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Contacting Sanyo Customer Service Center

Sanyo is an electronics company specializing in consumer and commercial electronics. Sanyo is part of the Panasonic family, but the headquarters for Sanyo is on the opposite coast of the US from the Panasonic headquarters. The Sanyo website describes new products, provides troubleshooting tools and connects owners with the customer service department.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one phone number listed on the Sanyo customer service page. Customers can call this number to find a local service center or reach a customer service representative. When we looked a little deeper we found other customer service phone numbers listed in answers to commonly asked FAQs.

  • Locate a Service Center: 1-800-421-5013
  • Sanyo TV Customer Service: 1-800-877-5032
  • Eneloop Customer Service: 1-800-421-6382

Eneloop customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM CST only.

You can also find contact information about older Sanyo products and commercial products on the Contact Us page.

Mailing Address

Two mailing addresses are listed for customers; one on the Sanyo website and the other on the Panasonic website. Customers should be clear and concise when writing a letter to customer service on a corporate level. The company receives thousands of pieces of mail a day, so set yours apart with details, when applicable. Always include multiple forms of contact information so corporate customer service can reach you if needed.

Sanyo North America CorporationHeadquarters2055 Sanyo AveSan Diego, CA 92154


Panasonic Corporation of North AmericaOne Panasonic WaySeacaucus, NJ 07094

Official Website

Sanyo’s official website is located at The customer service options are limited, but customers can learn about Sanyo products, find a local retailer or search the FAQs section for troubleshooting advice.

For customers who prefer to contact Sanyo customer service via social media, a Facebook and Twitter page are listed. Both are for the Panasonic company. There are no pages for Sanyo.

Customer Service Email

When we looked through the FAQs section of Sanyo customer service we found that some products have dedicated customer service information. We’ve listed various email addresses for specific Sanyo products.

Our Experience

The Sanyo customer service line is provided by Panasonic. Your call will immediately be answered by an automated system listing options. The options are based on the Sanyo product you are calling about. You can listen to the list and choose your product, press 6 for other or press 0 to skip the list. Our agent was friendly and knowledgeable. She explained exactly how to find the model number on our Sanyo product.

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49 Comments on “Contact Sanyo Customer Service
  1. Help! I only have one telephone & that a Sanyo Incognito and people keep telling me that they can not hear me or that i’m to muffled to understand. When i turn the speaker on they hear a bit better but still “muffled” I’ve taken the battery out for a minute (60 seconds)and I’ve done the update data profile. Things are getting worse as the battery rundown quickly. is something wrong with my speaker? Is some thing wrong with my battery? I brought the phone new & the place no longer deals with boost. No where to go.

  2. I bought a Sanyo TV some time ago and it was very good and lasted over 10 years… So I decided when it was bad to buy another Sanyo but thin screen….yet 2 1/2 years later I turn it on and have only half screen… I paid someone $65. to look at it only to tell me the screen is bad and I should buy a new one…. I called Sanyo and they just said ‘well, the warrantly is for 2 years so you have to buy another one’… Well, I don’t think I will ever buy another Sanyo product with this kind of response..

  3. SCAM. Speaker blew TWICE. Sanyo rep gave disconnected number for repair. Have to contact Walmart now as last resort to return for second time. NO customer service help from Sanyo (barely understand them anyway and they say they cant hear you). Same really rude guy answered phone both times I called too. NEVER buying Sanyo brand products again. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.

  4. sir
    i buy a sanyo LED TV in the year my warrenty period tv getting problem.when we power on only red light blinking no working. pl tell me what problem will happen. i want to buy which spare parts give me information. my TV model no LCE-32R-40HD.I am from india our place no have any service center and spare also not how can find spare and is it possible india delivery.i need help please reply me

  5. Got one of your phones but no user manual was included. I don’t want to have to spend the time playing with it in order to figure the functions and where they are located at. And to download a simple manual is another time consuming issue.

  6. Purchased a 42″ for our bedroom about a year ago. We have hardly used it cause the sound is distorted. Would not recommed this product to anyone.

