Contacting Sea World Customer Service Center

Sea World is a huge water park adventureland with three locations in the US – San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando. Travelers can visit the official website for each of these locations to find out more about the park, purchase tickets and contact customer service.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Sea World phone number information here is based on the three parks. Each park offers different contact information.

  • Sea World San Diego: 1-800-257-4268
  • Sea World San Antonio: 1-800-700-7786
  • Sea World Orlando: 1-800-700-7786
  • Sea World Orlando Dining: 1-888-800-5447
  • Sea World Orlando Groups: 1-866-781-1333

Mailing Address

You can address your letter to the customer service department for the park you need to contact. If you’d like to contact more than one park, email or phone contact may be a better idea. Sending a letter to customer service may not spark contact from Sea World.

SeaWorld San Diego500 SeaWorld DriveSan Diego, CA 92109


SeaWorld San Antonio10500 SeaWorld DriveSan Antonio, TX 78251


SeaWorld Orlando 7007 SeaWorld DriveOrlando, FL 32821

Official Website

Sea World’s official website leaves much to be desired because there is nothing about the company as a whole. You have to choose one of the three parks to find out anything about Sea World. The main location is the Orlando Sea World because it is located near Walt Disney World. You can find the starting page for Sea World at From there you’ll need to choose San Diego, San Antonio or Orlando.

Customer Service Email

Email addresses are listed for each of the Sea World parks. Choose the email address for our park and use your personal or business email to contact Sea World customer service. Don’t send financial or private information via email for security reasons.

You can also email the Lost and Found department SWC-LostandFound@seaworld.comif you’ve lost something at the park.

Our Experience

Calling the customer service department was difficult at first, but ended on a positive note. We listed to the typical automated system attempting to decipher the choices. One after another, the choices didn’t connect with the customer service department. Finally we pressed 0 twice and the call went directly to a live agent.

Our inquiries surrounded around receiving discounts for booking large parties. To our delight, the agent explained the company in fact offers discounts for parties of 25 our more. The agent was even prepared to take our reservation, no need to transfer to another department. Sea World has one of the best customer service teams in the industry. Were you pleased with the outcome of your customer service experience? We want to hear from customers just like you.

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79 Comments on “Contact Sea World Customer Service
  1. Terrible service horrible service. Went to sea sea world before and they had a water area . Went online ordered sea world tickets to find out there is no longer a water area unless you want to pay 30.00 more. I did not realize this till after I ordered tickets . So I called and got horrible service woman offered to cancel my order and place a new one and I would get my money back in 3-5 days well I will be there in 2 days . So they want to double charge my checking account. When you think of sea world you think of water well no water unless you pay 100.00 a ticket . Outrageous and crazy prices and customer service is worthless !!!

    • My wife and Son went to Sea World this past Sunday. My wife works Tri City Medical Center in Oceanside, CA. She had tickets given to her from her Hospital that offered free admission as she is an R.N. with decades of acute care experience. After being charged for parking she was told that her admission was reduced to 50% = $100.00 for her & $100.00 for our Son: total $200.00. When she inquired as to the offer for free admission, she was informed that was for 1st responders only. My wife has worked in TCMCs ER and as such run the paramedic base station radio. As such she is in charge of said 1st responders when they are within TCMCs emergency care area. She had to go on “runs” with paramedics to keep her ER base station certification valid. As an R.N. with over 4 decades of acute care experience caring for sick, suffering, and sometimes dying patients, she has 1000 times the 1st responder status that Sea World says is necessary for free admission. SHAME ON YOU SEA WORLD FOR YOUR LACK OF COMPASSION FOR A PROFESSIONAL R.N. WHO HAS GIVEN HER LIFE, HEART, AND SOUL, IN CARING FOR OTHERS!

  2. Just an interesting fact about seaworld. They steal the baby whales from their mother in the wild. The mother typically follows the boat as far as she can while crying in a manner different than whales usually communicate. She typically spends the rest of her life crying in his manner and often dies sooner than normal, apparently the stress of having a calf taken from her, as she seems to act like she is searching for the calf for the rest of her days.

  3. Only hope someone will send me the # for lost & found as I am unable to call about prescription glasses left in locker#6 at San Antonio & I filed a claim, with no answer!!

