the refund is still processing

  387. I was overcharged at Kmart.I have my receipt. The store is not answeing the phone. I called customer service and they said. I have to waste my gas money and go back to the store. Like I want to fight holiday crowds and traffic! What good is customer service if they dont solve a simple problem and this was the supervisor!

  388. My refrigerator decided to quit working the day before Thanksgiving and all my family was coming to my house. I started to look for a refrigerator right away and you realize how much you use it when its not working. So that made me have to rush into a decision quicker than I normally would of so I went to the trusted fail safe and looked for a Kenmore at Sears and found one my wife and I liked but nobody keeps them in stock. It is the Black Kenmore Elite 74029 . So it was going to be 10 to 15 days to get it, that is to long without a refrigerator. We ended up driving to Orlando, Florida which is about 40 miles away to look at the Sears there because there is a distribution center near by hopefully to get one sooner. So I get there and find out the one I want is still 10 to 12 days out. Then, we looked at the similar ones in that model and found one with the grab-n-go door which is $300.00 more but we could get in 3 days so then we decide to get that one. We were told the service plan is $579.00 for 5 years and we decided to get that, then come to find out its only for stainless model, and $800.00 for the black one which makes no sense to me whats so ever. So another $300.00 more than we were told. We were also there while it was black friday to look for a dishwasher and decided to get one as well. So after all this rambling my point is to be where I wanted to be money wise and get in a reasonable time I decided on a more expensive refrigerator and stayed with a Sears Kenmore product because all the other manufacturers reviews show bad customer service and so after $3500.00 in purchases I get offered free delivery which is on your website for free anyways and ended up with only a 3 year service plan instead of the 5 year because of the price difference and nothing on dishwasher because of price. I work at a car dealership and customer satisfaction is everything. I was surprised that at store level nothing was offered to help with cost for a $3500.00 purchase with all the other options out there. I would appreciate at least a return email with a little comfort that I did buy from the right place. Thank you and I hope this makes sense I don’t usually write letters to companies.

  389. Hello. I just wanted to take a moment to express my dissatisfaction at my last visit to your Sears located in Prices Corner shopping center Wilmington Delaware. First let me say my parents are loyal customers and have been for years. We entered the building around noon today(Sunday). We needed to pick up a few items for Christmas. After we did we went to the register closest to the exit where we had just seen a cashier. We waited as other employees walked by and didn’t say anything. I finally asked a gentleman was there a cashier and he redirected us to another location. As we relocated we found someone to check us out. The purchase was 60 dollars and my Mom handed her a hundred dollar bill. She seemed concerned she wouldn’t have change so my Mom offered to use debit. Luckily the cash wasn’t a problem. I found a coupon on my phone and she had completed the transaction and didn’t know what to do and asked a co worker. The woman was having a hard time with this process. I guess getting the five dollars off needed manager approval so she called someone. After this process the cashier informed me you don’t take the coupon when it clearly said in store and online. We grabbed our packages and left wondering how this business would handle a store that is busy and why previously it has never been an issue to use the coupon from my phone. I am a retail manager of a store and you always do what is best for your customer. The experience was so negative and disorganized I felt you needed to hear about this as an organization. Thanks for your time.

  390. I just had a Kenmore refrigerator delivered and the people who made the deliever would not haul away my old refrigerator even though I paid to have it removed. The guys said haul away was not on their order and they would not take it. Said to contact Sears and and a new work order would be made to remove it later. Also their is a dent on the side of the refrigerator that looks like it was made by the dollie the guys were using. My order number is 961455006 and my salescheck # is 09334553338. Please contact me at 248-348-6860. Thanks, Dan.

  391. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever received from a company!! Scheduled a repair appointment for Dec 1 st from 3-6pm got conformation email from Sears and everything. Waited 3 hours for tech to show up and no show no call nothing! So I call to see if he is on his way but after waiting 20 min. to get through to a person they tell me nothing just that they will contact there tech and have him text or call me? What seriously! so after waiting all night nothing…. no call no nothing. Now I just spent over 30 min waiting to speak to someone about this situation and find out when they are going to show up for the repair and then they tell me my appointment was yesterday NO KIDDING and you did not show for it!! So then they proceed to tell me that I will have to reschedule REALLY!! I made an appointment a week ago and waited that week for you to show up and then you don’t and I have to reschedule for another week out because that’s the soonest appointment. UNBELEIVABLE!! I understand things happen tech get behind or what ever but a call and scheduled the next day for service should be a given in a situation like this. Not just a too bad for you. I have been a sears customer since I was a kid but NO MORE they do not care about there customers and that is obvious. SAD they used to be a good solid company. I WILL Never buy SEARS products again not after the way this issue was handled. Sears should remember the only reason your doors are open are because of paying customers like me you are losing them fast!

  392. Customer service is horrible!! I have called 4 times been told something different all four times and was hung up on each and every phone call!

  393. Sears was a great American retail institution, I have been going there since the early 70’s with my parents. I have to say that now I don’t know how they are still in business. My customer service experience with them is by far the worst I have ever experienced in my life. I would not recommend anybody ever shopping there for anything,the CEO and upper management staff of this once great place all need to be fired….Do not shop at this store

  394. To whom it may concern . Please forgive me but I have to let you know about this . All I’m trying to do wiring for my wife . It’s a Christmas present . I received the email from you guys about the sale of the ring that I wanted to purchase . It was black Friday weekend . The ring I wanted you guys didn’t have it in stock . So Monday morning I received a email from you guys and it was back in stock . But it was for more money . So I called your mall of America see years I talked to an associate I guess the young lady was the acting store manager while the regional manager was off sick I’ve never met a person so rude in my life . I cannot remember her name but the lady was there last Sunday afternoon . So I did end up ordering the rain but I canceled it because it was the wrong size I can order it order said it would send me a email let me know the ring was canceled they did not they end up shipping me the wrong ring . I have never had a problem with you guys before but every time I make a purchase it was always in store I would never order anything else from you guys on line or store pick up . Don Montgomery

  395. bought washer and dryer online black Friday sale.supposed to be delivered yesterday. called all day kept getting different story each call. no one ever called me back. I called again this morning and they say it was delivered. now I have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get another delivery date! no one speaks English! I will NEVER shop sears again!

  396. Hi, we are looking for corporations to sponsor the Orange Park Lady Raiders Basketball Team in Orange Park, Florida. For only $150.00 your company name and phone number will be listed on sponsorship board for one year.
    Thank you,
    The Harris Girls.
    Thank you for your consideration and please mention our name.

  397. Complaint number 3847257. Sears will never get another dime of my money. I purchased $2335.00 dollars worth of merchandise and never received the proper delivery and install service. I called all of their customer service number all the way to the corporate office and no on cares. They just took my hard earn money and don’t give a damn if their employees are doing right by the customer’s. I hope you enjoy jerking me over Sears, because you will never get the opportunity again. To the CEO of Sears- you need to look into customer dissatisfaction. Your managers are finding a lot of information from you. They are hanging up the phone on customers, they are telling customer’s they promise them a call back and never calling. Hell, even you 1-847-286-2500 Corporate Office number operators are nasty. They are cutting you short when you try to explain yourself and hanging up on you when you express yourself. Your dispute resolution team is no better. They give you a case number and tell you there is nothing they can do to help you because they have no authority to tell the store your complaining about what to do. So, what sense does it make to have proof that your sears store did not hold up to their end of the bargain. Sears is terrible and next time I will return to BEST BUY.

  398. I have tried to call the Valley View Mall store in Roanoke, Va for the last 30 minutes. Can’t even get anyone to answer the phone. So sad to see all these horrible customer service experiences from Sears. What was once a mighty, wonderful place to shop has come down to this. Looks like the top management has failed to keep the company in top shape. They should go ahead and take this company off life-support. Again, so sad to see Sears go down to the graveyard of once mighty American companies. Don’t blame it on competition, it’s your own lack of caring about the customer. You know, the one responsible for employees getting paid each week.

  399. Was given an emergency appointment by customer service after purchasing their extended appliance warranty to cover all my Sears appliances in my home. My appointment was next day early appointment since the problem was my freezer not working. As hours went by and no service tech, we called to find out that they had changed our appointment to afternoon without any call. The customer service reps ID# is 0081158. If this is Sears new current customer service policy of lying to their customers, I will never purchase Sears again!

  400. My comments can be verified by Sears pulling their taped sales service reps conversation with my wife. Not only will it show that we were told an appointment early but it was verified at the end of their conversation by the rep.


  401. I am getting real upset. I feel like this is a form of false advertisement. I am a shop your way reward member and I received a email 12/6/15 at 6:59 saying that I get a free Women’s Athena comfort kit . I went to the store Sunday afternoon and walked around and walked around looking until I got tired. I then spoke to a sales associate about it and was told the truck was unloading and it might be on it. I called back Monday and spoke with a manager in Apparel and they said it still wasn’t availble. I just called back today Wednesday and they said they received the nail polish and some gerber something but still not my item. This is nerve wrecking. Please research for me . The coupon expire 12/19/15

  402. Attention Sears Customer Service;
    I am contacting you in refference to a problem I have had with your online service, (Sears.Com). To begin with my problem began sereral months ago with the purchased of a television on listed web site. A Sears Sales Associate assisted me online with the television I purchased (Toshiba 50L3400U). Upon advising the Sales person the type of television that I was looking for, they directed me to the listed television, advising me that it had all the qualities that I was looking for.

    Upon reception of the television, I found the television lacking all the functions I was looking for. I contacted Sears,Com, regarding the televsion, that I had received, which they responded negatively. Prior to any action on Sears side, I was directed to many Sales and Service Departments, who still failed to resolve the matter. Seeing I was getting no satisfaction to my complaints, remained open to any resolution, which i never received.

