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Contacting Sealy Customer Service Center

The history of Sealy began in the late 1800’s in the town of Sealy, TX. The manufacture filled and order for a mattress filled with cotton and the rest is history. For the following 130 years, Sealy has been fulfilling the needs of customers and ensuring the product met the satisfaction of the customer. When you have questions or concerns relating to your product, feel free to connect with the customer service team by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Sealy customer service agents answer customer calls between 9 AM and 4:30 PM Monday to Friday ET.

  • Sealy Phone Number: 1-800-697-3259

Mailing Address

Sealy HeadquartersAttn: Customer ServiceOne Office Parkway Sealy DrTrinity, NC 27370

Official Website

When customers visit the official Sealy website, they have the opportunity to look at the various types of mattress, review the available brands, find accessories and review promotions. Customers can also find the nearest dealer to make a purchase. We noticed customers cannot make purchases on the official website.

After making a purchase, the Sealy website is useful. Customers can File/Check a Claim on the site and review the mattress warranty in the event you need to return a product.

Social Media

You can connect with the customer service team by using social media. We noticed several Q&A style conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

When we connected with the customer service department by email, we decided to send a message asking about returns based on quality. The reason being is several retailers allow customers to make purchases online and customers cannot try out a Sealy before purchasing.

Our Experience

The automated message that answers your Sealy customer service call immediately jumps into a list of options. You cannot press 0 to skip the list. Press 1 for shopping help, 2 if you own a set or 3 if you are a retailer. You can also press 9 to reach customer service immediately. If you don’t want to wait on hold you can request an agent call you back as soon as one is available. We waited on hold slightly more than two minutes before an agent picked up. We asked the agent for information on the ingredients used to make the memory foam material. We were placed on hold for nearly two minutes before the agent picked our call back up to tell us the material was made from a proprietary blend of ingredients Sealy would not reveal.

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36 Comments on “Contact Sealy Customer Service
  1. I am incredibly unhappy with your company. My bed is defective after only a year and a half. So I go about the process of trying to get a replacement one through your company. Receiving the approval was not the hard part but finding a replacement mattress and box spring without the help of your customer service was. We were given no list of comparable mattresses and because of this, I had to go on a search to many retailers to find a bed similar to mine. I end up finding the Mebane in classic series, which was a 100 dollar upgrade. I was fine with that and understood I was upgrading. I received little to no help with your customer service. I was even yelled at by a man on your side. 6 weeks later my “new” bed is due to arrive between 9 am and 2 pm. The new bed that was specifically made for me arrived and had a whole in the box spring. I refused the delivery an on there way they went. They said another one would be made and shipped out to me. I payed 100 dollars for an upgrade and 140 for a delivery. The product is still defective and I still don’t have it replaced almost 2 months later when the issue was first reported. I would like a delivery refund. I would like to be contacted by someone from your department asap. This is so ridiculous, if my simple needs cannot be met I will have no other choice but to get the authorities involved. Thank you to whoever is reading this message, I’m sorry you have to deal with my harshness, but I have been through a lot with your company. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  2. We purchased a very expensive mattress 2 weeks ago and we are very unsatisfied. We would like a refund, please advise on how to go about this. We have already contacted the store where we purchased.
    We had purchased a mattress 13 – 14 years ago and were very happy with the purchase, which led us to this purchase of another sterns and foster.
    I am experiencing back and shoulder pain and arm tingling since this purchase. This is not a comfort issue but a health issue.
    Marge Barrett

  3. I wrote a comment yesterday, and have not had any response. The Sterns and Foster that we have purchased is very much causing aches and pains. I would like some recourse since it is not usable and was very expensive. If your product is so wonderful, you should be able to stand behind it. I had purchased a S & F 14 years ago and was very satisfied, which is the reason I returned to purchase again. I have no doubt that it has quality materials but this is not useful if the product does not produce a good night sleep. Please advise on how I can be refunded on this very expensive purchase. This is not a comfort issue, at this point it is turning into a health issue.
    Marge Barrett

  4. Please respond to my past two comments made about the S & F mattress that we have purchased and have had miserable nights sleeps since. email address has been submitted I would like to return this very unsatisfactory mattress. Please stand behind your product or find a new business!
    Marge Barrett

  5. I just talked to someone at sealy customer service. They are not responsible for the mattress that the consumer chooses. They are telling me to put something between the mattress and the sheets to make it more comfortable. So $2600.00 latter and an already 18″ mattress (try finding sheets to fit the already 18″ mattress – not to mention with another 1″ or 2″ that I now have to add. This is not “…ensuring satisfaction of the customer..” which they proclaim on their site. They are not standing behind their product. I am now waiting for a ‘manager’ to contact me.