  4. I understand what you do for animals. I know you rescue all over the world and bring awareness to millions. But is keeping these animals outside their natural habitats and away from their natural born families in some cases so that world citizens can make your corporation Billions of dollars the only way. I don’t think so. Blackfish was one sided. I see the difference between CNN and Fox News so I know the story off all the good you do was not shown in the film. That being said, doing good does not give you the right to do bad. Those animals are majestic and should be enjoyed in their natural habitats with their families. I don’t feel training them is their purpose for the planet. They are creatures that should not be held in tanks. Man cannot build a large enough tank to make them happy. Planet Earth has already made the only fish tank we would ever need. I am strongly against you holding those beautiful mammals in captivity. I am not an animal rights activist but after seeing what you do to animals put me on the fast track to becoming one. Please see that making money is not as important as keeping theses animals free from humans. We are land creatures. They are ocean going creatures and should be kept there. I strongly support all you do to save injured and hunted species and hope you continue to do good things for all creatures. Sea World needs to come to grips with the fact that it is not our right to take animals out of the wild for profit but only for rehabilitation. Thank you.

  5. I have a RIGHT to put comments on here FREEDOM OF SPEACH!! If you don’t likeys tuff truth hurts doesn’t it?? FREE TILLY FREE tilly every time you remove a comment of mine I shall just write another till you learn a lesson and keep it there OK!!

  6. As a future parent to be. I just want to say that I will never take my daughter to SeaWorld. Your commercials might have brought people to visit the parks back in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s but were a whole new generation and the way SeaWorld has the orcas in captivity is wrong and we all know it. It sadness me to see how you guys are making your money off other peoples back and the exploitation of wild life. I rather take my little one on a boat and whale watch the animals in there natural habitat.

  7. I see yet again you have removed one of my pos after I explained to you BRAIN dead idiots the LAWS on FREEDOM of speech?? I guess its just english your RAIST towards then? I will express my thoughts to you people how ever I like I’m not being racist towards anyone there for leave them up or I’m going to kick up the biggest storm over here about you guys,you know what your doing with them orcas is totally WRONG and SICK!! Why do you use what is classed has animal ABUSE in england to extract semen from tilly?? NOT normal!! And why do you think these beautiful mammals are called killer whales even though they have never killed a human in the wild what does that tell you do have any brain cells also how can no one at sea world have known after the first ACCident NOT murder at sea world that the two females were pregnant???? Derrrrrrrr shouldn’t you have known that and obviously the whales will get pissed off doing stupid tricks all day and not being rewarded for making them look dumb when will you all learn when another trainer or dumb wit visitor decides they want to stay behind to try play with the whales ends up dead again use that thing in your heads called a BRAIN and release TILLY your the only murderers!! They wasn’t put on earth to live in tanks were they and your not helping them in any way shape or form stop being CRUEL!! And leave my comment where it is because if not ill continue leaving them till you finely do!! You guys really disgust me!! Money money money that’s all you care about NOT the whales well fair!!

    • Jane, you are an idiot!! They are not going to free Tilly. Learn how to write and speak English then, maybe they will think about it….

  8. So when you people going to do the RIGHT thing and let tilly go then hopefully the rest including the dolphins?? Make money another way or are you going to wait for another trainer to be killed by ACCIDENT??!!

  9. Do you offer the disabled on social security any type of comp. or deeply discounted yearly passes to your park ? If so how do I obtain 2 passes ?

  10. Question? You recon you help orcas dolphins etc and have breeding programs how is it your helping them by keeping tilly on his own when you know they live in pods in the wild(FAMILY) HMMMMMM????

  11. Horrible experience! The animals are used and abused for entertainment, specially the orca and dolphins. Wish this place will be shut down and people will never pay to see animals being used and abused for entertainment!!!
    We will NEVER go back again!