  7. Bought a 42 in flat screen for my father little over two years ago,bad about 6 inches from top of screen down flashes different colors shows what is at bottom of screen on the top.he has terminal lung cancer tv is all he had,now he can not watch and enjoy the tv.very sad to pay out good money for a product that does not last any longer than this.can not afford to have it stuck with half a tv.sanyo use to be good products but guess not anymore

  8. Called technical support Twice, same response both times was told to call a service center ????? I was sure I was calling a service center when I called them as that is the way they were listed, Service Center .
    I’m wondering why they have a support center and give the customer no support ????

    I’m smart enough to know to call a repair shop without the help of someone who knows nothing of a problem with my Sanyo TV.

  9. I contacted customer service in reguards to my purchase of a flat screen that won’t turn on. I was told I could take it to repair center that could fix it since walmart won’t take it back. well they tried to send me more than an hour to 5 hours away and to me that is just crazy! I didn’t even travel that far to purchase the dang thing and I hadn’t even had it for 4 months!!! I was also told that I would get a call from upper management within 48 to 72 hours and yet still haven’t heard from them! Needless to say I am not happy with any of this since I paid darn good money for a tv that can’t work for even 4 months, so I will not purchase another dang thing from sanyo! BBB here I come!!!

  10. I have a customer which needs a new circuit board for his outdoor unit on a Sanyo Mini Split system. I cannot get ahold of any body to find out if it is under any kind of warranty worst customer service I have ever dealt with in the 30 years I have been in the Service Industry. I guarantee you I will never sell a Sanyo product to any of my customers again

  11. I received a Sanyo 55″ LED TV as a gift. Set it up with no problem, but the remote doesn’t work. Call customer service, was told that my remote would be delivered in 3 to 5 working days. That time came and went, called CS again, told me their office moved and to add 2 more days for delivery. When it didn’t come, called again, was told that it would be in my hands that day,called the next day, was told that the shipment wasn’t done until today (10 days since I had the TV)and would be in my hands in 5 more days. This is very terrible customer service.

  12. I was given a 50″ LED smart Sanyo TV as a gift. It hasn’t worked right since the day I received it. It is still under warranty. They gave me an address to take it in for repairs. The mother board is shot. Sanyo said it will be up to a month before they can even get the part because its back ordered, and they are in the process of moving offices. Any reputable company would send me another TV.

  13. I bought an 80 inche Aqua December 24th,it cropped out yesterday,i cannot find a customer service phone number, be forewarned don’t buy “SANYO”

    John McAreavey

  14. i have a problem in my bpl sanyo tv model name grace, now it shows black &white i want service centre in kolkata india so please comunicate me as soon as possible

  15. Sanyo Customer Service sucks
    sanyo dvd recorder/player in 480 hrs and cant change it
    sent them a email and told me they do not cover them
    2 weeks old and was told cant take back to store

  16. The Sanyo 50 inch FVF5044 SUX!! The volume has to be almost at half way just to hear it and if you if lose the remote, you are screwed. I would not recommend this tv to anyone….stay away!!

  17. Sanyo does not stand behind their products, my tv went out 6 days after the year warranty, and they will not do anything to fix it. With a tv going out like that is not a quality product.. I purchased a dynex brand ,floor model, 4 years ago and it is still going strong.. so needless to say Sanyo is not quality…. We will NEVER purchase another Sanyo product and I will make sure my family or friends don’t either..

  18. Your products and your warrant and service department sucks. I’ve never felt with a more horrible business. I had my tv for 7 months and it stopped working. It has now been at one of your repair shops for 2 months. I called several times to speak with executive management and have not got a phone call. I still have not received my tv or a phone call. TV still not fixed. Well now you will be hearing from my attorney . I plan on sueing this company. Rip offs!!!

  19. 5 years ago my husband and I moved into our new home we bought a brand new sanyo tv we also bought the 2 year warranty about one month or so before the warranty ran out the tv broke and I contacted sanyo they sent me a new tv and took the old one well its been a little over 2 years I think and the stupid sanyo tv broke again not having a warranty on that one we had to go out and get a new one we will never buy a sanyo ever again.NEVER!!! NEVER!!! NEVER!!!

  20. I searched for location of Sanyo service center for Micro oven service as it is not functioning.Pls. send contact details. You can phone at 9831146803.

  21. Bonjour, j’ai un Tv SANYO écran plat mais j’arrive pas utiliser le HDMI parce qu’il ne marche pas! je suis à Montréal. Mon téléphone 001 514 660 8352 madame Ndao, Ndéye Fota.