    Now after months of watching this television, it became non-functional. Fortunately I had taken a three year warranty insurance policy on the television. Again I contacted Sears Sales and Serivce Department, to resolve my television problem. In a repeated procedure, I again was transferred to many different Departments, who failed to provide any service.

    Now since my television became non-functional I have been without a television for approximtely one month. Sears now has me waiting still for their repair person to exmine the broken television. Making service repair waits so dreadfully lengthy, I believe will cause a lack of purchases from any business.

    So right now you have a very dissatified customer waiting for their product to be fixed.


    Paul Yawn

  403. I purchased a washer and dryer at Sears using my Sears credit card. Several weeks later I received a notice that Sears credit service had filed a Derogatory Remark on my credit history, noting the purchase was over the credit card limit. I called customer service and was told there was nothing they could do.
    The salesperson who sold us the washer and dryer at the time of sale was not notified that the purchase was over the limit (it is policy for Sears to do so) and had not even yet received a credit card statement before Sears credit filed the negative remark. Now, because of Sears not following proper procedure I have a remark on my credit history that effects my credit score.
    This is entirely unacceptable to me, particularly because I rarely use the credit card and usually pay off any balance in a few months.
    I believe some reparative action is required by Sears, e.g. increase the credit limit on my card and remove this derogatory remark on my credit history.
    I do expect a constructive response to this email as I have already spent long periods of time on the phone with Sears credit to no avail. If this cannot be rectified I will need to cancel my Sears credit card.

  404. Upon delivery, the laundry and dryer appliance didn’t work and the delivery guys left for me to deal with it. After 2hrs on the phone I was promised they would deliver next day from 4 to 6pm, they didn’t, I kept on calling they said they were on the way to me. 8pm, no delivery and after another 2hrs on the phone with a supervisor the only thing they could do is to email the warehouse for them to call me next day to schedule a delivery for whenever.
    After 2 days and so many failures I should be a priority for them for a new delivery, Sears should have a system that supervisors could override and make it happen.
    So after this terrible experience, I won’t buy there again.

  405. I ordered a tool box key,you charged me for UPS shipping at almost 13.00 then the item oddly shows up being delivered by USPS I wasn’t told at the time it was ireded or during the shipping it had changed.I fell I was overcharged and wanted you to know I won’t do this ever again.So long Sears..

  406. I ordered tools and part of my order was delivered as told – 3 days later. The other item was labeled but never moved from that for 10 days. I had an family emergency and was not able to contact them till December 12. I was told my order was cancelled and I was not even notified of this. I was told they would reorder and give me the same price- which did not happen because they would not apply my points of 5.00 I used because they said they weren’t there to use. So consequently it costs me more to reorder the same item. Very disappointed I the way this was handled – not to give me the additional $5.00 off that I originally had.

  407. Hi,

        I am writing my complaint about sears customer service is had experience on the 11/25/15 on black friday. I had to wait for 3 hours to purchase 2 tv s the rca 40 Inc and 50 Inc with 2 kids 2nd in the line the cashier took forever to complete the transaction seem like they don’t what they were doing it stand there for so long almost about to leave but stayed and bought the Tv and ask the cashier to price match with walmart they were 30 dollars cheaper but never hear anything back and the pickup place was late too. I file complaint and the administration person give me 20000 point and which didn’t solve my problem , what if I put one you behind the counter and deal with all these problems do you still do business with me in my case I still bought the product and came back still buying thing from sears so please as a royal customer I like for you to offer my 10% of my total amount which I will attach to this email it will be gladly appreciate thanks .

  408. One of your employees damaged my truck Fri.& I was told your ins.would take care of it.I need their #& a contact person please.

  409. I spent over two hours and multiple phone calls trying to successfully schedule a service call for our freestanding ice maker that is under the Sears Protection Plan. Called and got it scheduled for, Monday, December 14, 2015. Called back because I never received the confirmation email. Received the email and saw it was the wrong service address which I made perfectly clear when I scheduled the appointment. Called to get it corrected. Sat on hold for 17 minutes and was transferred. The woman asked me for my receipt number, where the item was going to be delivered. What? I didn’t need anything delivered! After going around and around with her, I asked her to transfer me. Sat on hold 14 minutes. Got it corrected. Finally. Today, I get a call from the service technician and he tells me that he is in Houston, Texas and is about 200 miles from the service address which is outside of Austin, Texas. Obviously, he is not going to be doing this repair. He said he would contact dispatch and figure it out. I didn’t hear back so I called the “customer service” department. I was told the first available date was January 6, 2016. Unbelievable! When I initially tried to do this online on Saturday, it showed the first available date as December 17, 2016. Between Saturday and today the first available date was 20 days later. Not possible. After spending about an hour with a customer service rep this morning and his “manager”, I was told me that there wasn’t anything they could do to correct THEIR mistake and the first available date was 1/6/2016 and I’d have to wait.
    Sam, the manager, tells me that there is nothing he can do. He is not allowed to send my request any higher up the ladder and kept saying I’d have to wait until 1/6/2016 unless something else became available. I have absolutely no hope that that will happen. He would not give me another number to call but gave me an email address that I’d previously found through an internet search. However, that email was bounced back by Sears saying “Whoops”, this email address is for replies only. I located the Sears Corporate Office number through another Google search and spoke with a woman there that really tried to be helpful. She was located in Arizona (thankfully). She said that the computer system showed her the same thing I was seeing online and that she wasn’t allowed to override it and get me a sooner date. She did, however, say that she would forward my request to Routing and see if they could get me a more reasonable date. I asked for that phone number and she said she didn’t have it because Sears doesn’t provide it to them. This is unbelievable to me. Why do I purchase anything from Sears if there is absolutely no customer service? I purchased a whole house of appliances 5 years ago (this ice maker being one of them) and now when I need a service call, I’m told they can’t get there from one of the major cities in Texas until January 6, 2016. I am building another house right now that is scheduled to be finished this summer and I will NOT be purchasing those appliances from Sears. I’ve learned my lesson. If the people on Saturday had done their job, I would be able to have service on Thursday, December 17, since that was the date provided online. If dispatch had done their job, they wouldn’t have routed it to Houston instead of Austin. Now, due to the ineptitude of the “customer service” department, I am expected to go without ice through the Christmas and New Years holidays. I have guests coming and I can’t serve them ice. Anyone else want to do without their appliances for 3 weeks over the holidays? I certainly don’t.

  410. I ordered a Xmas tree Dec 1st that was guaranteed to be delivered on the 8th of Dec. It wasn’t not only that I wasn’t able to reach the 3rd party shipping carrier. I spoke to a person in customer service on the 8th that said I would receive an answer in 48 hours. I didn’t. I waited over 72 hours only to be disappointed again. I spoke to one young lady who told me to go to Sears to cancel the order. I drove to Sears spent an hour on their phone trying to speak to a supervisor only to be transfer to yet another rep who wanted me t wait an additional 48 hours. He was supposed to be a supervisor so I asked for a Manager. He connected me back to the shipper. I was able to cancel the deliver. I have since received an email and a text saying the tree was delivered. I’m not sure where and who signed for the tree but I would like someone to call me back to assure me I will not be charged for a Xmas tree I never received. I would also be assured the 3 representatives I spoke too are retrained to deal with concerned customers. I look forward to hearing from someone soon. Thank you.

  411. I ordered all new kitchen appliances which was deliver in two shipments. The fridge was delivered damaged. Customer service said they will send a new fridge out a week later and I would receive $100 dollars worth of points on my sears card. It never showed that I got the points on my card. I called and they are telling me that I declined the offer and will give $50 dollars worth. Very bad business. I will no longer do business with Sears. Home Depot and lowes cost a little more but they back up what they say and they speak better English. Sears obviously doesn’t care about their customers.

  412. Hello we bought a mattress from Sears 10 days ago. When we laid on this mattress in the store we fell in love! I am 8 ½ months pregnant and needed to get a good bed. We spent a lot of money on this mattress and since we have had it, it has been awful. The mattress is 10x harder than the one that we laid on in the show room. We even went back to the store and laid back on the mattress thinking maybe we made a mistake but the one in the store was actually plush and soft the one at our house is so hard we do not sink in at all. We bought the Serta Hamill, our sales check # is 011541820341. We have called the # multiple times to just be told we owe 15% restocking fee along with a $75 charge for them to pick up the mattress. We have explained over and over we loved the one in the store but this bed is NOT correct. It should not be our responsibility to pay all of these fees when we want the Hamill bed but the one we have is Firm we wanted plush how is that our mistake? Every time we call they say there is no manager available for us to talk to, I believe this is horrible customer service and all we want is a comfortable bed where we can get some sleep and no one seems to be able to help us figure out what went wrong with this order. Please help us!

  413. On 12/5/15 I purchased a craftsman compact remote control for my garage door opener. I followed the instructions to reprogram it(I have done this before successfully)this time I could not get it to work.. I called today 12/116/15 and first tried online chat with Rob Flemming and did not get the help I needed, He suggested sending out a tech for $95 to help. Why do I need a tech for a new remote? I have spoken to seven(7) representatives of Sears to have new remote sent to me. I have worked in Cust Serv before so I try to remain polite and professional with each and every rep with whom I spoke. 2 disconnected me as I was giving my personal information for the 6th time and the others transferred me to these agents. I used my Sears credit card to purchase this dysfunctional item and cannot get anyone to assist me in getting a replacement. Is it any wonder Sears is having financial difficulty? All I am sking is to have the faulty remote control replaced and when I call to speak to a polite and professional, is that way too much to ask for? I pay my credit card completely when billed, my credit rating in in the 800+ range.
    Could I possibly have someone contact me so I can get this product replaced? I do not have an address in China where this product was manufactured.