  12. Has anyone ever lost a phone at Sea World Orlando, only to be told its been recovered and will be heading to customer service, and have it never make it there. We spent 5 hours of our park time with security, orange county sheriffs, only to go home empty handed 4 days later. We even brought a witness who turned in the phone to an employee of the park to security,only to have Sea World claim, that they cant prove OUR phone was ever turned in. The worst part is, no phone was ever turned in, so you can see that someones phone was kept by an employee. I am just wondering how often items are lost in the park and are never recovered back to the original owners?? It sure seems like Sea World would take a different stand to value its customers, and not dishonest employees.

  13. we recently visited your park again this year and felt very disrespected. my boyfriend is canadian military and last year we got in free for hero salute which we thought was very nice this year we got 10% off we also were with another military couple that is american and they got in free. military is military no matter what country so if this the way you run your park we will not be back….

  14. I’ve just watched the documentary Blackfish about SeaWorld and your practices. I want you to know that SeaWorld won’t see a dime of my family’s money until your practices change and I am making sure everyone I know knows about this

  15. Loved it! The shows were so entertaining; the trainers and performers do a great job. The all should be commended. The park is very well kept, well-landscaped, beautiful. Restrooms are plentiful and clean. Food is so good…. SO good!! We spent a long day there and loved every minute

  16. I haved a problem to purchase the ticket all I need that to check out to print the ticket but there want me to created the password I haved tried to do it so many times but can not do it would anyone help me to do or send the ticket to my email address for me to print out

  17. Please I need to talk with somebody … Because my contract was only for 1 year … Started August 3 2013 and finish August 3 2014…. Today I was in my bank you still taking money from my account … Why it’s happen that ???? Some can call me … Because I call many many times … No body answer me only the machine it’s talking and talking … Againg please I need to talk with somebody of seaworld if San Diego … Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!


  19. amazing experience with Todd Glazebrook at Animal Connections. the up close & personal VIP interaction with the exotic animals is a once in a lifetime type event. his very easy-going and personable dispensing of knowledge about each of the animals was tremendously enjoyable ! appreciate so much also how the other trainers assisted and joined-in our very memorable experience.

  20. What equals abuse? Animals who do tricks and get free food? They are breeding.. which is usually a sign the animals are thriving.. Are people who live on a farm better off than those who live in the city?

  21. Having some friends visit and thought we would go to Sea World Orlando as we are annual passholders and we can each get 1 person free admission for a special promotion during the month of Jan. Tried logging on to register our passes and it says our zip code is not a Florida zip code. We get mail at that zip code. I guess we don’t exist so when our passes expire in May I guess Seaworld won’t exist.

  22. TO ALL THE people PICKETING SEAWORLD/animal treatment/ have you ever gone to a ZOO AND VIEWED THESE HUGE ANIMALS IN 20X20
    PICKETING (every) zoo in America..and I’m pretty sure they don’t get as good care as SeaWorld’re picketing the best company in the world that (DOES) help more animals than any
    other and your trying to destroy that..wake up and smell the roses people…get another hobby bozos

  23. OMG!! Reading some of these last few comments are yall deranged?what’s entertaining about any wild animal being used for your fun,its nothing like entertaining GRRRR!!makes me so angry because the more read about poor tilikum the more DISGUSTED I am and its so heart breaking no body should be encouraging sea world to be able to stay open and sea world you should be dam ashamed of your selves money mad or what!!

  24. My family of 6 goes to Sea World every year and we have always really enjoyed ourselves! We went last July (2014) and the 50th celebration was going on, the after party at the Shamu Stadium was amazing and we had such a wonderful time that we invited my family to come down with us this year. I am a planner so I contacted Sea World prior to our trip and asked questions about the events and rides, since it was off season, not peak. I was told by the representative after holding, that the 50th Celebration will be EVERY DAY for the rest of the year, until Sept (2015). I was so happy! I scheduled my family to drive 14 hours to stay in Orlando in Feb (2015) just so we could experience it one more time! I also had my mother fly down with 4 adopted children, and one foster child. The park offered absolutely no discount for her, which was sad but expected, and when we arrived at the gate, the Dolphin Cove and Journey to Atlantis were listed as closed. Also, they did not have the DJed party after. All of the show times on the maps they were giving out at the park were wrong. We asked a manager why it was not posted on Sea World Orlando’s website, and he couldn’t answer other than to say they were preparing for spring break. I was totally disappointed to have been misinformed by a representative and have such wonderful expectations and completely disappointed. When I found out about the lack of 50th Celebration I asked another manager and he said he didn’t even know what I was referring to. So sad Sea World. Shame on you for taking our hundreds of dollars (not to mention the money for travel/flights and lodging) and leaving us completely dissatisfied with not even an apology. With all of the money you make, you should have reimbursed us for our tickets and let us spend it at a theme park that actually offers what it promises and posts a notice of when it cant. I checked your website the night before and the day of and nothing was noted about closed rides or no after party. Totally disappointed, enough so that I wont be taking my family back or making the mistake of recommending others to take theirs either!