    À votre attention merci.

  22. I bought a Sanyo 32 inch flat screen tv model # dp39e63 at WalMart and it quit working want do nothing I took it back to WalMart but they wouldn’t return my money or exchange one , I was very well pleased with that name brand tv , so please take this in consideration and I look forward to hearing from you thanks , Mary !

    • Contact me as soon as possible. I have a 32 inch Sanyo tv that isn’t working. I got this for Christmas as a gift and I have thrown the box away. I called Walmart and they told me to contact you to get a voucher for another tv. Please help me with this. Thank you, Peggy Saunders

  23. I just spent half an hour on hold during which time I was passed around to 3 different so called operators, that didn’t understand 3/4 of what I was saying. Had to keep repeating myself only to have them hang up on me?!? I will NEVER buy any of your products again!!

  24. I am very unpleased. About my experience with Sanyo you have had my tv for 35 days not including the weekends you have had my tv. For 45 days. I am very unsitified with you. I keep calling and you tell me every time your waiting for a approval for upper management. It doesn’t take over 35 days to recieve a approval. You are stealing my tv. I have my Recept of my purchase of the tv. I notified my Lawyer about this situation. I have even ask for my old tv back. You will not give my old tv back. I am very disappointed in your professionalism.

  25. iam one of MANY that has the same problem with tv and customer service. i got a 48 in. tv it worked for maybe one year then just stopped coming on. found out the board blew and cant get a new one. sanyo sucks!!! should have bought american product that will stand behind their stuff and fix it or help you find a place that will. sonyo is the worst company ever!!!! thanks sanyo for taking me for almost $800.00!!

  26. Sir my led is give me a fault that power red light flickering and tv does not “ON”
    please need guidance or provde contact number in pakistan
    I am in rawalpindi islam abad

  27. Sir my sanyo led tv LCE – 32R40HD give fault that power red light flickering and tv does not ” ON ” please need guidance or provide contact number.
    I am in pakistan rawalpindi Islamabad
    Please must reply. Thanks

  28. My Sanyo mixer grinder jar has been broken. I could not find any service centre in Kerala.I tried to contact in many toll free numbers you are provided but I did not get any useful replies.your customer care services are too bad…

  29. After a horrible customer service experience with Sanyo regarding my television, I will never have a sanyo product in my home again. It’s a shame that I will have to rip my one year old TV off the wall and replace it, but the sound has stopped working and their offensive customer service rep was unwilling to help solve the issue. With that said, no more Sanyo or Panasonic ever. What a disgrace.

  30. Clicking on the “Contact Us” button on this web page did nothing. I was particularly interested in the comment that to get info on older products, I was to click on the “Contact Us” button. Consequently, I achieved nothing by visiting your web site today. Not impressed.

  31. sir, i have a year 1965 made reel to reel model no:MR-929,spool tape, i found all wires bite by mouse in side the machine.Now its not working.I am very sad about that.So, i have no any diagram,service manual (parts) for repair it.please can you send meonly model no:MR-929,service manual & diagram,my mail address:iI A D Nihal Suraweera,”premagiri”, hettimulla, beruwala, SRI LANKA.thank you sir.

  32. dear sanyo been the process of returning your blu-ray player for refund credit ,followed all instructions to a point was told wait on a form from you to place on product .it’s been over 45 days would like some type of replied thank you for this requests!

  33. I will never purchase another Sanyo product. I purchased a TV November 2017; the television has a one year warranty. I contacted service I provided all the request information. The agents were very rude I provided the serial number I was told I purchased the TV in 2013; I told the agent I have the receipt showing when I purchased the TV. The agent told me in other words I was lying. I was provided with different telephone number to call. I asked to speak to a supervisor but that did not happen; the agent told me the supervisor would tell me the same thing. I work everyday I was not asking for a hand out I want my television repaired. I did not have anything to do when the TV was manufactured I know when I purchased the TV.

  34. I am sure I wasted time submitting a compliant. I will never purchase Sanyo products again. The agents in customer service get paid to talk rude and tell lies. Every time I called I told the same lie. How can you troubleshoot a TV when it will not come on. Thanks for nothing I believe what’s gone around come around.

