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Contacting SBC Customer Service Center

SBC is an older telecommunications company that offered landline and Internet services. The company was bought out by AT&T and none of the previously available contact information for SBC customer service is currently available and we doubt any of the old contact information will ever work, so previous SBC customers must access AT&T for assistance.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found an interesting page about how to contact SBC customer service. The page was dedicated to SBC Internet service. The phone numbers listed for were AT&T customer service.

  • Wireless Billing and Technical: 1-800-331-0500
  • AT&T U-Verse Support: 1-800-288-2020
  • Internet Support: 1-877-722-3755

We also found a few contact phone numbers for SBCIS customer service and SBCIS web hosting.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-937-3664
  • Web Hosting: 1-888-932-4678

Mailing Address

If you want to learn more about the SBC/AT&T merger or you have issues with customer service, products or connectivity, contact the AT&T corporate office at:

AT&T Corporate Office – US 208 S Akard St Dallas, TX 75202

Billing questions and payments should not be sent to this address. Reserve billing questions for a customer service agent. If you must contact AT&T or SBC customer service by mail with a billing inquiry, it’s best to call the customer service line first for the best address.

Official Website

You can find some cryptic information about SBC at, but the official website for the company that used to be SBC is now There appears to be some part of the old SBC company that still operates, but we’re relatively certain that part is not a consumer-oriented side of the business.

Customer Service Email

We’ve always had trouble finding an AT&T email address that worked for customer service issues. This time around we’re testing We asked about service upgrades – so we’ll update you when we receive an answer. There is a good chance that this email address is just for general information, not technical issues. If you have a technical issue and need AT&T or SBC customer service, visit to find the best local contact information. When we attempted to contact the customer service department by email, the message was returned several times stating the email address was unknown.

Our Experience

There are several different schools of thought associated with wireless carriers. One will tell you the customer service is the worst in the industry and the other praises the company from the rooftops. We wanted to know for ourselves the level of customer service so we can pass on the information to customers just like you.

Connecting to the company was a breeze. There was little to no wait time; in fact, we were speaking with a lie agent in less than 60 seconds. The conversation revolved around unlimited data plans. The agent explained “grandfathered” customers will continue to benefit from unlimited data plans, whereas new customers can sign up for shared services or individual data plans. It appears as if the online forums were incorrect regarding the SBC customer service team. Do you encounter a different experience? Let us know.

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6 Comments on “Contact SBC Customer Service
  1. I had no trouble with SBC it was AT&T that took $150.00 in deposits. and refused to pick up the phone at the customer service desk. To Bad to sad….. I will be billing this amount to them.

  2. We received a phone call at 12:52AM this morning from phone
    It was a telemarketer; I hung up immediately. We are in our 80’s and don’t appreciate a call like this at this hour. In my husbands condition he could have
    had a heart attack being concerned who was calling at this hour. Please put a
    stop to this now or I am going to go on facebook and publish this number and tell my story so others won’t be frightened by such a call at midnight. Would appreciate hearing from you. thank you

  3. Finding SBC numbers are impossible. At&T customer service was useless. There should be an easier way without calling miss dig to report a box down in an alley. The voice prompt does not understand. outside issue are the people have no idea how to handle it. To report it to a company all you need is a box number.

  4. We have a phone pole that is broken in half in front of our dealership. We are trying to contact someone to have it fixed, thank you! 3636 E Milwaukee Street, Janesville, WI 53546

  5. I receive 3-4 calls a day from CM Security from different towns & states. Selling alarm systems, extended car warranty, etc. I have asked numerous times with these different callers to put me on the Do Not Call list. They have become harassing, beligerant, hard pressing buttheads. Now, I am sick of their calls.
    CMS security, You are on notice. Your calls are harassing, intimidating, and your tone of voice is threatening. One more time. LOSE MY NUMBER, I will contact Roy Cooper, Attorney General, Raleigh, NC and send him a copy of your unwanted calls and this email. I hope you had your recorders on. You are gonna need them.

  6. I have the same problem as Michael on March 28, 2016. A garbage truck damaged the SBC Underground Cable marker behind my house but I cannot find a number to call..

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