  25. Love the park but HATE their customer service. I have been trying to cancel my passport membership for over a week now, always on hold for hours (mind we’ve had our membership since 2012).

  26. A leopard never changes its you have decided to exploit the sea lion.The old MBA trick -just ask is not educational but exploitve corporate greed praying on the ignorance of

  27. Do NOT buy SeaWorld Orlando EZ Pay Passes! They did not tell us that they automatically renewed and will not refund our money for passes that we did not want! Their rides were constantly being shut down, and the lines were too long, so why the hell would I want to waste another $600.00 on them? I told customer service that I would post this and they told me that “they took threats seriously” and hung up on me!

  28. Orcas swimming in a bathub their size is not natural or humane. MBA trick, ask seaworld.It is not educational but taking advantage of the ignorance of others-corporate greed.Please take the time to watch BLACKFISH–now that is educational.

  29. Okay trying to call into to SEAWORLD to get information and from what I can read maybe not get the correct information, but I have been on hold now 20 min which is how long my wait would of been and still on hold SAD. I am taking my grandsons as well as my cousins are going too so its about 11 people going I am just trying to make sure I get the right tickets. I have never had to be on hold this long for a company this is not good customer service!!!!! Wondering if we should even go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Once upon a time you could call Sea World SD and get a live knowledgeable person, now its automated where you sit on hold for 30 minutes to an hour and get a person that cant help you, doesn’t know about the pass programs and when you ask for a manager they hang up on you. 3 calls today and still no answer to my question.

  31. It is my opinion that there is absolutely no justification for keeping whales of any species within a captive environment, except temporarily for the purpose of recovery from injuries or rehabilitation. If your staff members truly “love” them as your current television commercial suggests, then free them by releasing them back into their natural environment.

  32. We were highly disappointed with implementation of Annual Pass Member event today at Aquatica in Orlando with only 1 table set up to accomadate all the guests as created a 1+ hour line-up to get evening wristbands and promised SW souvenir cup. This plus the fact the lazy river and wave pool temps, as supposedly are
    “climate controlled”, were 90+ degrees and very uncomfortable led us to leave the park and likely never come back again. This was terrible customer service for “valued members”, as this was the first year we signed on to be members of Sea World! Not at all good for a park that is already struggling! Dan & Elizabeth Wierenga

  33. I am very upset with buying on line parking. I didn’t see anywhere I had to state date. I have a parking pass now good for only the date I bought it which was June 27 and we are coming today Junes 29.
    I tried to call and the number listed was San Antonia
    You sure aren’t Disney.

  34. Do not by tickets using Sea Worlds website!! I was in San Diego over the weekend to attend Sea World and tried purchasing tickets the night before online, when I tried to check out it said there was a problem with the website so transaction not completed. No problem I just purchased them from another site. Well low and behold I get back home and check my bank account and they did charge me 420$ but didn’t even send the tickets by email! I called today and they said sorry our website has been messing up but the tickets are not refundable. So now it basically cost me 840$ to go to sea world(bought tickets from the other site). Sea World is trying to scam people or something!!! Oh and to make it even better I can’t transfer them to a family member or friend because they check the ID of who purchased them!! How can a world wide attraction have such crappy customer service and online screw ups! SAVE YOUR TRIP AND GO TO DISNEY LAND!!!!!

  35. I tried a number of times to reach someone at Customer Service for San Antonio both on the phone and email to ask some questions but was unsuccessful. Finally I pressed the number on the phone to speak to group sales( even thought I wasn’t interested in booking a group) and spoke to a real person! Her name is Kelly and she was wonderful at finding the answers to my questions and very sweet and polite. She couldn’t answer my one question but called me back within a half hour with the answer! I hope those in management realize what a gem of an employee she is!

