Contact Saturn Customer Service

Contact Saturn Customer Service

Contacting Saturn Customer Service Center

Saturn is a car company owned and operated by General Motors. General Motors decided to give up on the brand in 2009, but Penske Automotive withdrew the bid for the company and General Motors trashed the Saturn line. By October of 2009 the production of Saturn vehicles was discontinued. The official website represents a former shell of the original Saturn customer service website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Despite the brand being discontinued there remains active contact information for Saturn customer service. We did not find any hours of operation, but we suspect the company operates on CST as the company address is in Detroit.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-553-6000

Mailing Address

We were surprised to find a mailing address for Saturn customer service. The address is not a physical building, as there is no Saturn brand any longer; rather, Saturn customer service offers a post office box.

Saturn Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 33173 Detroit, MI 48232

Official Website

Saturn customers and owners can find the official website at There may be no new production for the Saturn line, but there are used Saturns still on the road so the company website will likely remain active for quite a while. You can learn about each of the Saturn models, but the information is based on production in 2009. There are no listings for used Saturns on the website.

Social Media

The Saturn Facebook page has been transformed into a fan page for Saturn car lovers. There is a monthly contest for Fan of the Month and tons of paraphernalia from the old Saturn days. The page may not be maintained by GM though there is a link to the official Saturn website from the page. You can attempt to contact Saturn customer service using the page.

Customer Service Email

Email contact may be the best bet, other than calling a Saturn customer service representative. You can choose to email customer service directly from your personal email account or use the contact form on the official website.

Our Experience

We called the Saturn customer service center and though there was a representative available to take the call, it was an extremely interesting path to that agent. First the voice-activated automated system asked if we were calling for a dealer or service. We did not choose either, so the voice then asked for use to key in our phone number for no apparent reason. Finally the call was transferred to the General Motors customer service line – so there are no Saturn customer service representatives still available, but help is there is needed from the main company.

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