  35. I bought 2 Sanyo VCCR/DVD recorders with dubbing mode so I could transfer home vhs to DVD’s. Both stopped working at the same time. I called the only phone number on the manual (after I used all of the trouble shooting guides in the back of the manual) When the man answered the phone I couldn’t hardly hear him it was so noisey in the back ground and his English was not good. I explained may situation and what I had already tried from the manual. He kept running me through the same steps and putting me on hold. Over an hour later my problem still was not solved and he asked me where I lived and IF I WAS ALONE!!!!! I could not contact anyone about this because this company doesn’t have any place to get real help!

  36. I purchased a 55″ sanyo qled tv at a local dealer in Camrose Alberta. This tv was installed two weeks ago and immediatley when first turned on there is a 5 inch band running down the length of the screen. An employee of where i bought it came to my residence and confirmed it was defective. He said he would order a new one. I spoke to retailer today and she said there is no way Sanyo can tell her when this new tv will be shipped from warehouse in Vancouver nor can their rep say. She said it could be another week or month, no way to tell. They offered a loaner tv until the new one arrives. If this is Sanyos policy, then I am contemplating returning this tv and buying some other brand that can actually inform and accommodate a customer instead of an indefinite delivery date.

  37. I called to tell them my TV (not 9 mos old) on 10j/25/17 was broke…I explained what has happened in almost one month (nothing) and they wanted my credit card number to charge for advise. The set is still not 1 year old. Incidently I have 3 Sanyo sets now and just got rid of a 15 yr one. I am very unsatisfied with your cust svc dept.

  38. hey
    i am simon kenyan citizen, but since my young time when i was with my father i used to listen to sanyo radio, give a good sound and clear. since then i fall in love with sanyo product, but at the moment i am going round in one of the big city in Kenya looking for the sanyo television flat screen 32” but no where to find one, please andvice or direct me where i can get one.
    i am in Mombasa.

  39. Sanyo and their customer service stink. I will never purchase a Sanyo or Panasonic product. As well, I am telling all of my friends how they took advantage of my 91 year old mother who lives in Michigan. She purchased a Sanyo TV in May 2017, while I was visiting her from NC. After a few weeks the TV started talking in Spanish and would narrate what was going to happen just before it happened. We worked with the Menu button on the remote control to no avail. We called Sanyo and was told they would contact an authorized Sanyo technician in the area. After a week we heard nothing and called again. This time we were given the name of the company. I went back to NC and the man came said he fixed the TV and charged my mother $70 even the TV was a little over a month old. Both problems continued and she had me call Sanyo again. This time they said for her to return the TV and they would send a replacement. They sent the box just when she was getting ready to visit me in NC. While here I tried to print the return label and it had expired. I called again and they emailed me a new label which I printed and gave to my mother as she was returning back to MI the next day. When she got back the TV would not fit in the box. Nor was there any packing materials enclosed. She had a neighbor take her to FedEx where they charged her to appropriately pack the TV and charged her close to $127. Sanyo said she should have contacted them and they would have sent her a larger box. Again, my mother is 91 does not always think clearly and should not have to go through all of this. She knew she had a FedEx shipping label so she took it to them to pack correctly in the right size box. Sanyo has received the old TV and my mother should receive the replacement TV the first or second week in February. My issue is she has spent almost $200 for a TV that only cost $228 and they will not reimburse her. I have written Sanyo’s Corporate Headquarters with no response and spent useless hours on the telephone trying to get her money back to no avail.

  40. I have within my possession a Sanyo turntable TPX3 I need the hinges & dustcover – I am looking to acquire them if at all possible,if you have either the cover or the hinges,please allow myself to know how much you are asking for them,please. I sincerily appreciate your time, per my inquiry.

  41. I am trying to purchase a Sanyo model ECJ-E35S rice cooker and am getting nowhere fast.
    Please tell me how or where, I can purchase this item. I already have one. I now want another.
    So far your customer service has been useless.

  42. I purchased a 42 inch Sanyo television at Wal-Mart on 2/5/16. It no longer works. I expected this to last a bit longer than It did! It will not come on when you turn on the power button. This TV. is at my beach house and we only used it when we came to the beach. maybe used it 6 times a month when we were here. can you help us with some replacement value? maybe a credit towards purchasing another one?

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