  36. I stand with SeaWorld! All of you have NO right to judge them! You do the same thing! To those of you against SeaWorld for its whale captivity, what’s the difference between keeping a fish in a tank an keeping a whale in a tank? What’s the difference from whales swimming in circles around their tank and fish swimming in circles around their tank? What’s the difference between capturing whales from the ocean and fishing? What’s the difference from teaching a dog a trick and a whale a trick? We are alike, we all keep animals who belong in the wild, captive in small cages, deprived of the freedom and endless terrain of the natural world. We punish our pets for messing up, and boycott SeaWorld for whales developing sunburn. Before judging others, look at yourself, what’s the difference? “A whale is not a fish” you might say, but all living things matter. It’s like saying “A white isn’t a black person “A boy isn’t a girl” SeaWorld is home to many orcas. If they set them free, how would they be? With no real connection to real whales, and they have to live in pods, it’s just a must. They released an orca once, one caught in the wild as an adult. Where is he now? A pile of rocks on a shore. SeaWorld is like home to them. If we all left SeaWorld for good, what would happen to the animals?

  37. Called to ask a simple question that was not on the web site. Sat on hold 10 minutes, then the system disconnected me. Reading the other comments suggests the service is always this bad.

  38. I have bern trying to book the sesame street breakfast for this weekend; and the site still has not posted September sates. ( and it is September) I have called 4 times and the customer service reps tell me to call back. It’s very frustrating, and really expected better service as we have visited SA Sea World many times. Hopefully, you can get this organized for future patrons.

  39. And now after reading the other comments I’m worried about retaliation on the part of seaworld for being honest about them ripping me off. Dear sea world: you’ve screwed up my vacation enough, please don’t send the police to my house, hack my email or facebook, or try to mess up my life any more than you already have. Just stick to what you know best: torturing marine mammals, leave us land mammals alone please.

  40. I would like say thanks for all the great times [SEAWORLD] has given me and my family over the years, to think that your shows will have close I think you have given theses whales and other animals a great life and have given us a look in to their lives THANKS GARY DISABLE[VET]

  41. Please put your children in a small tank for the rest of their lives, confined, until they go crazy and kill someone..ALL you are interested in is money. No amount of advertisement will EVER change your image as a corporation. I CELEBRATE THE DAY YOU GO BANKRUPT!!!

  42. What is the number for customer service? I wanted to do the Cyber Monday buy of buy one get one free for my niece and nephew. After I went thru everything it shows up as one of the tickets in my name. I already have a two year pass. I backup to try to cancel the order and they have already charged my credit card and don’t even have the names. What am I suppose to do??? Help

  43. I have had an ongoing issue for the past month that has still not been resolved
    I am unhappy with our experience with sea world customer service

    Erica Schwab

  44. 95 minutes to get through to customer service rep just to ask a question? Unreal. When given the option to have my place saved in line and have a call back (twice) never ended up getting a call. Enough to make me not want to go and to top it off if there may be an issue with my ticket and I need to call again again it would be pure torture! I sent an email to the email on the website and it was returned. I am so disappointed. Why cant they be contacted?

  45. Now that seaworld has been forced to stop breeding orcas and using them for entertainment, please continue to stop buying tickets until they release the remaining orcas to a santuary. Remember public outrage have freed the elephants mistreated by Ringling Brothers.

  46. Dear seaworld:

    I am very saddened to hear of Tilikum decline in health. He deserves to be in a sanctuary with miles available for him to swim as do the other captive whales. The Blackfish documentary with the mother whales crying for their young when separated haunt my dreams nightly…as does the food deprivation and tiny jail to sleep with angry/hungry whales for 12+hrs.

    These (once) beautiful whales have made the company millions but at what cost – look at Tillie’s fin/health. If you believe in retribution than the worry alone (not to mention guilt) should help this happen.