  414. Order #963544630…….According to your records this package was delivered. I have not received it. I “chatted” with Donald and he gave me the e-mail and phone # of the vendor you used, I called them, they could not help. I then called your customer service dept. I was told she could not understand me….she is the one with the accent……..after several tries she sound the order and told me it was delivered, I told her I did not have it. she then said again said she could not understand me. To say I am upset is an understatement. I expect, no I demand someone contact me regarding this.

  415. I purchased a washer and dryer online. The purchase included, delivery, set up, and trash removal. The delivery persons, did nothing but drop the appliances and leave. They were quite rude, and seemed very rushed. I called customer service, who insulted me, by offering me a $20 credit. I just spent around $1000, so the $20 wouldn’t even cover the time spent on the phone. I was told someone would be out to complete the job, the following Thursday, and they would call, the evening before to confirm. After not getting a call, I called Sears to follow up. No appointment had been set up. After all the frustrations, and getting no help from customer service, I told them I wanted the appliances pick up and returned, and my credit card credited the amount of purchase. At this point, the representative offered me an $80 credit, and when I refused, she offered me a $200 credit. I once again refused, and demanded the items be picked up. She set an appointment, but when asked to provide a confirmation number, she said she couldn’t. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and miraculously, she had a confirmation number. I am not fully confident this is an actual confirmation number. The service and delivery provided by Sears has been horrible so far, and I am afraid that it won’t be over until the appliances are gone and my account credited. I will not be dealing with Sears anymore for any purchases, large or small.

  416. By far the worst customer service / repair experience of my life, over a month with no washer, six failed visits by techs, and the customer service desk must be located in hell itself because it is misery.

    • Customer service is in the Philippines, believe me, I’ve been dealing with it for over a month myself. Sears has no Customer Service and I will never purchase another appliance from them again.

  417. Using the words “Customer Service” and “Sears” in the same sentence in a positive manner is an oxymoron.

    Perhaps “no Customer Service” and “Sears” go together more succinctly.

    Where does one file a complaint about this company?

  418. On July 25, 2015, we purchased a Kenmore Refrigerator, Model #253.70722. Since the installation of the Kenmore refrigerator in July, our electricity usage has significantly increased, hence my call.

    I contacted the 1-800-469-4663 on Tuesday afternoon, December 15, 2015 to schedule for a repair technician to come out to evaluate the refrigerator. I spoke with Tyrell who placed me on hold for a bit, then returned to informed me my warranty would not cover the refrigerator BECAUSE it was in the garage. I explained in great detail my conversation with a Sears sales associate, but I was told a service call would not be covered under the warranty. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor because at this point, I was upset, and the conversation with Tyrell was going nowhere. I again explained my situation to Felecia, and was told AGAIN the service call would not be covered. I told Felecia, I would be sending an email. As part of writing the email, I decided to look at the description of this refrigerator on your website, AND, the description clearly states the following:

    “The Kenmore freezerless refrigerator is designed to operate efficiently in unheated locations with ambient temperature as low at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. You can place this refrigerator in a cold garage or basement without worrying that your fresh foods will freeze”.

    If ONLY Tyrell and Felecia would have asked for the model number, they would have read the description and an appointment could have been made – AND – I would be one happy customer. But, NO; you now have a very upset customer who is writing an email to complain about how the customer service agents were poorly trained and how she has now wasted time talking to 3 separate people, and writing an email to explain the entire story.

  419. I purchased a set of tires from Sears and had the tires mounted and balanced. I rotate my tires every 5,000 miles myself. I use the proper size socket to take off the lug nuts and a torque wrench to apply the proper torque when I install. I have never had an issue with getting the lug nuts on or off. After I got home I took off the wheel to wash and I had a difficult time getting my socket to slide on the lug nuts.One lug nut, I had to drive the socket on with a small hammer. After getting off all the lug nuts, I noticed that three fourths of the lug nuts were damaged, My complaint is that they should have been more careful and made sure they used the right equipment to do the job at hand. If these were not factory custom wheels there would probably not be an issue. One other thing I had noticed was where one of the stick on weights was removed, the tool which was used slid through one of the openings and lightly scratch one of the wheels. Again, more care should have been taken. I had to file down most of the lug nuts to where I could get a socket on them to re-apply. I may have to purchase more lug nuts from the dealer to replace if they start to rust. My hope is that they are stainless steel and I will be able to just polish them out. I know this probably could happen anywhere. I would just like the ones who work on my vehicle to take the same pride in their work that I do….Thanks

  420. I was in sears on 12/20/15 in College Station, TX. I was looking to purchase jewelry. I had to ask the employees standing around for help. I found what I was wanting to get I asked the lady How much was this necklace? She told me $19.99 it was originally $100.00. I told her I wanted 3 of the same kind. I went to check out and they scanned $39.99. She told me she gave me the wrong price. I asked why did she give me that price. She said she thought to was a different one. I ask for the manager, she said she was the manager. I told her why would you tell a customer a price without scanning the item. I asked if she could give me a discount for me being missed quoted. She started to give me an attitude. I asked for a different manager. She asked a guy (Jonathan) that was walking by that I wanted to talk to another manager. I was explaining what happen to him. The lady kept rudely cutting in saying she didn’t scan the item. He told me there was nothing he could do because it was an honest mistake. He started to give me an attitude. I told him that was bad customer service and it was false advertisement. He continue to give me attitude. I told him I was going to turn him in and I didn’t appreciate his attitude he was giving me in front of my son. He continued to say stuff as I was walking away.
    I have worked in customer service/sales/management for over 10 yrs. I never would have treated a customer that way. I know mistakes happen, but if I give them the wrong price I will give it to the customer at that price or I try to meet them in the middle. This type of behavior is unacceptable coming from a manager that is suppose to me setting a good example for his other co-workers.

  421. a review? hardly enough space to express my disgust. after placing an order on cyber monday, i received part of the order. tablets were ordered and leather cases were missing. i immediately contacted sears, sent the email with screen shot and link for my order. after several emails between sears and toysrus (seems as tho sometimes you don’t really buy from sears), i still cannot get what i paid for! avoid this website as well as toysrus. save yourself the hassle!

  422. I doubt that Sears really cares about their customer service anymore. I used to love their stores and would shop exclusively Sears for all our needs. Not anymore. I went online to purchase drapes. I found what I was looking for but they would not be delivered until Jan 6. I started an online chat to ask if they were available in any of the stores to purchase. The rep said they were available in a Kmart Store at 27th Ave and Northern. I asked him to make sure it was the right size , right color and I needed 6 of them. He assured me they were available. We drove a long way to that store and could not find the drapes anywhere. There was no clerks to assist. I went to customer service and was told they don’t carry them. I wasted 3 hours of my day because of misinformation. I was also disgusted at the condition of that Kmart store. The parking lot was dirty, the store itself was filthy and the bathrooms utterly disgusting. My husband took my 4 year old grandson into the bathroom. Our grandson refused to go because it was so nasty. He said it smells and its poopy. I called the customer service # to advise of the experience and the rep really could have cared less and the call disconnected, It wouldn’t have mattered if I called back. So I guess I will look at JC Penney’s or Bed Bath and Beyond for my drapes and spread the word that Sears is not customer friendly.

  423. Got an email with a link to a sears webpage with some patio furniture my wife wanted. Did all the required things to place the order clicked on the submit button and was told my store was out of stock and no stores within 50 miles had the item. Called there customer service number and asked for the next closest store that had it in stock. I was told I had to give them the zip code of the area I wanted them to check. So I told them again I wanted them to tell me what store was the closest to me to see if I could get the item. I was then told that there computers can’t do that. I have asked sears stores to find another store for me and had no trouble getting a list of stores (even out of state ones) that had what I was after, but now I can only get the 3 closest and that is all. Now my wife is mad at me so I guess I will try there home office, I’m sure someone orders the patio stuff and I would think I could get them to tell me what stores have the furniture my wife wants!

  424. We are now in month 2 of attempting to have a repair made covered by a warranty on an ice maker. I have made more than 5 calls, spoken to “managers” and still have not received an answer on when this will be completed. Now Sears is telling me to call the company they outsourced the repair to. No one answers at the number provided. Call backs that are promised never come, I get placed on hold for 20-30 minutes each time I call Sears and have given up. Consider this official notice of the last I will work with Sears. I will do my best to share this failure with everyone who is looking to buy anything you may sell. A shameful display of customer service. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with any retailer.

  425. I ordered some boots for Christmas order# 965892462 on 12/17 and the order was to be at the Sunrise store 12/20-21. When I came in on 12/21 to pick them up I was told they would not be there until 12/24. Had I been informed of this by your website I would not have purchased from you. I am angry at your company for not being competent. I called the store x6 to see if the order may be in before and never could talk to anyone and went to voice mail. I left a message to notify me by phone if it were there and never got a call back. There is no way to track the package? It is UPS shipped! I have not shopped with you in years and decided this time to give you a chance but you as usual have lousy customer service. I don’t how you stay in business.

  426. I had a technician come to fix my dryer. When he was here the dryer appeared fixed and running. When I tried to run it again, it would not power on. This was NOT the original complaint- now a NEW PROBLEM. I called the customer service, and was told the EARLIEST I could see a technician again is in 1 WEEK. I find it unacceptable that I have to wait, and for this I pay for a service contract?????? I tried 3 different phone calls to see if my problem could be fixed, but the best they can do is 1 week. This is an example of poor customer service and I am incredibly disappointed in SEARS, I thought it was a better company.

  427. I ordered a mattress set online and when the delivery man called he said he was out front so, I told him to go to valet and they would let him in. I live in a high rise on the 11th floor. The driver did not speak English and he hung up on me and then drove away. I tried to call him back and did not answer. I called the delivery people at sears and she was just as difficult to communicate with. The customer service rep just kept asking me when I wanted a re delivery. I cancelled my order out of frustration.