  7. I too am waiting for a call from someone other than a person whose job is called “customer service”. Sealy’s staff has not contacted me as I requested because they will not take responsibility for the shoddy and expensive product sold under their license. Licensing for the product under the Sealyham name is not an excuse for an overpriced shoddy product. What has happened to quality control? What has happened to responsibility for your product ?

  8. It seems your company does not take responsibility and if this continues I hope your shareholders exert pressure on the CEO or clean house at the administration offices. When I am dissatisfied with a product I usually can get some resolve through customer service, but not this company ,they refuse to take any responsibility so customer service is a joke.

  9. Shame on you Sealy——-just because you go back a long time you cannot rely on your reputation of longevity. Shape up in2015. I speak from experience of having bought an inferior product with false advertising inserts.and Sealyham says it is not their responsibility because it was manufactured under licensing. What a fraudulent excuse.

  10. I was mislead in buying this I-comfort foam mattress deal and was the worst mistake of my life. the mattress has a deep depression where I sleep ,I am the only one on the bed/and not over weight by any standard and it is 4 years old and has a 6 inch gully in said area. the warranty is 7 years and a 7 1/2 inch deep gully is required for replacement, but I have to put a pillow in the gully or face stiff body issues. I do better on my cement floor. don’t worry they aren’t going to give me another because I am seeking better and/or have years of experience of building my own prior to the foam mattress fade we are in. the best part is I need 50 plus sets yesterday and it will not be sealy . the best part my mattresses lasted 12 years, zero gully effect and only cost me 66.29 in total cost including covering material. not the insane prices they have due to they trying to reinvent the wheel and make you pay for it . have great day sleeping on the floor .

  11. I don’t care if you DON’T publish this due to I am an expert at propaganda and I do more damage at point of sale than any letter could point out. I will not stop selling trash about your company and sad part what I sell is real /true and flies great with your future customers ,it is what I was trained for . aren’t you guilty of selling fake crap with your logo misspelled , how do I know ,I live near the old sealy plant in lake wales florida and if the fake crap wasn’t a problem ,maybe it was the drug smuggling going on inside your products, why because I am here to clean house and this area is drug distribution central , but that will change this week .

  12. looks like sealy isn’t coving America’s back at all ,but bet they get paid for the products they sling


  14. We had bought a Queen Sealy Inspiration Queen Mattress,It has been the worst mattress ever,It gets so hot that we aweak we both are ringing wet,we are going to call Sealy in the morning with hopes that they will give us a new cooler one.

  15. I cannot get in touch with anyone having bought a king mattress from the room store in Arizona and they are going out of business and was told to contact you. I have all paper work. I am a disabled USA Army Veteran and need your help as I can not sleep in broken bed!! Please advise!

  16. My bed is a Sealy Posturpedic Macybed Pillowtop purchased at Macy’s September 2007 in San Francisco, California, which may allow extension of a normal warranty period.
    It has a body indentation which presents difficulty in getting out of the bed and am experiencing back strain and aches. My average weight has always been 113 pounds.
    I have all of the relevant information, purchase information receipts.

    Please provide information on replacement.