    Please tell me your plans,

  47. I have been unable for reach you at Orlando guest relations. I have 8 complimentary 1,day passes I received last year bec we had to leave because my son who has chrones disease wasn’t feeling well. We are coming back the last week of April to Orlando. We live in Maryland. Expires 4*6/16. We are trying to reach you so we can get extention until the end of month of April so we can return to sea world and hopefully get to enjoy!
    Please respond. 4109613902
    Thanks so much

  48. I have visited Sea World Orlando several times. I have never had a bad experience. When my son was young he was selected to participate in a stage show there and he had a wonderful time. He has taken his daughter there and she had a wonderful time. I use to trust CNN and watch their news programming. Now they are nothing more than the National Enquirer of TV news. If it is not sensational they do not cover it. In today’s news too many organizations try to make the news instead of just reporting it. CNN is a joke anymore. If I want to know what is happening in the world I use the Internet or go to FOX News. As to letting the Orcas go I have an idea. We should let every animal in captivity lose and just sit back and watch them become extinct. The problem with those that attack zoo’s, Sea World and animal preserves is that if it was not for them there would soon be no animals to protect and none to see. Elephants are being slaughtered in record numbers in the wild but the same stupid jackasses [not the animals but the people], morons, uneducated intellectuals, idiots and crack smoking cocaine snorting pot heads don’t care that animals in the wild are being squeezed out by populations around the world. Their habitats are being destroyed by industries that log, ranchers that want more grazing land for hamburger meat and more farming land for vegetarians, etc. They still believe that tigers should be allowed to roam free, elephants should be allowed to roam free and all the rest of the wild animals. The problem is that these animals have a bounty on their heads, pelts, tusk and entrails. This is not the 18th century or even the 19th century. Since the 20th century animal populations around the world have been in rapid decline. If not for parks like Sea World, zoo’s and preserves pretty soon there would be no animals in the wild OR in captivity. There will soon, too soon, be no wild animals around the world if organizations like Sea World are driven out of business. You stupid, ignorant and self serving morons have no idea as to what it takes to provide services to protect wild life. Do any of you know that Sea World goes around the globe protecting wild life in the oceans, river and lakes. If it was not for Sea World and it’s rescue program the Manatee would be near extinction. Money does not grow on trees as the saying goes and too, it does not reproduce. I wonder if any of you morons have ever given a dime to preserve wild life. Sea World uses hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions to further the protection of wildlife in our oceans, rivers and lakes. So here is the Truth; if you drive Sea World out of business you are driving the world populations of water animal life out of business, too, that is extension! I was in Florida on my vacation a few years ago when I saw that there was a mass beaching on the Atlantic coast. I hurriedly drove to the location and, with the help of many others already there, helped to get as many as we could back in the water. How many of you have ever lifted a finger except the middle one to help an animal? Or in the matter of Orcas, mammals. I doubt that you even know that Orcas are mammals just like people! They give birth to live babies, calves. CNN does not even, apparently, know the difference between a mammal and a fish, thus the sensationalized feature called Black Fish! How many of you ever complained when a zoo keeper was mauled or killed by a lion or tiger? In all honesty it is most likely none of you. How many times has CNN done an expose on a zoo that had a keeper killed? Not one time! What about an animal sanctuary that protects animals no one wants any more, like tigers, lions, chimpanzees, bears [oh my] and other exotic animals when someone there is killed. Not one time! It is a wonder that you don’t kiss the ass [not the noble animal] of Michael Moore since he is the champion of morons like many of you that likes to sensationalize stories. He was probably upset that he did not think to attack Sea World first! So, if you want to see Orcas or any other sea creatures thrive and be protected and preserved you had better get your head out of you asses [not the noble animal, it is a mammal, too] and stand behind, or better yet, in front of them and support them as much as you can. If you think I work for them or have any association with them, I don’t. I just do not have my head up my ass [again, not the noble animal] like to many of you pea sized brained morons!

  49. Hi, I would like to speak with someone about my families Aquatica annual passes. Twice this year you have undermined and diminished the value and I am extremely dissatisfied. First you started offering free passes for those who bought SeaWorld passes. I called to see if I could credit my pass value towards the deal and pay a difference and was told no. Second, you recently started the quick queue, which adds a significant amount of time those with normal tickets. My tickets are no longer under the same terms and conditions I purchased them for. I would like to speak to someone about my options including a prorated refund. I appreciate the ability to try to make more money, but am not sure doing so without increasing the value of our passes is legal or ethical.