  428. I returned a top that I received for Christmas today. After going through several phone numbers to locate the purchaser, as this was a GIFT, the right information was found. I was given a refund but instead of receiving a paper receipt as I requested the cashier proceeded to hit the email button. So now the person I received the gift from will get the email showing the return. I don’t see the importance of sending the email when a simple paper receipt would have been the better solution. I will seriously think twice before I shop at Sears again.

  429. We bought a brand new washer and dryer from Sears over 2 yrs ago, but the units were not moved from the Sears Store in Litchfield, Il until approx. 6-8 months ago. The button you push to start the machine, quit functioning. Sears came out, said we will have to order the parts and that will take 4-6 weeks. Called Customer Service Center and they informed me, there would be a $25.00 per week stipend for having to go to the Laundromat while waiting for parts. Part arrived and they came out about 1-2 weeks later, applied a new circuit board, which was completely nonfunctioning. They started the machine and water started pouring out all over my wood floor, so I had to grab numerous clean towels to sop up the mess. They informed me I would have to call a plumber as they felt I had an obstructed drain. Got a plumber to come out about a week later. When he seen the washer, he stated “what kind of repairmen came out, didn’t they have enough common sense to hook the drain hose back up?” For about 10 minutes of service, it cost me $135.00 Called Sears today on 12/29. With all the holiday rush forgot about making the call and Customer service states, we will only reimburse you for two weeks, “NOT WHAT I WAS TOLD BY THEM INITIALLY AND THE PLUMBER’S BILL OF $135 THEY MAY OR MAY NOT REIMBURSE THAT COST. WHY DID I PURCHASE A WARRANTY FOR THIS POOR SERVICE. THE NEW REFRIGERATOR HAS A LEAK INSIDE IN THE CENTER WHERE THERE IS A PLASTIC PIECE THAT RUNS THE LENGTH OF THE GLASS SHELVES. WE WILL NEVER BUY FROM SEARS AGAIN. HELL, THEY TOOK JOBS FROM THIS COUNTRY. TO AVOID PAYING US TAXES LIKE ALOT OF OTHER CORPORATIONS.

  430. Tonight and last night I called both the York, PA store, the Hanover, PA store and Customer Service trying to talk to a live person about purchasing two box springs, not a cheap item. In all cases the call was put through and no one answered, and Customer Service cut the call off. I could understand this happening once in a while but not every time I call. As I need the box springs quickly I will go elsewhere which is more lost business for Sears. I have purchased over the years many expensive items from Sears but the service lately is less than desirable.

  431. I bought the total Gym from Sears store at West Oak Mall. I asked the sale associate for assemble and delivery. So she charged me for the delivery and said that set up and put in place is included and gave the delivery date. So I took Off from work just for this purpose today on 30th december and when the item was delivered today they did not assemble the item and said that they are not aware of it and asked me to contact customer service. When I called the customer service they said that I have to go to the store where I purchased the item and talk to them about it. So I went to the store and spoke to the manager and the manager their says that the sale associate who sold the equipment is not working with us today so come on the day she is working. The store manager does not want to deal with it even though it says on my receipt Set Up and Put in place, and that day the sale associate also highlighted that part, he is not even interested in listening to the problem. I bought the equipment from Sears and not from the associate so whether the associate is working or not the manager was suppose to deal with the situation and was suppose to help me. So I came home and call the customer service, the customer service transferred me to the delivery person saying that they will send the delivery guy back and it will be assembled. But the delivery guy says I have to deal with the store and transferred my call to store and in store they transferred my call to manager and for an hour I was on hold and the manager did not answer. What I am suppose to do now? This is really frustrating. The whole Sears team is sending me around the bushes without any solution.

  432. long story: I purchased a sofa and chaise lounge set to the tune of $1600.00 awhile back, it failed and was replaced, and in less than 2 years it again it failed wo#298607 I called in on Oct 5, after many calls, someone came out to check it out, and I was advised I could have a store credit of 1600.00, I live in a small town outside of Calgary, but made the trip in, and picked a Lane lift chair on Nov 21/2016 and was promised it would be shipped to the Sears Airdrie AB location for P/U, I recieved a call Dec 17 that it was in so went to get it but not there, called the Sears at Glenmore Circle, it was in Calgary, but was assured by Wanda it would be sent to Airdrie and would be there by 22, not there, Then a lady NAN told me she would make sure it got sent, as it was still in Calgary, SO today, not in Calgary, not in Airdrie, they have no idea where my chair is, so had to reorder maybe NEXT YEAR, Jan 8, I am so disgusted, by lack of service or care that Sears has given me, The run around is not acceptable, I am 69, with bad knees I really wanted this chair, Thank you

  433. Your products and your attitude towards customers has gone to hell. Sears does not care about anything but getting customer’s money. I emailed many complaints about a inferior product and not one response. You’ll never see me buy another Sears product because if you have a problem you are on your own because they simply don’t care!

  434. Last year we had a split HVAC system installed by Sears. The sales person was great, promised us that we would be contacted within the week of our summer season to get on the schedule, so we signed the contract and looked forward to the process. Never heard from anyone for 6 weeks, but we did get the first bill which was due immediately. We called Sears who referred us to their installation group, who we called several times without any response. We called Sears again and again to get some type of response from anyone. Nothing.
    Absolute Nightmare..
    Around the end of the second month when the next monthly payment was due, we finally spoke to a live person who said they would come out to our house and review the conditions for the installation. He came out about a week later, looked at the house for about 10 minutes, then said he would check with the schedule for when we could get the new equipment installed. Didn’t hear a word for 3 weeks. Called Sears again, no response back. Finally after calling the installation company over and over with no response, we called Sears to cancel our order and installation and get our money back. Wow, we heard within a day from the installers who said they would be out to our house in 3 days to complete the installation. Sears called to apologize with a token gift of a Sears $500 gift card.. That started to make up for this Absolute Nightmare.
    Finally the Sears crew showed up and installed the HVAC equipment in our house. Project completed, they left, everything works good.
    Building Inspector comes by a few weeks later and writes up a list of non-compliant code corrections regarding the electrical wiring connections for the equipment and the main panel..
    We called Sears and the installation crew about 5 times with no response from anyone. Absolute Nightmare.
    Finally we got ahold of a Sears Home Improvement representative who called the installation company who talked to a secretary who passed on our message that the electrical wiring needs to be repaired to comply with city codes. Still no response. Finally we talked to the secretary at the installation company about the wiring issues, and she said we were not a priority at the current time for them to have their electrician come out to fix the code issues.
    One day we woke up to a 30 degree night and the HVAC system was not working.
    Called Sears with a service repair order who said they could get to us the following week. I love spending 12K and having no heat in our house for a week. My wife was really thrilled about the whole freezing in the house scenario, and let me know about it on a continual basis. Finally I go out and wiggle the electrical conduits on the equipment to see what might happen.
    The miracle is the equipment starts to work again, but now the Sears installation company won’t come out to our house because now the equipment is working. I told them it was the electrical connections but again they told me it was not a priority.
    Sears called us last month and asked us about the customer satisfaction we had with their company. We told them the entire story… Absolute Nightmare. We told them the entire experience with the equipment not working, then working, but still no response to finish the installation job to any level of satisfaction. They said they would contact the installation company and get this fixed. Haven’t heard from anyone since. That was 6 weeks ago.
    We plan on listing our home to sell next month, but with the electrical problems that we know of and the pending city repair list, that ain’t gonna happen. Especially when Sears will not respond, nor will their installation company. Who knows when we will be a priority for Sears to complete their work so that we can sell our house. Worst customer service we have ever experienced.
    Absolute Nightmare.
    We’ve heard the nightmare stories from other customers that Sears has had a lot of problems with customer satisfaction, and unfortunately we got to experience it for ourselves. No customer service, no follow-up, no call backs.
    But my payments to Sears sure get cashed on time. Imagine that.
    An Absolute Nightmare.

  435. problems with washing machine

    appointments rescheduled

    6 weeks waiting for repair

    machine under warranty

    request financial reimbursement for laundry and mileage 6 times

  436. I was looking fro the Craftsman heated jacket and Sandusky Mall told me to call to see if they came in on their truck, they hadn’t. Therefore, I called great northern mall to see if they had any, the girl answered and I asked if they had any jackets. Without even looking, she said “I don’t believe we do”. I asked, you know this without even looking? She said how busy she was, and I understand that, however her demeanor was terrible for customer service. I didn’t want to drive that far if they didn’t even have the jacket. We called again, and this girl was very helpful, located a jacket and held it for me until I got there to pick it up. I understand it’s the holiday and they’re extremely busy….all she had to ask was if I could hold till she could help me or find another associate that could. Her attitude toward every question we asked was as if she was put off by us even calling her and BOTHERING her.

  437. I would like to make a formal complaint about the installation company used by the Sears appliance store to install my new washing machine and dryer. In order for the washing machine and dryer to be installed in my house, the water needed to be turned off. Upon the conclusion of the installation the men left the house, and it was then that I discovered that the water was not turned back on. Knowing that I was unaware of how to turn back on the water my self, I called the installation company back. Initially, I was not upset by the mistake, but it was the encounter that I had with the representative of the installation company that upset me. While on the call with the installation company I was told that they could not turn my water back on till Saturday the 9th of January. Today is Wednesday the 6th of January. That is 3 days without water running through my house. Instead of trying to offer a solution to my problem, the installation company further added to it by basically telling me to just deal with it. I am extremely dissatisfied with how this situation was handled and felt that this complaint was necessary in hopefully preventing this reoccurrence in the future. I’m posting My reason for posting this comment is not to receive anything, but to let it be known that the way we handle thing is far worst then the actual problem its self. After getting hold to someone I was pass to a different person because it wasn’t their department and the second person I might as well been talking to a wall because that’s what it felt like. I have work and train customer service for a long time. To have experience this is how you push people away. I usually don’t shop at Sears and can almost count the time that I have on two hands. Thank you for your time.