    • Probably won’t do any good to write this but hear goes..
      We bought a new mattress three years ago but two years went buy and this mattress sucks.
      Can tellright where we sleep with a big hump in the he middle and the sides are broke down
      We went to the store where we bought it and we’re told we had to pay to replace this junk.
      We used it for almost two years so we have to pay for that time.
      What a bunch of crap

  17. I purchased a expensive Sealy from Mattress Max in Alabama. Its sagging.. there is a dip under my hips and back. Back is killing me.. It is not even 4 years old!! The first year it was sagging and dipping.. I contact Mattress Max.. they said we don’t keep receipts in computer!! So….. sounds like I got a mattress that was a cheaper one… I have had nothing but trouble with Sealy.. I bought my daughter one from there also.. The same problem! I will contact the BBB on this matter!!

  18. Been trying to get through on phone for over an hour, no one picks up! Very poor service to someone thinking about buying your product!

  19. I purchased a Response Goldrick Cushion Firm Ca King 8/22/2017 with 2 split 5″ foundations. From the start the center of my body sagged and caused hip and back pain. I had to put 2 heavy folded towels in that area to allow me to sleep. There was no [firmness] as indicated in the product name. I had a Sealy Posturepedic for 10 years and it was satisfactory until the mattress began to sag everywhere. I weigh 135lbs and shouldn’t stress it much. I am very unhappy with the new mattress and haven’t decided what course of action I will take. Please respond. Weston Matthews

  20. I’m looking for Sealy posturepedic extra firm pillows with the pink edge. I can’t find them anywhere. Did you stop making them? Do you have any spare ones hidden away someplace that I can purchase? I cannot find any other pillow to take the place of mine. I have a pillow collection now of unused pillows because for me nothing stacks up to yours. I am desperate.

  21. WHERE do I find the serial number?
    The delivery people you use are awful and careless by the way. They jam the mattress into elevators like they don’t care about things

  22. I am interested in the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Elite Kelburn mattress. When I contacted all the retailers that your website recommends for 60543 they told me they never heard of that mattress. They claim you change names all the time. What would be the new name for this mattress?

  23. Dear Customer Service,
    When registering my two Sealy mattresses & box springs, I could not register because when you go to Province, it is all Canada & not USA, everything else was filled out OK. Do I register somewhere else? Please confirm on where to register? Thank you. DCB

  24. I purchased Sealy 2 adjustable bases on 1/9/2018 to replace a king size bed. Ihave replaced mattress one time. Iv’e complained to mattress one that where they join together after a few days about 12 inches of it from edge going inwards becomes harder than firm! at this rate I would turn them once a week. it seems like they were”t made to butt together.mattress one says there is no solution.would coil mat be the same?would apprericate some import.mat.we have now is SIRI 10 TWIN XL FOAM.

  25. bought hybrid premium with 100 night warranty and not what we expected tried to upgrade to another but now stuck with old bed no one seems to want to help us out for elderly fixed income couple. we complained about the smell from day one and softness but mattress capital wont give our money back made us buy more expensive but never received but got charged 08/30 now 09/23 these are NOT nice people lets see if you can help us

  26. We bought a sealy queen set for $1,174.24 it was to firm and we contacted the company we bought it from Mattress Capital. They refused to give us our money back, but sold us another brand that was $200.00 cheaper. We didn’t get the money back, but this mattress was way to soft and the springs were noisey. Every time one of us turned over it sounded like the springs were rusting out. The next day we went back to Mattress Capitol and told them since we just bought the other mattress yesterday that we would like to have the other mattress back. The salesman said no problem and they would just exchange them. Wrong! They charged us another $266.86. We ended up paying $1,641.10 and this isn’t even Sealys best mattress! Mattress Capital is a top off company and they lie and take advantage of older people. Buyer be ware!!!

  27. Jan
    Binetti says;
    I bought this mattress Stearns & Foster, 07/14/2014.
    I hear springs popping, also mattress sags in middle, this problem is an on going event for almost a year.
    I hope the manufacturer will at least respond to my problem.
    only one person sleeps on this bed .
    thanks for listening

  28. Can’t register our new sealy mattress because the model – SMB Academy Award Ultra Firm Tight Top – isn’t listed as a model on your list

  29. Can’t register our new sealy mattress as the model – SMB Academy Award Ultra Firm Tight Top – isn’t a choice on your model list

  30. Can ‘t register our new mattress as the model; – SMB Academy Award Ultra Firm Tight Top – isn’t on your model list.

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