  50. San Diego SEAWORLD SUCKS!!!! Customer service is not good! Most of the employees do not know anything about the park. The “Events” are worthless!

  51. I emailed customer service to complain about my experience with purchasing tickets, 2 hours waiting in lines, and how expensive it was. And customer service called me to tell me I can upgrade my ticket really wow

  52. Please cancel my tickets! We are 80 years old and thought we were going to get some neat shows. Nothing looks good to us. I can’t contact you any other way.

  53. I was charged twice twice to get in..292.47 correct
    344.00 incorrect. These were two different cards. I don’t know any number to call to get this corrected. I’m very disappointed I have been shuffled around with different numbers.

    • Same thing here they do not help or when reply no help. They play games,
      They have a thief working for them don’t care carries gun and wears badge.

  54. Hi. This is mailing to SeaWorld San Diego. I was wondering about meeting my favorite sea costumed character. I have never met O.P. Otter. I will meet O.P. Otter when I come back to SeaWorld San Diego. Are there any available dates for me to see O.P. Otter? Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Julie Woodward

  55. It has come to my attention about the captivity of sharks at Sea World. They suffer just like the orcas & dolphins suffer. All of these sea mammals need space to roam for miles. They do not have this space at Sea World or any other aquarium. It is not a natural setting. The public has become increasingly aware of the mistreatment of animals in captivity & are protesting. Please stop all wild animal shows. Please share my message with corporate headquarters & a reply would be appreciated

  56. I have been trying for days to speak to someone regarding an incident where my supposedly nontransferable tickets were stolen and used by another person your guest relations person told me that even though that is stated on the ticket the policy is not enforced. How are we supposed to know that. I have tried posting on Facebook but my posts are deleted. My messages are not answered I have asked if customers can choose which policies to ignore because of the statement about the ticket being nontransferable I did not call to cancel it which in retrospect I should have. Seaworld participated in a crime against me and I cannot even get the satisfaction of an explanation as to why this was allowed to happen

  57. Bought tickets online for bush gardens and sea world use one park then visit next park within 6 months. When we went to the second park within next month they made us wait saying the ticket was invalid and needed to be authorized, and said that it was because they changed that to be within 14 days ( really change the policies after purchase of ticket and for that we take the pain).
    And on top of that they made us wait 1hour because no supervisor was available. Horrible customer service. After going to the counter still waiting with a representative with a rude and obnoxious attitude.

  58. It was very good and I had such a fun time with my family there and I would definitely recommend it to all ages because there is a play park and little rides for younger children!! But I got a necklace and it is already tarnishing and I have only been wearing it for two weeks so I wouldn’t recommend the necklaces!!

  59. We just purchased season passes for Seaworld Orlando. My wife noticed that we were to receive free lanyards with pass holders. This past weekend when we went to pick them up I was told that they were gone in the first week and that if we want the “free” stuff we need to be there at the first of the month. We live in Jacksonville and I am debating canceling our membership after this experience.

  60. Many thanks for all you do! One question that may help contribute to your Conservation Initiatives: Are there bicycle racks at Sea World Orlando and Aquatica Orlando? If so, where are they?

    Thank you from a HUGE Fan of all that Sea World does today!

  61. What is going on with your location in San Antonio? A fireworks show 7 nights a week.
    When is this noise/air pollution going to end? I can’t sleep and my animals are scared to death!
    My entire neighborhood is forming a committee and taking it to the city.

  62. We had a great time visiting sea world but I was concerned as we bought 90$ worth of all day dining and all we were able to get was a hot dog a chip and a soda.
    We did get a bottle of water, but everywhere we went to eat we were told no that doesn’t work here, so I believe you need to state that it is not good for all food at the park. I wasted 90$ on 3 hot dogs.

    • It works at most of the restaurants. Not the little stands. I paid $40 for 1 and recived: ribs, alot of fries, chicken, chicken nuggets, shrimp, jellos, puddings, strawberries, pickles, pastas, and alot of other food… got to know the system I guess🤷🏻‍♀️

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