  438. Purchased a Kenmore Washer in November 2015. What an extreme disappointment!
    I’m a caregiver for my mother. My washer stopped working so my husband and I bought one the next day. I have purchased large scratch & dent appliances from Sears in the past with very few repair issues. But not this time! After all, my grandparents, parents and many family members have depended on the product and service of Sears.
    The machine continues to leave a deposit of dirt smudge stains on the
    laundry… Yes, imagine, you’re ready to load the dryer and half the wash is littered with streaks dirt stains of dirt throughout the clothes…NOT A PRETTY PICTURE! Never experienced anything like this in my 50+ years of washing clothes.
    Had a recent visit from the repair guy who was actually knowledgeable, patient and quite pleasant. However, the machine needed no parts, and I was outside the 30 day return period (45 days). It is, of course, up to me to deal with Customer Solutions (the warranty company) where there is no direct solution to my problem. Next step is the department manager, then store manager to determine if I can get a replacement washer.
    I’m left to be satisfied that I have 3 more visits from the repair guy to let me know there’s no part needed nor is it a problem he can solve. I’m left to chance that perhaps a few loads will be free of the dirt deposits. Or keep loading them up ’till I get success. To have a machine that actually cleans clothes must be a feat in these hard times! So I have a lemon! Accepted by me, but I need to convince THEM! I will continue to call to resolve this!
    God Bless America! Oh yes, and SEARS, you really need to get back to the basics..THE CUSTOMER IS KING…or just close your doors.
    You also may want to take a look at the design flaws! One of the reasons many people make use of the effectiveness of foreign made products.
    I’m sure the founders did not have this level of customer service and shoddy product in mind when they opened their doors for business! What a MESS!


  440. I absolutely hate to see Sears stores closing. However, I think I know the reason. Unless you are buying a high-end appliance or perhaps shopping in tools, there is no customer service. I live in Hemet. When I tried to get some help the clerk jus pointed in thegeneral direction where I cold seach on my own. . In Riverside, the store is large, well laid-out, and well stocked. However, it’s like a ghost town when it comes to finding any help. I finally went up to the counter, waited in line, and asked how I could get a garment down from the wall. The worker pointed to a hook across the store, and told me to go get it. Customers tried to help each other find things! I don’t want to lose Sears, but I really do understand why.

  441. On Dec 31, 2015 I placed an ordered at Sears on the internet for Console Humidifier Wick Replacement/14413. I had difficulty placing the order because in the ordering process Sears kept trying to throw in a necklace on the order which I had to remove. The Humidifier wicks finally arrived Jan 07, 2016. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found the wicks were shipped in the thin, flimsy box that they are in when I purchased them in the Sears stores. Of course, they arrived damaged! I have been a customer of Sear for about 50 years when I purchased my first washer and dryer. My parents were Sears customers also. It breaks my heart to see how Sears appears to have lowered their standards in the quality of items they sell and most of all quality of customer service. I am going to return the wicks and hope I get the cost of the item and shipping cost back! I was disappointed a couple of years ago when we lost Sear in our town. However the prices were high and the quality of service was low then. I doubt if I will shop at sears again.

  442. The worst ever. I was lied to by three people from customer solution. Our fridge is not a year old. The ice maker was replaced. The wheels broke of the Krisper.
    The back wall has a crack in it and the top of the shelve is cracked. I was told after 21 days if they could not locate the parts they would replace the fridge.. The tech came to fix it today for the 4th time and there was no parts.
    They will not replace the fridge. I tool of work 4 times already. I am done.
    Sears used to be a good company but they really do not care

    I will mail you my sears card. Never again will I go in a sears store

  443. I bought some apparel from & had to return 3 items. I brought the tickets that came with the order & they don’t use the same UPC#,so they told me to drive to Kmart to refund it because I picked one of the items up there ,so when I got there Kmart said it was a Sears item &it had to be returned there,so I had to go back there.I told the cashier twice the UPC# Matches up on my email receipt &she kept putting in numbers &finally refunded them.This costed me 2 hours of my time on my only day off.They kept saying it wasn’t in their system to refund it.Worst experience ever,& will not use my Sears card again. I destroyed it.

  444. Had scheduled washing machine repair on Saturday 1/9/2016, i waited 2 weeks for the appt. I waited 4 HOURS from 1:00 -4:00, we never received a phone call saying they were cancelling! I started making phone calls at 4 o’clock to assess where the repair man was
    I was speaking to someone I believe from the Philippines, I was told I could not speak to anyone from United States.
    I had a very difficult time understanding all the representativess I spoke to , there 3 phone calls made to the 800#.
    My repair for my washing machine is now rescheduled for another Saturday another four hour wait !
    It just totally blows my mind that you can only get a repair man to come out Monday to Friday from 1 to 5 and there are no appointments after 5:00. I told the representative that mostly all Americans in the United States have a job and work until five or do you not get home until 5 o’clock and of course there was no response that I could understand
    Needless to say this is my LAST appliance from Sears !
    there are way way too many other places to purchase appliances
    Your Customer service reps in some foreign land are like a robots and had nothing to say but will reschedule
    very very disappointed in Sears I plan on using social media to complain about sears service and I plan on making sure family and friends Will know all about the horrific conditions of your servicemen and customer service representatives from a foreign land When I asked if I could be connected to the United States she said that there was no PHONE # in United States
    I will make sure this information is given to many Thank you for crossing Sears off of my list of stores to ever shop again.

  445. Sears: Tried to call store (right department was unavailable. Went to store, no one asked if I could be helped for 10 minutes (couldn’t easily locate customer service either). Ordered online (Yes I should have quit by this point). Paid $60.00 for delivery (no option to deliver to store). Delivery driver missed the delivery window and when I followed up, they eventually were two hours late and were extremely rude when asking for directions (GPS seemed to confuse them). No help so I cancelled. Still took two weeks to receive credit for my cancelled order. They charged my card immediately after ordering and internet reflected cancellation immediately, but it still took two weeks to return my money!

  446. Please be advised that they give you a email address to file a complaint and it is a non valid email address They also give a hard time on the phone and in the store when you have a issue with a appliance

  447. I have never been so upset, angry and abused by a company in all my life. I order a $7.00 pillow sham 14 days ago and have not received it. I checked the tracking number and it is invalid. I called sears and was given the telephone # to the third party merchant. The number was no longer in service. I called sears again and was given the e-mail address, e-mail comes back undeliverable. I called sears. Was told they were unable to reach them also. Sears would notify me in 24 -48 hours about my order. Received e-mail from sears, package in route. It is not in route, called sears, give them 24- 48 hours to resolve this. Called sears, need 24 – 48 to resolve this. Finally got a management person, 24 – 48 hours will personally take care of this. Called sears they are working on it. Called sears, they are still working on. Sears took money from my banking account immediately. I have asked for a refund, was told will take 24 – 48 hours to process and decide if they are giving me are refund. They have been escalating this for 11 days. How many 24 – 48 hours is in 11 days? I can not resolve the situation. The total order is less than $20. I will hire an attorney and pay him what ever it takes to get my money now. Not a question of money but a question of right and wrong. I never thought a company such as sears would be so under handed, I will never order from here again nor will recommend to anyone. I am tired of the bull and tired of being passed around and discounted as a consumer. Sears’s reputation is 0 with me and everybody and anybody I can get to listen to me. I know that it will be another 24 to 48 hours before I hear from this. That seems to be the common answer to everything from sears.



  449. your stores have no merchandise, they are a cheap looking wal mart and the company employees look like clowns. what happened to you Sears? You used to be nice higher end department store. I am sick to my stomach and will not go into your stores. You are losing all your Brands, electronics dept is non existing and has no merchandise (at Laguna Hills Mall, CA) and Streets at Southglennin Centennial, Co this is just a BAD BAD experience

    Are you going to INEST at all in RE VAMPING YOUR IMAGE? Or there wont be a Sears in 5 years. Clothes are ugly, stores are disorganized ALL ROUND POOR experience. And Centennial, CO store has their exterior signage bulbs out. Please get them replaced. Also they do not turn on the AC in there. It’s hot and gross.

  450. I am disappointed with kmart my daughter received something thing from her shower I tried to exchange it that was not possible without a name of the person who gave it or the receipt.

  451. I’ve had the worst experience ever in Sears delivery & Sears customer service to make a complaint about Sears delivery/drivers …I purchased a refrigerator & removed all my food products that I jus purchased because Sears delivery was suppose to deliver my refrigerator they came out to take measurements & said they can’t hook up my refrigerator & left without saying anything. ..Now my food is still sitting in the sink & on my kitchen counter defrosting & spoiling I have gallons of ice cream that has melted & meat that is about to spoil

  452. NOT HAPPY! Spoke to six representatives; three customer service representative and three repair supervisors. All gave a robot script…”we cannot honor the 90 days warranty, since it five days after the warranty expired”. Only wanted to offer 20 % off. Dryer was served in October 16, 2016 and called on January 21, 2016 with the same problem. Been a customer of services for over 35 years, but have decided it is not worth the trouble. No longer planning to make major appliance purchases from Sears.

  453. Thinking Sears was still a dependable store, my husband purchased a lawn mower there just this past summer. After a month or so, a part broke and since that time (Its almost February now), we have been trying to get this replacement part which we were told was on back order, then shipped, then not shipped….etc. He called customer service who told us our 4 year old warrantee is no good because this machine is no longer being made. Then he was told the part is no longer be made to replace it. Then he was put on hold so they could look for another part that could work on our mower and disconnected. They never called back even though they have all our information. If this isn’t handled well, I doubt we’ll purchase from Sears again. Being retired and on a fixed income, we need dependable merchandise.

  454. Nobody bothered to tell us that our delivery was postponed for whenever you get around to it. So we have no refrigerator. I called yesterday and there was no problem but when I did not get the call this morning, as promised I spent quite some time finding a number where a human could speak to me only to be told my delivery was cancelled, we will remain without a refrigerator or stove and delivery will be some time in the future.
    You suck.

  455. i had a appointment friday between 1pm-6pm waited all day for service tech finally around 630pm called customer service apointment line they told me that tech called and said noone was home we were home all day long from 1pm on. noone called to even say were sorry now i have to wait another week with a problem washer homedepot and bestbuy are looking pretty good at this time ‘ this is not the first time i have had issues.

  456. This complaint will probably be circular filed.

    I bought a 208 dual stage snow blower in 2015 with an onsite service contract for 3 years. The first year the day of the heaviest snow fall the auger fan belt broke so that the blower was useless. On contacting Sears I was told that it would not be until the following week when someone could come to take a look at it. In the mean time I am back to shoveling.

    This year we have a major snow fall and the snow blower will not start. Again, wait until next week to have someone come and look at it. In the mean time I am back to shoveling.

    I am ready to sale or give away this snow blower to the first sap that will take it.

  457. Your online customer service can not answer my question. I would like to talk to a real person so if you could give me a phone number to call I would appreciate it

  458. I have a complaint and below is my problem.

    You had advertised a snow blower 22 in. on black Friday for 399.00. The surrounding stores did not have any, so I went on line and ordered it on 11/27th and it came in on the 29th and I picked it up on the 30th at the Fredericksburg Sears.

    We have not had any snow until 1/19/2016 so I was not able to test it. We got a big snow storm…on 1/24 I pulled it out of the box, put it together, put oil and gas in it, started, and let it run. When I went to engage the impeller and drive got about less than 12 inches and seized up.

    I called the store immediately and they were closed due to the weather. I called again today at 10:10 am and spoke the store manager- Eric. Explained what happened and he could not find record of purchase. Said they would have to send it out for repairs that could take 2 weeks. I again explained that is was not even used for 5 min. and we would like a new one. He explained the 30 day window and I explained that would have been fine, but I have not gotten any snow to test it until this week end.

    I asked for the district managers number and he gave me customer service.

    I called service and they pulled up the receipt that Eric could not. Service said it was up to the store manager that only he could authorize a replacement. The store manager is telling me it has to be repaired. I could understand this if I have used it, but I did not.

    Customer service sent a complaint to the store manager who I have already dealt with and am not satisfied .

    I need someone that can make a decision contact me ASAP to discuss this issue and come up with a solution.

    This is very disappointing service on a brand new product that was never used.

  459. Horrible horrible service i scheduled a maintenance appointment for my washer and dryer after taking off work and patiently waiting 4 hours i called to check and see where the technician was and the reply was it’s none scheduled in your area for today so you need to reschedule. Really so who made my appointment and who sent me this confirmation email how is it i have an appointment and no technician is scheduled to come to my house the scheduling department isn’t communicating with the technician then you want me to wait until tomorrow and give you 4 more hours of my time really

  460. My parents were faithful Sears customers for many years and when I purchased a home that needed all new appliances (total reno) I went with all Kenmore Elite products. We have rued that decision many times over, since delivery in August 2015 we have had 2 refrigerators, 3 microwaves, 2 dishwashers, a range with a cosmetic defect that no one cares about. A dishwasher that had to have its guts replaced once and now repair is coming back because, guess what, it’s broken AGAIN. The time, inconvenience, aggravation, has grated on our last nerve, i just want to take all of the Kenmore Elite products and throw them on the CEO’s front porch. The Sears of old is gone.

  461. Sears Home Improvement Products & Services has not been able to repair our Carrier Infinity Central Air and Heat system with a GAPAA Infinity Air Purifier 2025 unit. The GAPAA Infinity Air Purifier has been changed out 4 times since installation on 8-21-2013. As of today 1-26-2016 it has been out since 1-4-2016.
    The whole system has been down since 1-23-2016 with a system fault #41 blower motor fault. Service was called in 1-23-2016 and the first available time was today between 8am and 12pm (have copy of service call updates). We had to make arrangements for someone to be here since we both work and cannot miss any more work over this unit. At noon I checked and service time moved to 1:15pm to 3:15pm. Then at 2:00pm I checked again and it was moved to 3:00 to 5:00 pm. I called the service center and was assured the tech would call me in 20 minutes to give his arrival time. He never called in an hour so I checked the appointment time and it showed 8:15pm to 10:15pm. After an hour went by without a call from the tech, I called to talk to a supervisor and briefed him on the problem. He said he needed to reschedule service but only if I agreed. I told him NO I want them to come and fix this system that was not working as we have NO Heat! He then offered me 4000 Shop Your Way Points. I said NO I want the unit fixed today. He said he would leave it for today but it would not happen. I finally agreed to reschedule until 2-5-2016 since an appointment is already scheduled to repair the GAPPA Air Purifier.
    I have had this same treatment from the Service Department ever since my 5 year Master Care Agreement went into effect. I have asked Sears for the repair history on this system but they say they do not have that to give me. But tonight the Supervisor asked me to hold the line while he checked the repair history. He informed me this situation did not meet the criteria for a complete replacement of the system.

  462. I am hoping that someone can help me. Back in December I ordered a microwave plate on line. The company I ordered from was Osprey-Talon. The replacement plate was a Sears product. The plate was too large so I sent the plate back to C/O Returns, Osprey- Talon, in New Jersey. I ask them yesterday when they were going to refund my money for the returned item. They said they had already refunded me which they did not. Then they told me that I needed to contact Sears directly. I am hoping that someone there can help me to get this resolve. My order # was 96690954 and it was returned back to the return company on 1/06/16. My direct . Thank you, Kim Gragg

  463. Delivery men left my wAsher/dryer in garage under direction of my 14 yr old. They were supposed to remove old appliances and bring new ones to upstairs laundry. Left before I could get dressed to speak with them. No paperwork left. Called delivery service for them to return. Was told they would be here in 3 hrs. Never showed up. Store associate in vineland hung up on me. Finally spoke with delivery service around 8 pm and was told it was never guaranteed that delivery men would return. Horrible service. Items are being returned and I will never buy from your store again. Denise Basens Pittsgrove NJ

  464. I have been trying to get my washer fixed under my service agreement since December 2015. To date it still pending another part and the washer and dryer are sitting on my kitchen floor for another week or more till the next service date of 2/9/16. For the cost of the parts and labor and my time they could have provided me a new washer. I have called and called to make a complaint but everyone tells me there is no one I can talk to and there is never a manager that is available and none of the managers have a phone # to call. I have spent over 300.00 at the laundromat since December. I have been given the run around since the beginning and no one at Sears seems to care about good customer service.

  465. I bought a new refrigerator. I was told it would be delivered on Thursday, January 28th between 3 and 5 pm.

    It was not. I called and was told that it would be delivered on Saturday, January 30th. Friday night I got the automated call that it would be delivered between 3:15 pm and 5:15pm. It was not. I received no call.

    I called their vendor for service deliveries. She told me that there was no notation about delivery today but that it would be delivered tomorrow, Sunday. I told her I do not believe her and asked for a customer service supervisor. She told me that she would email one and that he would call me back.

    Yeah, right. I wonder how long it would take to get my $1200 back?

  466. I am very frustated with Sears. We purchased a double oven from Sears & also bought the “Sears Protection Agreement”. I called Sears on Jan 18th because my oven doesn’t work. The 1st available appointment was Feb 2nd!! That is a VERY long time to wait. I was not happy about that, but I didn’t have a choice. So, I took the day off work on Feb 2nd (because they gave me a 4 hour window). But…..on Feb 1st, Sears called and CANCELLED my appointment, and rescheduled it for Feb 16th!!!!! Really??!!?? So that will be over 4 WEEKS from my 1st call until they can send out a technician?? That is absolutely ridiculous! So now, I have lost a day of work, and I will also lose a 2nd day of work on Feb 16th, and I have to wait for over 4 weeks to just have a technician come to my house. Very, very, very unhappy with Sears’ service!!

  467. I am very frustrated with Sears. We purchased a double oven from Sears & also bought the “Sears Protection Agreement”. I called Sears on Jan 18th because my oven doesn’t work. The 1st available appointment was Feb 2nd!! That is a VERY long time to wait. I was not happy about that, but I didn’t have a choice. So, I took the day off work on Feb 2nd (because they gave me a 4 hour window). But…..on Feb 1st, Sears called and CANCELLED my appointment, and rescheduled it for Feb 16th!!!!! Really??!!?? So that will be over 4 WEEKS from my 1st call until they can send out a technician?? That is absolutely ridiculous! So now, I have lost a day of work, and I will also lose a 2nd day of work on Feb 16th, and I have to wait for over 4 weeks to just have a technician come to my house. Very, very, very unhappy with Sears’ service!!

  468. I am very frustrated with Sears. We purchased an oven from Sears & also bought the “Sears Protection Agreement”. I called Sears on Jan 18th because my oven doesn’t work. The 1st available appointment was Feb 2nd!! That is a VERY long time to wait. I was not happy about that, but I didn’t have a choice. So, I took the day off work on Feb 2nd (because they gave me a 4 hour window). But…..on Feb 1st, Sears called and CANCELLED my appointment, and rescheduled it for Feb 16th!!!!! Really??!!?? So that will be over 4 WEEKS from my 1st call until they can send out a technician?? That is absolutely ridiculous! So now, I have lost a day of work, and I will also lose a 2nd day of work on Feb 16th, and I have to wait for over 4 weeks to just have a technician come to my house. Very, very, very unhappy with Sears’ service!!

  469. After 30 years my refrigerator died.I went to Sears the next day, I had looked at there refrigerators online narrowed the refrigerators down to 3, but when I got to Sears none were in stock I would have to wait 6 days to get one. So I bought a cheap refrigerator was told I could return it within 30 days, trouble is you need to return it in its original packaging and I had to bring it back in my truck since they didn’t deliver it. The packaging was thrown in the garbage. Now I’m stuck with a refrigerator that I don’t like, probably for another 30 years… Thanks Sears.

  470. I have never had an order so messed up in all my days with Sears. Then receive an email that all the items were delivered and 2 out of 5 were, then you call and you have no good English speaking people on the phones so its that much more irritating. We can see why this company is having such a hard time, instead of a cami and blouse I got 2 pairs of pants that are not even close to my size, one 22W and one 6 Petite. Go figure and one item no where to be found. I don’t care what the computer says I know if these products have been delivered and they were not!
    Don’t think I will be coming back to Sears anytime in the near future.

  471. Had a horrible experience trying to return my pants that I had ordered online. I will never order anything from Kmart or Sears again.

  472. I have purchases a boiler in 2011,as per the agreement it was to install Kenmore boiler. Recently I have issues( water leak) with boiler and noticed that they installed a different brand . I called sears master protection department to fix the problem .Its almost a month every time I call they tell me to wait 72 hours that they will call me .very poor costumer relations . I would like to hear from sears if sears can settle this before I go for legal help. I will be sending a demand letter for compensation if I didn’t hear from sears by 18th of February.

  473. I am filing a complaint however I’m not sure it will do any good. I have a Kitchen Aid dishwasher that stopped working so I called your repair department and scheduled a time for the tech to come out and repair our dishwasher. When the day came for the tech to repair the dishwasher we were called by your company that the tech called in sick and that we would have to make another appointment; and that it would be another week before anyone could fix our dishwasher.
    We made arrangements so that we could be there for the appointment how ever your company can not get another tech to come out to repair our dishwasher. That’s some customer service. If your company keeps that up you will be losing customers left and right. I did not appreciate the supervisor Claire tell me that their was nothing they could do. If this is your goal to treat customers this way keep it up and your goal will be met!!!

  474. I have been trying to get a new password for about 3 weeks now…I just bought a mattress and I have a lot of rewards points but I could not access them. The website for password does not work…I tried calling and they send me an e-mail to the same site. I’m not happy right now and I’m about to go back to the store and make a real fuss in customer service.

  475. I bought a refrigerator on 4/30/15 and have had problems with it leaking inside. I have had Sears service it several times the last being 2/10/16 and it still leaks. I have a bowl to catch the water on the back shelf, I have emptied it 3 times in the last week. I am very dissatisfied with this product and your attempts to repair it.

  476. When I first started I was getting about 70 hours a week, now I’m lucky if I can get 4 hours a week. With 4 hours a week I make enough money to make it in just for the day. What do I have to do to get more hours?

  477. To whom it may concern,
    I’ve called this number 1-800-469-4663 and talked with an agent # 98546 as well as other agents numerous times to include a supervisor. I have a defective garage door opener. I have Troubleshooted it numerous times as well as you have sent me defectives parts. Presently, you sent up a service call for today. Your agents have stated over and over and over that a email confirmation will be sent however, NO email has been sent to me. I have called and each agent assures me that a email is coming with non arriving at my home. They have my correct email however, none being sent. With that being said its 11:00 am here and the service tech is coming sometime today, he or she has not notified me of a time of arrival.
    I can’t express how extremely disappointed I am with your service. If this contact number 1-800-469-4663 and personnel is representing your company “Sears”, I can see why Sears is having fiscal concerns and closing stores because of customer service….plain and simple is “POOR” rate a -0 out of 10. After the sale service can make or break you. I l’d like a corporate customer service supervisor to email me a contact phone number, for further discussion. I own 3 businesses and all of these employees whom represent you would be terminated. Customer service makes or breaks a business, your front line agents whom we will never meet speak louder than words can express.
    With that being sent I’d never buy or recommend Sears craftsman garage door opener to anyone. Your support system meaning customer service is worst than poor.
    Extremely disappointed customer
    If you get a chance call that number and see how long it takes to talk to a live person, question after question and then guess what, when you get a live person the same questions over and over. This automated system needs a complete overhaul. Poor system

  478. Today is the second time I have been to sears at southlake mall. Bad experience first time I went to buy washer and dryer the sales rep made me feel like I was bothering him when I started asking questions. I complained to manager on duty at that time as I left store crying so mad, needless to say went to lowes to purchase. Went to sears today was going to purchase pressure washer standing in line to get help as sales person Zenabola was checking person out in front of me another couple walks up on the other side of register and she said sorry I have 2 customers in front of you left the register never acknowleged me at all. When she was thru with 1 customer I went to her and said excuse me whats your name she said zenabola and never ask if she could help. Great customer service! I will never go back to Sears unless customer service ever gets better, don’t know how doors stay open. I hope this goes to top executives so they can see why things are going downhill. Thanks

  479. Had a relay swich fitted Oct 2015 paid $430
    Display was not working called sears
    Because this part was over 90 days warranty they expected me to purchase another relay switch
    Surely this is a faulty switch and should be replaced foc
    Tried to contact service manager but was given the runaround (20mins on phone) then disconnected
    We have had all our appliances plus a ride on mower from sears
    Spent $1000’si think the customer is poor
    I feel their first priority is making money and customer service is secondary

  480. I wanted to reach out to someone regarding horrible customer service at a store in Leawood, KS. He was rude and disrespectful. It was so upsetting that Sears lost my business altogether and I went to Mattress Firm. After calming down I realize that it is the individuals in that particular store since I got good service online. Please contact me back and I will give you more details of what was said.

    Thank you

  481. On Saturday morning around 7am I ordered an High Efficiency 27 Super Capacity 3.8 cu. ft. Electric Laundry Center Metallic. Online. I called all day to setup up delivery date and time, when someone finally picked up, they couldn’t find my order, I gave phone number, order number and salescheck number. They still could not find my order they gave me another number to dial and no one answered that number. On Monday early I call and the same thing again, they couldn’t find my order I gave my phone number, order number, salescheck number and then another number to dial. Finally someone answers this number, she says they can deliver tomorrow and someone will call me with the time and rushes me off the phone. I call that number again this morning and a guy answers he said maam they will call you an hour before they come. My husband took off work today for the delivery. Well they never called an hour before delivery, they delivered the wrong item, it’s sitting here in my way. I talked to LeeAnna at 12:45 she said Waldo would have to call me back. Waldo calls me back at 2:46 and advise me that they can’t come back to pick up this item here in my way, and that they wouldn’t be able to deliver my item (the correct one) until Thursday. Well that doesn’t work for me my husband took off work today and this is sitting here in our way. Why did I have to wait on a call from Waldo he did not help me to get my item today he did not offer any other solution or compensation for the wrong item being delivered to me. I’m very disappointed and unsatisfied.

  482. Purchased a Craftsman Air Compressor 11/26/2011. Air Compressor needs repaired. Talked with an associate at the Robinson Store on 2/22/2016 and was told I could drop off compressor and they would ship it to where it was to be repaired. On 2/24/2016 took it to the Robinson store and was told they would not accept the compressor to be repaired. They sent me to another repair place (not a Sears Store) and they refused to fix. This is Sears responsibility to fix or replace. Never had a problem before getting a Craftsman repaired or replaced.

  483. This issue has been going on with no resolution
    I have had my replacement water heater install on 2-24-16.
    This unit was replaced due to multiply failures and the last was due to the fact that they could not repair due to incorrect installation of the original water heater.

    I had to pay 269.00 to the installation man for additional piping and fittings needed to return the installation and product to code.

    Sears installed the unit originally and should be responsible for the additional charges I incurred.

    I have been told by customer service , warranty dept and water heater department that this is my problem and sears will not pay, because the first installation of this water heater was over 1 years ago.

    I have had multiply repair men from sears come out to fix this water heater well within the 1 year period and I was never notified that the unit was improperly installed.

    Until the last repair man stated that he could not repair due to faulty installation

    I was unaware of a NON CODE installation.
    I am not a plumber and would not know if the installation consigned by Sears and paid to Sears was wrong

    The additional charges I paid yesterday was to repair the improper installation previously done by Sears installers this amount was $269.00
    NOTE on the receipt is additional charges billed for the CORRECTION of NON CONFORMING NOT TO CODE INSTALLATION .

    I expect a phone call and a email confirming that I will be receiving my money back for the charges I incurred.

    With the installation done yesterday 2-24-16 is it my responsibility to have the install inspected by my local building inspector to verify this install was done correctly ?.

    I would have expected Sears to have qualified installers do the work.

    And be responsible for incompetent workers and the resolution of a dangerous situation.

  484. Your customer service is HORRIBLE. I had a scheduled appointment today for a tech to come out and look at my dryer. The time frame was between 8:00am and noon. I called Sears about 11:00am and spoke with a gentleman and he told me the tech would call me when he was on his way. Then about 12:30pm I get a call from a lady from Sears and she tells me the tech came by and no one was at home so the tech left. THERE WAS SOMEONE at home. She then told me that they would be out from noon to 5:00pm. About an hour later I get another call from Sears and she tells me that I have been rescheduled for a week later. I told her if they couldn’t get out today just to cancel my service call and I would get someone else to come out. I called customer service back and they didn’t really care one way or the other what I had to say. NO HELP AT ALL. I then looked on the internet at customer complaints. There were 1800 negative comments. Sears just doesn’t care about the customers once they have sold their product. Very poor customer relations.

  485. My father-in-law, who is 91 yrs. old, went to a local Sears Department Store (not a small outlet) to make a payment on his Sears Charge card. There does not seem to be a business window anymore and the retail associates there are not able to handle taking a payment (evidently). Instead, they are directing him to use the phone to verify his identification on the floor in front of everyone in earshot to listen to all of his personal information (passcode, social security number, birthdate, etc.) when the sales clerk there could have easily verified his identification by looking at his identification card. This is a ridiculous process and is a sure point of one having identity theft right in the store. He was paying with check and guess what – if it did not process, you still have the right to charge for the bounced check. But that wasn’t going to happen (unless someone who had their phone set to record the conversation took down all his information and wiped out his bank account). This needs to be corrected. To boot, you also swipe his card after he has gone through that process to take his check payment. Guess what – another piece of identity that you require making everything else that he had to go through unnecessary.

  486. I received some checks to use in conjunction with my Sears Credit Card. The forwarding letter said that I could add the balance of other credit cards or pretty much anything else to the card at 0% interest until a future date. I called the 800 number given in the letter, which is the same number on my credit card. A person, whom I assume was of Indian decent answered the phone after I was told that by recorded message that I had won $100 that I could use to shop. I never did get the $100 because the gentleman couldn’t get either my Sears card or my Visa card to take in the system. When I asked if I put charges at 0% interest on my Sears card and I couldn’t pay the whole bill one month, would the rest of the owed money be owed at a higher interest rate, he had to talk to his supervisor. He came back and told me I’d need to call another number 1-800-555-1212!! I told him this was not a good number this number was an information operator. He got upset an told me something like “Oh no! No! This good number you call it!” There was no use discussing this any further. So I thanked him and hung up. Just for good measure, I called his number and I was right. I planned to pull over my VISA card balance, my property tax amount and possibly the cost to put up a fence at my house but I think not now. I’m thoroughly disgusted and upset that I was treated like your general run-of-the-mill dumb ass by these people!!!

  487. I went on line too find tennis shoes, found them, then I went to the store listed below Sears Stores manchester ctr #12083636 n blackstone ave fresno, ca

    A young girl helped me with finding the tennis shoes i wanted. It has been some time since i have received service, like this person gave me. She brought out several shoes because they were out of the ones I wanted, she even called several stores. She was very patient, went the extra mile to help me. She ended up placing and order for me on line. Although we had several interruptions my other customers she kindly told them she would help after she finished with me. She worked in Shoe MCA Her name is Selena Great job, Sears needs more people like her.

  488. Let me preface this by saying I work in customer service and am extremely understanding when it comes to dealing with customer service issues. However my visit to Sears auto in lake grove NY was completely unsatisfactory. An employee named Ricky was so unbelievably rude. There were customers waiting and no one working the registers, he was busy putting some sticker on a shelf that looked like it wasn’t too urgent. I understand you have things to get done but customers come first. I approached him asking if he worked desk and he said someone else is. Well I said we made an appt and I don’t see our name on th list. He finally got up and helped us and this other employee who was supposably working the register showed up ten mins later. So we are just supposed to stand there and wait for 20 mins so you can put stickers on a shelf? Then when we were coming to get our car. He was rude and continued to ignore customers waiting for assistance that he once again had a customer approach him politely and ask if he could just pay for his car. He threw some stuff around and then helped him with an attitude. The whole store is poorly run even the mechanic was rude to me. I tried to explain an issue we had previously fixed . I’m not a mechanic so try and understand what I’m saying instead of being like I don’t know what that is: no idea what you are talking about like you are holier than thou. Don’t expect to spend 100s of dollars on something without an explanation. I’m just appalled. I keep returning to Sears because it is close to home and reasonably priced and every time it just gets worse. This is the last straw for me

  489. Sears had the worst refrigerators available today. Whatever you do, DON’T THINK FOR A MOMENT THAT THE ICE MAKER WILL WORK FOR LONG. We have had 4 or 5 service calls….two new ice makers and other worthless service to diagnose the problem. Shop another brand. This is the last time we shop at Sears.

  490. After over 40 years of faithful Sears appliance purchases, I have decided it is time to look elsewhere. Their service and repair system is now the most ridiculous, wasteful and unproductive mess I have ever encountered. I made an appointment over a week ago to have my dryer serviced. I gave them the serial number, model number and a very detailed description of the problem, including the part which was defective. I was told a technician would come out for an estimate, to which I told them that I did not want an estimate, I wanted it repaired that day with no further delay, whatever the cost. So, after waiting at home all day, which cost me more in wages than a new dryer would have, I was informed the technician did not bring the replacement part, and had not even been told that I had waived the estimate step. I was told I would have to wait another 10 days while the part I told them was defective got ordered and make another appointment to come out for service. My own business is service and repair, and if I operated this way, I wouldn’t be in business. My customers expect prompt, immediate repair, which I provide; not stalling and delays and callbacks next month.

  491. On 2/17, I ordered two 21″ Riding Mower Mulching Blades from SearsPartsDirect. On 2/22 (via the UPS tracking #), my order was delivered to my local Post Office where I live. I called the Post Office to inquire about my package and they told me that the package was there, but with NO CONTENT. They went ahead and delivered the empty package as requested. Apparently, the sharp and heavy blades were packaged inside a manila envelope, which thru the handling/shipping process, they tore thru the envelope and fell out without notice. I notified SearsPartsDirect and were told they would send me another pair of blades and that I would receive a confirmation notice with a tracking # once shipped….that never happened. For a week now I’ve been on the phone with PartsDirect, Customer Service, Customer Relations and seems as though they may now have shipped another pair of blades today, but not holding my breath since I was told that about 3-4 different times with no luck. First of all, who in their right mind pack two 21″ heavy mulching blades in a plain manila envelope and seal it with scotch tape? Secondly, the results I’ve been getting up to this paint have been horrendous. I’ve been with 3-4 different departments, with no luck. I feel that I should receive my blades as ordered, plus refund my money. I’ve been set back one week from some heavy mowing that I need to do but have been unable to do so because of the incompetence of PartsDirect. I’ve been a long-time Sears customer (walk-in stores), but I honestly feel that this may come to an end real quick.

  492. this is regarding your Aventura Miami Sears location Automotive.your batterys dont last in fla, they barely last 3 years! And I tried last week for an oil change early in thd a.m. your wrighter told me 2 1/2 hrs really your store is a jokei left and had it done with in 20 min. And u send coupons for service SORRYbut never.

  493. This is about home service that sears provide. I brought a dish washer machine on 2/19/2016. But the something wrong with the machine so I request a home service, and the technician came on 2/24/2016. After done the finished diagnostic the machine. He told me there something wrong with the drain system, but that’s all he told me. If I want to know further detail what is wrong or what’s the problem was. I have to agree to pay the amount in order for him to tell me what the problem is and fix it or pay him the money for him to come to my house for the diagnostic and he’ll leave. IS THAT YOUR POLICY THAT YOU WON’T TELL THE CUSTOMER WHAT THE PROBLEM IS. I did not know what is the problem until I paid the amount so do in this case how I know that’s really a problem or the tech just made this up. And I called the customer service # 1-800-4myhome couple times (1st time was on 2/24/2016) they said that they will file this complain and customer solution will call me back in 24-48 hrs. So I waited until 3/1/2016, no one call me back. And I have to call the # again still received the same thing, and I called back again on 3/2/2016 and found out that last couple call they did not open any file about my complain or have anything documented. IS THIS HOW SEARS TAKE CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMER. I COMPLAINED BUT WHY SEARS DID NOT RESPOND.

  494. On 2-29-16 i called to get my dryer (WIRLPOOL DUET) repaired. I was asked what the code when it was turned on? I told them that is said F-01, i was then told of the price options. I opted for the $199.99 for a year. I was told that a repair person would be out to my location on 3-3-16. On 3-3-16 a repair man came out, he turned on my dryer and stated F-01, he looked on his computer and made a call, he was looking at a #23 when the person on his phone told him that for the F-01 code the correct number should be #53. He told me that he doesn’t have that part on his truck, and it would have to be ordered. He then said that he would have to come back on the 12th. I would like to know why when i told them that the code that my dryer stated (F-01), why didn’t they order it so that it could be available when he came out on 3-3 to make the repairs????? I am sorry that i paid the $199.99 and WILL NOT BE DOING BUSINESS EVER AGAIN WITH SEARS!!!!!

  495. Sears appliance warranty is the absolute worst thing ever. And the products break so you may as well just plan on buying a new whatever in the next 3 years. We spent over $500 on a Kenmore convection over the range microwave and after only having it for 2.5 years it broke. I was told that the part that broke, the magnetron, would be covered by the manufacture warranty for 5 years. So we called to have the sears guy come out and fix it. When I called to schedule the initial appointment, first it took them nearly 30minutes to agree that yes, I had purchased the microwave there, and gave them my number and they said they would call 30min prior to arrival. So while I was in the back yard with my kids the repair man (who did not call the right number) showed up and left. It then took another week to get an appointment, the morning of the appointment I received a notification at 5:30AM!!!! that the appointment had been canceled because they weren’t able to reach me. Hello!! It wasn’t even daylight out! And they had not even called to try and reach me! So when I again tried to “reschedule” and get the appointment I had that day they told me they could not do that. For Pete’s Sake. When I was finally able to get my appointment set up the repair man they contracted with called and had no idea what he was coming out to repair, called my by the name of the previous homeowner (who hasn’t lived here for 7+ years) and NOW